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Cu'cto Toiolpr Seti a Lively Fc
which failed last December. While In
Detroit he married hi, stenngrapher under
the name of Harold C. Heed. He diverted
her oon after.
starts Baelneeo In Chicago.
"Arriving- In Chicago In May, 19il. lepger
Immediately started to work organizing the
OISIRTiO.J Q'JICKul' roLLOWS WtDDING """rant Home Purchasing company. He
gain assumed the name of Hnrold C. Mills
and represented himself to be a relative of
I Horace C. Mills, a wealthy lumber dealer of
Buffalo, N. T. Ilia operations In this city
are well known. He made the acquaintance
of Mtas Beale shortly after coming here
through a visit to the home of her uncle
Mortra of Women Forsaken
and Swindled by One of (he
Smoothest (rooks on the
Mrs bo Pike.
and aunt on business connected with the
Another Cl.lcairo m.,n lenped Into pro;- 1 !.?m" f"11"" company.
neiica b r rnu li-rnnt ried man. Such
tniug as a lepil si paration from one before
ucx-umulatliig another did not bother him
lltilo bit. He simply took a change of
acena and a fresh wile with each change,
Board of tteriew Will Sit for Ten Days
Beginning June 15.
Tai C'oasmlsslaaer Says Total for This
Year Will Be Aboil Twenty Mil
Hon, Increase of Fsr
leaving to the abandoned one the excite
ment and the experience of procuring dl
13?siles his matrlmonlul record he has
a varied Htock of names, beginning with
John Lepger when In the Ohio penlteu
Uiiry and ending with Homer C. Heed In
the Chicago Jail. llceently he Inveigled
yuung woman of his acquaintance Into a
hotel, pretending It waa the meeting place
of the Young Women's Christian associa
tion. The woman, to protect her honor,
leaped from a third story window, sua
mining severe Injuries. The arrest of Lip
gcr, alias Reed, followed, and the author!'
ties dug up his record. Prior to -the laat
escapade he was prominent as a promoter
of shady money-making schemes
From Miss Florence Beale of Chicago,
who married the man last October, sup
posing his name to be Mills, his true name
was learned, and also a number of facta
concerning his criminal career. It baa
lieen established beyond doubt that be
served a term In the Ohio penitentiary for
picking pockets, and that he has bean
married to women In various parts of the
country without going through the for
raallty of securing divorce.
Mills a, Former Convict.
"The man whom I supposed to be Harold
C. Mills and my lawful husband la John
Lepger, an ex-convlct of Ohio," said Miss
Uoale to an Inter Ocean reporter. "He
has been married to three women besides
myself. I only know the name of one of
these wives. He was married to her In St
Louis In July, 1809. and deserted her In
September of the same year,, after secur
ing about $3,300 of. her money. She learned
of his convict record and secured a dl
vorce. It was from her that I obtained
these facts, but I am under promise not to
divulge her name or address at present.
"He also married a young woman In De-
After absconding from Chicago, leaving
the stockholders of his company In the
lurch, Lepger was next heard from In Pitts
burg. There he started a concern known
as the Fidelity Home Assurance and Realty
company. While there he married a young
woman, but I am not at liberty to divulge
her name or any of her family connections.
His presence there under the name of
Homer C. Reed became known through a
check that had been endorsed over to him
by Mrs. S. A. Edwards. 6670 Halsted street,
one of his agents and victims In the Chi
cago home company. She had given him
the check a few days before he left here.
It came back to the bank endorsed 'Homer
C. Reed
"These facts can all easily be verified.
Other things I have beard about the man
are more vague. X have heard that he has
a bad record In a number of small towns In
Ohio, where he Is said to have operated
under various aliases. In one of these
towns, It Is my information, that he mar
ried a young woman of good family and
deserted her after a few months."
Iarge groups of enraged stockholders of
the defunct Guarantee Home Purchasing
company besieged the prison where the
man Is confined. Among these were Mrs,
S. A. Edwards and Attorney Beth G. Olbbs.
The former, as agent of the company.
helped to place It on Its feet. She also
Invested In It a considerable amount of her
own money. Attorney Qlbbs waa also a
heavy Investor, and It was he who applied
to Judge Clifford for a receiver for the con.
cern after the man known as Mills disap
peared last New Tear's day.
Hair yvovt fall out
If Yon Kill the DandrnnT Germ with
the New Treatment.
John N. Fuller, a well known citizen of
Colfax, Wash-, says: "I had dandruff
so badly that It caked on my scalp. Her
plclde completely cured me." George It
McWhlrk -of Walla Wftlla, Wash., says
"Herplclde completely cured me of a bad
trolt March 28, 1902, and deserted her April I case of dandruff of 30 years' standing."
U of the same year. A trifle over six They took the only really sensible treat
ment, a remedy that destroys the dan
druff germ Newbro's Herplclde. Stop
dandruff, hair won't fall out, but will
grow naturally, luxuriantly. Allays Itch
Ing Instantly and makes hair glossy and
soft aa silk. At druggists. One bottle
will convince any doubter of Its merits
Bend 10 cents In stamps for free sample to
months afterward he married me. A few
months ago he went through a marrlag)
ceremony with a young woman In Pitts
burg. His marriage to me and the Pitts
burg marriage were both bigamous. The
facts are well in hand and will toe proven.
Whether he has any more wives through
out the country I do not know. The De
trolt wife secured a divorce about three The Herplclde Co., Detroit, Mich.
weeks ago. It was In the Detroit papers
at the time. She supposed her name to be
Mrs. Harold C. Reed."
Lone; Criminal Career.
From a friend of Miss Beale, who has
been working quietly on an Investigation of
the man's career alnce he deserted the
young woman last January, and from her
uncle and aunt, the Inter Ocean learned
some additional facts. This friend, who
does not wish his name divulged at present.
"My Investigations have shown me that
Lepger started his criminal career, so far
as known. In Ohio about ten years ago. II,
was convicted of picking pockets In Day
ton early In 104 and served one term In the
penitentiary at Columbus, being known as
Convict No. 25640. Upon his release Jie as
sumed the name of Harold C. Reed and
opened a livery stable at Lima, O. He re
mained there about one year, gaining the
confidence of a number of people, and left a
targe number of unpaid bills.
"He next went to Cleveland, O., and
Gat Frelt and Green Vegetables If
Von Desire the Glow of
Do you wish to be beautiful T Or, If you
possess beauty already, are you anxious to
retain It?
The chances are. In either case, that the
answer Is yea Well, then, it depends to
a great extent upon what you eat Certain
klnda of food encourage pulchritude, while
others have an opposite tendency. It Is
worth while to know how to regulate your
diet with a view to acquiring beauty, If you
have it not, or to retaining it if you are Us
fortunate possessor.
At the present time Uncle Sam Is cultl
vatlng, on his experimental farm near
Waahtngton a beauty-making plant It is
called the "fenugreek," and the seeds of
It are eaten by the women of Algeria to
formed a building and loan association. In- .ka tham beautiful. Their belief la that
uuclng a number of prominent men in that mav.- them DlumD and lmDroves their
ity to iena tneir names ana innuenco 10 me complexions. But the government experts
concern. lie SDSCOnaea Wim ail mo assess .. v.t have not reached a etisfartnrv eon,
In a few months, and victimised, besides
the stockholders, a number of others whom
he had Induced to advance him money.
I.epcer was not heard of aratn until the
summer of 1X99, when he appeared In St.
Louis and Induced a youngr widow with
whom he became acquainted to marry him
and put part of her fortune in a picture
businosa. It waa known as the H. C Mills
Art institute, and was located In rooms 303
ac4 of the Benolst building in that city.
I St. Loala Woman Victimised,
"It was In reality only a picture enlarging
scheme on a small scale, but he represented
to her that It required a large sum of
elusion as to whether this faith Is justified
or not. It may be correct, but judgment
on the point Is suspended.
However, there are foods which undeni
ably are beauty-makers. It la worth any
woman's while to know what they are, and
to try them unless, perchance, she is so
perfect physically as not to need them In
her own case, and for her ewn advantage.
'The best of all beauty-making foods are
fresh fruits and vegetables," said Prof,
H. W. Wiley, the famous government
chemist who is Incidentally a skilled phy
slcian. "They contain relatively little nour
ishment a woman could hardly live on
money, and got her to advance him about thm exclusively for any length of time
$3,300. She afterward gave him a deed to
some property In Illinois, which he disposed
of, securing about $1,200 more. He deserted
her on September 11, 1899. Upon instituting
Inquiries she learned of his convict career.
and secured a divorce the following year,
"Lepger next appeared In Detroit, and
I but for reasons which as yet are imper
fectly understood, they possess extraordl
nary value as healthglvers. If you want
bright eyes and a clear complexion, eat
plenty of them."
The fact is that most fresh vegetablea
and fruits are nearly all water. Spinach is
founded the Provident Home company, per cent water, cabbage is 77 per cent
similar to the enterprise started in Chicago
water, beets are S3 per cent water, carrots
are 81 per cent water, cauliflower Is tl per
cent water, cucumbers are M per cent
water, egg plant Is 91 per cent water, onions
are 784 per cent water, tomatoes are 96 per
cent water, green corn (cut from the cob) is
814 per cent water and celery is H per
cent water. Frulta are pretty nearly all
Few Feeple Knew Hew Csefal It ta la
Pmtrrlag Health and Scanty.
Nearly everybody knows that charcoal Is "ater. though ths banana Is relatively rich
the safest and most efficient disinfectant
aad purifier In nature, but few realise Its
value when taken into the hnmaa system
for the same cleansing purpose
Charcoal Is a remedy that the more yon
take of It the better; It Is not a drug at all.
but simply absorbs toe gases and lmpun
ties always present In the stomach and la
in starch.
Fruits and vegetables, then, are of no great
use In supporting the human body. Their
value Is mainly medicinal, and aa beauty-
makers they are the chief among foods. It
la almost Impossible to eat too much of
them In a(fresh state, though, of course,
the diet must Include a reasonable rro-
i..fin.. .nd carries them out of the system, portion of those substances, such aa meat
Charcoal sweetens the breath after smok- which furnish blood and muscle tissue.-
Ing and drinking or after eating onlona and Boston Herald.
ether odorous vegetables.
Charcoal effectually clears and Improve
the complexion. It whitens the teeth aad
further acts as a natural and eminently
safe cathartic. .
It absorbs the Injurious gases which col
lect In the stomach and bowels; It dlaln
(eets the mouth and throat from the polsoa
ef catarrh.
All druggists sell charcoal la one form of
another, but probably the best chareoal aad
the most for the money Stuarts Ab-
aorbent Loseagee; they are composed of the
finest powdered willow charcoal and other
harmless aatlseptlca ta tablet form, or,
rather, la the form of larks, pleasant last-
lag losenges, the charcoal being mixed with
The daily use of these losenges will sooa
tell In a muoh Improved eondltloa of the
general health, better complexion, sweeter
Christian .dentists
Meeting in Boaton, June 28 July 1. It will
be to your advantage to obtain rates ap
plying over the Nickel Plate road. before
purchaalng elaewhere. No excess fare
charged on any of our trains. Tickets on
sale June 25, 26 and 27. Final return limit
August 1. Call on or address John T.
Calahan. General Agent, 113 Adams St.,
room 298, Chicago, for particulars as to
stopovers, train service, etc. .
breath and purer blood, aad the beauty of It a'Jrn,i?n4
W. C. McKnlnht. buver for J. T Dnn.
dels & Sons, left for a trip to New York
Ust night.
Judge W. A. Foster will speak on "Slims
of the Tlmx" at the meetlnar ttt the lhli
sophtcal society at the Paxton hotel this
It will soon devolve upon the mayor to
appoint a board of review for the purposo
of equalising the municipal taxes assessed
by the city tax commissioner. More than
likely the appointments will be made at
Monday night's meeting of the city coun
cil. Under the charter the mayor names
one freeholder and the city treasurer an
other and these two appointees, with the
tax commissioner, constitute the board of
This board Is required to sit from Junn
15 to June 5 and for Its services the mem
bers receive $6 a day. A general review
of the work of the commissioners' deputies
Is made. This covers both real and per
sonal property. Where the board deems It
advisable to increase the assessment turned
In by the tax commissioner it devolves upon
the members to notify the owner of the
property and ret a date for the hearing
of the case.
Last year the board had quite a busy
time of it as the valuation had been in
creased by the tax commissioner from
$2,500,000 to over 118,000,000. As many: of the
aisputea cases were aajusiea last year it
is hardly thought that there will be eo
many complaints this year. While no totals
are at hand. Tax Commissioner Fltxgerald
Is of the opinion that the total valuation,
when all the books are turned In, will show
pretty close to, If not a little over, $20,000,000.
During the year a great many Improve
ments have been made and these of course
will swell the total valuation. Then again,
some of the corporations will find their
valuation Increased slightly and a corre
sponding decrease on property in portions
of the city where there are no public Im
provements to speak of. It seems . to be
the desire of the tax commissioner to get
the valuation of property in South Omaha
somewhere near what It ought to be.
For years the valuation waa hammered
down and kept between $1,600,000 and 12.000,-
000. With a valuation of $20,000,000 It is
figured that the assessment will be about
one-third of the actual value.
Mayor Koutsky has already selected Ms
man for a member of the board of review
and the same may be said of Treasurer
Howe. So that all that remains now Is
for the names to be read to the city coun
ell and confirmed by that body. Apart
ments outside of the city hall will be se
cured for the sitting of the board, probably
the rooms used last year, in the old Sloane
building, will be rented again.
Very Brief Ceremony.
All of the plans of the local post of the
Grand Army of the Republlo regarding
Memorial day celebration had to be aban
doned on account of the Inclement weather.
Only half a dosen veterans met at the
hall at the appointed hour. This handful
of old soldiers, clad in rain coats, pro
ceeded to Laurel Hill cemetery and dec
orated the graves of the soldiers and
sailors who were burled there. There was
no parade of any sort. The city offices
remained closed all day; so did the banks.
There was only one delivery of mail and
that was early in the morning. Aside from
the closing of the places of business men
tioned the day was passed ths same as
any other.
Trades Conn ell Flonle.
Sunday, June 14, the Packers' Trades
council of South Omaha will hold Its first
annual picnic at Pries' lake. The lake
will be reached via the Sherman avenue
and Florence street car ltnea Sports of
all kinds have been arranged and prises
will be given to ths winners. A game of
base ball between picked teams from tho
packing houses will be played. A large
attendance Is expected and those in charge
say that no expense will be spared to
make the affair an enjoyable one.
Pnblle Installation
3ee Hive lodge No. 184, Anoient, Free
and Accepted Masons, will hold a publle
Installation of officers at Maaonto hall
Thursday evening, June U. Officers for
the year were recently elected, and these,
along with the appointive officers, will be
Installed on the date mentioned. As this
will be the first publlo Installation the
Masons ever held In South Omaha, it prom
ises to be quite an affair and the capacity
of the hall will no doubt be taxed to tts
Reviving Commercial Clab.
An effort Is to be made to hold a meet
ing of the directors of the Commercial
club Monday night at the parlors of the
South Omaha club. At this meeting steps
will doubtless be taken to call a general
meeting for the purpose of reorganising
and Infusing a little Ufa Into the club.
It Is now about two years since the club
held a meeting that amounted to any
thing, and now It is nothing but a club In
name only, as no Interest in its affairs Is
taken by the members.
Magle City Goasln.
The Sagles held an Initiation and banquet
rriaay mgnt.
Mrs. R. C. Toung and sons are visiting
at coon ttapius, la.
Thursday night last Bee Hive lodge
worked the third degree.
Mrs. David Sturrock lies gone to Cuba
Neb., to Bpend the summer.
Miss Mayme Gretst has gone to Los An
geles, Col., to spend the summer.
Evangelist C. C. Smith Is to preach at
the Methodist church this evening.
Rev. M. A. Head delivered the Decoration
day oration at Talmage yesterday.
Oscar Sherrlll has aone to Sanborn. Ia.
to spend a few days with relatives.
Good boys to carry newspaper routes are
anted at i lie iiee omce, ooutn umana.
A servant girl ia wanted at the South
Omaha hospital. Good wages will be paid.
Anthony King leaves today for Dunlap,
Ia., where he will spend a week with Ills
Six small washouts were reported to the
street department yesterday and repairs
were made at once.
"The Ministry of Hope" la the toplo of
Rev. Dr. Wheeler's morning sermon at the
Presbyterian churcn today.
Rev. George H. McAdam of Fort Worth,
Tex., will preach at the First Methodist
Episcopal cnurcn mis morning.
Police Officer Johnson found a pocket
book belonging to Mrs. H. J. Aberly on
the street yesterday and returned it to the
owner. The purse uontuinea it.
An ice cream social and entertainment
will be given Tuesday evening ny tni
Christian Endeavor society of the Preeby
terian church at the residence of Chauneey
Wilson. Twenty-secona ana 1 atreets. om
cere will be elected at this meeting.
bottle hit the cork fair In the center and
nocked It out of the bottle. Next two
ghted candles were put upon the shelf
nd as they swung they were quickly
nuffed out by the fir.t two shots fired at
them. Eight glass balls were then hung
upon nails upon the target and It was set
swinging rapidly. Mr. Frantmsthes held '
he gun right-handed snd smashed the 1
eight balls in quick succession, never mls-
ng a shot. Eight more were put on and I
he smashed these, shooting left-handed.
Then he smashed eight, shontlng with the
gun held upside down, then he stood with
his bark to the swinging target, aimed the
gun between his legs, and broke eight, not
missing one. Next he stood with his back
to the target, and, with the gun over his
shoulder, aimed by aid of the reflection of
the swinging target In a mirror and broke
eight balls.
The next shot will be s very difficult
one," said Mr. Ffanimathes. "The world s
champion shooter, Winona, breaks twenty
balls In sixteen seconds upon a stationery
target I will break ten balls upon a swlng-
ng target In twelve seconds and then I
will break sixteen balls upon a stationery
target In eight seconds."
He did exactly as he said lie would, mlss-
ng only one hot out of the whole lot.
He hung from a string a clockwork ar
rangement that revolved horizontally a long
stick; at each end of the stick was a string
with a glass ball attached. As these balls
revolved rapidly he smashed them both
with two shots that came so close together
It seemed almost like a single report.
C. II. Sutherland, his assistant, stood
thirty feet away 'with a cheroot In his
mouth and with the first shot Mr. Frans
inathes knocked off the ashes.
The last shot was the moat difficult of all.
Mr. Sutherland stood thirty feet distant
with a thin business card at arm's length
held by a corner between his thumb and
forefinger. The thin edge of the card was
toward the shooter, who could barely see
it so far away. The bullet was scarcely
more than one-eighth of an Inch In di
ameter, yet the first shot struck the card
fair upon Its edge and cut It In two as
clean as a sharp knife would do It. He
repeated this shot a halt dosen times, never
falling to hit the edge of the card, but not
always cutting It In two.
When I was 18 years old," said Mr.
Franxmathes, "I practiced shooting every
day for two years, and became very ex
pert I did not shoot then for fifteen years,
until a month ago, when I again took It
up and practiced a long time every day
here in my dancing academy. The month's
practice has made me as expert as you
have Just seen."
What faculties are needed to make a
good shot?" he was asked.
'The faculty of having the eye and hand
work together In perfect harmony. Shoot
ing is perfectly automatic with me. I aim
the gun and the moment my eye catches
the target over the rifle sight the finger
automatically pulls the trigger. It Is this
quickness of finger at the right moment
that makes the expert shot If my finger
hesitated one moment at the exact time I
would miss the shot" Kansas City Star.
Is, that ao possible harm eaa result from
their continued use, but, aa the contrary.
treat benefit.
A Buffalo physician. In speaking of ths
benefits of charcoal, says: "I advise
Stuart's Absorbent Losenges to all patients
suffering from gas to the stomach aad ow-
The Orchard Hill improvement club will
meet Monday evening at its rooms.
Hamilton street, aiucn business of lmpor
lance la to be presented and a full at
tendance la dexlred.
Frank Marahall. the lockjaw victim cared
for at the city Jail Friday night, has been
taken to the Clarkson hoaoltal for treat.
ment. His condition la still unchanged and
els. aad to clear the complexion and purify Cery""" b8 but Ul,ta no" of n" r-
the breath, mouth aad throat; I also be- Mrfc Halveraon. who Uvea at Thirty
tiers the liver Is greatly benefited by the
dally uae of them; they eeet but twaoty-tve
cents a box at drug stores, and although ta
tome sense a patent preparation, yet I be-
llafe I get more aad bet tar charcoal la
duett's Absorbent Loseages Uaa la aa 4
the ether slurs oal taMeta,1
fifth and Decatur streeta. fell from a Wil-
nut Hill ear at Thlrtv-thlrd and Cuming
etteei iuai nigm aim was quite Dally
shaken up Mrs. llalverson waa carrying
a 2-yeir-uii riniu anu an irmiui or ounoiea
nd sMDtwd from the wet running bourd
Captain U. W. uee. who waa a paaungr
h.r child up. " J 1 I Dlac.d, The first shot at the winging
Shoots with Cllber Hand at Mev
Ins; Targets and Rarely
One of the best rrark shots with a rif!
In this country is II. A. Franxmathes,
dancing master of Kansas City. In his
dancing room the other day he showed
few friends what he could do In that line.
lie used a Winchester target rifle and 22
ahort cartridges. Thirty feet from where
he atood was a target that hung by wires
from the celling and swung to and fro. At
the bottom of the swinging target rn a
small shelf. Upon thla a corked bottle was
Sick Headache.
Watch for the first Indication of an at
tack and as soon ss you feel It coming on
take three of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets and the attack may be
warded off. Mr. George K. Wright of New
London, New Tork, says: "For several
years my wife was troubled with what
physicians called sick headache of a very
severe character. She doctored with sev
eral eminent physicians and at a great ex
pense, only to grow worse until she was
unable to do any kind of work. About a
year ago she began taking Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets and today
weighs more than she ever did before snd
Is real well." , .
He Failed to Include Mlod Reading;
Among His Many Accom
plishments. ,
There were two young and pretty girls,
and they paused long enough, in what waa
evidently an engrossing conversation, to
hall a car. It was on Broadway, New Tork,
and the girls continued their talk while
they boarded the car, and paid the conduc
tor their fares. In fact there was no letup,
from the time they entered the car at
Fourteenth street until they were passing
through Madison square. Then one of the
girls happened to look up. She stared out
of the window in bewilderment for half a
minute and then said tragically: "Oh,
Sadie, this is an uptown car." Her com
panion, after a rapid glance, called the
conductor. "Is this car going uptown7"
she asked.
Tes'm," answered the man in blue.
'But we want to go downtown. We
didn't want an uptown car. Why didn't
you tell us thla wasn't a downtown carT"
she asked before the conductor had time
to draw a breath.
"I ain't no mind reader," said the con
ductor, a trifle grumpily. "How should I
know you wanted a downtown car when
you didn't say so?"
The girls looked daggers as they walked
through to the platform and as they got
off one of them was saying: "The Idea.
Saucy thing. He ought to be reported.
.letting us ge on an uptown car and taking
our fares and all, when we wanted to go
downtown." And the rest of the passen
gers smiled and said nothing. Brooklyn
Ten Injured In Collision.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 30.-Shortly be-
r,- nnnn tnrinv sn elwtrtn cur rn th.
Fillmore street branch of the lines of the
ITntted railroads got beyond control while
descending the stnep grade between James
snd Halght streets. At the crossing It ran
Into a Haigni sireei caoie car nneo witn
passengers, adoui ten people were nun.
but there were no laiaimes.
Flan (or Great North and South Line it Not
They Talk Also ef Railroad from
Omaha ta Canadian Border and
One from Chlraao to
Private advices from New York Indicate
that the plan for the construction of a
railroad from Omaha to the Gulf of Mexico
is not dead by any means and the final
decision as to the construction of a line
which will be practically Identical with
the proposed Omaha-Emporle railroad,
which was discussed here ome time ugo,
remains to be made by a New York syndi
cate which has before it the specifications
and estimates of cost.
This fact was developed through the
effort of the National Irrigated Homestead
company of Omaha, which was locking for
a New York connection. Thla company
was organised In Omaha recently, with
W, A. Paxton aa president and Lysle L
Abbott as secretary. Its principal object
Is the development and sale of land In the
semi-arid region of the state, but other
matters may be handled. A letter was
written to one of the prominent promoters
of New York regarding some phase of the
work of the Omaha company and that pro
moter In reply stated that the people be
represents have been considering the matter
of Investing money In the construction of
the north and south line from Omaha to
the gulf and an extension of that line
from Omaha to the Canadian border, where
It will connect with the Canadian Pacllio.
The Investors are also, according to the
promoter. Interested tentatively In a road
which has for Its termini Chicago and
Denver, passing through Omaha.
To Tap Canadian Territory.
From the same source Is it learned that
the Canadian Pacific is considering an in
vasion of the United States with the
ultimate object of securing an outlet for
the Canadian northwest to the Gulf of
Mexico. It Is said that this plan depends
to some extent upun the completion of the
canal through the Isthmus ot Panama, as
when this canal Is In operation crops can
be moved cheaper from Winnipeg to the
gulf and through the canal than they oan
be moved directly to the Paciflo coast by
the all rail foute. It was not stated
whether the proposed line from Omaha to
the gulf was to be directly connected with
the Canadian line, but the Impression Is
given out that It Is to be independent and
to seek to form trsfflo arrangements with
the lines to the north and with a packet
line on the gulf, giving through service
from the Dominion to the Atlantic ports
and Europe at the present time and to
Pacific ports and ths Orient as soon as the
canal is In operation. It Is expected that
representatives of the Investors will pass
over the proposed route In a short time.
but the Idea of Intercstl.vr local capital In
the construction of the road has been
Taylor Leaves the B. BI.
The resignation of James G. Taylor as
auditor and assistant treasurer ot tho
B. & M. has caused teveral changes at
the general headquarters of that road in
Omaha. Mr. Taylor's resignation takes
effect June 1. as do the other changes. He
goes to New York to engage In the bond
business for himself.
W. P. Durkee, now assistant auditor be
comes auditor, and E, J. Ernest In the
land department at Lincoln becomes
assistant treasurer, while H. - D.
Allee, now one of the assistant auditors,
will be promoted to the position held by
Mr. Durkee. E. D. Branch, who has been
assistant to the paymaster, becomes assist
ant auditor, succeeding Mr. Allee. All of
these gentlemen have been long In the serv
ice of the B. & M., and are In direct line
of promotion.
Mr. Taylor has been with the Burlington
for a third of a century, filling many posi
tions and making a strong record. For
about fourteen years he has held the im
portant position of auditor and assistant
treasurer, which is now to be divided be
tween two men. Mr. Taylor has hosts of
friends who will regret to see htm leave
his old station and the city of Omaha.
which has been his horns for so many years.
Haynes Goes to Chicago.
George B. Haynes, who has been promoted
from the position of city passenger agent
for the Milwaukee In Omaha, to that of
traveling passenger agent for that road
with headquarters In Chicago and choice
territory In Illinois, has left the city for
Chicago. This ends a ten year career with
the Milwaukee In Omaha for Mr. Haynes.
Arthur L. Anderson, son of L. M. Ander
son, formerly a Union Pacific conductor.
becomes Mr. Haynes successor. Mr.
Anderson has lately been in the employ of
the Omaha Gas company, but has had
some previous railroad experience.
At noon Mr. Haynes was paid a fitting
triDute oy uenerai western Agent F. A.
Nash and the other members of the Mil
waukee force, with whom Mr. Haynes has
been long associated. Mr. Nash, Mr.
Duval and others commented briefly upon
the long and faithful services of Mr.
Haynes and then Mr. Nash, In behalf of all.
presented him with a beautiful gold diamond-studded
watch charm, mounted with
an elk's head, emblematlo of the order into
which Mr. Haynes was Initiated last Fii-
aay nigni. un tne oacx oi tne charm is
the Inscription of Mr. Haynes' name and
the date of the donation.
To Provo what the Great Kidney, Liver and Bladder
Remedy, Swatnp-Root. will do for YOU Every
Render of Tho lice May have a Sample Dottle
Sent Free by Mall.
Three Trainmen Hart.
DANVII.T.F, 111.. May JO.-Whlle stand
ing at Dnnvllla Junction a passenger train
on the Peoria & Kaatern division of the
Rig Four was crashed Into by a switch
train on the Wabash, overturning the hag
gage and mall cars and narrowly mlnxlng
a coacn nuea witn people, i nree trainmen
were seriously injured.
To Boston and Return at One Fare
For the round trip from Chicago via Nickel
Plate road, for Christian Scientists' meet
ing In June. Tickets on sale June 25, 28
and 27, with extended return limit of Aug
ust 1. Stopover at Niagara Falls, In either
direction, without extra charge, and at
New York returning on payment of fee of
11. No exoess fare charged on any of our
trains. Write John Y. Calahan, General
Agent, 113 Adams St., room 298, Chicago,
for detailed Information.
pl ,
W. F, Lohnes, a prominent business man ot Springfield, Ohio, write the follow
ing strong endorsement of the great kidney remedy, Swamp-Root, to the editor of
the Springfield, Ohio, Republic:
Springfield, Ohio, Feb. 21at, 103.
"Having heard that you could procure a sample bottle ot Swamp-Root free by
mall, I wrote to Dr .Kilmer tt Co.. Bingham ton, N. Y., for a sample bottle and It
was promptly cent. I was so pleased after trying the sample bottle that I sent to
the drug store and procured a supply. I have used Swamp-Root regularly for some
time, and consider It unsurpassed as a remedy for torpid liver, loss ot appetite snd
general derangement of the digestive functions. I think my trouble was due to
too close confinement in my business. I can recommend It highly for all liver and
kidney complaints. I am not In the habit of endorsing any medicine, but In tbls
ease I cannot speak too much In praise of what Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root has done
for me."
(W. F. Lohnes,)
43H West High Street)
The mild and extraordinary effect of the world-famous kidney snd bladder Rem
edy, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, Is soon realized. It stands the highest for Its won
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Don't make any mistake, but remember the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
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In competition with all the many coffees
grown in the Western Hemisphere, was
awarded a Gold Medal for excellence 'by
the experts who judged the
comparative merits of the
coffees shown at the Pan
American Exposition, Buffalo.
In Air-Tgi CtnilUrl
Aiumnr tkt Artmm,
America's Best
9pelal Urjr Drut
Its popularity is proof
of its quality. It
equals any French
wine in bouquet and
flavor, and costs only
one-half. Why pay
for foreign" labels?
'COLD SEAL- Is sld averT
where and served at all leading clubs
and cafes. UKBANA WINS CO.,
Urbana. U. T Sola Maker.
Where Land
Is Cheap
Thousands of lews, Minnesota aad Nebraska tarsi ere have
moved to Oklahoma la ths last foar year. They are there
yet end they island to stay. They are saaklsg as much
money, acre for acre, as they did la Uaeir eld fcosnee, Ths
land Is lust aa good, and costs lees thaa half ss muoh.
Prices advancing every year.
Take a couple ot weeks' katstar aad etatt OkUaema. Aa
unusually good opportunity Is effer-ed by ta swam cohcn ax.
curalon rates which the Rook Tstsnd effara Itay Utfc. June bid
and 16th.
I Ba
8 r
Ons fare, plus (t tor the renad trtsw
correspondingly low, tickets aad taQ
at this emoe.
1323 Faroam Street,
Omaha, flab.
T . fc , . . t .
Keneves rVianey
& uiaaaer
troubles at once.
Cures In
40 Hours a"
Mil. br
p.m. ,.l ti..l.. rmntarf M.. f
For Menstrual Suppression
ttituil kaiae If. loi la OwM kr Sh.nua
ateOeBMll Dmx Ce. kUU .it.r, sii.4. Trt4 uplwM
Mrs. Reflna Watstn'f School
ItT e. laaaaa tlrtat. Outage. .
Announces the beginning of lis BUMMER
TF-KM for JUNB Bnd.
Mrs. Watson makes a specialty of the
training of teachers and concert pianists
to repertoire, etc.
Among prominent tnuaiotaaa trained by
her, the following names may be men
tioned: Prof. A pel, Detroit, Mich.: Prof.
Liutkln, Dean Northwestern Muslo School
Kvanaton: Mlsa Parsona, 'ilrectrir IWkforii
Musical College: Mlsa Shlbley, Director
Flano Classes ot Olrton Bnhool; vVtnnetka
111.; Mr. Walter Bpry. Mlsa May Allport!
Mlsa K lee nor Bchelb and others of
Applications for tuition may be made at
any time. For particulars eddroaa
MIS. ttwIXA ATS K, Iff . lu-ira it. Caaaje.