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Just What Hint Bs Cone to Protect an
O igical Idei.
Ilea Tap to lie rorsued n Fee. to
De Paid to freTent Plrot.
leal l.orpatlon or l'n
nathorlced I.e.
Lots of people think they have Ideal
worth patenting but few of them know
how to go about It to t-et their device,
patented. There Is a long line of red
tap t be first unravelled. A writer In
Collier'. Weekly describes briefly, but in
.tructlngly, the frame work of our patent
system. In England, he says. It 1 an easy
matter to secure a patent, but the laws
there are not nearly so well arranged to
protect the owner of the patent after he
has been successful. Infringements are all
too commonv and many Inventor, haye
come to thl. country to live in order to
njoy our more liberal patent provisions.
Germany, conscious of the reat lnnuenr,
our patent law. have had In
dustrlal Inventions, has revised Its patent
. T k..w more orotectlon upon
the Inventors. Next to the patent office of
the Cnlted Btates. the "orrpon'nB "
Ututlon In Germany furnishes the most
- ample protection to Inventors, ana
1ns- their work.
One of the most beneficial feature, of our
patent office laws I. that by which ap
cllcant can practically pre-empt a claim in
?L"L n Idea of a new Invention
occur, to one. It may not always be possi
ble to complete It Immediately.
. -.i ... zinnia details. Anotner
mayhave heard an account of the proposed
tnvention and attempt to steal the Idea
To prevent this, the Inventor has the right
! . r.nt or caution, upon the
lion oi io . i-pnt
. . . !, no nT OIIU'C. "
niea ai - - .,,.
no that ouunif
make use of .t-.---
Ime no one efse can secure a patent for
n7-me invention. There
lection afforded the applicant In permlt
IX him to modify and alter his caveat If
I. l. too much or made errors n
IkO .
c " and are Justly charged for by the
Patent office. A corrected reissue of a
.. tin nut even this xpnm
frrivresoveof the utmost beneflt
to the claimant.
. iii for a
When fk idea Is perfected, the Inventor
sets forth his application for a patent a.
..,..iv Dosslble In writing, which must
I .v.- r,,.iAni nfflce. A full descrip
te niu " i"" , ,. that
tlon of the invention must be made, so that
any person with an ordinary Knowledge
of the subject could produce a model
Whenever the Invention adults, a mode,
. .. k nnnllcation. When
"I .mn description, and sped
flcatlon. have been completed, the Inventor
L... t to Its genuineness and
IIIU ca uvu . .
originality, and sign the document In the
" 't two witnesses. The applicant
must moreover -wear that he know, of n.
h Invention and that, o
la far as he 1. personally aware, no descrip
tion of such an Invention ha. ever been
PUJ?""h.- n,.c.nt can make hi. claim per
onally and defend hi. right., but there
are patent lawyer, who have been admUted
to practice at the bar of the patent office,
A list of these lawyer, la furnished by the
patent office free of cost upon application
Their buslnes. I. to .e. that applicants
in..iinm nrfl rironerly made out. ana
later to appear before the examiner, and
..,h..ntiate tho claims and contest thera
n. nv who may nut In counter-claim
The ordinary cost of .ecurtng a patent Is
138. which the patent office require. In
return for pesslng upon the claim, and
tasulng' patent paper.. The patent office
endeavor, to protect applicant. In their
election of lawyers, and deliberate fraud
and extortion on the part of the latter
,iv.. ,.,.it tn their permanent disbar
ment. When tho specifications and
descriptions are filed. It cost, the applicant
only 15. and he may have the question
determined for this fee whether a patent
can or not be granted him. J ne nnai
must be pajd when the patent is Issued.
Great fare Is Exercised.
When the application I. filed. It must go
through a certain form which takes time,
t'.ually a month expire, before the applica
tion la taken up. Then an assistant
xaminer takes It and carefully considers
and compare. It with other patent. Issued.
Ilia finding, are put In writing, and the
application I. rassed on to a principal
xaminer. who first examine, hi. .ubor
dlnate'a report and then make, personal
examination.. If he passes upon It. the
applicant or his lawyers is notified, which
.Imply means that progress 1. being made.
If there Is a hitch in the proceedings, the
applicant Is notified and a time set for
him to argue his claims.
When the examiner, finally pass upon the
patent, a fee of 110 must be paid, and some
tlmo within six months the necessary
papers will be Issued, patent Is printed
n4 a picture of the model lithographed.
Tho rjnpers are signed and sealed, and
cnt to the Secretary of the Interior to
Ign. Then they are countersigned by the
Commissioner of Patent, and sent to the
successful applicant or hi. lawyer. The
patent eecures the Inventor for seventeen
years in the exclusive right of using, mak
ing and selling his Invention, and the laws
of the Vnlted Btates protect him fn the
enjoyment of these rights.
People having no false pride, serve
Cook'. Imperial Champagne at club and
home banquet., entirely through prefer-once.
Bright Buiich of Maverick Stories
Some -Local Walls Rounded up and Branded by Bee Reporters
The Iblqaltoa. Parrot. . .
Luncheon wa. being served at the Omaha
club the other day tn the excellent form
customary at this habitat of grtod livers.
when a voice said, "Thirty cent." A black
boy carrying a tray of Manhattan Oooktall.
stumbled and nearly opllled the decoc
tions on the floor, while every diner in the
place looked around with a curious (tare.
"Thirty cents." repeated the ' Volfe, and
somebody told the steward, V-ho . started
to make an Investigation, to learn the
cause of the) Insult. As he returned with
sotto voce report that he was unable, to
dash of red and the unforgettable beak that moment he withdrew his fears a. he
Of a parrot. They chased the bird across observed the creature, were merely large-
the congressman's lawn and through his slied crawfish. Councilman Schroeder
bark yard, and all over the neighborhood, chuckled as Hoye held ono of the squlrm-
belnf . mocked by the old "Thirty cents" Ing things in the air.
declaration. They gave up trying to cap- "Gentlemen," .aid Bchroeder ponder-
ture the parrot and It is still at large. But ously, "these crawfish I caught myself this
the mystery of the voice has been ex- afternoon in one of the ponds in the pav-
tataata Vs. Married Men.
'-The Official Scorer lias sent the folio w
Ihg to The Bee, under the head "Collopy'.
Kids Do the Work;"
""An exciting game of base ball was
find anyone bold enough to say, "thirty played Sunday between the Infants and
cents" around the Omaha club the same Married Men of lodge, A. O. U.
cracked tone, opened a veritabla vnlley of W. . The term ekclting is used advisedly.
that laconic definition of limited finance. Most of the spectators thought It was
neath them and some of them told each Captain Collopy, the old ex-leaguer, proved examples at hand proaucea mucn jaugnier.
other that the place was queered. ' After hint far from being a dead one, hi. two n m n Haves
tho last explosion a dry chuckle wa. heard horn run. off Dick Iloye'a delivery going . a.
and thA m.l nnvU,l.rt .Ifhmil ltfM-run- i w,. f--. i They alway. nave a new p.urjr un
tion. . . Scores of the Babee. Talrlir Hoyo Jumped
That evening a young couple wer. Sitting hi. contract In the sixth inning, as he wa.
very close together on the High, school told that Pa Rourke wanted to see him
steps watching the federal bulldln clock right away. Captain 8tockham of the
and counting the stars. They were not Married Men gave a great exhibition of
caring very much, however, what the total modern ball playing, turning himself Inside
might be. and sometimes they failed to ob- out several times, and occasionally forget-
serve the .tar. for a whole minute. During ting the points of the compass In fielding
this interval they were connrttiing the around hit... It 1. said the married women
theory that the soul lies in the eye., and thought he was making grand stand plays.
that It Is foolish to consider osculation un- hut thev andauded when It- was shown
that he was one of the few athletes who
had not lost a single horsehlde. Umpire
T. J. Lynch was twice threatened with
lynching. The Infant, won the game by
a score of 13 to 4."
Councilman setiroeder's Crayfish.
Councilman Schroeder of the Eighth
Ward appeared In tho council chamber the
other night with a curiously shaped pack
age Wrapped In a newspaper. He left It
on. Councilman. Hoye's desk and the meet
ing got under way. The mmber from the
voice, and then ensued a very embarfaaslng Itecbnd ward was busy getting out a com- on ye.
silence, broken by the girl', request to rnltteereport and had his head bent low A roar of laughter followed that gave
'leave tho nasty spot.1' . '.' oyer his pen. He suddenly heard a hollow, Hayes time to retire and recover, but as
The next morning a group of children were scratching noise, like a land cftib makes In oon as there was .Hence he came back:
playing In front of the deserted residence tunning across the hot sands, and raising A"Aw, you would, would ycJu. Now I'll
of Congressman Hitchcock, who. with hi. hi. eyes beheld a creature with many legs turn you Into a cell and lock the door on
family, have gone to England.' Suddenly and long antenae making for hla nose and
from under the children', feet- came the oYiIy a few Inches away. He leaped to his
assertion, "Thirty cents," and they Jumped feet with an exclamation and raw that the
back In fright, " only to laugh. w,hen . they thlrtg had a mate and they were beginning
caught sight of a burst of green with a to do a cakewalk down his desk. Also at
healthy. It was In one of these rapt mo
ments that a voice from some, place
behind them said "Thirty cent.." , :
Heavens," exclaimed the girl, ' a. she
loosened her grip, while the youhg man
rose and tried to recoil the opening para
graph In Bob Fltxsimmona' book on- phys
ical culture and allied sciences. But he dis
cerned nothing In the dim background.
"Come out, you coward," he demanded,
assuring the young woman that .he need
have no fear unless there were three grown
men. "Aw, thirty cents, croaked the
Ing at Twenty-fourth and Cuming streets.
I am going out tomorrow and catch enough
to make a meal. This Is In the Eighth
ward, my ward, and let me tell you the
opportunities for fishing are great. We are
going to buy row boats and call it New
Two or three of the other councllmen
said they admired Schroeder's way of call
ing attention to Improvements necessary in
his bailiwick. His speech and the horrible
geant Thomas Hayes at th. police station.
The last ono told is something like this,
and happened several days ago: A spiritu
alistic medium had been arrested, a. he
had caused so much excitement In the
lower end of town that he had been de
clared too popular to be safe. HI. name
was Milton and he was an Irishman, and
had drawn big crowds of people every night
for weeks. With him were "pinched," also,
two trunkfuls of skeleton., false furniture
with hollow legs and bodies and appurten
ances necessary to get the proper occult
results. After the entire outfit had been
taken to the station and whljo Milton was
talking to the officers Sergeant Hayes
mounted a chnlr and began a burlesque on
the talk of the spieler who did business
for the medium. He had gotten about as
far as "Trooly, th' gr'atest wonder uv the
a-age," when Milton stopped him.
"Get down off from that chair you,"
he declaimed, "get down, now, I say, or
I'll turn yo into a ra-t and sick the ca-at
p.eciai Fiatio
Peremptory Sale of every new
5- or used piano
not of the very latest Btyle. x
A Few Samples We Have Lots More
New UprlRht
lipnt, ilulu
Cnblnet Cm nil
I'prlKlit wondpr
ful vnluo
GnnrantiM'd V'prlplits
onk. walnut
and mnliopany
reduced to
Used Arlon
rosewood. . .
Easiest Terms Lowest Prices.
Schmoller & Mueller
ye, and he straigntway Kept nis promise.
But if anyone wanted trouble at the po
lice station for months all he had to say
was, "Go Wan, or I'll turn ye Into a rat
and sick the cat on ye."
Digest 6f' Latest Labor Laws
Legislation Enacted by the Various States During 1901-2
(From The Independent.) ,, . , ordered the providing of fresh and pure ers In November, 1902. Both Rhode Island
The May Bulletin of the. New York .State drinking water for all employe. In all and Louisiana prescribed ten hour.' labor.
library Is devoted to a review of legislation manufacturing establishments. to be performed within twelve consecutive
throughout the United State, for.-th year , Mining wa. also a subject of further hour., as the maximum day', work for
October 1, 1901, to October 1. 1902. Thl. legislation. Iowa ordered a semi-annual street railway employes.
legislation is arranged in thirty-nine inspection ot coal mine, having an out- Employers' liability was the subject of
classes, and each class Is treated by a put of fifty . tons or more a day and put much discussion and of several law.,
writer of .pedal qualification for-his task, further precautions about the work of coal Virginia modified the common law doctrine
The tendencies of legislation relating o bla.tlng. while Maryland revised Its mln- regarding negligence of a fellow servant
labor are alway. of particular importance, log law. In a number of particulars. by making railroad corporation. . liable
They vary considerably year by year,- one sweat shop, were more rigorously when the employe's Injury I. caused by
period being marked by many laws and regulated in Maryland. Inspection 1. now the negligence of agent or officer, or per
Increased regulation of lndustrVi , and an- ordained In . dwelling place, u.ed for the son superior to employe, or neglect of co
other by few law. and a cautloua handling making of -clothing, fur. or fur trimmings, employe in another department. Ohio made
of the subject. In the current Bulletin foather.. artlil?lal. flowers, olpar-.t. tjj emp'.oyars liable, for !njjrle. ciuieO by
general labor legislation is summarised uy ana oigars, ana a written permit ror such
Mr. Adna P. Wefcer. Pb, P.., chief Btatts- manufacture is required. .
tlcian of the New York Bute Department ! .Of more general labor legislation the safe-
of Labor, while factory -regulation, are guarding of -. children In their employment
summarlzod by Mr. Horace' G. Wadlln, ..recelyed considerable attention. Minor al-
Ubrarlan of the Boston Public . library Uratlon. were made In the laws of Massa-
and formerly chief of the Massachusetts chusett. and Ohio, In the latter the Dro-
Bureau ot Statistic, of Labor. It la notable hlbltlve age being raised from 13 to 14 year., for the payment of tl.000 to the heir, of
that In both classe. or law. .omewnni maryiand raised the age limit in factories a workman killed In the course of employ
greater activity ha. been .howh by the- Jrom 12 to 14 year, though with numerou. ment In .team and street railways, quarry
legislature, than wa. displayed during the exceptions, and prohibited the employment ing. mining and public work.,
previous year. Mr. Wadlin wrote a year bf persons under 16 year, in the manufac- A. is well known, labor , legislation ha.
ago: .. lure or sal of liquors. Kentucky made un- been more guarded and less common dur
"The statute, of 1901. which may be lawful the employment of person, under 14 ing the last few year, than at an earlier
classed aa protective legislation.. Intended ln factories, work .hop. or mine., unless period. Employers have steadfastly fought
to safeguard the workman In his employ- with the consent of the County Judge, advances on this line, and the courts have
. tn Vitm hla wares., are v. . . A. . e . . . ,
iiii-ui, ui w - --- - - - tuuuBu iu mo i-ouniy aiiorney is elven the icmeniiy incerroaea on rroundi or r-
power of overruling the decision of the for- stralnt of liberty and violation of free-
tner. . dom of contract. The list of eight-hour.
The hour, of labor on public work, met minimum wage apd similar laws declared
with less than the usual amount of atten- "neonstltutional by state court, during the
lon. California voter, carried a conatltu- ,ast flve year. Is rather remarkable for It.
tlona! amendment making eight hour, a Incluslveness. Nevertheless, there are
triaklmum dfty's work ln public employment, B,'n" tht on two lines at least labor leg
and the New Tork legislature passed a con- ls,atlon -W'H score marked advances In the
the negligence of employe intrusted with
the duty of Inspecting or repairing ma
chlnery and' appliances. New York", law
Is ' similar to the Virginia statute, though
It applies to all employers. Maryland
combined Insurance with employer.' lia
bility, and enacted a novel law providing
135 South 11th Street
1313 Farnam St.
502 Broadway,
$500,000 m PRIZES
the Schoof Children of American
School Children's Competitive Advertising Contest NolU57.
TQM A?b LQrt oEgG-0-SRZ
neither very numerous nor very radlpal.'
During the last year reviewed, however,
new regulations, while perhaps hot .very
radical, were fairly numerou.. . ,
Laws specifically relating to factories
were passed by .everal legislature.. Iowa
strengthened and extended It. statute re
lating to the duties of It. commissioner of
labor statistic, so as to cover, "the 'mean.
current resolution In favor of a.constitu- not remlo future. One of these Is child
r r Aaara rtrtm n nri inn iiniirri I nil j i mc . At in.ta v. . m . .
-- ' - ,., iionai amendment empowering the legls- " "uueeii oi wnicn nave roused a
and health In torles the employment un fo Tfgumt) bour, w n(J .trong public sentiment for reform. The
of children, together with the number or con(lltlon, of nbf)r on o work other Is the reduction of hour. In danger
hours of labor exacted from them . and hour of women and chlw , factories ou" trad"' The fit th. United
from women." Increased sanlt. Ion ad the wr. reduced to fifty-eight In Rhode Island S,ates rt In the Utah case
better grading of machinery While Lol..ana brought within It. slxtyl f knowledge, the police power of the legls
were also provided for, and the employ- ; " "'ly lature in dealing with this .ubject. Colo
ment of person, under 16 on d&hgefou. hoyr law for women and minors under IS rado, it is true, waived this decision and
machinery wa. prohibited. Kentucky those employed In telegraph and telephone .ocured It. rights to Interpose by mean,
provided for the collection of statistics con- offlcw. of a constitutional amendment; but In
cernlng labor and for the Inspection of j The hour, of male adult. In most. If not many other state. It Is expected that the
factories, machine shop, and work ' "hops, nil branches of Industry were made amen- legislatures wilf assume the exercise of the
New Jersey provided for seven additional bl to legislative acts through a constltn- power which the federal court hn
deputy factory Inspectors. Massachusetts tlonal amendment passed by Colorado vot- knowledged to be indubitably their.
rilinCll AND CI.KHKY.
ttev. E. W. Cllpplnirer ha. ben Installed
a poii tor of the Champaign Presbyterian
hurch. .
A deacon', rrsver. may be as habitual
and aa meanlnrleN. a. a teamster', pro
fanity. Ham'. Horn.
The midsummer meeting of th prebytery
of Chicago will be tvld at the Presbyterian
Conk room. Monday. AuRUst 3.
Dr. Johnston Myers of Immnnuel Fpttt
church. Chicago, will preach at the Strong
riace cnurcii or rirookiyn through August
Vacancies In the episcopate In the dio
ceses of Newark and Qulncy In the Episco
pal church will ha Piled nhortly. the
blfhop-e!ect In each case having accepted
MIbs Abbv 8. Marsh of Rochester. N. Y.
will tke charge of the St. Andrew's priory
at Honolul". a church school for girl, be
gun ih.rtv-.ix yMrii ago by an English .1..
terhood of the Episcopal church.
nv. L. T. Harhrrmn, pa.tor of the Marlon
vnue church of Aurora. III., left on July
10 with Dr. J. T. Christian of Chlcaro fr a
ojnurn of six week through Kunp. They
puiieu i rum rew i om on July Z.
The Belden Avenue Preahvterian church
of Chicago, under the lead of Rev. Dr. Car
rier, has succeeded In forming a union of
Severn M'Tin ttido churt-nea for .n evan
goltctlc tent ompuisn. Rev. M. H, Lyon
mm ivau iuf wurft.
Dr. K. E. Chlver. passed through Chicago
uiy it on mi way ett.t arirr a two month,
trip In the fur west. Including attendance at
trie inver convention. 11a lias been study,
ina hnmi miaalon nl.ia from a.ual isint,M
Iii Wyoming he traveled JT5 mllee by stage
and on horseback, preaching every uay and
twice on,Sundays.
Rev. Dr. Vernette L. Lockwood. for o'er
nriy years a Presbyterian minister, died
suddenly last woor at the home of his Hon
. In KaM. grange, N. J.. Ir. Lockwood win
II yenrs or at and the extreme heat la .aid
to hive caused his daath. He was a native
or nocnaatar. N. I., and wa. graduated
jrom Knox college. Oalesburg. j an(j
kuiua lusoiogicai nuuary, rew York.
GalvestcJii's Wonderful Sea Wall
Description of thk Progress of this Stupendous Work
Egg-O-See is a flake food and is
manufactured from the choicest
wheat which can te procured. It is
made in the most perfectly appoint
ed food mill in the world. It is pure
and healthful because no other food
is made under such strict sanitary
Note The Price of Egg-0-See Is 10 cents' for full size package,
such as is usually sold for 15 cents. The largest food mill in the
world with the .most approved labor saving machinery enables
us to make the best flaked wheat food at this lower price.
If roar grocer doe. not keep It, send v. hi. name and IO rent, and we will .end yon
Address all communications to Battle Creek Breakfast Food Co., Qulncy, 111.
tn the face of a moat appalling calamity
I. that of the people of Galveston, Tel.;
write. 'a corespondent of the Boston "Tran
script. On September 8, lu), a storm and
tidal wave almost totally destroyed the
city a. well aa almost all of the coast coun
try of the Lone Star state. Nearly . J0.000
live, were sacrificed to the ravage, of the
cataclysm, and the home, of a. many mor
were devastated.
To protect the city from similar ravage.
In the future the opinion, of etpert en
gineer, were asked, and from th. hfiAdreda
offered the plan, possessing the most de
sirable or ideal 'feature, were, of course,
adopted. One and a half mllllcn. of dollar,
were required to execute the plan, selected.
For this an Issue of 4 per cent county re
funding bond. wa. deemed most expedient,
and. a "seawall bond election" wn. called
for. The re.ult of that election 11 th. gre.t
Ferhap. the most striking enmple of feet and a promenade pavement of nine stone will In tlm rai..n
the spirit of Indomitable pljick and energy feet. Including four of the five feet of the sand beach and form a solid h.d nf
. . ... m - . . nin, MlimHtf ntt avail e K- .... . . ... 1 graniie
.Z . . L V """"r"' ni or. the piling foundation. The rlo
of tho level .embankment to be sown In lap la placed In position after the concrete
Bermuda grass. foundation 1. laid by a .team derrick
,Thl, they .ay. must constitute the kind which vlcks un Mlh tnn. r. .u 1
of Wall needed to encircle the eastern end deposit. It In place In the pile of rlo ran
of the island and gulf side of the city, and Th. fifth .ect.on of wort 1. the construe!
got impair the beauty of the mngntflcent tlon of the waI, proper The i"
eSC bullt Just aa the engineer, recommended.
. T ' an1 18 seventeen feet above mean low tide,
'To more clearly understand the building or one end three-tenths feet higher than
f the .oa wall. It may be explained that the highest point reached by the storm of
there , are five distinct phases of this Im- September 8, 1900. The granite concrete I.
ifortant protection work, each of which, Put UP In alternate sections of forty feet
While conducted Independently of the oth- ch.
e,r. I. depehdent upon each other In form- Four steam plledrlvers are employed in
ing tn. Whole defence or this port and city unvina; me piles, ana each average. J0O
against further attack by wind and wave. eet of piling driven each day; that 1. to
The first Work I. driving the long plliag say. 100 lineal feet of the foundation, a.
for. the foundation. These pile, are every row of piling mean, the driving of
driven to th. clay stratum, which varle. Iour or the .tick., which average forty-two
eat testimony to the real .plrlt of protection "' " " rony-iwo
i. v. r., a ait.ia rt below the .urfacc. Sounding, were "he concrete foundation, laid In .ections
DoDulat ion of 60X00 In the county there wer. nda nlon th route- ! he piling Is given about ten days or so to settle.
only t rote, cast against the bropoaitlon. tne P'OP' length to reach the clay -rter the foundation I. laid, the rip rap, or
The flret Piling wa. driven for th. wall bottom. This Is the first section of work. apron In front of the wall, I. laid, before
proper on October CT. VVt. lTn eco,l section la the driving of sheet construction of the wall proper is begun.
' ' piling, which, to be clearly understood, 1.
The specification, and plan, at .uhmltted pT'.,mlw ,nBl ""ven in a .iraignt ah or thl. I. now actually building. The
by the board of engineer oompustd of outaide.the round piling on the gulf pile driving force, are rapidly neartng th.
n. nerl II. M. Robert. Cnlted 8U. array "erve. a. a protection rrom under- trmlnu. of the eastern end of the island
nmiini 7 ira gun. inn sneei filing is wnere tne wall will Join the south Jetty,
csose logemer ana may lm compared with a When this feature of the work I. finished
neavy Board ronce driven down to clay bot- the driving plant, will be removed to the
tbm with the hoard, upright. foot of Sixteenth .treet on the beach and
tthe third section of the sea wall work 1. the foundation force, will commence lay-
ipe laying or me ooncrete roundation. A ing the foundation westward to Thirty-trent-h
over th. row. of piling I. dug three ninth street, where the wall will tcrmlmi.
seventeen fret above mean low waref. or 14 deep, and Into thl. th. concrete, the Construction wa. commenced at the foot of
feet higher than tha highest point reaohad some as i. used in the wall, la placed,
by the water In the storm of 1J00. It. width with two groove In It wher. th. fall
at the bottom to be alxteen feet and at th. proper fits In.
top Ova feet. Th. sea face of th. wll io (The fourth section of w.rk I. the placing
be curved so that It. upper portion will ot tho granite pieces, or rip rap, in front
be vertical. Tho foundation to b built on of tho walL These large granite pieces,
pile, protected from undermining by .beet sum. weighing a ton each, arc plied pro-
pi ling ana riprap, to m locateo etc. rroan rai-ruouaiy in rront or tno wan on tho be done In leu than one year. th. city of
the high water line, where the ground I. gulf .id. from three to five feet high, and, Galveston will afford to the world a mono.
about three feet above mean low tldl. Back eat.ndlng out Into the gulf twenty-aeven ment a. an exemplification of civic Bride
of the wall to bo filled In oa a XJO-roet Uv.l. fret from' tho wall. thl. serve, a. a fur- and ambition not to bo Men In any other
On top thirty-Ova feet to bo laid with vttri- lhr protection to the wall and It. founds.- American city, no matter what enterprise
inn urica, to (wuviua unrvwajr vi uuiij .on i rum uouerroining. in. weignty la concerned.
corp. of engineer.; Alfred Noble ot Chicago
and II. C. Ripley of Ann Arbor, Mich., all
expert engineers, called for a .olid aeaw.ll
over three mile, or. to bo accurate, 17.591
feet long, extending from the south Jetty
weatward along the gulf beach to Thirty-
ninth street; to be constructed of concrete,
Sixteenth street and prosecuted eastward
so as to Inclose th. eastern end of the
island first, .. thl. 1. considered th vital
part of the Ma protection. A length of
nearly I.SuO feet of the wall 1. now com
When the whole la completed, which will
This sketch waa made by Stuart Nurse.
se 13 Long School, Omaha. Neb.
drawing ofn" children can compete.
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, Mien. Ouinoy,
n package prepaid.
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The Only Double
to Chicago
THE Omaha train
rar excellence Is No. a
solid train made up In
Omaha dally ON TIME at
I 50 p. m., arriving at Chi
cago 7:16 next morning.
Library-buffet car, barber,
now standard sleepers, chair
Clty Offices:
14011403 FAR NAM
TEL. 624-Sol
It is a
to have an office in a building
where everything runs smoothly
and where your wishes regard
ing the little things that are
often annoying are taken care
of without the cecessity of
The superintendent of The
Bee Building devotes all of his
time to supervision of service,
repairs and the comfort of the
It may surprise you that you eon rent a
very comfortable office. Including all of
tho benefits of good service, for 110.00.
AU of our office, are light, cool and attractive.