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Jane Weddingj Occasion Huoh Gaiety
Among Omaha Gmart Tolki
Umldrnm Who Will Sooa Become
Wivee Are Omenta of Honor at
Htnr Fsnetlona Dorlna;
the Week.
How it Happened.
It n her first propoaal. and
Bo euddenly It came.
The girl wii really lluatered o
bhe didn't know her name.
And, he did not five her time
Her acaUered thoughts to thread.
She did the very best she could,
And too hla name Instead.
Town Topics,
The June bride waa the very conspicuous
center of laat weeka gaiety and, by the
way, the week waa one of the brightest of
the whole year. Not that the affaire were
of unusual importance in slxe or character,
but they were aU unusually smart and. be
ing eompllmentarles to those girls who are
specially Interesting Just now, each host
sa seemed to vie with the other to make
bar affair more attractive. And this week
the June bride will again hold the envied
place of prominence. In fact ahe promlaea
to hold It for several weeks to come, for
there are weddings and weddings and wed
dings ahead.
This week the marriage of Miss Ellen
Mc8hane and Mr. Will Burns, which will
occur on Wednesday evening at the home
Of Mrs. E. C. McShane and will be fol
lowed by a large reception, will be the
feature, and some of the smartest of the
Other affairs planned will be In compliment
to the prospective bride.
On Monday Miss Orcutt will give a lunch
eon at the Country club for Miss McShane;
Mrs. Charlea Johannea and her guest, Mrs.
Kimball, will be at home informally In the
afternoon; Miss Daisy Rogers will give a
bowling party at the Field club In compli
ment to Miss Edith Snell, whose marriage
occurs June 17; Miss Karr will give a box
party at Boyd's in the evening; the wed
ding of Miss DeLong and Mr. Charles
Powell at Knox Presbyterian church.
On Tuesday Mrs. Arthur Oulou and some
of the other women golfers will entertain
at the Country club for Miss McShane;
the Euchre club meets with Mrs. Ward
Burgess; the wedding of Miss Edwards and
Mr. Smith.
On Wednesday the Burna-McShane wed
ding and reception; Miss Fannie Cole gives
a kenslngton afternoon for two of the pros
pective brides, Miss Herberta Jaynes and
Miss Gertrude Macomber; the Karr-Oleson
On Thursday the debutantes will give
their postponed luncheon, and after that
all manner of affairs are liable to be given
for tha hostess who gives her prospective
guests more than a few days' warning
now-a-days Is exceptional the formal in
vitation seems quite out of season, in fact.
. Of course there is always the Country club
and the Field club, but the weather has
been rather a detriment to their popular
ity of late and society seems to prefer the
home affairs.
The marriage of Miss Grace Pauline
Long, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. DeWItt
Long, will be solemnised on Wednesday
evening at Knox Presbyterian church.
Mr.-and. Mrs. H.-S. Jaynes have issued
Invitations for the wedding of their daugh
ter, Miss Herberta Jaynes, and Mr. Wil
liam Brace Fonda, which Is to be sol
emnised at 8 o'clock on Wednesday even
ing June 10, at the Church of the Good
Shepherd. ' -The
wedding of Miss Ines Lucrecla Ed'
wards, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Ed
wards, and - Mr. Frank Blair Smith, will
occur on Tuesday evening at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards at 3S63 Farnam
The marriage of Miss Mabel Karr, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Myron D. Karr, and
Mr. Julian H. Oleson, . will occur on
Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Karr, 2318 North Twenty-second
treet. ,
Mr. and Mra. C. J. Canan have Issued in
vitations for the wedding of their niece,
Adda Blanche Csnan, to Wilbur Francis
Innea. . The wedding will take place
Wednesday evening, June 10, at their res
idence. Miss Jeanle Canan, cousin of the
bride,' will be maid of honor, and Albert
Innea, brother of the groom, will be best
The engagement has been announced of
Miss Blossom Rothschild of Pittsburg, Pa.,
formerly of Omaha, and Mr. Walter Zugh
amlth of Pittsburg.
The marriage of Colonel J. H. Pratt and
Mrs. Julia Montgomery has been announced
to occur in June.
Mr. D. 8. Barrlnger announces the mar
riage of his daughter. Miss Zella Barrlnger,
and Mr. Alfred Bowie of Kansas City,
formerly of Omaha, which was solemnized
at high noon on Friday in Topeka, Kan.,
in the chapel of Bethany college. Bishop
Mlllspaugh officiating. Miss Barrlnger was
formerly a popular student at Bethany
college and waa the gueat of Miss Mills
. paugh at the time of her marriage. Mr.
and Mrs. Bowie will reside in Kansas
Mra. J. F. Mawhtnney waa hoatess of a
second large affair on Saturday afternoon,
kenalngton. at which about thirty guesla
were present. Spring flowers and greens
made the rooms very attractive and a
guessing contest contributed to the amuse
ment of the afternoon. Mrs. Mawhlnney
was assisted by Mrs G. W. Wiekersham.
Mrs. Frank Bllsh and Mrs. Flack. The
other women present were: Mmes. J. M.
Akin, A. W. Bowman, Aiken, A. G. Charl
ton, SwarUlunder, Balrd. Paul Patton,
Ryan, Westerfield. Hume, McCulloch, Mer
rlam, Magaret. Updike, Hippie. Hoyt, Wil
son, C. C. Balden. Eckerman. D. B. Brown,
Shiftier. J. U Md'ugue. Robert Dempster,
John King. Flnley, Hicks. Hardman, John
Dempster, J. M. Ross, John Davis.. Byers.
Cameron, D. C. Dodds. George Wallace,
Medler, J. H. 1'ntton. Delmore Cheney,
Hamllrg. Whltaker. Fredericks. Wester
ned. Edward Johnson,' Best, W. G. Cre.
Thomas McCague. Wolf. Aull. Misses Al
len. Powell. Ryan. I'pdike, Wilson. Adams
nd Whlttalier.
Miss Pu'ullne Sehenck "entertained in
formally on Tuesday afternoon of this
week for MIhs Lulu Edwards, whose mar
riage to Mr. Frank Walrsmlth occurs
June 2. Miss Edwards was the recipient
Of a unique "Picture Shower." The after
noon was pasxed most delightfully at
cards and games. Miss Bes.slo Field win
ning the prize for the best acrostic, the in
terwoven name of the prospective bride.
Miss Corlnne 1'aulson won second prise
As a farewell to Mrs. Guy Howard, who
left for the east on Frlduy, Mrs. William
Mason Wright gave a small tea on
Wednesday afternoon.
In hone of MNs Kuechle of St. Joseph
Mrs. Georg Prltehett entertained at
lunoheon, followed by euchre, on Friday
afternoon. The following Were her guest,:
Mrs. Charlea Martin, Mrs. Frank Martin
Mrs Edgar Scott, Mrs. Ward Burges.,
Mra. Herbert Wheeler, Mrs. Van Nesa.
Mrs. E. M. Morxinan. Jr.. Mra. Charle.
Kounlse. Mra. Luther Kounize. Mra. Kr-,1
Nash, Mrs. ArU.ur C. Smith, Mra. Joaeph
Barker, sirs. Fred Ruailu, Mis., Kilpatrlck,
alias Alloa alocUtaae, Mma Allan, Mias He
Cllrtock. Mix Wakefield. Mis Susan Hoi-
drepe, Miss Cady. Miss Tek, Miss Yates,
Miss Kuerhle,' Miss Mae Hamilton.
Mrs. Henry Duve entertained Informally
on Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. A. Driffkorn enterttined at lunch
eon on Wednesday, the guests of honor
being Mrs. J. O. Redman of Snlt Lake City
and Mrs. Price of Portland. Ore. The
table was prettily trimmed with roses, car
nations and ferns. The guests present
were: Dr. and Mrs. Hostetter, Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Shaffer, Mmes. N. E. Carter,
R. B. Carter, Corey, Vaow, Kellogg,
James Dtddell, Messrs. A. O. Muller,
J. Howard, Charles Driffkorn, Wel
lington Hostetter, Misses Irene Ltddell,
Grace Shaffer, Helen Shaffer, Anna
Relmer, Ruth Redman, Florence Price,
Margaret Hostetter and Anna Driffkorn.
Mmes. Barker, Joseph Barker. Klrken
dall, George Squires, George Barker and
Frank Martin were guests of Mrs. Cud.ihy
at a luncheon on Thursday, of which Mrs.
Charles Martin was guest of honor. Yellow-shaded
randies trimmed the table.
In honor of Miss McShane Miss Cotton
end Mr. Bon Cotton gave a supper on Fri
day evening for Mr. Will Burns and Miss
McShane, the other guests present being:
Misses Brady, Rogers, Mary Lee McShane,
Messrs. Haskell, Lee McShane, Fred Nash
and Louis Nash.
Mrs. John J. Monell is the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Greene.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mcintosh expect to
leave Omaha on June 19 for New York,
where they will make their future home.
Miss Baker, who is the guest of Mrs C.
E. Yost, will leave this week for Boston,
to sail later for Europe.
Mrs. August Mothe-Borglum has been
called to New York by the Illness of her
sister and will remain there until June,
when Mr. Borglum will Join her and to
gether they will sail for Pails.
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Meikle expect
to go to Canada the latter part of June to
visit before sailing for Europe In July.
Miss Margaret Wood expects to spend a
month In Ithaca, N. Y., after the close of
her school.
Mr. Edward Dickinson and Mrs. Lyman
are now In New York, from where they
will sail for Europe. Mrs. Dickinson did
not accompany them and will spend the
summer In Omaha.
Mrs. Walter B. Wilklns and Miss Darlene
Buckingham returned Thursday last from
a week's visit in Denver.
Mrs. Frank D. Field and baby are ex
pected soon to be the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Amos Field.
Miss Harriet Mothe-Borglum has returned
from Stanford university.
Announcement has been received of the
safe arrival of Mr. H. H. Qulnland at Ham
burg, Germany.
Miss Ethel Wilklns arrived home Thurs
day morning from a delightful visit of
three months in Denver and Colorado
Mr. Lewis Reed of Chicago is spending
Sunday in Omaha and Mrs. Reed will re
turn with him, expecUng to spend the sum
mer at Lake Forest.
, Miss. Karr will give a box party st Boyd's
on Monday evening.
Mr. John Schenk and daughter, Mrs. A.
L. Kinsler. have gone to Europe to spend
the summer.
Miss Orcutt will leave this week for New
York, to attend the graduating exercises of
Sacred Heart convent, Kenwood, Miss Jane
Orcutt being a member of the class.
Mrs. Magee of Chicago spent a part of
tha week the guest of her father,' Colonel
Mrs. O. T. Eastman of Evanston, HI., is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Burns.
Judge Crounse and the Misses Crounse
sailed for Europe on last Saturday.
Miss Louise Parmalee Is to entertain the
members of the graduating class of the
high school at a lawn fete.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Pearce have taken the
house at 916 North ForUeth street.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kimball nnri
of Salt Lake City are auesta of Mr. r- tt-
Johannes of 621 Forty-first street and will
be at home Informally on Monday after
noon. Mr. and Mrs. Josrnh F. Mnrnhv h..
turned from their wedding tour.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Brandels hiv. ntnn,
from Chicago.
Miss Helen Brandels has return., fmv.
the east.
Invitations are out for tha
Miss Nettle Lancaster to Clyde Leslie
True, June 10. at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. George W. Lancaster, 240 Cass street.
Eleven seniors were made
week when the English department of the
University of Nebraska pronounced the
oratlonB belonging to Byron Eaton, Sid
ney Singer. AuiruBt Swensnn nw h, ,,.,..
land, Madallne Hillls, Josle Frazee, Erla
Coral. Alice W right, Ellen True, Claire Mc-
utuiiuii. uiiu jessie vvaugn victorious. But
ta uyicntQ mumcm uaa no yet arrived
In two weeks another rnnimt am k. i.i j
between these eleven. A number of judges
will listen to their delivery and decide
1.IUU1 uui oi mes eleven snail be de
livered on graduation dav. The mmmo,.,.
at the university pronounced the papers ex
cellent and it is rumored about the High
school that one oration received 100 per
cent, the highest ever received by any
student contesting for commencement. But
" i-juii nu oeen given from the
office. In deciding for delivery all will
on Thursday afternoon. M 2s ih. r
mosthetiian Debating society held It
annual election of officers. As moat of the
uujs who nnu omcea oerore election were
seniors and would leave the arhnni in T,,n,
the society will already be organized when
school opens In September under this plan
of electing officers before the close of the
Bcnooi jtir. aion or me societies reor
ganize ai ine opening or tne vear. Th
suit of election was: President. Rnr wn
llams; vice president. Richard Hunter; sec
retary, Lyman Uryson; treasurer, Joseph
PweiiAon; sergeajit-at-arms, Richard Pat-
in 3UII.
The final number of the Illah Hrhnni T.
later waa Issued last week. Heretofore it
has been customary to issue the commence
ment number as part of the year's sub
scription, but it will be extra this year. It
will contain the orations to be delivered on
graduation day. a general summary of the
year's' work, a clxstilned list of all High
school students and a message from Mr.
W aterhouse.
Miss Valentine entertained the P. O. S.
girls and a number of senior bovs Friday
evening. 'The time was delightfully spent
in games, after which refreshments were
The drawing classes of the High school
will give a program Monday afternoon,
June 1. A large part of the entertainment
will bo taken up by living pictures, which
promise to be very beautiful. A picture
will llien be presented to the High school
by the drawing department.
The Cadet Officers' chib will give a musi
cal next Friday afternoon. The proceeda
will g. towards the encampment fund.
The gymnasium students took their final
examination lost week. The. regular class
work has now closed and the physical
exams will be taken next week.
Mr. V. P. Chlodo left last night for Eu
rope, where he goes to buy a new supply
of goods and secure the latest Ideas re
garding ladles' tailoring. He wishes to
state that in his absence the business will
be continued the same, etng equipped with
an expert cutter and very beat workmen.
AIho that there will be reduced pricea on
all suits and skirts made up during the
summer, especially sklrta.
Father Btrltch'a Lertare.
"Dante as s World Poet" will be 'the
theme of Rev. M. D. Strltch, 8. J., at
Cretghton university hall. Monday evening.
Admission will be by Invitation, atrictly.
Tne Woman's club and the teachers of
Omaha have been Invited to attend aa so
cieties. The lucture Is given as a tribute
to the patroneaaea of the Oratorical ao
clety of the university, who have recently
given subatantial tokena of Intereat in the
uiganlzatlon. The lecture has been deliv
ered at a. number of towns In Nebraska
and is said to be of exceptional merit.
Old Warrier Has Aged Little, Though
Considerably Bronzed.
Jfevr t)nar1ermaetrr general Who A-
nmes Ilia Duties at Washington
Tomorrow Has Seen Morn For
eign and Frontier Service.
(From s Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, May 80.-(SpecIal Tele
gram.) General Charles F. Humphrey, the
new quartermaster general of the army,
appeared among his old-time associates of
the army and newspaper corps of Wash
ington today ready to assume his duties
on Monday under general orders. General
Humphrey Is hardly a day older, so far as
looks go, than when he served as acting
quartermaster In the old Department ot
the Platte. He Is considerably bronzed,
for he has seen much service In the Orient,
but he Is still the same Humphrey to the
boys he knew at Wounded Knee and dur
ing the Sioux campaign. He la still the
same Humphrey who built Crawford and
Crook, and his meeting along the row
today was reminiscent of the days when
he went out to the front to take charge
of supplies In Cuba, Chins and the Philip
pines. General Humphrey enlisted st Buffalo
during the outbreak of the civil war and
served throughout that conflict with dis
tinction. At the reorganization of the
army in 1866 he was appointed second lieu
tenant of tha Fifth artillery, and for more
than a quarter of a century has been an
officer of the regular army. General
Humphrey saw plenty of service on the
frontier and since his elevation to the staff
as quartermaster general In 1S79 he has
been regarded as one of the most efficient
officers of that service. He was chief quar
termaster in Cuba during the Spanish
American war and upon his own request
was assigned to China at the outbreak ot
the. Boxer trouble. Since the American
troops were withdrawn from China he has
been stationed In the Philippines until
now, when he comes to Washington to oc
cupy the highest position In the quarter
master's department In the army. No
officer in the military establishment of the
United States has seen so much foreign
service as Charles F. .Humphrey,. His pro
motion Is due entirely to his record.
Mrs. D. 8. Guild, Miss Lillian Shryock
and Miss Minna White of Omaha are in
Washington, guests of Mrs. Paul Hein
rlch. Mrs. Guild Is en route to West Point
to be present at the graduation exercises
at that farrous military college, her son,
George Rendel Guild of Nebraska, being
among the cadets who will be graduated
this year.
Dr. and Mrs. Andrewa of Frontier county,
Nebraska, are In Washington, guests ot
the doctor's brother, W. E. Andrewa, aud
itor for the Treasury department.
Judicial Committee Will Meet Next
Saturday to Call the Con
The Judiciary committee of the republican
party for the counties of Douglas, Sarpy,
Washington and Burt has been called to
meet In Omaha, Saturday. June 6, for the
purpose of fixing the time and place for
holding the Judicial convention and for the
purpose of deciding upon the representation
from each county and such other business
as may be brought before It. The commit
tee will meet at the office of H. H. Baldrlge,
chairman, at 2 o'clock.
Mrs. Wiley King went to Tekamah Satur
day morning to visit friends and relatives.
Scot Leach and sister. Hazel, went to
Tekamah Wednesday to visit their bister,
Mrs. Frank Taylor, for a few days,
L. N. Warller, at Glenwood, la., for the
past two months, spent Sunday at home
with his family, returning to Glenwood
Miss Yates, one of the teachers tecently
elected to teach In the Florence public
schools the coming year, was the guest of
Miss Kolleher Thursday.
Mrs. V. R. Wall and daughter Ruth and
her sister, Miss Edna Price, returned Tues
day from a three weeks' visit with friends
in Lincoln and jonnson county.
The street car company out one car on
Its line between Twenty-fourth street and
Ames-avenue last Saturday moinln. mak
ing a trip every thirty .nlnutes. Sunday
two cars had to be used to carry the people
to r iorence.
The excessive rains the past week have
delayed farmers to a great extent. A good
many have not got their corn planted, and
those that have are afraid It will have to
be planted again, as the ground Is so wet
and cold mat it win rot in the around.
Miss Irene Cowan and Miss Hither Fat
terson. who have been teaching at the
Ponca school the past term, left for their
homes at mu, iseD., Saturday m iming.
Miss Lulu Morris, who has been tench
lng school at Falrvlew, in the Loneruen
diatrlct. visited with Miss Jos.uih'nj Kelle
her this week. She has secured a school
In Omaha and will teach there the coming
Mr. and Mrs. J. Weber, Jr., entertained a
party of young folks at their home Wednes
day evening. The house was decorated
with cut flowers, while the votumla was
swung with hammocks and Japanese lan
terns. Progressive high five was the fea
ture of the evening, nine games belna-
played. Miss Bondessen winning the
woman's royal and Paul Haskell the
man s prize. Kerreahments were served bv
the hostess. The guest list Included Misses
Signa, Lillian and Helen Bondessen, Helen
Kcynoins, ray Hmitn, Amelia Kosacker,
jennie nempie, iertruae ana Hauie weber
Mrs. Victors. Messrs. Rosacker. Haskell
Armstrong, Walker, Johnson, Evans, Bond
essen, rlecKmyer and Harold Reynolds.
Miss I. Johnson has been spending the
past week in Omaha visiting at the home
or ner nster, Mrs. Tray nor.
Mrs. I. E. Fredrick return ;d home last
Thursday afternoon after a two months'
visit with relatives and friends lit Denver
and other western points.
The regular business and social meeting
of the Epworth league, to have been held
at the home of Miss Morgan last Monday
evening, was postponed on account of the
Mrs. Ernest Emerson, who has been In
the Pre.sbyteria hospital at Omaha for
about three wveks, returned home last
Wednesday and la recovering from the ef
fects of the operation.
In observance of Memorial day the chll
dren of the public schools of this place
gathered at the town hall last Friday after
noon at 2:30 and listened to an address
by John J. Willis of Omaha. After tha
address patriotic songs were sung and tha
children dismissed or tne day.
Services will be held at the Methodist
Eplsi'ojial church today at 11 s. m. and 8
ft. m.; rjpwortn-league at 7 p. m.; Junior
eague at 3 p. m. Hev. Mr. Crews, rjaator.
The motors were run to Benson on the
ten-minute service plan last Saturday for
the first time this season on account of the
opening or nrug para.
The wedding of Miss Maude E. Zwelful
and Dean V. Smock took place last
Wednesday evening at the home of the
nriae s nioiner, Mrs. b. .weirul. A num
ber of riends ami relatives were present
Among the guests were members of tht
Institute, for the Deaf at Omaha, of which
the bride Is a graduate. Mr. and Mrs
Pmock will be at home with Mrs. Zwelfui
a tier June io.
Bellevne Is Outclassed.
YANKTON, S. D.. May 30. -(Special Tele.
gram.) Yankton college baae ball team
beat Bellevue aollege thla afternoon by
score of 13 to t. Bellevue was outclassed
from the start snd piled up errors faater
than Yankton did acorea. The other game
played by the aame teams thla season re
sult ad to T In favor of Yauklun ta th
Uklrteeata Inning.
The recently Issued order of Secretary
Shaw to Commissioner William Williams
of the port of New York to discontinue
the service of women as Inspectors of Im
migration has called forth s protest from
women all over the country, and now the
demand is beginning to come that an offi
cial report of these discharged women In
spectors be published. These demands sra
based upon the "evident Injustice of such
discrimination and the equally evident
necessity of women in this very service,
where they have been ao bitterly opposed."
Commissioner Williams has been st all
times moat bitterly opposed to women In
spectors snd st s meeting called In their
Interest a short time ago, at which some
of the representative women of New York
were present, he announced that all the
protection needed by girls coming to this
country could be rendered by men; that It
was not the work of the government to
look after young women arriving here
without friends, and that he should con
tinue to advise tha president to remove
the women inspectors. On the other hand,
these objectionable Inspectors are all
women of more than the average educa
tion and ability, and the reports they have
made to varloua Interested organizations
Indicate that the real reason for their
being so objectionable Is that they aee and
learn too much. It la asserted that Com
missioner Williams has met . the reports
of these inspectors with Just that objec
tion. Repeatedly the women have reported
rescuing young girls, many of them un
able to speak a word of English, from men
who had arranged to take them to places
In the city, the man in one case lelng
the ship doctor and in others the ship
stewards. It is the announcement of these
facts by various organizations that have
Investigated that has called forth the
storm of protest from the organized
women of the land.
While it has been voted by the various
organizations supporting the classes at
Tenth Street mission to close the classes
for the summer, the work refuses to be
closed and Miss Magee finds her time al
most as much occupied as during the win
ter, with the additional duty of finding
support for the work. The schedule or me
winter hn heen abandoned, the nignt
meetings closed entirely, and the big room
converted Into a reading room for the
summer. A big table haa been supplied
with hnnks unit maeaslnea that are very
attractive to the older children and grown
people. The little people are not ao easily
Hinnosert of. but have Insisted upon coming
about the building until Miss Magee, with
the assistance of some of the women wno
have helped her during the winter, has
been compelled to devise some plan for
taking care of them. The girls have been
divided into tens, M-s. Charles Wllllama
tnkinir one class in instrumental music;
Mrs. Alquest has a class in quilt making;
another class of children under S years
Mls Maepfl haa in charge: Mrs. MacMur-
phy conducts a class in cooking, and there
aro still two classes In sewing and music
without teachers. In the meantime the
hnvs have been busy making garden at
one end of the yard, which haa been in
closed with a high fence and still affords
amnio room for playground. Miss Magea
la now trying to get a awing and a sand-
pile to complete It.
At Wednesday afternoon's meeting of the
Woman's Christian Temperance union It
waa decided to allow SI a week for the
aupport of out-of-door temperance claases
among the children of the varloua parts of
the city. Miss Magee has gathered up the
children ,on the river bottoms. In two
groups, north and south, another among
the Italians on South Nineteenth street,
and another out on West Ames avenue,
and will endeavor during the summer to
interest them in class work with the hope
of organizing them this fall. ,
An invitation has been extended to the
members of the household economics de
partment of the Woman's club by Mrs
Mary Moody Pugh to hold their annual
picnic at her home at Bellevue on Thurs
day, June 4. The party will leave the
Burlington station at 9:10 a. m. and return
at 3:46 p. m.
The members of the Ideal club of Council
Bluffs met at the home of Mrs Thomas
Metcalf, sr., on Tuesday afternoon and
held their annual election of officers The
club Is among the oldest In Council Bluffs
and Mrs. Metcalf has served It as president
for the last seven years. She was re
elected on Tuesday, as were all of the
former officers, with one exception. The
executive board now consists of: Mrs.
Metcalf, president; Mra. Coleman DeVol,
vice president; Mrs. Thomas Cavin, second
vice president; Mrs. Nathan C. Phillips,
secretary; Mrs. John C. Organ, correspond
ing secretary; Mra. William Bouthard,
treasurer; Mrs. May Banford, critic; Mra.
P. J. Montgomery, aecretary of the pro
gram committee, snd Mra. Louis Cutler
and Mra. Arthur Stevens, the other mem
bers. The club haa adjourned to meet In
the fall.
There will be a meeting of the Women'a
Christian association at 10 o'clock on Tuea
day morning In the parlor of the Young
Men s Christian association.
0. K. Scofield Gloak
For Monday, Special Sale on Ebonoid
Hand mirrors with sterling mountings, 2.00 mirrors for $1.00.
$1.25 mirrors for 62c. 50c mirrors for 25c.
All French plate glass.
4390 Tricked Blosse, 92 to 40 bast
2S0 Tacked Plaited Skirt, 22 to 30 waist.
A Smart Shirt Waist Suit. Tucked Blouse
or Shirt Waist 4390. Tucked Plaited Skirt
4260. Shirt waist suits appear to grow In
favor week by week and month by month.
This very stylish one Includes one of the
latest waists and the always becoming
skirt, that is tucked from the hip yoke at
the sides and back and Includes a full
length front gore. The original Is made of
dark blue linen canvas, but all the season's
simpler suitings are appropriate.
The waist Is laid In wide tucks that meet
those of the sleeves and give the desired
broad effect, and in narrower ones that
extend from one shoulder to yoke depth
and provide becoming fullness over the
The quantity of material required for the
medium size Is, for waist B'i yards 21, 5
yards 27, 4H yards 32 or 2 yards 44 Inches
wide; for skirt 8 yards 27, 6 yards 44, or
4 yards 62 Inches wide, when material has
figure or nap, 7 yards 27, k yards 44, or
4 yards 62 Inches wide when material has
neither figure nor nap.
The waist pattern 4390 Is cut in sizes for a
12, 34, 38, 38 and 40-lnch bust measure.
The skirt pattern 4260 is cut in sizes for a
22, 24, 26, 28 and 30-lnch waist measure.
For the accommodation of The Be
readers these patterns, which usually retail
at from 26 to 60 cents, will be furnished at
nominal price, 10 cents, which covers all
expense. In order to get a pattern enclose
10 cents, give number and name of pattern
wanted and bust measure.
Commencement Lasts m Week.
YANKTON, 8. D., May 80. (Bpeclal.)-
Commencement a"t the Springfield Normal
began last night and will continue for
nearly a week. A class of six will be
graduated. .
on whose faoe. neck or arms there are dis
figuring blotches of -
Superfluous Hair
There ia only one method ' of removing
unnecessary hair that is indorsed by phy
sicians, surgeons, dermatologists and medi
cal Journals, and that Is
a wonderful liquid preparation, which In
stantly removes the hair by dissolving it,
retarding and destroying its growth, with
out the slightest injury to the skin or com
plexion. It ia aure, safe, quick, patnress and
Inexpensive. Money refunded if it falls to
do all that is claimed for it. Sealed book
let, with Indorsements of the largest drug
gists and some of the most prominent phy
sicians in the land, mailed free. Corre
spondence atrictly confidential. "De Mira
cle" mailed In plain, sealed wrapper on re
ceipt of tl by De Miracle Chemical Ce.,
Park avs. and 130th st, New York, or Bold by
loth and Chicago 8ta., Omaha.
Late Styles
Low Prices
Suitable for right now and through the
summer. We can please you.
The wlae ones buy Moth-Proof B igs ic
each and aave their clothing. Moths are
getting busy now.
& Suit Co.
Douglas St.
S He Sella Watches, vl
kj mgtr Trunk, 60 pieces CL
3125.00 x
Just In. new styles in
Dress and Walking Skirts.
Walking Skirts, Ricillian and Mohair,
neatly trimmed prices fo.50 up.
Train and demi-train Skirts, voiles and eta,
mines prices f 10.50 up.
$IO.OO TO $75
Or $5 Down and
We want a dealer In every town.
We sell
Or a chesp wheel for $20.00
Second-hand Wheels from i to )10.
'Phone 1H63.
334 Broadway, Council Bluffs.
'Phone B-818.
Spring Weddings j
We suggest the early placing of orders for Wedding Invita- J
tions, Announcements, At Home Cards, etc., In order that ample
time may be allowed In which to complete the work In the best X
possible manner. Samples nnd estimates furnished upon re- J
quest Prices reasonable and consistent with skillful nnd lntolli-
gent workmanship. Special estimates submitted to clubs, libra- J
rles, colleges, etc. Correct forms. Correspondence invited. Ar- '
tistlc workmanship.
The Moyer Stationery Co., I
220-222 South 16th St.
Of mind and body is revealed by a clear complexion.
No one charm possesses stronger power of attrac
tion. Intelligent care can make the skin exquisite
beyond comparison.
Woodbury's Fadal Soap the only soap made
especially for the face is a valuable tonic. It
purifies the skin, frees the pores from dirt, decayed
tissues and other impurities, and leaves the skin
glowing with health smooth, firm, white.
Your dealer haa It as cents a cake.
nerixl nftVr Our booklet, trial slxe package of Soap
opctiai una and Facl(J Cntm for 6 c to p,
pottage, or for 10 cts. the same and samples oi Wood
bury s Facial powder and Dental
Auurcu irepi.
Ask any avsMW who t tk$
If you buy a
"cheap" hat-
Von never not once ;at any pleasure out of It
you're "boiling mad" every time you put it ou you
are embarrassed and at cross purposes with
the world lu general. Low priced nob
''cheap" hats at
s Davies
1511 Douglas St
Tour bat la winsome affair no matter bow small the price
every desire aod you racret to lay It aside.
I Vy3C3 ZJ AAM ST. v
Can You Guess?
AJIY are moat Wedding Announcements and Invitation nude on our
stationery? Because it is by far the latent and daintiest.
WHY do the tasty folk looking for the beat In vojrue oome to
steel die embossed mooograma aod addressea?
JJVEUYTHING ia books and periodicals at little cost.
W'cslern Headquarters for
andVictor Talking Machines
And rhonogrnph Records. Why not
buy whore you can have the largest
I'O.OOO Records to select from.
$1.50 Per Week.
Trade the old aewlns; machine
off and set your wife one of our
& Wilson
We aell for Cash or on easy pny
menta. Second-hand 8rnlng
Marhlnea from SI to SIO. Free
Hawing School Every Thursday,
We rent machines of any make for
7Bo per week or t'l per month. We sell
pans for and repair all machines man
ufactured. 100 Second-hand Typewriters on
hand. All flakes Low Prices.
Cor. 15th and Harney Sis.
612 N. 24th Sfreet, South Omaha.
'Phone 4366.
mark fare on
CO.. Sole Agents. Cincinnati. O.
btsl millaur -
'-'viAy, Droit i.' fsJjA
StjilLih-haii maJe tef'nniing
Becoming hats made stylish
-fills your
us for
5fl . &Qee