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Union Pacific Machinist Not In on tin
New Ycrk Agreement
Boiler Makers and Bl.clnmllbi the
Oaly Parlies te Return to Work
lader the Term of
Preaeat Compact.
"The Union Pacific strike may be settled
ao far aa the boiler makers are concerned,
but It In not Battled, nor la there any pro
posed basis ot settlement so far as the ma
chinists are concerned."
This statement is given out by the local
machinists' committee, which Is in receipt
f this telegram from First Vice President
P. J. Conlon. who is in Washington:
"Do not be guided by any reports of set
tlement sent out. We have arranged for
conference with officials In Omaha."
A later dispatch says the date for the
conference In Omaha is June 1.
The press dispatches confirm those of sev
eral days ago that the boiler makers had
settled their differences with the Union Pa
cific, to it is probable no further confer
ences will be held with reference to the
boiler makers' affairs. Local Uiller maker
are In receipt of telegrams from their rep
resentatives at New York confirming the
press dispatches of the settlement and spy
ing the representatives left for Omaha Fri
day night.
While there Is no disposition to doubt a
future settlement all around, yet since the
machinists constitute the overwhelming ma
jority of the strikers, it is pointed out that
the strike will not be settled until an agree
ment Is reached between the company and
the machinists, which cannot be until after
the conference that has been decided on
for Omaha.
Representatives for Conference.
At this conference the strikers will be
represented by the executive committee of
the International Association of Machinists,
consisting of M. J. Ford, New York; H. F.
Gerrett, Atlanta; Hugh Uoran, Chicago;
Edward Tucker, Washington; James Rey
nolds, Cleveland. This committee will ar
rive In Omaha May 31. James O'Connell,
president of the association, of Washington,
Is an cx-offlclo member of this committee,
but as he Is sick he may not be at the
Omaha conference. Mr. O'Connell or any
other representative of the machinists did
not attend the conference In New York, as
waa reported. President John McNeil of
the boiler makers and President John Slo
cum of the blacksmiths and representatives
from Omaha were there. The blacksmiths
having been represented. It Is understood
they are In on the settlement with the
boiler makers.
At Union Pacific headquarters yester
day It waa said that no word had been re
.ivd from President Burt as to the
progress of negotiations with the strikers.
Tho local machinists, who are In constant
communication with their International
headquarters at Washington, are giving out
very little Information. Vice President
Wilson declines to talk on the details or
terms of any proposed or rumored settle
ment, saying he prefers to let matters take
their course and have an amicable and
satisfactory adjustment made as soon as
Associated Press Report.
Thla report comes through the Associated
Press and Is confirmed by private advices
from Omaha boiler makers In New York
to the local committee here:
NEW YORK. May 23.-John McNeil,
grand president and organiser of the
Brotherhood of Boiler Makers and Iron
Ship Builders ot America, In a statement
today, says that the strike of the boiler
makers on the Union Pacific, inaugurated
June 19, 1903, has been settled, the men
being granted a substantial Increase und
other questions arranged satisfactorily to
both parties. All the men now out are to
return to work. The men struck for an
Increase In wages and the establishment of
shop rules. A sympathetic strike was or
dered on the Southern Pacific, when,
through the Influence of E. H. Harrlman,
a conference was arranged and conducted
In this city during the last few days. Mr.
McNeil has gone to Pittsburg to hold a
conference with the employers of boiler
makers in that city, looking to the settle
ment of the difficulties existing; there.
Raaaell !, Plan Co.'a ttocst
ale Monday Morulas;.
The closing out of the Russell & Lane
Piano company last fall waa one of the
big events In piano circles. Their entire
stock was taken over by the Prlce-Teeple
Piano company of Chicago. Hayden Bros,
secured from this latter firm all the Rus
sell and Lane unfinished planoa. All these
pianos have now been completed and re
ceived by us here, and go on sale begin
ning tomorrow, Monday, May 26.
This astounding spot cash purchase, of
high grade pianos enables us to sell you
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buy their Instruments.
Bankrupt prices on the best pianos.
Every piano Is fully guaranteed as if
you paid the full regular price of from
1150 to $260 more than we offer these fine
pianos In this sale for.
The Russel A. Lane company sold only
the very best pianos. We give you an un
qualified guarantee with every piano.
The prices will be found sensationally
Never In the history of piano selling
have such high grade pianos been offered
at the prices we are now able to make.
There Is a surpassing variety of woods,
styles of cases and makes to select from,
and you can secure a piano that will
please you In every respect and at a most
astonishing saving In price during this
grand bankrupt sale of absolutely new and
perfect high grade pianos.
Owing to the demands on our time dur
ing this sale dealers desiring to purchase
more than one Instrument must make ar
rangements to meet us after retail hours.
1 Upright golden oak case, regular price
1225. going In this sale at $90.
1 Upright burl walnut case, regular price
$235, going In this sale at $95.
1 Upright mottled walnut case, regular
price ISO, going In thla sale at $125.
1 Upright San Domingo mahogany case.
regular price $365, going In this sale at $140.
1 Upright quarter-sawed oak case, regu
lar price $275, going In thla sale at $150.
1 Upright English walnut case, regular
price $285, going in this sale at $160.
1 Upright fancy mahogany case, regular
price $296, going In this sale at $175.
1 Upright dark mahogany case, regular
price $300. going In this aale at $186.
Have Root print It.
For an Ideal Vacation.
Near every settlement of Importance In
the mountain regions of the west are deep
canons wherein the people at home, aa
well as those from abroad, seek, In the
summer season, the coolness and pleasure
of camp life. High up the mountain side,
on the shores of mountain lakes or on
the banks of mountain streams, sum
mer hotels are conducted for the conven
ience of those who prefer to have all of
the recieatlon and none of the labor In
cident to summering In the mountains. It
may be said that wherever there is a
mountain In Colorado or Utah there is also
an interesting canon, and the searcher for
a spot in which to summer will find no
difficulty In suiting his taste, no matter
how critical It may be.
To enable persons to reach these famous
pleasure resorts, the Union Pacific has put
In effect Summer Excursion rates lower
than ever made before.
Full Information cheerfully furnished on
application to city ticket office, 1324 Far
nam street. Phone 316.
Can deliver today Sheridan coal.
White Co.. 1606 Farnam. Tel. 127.
flO.OO From Chicago to Boston
Return f 10. OO,
via Nickel Plate road, account meeting of
Christian Scientists June 28 July 1. Tickets
on sale June 25, 20 and 27, with open re
turn limit of June 28. ,By depositing tickets
with Joint agent In Boston on July 1, 2. 3
or 4. and payment of fee of 60 cents, ex
Northwestern Detective Mast Atswer for
Killing of D. 0. Lnoe,
Grand Jary In Brown Connty Indicts
the Railroad Detective and
Sheriff Comes to Omaha
After the Accnsed.
Sneriff Curry of Brown county arrived
In Omaha Friday afternoon and arrested
Fred M. Hans, a detective in the employ
of the Northwestern railroad, on the charge
of murdering D. O. Luce In Brown county
April 9. 1901.
At the time of the killing of Luce there
waa considerable doubt as to the necessity
of the act ot Hans, who waa acting as a
special deputy sheriff of the county, and
for two years there have been rumors that
the detective was to be brought to account
for the act. The story current In Brown
county is that Luce, who was a cattle
raiser, had Incurred the enmity of a num
ber of his neighbors by his uncompro
mising attitude toward Irregularities in the
matter of range and brands, which has
existed since the cattlemen first went Into
the country, and that he Insisted upon a
more strict observance of the laws of priv
ate property than had been observed. He
had considerable trouble with a number
of these neighbors, and it was understood
at the time that some of the more radical
of his enemies were planning to get him
out of the country. It was charged that
certain of them had raised $300 which was
to be paid to the person who would rid
the country of Luce.
Beginning; o? the Trouble.
a re w days before the killing of Luce a
horse owned by one of his enemies was
found dead and he was accused of killing
It. A warrant waa issued for his arrest.
j which was placed In the hands of the sheriff
oi me couniy tor service, rrior xo me
killing of the horse William Duquette, who
Is said to be a brother-in-law of Hans,
went to the Luce ranch and obtained em
ployment. Between Duquette and Hans a
report was given currency to the effect
that Luce was at the head ot a conspiracy
to rob an Elkhorn train near Alnsworth,
where the road crosses Blum creek.
Hans made complaint before the county
judge of Brown county and secured a war
rant for the arrest of Luce, at the same
time telling of his alleged connection with
the train robbers. The warrant was placed
In the hands of the sheriff, who upon the
request of Hans, turned It over to the de
tective for service. Hans and Duquette
went to the home of Luce, but Hans en
tered alone. It Is said by the friends of
Luce that his daughter, a child of tender
years, was present, and that she has since
said Luce had no time to say a word be
fore he waa shot by the detective. On
the othei hand, it is claimed by Hans that
when he went to make the arrest Luce
reached for a gun and he shot him in self
defense. Detective Gets Notoriety.
Hana and his brother-in-law returned to
Alnsworth, whore they told the story of
the killing In self-defense, and the press
correspondents spread It over the country.
Hans then gave the public for the first
time the alleged plot to rob the Elkhorn
train, but the story was never confirmed
and was always doubted. No action was
taken In the matter until a grand Jury
was called In Brown county, which In
vestigated the matter for three days with
the result that an indictment was found.
be obtained. Stopover at Niagara Falls
In either direction without extra charge.
ino excess rare cnargea on any or our
trains. Three trains dally. Through ves
tlbuled sleeping cars. American club meals
rved In dining cars on Nickel Plate road;
lso meals a la carte. Address John Y.
Calahan. General Agent, 113 Adams St.,
room 298, Chicago, for reservation of sleep
ing car apace and other information.
To Boston and Return at One Fare
For the round trip from Chicago via Nickel
Plate road, for Christian Scientists' meet
ing In June. Tickets on sale June 25, 26
and 27, with extended return limit of Aug
ust 1. Stopover at Niagara Falls, In either
tended limit returning until August 1 mayJ direction, without extra charge, and at
With tha Luella Porepaagh-Flsb. His.
torlcnl Wild West Shows.
In no part ot the habitable globe are
there better lady rldsrs than can be found
In tho west. A girl must be able to ride
It she wants to visit her neighbor often.
How some of these young creatures can
manage a horse! What pictures ot beauty,
dating and the perfection of health they
are aa they come dashing along at full
speed, playing games, chasing each other
or racing Just for the fun of the thing, as
the young misses of a city or town roll
their hoops I Indeed, horseback riding Is as
common and easy a pastime to a "wild
western girl" as are hoop rolling to the
eastern girl.
Tho western girl goes everywhere on
horseback. She can Join a set of equine
quadrilles or Virginia reel and gallop
twenty miles on an errand without feeling
me slignest fatigue. She keeps "company
oa horseback, and many a piquant retort
and pert speech gain point and pungency
from the accelerated gait or sudden deml
volte of her beast, respondent to Inpatient
or emphatlo pressure of her dainty heel or
out oi ber whip. In a vexatious conversa
tion or spat with her swain.
Yes, the western girl can rlda a hnria
as you will readily perceive when you wit-
nese me perrormance or the bevv of ore!
dental beauties with the Luella Forepaugh.
Mima maioncai vma weet. Watch them
In the hippodrome races: note their akin
and feurlesanesa; observe their impatience
and recklosaneas; be enchanted by their
beauty, spellbound by their achievements
and awakened to the pleasures and enjoy.
win u ua competition Dy their silvery
ringing laughter.
There are many things worth seeing In
the Luella Forepaugh-Fleh Historical Wild
West, but not one ore t tier or mnr
to be a gratifying afterthought In your
, ...... ,u. tuveiy wua western girl
aparanng eye. anU ro.y cheeks who
Sl yU th" back ot PIuning
Will exhibit at Omaha, 30th and Paul ata
Tuaadav. UBV m
Christian Scientists
Meeting In Boston, June 28 July 1. It will
be to your advantage to obtain rates ap
plying over the Nickel Plate road before
purchasing elsewhere. No excess fare
charged on any of our trains. Tickets on
sale June 25, 26 and 27. Final return limit
August 1. Call on or address John Y.
Calahan. General Agent. 113 Adams St.,
room 298. Chicago, for particulars as to
stopovers, train service, etc.
New Firm.
i n noepara-opangier company la the
title ot a new 'ncorporatlon which will
begin business at I'reston. Ia.. on the flrat
e June. The company will enter the field
as jobbers and also retailers of cigars.
lonareoe ana smokers' sundries. The In
rorpvraiors are c. B. Bhepard. George
Spangler and R. L. Sheoard all of rw. k-
They will occupy a fine store room In the
rrf center of Creston, which will, nt
course, be headquarters for every Omaha
loan who travels that way. Mr. Bpangler
has been credit man for the MeCord-llrady
rompany for many years and Is wldelv
qualnted with the business men of Ne
braska and Iowa. Mr. R. L. Bhepard has
in umui ior twelve years and for
aome time past fiae held a position with
tne umana Hews company.
Sam'l Burns, lawn and cemetery vases.
. sw (Hiica mis wees..
To Beajla Mark oa Gronnda.
PORTLAND, Ore . May 23,-Work will be
reaiiraca ai once on ine t.ewla and Clarl
eipoaltlon grounda. the time for Invoklni
the refrrendum on tha rtnrnnWaii..N hti
faaaVd by the last legislature having now
It Will Be nt Spraame Street Track
Afternoon of Decoration
The first meeting of the Trl-Clty Ama
teur Driving club will be held on Decora
tion day, Saturday, May 80, at the track at
the corner of Sprague and Twentieth
atieets. This track has been much Im
proved by extensive grading, leveling, etc.
The club'a membership is much Increased
over last year and now numbers 110 and
includes all the owners of speedy and fine
driving horses of Omaha. South Omaha and
Council Bluffs, of which there are seven
teen already entered to participate In the
matinee next Saturday. Beside the differ
ent driving events there will ba a contest
between the fastest racing autos In Omaha.
There will be no charge of admission
New York returning on payment of fee of
$1. No excess fare charged on any of our
trains. Write John Y. Calahan, General
Agent, 113 Adams St.. room 298, Chicago,
for detailed Information.
Nichols ft Broadneld. printers. Tel. 1943.
Bnlldlnc Inspector Carter Comments
on the Work of His
"If the people of Omaha want the build
ing ordinances enforced they will have to
retain the assistant building Inspector,'
said Building Inspector Carter. "This office
has a Jurisdiction extending over twenty-
five square miles, handled by the chief In
spector, an assistant, and the clerk, who
stays In the office and looks after the busi
ness of the boiler and plumbing inspectors
aa well.
. "As a matter of fact the force would be
too small If the amount of building waa
being done that should be done. Every
new structure has to be carefully gone
over and Investigated to aee that It comes
up to the regulations, the fire limits have
to be guarded, old buildings have to be In
spected and condemned and the matter of
fire escapes comes under the department.
as does the matter of signs and billboards.
"There has always been an assistant In
this department except during the years
of 1895 and 1896, when there was a fight
among the candidates for appointment that
resulted In the temporary abolishment of
the office. At times there have been three
and four Inspectors when building opera
tions were especially heavy."
Says His Reparation Suffered to that
Extent from Falae Ac-enaatlon.
Alonso V. Miller follows the example of
his associate, Kubat, and seeks satisfac
tion and cash through the district court ot
Douglas county from Jay Laverty, Dana
Morrill and David Anderson, other mem
bers of the school board of South Omaha,
who are accused of falsely and unwarrant
ed! y securing the arrest of the plaintiff.
Miller, on the charge of receiving bribes
while a member of the school board. Mil
ler alleges that hla reputation waa Injured
to the extent of $10,000. and that he ex
pended In feea for the purpose of defend
ing that reputation the sum of $300; where
fore he asks Judgment against tne parties
named In the sum of $10,800.
Cramer's Klday and Liver Cure Cure
backache is highly endorsed by Omaha
people. Comes In two sli. Our price,
tOo and 76c. Schaefer'a Cut Price Drug
Store, 16th and Chicago streets.
A. O. t. W. Notice.
By special Invitation the members ot
North Omaha lodge No. 169 are requested
to attend the services at Trinity cathedral
Sunday evening. May 24. Meet at the tem
ple, 110 North Fourteenth street, at 7:30 p.
m. and attend In a body.
F. M. McCULLOUGH, Recorder.
Ma.n Suspected of the Crime Not
Yet Placed Under
GUILFORD, Ind., May 23. The body of
Miss Rosa Kaiser of Manchester was found
In Tanner'a creek today. Her skull had
been crushed and her face bruised and
gashed, showing the terrible struggle she
had made In defense.
It la supposed she was attacked on Thura
day evening when her rather, who was
close behind her, returning home, waa
knocked down and left unconscious until
the next morning. She ia still in a critical
condition. The negro suspected of the crime
has not yet been found.
"Strongest In tne world." the Equitable
Ufa AsHurance society, us policies are
sight draft at maturity. Bee H. D. Neely,
managei. Merchants National Bank Bldg ,
Oniaba. Neb.
Dr. Pinto. 2 Karbach block. TeL 107.
Two Women Fatally Hart.
EUREKA. Kan., May 23. -A tornkdo
struck Eureka at midnight, destroying a
score of residences and causing other dam
age. Mrs. J. H. German and Mrs. Frank
Sample were fatally hurt and half a dosen
others were more or leas Injured. The
storm struck In the southeastern portion
of the residence district and did not touoh
the main business streets. It was ot short
duration and accompanied by a flood of
The Leading
Of the West
In No Art
have the changes been so marked as
In piano building the standard of
yesterday ia obsolete the standard
of today Is a new creation.
In No Houso
In Omaha will you find a finer or more
up-to-date stock of pianos than arc
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Wo Aro Makingr
prices and terms that are marvel-
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JHE Shoe of Form.
SHOULD protect not irritate
the foot. That's why
"PHE well formed shoo oothes
A irritable feet. They're na
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Your Health J
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terns are left.
llelgren & Gradmannf
Tailors, 309 South 16tli St.
Says Cuttlns Waa Done In Defending
Herself Against Druuken
Al McDonald and hla wife Maggie, re
siding on South Thirteenth street near the
railway viaduct, got Into a fight Friday
night. McDonald was drunk and the
woman to protect herself, as she claims,
went at him with a knife. She struck him
In the right leg above the knee, severing
the superficial femoral artery, and the man
came near bleeding to death. He was taken
to the Clarkson hospital and the wound
was attended to oy Dr. Trostler and the
hospital physician. Last evening Mc
Donald was reported to be In a critical
Mrs. McDonald was arrested on tho
charge of cutting with Intent to wound
and Is now In the city Jail. After the cut
ting scrape she went to a roomer In the
same block, Henry Enipke, and wanted him
to go for a doctor. Instead of doing so he
went to the Barker hotel and telephoned
to the police station regarding the affair
and Mrs. McDonald's arrest followed.
Talk at Jewish Eanratlna.
PITTSBURO, May 22. The Federation of
American Zionists will bold their
sixth annual convention In thla city from
June to Inclusive. One session of the
convention will be devoted almost ezciU'
aivelv to a discussion of the Jewish edu
cation Question. This is an Innovation In
Zionist conventions. Some of the leading
Jewish scholars In the country will discuss
the question before the convention.
Mora Gold lor Argentine.
NFTW YORK. Mar 23. Brfnir, Magoon A
Co. have iru-reaaed their gold for f hltiment
nent to Argentine from 1j.Vi.4Ki te tOu.OuO.
The total amount engaged for sbJeraent on
I-oke Ihorc Toora
Is the title of a very convenient summer
tour book issued by the Lake Shore &
Michigan Southern railway, showing routes
and rates to the eastern resorts. It will
be sent on application. M. B. Giles, T. P.
A.. Chicago, 111. C. F. Daly, Chief A. a.
P, A.. Chicago, III.
Has gotten out among the well dressed
ladles' and gentlemen of this city that
The Tentorium is TIJE ONLY place
to have your swell clothes cleaned
promptly and sattsfartorly.
AH work la guaranteed. Tel. 963 for
the wagon.
407 Bo 15th St. Tel. Wi3
Do you want to save
money, time and
trouble? Then, why not
visit the 8UUARE INCH
T.i,. t,, iTTtt and learn the complete
Jlir.a art In the most perfect
Klx'.tO. turn, not cut. at. 45c.
KMC PILLOW CASES. 124C lHc rendy-to-use
cases, made from Wamsuttu cotton,
at, 12VtC
Fresh Dinger
Kiln Dried
Hominy.. ..
3-It), cans all kinds
3-lbcan IO!
California Peaches. . I f. a v
3-lb. can Pl
Tomatoes 03
8-lb. gallon cans 19 I at
Apples IC 96
Keutrlta Break
fast Food ,
Oranola Break
fast Food
All kinds of U-lb. cans
Potted Ham, Ort
Potted Ox Tongue Wu
Good Imperial
Tea, only
3-lb. can
Kiln Dried
Best Rye
Fancy Sundrled
Japan, only...,
Moyune Gun
powder Tea
60c Kngish Breakfast,
Ceylon and Young QOC
Hyson Teas WW
Good Rio
Good Santos
Ice Chcsts,$4.95 up. Lawn Mowers, $2.65 up
Mth an 1 Far.itit Streets.
Ml hxsz ' If T vl
Under f he
We are stowing an especially fine as
sortment of carriage robea, Including
amen cloth and fine ptush. and In order
to advertise ourselves a bit, we are sell
ing Uunn at from 13.50 to DO each. You are
liable to thrnk their value worth ammla.
AX1 lesattter salt cases
14. b0 to B0 covera our lrne of now lxl (ia
cases, not Ore sheep Skin kind that you
buy at bargain prices, but the genuine arftdre the kin 3 fhwt
ttme. You never have to buy but one, unless you need two.
Suit anaca, trmwettng bags sand vavHaes.
lAlfredComi5h 1210 Farnam-st.
aim ijjjJIII.1 11HJI III IfltlXl MsMWP.
rants a Ufa 9
wu - m
ELLENSBCRG, Wash., May 8. 1803.
A. MAYER CO. Before gtlng to Alaska I bought a bor of Re-No-May
Powder, which cured the worst case of chilblains and sweaty
font without ft I could not have lived In the climHte. Anyone In
doubt of its great merit can address me. Send price liat. I want the
.luency for Alaska. Respectfully,
A Mayer Co.. 612. Hoc Tlldg.
Painless Extraction of Teeth
Our succcbs li
by Old, Reliable,
due to the high grade work done
Expert Dentists. No students.
Reliable Den Istry. Save Pain and Money.
Protective guarantee for ten years
with our high class Dentistry. No
students, but Graduate Dentists, who
come to learn our painless Methods.
Misfit, Loose and Broken Plutea re-
paired and made to fit.
Be sure you get In the right place.
SI'Kf lAI. Til. I, JINK 13
Full 8t of Teeth from. $3 01)
Gold Crowns from i'i K5
Bridge Work from $2.85
Aluminum Plates from..$00
Fillings from 25o
Teeth Extracted FREB
lfiaa Douglas.
Open dally till O p. m.
laaday B to 4.
Class hours 9 to 11 a. m. and I to ( p. m.
EVENING SESSION at i519 Farnam St.,
from 7 to 9 p. m.
Deputy State Yetarteaita
Food Inapeetc.
Offloa aoa bkOgPLmrjjmiijod Uaa-a)
Omaha. Neb. Telephone (39.
Flae Pbotoaraphle lllnetrailoaa.
Going on a Vacation?
Repairing Done. Telephone 1058.
Your office cleaned daily f nrnftfure dusted
and wiped daily windows and walls kept
clean Free janitor service free water
electric light heat elevators run day and
night building always open plenty of
daylight and air la every office in the
Bee Building.
Suite of two rooms on fifth floor
newly decorated $26.00 a month.
R. C Peters & Co.. Rental Agents, Grtund Floor Bee Bldf.
Residence, .ICS.
Monday Is