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ill-.... imi.m mL.MmmmmamM..M.L um m. fr T""" 1 " ' -l 111
WTilIVeM-to buy lighter Hats
We've been training for months for the
"Championship" popular opinion awards
us the honor of being "Ahead" and
"Leading:" '. '"
Sennet snd Split "tfa-ws In Bailors
and Net'lgce effects.....
direct from Pern.
New (toft Hat, In swell colorings
Black, Gray, Neutra. Tan, Pearl and
Stetson Hats . 3.50
Two Great Specials from a Great
Furnishing Department. .
to dosen Men' Whl'.o Nt-gllgeo Shirts in Mohair, Madras and Bilk .Stripes
matchless valuaa worth to $1.00
Saturday Underwear Offering.
Special cash purchase of weaver's entlrs output Fins Combed Balbrlggan. In
Ribbed and Flat Weaves regular values 60c-apeolaW-
H'CORllU Will MI
BtaUment Dacled Bsgfttdinij Ant'-An
ican FeolioK la fiuwia.
Philippine Commission I at Wnanlngrton
Entertained nt WM onnrtmont
Whit Hone.
WASHINGTON. June 10. Wo Intimation
has been received at 'the Stats department
that Ambassador MoCormlck haa any In
tention of resigning his offlco on aocoont of
tha alleged anti-American. feeling -In St.
Pf tersbirrg. On ths contrary nearly U ths
reports' ths minister has mads to ths de
partment Indicate that bo has been treated
with ths greatest courtesy and considera
tion by ths Russian omotals and socially he
Is extremely popular. However, Mr. Mc
Cormlck has been far from well physically
for many, months, suffering from a gouty
affection that -has led his physicians to
Insist upon his -visit to soms of the springs
In Austria, and as he is entitled to a lib
eral leave of absence it Is expected that he
will avail himself of this and go either to
Austria or to ths United States to recuper
At ths Russian embassy ths positive
statement Is mads that Amabaasador Mo
Cormlcx enjoys excellent relations with the
Itussian government and that hs has dons
excellent service In preserving friendly re
lations between Russia and the United
States Among ths officials at Bt. Peters
burg. .
Prisoners Are) Well.
Bear Admiral Chad wick cabled ths Navy
department from Tangier today that ths
.captives Ferdicarls and Varley havs recov
ered from their Illness and therefore a sur
geon will not bs sent to Ralsoull's camp.
Filipinos nt War Department.
Ths Philippine commissioners were at ths
War depsrtment and there Several speeches
were made. In th'e course of his remarks
Secretary Taft said that If President Roose.
velt were sleeted, hs (ths secretary) would
rusks a tour of ths Islands. He also said
hs believed that legislation which was pend
ing In congress-and which was greatly
needed would bs passed In soms modified
form during ths comlnr winter. '
President and Mrs. Roosevelt entertained
at an elaborate luncheon this afternoon ths
members of the ' honorary board of Phil
ippine commissioners. Ths Marina band
fvrnlshed a specially arranged program of
music during ths luncheon. In addition to
the Filipino commissioners ths guests at
tho luncheon Included ths secretary of stats
and Mrs. Hay, ths secretary of war and
Mrs. Taft, Lieutenant Osneral Chaffee, Ar
thur W. Ferguson, secretary of ths Philip
pins commission! Captain and Mrs. Thomas
Hardeman, Commissioner of Pensions and
Mrs. Wars. Colonel Clarence R.. Edwards,
Colonel Charles 8. Bromwell, Major Charles
L. McCmwlay, Dr. layman Abbott, Hon,
Charles A. Wlllard, Hon, W. Cameron
Forbes. Mrs. Clifford Richardson, Miss and Miss Hagner.
Nary ta Hunt Mirekutm.s.
In response to an sarnest request from
ths Marine exchange of New York Secre
tary Moody has telegraphed orders to Com
mander Nicholson, commanding the crulssr
Tacoma at San Francisco, to proceed with
out delay In search of ths freight steamer
Conemaugh, now about two months over
due at New York CltY from Chile. When
last heard from there were about forty
persons on ths steamer Including ths crsw
and notwithstanding Its long absence from
port there Is a strong; .hope that It may
sllll be afloat somewhat out of ths eourss
of vessels making ths trip around ths Horn.
Talk ran ant Colaasr. 1
By appointment the members of ths Joint
commission appointed by ths government
of ths United States and of Panama to ar-
Prcdigestive Food
is ft wonderful help
at a
"Quick Meal
Get the little book.N "The Rosd to
Wtilvllle" In each pkg. .
...j 1.00 to 3.00
riv at an aarreement respecting the adop
tlon of a coinage system for the new state
of Panama assembled here toaay.
!f amber Of rarest Rangers Appointed
. far Wyomlnst.
(from ;a Btaft Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, June 10. (Special Tele
gram.) The . secretary of the Interior to
day appointed the following residents ot
Wyoming . to bs forest, rangers In that
stats St 60 per rnohth,: John D. Alsop,
Chsrles H. Anderson, Phillip J. Burch,
William P. Banes.' Leslls M. BIckncll,
Elmf p. Carter, Eno6n Carrlnglon, George
P. Centner, . Henry C. 'Hall, Edward H.
Hhvt . Vincent Janskv: James P. Jansen,
John A. Shorten, ''C. B. Swim, Richard I
Smith and Lewis' "8. frapp; ths latter
being promoted from $60 to $7S per month.
Rural ' carriers appointed: Nebraska
Tita renter, res-ular Euman N. Hitch-
oocki substitute,. Milan JE.' Hitchcock, Iowa
-Wotthmtron, ireguiar, . miss . unncw n
Jagsger; substitute, Christian Jageger.
Dr. MeCIanavhan, Addresses -American
nodical Association oat ths
',' Cars of Infants,
. ATLANTIC CITY. N. J., June 10.-Th6
Americas Medical" association, which haa
baen In session hers for several days, closed1
with a general meeting today. In ths sec
tion on- children's diseases a paper was
rsad by Dr. M. P. McClanahan of Omaha
o(l "Ths Care of Infants In Public Instltu
tloGi.'" and In the section of materls medics
a paper on ' "Ths Therapeuttb Value ot
Maeeage.ln Acute. Diseases," was resd by
Dr. J. W. Beaver of New Haven, Conn.
Portland, Ore., Was selected as the next
place of meeting, ths data to bs decided
later. The following elections were madct
Orator on medicine, Dr. Charles O. Stock
holm, Buffalo; orator on surgery, Dr. John
Collins Warren, professor of surgery at
Harvard university ; orator on state medl
clns. Dr. George Bloomer, San Francisco.
Watte W. Dalao Killed. In Strike
Troablsa la Coloraaa.
FAIRBURY, Neb., Jun 10. (Special.)
Ths remains "of Walter W Delno, who was
killed ih ths flynamlta explosion at Victor,
were brought hers today and will bs burled
In ths Fairbury cemetery. Delano's father
and two brothers rsslds In this vicinity and
his life from boyhood was spent hsrs until
two years ago, whsn hs wsnt to Colorado
and engaged In mining. He was working
for ths Flndley mine and was With his fel
low workmen waiting for the train when
the dynamite was exploded. Hs leaves a
wife and two eons, ( and 7 years of age.'
Fred Stuteroat.' the 'engineer ot the In
dependence mine, who was wounded In the
melee between ths soldiers and unionists.
Is a Fairbury boy. Hs wsnt to Colorado a
fsw months ago and entered ths employ
ment ot the Independence Company, 'and
when the strike was ordered refused to
go 'out It Is not known whether hs was
hit by a stray missile while In the crowd
or shot by soms of ths strikers who had
threatened him for hot going" out with
stasis Long; Litigation.
FREMONT. Neb., June lO.-(Bpeclsl)-Ths
decision of the supremo court eflrm
Ing Its former decision In ths Cass of
Dodgs County sgalnst Accora and others
will practically end ths litigation growing
out of ths construction of ths Ames cut
off flitch, which has been pending in the
courts for ths last seven years. The
case wan an appeal from the action of the
board ordering ths construction of ths
central Cut-oflt ditch. It was tsken to ths
district court and Judge Orimlson hold that
ths bosrd acted without authority. Aq
appeal was taken to the supreme court,
a supersedeas bond given and tho dltoh
oonstruoted. On tke orlgtnal hearing In
that court a decision was handed down
reversing ths cass. Judgs Sullivan dis
sented. A rehearing was grantsd which
wss heard two years ago and since that
Urns ths esss has been under advisement.
lajarea In Rsnavray.
HASTINGS, Neb., Juce 10.-i8peclsJ.)
While' l(-yesr-cld Fred Brumengst.ln was
drlvl.ia- cn Hustings svenue this afternoon
his horse, which was hitched to a light
buggy, became frightened and lunged stds
ways, broke the single-tree snd tore wildly
down the street. lirumengsU-in was thrown
violently to ths brick psvtng Snd Sustained
a broken lg snd dtslooated ankle. Ths
horse ran but a short distance before a
splinter of the brcksn shaft entered his
leg and brought him down helpless upon
ths street.
But Bosrd sf Equal satirn Attsndi Eir
oiiei in Omaha.
ladtcatlons Are .that Valaattam tor
Taxation Will Bo Fixed
In the Vicinity at Forty
Eight Million Dollars.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Juns 10. (Special.) There was
no meeting of the State Board of Equali
sation today because most of the members
went to Omaha to take part in the semi
centennial celebration and for the same
reason there was little doing In the state
Ths board In all probability will make
Its final report tomorrow afternoon after
having listened to Tax Commissioner Cran
don of ths Northwestern tomorrow morn
ing. Ths total of ths tangible property re
turned by the various roads, exclusive ot
ths Illinois Central snd ths Omaha Brldgs
and Terminal company, amounts to about
10,(M).000 and It Is believed now that the
valuation placed on all the roads will In
ths Sgfregats for assessment purposes
reach more than 148,000.000, though there
is no definite way to tell until ths board
makes Its report Just what the figures will
be. Two or three of the board members
are carrying around different sets of fig
ures snd none of the figures vary much
and all hover around the $48,000,000 mark.
This valuation Is arrived at by considering
everything returned" by the roads snd In
formation dug up by the board besides and
at the best It will be little short of a guess.
Ons member of the board announced yes
terday when the railroad representatives
began to talk that he had heard Just about
enough, as the more that was said the
deeper and more complex beeamS the prop
osition. This member had labored hard
to get a system ot assessment that would
bs Just to all concerned, but last night he
admitted that when the board concluded
It would be a hard matter to say Just how
ths valuation was found. The'value of the
stocks snd bonds, however, will be the main
factor In getting at the final values, for
upon this proposition the board has put In
nearly all of Its tlms, after the first few
days of hearirg. The start the board has
made In establishing a rational system of
assessment, however, will assist the next
board In Instituting a perfect system, for
never before has a Stats Board of Equal!
satlou dug down Into the stocks and bonds
and ths earnings capacity of ths roads as
has this ons.
Object to SlanlasT Warrant.
Peter Hofeldt, county commissioner, and
John Drexel,, county clerk of Douglas
county, do not wsnt to conform to tne re
quirements of the peremptory writ of man
damus Issued to compel them to sign the
warrant Issued to pay Mrs. N. C. Allred of
Wyoming $108 witness fees alleged to have
been earned In the William Heap. Jr.,
trial. To show that they do not they today
filed petition In error and bill of excep
tions In the supreme court allotting that the
peremptory writ allowed by the Judgment
does not conform to the slternative writ
and that the court erred In not granting a
rehearing In ths case.
After Mrs. Allred had testified the costs
lh ths cass were certified to the county
commissioners and ordered paid, no one ob
jecting. The claim was sold by Mrs. Allred
to. ths Union Stock Yards bank of South
Omaha and It Is the bank that Is trying tq
make the two officers affix their signatures
and ths seal to ths warrant.
Flarata'Payaftent of Fine. "
Ths 'case of Louis Zobel, who was fined
for refusing to serve a colored woman In
his restaurant out at Kearney, Is now. In
the supreme court and ths question to de
cide la whether ths district court had Juris
diction to try the defendant on his appeal
from ths county court. After conviction In
ths county court Zobel secured a transcript
of the proceedings from the county Judge
and tendered the Judgs his own personal
recognizance to appear and answer In the
case. On motion of the county attorney
the case was dismissed In the district court
and then Zobel appealed to the supreme
court. It is the contention or the state that
the recognisance failed to conform to tho
requirements of the statutes and thoretors
no rights could bs gained by It.
Incorporate to Handle Trust Fnnd. '
The trustees of ths conference claimants
fund ot the Nebraska conference of the
Methodist Episcopal church filed articles of
incorporation this morning, with Lincoln
as Its principal place of business. It Is the
Intention of ths corporation to raise $100,000
for ths purpose of caring for ths superan
nuatedsnd worn out ministers of the Ne
braska conference of ths Methodist' church j
and their wives, widows, children and or
phans. Ths officers for the first year are:
Wharton B. Alexander of Falls City, presi
dent; C. B. Lenfest of Bhelby. vice presi
dent; Delbert L. Thomas of Beatrice, secre
tary; A; C. Crosthwalte of Edgar, treasurer,
and these with Lincoln C. Lemon of Uni
versity Place and P. C. Johnson of Tecum
sek constitute ths board of trustees.
Pike Are ft Disappointment.
Recent Investlsatlon shows that
of extermination Is being waged by the
plka recently planted In the various streams
of the sute by Deputy Game Warden
Carter on the trout planted in trlbutnrv
streams at ths same tlms. After eating
the trout fry the pike pike out" in ths di
rection of Wyoming for the head waters,
and lis a consequence Mr. Carter has de
termined to plant very few pike. In the
Ths trout and the bike frv were nlnntct
at the same time, but the latter is so much
mors voracious and grows so much faster
that the game warden Is of the belief that
the pike Is a losing proposition. Next year
it Is his Intention to use ths entire ap
propriation set apart tor fish production In
securing and Dlontina- crorDlne nn,i
planting a very few pike In the Blue river
oniy, as it nas oeen round that they will
remain In the Blue without trying to get
to the headwaters during the first seaaon.
Dlffos Only In Labels.
Three cans of Jelly,' labsled current, rasp
berry and strawberry, analysed by Btate
Chsailst Walker, showed a difference In
their makeup only in the labela. Each
contained front (0 to TO per oent glucose snd
coal tar dye. Ths Jelly was purchased In
Omaha and ths name of the manufacturer
IS not oa ths glasses. .
Beoauss soms snergetto reporter during
ths last year In writing up ths investlga
tlon of ths food commissioner In ths mat
ter of Jama and catsups, stated that In the
strawberry Jam a number of timothy seed
wera scattered to give It an appendicitis ef
fect, the food commissioner Is , getting
soms red-hot Inquires at this lats day. Re
cently Mr. Thompson received two letters
from Oermsny snd ho has received a few
from the Interstate Commerce commission
board for Information on the matter. Mr.
Thompson didn't say ths things that looked
Ilk. strawberry seed were timothy seed,
nor strawberry seed, snd neither did hs
glvs any Information what they were or
how the got In ths so-called strawberry
Caw Has Taboroaloels,
Bute Veterinarian Thomas wss called out
ih Lincoln county to examine a sick cow,
and discovered ths animal was afflicted
with tubercolosls and bad her shot. It Is
not knowa how long ths cow had been af
; dieted though ons family had ftea using
her milk for shout four years. In the
meantime ths sxnmlnatlnn ot milk mads
by the state chemist for formaldehyde
shows ths milk used In Lincoln to bs pur
In that respect
Divorce Not So Easy.
Amelia B. Hoffman, who la trying to se
cure a divorce from her husbflnd, has failed
for the present at least because one of her
witnesses testified that Mrs. Hoffman lived
in Omaha. Judge Holmes Is not in favor
of Omaha people coming hers to get sep
arated from their better halves, conse
quently he has tsken the matter under ad
visement for a few dnya Mrs. Hoffman
aald she had lived In Lincoln previous to
her marriage snd though she had gone to
Omaha with her husband she never con
sidered that her home. The removal oc
curred in 1S98. She claims her husband
deserted, her 'over two years ago.
Ready for SOnimer School.
Ths university school year is ended and
today began the registration for the sum
mer school. Last year less than 200 stu
dents took advantage of the summer school,
but from the Interest taken today It Is
believed this year the attendance will be
much larger. Classes will begin Monday.
Coon Goes to Oxford.
Of ths four Nebraska ellglb'.es for ths
Rhodes scholarships, Raymond H. Coon
was tonight at a meeting of the atate col
lege presidents, designed ss the one best
fitted for the first year man and In ac
cordance with their decision he will go to
Oxford In September next. Mr. Coon Is
21 years old, a native of Minnesota and
was educated In Nebrauka.
O'Neill Land Office Has Many Appli
cants for Blst Homesteads.
O'NEILL, Neb., June 10. (Special.) In
quiry at 'the local land office brings out
the fact that from twents to thirty
strangers are visiting this place dal'.y In
search of homesteads. Many persons are
filing on 100 acres under the Impression
that when the Ktnkald bill takes effect on
June 28, that they can then take three
more quarters and some under the im
pression that such a filing now will give
the applicants a preference right to ad
joining land. It Is certain that such a
filing made now will not give any prefer
ence rlfcht to ndjoinlng land, but It Is be
lieved by some well Informed persons here
that such an applicant may on June 18
make application to amend his original
entry and that If such an application is
made before another filing la made on the
land desired in the amended application,
and khere wouM be a possibility of the
entry as amended being allowed tc stand.
Judge Klnkald la taking an active Inter
est in looking after the rights of the
settlers in his district and hopes to iive
such a construction put upon tha law. The
Judge received word from Washington
this morning that the filing fee On $H0
acres will be $14, the same amount as
heretofore charged for 160 acres. There
Is yet an open question regarding the
rights of those who have homesteads and
have not made proof, where there Is no
I vacant land adjoining, being able to take
three quarters not adjoining, but ths
Judge Is making an effort to get a liberal
construction Which will permit such fl Ings.
Such a provision was In the Judge's or ginal
bill In plain words1 and it Is believed that
ths bill ss passed will bo construed to
permit taking land In this manner. The
last congress also passed a bill allowing
persons who hsve taken homesteads snd
havs Abandoned or relinquished their
former entries to take another home
York County Vsloed at Over Twenty
Two Million.
YORK, Neb., June 10. (Special.) Tho as
sessment of York county for the year of
1904, which has Just been completed by
the assessor, Is a large per cent mors
than the returns of ons year ago. The
valuation of York county Is $23,012,670,
which Is nearly $7,000,000 mors than what
France received for Its entire territory
lying west of ths Mississippi river. Ths
value of real estate for the city of York,
town and county is $18,891,720, and the as
sessor found $5,118,175 of personal proparty.
There ars in. York county 13,000 cattle,
worth nearly $1,000,000, and counting) the
small pigs, there are nearly 60,000 hogs and
Ths amount of money loaned and cash
Indicates the prosperous oonditlon of York
cOunty farmers, who have loan and cash
on hand of about $1,000,000, Ths farmers
ot York county have wheat, corn and
oats, a surplus crop, on hand to the
amount of nearly $600,000 and the agricul
tural Implements owned and In uae by the
farms In this county are worth nearly
$4)0,000. ...
SBWAKD, Neb., Juns 10. (Special.) Ths
total assessed valuation of the real and
personal property In ths -city of Seward
this year Is $366,198, an' Increase of $150,771
over ths assessment of a year ago. Tho
personal property last year was assessed
at $80,087, while tills year it Is rslsed to
$206,226. Last year the real estate was
assessed at $133,468, while tho value this
year is $169,971. Real estats In Seward
and towns of ths county haa always been
near Its true vslue, so the returns do not
show marked Increase. In tHs value of
ths personal property assessment there is
a marked Increase. -
Case Attractlmw n Large Crowd to
tho Court Room.
FULLERTON, Neb.. June 10.-(Speclal.)
Judge Re'eder and a Jury have been, occu
pied since last Wednesday morning In
listening to the evidence In the esse of tho
State against Bert Tarpenning. On April
7 ' last young Tarpenning and Maynard
Edglngton wore playing pool when a dis
pute arose over the game which was re
garded by the lookerson as a trivial quar
rel. The game was Anlahed and Tarpen
ning having lost paid for the game and
stepped out of the door on to the sidewalk,
followed by Edglngton and others. As thay
bad been playing the game on a bet of
$1 Edglngton Just ss hs stepped out of the
door reminded Tarpenning of this fact and
asked hlm to come down with tie money,
whereupon Tarpenning struck him on the
side of the head, felling him to ths, side
walk, from which he never arose.
Ths state Is represented by J. II. Kemp,
county attorney; W. F. Crltchfleld of this
city and J. C. Martin of Central City, while
the defendant Is represented by O, C. Tar
penning ot Wahoo, uncle to the defend
ant, and Judge Sullivan of Columbus and
W. L. Roue of Fullerton. The evidence
was all in by noon today and arguments
of counsel begun this sfternoon. The court
ropm has' been crowded every day during
the trial and many people went to the
court house this morning who could not
get standing room.
Ths defendant appears cool and collected
and has great hops of being acquitted, as
hs ressons that ths killing of Edglngton
was purely accidental- Ths Jury la mads
up of twelvs honest and Intelligent farm
ers whose Integrity la beyond question.
, Trouble tor Northwestern.
CHADRON, Neb., June 10 (Special.)
Owing to continued rains ths Northwsstem
Railroad company Is surely having Its
share of troubles this month, and espe
cially today. A wreck on the Wyoming line
yesterday of the passenger gave employ
ment to the regular wrecking . train and
crew. The fireman, John Uastir, has a
broken leg. Ths whole train was ditched.
Last night two freight anginas craa 0rt
A Condition. Known as Systemic Catarrh--A
Congressman's Indorsement
DR. O. B. CROWE, a phlslclan and a
ery Influential man In Alabama and
chairman of the Populist State Com
mittee, in a recent letter to Dr. Hartman,
Of Columbus, Ohio, says:
Wa.hlna-toa, D. C,
"Peroaa Is n most valuable saedl
fine. It affords me nnllmlted plena
nre to testify na to the mrrlli of yoar
remedyHs n catarrh core. I have nsed
It aa lack and And It la of very f rrnt
benedt when my nervoas system Is
run down. I heartily recommend Pa
rana to all whose nervous systems
uro deranged." c. H. (rowe, M. D. -
Ths nervous system Is the source of all
our bodily powers, mental or physical. '
The brain and spinal cord generate ths
power and the ntrve fibres convey ths
power to every pert of the body.
It is ths nerves that glvs the heart
power to beat; It Is the nerves that glvs
the arteries the power to contract, and
thus regulate the How ot blood tlirougn
Each artery Is provided with an elastic
or muscular coat, which is capable tr con
tracting or expanding so as to permit more
or less blood to pass through, according
to the needs of th body.
When the nerves are paralysed or weak
ened this contractile power of the blotd
vessels Is wholly or partly destroyed.
This produces congestion, esieclnlly bf
the mucous membrane lining the various
organs of the body.
When this congestion continues for some
time it Is known as chronic catarrh.
The congestion may occur In the mucous
membrane lining of the nose, throat, bron
chial tubes, stomach, bvwels, kidneys and
pelvic organ.
Whenever It occurs it produces the same
condition chronic catarrh.
J. H. Hullng. '-Member of Congress
from Wset Virginia, writes:
I- ISsn
v , 7tw. p
i4 V ,
' "Parana ns n core tor catarrh and n
tonlo of moat serviceable excellence
Is beyond nil question, ns haa been
proven by many of my friend, who
have been benefited by Its nee." J. H.
IlullasT, Charleston, W. V'
the track between this point and Dead
wnod. and today the whole passenger train
was ditched between here and Rapid City.
No one hurt.
District Court lit . Alma. Won.. June 10. (Special.) The
district court adjourned Wednesday after
a aesalon of three days. During this time
some very Important cases were tnea ana
itoiKFminMl hv the court. Two parties
charged with grand larceny were arraigned
before the court. One pleaded guilty and
was Sentenced by Judge Adams to the
penltentla.-y for two and a half years, the
other defendant on Deing arraignea con
4f Ait bimnflf in such a manner ft to lead
tt,- amirt tr hatiov that he was temporar
ily. Insane. A Jury wss Impaneled to de
termine nis sanity, ine caao wao uit onu
.... ..ttirnart tb- v.rrflrt that he Was
sane. Upon' having ths information' read
to him he still, aoted in a strange manner,
not answering to tho Indictment In'any way
i,,. ni-aitinv ralltv or not guilty. The
Judge, whs was still Inclined to believe
that probably the party was Inaane or
temporarily mentally deranged, ordered
that the cass be continued until tne ucio
K mrm n t nourt and ths Drlsoner be re
moved to Jail upon failure to give bond.
These parties are both strangers ana it is
r-r.rtui ihnt thev are both toughs and
general thieves, but It Is quite certain the
prisoner's conduct outdid the Judge, county
attorney and the officers and he will be per
mitted to rest quietly in the county Jail
at Red Cloud until the October term of
vi... Ai.n.Mi rr granted during this
term snd one continued, the one continued
being the case of Nelson against Nelson,
a suit brought by Mrs. Nelson agalns' her
husband to obtain a dlvorcs on the ground
of extreme crueltr. which conststea oi ae
priving her of her religious liberty, she,
being a memo.- of the Roman Cathoiio
church, desiring to worship at said cnurcn
and being prohibited by her husband from
doing So. A demurrer was filed to the pe
tition snd '.he court took the demurrer un
der advisement until the next term of
Former Banker Insolvent.
HUMBOLDT, Neb., June 10 (Bpeclsl.)
F. W. Samuelson, for many years well
known in commercial circles of southeast
ern Nebraska and who was up to shout a
year ago president of the First National
bank In this city, has filed a petition In
voluntary bankruptcy with the referee,
Jamea W. Eaton ot Nebraska City and
fixes his liabilities at over $70,000. with as
sets of about $50,000. Ths hearing of credi
tors hss been set for June 21 at Falls City,
where Mr. Samuslson has been making his
headquarters sines his retirement from the
bank fcere. The assets sre largely in hold
ings of California oil stock of questionable
value, the creditor being various banking
houses and Individuals from whom the
banker hsd borrowed money. Rumors of
his being In deep water have been floating
around for many months, but all such re
ports Mr. Samuelson denied with vehe
mence, ssaertlng that his assets outnum
bered his liabilities two to one or better.
For soms tlms stps hsvs been tsken to
bring sbout a settlement with creditors
without ths expense Incident to bsnkruptcy
proceedings, but this seemed to be Impos
sible. garpy County Prohlblttoalsta.
PAPILLION, Neb., June 10.-(8peolsl.)-
The Sarpy eounty prohlblttnnlets met st
Springfield and named the following county
central committee: Joha M. Fraieur, J. M.
Martin, A. C. Sloan, Jamea Hagai , Mra.
L. C. Overton, 3. E. Jarman, W. R. 'Wllber
and Jamea MoCaemly. Rev. II. A. Chap
pel was chosen chairman and Rev. R. N.
t ifO i VI
s v; .vv.' - V ;:' - .T-V .
Kc)v . v. - ?C V; ; -.'' t
WW''r' '-:.':':.:'-. ,
, tvw v. ,,i , jvi W , , v .,'V ' "
, lVv.VvvV' jr'f . .,.$ a v. ' .v f -s.: . ' ? sV .
r, ,t , , fa,. hm
. . .. -'-i v,. . --v: ' 5)1
Leon J. Charjes, Attnrney-at-Law, WInslow, Arlsona, writes:
"For n man taken up with the dsllr routine, nnd rushed nnd
puahed ennataatly to do thirty houra' work In twenty-four, thcro
will Invariably come n time when nature demnmla her due. I wns
on, the elc of Juat anoh n brenUilown when. Pcrunn waa rooam
mended to me, and proved n helper nnd n friend. It aecmed Intpo
slble at th time to tnk a vncnllnn, and yet the conatant brain fast
seemed o Impel it. reruns built nn the broken flown ayatem, re
stored me to n normal condition, nnd thronicli Ita uae I waa enabled
to continue my work. I have Icnrued to nppreclate Pcrunn very
highly, and advocate it aa a ante, proper and Indeed neceaanry
medicine to every business uian who Is worn out, tired nnd sick."
Leon J. Charles.
The symptoms of catarrhal nervousness
are: A foreboding of culaniity, a sense ot
something awful about to happen, twitch
ing of the eyelids, moving- brown specks
before the eyes and metallic ringing in
the ears, sour stomach after eatiug, with'
belching ot gas, a feeling of great weight
in the strmmch, morbid fear Of leaving
home, a constant desire to talk of symp
toms, chills and hot flashes, hands and feet
usually cold and clammy, genuitil tendency
to coldness and dryness of tho kin of
the whole body, neuralglo headache, nerv
ous chills, hysteria, sinking and faint
spells distressing palpitation of the heart,
defective oyeslKtit, total inability to read,
write or dp nny business, urine abundant.,
without color, loss of flesh, sleeplessness
and sexuul excitability. Some of these
symptoms are present in every case. ,
Throckmorton secretary of the organiza
tion. Delegates to the state convention: E.
J. Smith. Rev. II. A. Chappol, Rev. H. M.
Triplet, Mrs. V. M. Heacock, I. 11. Carpen
ter, J. W, Martin, James Cockerel, Mre. L.
A. Bates, Rev. It. N. Throckmorton, J. E.
Jurraan, LewiS Bishop and J. M. Martin.
Found Dend in Saddle,
HAY SPRINGS. Neb., June 10.-(Speclal.)
During a. severe rain and thunderstorm
yesterday Bam Lane, a ranchman and
farmer living eight miles west of hero,
was killed by lightning. Mr, Lane was a
horsebacic, riding his fences when the
storm came up, and he and the horse weto
instantly killed and he was found shortly
afterward Sitting In the saddle.
, News Of Nebraska.
OENEVA, June 10. Almost two Inches of
rain fell yesterday, commencing nt 1 o'clock
and raining some all night, bvill threaten
ing. OENEVA, June 10. A brother of Mrs.
Ed Katon uf Ueneva wns killed In the riot
at tho Independence mine in Cripple Creek
district, lie was a nonunion niun nuiued
VV. W. Delaney.
TECl'MSEH, June lO.-Miss Anna Mich
ael, a domestic in the family ot T. II. Ale'
C'luro, southeast . ot this cny, was bitten
by a rattlesnake one day recently. She
promptly recovered from the effects of the
poisoning. i
SEWARD, June 10. The Seward County
Teachers' institute commences on Monday,
June 13. Dr. Condia will give an illus
trated lecture on Tuesday ovenlng and
Marlon H. Lamont of Madison, Wi... ,wiil
give a reading on Thursday night.
ALMA, June li. A gooC ra:ii Is fulling
here today, coming from the) south and
west, 'i he wheat crop is in good Condition
and this rain will Insure a heavy harvest.
Alfalfa IS being cut, but the rain Is hinder
ing It from maturing. Corn doing well.
BEATRICE, June 10. Tho Bean-ice Mili
tary band gve its third promenade con
cert of the season in Nichols' hail hint
night, the affair being very largely at
tended. The proceeds will be used mr pur
chasing new uniforms for the oisauisuCion.
WILUftR, June 10. The eighteenth an
nual commencement exercises of the Wll
ber Hitch school were hold last nlgni, wln.ii
lleuutv SUilo tiuuerinteiident Alciiriru de
livered the address and Miss Mary Barton
was class orator. The graduating class in
cluded ten girls and two boys, i
PAPILLION, June 10. Everett Long of
Bellevue, upon the complaint of Mins Lu
treiU UOW of the same place, charging
lilin with statutory assault, lias been ai
rested. Long waa arrested by the eouth
Oinalm officers and brought hi re, where hu
was released under $i'ou bonds. The case
will be heard next Tuesday.
PAPILLION, June 10. Scarlet fever has
again .broken out In i'apilllon. A young
child of Mr. and Mrs. O. 1. rltcliiieUi l
down with the disease. A strict quarantine-hua
been established with the liupes
of confining the disease. Several canes of
smallpox in the vicinity of Millard are re
ported an the families quarantined.
BEATRICE, Juno 10. Mr. und Mis. W. A.
Foidcn, old residents of this city, Wednes
day evening celebrated their tiftletn wed
ding anniversary In the presence or about
lifly relatives and frlondw at their lioiov
In West Beatrice, ipnle a nuuiPer being
present from different parte of the state
to assist la celebrating the memorable
OUALALLA. June 10. Keith county will
vote on a bridge bond proposition on Juno
It. It Is proposed to bu.ld two brldxes
across ths North Plultu. 'fills will open
up and give uecess to the .North Pi.iiie
country, which Is coming to the front rap
idly a a great live stock and dairy aw
tlon. The prevailing opinion is that the
bonds will carry.
BEATRICE, June 10. The Adams Lum
ber company has tiled articles of Incorpor
ation Willi the county cierk. The cupiiul
stock of the compi.ny Is plactd at vo.'.'l
and. the principal pince of doing business
la at Adams, this county, the incorpor
ator, are Bird Crltchnelri, CI. VV. l'u kui iug,
H. A. Betas of Lincoln and WulUr tin.
rison of Adams.
IIARVAKD, June 10 A fine, steady' rain
amounting to a little over one Inch of
aster, fell yesterday, whll. today is cool
ami cloudy. J'hut ruin, wltn lavoraole
we.ilher hereufter. will insure a wheat
crop, as many fields are now beaded out.
11. a rsiu is timely, u. the Kiound was in a
condition requiring ruins, and coin will ulnu
receive much benefit.
HHKLHy June lu. While returning home
John Lucas, u farmer and hog buyer at
Shelby, dropped tins line and his high-
All that Is claimed for Peruna Is that
It cures catarrh, wherever located, by Its
action on the vaso-motor systom of nerves.
That it is a specific for that phase of ca
tarrh called catarrhal ncrvoUBuess tha ac
companying letti'rs show!
Mr. T. W. Bcott, Custom HouSe, Ban .
Frttnclsco, Cal., writes:
"Borne time ago, suffering from lndHrea
tlon, lose of sleep, and what might bs
termed general exhaustion, I was recom
mended to try Pt-runa, which I did, and
found that it did all that is claimed for it.
If you do not receive prompt and aatls
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a,
full statement of your cose, and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable advloa
"Address tr. TJartmnn, President ot Tho '
Hartman .Sanitarium, Columbua, O.
spirited team became unmanageable. Ho
was thrown against a tree, his spine dis
located and his body paralysed below tha
heart. When found Some hours later ha
was unconscious. He wns operated upon
last evening and is still living.
BEATlt ICE, June 10. While in the act
of turning on the battery to ths Olsar
lighter at his billard room yesterday, Ed
ward Humblin happened to strike his arm
against a huge needle which penetrated
his right wrist to the bone, breuklng ths
needle In two. In order to remote ths
piece which was burled In tho flesh It Was
found necessary to use an X-ray machine,
BEATRICE, Jline 10. While the drivers
Were walking out their horses- between
heats at the driving purk yesterday after-
noon, Archie Bretiki-r, 8 years old, ran too
near one of the horse's heels and was
kicked In the face. He received an Ugly
cut over and undnr the eye, but os the
animal Jumped as it kicked tho boy did not
receive the full force of the blow. His In.
Juries are not regarded ns serious.
BEATRICE, June 10. The Beatrice vol
unteer fire department held lie regular
monthly meeting Wednesday night, -and to
till vacancies elected John Bcharton secre
tary and H. E. Lench treasurer.' The -department
arranged to observe next Sunday
usj memorial day and Rev. O. W. Crofts
has consented t" deliver tho sermon. It
was decided not to take any active part In .
the Fourth of July celvbrutlon as a de
partment. ,
TECl'MSEH, June 10. Two young men
Who sre well known to the officers hern
proceeded to egg the band and bandstand,
as well as tho crowd ot spectators and the
soldiers' monument In tho courthouse yard
lure hist evening durlmj the progress of
tho band concert. One or the bandmen was
struck squarely on the shoulder with an
eR and others were besmirched by tha
gK being broken on the bandstand. It la
probable that arrests will follow,
PLATTSMOl TH, June 10. In Justice
Archer's court Kmll Ptsk swore out a
complaint HKalust Joseph Blla, 11 years old,
chaiKlng him with the theft ot $300. tha
money of the mother of the Complaining
witness. The boy has been spending much
money raccntly and suspicion rested upon
him, but the evidence tailed to show where
he got the money that he was spending SO
freely. He said he found a portion of it
and the rest waa given to lilin. Tha pris
oner was released,
SEWARD, June lO-EIght years ago C,
Bchaal of ''C','. precinct found a bed of
thistles In his pueiure and hs killed then
hv L'Uttiiis them on. inch htdow the sur
face. But some of the sued, blown by tho
wind, found root In many places and have
ruined I he meadows so that no animal
will grasu them. Mr. Bchaal wrots to ths
experimental farm near Lincoln and learns
from i'rof. Besaey that these are not Cana
01 in thistles, ns- was supposed, but a native
thistle that was discovered IJb years ago.
ilu sui.'i!CHts the tilowinit ud of these af
fected meadows, the roots burned and tho
land Planted with corn.
TEct'MSh.11, Junn hi. On complaint of
Libtil (tarrisa, John BrlllFiart, a farmer ana
fruit growir who liven last of this city, has
ln-iii brought Into the county court on tho
cliaiKe of llhy.slly selling vinous liquors.
The complain, nil avers that Ills 17-year-old
son, Willis OarrisM, and two companion
went out to the Brlliliart farm last Sun
day and bought two quarts of wine of Mr.
Biillhart. and they proceeded to get In
toxicated on the same. Mr. Brillhart
pleuded guilty to tlie churgo and County
JuiIkh .Times IslvlnKHtnn assessed him a
fine of $!o and costs, the minimum fins for
the offense, which was paid.
Tired babies become rested
babies when fed on Mellin's
Food. Mellin's Food nour
'ishes. '
You will he (Isd that you sent far a sample
if M.i tin's frood wr..a you m. h.w eag.rly take it,
" 1