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Tike Field Olnb Down Lint to Tans of
E ght to TiTs. '
B. n. Kimball Makes th Beat Soar,
llttUi Fire tp Against III
Th Country club golfers had an easy
match with th Field club yesterday after
noon on the latter' llnki thejr taking the
Field club Into camp to the tun of 8 to
on the number of matched pair won.
Soorer Bherwood matched the player as
they cam on th tee for the cam and
taxted tbem oft at S o'clock. Th Field
elub men atarted away In a canter and for
a while It looked a If they would finish
aoh pair with from four to fir up. Th
Country club men car a a reaaon for
their opponent walking away from them
at th start that th greens were In poor
hap and wer too rough. However, th
play had not prooedd far until th Coun
try club braced up In th gam and It
began to show where th Field club was
beginning to fall off.
In all eighteen hole war played and It
was getting dark when th last matched
pair cam up on th home green for final
play. R. R. Kimball of the Country club
walked off of th links with the best soore,
being fiv up against his opponent, Harry
Morrill, who Is considered the best player
In th Field club. Bherwood and Bartack
came tn even up, a did Rohm and Lowrle
and MoCorratck and Bherldan. These three
pair started to play an extra nine-hole
gam to play oil th tie, but as the contest
gam only called for an elghteen-hole game
this did not count. The hazard formed by
a string of freight cars on the Belt Line
caused quit a bit of trouble and on the
return round a number of balls wer lost.
Bprague made two beautiful cuts through
clump of trees while playing from the
seventeenth hole to th home green. Borne
of tfie finishes caused much goslp among
th players who had already finished, and
who stood waiting to see Just what the
final score would be. Kimball had a lead
-of three over his oppoAent by winning the
Ighth, ninth and eleventh holes, and
wound up even better, by taking the six
teenth and seventeenth holes. Lemlst made
two bad siloes Into th woods on the other
side of the links, about the seventh hole,
and lost on the horn green to his op
ponent, Campbell. The finishes were ex
citing, in that the score swayed back and
forth as each pair cam In, and until th
sixteenth pair landed. It was nip and
Caddies were there In abundance and In
fapt, they wer too numerous, and had to
be ordered oft the links sever I times, on j
account 01 nmoenng tn pny. ins piayers
who made up the opposing sides were:
Country Club I Field Club-6
Bprague 1 Francis 0
fteddlck 0 Sharp 1
Re J int. flair 0
McCormlck t Bherldan 0
J. K. Lemlst If. K. Bone 0
Fairfield OMurihy 1
lleth 0 Sunderland 1
Hancker 1 Mover 0
K. K. Kimball 1 Morrill 0
Itohm Ol.owrle 0
T. Kimball 1 Pratt 0
Moraman 1 Palmatler 0
Martin ORhoados 1
LemlHt O.Campbrll 1
lewla 1 Buckingham 0
Bartach O.Sherwood 0
Total S
Bernle Win the Unfinished Trot
tin Event at Empire City
Trak, -
NEW TORK, Sept. .-At the Emplr
City track today In the 2:18 trot, left over
from yesterday. Hemic won by three
lengths. In the 2:10 pace Theron Powers
defeated th favorite, Nonamle, with a lit
tle to spare. The 2:25 trot was declared
off. Result:
Class 2:1a. trotting, purse ICCO (unfinished
from Friday):
Hemic, b. g. (Davis) 12 1
Alfonso Maid, b. m. (Kinney) 2 12
Joe N, blk. g. (Maloney) 6 4 2
Cordova, r. h. (Hrowley) 2 8 4
Hallerton, b. g. (Fisher) 4 6 6
llle Boy, b. g. (Stanwood) t t ro
Time: t:S. 2:12, 2:16.
Claas J: 0, pacing, purse $500 (unfinished
from Friday):
Theron Power, b. g. (Murphy)., 2 6
1 t
Nonamle, b. m.
m. (Lo
Loom Is) ...
1 4
4 1
Hlrdln. b. m
a. (Davis)
2 3
4. ' Itt (J 1 1 in, u. g. tv .irvai i .....
Gyp Walnut, br. g. (Kinney)
Gold Brick, blk. g (Gerry)
Frlelmont, b. h. (Hauman)
Time: l.0b, 2:tV. 2:0tVk, 2:UVi.
Class 2:13, pacing, purse S&00:
Don Cosine, blk. h. (Andrews) .
Garnet, ch. m. (Miller)
Indiana John, b. g. (Wilson)
J. W. Patterson, ch. g. (Davis) ..
Hale B, b. g. (Richardson) ,
Little Fred, ch. g. (Wortendy) .,
Piccolo, b. m. (Curry)
Lucre, br. h. (Dunn)
Hero Alcyoner, b. g. (Halstead) ..
Time: 2:10. 2:10, 2:124.
Class 2:13. trotting, purs $600:
Alia Brlen. b. in. (Davis)
I lrect VI w, b. h. (Walker)
Crescent, gr. g. (Corry)
Pug, gr. g. (Merrlneld)
Annie Little, br. m. (Fleming) ....
Time: MOtt. 2:llVi. 2:HV,. 2:12.
Class 2:06, pacing, purse SfcuO:
Tartel, b. m. (McDonald)
Shadow Chimes, b. g. (Spear) ...
Mir Alcantra, ch. h. (Addams) ....
'rank Youngs, b. g. (Doble) ....
.1 k II... V. 11'.. 11 V
3 2
7 I
4 ro
, T
1 1
2 4
II 2
6 1
4 ro
1 ro
7 ro
. ds
13 2 1
2 2 12
6 13 3
3 4 4ro
4 6 ro
1 1
4 2
2 4
3 t
Tim; x.Qfcfr. ;ut.
Mot front the Links.
At th Country club last week the sweep
stake wer played oft by the women, for
th club championship on the golf field,
tnd Mr. E. 11 Bnrague won out, as will
e en by th following, which 1 th
gcor made by each contestant:
Mr. Uulou, 123-6-117; Mrs. W. T. Bums.
111-3-lfB; Mrs. C. T. Kountie 125-12 US;
Mrs. W. A. Reddy, li2-14-loS; Miss Creaion,
ia0-14-114: Mrs. I. A. Coles, lli-tt-lCfl; Mrs.
D. O. Ives, 125-5-120. and Mrs. K. II.
Bpragu. 101-scratch.
Th play has also been on at th Country
club for th men's championship on the
links and it has been played up to the
semi-finals, leaving R. R. Kimball and J.
T. Stewart to fight It out. Much Interest
ha been manifested In this contest, as It
ha been In progress for over a wk. Mr.
Kimball and Mr. Ntewart will meet today,
to decide the championship, and a la-ge
delegation of club members is anticipating
elug . th contest.
Break Antomoblle Reeer4,
PROVIDENCE. R. I.. Sept. 2.-Oeorge C.
Cannon broke two world's records for
team automobiles this afternoon at Nara
ganaet park this afternoon. He cut th
toll record of 1:0.'H to 1:01 flat and after
beautiful and
pure. The critical ordeal through which the expectant mother must
patt, however, is ao fraught with dread, pain, suffering and danger,
that the very thought of it fills her with apprehension and horror.'
" There is no necessity for the reproduction of life to be either painful
or dangerous. The use of Mother' Friend so prepares the system for
the coming event that it is safely passed without any danger. This
great aim wonuenui
remedy is always
"hat carried thousands
of women through
the trying crisis without suffering.
toed fur fre book containing tnfonuuu
rtealsu value to all eipeoLsut suoiaera,
Sal BraiflsK ItsiNtatsr C. Atlaata. fia.
half an hour's rest he went after the five
mil record of :P5 established by hlmilf
ln-t year and made a new mark of B:fs.
Tim by miles; 1:U. IMS, 1:12ft. IMS,
1 :
Rata Interferes wltk Plan t Shoot
OS the (Mat Champion
ship Saturday.
Ther we nothing much "doing"' In gun
club circle) last week, as the Dickie Bird
rlnh bun not mnde sny effort to arrange a
firogram, but Is seriously contemplating
fining the Omaha Gun club, and thus more
merest will be manifested and the con
solidation of the two cluhs will mean a
better attendance at the Saturday afternoon
It had been arranged to shoot olt the
state championship yesterday, but the In
clemency of th weather Interfered and
cnnne(uently no meet was held. W 1J.
Townsend of the Omaha Oun club now
holds the trophy, a silver cup, and It Is
being contested for by H. B. McDonald of
the Dickie Bird club. In this contest each
member entering shoots 100 targets. If the
weather is favorable this event will take
plaoe next Saturday In addition to the usual
Delegates will soon be selected by the
Omaha club to enter the shoot of the Mis
souri Bute Shooting association, which
meets at Bt. Joseph on October 8, 9 and 10.
This Is th thirteenth annual shoot of tills
Alex. Grant Smash m. Record Which
Ha Stood tor Thirteen
TRAVER8 ISLAND. N. T.. Sept. tt
Onlv on record, that for the two-mile run.
was bettered today at the games of the
New York Athletic club on their track
here. Alex Grant of the New York Ath
letlo club accomplished the feat. His run
was a remarkable exhibition or steady
spend for the distance and terminated with
a dash for the tape that cut five and one
fifth seconds from the previous lime for
the two miles. Grant's time was 9 27. and
the record which had stood for thirteen
years was made by Willie Diy on the
Berkeley oval. Mav 17, 1X90. Day's time
was :32V4. Grant ran the first m'le in
4:43H and all the way he had the race well
In hand, finishing strong and fresh. Gorg
V. Bonhag. Pastime Athletic club, ran so
ond to Orunt.
Bay Hlckey Will Resign.
ST. PAUL, Sept. 21. President George
FJ. Lennon of the St. Paul American asso
ciation club announced that President
Hlckey of the association would, at the
coming meeting of the directors, resign.
Mr. Hlckey has accepted a position as
secretary end peneral manager qf Mr.
Lennon's business and will enter upon his
new duties at once. Mr. Lennon said that
Hlckey will absolutely separate himself
from base ball. W. R. McDonald, the
well-known sporting writer, and at pres
ent sporting editor of the St. Paul Globe,
Is mentlonedx for the presidency of the
"rlcan association to succeed Mr.
Eaarle Are Outplayed.
WEBSTER CITY. Ia,. Sejt. 24. (Sprlil
Telerrtxm.) The Webster City High school
opened its foot ball season h"re today
with the Kagie orove team. A nunnrcn
students from the latter place accompin'cd
their team and saw them defeated by the
clone score of 6 to 0. The Eagle Grove
team wus outplayed at all stages and un
able to make (f -lns at critical times when
they had the ball.
AgKrearatton of Horse Talent.
CINCINNATI. Sept. M The Grand Cir
cuit meeting, which begin at Oakly Park
rfrl Mondny. will offer ns Its features the
$5,000 Horse Review stakes, the l00rt Ohio
stakes, for tM trotters, the 2:0 trotting
neclal, and record-breaking attempts by
Prince Alert, the new world's pacing
chsmplon. Pan Patch, the dethroned cham
pion, and Major Delmar, the two-minute
Reason's First Fatality.
WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Sept. 28 Jame
Roswell was probably fatally injured in
a game of foot ball here this afternoon.
His neck was dislocated In a scrimmage.
Trl-Clty Press Club Will Become
Merely an Omaha Organisa
tion. An Important general meeting of the
members of the Trl-Qlty Press club hai
been called for Monday night at the Ramga
building rooms by President Medlar. A
number of changes In the constitution and
policy of the organlxatlon are scheduled, be
sides th outlining of a program of ac
tivity for th coming winter.
Among the changes that will be sug
gested will be altering the name to th
Omaha Press club, th payment of duos
by the year instead of monthly and a
centralization of the management In th
hands of th directory by the redaction of
numerous committees.
A banquet to be given sometime during
1 th winter on the birth anniversary of
some great newspaper man ha been sug
gested, the Idea being to hav th affair
on of a charaoter to command general
Interest because of the standing of th
speaker and Invited guests.
Th press club rooms In the Ramg build
ing probably will be refitted soon and the
reading room facilities Increased. After
a year and one-half's existence th club
ha more, than $400 tn the treasury and a
membership of eighty active newspaper
Owing to pressure of personal business
L. O. Simons ha resigned a secretary of
th club and E. L. Plata appointed sec
retary temporarily.
Case el Awarding Contract for County
Printing; Come I'n Neat
Before Judg Estelle yesterday th
hearing on the alternative writ of man
damus granted by Judge Read to the Ne
braska Tribune and Pokrok Zapadu, di
rected to the county commissioners, was
called. The writ commanded that the pub
lication of th delinquent tax list, which
had been awarded to th Weatllche Presse
and the Osveta Amerlka, be given to the
County Attorney vEngllah raised the point
that a Judge during vacation, and In cham
bers, cannot Issue a writ of mandamus.
This was disputed, but later admitted by
counsel for th plaintiffs.
A bearing on th restraining order ob
tained by the miiii parties la set for Mon
day morning, but it was not Issued until
after th county commissioners, county
clerk and county treasurer had already
awarded th contract for the printing.
turned over the tax Hat, etc., to the West
llch Press and Osvsta Amerlka.
No woman' happi.
net can be complete
without children ; it
ia her nature to love
Attorneys for War Depirtment, tfi.scuri
and I linoia Oon'er at El Loaiv
Believed that Illinois W ill Join with
Missouri la Plghtlng ronanllda
tloa of tt. Loal Tcrmlaal
BT. LOUIS, Sept. 28. Judg Advocat
General Davis of the War department,
held a long conference today with Attoiney
General Crow relative to the proceedings
now under way by the United States gov
eminent to confiscate the Merchants' trldgi
over the Mississippi river, now a part of
th Terminal Railroad association, and
operated jointly with the Eads bridge.
Recently Attorney General Crow filed
suit to disrupt the so-called terminal co-n-blne,
his petition for a writ of quo warranto
setting forth that the fourteen railroad
companies comprising the terminal associa
tion had conspired to control the terminal
facilities of Bt Louis. This act! in was
brought under the section of the Missouri
constitution which forbids the consolida
tion of competing railroad lines. The con
tention la made by the attorney general
that the Merchants' Terminal railroad and
the Terminal Railroad association came
within this provision.
The outcome of today's conference was
not revealed and immediately after it
Judge Davis departed for Washington.
Attorney General Hamlin of Illinois ar
rived In St. Louis early todiy and secured
from Attorney General Crow a copy of
the petition which was filed In the Ml
sourl supreme court August 29. It Is be
lieved that Mr. Hamlin, In behalf of the
state of Illinois, ia considering similar pro
ceeding against the terminal company In
the supreme court of that state. Mr.
Hamlin returned to Chicago this evening.
Manufacturing Plant rlntf Better Ad
vantage Here and Abandon
Kansas City.
The Two-Edge Manufacturing company,
which has had Its factory in Kansas City
since its organization a year ago, lias ar
ranged to move Its plant to Omaha at
once, and expects to be running by No
vember 1. The company manufactures
grinding machines and controls a number
of valuable patents. A. M. McLeran, Its
vice president and general manager, has
been in the city for ten days, during which
time he ho completed the negotiation for
meving to Omaha and has interested con
siderable local capital. A- stockholders'
meeting has been called for the election of
new officers, among whom will ba several
Omaha men. Mr. McLerah himself will
oontlnue the active management of th
business, with which he I thoroughly fa
miliar. It has been necessary to let outside con
tracts to fill the order already on band,
but the company will have a factory with
a capacity for filling all orders after the
first of the year. Mr. McLeran will return
to Omaha In about two week to select a
factory location and th machinery will
be Installed at once.
OMAHA, Sept 26. To th Editor of
The Bee: In th Impending campaign for
county offices the writer la quit certain
that the better candidate will be found on
the republican ticket. Among th best can
didate who hav been spoken of for th
Important office of assessor Mr. Harry D.
Reed occupies a prominent position. Th
undersigned has known Mr. Reed in an of-,
flclal capacity connected with real estat
matter for more than twenty years. No
man In this county can be more thoroughly
conversant with real estat description
nor with the values of land In Omaha and
Douglas county than Mr. Reed. Indeed It
may be said that he has been raised from
childhood In the business Involving real
estate values. If he be the choice of the
republican party for assessor ther 1
hardly any question about his election, and
In that event the county will hav an of
ficer whose valuable knowledge, persevering
Industry and unswerving Integrity will
guarantee th very bast work for the pub
OMAHA. Sept 2-To th Editor of
The Bee: Kindly permit the publication of
a tew words regarding the all-absorbing
question of seleotlng a republican ticket
that can win this fall. With few excep
tion everyone agrees that political wisdom
demands that different elements of the
voters In the county should be recognized
as much as possible and undoubtedly this
sentiment will result In th selection of a
republican ticket having many elements of
strength. The laboring people make up a
considerable percentage of trie voting popu
lation of Dougla county, and while th
local organization make no demands for
representation on any ticket, yet th nomi
nation of a prominent laboring man on tn
republican ticket cannot fsil to be ap
A. J. Donatio, better Known a - iony,
one of the candidate for th nomination
for sheriff of Douglas county at the hands
of the republican party, whllo asking for
the nomination solely on hi record a a
republican. Is at the same time a prominent
member of organized labor, being a mem
ber of th Order of Railway Conductors
and th Switchmen, and also being at th
head of the Nebraska State Society of
Labor and Industry, on -of th most con
servatlve labor organizations in th coun
try and yet at the same time one of th
most powerful and effective. Mr. Dona
hoe has served th republican party long
and faithfully and many active repub
licans believe he Is th strongest man for
the nomination for sheriff by th repub
licans. Reasons too numerous to mention
herewith prompt me to ay that A. J.
Dor.ahoe is th logical republican for th
nomination for sheriff, and while I shall
of course do all in my poWir to elect
whoever is nominated, it is my candid
opinion that neither of the other candi
dates can successfully cope with either of
the men the democrats are at present
considering for the nomination for sheriff.
A. J. Donahoe possesses many elements
of strength, and with them all combined
he can be elected sheriff If given th
nomination. A a starter permit me to
say that he is not now holding an office,
is not a chronic office seeker, lias never
sought an office before, and did not con
sent to run for th office of sheriff until
he had been solicited by score of his
friends, and then only after months of
serious consideration of the matter on his
OMAHA, Sept 25. -To th Editor of Th
Bee: We understand that you desire sn
expression of opinion from the business
men in regard to the candidate for clerk
of th duirlct court. W hav known
Harry B. Morrell for a number of year
and consider him eminently qualified for
the position. Your truly.
OMAHA. Sept. 26. To th Editor of Th
Bee: I take ploasur In endorsing the can
didacy of Mr. Harry B. Morrell for clerk
of the district court. Having known him
personally for many years, I belk-v hire
to be emlaeuUy fitted for th offloa. Tours
, truly, iXJ D. rOtrTSK.
The month of October will be a very In
teresting one for the higher onlera of Ma
sonry, the entire month being given over
to some of the conventions and councils of
the order.
The first meeting will be that of the gen
eral grand council of the Royal and Select
Master of the United States, which con
venes at Little Rock, Ark.. Octuber 6.
This iody Is composed of three representa
tives from each state in the union, the rep
resentatives being the three highest offi
cer of the grand council of the various
states the grand master, th deputy grand
master and the grand principal conductor
of the work. They legislate for the order
throughout the United State and, while
the order Is one which does not appear
prominently before the public on ordinary j
occasions. Its meetings are of much In
terest to the craft at largo, especially as
there Is a growing sentiment throughout
the grand Jurisdictions to make member
ship In the council prerequisite to member
ship in the chapter of Royal Arch Masons.
The second meeting of national Im
portance will be the grand chapter of Royal
Arch Masons, which will convene at Little
Rock, October 16, It being understood that
the grand council will complete Its work in
one day. This body Is composed of the
grand high priests, grand king and grand
scribes of the various grand chapters of ths
several slatei of the union, and Its sessions
are generally longer than the meetings of
the grand council for the reason that the
chapter Is one of. the required degrees In
tfie York rite previous to taking the high
est degrees of the Templars.
It la seldom that there is a full repre
sentation at the meetings of the general
grand council and the general grand chap
ter, one of the grand officers of the state
usually representing his fellows and vot
ing the entire strength of his Jurisdiction.
This course has been pursued In the case
nf Nebraska this year. Judge Guslav An
derson being deputized to represent this
state at both meetings. He will leave for
Little Rock Friday.
Before the Judge returns to Omaha he
will have attended a far more Important
meeting than either of these, the biennial
session of the supremo council of the
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, which
will convene October 19, at Washington,
D. C, the Judge being one of the twenty-
four men who are entitled to a voice and
vote in this body. As he Is a member of
the committee on foreign relations, he must
be in Washington some days before the
opening of the council and will be at head
quarters October 12, remaining there dur
ing the sessions, which will probably con
tinue for two or thrse weeks.
Something of more than utual Interest
center around the coming meeting of the
grand council, because of the probability
of an Increase In the membership of that
body, tinder It constitution there can be
but thirty-five active members of the body,
who are known as Inspector general. At
the last council there were twenty-six mem
bers, -which Is as many as there has ever
been, the constitutional limitation having
never been reached since the organlxatlon
of th grand council of the southern Juris
diction, which Includes all of th United
States outside of that portion bounded on
the south by the Ohio river and on the
west by the Mississippi river. This sec
tion Is under the Jurisdiction of the grand
council of th northern Jurisdiction, which
held Its meeting in BoHton last week.
Two of the inspectors general having
died within the last two years. It is prob
able that 'successors will be elected, while,
on account of renewed activity in some
part of the country, it I possible that the
number will be Increased above twenty-six.
In this matter It Is Impossible to make a
forecast, a the Inspectors are so widely
scattered that they seldom confer except
nt tho biennial meetings. It is understood,
however, that th vacancy in North Da
kota will be filled, as well as the vacancy
In the state of Washington, as those grand
Jurisdiction are very active and require
the presence of a thirty-third degree mason.
The foreign relations committee will have
some Interesting things to consider and
the evex present "French situation" may
not be the least of them. At the last
biennial council the Mexican grand lodge
matter was settled satisfactorily and the
Mexicans have put themselves In good
shape before tho Masonic world. The
French situation" Is not of such easy
solution, as it is a matter of public knowl
edge that there ia considerable divergence
of opinion as to the merits of the case and
even locally there are those who raise a
word of defense for France.
Nebraska lodge No. 1, Knights of Py
thias, will recommend to the new grand
chancellor to be elected next month, th
name of Dr. Roy A. Dodge for appoint
ment as deputy grand chancellor. At the
coming grand lodge the representatives
from No. 1 will urge united action on the
part of the knights of the state looking to
ward the enactment of a law similar to that
of other states making it a misdemeanor
to wear the emblom of an order unless a
member. The next grand lodge Is to be
held at Lincoln, October 13 and 14. The
delegates from No. 1 are. Melnrad Wulpl,
George A. Magney, W. T. Denny and Will
C Matthews.
A temporary organization looking toward
the formation of a company of the Uni
form Rank Knights of Pythias was effected
at the hall of Nebraska lodge No. 1 last
Monday night. The officers elected were:
Captain, John W. Malone; first lieutenant,
Dr. Roy A. Dodge; second lleutentnt, John
N. Dennis; recorder, Will C. Matthews
treasurer, A. 8. Kelley. Committees Were
appointed to report on uniforms and by
laws Monday night at 7:30.
The grand lodge. Independent Order of
Odd Fellows of Nebraska will be held at
Lincoln, October 19-24. Railroads have
granted a rate of one and one-third fare
for the round trip.
Beech camp No. 1454, Modern Woodmen
of America, gave a social and high five
party to its members and friends the even
lug of September 2S.
Omaha camp No. 120, Modern Woodmen of
America, inaugurated Its series of social
meeting the evening of the 16th. which
was largely attended and very enjoyable,
These social meetings will be given the
third Wednesday of each month. Members
of this lodge visited camp No. 71D1 last
Wednesday evening and all report a splen
did time.
The Modern Woodmen of America pro
motion committee met Monday night last
at Judge Baldwin' office In th Patterson
block and outlined a plan of campaign to
assist In bringing the order up to the million
mark for Milwaukee.
Ivy camp No. 2, Royal Neighbors of
America, expects to give a card party on
October J. Additional features will be
added to th evening' program to make
the affair a pleasant one.
Magnolia camp No. 1833. Modern Woodmen
of America, having had Its hall remodeled
has appointed a committee to prepare a
entertainment for the members. Tuesday Is
the date and the committee In charge
promises a large tlm to those attending.
Laat Thursday evening Omaha tent No.
71 of th Knights of th Maccabee held
It second meeting In it new quarter.
larg number of air knight waa present
aa4 a very tnUreatlnf meeting- waa th
Tho balance of the bankrupt Lang & Minton piano nml organ slock will positively
be closetl out within the next ten days. It is nn absolute necessity for ns to ake room
for several carloads of pianos ordered Home time ago for October. 1st delivery.
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Just see for yourself that's tile
We Make a Small
New and Used
From the Lange & Minton stock
or taken lu exi-hanso during this
last week all thoroughly repulred,
tuned, pollHhed, guaranteed lu first
class order. These are only a few
of the many bargains:
Albrecht $1S.00
Gilbert 23.00
Vone & Sons US.OO
Hnllet & Davis o2.U0
Tease 40.00
Kt. I.ouls I'iano 48.00
McCummon Ml. 00
James & llolstroru 62.00
Gilbert 07.00
Knnbe , 74.00
J. P. Hale 8M 00
Bin si us & Sons 100.00
ISteluway 105.00
Arlon ....124.00
Marshall & Wendell 138.00
Chlckerlng 140.00
Pease lttf.00
Erbe 172.00
New York Make 180.00
Mathueshek 197.00
Another lot of first-class
makes several of which are,
on sale at other stores
choice 220.00
Just about one-half what you
would have to pay the other fel
low. On Payments of 50c to
$1.00 a Week.
result. Nine applicant were Inducted Into
membership and will be Initiated at th
next regular meeting. Hereafter one meet
ing night of the month will ba character
ized by an entertainment and. social fea
ture and no Initiations will be held on tl't
Ight. A standing commlttes was appointed
nd Instructed to take the necessary step
to prepare for the entertainment of the
evenings. The routine business was hur
riedly disposed of, and under the good of
the order Blr Knight State Commander J.
Ermerlns of Iowa was called for. II
responded In an able manner by remarks
eulogistic of the order and Its officers,
then describing the meeting of the Fra
ternal congress held recently at Milwaukee,
nd then taking up the weak places of
fraternal orders generally and giving reme-
ial suggestions. HI remarks wer teem-
ng with words of advice to the order and
hey were well received and highly appre
ciated by every sir knight present.
The Ladles' Catholic Order of Foresters
Installed a new lodge during the last week
t the Holy Family church, with appro
priate ceremonies. The new lodge will be
nown e the Holy Family lodge No. 699.
After th Installation exercises a literary
nd musical program wa rendered.
Mrs. Elizabeth Itodgers, high chief
ranger of the women catholic order
of Foresters, was In the city from Chicago
to Install the officers of Holy Family court
fio. 699. Miss Mary Qulnn organized th
court. Mrs. Itodgers was th guest of
Misses Mary Qulnn and Katie Qulnn, SI
North Seventeenth street
Vmm of 8111 M. masons Against
I'nlon PaclSo Transferred to
National Jurisdiction,
Th case of Balll M. Nswiom t al
gainst th Unfcm Pacific Railway com
pany and Union Pacific Railroad company
ha been removed from th district court
of Dougla county to th United State
circuit court. Th petition Is quits a vol
uminous on and cites In affeot that plain
tiff had for th consideration of U5.C3.60
bought of the defendant company 121. 33
acres of land in the state of Nebraska and
that a contract had been abrogated by the
defendants. Plaintiffs therefore pray that
ty court will compel tho Union Pacific
Hallway company and th Union Paclfle
liHllroud company to appear and make
full and complete disclosure to the court
the amount due to the defendants on ac
count of taxes paid on lands covered
thereby and from the sale of Its lands, and
pray for Judgment against the defendants
tor th amount of damages that the court
may ascertain to be due plaintiffs on ac
count of the refusal of th defendant com
panies to carry out their oontracts a may
be Just and equitable.
Certain Elements Oppose Mnr to
Prohibit Push Cart and
Street Stand.
Considerable opposition 1 being brought
to bear to defeat Councilman Dyba'.l's or
dinance prohibiting pushcarts and street
stands from doing business down town. It
Is calculated that enforcement of th pro
posed measure would drlv at least 125 men
out of employment and compel them to
either leave the city or enter new voca
tlor.s. Most of the dealer are men who
hav dependent families, and It ha been
pointed out that great hardship will be
worked upon them If forced to give up
their following.
Th street merchant ar mostly Italians,
with a sprinkling of Greeks, 8yrlans and
Jews. Th ordinance Includes the saDdwlcb
wagon a well as frul' stand and push
carta, a'-l of which now pay license money
to th city for th privilege of doing busi
ness. The lunch wagons pay $50. and
3U, according to sis and th kind of busi
ness don, whll th pushcarts and side
walk s lauds bring la Ml a yar ao1-
chraoller & Mueller
Profit. You Make
Our Stock
was never so largo and completo as
now Extraordinary clone prices will
be made to bona fide buyers during the
next ten days on any of our regular
stock, such aa the Stelnway & Sons,
Stegor & Sons, Kmersou, Vobo & Sons,
I lard man, A. B. Chase, George Steck,
Mason & Hnmlln, KrelL Schaff, Gra
mer, Ucnslet, Arlon and nearly a score
of others, all well and favorably known
for the past half century or more. AVe
mako a specialty of fine pianos and
show an assortment exceeded by no
esstern house. Here you can take
your choice of the choicest
jam Htinim cmcc ma r a wham
TtUEFwaMg taa
ta a. htm srr.
saa sftAMV
if r rfc
"' i'niiiiiia3iijiin3ii)iiajniia)iieiiSjiiOiig)iiiOiiOiej
Over One Million. Dollars in Commercial
Paper at Dead -Latter Offioe,
Telegraphic Communications with
Colombia May lie Suspended,
Cable Company and tiovern
nfst Disagree.
WASHINGTON, Bept. 26. The annual re
port of the operations of th dead letter
office for ths fiscal year ended June 30,
1903, has been prepared and will be em
bodied In the forthcoming report of First
Assistant Fostmaster Oeneral Wynne. The
report states that it Is made to appear
that there ha been a large and steady
Increase In Its annual receipt, which Is
due, it is stated, to the great and con
stant Increase In the volume of matter
passing through th mall. Th total re
ceipt for the year wer something over
10,000,000 pieces, the largest in th history
of the office, exceeding those of th pre
ceding year by some 860,000 pieces.
The aggregate number of 1,826,300 place
wer opened. The money found In opened
letter amounted to tS, 634, but this sum
Included money, generally coin, found
Ioom In' th mall or In postofllces and
consigned to th dead letter oflloe. Com
mercial paper found, such a draft,
check, mony order, etc., represented a
face valu of l,4ij,563.
' Cnbl Service May B Suspended.
Unless th difference between th Colom
bian government and th South American
Telegraph company are adjusted by Octo
ber 1, it la probabl that on that dat th
company will clo It office at Buena Ven-
tura, which operate (th Colombia end of
the cable. Dr. Her ran, th Colombian
charge d' affair, said tonight that he had
refused to sign a new contract for twenty
years, renewing the concession of th tele
graph company, owing to a provision which,
If accepted, would grant to the company
certain privileges amounting to a monopoly.
The company, however. Insisting on th
signing of the contract without change, has
submitted the matter to officials at Bogota,
where It is now under consideration.
Captain Coviles to Get Ship,
1 Becretary Moody Is expected to announce
shortly the appointment of William F. Dar-
nette to the general board, to succeed Cap
tain W. 8. Cowlea as chief of the bureau of
navigation. Captain Cowlea Is lo command
the battleship Missouri, now nearlng com
pletion at Newport News. Missouri will
not be commissioned until January.
Soldier May Be Postmaster.
Judgo Advocate, General Davis, of th
war department, has rendered an opinion
that there Is no legal objection to the ao
ceptance, by enlimed men of the army
of an office under the federal government,
the duties of which are not Incompatible
with hi military duties. The question
aros over appointment of a sergeant
Sale Ten Million Boxes a Year
Mir - i ; f V llil1'- '''I 1 '
Music in the Home t
Is Almost life Itself drives away &
dull enre, educates the faintly 4
keeps the young folks at home--who
knows the vast Influence of
music "Musk! can noble lilntu Im
part, engender fury, kindle love;
with unsuspected eloquence can
move and manage all mankind
with secret art"
a Large Saving.
New ntid Used
Almost any make you want at
from one-half to one-third their
regular cost Later on, if you wish
to get a piano, we will take thera
back and allow you every dollar
Three small organs choice. .$ 5.00
nurdette 0.00
Woods H 00
University 16.00
Cornish 19.00
Terry 19 00
Kimball 22.00
Story & Clark 26.00
Kimball 20.00
Hunt 2U.0O
Bhonlger 31.00
Estey 32.00
Estey ' 34.00
Western Cottage 30.00
Kimball 38.00
Mason & Hamlin 41.00
Crown 42.00
Packard 42.00
Mason It Hamlin 48.00
On Payments of 25c to f
75c a Week.
stationed at Fort Fremont, 8., C, as th
United State postmaster at that place.
Terns M ajr Scn.l Troop.
WASHINGTON, Bept. 38.-Acting Secre
tary of War Oliver has approved the ap
plication of the governor of Texas for per
mission to have a rrovlslonal regiment of
the National Guard of that state take part
In the military maneuvers at Fort Rllef,
Warship Goes to Slneflelds.
Additional Information obtain at th
State department about the trouole near
Bluedelds, Nicaragua, la to the effect that
number of American citizens have suf
fered 111 treatment on the lahind of St.
Andrews, forty miles from Iilurftcldn, and
that the local authorities fulled to afford
them protection or redress. The matter
was reported to the State department by
Edwin W. Trimmer, the American agent nt
Blueflelda, and at his sutrReitton Nashvlllo
has been ordered from Pensacola to St.
Andrews. The State department official
say they do not antlclpato serious trouble,
but the evident Inability of the local au
thorities, or their unwillingness to main
tain order, make th presence of an Amer
ican war-ship desirable.
Parrot Over Which Neighbor Wran
gle Hay Start Soma New
"Much ado about nothing" waa th way
Sergeant Whelan sized It up when Mrs.
Flnnlgan and Mr. William Glffln had their
tilt In pollc court over a green-headed
parrot which say "mamma" becaus h
ha been living with Mr. Flnnlgan foi
five year and over, and would no doubt
ay "papa" If Mr. Glffln, who claimed him
a hi property, bad secured possession ol
him. But he didn't. Mr. Flnnlgan told
th Judg all about buying the parrot flvt
year ago from Glffln' daughter for IK
and aald eh had had It ever since. Just
a she was getting ready to leave th city
Glffln suddenly discovered he wanted hi
parrot back and alleged that hi daughter
had only given it to Mr. Flnnlgan a se
curity for a 110 loan. There being no evi
dence to contradict Mrs. Flnnlgan' version
of the transaction when th bird changed
hands, she was discharged and allowed U
keep her pet. It ia asserted a civil suit
will be brought by GlUln to recover hit
property In a Justice courj.
Grand start of Green trading stamp plan
Monday at Bennett's.
A Simple Explanation.
"Yes, sir, before we accept your dona
tion we want to ask you a serious ques
tion."' "Go ahead. What Is It?"
"W want to know how you acquired
It." ,
"Acquired what?"
"Your dough." ;
"But what difference does that make?
"It makes Just this difference. If you
acquired it by what Is known as ques
tionable means. It Isn't nearly large enough.
If It waa mad In a legitimate pursuit
It Is munificent. That's Just th differ
ence." Cleveland Plain Dealer.