Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 23, 1903, PART I, Page 7, Image 7

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Douglas Count RaurtM-itatiTet for Two
Co3Tnuoti Cb.:.ea.
decline; TO RlPUQiATE the bar ticket
fXeswlatlea Olcrtl by Jndge inlalda U
Tabled y m Decisive Viva, Vee
Vote la Caaaty Gath
ering;. Ths democratic convention yesterday aft
ernoon gave very positive Indication as to
what It wanted Its delegates to do at ths
Judicial convention. It had the chance
when O. W. Shield proposed doing away
with ths endorsement cf the bar ticket ides.
and ths ruling- was against any such a ban
danmenL The vote was viva voce, but the
"area" war weak and scattering while
the -noes" manifested considerable temper.
It was aaM privately even that Judge
Shields wanted to make a vacancy to which
a himself might be hoisted.
ill t from this all the convention did
to name delegates to ths stats and
hidiclal conventions and pass a resolution !
sfferad b. Judge K. R. Duffle eulogising ,
Supreme Judge ouiuvan ana aeciaring inat .
tha rvitiKlaa County Democracy Is anxious -
f,., hi. r-nmln.tlon and re-election. I
J. J. O'Connor, who was chairman, opened
the tame and good-natured convention. ;
which was not at all largely attended, with
eme very peppery remarks, directed mainly
at the gentlemen who represented Douglas
county last winter In what h called "the j
moat corrupt legislature In ths history of 1
Nebraska." He found fault with the re- I
nubllcan state convention for endorsing any I
such governmental body, declaring that the i
legislature had played Into the hands of
rr .... ., mnA 1
the railroads whenever It had a chance, and ,
In fact lent a willing ear to all the big
corporations. Hs deplored the lack ef leg
islation that enabled equitable local tarn
ation of the railroads and withered Sen
ator Hall by saying hs waa "late of Tor
onto. Canada."
Jlaa Daalamaa Esnlalas a Tew.
County Chairman Dahlman thought It
advlaabls to ei plain to the "rank and file"
how delegates came to be choeen to the
convention by committeemen. He laid it
mainly to a laudable desire to practice
economy and assured his bearers that there
had been no "scheme." He said that after
it was over he had received letters from
the "Herd man gang" asking him to call
another meeting of the committee to i r
range for primaries, but he concluded that
the objectors to the original plan were ob
jecting merely for objection's sake, and
therefore he did not get active.
juage nnieiaa presenteo eis non partisan
a . ....
resolution just Derore delegates to the ju- ' Patrick Ford. Andrew Lawler, George
dlcial convention were choeen. Hs preluded ' L,wy,r- . , , , . , . .
it with a IIMrh in hh k, , , F.urth Ward W. M Oilier, lysis I. Ab
It with a speech la which he went on to rr,,,, l. Weaver. A. G Einca. Frank
tell what the law demanded on the bal-!hfcl r UuU Lowry. T. A. Donahoe.
lota, ss related in The Bee Friday. He said ' riflh Ward John E. Reagan. William 8.
. ,M .
Inated tha liar tlrkat the woiM k., ..i-
four eaadldatea ta sail under thele K..e
. .....
aa the republicans hd already annexed
the other three to figure In their procession.
The former county attorney preeented a
detailed bit of. reasoning Intended to show
thst the democratic voter would lose three
Sevenths of his vots under the non-partisans
hip plan. The vital paragraph of his
resolution read:
Therefore, be It resolved. That It Is the
Sense ef trie convention, thst al the demo
cratic Judical convertlor. to be reld Sep
tember I. l!Kd, in this clrv. tt.e deleie
ttiemif of this county shall use their votes
and Influent to nominate a full judicial
ticket of seven eandidaies, none of whom
shall be any of the candidates nominated
by the republican party.
Pasted OAT the Fler.
When he had finished reading it Shields
moved that the resolution be adopted, but
R. B. Montgomery of South Omaha Imme
diately voiced an amendment to lay the
resolution on the table. This was seconded
by James C Dahlman with a speech cal
culated to pave the way to oblivion, and
in a few minutes ths document and senti
ments it contained were pushed off toward
that wide gulf.
Frank Plank served as secretary to the
convention. The delegates were chosen by
ths representatives of ths various wards
and precincts present. Ths lit delegates
to the state convention were distributed as
follows: . Each Omaha ward, t; each South
Omaha ward. 4; each country precinct. 1.
and I at large. Ths ninety-eight to the
Judicial convention as follows: Each
Omaha ward. 7; each South Omaha ward,
t; each country precinct. 1; at large, L
These are the delegates chosen yesterday
Far Stat Convention.
First Ward Ernest Btubt C. A. Cun
ningham, 1 V. Reynolds, James P. Con
nolly. John Power, K. F. Wllliains, A. N.
Frick. tL 8. Blreeler.
Second Ward Oliver Rouse, William
Fargo, Adam Bloup, Charles Sagelke. Lee
tieiuman, t. iw vwikins, Dave llowaen.
Joseph Roucek.
Lawler. Patrick
f"l "" iwriii.ion. xioinery. .
w 8. Shoemaker. Jim
Kurd. Jann M.
June. J. A. C. iennedv.
.. fourth-Ward-Lyaie 1. Abbott. A. Q. El-
ioaahoe. W. H. Orwen.' j. H. artwui.i
Jemee E. Boyd. .
py HVry . iTtNeU "horials Joyd! '
o. j' Riuman, D. J. OBrten, J. J. Spell- i
man. William B. Foppleton.
q8, V'eJ lPJohnLldieU" W.AiL !
DeKrance. James ' Connors, George' W. i
Shields, Harry Lawrle. 1
BTmIk. ERtnifne EEf'roweU E '
E. Elliott. Henry Kob'lf. R. & Horton.
Jm Bcn",a?rw.m,1,v .
Eighth Vard-T. H. Conte. Charles T.
johnon, p. o Mailey, Dr. Lee Van Camp,
Harry Hartry. J
ph Butler, C Sommer,
4. BWIIl.
man? Fred Eiaaaeer, OiVe Martin. C.C.
W right Walter Molae. B. N. Robertson.
Charles Btown.
Flebarty. J. H. Bulla. John Cushing. Jos
eph Vocacek. James aheehan. Wliiiam Jel
ter. Andy McOulre. Patrick Cahill, Fred
Hefllnger. Thomas Meechan, James Horn.
John J. Ryan. John Gillan. John J. Jc
man. W. P. McDcvitt Daniel Harmon. W.
H. Crease y.
Country Precincts C. W. Baldwin. A. D.
Comrloo. Gust Lesaerman. Eseert Pahl.
William Omstead. Frank E. Munn. A. E.
Burke, A. Wellmaa.
At Large James P. English, John Neble,
I. t, O Conner. R. L. Metcalf. J. M. Tobln.
Far JadlrUI Convention,
First Ward Dave Rowden. E J. Dm.
John Eeller. Charles Rahn, Ailie McCann.
Dan Get 1 us, R F. WllUama.
Second Ward R. J. Ailchtnson, Oliver
I ward K. i. Ailchlnson, Oliver
J. D. Murphy, A. J. Sloup. W. JL
n. William Fargo, John Elsaaser.
Ward A. L. Knabe. W. 8 Shoe -
nouse. j. it.
. makw, xu,, nattl. J. A. C. Kennedy.
, roi'pieton. narry t u rseiii, u. . Mer-
A. N Ferguaon. jobn F. Moriarty,
rt Wilitama
Sixth Wrd-i-d P. Smith. G. W. Shlelda
tK". ."nr" .-"" "e"rfT
n t, oven
W Coveil. W. H. DeFranee. John Lidd-Ti.
Seventh V ard Bdeon Rich. E R. I Hi me,
J. J. O'Conner. A Murphy. J. W. Wood
rouch. Alex Altschuler. R. 8. Horton.
fcghtb Ward T. H. Conte. H. C. Ander
son. R. O Valley. P. M Tobln, L. Kroner,
Lee Van Camp. C. T. Johnson.
Ninth Ward C. J. Smyth. C. I. Mont-s-:nery,
W. C. Bullard. A. II. Hippie. C. C.
Wright. C F. Hopper. H 8 Daniels.
South Omahs James H Bulla. D. Sullt
vn. Jamea Whites. John Tollandek. P.
VrUVntrueh, Jacob Dvs. Jvne Weare.
Charlee 6 wean n en. Wllllira Mtrtln, P. J.
O'Connor. Patrit k J rden. Stephen Vail,
P. C Caldwell. William B rod -rick. Joha
Schale-ler. R. H. Montgomery. Tom O C'ou
nor. Morgan Heafey.
Country Pre-ii.cs Georrs F ry,rti
Peter Seech. O. Plckard, A. H. Campbell,
O. Cowing. F. R Munn. George McArdle.
At Large James P. English, John Neble.
J. J. O'Conner, R. L. Metcalf. J. M. Tanner.
Plctare Presented When John L.
Webster Visited. Iifiaart
A special dispatch from Oyster Bay says:
"President Roosevelt was much pleased
with the fine indorsement given by the Ne
braska republicans to the administrations
of McKinley and himself and was Inter
ested In the declaration In favor of John
Lee Webster of Omaha for vice president
The president will not discuss the candi
dacy of any man for second place on the
ticket, but he knows Mr. Webster very
well as a republican and a lawyer."
The first meeting of President Roosevelt
and Hon. John L- Webster as treasured
In the memory of Senator Millard Is not
without Interest to those who have become
familiar with the smiling Ivory arcade and
the breesy middle distance which the car
toonists have Inked upon the mind of the
public as the personality of the strenuous
president, and to those who know the
carefully groomed Mr. Webeter. The meet
ing was at Oyster Bay where Senator Mil
lard had taken Mr. Webster during the
-astern visit of that attorney last Sep-
. k. ,h. h ,h- .,n.m canal
commission waa Deing iuiiddu.
The former chief of all rough riders had
been at pistol practice with his eldest son.
Observe, as did the eye of Senator Mil-
,ard 00 th" on "ld" ,eader f lh r
publican party, the president over all the
states and territories and all the islands;
coi:rlpM ,hlrt upon Wra opn " th
throat one suspender hanging loose for
more freedom, perspiring face with awell-
,n v'tn" abov th COllr b"", Whl" ,n
he right hand, the f ngers of which are
blackened by the escaping powder gas,
dangles the si x-e hooter with It's necea-
sary to shirt to the otber side for the
.A.vmttnnil ihtklnv ft f KatMta: at tha nther
Itrm' "1-P and cool Mr. Webster.
: dreerwJ as Mr. Webeter always is, with
perhaps a bit of extra special trousering
for the occasion. "It was an Interesting
picture." said Senator Millard; "one I
shall not forret."
Where the Cewatv rises Stand.
Report of County Treasurer G. F. Elsas
ser showing the whereabouts of the county
rurds August 1:
Balance July 1 (195. TM M
July collections li.rj e
.!'. 7.7 74
t . W AS
it M
H 44
. U 1M
. I.CmJ ifi
. .& I !
. 1M M
. 7 0
. 14 bM U
. 13 1W il
.. 10)
. wijs n
I . DM) 71
Ju't d shuraements
Cash in drawer
Checks for deposit
; Postage account
I Protet tax fund
On deposit la canxs
on oeposit in csnss
Me'Chants Nitlonal
. Neoraaka National
t Commercial National
I South Omaha National
I nlon Stock Tards National.
t'nited States National
First National
packers National
Omaha National
Union National..
Balance August 1. tl09.0C.Tl.
.ftsS.TTI U
Teaag Ockeel Teacher Killed.
ROWAN. In-. Aug. a-Spec1al V-Miss
Anna Re its, a popular young school teacher
of this place, was threwn from a buggy
by a runaway 'team. She struck against
a telephone pole snd her cheat was so
badly crushed that she died after two
daya' of intense suffering. She was 11
years of age.
WKUCF.R-Marv Gertrude, yeunrewt and
beloved daughter of J. F. and Margaret
Wr-'w cf una ha, August XL at fiplro,
I. T.
meant extra money for meats and
incidental, and a waste ef valw
ahU time en route tttttttt
Why Incur un
pense and delay
you can ride
trains on a per
track oyer a
The fast
necessary ex
in traveling via
routes when
in the finest
fectly ballasted
direct route?
trains of the
UNION PACIFIC via Omaha reach
Salt Lake City za hours ahead,
and San Francisco and Port
land 16 hours ahead of all
Accommodation jrorided for all classes of passengers.
tiiom na,
Willing to Wait Until Other Parties Have
nominated T cketa.
After Considerable Laker Select On
Haadred Doaglaa Cennty Popallsta
te Attend State Convention
at Grand Ialaad.
L'nable to scars up more than a dozen
delegates for their widely advertised con
vention yesterday at Washington ball
to name a '.'nonpartisan" judiciary ticket
the populists, after waiting In vain for a
crowd adjourned to meet again September
t, by which time the democrats will have
met and placed a ticket in the field from
which the pops can cull their pica.
Notwithstanding the wlde-ooen and free- i
for-.ll invitation extended by the populist I
committee to participate In selecting aj,
"nonpartisan" judicial ticket only an even I
hall at 1:90
v ,
uiuium .iier wiv uuur ki tui mv mm
Ing, and among those present not a sin
republican or democrat was visible to
naked eye.
It was announced that Chairman Thomas
ani Secretary Qulnby were both out of
town, and neither John O. Telser. P. L.
Forgan, J. J. Points or George A. Magney,
the four old war horses present, seemed
disposed to start the ball rolling.
Finally Called Order.
John O. Telser finally called the meeting
to order and stated that before Chairman
Thomas left the 'city he had said he con
sidered it Inexpedient to nominate a judi
cial ticket at this time; that hs had been
h w. .Kv.w.i - huuiwi w wtu
Uict snd they .greed with him that it
J v.. w.. . k. . i . .
' until after th. democrat, had made noml-
InaUous and then select a ticket made up
frexa the republican and democratic tickets,
and with possibly one or more populists on be held In connection with the democratic
It The Idea, he said, was not to fuse, but . county convention but further thsn this,
to present to the voters a strictly non- j or what action will probably be taken by
partisan ticket It he said he could not predict
George A. Magney endorsed the above ' -
sentiments and moved that the convention JOLLY TIME IN THE COUNTRY
adjourn to September 7 at t p. m. When ',
It was found that the day set was Labor j reaaarstle Seleaee Department ef
day the date was shoved forward twenty. w..a... ci.b Ha. a Wen.,
four hours. I
P. L. Forgan lent the only spice to the ",,'
little meeting. He moved to amend the ' The social science department of the
motion to the effect that the convention ' Woman's club will go again to Fort Cal
proceed to nominate candlC.tea The ex- noun whenever Its members receive half aa
planstions given for postponing doing so. Indication that they are expected. This
he said, were not satisfactory. He read was ths emphatically expressed sentiment
an extract from a news article In The Bee of those of the social department the club
to the effect that the pop ul In is were cot officers and a few friends who last Tuesday
likely to take any Independent action, but visited the city as the guests of Mrs.
'would probably adjourn until after the
democratic judicial convention, and then
attempt a double fusion act with both the
democrats and republicans. He was sick,
Mr. For. in continued, of holding untn aitv
party', tail, and urged that the popol'.ts
act Independently of all partiea There had
been too much watcbiug of other parties,
and Its course in this respect had ruined
the populist party In ths state snd made
It a laughing stork in Douglas county.
But there waa no second to Mr. Forgan's
motion, and the motion to adjourn to Sep
tember waa carried without further dis
cussion. Caaaty Caaveatlen.
Immediately after the meeting adjourned
Chairman Cowlea called for "order" again
and Secretary Emblem read tLs call for a
county convention, the call providing that
all members of the populist party present country horns of Mr. and Mrs. Brandels,
be member of the convention, and that ' where on the wide verandas lunch
the business to be transacted was the served. After the festal sppetlte had een
lection of 100 delegates and 100 alternates buried In plenty, Mrs. Loblngter. as toast
to the state convention at Grand Island, i mistress, railed forth much pleaaant speech
August 5.
J. J. Points, George A. Magney. John O.
Telser, James McMonlea and T. G. Kellogg beautiful sample In view from the veranda,
were appointed a committee to select the , Miss Sloman of Detroit a niece of Mrs.
delegates and alternates. After the com- Brandels. sang and recited most pleasingly,
ml t tee had, with considerable labor, made . In a hayrack the party reached the ata
up a list of 100 populists of Douglas county tlon, where they sang patriotic and college
to act as delegates, it concluded not to 1 songs In which the townspeople and the
attempt making up a list of another 100 i
populists to act as slternates, and brought
In a report recommending that the follow
ing be appointed delegates:
List at Delegatee.
Here is the list reported by ths commit
tee, which was adopted by the meeting:
J. J. Points, E. Stoddard. P. L. Forgan.
J. W. Logan. C. Vincent, Martin Langdon,
K W. Runkles, W. F. Franklin, Peter
Klewlta, Hamlin Balnea. F. V. L. Horton,
Dr. E. A. Cook. N. E. Adams. John Qulnn,
M. L. Platta, Patrick Hlnes, P. J. Mehan,
G. A. Magney. Charles Poeplsll, John O
J-r O. W. MarsJ Iud A.
M McCarthy. J. H.'McMoinee. A. H.
Swensby. P. L. Quintan. W. J. Welshane,
B. Wright.
inranao towiee, a. . inaaon, l
N Eimtv
iter Mil-!
ler. Fred Moulton, James McTler, O. A.
Wolcott Philip Clmfc H. A. Lock wood. . kouatbott by the DoUgl,, ,ireet brill.
lHtlJr -MP reported to have anchored to
. son. 8. C. Brewster, John Taylor. Otto
Merman. Thomas Reed, James Hartford,
iL?,' C.T rEESS V
rick McArdle. J. C. Root A. A. Peny, C. F.
Lewellyn, Charles Cohen. F. A. Kennedy,
Dan Way, George Ha worth, Charles Ander
son. Charles Hi l, Charles Fowler, S. V.
Cheney, C. F. Laugblln, W. H. Adams,
Henry Fleming. Nathan Stevens, C. H.
Jones. L. J. Inn. Silas Robblns. i. M. Fow.
ler, J. W. Barnett C. E. Curtis. J. H.
Thomas, E. J. Morrow. Dr. J. H. Pea
body, L. J. Qulnby. Elmer E. Thomas.
John E Emblem, Jeff Resmjssen, Richard
Cody, Price Vlere. B. Saaschey. Thomas
Rnllan. James Tnder. Henrv Petersen. John
aicAraie, J f . crown, rx. i. nHentna, ml.
The county convention to nominate a
. . w (i.kM will k. heln nutrnun
Cowle. stated, sometime In October after
th. republicans and democrat, bar. . held
their conventions. It wll! not be added.
Arthur D. Brandels snd W. H. Woods. The
Locust Lane dairy had prepared a recep-
tlon for the party with cold milk and other
refreshments, but the heavy shower, which
wr the onlv thin to mar the dav'a nleaa.
ure, prevented some of the party from vis-
Ring th. dairy. The club women returned
home by the evening trsln. tired but well
pleased with the excursion. Mrs. F. H.
' Cole, the club president and Miss McCart-
ney, department secretary, were not able
to be present
At the home of Mr. Woods the party ex
amined many relics from old Fort Atkin
son, and during a shower listened to the
story of "Nakoma," ths romsnce of the old
fort, as told by Mrs. MacMurphy. Mr.
Wood... Mra. Womeraly snd Mrs. Drake
told of early dsy Incidents
From the bouse of Mr. Wood the parry
drove te "Arllna Lodge,' ths beautiful
and also many patriotic "stand up for Ne-
braska" words, possibly Inspired by the
traveling public Joined. A generous basket
of fowers from Mr. Woods' garden was
distributed on the trsln snd another sent
to the Old People's home.
Oaaaka Police Await Boat Irasa Wklek
te Land Ceaple tram Seat's
Omaha has made wonderful progress as a
port for taking the figures of last year and
I ef tod AT and of the same data last vear
I the tonnaa-s anchored at the foot of Doua
i .tract will be 100 ner cent exeat er That
1 . . . ., .:, . - , . '
I al l'lv fwv aup iai suunf uui mi
Sioux City is able to get past the East
; Omaha bridge to its berth alongside ths
I Cottonwood tree alongside the wharves
near Blair Friday night and la expected to
' in ' moment It would, in all
night If it had not encountered squally
weather above Tekamah with an exception
ally heavy bank on the Nebraska side of
the river. Lora was swept brttJside on
sen ir(4tj:i on I
the lee shore and with sue
uui me eiarDoara paoaie oox .s pu
the ''bum," Ove paddles broken out of lh
wheel and a casting broken.
The first mate as sent ashore to locale
the nearest tuwn, but the sailing directions
. not
hat they shuull have been and
j " 'J 2tJ"
J?n- unr tto Tto a
, ttia (of
ridge for the steamer to come down
for the iron work.
Lora, which haz been put in commission
by Sioux City business men. Is In command
of Captain Billy Sirama and Is In the pas
senger excursion trade. It brings down a
few from up river points. Two of these
will meet a warm welcome here, as De
tectives Striker and Hudson will be on the
bank when they arrive to take them to the
safest hotel In the city. These are Albert
Shepherd, S years old, and A-nanda Balis
bury, 1( years of sge, both frsm Dakota
City, where Sheriff Aides and Father Sails
bury anx.oujly await their return. Tue
police are Informed that the case Is one of
Owing to the delay of the boat at Blair
the police believed that the couple had left
the craft and taken the train for Omaha.
A thoro-igh canvass of the hotels was made
by the detective department during the
evening, but the runaway pair could not
be located In this city.
AsTalr at Kragr'e Park Mast areessfnl
In Kvery Aspect and Enjoyed
by Large Crowd.
The Letter Carriers' picnic at Krug park
yesterday was a big success both as re
gards Interest sad attendance. The prin
cipal festivities occurred during the after
noon and evening. The financial proceeds
were substantially encouraging. The sev
eral prise contests were participated In by
same roue enthusiastic contestants and
'were Interesting 'and amusing. Fertowtng
is the list of winners:
First event. OlrU' race First prlic.' L!s
!e Baldwin; second prize, Mtsa.alarie Hol
land. ...... .....
Second event. Boys' rae First, Ed Bur
dick: second, Arthur Callahan.
Third event. Egg race Fir'.. Mrs. Ma
mie Matthews, aerond. Miss M. Beat".
Fourth event, 8ack rare first Clyde
Mercer; second. A. J. Whldder.
Fifth event. Married Women's race
First. Mrs. Susie Lewis; second, Mrs.
Sixth event. Tounpr Women race Irst
Mamie Beele: second. Mideltne Roach
Seventh event. Fnt Men's race First
Policeman Dsn Baldwin: second, William
Ms her; third. A. P. Hughes
Eighth event. PotofTlce Employee WV
yard race First. W. A. Baehr; second.
Lewis Camp.
Ninth event. Free-for-all ino-yard race
First. Otto Furst: second. W. A- Baehr.
Tenth event. Watermelon Eating con
testFirst Clyde Mercer. Time, three
minutes and thirty-five seconds.
Eleventh event, letter Carriers' rare
First J. F. Lally; second. O. W. Tll'otson.
Twelfth event Letter Carriers' WlveV
rare First. Mm. G. W. Tlllotaon; Mrs.
William Msher.
Following the nfternoon exercises which
continued until after I o'clock a balloon
ascension occurred wherein the aeronaut
was shot from a huge rannon, descending
by means of a parachute. Then came a
exhibition drill by the drill team of AlpSSS
camp No. 1. Woodmen of the World, whieh
was excellently well given, and ellcllei
much applause.
l-larelow Accepts Ortlee.
HONOLl'H. Aug. ?T-H. A. Blgelow. sn
attorney of this city, has accepted the chnlr
of trlmlnal law In the I'ntveisity of Chi
cago and will leave to assume his
new duties. Mr. Blre'ow was formerly a
ddwwiate professor si Harvard, of whlcn
Institution he Is a graduate.
, .
Bright s Disease
Diabetes News.
Facts that Caused U to Take th
Agency for the Fulton Compound,
tbs First Known Cure for Bright'
Placasn and Diabetes.
First, let it be distinctly jnoorstood that
very ct.e of the cases tietow had been diag
nosed by tr mote jr.Kuns as Mnaht s
Disease or iMubctes and chronic and In
cuiable; k"irnd. note the certainty of the
results as in..n ly the recovery also of
It. frKudx tlitj told who were similarly
N. W. S, 'jiil ling- President SpauldL.g
Saw Co., San l"r, riad a recovery in
his own family arid loid several others who
Adolph Weske, capitalist, Kan Francisco,
recovered himself and told two friends who
Dr. Carl D. Zelle, p'onser druggist. J2
Pacific etreet ban Fianciaco, recovered
himseif and gave It to more than two doaen
patients who recovered.
Cnas. Engelke, editor of the German
paper, San Francisco, recovered tiimsilf
and told it to a number who recovered, cue
j of them being Charles F. Wackfr, toe Sixth
R. M. Woou editor Wine and 8pir!t Re
view, recovered himself and told it to aev
era! alio recovered, among them being an
old school t hysiclan.
Edward Snort of the Ban Francisco Cll
recovered, also three of his friends, vis:
William Martin, CapUiti Hubbard of the
Honolulu route and William Hawkins of
the I". B. Quartermaster s le(rtment Su.u
J.ihn A. Phelps of the Hotel Retailer, San
Francisco, and two of his friends
Mrs. M Kmpey. 130 Si finer rH. also no
omrm-nded it to several who recovered, one
of them leaving the German Hospital to go
on the treatment.
And hundreds of others.
bright s Disease and Diabetes heretofore
Incurable, are now positively curable and
In nearly nine-tenths of all eases.
If you still hae any dubt give yourself
the benefit of the doubt. Fuimn's Renal
Compound for Bright s and Kidney Dis
ease. .1; for Diabetes. II V Pend 'ir
pamphlet. We are the Sole local agents.
ShennaM ft McConnell Drug Co., si W. Lur.
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