Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 23, 1903, PART I, Page 10, Image 10

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Eafeata Sandenon for Midila Wait Tennii
Einglei Championship.
Match rrettlest of the Week, feat the
Kaasaa Man rr-jved Too Mroif
(or the (Jaleahura: ( huroploa
and Wore film Oat.
The annual tennis tournament for the
Championship of the middle vert reached
Its close on the courts of the Field club
Saturday afternoon, and already the play
ers are scattered, as many of them left
Immediately after the close of the tourna
ment. The contents for the championships
In doubles and singles were played off dur
ing the day as well as the finals In the
consolations. In the championship matches
the holdrs of the challenge cups. In both
Instances, wore defeated by the winners of
the finals In some of the prettiest play
the week has brought forth.
With each succeeding day the tourna
ment 'grew In favor with the spectators,
and the shifting scene of many colors,
dainty gowns, handsome women and strong
men that filled the veranda of the club
house and overflowed onto the slopes be
hind the courts was a fliJIng background
for the playing of the matches. Enthu
siasm was strong and applause, gooj-na-t
u red guying and friendly rooting followed
the quick plays of the men. The successes i
and nonsuccesses of the players had been
watched during the week and there were
favorites In every match,'fh gen
erally the feeling was divided between the
Eberhardt Wins His Glory.
The greatest Interest "was centered In the
playing oft of the championship in singles.
This was the main event of the tourna
ment and the fact that Frank Eberhardt,
an almost unknown player from Abilene,
Kan., had defeated he favorite of the
tournament, Reuben B. Hunt, In the finals,
added more to the Interest than If the
match had been between Sanderson and
Hunt It was the last match of the day
and Sanderson had already played four
hard sets during the morning In the
doubles' championship. But the first set,
which went to Eberhardt love, settled the
crowd's belief In Eberhardt and they
cheered him to the echo whenever he made
a good pluy. Sanderson took the second
set and kept on In a plucky uphill fight,
but the one set was all that he could do
and the next two sets went to Eberhardt.
giving him the match and possession of the
challenge cup for a year. It was a story
of Eberhardfa endurance against all of
the cleverness of Sanderson and the en
durance won. Sanderson placed the ball
and drove it down the aide lines, but he
could not tire his opponent out, and mean
while was losing his own strength. Each
man played a clever game and tried to
play at the net, but Eberhardt drove his
opponent back from the net almost at will
by lobbing. In the fine points of the game
this was probably the only place he ex
celled Sanderson. Sanderson cut the ball
cross-court at the net and smashed back
hand returns occasionally, but as he tired
he was passed at the net more and more
and he only took a brace In the last set
which he drove to deuce and six all before
he was stopped after 1U having been l-l
at one time.
No one realised how close Sanderson was
playing to his strength when he made his
auperb rally in the last set, but he could
scarcely reach the club house afterward
and his muscles stlffenod and weakened
on him 'so that he could, not walk. It was
then that all of the good-fellowship' and
friendly feeling that the tournament haa
produced was shown. Winner and losers
alike all were anxious to do what they
could for the plucky defeated champion
and tie soon was put on hi fet again,
somewhat weak but all right In every way.
core of the Match. (
The points for the matoh are:
mtwrhrrft ft 4 7 5
Sanderson ":?
Eberhardt ....
15 0
22 1
6 ?9-
1 6
4 0 4 4 4 4
. 0144444
:.4 4 6 4 1 1ilT414 4-4-a
..a 08 1 4 4 1 6 4 40-l-
Oalesbarar Men Win Doables.
The championship in doubles was
won by Sanderson and Holland of
Oaleaburr. 111.. from Raymond and
Farnsworth. It was not an- un
expected victory, but one that was re
gretted by many of the spectators as the
holders of the ohamplonshlp cups were both
Nebraska meu. But they were simply out
played. Their team work was excelled and
they played unsteadily and netted and
knocked out many bails. At the same time
Sanderson end Holland played a careful
game, lobbed somewhat, and played the
ball for place rather than attempting to
kill It except occasionally,
It was the very same kind of team work
that Sanderson and Holland displayed cn
Friday that won them the match on Satur
day. They knew Just who was to take the
ball, they did not smash rackets together
or drive out balls by taking them from the
other man. On the other hand Fernsworth
and Raymond had not played together until
Thursday In this year and their team work
was not very good when compared with
their opponents. Famsworth had not
ven played any tennis all year until Thurs
day. For what they did the Field club and
the players have been very glad as they
feel that few persona would have come cs
they did to defend their title with little ex
pectation of being successful.
Seoro for the Match.
' The score for the seta by points Is:
First set
fiunilAratm mjnd Holbuid
S 40143447 r a& 4
Farniwurlh and Raymond....
244v5vll -)-4
Reoond set
Sanderson and Holland... 4 4 4 2 4 4 426
Virmwurth and Raymond..
012411 1-14-1
Third set
Sanderson and Holland
7i(61l(64411 1-63-4
Far na worth and Raymond...
Sfji4a4!!14 4 M
Fourth sot
Sanderson and Holland... 4 4 0 4 4 4 414-4
Kaymond and Farnsworth..
114 110 0-1-1
Wlaaer of Consolations.
While the championship match In single
iru oelng played on one of the center
courts the finals In the consolation alnglea
and doubles were being played on the end
courts. As a result of them the first prise
In each of the consolations full to Omaha
playera Young defeated Hill in the sin
Us and Towle and Haskell defeated Green
and Fletcher in the doubles. Both matches
were good, although little attention was
p i
psld to them because of the bigger match
being played at the same time.
In the evening, before the opening of
the dance, the prises were given to the
winners of the tournament. During the
day they had been on exhibition In the
lounging room of the clubhouse and until
the time of their taking away there was a
group of interested people gathered about
the array of cups, cut glass and silver
ware. The younger Eberhardt boys, Fred and
Frank, received two sterling silver bread
trays as runners-up In the doubles, and
Frank the challenge cup to hold for a year,
beside a permanent cup for winning the
finals In the singles. The second con
tingent to carry prlres sway was the Gales
burg players. For winning the finals In
the doubles they received a cut glass punch
bowl and a decanter and glasses, also cut
glass. In defeating Raymond and Farns
worth In trie doubles they became the
champions of the middle west and are given
the custody of the two challenge cups.
Green and Fletcher, who were second In
the consolation doubles, received gold scarf
The remainder of the prises of the tourn
ament were held In Omaha. Young became
the owner of a cut glass decanter and F. J.
Hill of a carving set, for first and second
place In the consolation singles. Towle and
Haskell were given stiver soup ladles for
winning first place In the consolation
And the prizes having been given to the
winners, tournament was declared offi
cially 'finished for another year and those
of the visitors who had not already left
for home or" other tournaments finished the
week with the dance In the clubhouse.
Many Going; to Atchison.
The players have gone home mostly, but
the entire Kansas contingent and Dr. Shel-
on of Kansas City, along with some of the
local players, will go from here to Atchi
son to enter the Missouri Valley tourna
ment, which begins there next Tuesday.
The outside players who go from here there
will number eight, while probably ' Young,
Caldwell, Scrlbner, Hopkins and Will
Woods will make up the contingent from
Omaha. Hunt had expected to enter In
the Wisconsin state tournament at Mil
waukee next week with Holland as a part
ner, but Holland's change of mind In the
matter will probably turn Hunt to Atchison
The scores for the last day's play are:
In the championship for the singles:
Frank Eberhardt beat Sanderson. S-n -.
6-4. 8-6.
In the championship for the doubles:
Holland and Sanderson best TCherhnt-At
brothers, 6-4, 6-1, 6-8. 6-1.
In the finals In the consolation singles:
C. H. Young beat F. S. Hill, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2.
In the finals In the consolation doubles:
Towle and Haskell beat Fletcher .nH
Oreen, 2-6, 6-4, 6-3.
Efforts to Seen re Names of Three.
Fonrtha of Male Adults for Open
Ins; of Rosebud Lands.
BONESTEETa S. D., Aug. 22.-(Speclal
Telegram.). -Major James McLaughlin of
the Indian department, who has been en
gaged since July 24 In attempting to form
a new treaty with the Rosebud Indians for
their unallotted land In Gregory county, is
In this city this evening. The major Is
making slow, but steady progress in his
endeavor to secure the signatures of three
fourths of the male adults required accord
ing to the treaty of 1868. He Is not sanguine
that he will be successful, but already has
about one-half, which, he says, will make
the new treaty optional with congress. He
has unlimited time and is making the best
endeavors. He says there will be absolutely
no question of the passage of the bill In
congress If three-fourths are secured and
very little if one half Is reached.
The new treaty is a slight modification of
the Burke bill Introduced In the last daya
of the last congress. It provide for A
payment of 12.60 per aor out of the pro
ceeds derived from the gal to aettlers,
who are to pay SO cents a year until 12.60
paid. Three allottments have been
changed since the treaty made two years
ago and some land added, reducing the
amount of unallotted land from 416,000 acres
to 416,181 and a fraction. From Major Mc
Laughlin's report, people here feel certain
that a treaty opening this land to settle
ment will be ratified by the next congress.
The major leaves tomorrow to resume his
rjW te Amtricam fktmamu starty sears,
Correct heartburn, acidity; regulate the
bowels, remove fermenting matter aud
prepare the stomach to digest proper food,
se. en at, u DrassiM at y sua (rem
Trll lAMAwr tX, 11 4j trt, Mew Vera
Was Built fcy'Methodlsts Twelve Tears
Ago Will Now Become Com
mercial School.
HOT SPRINGS, 8. D., Aug. B.-(Bpe-
clal.) Bishop Starlha, of the Cathollo
church has about completed arrangements
for the purchase of the Black Hills college
property with a view to operating a com
mercial and business college, with other
educational feature. He say the insti
tution would be conducted on strictly non-
sectarian line. Should the bishop purchase
the property, the Interior of the building
would be entirely remodeled and an addi
tion built. The building was erected about
twelve year ago by the Methodist and
was run for several years a a successful
college, from which a number of young
people were graduated. The building Is
a magnificent atone structure, three
stories high, well adapted for the work un
dertaken. As a result of the financial
panlo of ten rears ago the property was
lost to the mortgagees. For the past two
years an effort has been made upon the
part of the Methodist confereno to pro
vide for the redemption of the building
and the opening of the college. The Con
gregatlonallata have also . had their eye
upon this field. All seem to realise the
Importance of this location and the grow
ing demands for the contiguous region for
an institution for higher education.
on of the President to Bo the Gaest
of Forest Bapervlsor geth
LEAD, 8. D.. Aug. 21 (Special Telegram.)
Theodore Roosevelt. Jr., son of the presl
dent, accompanied by his cousin, Robert
Roosevelt, arrived in the Black Hill late
last night and during their stay her they
will be the guests of the forest supervisor.
Captain Beth Bullock.
The young men will leave this afternoon
for the forest reserve, under the guidance of
Captain Bdllock, where they will spend the
greater part of their visit in the Black Hills
fishing and trying to get an occasional shot
at mountain lion and bear.
Young Roosevelt and his cousin will spend
a couple of weeks In the woods roughing It
with the captain, who Is one of the best
hunters and woodsmen In the west
Indian Beads
in bulk, that Is. loosel
Sold in thread bunches Cp
at per bunch CIV
No extra charge for high
Looms for weaving
them into fobs, belts,
trimmings, etc.
25 Cents
Here's Inspiration for Christ
mas present making.
Good News
Art Lovers
Monday our. new expert
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ployed ready to begin active operation
on the buildings aa soon as the dirt is out
of the way. He Is getting a stone sawing
plant In place at the Evans quarry and will
begin getting out the atone at once. . Al
though the contractore have' two years'
time In which to complete their contract,
they expect to have some of the main
buildings ready for the plastering early In
the spring. F. P. Rooney, who Is chief of
construction, representing the board of
managers, has moved here from Omaha and
will reside here daring the construction of
the buildings.
Royal Wells Takes Chlovoterne.
DEADWOOD, & D., Aug. a (Special
Telegram.) Royal Wells died this after
noon from chloroform, self administered.
A few weeks ago, Wells, who has been
tiring on the mountain division of the
Northwestern road, was injured In an ac
cident at Bald mountain, and since that
time has suffered severely from his In
juries. For a day or two he has been
drinking heavily, and this morning was
very despondent. He was a member of
Captain Bullock's troop of Rough Riders
during the Spanish war, and hla brother,
Marlon Wells, was the troop's first lieu
tenant Toung Wells waa about 36 years
of age. Hla folk live In Nebraska.
Ceatraeter. fer rael Bass's New
BaUlBa-a at Hat arlaa-s Cess.
Their Wars:.
HOT SPRINGS, ft. TX. Aug. Si.-8pec!al.)
The contractors have begun throwing dirt
for the national sanitarium buildings. They
are now working upon the railroad grade,
which they expect to finish within a week.
The grading for the buildings wll take
about a month. John Oak. of the firm of
Reynard Oak. the contractors, la getting
hi atone Quarry la ahap aad me em-
Storm am Cooler la IVearasfcsv' aad
Westers Iowa Today, Wars
WASHINGTON, Aug. XL Forecast:
For N eb raeka Loca 1 thunderstorm and
cooler Sunday; Monday, fair; warmer In portion.
For Iowa Partly cloudy Sunday, prob
ably showers and cooler In extreme west
portion: Monday, partly cloudy; ahowera
and cooler In east and south portion.
For Illinois Partly cloudy Sunday,
cooler In northwest portion; Monday, fair;
variable winds.
For South Dakota Local thunderstorms
and cooler Sunday; Monday, fair wanner.
For Kansas Fair, continued warm Sun
day; showers and cooler at night or Mon
day. .
For Colorado LoeaT thunderstorm Bun
day; cooler In west and south portions;
Monday, fair. ,
For Wyoming Ixcal thunderstorm aad
cooler Sunday; Monday, fair.
For Montant Fair ' Sunday except
showers and cooler In southeast portion;
Monday, fair.
For Missouri Fair, continued warm Bun
day and probably Monday.
Local RerdL
OMAHA, Aug. 22. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
tii. corresponding day of the past three
,er: ln.ltt.lSO1.190o.
Maximum temperature ....ft so (1 U
Minimum temperature S JJ M 70
Mean temperature 7 71 74 71
l-recpltatlon J .00 .01
Record of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for this day and sine. March 1.
Normal temperature 71
Kxceaa foo the day T
Total excess since March 1
Normal precipitation 10 Inch
Pendency for the day .10 Inch .
Precipitation sln. March 1....17. it Inches
Deficiency since March 1 4 07 Inches
ttenclency for cor. period. 14. 10J Inch
Pedolaacy for ur. pvtyd, 1MI... T-(J locac
Saratoga Onp XJaptnrad in Fastest Tims for
, Kila and Three-Quarters.
Heae Come Beeond and Water Boy
Third in Flytagc Finish to Splen
did Rao for Valuable - i
SARATOGA, Aug. 22. An Immense
throng saw Africander beat Heno and
Water Boy for the Saratoga cup, of 9,000
today and In doing ao made a new world's
record for a mile and three-quarters. He
set a mark of 2:58, the previous record be
ing Z:6H. held by Latson.
Herrols, Irish JLad and Circus had been
withdrawn, leaving but three to go. Heno
led to the stretch. Water Boy running
econd, to the three-quarter pole, where
Africander passed him. Fuller rode Afri
cander in Una style, winning in a hard
drive In the last 100 yards. Water Boy
was fifteen length back. Results:
First, seven furlonars: Reliable won.
Hurstbottrne seoond, Duke of Kendall
third. Time 1:26.
Seoond, Shlllelah steeplechase, about two
and one-half miles: i.aur won, Laiu o.
Clover second, Arlan third. Time 6:04.
Third, Grand Union stakes, JlO.uou, six
furlongs: High Ball won, Llmple second.
Rapid Water third. Time Mi1.
Fourth, mile and six furlongs, the
Saratoga cup, $9,0u0: Africander, lut (Ful
ler), 16 to 1, won; Heuo, 1M lT. Burns),
to 6, second; Water Boy, 128, to 6, third.
Time: l:bi.
Fifth, live and one-half furlongs: Ham
burg Belle won, Long Uhot second. Race
King third. Time 1:W.
Sixth, mile and one-sixteenth, on
turf: Black Hussar Won, lJat second,
Beture third, lime 1:4W
CHICAGO, Aug. 22.-Kesults:
First, mile: Lendln won, BruHhhy second.
Lady Matchless third. Time 1:U.
Second, steeplechase, short course: Fal
ella won, Arlus second, Oliver Mc. third.
Time: 2:64-
Thlrd, mile and one-quarter, August
handicap: Glassful won. The Giver second,
Bessie McCarthy third. Time 2:064.
Fourth, six furlongs: Schwalbe won,
Wainamoinen second, Toab third. Time
Fifth, mile and one-eighth: Floyd K
won. Our Bessie second, berge third. Time
Sixth, five and one-half furlongs: Peter
Paul won, Witchcraft second, Clifton Forge
third. Time 1:06.
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 22 Results:
First, one mil), purs.: Pint Mason won,
Custu second, Never Such third. Time
Second, five and one-half furlongs, purse:
Toupee won, Major Carpenter s.cond. Har
bor third. Time 1:08.
Third, one and one-eighth miles, selling:
Light Opera won, Joie F second, Mon
tana Peetess third. Time l:bi.
Fourth, six furlongs, handicap: Miss Mae
Pay won,' Croix D or seoond, Frank Bell
third. Time 1:13.
Fifth, seven furlongs, purse: Bas T'Or
won. Hllee seoond. Flintlock third. Time
Sixth, one and one-half miles, selling:
Dr. Hart won, Tony Lepplng second. Gin
spray third. Time 1:85.
BL'FFALO, Aug. 22.-Results:
First, seven and one-half furlongs: Pro
sador won. Four Leaf C second. Ink third.
Time 1:16.
Seoond, five furlongs: Flo Manola won.
Palm Header seoond, M.llta third. Tim.
Third, mile: Falrbury won. Arden sec
ond. C. Roeenfeld third, lime 1:4V
Fourth, mile and one-slxttwnth. The Ca
kadlan Sporumea'a Handicap: Albula won.
Wire In second, Claude third. ' Time 1:47.
Fifth, six furlongs: Andrattus won,
Louise Collier second, Hopedale third. Time
Bixth, rnile and one-eighth: Col. Ander
son won, Lombre second, Lady of The
West third. Time 1:64.
Seventh, mile: Fortunatus won, Lofter
second, Flora Bright third. Time 1:41.
Brighton Beach Grand Circuit Meet
Ends with Some Tame
NEW YORK, Aug. 22. The closing day
of the Brighton Beach Grand Circuit meet
ing had beautiful weather and a good card,
but the racing waa tame compared with
the previous day. Summaries:
Pacing, 2:17 class, purse $1,000:
Al Bock, blk. h., by Ned Wood-Countess,
by Sidney (Curry), 1 1
Bertha W. b. m (Cox) 2
Direct L, b. g (Hudson)
Time: 2:13V 8:11.
Trotting. 2:M class, purse $2,600:
Major Delmar, b. g., by Delmar (Mc
donald) 4
Prince of Orange, b. g. ( ) 4
Rhythmic, br. h.- (Hudson) a
Monte Carlo, b. g. (Curry) 2
Time: t:VM. 2.07V 2:07V
Pacing, 2:00 class, purse 11,000, half-
Crown Prince
dash :
Prince Alert, b. ', g , by
Knox's Gelatine King, b. g. (Curry)
Time: 0:594.
Trottlnar. 2:13 class, rjurse 81.000:
Masetto. blk. g.. 'by Constantino-Merry
' Clay, by Harry Clay (Dlckerson) 1
I AtluhrlnvH tv fDitviHt S
Lady Constantino, oh. m. (Kennedy).... 8
Monroe, b. if. (Walker) t
Anna Held, b.'m. (Kcker) 7 10
Oxford Chimes, blk. g. (Dodge)...-. d
Time: 2:10'4, 2:loV
Pacing, 2:ln class, purse $1,000, two In
Joo Poynter, by "Star Pointer-Laura
LIU Beers, b. ra. (Pierce).
Mary 1, ch. m. (McDonald)
Guy Fortune, ch. h (Hudson)
i Crescent, gr. g. (Curry)
Bell, by Ht. Mark (McCleary)..
Terrace Queen, b. m. (Ueers)
Carl Wilkes, ch. g. (McDonald)...
Wlnfield Btratton. b. h. (McGulre)
Shadow Chimes, b. g. (Spear)
Little Squaw, blk. m. (Ceideburg)
Roamer, nr. g. (A. McDonald)
Charley Hoyt, b. h. (Snow)
Time: 2:(i7, 2:07.
SAl'GUS, Mass.. Aug. 21 The August
meeting at Old Sagus track closed today
with the completion of the unfinished 2:26
trot of yesterday. Sumtrary:
Trotting. 2:26 class, purse $500 (finished):
Fanfare, blk. g. (Hewett). ...4 $112 2 1
John Hooper. D. g. (urtstol
and Palmer) 3 2
Miss' Brady, b. m. (Blanch
ard) t 4 4
Oakland Belle. blk. m.
(Dore) 2 t
Willie John, b. g. (Palmer). 1 1 ds
The Haron. blk. h. Hone).. 6 6 ds
Time: 2:22, 2.21H. 2:24V 2:24V 2:22V
1 1
4 ro
Veteran Soldiers Hold Sixth Annnal
Renalon at Kansas
KANSAS CITT, MO., Aug. 22. The sixth
annual reunion of the survivors of Quan
trell's band was held at Independence,
near here, today. Roland Hughes, prose
cuting attorney of the county, whose
father was killed at the battle of Independ
ence, addressed the veterans.
There were twenty survivors present
from Missouri, Kansas, Texas and Arkan
sas. Among them were J. R. Cummlngs
of Excelsior Springs, Mo., Sim Wbltaelt,
Harrison, Texas; Harrison Trow, Hereford,
Texas and Duncan C. Hughe, Hugo, Ark.
A Book that Has
Come to Stay
The story that everybody likea.
Second edition In less than one
Such Things as
Dreams ire.
aft Of
muiuv via
By Webb Rockefeller Miller
Get it and have a good
laugh, ' Read it and learn
about married life. Judge
Longnecker of Chicago
write8 to the author as fol
lows: "It suits me exactly and Is the most
Interesting and amusing story I have
ever read. I have upon several oc
casions repeated some of the witti
cisms it contains, to the profound
amusement of my listeners. Writs
another and make It longer. We can
stand more of such reading."
And Booksellers Everywhere
Publishers, Chicago, III
"Follow the Flag."
Vory Low Round
Trips to
Indiana, Ohio and
Ticket sold Sept. 1st, ath, Uth aad
Oct. ath long Unite
Detroit and Return Sold OvL 14th,
Uth. ltth and 17th.
Little Rock and Return Bold Oat
tni. rd and 4th.
Baltimore "and Return-Seld Beat.
lTth. lath and lHh.
Many points south en first and third
Tuesdays of each month. ,
The Wabash Is the only line passing
the World s Fair Orounda, giving au
a view of the buildings and grounds.
Through eonneotloua Nx bus transfer
this rout. Blegant eautrment, con
sisting ef sleepers, FRKH reclining
chair cars and high bask coaches on
all trains.
1401 FARNAM BT., or address
Harry E. Mooroo,
Oen. Agent Pass. EXpt.
A. iaus.
Racine College
Grammar School
Pupils Study Under aa Instructor,
lis Uraduate enter any College
or VuiversKy. Social and AiL
letlo Advantage. Military irtU.
Per Uos ef to IT eaa Old.
HI Iran! ftitileses ae aHnUea M
Burr Vnilu Roklatos, Wtrtu
aeiiia. Wis,
ft in
Stimulates a torpid liver and clans the
system of the accumulation of bile. 30
days' treatment 2&c. All druggists.
, Meet Acrtealtaral WeekJy.
of M n4 IWaamastl Art. Hlity m1attt lntrfift
Ion. 1 art feted frrn A4ftnn Tsvchr trin '
airtiDnt. HiocU rMMta lftiitta Dtictlsof I ink taxi
tautna. rlltrm l4tma 8ei t a-a t.r lV '! OatA'tkajuo
ehUi fl a. elOHVef. 11 4 1 1 1 A L i X, lfWdait
The Frochcl School
256T Fsrnan Street.
AU grades. A limited number of pupils
received Into the family. Tel. F-2424.