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Decide! to Breek Athletio Ea'atiDni with
the Ojrnhni ter Brig td.
4arkiitkrr Roaril of (ontrol ( nnif
to Derision lahl Ilef:ire ilnt.
day'a (iimr anil Annonncr
ml la HIHihrM.
LAWRKNTE, Kan.. Nov. 1".. (Social
Telegram.) Kamun university has severed
11 athletic relationship with the Univer
sity of Nebraska. The breaking o liei b'
ln the f'ter tinlversltle i rnme.t iifte.-Ill-feeling
and wrangling extending buck
tor five years, but more recent disagree
ments are the cause for the Kansas uni
versity board action. The trouble over
arranging tho game of last Saturday,
Which was declared off and then declared
on again everv day for almost u week,
was the immjdlite cause for the break.
The Kansas university board, In mik
ing public Its decision, devotes five type
written pages to. a statement covering the
troubles since lwil. Kansas charges Ne
braska with falling to live up to the con
tract In word and spirit In several In
stances, and makes a strong answer to
the statements credited to O. E. Condra.
chairman of the Nebraska Athletic asso
ciation that the Jayhawkers "haggled
over officials," and were unsportsmanlike.
The statement In listing KHnsas' griev
ances sets out that two of the Nebraska
players are believed to be Ineligible by
Kansas. One of the players Is Bender,
the captain, who won Saturday s game for
Nebraska by a long run, and the other
player In question Is Wilson. Kansas pro- ;
tested both, and then withdrew the pro
test because Nebraska refused to play
with the protest pending.
The manner in which Nebraska de
manded the withdrawal of the protests,
and also that the guarantee money be
forwarded to Lincoln, Is strongly re
sented.. The decision of the Kansas uni
versity board was reached Friday, before,
the game, but was not made public until
today. .
Colfax as a member tf congTess and those
who were associated with him In the Foatof
flce department when he was second assist
ant postmaster general and afterward post
master general under Grant have In most
part passed from the public singe. Presi
dents Grant, Hayes, Garfield. Harrison and
McKlnley have passed away with Senator
.Morton and Vice President Coifs. But
Speaker Cannon, General Harry Bingham
of Pennsylvania, fleiiernl Ketcham of New
York, who served with General Tyner In
the house back In tl:e seventies still re
in: In. General Tyner. when assistant at
torney general under the Harrison ad
ministration drafted the famous "Fraud
end Lottery law" and worked for Its pas
sage on the floor of the house. This was
the art which terminated the existence of
the Louisiana lottery company and drove
ih" lottery business out of the United
Geneva Defeats Crete.
CRETE, Neb., Nov. 15.-8peclal. In a
closely contested game of basket bull,
played In Turner hall Saturday afternoon,
the Geneva High school girls won from the
Crete girls, 18 to 18. The visiting team did
the swiftest and best team work and
merited the victory. The members of the
Geneva team were: Neva Heath, Edith
Allen, Thersa Stevens Mabel Cumberland,
Hazel Combes and Hazel Smith, while
Isola Wright, Gertrude Wells. Iulse 8e
gclke. Kthyl Ireland, Florence Mlsner and
Sloninger composed the Crete team.
What Yon Need for C onstipation. '
When troubled with constipation, what
you need Is a remedy that Is sure to pro
duce the desired effect. A remedy that is
mild and gentle In its action. A remedy
that leaves the bowels In a natural and
healthy condition. A remedy that is easy
and pleasant to take. Chamberlain' Stom
ach and Liver Tablets meet 'all of tlieee
requirements. Give them a trial and you
Will never wish -to take another dose of
pills. Use them as directed and they will
cure chronlo constipation. Price 25 cents,
Every box la warranted.
Continued .frorn First Pace.)
demljohna behind the screens In their com
mittee rooms liquor was not as free or as
easy to obtain aa It is In the opening days
f tha Fifty-eighth congress. 8ome English
man, In writing the customary book upon
Ms experiences In America, announced
that the women run the government. The
Women's Christian Temperance union la
largely responsible for the fact that the
barrooms, so-called, have been closed up.
The organisation Is equally responsible for
the fact that members buy liquor by the
case today Instead of by the drink. It
was a mistake to place the rider upon the
Immigration bill just as It was a mistake
to abolish the canteen, for members and
soldiers will get liquor If they wsnt It
either open or covertly.
General Tratr't Record.
The prosecutions In the Fostofnre de
partment have brought about remarkable
changes. Not alone In the positions of the
men under Indictment, but In physical con
dition as well. General James. N. Tyner
of Indiana, a former postmaster general,
but lately an assistant attorney general
for the Postofflce department, who Is nearly
80 years of age, is sorely stricken with
disease and he may not live to meet the
charges brought against him. While the
postofflce Investigation has many phases
peculiar to , Itself. . perhaps no part of It
Is more remarkable than that whloh deals
with General Tyner, who has been in
dieted on tho charge of conspiring with
his wife's nephew, H. J. Barrett, to reader
decisions favoring certain "get-rich-qulck"
companies which hud retained Mr. Bar
rett aa their attorney. Within the shadow
of the grave General! Tyner. who was a
trusted cabinet offlcer and who Inter be
came the law adviser of the "department
over which he once presided, la compelled
to face grave charges n- to his Integrity.
Ueoeral Tyner was the Intimate friend
of President Grant. Schuyler Colfax and
Oliver P. Morton. Oenorni Tyner sat in
the house of representative! and was n
member of the committee on pustofflceH
before most of those now chanted w'lh Ir
vostlgutlng the icrrrVtUvia r po,oX-e
employes were school boys. He jjceeed-'d
People of Nofla Greet Macedonian
Leader I.Ike nniner
fnar Hero,
SOFIA. Nov. IB.-tlorls Sarafoff. led-r
of the Macedonian revolutionists, arrived
here tonight and was received at the rail
way station by thousands of persons who
brought laurel wreaths qnd flowers and
acclaimed Surafoff as a national hero. The
Macedonian leader presented a picturesque
appearance. His beard was unkempt, his
hair hung In locks and his features were
weather beaten. After the delivering of
patriotic speeches a procession was formed
and Sarafoff was borne on the shoulders
of his admirers to the house of his parents.
On the way SarafofT halted In front of the
cathedral and thanked the crowd for the
reception, declaring that the revolutionists
were not only unconquered. but their work
was but now beginning.
Boris Sarafoff spent nine months In
Macedonia. His life Was one of constant
peril and he slept mostly In Ihe open air.
He went to Mouastir with a bund of sixty,
of whom only eight survived. He declines
to discuss his, future plans; but neither he
nor tho other lenders appear to concern
themselves with the proposed reform
scheme, as the- desperate condition of the
refugees is adding new fuel to the Insur
gent movement, which Is expected to be
revived on a larger scale In the coming
Previous reports of a conspiracy of Bul
garian and Servian officers to provoke war
with Turkey have been officially confirmed.
According to these reports, Turkey was to
be attacked by the combined armies of the
two countries. .
Forrlsjrn Financial.
..LOwDPN' Nov' 1K-There Is not as yet
the slightest sign of any Improvement In
business on the stock exchange. The fea
ture of the past week has boen the de
pression of Investment securities as the
result of tho withdrawals of gold and the
apprehension of a rise In the bank rate.
The fact that the bank rate was not
raised, however, failed to revive the drop
ping market. Renewals of the warlike
rumors in the far east Increases tho de
pression without In any great manner af
fecting Russian and Japanese stocks. The
American market showed a depressed con
dition all through the week and although
prices Improved somewhat Saturdny, there
was little business transacted. The for
eign market continues to be- the strong
feature. Argentines being In good demand.
4672 Coat with Cape, 12 to 40 bust
Coat With Capes, 472 Coat with small
r.houlder runes are femong the notable fea
tures of the season and are graceful and
becoming at the same time they are ex
ceedingly otimfortab'e. This stylish one is
adapted to Ml cloaking' and suiting ma
terials and to th general wrap aa well as
to the entire costume. The original, how
ever, is made of black sebellne simply
stitched with silk and ii designed for gen
eral wear.
The coat Is made with fronts, bucks, side
backs and under-arm gores, tho many
seams allowing of perfect lit and providing
lines that give a slender effect to the fig
ure. The narrow capes are arranged aver
the shou'ders and finished with a shaoed
and stitched band. At the neck is a flat
collar and the sleeves, that are full below
the elbows, are finished with pointed Cliffs.
The quantity of material required for the
medium rise Is 3-V yards 44 Inches wide or
3V .'&rds 52 Inches wide.
The pattern 4673 la cut in sizes for a 82,
34, 3C 38 and 40 Inch bust measure.
For tb accommodation ef The r!L
j readers these patterns, which i,sunl!y retail
t fror-i 25 to 60 cents, will be furnished nt
I a nominal price. 10 certs, which cover n
! MK'iw- l order in get n pattern et,. lose
11 cents, gi number s od name of patient-
Only Man In Coach Who Kseaned
Death or Injnry Heroines
Southwest Excursion
DATE: Novt'ini fi-'ji, iion.
TICKET: lloimd-trip. fiist-Has. '
LIMIT: Tlircc weeks.
RATES: !. h ilum the regular one-way fare.
TO: All iiintM in Indian nml Oklahoma Territories.
. MANY itiints in Kansas Texas ami Now
ROUTE: Atcliis.ui. Tojvkn & Santa IV My.
Don't let this chant e tt by. It will not come aain
this winter. Vit it the Kouthwest and SEE Foil
YorHSKIJ" the nnich-talked-of iroj.ress ami de
velopment of that section. We- have Mme straight
forward literature for the homcpeeker and iavest-jr
which we will jrladly bend, if yim wish it. Tell us
what section interests you. ' '
E. L. PALWER. Pass. Agent
Atch aoa. TopyWaft S-ita F.- Rcliway
DT2S noir E S
NKW ' ORLEANS. Nov. 1... -Sixteen
negroes Injured In the Illinois Central
wreck at Kcntwood were brought to the
Charity hospital today and three of them
died soon after reaching here. This makes
a total of twenty-eight negro men de.d,
one negro woman killed and Andrea- Riser,
foreman of the carpenters, the only white,
fatally Injured, a total of thirty deaths.
The Injured list foots up eighteen. Larry
Hawthorne, the only negro who eseuped
from the coach, has become demented as
a result of the shock. The wreck has been
cleared away.
K Hart Sever Hariri
After Porter'a Antiseptic Healing Oil Is ap
plied. Relieves pain instantly and heals at
the same time. For man or beast. Price, 25c.
t'Hpt-iin and Mrs. Reynolds have returned
from a brief trip to Milwaukee.
Miss Fanny Morse and sister of Omaha
vlalted friends here Sunday afternoon and
Miss Maud Lowry returned Thursdiv
from n week's visit with a slater at Oak
land, la.
8everal members of Rehckah lodge
visited a meeting of Ivy lodge in Omah.t
this week,
J. C. Barcus, formerly business manager
of the Omaha-Florence sanitarium, is here
from Des Moines looking after business.
The Ladles' Aid society of Ponca church
gave a supper and social at the home of
Mr. and Airs. Q. T. Bird Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, accompanied by
Miss Sutherland, all of Omaha, were visi
tors nt the meeting of Rose Kebekah lodge
Tuesday night.
Mi. Edgar Powell returned home Tues
day afternoon from a three weeks' visit
with her daughter, Mrs. R. P. Hills, at
Salt Ijike- City.
The electric light company has delivered
the poles for the electric light wires and
It will not be long before the town Is
lighted with electricity.
Sister Mary Xavler. Mr. Michael H. Cur
tis of Pittsburg, Pa.. Mr. Silver and Mr.
and Mrs. Will MacUiilnncas were visitors
at St. Phillips House Sunday.
Thomas Rotchle, who was hurt n couple
of weeks ago by his wagon turning over,
Is able to get around with n cane. His back
was wrenched pretty badly.
Mrs. Wallace of Denver. Colo., spent the
past week here visiting her sister, Mrs.
Alice Covert. Mrs. Wa'lHce was n former
resident of Bellevue, Neb., but has been
In Colorado for the past two years.
Mrs. M. D Chapman, a resident of thlt
place for about forty-two yens, with her
sister, left for Los Angeles the latter part
of the week. She will make her future
home In the California city, having a son
In business there.
The city council nt Its last meeting or
dered a considerable grading done on the
streets and the big grader has been in use
the past week. State and Main streets
have been put In good shape and CUy
street has been graded between Main and
Bluff streets.
L. A. Taylor, who has been a traveling
representative of the Piano Manufacturing
company for the last twelve years, has
severed his connection with that company
and now represents the Raclne-Balterl v
company. Mr. Taylor covers his old terri
tory in northeastern Nebraska.
The Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Harman Hawkins has been Bick during
the past week, but is better now.
The LadleB' Aid society will hold its
next regular raininess meeting at the home
of Mrs. Appleby next Wednesday after
noon. Mrs. James Howard and daughter, Mil
dred, left last Thursday evening for a visit
at the home of Mrs. Howard's parents In
Minneapolis, Minn.
Miss Bee Hoffman visited at the home
of her parents a few days last week, re
turning to her studies at the Peru Normal
last Tuesday morning.
The members of the Modern Woodmen
lodge gave a ball and supper at the city
hall last Saturday evening, which was at
tended by a good crowd.
Mrs. J. M. Morton and two children leive
today for Bloomington, III., where they
will spend the winter months at the home
of Mrs. Horton's parents.
Mrs. Shafer, who has spent the post few
months visiting at the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. I. E. Frederick, returned to her
home in Pueblo, Colo., last Monday
The annual rally day exercises of the
Methodlxt Kplscopal Sunday school were
held last Sunday morning at the usuil
preaching hour. The church was prettily
decorated, and u program of music and
recitations was rendered. After the pro
gram, badges were presented.
A called business meeting of the Kpwotth
league was held at the parsonage lust Mon
day evening, and the new officers elected,
as follows: President. Mr. Kouuh; vice
president, Mrs. E. J. Crews; first vice pres
ident. Mrs, J. A. Morgan: second vice
president, MIhs A. K. Stlger; third vice
president, Ethel Morgan; treasurer, (jeorge
Freeman; secretary. Miss Lilly Stiver. The
next regular meeting will be held the last
Monday e.ning of the month.
The library has received 350 new l ooks
and newly bound magazines. This swells
the catalogue to 4.3-.1 volumes.
A special train will carry the students
to and from the I'nlversity vs. Bellevue
game played at Lincoln November 21.
Or. Kerr left Wednesday for Cleveland.
Pittsburg. Philadelphia and New York in
ihe Interest of the college. He hopes to
have returned by Thanksgiving. Rev.
jHmts 8terenberg Is dean of the faculty In
the absence of Dr. Kerr.
Mrs. J. Morehouse, Instructor In modern
language, is to organize French. German
and Spanish tables in the ulnlng room.
The boys and girls who surround these ta
bles are to speak nothing but the languuge
designated for their particular crowd.
Bellevue Is the entertflnlng college for
the Intercollegiate oratorical contest io be
next January. There are Indication
that the local content of December 7 will
be n warm one. with many and worthy con
testants for the vurlous prizes offered.
The domestic science department of the
Omaha Woman's club has offered a yer's
scholarship In the domestic science de
i.srtinent of Bellevue college. The student
's to bn chosen by a committee consisting of
rs. Towr.e. the pnsldent, Mrs, (lault and
re Kerr.
The Presbyterian church has been vastly
Increased In rapacity bv. the addition of a
wing upon the back. Th" little church Is 55
ye.ns old and the tlrst built In Netrtisku.
hsving been ennst'mted bv the Pretbv
lerlan mission in 1H4S. Th i vear k a
found too small to contain the Increased
student body.
West mbler.
Jiy Syas hau just recovered from a hard
sick spell.
Mr. und Mrs. A. K. arc very proud
of their little daughter.
Mrs. J. T. Uantz bus been again under
the dot-tor's care because of a relapse In
her Illness.
Misses Grace and Loa Blake, Ethel Smith
and Nellie Winn have Joined Ihe dancing
club this w'nter.
Mr. Bonevtz lias been having an ad
dition put to hla house In West Side and
will finish by painting.
Miss Adda Oanlx Is again able to he
up and around after several days of severe
sore throat and la grippe.
Mrs. C. H. Mann and children spent
several days In this neighborhood, visit
ing among old friends und neighbors.
Misses Nellie Win and Stella Pickard and
Mrii. George Winn and Herman Gantz
spent Sunday afternoon at the home of
M'as Mary Cook.
The Epworth league of the Southwest
church will give a novelty social next
Thursday evening. November 1 at the
bon.e of Mrs. John Cimi-inghim, between
Mason and Many on Forty-eighth street.
. MWs Covey of St. Paul. Neb., who hus
been visiting her aunt. Mrs D. L. John
son, returned to her home Tr. Mday.
Mr. J. W. Akin and Mrs. A. M. Smith
gave a large reception on Thurslay nflrr-r-'Kiu
Ht the home of Mm. Akin, on North
Fiftieth street.
On Tuesdxy evening, In honor of Miss
Rich of Willlams;xrt. Pa., who Is stop
ping at the Her G-and. slid Miss UnUlwln
Keokuk. la . who is the a i.-nt of Mrs.
W. I Selby. Miss Ijoulxe Vin tiicsjn en
te: talned a number of young people.
' strikes at the Hwol.
Ma.iy dangerous dlaeasea begin in impure
blood. Electric Bitters purifies the blood,
and cures, or uo pay. Only hK. For sale
by Kuhn Ca.
All. Kindi of Ca'.tl Lower Than a Week Ago
Eicfp- Choice Range Beef Steffi.
Hei-elpts of Sheep Liberal All Week,
bnt so Has Demand Killers Are
a Uuarler Higher, While
Keedere Are Steady.
Catt e. ll.igs. Sheep
Ofliclnl Monrtny 7.4U 31: -'4.&.I6
t Itlirirtl Tuesday 6. It
Official Wednesday 7.M4
Oinclnl 'J huts, lay 4,215
OiikI.iI Friday 2.2a
Official Saturday 4
. .aR.3Hg 4H.2W) 78.V.t
..27.M9 2i.KS7 72.NTiO
,.4,MI 21.915 7UM9 IS Is. 433 7G.V2
..27.113 Itl.S'B SS.WH M.442
1 L."" A T
Week enrtlnv v.i-
Week ending Nov.
eek ending Oct. ;tl...
Week ervltnic Oct. ;-4...
Week ending Oct. 17...
Same week last eir...
I: l.'!1!;.! D'I'U l..i rpiiL.
The lollowlng table shows the receipt a of
cattle, lings and theey at south Oinai.a for
the year to duie aim compurioons with ast
Cattle (i.ii4
H"K" 1.97.21
Sheep 1,61-3,732
- - . . . j pniu iui 1 1 o w
Omaha for the last several days with turn-
tt. flan.. .
fcX 4iv
l, units ;7 4,io
l.tiS.Si'tf 124,136
tor hogs at bouio
Data I 101. lM2.!lft'l.llX.lM.UM.iUe7.
Oct. IS
Oct. 16.
Oct. 17.,
Oct. II.,
Oct. ia
Oct. fij.
Oct a.,
Oct. 22..
Oct 23.
uct. 24.
Oct. 25.,
Oct 2G.,
Oct. 27.,
Oct. 28.,
Oct at
Oct. SO.
Oct. 31.
Not ,
Nov. i,
Nov. a,
Nov. 4
Nov. 6
Nov. 6
Nov. 7
Nov. g,
Nov. S,
Nov. 10,
Nov. 11.
Nov. 12
Nov. 13
Nov. 14.
C 49V4!
S 221
t 0iS
i 14
5 25
6 1N
S C3
4 17
4 2i
4 7T,
4 99!
4 WW
4 Bl
4 73H!
4 67V
4 U2VI
4 li-'H
4 BtS
7 00 li 4 82 SO
6 1 22 4 72 4 20
7 15 tl IH 4 It I TO
7 02 rt 4 62 4 lu S 7
4 SI 4 .1 4 U 1 73
t 92 4 Mi 4 61 I "1
(82 1 28 I 4 U I 66;
f 7u 05 4 ')2
5 76 6 4 1 4 14
74 01 4 61 4 14 $66
71 (05 448 4 It IH
00 4 f8 4 ! I M
It fil 4 61' 4 10i 3 b2
8 61 5 89 ! 4 10 i S 47
6 61 6 81 4 62i 3 b4
t, 69, 6 72 4 50 4 01,
6 61 6 67 4 47 4 03 3 56!
6 54 6 73 4 61 4 01 S 56!
6 72 4 60 4 04 I 45j
6 61 4 66 4 04 3 46
49 6 82 4 02 8 61
6 61 6 711 4 66 t 62
6 62 6 71 4 64 4 01
4 65 5 68 ; 4 67 4 t)2 3 66
6 415 67 4 71 4 03 3 62
5 71 4 611 4 03 3 47
6 .IS 4 74 4 03 8 47
6 25! 6 72' 4 02 3 43!
6 10! fi 631 4 811 3 4l
6 21) 5 5!'i 4 74! 3 94 I
6 28 6 6Si 4 67 3 92 8 41,
8 1
t 61
I Si
8 60
3 51
8 61
8 61
I 61
8 n
3 41
3 41
3 38
3 38
3 Ii
3 43
3 43
3 44
8 46
3 54
3 41
3 31
3 32
3 38
3 m
L Jirl As sCtvJ ZlWrrs C ,J yZZu Yrr7Z
f " t ry r " v-u- w-s? ry rJ af yr ys J vi " SSir LjlA
rKJ&Ov" yWiiT A. S m J r jCijicjr y" v7yy tr
W jTZ J-1 i0 It h"f H I X mM.J sWSt '''j r- ..l
v"! ...i' "f7r J - 'lyfT r- '".y f f X yirjit ir trA - J
TTItS " Mr At ur aV lu vsnjf Ym,"Jr J f hM La--X y 1 Uty' Viiaa
N r. i. t yr Xu ik. m 'wJTir Kr
ff XV" "'pt X "lie' ' foAJr I fca Wj" m
4 Z- it is now possible to get 1
v! Tr a ?d C1ar without .!
C-''.' -f doubt or question, no
VA JT :':l-0 matter where you are.
The Largest Selling I 1 jf
Brand of Cigars . "V V$L n
In the World.
The Sand is th V 1 t, fA j
I Smoker's Trctectioiu y ''Jwit h J
Smmjmcr m jii ; if n i Mi.ifii'iivjjinisi is .hiiwii 3 fit mtir m wnX f '33
Indicates Sunday.
The otfloial number of cars of stock
brought In toaay by each road was:
Hogs. Sheep. Horses.
C. M. & St V -Ta
Vnion I'aclflc System.... 3 .. 1
C. & N. W .. 21 ,.
F. K. & M. V 14 .'. 1
C, 8t. P., M. & 0 3
H. c M 14
C. B. tj 14..
K. C. & St. J 1
C. R. 1. & P. east. 2
Illinois Centrnl 1
Chicago Great Western.. 6 .. ..
Total receipts 90 4 2
The disposition of the day's -ecelnts was
as follows, each buyer purchasing the num
ber of heud Indicated:
Hogs. Sheep.
Omaha Packing company 610
Swift and Company 9i(4
Cudahy Packing company 1,067 601
Armour & Co 1.272
Armour & Co., Sioux City 1,633
Totals ; 6,510 601
CATTLE The same as usual on a Satur
day, there were practically no cattle on
sale this morning. For the week receipts
show a flight increase as compared With
last week, but compared with the same
week of laxt year there is an increase of
about 8,000 head. The supply, however, has
been large enough to meet the demand,
as Is shown by the fact that nearlv all
kinds have suffered quite a sharp dcline.
There have been -more corn-fed teers on
the market this week than for some time
past, but most of them were of the short
fed variety. The general market could be
quoted UW25c lower thun the close of iast
week on all kinds. Some of the common
and warmed-up kinds may be even a I t
tle worse than that. The top price of the
week was S5 8J, which was paid for a very
choice hunch of Herefords. The bulk of
the warmed-up . rattle sell from 11.00 10
SI. 25. with some below 11.00. Fair to gool
cattle go from 34.40 to 84.75 and good to
choice from 11. SO to $..30.
The cow market Improved a little early
In the week, but since then the advance
has all been lost and more, too. It would
be safe to quote the cow market generally
a dime lower than the close of last week
The better grades of cows yesterday suf
fered the greater decline andn a good
many cases they had to sell more than a
dlmo lower than the same kind would
have brought the week r afore.. O-inners art
going largely from $1.50 to I'MO. fair to goid
grades from $2.15 to $ 40 and o-nnrt ifi.
all the way from $2.40 to $2.90. OccxNiona'lv
an extra choice load of grosser will brine I
a little more than that and corn-feds have
also sold up to $3.25, but most of the corn- !
feds are -ilmnly warmed un and ,rin
more than the eras per.
Bulls and stags ure also lower for the
week, and In fact are at about the low
ro1'" 7f.the "'',s"n- Bologna blllls sell
from Il.BO to $1.90. with the better grades
of grass bulls coins: from 12 00 in i" ki -.-
iiaionally cornfed bulls come in good
-ii... in. 1 iu iiiiiik n run mi u.uii. veal calves
h.ivf been about steady it 11 the week, scll
rw trv-n $J no to 00.
This has been about the most disastrous
week of the year to date In the stocker and
feeder division Prices have been goinr
stesdilv downward, nnd In spite of that
fnct the demand from the country b-m
been very light, and as a result a good
manv cattle will be carried over Bundnv
As compared with Monday, the market is
fully 10fi20e lower, which niake prices the
lowest of the peason. It Is noticed th'it
yearlings nnd short twos are selling mon
freely than the heavy cattle. Buyers pem
to want cattle weighing from (too to MX)
pounds, to rough through the winter, but
they wont good quality stun. The co-n-tnorer
kinds of stockers and feeders are
now selling from S2.75 to $1.00, fiilr to good
from $3.00 to $3.10, nnd good to choice front
$3.40 to $3.75. with something fancy as high
us $4.00. or even a little better.
The supply of western graks beef steers
of pood quality has been very light, and. as
the demand has l.ecn In good shape, prices
jp' firm on that clai-'a of offeilngs. Com
mon HtulT has been more or less neglected
the same :is us.ih! Range cows and
blockers ami feeders have fluctuated the
saie .-is noted ul:ove.
HOGS There wns not an excessive run
here tills morning and. as the demand was
in f i lily good sliiipc, the market improved
a t lifle. The general market could be
quoted strong to 6c higher. Some sales
looked no more than steady, while others
were safely a nickel higher. Trading was
fairly active, so that the early arrivals
were all disposed of in good season. Heavy
hoys sold from $1 50 to $4 65, medium
weights went from $1.55 to 84.60, and lights
sold from $1.60 to $1.70. There were no
choice lights on sale this morning, which
Is the reason whv there Is not a better
top to the market.
For the week receipts have been quite
liberal, there being u gain of about 10.000
head, as compared with last week, and of
about 2.01X1 bead, as compared with the
same week of Ins', year. The tendency of
prices has been steadily downward, which
hHS carried pi Ices to the low. point of the
year to date. The net loss fur the week
amounts to fully 2cc. Representative sales:
No. . BK. ft. K' a. Bh. Tr
7; :?4 ll 4 40 4 ,...!?7 1W 4 ii
ti 1T 40 toll (4 ...tt0 M lil
( : :t 1 nil, Cl 7 12 Ih
u tn u 4 in 'i :o is
M 3t HI 1 H ' two 4 44
W ill 30 4 i-'-r, 44 ! IM u
,t ?u iA 4 il'i 4? ! 12.) 4 44
4i tfi 1 A 52 ' l Hi
4 3M 40 4 it4 44 i:i 4 '.i
14 !K4 U Ik M 4 lift 4 44
4.. ru ... 45:. ti : io 0:4
m 7T 21H 4 4i 1 1" 40 4 47',
17 7 0 4 45 44 Z7 ISO 4
6'J 14 l'.-S 4 4S i 3 4 67
i4 1J 240 4 h 41 r?7 10 4
C 27 32.1 4 M 64 JM f 4 57",
V. til JO I III : Tit U 4 ID
J t70 41 1 6. 1 44 I"0 4
43 J 70 IH U II M IN
4 Ili !'J 4 44 3 120 4 4
4. J..I 1. 4 ?Ji C3 tbl 130 4 40
44 M 40 I 44 '? 13 4 40
k: 1W M U, 6u 147 120 440
(VI li ... 4 44 43 Tit UO 4 40
11 40 4 44 w ; no 4 '-".
'0 24 120 4 4', i !40 40 4 G
4.: 120 4 44 44 3 40 1 10
"." 3M 120 4 44
SHEEP Receipts of sheep have been
quite lilteral this week, a there is an in
crease over last week of about 6.OU0 head,
and as compared with the same week of
laxt year the g.iiu amounts to about X.uo-i
head. On Tuesday the receipts broke all
previous records, when over Gf'.OisI head ar
rived. In spite of the big receipts the msrket
has been in good shape. The bulk of the
ufleiingH consisted of feeders, arid as there
was a liberal .ienial.d for killers the mar
ket on that clasa advanced Just about 2uc
as v'ompMred th the cluae of last week.
The better grades, of course, showed the
greatest Improvement and sell the most
reauuy. ;
The foidcr market eased off a little the
ill st of the week owing to excessive re
ceipts, but since then u liberal demand hart
developed, and at the close of the week the
pens are practically empty, with prices
steady with the close of last week. The
letter grades, in fact, may be quoted ,
strong and active.
Quotations for grass ; tr,(;k: Choice west-
crn lambs, $4.50414.75; fair to good lambs. I
$1.2! 1.50; choice yearlings. $3.40S3.76; fair
to good yearlings, M.14t.l,4n; cnoice weth-
ors. $3.2.'-(3.60; talr to good wethers, $3.00 i
3.26; good to choice ewes, $2.76u3.00; fair to
good ewes, $2.60Gj'2.75: choice feeder lambs,
e.tS'iti.'l.lo; fair to good feeder lambs $3.25vji
3.75; baby lambs, $2.0O0l2.E0; feeder year- .
lings, $3.1(Nff3.30; feeder wethers, $3.0h$3.25; i
feeder ewes, $2.uti.2.25; culls, $l.uou2.lKj. j
Light Hecelpts of Stock, with Markets
Nominal or Steady.
CHICAGO, Nov. 11. CATTL.K Receipts,
300 head. The market was nominal. Oood
to prime steers, $5.0(K'a.70; poor to medium,
$a.li4.75; Blockers and feeders. $2.oiq4.2.);
cows. $1.60'&4.10; heifers, $2.'J'u5.00; cannery,
$1.504i 2 10; bulls, $2.0iral.50; calves, $2.25""
7.50; Texas fed steers, $2.7641.55; western
steers, $3.001.60.
HOOS Receipts today. 13,000 head; es
tlmated for Monday, 30,000 head. The mar
ket was steady at yesterday's close: mixed
und butchers, $4.5i&4 9j; good to choice
heavy, $'.ftt4.Hri; rough heavy, $l.;Ki'u4.t.'i;
light. $1.60e4.9O; bulk of sales, $4.i4.'i.
SHEEP AND I.AM H8 Receipts, 2,oi0
head. The market was steady; good t
choice wethers, $3. 75ft 4. 60; fulr to chob'e
wethers, $3.7.Vril.50; fair to choice mixed,
.J.OO?73.75; western sheep, $2.25rn4.25; nativj
I'imbs, $.'.75i5.; western lambs, $3.7c4'"). I).
- - - - - - - - - - - -
I i
Kansns City Live Ptock Mnrket. t
KANSAS CITV, Nov. ll.-CATTI.E-R'-ce.pts,
I.imki head; market unchanged; choi e
export and Uresseu beef sieers, $l.4'ijj.2j,
fair to good, $2.1Wil.40; sti.ckera and le d-
ers, $3.M 4J.I.00; western steers, 42.3mi.4o;
Texas ami Indian steers, $i.7o'u3 2i; Texua
cows, $l.f.04j2.25; native cows, $1,2553 00; nu
tlve . heifeir. $2.0ii4j1.OO; can.iiTS, i.o (;
bulls, $1.0, Co2 ''; calves. $2.6IK'ui.0O. Receipts
for week: t'attle, 59,000; calves, 6.9,0.
HfiOa Receipts, 4,00) head; market
strong; top. !4 91hi: bu k of rales, $4.tsKi4.Kn;
heavy, $4.4('i(l.K0; mixed packers. $4.7u.'i4.(M;
1 ght, 44. 8 Ha 1 . 0 ; : yorkers, tl.:- irl.SiT'-i ; pigs,
4.in4 SiVj. Receipts for week, ll.SOO.
8I1EEI' AND lVMBS-Receipts, 2,0 0
heau; maiket ktrong; native limlis, $3 iV,p
5.30; wtstern limbs. $ 9."ijio.I0; fed ewe-..
$2.3Kii.lB.i; Texus-llppcd yearlings, $2.5mj
4.01; Teyta-chpped vheep, $2.4 liiAio; stock
ers and feeder, $2.(.0'ir(3.5o. Receipts for
week, 15,0.4.
St. l.onla Live Stock Market.
ST. LOUIS. Nov. 14.-CATTI.rc Receipts.
4(j0 head. Including CO) Tiiiin; ma. ket
tcidy. Native shipping and export ster-i,
4.6.Vo.5u, the top lor str.cUy lmicy; dre: sed
beef und butcner steeis, ll.n fn i.ii; stcern
under l,wO lln., :i.5uj5.ij; stokers and feel
erj, l2.2on3.7i; cows and h.lic. e, 2 -oi . Vi,
top for corn-fed h-lleis; canners, tl.laCa
2,1:.; bulls, $2.0. (rtJ.i'&; calves, $:i.0io'.5o;
Texas und lmllan Meers, 2.aOj3.1o; cuws
ani heifers. 42.1u J.M!.
HOGS Receipts, 2,000 head: market
strong and higher: i'Us mid UiihtP, $1.4 KM
185; packer. 13irj4.7j; butcheia and be-it
heav , $1.15iij4.K5.
tSHEEP AND LAMBS Reciipu, 200 head;
market quiet; nauve muitons, $4.oil',o.3 .;
lambs. $3.0 &3.; culls and bucks, $2.0b&1.00,
sum kers, $2.0.i3.00.
yrr Vork Live Stock Market.
NKW iORK. Nov H.-BEKVKs'-Re-ceipts,
10 head, consigned direct; no sales
reiorted; dr-ased beet, fcleady; city dressed
natives. Wilic per !b. ; Texas beef, 5li5'2c;
reporlwl ixports for today. 600 beeves, 00)
sheep, ti.i57 iiuart. r of lieef.
CALVES Receipts, none; about 7 luail
on sole. A car f.f western calves sola at
43.00; city dressed veils. Mil3o per lb.
HOdS--Receipts, 2,.'.9I head; all consigned
HIIKKP ANI LA M US- Receipts, 4.131
head; sheep rated about steady: lambs,
slow. 10iil5c lower: about 1 cars ,f stock
unsold. Sheep. tiW3.Mi. culls. $2ri; lambs.
$5 'ini.25: one little buiieli nt $5.s:2; a 1 ur
of Canadas al $5.50: dressed mutton, 5fi7c;
dressed lambs, general sales, 7V1 Uc.
Blonx City Live Stock Market.
SIOI'X CITV. Nov. 11 (Special Tele
gram.) CATTLE Receipts. lMI; steady;
n eves, $3.7.Vho ou; cows, bulls and mixed.
$2.0ui3.2; stockers and feeders, $;
calves and yearlings. $2.25a3.50.
HOOS Receipts. I.6110; wrong at $1 IfVft
4.60; bulk. S4.&OCI4.5&.
Proportionately low rates to Salt Lake, Butte,
Spokane ami other points.
Call and pet full information.
... . --. i
City Pass. Agt.,
1502 Farnam St., Omaha
em am
$500.00 REWARD
"he nhnve rrn-nnl 111 hn nald to anv one furnishing Information which
will lead to the arrest nnd lonvlctonof the parties guilty or roiitiing tne con
ductor and Motorninn on one of this Company's cars at Thirty-second
Martha streets on the evening of Saturday, November till).
S'oek In Sight. .
Following are the receipts of live stock
at the six prtnclpul webteru cities yesUT-
Kansas City
Ht. ixul ...
Ht. Jo.-eph .
Sioux City .
Hogs. Sheep.
13, KU
Manchester t loth Market.
MANCHESTER. Nov. 15.-The fluctua
tions In cotton made the trans. u tions In the
cloth market exceedingly difficult during
the last wrik. Reports regurJlng the turn
over vary considerably, but as a rule the
prices demanded could not be obtained.
There was no Isck of Inquiry for India,
but Improved offers were for the most
part iintile;UHte, with cotton at the present
level. The China trade was more uuiet,
with an Indisposition to pay the enhanced
prices, though there were some good offers.
Panama promlaes well as a minor outlet,
the recent events on the isthmus apprcl
ably stimulating the Inquiry, though It is
feared that there may be a corresiionding
falling off In the Colombian trude.
Varus were atrong. Willi more inquiry, but
the high price checked business, never
theless, several fulr lines were negotiated.
Milwaukee Crniu Market.
MILWAI KKK, .Nov. 1 1 WHEAT Firm ;
No. I northern, W'V: No. S northern, 7S'n
IK-: le.ember, 77'.((771c.
HVF Firmer: No. I. 5("i7c.
HAIILKV Steady; No. 2, 5-; simple. V
CORN Steady, No. 8, 461tiV; Ua- ember,
l-'c KkeU.
Condition of Trade and Uuotatlons oa
staple and Fancy Produce.
KOOS Fresh slock, loss off. 22-c.
l.lVf I'Ol LIRV-Hens. 7 '(&; spring
chickens, dVofc; roosters, uccoidmg to age,
4(nuc; turkeys, lie; ducks, 9c; geeoe 7fyc.
UUTTEU Packing aloe', 13iic; choice to
fancy dairy, in tubs, Uiftliic; separator, 2:c.
FkESH F1S11 Fresii caught trout, 10c;
p.ckerel, 8c; pike, loc; percn. 6c; buffalo,
V4fc; b.uetlbii. loc; vviiiieiish, lbc; salmon,
lie; haddock, 10c;, i2c; reusnupper,
lit; hipBters, boiicd, per lb., 30c; lobslera,
green, per lb.,2e; bullheads, lie; cattish,
ile; black basa, Wtji-be; nal.uut. lie: crapples,
12c; huniiig. lie; while Lass, loc; uluclius, to.
tUfSl'tKB New Vork counts, per can,
13c. per gal., $2.0u; extra selects, per can
Utc, per kui., W ii. muudarU, per tail, 27c.
per gai, $1.16
BKAN'-Pdr ton. $14 50.
HA V Prices quoted by Omaha VThola
aale Dealt ra' abaoclailon : Choice No. 1 up
land. .ou; No. 2, $7.50; medium. $7.ou;
coarse, M 50. Rye straw, 46 5i. These pr.oes
are fur hay of good color and quality. De
mand fair and leceipis light.
t OH.N ISc.
OATS iaic.
H YE-No. 2. 5Pc.
POTATOES I olorado. iJc; Dakota, per
bu., Tixu ".!; native. 65u.c.
SWEii'l' POTATOES Home grown, per
basket, hoc;. Virginias, per 2-bu. bbl., 83.00.
NAVY HEANS-Pcr bu.. $2.2t.
CELERY Small, per dor.. 2j(33Sc; large
Went! r 1 1 . 4"iC.
UNIONS New home grown, dry, per lb.,
H4c; Spanish, per crate. $1 60.
CABBAGE S Iscoiihln Holland, JHc.
TURNIPS Rutabagas, par Ib
1'ic; ahlte, jjer bu., Giic.
CARROTS Per bu.. 5K-.
PARSNIPS Per bu.. 50c.
PEARS Colorado and Utah Heifers. $L75,
winter Nellis, 42.-5itf2.50.
APPLES .Mi higun stock. $3 15: Califor
nia Bellflowers. per box, $1.0u: New Turk
Uieer.l'igs and Baldwliis. :-S '; Siting varl
ptitfM S3 d0
GHAI'ia-California Tkays. .S; New
York, itr 8-lb. basket. 30c; "iny '""a awiia!.,
22c; Iniuv.rted Maiaras, p -r K'-g. $5ft6).
CRANBERRIES-Per l,b:.. Vvw); per box,
$3 00; VV'lP. OM.-in Bell Bugle, $9 50.
yClNCF.S CMIfornla. per box, $1.75.
ORANGES Florida bnghta und rutseia,
all- MZrs, $4,110.
LEMONS California fincy, 300 b 20
Sizes. H.50; choice 210 to 270 size, $Hit(1.2i.
FIGS Caliiorniu, Per 10-lb. cartons. jc;
Imported Smyrna. 3-crown, 11c; 6-crown,
lbc; 7-crown. ihe.
COCOANL'TS-Per sack, $1.00; per doz ,
DATES Persian. 4er box of 30 packages.
$2 oa; per lb.. In 60-lb loxa. .
BANANAS Per medium tiled bunch, $2.(0
C2 50; Jumbo. $2 7..j;i.25
illrit- E1.LANEOU8.
CHEESE Wisconsin twina. full cream, .
12 V; W ivcunsui Vouiig Aiueilcas, 13v.-,
block Swias, is'; Wisionaiu brick, Uyc;
W ibcon-sin lunberKer, 12c
HONEY Nebraska, p-r 21 frames. 83.50;
Utah and tnloraii.j. per 21 frames, Hi).
MAPLE SUGAR Ohlii. per lb., 10c.
CIDER Per bbl.. 4a 75; per Vs-bbl., $3 25.
POPCORN Per lb.. 2V; fchelled, u3'ic.
HORSE RADItill icr caoe of i dug,
packed. 80c.
NUTS Walnuts. No, 1 thoft-ahell. per lb,
l.V; bard-ahell. per lb., 14c; No. 2 sott-shell,
K,- ) , ), ; Nu t l.ard-sheli, per lb., Ii:;
BrasilH. per lb. 1 1 4 1 1 -- : lilberls. per lb,
lliill'ic; almuiida, tof-aheil, per U.. 15c;
hard hell. per lb., lie; pecans, large, prr
lb.. io"jllc: small. ir lb , SiVUi'M-; peanai,
pr lb., 5--; roasl.-d punui. ier 10.. 7c;
i'liill walouK. 1-ul ic: large hit kory nun.
per bu., 41 7-; kbrli-baiks, pr bu., $l.r.,i i
2.00; black walnuts, per bu., $1.25; eastern
chestnuts, per lb.,' 14c.
HIDES No. 1 green, 6'c: No. 2 green,
5c; No. 1 suited. 7c; No. 2 suited, 6c:
No. I veal calf. 8 to 12 lbs.. Uc; No. 2 venl
calf, 12 to 15 lbs., 6c; dry tailed hides, Milr.
12c; sheep pelts. 20U75c; horse hides, $1.50i, v
Kansas City Uraln and Provisions.
cember, 67c; May, 67',rrr.-7j,c; cash No. 2
hard. 71ra73c; No. 3, 66Jiic; No. 4, aWTO" :
rejected, 5tV(iu!c; No. 2 red, 80c; No. 3, 75'ii'
CORN December, S&Tr.Wic: Ma'- SCV;
cash No. 2 mixed, 4ic; No. 2 while. 40c; No.
OATS No. 2 white, J63c; No. 2 mixed,
RYE-No. 2. 49ff49Hr. r
HAY-Cholce timothy, $9.0rxg950; choice
prairie. $.25(SS.50. M ,
BUTTER-i'reamery, lbV4S20c; dairy
fancv. Uc.
EGGS Firm; Missouri and Kansas, cases
returned. 21Hc; new No. 2. whltewood
cases included, 22c.
Receipts. Shipment.
Wheat, bu H7.i"0
Corn, bu 1 ' l'
Oats, bu 7,000 ,i0
& Co
Main office
nanhattan Building,
Dealers in
Stocks, Grain, Provisions
Bought and so'd for cash or on reasonably
Margins. t
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Private Wlrea.
Write for our faily market letter and pri
vate telegraph cipher mulled free.
Ship Your Grain to Us.
Prompt Returns.
' Beat Facilities. Liberal Advances.
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jr,PLM COMPatfiT
We Lave ever 150 offices.
References; 175 State and Nat l Bank.
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m. wBsnwias1 CTirijfggneeffw'iaFi
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