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flats Maker. Btu Fixing Up T'c.t. for
Vh Kabr&ika IspuMicans.
a mm mm '
'Trifkfr Arc Already Arriving fer
tba. Mrrllng of the Slat Asaoela
tlon This Wrrk and Hecor
, Attendance Looked For.
(From a Staff Correapondent.)
LINCOLN, Dec. 27. (Special.) Around
Lincoln these days considerable talking In
rbolrirT done regarding politlcul natters a,nd
.several conversation slutes have been made
fop the next republican state ticket. Some
talking litis been done also as to the ne
'Ccaslty of holding: two conventions. No
tone, however, seems to care whether one
'or two convention are held and so far
as any public expressions are concerned
no one had said.
' Senator Marshall of Otoe county was h'?re
Saturday and had an extended confer jnce
'with Addison Walt, who wanta to succeed
his chief In the offlre of the secretary of
atate. The Otoe statesman said little wus
doing tn the political line, but It is gener
ally accepted here that he will wlwnp
things up for Walt, the two being from the
same county.
At least three' of the deputies now hold
Ing forth at the Btate house will be candl
dates to succeed their chiefs. These are
Norrls Brown, deputy attorney general,
a T.. M . 1 .. ......,.. 1 T w lntn rianittir
land commissioner, from Dodge county, and
J. 1m McBrlen, deputy superintendent, from
Fillmore county. Bo far as heard of here
Brown has -no opposition and Ms friends
and promotera are urging his candidacy
as a representative 6f the middle west sec
tion of the state.
MeBrlen, though, If the reports eurrent
here have any foundation, will have some
opposition. Among those mentioned to op
pose him for Mr. Fowler's shoes are: W.
H. Gardner of Jfemnha, Jamos E. Delzell
of Dawson and J. E., French of Adams
Bo far as heard from, Eaton will be op
posed by f x-Senator Manning, who was
postmaster of the senate during the late
legislature, who halls from the northeast
section of the state. Those who are urging
the 'candidacy ' of "Eaton are claiming for
mm mnar nr ine nrmut irjr 1110 wuia uuiio
under Land Commissioner Follmcr.
Norrls Brown and McBrlen ere also run
nlng on their records as deputies and out
at Oeneva Jhe papers have already begun
to boost the- latter. i
Last night the Traveling Men's Repub
lican club endorsed J. M. O'Neal of Lan
caster county for state auditor and of
course he will be a candidate for tht place.
Thore Is some talk that Arthur B. Allen
of Johnson county, secretary to the gov
ernor, will be a candidate for this place,
but so far Mr. Allen haa given out no state
ment regarding the matter. Bocretary
Marsh, who comes from Richardson county,
haa also been mentioned for this place, but
It Is not likely that he will be a candidate.
To succeed Bocretary of State Marsh
there are several candidates, among them
F. 3. Badllek of Saline county and A. V.
Ollmore, now employed at the asylum, hav
ing been appointed from Pawnee county.
Several Jays age- a son of C. Duraa of
Ballrle county was at the state house, dis
cussing Ma father's chances for the secre
taryshlp. Of course Governor Mickey and
Treasurer Mortensen will be candidates to
succeed, themselves.
Location Cats Figure.
In considering the chancea of candidates.
location necessarily will cut some figure.
It out of the ordinary Jn - pon
tics to nominate a secretary dt state,
state superintendent and an auditor from
adjoining counties. Walt and Ollmore,
both candidate for seeretniy of atate.
come from adjoining counties which are
also Joined to the counties of Allen, Marsh
and Gardner. Therefore It. will be up to
some of these men to lose out. McBrlen
and fiadtlek are In adjoining counties.
separated from the five men mentioned
by the width of one county. Adams
county, from which French halls, Is sep
arated from McBrlen's county by Clny,
1 hen comes Norrls Brown's Buffalo county
adjoining Dalxell's Dawson county. Eaton
Is away off from the other candidates In
. Dodge county, with Manning considerably
northwest of Mm. This leaves the ex
treme west, now represented by Auditor
Weston, out In - the cold and It is thu
general talk that someone from that sec
' tlon of the stato will come ' up, or pos
slbly Omaha might with every .hope of
success demand some recognition.
In the meantime a clerk of the supreme
court In yet to be named and there Is
much speculation as to who the lucky
man will ' be. Every candidate Is claim
lng the place and apparently no one knowi
Just who will get It. During the last few
days the stock of Will Rose of the at-
torney general's office went 'up several
notches, but the stock of the various can
dtdates fluctuates worse than cotton, and
as the Judges are not saying anything It
Is useless to speculate.
' Teachers Are Arriving.
Now that the festivities of Christmas
are over, Lincoln la beginning again to
put on gala attire to welcome the small
army of teachers that will throng the city
this week. Already the advance guard
' Is beginning to arrive, and within two days
the hotels, private boarding houses and
homes, of friends will be thronged with
choolma'ams. Lincoln Is preparing to
welcome and care for fully 2,600 teachers
and present indications to to show that
this number will not far exceed the
actual attendance. Among the recent ar
rivals are: Principal F. W. Deffer of 'St.
Edward, Principal 8, IK Thompson of
Nelson, Principal R, M. Thompson of
Ravenna, Principal W. II. Manifold of
Vlysses, Principal D. 8. Mussleman of
Auburn. Principal W. C. Green of Cozad,
Prlnrlpul J. J. Koasler of Ilartlngton and
Prtnelpal Oeorg Burget of Kearney. All
are enthusiastic over , the coming meeting
and report large delegations from their
towns and counties. From Nelson. Prin
cipal Thompson brings the word that all
of the touchers will attend the state meet
ing and he says that a large delegation
ts planning to attend from Nuckolls county.
From Boone county, Principal Differ says,
Lincoln will have the largest delegation
in tho hlntory at the association. ,
Hallroad !latr..N
There will be for this occasion a rate of
one fare plus 60 cents from all points In
, Nebraska to Lincoln and return, except
where rato 'of one and one-third for the
round trip makes less. Tickets on sale
from points In Nebraska from which the
l.wul i,,i..aruif I-ii lu In 1 .Inpnln I 11 m 'i . . u
on Poeemtitr 2S to 30. and from other points
In the state on December 23 and 3. Tickets
limited fur return to January i.
In past years some difficulty haa been
experienced by teachers in securing rates
uver the lines of the Omaha road. Bo this
year, In responao to a letter from the prln of the schools at Pouci, stating th:it
the agent at that point had not received
Instructions to sell reduced fare tickets tl
Llnc-vln, ft letter setting forth' the case wus
sent to tho passenger department of the
rosd at St. Paul. The following reply to
tho letter mentioned seems to clear the
matter sr.d to Insure the reduced fare over
that road:
Dear Fir: Tour letter of the IHth Inst. In
regard to reduced rates to Lincoln for the
annual meeting of the Nebraska State
Teachers' association hss been referred to
me. We have this day written to our
agent at Ponca s to the rates and ar
rangements, and I trut that members of
your association deplrlng to secure tickets
from that point will not experience any
trouble In securing them, as all of our
saents In Nebraska have been fully In
Teachers who live along the line of that
road are requested to write Immediately
or wire W. L. Stephens, chairman of the
local committee, Lincoln, In case their
railroad agents refuse to sell state asocla
tlon tickets, as per the above announce
ment Politics of Session.
It Is rumored that politics will add con
siderable Interest to the sessions of the
association. There are three members of
the Reading Circle board to elect, and then
the usual friendly contest over the oftVe
of president. Last year the contest over
the office of president wan unusually free
from any strife or bitterness, and as far
as can be seen now this year will follow
closely the precedent established last year,
There is some talk among the members
of the executive committee about a reduc
tlon In the number of members on that
committee. .The expense Incident to each
meeting of the committee seems to be the
ruling motive. Borne urge that three mem
bers could easily do the work now done
by a committee of five. It remains to bo
seen, however, when It comes to repre
senting the various sections of the state,
whether a reduction In the number of of
ficers would be advisable.
Arrangements may be made for boarl
and room In private houses and boarding
houses at reasonable rates. Teachers de
siring to engage rooms In advance must
address J. I. Wyer, at Station A, Lincoln,
Neb., stating time of arrival, price they
want to pay, number In party, board or
room or both, time of departure. Mr.
Wyer will make assignment and notify
each pernon of address assigned. Teachers
not engaging accommodations in advance
111 find list of private boarding houses at
the bureau of Information at the university
feet t Inches tall, with brown hair and
mustache and blue eyes.
Brother In Wisconsin Orders Body of
Man Fonnd Near Papillitis
Bnrled at that Place.
FA PILLION, Neb., Dec. S7.-(Ppeclal Tele
gram.) After an Investigation lasting sev
eral days the authorities have come to the
conclusion thnt John Nelson, the man found
dead in tho woods along the riat,te river,
had committed suicide. He was found hang
ing to a limb of a tree by his neck with his
feef" upon the ground, a gash had been cut
in his throat extending from ear to car
and almost severing his head, making a
horrible woend. A bullet had been shot
entirely through his Tiead, coming out near
the temple and the man's wrist was shat
tered from a revolver shot. Strychnine In
large quantities was found In Nelson's
stomach, which alone is considered enough
cvtdenco that the man committed sulctdo.
No Inqueat was held.
In answer to a dispatch to Nelson's
brother In Racine, Wis., orders were given
to decently bury the body, which was done.
A letter also stated that Nelson had long
been dtrnented and had often said he would
commit suicide as soon as his nerve would
me world nns neen oostruciea ny a hiwh
neck of sand forty ml'es In width; that
Former Sntor Allen Talk, on African accident this land., held by a semi-
Judicial System.
Warm Aaalnat riaclnn; Power of lu
ll let I UK In Hands of Prosecution;
Attorney Peirendent on
Voters for Klectlon.
that the opening of the canal was ob
structed and the development of the whole
western hemisphere beld In check by this
petty oligarchy, which changes its adminis
tration at every lunar phase; that the west
ern coast of South America ts farther rust
than the eastern coast of North America,
and we have only to look at a map of the
world to see that the opening of that canal
will be the greatest event on this side of
the planet since the discovery of the con
tinent Itself; that Liverpool Is now 160 miles
nearer San Francisco by water than is New
York; that It la not only necessary that the
canal be opened, but that the United Btate
should control It In her Own Interests; that
the resources of South America are almcst
untouched; that we must make New York
and New Orleans In lieu of Liverpool and
Lisbon the markets of the new world;
that If we don't get the canal. Europe will;
that neither Nicaragua nor Tehauntepec is
the place for the canal.
In answer it smlght be said that a great
nation cannot afford to do wrong; that
what we are doing with Colombia we would
not dare do with Russia; that our conduct
Grand Island Mother Has m Shock
n Awakening in the
Former Senator William v. Alien oi
Madison rend a paper on "The American
Judicial System" before the Philosophi
cal soclely Bundiiy afturnoon. He' criti
cised the Jury system as at present oper
ated and advocated the election of all
Judges for terms of fifteen years.
In part he said:
I believe In the grand Jury as It ex
ists unifbr the English law. It Is a serious
blow at the efllelency of the criminal
law to abolish, modify, or tamper with
it. To do eo is a direct encouragement
to criminality. To abolish the grand Jury
and place the power of indicting those
who have violated the law In tho hands 9 on a par Wth the ethics of Alexsnder of
of a prosecuting officer, whose election Macedon. Genghis .Kahn, Cartouche and
freauently depends upon the voies oi rjicit Tumln.
those he Is required to prosecute, is 10 jn Tepyr t may be said that a private
establish a vital weakness In system landowner cannot obstruct a great public
that ought to be strong and thoroughly enterprise, like a railroad must yield up
buttressed. I his land for a reasonable price under the
"But I want to speak more particularly rgnt of cmlnont domain; that a state is
of the traverse jury. This law court no xrUcr than an Individual; that the
auxiliary is more than six centuries oia philanthropists of the esst who own stock
Gommaidtr f Northern DWiiioi of Army
BaigesU Number of Changes.
Wonld Hetorn to Fratnrea of Old
t'nlform anil Have More Mili
tary Prisons In the
and the facts and circumstances oi in
nrlsin and' development furnish Interest
Ing and profitable reading. Speaking In
the light of nearly thirty-five i years ex
perlence at the bar and as one who has
had more than average success In the
trial of Jury cases, I am unable to see
In lha traverse lurv tne oeauiy or i .,,, .... . 1 ... .,
lld,lM Wro" ft"1 '"Hheaas: "But wiT iny man. hev-er eml-
thouaht l saw wncn
GRAND ISLAND, Dec. 27. (Speclal.)-
Frlday morning when Mrs. George Plum
mer awjke at a late hour she found that
her 8-months-old babe was dead by hr
side. Dr. Roeder, who is at the' same time
coroner, was notified, and called. The babe
had, It Is believed, smothered by too much
Agrtealtnral Meetings. ,
Letters of Inquiry regarding the program
of -organized agriculture are pouring In
from all directions. Indicating that there
will bo a large meeting. Tho following as
sociations will meet during the week of
January 18, at the university farm, Lin
The State Board of Aa-rlculture. Januarv
10. 20 and 21.
State Swine Breeders' association
arv 19.
Nebraska Improved Live Stock Breeders'
association, January 2D.
Nebraska Dalrymena' association, Janu
arv 20 and 21.
Nebraska Veterinary Medical association.
January 11.
uiiroe-Jereey llreeders association. Janu
arr 18.
Association or Agricultural students. Jan-
unry is.
Nebraska Btate Horticultural society.
January iv. w ana zi.
mate Farmers institute
Nphrnakii Rtnte Toultj-v Association
Nebraska Shorthorn Breeders' associa
tion January n.
Nebraska Corn Improvers' association,
Januarv 21.
Nebraska Bee Keepers' association. Jan
uary in.
Nebraska Irrigation association. Janu
ary 21.
Nebraska Btock Growers . association.
Nebraska Park and Forestry association.
Jamiarr fl.
The Farmers' Cc-Operative Grain and
Llvs Btock Btate association.
The eventna- sessions will be held under
the auspices of the Btate Board of Agri
culture. . -
Organ recital, Dr. J. M. Mayhew.
Address of welcome. Chancellor E. Ben
Jamln Andrews.
TVl far .1 M .1 H V TIP W .
Address. Prof. John Hamilton,; Farmers'
Institute specialist. United Btates i-'epari
munt 1st Agriculture.
"lessons From tne uia worm, junepn
E. Wing of the Breeders' Gaxetto.
UTtialn Walt's nrrhestrfl.
Adrlre'as. Prof. W. A. Henrv. dean of the
agricultural college, University of Wiscon
Kfitln WaH'ti nwhoafra
"Some Foreign Botanical uaraens ana
Pari,. " Tr c . Kpaapv. dean of the in
dustrial college, University of Nebraska.
Music, Miss Flossie DeArnold.
Tho Pormnnpnt Maintenance of the Pro
ductive Capacity ot the Boll," Prof. C. O.
Hopkins of the Illinois agriculture experi
ment station.
Address, Colonel W. A. Harris, secretary
of the National Bhorthorn Breeders' asso
ciation. . . .
The official program will be received from
the printers within a few days and will be
mailed free of charge to any person who
may apply for the same. Come and make
this a profitable woek at tho unlveralty
farm and bring your neighbors with you.
Ask your railroad agent for rates.
Instructor In Road Maklnat.
Prof. E. A. Burnett of the University ot
Nebraska, who Is superintendent of the
Farmers' Institute, haa secured the servlcej
of D. Ward King of Missouri. Mr. King has
made a success of earth road construction,
having kept mud roads In good condition
throughout the past season. His experi
ments extend over a period of seven years.
Prof. Burnett will aend Mr. King to the
institutes In the eustern portion of Ne
braska, beginning north of Omaha the Oret
week in February. It Is hoped that the
mud roada will be Improved as a result of
Mr. King's visit to the rtate.
In transcontinental railroads are afraid of
their dividends.
In rejoinder It may be said that the mo
tives which actuate people are not material,
the question being, is their contention a
correct oneT
I leave these questions of ethics, inter
Mrs. Plummer awoke about (.o'clock a. m.
and, the baby being restless, had nursed
It. She then laid It carefully at her side,
covering It well.' When she next awoke,
at a late hour in the morning, the child
was dead.
The little one had had croup about a
week ago but seemed to have entirely re
covered from that. The family Is In quite
poor circumstances. The poor mother Is
almost distracted
nent, says the conduct of the president has
no precedent back of It, he is mistaken.
Strikes It Rich In Homo.
RAVENNA. Neb., Dec. 27. (Special.)
Frank Petrlck, formerly of Ravenna, la
one of twelve men who have recently in
corporated what Is known as the Nome
Quarry Mining company at Nome, Alaska.
The company owns twenty-four claims on
Glaoier river, and on their property is the
first quarts discovered In th,e Nome dis
trict The ore Is free milling, and assays
from 117 to $2,800 per ton, and averages
1103 per ton. The vein they control varies wliIO the .ugKMtlon that we should sub-
in wiom irom six ieei to seventy feet so Blitute a minority for a unanimous ver
rar as aeveiopeo. ivext season the com- dict
pany proposes to put in a stamp mill and
which I thought I saw
Wenlrl Mmlt Jnry'a Power,
'T ,,.l nn ahnilah tho trial of aCtionS
" - - ..1 ii : ... n .
at law by a Jury, but I' would greatly """""" " "r""kr,""u-
circumscribe and narrow the Jury's prov- I ALLIANCE, Neb., Deo. 27. (Special.)
Ince. I would not give Its verdict undue Hugh P. Magulre, a well known and popu
oromlnence: nor. If the Judge of a re- I lar brakeman, who has been working out
viewing court, would hesitate a moment I of here for the last three years or more.
to set aside its verdict when I thought It sustained a fracture of the skull last
wron. I do not accept the Idea some- I Friday afternoon that produced uncon
times advanced that twelve untrained eclousness for probably five hours, and
minds, that Seldom reason consecutively I it was feared would cause his death. Lat
or correctly and frequently become the est reports from his bedside are to the
sport and play of wily and misleading ad- effect that ho will recover. The Injured
vocate and bow to the popular wish, man woa attending to the lamps In the
whether right or wrong, and. reflect publio 1 way car when the breaking in two of the
sentiment more than the trutn or ine 1 tram caused a collision and the car lurched
facts submitted to them, constitute a safer I violently. He was thrown with terriflo
tribunal than the keen intellect of one force against the car stove, which, though
trained mind having the power and dls-1 made of heavy Iron, was broken.
position to do right regardless of pas
sion or prejudice. Nor do I accept as
men's association st Fort Pierre yesterday
the delegates selected to represent thnt
association tit the meeting of the National
Live Btock .issoclnlion. to be held at Port
land, Ore., January 12. were Andrew V..
I.ce of V million; Noah Newhunks. P.e::
C. Ash, Trucls Mndson, L. H. Clow, all ol
Pierre; Al Newton of Ccntervllle, O. 1
Mathleson of Bovine; John JTsyes, Anton
Mecr and Manuel Pylve, all of Fort rierru.
Dtrlkes at the Root.
Many dangerous dlseates begin In impure
blood. Electric Bitters purifies the blood,
and cures, or no pay. Only 50c. For sale
by Kuhn ft Co.
CHICAGO, Dec. 27. In reviewing he
year's work of the United States army In
the Department of tbe Lakes, Major John
C. Bates, commander of the northern 01-
vlslon, says that the character and ap
pearance of recruits is not up to the stan
dard of those of former years, the num
ber of undeveloped youths being especially
According to the report, the "baby blue"
facings for Infantry Is unpopular, and with
out exception Is opposed by all Infantry
officers, and a return to the white facings
is universally deslrod, as is also tho reten
tion of the officers' blue overcoats In lieu
of the new olive drab overcoat. The gen
eral mess system In operation throughout
the department Is declared unsatisfactory,
and a return to company mess system is
In discussing the need of a military
prison, which the report declares has been
fully demonstrated. General Bates says:
The post guardhouses have been over
crowded, although under Instructions from
superior authority I have released many
prisoners where. In my Judgment, such ac
tion was not likely to be detrimental to I
'discipline, and, In some eases, 1 am afraid
I have exceeded .tnat limit In efforts to re
duce the number of prisoners.
Furthermore, I think It a bad effect on
the young soldier entering the service to
have constantly before his eyes those old
soldiers serving long septences, and that
It would be in the interest of discipline
to send oil men under sentence of a year
or more away from the post to a military
The roster of the department contains the
names of Iu2 commanding officers and 2,764
enlisted men. In the period covered by tho
report there were 357 enllstud men tried
by general court-martial, this being an In
crease of 23 over last year. Of the 307
men tried, 842 were convicted.
Hogs Uo Mad.
PAPILLION, Neb., Deo. 27. (Special. )-
A few weeks ago John Fundaberg, to
gether with a number of other farmers llv-
We have already gone as far as safety I inB.' in the southwestern nart of the count v
,u" lurwier ueveiop tne property, rrank wm permit In trenching on ancient lorms na)j several head of hogs blUen by a mad
Petrlck was one of the first prospectors and institutions without having made prog- aog Tuesday a hog belonging to Mr. Fun
In the Klondike country after the discovery rcss or Improvement. Let the traverse ,jabcrg. exhibited symptoms of. rabies. It
01 goia in mat district, six or seven years Jury continue to be composed 01 vweive
ago. He located one or the first claims men who shall unanimously agree upon
on Bonanxa creek, and worked It to very a verdict, but let the ground for a new
good advantage until the Nome discoveries I trial be enlarged, and make It the sworn
became known, when he sold out and went duty of trial Judges and of Judges of re
to the Nome territory, where he has been viewing courts to carefully examine the
prospecting for the past four years, seem- fact aItcr a verdict has been returned,
Ingly with very satisfactory results. In no other way win tins country even
approximate perfect justice.
After Brother of "Challenger." I "There is a popular belief that the law's
TEKAMAII. Neb.. Deo. 27.-(SDeelal. delays are Inexcusable, and that It is, in
was killed Tuesday. There are yet several
other animals that were bitten up in the
neighborhood. The farmers are carefully
watching for the first appearance of mad
ness, when the afflicted animal will be
killed. The dog which started the scare
was killed as soon as possible.
Prof. Burnett of the State university farm ome Instances, may be admitted, but I am
came down one day last week and In com. I convinced that more Injury ts done by too
pany with William Ernst, sr. vitlted the "rat haste and inattention on the part of
farm ot Lawrence Murphy, alx miles west the Judges In the determination 1 of cases
of Tecumseh, for the purpose of Inspecting than by reasonable d'lay and deliberation,
a 2-year-old teer full brother to "Chal
lenger," the steet that took the grand prise
ot the Chicago live stock show a few weeks
ago. This animal is a perfect one and now
weighs LOGO pounds. While the sale of the
rteer to a representative of the atate was
r.ot fully consummated. It Is practically as-
njred that the animal will pass Into the
care of the state farm In a few days, and
as he u. said to be the equal of his lllus-
Superior as a Whole.
Exeter Gets Weather Bulletins.
EXETER, Neb., Dec. 27.-(Speclal.)-Post-
mastei Phillips received wqrd Monday from
Willis L. Moore, chief of the United States
weather bureau at Waahlngtoa, that Exeter
had been included In tbe towns of Nebraska
to receive the, "emergency warnings" of
the weather bureau which are aent when
the occasion Justifies by telegraph at the
Remains of Fonndrr of Smithsonian
Institution to Be Brought
to America,
GENOA, Dec. 27. Dr. Alexander Gra
ham Bell, inventor of the telephone, has
arrived here. Ho will convey to the Smith
sonian Institution at Washington, D. C,
the remains of James Stnlthson, founder
of the institution, who died in Genoa in
WASHINGTON, Deo. 27.-U is said here
that the reason for the removal at this
time of the body of the founder ot the
Smithsonian Institution from Genoa to this
country Is because a stone quarry has en
crouched on the English cemetery at Genoa
to such an extent that it has become neces
sary to remove the remains Interred there.
Mr. Bell left this country a little more
than a week ago. Congress has made no
appropriation for the removal of Mr.
Smlthson's remains to this country, and It
could not be learned, tonight, on account
of the absenoe of Prof. Langley from the
city, whether the regents of the Smith
sonian had voted money for this purpose
or Mr. Bell was acting on his own initia
tive. The matter had been discussed in
local scientific circles, where the opinion
prevails that the grounds of the institution
in this city are the proper site for thoir
final resting place.
Cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion,
Catarrh, Nervousness, and
Makes old folks feel young.
And yos folks feel strong;.
Repairs the stomach.
Feeds the nerves.
Vitalises the Monyl.
It makes yon ent heartily.
It divests all yott do rat.
It pnts color Into palo cheek.
And makes one clad to live.
You can't have the blues.
Yea can't have indigestion. -
Yoa can't have sleepless nlghta.
Yon can't be a failure.
If yon take Paw Paw.
Drniralats will tell yoa they nevet
handled aa article that sold so rap.
Idly and made ' such remarkable
Price, ni.00 pit bottles.
raw Paw Pills Sffo a fcottlo. , .
At all druggists.
trlous brother, the whole country may have ot beteT Ju"se-
an opportunity to take off hats to him la
"But I would not have you believe that I government expense for the benefit of the
see nothing admirable In the American Ju- public. "Emergency warnings" are issued
dlcial siEtem. taken as a whole. I believe by this bureau when the conditions era
It far sunerlor to that of any other coun- favorable for tropical hurricanes or storm
try, and that our Judges are fully abreast nl cc-'d. waves of unusual severity.
ot the age In which they live in learning,
patriotism and integrity. I believe, aloo.
that the tendency la. towards tbe selection
With, a modification which I shall point
out, t am satisfied that our Judges should
(Continued from First Page.)
Trials of Tax Collector.
TAYLOR, Neb.. Dec. 27. (8 pedal. )-
County Treasurer Bails had quite an epi
sode a few days ago. The day before he sent
a deputy up the river to collect some tuxes.
The deputy was run off the place. He found
he had to walk or shoot, so ha walked.
Then the treasurer took a man and went
to tho same place. He levied on a horse,
but when be proceeded to take It he found
he had a "scrap" on his hands, but he
was too much for the owner. However,
when he saw the man's wife hurrying to
the rescue with a shotgun he thought t
time to retreat, without the money or the
horse. "
Alwaya Remember tb Full N'ram
f nxcUve Urcmo (ptiiinuia
CurcS Cold fai One Dy, Cri la 3 Paya
1(1 J J w s
Dlsappeara July and Kothlnsr Has
Been Vera or Heard of Him
FREMONT. Neb.. Dec. 27. (Special.)
Reluttyes of George Vascalda, a young
farm hand formerly employed at the ranch
of Mark M. Coad, east of tne city, report
that be has been missing for nearly six
months, and from certain circumstances
connected with his disappearance they are
fearful that he has been murdered.
H. A. Vescalda of Topeka, Kan., the
young mans fathef. has arrived In Fre
mont to search for his son. He has en
listed the services of Sheriff Bauman in
that mission, and the sheriff would like
to get bold of any Information which
would tbrou' light on the case. 80 far
absolutely nothing ' Is kisiwn. moro than
that young Vascalda olaAppeured on July
L anil lias not Iwn aten since. ,
On the date mentioned, Vascalda cult
work at the Coad farm( and drew the
wages dua him, which amounted to $42.30,
He wrote home that he was going back
there soon, but when several weeks passed
by and he did not come, his parents ad
dressed a letter to him here, asking whst
detained him. No r-ply was received, and
they wrote again. Both letters were sub
sequently returned to Topeka, with the
information that Vascalda no longer called
for his mall here. -
A team, wagon and outfit of harness
owned by the young msn were left at Ba
ker, Neb., while he was working here. He
had written to that place that he would
sojn come to .get tbew. but he has never
done so.
Vascalda had nearly $&0 in his possession
when he was last seen. It Is not incon
ceivable that' he may hive fallen in with
companions who murdered him for the
money. Men have been killed for smaller
amounts than fW, and it will be remem
bered that robberies of one kind and an
other have been frequent In this part Of
the slate during the last year.
The relatives of the ni liming man and
those who knew him here describe, him as
being 26 years old. weighing UO poundi
Watting Room for Indians.
BANCROFT, Neb., Dec, 27.-(Speclal.)-
A citizen of the town who has the welfare
of the Indian at heart has secured a build
ing 011 Main street and Is preparing to open
comfortable rest and waiting room for
Indian women and children. That such a
room Is almost a necessity, especially dur
ing the winter reason, 1 obvious and doubt
less Its promoter will meet with the eo-op-eratlon
of nil people In sympathy with the
Indian, . both from a social and philan
thropic standpoint.
be elected by the people.. If all federal o' could touch- The landscape had no
cnarms tor mm. xne aipa uiu 1101 Tiriprena
him. The beauties of Paris and Vienna
Judges were elected for a term of not less
than fifteen years, the Judges of the su
preme court at large, and the Vnlted Stales
circuit and district Judges by ' the people
of tholi respective clrpults and districts,
and If all tbe state Judges were elected for
an equal length ot time, I am satisfied
that much of the -weakness now appearing
in our Judicial system would be eliminated.
and we would have a uniformly higher it-, I
der of ability on the bench. ,
"In that case the federal Judge would be
checked from going to extremes by the
knowledge that his record would be re
viewed by the people, while the time given
to the Judges under, both systems would
be sufficient to enable the people to correct
their opinions If they should become dis
appointed at a rightful decision that might
be made."
Similarity Between Recognition
Independence of Texas and
did not evoke his ecstocles. Nothing that
he saw had the slightest effect of drawing
out the least expression of admiration.
Weeks and weeks passed, and the rest of
the party were dumbfounded at his lack
of appreciation of the sights which met
them on all sides. Finally It was decided
to send a committee of four, two gentle
men and two ladles, to his room and in
quire what it was prevented his enjoyment
of the trip.
" 'Old man,' said one of ths committee,
'tell us what is the matter. If any one in
the party has displeased you we will dis
miss him; if any wrong has been done you
we shall see that It is remedied, but doJ
tell us what the trouble is, for we are
trying hard to please you.' ,
Well,' said the unapprectative tourist.
1 do not care to say anything about my
trouble. I wanted to keep it to myself,
but as you have asked me. I may as well
out with it. The matter Is Just yils: This
is my weodlng trip the first Wedding trip
I ever made and I'm so blamed poor that
I did not have money enough to take my
stock Com nauy starts Billiard Hall.
DANNEBROG, Neb., Deo. 27. (Special.)
A Union Temeprance association has been
organized the past week with a membership
of sixteen. It Is by rights a Btock com
pany. Each ore has to take shares In order
to become a member. The shares are $3
each and nonassessable, a member can
take aa many shares as ' he wishes. The
object of this association Is to own and
operate a pooi ana imnaru ana temperance
hall, cigars confectionery, temperance
drinks, etc. ,
raptures in Utter.
FALLS CITY. Neb., Dec. 27. (Special.)
Volney Bears was lucky enough to capture
one of the finest specimens of an otter ever
seen here. The animal measured five feet
from tip to tip and had beautiful fur. The
otter was captured on the Ntmaha river.
Volney has dressed tho skin and expects to
sell it for a good price.
LINCOLN, Neb., Dec. 27.-To the Editor with m ' "
of The Bee: The Panama Incident Is too
fresh in the publio mind to need reheareal. I Harm Jrever Burns
Where raiding the speech of Senator Mor- I After Porter's Antiseptic Healing Oil is ap-
gan a few days ago, I rubped my eyes to I plied. Relloves pain instantly and heals al
get them wide open, and pinched myself to 1 the same time. For man or beast. Price. 2fa.
make sura that I was not in the arms of
the drowsy god The venerable senator. AlBCnV nw NORTHERN PAC If IU
in substance, accuses the president of mak- I
ing terms with an irresponsible revolu- PassrBK,r Trains Collide Head-on and
nonary junta ana or aeciaring war, tne . . . . -. . ,
,n h, ...... I Oao Is Killed and Several
htm Is reserved to congress under the con
stitution. John T. Morgan fought four
years to maintain the right of secession, gj. PAUL, Dec. 27. North and south
and he ought to feel kindly .toward the bound passenger trains on the Duluth dlvi
people of Panama. I aiori of the Northern Puclno railway met
The aged senator was a practicing lawyer I tn a head-on collision between Pine City
Woman Arrives from England to
Find Her Intended Has-
band Dead.
M'KEESPORT, Pa.. Dec. 27.-After
Journey of nearly 4,000 miles, which was to
have had its termination at the nuptial'
altar, Miss Lillian Bennett of Wednesbury,
England, today stood in the presence of
the remains of her betrothed. Ambrose
Good, who was killed In the wreck of the
Duqucsne limited InKt Wednesday evening.
The scene In the littlo darkened parlor of
the home of Thomas R. Good, a brother
of Ambrose, was pathetic. Just across the
street from the home of Thomas Oood
stands the ottuge which Miss Bennett's
intended husband had purchased and fur
nished for her. Tomorrow, which was to
have been the last before the wedding, will
witness the funeral.
Miss Bennett is profuse tn her gratitude
for the kindness of the Ellis Island officials
and others, but .refutes the statement she
Is without friends. She says she will likely
remuli) In America.
In Alabama at the date of the battle ot
Palo Alto. He does not have to read his
tery, like the rest of us, but remembers
that Mexico emancipated her slaves; that
the state of Texas revolted against the
and Hlnkley this evening,
killed and several injured.
One reported
a Your liver regulates
your system. '
Wright's Indian
Vcgofablo Pills g
v regulate your liver.
Tho Annlh:itar tf Worms.
ov aalo by all draaslsla.
A Hurt Sever Hurts
After Porter's Antiseptic Healing Oil la ap-
mandates of the federal republic; tl at plied. Relieves pain instantly and healg at
Mexico had hot acknowledged the lnde- the same time, tor man or peat, rnce, ac
pendence of Texas, but was making re-
Supply of Flint Glass Too Great to
Keep Prices at Present
PITTBBURO, Dec. 27. A decision has
been reached by the flint glass manufac
turers to close all bottle factories shortly
after January 1 for four weeks in order to
curtail production and better enable the
trade to maintain prices. The .report of
this decision has caused consternation In I
glass circles and particularly among the
workers .who had presumed that their sea
son's work was permanently settled end
there would bo no cessation of the indus
try for the remainder of the fire. The
agreement, it Is said, covrrs all the mem
bers of the associated manufacturers, hut
of course not the independents, who will
continue their operations. Notices of shut
down, it is said, will be posted some time
during file week and thousands of skilled
workmen will be rendered Idle.
The direct route from Omaha
an J the west is via The North
Western Line. Fast trains,
first-class track, convenient
schedules ard the best of
eauipment. IS
Two Trains Daily
leave Omaha at 7:50 a. m. and 8:15
p. m. arriving St. Paul 7:40 p. m.
and 7:35 a. m., Minneapolis 8:10
p. m. and 8:10 a. m.
Pullman drawing room sleeping
cars, buffet smoking and library cars,
observation, cafe and parlor cars, free
reclining chair cars and standard day
coaches through without change.
Sleeping car space and full Infor
mation on request. 1
14011403 Farnam St.
V' ma w mav. vim ttt
Woodward & Burgess,
A Cut Retir Dieeos
After Porter's Antiseptlo Healing Oil la ap
plied. Relieves p&ln Instant) end heals at
the same time oj man or beast. frtc. Za
deorge AuS s latest Success.
No Free List.
Special Matinee Prices, c, 50c, 76c and U.
Wednesday Mutlnee and Night.
Thursday Nih'ht Only.
Charlea B. Hartford In "Richard III."
Krldav. Saturday Matinee and Night. '
Soath Dakota Btockmea Elect.
PIERRE, 8. D., Dec. 26. fflpeclal.) At
the meeting of the Missouri River Ktock-
n oitiiHten
newed efforts to subdue the seceding state;
that, thereupon, Texas applied for admis
sion to the American union; that there was
not the necessary two-thirds In the senate
to make the treaty of annexation; thit
John C. Calhoun railroaded a Joint resolu
tion of admission through congress a dan
gerous precedent happily never followed;
that the bouujary between the stitee of
Tamalipaa and Cohull, on the ens band,
and the state of Texas on the other, was
more uncertain and unsettled than the
same question now Is between Iowa. South
Dakota and Nebraska; that the julnt reso
lution aforesaid presumed to settle the
dispute "without the aid or consent" of
Mexico, and fixed the boundary ad filura
aquae of the Rio Grande river; that Gen
eral Taylor refused to enter tbe disputed
territory until h had received express or
ders from the president; that the batte of
Palo Alto was fought while Arista was re
slating the Invasion of Taylor; that congrers
never declared war, but declared that war
"exuited'' between the United State and
Mexico. This Is history which every school
boy ought to know.
As to the merits of the Panama question.
D Hair Vigor
"I have used AVer's Hair Vigor, and
can truly say that it docs Just exactly
hat vou say It will do. I am greatly
treated with it." Dr. J. A. Vouten,
Madison, lud.
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KLOtaksWU. AUaracgtst.
t. C. ? Oe Lewau. Km.
Every Night, Matfnt-es Thursday. (Saturday
Modern Vaudeville
Valerie l?egere. Pinley A Wilson, Three
Zolais, Serru Ac lltlla Itosa, H"iuen ft
l-limrf. Duffy. Bawielle at Duffy, The
To Ho-s, and tin- Klnodronie.
PRICKS inc. wic-
' Last 'lime TouluUt.
""Miss Petticoats."
Tueaday Nlght'HOT GUILTY"
Baked Chicken Pis
Calumet Coffee House
1111-13 Douglas Bt. TOFT HANSBN, Prop.