Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 23, 1903, EDITORIAL SHEET, Page 19, Image 19

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P.oepeo.s for Future nineii More TtTCT
sb'.s Than a Week Age.
iil-u p twin;.'
PKVjvi8ioN-porK. unchanged; jobbing. I FaTsrabls Oiop Wsathet Affscta ths Grain
tandard mesa. $11 i."7V Lard, hlfrher et $7 00. I w . .
Dry Goods Mea rredlet New Croa (
Cottoa Will Sell far Sot Leea Thaa
Tea Oats sad Think t'ottea
Uoodi Desirable Property.
Baron, nrm: boxed eatre shorts. $8.J7V;
clear rib. 19 00: short clear, $9
METALS Lead, llrm at A-UV. BPt-
ter. Arm at 16. w).-
FOILTRY-steady: chicKens, c; springe.
llHyo; turkeys. 14c; ducks, Vksc; geese,
tjftc. . ,
rl TTKn Bteeay; creamery, jv,ic;
dslry. u'uVic.
KOCH Kteedv at 16HC. loas orr.
Keceipts, Bnipmems.
,) 12.0"0
SQ.(aio $"5.()
3S.000 17.000
Flour, bbla.
Wheat, bu
Corn. bu.. ,
Oata, bu ...
Tradlas Is Dell,, with Prices reset
tled Irovtaloas Plraa aa t'a
cbaaged ta a Klekel
snspects tor rutura Dustness nave greauy
fmproved during the last few days. Re
ports received Irom reliable sources ahow
that the warm weather pt last werk ma-
turea corn very rapidly una now tne gen
eral opinion la that with anything like
normal weather condition from tlila time
on Iowa and Nebraska will have
fair corn crop. Merchants have
greatly worried at any time during the
CHICAGO. All. M DuUnesa nerve ded
the grain pita today and on continued
iavorable weather wheat ruled weak, rJep
tember eloping HaO lower. September
corn waa oft oats declined SH'. but
provisions ware unchanged to to higher.
Coadltlosj at Trade and Qaotatloaa aa
Staple aad Faaey Pradaee.
EUUS-rrein stocg, losa on, joo. - Tradlns- In wheat waa of a. verv Lama
live I' Hens. c: awing J". WB.'A w"r , .v??.H"n.
a a. verv I , . , . . - . . -j l viiarauuer ana prices. were consiaeraDiy ua
. Z ' chickens, per lb., 12c; roosters, accord-I ... . Td nn.iiii. aa aaaice nn.i.r
not been . ',e 4fi-- tnrkeva 13c- old ducks I .Z T - lno opening waa easier under
-i- .h. lo age. '(fc, ttirseys, lie, oia auiaa, i , nfliin,,. 0f (.ilent weather In the
Ti I - r i T . I. .. ...
summer hut at tne same time a "reater BUTTER Packing stock, KW3c; choice 1X1" w t- ZZ tJZ fiZn Vd ih. Vrat
feeling of con tide nee ha been noticed for AaiT- iriSo- nintor Joe fC. I here waa a fair demand the rrat
the last few days and reflected In the sire 0 p-'JjriV KYMllKreJih r.M trout 11c- t.ur on ter" of rJ tne prln wheal
of the purrha...'a placed with Omaha Job- -.'il!-3," TLc- nlke V' Mrch but'- the market turned quite firm,
bars and manufacturers. Everyone seemi Hfflic ilueHs'h ISO ' hltVflak. 10c: B-Pmber advancing to A,o, but the gen-
to feel that if a fair corn crop can be '''H'. 1'""" 15T..wni' if? eral trend of crop hews was of a bearish
harvested buclnena In the territory tiibu- "'." " U . ' in?. kJ... li, V Oh ' I Btu fre liquidation soon caused
tary to Omaha v. Ill be the best ever 7 rf:,. L I a decJlne. IAberal clearancea and re-
penenced. That being the case, the tend- : .h L. S C.'. S hVll- lll new-wheat at Minneapolis were
ency among retailers la to have liberal "f . ch; bl?f " g' J1! d?pisln Influences In the litter part
stocks on nana, so as to oe preparea to r-- ---. v ,;''" 1" lor the session. The close was near the
handle all the business that in likely to DV"- blueflns, JO. bottom nrlrn of th Hav Hrni.mhar heinr
come their way. There have been J" S lower at after selling
I. 7 a 1 1 a ajsaxgTTv, kWB .eaaa I J . a "f, i - . J
1 fef aif 4 ait-M tta.a f fcWv tr I ' fcv i4. Virwitr UI
siuvki ea iva
ing tne weea uuaer review, uui w.e e... ... . . nour were equal to 63j0 bushels. Primary
as hss been the case for aom tima past gal. l.w. receipt were J18.900 bushels, against IC4.M
Va lues eontinue good and firm. With every itRAN Per ton. I1J.W. bushels a vear no M nneanolla and
Indication of theTr remnlnlng that way for HAT Prices quoted by Omaha Wholesale r "J0-, fm c-s which
some time to come. Collections are also peelers' association: Choice No. 1 uplaitd, "'k ,0PlDta of 89 csjrs W of con
In Tery satisfactory condition. ... no com- g.M; No. 2. medium. 17.60; coarse Jtf 'Srtd."." toU? recent.' fo'r Thi
jlainta have been uearu on mat score. .
Saaar May Sell Higher.
Wholesale grocers report their trade for
last week aa being very heavy for this
season of the year. The demand was gen
eral for all seasonable lines and they looli
for a continued brisk demand for some time
to come. Prices are In much the same
position they were a week ago, although basket, 76c; Virginias, per
inns nHTi imu iw iiiiLmi iuh 11 ii . j jj.
neiuiea sugars are quoieu ine aarne, uui
raws have advanced a full sixteenth, with
the tendency of prices still upward. Hold-
K?Ur't good" color WSuaTltrimad " SSi"?.? n U8t
f.i, ii. ht I week, and 4S cars a year ago.
. ' '. ' -i' I Corn showed a llarit Imnmvemenf In
the early transactions, but trade waa dull.
with the bull leaders making no special
efforts to support the market and conse
quently prices soon turned weak. There
was an absence of outside business and
Exrhaage la Hearty Idle, Brokers Pre
ferine to Wateh Yacht Races,
NEW YORK, Aug. ti The stock market
was practically Idle today, a Urge portion
of the membership- being absent at the
yacht races or out of town. A holiday on
the London exchange subtracted some
what from normal business. The slug
gish movements of prloea under these cir
cumstances ware of little significance.
United 8tates Realty preferred suffered
from the rumors prevalent that the next
dividend would be pa.sed. Minneapolis A
8t. Paul ' A Sault Bte Marie rose
momentarily on the declaration of
the first division of the stock,
then yielded on profit taking.
Favorable weekly reviews of trade by the
mercantile agencies were a reassuring
factor and the crop' news had nothing
threatening In It. Attention was attracted
to the large Import or reimport move
ment of cotton thin far in August for
delivery on contract, owing to the ex
istence of a oorner.
This la an adverse factor In the ex
change market. The Financial Chronicle
points out that the municipal bond market
has suffered In common with that for other
securities from the dearth of demand and
estimates that no less than 155 offerings
of municipal bonds throughout the. coun
try hare failed of talers in the last three
months. There Vas a slight spilling out
of stocks on the publication of the bank
statement, as the large loan Increase was
a dlaappolntmsnt. but the room shorts
In the narrow market covered again be
fore the closing, which was steady and
almost stagnant. Bankers are Inclined to
attribute the loan expansion to some cor
porate borrowings but to a larger extent
to regular commercial demands.
Following are the quotations on the New
Tork Stock exenange:
Beef Cattle Tul'y Steady for ti Week and
Faeuen Higher.
Moat Too Maay Fat Shoes aad Lasses
to Meet tko Reealresaeats of tko
Trade aad Prleee at Alt Palate
Saered Shara Decllao.
Receipts were:
Otticiai Monday ,
Oflloal Tuesday
Official Wednesday.,
vmciai inurtoay...
Uffloial 7rlday
Official hat ui day
CORN 46c.
RYE No. I. 6e.
POTATOES-Per bu.. 7O3S0O.
BWEET POTATOES Home-grown, per nothing conscious In the local-trade. There
x-DU. Passat, i weather In the corn belt was all that could
Vis Hssaal ftsisl tVkfs t Kak orrtn anil tnnirarnant
Cl'CUMBERS Home grown, per doa., 80o. After selling between 61,fc61c. September
BEANS Home grown, wax. per market I cloned i &iv- in. f .n n.r.nw
basket, 70tiuc; string, per market basket, was off Mc, closing at 61Sc. Local re
ceipts were 278 cars, with thirty of con-
trarfe r,tl
W- . . Oats was chiefly affected by the liberal
CABBAGE NeW home grown, I lllr on h n,rt of prominent Intanot
lay in enipmem ot I rum one woes 10 ibi i .h -- - . r . V . , , '
OREEN CORN-P.r d'o... 10c, I I,
TOMATOE3-Home grown, per basket, bull leider.t and wltn rather limited de-
6vC. I mand the market develoneH considerable
S",l;5A?r,Sr J0,1 ?c I weakness. The weather continued favor-
AVJrl?EA,?'5r1Per bu-' Zim' vev. 1 kbl" 'or threshing and movement. 8ep
CK.LERY Michigan, per do., 0iff36c. umbfr cosrt ,ff4c lower at 4iff34Sc
are da not appear to ce at an anxious to i tonoo
sell, even at the ndvsnce Henneries still CAULIFLOWER Home grown, per do.,
business Is being accepted subject to a de
lay In shipment of from one week to ten
dava. indications are favorable for still
higher prices In the near future and there
is a Dosalblllty of a scarcity of suxars
within the next two or three weeks, as
retailers stocks are not heavy and the
heaviest consuming month or the year Is at
The bean market was a little irregular llfV".n' ' ,v after ranging between S635. Local re-
laat week owing to the weather conditions. V:.hi.., J, i, 'ok cn;.ts were za cars.
There waa a aila-ht advance early In the lc ncy Washington stock, per lb., 2Q. . provisions ruled firm early In the day on
week owing to the continued rains, but fRLITS. a smaller run of hogs and -better prices at
since the weather has been better the mar- PLUMS Wlxon,; Kelsey, Japan, the yards, and with a good demand. from
ket has reacted ana prices are back to tl.t6. longs for October lard and ribs, together
about where they were a week ago. PRUNES Tragedy, per box, $1.60; Gross, with covering by shorts. A firm under-
The msrket on oatmeal continues to ad- 11.66: Silver. 11. W. tone prevailed throughout the entire ses-
vance and barrels and five-pound cases are PiiACHEtJ California, early freestones gton, although profit taking resulted In a
quoted 10 cents higher than the closing and early Crawfords. $1.10; California free- 0S8 0f mot of the early gain. Septem-
prlce a week agq. The demand Is very stores, clings, $1.00. ber pork closed unchanged at $12.$74; 8ep-
heavy for this season of the year and CRABAPPLFiS Per bbl , $3. tcmber lard was up He.
higher prices are confidently expected. PEARS-aliforpW, Bartlett s, per box, Kstimated receipts for Monday: Wheat,
Syrups also show considerable strength VJ; Colorado, $1.75. , ICQ cars; corn 310 cars; oats, ZJ6 cars; hogs,
una there was an actual aavance last weea. i . " i, lf . 'itj. CZZ,. -,i I S7A
and the demand continues brisk.
crate, ROW: per H-crate, $2.60; home grown.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
There Is no change to quote on laundry P"" t-1-7: . . , -v,. n,.hM, , , .
aps or tobacco. I A,tl.eZS h'.KM'' ?kn Putoh,,M Articles. Open. High. I Low. Close.
The dried fruit market was very sctlve and VVeltheys. per 8-bu bbl .. C51 ' , . !
last week and buying -was particularly bul jBH,tuiit.a - n iiconmn, yw rML , .Wneat
heavy oil peaches and apricots the demand "f S.'SpR-r.litnrnk Tokava I2.S0: Sweet- ?Pt-
rnRrnrir am in inniCais i ------ " - - - i Kant
naior niuntg, i . it.
WATE-RMELO.N aMissouri, J6WJOO eacn;
belli a- of such
that oneratora not onlv believe that the
tsrlally In the near future on .those two orated, per lb , net. IVic.
The canned goods market was alse.full
of Interest last week, California lines tax
b Sept.
D Dec.
K"c. nn" frVm T to 25 "ceTt? per sl., ;t; choice, U00; M0 to m sixes. pJL -
Jan. '
Fins Turlciiih ls-ib. box. ber lb.. lo.
ORAGKS Mediterranean, all slses.
In a prominent Place. .Advances have been $3. ; St. .Mlckea or paper rind, all sixes,
v. i . v. f nn t..,j...hBlf. Li aiflini' vafpnrlas Xi.2&.
pound goods and also on gallon, goods, .the LEMONS California f'. tom ,
advance running rrom to cenis pur ""1v,
dozen. The den.and of late has been a I Wf,4,?.
i.Iilta-Florida, ner (-basket crate. $4.00.
BANANAS Per bunch, $2.0uy2.6O; Jumbos,
Th, ttrlM tt ulmnn hat t RO Kaat valnflT
up because of Information received show-1 $3-00.
Ing a great snortage or. r nsn. ine iu
vanca thus far amounts to 6'ulu cents, with
prospects favorable for .further advances Bnd Colorado, per 24 frames, $3.50SS.76.
in tne imurv.
Owing to unfavorable, crop reports future
HONEY Neb. per 24 frames, 3.50; Utah
na Colorado, per n names, j.5ooj.ii.
POPCORN Per lb., .Vc; shelled, eJHc.
umvfl fjn 1 tfreen - St.: No. I areen.
tomatoes advanced last week 2Hc per dosen 1 5,,. j,-0 i salted. JHc; No. t salted. 6o
on three-pound goods ana o per a oxen on n0- 1 real calf, s to II lbs., 8HC; No. 2 veai
gallons, with the feeling very firm at the ...if n to lk lbs.: (He: dry salted hides. 89
Cottoa Goods Good Property
price of
IS 90
11 96
II 00
1 7U
7 m
.7 82V
; 63
ti) a a
&1H SIHiuH 51;
i i
MHSs1341.iSH 5
364 3k
12 1? 77H1 1? TVJ 12 T7U
' 1 00 12 85 18 874 13 F7H
13 IS 12 7H 13 00 12 97H
U 06 13 10
s is a $20
1 734 7 so 7 66 7 S7H
7 $0 7 70 7 77H 7 724
7874 7 774 7 874 780
I 65 I 65
can 14 10 i lu,., -iv. " j vV
12c; Sheep pelts, 2&76c; horse bides, $1.&UV
2 W. . .
NUTS walnuts, 10. I son sneu, per id.,
goods men are now figuring that the 17c; hard ahell, per lb., 14c; No. J soft shell, tM
"f the new crop of cotton will not go ne.- lb., 13c; No. i hard shell, per lb.. 12c, WHEAT Ko.
10c. The reason given Is that the Braille, per lb.. 12c; rllberts. per lb., 12c; gpap; Nw. t t
No. 1. a Old. b Hew.
Cash quotations wtere as follows!
kuwjk-Bteady; winter patents, 13. 75
t snrlnw. xSSSc: No.
oeiow ik. x lie imwii e 1 ' ' 1 1 . ...... ., . - - - - . - r. '-..ii I s"- 11 w- i, iTeli Ta.
crop is backward and Is Sure to be- rather almonds, soft shell, per In, ic, hard bUl CRN Nor. S, 14c; No. i yellow, S3Hc
light, while the demand must necessarily be per lb., 15c; pecans. '. 'fc OATS No. I, 36H; No. I white, 36364
ivy. It Is reported that large overutors small, per lb., 11c. peanuts, per lo., 64c. RYE No. . 51o.
neavy. 1 1 is ruuytwu ,,iv b " v- - i , n
have been going through the south bffering roasted peanuts, per lb.. 7c
luc and even lie lor cotton ana nave uuw
to make a purchase. It Is thought that If
large operators aro willing -to pay that
much for cotton at the present time tney
Kansas City Grata aad Provisions.
BARLEY Fair to choice malting. 46tff53c
SEEDS No. 1 flsx. 7c: No. 1 northwest
ern,; prime iimotny, w.ia; clover, coa
tract grade. Ml.
provisions Mesa oork. per hbl.. $1? 85
mucn lor cotton at me iir""' nm- jv-. z;,.- ij . hlrj 74.57410. r noiPiun-ir pors, pir noi.. tr; a
are not figuring on the new crop going ?mbr'$: w"h4'tt- elected H874. ,Lard per 100 Ibs, $Sltyg.lJ4.
much below those figures. Cotton iww No. f Tt'aTfc- idJuf Short . ribs, sides (loose), $7 40.70; dry
are In much the same position as tarmers 69c; No, 2 red, 7c. No. i, i4.5c, receipts, guej shoulders (boxed). $7 00S7.25; short
In the corn belt. They have been getting 242 cars. .
good prices for their crops during ine isai
"coeptember. W'A 1,.
Few year, and have paid oft the mort- 1' 2F'4m?W' ment. of aonr'and grain ye.tePday:
JoslUonto hold the'; "crop unti7"they get th; OATS-No: 3 whit,. '40c; No. I mixed. bb
pric mey wnuu, wunrs. I Kvb wt kail ' 1 neat, DU..
ofrTre"0 10 ' P HAYnoic-e 'JSJothy. eS.WOO: ckolco g-.-it
b?" estimated at the present time that prairie, $8.25ff8.50. . . I t-' v.. "
(2 per cent of the looms throughout the BUTTER-Creamery. lft&lTo; dairy, I Bkriey
- 1,11. Tht cannot heln but I fancy, ibc
make a sreat scarcity of manufactured EOOS Firm; fre.h Missouri and Kansas
Recelptn. oluipments.
.... 16.600 16.800
.... 72.400 '82.6)0
....238,4110 6,600
....S7.0 M.3O0
.... 8.9U0
. 25,3(10 1,400
Bl. Obis
So pis
Cauadlaa raclSo
Oatral el N. t.
CbM. A Oble
Lbicago A Alloa...,
do Ufa
Chlcio A O. W
do ut pta... ......
Cklcasa A N. W....
Chlciio Tr. A Tr..
aa pt
C. C. O. & t. L...
Colorseo so
da lt pfd
da id ptd
Del. A HuJ.on...
II 14 Ho. P4rlS 44
. go. Rnr U
. do pld
. MlToil A PaelBC
.14 TolMlo. II L . H
.UI pta
jiHUoton Pociaa ...
1 da pld..
M St'sbuh
, 14V da pfd
, 2 IWheallns A U .
MS hVH. Cfiitral
, do ptd
. u jAdims Ex....
, TSH American Fx
, Ununited 8Utl Cx.,
, tit alt-Kiryo Kx...
, I1H Amil. Copper . ..
U3 ,Amtr. r A T.
txl. U A W ..tli
Dearer A R. O..
do ptd
do 1st ptd
do Id ptd
Oit Nor. pfd...
Uurklnx Valler .
do pfd
Illinois Central ..
lova Central ....
do pfd
If. C- Southern..
do pfd
L. A N
Unh tan L
Ht. at. Rr
Minn. A St. L...
Mo. Pnnllto
M. K. ,T
do pfd
Nat. R. It of M. ptd. 40
do Dfd
Amir. 'Ua. Oil
do pfd
ill Aiwr Ivx-oraotlTa. .
alt,: do pfd. ...
51 ARKiion S. A R...
1U do pit
, 14
. SO
Kmtr. Buxar RI....1M
n lAnae. Mluinr Ce. .. 74
..l.'it Brnoktrn It. T 44
.. 11, Colorado Fuel I...
.. W iCnlumbua A H. C... 14
.. HHCoia. tlu l"f
.. 39 (lii. niei-trla til
..tos Inter. Papar IS
. do nM St
..ill jlnter. Pump Mt
.. M do pfd...
.. MH Natlonal Rlacutt .... Slti
. . 19 iNauonal Tead it
.. 4U. 'No. Amarlcaa 7S
racinc ,
Fet'Pls'a Oas M
Preued S. Car 4
do pfd i aa
Fnllman P. Car tit
,113'4 Republle Steel 11
. 4iu: do pfd. j.. . ........ 48
. 64S: Rubber Ooeda 144
. to-V do pfd
. s1nn. Coal A I
N. T. Cantral
Norfolk A W
do pM ...
Onuirto A V."
P., C. C. A It. L
do lt Bfd it) do pfd U
do 2d ptd S'i"tnn. Coal A I H
Rotk laland Ce tT4 Leataar s
do pfd M do pfd.. H
at L A 8 V lat pfd.. (t V. 8. Rubbar it
da In nfd 41 U do Pfd...., 40
8t. L. 8. W 14 U. 8. Steal II
do ofd. '. B Pfd' t
St. Paul 140'i Weaters Union ...... USi
do ?td 171 I
The closing quotation, on bond are aa
U. a. rat. as, rag....lMlU N. ant 4a M
an rautxin .lMVakftx. Ceatral 4a 11
da la. ras 1 do la ine 14
do cannon US Minn. A 8t. X. 4a . 1 r
i si., a., as t. a
do la
N. T. C. n. IHa... K4S4
N. J. C. xan. H 117
101 No. Pacfflo 4 lOti
..101VI do la.... .V
.. rH N. A W. eon. 4a 71
.. U IReadlni (an. 4s N
.. 8t. L. A I. M. a. Is. Ill
.: II I St. L. A A r. 4a.... H
.. 7 SL L. S. W. la...... M
..104HI do U 71
..1M4 3 A AA. P. 4a.... 14
.. So. Paclflo 4a M
Ch.a At Ohio 4U,a. ..103V4 So. Railway in Ill
Chtra.o A A. IHa.... HWTaxaa A Pcia to..,U4
c b. a a. a. 4a pnitT . 8t. 1.. w. aa.. ii
C, M A St P f. 4a.. Mot itlnloa Pattflo 4a Hti
C. A N. W. cos. Ta li I do topv. 4s
r R I P 4a MUWabaab Is .....U4
C C C A St L . 4s.. N do la 1MV,
CBtcago Tar. 4s....... T4 I de deb. B. Unj
Colorado So. 4a fuVWrat Sbore 4a
riiurn & R. Q. 4a.. r iwneai. a u B. aa.u m
Erie prior Urn 4s.... M:i Wli. Central a to
do fanaral 4a Hi,, Con. Tobacco 4s 174
r. W. ,A D. C. la.. .'.lot iO)le..ri ess. le...
Hocking Val. 4)aa....l4
'Boston ttookv Qootatleae,
- BOSTON, Aug. J Call loans, 44T8 per
cent; time loans, 64 3 per. eent. Official
closing prices on siocks ana Donas
Atcblnoo (o Blngbam H
do pfd - calumt A Haoia....4ts
... n
. fcl
... SO
... I
... ftt
... 40
da 4a. ras.
so eonpaa 114
do aid 4a. raS...-..10t
do coupon ...lot
do (a, ret-.
do coupon
Atchlaon gaa. 4s..
do adj. 4a
Bal. A Ohio 4s...
do Sa
do eonv. 4a
Canada So. la
Central of On. M.
do la Inc.
Boston A Albanr Ml iCantanntai
Doaton A 'Ml lit Crsoar Ranra
N. Y . N. H. A H..1M Doailnlon Coal
On the Produce exchange today the but-
goods a l Ul. later In the season. .The stock, lio do... loa. on case. returned; I Z--T ''rtt'ZS 'VtZP
scarcity ot tne manuiacturea goous aioiw iibw nu. a wu..ww NT'" , ifiV cases included 14ifiLii.c Cheeaa at.o.iv "21
will hold orloM no for some time, even Heceipts. Shipments. M,"?"iy,"cluaea lvi'c. cneesa steady at
.L.....w .11 In... than an-I Wheat bu 13 tWO . M fKlrt I ""7r
,vli are aura to se 11 hither 1 Oata. bu 4.000 4.000 HsSW "nh. UMBRAL MARKET,
than at the nrenent tlma. Taking all these I I I
points Into consideration local Juhbera be- I jBiep)iu Wkoat, Floor aad Bran, I Oaotatlona of tko Day oa Varleaa
.nXZrtf ' ' " ' - - MINNEAPOLIS. Aug. 22, WHEAT I Connodltl...
Kail Tirade with Omaha dry goods Jobbers September, 4c; Decemrr 78Sbc; on NEW TORK. Aug. U. FLOITrr.4
bail now assumed very satisfactory propor- track no i nara. swoiic, jno. i nortnern, ceipta, 12,427 bbla; exports, 10.2V8 bbls. The
tlona There were a good many buyere in I Mo; Nol northern, 83Q84C, No, I market was firmly held but quiet. Winter
the cli
the city last week ana tney piac-ea very nurwiern, ayvooc. patents, H.a.SO; winter strslghts, $3 to'ci
liuerai unim .. i nc . , -- I . . - ' - . . . , I . mniiivwia aicuu, aa.uta
.. n v ntt m .in... ann Tnn xm n. ii r , 1 1. amrunn luotrnia: - aa.DDan.oa: nimi . .a vi l. j. , 'i . w. ... L .
prospects for the future. 'A. a general clears, $1.65S.75; second clears, Utt t I tW; winter low grades. $3. 7ulufx Rye flour
thing merchanta are buying a better class b.. In wool Minneapolis I aulet; fair to good, ..u.3.J6; choice to
v .1 . u inan .v.. rwinr. in ,n I. in iin w , a 11 iiuik. uj. ouiiAiu. - I n v, i. i cr
fact -that prioes are considerably higher
than they were a year ago. They eeem to
figure that people out through the country
Philadelphia Pradaee Market.
CoKMUfcAL Ftrm: vellow wuu,n
H.U; city, $1.10: kiln-dried, $3.3Voa.4).
i m yuiet; p.o. z western, 6ic, f. o. b.,
Fe go ng to have some money and that PMlLAUKLrMlA, Aug. iJUTTER afloat .Tat. and Jersev tkST'
they'wlll'be wllflng to spend It. t?tf& nby" prtnS Cr,4UnerT' HLaatSSd dlngflo
Brisk Dessa-d tor r.rtt.r. EQOSF?r"brhlgherT fresh nearby, f .. Buffloi "W, U tTt,
n4. . .. .. .... . . ,i. I. nn XI Wi loaa ..rf! extra, western. tllfnUol lalO.
c: l
I ITPj SB s anKHnil. Mi fx nil " skrwa-b .-a it 11 .
very busy time with furniture .men. uur- ul""'" exua N . i ; 3:7..;: UT
tnir the last week or so local houses, how- southern. 16617c. a' ikc elevator and S640 f. o. b.,
w hava TbeerenJoy??g a very nice trade CUKESE Firm, but quiet. New Tork 2oa!; l, n.orti?ern "'n. Ws . o. b.,
"iu I stapuT llJea? yparlV sets and bel full cream, choice. lOHlc; New York i .."i,.!Hifc f' Ww '
lUUlHi: IlBTIf Ll 1 1 lliu.llia I ,. w aw vm.vtxv.
Mltwaokeo Grain Market.
' I opened easier because of perfect north
l west weather conditions and poor cables
declining later through liquidation. The
D v-TilNo. 1 northern, 90i,lc: No. I northern, I net decline. Sales Included No. f red May
I '"1 1 8c: new fieme-mhar. 7STe hid. 1 irxxun nloaail Sj,u.0. R,.t.w.. 5.'
RARLEY ttteady: No. 1 gOe: aamnla M li-lsc rltuad tnu.n 'w
room aeta in nart
very freely and the Omaha manufucturere
of thoaa lines have been obliged to run
their factories to their fulleet capacity to
keep up wltn tneir orders, i ney ng
If business Is pushing at thts time
tney will experience an enormous
A little later In the season
Shlsplaa; Leather Goods. I 4udibGo.
I a xf a . a. L. lib Alii.
TalK.. .1. .P. .hlnnlna- thnle foil I .U-a.lPl, XHW"
al tail air a aa r-ai r I li 1 u at as TaaaBmai t K I sk anri rt v sa m ai ti aa
a good atari on the s.tuca they have on I i . York, Imports aad Exports.
naud. ituiiher gooai
the country with all
many buyers of leat
market last week an
.v. ........... I iotai importa or dry snoda ana merchan. I . raii-.i.- iw . .
X """f. B.Ln ra diM were valued at $12.2. 66. , br .widT: n7 r"'
white 42o- No X. 'n 1 akli. '
Toledo Sood Market. No. 1 white. 414c: track white western'
'tIWe.S A aood .-'L.1Itl.L'!i I Ing and a oonUnu
her goods were on th, . ," . 1 .TT'.T. ""i" f.
d Jobbers look for sUll T r"ii an t Vm".! il." s-4c, caoeea
eioaeo ans4a.
CORN Receipts, 18,060 bu.; spot firm;
No. t, 63 4c elevator and 64o f. o. b
afloat; No. a yellow, (le: i-eb. white
fcS,e. Option market opened easy oo ths
out rauie.l on cover
fair cash inquiry. The
o net loss.. September.
aod. according to. their reports, 'the proa.
pevts for a good fall and winter demand for
leather ana ruDDer goods aro very encour
, Oysters 'Attala la Season.
The oyster season Is' once more at hand
and on Thursday of this week wholesalers
TOLEDO. Aug. 22. SEED Clover, firm 1 41(tH(c; track white State. 41ij46c. Options
snd higher; October, $f 5.'4; Ieceraber. I nominal.
$0,674. 'ilmotny. prime, $1.65. Alslke. Au-1 FDKDr-Dull; spring bran, $17.7501100:
gust. $6.U I middlings. (Iw.OOti'S.OO; city. $I9.0Ka2auu.
J1A.I yuiei; stupping. luytioc; good to
will be ready to make their first shipments. I xt-anorated Aooiaa aad nnai I choice, 1 USOl.Oo.
In another column will bo found the prlcea " . " . . I HOPS Firm: I
tata eowamnn n . .hnu
at which they will sol and It will be seen I Af irtiv. Aug. B EVAPORATED lo2, 21i,-J5c; 11L 14al7o; old 8'gllc- Pa
that openlug prices are exactly the same I APPLES jult and quotations aTe more cirlo coaat. ltUa. ZMi&o: MuL 14.3:l7o: old.
SS thev were a year ago. It Is reported, or less nominal In the abaenoe of lm-1 air He:
however., that the stock will be much bettar I portant business. Common ars aunted all tiinra d-- . n . 1 an a, ....
vj i c v.... . aj iu u lua..
tnan usual, i ne neavy rains in the east P"" " cnoice at aT.'at4o; lgc; California, H to 25 lba, ISc; Texas
tiflva art uan na AwalaeA al aa. t aa a. eTwanaaka ava T a n f W tkff StaV. TWJ iaA la a.. n-aa ai. F r war
Mid as a result they are larger anil fatter CALIFORNIA DRIED FRUITS Spot I LICATHER Steady : Hemlock sole Sua
limn, tney nave oeen ror several yeara I prunes in tair aemana ana steady to firm noa Avrea Uaht to haavv waltrhta- j-i4
The laraa waatarn najaev- la nnar n. th. at Drinaa rane-lne- from 1U. In -TV. .11 I I " Heavy weigDta, ftCld,
market and la selling at 45c per dosen I grades. Apricots show continued firmness I Hict-Flrm- d
imestlo. fair to extra 4U
runcnes. ana siicniaran stock is going at 30 wltn coast advices denoting strength In (i4c- Japan 6airtic
Hi35c. Other lilies ot vegetables have ahown primary markets. New crop choice are PROVISIONS Beef firm- familv ntfa
very liiiie -tia..g 3ml. . tko ek. Thy Quoted at tV.S1r4eS Old choice St S4e; tjfj 75 mesa KOwAk60- tXf ham. tel?-2
have sold hltthw on a.m. days than 00 fancy at lie. Reaches nOe firm with olco 'pike: W- Tty exTra IndX
lama noVThe-. el"n l J" about th .. . . " led. I12c; pickled shoulders, (c; plcklel
CaTlfornia fruits are fullv ss hl,h u thev 9"" " UmlmMm' hama. Ii4filc. Lard. firm'er: wate"n
wei a week ag The enoVmou. dmnnt NEW TORK. Aug Sl -UOAR-Raw, steamed, 1 25: August cloeed. $8 25. no 11-
yr for OailfoVn'i lln I. ku1S? strou; fair renning. $ $-lc: centrifugal, 8 Inai: refined firm; continent, $$36; South
f rt?es usually high Ths failure of be k "-lc- sugar. I l-lfc" fae- Aenerican $ 00; compound. 74SJ4C Pork,
Vit cro W I. irrselreanon.bu finea. firm: Ko. ..: No, T. 4.16c: No,! staady: family. $17.17.75: short cler.
ai, "t rv. iiim, aM.w-U'14,.av.
iJL n E.R taster: ex ua' creamery. )c
th present high prices.
stutter, a
rood dema
naa neen
1 , , . ..v. w, a y-. u. 11, a4v, 1
. ..i.. 1 1 . 'a, , ia. a jao; no. 11. a.ioc: con-
ian.1 all the week and the iiinnlv f,loner,'v. Af A, IJSe: cat loaf, I extra factory. 1ST154; creamery common
r" . .w""a ana tne aupniy I c,,. ruahe.1. S tale- rwitarat Ilk' . r I ... v,i- i--i,ltw,- ina.lnn n.
autneent to aeep prloe. Just about u.ed. c; cubes". 6 iScT' MoTa8..7ftrm; New 17cr.Ut. torri4 ui?i& liS
. Uula Grala aad Prevision
CHEESE Steady; state, full cream fancy
small coioreu. iv-ac; large colored, luc;
ST. . LOtUS, Aug. tJ-WHEAT-I-ower: 0? ' ,nw0; cenirlf- ,mii while, lOVc; large, white ac
1": "HoWei: iSfJZZZ 'niTfr. .. LT'
No. $ cash, elevator 71.V.C: tra
H.nlBmhf ' Tfekn rur,mKa. t J ! . .
i. N I hardrkic: ' . " ' - KTISO.
COKN-Uwar; No. I cash. 47Ho; track
4V?4:H'i; September, 474c; December, 47Vc;
May. 4e.
OATH Firm: No. 1 cash. 8SUc: track S&(1
r4c September. iTUc: Oecember, Sic; May
ITVac! No -I white. lwiHf.
Rl'T: Iiwer at 644.0.
FI1R Ptadv. fc.M .winter pau'-nts.
$4 ati4 l(: rxira. fancy and straight, U.70J
I S6- dear. i "tr3.".
PPFrDH-Tlmothy. steady $3 1043310.
rtiHSMTTAIe-SteadV. nfr
BRAN Steady. aat,ked sast track. 75rn.
:u34c Moiaaaes, cenirlfugul, dull.
d. Quiet and
Coaleo Market
.NEW TORK. Aug. X2 COrrr K8tot
Rio. Quiet: No. 7, Invoice, 64c; mild quiet;
Cordova. lUllo, Futures opened quiet at
unchanged prices. In keetlng with unimnor-
tant price conditions abroad, and ruled I prices in all ens
quiet with a lutie eveulug-up- busluau-s lerdxy's last bid a. Copper. Ike, $134 4U
Uunsacted. which, however, worked no al- 13. 76: electrolytic. $13 afi4J 13 4J4; casting.
teratlon In prlcea, and the market dosed I $i3.J4&l.V6o, Tin. flrnj. ssvt. 1 $-J.$74ii
ni unnmniw. oaies were iu ,w 1 a ai-i- iaa, stoaay; snot. 4 m. epelter.
begs. Including heptember at $.T6c," Octo- I llrni. $4uu. lros. uacaa&gad, quUaud noua-
av, sua, n.av. I IU4U.
EGOS Firm; stale snd Petinsvlvanla
Diiiej zir: western extras, r)c.
TALLOW wulet; city. 44c; country,
ULTRT-AUve and dr.
Unchangird. -
METALS The volume -of tranaactiona
today aa a whole was small and the mar
ket showed no new features of Importance.
noicing steady iy.s
FHt-hburs pfd
Union FaclOo ..
M. Central ..
American Suaar
do ofd nw
American T. A T....1I4
Dominion I. A .... W
fn. Elo-Jtrtc 141
laasa. Elaetric il
do pfd... i
t'nltad Fruit M
V. 8. Steal pfd 494
Weatlnih. . Commos.. U
Adventure 4 .
Allouea 44
Amalramatad 47
Daly West W
.1)4 Pranklln
. Morale .......
. 14,!Ni.hawk
lupoid Dominion
necaoia . . ....... .
Hants re Copper..
Trlmounlala ......
I'nlted SUtae ....
.. 14
.. so
.. 14
.. 11
.. 4
Jew York limine Q notations.
NEW TORK. Au. 2$ The following are
the quotations on mining siocks:
Adams Con
xBrunsvIck Coo-.
Ccmatock Tunnel
Con. Cal. A V...
Horn 8llae
Iron 81 Ivor
Laadvllla Cos....
X Asked.
14 ILlttle Cblaf ...
...II OnUrlo
... II Ophlr
I iFhoanix
... 4H Potoal
...140 ISavai
...ISO Isi.rra Navada .
...IU (mall Hope. ..
... 3 ISiaadard
... 4
... I
.., 14
... U
... 4t'
.... id
Cattle, Hoga JlUeep.
... .8i4 .wu i.a
... 4.0H3 b-b-) 7.448
... $,64 7.210 4.SJ4
... .M 4.3J0 $.D4e
... L745 4.w0 ,
... 135 4.031 $j
Week endlna Ane Sim lo 5il 17.254
Week ending Aug. 15....1.4J1 43,!jiJ .jtil
Week ending Aug. $ 15. too ' $,.wsl
vveea ending Aug. 1 lo.m xi.mi
Week endlna- July 25 11.114 4o.aul 41.V71
Same week last year 27. 1. '4 38, 117 6o,0E7
Ith-Ccli'lS suit 1HK TlvAR TO DA1U.
The following table showa the reotlpta ot
catue, nogs and sneep at Bouik Omaiia for
10 year to oaio, ana oumparisoias wita iae
1803. 19u2. Inc. Deo,
Cattle (11.S64 482.441 UO.IK
Hogs a.57.1U5 1635.417 So.all
Sheep Vba.134 M.17( U0,K
Average price paiu fui nogs at South
Omuha lor tht last ssveral days with comparisons:
Date. I IMS. lW1.lKn.p.gjQ.llW.ll.lW7.
Aug. 1...
Aug. 2....
Aug 3....
Aug. 4....
Aug. 6....
Aug. ....
Aug. 7....
Aug. 8....
Aug. ....
Autf. 10...
Aug. 11...
Aug. 12...
Aug. 14...
Aug. 14...
Aug. 16...
Aug. 14...
Aug. 17...
Aug. U...
Aug. ID...
Aug. 2D...
Aug. 21...
Aug. 23...
4 f4
I 094
s uui
6 034
I U4
5 20 I
6 154
t 20N
i 174
( 114
6 15
6 234
6 S04,
J 27
7 17
7 15
t 791
7 $9
6 7ft) 6 lb
6 66
$ (5
5 73
6 74
7 04'
781 I 74
81 6 77
( TSi
( 68
( Si
6 79
7 00
I 73
I T7l
5 77
6 83
I (91
6 87
I 15 4 1 $ 71
( 15
i 10
4 43
4 45
( 04
6 14 4 11
5 in
6 04
I 0Q4
4 to).
4 If.
4 9
J I-
( 00
( 78) I 02
4 2i $ 741 $ 4
4 33 $ (71 3 47
I 41 S 7
$ 71 $ 61
$ 77 I 43
1 4ft
4 I
4 821
4 i $ 471 I 41
3 27
I 4S
4 43
4 44
4 $3
4 ,
4 4
4 50;
I 6 4U 4 4U
I 7 151
S 44
3 74
3 7
S 71
I 73
8 70
I 74
more stuff on s.ile than packers needed for
their Immediate . requirements and ths
tendency of prices haa been Downward.
ine general market on fat sneeo snd
mtii can best be described by calling It
lfijjf.o lower, with lambs suffering the
area teat decline. This break in pi u-cs Is
no worse than at other points, so the mar-
et here Is sun well in line.
The demand for feeders has been active
II the week and desirable grades may be
uoted about steadv. 'ilia common stuff.
however. In some cases has shown a alight
Quotations for grass stock: Good to choice
lambs. $4. 75-ij.; fair to good lambs, 14 2i
4.76; good to choice, $3 4(,3.t; fair
to good yearlings $ltVtie.4u; good to choice
wei tiers. xs.lien,; tnjr to good wotners,
.:': good to choice ewee, w.f.';
air to sood ewes. 15 ft feeder lnmbs.
$J0'a4 26; feeder yearlliiKS, $3.25d$.60; feder
wetnera aa.wi3. ; leaer ewes, i.ov-.w.
Ilogs Advance Abont a Dime, wltk
.Moderate Booetota.
CHICAQO. Ana. 22. CATTLE Receipts,
3o.: a-ood to nrlnie. I5.t: Door to medium.
M, shu Kers and feeders, $2.5i.S4 k;
eows, $1 Jvty4.jU; heifers, $3.00tf4.l!5: canners,
41 5 2.60; bulj, $3.0u4.20; western steers,
$3.(tl4 40.
HOOS RecelnU today. 7.0UO Head; esti
mated Monday, 30.000 bead. Mostly lo
igner; mixed and nutcners,
ood to rhJra heavv. IS 4.K,i3.iC: llsht. $5.50
tj ): bulk ot sale, $5.2ta5.66.
sueep Recelpta l.uuo head; sneep ana
lambs steadv: aood to choice wethers. $3.00
4J3.40; fair to choice mixed, $125tre.00j west
ern sheep, $3.8.X(i3.50; native lambs, (i.Xv
40; western lambs, $4.0utuv4.60.
Kansas City Lire Stock Market.
ceipts. 100 head; market unchanged ;cholee
xiivri aau ureaseo. dbci sierra, ri.iwmi.w,
air to good. $4 10714.70: dockers and feed-
srs, $; western fed steers, :t.J
4.76; Texan and Indian steers, $3.$otS:
Texas cows, $1.75'&2.50; native cows, 1.6i"ii
4.00; native heifers, $2.0nti4.75; canners,
$1.26'fi2.40; bulls. $2.0fV&J00; calves, 2.0i
6.60. Receipts for week: Cattle, 43,X);
calves. 7,"0.
HOOS Receipts. 1,000 head; market
strong to Sc higher; top. $95: bulk of
sales, $j.60iB.75: heavy, $6.261 5 574: mixed
packers, $5.47436 tl; light, $rvt74u5 5;
yorkers, o 85rf pigs. $5 6&ft&.90. Ro-
celpts for week, 80,800.
SHEEP Receipts, none: market un
changed; native lambs, $3.15.25; western
lambs, $3.00G.16; few ewes, $264.00;
Texas clipped yearlings. $2.6"Vff4 lt: Texas
ciiipeu snef-p. ii.vjni.w; , aiocuwrs ang
feeders. 32.2w23.60. Receipts for Week.
Indicates Sunday.
The official number of cars Of Stock
brought In today by each road was:
lvalue, nogs- a r s.
C. M. tt St P. By.
Union Paclflo system
C. 4 N. W. Ry.
F. E. M. V. R. R
C, 8t P., M. A O. By
1. & at. ny
K. C. & Bt. J
C. R. I. A P.. east
C, R. I. At P., west
Illinois Central ...
Total receipts
The disposition of the day's receipts was
as follows, each buyer purchasing tne num
ber of bead Indicated;
Cattle.Iiof s bh p
Omaha Packing Co
switt and company
Armour & Co
Cudahy Packing Co
Armour & Co., bioux city...
t rey Packing Co
Other buyers
. 1.00
8 1,310
.. 130
26 7936
leoadoa Stock Market. , -
LONDON. Aug. 22. -Today is a holiday
on the stock exchange. . -,
BAR SILVER Steady at 26V4 per ounce,
MONEY 1(14 per cent; dlsoount rates,
short bills. 2.7f4 13-14 per cent; three
months' bills, 14S34 Pr cant.
Foreign Financial.
LONDON. Aug. 22. The amount of bul
lion taken Into the Bank of England on
balance today waa tiiuw ana .iu.uuo was
withdrawn for shipment to Oermsnv.
BERLIN. Aug. 13 There wns lively trad
Ing In Iron shares on the bourse today, ths
;eneral tendency ueing oetter.
PARIS. Aur. 22. Ru-sincr. on the bourse
today was inactive fluctuations were
light, ine ctoso was nrm.
Cottoa Market.
market opened steady at unchanged prlcea
to 1 points lower, and ruled very quiet.
with October showing steadiness under
covering. The other ponitions were de
pressed, by realising, encouraged by the ex
cellent crop weather and for the weekly
crop account. After the call here prices
showed little movement, and' the market
ruled dull, within 1 or 4 points of the Initial
Future, steady; August. 12.412.97o; Sep
tember, lumi,;10S6c. October. (bokSoc;
November. 6.-ii9 4.c: December. .44uic:
January, 4997c; February, .474a.!c:
larch, ITU's, spot steady; sales, iza
bales: ordinary. 7-16c: good ordinary.
loc: low middling, 114.c: middling. U'4c:
good middling. 134c; middling fair 1113-1(0
nominal, rteceipia, none; stock. 1J.0M.
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 2i.-COTTON-4Juiet;
middling. 134c; receipts, IS bales; stock,
1,284 bales.
In light demand; puces ( points higher;
American middling fair. 7.$4d; good mid
dling. 7.03d; middling, 4 75.1; low middling.
(64d; good ordinary. (2nd; ordinary, (.Ood.
The sales of the day were 1.0u) bales, of
which 3uO were for speculation and export
and Included 1.200 American. Receipts.
1,000 bales. Including 1V) American. Futures
opened quiet and steady and closed steadv.
American middling, g. o. c. August. 4 470
(4.1; August-September, (40d; September,
(40d; September-October. AMd; October
November. I51'u5.52d; November-December,
5.4d: December-J.nti.ry, 13f.d; January
February, 6.34d; February-March, kSOe
t.34d; Maroh-Apiil, t.l3d.
CiTTI.E-There were nnlv lust a few
bunches of cattle hero this morning and
practically no business was transaciea.
For the week the receipts show an Increase
of about 3.0U0 head over last week's supply
but as compared with the same week last
year there is a decrease of about 6. W0
head. The decrease, however. Is In the
supply of westerns, as lully as many corn
ieox aro Dng receives as arrivea a yeiu-
Early In ths week owing to favorable
prospects of a heavy run of western beet
cattle corn fed steers suffered a sharp de
cline. By the middle of the week, however
the euDDly of srasa beef was short and
packers were again anxious for corn feds
and prices began to Improve. The loss
has now been fully regained so that corn
fed steers if at all desirable aro fully
steady with th close or last week. Short
fed cattle have been selling at very uneven
prices owing to the fact that they have
been coming In competition , .with, tne
westerna As a general thing, how
ever, they too are steady 1 for - the
week. Warmups, however .- havo been
neeleotad and have had to ba.11 at the
same prices paid for grasaers. Choice com
feds may be quoted from $5.06' to $6.40, fair
to trood froth $4.(0 to $4.90, and short fed
cattle from $4.00 to $4.50.
. The cow market la also about steady for
the week. The same as steers prices broke
early In the week but have since recovered
the loss. Ths market ss a whole has been
very satisfactory aa each day'e offerings
have been well cared for. Canners sold
largely from $1.76 to $2.25: fair to aood grass
cows from $2.40 to C3.00 and good to choice
from 13. 00 to iibo wltn something rsncy
above that. Corn feds could be quoted from
$4.75 to $4.25.
Bulls, veal calves and stags have sold In
lust about the same notches all the week
although calves are If-anything stronger
as high as $5.25 having been paid.
There has been a good demand for feeders
all this week and In fact the demand has
been a little In excess of the supply and an
advance of fully 10316a has taken place.
In some cases sales have been made that
looked even better than that. The In
ferior grades of course have not been as
ready sellers and have not shown as much
improvement. ine netter graaes or reea
ere have sold largely from $3 00 to $3 85
though something strictly choice would of
course bring more. Fair to good stuff sold
from $3.25 to $3.50 and common stuff from
$3 25 down. . .
The Quality of the range beef steers tftat
have arrived so far has been rather disap
pointing. They have not been killing out
well and are far from being as good as
those that arrived a year ago at this time.
Packers, however, have taken hold of them
freely this week and the market la a little
higher than It waa a week ago. Oo'od to
Choice steers may be quoted from $3.75 to
$4 28, .though something strictly choice
would undoubtedly sell considerably above
$4.25. Fan, to good cattle sold from $3.50
to X3.7D ana ine commoner grades went nrm
$3.40 down. Range cows may be quoted
steady for the week while western stockers
and feeders aro fully lu15o higher than
thev were a week aro. .
HOGS There waa a light run ef hogs
nera today ana tne market improved a lit
tle. The general market could safely be
quoted st oiOo higher, with the heavy hogs
showing fully as much Improvement aa the
light weighta. .Trading was fairly active
so the early arrivals ware disposed of in
It ood season.- Several trains though were
ate In arrlvfng and that delayed the close
ot the market until a late hour. The heavy
hogs aold mostly for $5.20 to Jo. 80: mediums
went from $5.30 to $5 36 and lights from $6.36
to se w. wun a ouncn at K aa.
Receipts of hnKS have been very light for
the week as there Is a decrease as com
pared with last wsek amountlnar to about
U.0U0 head and as compared with the same
week of last year there is a decrease ef
about 8,000 head. The low day of the
week was Wednesday, when the average
waa down to $5.13. or about IS cents lower
thau the close of the previous week. Since
mat lima, nowever, tne tendency or prlcea
haa been upward so that closing prlcea are
a little nigner man tnnae in orce at th
close of last week. The quality of th
hogs coming forward Is good for this tlm
of the year. Representative sales:
Oil aad Resla.
OIL CTTT. Pa.. Aug. 22. OIL-Credlt
balanoea. 1168: certificates, no bid; ship
ments. T 41 bbla; average. 79.251 bbls.;
runs. Iiast bbls.: average. 73.460 bbls. Shln
ments. Lima. T0.116 bbls.; svsrase. 8 Nsi
bbls.: rtina. w 210 bbls.; average. (7,130 bbla
SAVANNAH. Oa.. Aug 23 OlL-Turpen-tlne.
firm, 54c. Rosin, firm: A, ft. C. D end
E. $170: F. $17S: Q. $Xb6: H. $25: I, $2);
K. r?9o; M $3.05; N. $3 16; W. O., $3.40;
W W., $3 0. .
NEW YORK. Aug. r OIT'ot ton seed,
dull- prime crude, nominal; prime yellow,
lltJ-tlc. Petroleum, steady: strained, com
mon to good, tl.35Q3.0u. Turpentine, firm,
6t.t.564c. -. r, '
Av. Sk. Pr. No.
..114 it i JO 44..
.. ... 6 t il..
..V ... I 10 17..
..12) 1H IN 44..
. 14 44 4 Si 41..
..2 44 I 4 11.. ... I ! M .
,.n ... Si 44.. im 1 ti 7..
.wi ... it et..
..141 sot 4 M Tt..
..ill 40 I M at..
..tso 140 I 11 tn.. M I tt ..
..171 to 4 tt IS. .
.171 ... 4M il.,
..!4 140 4 XI l .
.. IN 111 10..
..M4 ... IM IS. .
. 14 40 I a at .
. .tM 44 I M II .
..til ... IU (ft..
.114 Nil 11.,
17 I ... I 274 I..
et in in 1 rt. it.,
4 !4 140 1 r4 c . .
ft ...171 14. I 174 It..
n M ir .,
4i i lie I 174 11..
14. ..14 1 I tt4 ft..
41 lai ltO I I7H ..
t m aa I M 41 .
40 171 140 i X 4 .
II .171 14 I M 11.
II ..
14. ..
Av. 4k. Pr.
,..S4 40 I M
..til H IN
..Ml N IN M I M
...ttl 1M I tr -
...1 ... 4 to
...t-t SIN
...Ml ai IK.
.. IU 4 4 40
... N IN
...IM 40 I 111.
...Ml M I IIS.
,..141 UI IU
. 14 ... Ill
..144 4 I SI
...tsl HO I IS
...14 ... I M
...IM M I H m m
...14 IM I 17 u
...144 ... 14
... 44 I 44
...14 4 I 40 ia 1 4
...Ml ... 14
..tit M I 44
...121 tO I 4
...U ... 14
...ill M I 41
...ill ... I a
.. U4 M I M
...114 IM i 14
..ill ... IU
legation. He served afterward In Iondon
and Paris, then wa. trsnf erred to Athens
and five years ago waa given hla present
post here.
The mnrrtnge waa the result of a
desperate love m4ch and It Is an open
secret that Mrs. BukhmetefT. has won many
a diplomatic victory for her husband with
her charms and good sense.
St. I.els Live Stork Market.
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 22-CATTLE-Recelnts.
S30 and including 200 Texans. Market
Steady. Native shipping and export steers,
$4 2,vii6 SO ; dressed beef and butcher steers,
$4.00ij;.25: steers under 1.000 pounds, $4.00jf
6.00; stockers and feeders. $2.6T.r4 00; cows
and heifers. $2 501: canners, $2.0fg2.25:
bulls, $; calves, 4 &"'rtt.jj; Texans
and Indian steers, $2.5oit3.7&: cows and
heifers. K 2Txfi3.00.
HOOS4 Receipts, 1,500 and market strong
to hlaher: nigs and lights. $5B5fi10;
packers, $5 5i5.80; butchers and best
heavy, $3. frxuS&O.
SHEEP Receipts. IK) and market steady;
native muttons, $3.00453.50: lamba, $4.0""i5 00;
culls and bucks. $2.5u3.50: stockers, U-K9
S.0O. . .
Kovr Tork Llvo Stock Market.
NT3W TORK. Ana-. 22. BEEVES Re
ceipts, 174 head, mainly fet cr port; no trad
ing: exports, 1,435 oattV-. ?nd 6.386 quarters
of peef. .
CALVES Receipts, 9.1 nea; very uttie
doing, feeling steady: jrime veals sold nt
swai.c: city dressed veals in l.ght demand
at l&n24o per lb.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 600 nesn;
sheep steady; good handy lambs steady,
others slow: heavy lambs weak; sheep,
$2.5Ctf3.6; lambs, $5.624'fl6.K:4; Canada
Iambs. $5.82406.75. .
HOGS Receipts, 1.767 neaa; none ior saie;
nominally firm.
St. Joseph Live Stock Market.
ceipts. 170 head; market steady.
HOUa rteceipts, 3.01s neaa; manwi "(
20o higher; light. $5.606.90; medium and
heavy, .uimv.i4.
BllfiLf AMiJ LAUD9-neceipis, none.
Stock la Sight.
VoUnwinr were the recelpta of Uva stock
at the six principal western cities yester-
Tells Germane Soaaothlnar They Did
Hot Knew Akoot Cornelias
(Copyright, 1908. Jby Press Publishing Co.)
BERLIN, Aug. Sl-(New York World
Cablegram Special Telegram.) In order to
soothe the wounded susceptibilities of his
aubjecta and remove" misapprehensions re
gardlng Cornelius Tanderbllt's visit to
Dantslg and hla reception by the military
commandant there. Emperor William has
caused a atatement to be published In the
Dantslg Zlctung. In It the emperor ex
plained that Mr. Vanderbllt was kind and
hospitable to Prince Henry when the lat
ter waa in America, and that the emperor a
civility, therefore, was a simple return ot
the compliment. Furthermore, It Is noted
that Cornelius Vanderbllt Is not a mere
Idlo millionaire, but Is a hard working,
serious minded, self-trained railway ex
pert and a hlghly-glfted mechanic, not
purse proud nor relying on his millions
for happiness, but one of the cleverest,
most modest and most estimable ot the'
Americans Prlncs Henry met.
It Is than pointed out that the attention
directed by his visit to the historic, plo
turesque attractlona of Dantslg, with the
neighboring famous castle ot Marlenburg,
probably will prove a magnet to draw
other wealthy yachting parties and tour'
Ists to this city.
DEEDS filed for record yesterday as fur
rlsbeil by the Midland Guarantee and
Trust company, bonded abstracter, li14
Farnam street:
Charles S. Huntington et si., execu
tors to Joshua P, Brown, lot 1.
block 4. and other lots in Florence. $ 213.00
Same to Thtrftle P. Herskinds, lot 4,
block 114. Florence 90.00
Conservative Savings and Loan as
sociation to Mike I'sdawlnls, part
lot 7, Maloney's addition 1,050.00
South Omaha Land company to
Thomas Ulllesple, lot 1, block 241.
South Omaha 250.00
Same to same, lot 8, block 228, South
Omaha 250.00
Same to same, lot 14, block 240, South
Omnha :.. 250.00
Wilson T. Graham and wife to Wil
liam Musgrave, lots- 7, 8 and .
block 1, Ames Place addition 700 Of
, $50
, . 170
. . . M. .. ...
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
iz& 4,0:11 so
7,01.0 1,000
1,600 100
Kansas City
St. Louis ....
St. Joseph ..
Sioux City ..
Totals '.......'......3,44 ' $044 U3(
Whisky Market.
CWTCAOO. Aug. 22. WHISKY On basis
of high wines, $1.21. T, . .
BT. laOUln. Aug. n,-nnioni owouj
St $1.23. .
CINCINNATI, AUg. & nninn 1
tillers' finished goods, steady on basis ot
PEORIA, Aug. 22.-WHISKYl-Prlces
dropped another cent on .the Board of Trade
today, the Cincinnati cut to $1.23 being met
here, i'rices recently nave ircnn uuiuvaa
' Wool Market.
NfcW TORK. Aug. 22. WOOL Qulef,
domestic fleece, 28g32c.
LONDON. Aug. 23 WOOL The arrivals
for the fifth aeries of auction sales amount
to 172.034 bales. Including 3a, 000 forwarded
direct to spinners. . a
weak: medium grades, combing and cloth-tna-.
169i-21Ue: llsht fine. 1Mj174c; heavy
fine, 1216144c; tub-washed, 202940.
Dry Goods Market
vtt.w VORK. Am. 12.DRY GOODS The
market lias been uneventful, with buyers
taking moderate quantities for Immediate 4
delivery-, ana noi interested in mo iuiuie,
.....nt in iMolated cases. The curtailment
Is having Its effect and Is expected to bo
more appreciably felt during the coming
week. -
Wife ,ef Rasa inn -ESvsy at toSa
. Cornea to tbo Rescue of
(Copyright 1903, by Press Publishing Co.)
SOFIA, Bulgsrla, Aug. 22. (New York
World Cablegram Special Telegram.) The
American wife of the Russian envoy herd,
Mrs. Bakhmeteff, la rendering valiant
service to American travelera In Bulgaria
this summer.
On account of ths political unrest In the
country, caused by the Macedonian revo
lutionary committee, whose - headquarters
are in Sofia, every stranger is regarded
with suspicion. America having no envoy
resident hero, Americans have had no one
to appeal to for diplomatic protection un
til Mra. Bakhmeteff stepped forward.
She Is beautiful, tactful snd a favorite
with 'the cxar and with Prince Ferdinand,
both of whom have given her numerous
orders and decorations. The sultan, too.
has honored her with the grand cordon of
the Turkish Order of the Chefalkat. So
her protection sf her country people travel
ing in Bulgaria means a great deal to them.
Mrs. Bakhmeteff was a Mlsa Mary Beala,
the daughter of General Beale of California.
She and her father spent much time In
Washington and shs met her husband
there when he waa attache to the Russian
This Is a bull year In grain. Ths govs
eminent Crop Report of August, 190$, estl.
mates decrease In Wheat Crop, 40,000,000
bushels. Write for Traders' Grain Book.
Sent free. Tells you all about the grain
market, how tt is going,
and ' why you should
Invest Immediately.
Our whole time and at
tention Is given to grain.
Orders executed with
i the utmost promptness,
and deals closed and remittances forwarded
the same day instructed. With $100 on a
2-cent . margin every advance of S cents
meana $100. profit.
On account of short supply prioes art
bound to advance. Investments at present,
prlcea should . reward ths investor with
large profits.
$20.00 buys 1,000 bushels; $40.00 buys 2.000
bushels; $60.00 buys 1,000 bushels; $80.00 buys
4,000 bushels; $100.00 buys 5.000 bushels.
Buy December Wheat before the advance.
Send in your order at once.
Western Grain Com
mission Co.
145 Van Buret. Street. Chicago, ill.
fiAlamito Court
Beautiful anil Sightly '
17. Farnam Smffh
& Go.
We buy and sell Union Stock
Yards Stock, Suth Omaha.
3120 Fsrnan St. Tel. 1054
ZicArj)ert Sfre t
isn 1 asn . j m
tea rr.y
mir cm i
Farnam Smith i
1320 Farnam St.
Cox-Adams Commission Co.
Grain, Provisions and Stock Broken
kacrai M M Ice Vers U tsilcMf , OaUtU. M S.
We deal in l.OvO bushel lota of grain. 10
shares stocks and upward. Continuous
quotations In grain, stocks and cotton.
Correspondents Christie Grain Stock
Co., Kansas City, Mo.
Tour patronage solicited.- Tel. DU.
110-111 Board ot Trad.
W. E. Ward, Maaager.
Tel. 1S10.
SHEEP There were no fresh receipts o
sheep and lambs again today, so a teat of
the market nas not been made since
Thursday. Ths receipts for the week hava
not been heavy at this point, as there la a
decrease of about t.CW hesd ss compared
nil last week and ef about 14.0j0 head as
compared with ths same week of last year.
One thing to be noticed, however. Is the
fact that a large proportion of the offer
ings have been fat enough for killers. Re-
c riots of fat stuff at other oolnts hava a lan
becu liberal and aa a result there baa been
320 Naw York Ufa Building.