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Kofi's PeV Ls'uisi to 8tiv ia Muddy
Watsrt of Miisonrv
Iwlaia Oat on hore, Where, " the
Next Morning, He Dltea
Flee Oat of Matter's
Th unrespondlng coldners with which
lertaln animals tntet the gentle efforts of
:be Omaha branch of the Nebraska Hu
mane society la annoying. It is perplexing.
The gontlemen who art united by this
common bond of kindness for the lowly
inlmala that are subjected to hardship and
sruclty by masterful man are somewhat
Uncomflted at a rebuff received at tha
hands or- whatever sjch an animal us
tor rebuffing of Mogy Bernstein's alllg;.
tor. At least It Is construed as a rehqW,
sut there Is nd way of being certain. T-hs
machine should have a licence, while in
tner qunrters It -Is taken to mean that
each machine should tear a different num
ber. : "To merely have a number for each
Owner of automobiles would defeat the
principal object for which the ordinance
was passed, namely, that Identification may
be possible In case of accident and the
Chauffeur does not stop." said Chief Dona
hue, i
The matter Is being further considered
snd the full Intent of the ordinance proba
bly will be announced Thursday.
attendance at the Meet Ins; 'of the
Grand l.odgs la
Upwards of 400 members are In attend
ance at the meeting of the Masonic innd
lojge of Nebraska, now In session nt Ma
sonic temple. Yesterday morning's session
"was devoted to reading of the annual ad
dress of Grand Master Frank E. Bullard.
His address Is In the nature of a report
of tho condition of the order throughout
tlllfc'.itor has been used for aUvertlflrr pur- 1 'n'B Jurisdiction and shows the fraternity
poses sna nas the name of a new- family
magazine printed in red paint on. Its back.
If the name of this periodical contained all
Ihe letters of the alphabet, vUch it does
not, and If the animal Itself, had had she
advantages oi early ctwolrr.g, u might be
ablo to make clear Us ideaby pointing with
;ts tall to the Utter neod'ed aod so spelling
sut the words. '
The perplexity arljes from the fact that
the society grew Vorrted at the pitiful
8onlltlon of the -tiigator In Its little, com
fortless cage sd asked. Mogy to give It
liberty end s it on the muddy Missouri,
where It TiyiM swim away to the gulf
ami be hariy and natural and unrestrained
ia nature meant it to be. Mogy did this.
Tut-suny evening, with the alligator, and a
moinlr or two of the socjety. In a light
w.ipja Mofey drove to the Doiiglns street
lairing, and wlfcj.many kind expressions
ot farewell, set the alligator free. t
Swims Back to Shore.
The animal seemed pleasefl .at first, and
swam far cut Into the amber flood, dis
posing Itself -fn a, carefree manner which
It-lighted the human gentlemen. This they
had expected. But the reptile, after a
few minutes, Instead of biting a plec or
two out of the bridge plor and starting
for the gulf, a had been further expected,
turned for the shore and came back to
the party In a manner of a spaniel which
hns been In after a stone. It was posi
tively pathetic the way that alligator kept
a hanging- around. Mogy fended him off
with a pioc of drift wood and all of th
porty united in saying. "Shoo, shoo," Snd
other rude but Ineffective things. '
It was- finally decided to leave th
"gater-' over night, with the idea that he
would gradually tecom reconciled to Mis
souri river freedom. Early this morning
the master of th ovorfonJ reptile went
again to the river bank. Ther many
gey and men were searching up and down
th bank with stick and stones for the
etrango and repellent water varmint, which
had been meandering' about In, a lost sort
of mnnner. Mogy soon detected th alli
gator, who la on the bank near the smel
ter, the sunshine' glistening from the
painted letters on it back. v Either because
It waa hungry 'from not being served It
usual ration, or because Its temper had
been ruined by the hunt, the alligator re
fused to recognise its master snd bit an
Inch pit the end of his footthat ts, an
inch away from the nd of It '
What to do Is now the question. Mogy
thinks the "gater"' wants to be taken
buck to the tank, to which sort of life It
has been accustomed for eight years. Th
humane society does not know what to
, . .. TfiS . t y.r (1at. 7 first , slant would
seom muddy enough for any alligator. . j
Throw; Vegetable sadsEigi at Then
as4 Police Get After
Th em.
1 .
' jOurlng tha last few days, reports hay
been received, by the police stating that
small boys have been taking partioular de
light th throwing such missiles as old veg
etables and unmarKotable eggs at occu
pant of automobiles. Borne of tfie boys
are known ip th police, who say arrests
vitl follow if tha sulsanc la not at one
bated. Chief Donahue believes this warn
ing, may have the desired effect without
making the arrests necessary.
Instructions have been given to th pa
trolmen to keep a vigilant lookout for th
number on automobiles as It is stated
that on dealer has interpreted. . the new
erdlnanc to mean that each owner of the
to be In a highly prosperous state, with Its
membership growing and tho condition of
the subordinate lodges prosperous.
The semi-annual meeting of t'.ie Nebraska
Veteran Freemasons was held at the temple
at noon with a big attendance. The meet
ing was made additionally pleasant In the
fact that the members dined together and
there were several accessions to member
ship. A member must have been a Mason
twenty-one years before :i Is eligible to
membership in the Nebraska Veteran Free
masons' organization. The organization is
wholly social and each year Its meetings
become more and more Interesting.
The grand lodge Is considering the, reports
of the various committees, particularly that
of the committee on legislation.
This afternoon the grand lodge will
visit the Masonic horn at Plattsmouth,
going down by special train. The grand
lodge will meet at Mauonlo temple at 2
o'clock to proceed to the depot and will be
escorted by Mount Calvary commandery.
No. 1. Knights Templar, in uniform. It
is the present intention to return from
Plattsmouth at 6 o'clock this evening.
Tells Exchange lie Was Protesting;
Against Lack of Jurisdiction
In TmxIngT. -
The Real Estate exchange, at Its regular
meeting, listened to a letter from George
A. Joslyn defining his position In the mat
ter of taxes. Mr. Joslyn explained It was
not the real estate taxes to which he ob
jected, but the taxation of properties
which were out of the jurisdiction of the
taxing authorities. He said he understood
th Idea had gone abroad that he was
adverse to tho real estate taxes, a thing
which lie wished to correct. The exchange
voted to give the letter and the entire
matter Its consideration nt the next meet
Ing. Tax Commissioner Fleming, City At
torney Wright and T. J. Mahoney, th
attorney for Mr. Joslyn, will be aske4 .to
talk from their respective points of view.
Government Lands for Homesteader,
In western Nebraska near the Union Pa
cific railroad In section lots of 610 acres
each, for almost nothing. The salubrity of
these lands is something remarkable. Dis
tance from railroad Is from three to thirty
miles. There will be a grand rush
homesteader. This Is the last distribution'
of free homes the United States government
will ever make in Nebraska. Write for
pamphlet telling' bow the lands can be ac
quired, ' whon entry should be made and
other information. Free on application to
any Union Paclflo agent or city ticket of
fice, 1324 Fa mam street 'Phone SIS, '
Ex-Prisoner Agrreea to Take Losg
( Vacation. If Jndgo Will
. Liberate Him.
- It la possible that Thomas Fltxgerald
will not see Omaha again for eight years.
It Was under this self-inflicted penalty that
he secured his discharge in poltce court
Fitzgerald was arrested on the charge of
being drunk, and owing to his lack of
funds to pay a fine and his aversion to
serving a sentence these nlc spring, day.
ha promptly offered to absent himself from
ihe Gate City for the period mentioned If
Judge Berks would give., hiroj his liberty.
Tha, judge granted the request and Frts
gerald went to th postofflo to hare- his
mall address changed.
Max.;: via
1814. Oanaral Andrew Jackson, Uarnlna ( their movemeote from tha pirate
La Flu, defeated th Kogliaft boost Admiral Cechrano and Genaral PakaiM
nam at taa oaiue et new vneaaa.
fimitrro syim fWt'y' 'H'H '-J 'Vsv: C" cpP C
Lcsscnf Laundry Labors,
1 x r r wr 1
v 11 11 aril ii
mmim UX !. kMia ss
Easfly the most .
satisfactory laundry
Eoapmade. It always
does effective
work and keeps
clothes sweet and clean.
Order today
for Monday's wash,
Sold by leading dealers.
Gwift C& Company, U. S. A. Makers of Swift's Washing Powder
Plans 6o Itcreatinj Spsed on All Wtt'srn
Purpose is to Chaatge Time-Tables So
as to Conform with Facilities
Possible- by ew Roadbed.
The present plan of operation of trains on
tho Harrlman lines west of the Missouri
river Is to undergo a radical change. It Is
said that the running and leaving time of
almost all trains on the extensive system
will be changed and in some cases local
passenger trains will be taken Off.- Tho
running time of some of the fast trains will
be mAterlaJly cut down and the feature ot
the whole plan will be to lessen the time
consumed in the operation of all passenger
The running time of th Overland Lim
ited between Omaha and the Pacific coast
will be lessened about three hours. It is
not known at present whether the leaving
time of this train from Omaha will be
changed or not, but it Is thought that it
will be. In order to expedite the running
of trains a few minutes will be cut oft ot
the schedule now allowed to cover each
division on the Vnlon Pacific, Oregon Bhort
Line, Southern Pacific and Oregon Railway
St Navigation company.
Since the extensive Improvements to th
road bed of the Harrlman lines have been
completed the track has been made much
faster, but tha time table has not been
changed to conform to the Improved run
ning facilities, and it is for this reason
that the changes are made. The new time
table will probably go Into effect June 2,
If they cannot be arranged for an earlier
date. It is also said that ther will be
material changes In the freight schedules
of the company.
Stlckney Will Come.
President A. B. Stlckney of the Great
Western probably will be In Omaha this
week' to make arrangements with the
Union Pacific . for a connection with the
grain terminal of his company. If atls-
factory arrangements can be made the
building of 'the elevators contemplated by
tha Exchange Grain company (Jaquith ft
Barnes) and J. F. Twamley & Son will
be begun at once. Th Twamley elevator
will have a capacity of 250,000 bushels of
grain and the Exchange Grain company
elevator will be built to hold 800,000 bushels.
It Is the Intention Of, the builders of these
elevators to have them ready to receive
grain in tho tall. In Urns for this, year's
crop, and at present nothing but tle Union
Paclflo connections stand In th way.
It is not believed any difficulty will be
experienced by President Btlckney in se
curing a contract with the Union Pacific
which will be satisfactory. Mr. Btlckney
leaves St. Paul for Chicago tonight ahd
probably will come direct from the latter
city to Omaha to close the deal,
BnrIlnotom Exploits Land.
The Burlington has Issued a very at
tractive folder advertising the lands along
that system which are subject to entry
under the Klnkaid bill. The folder says
on June 28, 14,000 homesteads will be
thrown open to settlement under the law
In th state of Nebraska, and that this
land, In sections of 640 acres each, will
practically be given away, by the govern
ment. The homesteader is required to pay
only 114 to cover the cost of record I no-
afterward he is required to live on the
land for a period of five years, and to make
Improvement thereon amounting, to $300.
These Improvements do not have to repre
sent' the expenditure ot money, but the
homesteader can himself do the work. The
Improvements can be mad at one time or
at the rat of $160 each year for the five
years. At the end of that time the land
Is his. '1
A list of th land by counties is given.
with a description' of conditions in each
county. The principal towns In each county
are also described and their population Is
givon. Some of the land adjoining that
subject to entry Is aald to be worth as high
as 10 an acre.
Another Fast Wabaak Train.
It 1 probable that within a few days the
Wabash will put on another fast passenger
train between Omaha and St. Louis. Tho
trsin will bo run as a second section of the
regular evening train which leave here at
6:30 and probably will leave Omaha about
I o'clock, remaining: hero lata enough to se
cure tha World's fair travel arriving late
over' western lines. The train will arrive In
St. Louis about 8:90 the following morning.
The Union Paclflo delivered to th Wa
bash th World's fair sleeper arriving from
Salt Lake for th first time today. Here
after this sleeper will be run regularly from
Salt Lake City over the Union Paclflo and
Wabash to St. Louis.
The new Bt. Louis-Pittsburg line of the
Wabash will b opened for business June
& Two fast trains will be put on running
between the two terminal. They will be
up-Ao-date in every particular. Two trains
will also be put on the Chicago-Pittsburg
line, which will make fast time and b as
fine as any now running in the country.
Heelan agalnt Illlnoli Central Railroad
Com i a) , A ante Connell against Conwnl
of Mercy. Ldward H. Lucainulll HgainH
L'nlon 1'aiilc MllrOHl Company. Jonn W.
Keabrooke, administratis, apxlnxt New
Omaha Thomson-Mousinn Kiectrtc Com
pany, William B. Maxtlcl l against Chicago,
KocK Island A Pacific Hal Company,
Conrad Buna agnlnat Ponnv Fenny, Wil
liam H:ablll eaalnst -Chicago, Hook Inland
sc racitlo Railroad Company and Joseph A.
Kinder against Chicago, Hock Islsnd t ra
citlo Railroad Company. The cne of the
Henry Urammer Manufacturing company
for Infringement of patent against th In
ternational Manufacturing company of
Omaha la being argued.
Falla to Keep Elevator Litigation Oat
of State Coart as It Attempted.
Contrary, to the motion of th defendant.
Judge Munger has handed down his del
cision In the case of the Farmers' Grain
and Elevator company of Virginia, Neb.,
against the Kansas City & Northwestern
(Missouri Pacific) Railway company, re
manding the case ;back tj the supreme
court of Nebraska, from which the case
was taken to the United States circuit
' The suit is one wherein the plaintiffs
brought action in the supreme court of the
state to compel the railroad company to
permit them to build an elevator on its
right-of-way In the town of Virginia or
to build a siding to th railroad's own
elevator a few feet from Its right-of-way,
providing that the plaintiff be accorded
th sama privileges and facilities that wer
furnished another elevator at that point,
the plaintiff's elevator doing a much
greater business than Its competing ele
vator. The suit was brought under the
provisions of the Ramsey elevator law.
The rairoad company, however, contended
that It was a foreign corporation and that
to be compelled to comply with the prayer
of th plaintiff' petition by any mandate
of the supreme court of the state would
be a virtual confiscation of the defendant's
property, would Inflict a great hardship on
tha defendants and entail much expense
that would not be warranted by the re
sults. Consequently the case waa carried to
the United States- court. It was argued
before Judge Munger in May by State
Senator L. M. Pemberton of Gage county
in behalf of the plaintiffs, wherein he main
tained that the case, was wholly within
the Jurisdiction of the supreme court of
the state snd no Unite"" States Issue was
at fill Involved. The position of the de
fendants was presented by A' torney James
M. Orr of Kansas City, assistant attorney
for the Missouri Pacific.
national Republican Convention
Chicago, lit, Juno 21-24.
The Chicago Great Western Railway,
on June 16 to 20 inclusive, will sell round
trip tickets at one. fare plus 25 cents to
Chicago, 111. For further Information ap
ply to S. D. Parkhurst, General Agent,
1512 Farnam Bt., Omaha, Neb.
Omaha Han Bobdne RufOam Who
Annoys Gelaha Girls and Latter
Manifest Gratitude.
R. F. Hodgln, editor of the "Trade Ex
hibit" of Omaha, and national director of
the Travelers Protective association,
proved himself the hero of the hour on a
train near St. Louts the other day. Mr.
Hodgln and Al Conway, A. V. Whiting,
John Keln, O. C. Rice, John Krclg, A. C.
Warrick, R. F. Bacon' and John Kelley,
Nebraska delegates to' the national conven
tion of the Travelers' Protective associa
tion, now in session' at Springfield, 111.,
were on the same trrtln With the fifty Japa
nese Geisha girls ehroute; to the World's
fair. The doleglwP'hrfanged "with. ".'the
Geisha girls for a' lftl i 'impromptu enter
tainment on the train 'iind after the pro
gram a ruffian persisted In annoying the
girls. When Mr. Hodgln interceded In their
behalf by summarily dealing with the In
truder. In recognltlbn of Mr. Hodgln's
gallantry th' Japanese visitors will give a
dinner In his honor on the fair grounds on
T. P. A." day, June W. ' " . :
Prominsnt Attorney and Society Van Vlc-
t m of Policenun'i Blandtr.
Meld Tightly In Craep of Falthfal
Patrolman I ntll a Frlead IlentU
a II Ira and Secnree Hi
A very well known attorney of Omaha,
who Is hot less prominent socially, was th
victim of a mistake the other day that
was equally embarrassing and ridiculous.
An errand had taken him Into a store on
South Thirteenth street, and while the
transaction of his business consumed an
unnecessarily long time, he thought noth
ing of It until, passing out to th street,
he was approached by a policeman, who.
with 'less deference than this attorney gen
erally displayed for that Is his calling
stopped him and Informed him that he waa
"wanted." The lawyer's look of amass
ment and even his assuranq) that it was
a mistake, so far from effecting his re
lease, only served to tighten the officer's
clutch upon his arm, and when he at last
Indignantly demanded to know with what
he was charged the answer came readily
enough: "With systematic pilfering from
that store."
Policeman from Missouri,
Now it seemed only a case of announcing
his identity to secure his release, but while
the name was familiar enough, the officer
said something about being from Missouri.
uninKing or his brother uptown, also a
prominent attorney, the now indignant
prisoner insisted that he be sent for, and
then, remembering his own visiting cards,
attempted to reach for them. But this
gesture only hastened the climax, for, mis
understanding the move, the officer gav
him a jerk, as painful as It was sudden.
and saying, ' "You don't draw, no gun on
mo," hustled the thoroughly bewildered
attorney into the store ha had been ao-
cused of robbing.
Just what might have been the outcome
of it all la uncertain had not a reliable
party chanced to pass that way and, Iden
tifying the attorney, secured (Ms release.
Notwithstanding the assurance of the new
comer, the policeman and shopkeeper
looked dubiously after th departing at
torney, and then, rubbing his head, the
latter said: "Well, he may not b tfce
thief, but ho looks mightily like him,"
Pleasant Ways for gammer Day
ay the Grand Trunk-Lehlgh Valley Route,
Chicago to New Tork via Niagara Falls;
the Grand TrunkIHinols Central new
through car line from St. Louis to- Mont
real; the Grand Trunk-Central Vermont
Boston and Maine Route from Chicago to
Boston and tha Grand Trunk Railway Sys
tem to Montreal, Quebec and Portland.
Fares, descriptive literature, etc., will be
mailed on application to the Advertising
Department, Grand Trunk Railway System,
185 Adams St.,, Chicago, Geo. W. Vaux,
A. G. P. & T. A.
Will Play On Game at Lincoln with j
De Moines and Open Hor
' This afternoon Omaha and Des Moines
will give Lincoln a taste of Western
league ball, playing the game scheduled for
Omaha on the Lincoln grounds. This will
be a regular championship game and will
count as such. Both tesms are playing
good ball now, and the Lincoln folks who
attend the match will see something worth
looking at. On Friday the teams will b
at Omaha and it will be. ladles' day, with
music und all that Sort of thing.
Brown, the new pltchor from Ames, will
Jsln th team at Lincoln, and may pitch
the game ngalnst Des Moines. II I big
and fine-looking and says he never felt bet
ter In 'his life. The work he has been doing
against college teams Indicates that he hai
something behind him and the chances are
that he will be a big help to the team. He
will go In Sunday for the Omaha game and
'give the local people a chance to see what
he can do." Here are the team the way
they will play in Lincoln and Omaha:
.. iirst base ....
second base ..
. third base ...
.. shortstop ....
left field ....
, center field ...
.. rlsht field ..
lark G catcher
Towne catcher Freese
Hotter rltcher Pfolster
Morrison pitcher ........Companion
jiuneja pucner xncuanny
cushman pucner Brown
Des Moines.
Thiel f.i
Clark. J
...Do an
... Miller
Railway Mote and Personals.
A. L. Mohler, general rnanaa-vr of ths
Union Faclilc, has returned from Chicago.
S. D. Parkhurst. aeneral airent of tha
Great Western, ha returned from a trip
to au fO-UL
A. Durlow. advertising manaaer rrf tha
union facitic, ana wit left lor Chicago
Xueaduy evening.
H. L. Purdy. traveling nasaencer scent
of the 9rl from Chicago, waa a caller at
tne .Northwestern offlcta.
H. S. Rowe. treneral aaent of tha Mll-
wauui-o at roruoiid. is la Uie cllv on bis
way home from the east.
J. A. Munroe. freight traffia munacer: EI
H. Wood, general Height agent of th
Union Pacific, and J. C. Htubbs, director ot
transportation of th Harrlman lines. ar
ae piHnt in Chicago holding a. coutacenc
wiin otnar iiarrunan uinciaj.
A Joint jneeLtas: ot five Grmait Veterans'
society 1 of Iowa and Nebiuska will ba
hald In Omaha. July 2J to Tar tha
occasion the railroads in both states have
announced a rax of on ami oaa-tiUrd
furea fur the round trip.
Fred L. Feakintk traveling: freiaht na-ent
of the Colorado Midland wlui headuuartera
lu Colorado bprfiiKS, and W. J. Coveriey,
tiavuung passenger agent 4i tne auma Una
fi'uin Kiuuiu City, are in Utwa.and called
at the Kuck Inland olfiaea.
Th annual Cpworth league assembly
will be held In Llnculn, August 1 to li
Leaguers will ba In attendance from all
Dart of tha state und th ratlroada hava
announced a rate of una far plua 60 cents
or the ruuua txlD rxum. au ml 111 lnv Ne
Th office of th Northwestern will dos
at 1 o'clock Friday, June 1U, on account of
th day having been proclaimed a holiday
by AciinaT Major Zimman, It having been
at aald a tl.e day tor the celokraUiui of
th Nebraska aeml-cuntenniul.
Th Northwestern has announced that
it will sell ticket, from points within luO
mllea of Omaha to tliia city good June V and
1. fur on and ona-tlilrd tares tor tlia round
trlu. Tha tickets will be-. rooii returuliut
leaving Omaha as la to aa June 1L
Travelers who dcxire to attend the an-
Eietinir of Nobles of the Myslla
filirlue to be held at Ailuntlo City, July jl
to 16, will huve tha privilege of choosing
their routs from - this city lut If thy
ravel by th Hurliuirtou. 1 hey can sTO
by Clihaco und rvturu via 61. Loui vr
any etht-r point on the line of th com
pany, Ttcknis will lx sold July snd Hi,
und rftiuning inn nuiuurs can leav Al
LanUe City as latu aa Auausr i. Tha rut
or tne rounu trip irom umuna wilt be
Case Set for Trial.
Judge Carland will tax up the rase on
civil OorkBt or to l.uited Etutra clicult
court not yet tried and lilrh have been
noticed tor trial at ttna term of court. 11
naa anucururd tnat tne Jolloliin ru
would, b sat tor Monday, Jun U. idUgg
Clifton Hill Improvement Clnb Con
template a Iteceptlon Next Mon
day Night.
Th Clifton Hill Improvement club will
give a reception a week from Monday
night In celebration of the arrangement
made for the Clifton Hill sewer by the city.
The reception will be to the. officers of the'
municipality, club members and their wives.
Tt will be held In the basement of th Pre,
byterlan church at Forty-fifth and Grant
streets and refreshments will be terved. A
program. Including well known speakers
and music, will enliven tha occasion.
End of Week Excursion, to Clear
Lake, la.
Via Chicago Great Western railway. For
trains Friday night and all trains Satur
day of each week round trip tickets will be
sold at one fare to Clear Lake.' Ia. Tickets
good returning on any train until the fol
lowing Monday. For further Information
apply to S. H. Parkhurst, general agent,
1512 Farnam street, Omaha, Nab.
Member of tenth United State Cav
alry Convicted of Cutting: with
Intent to Kill.
The jury In the case of Arthur Smith,
on trial In the United States district court
on the charge ot stabbing with Intent to
wound, came In with a verdict Tuesday
evening of guilty of cutting with Intent
to wound.
Smith waa a private ot the Tenth TTnlted
States cavalry and was charged wIUi cut
ting Roy Matney, with Intetjt to kill. Th
cutting affray occurred on th Fort Rob
inson Military reservation February U, 1901
Is Offered to the Public Upon its Record of Results
Accomplished. Nothing Save an Actual Test
Can be More Satisfactory to the Patient than
the Testimony of Eminent Medical Men who
have Repeatedly Tested its Merits in Bright'
Disease, Albuminuria, Renal Calculi. Inflamma
tion of the Bladder, Gout, Rheumatism and Uric
Acid Troubles.
' Dr.' Roberta Bartholow, farmer Projnsor Materia Mcdka and ent
eral TktrapfulUs in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, and author 0
"Mrtholow's Materia Medic 'and Thtrapeutki" and other well-known
tneUual troi tf, says: " It is used with great advents; la Oouty, Rheu
matic an J Renal Affections."
Dr. G. A. Fcoto, of Warrenton, C.,e.v President Medical Society of
North Carolina Jormgrly Member of the State Board tf MedicU Examiners,
and also of the State Board of Health. After reporting; remarkable relief
obtained from the use of this water ip. a case of CHRONIC BklOtlTS
DISEASE In his own person, Vr. Foote save: " From this experience in ay
own esse, snd oltaervation of its action in similar cases in patients fur whom I
have prescribed the water, I have no hesitancy in expressing the opinion that
malady so
difficult oi treatment.
Geo, Helsted Boyland, A.M., M.D., ofPttri Doctor- ofMedicint
YhYtaclutvofftrissay,; 'There Is NO REMEDY SO ABSOLUTELY
SSSS-E"!: DUi:FlL9UTIilAV7ArER 25 bSu'Sdiet
In all cajc of Pregnancy where Albumin is found in tho urino as lats as tha
last week before confinement, if this water and a milk diet ia prescribed,
the Albumin disappears rapidly from the urine and tne patient baa
positive fuaranUe against Puerperal Convulsions. Used aa a substitute
for ordinary water during the period of Gestation It will be found Inval.
liable as a preventive of Puerperal Convulsions and other disturbances
incident to .his condition.
Voluminous medical testimony of the hihest order showing the value of
this water in th other diseases mentioned mailed to soy address.
CUFErUO LlTIilA YATER sale by dealers generally.
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June 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20
IIIinoisCentralR. R.
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Quicker and for
than other
euraa all .pedal dteeaiti
nt oiau kiduojr, bisilltr
and disease u( wuiatl
f urad lor III. ooo ry si gn
..Diutoio. sores on body, u
mouth, tongue, tnroat hair and ybrowaJ
(lulling outj dlsupitear completely furever.
Varicose Veins T.'aik:':
ling, pain r lua U tinvv N
Quickest cur in th world.
WeU, loriow Mai VJl
eebilliy, earls' ueolln. lack el vigor 4
trengtii, ,
Treatment by mail. It year OT SOC
see of 14th and Xoulea
Blood Poison
The Tonlo
Par Exoelleneo.
MuXr fiiifi
CA Wine OordlulJ
i beat Hocilic remedy toe
Malarial and Typhoid,
r rvvrsj
Oolite, Influenza,