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Davis tells drugs.
Leffert's plF'e fit.
Btockert sells carpets.
The taunt cigar, i cents.
Fancy oval, oircle nnd l.long frames.
Alexander's. u-3 Kroedway.
The eilnn of the Industrial school will
he ht-M this fiftcrniinn t i o'clock In the nilerlon. Krfr shments will hp
served to Hi children at the close of the
Uluft compnny, Triform Kanti. Knlghti
of Fythlns, will meet thin evening at the
armory In St. Allwne' hell for drill, and
Captain Cro ker loiuesls that every mem
ber be present.
A barn on the premises of W. B. Smith,
iVll Avenuo I, was burned, together with a
horse and a number of chickens and other
contents, nt sn early hour yesterday morn
ing. When the funlly wis atouped the
barn and contents were entirely destroyed
and it wan rioemid uadess to call out the
fire department. Tha los was without
insurance. 1'hc oili;ln of the lira la un
known. Ray Hall, th 12-year-old boy, charged
with th theft of four ring from the resl
denca of Henry Otto, waa remanded to tha
district court vtaterday by Judge Bcott,
with tha recommendation that he be ent
to the reform achool. In police court tha
boy admitted having recently stolen SI from
hla achool teacher, Tro boy was released
pending the alspoaltlon of his case by th
district court.
Ora and Uurton Jonee, who appealed from
the sentence Imposed on them by a Justice
of the peace in Kockford township for th
theft of a ton of hay and whoso bondsmen
surrendered them, were released from the
county . Jail yesterday. Judge Wheeler of
the district court ordered that their own
recognisances be accepted. It Is said that
the Kockford township Justice exceeded his
authority In sentencing tha defendants to
both a fine and JaJl Imprisonment.
William Mowery waa arrested Inst even
ing, charred with disturbing the services
at th Fifteenth street mission. A gang of
hoodlums has recently been making life
miserable for the attendants at the mission
nd C'hlpf Ttbblts found it necessary to
place a special officer there. A few nights
ago during the unavoidable absence of Spe
cial Officer Miller. 'lie hoodlums fastened
the door of the mission building with a
large beam and the congregation waa forced
to make Ita exit through one of the win
dows. ' Plumbing ar.4 heating. Mxby ft Bon,
Walt for Trcker.
Our atudlo Is being repaired and refitted,
th fir having delated ua but a few daya.
Our photo can't be beat.
Ogden Hotel-Roo.tis. with or without
board; steam heat, fre bath: public parlors.
Debate Draws Well.
The debate between T. E. Qlendennlng
of the Advent Christian church and J. F.
McDowell of the Latter Day Saints church,
now In progress evenings at the Letter
Day Saints church on Pierce street. Is at
tracting considerable Interest and the de
baters have been greeted nightly with
good alsed audience. The debate on the
proposition "Does the Bible Teach That
Man Is Wholly Mortal and Unconscious be
tween Death and the Resurrection?" In
which Mr. Qlendennlng took the affirma
tive, closed Thursday evening. Last even
ing began th debate on th proposition,
"la th Reorganised Church of Latter Day
Snlnta In Harmony with the Bible in Doc
trine and Organisation T" In which Elder
McDowell assumed the affirmative. The
debate will be brought to a close Monday
No old stock. Nw mounts, new work
and all up to dat. See Tucker, on th
ground, when you want the best photo.
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 250. night. P'SOT.
and furnish more meat to Council BluffB consumers than
any other two meat shops in town. Why shouldn't we at
these prices?
Mutton Roast, per pound i ...... ; 4c
Choice Hams, per pound .' 7 Jc
Oood Salt Pork, per pound . . . ..5c
10-pouiid prill Lard 68c
5-pound pail Lord . 38c
3-pound pail Lard - 20c
The Central Grocery and Meat Market
Inunilr m "L
cnlm!I0T..rT.y1S.,.or,l.cue, natlo' r lvlng away Piano. Feople r
! !ff,.nd Vcl?.Uy.f!av aB PI"'-unIty to have a Piano In their home
SJlr.c"" WL" "y you to buy yur Groceries at the Vp-to-tnte
2'!Zre:.valll f fter th" cone8t' f larger the order the better
i-.,.,, uul. cijr .uii-ijBc,
It t nnifllhla trW .,.,. r. . .....
. Free coupons with every purchase.
These price will Internet you:
White Russian Soan, s bars 35o
Diamond C Bnai, 8 bars aio
Heat "Km All Soap, g bars ibci
Swift's t'rtde Bono, g bar 25o
Magic Bonp, 10 bum r arc
Cracker Jock Sonp. u bars 2ia
Lewis' Lyt ;i cans :sio
331 So. Main St.'
From the rri e we quote below you mlelit think we controlled the world s
supply n wurited to fc-et rid of It all at once.
Hut that's th reason we do bualnes-imply because we make the rrlees
lower than the o-.h. r fulow. After competition gets over the shook und Meets
our prices, we clip off u. little more, us the folio win priiea will verity
U liing Uoef,
per pound..
Lemb tuv,
pr pound
Armours ! tamo,
pr pound
I'ork l'.ou.t,
p-r pound
Porterhouse Sleuk,
3 pounis f'ir ,,
Sirloin StcjV:.
I IhHIK'. for
Round St::- k.,
t io::un i-.'i' I
Should, r it, ale,
4 po i'i I. ii,r ,
Pot R.M...
IT poi'li 1
. llh. Hi me Rendered I.irJ,
(baturd ty only
25. c
' 4ic
Jndje McPocnen RnH ct Ftate HabS.tisl
Criminal Act.
J. A. t.renory Mutt Stay In the l'enl
tentlary for Twenty-Five lean
nd Is Informed it Should
Have lie en for Life.
Judge Smith McPhcrson of th United
States court, in a decision handed down
yesterday In the habeas corpus proceeding
Instituted by J. A, Gregory to secure his
release from the Fort Madison penltontlary,
sustain the constitutionally of the state
habitual criminal law, under which Gregory
was sentenced to twenty years.
On behalf of Gregory, it was' contended
that the law unconstitutional. In thnt
it in fact provided a second sentence for
previous crimes expiated by the perion
committing them, by serving the sentence!
Imposed for their commission, and, further,
that It provided a punishment In excess of
the punishment provided by law for the
crimes separately.
In hi decision Judge McPherson reviews
Gregory's criminal career, and after recit
ing that the writ of habeas corpus cannot
be used as an appellate proceeding by
which the Irregularities or errors, real or
supposed, of some other court -can be re
viewed, such matters being only determin
able on appeal or by writ of error, says;
From these authorities it will be seen
that a prisoner is convicted and sentenced
for the one crime charged and la not con
victed on account of or ror the prior crime
or crimes. But he is convicted of the crime
charged and aa belonging to a elans of
lncorrlglbles, beyond reformation, for whom
punishment does no good; a class Into
which the accused has voluntarily brought
himself, and aa against whom society hou
the right to be protected by placing him
for the balance of hla life where he cannot
prey upon the people. In this ense it wris
fortunate for Gregory that his sentence was
for but twenty years, instead of for life,
as It could have been.
In conclusion, tho court, holding as it
does, that the statute of 1S9S Is valid and
that It Is not an ex post facto law, even
when construed as authorising the plead
ing of a conviction of an older date tlmn
the statute, to the end of bringing him Into
a class of criminals designated as habitual,
the writ must be denied.
Effort to Herske Certificate of Cres
cent City Man.
John F. Wall, teacher in one of the coun
try schools north of Crescent City, is de
fendant In an action before County Sup
erintendent McManus .ooklng towards tha
revocation of hla certificate. It Is charged
that Wall ha acquired a general reputa
tion such as to disqualify him to continue
longer In th position of a teacher. It
Is alleged among other things' that he has
been In th habit of using tobacco In and
about the achool house In the presence ot
the pupils; that he frequented saloons and
other questionable place and that he was
In the habit of using improper, language
outside the achool.
When the charges were brought to the
attention of County Superintendent Mc
Manus he made an Investigation with the
result he deemed It proper to request
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, . j . , ..... v j
Boda Crackers. Oyster "rankers nnd
Ginger Bnnps, by the box. per lb....1e
Parlor Mutches, per doten boxes.... Kic
'Phone 444.
Choice Hib Roast,
per pound
Pork Clioyj,
per pound
Siiare Ribs.
per pound
Veal Htw.
per pound
Veal Ro.iat,
per pound
Lamb P.oust.
per pound
Rr.akfnat Uaeoit,
t r pound
C'h'iii e tin It I'ork.
per pound
I.raf iard,
13 nnnnil. frtm
.1. ....... 'ii..'.''""" . , .
I per pound IOW
Wall to surrender his teacher's certificate
and thus avcld the stigma of a formal
revocation. Thin Vail declined to do and
the county euperlntsndeiit then filed an
Information and the present action was
brought In the name of the state of Iowa
by C;ounty Attorney Klllpack.
The hearing was begun yesterday before
Countv Superintendent McManus, Who
thus sppeara In the dual role of prcseout
ing witness and Judge, nnd a number of
witnesses were examined. The testfmony
yesterday was to the effect that Wall had
hern seen to drink beer and use tobacco
nnd that he was In the habit of flying Into
violent rage with his pupils. He was snld
to have thrashed two pupils, John Kirk
wood, ngd 19, end John Vogy, aged 18,
with willow switches until the switches
wete worn out.
Wall came to this county two years ago
from Fort Dodge, bringing with hlra a
certificate from the superintendent of
Webster county.
RepnMlean Primaries Tonight.
The republican precinct primaries this
evening to select delegates to the county
convention to be' held next Tuesday will
open at I o'clock and close at o'clock.
Since Judge Scott haa withdrawn from the
contest for delegate from the Ninth dis
trict to the' national convention. It Is not
expected there will be any contest at the
primaries tonight and the delegates se
lected will all be for George S. Wright.
With the close of the second day of reg
istration for the city election last night,
a number of names had been added to
the lists. While no definite figures were
available last night, it Is estimated that
over 200 persons registered Thursday and
Friday. The heaviest registration, how
ever, is looked for next Saturday, which is
the last day.
There seems to be an erroneous Impres
sion that registration for the recent
school " election will suffice for the city
election. - It will net and the -fact that
a voter may have registered for the
achool election does not qualify for the
city election. Every person entitled to
vote at the city election who did not vote
at the general election last November or
who has since changed his place of resi
dence from the precinct In which he then
voted Is required to register In order to
enable him to cast a ballot on Monday,
March 28.
Hafer sella lumber. Catch the IdeaT
Select Site- for Fire House.
Mayor Morgan, members of the city
council and Fire Chief Templeton, In com
pany with a number of the interested
residents of the southern part of the city,
looked over the ground yesterday after
noon for the purpose of selecting a site
for the fire house to be Installed in that
part of the city south of Sixteenth avenue.
After viewing a number of proposed sites
the city officials selected Eighteenth ave
nue and Ninth street, and T. A. Berwirk,
president of the South Side Improvement
club, waa delegated to secure the neces
sary lot. The site selected Is the location
favored by a majority of the residents
of ihat part of the city.. Chief Temple
ton, however, favored locating In the
immediate vicinity of Sixteenth avenue
and Eighth street, a being more accessible
to such portions of the city aa the com
pany would be required to cover In case
of Are. i-
... JtJ expected that Mr. Brewiok will be
prepared to report at the meeting of the
city council Monday night the selection of
the required ground and that arrange
ments will be made for the ereotlon of
the house without further delay, and the
purchase of the necessary equipment.
Newer, , cleaner and better than ever
Tucker' atudlo, on the ground. 16 8. I4aln
Real Estate Traasfers.
These transfers were reported to The Bee
March 18 by the abstract, title and Joan
office of Bqulre & Annls, 101 Pearl street:
Heirs of William Short to J. M. Crog-
han, eM , e4i sw 17-76-88. w. d ", S.6U0
Charles H. Jffelman and wife to Anna
v";'c""' "7 ' o. diock io. Alien
,WV.r H- VaB, , and w,f ' ' Ioniei ' j!
rW,Rav?.r' nw 10-74-88. w. d....T.
iBo-nfawddw!f8..!0."ame' 'w
a ruu Avoea. w. a.
CT " " rrana Mor
row n20 feet b nH se se and
s20 feet nH n se seU 11-74-44? d " . 1
f.?.r?e H' -?.TJeto KJ',h Muyno.
lot 1 in sublot 159, original plat, w. d! 1.060
Six transfers, total
Home for Dipsomaniacs .will Be
Located In Old School for
DES MOINES. March !8.-The Iowa sen.
ate today voted an appropriation cf $1516,000
for the location of a dlpsomar.lac hospital
nt Knoxvllle. This Is the first open ap
proval of the "Clpsy" law which wwt Into
effect two years ego, and which haa been
eeverely criticised. The abandoned Instltu
tlon for the blind at Knoxvllle will be con
verted Into a hospital for the cure of habit
ual drunkards.
Logaa MsailelpaJ Tickets.
LOGAN, la., March . (Special.) Three
tickets to participate In the city election
have been placed In tho field by petition
a follows:
, Cltlsens: For mayor, O. L. Case; for
Reorder, I. M. Adama; for assessor. Theo
dore Cronk; for treasurer. O. McKelvIe:
for councllraen, John W. Wood and J. C.
Tax reduction: For mayor, I. c. Weod:
for recorder I. M. Adams; for assessor,
JV C. Ehrhardt: for treasurer. O. Me
Kelvle: for councilman, K. E. Webber and
J. A. Barr.
BTclallBt: For mayor. H. L. Kirk: for
recorder. J. 8. Morris; for assessor, 8. A.
Atkins; tor treasurer. 1. Ehrhardt: for
councilmen, J. B. Hurrell and A. V, Wilson.
Komlaatloas at Oniwa,
ONAWA. Ia.. March 18 (Special.) The
rltlien' cuucub to choose town officers
wan largely attended. . Oeorge O. Holbrook
was fholimnn and D. L, Battln aecretary.
A, W. Burgess, n. B. Fependon nnd Oliver
OlNon were appointed tellers. On the formal
volo fur mayor M. A. Marly waa declared
nominated. L. E. Paine and C. II. Brad
bury were nominated for councilmen by
acclamation. George I'nderhlll was nom
inated for clerk by acclamation. C. C.
Honeyman waa nominated for aaaeasor
over C. A. Caldwell and B. D. Holbrook
was nominated for city treasurer, which
completed the Hat.
West Polat Prnnle'a Nominees.
WEST POINT. Neb., March 18 -(Speclnl
Telegrum.) The peoplee party of West
Point met In convention here today and
nominated this ticket: For niuyor, M. Q.
Hughes; for city clerk, J. C. Himsen; for
treasurer, R. H. Kerkow; for engineer,
Q. A, Heller; for members of the Board of
Education, T. M. Moodle and C. W. Acker.
m:in; for councilmen, Ir. H. K. Summers,
W. L. Smith and Charles Carsten.
nomination, nt Little SIusje.
LOO AN, la., March 11 (Special.) The
rerukiicana of Utile aloux have nominated
the following ticket for the city election:
For mayor, L, I Reynolds! clerk, T. J.
Lanyon; treasurer, F. C. Brown assessor,
F, SlUby; councilmen for full larma, O. I.
Seymour and L. II. McWilUama; to fill
vacanclee. F. M. Ferry, Clark Ule and
B. B. Long.
Hontg Mot for Committee te InTeUlfare
tho Presont Location of Sohool
Members Say They Are Confnscl by
Coafllctlntf Stcirlea of Lnrmicn nU
Friends of I're.ent Location
at tonnrll Blfl. .
(From a Stall Corresionduut.)
DES MOINES, March II tSpiM'Inl.) The
deaf school location matter Is not yet en
tirely out of the woods and Council Bluffs
will have to do some more showing of the
legislators In regard to the propriety of
rebuilding the burned buildings of the
state's school on the present location. A
senate oommlttee reported adversely to
removal and In favor of appropriating
125,000 for the rebuilding of the structures
at Council Bluffs. The house has taken no
action. Today Mr. Frudden of Dubuque, a
democratic member, hut of high standing
in the assembly, Introduced in the house
the following concurrent Resolution regard
ing the matter:
Resolved, by the house, the senate con
curring, That a Joint committee, consisting
of elgnt members from the house, named
by the speaker, and four members of the
senate, named by the president of tho
senate, be appointed to go to Council Bluff
to investigate the site owned by the state
whereon the buildings for the deaf school
are located and report full particulars on
their return to this general assembly.
The resolution was Immediately passed
under a suspension of the rules, and there
Is very little doubt the senate twill concur
and the committee make the investigation.
It was explained tluit the members have
before them two very conflicting state
ments in regard to the matter and that
they are in a quandry which to believe,
the statements of the (state officials or thone
of the Council Bluffs Commercial club.
Place for the Inebriates.
By a unanimous vote the. senate adopted
the bill creating a state asylum at Knox
vllle for the care and treatment of dipso
maniacs. The bill carries an appropriation
of 1126,000 and appropriates to the atate for
the purpose of the measure the state, prop
erty already owned at Knoxvllle and known
as the Industrial Home for the Adult Blind.
The inebriates will be taken from the state
Insane hospitals and placed at Knoxvllle
The senate also passed a bill permitting
the sale by the state of stute house square,
a block of land in Des Moines, situated
on Eighteenth street about nine blocks from
the capltol grounds. The square was given
to the atate several years ago by a gentle
man named Stewart, who platted that sec
tion of the city, but it haa never been used.
In order to escape the taxation for paving
and curbing, which Is to oome In another
year, it was thought best to dispose of the
property. The vote was unanimous.
A third bill which was passed by the
senate today without. opposition on the
final vote gives the state power to sell or
lease islands located within the banks of
meandered streams. The Mississippi and
Missouri rivers are excepted from the pro
Visions of the bill. " . ,
.. I :
took Shipper Cot Paaaes.
The house today decided upon giving the
stock shippers of thW eate some of the
relief which they have, asked of the general
assembly, and paused bill prepared by a
subcommittee to require that the railroad
companies be required to furnish return
passes to stock shippers. Before the bill
was pasaed Mr. Hart moved certain ameud
ments, which, he stated, were Agreed upon
by the legislative committee of the Stock
Bnlppers' association and the representa
tives of the railroad companies, and put
In the form of a written and signed agree
ment. With these amendments the bill was
passed. An effort to get the bill amended
so as to give seventy-two hours, instead
of thirty-six, for tho starting back of the
shipper was made, but this was opposed
because it waa not asked for by the ship
pers. The bill requires passes for tho
shippers or their agents, and one of the
amendments requires " the railroad com
panles to equip their cabooses with proper
sanitary appliances. ;
Paas Garnishee BUI.
The bill (or an exemption of wages from
garnishment brought out an acrimonious
discussion, participated in by Weeks, Tem
ple, Jepeun, Hart, Teter, Kendall and
others. The bill makes a flat exemption
of 140 a month In the wages of the wage
earner from garnishment, and all above the
140 shall be subject to garnishment. The
bill waa pasaed, U to It
Reducing; Consent Petitions.
There was introduced in the house today
a bill by Mr. Clary which would strike out
the provision In regard to 63 per cent of
tho freeholders having to sign a statement
of consent and Insert in the law a majority,
so that It would be possible to establish sa
loons on the expression of the desires of a
majority of the people. A bill waa Introduced
by Mr. English to provide for the auditor
of state Issuing licenses to Insurance
agents. Mr. Kennedy Introduced a bill to
provide that cities and towns may com
mence suits to have receivers appointed for
water works, etc. A bill by Lumkln would
give superintendents a right to appoint
teachers' meetings and In caae teachers
attend tbetr time shall not be taken out.
The house haa made for next Wednesday
a special order of a bill to appropriate for
a statue of Governor Kirk wood to be placed
In Statuary hall In Washington. There waa
no opposition to the bill, but a desire to
Fresh milk is good; fresh milk
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iin s fd CO.. iwtTcv, MAsn.
lock 3 Gunsmith
1. V -ll of rtpalr-
cfyNVV' iMT d...... We but broken
Phone BK7, CV W. r-oidway.
marl St, Council Bluifa. 'Pbono R.
possibly add another name to the lift.
Thosn suggested are 8murl F. Miller, Sen
ator Grimes nnd Senntor Hurlnn.
Two Reports en tnlverslty.
A minority report of the visiting com
mittee on the State university was filed
today by Representative Weeks in which
he took n view differing from that of th
majority of the committee nnd recom
mended Instead of tho t-n.ono favored by
committee an appropriation of
I175.0OO, which would Include i.nX) for the
restoration of a building Unit was burned.
He also takes derided sliind in opposition
to the abolition of the engineering di part
hiriil .it the State university. He does
nctec. however, with the majority In rela
tion tr the board of mnraiRirn' plan, which
is now generally rrnrded ns essential to
the proper management of the educational
Institutions of tho state.
Railroad Commission to Re Saved.
The Railroad commission of Iowa will not
be abolished. The house railroads commit
tee voted against the bill which Is intended
to repeal the lows under which the railroad
commissioners operate and the commission
will not be disturbed, though It Is promised
that If opportunity la afforded there will
be debate on the floor of the senate In re
lation to the work of the commission.
Judge Martin J. Wade, democratic mem
wl7hiskey and. Beer E Habit
Physicians pronounce drankennesa a disease of the nervosa ay.tem, creating a morbkt
CraTlag for . stimulant. Conti.aed Indulgence In whiskey, beer or win. eat. .w"7th.
.omach linlag and atapafle. the dlgeativ. organ., tha. destroying the digestion and
. ,0J,RR,NE P""y remove, the craylog for Honor by acting directly on the
.HecUdnarres, storing th.atomach and digestive orn. to normal condluoaa, iafprevlna- !
tha appetite and restoring the health. . Can be given secretly U desired.
Cure Effected or Money Refunded.
Ask your druggist whom yen know what he think of ORRINE; he will Indorse
cur statements as truthful In every respect. If ORRINE fails to euro we will refund
70a every penny paid for it as cheerfully aa we took It.
No Sanitarium Treatment or Publlcltyl
No Abaenoo from homo or loss of timet
. ji??0t!j87.' Vrt od ,l,ter' y cannot cure those who are afflicted with this most
terrible of all diseases by your ferrent prayers, or eyes red with tears, nor by your
hope that they may stop drinking-. It can be done only with ORRINE. You have
the remedywill you use it ? If you desire to cure without the knowledge of the patient,
nyD?v? ENoV1:. P"nt desires to be cured of his own free will, buy
ORRINE No. 2. Full directions found in each package. Price f I per box.
fV5? We wi gladly tarnish a treatment tree of estto any physician
rV& to demonstrate that Orrine la a positive cpeclflo for drankennesa. SJU
All Correspondence Confidential.
...IL book Treatise on Drunkenness and how to Cum It -lu tn
Sherman & McDonnell Drug Co., Cor f6fh & Dodge, Omaha
Qco. S. Davis, Druggist, Council Bluffs, Iowa,
I mmn mesne 1
lr- JL "1
1324 Farnan St.
Alustang Liniment
In us (or over sixty years).
Mustang Liniment
cure Spavin avnd filngboue.
AAustang Liniment
Xu-M aUi fortius ttiiMuua.tWi
ber of rnngress from the Perotid district of
Iowa. Is out In a slsned letter to hl friends
In the stite ndvlslng nanlnst instrurth.ns
for anybody : the lown democratic con
vention. He declare that he would not de
sire Iowa to Instruct for nny rundldate
whether It Is He irxt. l'nrker or anybody
else, but that It Is a time when states like
town should refrain from trying to dispose
of candidacies In advance. Judge Wade
says he has worked Ioiik to secure a har
monious party In Iowa and to enter upon
a fight at this time In the state convention
would be to reopen old controversies.
The Chnssel road bill, which would parti
ally repe:J the present Iowa road law. was
pulsed by the house this afternoon.
A hill to appropriate .Vi0 for the marking
of graves of Iowa Holdlers In North Dakot i
failed of pnssnge.
The senate committee on appropriations
today Agreed on the sums to bo given the
educational Institutions. The sums are:
State university, 12i.O0O; normal school,
t4,0(K: state agricultural college, J2.12.0u0.
The FKiirrs may he amended by the houso.
The ways and means committee reported
adversely to the nilllage plan of providing
for the support of tho educational Institutions.
Ten trips a week to tne St. Louis expo
sition will be voted to the most deserving
by Bee readers. Save your coupons.
UD Y-'Hert, my poor fellow, thl will
warm yon."
TRAMP "T'gnks, lady. May atk
you whoig brand la this?"
LADY "Why, It'a tha 'BELL' coffsa.
Wa oavar uia any othar."
YRAP-'Bht ou la, lady. 'Da
club I iaii . gad jo Vnit uied that
and no othtr, tnd wa wara 'high
isaoara,' you bat I"
Norii lie bad seen better day
'Pho,i3 315.
AAustang Liniment
IlinU-ra tip BtlfTJoInta.
Mustang Liniment
pvoetraU'M to the very bout.
AAustang Liniment
aiwaym give u4(luaoue. .
Ten Days'
Frso Treatment
Offered Her.
Oeat Parisian method That Cures
Seminal W(nrs. Varicocele
Stricture, (ileet. Oonorrhoea, Unnat
ural Discharges, Irritation and I.n
tarjtrment of the Prostate Uland
Bladder and Urinary Disorders,
Without taking iledlclno Into th?
stomach and In Their Own Home. It
Will Be Sent Every Han Absolutely
Pr wonderful method suocessfutly used
for years In France, and now for INo first
tltr Introduced In America. It la puPflM..
for any Iran, no matter how bad off. t.
quickly regain ti e vlnr of young rranhuod
wltltuut taking any mcdlrine Into .he atom
aoh, and to prove that It will do this tl.ey
otter a full Ten Daya' Trial Treatment ab
aolutely free to every man sending iiMiie
und address to Dr. Stevene A Co., Hox 1771,
Columbus, Ohio. Vou apply It locally to
the seat of tha trouble, and It quickly flnda
Its way to the desired spot, enlaigine the
muaclea. Increasing the 4ier'e force wnlgiv.
irg the neceHNaiy vim and energy. The
World of science and me.ilrln. ? nnrnnvhi w
erdoree It.
It cures In wonderfully quick time, la
your own home, loet vitality, emaciation,
prematurity, varicocele, rti.ture. unnat
ural 1 1 H t a 1 1 1 in .nd tnlammM, a. V. . ,
Me gland, and all blndder and urinary
A.sordura of men. It Is tha only method
Known to science that will eleetrl'y the'
oor, rout wasting dlseaaea, create vigor,
warmth and feice, and all this without
medicine taken Into the atomach. If
others tall you nothing can be done for
you, thla will surely cure you.
Nrite to Pr. Stnveue & Co., Columhua,
Ohio, Box 1771. They offer Ten Daya' Trial
Treatment to every man. jt is no "pre.
scription." "deposit" or "C. O. D." scheme,
ss thla Arm is too large to reeort to such
petty ways. In addition to the absolutely
tree trial treatment they send the most
complete book ever written on the Dlseaaea
of Men, telling all, and fully Illustrated,
with forty engravings from life. Every
thing le confidential and sent perfectly
fjlaln, and since they merely ask you to
nqulre what they have got that will oure
you, we trust every gentleman reader of
this paper will write them at once aa above
and thus get tha Ten Daya' Trial Treat
ment and bock, both absolutely free.
Charges Less Than All Others
Treats all forms of Diseases of
Twenty-eight Years' Experience.
Eighteen Years In Omaha.
The doctor's remarkable success baa
never been equaled. His roaourcea and
facilities for treating hla class of
aro unlimited and every day trlngs many
flattering reports of the good ho is doing
or the relief he has given.
All Blood Poisons. No "BRICA?. WO OUT"
on the skin or face and all external signs
of the Alsnaae disappears at once A per
manent cure for lire guaranteed.
VAKiLULCLLLess than five dath.
kJFAD Anfl cases cured of Hydrocele,
INCAK JUfUUU Stricture, Gleet, Nervous
Debility, Loss of Strength and Vitality
and ail forms of chronlo diseases.
Treatment by norll. Cull or write. Box
TOO. Office 315 Boutb. ltth St., Omaha. Neb.
Ineui ea Parc,Soft,WbluSkui
and a BihmIM ComplsueaV
wJ y cue. Kcsena aoi rniar. ap
uj v ' foluil ua i-.rm.D.niiy
)2i jrli'' ibiiiow. Bla'kLead. y.reo.
'1 X- kin.. IMlTIDlr.. HwluMf. ana
"I ! and Taa. U4 wHh
C lMrma ttaral Boa. a fey
DeraaaratoyaJe. (1 fee hwltl. press sinleV
aeraaa-Uoyale Slaan, S cants, by naatl.
Katll In on nckn. ai.M. eanreaa swinV
The Denua-Itoyole Co., Ctnclnnntl, U.
Omaha, Nabr.. aud ISoJth Omaha. Nebr.
Dr. Searles & Searles
Omaha. Neb.
Advlco free.
L c w i ; t Charges.
Cures 6uarsnle;l
ri-'. ull .iio'lal rtMi'die.
i.fini'n Unliu'V. liiiuldi-r
uud UiniNiHe. of women.
Blood Poison
cured for lift), soon every hIku.
ayiiinioui. on-a on luidy. in
moulh, t.iiiKUo. thi-ont, hair nnd -ebruw,
falling out) disappear complolnly I'neu-r,
Varicose Veins t y ''veins ruredwkliou'. i'UI-
tlnfc-. ;.:.l!i r 1-ijm of time,. Never falln.
iaii kest euro In the worl.i.
Weak, Nervous Men
Ini; Mi'nkni-b., nirvoti.
OeMiliy, ;i I y ucrllne, lr.t k of vigor :in l
Iteiietli. Ti I .it ment by in ; 1 1 . H . : .t
OK 8l.,CKiiSl-,UI. 1'ltAi TICK IN OMAHA
Corner of lHli und L")iik1 ilr.-ets.
e ' J
,.. nf .
V:. a
Itearlie. the Lite Mlel-k lrn.
Mustang Liniment
l;ct for Horse ulluitntH.
Mustang Liniment
JJent for Cuttle ailments.
Mustang Liniment
Sett fur SUeep itiioiep.U.