Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 27, 1903, PART I, Page 11, Image 11

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GIANTS SAFELY IN SECOND games in American league
Bj Winnie; in Ttoe of Chloaja's Lass
Thcj Get' the Place.
rittskar with First Flap Rerare
Make rf thawing? Is th.
Last Gum of th.
flTTSBLTtO, Sept. 8). Pittsburg closed
tha Season by rolnf down to defeat to th.
second placa turn In a poor exhibition.
Tha score ahould have stood 1 to In New
York", favor. Error and alow playing
vera responsible for all the other rune.
Attendance, 11,014. Score:
' KEW Tonic.
"nrwn, rt . . e i e
miltm, rtl 1 I 1
PraanahBB, at I I 0
4 rtn, lk., t I 1
Wart, 1 (
Bab. 1 4 (
Lauder, t... t 1 t 1
Otltwrt. Is... t
Warn., .... 1 I i
MeOlanltr. I I
B. HO. A".
BaaumoBt, ef I 1 I
Sennits, rt... 1 (
Lmi'Ii, ik.... 1 I I 1
Marahall. aa. . 1 t I I
Brarm&aia. Ik t t 11 t
Jurtla, If t 1 1 1
l,owrt, lb.... t I I 1
'halv. t I e
M4r ..!
Total. .....1 1 ft 11 I
Total. I n 14
New Tor o 1 M t 1 1 ( M
Pittsburg - o 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01
Earned runa: New York, t Two-baae
bite: Bwumont, Bresnshan (!). Three
base, hit: Pabb. Sacrifice hits: DcbTt,
MeGann, Babb, Lauder, McOlnnltr. Sto.en
baaa: Browne. Double plays: Marshall,
to Lobert to Ttranatield, Lonert lunaj
slsled). Time: 1:3. Umpire: Kmslle and
Boatom Bads Cfclcaajo's Hope.
CHICAGO. Rnnt. M Rnatnn'a atanlln- nf
bases and tlrrarfy hitting after their thefts
defeated Chicago today. Raub way oft
on bis throwing: and elaht bases were atolen
off him, while Moran caught Ave of the
looaia seven attempts nt pilfering, tsoeton
had scored two runa with no one out In the
first half of the ninth when the game was
raueo on account ol aarknasa. Attendance
,000., Score.
R.R.O.A.K.I R.U.O.l.l
TXiTtr, rf.... I 1 ' mafia, ef.... 1 I
T.,.i,r, lb... LI 4 1 Mm.arthr. U. 1
Ab'U.-hio, lb. 1 I I 1 Chano. lb... 1 I I
1 1 Jona. rt I
111 Tlakar. a.... 1 I
VC.ry. cl. 1 1 1 t Raub. 1 t 1 1
Mnraa, fill W I ma ma, Ik. 1 I ( 1
Aubrer. m...i I 4 IMCimt. lb 1 111
riUlasar, .. t I.Lundsraa, p. 1 1 0
t ool, If . . . . 1
orwwilnt'r, tb 1
Total.. i... 4 1 M II Total Ill M I I
Boston 0 t 0 0 1 0 0 1t
Chicago 0 1011000 t
Lett on bases: Chicago, 6; Boston, 8.
Two-base hits: Hingis, McCarthey. Moran.
Stolen bases: Chance. Tenny, Abbattlchlo
t2), Cooley (2), McCreery, Lundgren. Double
clays: Dexter to Gremihger. Struck out:
ily Liundgren, T: by Plttlnger, 4. Baaea on
balla: Off Lundgren, 1; oft Plttlnger, i.
Time-! 1:61, Umpire: O'Day.
Philadelphia Takes Flrat of Berlea.
t ST. LOUIS, Sept M.-McParlandg lnef
. fertlvenens cave Philadelphia -the first
came of the series here today. The Phila
delphia batamen found him eaay and the
result waa never lu . doubt. Attendance,
1,469. Bcore:
FHlLA.UKI.rHIA. I ' IT. LOtns.
R.H.O.A.K.! R.H.O.A .
Tbemaa. ef... I Ill I Parrall, lb...l 1111
Olraaon. lb.. 1 I I I I Diinleavr. rf. 1 I 1 0 I
"WolrarfB. Ik I 1 0 Srnoot. cl.... 111
Barry. If fill Brain, mm I 1 I I
Tltua, rf...!. 1 10 1 Burk. lb..,. 114 1
1 I
St. Loala aad Boatoa IIlTldo II
ta Doable-Header Ciroaads
f Latter.
BOSTON. Sept. Bt J-ou!s won th first
same of a double-header from Ponton by a
score to t whlie Boston got the second,
I to I .The fl-t fcame wee a pitcher's bat
tle until tno rliith, when the visitors balled
Toui.g froelv. In the BTond game Ht.
loiils cotild do III tie with Winters dllrery.
In the laat half of the eighth the game
wae called on account of darVtieas. At
tendance, Gcore, flrat'game:
ST. LOI I9. . . hOfTOS.
a.H.O A It.H OA B.
Martett, If... t I 1 rw.Mrli.dr. Ill i t t I
1 oillno. sn... i i i a
1 I C. Piaki. if.. 4
SIR Precm'n, rf 1
tl O Prln lb... t I I f 1
I I I I Whanca. lb I 19 1
111! Frrla, aa.... 1 I I 1
14 11 (Ylarr. c I 4 I
114 I Toun. p 1 1 I
1 "J. Btahl
. 124 14 II
By Howell. 1: by Kane. 1 Paed baTl:
eluky. Time: l:ca. Umpire: Connolly,
Sfnaalaa- ( the Teams.
Played. Von. Lost.
Boetork. 14 9 , 47
PWIadelnhla m 74
Cleveland 76
New York i:ti 70
Detroit 134 (6
Bt. Ixiuls J7 -
Chlraso Vi M
Washington 135 41
No games today.
.4 4
Swaji4flr, rf . . 1
Heidrlf k. rf..
Andraon, lb. 1 II
Waliar. a.. 1
Hill, lb I
Bowcnrk. lb.. 1
ahannoa, c. .. a
Blarar. B
Total. .
I 1 17 11
OBrlen out, falling to touch tmra Dase.
Batted for Young In the ninth.
8t. Louis 1 1 I I 1 H H
Boston 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 03
Earned runs: Boston, t; St. Louis, 5.
Two-baxe hits: O'Brien, Swander, Shan
non. Three-base bit: Collins. Hill. Home
run: Bowcock (?. Stolen bases: Hill, Bow
cock. First bas on balls: Oft Young, 1.
Hit by pitched ball: By Slever, t Struck
out: By Young, I; by Slever, 4. Wild
pitch: Blever. Timet 1:30. Umpire:
Score, second - game:
boston. I BT. LOUls.
R H O A R I K H O A 3.
ronrartT. Ifllll Ottnrkt, If... I 1 1 I
111 swanoer, rr..i
111 Heldrlrk, cf . . I
ISC AndrrBoa, lb. I
II liW allaca, aa.. I 0
0 114 Hill, lb t 1
114 0 Howrock, lb.. 1
1 4 1 I Kahna, 1 1
111 0, Writ lit. p....
Game at Vlatoa Park.
The Iee-Glass-Andreesen Originals and
Ideals will meet again thin afternoon at
Vinton Street park. Kdrlle Lawler. one ?'
Oiimiin'o f fui iif fil-5 ri.rrnr
from the south, wher h has ten playlns!
shcrtslep for Blrmlngharre in the Southir.u
lesgnft. His many friends snd admirers
will have a chance to see him work. He
will nlav ahnrtaton for the Orlalnnls. The
Ideals will make a hard fight for this game
and a good content Is looked for. Game
railed at Lineup:
First ;..
Third (
... .Shortstop....
.t-eft Field
.Center Field..
Right Field
Collegian Tofeat Eirh Echo si in Openicg
Toot Ball Game.
Hlgk grheol Team Is Oatwelgbed, kat
"' Pate ' laapiT Ball Oeel
pyaapeeta tor Both
Iewls ...
Mlnikus .
vnfh ...
Gibson ..
Bowler .
Colllr.a. lb... I
C. Btahl, rf.,
BTmao, rf .
0' Brian, lb..
Lachanoo, lb
Karrla, a.... S
. Btahl.
Winter, p
.. 1
.. I
e 4 i
Boston ..
St. Louis
iMtulaa, lb. I 11 I Barclay, If.
nuiawni, aa-. 1 aiyan, io..
1 I I 4 1 Ryan, lb I 1 II I
Rotb. i 111 IJ.O'Nall, 0..0 I I I 0
. tmrtUk P.. 1 I 1 McParlaud, p 1 1 4
. IMoiout 4
TeUlS T 14 nil 1 i '
rTotl........ I 4 17 10 1
- "Batted for McFarland In ninth.
rhtladelphla 0 11 0 0 0 4 0 0-7
Ht. Louis 0 0000001 0-2
JCarned runs: Philadelphia, 8; St Ioula,
1. . Two-Base hits: Tltua, Roth. Threa
basa hit: Oleason. Sacrillce hits: Qleason,
'Wolverton. Double play: Brain to Kyan.
tttolen base: Smoot. Bases on balls: GIT
Sparks, 4; off McFarland. t. Struck out:
liy MflFarland, It by Sparks, 4. Left on
bases: St. Louis, I; Philadelphia, 4. Time!
l.Ea. Umpire Moran.
Bresklya Vli frosa Clnelaaatl.
CINCINNATI. Sent. M. Brooklyn took
the second gams of the series by bard and
timely hitting. Ewlng's delivery waa no
turtle after the fourth Inning, and the
visitors Dounded him all over the field.
The playing of Sheckard and Dohbs were
io features. Aiienaajjce, ocore
tram. lb.... 1 III Wfoalln, If..., I 111
hwkant. If.. I I I 1
Dobl. of.... I 1
toy la, lb.... 1 1 t 1 1
Liil.n, rf... 1 I I I I
Barmour, ef.
ef.. 1 I
bolan. rf.... 1 1 0
Bocklar. lb.. 1 I I I
I DaArmond. lb 1 1 I 1
Oaaalor, as... I 11 fDalr. tb III
Jo.-aaa, lb..., 114 I Corcoran, .. 1 I I
Rlttar, a...... I t I 0 1 111
Job, p...... I 111 iKwlng, p..... I I I- t
Total 1 IT 17 U l Total T 14 17 II 1
Brooklyn 0 0 0 4 2 0 1 S 010
Cincinnati .. Q .210010 17
Earned . runs: Cincinnati, 5: Brooklyn,
7. Two-bass) bits: UoArraond. lleCKley
Stolen bases: Don 1 In. Corcoran. Double
plays: Seymour to Beckley. I .eft on bases:
Cincinnati, 0; Brooklyn, 4. First base on
bails: Off Ewlng, 6; oft Jones, t. Hit by
pitched ball: tlessler. Struck out: By
F.wlng, ; by Jones, . Passed ball: Pelts.
Vi'lld pitches: Ewlng,' 1; Jones, 1. Time
2 hours. Umpire: Hurst.
. Btaaalasi of the Taauns.
-s Flayed. Won. Lost P.O.
Pittsburg 140 1 49 .650
New York 139 U b& .604
Chicago..... 137. SI W .I'M
Cincinnati 137 71 64 .6.13
prooslyn 134 69 435 .615
Boston 187 68 79 .4-4
Philadelphia, 13J 48 85 M
St. Louis 136 43 v3 ..U
names today: Boston at Chicago, Brook
lyn at Cincinnati, Pblladelphla at Bt.
Louis. ; .
Cresoauts Versas H. betters.
The- CresoenU will go to South Omaha
this afternoon ana Play a double-header
with the B. Jotters. This will be the last
of the series with the Jetters this season
and as there Is but a small margin between
the two teams tor third plaoe good games
are looked for. The ilrst game will be
called at !:. The Uneup foil owe:
Petersen .....first bass ...Haneford
ttiinmaa saoond baae MoMuhon
...third tase..
....left field ...
....oenter neld.
4 11 14 U ll ToUla I I II II a
0 1 1 1 0 S 0 8
0 0 1 0 0 0 0 13
runs: Boston, 6; St. Louli, 1.
Hits: Winter. Collins. Kahoe.
hits: J. Btahl. Ferris. Home
runa: Colllna, J. Btahl. Btolen baaea:
Dougherty, C. Stahl, Winter. Double play:
Colllna to Ferris to LaChance. Flrat basa
on balls: Off Winter. 1; off Wright, S.
Hit by pitched ball: By Winter, 1. Struck
out: By Winter, 4; by Wright. 4. Passed
balls: Kahoe (S. Wild pitches: Wrla-ht
(2), Winter. Time: 1:33. Umpire: O'Laugh
11 n.
Chicago Defeata Washlagtea.
WA8HINQTON, Sept. 2. Owen had the
Washlngtons at his mercy until the ninth
Inning, when ho let down and they scored
three runs, opportune Datting oy tmcago
won the game. A double play, unassisted,
bv Clark was the only feature. Attend-
snce, 1,101. Score:
H.H O A.n I R.H.O.A B.
Holme, If... 1 1 1 0 RoMnaon, cf. 1 I I
Joaa. cf I 0' H.nnrlcka, rf 1 I
H. Clark, lb I iiataen, a.... I I
Slatwry, Mb.. 1 11 l'Rlba-h, l(. .. 1 1
ltb.ll. rf 1 II 0 W. ClarkoT Ik 1 I I
Tannehlll, Hi U I ItCoushllo. lb. 1 1 1
Maaoon. lb.. 1 4 4 1 MrCorrn'k, lb t I
Sulltran, ... I 14 C Klttrldze, a. 0 11
Owa, p 111 4, Patten, p
ToUl t 1 17 11 1 Total 4 4 1-711
Chicago 0 11010210-7
Washington 0 000100031
Earned runs: Washington. 1: Chicago. S.
Three-base hits: Oateen, Slattery. inbell.
Stolen bases: Holmes, H. Clarke.' Double
plays: W. Clarke (unassisted;; Owed to
Sluttery. First base on bal's: Off Patten,
z; ore owen, i. otrurg out: y fatten, 4.
l.ert on Dawes: w asiungton, i: cnicago, 4,
Passed ball: Sullivan. Time: 1:80. Um
pire: Betts. -
Straggle for Second Place. '
PHILADELPHIA. Sent. K. Cleveland
and Philadelphia today began the final
struggle ior se:onu place. The visitors
siartoa out iiks winners, nut tailed to score
after the first Inning." Rhoades weakened
after the first Inning. Attendance, S.S36.
R.H.O.A B.I -
Hartiot, If... 1 flick.
t-iraarins, ci. 1 Bar,
nana, id.... 1 11
L. Croaa, lb.. 1 I 1
1 C Uradlef, lb.. 1 I 1
llol. lb 1 I 1 1
hey bold, rf... I lib- 0 Hcmla, 1
Murphr, lb.. 11 IThon.r. of... sit
M. Croaa, aa.. 1 I 1-1 Abbott, lb.... 1
Powara. O....0 f I Oo.Jinaur, M 1 I I
lluljr. p.... Ill 4 Rhuadaa. p... 1 1
ToUla 4 11 17 II ll Total I ml I
Philadelphia. '...0 0 0 0 0 1 0 S 4
Cleveland 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 02
Earned runs: Cleveland, 2; Philadelphia,
2 Two-base hits: . Bradley, Bemls, Bey
bold (2). Three-base hits: Lslole. Abbott.
Hartzel. Sacrifice hits: Bay, Murphy
Stolen bases: L. Cross, Mujphy. Double
plays: Flick to Bradley; Murphy to Davis
to l.. oi'oss. i-eit on oases: c.eveland. 7
Philadelphia, 7. First bane on balls: Off
Henley, l. nit by pitched ball: Abbott,
Davis. Struck out: By Rhoades, 0; by
Henley, 7. Passed bull: Bemls. Wild
pilch: Rhoades. Time: 1:46. Umpire:
- New York and Detroit Divide.
NEW YORK, Sept. 26,-In a double-
header this afternoon New York and De
troit each won a game. In the first game
oritntn gave ins new pitcher. Adklns
chance, but he lasted only three lnnlnas.
Wolfe relieved him and he also was batted
hard. The visitors won by the score of U
to s. i n second game went to the home
club by i to 1, only five and one-half
innings were played, the game being called
on account of darkness. Attendance, 4W.
ucore, nrst game:
Barrott, cf... I I I
f or i , , , .
IHoben right Held..,
Adams, Troby or
Petersen pitcher...
Clair catcher.....
. .Clark
Teaals Taaraaaneat. '
A tennis tournament la on at the Field
club, among the juniors, only boya Is year
of ege or under being vllglbie to play. The
wet weather of yesterday Interfered with
the match somewhat, but it Is expected
to be finished this week.
The last dance of the season will be
f liven st the. Field club on October t. A
rgo number of subscription cards are In
the hands of the secretary already.
Lu.h. if
Crawford, rf.
Carr, lb
Yaasar, lb..
Lon. lb....
ronovan, aa.
alctjuiro, o..
alullla, p....
4 11
14 1
1 1 10
0 1
7. 1
.. I I 17 17
0 0 2 218
0 0 0 0-8
I Coaroy, lb.
I Kulta, of...
Kvatar, rf...
I Elbrrfald. aa
1 wl I llama, lb
1 Oamal, lb...
I Iiavla. If....
1 bevlll, a...
Adkln. ...
.Won, p.....
11 17 17 11 7
I Total ,
Detroit 2 0 I 4 0
New York 4 10 2 0
Left on bases: New York, 6; Detroit; 7,
Two-base hits: Elberfeld. Crawford. Mc-
Guire. Three-baso hit: Lush. Sacritica
hit: Carr. First base on errors: New
York, 6; Detroit, I. stolen baaea: Fulta.
Heeler. Elberfeld. Crawford. Double nlav
Donovan to Long to Carr. Flrat base on
balls: Off' Wolfe, 2; off Adklns, 2; off
Mullln, 4. Hit by pitched ball: By Wolfe.
1 Struck out: By Wolfe, I. Time: 2:20.
Umpire; Connolly.
Score, second gam:
R.H.O.A E I h H. 0.1.1
Conroy, lb... I I e I (MBamtt. cf... 1
viijuan. ir i
aji'rawford, rt.
lk'arr, lb
llYaasor, lb...
01 Long, tb-aa..
OlUouor'a. aatb
Full!, of I
Koalar. rt 1
tlbarfeld. aa.
Wllliama. tb.
Oamal, lb.... I
McFarland. If
HavUla. a....
I) Baalo
Mr. ... t 1 oiKaao, p 1 1
11, p.... 1 l -
I Total 1 I u a l
ToUla I I 11 1 If
New York 1 1 1 0 2 (
Detroit 0 0 0 1 0 01
Left on bases: New York, 4; Detroit, 4.
Two-base nit: Williams. Sacrifice hit:
Keeler. Stolen bases: Conroy (2). Kselnr.
Double plays: Elberfeld to Williams to
Oansel: EUerfeld to Ganzel. First base
on balls: on Howell, l; eft Kane. 8- Flrat
base on errors: New York, L Struck out
, k,-i
y -r isSsSi
it wn
a ji . . a
appeme ana uigctuua, auu many other tuediotue, Dut nud a. a. u.
it D-rwl efTeota ar seen al. exily the only tomo tnat will build up
lis gooa enecis are eeea i- . feaura lu telling ail h
most irom tac ursi uuac. it need of a
la S. S. S. Nature has provided a tonic uited to
everV requirement of the system when in a debilitated, ran
down condition. It dontains no strong minerals or drues,
but is a pleasant vegetable preparation.' You can find no better remedy lor
tuning up the nervevand bringing refreshing, restful sleep when sick and worn,
out with vorlt or worry.
Ss s tinnrnvee. thft A neva no neauancy in rooommenaing your o. a. o,
- ; improves tno lh. k... Bl,rin- tonlo on tna market. 1 hive Ma.d
to d v nuouoi
the) ay.Meuu 1
om I tluuk la
rood blood tomo ol roi'r ruedioma.
ar-t nroiontlv ill rases of xoura wruiy, ai&wia a. rjeno-a,
aci pioiapuy in cases 01 CmI btoU, HanUlton Co. Lextugtoa, Kr.
chronic dyspepsia, indiges
tion and all stomach troubles, and does away with the uncomfortable fullness,
shortness of breath, drowsiness and dizziness that so often come after eating.
S. 3. S. is not only the best tonic but possesses alterative or purifying prop
erties, and m there is any taint, humor or poison in the blood it searcnes it out.
and temoves it. Many times a low state of health is due to a bad condition of
the blood and can only be remedied by a blood purifier and tonic combined, or
such a remedy as S. 8. 0.
If you suffer from debility, weakness, insomnia, nervousness, loss of
arnetite. bad Ciirestion. or any ol Uie miserable symptoms cl a disordered
blood, nothing will so soon put your blood in gool condition, invigorate
4ad tout VP t-ivj svslcui aua restore tae iieaun as o. o 5.
TJismrr Groins co., atiauta, oa
. . . . Foley
, Brsdfnrd
. SafTelder
. Whitney
... Scully
Ckarles Elwood Wlaa Orleatal Haadl-
eaa with MrCkeiarr Badly
Beatea mt Gravesead.
NEW YORK. Pent. 26 J. B. Haggln'a
entry, Charles FJwood, won the Oriental
handicap at a mile snd a quarter at Graves
end today. F.. B. Smathera' McChesney,
favorite In the betting, was badly Inter
fered with on the first turn, completely
throwing him out of his stride, and work
as he .could Odom was unable to get him
to extend himself again and was beaten
at the end of five furlongs. , Results:
First racs. selllntr. about sis furlongs:
Black Fox won. Counterpoise second, Muslo
tniro. time: i:iw.
Seoond race, steeplechase, about two and
a half miles: Caller won. Baron Pepper
secnrid 'Judge Phillips third. Time: M.
Third lace, the prospect stage, sooui six
furlongs: Sweet Qretchen won, Race King
second, Memories third. Time: 1 :(,.
Fourth raoe, the Oriental handicap, one
mile and a quarter: Charles F.lwooa won.
River Plrnte second. Hunter Rains third.
Time: 2:J&'yi.
Fifth race, about six furlongs: The
Southerner won. Fort Plains second, So
noma Belle third. Time: 1:104.
Sixth race, selling, one mile and a fur
long:: Lord Turco won. Lady Potentate
second. Namtor third. Time: l:Mi.
Seventh race, about six furlongs: Silver
Days won, Orthodox second, Sneer third.
Time; l:ll
CHICAGO, Sept. 26. English ld won
the fall handlcan. the feature of the Haw
thorne card, today, worth I1.7T5 to the
winner and having a gross value of $:.S30,
The racing scene shifts to Harlem, on Mon-
lnv. TndHV'l reftult: . f .! -.- .
First race, six furlongat- i Redan; won,'
Best Man second, Paul wiiaiey tniraN Time
1:14. '
Second race, steeplechase, short course
Paulaker won. Falella seoond, Ceylon third
Time: 2:57,.
Third raoe. six rurionsra. ran staxes:
Ilsh Lad won. Auditor second, J. P. May-
berry third. Time: l:H.
vurtrt race, one mile ana an eisrnin
Byways won, Flngal second,. Hargls third.
Time: i:m ,
F" fth ran, nix snn a nair lunnnss: ireia
gna won, McGee seoond. Toad third. Time:
Sixth rsce, one mile: TJnsrulst won, Sidney
n live fpcond Karl third. Time: 1:414.
BT. IXJC1H. Sept. A. Li. uinson eamiy
on the.Nlmrod stake at Deimar toaay,
First race, six furlongs: Rose Court wo.i,
Irene Mack second. Tangent third. Time:
i -i .
v... nr m mi . ami vpniT v.ri',:
Rengaw won. Wllhelmlna second, , Heglra
third. Time: 1:47- - , '
Third race, six turiongs: (una; ,ruwn,
Rid Silver second. Vestry third. Time:
D. Gibson won.' Dave Bornmefs second,
uilu Virt .Time; ' -
Fifth race, nve iurioogi: ;iu" ."Ll
won. Columbia Girl- second,, Tngolthrlft
third, Ttrndn-i;!!. " f i 'j, ', J -Mfi V
Sixth l-ce,(,on nlle:v.'RVa' rfjWonJ fllnt;..,
lock secofjil! Aluddin, ,tirduj.T1trce: el:-.--. ?
B.u.nlh rarXk iine I mllK tfnd MC SJlUB rtT U
Ist Nlttht won. 'The. Bobb sftcoiifl, W.,B.
Gates third. , Time:- 2:00., V -, - r-.,.
Harraurd Wins trasn Williams
CAMBRIDGE. Maas., Sept. 'i Th Orenj
ln- e-ama nf the aeasnn on Solrtiers rlell
waa won by Harvard from WHl'ams thla
afternoon, by a acore of 1 ta o. "ine gme
must ren eta w th. Drilllsni nays, lit nin
vard backs doing exceUent: work Individ
icjlltr '
Both teams relied- on the old style Play-t
lnr. uslna onlv rlmple line bucks and short
. made litue gain
lint and was foreed
end runa.
tkrniiirh Ihj. Wt.rVf.rd
to uunt on almost every trial. Orl the other
hand the Crimson team gilned at will
through all parts of their opponents" lino,
Mills R-
Parkin R-
8 bor R.
Roblnaoa-Coburs . . . .L.
Know Hod L. T.
Burseaa L. K.
Marahall Q B.
Nlchola-Randall..U H. B
Llndaay R.
K. B
H. B
E. .
3. . . wataon-Uobaon
. Poaoodj-Uurta
L. H. B.-Outtoroon-BrowB
Touchdowna: Nichols. S. Goala: MarhaU.
Referee: John Howe. Umpire: James Law.
rence. Linesmen: Lincoln for Williams
Lawrence for Harvard. Time of halves
10 and 8 minutes. . -
Yale Flads Eaay Victory.'
NEW HAVEN. Conn.. Sept. 26 Ya!e and
Trinity opened the foot ball seison here
today In a one-sided game. The Yale
scrubs gave the "Vartlty" harder practice
very day than the little Hartford teim
waa capable of giving. Yale scored Si
points and Trinity failed to make any
thing In either half. Yale made use of
Its big substitute squad. There were
seventeen substitutes in Its list. Lineup:
Rafferty-Har U. E. R.
Blall-Khine L. T. R. T. ......
Mortca-Allandar U O. R. O
Roraback-Hrolth C. C
hlourr-UtcJieldar..R. 0. L. O......
Uogan-Turnar I
Brown -Hloomr....R. T. L. T
hrlln-Morbad- I
Stlllman R. Ilk I
Dunohuo Q. BO. B
Slvnaoa L. H. B. R. H. B..
MMoIf-Soiar....R. H. h L. H. B...
Lawranc T. B. P. B
absence of frequent punting and kicking.
Crelghton did not punt once and the High
school only when obliged to. Referee El
llck said that each teem played a fast
and snappy game and that considering th
time cf the season the teams made a
fine showing and that the prospecta are
very bright for a victorious season for
each. He added, however, that the High
chool lacked the team work that It
ahould have, duo undoubtedly to the fact
of Inadequate coaching.
Tha lineup: i
7tnao-Tbompatt...R. bw
yiirln 1
Ttiompaoa ll'aH.....K. l. ; roiriton...
Strtn I T.:1,amplilr...
Str-phrn R- U. Knndr.,..
Baxter U O i Mulallr.....
Rotherr-Wlthr C.,Cal!i
Brown-Todor Q. R jCalahaa (Capt.)
Shlrld H. H
Burnrtt L. H
Putnam F. B
D. C4.
McOorero. . .
A. Toad
b. B.
.. r. n.
...U T.
..R. T.
...L. O.
. R. - .
...J. R..
..R. M.
...L. H.
.. F. B.
Crelghton, IS; High school. 0.
Tha sun shone forth brightly shortly
after noon yesterday, as if pleased that the
foot ball season had agsln rolled 'round
and was fairly started on Its boisterous
career. . Tha pleasant weather and tha
promised good game drew a crowd of per
haps 800 spectators to Crelghton university
campus, where tha High school team was
scheduled to engage the Crelghton team
nw anwtA fn.l .tf.m.l 1 1 V.I W
iwi .wi'i. . .-"' j . j ......... . . . . wj.i.. r...a
Although It waa a foregone conclusion that f -. -
Referee: ElMok. Umpire: Frnnk C'
ford. Llnramen: Montgomery, Bul. Tlme
kepor: Falrbrother. Score: Crelghton,
18; High School, 0. T'-urhdowns: A. Coad,
Lamphlcr, Kennedy.
Crelghton would defeat tha High school.
tha adherents of tha latter were there In
full force to cheer and encourage the boys.
Although they were greatly outweighed
they held the Crelghton team down, to a
comparatively good tussle.
Cheers greeted the appearance f tha
High school team and were redoubled when
Crelgbton'a long Una . of players, among
them Kennedy, whose six feet six made
him doubly conspicuous, trotted confidently
onto tha field. Very little time waa lost In
practice and promptly at 4. Crelghton hav
ing won tha toss up, the teams took their
station and tha referee blew his. whistle.
Battle Begins.
' Thompson kicked tha ball to Kehoe, who
waa downed on tha twenty-yard line by
Fleming. A. Coad was sent around tha
left end, but waa downed by Benson four
yards behind tha line. Dick Coad mads
five yards on line buck and Crelghton set
tled down to profitable line bucking, varied
by a gubstantlal run around right end by
McOovern, On the next play Lamphler al
most broke away, but was downed after
gaining ten yards. Callahan cleared left
nd on Quarterback play and made twenty
five yards before Brome connected with
Mm. Coad made good gains, and Lamphler
was pushed over the line after six minutes
of play. Ed Crelghton kicked an easy
Crelghton kicked to High school at 4:10.
.fjhlqjds advanced eighteen yards. Thomp
son punted' to A. Coad, who was downed
In his tracks by Benson. Crelghton made
several ' good gains, finally sending Calla
han around right end for twenty yards.
Ha was downed by Thompson and Brome
on the High school's fifteen-yard line. From
there Crelghton rapidly advanced the ball
to the half-yard line, where the High school
boys braced VP and did their best playing,
successfully resisting tha fierce mass plays
of Crelghton and holding their opponents
for down. Obtaining the bail they sent
Burnett through for a good gain. The
half ended with- the ball on the High
school's four-yard line and In Its possession.
At 4:35 'Ed Crelghton again kicked to
Shields, -who returned tha ball ten yards.
Thompson was compelled to punt, but the
ball was . blocked . by. .Kennedy and rolled
back to the three-yard line. High school
till retained the ball, because of a foul
bjr Crelghton and Burnett made 'five yards.
But herfv Thompson' again attempted to
punt and was again blocked by Kennedy,
who fall on the ' ball. . behind the line.
.SQpflnffjjtl.tducbdown.Ed Crelghton kicked
.abiJr.-jii 'kbit'.' ' .'; -. '
.!Th,ba being returned. o the center of
the neldr-Ed Crelghton-orK-e more kicked to
Shields, Brho'iadvgnced ten yards Yoder,
tumbled . by.' Shbslds,. fell -.on . . the ball.
Cr1gbtr','.iraa, ;pr)aUxa ten..' yards for
offside t)ly:' ' Yodr" stcmed continually un
able .to deliver, the ball a)d Thompson waa
compelled to- punt, bnt kicked : sldewlse,
making" only ten yards.: Callahan, went
bround right end for twenty yards and
would, have scored ' but for Yoder. who
downed him on the ten-yard line. Cuad
went through for five yards and again for
five, malting a touchdown. " Ed Crelghton
kicked goal. Ed Crelghton kicked io
Shields, who returned the ball fifteen yards
and another five yards on the next play.
The High school here made several good
gains, Crelghton waa penalised Ave yards
for foul play, but soon secured the boll
on a fumble. D. Coad went around left
end for seventeen yards and McOovern
made ten yarda around right end, but ran
entirely across the field to do It. Crelghton
msde another gain and the half ended with
tha ball on tha High school's eighteen-yard
BeDaon, Putnam and . Shields played tha
beat game for the High school, while on
the Crelghton aide were Callahan, whose
Interfering waa one of the best feourea
of tha game, Dick Coad and Kennedy.
Umpire Frank Crawford criticised tha
u in f ' ?. IV
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Sept. M. (Srec al Tele-
Touchdowns: Mitchell, Metcalf. Warmer,
Allen, McCoy. Kinney. Goals f'Om touch
downs: Metcalf, 2; Bloomer, 2. Final score:
Yale, 36; Trinity, 0. Length of halves: la
and 10 minutes.
NEW YORK, Sept. 26. Columbia opened
the foot 'ball season at the polo grounds
when her "Varsity" eleven defeated ths
team from Weslyan by a score of 10 to 0.
The local team proved Itself strong on ths
line, but was weak at the end positions
and fumbled at dangerous times.
Ceraell Takes from llabart,
ITHACA, N. Bept. 26-Cornell today
defeated Hobart on the gridiron by a score
of U to 0. Cornell's tables were made on
two touchdowns and a wafety. Tne vis
itors did not come within striking distance
of Corneli a gual and never made five yarda
in three downs. '
PaansytvfeMlav Defaats JDlcklaaaa.
ersons witnessed tha opening of tha foot
PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 20,-Fully 12.0)0
ball season hers between Pennsylvania and
Dickinson. The score
t2: Dickinson. 0.
Prior to tha game the Franklin field
was formally opened. The feature of the
game was the excellent work of Pennsyl
vania's men back of the line, Reynolds'
punting being particularly noteworthy.'
Touchdowns: Reynolds, Banmett, 2;
Drkn, ellligan. Goals from louchduwn:
Mitchell, L Length of halves: 2 minutes.
Mlaaeaota Wlas from Carletoa. '
MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. U-In thirty-five
minutes' play Mlnneaota scored 22 polnta
on the Carleton college team. today. Their
opponents, though culwuignel ten pounds
to the man. fought everv yard gn 1, la
played good team work. . Minnesota a lowed
much Improvement over lat wek s hlgu
school game. There was con&l jetaule
fumbling. Carletou once got the bail ta
Minnesota's two-yard Una, but lo't It on
a fumble and a blocked play. Weuh-r,
cool. Attendance 2.VAI. Touchdowna;
O'ttrien, 2; Nuaaaler, lisneld. Goal: Rog
ers, 4,
Illtaol Defeats Lombard.
CHAMPAIGN. 111. Sept. 26. Illinois to
day cefeated Lombard at tool ball, 23 to 0.
It rained during the game. Lombard could
do nothing with Illinois'-heavy bocks.
Other Games. '
INDIANAPOLIS, Stpt, 2.-Foot ball re
sults: At Ifayette Purdue. 32; Englewood, &
At Weal Point West Puint. 0; Colgate, ft.
At Chicago mcajzo uuiverslty, M: Law-
ram. K-Coitch Booth'a Cornhuskers ushered
n th. fniiixrlnrA foot hnlleaaon to.iSV by
overwhelmingly defeating Grand I.4nd
college, Nebraoka harvesting eleven touch
downs and sixty-four points In tlilrty-flve
minutes of play and not permitting their
own goal Una to be ones endangered. Th
Cornhuskers gave a suierlor exh.blilon ot
fast foot ball. Tne interrerenco i.irmen
quickly and runs varying from thirty to
fifty yards were a frequent occurrence.
One of Captain Bender's returns of the
ball after a klcKoff was highly sensational.
A half dozen tacklers souxht vainly tl
check his progress and with the goal
ninety yards distant he planted tha tall
across the Grand isiana linn in e gnie n
seconds from the time It was put In play.
Benedict nlso scored a sensational return
of a klckoff. going fifty yards snd
two tacklers before being downed. Or.tnd
Island was too weak to hold the Corn
huskers st sny period of the g.ime, anl
Booth experimented In the second half by
sending In eeversl siibHtltutaif A coti
parlson of the distances gained by the two
elevens credits Nebraska with i8J y.trds
snd Grand Island college wlf.i r:x'.y yards.
The lineup:
Grand Ialand O.
IEDfioT .
Quickly and effectively in all eases ef Nervous Headache. StoK
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8. A. BEAR, Palmer. Nab.
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L. J. BIXJWER8. David City, Neb.
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Nfbraaka 44.
Rnbartann. . :
Bander, captain...
Manh-Bvll ,.
.L. .
B. F.
U O..
L T..
L. B. .
R. H.
., , flm"b
Bars man
A B. Pal
.Larrtck, captalB
I. N Han
2; Brlggs, Clark, Bender.
3; Benedict, 2; Marsh,.
Ilavrkeyea 'play Raggedly, Altboagk
They Snceecd la Defeating; Cor
nell on Haddy Field.
IOWA CITY, la., Sept 2.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Iowa defeated Cornell college of
Mount Vernon, 8 to 0, on Iowa field loday.
The game was played in a ruin snd the
field was very muddy. Iowa fumbled to
Cornell three times within Cornell's ten
yard line In the first halt and four times
within live yards of the tfo'tl in the seo
ond half. Cornell also fumbled to Iowa,
The Iowa line let the Cornell tackles and
halfbacks through to spoil a number of
plays. The Hawkeye team showed that it
has much to learn before, the,. M.nneota
game. October 17.. The lineup:
111 vfea)iLM,M
KxNXsSNNXl Neuralata. Rheumatism. Be
latlea. Backache. La Orion. at.a in
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' Meepieno.
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HENRY C. URBANER, Sutton. Nab.
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J. K.NOTT8. Beatrice. Nab.
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. . . Nelao. Capt.
. ., Terroll
4 -'1
. Burai
Lj T,...'4.I- iWeag
CoulUiard .....L. E. R. B.
K. Buckley.. L, T. R, T. ,
Donoran L. O R. f.
Johnaoa C.IC......
Swain .,,.....R. O. U: 0'
McOowbb .i.sjU.I.H. T.
Wattera ....A....K. k
Grlfbth ;...'i.uV ll
W. Dari H. nt.W. ilt fcruttt
Jono ........,...R. H-. 1). L.-. H , ii' Moore
Uibb ,.!..:....;...:.r. B.'r. D..,"' Dunbar
Substitutes low: F. -Buckley for- R. .
Buck.eyl White for W. Divis: .Length of
halves: Twenty and flfteep minutes. Referee:-Clyde-
Williams,, Jo.waUmplreji P.
P. Smith. Cornell. . ToiciidnWa: Walters.
Goal from touchdowns Jjqea, ( 4 .
. ' . I '
College Defeat tigk School.
CRETE, Nab., 8?pt. . 2J. 3pclal Tele
gram.) In-the -flnst root ball game of the
season played here the Doane college team
easily uefeated the Crete H gh school team.
The high school . boys puyej a piucky
game, but they were too light. Ths Doane
team made the first touchuown In a min
ute and a quarter. The score at the end
nf the first half stood: Donne, IS; Crete
High school, 0. In the second half Coach
Smith tried out many of the new men and
as a result but one touchdown was secured.
Aa goal was not kicked, the final score
stood; Doane, 23; Crete High school, 0.
Tims of hHlvea: Fifteen and ten minutes.
Referee: Jay Halght Umpire: W, C.
Make Offer for Sam Crawford.
WEST POINT, Neb., "" .4. 2 (Special.)
Manager Clark Griffith "of ths Chicago
American league base ball team has made
an offer for Sam Crawford, stating that he
believed the Detrolter to b the prince of
all the outfielders In this business. The
offer was refused by President Angus of
the Detroit team. Crawford played with
the West Point team In loDJ and has many
friends here (
Grand start of Green trading stamp plan
Monday at Bennett's.
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