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Conflict'ng Influences Canse Fluctuations in
Grains and Provii.oas.
Cra aad Oats, HoTreer, Fatly Hold
Their Om aad I'roTlilsai Maka
(light Gala with Pack
era' Rapport.
CHICAOO, May 23. Wheat wu rather
quiet early, but ahowea firmness later
with a slight advance. Near the close a
weak undertone developed and the close
wan lower, July showing a Inu of ttWc.
Corn wai firm, with llgnt trade, final lia;
ureii being at yesterday's close. Oats
showed conquerable strength, July show
ing a gain of toe Provisions were fairly
steady at an auvance of 2,tfjl0c.
'I'he early wheat market was easier on
the cables and generally Improved weather
conditions, July opening a shade to Vt-a
lower at T.iaiJc, but predictions of frosts
lit Nebraska and some bad crop news from
the Ked river valley caused pit traders
end commission houses to buy and a firmer
feeling ensued, July advancing to 74'e.
Liquidation near the end of the session
caused a reaction, Armour being credited
with unloading considerable July, and the
clone was easier with July down WC'c at
7.1Sc There was no noticeable Improve
ment In the cash. Clearances of wheat
and flour were equal to 2oO,W9 bushels.
1'rimary receipts were 3i,Js bushels,
against 258.784 a year ago. Minneapolis and
lJuliHh reported receipts of ls3 cars, with
which local receipts of So cars none of
contraot grade made the total receipts for
the three points of lit cars, against 167
last week and 132 a year ago.
The sentiment in the corn pit was mod
erately bullish on the crop situation and
there was scattered buying by commission
houses and local traders. On the other
hand. Increasing receipts and liberal coun
try offerings were bear factors. Under
these conlllctlng Influences the market
ruled ateadv, July closing c higher after
ranging betwen and 44Vy--t7c. Trade
was light, due in a measure to the light
offerings. Local receipts were 445 cars,
with 1W of contract grade.
There wan not a large trade In oats, but
the market was quite strong on small of
ferings and a bullish sentiment on the crop
situation. There was little feature In the
trading and but little Improvement In the
cash demand. July closed He higher at
33'Ao, after selling between 33)c and 34Vc.
Looa! receipts were 182 cars.
Provisions were supported by the pack
ers and the market held fairly steady.
There was some pork and lard on the mar
ket early, but a fair demand from brokers
caused offerings to be quickly absorbed.
July pork closed 6c higher at $18.86: lard
showed a gain of 2Mc at $9.06, and ribs
were lOo higher at 19.40.
Estimated receipts for Monday: Wheat,
85 cars; corn, 480 cars; oats, 246 cars; hogs,
6.010 head.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Artlcles.l Open. Hlgh.j Low. IClose. Yes y.
Wheat I
May V 78 7i 77 78
July 73Vu 74V, 73Vi 7373i!U'4
Bept. 7UV 71 70VtfH70ttlU' 701,71
May 44 45 44S 44 44S
July 44Sr8' 44 Vi 44H 44"
Sept. . 44 44W44toVi44ttb
May td 37 3 -. Sfl 35H
July 33 344 S3i 33 33
Sept. o il 8UH 1 3n31
July 'lT&o" 17 60" 'i7-47H 'i7 fi6" 17 55
Bept. 16 Utt 16 96 16 82Mi 16 85 16 80
May 7V4 t 45
July 00 9 07V4 8 00 9 06 9 MVi
Sept. 9 00 WVi 80 906 02".
May 9 60 9 42V,
July 960 960 950 960 950
Bept. 95 940 985 940 S 324
ber, ITfte; cash. No t mled. 41c; No. I
White, 41V04-c; No. 3, 4fa41c.
OATS iSo. I white, Stic; Xso. 3 mixed, 34c.
HYE-No. 2, 4ft4.ic.
HAY Choice timothy, 313.00; choice prai
rie. IS 75'y 10.00.
BL" XT fc.K Creamery, lStflSc; dairy, fancy,
t;OQ9 Weak; fresh Missouri and Kansas
stock. 12c do,, cases returned; new No. X
whllewood cases Included, l.'c.
Kecelpts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu Si.ooO 23.90
Corn, bu R;',4'l Zi.'OI
Oats, bu 3,000 7,000
tapl aad Faacy Prodaee.
EGOS Fresh stock, 13c.
LIVE POULTRY Hens, 10c; spring
chickens, per lb., 25o: roosters, according to
age, 4yoc, turkeys, ltfloc, uucks, lixac;
geese. IKuWc.
fcK Parking stork, 13414o; choice
dairy. In tubs, Voiilic; separator, 224j28c.
Kresn caught trout, 9c;
pickerel; c; pike, 11c; perch, tk;; buffalo, 7c;
oluensli, lie; whlieriBii, lie; salmon, ltc;
haddock, 11c; codfish. 12o; redsnapper. loc;
lobsters, bulled, per lb., 27c; lobsters, green,
per lb., 26c; bullheads, loc; cattish, 14c;
oiack bass, 1; halitmi, 11c; shad roe, too
each; roe shad, 75c each.
HKAN Per ton. $16.
. HAY Prices quoted by Omaha Wholesale
Dealers association: Choice No. 1 upland,
a; No. 2, ts.oo; medium, a; coarse,
Hys straw, t.5u. These prices are tor hay
of good color and quality. Demand lair
and receipts light
COHN 43c.
OA18 34c.
KYli-No. i, 46c.
OLD POTATOh.1 Per bu., 4&S50O.
ttjan" P01A1OB.0 eouuium, uer lb., 4U
&.; per Loi., o.u.
lh,'i l CcuPer do. bunches, 30c
PAHuLh,t per aus. buncnes. Sou.
PAKSNiPd Per bu., 4o4oc.
CLCL AiiiKKS Hot House, per do,., 31.25.
OrtiONi Per dux. buuenes, noine
grown, liValoc.
KAH18HE. Per do,, bunches, 15S20o.
flAACli Home grown, per bu. basket.
WEANS Wax, per bu. box. 34;
per bu. box, 8i.0uii3.60.
CABUAOIv-HoiImiiU seed, per lb., 2V4c;
new Cailiornitt, per lb.. 8c.
TOMAl'oti-Nw Jr'lonua, per 6-baaket
crate, HMni.L
HHUliAKi-Per lb., lc
ASHAKAUL'S-Per do,, bunches, 40c
NAVK llliANS Per bu., $ioo.
STRAWBERRIES-Arkansaa. ter 24-
quart case,
CHEKKliit Caiiiornia. white and black.
per lo-lo. box, $1.60.
FIGS California, oar lo-lh. narlna ado!
Turkish, per 18-lb. box. ISo.
OHAXSGilrd California, nuvali. fannv. for
16 and smaller sizes, 33.76; for 160 and
larger sizes. U.6: Meuilerraneau. all sizes.
33; Jaffa, 33; fancy blood, per halt box,
LEMONS California fanev. all slips. 33.50!
Llmonerlas, $4; Meclnlas, $4.
DATES Persian, in i0-lb. boxes, per lb.,
6c; per case of SO-lb pkgs. 32.26.
MAPLE SUGAR Ohio, er lb., 10c
POPCORN-Per lb., 2c; snelled. 4o.
HIDES No. 1. erreen CVn: No. -I. rrean.
Vc; No. 1, salted, 7Vc; fo. 2, sailed, tiVic;
no. i, veui calf, to 12 lbs., eV4c; Xso. 2,
veal calf, 12 to 16 lbs., 6Vic; dry salted
hides, 5tal2c; slieeD belts. 2xu.,dc: horseludes.
NUTS Walnuts. No. 1. soft shell. ter lb..
16c; hard Bhell, per lb., 14c; No. 2, soft shell,
per lb., 13c; No. 2, hard shell, per lb., Uo;
Brazils, per lb., 12c; filberts, per lb., 12c;
almonds, soft shell, per lb., 16c; hard shell,
pei lb., 16c; pecans, large, per lb., 12Vc;
small, per lb., 11c; cocoanuts, per doc., 01c;
chestnuts, per lb., 10c; peanuts, per lb.,
6Vc, roasted peanuts, per lb., 7c; black
walnuts, per bu.. 31: hickory nuts, oer bu..
OLD METAL. ETC. A. B. A nlrn quotes
the following d rices: Iron, country mixed.
per ton, $10; Iron, stove plate, per ton $8;
copper, per lb., 8ViC; brass, heavy, per
lb., 8Vc; brass, light, per lb., 6Vic; lead,
per lb., 3c; sine per lb., 2Vo.
No. 1
Cash quotations were as follows:
FLOUR Market steady) winter patents,
33.6f3.60; winter straights, $3.2(4)3.40; spring
patents, 33.SuCa3.90; spring straights, $3.10
i&0; bakers, 32.60iffi2.80. .
WHEAT No. I spring, 79!ff80c; No. S
erring, 74079cj No. 2 red. 787c.
8ORN-N0, 1, 45c; No. 2 yellow, 47c
ATS No. 2, 33V4c; No. 3 white, 374
38Ho; No. 8 white, 36ig37VsC
RYE No. 2, 49V450c.
BARLEY Good feeding, 38543c; fair to
Choice malting, 49&64C.
SEED No. 1 flax. $1.12; No. 1 northwest
ern, $1.17Vi; prime timothy, $3.60; clover,
contract grade, $11. 5VU 11.76.
PROVISIONS Mess pork, per bbl.,
$17.87H(fj'17-60. Lard, per 100 lbs., x.958.97V4.
Short ribs sides (loose), 3.4Kfi 60. Dry
salted shoulders (boxed). $8.12Vt3.25. Short
clear sides (boxed), $9.76S9 87Vs.
Fallowing are the receipts and shipments
of Hour and grain yesterday:
Receipts. Shipments
Flour, bbls 29.200 lf,900
Wheat, bu 136,200 121,800
Corn, bu 866,100 24.700
Oats, bu 218.900 249,200
Rve. bu 6,600
Barley, bu S8.D00 . 840
On the Produce exchange today the but'
ter market was steady: creameries. 15421 Vtc;
dairies, lZxJjlsc. Eggs, easy, at mark, cases
Included, Uii'Ubko. Cheese, weak, lfrtauftc
r.BM.100; surplus $i.r3.7r.i, mcresse I230.ini);
Fx. I". 8. deposits $18,636,076, Increase $,-
Everybody Willi to tell at Oaee aad
a Kew Lovr Level Is Reached.
NEW YORK. Mar 23 Hopes of a turn
In speculative sentiment were again dis
appointed by the action of today's stojk
market, in which scute weakness devel-
Oied on a free outpouring of stocks from
free liquidation from all quarters. The
selling movement gathered force with the
progress of the trading, which was most
active at the close and at about the low
tolnt of the day. A violent break In
nlted States Steel stocks soon after the
opening had a very unsettling Influence.
The explanation of this was a rumor that
me Chicago plants or the company naa
shut down. The trading was somewhat
disconcerted also by the large Increase In
the engagements of gold (or export to
Argentina on iMonday. bringing trie total
shipments for that date up to $2.25),o00. In
tne early selling mere was support tor
Pennsylvania, and Its apparent steadiness
served as a partial offset to the weakness
elsewhere, but that stock was among the
leaders of the decline at the last, losing
3 full points. The most conspicuous liqui
dation, however, was that in St. Paul,
which was forced down m points unaer
enormous offerings, making a new low
record for the movement by a margin of
nearly 2 points. The llnal break took the
average level of the market to the low
record of the year, effectually wiping out
the recovery of yesterday and the day be
fore. The unfavorable criticism of the un
derwriting of the new Pennsylvania stock
at the subscription price to stockholders
was a depressing factor on the general
1. . . n"i.A i . . . i ( .. .1 .......
uiai Alio aiiiiitcu iici.xoaii7 ui iaiiis
a commission to a syndicate to secure sub
scriptions to the stock was regarded as a
discouraging indication of the condition of
the market for securities. The special
weakness of St. Paul was attributed In
part to the reports of a threatened strike
amongst the freight handlers at Chlcigo.
The bank statement dlsclossd a decrease
In cash of $1,326,010, compared with the ex-
Sectatlon of a gain of from $l,000,wou to
!,000,iXK). But the loan contraction of
$6.4i6.1oo reduced the reserve requirement
sufficiently to leave a small surplus for the
Increase. The markets steadied a moment
on the appearance of the statement, but
f trices plunged down again in the late deal
ngs. Union Pacific, Southern Paclllc, Mis
souri Pacific, Atchison, Reading and Amal
gamated showed the greatest losses.
Prices of bonds hare moved irregularly
on a larger volume of dealings, due prin
cipally to the transactions in the new
United States sinking fund 6s. New United
States 4s declined per cent, as compared
with the closing call of last week.
Following are the quotations on the New
York Stock exchange:
do pfd
B.l. & Ohio
do pfd
Canadian Pacific,
Canada 8o
Chra. at Ohio
Chlcato a Alton
do pfd
Chicago A O. W.
do 1st pfd 72
do M pfd IS
Chicago A N. W 176
Chicaao Tar. A Tr.. Ufc
do pfd 16
C. C. C. A St. L. ... 17
Colorado So to
do lit pfd (2
do Id pfd Si
txi. A Hudaon 178
. 1
Bo. Railway pfd...
of the Day
NEW YORK. May 23. FLOUR-Receipts.
S0.062 barrels: exports 10,663 barrels; firmly
held but quiet. Minnesota patents, $4.HKui
4.40; Minnesota bakers. $3.25&3.46; winter
patents, $.70i4.00; winter straights, Vi.iwp
3.U6: winter extras. 12.8018.10; winter low
grades. $ (W2.90. Ry flour, dull; fair to
aood. 32.804J2.30.
CORN MEAL Steady: yellow western,
$1.60: city, $1.04; Brandy wine, 33.40Q3.66.
RYE-Steady; No. 2 western. 69Vo f. o. b.
anoat; state, owuiwc, c. i. i . nt mm.
BARLEY Quiet; feeding 61c c. I. f., Buf
falo; malting. 62i&8c, c. I. f., Buffalo.
WHEAT Receiuts 13.400 bu.: exports
186,664 bu.; spot, steady; No. 3 red, 83 Wc
elevator and 82c f. o. b., anoat; no.
. . , v . . 1 . . . I. OA- A W ....... Wn
jionnnrn uuiiiui, i. v. v., uvai, &
hard Manitoba, 88o f. o. b. afloat. Options
were quiet and Irregular. They opened
easier through bearish crop news and
nrnxnecta for heavy world's shluments;
rallied on bull support at Chicago, but
gain yielded to unloading. The lute mar
ket was firm on further covering and the
close firm at unchanged prices. May, S3VU
83iC, closed. 83c; July, 7l'n79c. closed
lUKtc; September, 75 ll-16.(i76c, closed at
7Ve: December. 76K&76 6 -8c. closed at
It S-ftf
CORN Receipts. 148,150 bu.; exports, 150.
148 bu.: market dull. No. 2, 67c. elevator
and UUr f. o b. afloat: No. Z yellow. 66c:
No. 2 white, 66o. May corn sold He lower
this morning, but the close was generally
Arm nil around. May closed at toe: July,
6161Ttc. closed at 61c; September. 6oS'jj!
5o?... closed at 6ohC.
OATS Receipts, 147,700 bu.; exports, 2 425
bu. Spot steady; No. 3, 38c; No. 8. 8c;
No. 3 white, 41c; track white, 3U'o46c
.,.1A . 1 1 i ,i XTn 4 wVtlt II
track mixed western nominal. Options
quiet and rather firm.
HAY-DiiH shipping 70y75c; good to
choleo 11 0IM&1.10.
HOPS etedy; state, common to choice.
19u2 cron. 1 iii 24c: llil crop. li'ulHo; olds. C'rt
loc Parlflo coast, Vi2 crop, 1bViU19Hc; 19ul
crop, l&'18c; olds, 6'uioc.
HIDES Steady ; Galveston, 18c Califor
nia. 19c; Texas dry, 14c.
LEATHER Firm; acid, 2fS25c
KU'te Steady ; domestic, fair to extra,
4V'i7c; Japan, nominal.
I KOVIfilONS beef, dull: family, $11 0t
12.00; mean, $9.0o0 10. 00; beef hams. $lftv
21.oo; city extra India mess, $17 OwlS 00.
Cut meals, easy; pickled bellies. $8.7i'al0.6o;
tilrkled shoulders, $S6o8.7S; pickled hams,
111 'oll 76. Lard, firm; western steamed,
$9:i6; refined, tirm; continent. $9 46; South
America. $lo; compound. $7.76ft00. Pork,
quiet; family; lii; short dear. $10.860.60;
mens, $1H Km 18.75.
BUTTER Wesk: extra creamery, 22e;
extra factorv. l."ul5V-; creamery, common
to choice, lMh21V: Imitation creamerv, Xiii
19c; state dairy 17toJlc; renovated. IJCilSc
CHKKSE-Irregular; state, full cream,
fancy small colored, new. 14k,c; small
white, ll'Mic; large colored, new, He; (arge
white, new, im,4t1c.
FiMlS-rSteady ; state and Pennsylvania,
17!7L,r; southern 'firsts. 13i14c: Kentucky,
16rilSic: Western storage packed, 17c; west
ern firsts. 16V'17c. . .
TALLOW Eusy j city, ta; country. $H9
MKTAI.S There hse been nothing worthy
of Kpeihtl note in the metal markets to
day. Prices remained generally unchanged
end buyers appeared to Le Indifferent tak
ing only such supplies as they need for
Immediate requirements. Copper remained
more or less nominal on the basis of $14 76
) 14 87 for lake, electrolytic and c-tln.
Tin, ery, unchanged. txt, $." 4:f)2) 96.
Iad was steady at $4 37H. Spelter was
quiet and unchanged at $6 75, Iron was
nominally unchangec' and dull.
Kansas City Grata aad I'rnvlalaaa.
Kansas' city. nr wawheat-ihv
6hc; July. Wv: Septeml-or, 6?c; cash. No.
3 hard. 71.' ; No, 3. 6imi7oc; No. 4, 64.q6c;
relected, 6nr-; No. I red. 71c; No. 3.
CORN May, Uci July, 8c; Septem-
Omaha Branch llO-lll Board of Trad
CHICAGO. May 23. WHEAT Action
has hinged almost wholly on the
weather and has had little else
of weight to Influence It. Our latest
reports Indicate a marked Improvement In
the weather throughout the winter wheat
belt and a continuance of the fine weather
In the northwest. The rains seem to have
obliterated from the memory of many of
the facts that the drought was seriously
damaging as the crop damage reports the
last aay or iwo nave oeen iew ana iar
between. A general view of the situation
showing the lightness of stocks In all
fiosltlons, the poor outlook for the grow
ng crop abroad together with the healthy
demand and steady consumption seems to
us sufficient reasons lor favoring tne bun
ide of July wheat lust at present. The
crop damage we look on, as more of a
side Issue and attribute It almost wholly
to efforts on the part of Interested parties
to Influence the market, in favor of the
southwest which would like a high,' buoy
ant feeling so as to enable It to hedge
Its growing crop. September wheat should
be sold. T here is no question In our minds
but that sales based on present prices
will show splendid profits before the crop
begins to move.
corn This week nas seen tne first dis
position on ths part of farmers to market
their reserve or last year s crop or corn
with any freeness and the acceptances
total ud well towards 6.000.000 bushels.
There Is no Increase In the dally arrivals
and little improvement in the grade, but
there are still thirty days before the first
of this corn contracted for Is due to ar
rive. Acceptance of 1,000,000 to 1,600,000
bushels of corn a day would be a very
bearish actor, if they were to continue
for very long, or If there were any sup-
f tiles of corn on hand, but In ths present
nstance with the stocks as low as they
are and the demand so urgent, there Is
little likelihood of any more corn coming
In than will be taken care of, and we
question very much whether all of these
contracts will be filled. The speculative
markets hsve been firm and have not suf
fered anything from the Increase In coun
try acceptances, although the hedging
sales must havs been large. At anything
under present prices, corn can be fed or
manufactured to such a profit that there
will arise a greater demand for it than
la srDarent lust now. acting as a natural
check and Influencing the market towards
OATS The drought kept the shorts in
oats uncomfortable up till the middle of
the week when the situation was relieved
by general rains and a sharp slump in the
July and September followed. The merits
to the p. Ices of osts, however, were clearly
shown by tne position in wnicn the short
sellers found themselves even with the
help of the rain for which they had been
praying. After the first break of a cent
or two under high prices, the friendliness
of outsiders evinced by substantial buying,
turned the tide ftom extreme bearlshness
to quite as extreme friendliness and set
values back to almost the high point. As
we have advised our friends, the weather
and outlook for the new crop may be the
Immediate Influences from time to time
but the actual cash market, the supply
and the demand of good merchantable oats
will be the factors to ultimately determine
oat prices, and one need only to notice
the premiums being paid for cash oats
over the futures to see how well our opin
ion la baaed.
PROVISIONS The hog situation has
been very weak, with prices receding
daily. Provlslona responded somewhat, but
now on- anticipation of the receipts de
creasing temporarily provisions are Arm,
end may score some further advances.
Stocks do not seem to be accumulating,
and the cash demand la fslr. Estimated
stocks in store- Pork. 17 6o0 barrels; lard.
16.760 tierces: ribs. 10.500.000. A small de
crease In pork and lard and an Increase
of 6HO.00O ribs. Packing last week. 4ho.0u0
against 400,ml Inst year the same week.
Kvapnrated Apples aad Dried Fralts.
APPLES Quiet; prices unrhanged. with
common quoted at 4fi."c: prime, i'tfiic;
oholce. iVmlo; fancv. 6VH7W.
steady to firm at from Hfr7c for all grades.
Apricots in moderate demand and about
firm at 7"frsc for choice and B'tlO'c for
lancy. rearnes, quiet ana rather easy;
choice quoted at 7iio and fancy at fcyfc
Philadelphia t-rndaee Market.
FTrm: good demand: extra western cream
ery. r.'Wc; extra nearby prints. 24c.
EGGS I'm hanged; fres!i nearby. lSUc:
loss off; western, 16c. loss off: southwest
ern, l.xv loss off; soutnern nominal.
CHEESE Firm; fair demand: New York
full creams, choice fall made. 14ifl5c;
choice fair to good. I4ric; choice ne
12V: fair f good llViill'Wo.
Weekly Bank statement.
NEW YORK. May 21 -The statement of
averages of the clenring house banks of
this city for the week shows: l-ons !."!.-4t-3,100.
decrease $5 47,lm deposits $?M 611.-
100, oecrease BH.2j4.uu1t; circulation J44.2o4.ow),
decrease $&.9uo; legal tenders $71, 873.6k). In-
creaae $1.4JB.4t; specie $166,002,000. decrease
J?.i64.ton; reserve Jv37.i,5 o. decrease $1.81.
reyervs mulied $i iU.77&. decrease
Del. L. W 244
Danvcr St R. 0 11
do pfd 86
Erla 13
do lat pfd V
do id pfd 4
Oroat Nor. pfd lki
Hocking Valla? M
do pfd 3
Illinois Central l.K
Iowa (.'antral 10
do pfd M
Lake Erla A W M
do pfd 100
L. N Ill
Manhattan L 1SJ
Mat. BL Rj 12
Max. Cantral 26
Max. National 22
Minn, m bi. a. ao
Mo. Paclflo 104
M., K. A T 14
do pfd SJ Pullman P. Car
N J. Cantral 1(8 1 Rroubllc Btsal .
N. T. Cantral 125' do pfd
.... iu guaar
.... 18 Tann. Coal A Iron
.... 37 Union Baa a P....
....!! V. 8. Leather
.... 48 do pfd
.... 81 U. g. Rubber
.... 8 do pfd
T4 .V. 8. 8tal
Trxaa A PactDc
Tolado, St. LAW
do pfd ,
Union Paclflo
do pfd
do . pfd
W healing & L. B...
do Id ptd
Wla. Cantral
do pfd
Adams El
Arawrtcln Ex....
United States Bx.
Wella-Fargo Ex..
Amal. Copper . . .
Amer. Car A P..
do pfd
Amer. Lin. Oil..
do pfd M
American 8. & R ... 48
do pfd 4
Anac. Mining Co....
Brooklyn R. T (2
Colo. Fuel It Iran...
Cona. Gaa !0I
Cont. Tobacco pfd... 110
.. t
.. II
.. M
.. 14
.. 21
.. 41
.. ih
.. 17
.. 8
Gen. Klectrtc
Hocking Coal ...
lbter. Paper ....
do pfd
Inter. Power ....
Laclede Oaa
National Ulacult
National Lead ..
No. American ...
Pacific Coaat ....
Pacific Mall
People' Gas ....
Preaaed I. Car...
do pfd.
.. 17
.. U
.. 70
.. 40 .
.. 17
.. 41
.. 1H
.. M
.. 4
.. It
.. 6
.. to
.. 14
.. 7814
(0 .
Norfolk A
do pfd
Ontario A W..
Pennsylvania .
do lat pfd...
xde M pfd..
Bt. L. A . P.
do 1st pfd 14
do Id pfd 4
Bt. L. 8. W 10
do pfd 48
Bt. Paul 181
do pfd 175
Bo Paclflo bo
60. Railway 17V
z Offered
The closing quotations on bonds; Are as
.lot;!,. A N. flnl. 4s 101 H
.u3MiBiex. central as 79
.1071 do la Inc H
.107 Minn. St. L 4s.. .101
.lUVxM., K. A T. 4a.... It
.Ue do la 81
.'.iuVn. Y. C. gen. ta...l02
lllVlN. J. C. gen. fca....l.lf
.lczNo. Paclflo 4a 101
1031; do Is 72
wa n. & w. con. 4a. ...loo
do pfd
Weetern Union
Amer. Locomotive...
do pfd. tl
K. C. Southern 18
no pia 4t
Rock Island 19
do pfd 71
U. 8. raf. la, reg.
do coupon. ,
do la, reg
do coupon
do new 4a, reg.
do coupon
do eld 4a, rag...
do coupon
do 8s. rag
do coupon
Atchison gen. 4a..
do ad. 4a
Bal. Ohio 4a...
do la
xdo cone. 4s....
xCanada Bo. Is.
... 0 Keadlnx sen. 4a 17
...101 1st. L. I. M. c. as. Ill
... 84 st. L. 8. P. 4a.... M.
...luu-tBl. I B. W. IS 13
...lutca MQO SB Bl
Central ef Ox. (.... lot 8. A. A A. P. 4a.... 71
do la Inc 7i 1 Bo. Paclflo 4a. to
Ches. Ohio 4a...l04 So. Railway ia lKIa
i.muHBu eTt... lexaa a racme ia...lis
B. A Q.
xC, M A Bt P f . 4a.. lot
xc. a N. w. 0. 78.. 131
iC, R. I. P. 4s... lot
O C O A Bt L g. 4a.
Chicago Ter. 4a
Colorado Bo. 4a
Denver A R. O. 4a..
xErle prior Hen 4a.
do general 4a
xP. W. I. C. la.
xHocklng VaL 48. .107
4a... i xT.. Bt. L. W.
Union Paclflo 4a
do conv. 4a...,
Wabaah la
do Ja
do deb. B
Went Shore 4a...
tt Wheal, a L. E.
', Wis. Central 4a.
84 Con. Tobacco 4a
110 jColo. Fuel at...
.... t;
.... 78
....109 '4
4a.. 114
.... II
London Stock Market.
LONDON, May 23. Closing quotations:
Consols, money.. .11 16-14 New York Central. ..130
do account
Anaconda ...........
do pfd
Baltimore A Ohio...
Canadian Pacini-....
Chesapeake A Ohio.
umcago u. w
C. M. A St. P....
De Beers
Dearer A R. O...
do ptd
do let pfd
da Id pfd
Illinois Central
LouiaTllla Nash
18 Norfolk Waatera.. 11
1 ao pia tl
78 Ontario A Weetern... 18
t8iPennayleanla ui
tl Rand Mlnea 10
153. Heading 14
41 I da lat pfd 42
. . ao sa pio at
..158 Southern Railway.... It
ao pia is
Southern Paclflo 68
Union Paclllc , to
A.. ...
Beef Steers a Big Dims Lower for ths Wtek
and Cows a Quarter Lower.
Sheen May Be Qaated Fifteen ia
Qaarter Lower Iar tee Week anal
Caansaoas Lambs the Same, bat
Chelce Lassos Are Steady.
Receipts were:
Ottlclal Monday
OtlH-ial Tuesday
OHH'IhI ednei-uay ..
omeial Thursday ...
Ottlclal Friday
OUIcial Saturday
Cattle. Hugs. Ulieep.
.. i.bvl 4,uu4 3.904
... 4. ill) o,i4
. . l.Juo o.Jlu
... 1,. la 6,ttm
.. l.tJl
... m 4.d4
Total this week 13,148 40.667 13.6
Week endina May Id u.lM o4.W
Week ending May io.m btml U.109
Week ending May 11 llJ,S 4n.3i lt.bil
Week ending April Z5....1s,it3 6u,x M.4J1
Same week last year.... 15,14!) 4i,7U o,4)
Ths following table shows the receipts OI
cuttle, huga and sneep at tiucfi uniaa lot
tne ytar lu oate anu cuinyarwuus uu tm
1903. 1902. . Inc. Deo.
Cattle 3Si,uo itoo.f.JS 'i.,,jo
HOK8 il,80u l.ub.un iou,u
Bheep DOd.bOi ktb.&ao loo.ia
Averaae once oalQ lor Hons ui BOUUt
Omaha lor iue last seveial uujs who vum-
Date, j mi. is)i.ivoi.iiou.,i!j.;:sv8.iw.
May 1....
May i....
May ....
May 4....
May 6....
May ....
May 1....
May 8....
May ....
May. 10.. I
May 11..
May 12...
May 14.,.
May 14...
May 16...
May id...
May 17...
May Is...
May ID...
May 20...
May 21...
May 23.
6 83 1 4 W 6 64 i Wl 1 81 I 7
7e J UI, 6 71, is, u, ! 801
1 tUi B M !! l b'l 1 t'
76S I b boi k ttu bo 1 I W U
b ii 7 03 I 6 1W it i i fc 2 W
tod 0 M 6 fo I 4 8 W W
d Wi VO, t 21,' - 8 80 8 70
d Wti 7 0 b dt 1W 8 6S I 8 Tl
8 U2 7 i 6 t 6 li 1W I 89
1 7 US, bli 0 iil -i 8 j 3 i
8 MMt a J D ldi 3 odi 4 lv, 3 Ui
4d I S I6 8 Bd ii ei
4ls 7 w 8 68 ( 8 Wl sui
8 idl 7 Hi s 1 B l.J
8 tJVxl 7 12 b d i 21 t 67 1
(he (touthern rIVer markets and also at
Chicago have undoubtedly-hurt the mar
ket on common eornfeds, as packers seem
to prefer grass sheep to common eornfeds.
The feeder market is very quiet, the
"rime as usual at this time of the year.
Kecelpts are light, and so, also Is the de
mand, and in fact not enough have changed
hands this week to make a test of the
y.otattons for clipped stock: Choice
western lambs, to.2fruti.76; fslr to good
lambs, t!.Soi.:ifi; choice western wooled
lamha, lV.7Mr7.OJ;' fair to (rood wooled
lambs, V.Mii M;; .choice lightweight year
lings, $5.50415.75; fair to good yearlings,
f4.7oi5 2&; choice wethers. fo.CNXiS 26: fair
to good wethers, $4.1Vtf 4 GB; choice ewes,
4.6(v,i6.oo; fair to good ewer. - tfl.60'i4.;
feeder lambs. S3. 4 .0; feeder yenrilngs.
83.5" 4.00; feeder wethers, 83.50y4.0O;
feeder ewes, t2.J64j3.50.
Cattle Market Itemalns Steady, bat
Hogs Rale Lower.
CHICAGO, May 2.1.-CATTLE-Reeelpts.
350 head; steady; good to prime steers,
nominal at t4 tf?5.25; poor to medium. 14.0)
4i'4.8'j; Blockers and feeders 13 (x&) 75;
rows, tl.5GM.60; heifers, $2.0lHi4.7S; cannera
t1.5P4jf2.75; Ut, t2.W4.2.; calves, 2.b $
t,75; Texas-fed steers, tl-OtXiTISV
HOGS Receipts' toduv, 1o,(hk) head; esti
mated Monday, 36.000 head; left over, 4.503
head; opened steady and closed 5c lower;
mixed and butcher. 85.90(fm.X; good to
choice heavy, 16 3.'.Si6.65; rough heavy, J8.15
diH Mi; light, io.&iiti.Oy; bulk of sales, 6.i0f
8HEEP ' AND I.AMB9 Reeelpts, 1.000
head: market steady; good to choice weth
er, $4. 75415.50; fair to choice mixed. $.1.75"
4.75; western sheep, tl.oOtfS.SO; native Iambs,
84.5lKii7.tx; western lambs, M.Sixtf.'.OO.
4 22,
6 to.
8 ii
6 27S
d 24
3 U
t 81
e ,
t i
7 0i B bH 6 U 2 8 4 26,
7 m. a t Mi 2 ti 4 40i
W I U W I l 9t
7 12; I & lui 3 ti 4 Jo 3 ol
7 11 8 73 3 bil 4 20i 8 M
7 06 5 7l 5 03 4 2di 52
K x. 1 m:i 5 b3i b usi 3 62! 13 52
I 6 lHi 7 0S 5 61 5 01 8 65 1 4 33
Indicates Sunday. .
The official number of cars of stock
brought In today by each road was:
C, M. & St. P. Ry
Mo. K Ry
Union Paclflo system....
C. & N. 1 W. .Ky
P., K, & M. V. R. R ...
C. St. P., M. & O. Ry..
H. &. M. Ry
C, B. & Q. Ry
V., H. I. k P. Hy., east
Illinois Central
Cattle. Hogs. Horses.
Total receipts 4 86 1
The disposition of the day's receipts was
a follows, each buyer purciiaalng the num
ber of head indicated: ,
Uuver. tjaiue. ius-
Omaha Packing Co..
Swift and Company .... 11
Armour & Co 25
Cuduhv Packing Co
Urmour A t o.. blOUX City ....
Other buyers i
Totals 23 6,982
CATTLE Cattle receipts at this point
hatre been very moderate this week, as will
, ih, -ahi Rhove. There is a
decrease of about 9,0u0 head J c.mPar
with laat week and of about 2.U00 head as
compared with the corresponding week or
last year. The combined receipts at all the
markets, however, have ueen lanse, ".
taken with the heavy s-.iuplles o the last
several weeks, have caused prices to con-
UThedbfnBtaeer market ha. been very un
even this week, with prices fluctuating
back and forth at a raplU rate. Tuesday
and Wednesday were the low days of ths
of the decline was regained. As compared
, vTi.o f loat week the market may
safely be quoted a big dime lower,, with some
) un-
. 11
. 88
. K a
. 70
t'nlteo Suuea aUeel
ao pra
do pfe
Mlsoaurl. K. A T ... th
UAH SILVER-Bteady at 24 15-I6d per
MONEY S per ;ent The rate of alia.
count in the open market for short bl Is
ana tnree montM' bills Is 3 5-lUoJH per
Dostan Stock Quotations.
B08TON,' May 23. Call loans, 84H per
cent; lime loans, 4ViU6 per cent. Official
closing prices 011 stocks and bonds:
do pfd
Bostoo A Albanr.
BoatoB Elevated .
C, B. 4.
N. Y.. N. H. A H..138
Pltrbburf pfd tt
VnloB Faclto
Hex. Central 1214
Amerlran Bugar ki
do Bid
American T. A T
Dominion I. A B.
Gen. Blectrle ....
Maaa. Electric ...
N. B. a. A c...
V. 8. Steel
do pfd
Weetlnsh. Common.
Calumet A Hacla. ..
Copper Hanga
Dumlnloa Coal
Isle Rurale
(lid Dominion ....
lit Parrot
. 14 IQulnry
.1st Hants Fa Copper..
. S8 Tamarack
. 84 iTrimouatala
. 81Vlalted States
. 801, fuh
ft Victor!
1 Winona
4) Wolverine
. tl
, 40
. M
. 1
. 1
. 47
. 14
. 84
. I
. 8B
. I
. Sit
. 81
grades of cattle selling much worse t
fhat. As stated above the market Is so
Ivin that sales look all the way t
nearly" steady to 1520o lower tnan'ine
p?l" s7 prevailing list week: All kinds have
suK ere, bur undoubtedly the heavy cattle
and especially those lacking in quality have
been Bounded the worst. Common cattle
a?e Quotable frorn 83.85 to $4.25. fair to good
from 34.30 to 84 60. with the choicer grades
largely from t4.80 to 84.80. A prime, bunch
woSfdundoubtedly bring $y
than that, but at the sametime it takes
rood cattle to bring over 34. 16.
The cow . market has suffered much worse
w,u for beef steers, and prices
are very uneven. The good cows, such as
have been selling from 34 .00 up. ba suf
fered .the. worst decline and are fully
lower, and In some cases the decline Is-as
much as 40c. Canners and cutters, how
ever, have sold freely all the week, and
prices are. If anything, a little stronger.
Packers have not been at all anxious for
gc!od "ws this week, which Is rather an
uncommon occurrence, but they explain It
by saying that cow beef has been costing
them too much as compared with steer
beef. The fair to good cows are sel Ung
largely from 83 25 to 83.75, with the choicer
,!.. rnine vvrv largely from 83. 5. to
84.00. It takes something extra good to
bring much over 34.00.-
nulla and vbilI calves have held Just about
steady all the week where ths quality was
satisfactory. . M .
The demand for stockers and feeders this
uir k.a hn mnflned very largely ta
tlie cattle of god quality, and such kinds
are a little stronger than they wre a week
ago. As high as $4.90 has been paid this
week warmed-up came, . nowever, nave
been rather neglected and are only about
steady. Representative snies:
BEfcP STfifBXtS.
Ho. At. Pr. N. A Tr.
14 11 4 M ,
" " ' HEIFERS.
1 no i
11a a ?a
urvVoiiThpra was a light run of hogs
here today for a Saturday, and the market
A.i atrnnir to 6c hlaher than yesterday
morning, or a little better than yesterday s
general market, uooa nogs ooiu laigir
from t20 to 82ft. with a top at Hi .80.
kinds went from 88.20 down.
Tb s-enaral market was rather unsteady
for there were many sirons aim wt
snota Late In the morning trading was
dull and the market closed slow and weak
to Kr. lower.
Tha recetnta for the week have been
rather llsrht. there being a decrense of about
24,000 from last week ana i,iw rrom tne
same week or last year. 1 ne ween startea
In on Monday with a decline in prices, but
on Tuesday there was the first substantial
advance tnat nas ueen mnae mis montn.
Prloes continued to drop off from day to
day for the rest of the week nntll the
average today is about 15c lower than that
of last Saturday. Representative sales:
Kansas City Live fjtock Market.
ceipts, 100 head; market unchanged; choice
export and dressed beef steers, 34.50tjs.2D;
fair to good, $4.00ij4.50; stockers and feed
ers. 83.25ti4.60; western-fed steers. tl.v$
4.90; Texas and Indian steers, 33.00'74 55;
Texas cows, $2.00ft3.50; native cows, t-'.L'iii
4.25; native heifers, $2.754.75; canners, $1.20
(U-'.oo; bulls, i:.WuS ;o; calves, 33.ooii.50;
ecelpts for week, 22,3Qp cattle, 400 calves.
HOQS Receipts. 4,000 head: market
steady; top, XS.40; bulk of sales, 8i.lo4jij 3J'i;
heavy. $t5.17'4i.f; mixed packers. ti.Wl
6.32H: liKht. $5.8fViifi.l7; yorkera, $6.12V
6.17H; pigs. $5.00ij5.8o; receipts .for week,
54.410 hend. .
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, none:
market unchanged: native lambs." $4 rWi
SO; western lambs. $4.00u7.40: fed ewes.
$:!.G0J?5.35; native wethers, J.8,ri'y5.70; Texas
clipped sheep, $3.75'36.65: stockers nnd feed
ers, $3.404.30; receipts for week, 27,600 head.
St. Loots Live Stock Market.
ST.. LOUIS. Mav 22 CATTLR Reoelnls.
350 head, including 209 Texans; mnrkot
quiet and steady, but with a decline from
last week; dressed beef and butcher steers,
$3.76'&6.1; steers under-1.000 lbs., 83.754j!4.75;
stockers nnd feeders. $2.50h4.B0: cows and
heifers. I2.25ff4.76: ennners ! ontftl 75- hull.
$2.6f(84.0; calvtis, $5.00416.25; Texas and In
dian steers, $2.604.66; cows and heifers,
$2.20433.25.. .
HOiS-Reeelpts, 1,800 head; .market
Steady, with the best a shade higher; pigs
and lights, 85.7O$H.0ff; packers. $5.806.20;
butchers and best heavy, $6.0O4i.30..
SHEEP AND LAMBS-Reeetpts. 100 head;
market steady, with only good stock In
demand; native 'muttons. M.Cflffffi.OO; lambs,
$504f7.50: culls luirl hunka f ftVnil Kn- a,,nl..
ers, $2,CKgS.0O; Texans. $3.76Q4.76; '. .'
Kevr Tork Lire Stock Market.'
NEW YORK. Mav ?3 TlRTVirci re
ceipts, 84 head, consigned direct: no sales
reported: drestfeA beef stendv: clrv rt-r.-...,!
native sides, fi'fc'fiflo: rnirtwt ,i'n..
6S0 harl beeves nnd 4.400 quarters of beef. '
nivio i neaa on saie; city dressed
veals, genera) sales, 7"r9e.
111 ms -Kecelpts, 1,720 head.
SHEEP AND I.AMftS Tranlnt. o CV
head; , sheep nnd yearlings, steadv;' good
spring lambs, firm; other era dps quiet and
steady; sheep sold at $3.00ft4.75; yearllnpsi
..15; lambs. K.12Wflt.2f: dresapd rnntton kK
J(SJ?ressed Yngu, 913c; dressed lambs,
1241.16c. ...
, Slonr City Life Stock Market,
flTnrrv cttv t i .. n o , -, ,
-... - - - . , w. iciiicuni i f In
gram.) CATTLE Receipts. 100; market
steady.; beeves. $4.054.90; cows, .hulls and
mixed, $2.604.35; stockers and feeders, $3.50
44.fi0; calves and yearlings, $3.004.35.
nuuD-neceipi8, o.itw: market steady:
selling, $6.0064.25; bulk. 86.108.20. '
Stock la Sight.
Following were the recelnta nf llva ainv
at the ajx prhiplpal. vester cities yejjter-
' Cattle.
( York Mlnlns; Qaotatlons.
NEW YORK, May 23 The following are
the quotations on ths New York Stock ex
Adama Cea
Brunswick C...
Coiustork Tunuel.
(on. Tel. Vs..
Hora Silver
Iron Silver
lxadvtlle Cos....
... ft
... X
... 8fr
... 4
... I
... I
Little Chief ..
xfhoanlx ......
Pot oat
bierra Nevada
Small Hopes .
... 8
... t!
... 40
... 30
Foreign FlnanclaL
LONDON. May 23. Rates for money were
rsuier tasior in tne raaraei loony. Uls
counts were steady. Business on ths Stock
exenange was quiet, but the tone was good
Americana were Irregular, tne narrnanxiu
of the dealings In New York discouraging
dealers here. Rio tlntos were firm. Kaffirs
were In fair request and advanced. The
amount of bullion taken Into the Bunk of
cngiana on balance today was 77.uuo.
PARIS. May 83. Prices on the bourse
today opened Arm. Business was Inactive,
however, and the market became cairn
except gold mines, which were In much
BEKUN. Msy n-Prices were weak on
tne bourse today. Government securities
were neglected and Iron and coal shares
suffered a further decline, in spite of the
publication of a favorable report of the
liuiutriciorr iron exenange. Jawney ea Call
was uvivu at per tsuu
Is a phrase that sctuatly describes the SOUTH
DEWEY" mine located on the same great ledge and
adjoining the famous "Dewey" mine in Thunder Moun
tain, Idaho.
I property consists of ten full mining claims (208
acres) and we own the property outright.
This means that every dollar you Invest goes
Into development work and no part of It Is use.l
to pay salaries. This Is a vital point and should
be one of the first things looked Into before In
vesting In any mining company.
We have decided to place a limited amount of
Treasury Stock on sale to continue development work
and purchase necessary machinery.
For a short time only you can buy this stock (par
I value $1.00 non-assessable no personal liability) for 10
cents per share.
The present allotment of stock Is limited and the
Board of Directors may decide at anytime to raise ths
prlt as It Is selling fast.
And enclose check or money order for as many shares as
you can possibly afford It's a chance of a lifetime.
Giving full particulars of our property and a
description of "Thunder Mountain." which Is
going to become the greatest gold mining
camp In the world. Sent for the asking.
Send Checks, rioitey Orders or Inquiries to
The South Dewey Mining Co.
Suite S 739-740, Stock Exchange Bldg., Chicago, III.
Or M. J- CREEVY, 414 Bee Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
Cmaha' ;.f....v
Chicago ...a,..
Kansas City ..
St. Louis ......
St. Joseph -.....
Sioux City
' 240
Hoa-a."' Sheep.
1 10,000 .
.. 4.000 '
1 S10
1.184 30,788 1.100
Wool Market.
NEW YORK. Mav 23 wnOT Bimn..
domestic fleece, 2aVgMc. . . '
ST. LOUI8, May IS.-WOOL Active and
nrm; medium grades and combing. ' 1R
2cc; light fine, lMrlTHc; heavy fine, U
LONDON. May 23,-WOOL-The third
series of the wool auction sales closed to-
any. 1 ne onenngs numbered 8,618 bales.
The demand was good and crossbreds sold
at the highest prices of tha serins Mr.
lncs, while firm, sold occasionally below the
best. The series opened with a 6 per cent
advance and gained an additional 7H per
cent later. Toward the close prices eased
snunuy. owing to a tailing on in tne for
eiRTi demahd. Fine crossbreds rlnuil im
changed from the March average; medium
crossbreds were 10 to 20 tier cent Vilo-h.p
Cape of Good Hope and Natal snow-whites
were unchanged to 5 per cent up and greasy
anu meaium scourea savanced ft per cent.
During the series 80.000 bales were taken
by the home trade. Sfi.000 bv tha pnntlnsnt
6,000 by America and 20,000 were held over
ror tne tourtn series. Following are to
day's sales In detail: New South Wains.
2.200 bales; scoured. 9d&-1s 1; greasy, 7d
&ls M. Queensland, MO bales; scoured.
lldifla lOd; greasy. 4d4rls. Victoria, 1.400
bales: scoured. 7V4dfils 7d: areas v. fid-Jila
2d. South Australia, 80O bales; scoured, in
2Hdgls 8d; greasy, 6d31s Id. New Zealand.
2.1!00 bales; scoured, hUQls d. Cape of
Good Hone and Natal. 400 bales: scoure.l.
9l'als UHil; Etersy, 4'jHHd. The arrivals for
tne tourtn series of sales nmount to 111,
830 bales. Including 46.KK) forwarded direct
to stilnncrs. The exports during the week
were: New South Wales, 6.816 bales; Queens
land. 1.32 ba ea: V ctorla. 6.3s Dales; Tas
mania. 7,:1 bales; New Zealand, 7.612 bales;.
Capo 01 Good ilope and .Natal, b.SJn Dales'
runta Arenas, z.ioo Dates; eisewnere, utis
bales. .
St. Louis Grain anil Provisions.
ST. LOUI8. May 23.-FLOrR-Flrm: red
winter patents, 83.6itl3.60; extra, fancy and
straight, 83.20Tfi3.50.
bkki nmotny, steaay at n.wiai.w.
CORNMEALSteady at 82.50.
BRAN Strong; sacked, east track, 78
HAY Steady to nrm: timothy. 89.00
16.60; prairie 87.OOSU.00.
IKON L'tlTTUIN 1 ltL,0 ll.Uu.
PROVISIONS Bacon, Irregular; boxed
extra shorts, JHU7H; clear ribs, 810.6JH:
short clears, 810.75.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bhls... 5,000 . . 8.000
Wheat, bu ,...28,000 69,000
Corn. bu....1.1'. 62.000 39.0i0
Oats, bu ; 60,000 47.00
IV. Farnam Smith
h Go.
We buy and sell Union Stock
Yards Stock, South Omaha.
1320 Farnam St. Tel. 1064
plsxe your orders with s '
Members Principal Ezcbsnges.
Write for our dally letter.
JM Board Trade Balldlng, Omaha.
'Pkones 100 and 1017. PRIVATE WIRES.
t .
a .
s .
8 28
80 10
140 li
110 It
... 8 18
80 It
40 IS
80 18
40 It
... It
... tit
80 t It
80 8 V
80 8 174
tM 8 lTi
IM tOO 8 17V4
.184 IM "'i
t.'l 110 I 111
.284 M 4 17V
.131 140 1T14
40 t IT
80 t 1TH
... 114
80 . 174
... 17a
... 1T4
110 t HH
... I 1T4
tj m iT4,
238 40 t llt
til ... J7Sb
lot ... V
til 10 t 80
JS1 80 t to
144 1M t to
Ne. AT. Sh. Pr.
7t W t IN
44 10 ... 4 t
tl tft 400 t tO
84 til 80 I to
tl Kl ... t 10
tl th 10 t 10
44... 287 40 tfl
17 181 1W M
M 288 180 I to
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121 281 MO to
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SHEEP Receipts of sheep this week have
been fairly liberal for this time of the
year, as there Is an Increase over the
same week of last year amounting to about
7,0u0 head. As compared with last week,
however, there is a decrease of ubout
4,000 head.
The Quality of the offerings received here
has been very much on the common order,
taking the receipts as a whole. Packer,
have not taken hold very freely and Con
sequently the tendency of prices has been
downward. Home days they would appar
ently have to have a few and the prloes
paid would be much better, and the next
day the market would again be way down.
As a result tha market may he quoted
very uneven, but as a general thing sheep
are fully Ij&Xc lower than a week 'ago,
and so also are all but the chotoaet grades
of lambs. Choice lambs are In good de
IPnd st steady prices.
The liberal receipts of grass shees st
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Red Letter
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before In He history baa tha Cora
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tage of the enisling situation will
make enormous proni.
The moat Influential elevator Inter
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Dd you will hy facta which will
pror ( on I thing to you. A study of
th itatlftlcs re I at I t to tho prwent
wofld'a lock of Corn and tho pro
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and a comparison with tho actual
known demand for 1903 will pravo
staggering to tho majority of peoplo
and will awakon them to a realisation
of an opportunity for making a for
tune which haa oarer been duplicated.
and derota your antlra anergtaa and
attention to that outntnodlty exclu
sively, consequently wo are belter fit
ted for handling Corn transactions
than any other commlMlon house In
tbo country- Our Cacti. ties are tin
excelled and tboy are at your com
1 mand. We will give you tho services
of our complete organisation and help
you to proSt by the prevent situation.
Oar plan gives small Investment ths
protection of large added capital and
wo keep our clients furnished with
detailed statements of all transactions
so that they are at all times familiar
with tho progress of their Investment.
When dealing on I oent margin, tho
customary one, $26.00 buys 1,U0 bush
els: M 00 buys l60 bushels; )00 00
buys ,000 bushels; $600.00 buys Sft.OoO
bushels. Every advance of t oents per
bushel doubles your money. lon't
delay a day, but telegraph us .your
order at onco aud allow your remit
tance to follow by mail,
Brokerage & Commission
St. Louis, Mo.
A Journal of tilstory and development
of western mining Interests, splendidly
Illustrated, breciy and up to dale
Members Principal Eicbangss.
iTlTsts Wtrsa.
ira 01 it
110-111 Board
Tclephona U.t
II ) ) I'p-to-dats mlnlns paper (fully
J ' Illustrated, coiitalulog all ths lat-
Bt news from famous gold tamp. .
t. ftllalas Joarnal. 100 Nasaaa tt.,