Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 27, 1903, PART I, Page 6, Image 6

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Fan or Ak-Sar-Ben'i Eoyel Party Are
OTerihtdowisg Erery thing1.
Oar Two Hotahle Gatherleas Held,
pat the Calendar (or Tnle Wnk
HI Proposal.
Cecil I. Gardiner In Womw'i Horn
1 love you. pretty maid," he Mid;'
' 'But should you say me nay,
I would not die aa others have.
Whom you have turned away.
"I would not -o and kill myself
A foolish thing to do
I'd five nome oilier pretty mala
The love 1 offered you."
he sat a while, all wrapt In thought.
What clue was there to do? -Bho
heaved a sigh, mid shyly aald,
"I guess I'll marry you."
MONDAY-The Young- Women a Christian
Mm lutlon reception from until U o clock
In thv ansoi'latfon rooms. .
TUKKuA Y The Mlose 1'ritchard entertain
Informally for Miss Florence Templeton.
WE1NKSDAY The wedding of Miss -t.
Hunger, daughter of Judge and Mrs.
Miinger, and Mr. Ernest Jackson of les
Moines; ladles' day at the Country club;
Mrs. Floyd Btnlth luncheon.
TML'RSDA V Mr. and Mra. M. P. Funk
houaer entertain at cards Ml Flor
ence Temrleton and Mr. Royal V. Miller.
FRIDAY The Woman's alliance of J-nlty
church will give Its first social Of th
winter at Metropolitan club.
SATURDAY The Stone-Hoagland wedding
and reception In the evening.
As carnival week approaches one hears
on every side the usual chat and specula
tlon regarding the king and queen and the
tnalda of honor and the question as to
whether certain of the fashionables will
attend the ball this year or at least execute
their o'.d and terrible threat to withhold
their presence and spoil everything. With
out doubt, there will be many of the fash
ionables absent this year, but there Will
be good reason for It. and no one would
really expect the several brides and grooms
to cut short their wedding trips to return
for the ball, or any of those out of town
on Invalid leave to hurry back for this oc
o.inn but It Is safe to predict that In
plte of tha fact that a number of fash
ionables have expressed their Intention of
slaying at home this year, they will be
there as usual. Everybody nas goiwm u
to this and rather expects It. The flotal
parade will be a bit out of tha ordinary,
however, and as yet society Is not commit
ting Itself regarding Us Instructions.
Surpassing everything else last week In
the Interest of the fashionable women,
were the openings, and no wonder, for be
tween the trousseaus and the Ak-Bar-Ben
ball, not to speak of the necesslUes of the
coming season, the ever-vexing Question
Is more vexing than usual and before It
the tea parties and luncheons and '.Ike
affair's that ordinarily claim a generous
share of their -attention, have rather gone
be-ging. Wednesday, ladles' day at ths
Country club, saw perhaps the only really
notable gathering of the week, unless this
might be said of the evening at Judge
Eoano'S Friday when a number of the
older families ofAhe city wera entertained
by Mr. and Mrs. Doane In honor of Mis
' Ollmora.
It la evident that society has lost none
of Its old time love forHhe Monday night
vaudeville, and aa the season progresses
this diversion la attracting mora and mora
of fashionable attention. This la a habit
that society contracted a long time ago
and after the inauguration 01 ue aaonuay
evening dinner at the Omaha club last
Winter, its popularity Increased as a means
of rounding out an evening until It finally
became tha regular rendezvous -of tha
fashionables. And It bacama something
more, too, the recognised Indicator not
o much of what was as of what was not
nd just so sure as an affair was off. If
them was a change of heart or mind, the
Monday night vaudeville was sura to afford
the means of making It known.
The marrlagw of Miss Birdie M. Webb an
Mr. Wade H. Ross was solemnized at the
home of the bride's aunt, Mrs. I C. Mor
ton, of 1305 Binney street, Thursday even
ing. Rev. D. II. Tlndall officiating. About
eighty guests witnessed the marriage.
Mr. and Mra. William J. Foye of Kansas
City are receiving congratulations on the
birth of a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Knox expect to
leave the city early In October to make
their home. In Bt. Louis.
In compliment to her niece, Miss Myrtle
Crsne of Chicago. Mrs. E. H. Bprague will
entertain at supper at tha Country club
this evening. The guest list Includes: Miss
Preston, Miss Janet Rogers, Miss Ella Cot
ton, Miss Brady. Miss Lucy Oore, Miss
Ella Mae Brown, Miss May Hamilton. Miss
Ada Ktrkendall, Miss Margaret Wood,
Miss Jeanne Wakefield, Mlsa Jane Orcutt,
Mum Mildred Lome. Mr. Jerome Magee,
Mr. Louis Nash. Mr. Frank Haskell, Mr.
Ben Cotton. Mr. Fred Nash, Mr, Fred
Hamilton, Mr. Bam Burns, . Mr. . George
rrltchett, Mr. Mosler Colpetxcr, Dr. Crum
mier, Mr. Stockton Ileth, Mr. Frank Keogh,
Mr. and Mrs. William Tracy Burns.
A large publlo reception, the fall open-
Diabetes News.
, Office German Democrat.
Ban FrancUco, September 20, IflOJ.
To the Editor Tha Omaha Bee:
Dear Bin For many yeara an editor my
self, I address you by request and as
simple duty. A great discovery has been
made la this clty.( It Is fraught with so
much Importance, and yet It Is so hard to
believe, that those who sre personally
cognisant should add the weight of their
Influence, be It great or small.
I not only know by contact with many
of the beneficiaries, but was myself res
cued from Bright' Disease by It. The
cure has been found and the difficulty la
beilTvlng It Is costing many Uvea. - It U
astounding how far our prejudices carry
us. But the great fact la hern, and ac
ceptance means recovery.
' After my own unexpected release
wouldn't let my trlends rest, U'l several
took the treatment and recovered. One
was Charles F. Wackcr, the fjixtli street
met chant., lis had Diabetes and thought
he was gulng to die. He got well and
passed for a 1&.0UO policy.
1 say to you, as a brother editor, that
those of your friends who have Diabetes
or Bright'! Disease, and everyone knows
of some, that they can recover. I will
be glad, aa one of many survivors out
here, to give you further Information.
Ynura, etc. CI IAS. H. ENQELkt),
We sent for the I' ulton Compounds, to
whlcb the above refers, and now have
theiii In stock. They are me first ure
the world has ever wen for chroril
Bright s l'lacuee and Dtubetea. We ai
solo ax-iits. ree paniphleia. Sherman &
ic i. oruirii irug m orucr lula 4id Uodg
eueeia, viuaue, . c u.
Ing of the Young Men's Christian associa
tion, to be held between a and 11 o'clock
Monday evening In ths association rooms
In the I'm ion block, will start oft a week
that promises to be full enoigh though
there Is nothing scheduled of especial con
segjuenee until Saturday evening, the date
of the Btone-Hoagland tredJlna-. Society
women have evinced a most gratifying and
helpful Interest In the aa-toclatlnn. espe
cially since the effort to secure a new
building has begun and tomorrow evening
they will lend their presence, and the fol
lowing young women will assist the com
mittee in tna serving of icriestimeuu;
Misses Jeanne Wakefield, Ella Mae Brown,
Lucy Oore, Bessie Brady, Faith Potter,
Susan Holdrea-e, Jane Orcutt, Mildred Lt.
max, Janet Rogers, Margaret Hitchcock,
Mary Lee McShane, Ella Cotton.
Miss ' Dorothy Black - entertained a few
of her little friends at a birthday party
Saturday, at her home at the Dunaany.
After a number of games had been played
a luncheon was served, tha color echemo
being pink and green. The little folks In
vited were: Dorothy Scott, Elizabeth and
Mary Herring. Halycon Cotton, Josephine
Powera and Elisabeth Davidson.
The monthly banquet of the alumnus
members of Phi Kappl Pel was held last
evening at the Millard hotel, the list In
cluding Dr. W. B. Christie, Mr. Dick
Reed, Mr. Frank B. Browne, Mr. A. 8.
Pearse, Mr. Austin Collett, Mr. Fred Cus
caden, Mr. Harry Shedd, Mr. Edgar Clarke
of Lincoln, Mr. E. T. Chapln, Mr. Fred
Meta, Mr. ' Frank Moraman, Mr. Edgar
Morsmsn, Mr. Ed Balrd, Mr. O. Brown,
Mr. Clair Balrd, Mr. Doane Powell, Mr.
J. W. McClure.
Mrs. J. Franklin Bell, wife of General
Bell of Fort Leavenworth and Miss Holly
of New Tork were among the guests at
Fort Crook last week. Monday afternoon
an informal 'affair was given In their honor
and In the evening Colonel and Mrs. Wy
gant entertained for them at dinner. Cov
ers were laid for Mrs. Bell, Mlsa Holly, the
Misses Casey, Mrs. Ketchum, Captain
Bcherer, Lieutenant Van Voorhls and Cap
tain Davison.
Mrs. I. A. Medlar was hostess of one of
the largest luncheons of the week on
Thursday, when she entertained twenty
guests at her home, 2524 Capitol avenue.
The Tlve tables were trimmed with pink
and white, the menu being done in gilt
on pink ribbons. Souvenir boxes of bon
bons tied with pink ribbons marked tha
places of Mrs. George Wallace, Mrs. Rob
Wallace, Mrs. J. P. Mawhlnney. Mrs. J.
F. Flaok Mrs. W. G. Herdman, Mrs. G.
P. Ollraore, Mrs. J. M Aiken, Mrs. A. W.
Bowman, Mrs. A. O. Charlton, Mrs. D. C.
Dodds, Mrs. E. R. Hume, Mrs. Alice Levoy,
Mrs. J. L. McCague, Mrs. T. H. McCague,
Mrs. J. H. McCulloch, Miss Belle McCul
loch, Mrs. J. C. Patton, Mr. H. A. West
erfield, Mrs. O. B. Fryer and Mrs. C. L.
A very enjoyable surprise was 'tendered
Mr. N. Stevens Monday evening at his
home, 2938 Franklin street, the occasion
tains; his birthday anniversary. The even
ing was spent at cards.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Balllett entertained
delightfully at cards Friday evening In
honor of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Templeton,
who, shortly after tha marriage of their
daughter Mlsa Florence, are to leave their
home op Walnut Hill and have taken rooms
at Twenty-first and Douglas for the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Wetxel of Harrlsburg,
Pa., formerly of this city, are visiting
their daughters. Mrs. Lester C. Mudge and
Mrs. Robert Bchaeffer.
Mrs. J. Raid of Valley, Neb., leaves today
for Donaaster, England, where she will
make her fuMira home.
Mrs. Charles BhlTejrlck and son Mv,
Nathan Bhlverick, have gone to Las Vegas,
N. M., where they will spend the month of
' Mrs. J. O. PhllllppI and daughter Mlsa
Bertha, are spending a few days In Chi
cago. 1
Mr. Edgar Clark of Lincoln Is spending
the day in the city, ths guest of friends
Miss Nellie Penfold of Rockport, N. Y.,
wno has bean tha guest of Mr. and Mrs.
H. J. Penfold for several weeks, will re
main hare uuul after tha Ak-Sar-Beh fes
Mr. Bert Chaffee left tha early part
, of last week for Green Castle, Ind., where
ne win enter De Pauw university.
Mrs. F. H. Gaines and son have returned
from a visit In New York.
Miss, Elisabeth Hayden and Miss Neva
Kurley, who have spent the summer as
guests of their aunt, Mr. P. O. Hawes
of 2415 BC Mary' avenue, returned to their
noma at Bhreveport. La., last week. Mr
Ellison Adger of Bhreveport, who was Mrs.
Hawes' guest, has also returned.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Smith of London On
tario, are guests of their son, Mr. Thomas
il. Smith, of 5i0 South Twentv-aiirhth
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Smith returned last
week from a seven weeks' tour of the
Qreat lakes and lake resorts.
Misses Ethel and Louise Tukev and
Fannie Col are back from Lincoln, where
they spent the week.
Dr. and Mr. W. C. Shannon have cloaml
their country place at Elkhorn and gone
to Hot Spring, Ark., where they will spend
me winter.
Miss Marie Aschermann of Chicago Is the
guest, of the Misses Singer of 4u7 South
Twenty-fifth avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Q. 8. Cobb are home from
a visit to Berlin, Canada, where they went
10 attena the wedding of Mrs. Cobb's
Mls Margaret E. Perkins
Tuesday evening for Chicago.
Mrs. George Y. Ayers of Deadwood fne.
Miss Myrtle Coons) Is the gucat of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Coons.
Mlas Esther Carman and Miss Ada Wil
cox are expected home Wednesday from
a visit with relatives In Chicago and Wisconsin.
Mr. Itoy Parker left 6aturdav
St. Paul, Minn., where he will reside.
Jtfrs. 8. Goets has gone to Cincinnati
where she will visit relatives.
Mrs. C. L. Dolan has returned from an
extended visit in Chicago.
Mrs. John Williams and son. Mr win
Williams, and Mrs. George Caaacls Rmlth
and son Larratt went to Racine on Tues-
" waere me young men are to enter
nacine college grammar school.
Mr. and Mra. J. A. Demnater returned
last week, after a J wo months' absence,
iium u dic inns, attending the Ameri
can mining congress held at Deadwood
ana ueaa.
Mr. Edwin N. Robertson left on Rent.
ber U for Lincoln to enter the medical de
partment or the State university.
J. Henry Dempster of Sioux Falls, S D
spent last Sabbath' with his father. Mr'
J. A. Dempster.
Mr. and Mra Laedtrich returned Wednej
day from a six weeks' trip to California.
Mrs. V. H. Coffman has announced v,
vember 19 as the date for her coming-out
reception of her daughter. Miss Marie Coff
man. It was slao announced that Mra
Guy Howard would Introduce her daughter.
alias iieien iiowarn, Thursday afternoon
October , at a tea. but this announce.
ment waa unauthorized, and the date for
that much anticipated occaalon la silil in
Mr. Charles T. Kountze entertained i
party or lourieea i uumirr at the Country
club last svenlng; Mrs. O. W. Wattles had
six guests; Mra Arthur Cinlrgin, eight
Miss Peck, four; Mr. iooriy. four; Mr,
W. 8. Poppleton, four; Mr. if. L. McShane
six. and Mr. 8. D. Canfleld, two.
Mr. and Mra. J. W. Haney announce the
wedding of their daughter. Pearl, to Mr. J
F. Watts of Grand Rsplds. Mich. The wed
ding will take place Wednesday, October
14, at their residence, 2227 Lake street.
Mls Mario Coffman returned last even
ing from a of several weeks with
friends In Indlanola, la.
Mrs. E. M. Holcomb of Denver Is the
guest of her sister, Mrs. William Bchmol
icr. Miss Ethel Partridge has returned to Chi
cago to continue her studies at the Art In
stitute. A fine musical and literary program was
given Thursday evening at Mrs. Edward
Havden's. for the benefit of the Home
Queen circle. Mrs. Elisabeth Marney Con
ner was In charge, those taking part wer
Miss Grace Conklln. Mrs. Challis, Mr. t'lm
stead, Miss Mercy Miller. Miss Ella Fear
ron, Miss Griffith and Mr. McShane.
Mrs. Lehmer, the aged mother of J.
R. Lehmer and Mrs. Carrier, was taken
suddenly 1)1 yesterday afternoon In the
Madison hotel, snd for a time was In a
very grave condition. Late In the day,
however, she was reported as being better.
town at the noon hour and stuffing their I
little Ih.Mm mriiK ll kind nf fruit and I T
candles that not only clogged up their
thinking apparatus, but worked a hardship
on papa's purse for doctor's bill, because
the doctors certainly believe that such
such causes Indigestion. With the doctors
believing It and the children wanting to
stay away from school, the two worked
together charmingly. Thanks to the
Women's club the little fellows can get the
beat little lunch as served anywhere right
under the direction of the mammas of
many tf them.
will leave
Society was as busy In Lincoln last week
as a young housewife In "Jell" time. Not
since Cresceus made his fast run at the
state fair have things taken such a spurt.
There wore so many parties and dinners
and receptions and so much talk that Mr.
Bryan's 11.600 team only attracted passing
notice down town Wednesday afternoon,
and then the only comment was that he had
paid 11.300 too much for It Of course, the
talk was all about Miss Ruth Bryan and
Mr. H. W. Loavitt. the artist who painted
a picture and won a bride. It waa talh
among the real swells the first of the week
to mandamus the groom-to-be to compel
him to post up five notices In conspicuous
places like unto a mortgage sale, telling
his pedigree and details of his catching on.
This. wasn't done, however, and right well
It has been for everybody, becrfus every
body has had a chance to speculate and
wonder if he really wore horns before he
came to Nebraska. Miss Bryan has spent
most of the week at the fraternity house
of the Delta Gamma for this has been rush
week there as well as all, over town. She
and Mr. Leavltt have attended the matinee
and the parties and have had a real good
time, even If everybody wa looking at
Another thing that society Is glad over
Is the announcement that the Country club
to be kept open another month Instead
of closing October 1, as the directors In
tended. This has been the scene of much
pleasure this summer. Saturday evening is
to occur the election of a new board of
directors for the coming year and before
the next season opens it Is contemplated
to make many Improvements on the
The opening of the university has oc
casioned the advent into the town of a
crowd of the finest girls that ever stopped
off In any town and their coming has made
quite a little ripple. They are being clicked
off Into cliques Just as fast as they fall
Into a crowd, and even before they get
their real-bearings. vWlth their little clubs
and fraternities and suoh like they Intend
to have the real swagger time this winter.
Some of them are already telling what
"real Jolly" times they Intend to have. One
of those remarked that she expected to
"put the ding bats to the ordinary mode of
entertaining." "I feel so good to get back
to this dear old Lincoln, Neb." she said,
"I feel like setting- the block afire."
Whether for this or tome other reason this
sign appears above the door In the Waverly
flats: "No rooms for rent." In days gone
by this was a very popular location for girl
The annual conference between the real
society students . and the liverymen a to
whether It shall eosl fl.60 per couple for
carriage to and from dance ha not yet
been held because the occasion ha not yet
arisen. If the boys agree not to pay It,
It 1 a ten to one shot that the girl will
stand by them and walk, for these girls
that come to Lincoln are Just about tip tpp
whenMt come to standing up for their boys
and their hoys' right. They have already
shown their Interest In the foot ball boys,
and It may be remarked here also that
many other women out In town have done
the same, by adopting as a head gear some
thing that resembles the muzzle worn on
the top of the head of the players, except
that It has fluffy runner around the
Miss Clare Lees entertained the mem
bers of the Q. A. T. club at her home.
1839 G street, and an Inventory of stock
waa taken. It was found that in the three
years of the club's existence ten of Its
members have been carted away and are
nice little housewives now. This club Is
composed exclusively of women of the age
limit and they Just have about the best
time of anybody. There are only ten of
them left. What Q. A. T. stand for only
the dear girls know and they Just won't
tell. Some one suggested that the' letters
meant "Quitters Are Tabooed," and that
may be right, for every man that's gSne
around that club ha been landed.
Other entertainments came fast and fur
tous. Among those who got their name in
the society columns were: Miss Haywood,
because she gave a luncheon Thursday;
Mrs. C. Q. Crittenden, because she enter'
talned the Le Bohemlennes the same day,
and Mrs. Joerger, because she entertained
the Arbutus club, and Mrs. George F. Burr,
for being the hostess for the W. M. T.
club. Before all these came the party
given by Miss Lillian Fitzgerald at Mount
Emerald In honor of Miss Kentflo of Kan
sas City. This was attended by fifty
young people. The hostess was assisted
by Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Leonard and Mr.
and Mrs. O. E. Rector.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ayers entertained
Rev. and Mrs. Henry Jenneker of Beaver
Crossing during conference at their home
at Twenty-ninth and Clinton streets.
Thirty guest were present. ,
Wednesday afternoon the Airline club, at
the home . of its president, Mrs. II. A
Babcock. entertained in lTonor of Mrs. N.
C. Abbott and Mrs. W. H. Cobb, two
former members who now reside In Texas.
Here the quotation game was worked for
the principal feature, with refreshments
following. Mlsa Vail Babcock and Mlsa
Florence Schwake looked after these.
Corn Palace at Mitchell Coatlnae to
Draw Large Crowd of Slghta
'seers to the Town.
MITCHELL, 8. D Sept. S6 (Special
Telegram.) Today was traveling men's
day at the corn palace. About 400 were
in the parade that was led by the Woon
socket and Miller bands. At the corn pal
ace the traveling men were welcomed to
the city by Mayor Sllsby and the re
sponse was made by C. H. Barrow of
Huron. Mayor J. M. Brenton of Dcs
Moines, la., delivered a short address, con
gratulating South Dakota on Its wonderful
Improvement. A banquet was served the
traveling men at noon and another this
evening In the Mitchell club rooms, closing
with a dance. Over 2.000 visitors came Into
the city today and the corn palace build
ing wa packed to It limit at the after
noon concert by the Panda Rossa. On
Sunday three excursion trains will be run
Into the city by the Milwaukee road.
Tor fall business, nail ready to show thoso who favor us with a
cnll what wo think, after searching the New York market for near
ly a month to be the MOST PKSIHAW.K STYLES in
Ladies' Suits, Skirts and Waists
that have been produced for the fall season. The fabrics are new,
and the workmanship of the highest class.
See the fine silk petticoats in black and colors, we show Mon
day, at $0.25. Silk drop skirts in all colors at $7.50.
Monday morning we close out all our light colored wrappers
at, choice for 33o.
0. !(. Scofield Cloak & Suit Go.,
New National Bank, at 9tara-ls.
STUROIS, a D.. Sept. M.-(8peclal.)-Thl9
city is to have a new bank. A movement
has been on foot for some months for Its
organisation and establishment. A recent
telegram from Washington says the ap
plication of H. C. Bostwick of the South
Omaha National bank, together with
Charles J. Buell. Edward Calvin. F. W.
Shaw and Theodore Haas, to organize the
Commercial National bank .hns been ap
proved by the comptroller of the currency.
The capital of the nrw institution Is placed
at 25,O0O. The new bank will open In about
two weeks.
Stnra-I Pythian Ornanlae.
STt'RaiS. S. D., Sept. 26.-'(8peclat.)-A
Knights of Pythias lodge was organized
here Wednesday night to be known as
Rathbone lodge No. 78. Twenty-nine mem
ber entered on the charter list, of whom
ve were by initiation. Following are the
officers Installed: Past chancellor com
mander, E. T. Marshall; chancellor com
mander, John Scollard; vice chancellor, E.
W. Phillips; prelate, J. F. Russell; master
t arms, C. M. Smith; master of finance,
E. Perkins: master of exchequer.
Thomas Moore; keeper of records and seal,
Max Hoebn; inner guard, Leo McOonough.
Will Sink a Bis Well.
STUROIS, S. D., Sept. 26. (Special.)
Some Lead City parties who are Interested
In land at the mouth of the Alkali river
intend sinking an artesian well on what Is
known a the "Big Cross-S Flat," north of
the Belle Fourche river. The money Is
ready and the well will be started as soon
as machinery can, be secured.
Small Fire at Fort Meade.
FORT MEADE, 8. D., Sept. 26. (Special.)
The carpenter and plumbing shop at this
post was recently burned out, nothing being
saved. The loss is estimated at about 11,300.
Mrs. W. A. Poynter and daughter. Mi
Poynter, entertained about 800 guests
Wednesday afternoon at which Mrs. Grov
E. Barber presided, at the coffee urn, and
Mr. A. P. Metcalf cut brick Ice cream,
These young ladles passed refreshments
Misses Mamie Hartley, Maud RlHser, Elha
Gund, Elma Marshland, Maysle Ames
Kstherlne Agnew, Kate McLaughlin and
Wlnfred Bonnell. These assisted In th
drawing room: Mrs. A. 8. Tibbets. C. F,
Ladd, Mrs. Milton Scott. Mrs. Guy Brown,
Mrs. Henry Gund. Miss Rose McLaughlin
received In the hall.
Mr. and Mrs. David Bates celebrated the
fiftieth anniversary of their wedding
Thursday at the home of Mrs. 19 A. Blxby,
their only daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Bates
were married In Buffalo, N. T., and until
twu years ago resided in Minnesota and
Colorado. A family dinner waa served.
The Women's club has been busy looking
ailer the luncheons for the boys and girls
at school. This was an Innovation and it
Is said to be the real thin without In
dlgentlon. The women stated this because
the dear girls and boys, with a few extra
leanles, wer In the habit of getting down
Are nothing if not daint
when intended for full
dress occasions. This
season's productions sur
pass any of our own work l
of past seasons.
This means that Soro
sis are n earing perfec
tion. Some of the new Ak-Sar-Ben
dress shoes and
tli irers are in black
suede, some in Ideal kid,
some In vLI with Jet
work, some with extreme
French heels, others not.
$3.50 Always.
Frank Wilcox Manager
Sperry tt Hutchinson Green Trading;
Stamp Company of New York
- Open store in Onhar )
The above flamed company la at present
operating more than 600 green trading
tamp premium stores throughout the
United States. Yesterday was opening lay
for their Omaha store, which they have
recently established at 210 North lth street.
The event proved to be an Interesting one
to many people and thousands were there
to Inspect the beautiful line of premiums
and listen to the music furnished by Kauf
man's band.
Mr. H. E. Wlnslow, general manager for
the company, Is at present in charge here
and states that he is well pleased with
what they have accomplished. The energy
which Mr. Wlnslow and hut associates have
shown since they arrived In Omaha cer
tainly should entitle them to credit.
The premiums consist of everything used
In the household and the display at the
store I a magnificent one. The Bennett
company is one among many of the stores
which have arranged to give green trading
tamps and a premium parlor ha been lo
cated on their second floor, for which an
opening will be held Monday. Everybody I
Invited to come In and inspect the premium.
Mr. Wlnslow states that the Sperry &
Hutchinson company have a paid up cap
ital of tl.000,000. He also says his company
will redeem at the Omaha store all trading
stamps issued by any company that has
done business in Omaha. Mr. B. II. Kem
per bas been appointed local manager.
ES and PAINTS ure preferred by all dis
criminating uoers, because there Is a dis
tinct grade suited to each separate pur
pose, for which these goods are ever UHed,
and always ORIGINAL PACKAGES from
6-gal. S.-W. outside house paint 17.75
5-gal."S.-W. Co. Oxide Barn paint.. ..$4-50
1 pt. S.-W. Co. floor lac 45c.
1 gal. S.-W. Co. Creosote fence paint,. fl .00
4 pt. fine baby carrlaga enamel 20c
H pt. bath tub enamel 60c
1 gal. fine varnlBh $2.75
M nt. bicycle enamel I0o
Roiled and raw Unseed oil lowest market
H pt. can family paint IRc
H Pt. buggy paint 26c
H pt. varnish stain 25c
I qt. S.-W. Co.'s wegon paint 60c
1 gal. fine outside paint $1.60
Small pot Fresco rint 25c
All Bbove are of the celebrated Kherwin
Wllllams make and are vastly superior to
any other brand of MIXED or UNMIXED
paints In the market. rite or call for
color card.
John A. Stewart Becomes One of Di
rector of Chicago, Milwaukee
St. Panl.
MILWAUKEE, Sept. 26.-At the annual
meeting of the Chicago, Milwaukee A St.
Paul Railway company here today, John
A. Stewart of New York wa e'.ected a
director in place of August Belmont.
The other director were re-elected. Mr,
Stewart 1 a director of the United State
Trust company of New York City.
E. W. Adabs, formerly assistant sec
retary of the system was elected secretary
to succeed P. M. Myers, deceased.
Roswell Miller was re-elected chairman
of the board of director and A. J. Earllng
wa re-elected president of the company.
Miss Belle A. Traynor (late with Miss
Watson), halrdresslag, shampooing, scien
tific scalp treatment, 415 McCague bldg.
Phone F-284L
i iiuimuii u iiiuvvi
Th nose mar make or mar the beauty
of any face. If homely or deformed it
cannot be hidden or atoned for by any
other featural attraction, but when well
melded and symmetrical it lends
beauty and dlstinetlon to the whole
I stralKhten a
hamned. bent or
crooked nose,
baud up anst Or
dished nose, shor
ten a long noae
and narrow a
broad nose. I set
back outstanding
or lonoed ears.
oorrnct baggy,
puny ey anus,
e radios te wrin
kles, lines, furrow In fact, all Imperfec
tions ol the features are painlessly,
safely and aatlxlaciortly corrected ana
made to conform artistically and har
moniously with their surroundings.
i permanently cure sxin ana scaip
diseaaea, stop hair falling, fading, split
ting and promote a etronx, healthy
growth. I painlessly remove nioies.
warts, eyst. wens, soars, sunernuous
hair, tattoo, powdur or birthmarks and
all blemUhee on. In or under the skin.
My experience of thirty years Is of
great value to you. uonsuiution in
person or by letter is free
nd atrlctly
Call or write personally to
103 State 8t., Chicago.
Knit Underwear for
Ladies and Children
We are showing a very eoiuplete line in light,
medium and heavy weight, in cotton, part
wool, all wool, silk and wool or all silk. Chil-
lidren s yesU and pants and union suits, In cot
ton, fleece lined, wool or Dart wool.
Black drawers nnd tiphts, from 2 yenrs old up.
KNIT COHSET COVEUS litrht or heavy weijtht. In cotton, part vool, nil
wool, nllk and wool nnd Bilk, high nbrk, long or 'short uleeves prices 25c, 38c,
r.Oc, 58c, 75c, $1.00, $1.15, and $1.50.
We are selling quantities of knit corset cover. Our 25c cover Is handsome,
nnd 3Sc ones are silk finished.
1 11111 1 mnM.ii ' .i.iWMM..jP.n mi. i .uui,-..
"K-iTT-ji''t 'Sm ainiianniiinni-- " ifi ir -" n i "
An Exquisite Display of Domestic and Imported
Picture Hats.
Tha Grandest Exhibit of Up -to-Dats Millinery Eier Shown In Omaha.
Beautiful Trimmed Hats at $4. 00, $5. 00 and $6.00
The Store for Values and Style.
Investigate. It Pays. 1508 Douglas Street.
il ifii in i ill
Writ ler Sample Copy.
Millinery and Hair Goods
200 beautiful black velvet bats, with cbiffou fac
ings antr elegant flumes, worth f23, goiug at $10.00
500 first quality beaver hats, black and colors. .
Beautiful white hats, worth $8.00, ?10 and ?12
Exclusive styles in street hats, ?10 down as low
Largest line of hair goods in Omaha; call and
and see our $1.00 switch.
Largest exclusive millinery store in Omaha, and
the only up-to-date store in the west.
DAVIES, 1511 Dpuglas Street.
Just Arrived
The largest and most complete stock of Portieres ever
shown in Omaha. To be sold this week at prices 50 per
cent lower than ever before offered. Anyone contempla
ting buying Portieres do not want to miss this sale.
Colonial Stripe Portieres
The newest thing out showing 20
styles of the most beautiful color
ings made per pair
Fringed Portieres
Shown in 25 different colorings
all new, suitable for any home
per pair
Oriental Tapestry Portieres
As perfect as hand made and in all Orient il colorings
making a most beautiful dining
room or library curtain per J QQ q JQQ
puir '
Bordered portieres
With solid colored grounds made in every shade and
of the finest fabric just what
you want for your parlor per i ffA 4ft Jfi HQ
1.50 to 4.50
1.25 to 5.00
This sale will last the entire week and the stock to select
from is all new. We don't want you ALL to come Monday.
We can give you better attention if you do not ALL come at
once. Nor will you be obliged to in order to get a selection,
as our stock is immense and enough for everyone.
Omaha Carpet Co.
1515 Dodge Street.
Jewel Cases
For on week we will show on unusually large ansortmant of JJTWFTj
CASKS In leather and sterling- silver, from IS.OO to 25.0u. lion t fall to see till
ell-Hunt line.
Write fur our catalogue.
I Mawhlnney 6c Ryan Co.,
Jewelers and Art Stationers. - 1Mb and Douglas 8ts., Omaha,
loth and Harney Street..
The leading dancing academy In Omaha
accessible, attractive, fcimcious, jnopular,
ur.d always the Deal patronised. nm ad
vantages In our achool are many over com
petitors. I'arenta are cordially Invited to
vUlt and examine the tuitlun In our claa
era. knowing that they will decide In favor
vt our school. Voung ladles and gentleaien
vhn ar coiiU-moUllltK taking leHaons,
should also visit thla achool (Tuesday or
Friday, p. nv liefore Joining any class. '
1'opular p.-h-es ana the same 10 an, is u
rule here. New clashes for adult begin
neis now fencing". Children clasae begin
Baturduy, Oct. L TeL lull.
Ik V -B"' fV 1 1 A I I
1 1 ....V kUJLLAKI