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volume of Business for Lit Week Larger
Than for Some Tim Put
Fall Orders Still lamia la FrF
and Jobbers ny They Will Break
Last Year's Record bjr a.
Wl Margin.
Trade ennflltiois In ths territory tribu
tary to Omaha nave been rapidly rex-cverlng
during the last few days from the effects of
unseasonable weather. For some time past
retailers have been doing considerable cran
plalnlng about tha weathir and the conse
quent light demand for summer weight
goods. Traveling men now report, how
ever, that trade In the country has lm-
firoved greatly and the way In whirh sori
ng up orders are being received by local
Jobbers la still better evidence. Retailera
were not dlscouragrd at any time, but were
Imply diaappolnted. as they anticipate' an
enormous spring business. They thlnK.
however, that from thla time on they will
do a rushing business and will make up for
lost time. , ,
Traveling salesmen are sMIl taking- orders
for fall shipment and whenever they find a
merchant who has not bought his stork ff
fall goods they experience little trouble In
landing a good order. The upward ten
dency of price and the favorable outlook
for a lively fall demand make merchants
willing to anticipate their wants. They
seem to reallre that the late buyer will not
only have to pay higher prices, but la also
apt to be very limited In his selection of
T-oUectlons are reported ss being mien
better than would naturally be expected In
vlow of the fuel that merchants hay not
old as large a proportion of their fall
goods thev anticipated. With normal
trade conditions from this time on Jobbers
say they will have no cause for complaint
on that acore. ... . ...
Values have fluctuated baek and forth to
about the usual extent during the week
under review. As a general thing, how
ever, prices are very firm and the great
mainrl'y of changes. It will be noticed, are
!n the nature of advances.
Advene In Sngar Anticipated.
Wholesale grocers report the volume of
buslreas for fact week as being very satis
factory, and In fact say they had about all
they could do to keep up wlt.h their orders.
The market on sugar is reported as being
In a very strong position, although no
change on refined gredes has gone into ef
fect. Refiners wire, however, that the de
mand Is greatly improved rrom an section
and that higher prices are looked for.
The cheese market Is a little higher nnd
particularly Is that true or loung .nmer
r.m Twins remain nrsctlrsllv the same as
they were a week ego. The make so far
has been disappointing ow'ng o the con
tinued cool weather, and the demnnd has
been exceptionally heavy. All offerings so
far have been freely taken, which explains
the higher prices ruling on the Young
Amorlcas. , .
The dried fruit trade has shown a marked
Improvement over any previous week In
some time past. Almost every article In the
entire line has been selling very freely and
tdvances have been made on prunes,
tins.ia snrtcnfs and armies.
In the canned goods line the demand for
corn and tomatoes has been brisk and corn
has been advanced under the Influence of
active trading The market Is quoted 2V,H
Be per dosen higher than it was a week ago
and very little stock Is being offered. While
tomatoes have not been advanced the de
mand Is very satisfactory, and desirable
brands are selling at full prices. Canned
fieas are also coming In for their share of
he trade, while California goods are In
better demand than they havj been for
many weeks. Prices have been named on
rths fall pack of California canned goods
and show an advance of fl(g10c per dosen on
tha entire line. Considering crop prospects
local Jobbers say these prices are not un
reasonable. .
The market on oats Is In a very strong
position, and whlla prloes on rolled oats
have not been advanoed as yet higher prices
are looked for this week. . .
The coffee market Is In Just about the
same position It has been for spme time
and trading is reported rather limited. The
tea market, however, continues very strong
and buying Is reported spirited.
Improved Demand for Dry Goods.
Tha demand for dry goods Is reported
much heavier than It was a week ago. The
weather has not been as favorable as could
be wished for, but still It la quits an Im
provement over that experienced during
May and tha demand for dry goods In a
retail way la much better. Retailers
stocks are said to be going to pieces at a
rapid rata and aortlng up orders with Job
bers are certainly much heavier.
Advance orders for fall are also coming
In very freely and Jobbers say that In spits
.11 th. fHnnrta that were sent out of the
damage done to growing crops by excessive
rains, there were very few fall orders can
celed. The general Impression Is that this
was due In part to the advancing tendency
of tha market and scarcity of desirable
goods. In speaking of the situation on fall
stuff a local Jobber said that the merchant
' who delays ordering staple lines of cotton
goods will be short-sighted Indeed. All
lines of cotton goods will have to be ad
vanced and retailers who get deliveries of
goods already ordered will be very fortu-
nats. There never has been a time when
desirable goods were as hard to obtain as
at the present time.
Thera has been no change In prices rul
ing on staples except an advance of c on
some lines of prints and other competing
..lines are expected to advance In sympathy.
In fact any changes In the prices ruling on
fl cottons of all descriptions must be In the
fiktiatur of advances, according to the view
f of those best posted.
Hardware Active and Steady
There was a much better demand for
hardware last week than has been experi
enced In some lltle time. The more settle 1
weather enabled outdoor work to proceed
In Its normal course, and as a result build
ers' material and all seasonable goods wars
In active demand. '
Thera la nothing new to be said of the
market, as all staple lines are in Just about
the same position they have been for some
little time past. Not only that, but no im
portant changes are anticipated lor me
near future.
Leather Goods Selling; Mora Freely.
Leather goods dealers also have a favor
able report to make of the condition of
trade. Retailers in the country sold more
goods last week than they have In a long
lime, and as a result slxing-up orders with
local Jobbers war more liberal. Whole
salers are now beginning to got orders tor
luw shoes. Up to this time there has been
wry little reordering done on that class of
goods owing to the lack of warm weather,
but because of the popularity of that style
of shoe Jobbers are anticipating a good
demand throughout the summer.
There was very little doing last week In
the rubber gooda line. Jobbers, however,
have no complaints to offer, as they did
enough business during May to be satis
fied. They broke all prevluua records last
month and aold all the goods they could
get their hands on and are now content to
wait a while.
Krnlts and Prodaee.
There was a good healthy demand last
week for fresh trulls and vegetables. As
the season advances the variety Is of course
becoming larger and prices more reasonable.
Strawberries reached the low point of the
season last week, when good shipping stock
was quoted at 12. 50. It was thought a week
ago that the Missouri crop had been all
marketed, but tiie way in which the car
loads came in all last week proved that
such was not the case. Ths supply of
home grown berries was also very large,
so that prices could not help but be low.
Oregon berries srs expected on the market
this week and Just what prlcea they will
command la not known, but prices will
undoubtedly move steadily upward from
this time on.
Csntaloupe from Florida arrived quite
freely for this time of year end prices are
now down to IS bo to 14. Apples have been
out of the market for some little time, but
a carload of Hen Iavls arrived last week
and are quoted at 11 60 per barrel
There Is nothing very new In ths vegeta
ble line. Potatoes are still high, as the
supply of new stock Is limited, end the
market Is quoted at Sc per pound. Old
stock la selling all the way from 8c to SSc.
Eggs held Just sbvut steady all the week,
the supply and demand apparently being
about even. The poultry market can be
quoted Arm and active. Butter, If anything,
la a little higher, packing stock Iwing
Quoted at 16o.
The supply of fresh fish Is now shout
normal. The high water this spring has
made the supply short nnd as s result
prices have been rather high. Nearly all
Kinds though are quoted considerably lower
than they were a week ago and prlcea are
now considered quite reasonable.
Evaporated Apples and Dried Frnlta.
Al'l"LE8-Julet but steady to firm, n'th
common quoted at 6H?rTSc. '
prunes are steady and show a fair Jobbing
dsmand. with some export Inquiry noted,
particularly for and Ms, prlcea range
front so to To for all grades. Apricots, firm,
though coaat aavlcea Indicate an Improve
ment In crop prospects; choice are quoted
-t 7 a and fancy at ilv7j. Prune
sre nulef at TfrTc for ehoica and bJIOHc
for fancy.
Condition of Trade and Qaotatlons on
Staple nnd Faney Prodaee.
ET-Fresh stock, loss off. lic.
LIVK POULTRY Hens. Tufcllvic; spring
hlckens, per lb., 20c; roosters, according to
age, 'uf,r; turkeys, 12ltc; ducks. iuSc;
geese. f.f(7c.
.BUTTER Psrklng stock. ISc; choloe
dairy. In tubs. 15tfl7o; separator, 21r22c
FRB8H FISH Fresh caught trout. 9c;
Pickerel, c; pike, e; perch, Sc: buffs lo, 7c;
blueflah, 11c; whlteflsh, So; salmon. 15c;
haddock, 10c; codfish, 12c; redsnapper, 10c;
lobsters, boiled, per lh., 25c; lobsters, green,
per lb., 23c; bullheads. 11c; catfish. 14c;
blaok bass, 174j2oc; halibut, 10c; shad roe,
4ic per pair; roe shnd, 11 earh; crapple. 12c;
herring, tic; perch, c; white bass, 10c; blus
flns. So.
HHAN Per ton. IIS.
HAY Prices quoted by Omaha Wholesale
Dealers' assoclstion: Choice No. 1 uplsnd,
110; No. 2, 1S50; medium. t!; coarse, 18 50.
Rye straw, 17. These prices sre for hsy
of good color and quality. Demand fair and
receipts light.
CORN 4fie.
RYE No. 8, Boo.
. OLI rOTATOES-Northern stock, per
bu., M)H6c; natives, 3ig40c.
NEW POTATOEtJKuuthern, per lb.. So.
J'AKSLEY Per dos. bunches, 80c.
PAK8N1P8 Per bu.. 40c.
J-'L CUM HERS Hothouse, per dos., 75c.
BPINACH Home grown, per bu. basket,
BEAN'S Wax, per bu. box, $2.S0; string,
per bu. box. l.'.M.
CABhauk New California, per lb.. c.
TOMATOES-New Florida, per K-baskot
RHUBARB Per lb., lc
NAVY toEANS- Per bu., 12.50.
ONIONS New California dry onions, per
lb., 2c; Texas, per lb., 2c.
""R LTiTfl
8TRAWBERRIKH Missouri and homa
grown, per L'4-quart case. 1.".60.
CHERRIEB-Californla, whits and black,
per 10-lb. box, 12.
CANTALOUPE Florida, per crate, 13.60
APPLES Ben Davis, per bbl., 4.M.
FIGS California, per 10-lb. cartons, 75c;
Turkish, per 18-lb. box, 18o.
ORANGES California navels, fancy, for
I. S and smaller sixes, KOO; for 150 and
larger sizes, 1X20: Mediterranean, all sixes.
lil.tMj3.25; Jaffa, 13.txjj3.b0; fancy blood, per
half box, 14.00.
LEMONS-Callfornia fancy, all sites,
14.50; Messlnas, $4.00.
DATEii-Perslan, in 70-lb. boxes, per lb.,
Sc: per case of iu-lb. pkgs., 13.26.
PINEAPPLES Florida, 13.26; Cuban. 13.
MAPLE SUGAR Ohio, per lb., lOo.
POPCORN Per lb., 2c; shelled, 4o. '
HIDES No. 1 green, o; No. 2 green.
64c; No. 1 salted, 7e; No. 2 salted. 6c;
No. 1 veal calf, 8 to 12 Ins.. ge; No. 2.
veal calf, 12 to 15 lbs., bVc; dry salt id
hides, ft12c: cheep pelts, 26tf75c; horse
hides, tl.W)2.S0.
NUTS Walnuts. No, 1 soft shell, per lb.,
16c; hard shell, per lb., lie; No. 2 soft shell,
per lb., 13c; No. 2 hard shell, per lb.. 12c;
lirasils, per lb., 12c; filberts, per lb., 12c;
almonds, soft shell, per lb., 16c; hard shell,
per lb., 16c; pecans, large, per lb., L.'Yc;
small, per lb., 11c; cocoanuts, per dos., 61c;
chestnuts, per lb., luc; peanuts, per lb.,
6c; roastsd peanuts, per lb., 7c; black
walnuts, per bu., 11; hickory nuts, per bu.,
II. 60.
OLD METAL, ETC.-A. B. Alplrn quotes
the following prices: Iron, country mixed,
per ton, 110; Iron, stove plate, per ton, 18;
copper, per lb., 8Vc; brass, heavy, per lb ,
8V,o; brass, light, per lb., 6Vci lead, per lb.,
3c; sine, per lb., 2Vic.
Cotton Market.
pool again reported great firmness, with
prices 10(316 points higher. The weather In
the belt was unsettled. These factors,
with the decreasing movement and the ad
mitted presence In the market of a power
ful long Interest, caused the bears no little
anxiety. The market here opened firm at a
fain of 6fil7 points and advanced still
urther In the first half hour, the new crop
months reaching new high records under
active bull support and covering. Bpot
closed quiet, 16 points higher, with middling
upland at 1260c and middling gulf at 12.76c,
with no aaloa.
Firm; sales, 100 bales; ordinary, 10 6-lRc;
rood ordinary, 11 ll-16c; low middling,
1 16-16c; middling, 12 13-16c; good middling,
Ut-16c; middling fair; 14a, nominal; re
ceipts, 720 bales', stock, 70,171 bales, fu
tures. Arm; June, 13.20c, bid: July, 13f
13.42c; August, 13.25c. bid; September, U.bud
11.67e; October, 10.16igiO.Mo; November, .(W
.8c; December, .8s4)9.3c; January, t.90t
9io. .
ST. LOIII8. June 13.-COTTON Firm, He
higher; middling. 12Vc; sales, 100 bsles; re
ceipts, none; shipments, none; stock, 6,683
limited demand and prices 18 points higher;
American middling fair, 7.86d; good mid
dling, 7.16d; middling, 7d; low middling,
ai l . .1 n . 1 . . a r 1.1 . nr.Hn. 4.1,1
The sales of the day were 8,000 bales, -of
which 800 were (or speculation ana export,
and lnoluded 2.200 American. Receipts were
9,00ft bsles. Including 3,600 American. Fu
tures opened and closed firm; American
middling, g. o. c.,1 June, 6.3W6.71d: June
Julv. R64d: Julv-Aucust. 6.59d: August-
September, .46d; September-October. 6.963
i 9id: October-November, i.6ft&'6.57d; Novem
ber-December, b.42i; uecemDer-january,
S.3fd; January-February, 6.3Sd; February
March, .S76.38d.
So gar nnd Molasses.
NEW YORK, June 13. SUGAR Raw,
ateadv; fair refining. 24c; centrifugal, M
test, llft-82o: molasses sugar, 2 29-S2c. Re
fined, steedy; No. , 446c; No. 7, 4.40c; No.
. 4.82c; No. , 4.10c; No. 10. 4.25c; No.' U.
4.20c; No. 12, 116c; No. 13,-4.10c; No. 14. 4.06c;
confectioners' A, 4.70c; mould A. 4.10c; cut
loaf, 6.46c: crushed. 1.46c; powdered, 4.96c;
granulated, 4.96c; cubes, 6.10c. Syrup, nom
inal, 104f24c. Molasses, quiet; New Or
leans, open kettle, good to choice, Sl.
open kettle. 2ti i 7-Jtic ; open kettle cen
trifugal, SVfcifJJHc; centrifugal white. 41-16c;
yellows, 3V(j4c; seconds. Zkiio. Molasses.
opn kettle, nominal, 13326c; centrifugal, 6
Wool Market.
NEW YORK. June 13. WOOL Steady;
domestic fleece, 28'fS2c.
ST. UIU1H, June 13. wtjjt meaay ;
medium grades and combing, lwiac;
light fine. 15fr17Hc; heavy fine, HtYHc;
tub washed, iwa'ic.
LONDON. June 13. The arrivals of wool
for the fourth series of auction sales
amount to 151.332 bales. Including 76 500
bales forwarded direct to spinners. The
Imports of the wool during the week were:
New South Wales, 8.902 bales; Victoria,
1.045 bales; South Australia, 826 bsles; Tas
mania, st bales; Cape of Good Hope, and
Natals, 210 bales; elsewhere, 671 bales.
Coffee Market.
NEW TORK. June 18 -COFFFE-Spot
Rio, quiet; No. 7 Invoice. 6c. Mild, steady:
Cordova, tllie. Futures opened inlet
at unchancpd prices to a decline of t points
under light liquidation and foreign lower
tables, but stiowed little activity or fea
ture, closing barely steady, net unchanged
to 10 points lower 8ales wers 11. no bngs.
including: .lulv, S.70c; August. 3 80c; pep.
tern Her, SMi3 95e: November, 44i4.06c; De
cember, 4.35c; March, 4.60c.
. Dry Goods Market.
market Is In an advanced condition and
buyers are more Inclined to accept this
higher level than at any time since the ad
vance commenced. No speculation Is evi
dent In the buying, . but where the goods
are offered little haggling Is Indulged In
over prices. Jobbers sre moderately busy
snd advices Indicate a favorable fall trade
throughout the country.
Philadelphia Prodaeo Mnrket.
Quiet, prints lc lower; extra western cream
ery. x2Hc: extra nearby prints. 23e.
FOGS Firm, good demand: fresh nearbv
and western, ISc, loss off; fresh southwest
em. 17c. loss off.
CHEESE Quiet, unchanged: New York
full creams, choice, new, llQUVc; fair to
good, new, 10(rlu0.
Minneapolis Wheat, floor and Brnn.
Csah, 7ic: July, 78S,478c; September,
7lSc. On track.: No. 1 hard, 60c; No. 1
northern. 79e.
FLOUR First patents. $4.2?34.30: second
patents. 11 Jf-u-4 15; first clears, 13.10Q3.20;
second clears. li.Jcfii -to
BRAN In bulk. iU.OU914.2S.
Mllnaakee Grain Market.
No. 1 northern, 86c; No. I northern, 63jjb4c;
July. 767c.
RYK Ftrm: No. 1. 53c.
BARLEY Firm; No. L 67c; sample, 49
CORN-July, 48c.
Kansas t'ltv tirala and Provisions.
tGV.M.c; September 64'r06c.
CORN July. 44h44V; September. 43c.
EGGS Steadv; Missouri and Kansas, lie.
eases returned; new. No. 2 whits wood
cases included, llfec.
Toledo Seed Market.
TOLEDO. June lS.a.EFD8 Clover. Oc
tober, luner, l.ti6; prims timothy, 11.71
Gis'n Prices Are Well Held on the Board
of Trade.
Poor Kansss Crap Reports Help Along
Small Baying Movement In
Wkeat Provisions Fall
Off Slightly.
CHICAGO. June 13. Extreme quietness
prevailed on the Board of Trade today, and
arter ruling easy the early part or the eea
alon. wheat closed firm, with July H'uWc
higher. July corn closed unchanged. Oata
was SQVc higher. September provisions
were unchanged to 7Hc loaer.
Excellent weather was the chief Influence
In the wheat pit at the start and opening
prices were easier on quite general selling
by commission houses, with July down Vc
at Toc. There was a fair scattered de
mand at the decline and a rally ensued,
the market ateadylng around yesterday's
closing figures. Bullish reports from Kan
sas, snowing a poor crop outlook, helped In
the buying movement. There was a better
demand for September thnp for the near
future and that delivery ruled firm. Late
buying by shorts, together with a good de
mand from a prominent operator, caused a
firm close. July being M-tc higher at 75H
4l7Dc, after selling between 75'tf754c and
ibMi'd 7oc. September closed He nigner at
72?iJ73c. after ranging between Tio and
73c. Clearances of wheat and flour were
equal to Zi3,000 buahels. Primary receipts
were 406.300 bushels, against 606.700 a year
ago. Mtnneapolla and Duluth reported re
ceipts of 286 cara, which with local receipts
or 13 cars, none ot contract grauo, maoe
total receipts for the three points of 3X
cars, against 246 can last week and 239
cars a year ago.
Trading In corn was quiet and the only
feature was a scattered demand for July
from local shorts, which had a strengthen
ing tendency. Early prices were easier on
the weskness In wheat and on the favor
able weather, but buying by commission
houses snd provision Interests caused firm
ness later In the day, July closed un
changed at 4SV4c after selling between 484c
and 4Sc. There aa considerable change
front July to September, and - tha latter
month closed a shado higher at 47o, after
ranging between 4"Hc and 47c. Local re
ceipts were 838 care, with 18 of contract
grade. Oats was agsln active, with July n
urgent demand from shorts, which caused a
mpid and sharp advance In that delivery.
The more distant months were steadied by
the strength In July, but the sentiment was
bearish In their deliveries, due to the im
proved weather." After selll.ig between 3714
377c and 38c they closed Wc higher
at 3SH3Sc September closed He higher
at S3 Sc. Receipts, 1G9 cara.
Provisions were dull and there was
enough selling pressure on lard from pack
ers to cause n easier feeling throughout
the entire list. July trading was dull and
featureless. September pork closed "ViC
lower at 18.82H. September lard was down
6c at 18.9IH and ribs unchanged at 19.J0H.
Estimated receipts for Monday: Wheat,
?0 cars: corn, 63 cars; oats, ISO cars; hogs,
U.000 head.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Articles.! Open. High. Low. Close.lYes'y.
a July
b July
a Sept.
b Sept
757 75,
48 4
38Hir; 38
833.m!331Va'H 33
334 33S 83H
17 OItt 17 OIH 1 7H
1 85 16 86 16 80
8 82 1RH 77H
I 8 97 8 07V4I 8 92
30 9 30 I 2B
17 02'
1C 82
17 15
16 80
8 87
8 8J
9 82
8 8
8 92
9 80
9 27 27H1 9 22 Wl
S 271
No. 2. a old. b new.
The cash quotations were as follows:
FLOUR Quiet and steady; winter pat
ents, 13.56(23 70; straights, 13.2O-S.3 50; spring
patents, 14.OiKg4.iO; straights,. $3.4033.65; bak
ers, t2.6'as.00.
WHEAT No. 2 spring, 7778c; No. S, 743
77c t No. 2 red, 7513760.
CORN No. 2, 4K'4c; No. 2 yellow, 494f49c.
OATS No. 2, S8c; No. t white, 3838ic.
RYE No. 2. 61e. ' '
BARLEY Good feeding, 48M8c; fair to
choice malting, 60Me.
SEED No. 1 flax, 11.09; No. 1 northwest
ern, 81.11; prime timothy, S3.76; clover, con
tract grade, fll.60HfU.78.
PROVISIONS Mess pork, per bbl.. $16.87
C17.00. Lard, per 100 lbs., $8.72i?8.76; short
ribs sides (loose), $9.1609:30. Dry salted
shoulders (boxed . is. 0038.12; short clear
sides (boxed), $9.5099.76.
Following are the receipts and shipments
01 uour ana grain yesterday:
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 16:400 12.onfl
Wheat, bu 18.600 60,100
Com. bu 362.300 800.200
oats, bu 2JS.3i.Kl 245,400
Rye, bu 4.800 '
Barley, bu 64,900 1,200
On the Produce exchange today the but
ter market was easy; creameries. Iiii21c:
dairies, 16c. Eggs, steady; at mark.
cases inciuaea, uvanuc. uaeege, steady
Uaotailoas of tho Dny on Varlons
Commodities. . -NEW
YORK. June 13.-FLOUR Recelnta
24.390 bbls.; exports, 20,940 bbls.: firm but
quiet. Winter patents. 13.7Mi4.10; winter
straights. !3.6S3.75: Minnesota natents.
$4.25(4.60; Minnesota bakers'. 13.33.5i; w n-
ter low grades, 12e0o3.l0. Rye flour, Arm;
fair to good. 12.864i3.20: choice to fancv.
13.5'g3 50. .
CORN MEAL Steady; yellow western,
$1.12: city, $1.10; Brandywlne, nominal.
RYE Quiet: No. 2, western, 68c; stats,
wwtmk;, c. 1. r., isew xork.
BARLEY Steady; feeding. 46c. o. I. f.,
imrrn n- mi r nv saw ffiftxv e I r mutt. in
WHEAT Receipts. 34.255 bu.: exoorts!
137,272 bu.; sales, 960,000 bu,; futures. Spot,
dull; No. t. Ha elevator and 85c f. o b.,
afloat: No. 1, northern, Duluth, 9c, f. o.
b.. afloat: No. 1. hard Manitoba. Ki'bc f. o.
b., afloat. After an easier opening wheat
rallied and ruled ateady under firmness In
the southwest. The lata market was quiet
and prices worked within a narrow range,
closing partly c higher. July, 81 1-16 J
s-kc, ciosea, sic; DtpieraDer, YiVU,Y'c,
closed. 78Vkc.
CORN Receipts, 62,600 bu.; exports, 7.6S5
bu. ; ssles, 80 on) bu.; futures, KO.OuO bu..
spot. Spot, steady; No. 2, 67c, elevator, and
Ms 1. o. o., anoai; io. 2, yellow, ,c; no.
3, white, 67o. Corn was qultt but steady
under cool weather, unfavorable crop ac
counts and covering, closing dull net un
changed to c higher. July, 6VitfJ4HiO,
closeu, 56e; September, 640.
OATS Receipts, 31.&U0 bu. ; exports, 9.829
bu; gpot, qulst; No. 2, 41 "4c; standard white,
44Mc; No. t, 40c: No. 1. white 44c; No.
8, white. 44c; track, white, 41'4c: Options
were again firm west and dull here.
HAY Strong; shipping 80ia5c; good to
choice, $1.16.
HOPSQuiet; state common to choice,
19u2, 1723c; olds. &trc; Paolrto coast, 1SK
18V3?3c: 19H, Hyl7c; olds &ig9c.
HIDES Steadv; Galveston 20 to 25 lbs.,
ISc; California. 21 to 3a lbs., 19c; Texas ury.
24 to 3o lbs., 14c.
LEATHER Steady; acid. t425e.
RICE Firm; domestic, fair to extra, 4
4j7e; Japan, nominal.
PROVISIONS Beef, dull; family $19 5Vf?
11. mi; mess. .ixra.D(i; Deer nams. 119.50
packet. 19 6OHJIO.00; city extra. India mess.
iwuii 1 ui meais, steany; picaieci Denies
tH.75(u10: pickled shoulders. 11 0Oft. lit)
pickled hams, tn.ifU.W. Lard, dull; west
ern steamed, 18.15; refined, steadv; conti
nent. $9 25; South American, 19 85; com-
found. t7.50t&8.0u. Pork, stesdy; family,
1nr.f1 ISM; short clear, $18.00lt.50: mess,
$18 SS-fflS 75.
HUTTER 8teady: creamery. 22c; factory.
14iri"c; creamery common to choice. 18ft
2lHc; Imitation creamery, 174919c; state
dafrv 17j2Heo renovated. 13J!8-.
CHEESE Fair, stats full cream, fancy
small colored. 10c; large colored, 10sc;
large white. 10'ic.
EGGS Irregular, state and Pennsylvania.
18c: state and Pennsylvania flrst, lSVxc;
western, firsts, lgtc.
TALXX1W Steadv: city ner pkg.), Sc;
country (packages free), 84Ji,c.
METAI.S Thcro wss only a small In
quiry for the leading metals today and
prices ss a rule were unchanged, but
steady. Copper was dull and more or lass
nominal on the basis of 114 V14.75 for
lake and electrolytic, and 114 for cistln.
Tin was firm and unchanged at 12S 2f.4i2s.50.
Spelter ruled quiet with a string under
tone, spot being quoted at M f5 nominal.
I-ead wss stesdy snd unchanged, at M J7 V,
for spot. Iron was quiet snd nominally
Exports anal Imports at Sere York.
NEW YORK. June 11-Total Imports of
merchandise and dry goods at ths port of
Nmw York for this week were valued at
11? ..
Total Imports specie at the port of New
York for l Lis wek wers Hl.748 silver and
ti:.&S2 gold. Total exports of specie from
:be iKirt of New York for this week were
$u4,4w silver and ll.fr4j.D6s gold.
St. Lonla Grnln and Provisions.
ST. LOUIS. June 1J WHEAT Higher:
No. 2 red rash, elovetor, nominal; track,
7hi76c; July. 8V; September, 73c; No. 2
hard, nominal.
CORN Higher: No. I cash, nominal:
track, 63c; July, ttfc; September, 47c,
UAis Higher: No. z cssn, 4c; track.
nominal; July, SiVc; September, &Hc; No. 2
lute, nomHiai.
RYE-Nominal at Etc.
FLOUR Dull: red winter patents. 13.600
176; extra fancy and straight, $3.3oa3.5a.
obLU rimotny. nominal.
COKNM h. A L Steady, $2.70.
BRAN Dull; nothing doing for shipment.
HAY Unchanged: timothy. $12.0tu 24.09:
prairie, $10.4AXul4.tO.
lynuN iit.ts iron, n.uo.
BAGGI NO-5itjc.
TWINE Hemp. 60.
PROVISIONS Pork: Weaker: Jobbing.
standard mess, $17.42. I-nrd: Weak at
18 40. Bacon, easier; boxed extra shorts.
$10; clear ribs, $10.26; short clear. 110 37.
MhiTALH Lead: 1uii at 4.utMla
Spelter: Dull at $5.15.60.
POULTRY Quiet: cnickena, 10c; springs,
18c; turkeys, 9c; ducks, 7c; geese, 3(i?lc.
BU'lTKK 8teady ; creamery, lt.'o25c;
dairy, 14ril7c.
euuo Higher at lc, loss on.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 1.000 2,000
Wheat, bu t B.000
Corn, bu 12.000 1,000
bats, bu 2,000 7.000
Dnlntk Grain Market.
DULUTH. June IS. WHEAT To arrive:
No. 1 hard. 81c; No. 1 northern, 7!c: No.
2 northern. 78c; July. 9c; September,
OA I B 36370.
Pporla Market.
PEORIA. June lS.-CORN-Firmer: No.
S, 47tc; No. 4, 46c.
oats strong; No. 1 white. sc: no. 4
White, 87c.
Slight Hesitation In tho Violent Re
covery from the Big; Slump.
NEW YORK. June IS. Some hesitation
was manifest in today's stock market after
the violent recovery In prices of yeatrday
and the day before from the extreme de
pression of Wednesday. Many of the prin
cipal active stocks have regained 37 points
during the two days. The effect has been
to levsen the demand from bargain hunters
and to develop soma selling pressure from
the speculative contingent, wnicn was ior
tunats enough to secure stocks at th low
level. This element showed somo anxiety
to take profits today and took advantage of
the strong bank statement to sell stocks.
The lessened demand wp s demonstrated by
the Inability of the market to absorb these
offerings, so that prices ran off sharply
and clored generally hclow last night's
level. The day s losses were generally
fractional. Operations for the advance
continued this morning, especially In Balti
more & Onlo and In Reading, the former
stock rising Rt oro time nearly 2 points and
tn latter a point, 'ine large earnings re
ported by the Baltimore & Ohio were the
motive for buying the stock nnd reports
were current that Reading would show ex
traordinary earnings for May. The de
cision against the right of the Interstate
Commerce commission to exact certain In
formation from the coal carriers also was
made much of by the buyers of Reading.
Some of the Inactive stocks which had
suffered from recent heavy declines were
bid up rapidly today, members of the
Canadian group being conspicuous. The
loan contraction of 111.776.100 by the banks
was regarded as gratifying evidence that
th stock market liquidation had at last be
come effective In the recuperation of bank
resources. The cash Increase of about
$1,760,000 about agreed with the expecta
tions The rise of $4,801,626 In the surplus
about makes good last week's loss. The
statement was as good as expected In every
respect, but the demand for stocks thus In
duced was not sufficient to absorb the
ssles to take profits.
Bonds have moved more narrowly, but In
sympathy with stccks. United States 2s
and 3s advanced per cent and the new
4s per cent, as compared with the clos
ing call of last week. -
Following are the quotations on the New
York Stock exchange:
Atchlxm tW4 sir. Railway fd...... I
do pid
4V( Texas Picloo jrsto
K Toledo. St. 1 W. tV
Bl. Ohio
do pfd
Canadian . Pacific.
Canada Bo
tl do Did..
Ill Union PaclfJo V..
17 I do pfd
.. S2Vi
.. U
.. vi
.. 44
.. isvi
.. 14
.. 11V4
Chn. as Ohio.
0071 nftoun
Cnieaso a Alton II I do pfd
. do pfd Wheolinf I E. a Q. W H do Id pfd.:
do m pfd n. 74 'Wis. .iauu .....
do Id pid do pfd....;
Chlcaso 4 N. W 172 Adsma Ei
Cnlosio Tor. Tr... 14Si Americas Kx.
do pfd..... I United Btaus Ex.
C. C. C. St. L ... J Wolli-rargo Ex...
Colorado 80.. U ami. Coppor
do 1st pid Z Amer. Car 4b F...,
do Id pfd Utt do pfd
Dol. 4c Hudaon lit Amir. Lin. Oil.,..
XI. L. W t(l do pfd
Danvar V R.' O lt American S. aV R..
do pfd 4 do pfd
Erie U Anu. Mining Co..
do lat pfd.., ( Brooklyn K. T
do Id pfd l4 Colo, rual aV Iron.
Craat Nor. Dfd 17& Cone. Gaa
Hocklns Valley It Coat. Tobacco pfd. ...Ill
do pfd Oon. Electrlo MO
Illlnola Cantral 1144 Hocklns Coal 11
Iowa Central 17 Va Inter. Paper 15 1
do pfd 48V4 do Pfd at
Laka Erla W u Inter. Power 41 Va
eo piu iuo mujvuv uaa ao
L. A N Ill t4 National Blacult .... 40
Manbatun L 117 National Lead lVi
Mat. Bl. H7 IHH e.rican ai
Max. Cantral ........ 11 Pacific Coaat 14
Max. National 11 raciao Mall 17
Minn. Bl h 7 fappls'a Oaa 17
Mo. Paella 104 Preaacd 8. car u
at., n.. ax 1 z "u Pa
do pfd lu fullman P. Car lu7
N. J. Cantral 165 .napuoiie steal 15
N. Y. Cantral UL 40 ,a
Norfolk A W nijugar 120
do pfd t Tenn. Coal Iron... 14
imiano 1W. ........ .. . - m vs CK f 1
Pannarlranla 1 s. Laathar 1
ncBuiua s)a F' wi
do lat pfd 12 ,U. S. Rubber 14
do Id pfd H' do Bid 10
St. L. & 8. F 70 V- B. Steal n
do lat pfd 74 Pfd m,
Wl i pill . .......... 0 .'vau IIIOI ...... IS
St. L. 8. W igAmar. LocosiotlTa. .. . 12
.11 piu. .,.., w XV
St. Paul lt! a. u. southara Itu
wo cm... 11 t" ai
80. Pacific to nock Ialand , 5
80. Railway 16 Pfd ft
The closing quotations on bonds are as
V. S. rat. Is. rag
do coupon
do la. rag
do coupon
do new 4a, rug.
do coupon
..10. XL. A N. Bl. 4s....
..loat. Max. Cantral is..... do la Inc
..107 iMInn. aV Bt. U 4a
..lit, ,M.. K. A T. x
....114 do la.
do olu 4a, rag..
do coupou
da la, rag
do coupon
AUblaon fan. 4a
do adj. 4a
Bal. tt Ohio 4a..
do 3a
do cour. 4a....
l,Nr ,C fan. lg..ioi
....111 xxN. J. c. g. 6a.
,...luj No. Pacific 4a 101
....iwt, do la
.... M N. A w. con. 4a...; toZ
.... to Heading gu. 4a t
.... Mbt. L. 6 ,
....luot. L. 8. W. .la 13J
x Canada 80. la
Central of Oa. as... loi xxS. A. A. P. 4a.. 71
so la inc f 00. racino a 17
CSaa. unio . .iiwi 00. luuiway 6a 1:0V
uu . .. t .mm m raciuc la... 114
C, B. A Q. n. a... Vi T. 8t. L. W. 4a.. 74
C, M. a St. r. g. 4.ltu mion raclflc 4a....lot
xC. A N. w. c 7a...i) ao canr. 4a
C, R. I. A P. 4a. ...106 xWabaah la m
i at - a ai w ..........
Chlcaao Tar. 4a U do dab. B
... 14
Colorado Be. 4a
'xweat Shora 4a..
a axWhael. ALE
Wla. Central 4a..
ki .Con. Tobacco ....
Denrer A R. O. 4a
Erla prior lias 4a..
do aeneral 4a....
4t ai
... K)
xf. W. A D. O. la.. 104 Colo, yual
... ao
... 14
Hocking Val. 4a...iu7l
X Bid. xx Offered.
Boston gtoelc daetanens.
BOSTON. June 11 Call loans. 3HH per
cent; time loans, 4ig& per cent, official
closing prices on stoma ana oonai:
Atchiaon ! Bingham
do pfd to Caluuiat A Hecla.
Boaton A Albany 2iu Ceulenulal
Boston Elevated 144lt'opiar Kanga ....
N. Y . N. H A W.AO'iit romlnloa Coal ...
ritrhburc old !3C Prauklla
.. 21
.. 20
.. 64
.. tt
.. 1
.. 44
.. 14
.. It
.. 22
Union Pacific lala Rorale
American Sugar.
.ivi- aionawk
.Uuid tJoialuloa ...
.loi Oacaola
. It Parrot
.17a lijulncjr
. 27 Baoia ra Copper..
. 14 Tamarack
.Pit ITrlmountals
. 11 TrlDlljr
do pfd
American T. A T
Potnlolon 1. A 8.
Oan. Electric ....
IIih. Electric ...
do pfd.
United Fruit
V. Steal
do nfd
.. 1
.. 12
.. 10
.. 1
ai iiuitei staiaa ....
Weetingb. Common.. M I I'tah
t Victoria
av wmosa ..
U WoKrarloe
.. 14
rr York Mlnlas annotations.
NEW YORK. June 13 The following are
the quotations on the New York Stock ex
Adams Coo ) I-lttla Chtel
Alloa xontarlo tod
Hr .. l i Ubir l.a
brunawlck Con !fli'i-nU 1
l Tuunal 1 Poloal 14
Con. Cal. A Va 1M saage IS
Hora S.War loa Sierra Netada Tt
Iran Silver 170 Small Hopea IS
Laadvllla Cos 1 Standard 2
X Asked.
Foreign Financial.
IONDON, June 1J. Money was In mod
erate demand and supplies were plentiful
Business on the Stock exchange was fairly
cheerful. Consols were Arm and home rails
were In good demand. Americans opened
strong In response to New York, but sfter-
wards reacted to parity and closod quiet
Grand Trunk wss Arm. Canadian Pacific
tu easier. Kafilxs war higher and mod
erately active, the market being compara
tively rare of shares. Chartered snares
were the feature owing to a revival of the
rumors about government chnrter. The
amount of bullion taken Into the Bank of
Kngland on balance today was 46,i.
PARIS. June 13. Stocks on the bourse
today opened firm, except Servian securi
ties, and then because Irregular. Later
prices atesdled and closed Arm. Including
Servians, which Implored slightly. Three
per rent rentes RSf 3V- for the account.
Exchange on London 3Bf ane for checks.
BERLIN'. June IS. Business on ths hnnraa
today was quiet. Only Canadian Pacific
was stimulated orl New York advices.
London Stock Market.
LONDON, June IS. Closing quotations:
Conaola. money fl N. T. Cantral tS
do account 11 Norfolk A Weetera.. 44
Anaconda 4 do pfd l
Atrblaon 77 Ontario A Weatem.. M
do Pfd 7 Pennerlvaola 41
Baltimore A Ohio Rand Mlnea Iflu
Canadian Pacific irt Heading 14
Cbeaapeaka A Oblo.. 40 do lat pM 42
Chicago U. W 10 do Id pfd S
C., M. A St. P 1T 'Southern Ry It
DeBeera 11 do pfd 1
txnver A R. 0 10 Southern Pacific tt
do pfd 17 ,1'nloa Paello 14
Erla 14 do pfd 11
do lat pfd U. 8. ?l eel 11
do Id Dfd I"V do pfd M'
IIMnnla Cantral 1st .Wabaah K,
Loulavllla A Naah...!14 do pfd 46
M , K. A T 2Ji
BAR SI LV ER 24 5-16d per ounce.
MONEV 14ta per cent. The rate of dis
count In the oDen market for both short
and three-months' bills Is t7v52 15-18 per
Weekly Bank Statement.
NEW YORK, June 18 -The statement of
averages of ths clearing house banks of
this city for the week shows: Loans, lira,.
822.000, decrease 111,776,100; deposits, $)si,
829.700, decrease $11. 7. 800; circulation, 144.
OmiloO, decrease 1W.1U0; legal lenders, $75.
039,200. Increase $2,387,100; specie. $15fi,146,400.
decrease loM.400; reserve, lai.lS4i. in
crease I1.7o2,700: reserve required, 1221,707,
iZS, decrease 12,948.85; surplus. 19.477,175, in
crease. 14.701.625; ex-Cnlted States deposit.
$181,778,175. increase $4,669,025.
Itock la Sight.
Following were ths receipts of live stock
at the six principal western cities yester
Cattle. Hogs. SheeD.
Omaha 2t0 9,mo ....
Chicago 600 . 15,000 2.000
Kansas City 3.600 8M . ....
St. Joseph 2.fi00 8,t 8.9G7
St. Louts No market.
feioux City 100 b.000
7.600 47,000 8.967
St. Inls Lire Stork Market.
ST. LOUIS. June 13. CATTLE There
whs no murUet htro today on account of
trre noous.
President of the I re; a Doek Company
Resigns Becanae of Poor
TOKIO. May .-Vta Victoria, B. C.
June 13.) A sensation was caused today by
the announcement that Mr. Tsukahara,
president of the Urga Dock company, had
resigned his position in consequence of the
failure of his Company to turn out United
States gunboats for the Philippine govern
ment In accordance with specifications.
Two boats have been rejected by Governor
Taft and the remaining three are said to
be equally inadequate.
The Chinese riots in Kwang 81 province
havs developed in violence and it Is un
officially reported that the French consul
at Tonquln has reported to the Peking
government that unless the insurgents are
suppressed French troops will be sent
across ths frontier to qusll the dis
turbances. Tha Japanese cruiser Toklo, which was
one of the first warships captured from
China during the war of 1894-5, ran ashors
May 22, during a snow storm off Shakotan,
Nemuro province. The vessel does hot ap
pear to be much damaged but la exposed
to the storms. Nineteen sailors have been
drowi.ed or froten to death.
Tha warship which Korea had intended
to buy from a Japanese company has not
yet been handed over, as tha Korean
government has not paid for It. The
minister of war who mads tha deal has
resigned, pleading Illness to escape the
dilemma arising out of ths deal.
Ths Malnlchla publishes a dispatch giving
the alleged history of the Manchurlan secrt
treaty on the authority of a minister who
said that China had refused to comply with
the Russian demands and that M. Plan
chou, acting Prussian minister, had wired
to Europe and that China had accepted,
After the powers protested, China sent
another refusal to Russia, which govern
ment paid no attention to tt.
The Russians have not withdrawn their
demands, which, presumably, are still
lying on the table of the Chinese foreign
minister.. The minister states that the
secret treaty will probably be signed
privately and it Is Imperative that Japan
should assist China In resisting ths
Russian demands.
Grants a Retrial of Libel Salt Brought
by Lady Cook's
LONDON. June IS. The appeal court to
day granted tha application of Lady Cook,
formerly Miss Tennessee Claflin of New
Tork, for a retrial of the charge brought
against her by J. H. Wallace, her former
private secretary, who was granted a ver
dict of $2,750 on the plea of libel.
Lady Cook's counsel said Wallace hnd
alleged that she extorted a check for $320,000
from her lats husband on the threat that
she would expose the liaison, and counsel
also said Wallace alleged that Sir Francis
Cook's death was due to a blow struck by
Lady Cook In their home.
Counsel asserted that these statements,
which wers not brought up at the flrst
trial, were made by Wallace solely with
tha view of terrorizing Lady Cook. Ths
master of ths rolls, In giving judgment,
characterised the Wallace suit as a black
mailing action and said ths verdict could
not be allowed to stand.
Insane Sailor Fires at Consnl.
HAVANA. July lS.-Whils the Italian
consul here. Vlaglom Tornlelll. wss seated
Id ths office yestsrday afternoon, a young
Italian sailor entered and Inquired whether
ha was ths consul. On receiving an af
firmative answer, hs whipped out a revolver
and fired, the bullet grating the consul's
head. Tha sailor turned and fled along
the street, pursued by ths consul. The
miscreant Ineffectively fired the only
charge In his revolver at his nearest
pursuers. It Is believed that he Is Insane.
Revolntlon Is Crashed.
CARACAS, Juns 18. General Matos pub
lished yesterday In Curacoa a manifesto
addressed to the Venexuelan people con
fessing that the revolution Is crushed and
terminated and saying he will ask Presi
dent Castro to guarantee the safety of him
self and all his followers so that they may
bs able to rsturn to trslr homes and work
for the pescs and prosprty of Venesuela.
The announcement of this news has arousal
much Interest here.
INSTRUMENTS hied for record Satrrday,
June 13;
Warranty Deeds.
Emma Rybln and husband to John
Rybln, lot 1, George's subdiv $ 600
t tsalt Claim Deeds.
Henry Splgle and wife to J. C. Cowln,
undivided half of w third of lot 2.
block 121, Omaha 200
E. W, Pendleton and wife to Amor
etta L. Bus vm, lot 6, block 3,
Mayne's ad 1
E. W. Blngman, guardian, to G. T.
McNeil, undivided four-nineteenths
of lots 12 and 13. block 17, Hitch
cock's 1st ad I
Total amount of transfers , I 7u
aef Steers Hsra Adanoed Fifty Cents
Oyer the Low Time.
Receipts ot Sheep anal Lambs Rather
Light for Week and. Qoallty Com
mon, bnt Trnsiasr Was Active
anal Prices Knlly Steady.
Receipts were: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Ofllclal Monday 2,590 4.S.1 1,444
Official Tuesday 4.8: 11.19b 30
Ofllclal Wednesday 3.036 H.6M 1.1X1
Official Thursday 8.530 12.307 2, Mo
Official Friday... 4,660 13.1:71 4.5'i5
Official Saturday 200 1.000 ....
lotai mis weeg is. lis til.s iv .jj
Week ending June 6 24.548 U4.M.0
Week ending May 30 16.9ie 87.676 11.411
Week ending Way &t 13,148 41,033 U.oSd
Week ending May 18 2-.M08 84.300 16,9:3
Same week last year 10.703 66.534 ll.l7
curio run iiiiu ikak iu iAib.
The following table thows ths receipts of
cattle, hgs jind sheep at south Omaha for
the year to date and coinnarlsons with iaat
year: iu3. 1.C. Inc. Leo.
tattle 441.4C.2 341,694 19.758
Hogs l,113.4t6 1,217, 3 103.7M
Bh ep 632.648 378,(s9 153,669
Average price paid toi hgs 'at South
Omaha for the last several days with com
pa i iM'ji.a;
Date. 1 1903. 1803.1901.1I)00.189.1&98.1S97.
May 16.
May it.,
May 17.,
May 18.,
May 19.
May 20.
May 21.
May 21.
May 23.
May 24.
May 26.,
May 87.
May 28.
May 29.
May 30.
May 11.
June v..
1 U
7 0,
5 601 c a
6 6V 6 X3
I 7I
I 43
3 80
t (1
3 51
3 53
8 53
3 53
3 45
3 40
1 81
3 34
I 14
I 36
3 39
3 40
3 32
3 36
3 32
3 31
S 3"
3 31
3 29
3 27
3 21
3 31
4 2&
4 4bl
4 3k
7 13
I B lu
I 65
4 36i
7 11
5 73
t 87
B 4
7 08
7 03
7 06
5 0J
4 361
4 33
6 1V
6 0b
6 01
7 051
6 67
5 61
6 04
3 S2
S iJv
4 25;
4 17
6 (!
5 72H.
6 704.
4 9
3-bo I
4 Is
6 97
7 02
7 69
I So;
t S3
4 S5
4 9u
I 60
4 08
5 80
5 93
7 10
7 "
7 07
V 13
7 16
7 21
7 li,
7 211
6 66i 4 t&l
1 c;
S 67
4 101
6 71
4 83
4 14
5 70
4 XH!
3 50
4 21
June I..
B 07
4 S3
3 M
4 12
June 3..
June 4..
June 6..
6 99H'
5 85
( 70
8 59
t 58
4 03
4 10
a I
4 01;
3 88
3 Vi I
6 71
4 83
B ibVfc
6 ?0
4 91
June S..
June 7..
Juns 8..
6 71
5 75
5 78!
i lti
3 u,
3 67.
3 60)
8 CI :
4 9n
6 0'2i
5 86
6 M"i
6 07 I
I 5 101
June 10.
June 11.
June 12.
7 27
7 36
B 831 I
6 91 5 001
5 891 4 9::i
6 b5 4 86(
8 67
3 981
7 U
3 71
June 13.
7 M
3 61
Indicates Sunday.
The official number of cars of stock
brought In today by each road was:
Cattle. Hogs.
C, M. St. P. Ry 1
Wabash J.
lTnlon Pacific System
C. & N. W. Ry 4
F., E. & M. V. R. R 1
C, St. P., M, & O. Ry ..
B. ft M. Ry 6
C, H. aV Q. Ry 1
C, R. I. & P. Hy.. east 3
C, K. I. & P. Ry., west
Illinois Central
Total receipts 14
The disposition of the day's receipt
s was
ss follows, each buyer purchasing the
ber of head indicated:
Buyers. Cattle.
Omana Packlnfr Co
Swift and Company 81
Armour & Co 28
Cudahy Packing Co 21
Armour & Co., Sioux City 76
Frey Packing Co
Other buyers., 17 ....
Totals W 8,669
'CATTLE Receipts ot cattle this week
have been fairly liberal, as there is a bain
over the same day of last year amounting
to about 8,000 head. As compared with the
enormous run of last week, however, there
Is a decrease of about 6.000 head. The de
mand has been very heavy all the week
In view of the fact that Kansas City and
St. Louis were shut down, and all the
arrivals met with ready sale at much
higher prices than were paid last week.
Beef steers made up the big buulk of the
offerings, but there wers none too many
to supply the demand. Local buyers all
had heavy orders and besides that there
was a good shipping demand. The market
was higher and active every day until
Friday, when, owing to heavy receipts at
the end of the week, packers succeeded In
taking off 6'iilOc. The net gain for the
week, nowever, is tuny wflwc, or, as com
pared with the low time, which was last
week Thursday, the advance amounts to
fully 60c. All grades have Joined in' this
advance, the common as well as the good,
the heavy as well as the handy weights.
The bulk of the fair to good eteers now
coming forward are selling from $4.66 to
6.00. with the choicer grades going mostly
from $6.00 to $5.26. The commoner grades
sell largely from $4.00 to $4 .60.
The cow market was also active and
stronger all the week. Cow stuff, however,
did not suffer ss badly last week as, steers,
and as a result the advance this week
wss not ss radical. Good cows may sarely
bs quoted 25c higher for the week, or 2&fr86c
higher than the low time last Thursday.
Choice to fancy heifers, such as have
been selling from 14.80 to 14.85. are prob
ably right around 40c higher than the low
time. The commoner grades of cows are
now selling mostly from 12.26 to $3.25, with
the bulk of the fair to good grades going
from $3.50 to $4.25, and the choice to fancy
from $4.25 to 14.60.
Bulls are safely 15-3 26c higher for the
week, the bulk selling from 13.00 to $1.10.
Venl calves sre about 60c higher than the
low time, choice grades selling as high as
$4.60. Stas have also advanced In sym
pathv with steers.
The supply of stockers and feeders has
been very limited nil the week, snd so also
has the demsnd. The tendency of prices
has been downward all the week, and most
grades are right close to n quarter lower
for the week. Representative sales:
No r. Fr. No AT. Pr.
T ' 1W c w
U ',Tt 4 55 i ,1021 4 40
1 IN m 1 1140 4 u
1 1270 4 It
I tit I 00 1 M 1 H
1 1110 1 to 1 UoO 1 HI
HOGS There whs a liberal run of hogs
here today for a Saturday, but puckers all
had liberal ordus. and as a result the
market ruled very scllve and u210c higher.
All the early srrivals sold In a hurry and
were out oi nrat nanus uy 10 o ciock. ine
early sales were not much more than a
nickel higher, but the market kept getting
better, so the general market shows an
advance of 6'a'lOc. The bulk of ths hogs
sold 16.06 to 1') 10. with the choice loads go
ing from $410 to $6 20. The lighter snd
commoner grades went from 10.02' down.
The receipts ot hogs for ths week show
a decrease as compared with the big run
of last week amounting to a little over
1.000 head. As compared with the ssme
week of last year, though there Is an in
crease of over 6 000 head. Ths demand
both from local puckers snd from shippers
has been In good shape and the market on
moat days has ben active, with tho tend
ency of prices upward. Friday wss the
only day when packers succeeded In pound
ing the market. The total advance for
the week amounts to about Soc. This ad
vance carries the market to the highest
point reached since May 23. Representative
No. At. Bh. Pr. No. At. th. Pr.
u toi no no 71 trs ito 4 oiu
14 .11 40 4 00 10 120 1 V7'4
44 120 4 W 45 zM 1M 1 c7
76 oJ 10 loo ( no ... 1074
71 12t 10 oo i! l i an a fmZ
44 ill HI 1 02S4 aa 170 1 07 U
41 144 au 4oi,
17 171 lag 07 s
M lit U fc! U 20
01 lj
..ii au a oa- n m te 1714
aw a ox n ar...
... 106 11 Hi 10 1071,
-.. 4 l- 1 161 ... I 07 -a
... 4 04 10 Ml 10 0714
10 4 06 1 V71 10 07U
... 4 01 tl 361 10 1 olH
0 lit 2 II ItO 071,
... 4 10 21.1 i'-O 1 01 U
10 I 0 10 tti M I Or,
... 1 Oi (8 Zht 10 1 0T
--- 1 bt ti no wo 1 0714
160 I 0 M 177 120 1 07 U
ao 1 Ot 4 :, ... 071,
l 1 14 47 161 120 1 0714
120 I Ot (I in 120 1 07a,
12 I Ot 41 271 120 1 10
4 ot M 241 120 1 10
120 1 01 11 211 40 I 10
120 4 ot 74 It ... l
-- 101 141 ... 10
- I t 64 luO 110 ( 10
-. I 06 VM 10 t 10
4 46 14 177 IS 1 It
10 1 Ot 74 214 1 10
0 1 at 11 i.t ... t 10
CO 4 t 12 200 14 1 it
to 1 00 tftl ao t it
... 1 01 ti 274 U I It
40 I 0t II I'll M 10
lu 1 1 111 :m u 111
--- I 01 II 2l 0 1 10
120 t At 41 j&i ... t It
t Ot 47 247 Mil
M I ( 7 U i;o t 10
1M 1 14 It Ml 10 t 10
... t Ot tt 2 ... t It
... I ua 44 Hi ... i
70 14
71 61
10 10
77 til
11 141
7 1141
It m
U 240
.. Il
M toi
41 141
71 Ill
M Iu
7 141
1 Hal
M 141
41 1.1
4 117
15 Ill
a ,
I Ml
T4 in ... tot Ti.. tt to ( 10
Ti ?"I 40 t oa K ?k 140 1 10
I lto 4 re M -m . . 4 lo
7S 214 ao i us us i'4n io tin
'4 ill ao 1 07V M "7 ian ( 11
f I4 i?o 4 t7 ' a& to ian tu
14 14 lao tf7 an tug an a .,
77 m ijo -t oii4j la tM an a n
41 US 100 1 07 N It JJ4 !v 111
M i:i ... t e.s : ji j ... t u
64 171 10 1714, U Ill ... I M
BHEKP Receipts of sheep anil
hsve been light, this wees., for. while
there Is an Increase of about .1 il hem!
over last week, there is a decrease of
shout 1.5H0 head ss compared with-the cor-,
responding week-or Inst year. The quality'
of the offerings has also been very In
ferior, so that In reality a fall- test of the
market on desirable grades has not been
The mrrket on- the rommon stuff has
been active and fully steady all the week
and from the action of buvers it Is verv
evident that there Is a liberal demand and
the general Impression la that choice sheep
would have sold higher. Considering qual
ity packers say they have been paving
Chicago prices all the week. Ijimhs hsvc
also sold to good advantage snd It la safe
to quote them fully steady for the Wtek
There have not been enough feeders on
sale to make a market, but the few
bunches that did arrive sold about steady
Qurtatlrins for lipped stock: Choice wast
rj"n,irmhs' W-W-T6: fair to good lambs,
niV! choice western wooled lambs.
16 i67.00; fair to good wooled lambs. ttVfywf.
t 60; choice lightweight yearlings, $5.50g 5 76:
fair to good yearlings, 16.00115 50; choice
wethers, J4 .90h .10; fair to good wethers.
ef.6"?i4 90; choice en-es, $4.25(.j4.0; fair to
food ewes, $.-5034.26; feeder lambs, 12.50'J
50; feeder yelillnrs. lI&iXiTSO: feeder
wethers, $2.50tf&50; feeder ewes. $2.00fc2.7&
Pair Saturday Receipts and Prices
Generally Aboat Stendy. - . .
CHICAGO. June 13. C ATT LK Receipts,
6'0 head: market nominal; good to prime
steers, tS.nofi6.3n: poor to medium, tl.nivgi
4 90; stockers. and feeders, $3 0Hi4.76; cows
$1 6034.70: heifers. 12 Soa4.V: cs nners. 11 en-fii
2 90; bulls, $2 MVSil.25; calves, $3.6ojfS.OO;
Texas fed steers, $4.mvfi4.K.
HOGS Receipts, 15,0i0 head: .estimated
Monday, 4S.(0: left over. 2.000; market
steady; mixed and butchers, $59t'fr25; good
to choice heavy, 1?iMi35; rough heavy,
$5.90fiS.2rt; light, $5.fc6.15; bulk of sales,
$6.nifjf!.2i. BHKEP A"ND IJVMHS-Recelpts, 2.nnfl
head; market ateadv; good to oholrrj weth
ers. $4.60ii,5.50; fair to choice mixed. !i2Sy
4 Si; western sheep. 11(0115.50; native If mbs,
t4.5Wi6.7S; western lambs, $4.5og,6.75.
Kansas City Mve Slock Market, ,
KANSAS CITY. June 13.-CATTtE-Ke'-relpts.
3. Sort natives, fi native calves; steers
1Pfif25c hlRher than Friday, M.iy 29; choice
export and dressod beef steers, t4.4"4.".00;'
fair to good. 13.6orri4.40; stockers and feed- .
ers. $2.0o4.60; western-tod steers. tn.Oiitft .
4 : Texas nnd Indian st-'er. $.1.onf?4.4i;
Texas rows, 12.0ivti'3.Jj; native cows, 12.0i9
4.45; native heifers, !2.:0g4,00; dinners,
11.20(32.10; bulls, .$2. 40(-.oo;i calves. $;.75 '
HOG3 R.telpts, S50; market JOfJlSe Mgher
than May 29; top. 46.10;. bulk or. fates, li 90
ffjfl.00; heavy. &.;!f.lA; m.xed packers
IS.SOfiffl.Oo; Hitht. 15.70ti5.85; 'V'kers, 16.S0iJ .
6.85; pigs, 35. r-'3f 56.
BHEKP-AND LAMBS-No receipts; mar
ket nominal; native lambs, 14.107.25; west
ern lambs, $.1." fed ewes, $3.4iMf5.; '
Texas clipped yesr'lngs, 1,1. 60114. 0; Texnn
clipped sheep. $3.3545.15; stackers and -feed-era
Tho local yards will he open for the re
ceipt of full shipments of cattle, twgs snd
sheep Monday, June 15. for the first time .
In fourteen days.
.Kcve York Lire StocV Market.
NEW TORK, June 13. CATTLE" Re- '
celpts, 309 head; no trading; exports, 1.440
cattle, 41 sheep and 2,778 quartern pf beef. k .
CALVES Receipts, none; feeling fcteadv. "
HOGS Receipts, 1,071 head; feeling- f
steady. .,
eHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, B.000
head; sheep steady; good lambs, 10-jnSc
lower; common and medium grades, HWV,c
off; pens about cleared; sheep, 13, 26 u 5 3.7;
lambs. $6.25(!t7.60; one car, $7.75;. culls', $6;
dressed mutton, 710Vc; dressed lambs,
St. Joseph Live 8tark Market. .
ST. JOSEPH. June 13 CATTLE Re- .
celpts, 2,600 head; steady to 10c lower; na
tives, $4,2546.40; cows and heifers, $2.So
5.00; stockers and feeders, $J.60t&4.h6.
HOGS Receipts, 8.500; steadv to 60 .
higher; light and light mixed, T3.06fi6 12H;
medium and heavy. 16.10Sj8.25; bulk, $6.06t
8.12V4; pigs, $4.SOj6.85. . , .
SHEEP AND LAMBS-Rocelpts, 6.967
head; active, steady to strong: top Arlsona
sheep, $5.10; Texas wethers, $4.66.
Stoox City Mve Mock Market. ,
BIOUX CITY, la.. June 13. (Special Telei
gram.) CATTLE Receipts. 800. mostly
killers; market 10c lower; beeves, $4 .OOrgS.OO;
cows, bulls and mixed, $2.50i?4.20; stockers
and feeders, $3.504.60; calves and yearlings
HOGS Receipts, 6.000; market 6c higher;
$5,8546.00; bulk,' $5.96(8-6.06. ' '
IV. Farnam Smith
& Go.
1 . .... .
We buy and sel) Union . Stock' .
Yards Stock, S-uth Omaha.
1320 Farnam St. Te). 1064
Commercial Paper.
Stock Yards Stock;
Bought and Sold
320 N. Y. LlfiBldg, 'Phone 895.
24 Board of Trade BMg., Omaha
rhones I0O6 and 1017. Members all prin
cipal exchanges. Writs for our dull uur-.
gel letter.
Htocks are advancing toward a. higher
level. Now is the lime to Invest.
Are good bargains at present prices.
Tel. 1039. Room 4, N. Y. Life Bldrf.
nxaled proposals, in triplicate, will be re
ceived hero uniil 12 o'clock, 11 nun, June la,
for constructing one rloulils Cavalry-.
riarracKS, lour (. aaliy Blaldra, rour Artil
lery workshops, four douliln Cavalry Stable
tiuard buildings and altering Mess Hall for
l'ost Exchange and Gymnasium, to lucluue.
I'lumblng, lit-ailii and Klcclrlu wlilny
where applicable. Also' for an Blectrlc.'
Lighting bystem for the post. Informa
tion furnished upon application here, hIsii.
at Otllces of Depot WuarierniaBters, Chi-,
cago. 111., Bt. Louis, Mo., Omaha, Neb. and
Denver. Colo. Didders will state in bid
the time In which they will complete the
work as time will form au Important con
sideration lu the award. Right reserved
to accept or reject any or all bids or any
part thereof. Envelopes to be endorsed
''Proposals for cunstrutiun of Public Uulld
Ings, etc.," addressed U. O. Cress, Q M.
M23-26-;-i7 J13-I4
Sealed bids will be received at ths oftlco
of Secretary of State up until U o'clock
noon on the izd day of June, 1H0S,' for the
erection of two cylleiidrlck fire escapes at
the Hastings Asylum, aa per plaua and
specltlcatlona on file in the ottica of Secre
tary of State. The Board reserves the right
to reject any and all bhla.
J-13-d-lQ-t Secretary of Hoard.