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Biy Bill Wilton L;aye Omaha with One
Victory Only.
Pitches Mm Oiini Against
Tram Mates, bat II In
port I Rnsftged la
flla Old
"Papa" Hill boyg mads tt two out of
three yesterday by taking advantage ot
the errora of tile Distillers in the flrst and
thlid Innings. Ilruner pitched for tha local, whllo Podge Alloway threw the
tensers for Peoria. Both men pitched a,
good game, although Podge had the teat
of It, but lacked the gupport at the critical
momenta. . -'. . -
Omaha took the lead In tha flrst Inning
and held it throughout the game. Carter
was first man up and knocked a popup to
Podge. Then Oenine got to lirst Oil a
fumble of Holly's. Preeton pounded tha
ball hard and was put out ut flrst, but
not before Oenine reached second. Wright
knocked the ba.ll over to Tlbald and came
in on the two throws that Tlbald mad
afterward. That, scored two And Dolan
went out at first.
In the third they tobk two mora. Carter
started It out with a single, Genius flew
out and Preston reached flrst on an error.
Then Wright brought both in on a whack
ing double. '
When 'Peoria Scored.
With the score 4 to 0, Peoria tcyan to
accumulate runs lit' the fourth. Wilson
drew a base. Wall single nnd Holt
walked. Tbat made three on bnses and
things looked scrumptious for the Distill
ers. Friend spat on his hands and dug
one out of the air and It landed in Nick
Carter's hands and was fielded in so
quickly that Wilson waa stuck fast at
third. Then Tlbald did a similar trick,
but this time Wilson crawled in under the
wire by m nose. Alloway trl-j J to get It
out there again, but H olung to thu ground
and Wright nailed It t llrst
In the fifth they garnered two more on
a single, a triple and a long Py that
couldn't be fielded In quickly enough. But
the Rourkeltes were not yet 'hrough and
scraped, up another score on two badly
fleldnd ' singles by Preston and Wright.
Meanwhile .the Distillers rtuck to their
knitting and got another one in the sev
enth on two singles and a bad ih.-ow of
limner's to flrst while ha was trying to
keep Shugart close.
Today there will be no game, but tomor
row will And St. Joseph romping around on
the lot and- liable to get Its feet wet.
AB. R. IB. PO,
Ciirtnr, rf
Oenlns, 2b
j'roHion, cf......
right, lb...
Dolan, as
Patterson, 3b
Thomas, c.
Henderson, K. ........
Biuner, p. ...... ........
Totals 30
AB. R. IB. PO.
Thiol, If 4
Shugart, 2b 1. 2
lasotte, rt..,
Wilson, c S .
Wall, lb 4
Holly, 'ss. 2
Friend, cf 4
Tlbald, 3b 4
Alloway, p 4
Totals .....36 4 10 24 11 t
Omaha ............... 2 0 2 0 1 0 8 0
Peoria.... 0 0 0.1 Sl 004
Daniel runal' Omaha, 2; Peoria, 1. Two.
buna hits: Wright, Shugart. Three-base
lui: Shugart. Sacrifice hits: Thomas,
Henderson, Shugart. Stolen bases: Car
tar, uolan. First base on balls: Off
Bruner, 4; off Alloway, 2. Struck out:
uy Bruner, 1; by Alloway, 3. Hit by
pitcher: By Bruner, 1; by Alloway, t
Time: 1:26. Umpire: Brennan.
Springs Boat St. Joe.
The locals took the last of the acrlea from
Si. Joaepli today in a pitchers' battle, In
which Jones was superior. Score:
ki J.uwnh 0 0 11 0 0 0 0 0 00 4 0
Colo. BnrlnKS ..1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1 9 0
Bitterles: Bt. Joseph, Glade and Garvin;
Colorado Springs, Jones and Doran.
Deo Molses- Has Last One.
rva MnlNES. Mnv 18. Des Moines won
the lust of the series In a hard fought
game today. Attendance, two. Score:
Des Moines ....1 020020i-4UO
Milwaukee 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0-3 10 2
M.ti.rto. lien Moines. Morrison and Mar
sliHtl; Milwaukee, SwormBtedt, Mcpherson
and Lucia
Denver Takes' Windy One.
DENVER, Colo., May 18. The day was
cold and wlnay ana uie auenaunca ugui.
It waa a pitchers' battle throughout. Score:
Denver ..'.0 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 -3
Kanaaa City ...0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 02
Butteries: Denver, Barber and Latimer;
Kansas City, Hess ana Mestuti.
Standings of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost.
Colorado Springs 18 16
Milwaukee 1 : . J
Denver i
Teorla ..,.." ,' J .
Kansas City Ji J
Omaha "5 f
St. Joseph , . J
lira Moines 19 ' B
No games today.
St. paal Throws Minneapolis Back
Again, Both Teams Making;
Many Errors,
MINNEAPOLIS, May . 18. Minneapolis
end St. Paul plaed one of the postponed
gamea today, the latter winning by to 8.
The game was replete with errors sfter
the fourth tunings, Minneapolta especially
showing poor form on the bases. V&sblnder
waa Invincible as long as he received any
support. Attendance, 9,0u0.
R.H.O.A.E 1
ef.. 1 0 0 0 O'fralth.
H....0 10 0
JakeuB, rf.. I
Oeier. If 1
Marcaa, BS. 1
V. heeler, lb.. 1
Huasins. Ik.. I
Pier.-, lb.... 0
SullKSB, ... 0
Cor bell,, p.... t
I 1
1 Lallr. If t 1 I 0
0 McCreery, cf . 1 I 1 0
I Teaser, ....! 1 4 I
1 Mclaeyro, lb. 0 I t I
1 Spoooar, lb., t 1 14 0
Myier, ea..... m a w e
Martin, lb... 10 4 4
Vasbiasor, p. 0 I 0 I
0 0 tt 14 ll
Totals I 10 17 10 4
Bt. Paul ...
0 0 0 0 0 0 2 k
0 0 0 0 1 01
F.arned runs: Minneapolis, 6 Doubl
plays: Huggtns, unassisted; Hugglns tn
Marcan to fierce; Hugglns to Sullivan to
Wheeler. Bases on balla: orr vasoinaer, 1;
ofT rwhatt. 1. Two-base hits: Mclntyro.
lluKKlne, t Three-base hits, McCreery.
Biruca out: ry v Mi'inunt -"v..
I. Stolen baaes: Vasblnder, Martin, Mar
can. Sullivan. Wheeler. 2: Hugging. 3:
Pierce. Hit by pitched ball: 6hanmn. Left
on bases: Minneapolis, 7; Bt. t-aui, . lw;
plrea: Moran and Cunningham. Time: . 1
Standing; ( Teams.
Plaved. Won. Lost. P.O.
Indiananolls 23 U .(6)
Sale Ten Million Boxes aYear.
I5. 50cT-"--J
Or meg today:
It Kansas City,
Indianapolis at Milwaukee. Columbus at EL
Paul, Toledo at Minneapolis.
Brooklyn Takes Aaother Heating,
Cincinnati Mlislag Easily, with
Four Rons to the Good.
BROOKLYN, May IS Cincinnati found
Jones for fifteen hit today, scoring seven
runs, while the Brooklyn only made three
runs off Harper In five Innings. After Phil
lips relieved the latter in the mlclrt a of
the fifth the locals were unable to score.
Attendance, l,5w. Score:
R HO. All K.ll.O.A.K.
Ksllay. If 0 Oil Outran, lb... 0 1 0 0
Saymour, el., t I 0 f hfrk.rd. If. 0 1 J
Ponlln, rf.... I t I 0 0 Dohtx. c(.... 9 10 1
Drcklor. lb .O 1 1 0 0 M- rcall. rf t 0 f 0 0
Btalnfaldt, IbO I I I 0,tyl, lb....O 10 10
Corcoran, M. 1 t I I 0 tiahlrn, ss...l 11(0
Matnon, Jb.. 1 1 I 1 0' Jarklltwh, e. 0 0 1 1 0
B.rn. .... 17 0 l' Flood. !d.... 10 8 1
Harpr, p.... 0 0 0 1 OOonsa, p 0 0 1 t 0
Pnllllpa, p... 0 100 0
Totals I 1 IT 14 1
Total! t II It 0 0
Cincinnati I 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 27
Brooklyn 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 01
Earned runs: Cincinnati. . Left on
bases: Brooklyn. 12; Cincinnati. 9. Three
base hit: Donlln. Stolon bases: Flood,
Beymour, Donlln (2), Corcoran, Harper.
Double plays: Dahlen, Flood and Doyle (2).
Sacrifice hits: Donlln, Mag-oon, Dobbs.
First base on balls: Off Jonas, 3; off Harper,
9. Struck out: By Jones, 1; by Harper, 2;
by Phillips. 2. Passed ball: Bergen. Wild
pitches: Jones, Harper. Time: 2:16. Um
pire: Moran. ...
rhlllles Down flt. Louis.
team- displayed more life than usual to
day and won from St. Louis by timely hit
ting. Attendance, 2,270. . Score: ,
Thomas, cf... 0 10
Barry, If 0 0
Douglass, lb. 1 1 10
Relator, rf... I 1 1
Olraann, Sb. . 1 I 4
WrMv'rt'n, lb 0 1 1
HulMrttt, as. 1 I I
Zlmmcr, c... 0 0 1
Fraser, p 0 0 0
0 smoot, cf.... 1
0 Donovan, rf.. 1
0 Burke, lb ... 0
'Varrell, Jb...O
OMlarr-iay. If... 0
O'NIrtiola, lb. . 0
1 Williams, as. 0
0 Ftysn, o 1
Hrown, p..
'Brain ....
.. 0
.. 0
Totals I 10 17 II 1
Touts I
7 24 I I
Batted for McFarland In ninth.
Philadelphia .........0 1 0 0 0 2 1 1 6
St. Louis 3 0 o, 9 1 0 0 0 0 I
Earned runs: St.' Louis, 1; Philadelphia,
4. Two-base hits: Kelster, Ryan. Three
base hits: Ketster, Hulswitt. Sacrifice hits:
Brown, Glcason, Hulswitt. . Stolen bases:
Thomas, Uleason. Double plays: Farrell
nnd Nichols; Douglass, unawdsted; Huls
witt. Oleaxon and Douglass; Hulswitt and
Oleason. Left on bases: St. Louis, 7; Phil
adelphia, 8. First base on balls: Off Brown,
1; off Fraser, 4. Hit by pitched ball:
Smoot, Barry. Struck out: By Brown, 1;
by McFarland, 1; by Fraser, 1, Time: 1:30.
Umpire: O'Day.
Boston Outclassed by Chicago.
BOSTON, May 18. Boston waa again out
classed and beaten by Chicago. Weimer
allowed Boston but six scattered hits whllo
the visiter pounded Piatt and Malarkey for
icu iiiu,, wnn a totaj or thirteen Dasos.
Piatt Injured his hand In the fifth and ,
compelled to retire. Attendance. 2.222.
K1I.0 A.K
Harlsy, rf.
Blajlo, If,.
Lows. lb...
0 0 4 0 01 Dexter,
1 1 t I 0
OlTenney, lb. .. 0
OiAb'tlrhlo. 2b. 0
to'Cooley, If.,.. 0
0 Carney, rf.... 0
lKJrtun'ser, lb. 0
Jonrs. cf...
Tinker, as..
Casey, lb..
Ersrs, lb..
Kilns, c...
W'elmsr. p.
0 Klttredga,
0 riatl, p..
OjBonnor ,
... 0
... 0
P- 0
4 10 17 1
I I 17 II 1
Batted for Piatt In fifth,
cnicago 1 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0-4
Boston 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 02
Earned runs: Ronton 1 Phii.M 9.
1 inner, ivliriK. Lowe. CJoolev.
Home run: Dexter." Double plays: Lowe
uniHSHisieo.'; 'linker. Evers and Lowe.
First base on balls: Oft Piatt, J; off Wei
mer. 2: off Malarkev. 1. Hit hv
nans: Tenney, Slagle. ' Etruck out: Rv
. uy rtni!r, a:- oy juaiaraey, S,
Time: P.41. Umpire: Johnstone.
111 n I . D . V. . . Ill 1 , - . . "
Pittsburg; Takes Close ' One.'
NEW YORK, May 18.-Plttsburg won to
day a game at the Polo grounds. Doheny
Incensed the snectAtora hv ihrnwin hi
bat up In the air when Bowerman was
about to catch his pop fly in the seventh
Inning. Clarke was called out for interfer
ing with Bowerman at the dose nf the
ninth and Wagner used McGlnnlty roughly
otvuiiu u in me sevenin. Attend
ance, 17,600. Score:
Browne, rf... 1 1 1 0
Tleanmont, cf 0 I 0 0 0
Clark., If.... 0 0 11
Sebrlns, rt.. 0 1 1 0
Wanner, sa. .. 1 1 1 0
BrananeM, lb 1 1 II 1
Leach, lb. ...0 1 I I
Rllrhey, lb.. 1114
Smith, e 0 111
Doheny, p... 0 0 11
Vanhalt'n. cf 0 0 1 0
MoUano, lb.. (I 1 I 1
.Mel-tea, If.... 0 14 1
Dunn, aa 1114
Lauder, lb... 0 0 0 1
Gilbert, 2b... 0 0 11
Bowerman. 0. 0 0 4 0
OCMcUlaalty, p 0 1 1 4
Totals I 0 17 II tl
1 420 U 4
'Clarke out for Interference,
Pittsburg 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 02
.New York ....0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 02
Earned run: Pittsburg. Two-base hits
Beaumont (2), Leach, Dunn. Bucrltlce hits
Ixsach, Lauder. First base on balls: Off
McGlnnlty, 2; off Doheny, 4. First base on
errors: New York 2; Pittsburg, 1. Struck
out: By McGlnnlty, 1; by uoheny, 2. Stolen
bases: Wagner, McGann, Mertes, McGin-
nny. ieit on oases: rnew xork, 10; Pitts
burg, 7. Hit by pitched bull: By Doheny
i. lima: i.vo. umpire: muue.
Standing; of the Teams.
Played. Won. LosLP.C
Chicago 27
New York 24
Pittsburg 29
St. Louis
Philadelphia ..
Games today
Pittsburg at New York
Chicago at Boston, Cincinnati at Brooklyn
Bt. ixiuis at nuiaaeipnia.
Poor Base Raanln and Errors Give
Mlasonrl Victory Over
LAWRENCE, Kan.. May 18 Poor base
running and errora at critical times enabled
the University of Missouri (Columbia) to
defeat the University ot Kansas today.
I j
Missouri 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 1 04 7 7
Kansas 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-3 5 6
Batteries: Alphln and Ramsey; Northcott
and Ardinger.
At Lawrence, Kan. University of Mis
souri, 4; University of Kansas, 3.
At Ann Arbor Wisconsin. 6, Michigan, 4.
At Philadelphia Cornell, 7; Pennsyl
vania, 6.
' OatSeld Has Stage Fright.
YANKTON, 8. D., May 13. (Special Tele
gram.) The Sioux City league team and
Yankton college played ball here this aft
ernoon. Score: Sioux City, 7; Yankton, 1.
Yankton'a defeat was owing to stage fright
of the boys In the out Held. Hits: Sioux
City, 6: Yankton, 6. Errors: Sioux City.
2; Yankton, 11 Nearly all fumbles and
muffs were In the outfleld. F.arned runs:
Yankton, 1. Parvin, for Yankton, struck
out four; Gale and Treadway, Sioux City,
Ave each.
Hastings After Ball Team.
HASTINGS, Neb.. May 18 (8eclal Tele
gram.) At a called meeting held here to
niHht Initial steps were taken for the or-
fanization of a base ball turn to enter the
'entral Nebraska Base Ball league. It waa
derided to raise $1,20 by Wednesday even
ing and if tha amount was subscribe 1 by
Milwaukee ..
St. Paul
Knnmi Cltjr
Louisville ...
t'olumbus . .
Minneapolis .
that time a base ball orinnljiatlon would
be made complete and a tram put .11 the
neia. a commute, consisting 01 i.
Rolerts. lnu Kinney and A. Townsend.
Will make th canvass.
Tall Beats Uadrr When White Mi
Go Down to Wash
CHICAGO, May IS. -Washington easily
won today's same. Callahan was the only
one of the locals able to gunge I-ee's pitch
ing, wnne the visitors pounaea vinue.
Attendance, Vo0. Score:
R H O A X.
Hallman. II.. 0 0 10 0
Dolan, rf 0 110 0
Green, rf 0 0 1 0 0
Callahan, lb. 14 110
labell. lb.... 0 0 11 0 0
Daly, Sn 0 1 1 t 1
Tannehlll. ss. 0 0 I 4 0
MrKarlaud, 0 0 0 4 0 1
While, p 0 1 0 4 0
Holmes, rf. .. 1
B-lbacn. if... I
Orth, m I
Kjan, cr 1
ar7, lb....t
1 10
Cnuithlln, lb. 0
Martin, lb... 0
Clark, e 0
Lea, p 0
Totals t 10 17 ll Tetali 1 7 17 II 1
Washington 0 00(0020 27
Chicago 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Left on bases; Phlrae-o. 7: Washington.
7. Two-base hits: Callahan (2), Ryan (3),
Coughlln. Sacrifice hit: lsbell. Stolen
bases: Selbach, Orth 2). Struck out: By
White. 2: by 1. First ortse en balls:
Off White. 3; off Lee, 2. Time: 1:36. Um
pires: Carruthers and liassett.
Detroit Pounds Boston Hard.
DETROIT. May 18 Wild Bill Donovan
had the Bostons under a spell this after
noon. His support waa periecr- ueiron
hit the ball hard In two Innings when Bos
ton made errors. Attendance, i.iM. (score;
Barrett, cf... 1
Luth. rf 1
I 1
0 Dousherty. If 0 1 4
0 1
1 0
0 10
0 Collins, lb... 0 0 1
OiO'Brlen. rf.. 0 0 1
raw ford. If. 0
ElherfeM, ss. I
Csrr. lb I
O. Smith, lb. I
Yraerr, lb... 0
Buelow, 1
DonoTsn, p.. 1
Freeman, rf.. 0 11
Parent, as.... 0 0 4
LaChanee, lb 0 0 10
Ferris, Sb.... 0 0 0
A. Smith, s.. 0 0 1
Gibson, p.... Ill
Totals 11 1 17 10 0 Totals 1 4 14 11 0
Detroit 6 0 0 0 0 7 0 0 12
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 U u 11
Earned runs: Detroit, 5; ilostan, 1. Two-
bane hits: Yeaaer. G. Smith. Dougherty.
First base on balls: off Donovan. 1; on
Gibson, 4. First base on errors: Detroit,
1. Left on bases: Detroit, 6; Boston, J.
Sacrifice hit: Crawford. Stolen bases:
Elberfeld, Carr, Yeager. BtrucK out: By
lionovan. 8: bv Gibson. 1. Double plays:
Smith to Carr to Elberfeld, Parent to Fer
ris to LaChance, uueiow to Biniin. wna
pitch: Gibson. Umpire: O'Laughlln.
Time: 1:15.
Cleveland Makes It Three.
CLEVELAND, O., May 18. Cleveland
made It three out of four from New lork
today by taking the game In easy style.
The New Yorkers did not get a hit off
Moore until the eighth Inning, when they
bunched three singles ana scoreu iwo
runs. Both Wliise ana jtoweu, wno suc
ceeded him, were wild. Attendance, 2,6u7.
Paris, If 0 0 10 0
Bay. ef 0 0 1 0 0
McCarthy, 11.1 1 1
flick, rf 10 10
Hickman, lb. 0 1 11 0
Lajote, lb.... 1114
Bradley, lb.. 1 I 1
ObKeeler, rf.... 110 0 0
ruits, ct 1000
Williams, lb. 0 1 1 I 0
Daniel, lb... 0 0 11 1 0
Conroy, lb... 0 0 1 1
ixmi, ss. 1 0 I I 1
ilcvllls, c... 0 0 111
Wlltae, p 0 0 0 0 0
ilowell, p.... 0 10 10
Gochna'er, ss 0 1 I I
Bcmls. o 0 0
Moore, P 0 0 0 1
7 4 17 11
Totala I I 24 11 I
Cleveland 2 0 1 1 2 0 0 1 7
New York 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 03
Two-bnse hlta: Hickman, Lajjle, Goch-
naur. Three-Daae mi: nraaiey. oaennce
hits: Gochnaur (2, Flick. Stolen basea:
Fults, Williams, Lajole, McCarthy. Double
ulavB: Long to Williams to Ganzel. First
base on balls: Off Wlltse, 2; off Howell, 4;
off Moore, 2. lilt by pitched ball: By
Wlltse, 1. Left on bases: Cleveland, 6;
New York, 6. Struck out: By Moore, 3;
by Howell, 2. Wild pitches: Moore, 1;
Wlltse, 1. Time: 1:46. Umpire: Connolly.
Postponed Games,
At St. Louis Phlladelphla-St. Louis; on
account of rain.
Standing; of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost, P.C
Philadelphia ...
Cleveland -
New xorK ,
St. Louis
Washington ....
Games today:
Washington at Cleveland.
Highland Park Ko Match for Local
Collegians oa the Ball
Crelehton university had no trouble in
defeating the team from Des Moines, rep
resenting Hlgniana rarK conege, yesterday
afternoon, by a score of 7 to 1. The local
collegians outpointed and outplayed the
vlsltora at ifl times. Rellley waa found for
fifteen hits, while Captain Henry Welch
was well nigh Invincible, allowing but three
hits one scratch and two singles. There
were spectacular features at times, chiefly
In the neldtna: work that Crelghton did.
E. A. Crelghton, Callahan, Welch, Lynch
and Prendergast earned on the major Hon
ors for the Omaha school nine. O'Keefe,
the regular catcher, was out of the city
nrl Arehle Creisrhton filled the position ac
ceptably. Highland Park'a only run came
in the flrst inning, with a sacrifice by Lewis
and a single by Springer. After thnt
Crelghton cinched the game by opportune
batting ana me result was never in aount
The score:
AB. R. IB. PO. A. E,
Callahan, 2b.,
Lantgan, rf..
Cassidy, as...,
Welch, p
Crelghton, ...
Kehoe. if ,
Hobbs, cf
Lynch, 2b....
. 6 2 2 0
..36 7 15 27 17
AB. R, IB. PO.
Heigleston, ss 2
Lewis, 2b..
Duffy, lb..
Springer, 3b
Sullivan, If
Williams, cf
St. Germaine, If..
Keilley, p
Cotton. 0
Totals 26 1 S 24
Crelghton 2 3 0 0 1 0 X 0 7
Highland Park 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Earned runs: Crelghton, ; Highland
Park, 1. Two-base hits: Lynch (2), Welch.
Bases on ballH: Off Welch, S. Hit by
pitched ball: By Welch, 1. Struck out:
By Welch, 8; by Rellley, 2. Stolen bases:
Crelghton (2). Left on bases: Crelghton, (;
Highland Park, 2. Time. 1:30. Umpire:
Prohibition Hill Slnggrrs Defeated.
The W. E. 0born team defeated the Pro
hibition Hill S'.-iggrrs Sunday by the score
-of 10 to 1. Score by Inning:
R.H E.
Sluggers 0 100000 ISO
W. K. Oshorn 0 0 0 3 7 0 110 8 2
Batteries: Oshorn, Collins and Shea. Pro
hibition Hill Sluggers, Broderlck and Glllan
Championship Golf Contest.
EDI N BURG, May 18 The Amateur Golf
Championship contest opened at Mulr
f.eld today. There was a record entry of
IS-. nefesHltating nve days play. Hutch
logs, the holder of the title, .was unable to
compete through illness.
Tug' to E-Iar Shamrock.
GLASGOW. May 18-Slr Thomas Llpton
lias purcnasea tne tug miser to convoy
Shamrock to the United States. The
steam yacht e.rln will convey the cnal
lenger. The yachts will be ready for tut
ocean paaauge .May 91.
Hed Cloud After Players.
RED CLOUD. Neb., May H. -fSpccUl
Telegram.) The Red Cloud base ball pro
niotera are working diligently to secure a
alrong team by June 1 so aa to be ready
to start In the Southern league the middle
of that mon in.
Games In Turee-I League.
At Decatur Decatur. 12; Bloomlngton. 10.
At RiH-kford Davenport, 10; Rock ford, 4.
At Rock Island Rock Inland, 4: Jollet, 1.
At Dubuque Cedar Rapids, T; Dubuque, 1.
Chicago glsjas Mnrnhy.
SOUTH BEND, Ind., May 18. The Chi
Cairo National league base ball club his
signed Pitcher Murphy of Notre Dame uni
verstty. lie will begin play at once.
Western Champion Goes Kaat.
NEW YORK. May 1X.-A1 W. Pape, the
undefeated single scull champion of the
west and northwest for six yers. haa corns
east to compete In a number of vents. )it
flrst appearance In the east will be at
Philadelphia, where he Is entered in the
Henley event, to be rowed July 2 and .
Then he la to row In the races neld by the
National Rowing association at Worrester,
Mass. His entry in other events will de
pend largely upon his success in these
races. It successful during the Season he
Intends to try for English prizes next year.
Rosetlnt Bests Heeord for Sla and
One-Half Forlonga by quarter
NEW YORK. May 18. John Boden's
Hastings filly Rosetlnt won the Claremont
handicap at Morris Park todtty after
smashing the record for six and one half
furlongs by coveting the distance In 1:1:",
which Is a quarter of a second taster
than Lady Uncas' time, made In 1901. Re
sults: I
First race, hurdle, one mile ana one
half: Arlan won, Ohnet second. Draughts
man third. Time: 2:4SV.
Second race, last four and one-half fur
longs of the Eclipse course: Haxlewood
won, Dimple second, Monadnock third.
Time: 0:52.
Third race, last seven of the
Withers mile: Trlbeshlll won, Baikal sec
ond, Syrllh third. Time: 1:27.
Fourth race, the Claremont handicap, last
six and one-half f urlongu of the Y ithera
mile: Rosetlnt won. Lux Casta second.
Lady Uncas third. Time: 1:1V.
Fifth race, the Withers mile: Yardarm
won, Young Henry second. Dr. Sayler
third. Time: 1:10.
Sixth race, handicap, one mile and a fur
long, over the hill: Hunter Ralne won,
Caiutincle second, McWllllanis third. Time:
LOUISVILLE, May 18. A distressing ac
cident occurred tn the last race at Churchill
Downs today. Shortly after turning Into
the stretch Wavelow stumb!ed and hla
Jockey, Mclnerney, was thrown. The boy
was dragged Rome thirty yards before his
foot was relensed from the stirrup. When
picked up he was unconscious, ana had not
recovered at 8 tonight. The doctora at the
city hospital say he has a fighting chance.
First race, seven furlongs, selling: Cap
tain Duckaioo won. Flora Bright seoond,
Tom Klngsley third. Time: l:i4-
Second race, six furlongs: Belle Mahone
won, Mudlavla second, Winetap third.
Time: 1:16. '
Third race, one mils and fifty yards, sell
ing: Shotgun won, Lou Woods second,
Briers third. Time: 1:46.
Fourth race, Juvenile stakes, five fur
longs, selling: Stumpy won, Walnut Hill
second. Prince of Pllsen third. Time: 1:0m,.
Fifth race, on mile: Red Comyn won,
Bummer second, Love's Labor third. Time:
Sixth race, four and one-half furlongs,
selling: Phelan won, Port Warden second,
Pontchartraln third. Time: 0:56ft.
CHICAGO, May 18 Results:
First race, live furlongs: Lady Free
Knight won; Ed Gutnsoburg second; Belie
Juan third. Time: 1:11.
Second race, six furlongs: The Fouman
won; Automaton second; Optional third.
Time: 1:13.
Third race, one mile: Our Bessie, won;
Safeguard second; Irene Mac third. Time;
Fourth race, five furlongs: The Ever-
Ereen stake: Patsy Brown won; Jerry
ynch second. Time 1:23,
Fifth race, Ave f urlonga: Dr. Stephens
won; Autumn Leaves second; Uranium
third. Time: 1:26.
Sixth race, one mile and seventy yards:
A'.fred C. won; Balrd second; Frank M.
third: Time 1:44.
Note: Three starters in fourth race. Don
Momo fell.
ST. LOUIS. Mo., May 18 Results:
First race, four furlongs: Cognomen won;
Easter Walters second; Bessie B. third.
Time: 0.67ft.
Second race six furlongs: Betmuda won;
Val Verde second; Immortelle third. Time:
Third race, seven furlongs: Miss Mae Day
won; Sir Christopher second; Bengal third.
Time: 1:284.
Fourth race, one and one sixteenth miles:
Sambo won; Jack Demund second; Flint-
rock third. Time: i:ta.
Fifth race, one mile! Cursus won PetUJohn
second; Dr. mer tnira. Time: i:4Z4.
Sixth race, six and one half furlongs;
Orleans won; Mike Strauss second; Lynch
tnira. Time: 1:21ft.
nine Shooting; Extraordinary.
SEA GIRT. N. J.. May 18. Following are
the best scores of the competitors
for places on the All-American rifle
team. The possible 'total at each
range is 76 and a grand total of 225 over
the three ranges, 800, iHJO and 1,00k) yards:
private u. cook, d. -'., ziz; Lieutenant K
K. V. Casey, Seventy-first New York, 206;
Lieutenant W. M. Farrow. Second D. C.
2u6: Captain W. M. Martin, Second New
Jersey, 2; Captain H. M. Bell, Second
New jersey, zuz; captain tt. hi. uvans,
Sixty-ninth Pennsylvania, 00; Sergeant A.
8. Corbett. Seventy-first New York. 199:
Private S. B. Wetherald First D. C, 199;
Private W. Q. Hudson. Signal corns. New
Jersey, 1S8; Corporal C B. Winder, Sixtieth
Ohio, 198; Sergeant George Doyle, Seventy
first New York, 197; Lieutenant Thomas
Holcomb. IJ. 8. M. C. 187.
The work of Private George Cook of
Company A, Third battalion, D. C. Na
tional guard, who holds the military crmm
nlonshlo of the United States for iin
shooting, In rolling up the total of 212 out
of a possible 225 today Is considered little
short of remarkable, -
Word waa received this evening from
England that France has entered a team
in the Palma match. .
Jeffries and Corbett to Meet.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 18. James J. Jef
fries and James J. Corbett signed articles
today for , match on or about August 14.
The pugilists accepted the offer of the Yo
semite club, which will allow the princi
pals to divide 70 per cent of the gross re
ceipts. The referee is to be determined
upon two weeks before the day of the fight.
Milwaukee Releases Two.
MILWAUKEE, May 18. Pitcher Dunham
and Outfielder Peer of the Milwaukee
American association team were released
today. Frank Hemphill of Seattle will
play In center field, beginning tomorrow.
Congregatlonallats Will Meet.
MITCHELL, 8. D.. May 18. (Special.)
Tuesday evening will be held the opening
session of the South Dakota General asso
ciation of Congregational churches in this
city. It Is expected about 150 ministers and
members of the churches In the state will
be present. The moderator is Rev. Thomas
Dent of Aberdeen, and the secretary la
Rev. J. H. Olmstead of Tyndall. Prelim
inary to the opening of the convention sev
eral meetings of a less Important character
will be held In the morning and afternoon
of Tueaday. The opening meeting of the
convention will be held Tueaday evening at
the Congregational church. The address of
welcome will be made by Mayor Silshy and
the response by Rev. Thomas J. Dent. The
address of the evening will be made by
Prof. C. S. Bcardalee of Hartford Theologi
cal seminary. The annual sermon will bs
delivered Wednesday evening by President
H. K. Warren of Yankton college.
New Chnreh Dedicated.
BONESTKEL, 8. D., May 1. (Special.
The members of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints dedicated their new
edifies In Boncsteel. It Is a very creditable
structure. Elder Frederick A. Smith of La-
mona, la., delivered the dedicatory address.
Elder Mark H. ForscqU of Nebraska City,
for forty years a missionary or tne church
was also present. The church Is free from
debt and reflects much credit upon Elder
W. W. Whitney, through whose personal
efforts Its erection became possible.
Prepare for State Federation.
SIOUX FALL8. 8. D., May 18 (Special.)
The club women of Slouz Fails and
other cities and towns In this portion of
the state are taking considerable interest
In the annual meeting of the State Federa
tlon of Women's clubs, which will he held
at Rapid City on June 1 and 17. A great
many women from Sioux Falls and other
points in the eastern part of the state are
arranging to attend the meeting.
Attempt to Wreck Train.
NEWCASTLE, Wyo., May 18 (Special.)
Both the east and west switches at
Spencer siding were unlocked Friday night
and the lights had been shot out. The
work waa done by unknown partial and
waa believed to have been for the purpose
of wrecking a passenger train. There Is
no clue to the persona
Lesson la Hooaevelt's Position.
NEW YORK. May U.-Rev. H. P. Dewey
of Brooklyn In a sermon to Yale studenta
declared that President Roosevelt's refusal
to shoot animals for sport was Indicative of
the "larger heart" which Is gradually com
big la ax-ocg the American (Val-
City Council Acts f torblj on Applica
tion! for Liquor Liconiet,
Physicians Dilatory In Filing Death
Certificates with the City Clerk
Election Proclamation
At a meeting of the city council held
Inst night the license committee reported
favorably on the following applications for
liquor licenses and the city clerk wa di
rected to issuo the licenses as soon as the
fee of ll.OoO had been paid into the city
Charles Winkler. Twentv-slith and P
Streets; J. M. Jetter, jdS N street; M. Woll
Meln & Co., 2M0 N street; Jake Klein, 2624
N street: William Jetter. Twentv-seventh
and Y streets; Ed Winkler, southeast cor
ner ThlrtV-n llth and O ulrerta- Wed
Drews, Twenty-first and W streets; Henry
Dethlef, northwest corner Twenty-eighth
and R streets; J. M. Jetter, corner Road
and Jefferson si reels; F. J. Kggers, 671
South Twenty-iighth street; Charles Durr,
Twenty-third and Jefferson; Charles Win
kler. ti07 North Thirty-third street; Mike
Sexton, 2731 g street; Ed Bellte, northwest
corner Twenty-sixth and N streets; John
A. Barton. 102 North Q street; J. M. Jetter,
2fti N street; 1,. Lundin, Twentieth street
and Missouri avenue; Joseph Schllta Brew
ing company, southeast corner Twenty
seventh and L streets; J. M. Jettor, 412
North Twenty-fourth street: Ed Winkler.
2514 N street; Fred Drews, Twenty-seventh
and J streets; John Kawalskl, Thirty-third
and L streets; A. Ollweckl, northwest cor
ner Thirty-sixth and U streets; Charles
Winkler, 3123 R street; Joseph Puffy. 2f23
Q street; Fred Drews. RI4 North Twenty
fourth street; E. T. Mulllns, 26!7 N street;
James Kotera, 101 North Twentieth street;
nernarn ivreoos, 4M itanroad avenue; w.
E. Jernegan, Madison and RRilroad ave
nues: Peter Uvlck. Twenty-seventh and Y
streets; Leo J. Hart, druggist, 2016 Q street.
The Southeast Improvement club is still
after the council for Improvements. Last
night a communication from Secretary Mc
Carthy was read relating to the width of
Washington street from Rullroad avenue
to Seventeenth street. It Is assorted that
this portion of the street is only half as
wide aa the balance and the club wanta to
know Why this is so. The communication
was referred to the streets and alleys com
mittee and the city engineer.
An old dilapidated building on the west
sldo of Twenty-fourth street Just north of
K street was ordered condemned and torn
down. This building is the property of
Horace Plunkett of London, England. After
giving due notice to the agents of the prop
erty the engineer will cause the structure
to be rated.
Queenan wants cross walks laid at
Twenty-seventh and E streets and at
Twenty-sixth and E streets, and O'Connor
wants a crossing at Twenty-eighth and R
streets. All of these requests went to the
streets and alleys committee for Investiga
tion. An ordinance was Introduced for the lay
ing of a two-plank sidewalk on the north
side of Washington street from Thirteenth
to Eighteenth streets. It was referred to
the judiciary committee.
After disposing of a few minor matters
the council Adjourned for one week.
Proclamation Delayed.
It was the intention of Mayor Koutsky
to issue his proclamation for a special
election yesterday. A delay was caused by
the difficulty in locating suitable voting
booths. City Clerk Shrlgley and Chief
Briggs drove over the city together and
the clerk has secured rooms for the holding
of the election. Two voting places in each
ward will bo used,- making twelve- precincts
In all. The places secured for the day will
be designated in the proclamation, which
will be given to the public this afternoon.
Physicians Dilatory.
Complaint has again been made to the
city officials regarding the neglect of local
physicians in reporting deaths. . Deputy
Clerk Burness stated yesterday that Under
takers had filed complaints at the city
offices about this matter. A look over the
records shows that twelve deaths this
month have not been reported to the city
clerk. With such work as this the city
cannot keep any accurate report of deaths.
In this connection Clerk Shrlgley said
that he had Just received from W. A. King,
chief statistician, division of vital statistics
of the census bureau, Washington, a re
quest for data. The government desires
that all deaths be recorded on a blank
supplied by the department and that copies
be forwarded to Washington monthly. Mr.
Shrlgley has written Mr. King that he will
do everything possible to have the doctors
of South Omaha comply with the law as it
relates to the reporting of deaths.
Bartenders I n Ion Elects Officers
Lodge No. 372 of the Barkeepers' union
met yesterday afternoon and elected these
officers to serve for a term of six months;
Fred Sterling, pretidont; Martin Hannlgan,
vice president; John Ball, recording secre
tary; James Krecek, secretary and trcas
urer; John Cushlng, business sgent; An'
thony King, Inside guard; A. Miller, chap
Guaranteed Pure. None So Goods
Order from II. Mar Company
dissipation, etc., bv my
only treatment that will
-fal 'fk.-
I CURE HEN. 'J x aT1' rv:
Wa do not treat all diseases, bnt we enre all we treati we treat men only and ears them to stay
eared. We eore to stay enred Varicocele. Stricter. Lost Manhood, Atrovhlrd or Shrunken Oraans,
Syphilitic rtlooil Pnlaoa. ervo Seisa! Debility, rtuptore. Kidney, I rlsarr Diseases and all associate
diseases and wenkneaas of men. Ws charge nothing for private counsel and give to each patient a LEGAL CON
TRACT to hold for our promises. Is it not worth your while to Investigate a cure that has mads life anew to mul
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lot KG, MIDDLE-AGED AND OLD MEN call at our office today, or write for our book FREE, which will
explain the diseases we cure, and how we cure them to stay cured when others fall.
1308 Farnam Street. Between 13th and Nth Streets, 6maha. Neb.
rmeu'of hYc-ity?'1-
Headaches, Nervousness, Sleeplessness. Have Never Troubled
A. L. Brantley Since Taking
The prompt, effective, and honest results
that are always obtained by the users of
Palne's Celery Compound, call forth the
grateful and unstinted praise of clergymen
of all denominations. In very parish and
district of out land, clergymen are quietly
but surely spreading the Joyful intelligence
that Paine's Celery Compound banlshej ill
health and makes slok people well.
Like men and women in other profession!
and In the ordinary callings of llfo, church
ministers are victims ot the same ailments
and diseases. When oppressed by suffer
ings and agonies. It is cheering to note that
our clergymen have Implicit confidence
and faith In Dr. Phelps' life-giving pre
scription, Palne's Celery Compound. Rev.
lain; John Flannery, Inspector; Charles
Moshcr, John Erkkson and Patrick Mor
rlsey, trustees.
Holds short Session.
The Board of Education met last night
and held a very short session. A few bills
were ordered paid and the announcement
was made that the rules and course of
study would be ready for the printer in
a day or two. A general inspection Of the
school buildings la to be made by the
board soon In order to determine Just what
changes and repairs are needed. It was
decided to open the schools for the fall
term on Tuesday, September L
Stockholders Meet Today.
A special meeting of the stockholders of
the Union Stock Yards company will be
held at the company ofllces today for the
purpose of voting on the proposition to in
crease the capital stock of the company
from Jti.OOO.OOO to $7.600,ono. It Is not ex
pected that many of the stockholders will
attend, as a large numlier of votes will be
cast by proxy. With an Increase in the
capital stock it in asserted that additional
improvements will bo mnde in the yards
Increasing; Stage Capacity.
There was a meeting yesterday of the
building committee of the Ancient Order of
United Workmen Temple Building associa
tion for the purpose of making arrange
ments for enlarging the stage. For all or
dinary purposes the present stage is large
enough, but In .be case of entertainments
more room will be required. A sort of
apron will be constructed at once which
can be moved when not in use. This apron
will give considerable additional space to
the stage. The first entertainment will be
given at the temple on Tuesday, evening.
May , ;
Commencement Calendar.
Junior reception at Dr. T. H. Ensor's,
May 22, 8 p. m.
Baccalaureate sermon, by Dr. Wheeler, at
Presbyterian church, May 24, 8 p. m.
Senior class play, "The Rivals," at An
cient Order of United Workmen temple,
May 28, 8 p. m.
Alumni banquet, at Masonic hall, May
27, 8 p. m.
Preparatory and- Eighth B commence
ment, at Methodist Episcopal church, May
28,'' 8 p. ni. ' ' '"
Senior commencement, at Methodist Fpls-
copal church. May 29, 8 p. m."
. Magic City Gosstn,
The city now has three licensed garbage
A son has been lorn to ohn Brosnan,
Thirty-third and R streets.
A I. Dennett, editor of the Avoca. Ia..
Tribune, was in the city yesterday visiting
There will be a meeting of the Fire and
Police Commission In the council chamber
at 8 o'clock this evening.
St. Martin's auxiliary will meet wtth
Mrs. E. J. Seykora. Fifteenth and M streets,
on Wednesday afternoon.
T. F. Burke, night clerk at the Rltchhart
hotel, skipped out early Monday morning
with $2.50 lit cash and a bundle of cigars
belonging to the proprietor of the hotel.
John Kellv, manager of the Journal
Stockman, was regaling his friends with
cigars yesterday, the occasion being the
arrival at his home, Twenty-third and F
streets, of a son.
Goodwin Seeks Incorporation.
F.IOUX FALLS, 8. D., May 18 (Special.)
The work of taking the census at Good
win, and securing the necessary number
of signatures to a petition asking that
Goodwin be Incorporated as a town, has
been completed. The board of county com
missioners will be tn session June 10, and
at that time . the petition will be acted
upon. It la believed the commissioners
will grant the petition, when an election
will be called to vote upon the question of
perfect system of ELECTRO MEDICAL 1 RtATMtNT, the
There Is s pain In your back, nd kidneys, blue rings under your eyas.
sufoks before your eyes, sight nlurs,
lapjetlte, can't slenji at iils'it, lad
ci em.itureness. lack of desire. earrul.
linamorv. no amt.liU.n. hut work. weak,
Ui'I in Indies' society, urtfer to be alone, sometimes seised with thouahll
of suicide. Tha ihvl?al sufferlna Is
ifstress. which generally takea the
pending disaster.
will correct all these wrongs, tone
land Invigorate your sexual syster
store you to the vigor i perfect
lie a new man. with new hopes,
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Consultjjtion Free and Confidential
ffiimii swaas-iwsras -
A. L. BranHy, Summertown. Oa., tells
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was continually suffering with sick and
nervous headache, and It was a omnim
occurrence for me to sleep little or none
at night Often have I aros; in the mo n
ing with a severe headache and lnacllxe
mind, prostrated with hervousness from
the loss of sleep. Now 1 can sleep well
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I certainly feel grateful for such a medi
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lishlng their reputa
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fected and the great goo.1 they sr. doing
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Xintii Cltr. Ml.
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PainlAaa and ant aatrls.
ITklmSSCNlHICalUe. f ant or pol.osous.
1 Bold by Druggists,
I or sa
ut In nlaln wravosr.
br szsreas. prapsld. fof
I 00. or 1 uottl'S SJ.7S.
Circular nana on rat, asst.
Hyr I
S Wl A
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Debility caused by self
abuse, youthful follies, exces
sive Indulgences, overwork.
lie:tdaclies. bud taste In mouth, nol
dreums, l'wses In sleep and urine, I
tired, nervous and trembly, ooorl
have uliry soell at times, busli-l
equalled only by the accomuanyinii 1
form ot gloomy forebodings of tm-l
u"p your nervous rystem. strengthen!
cnecK on unnatural losses' and re
manhood, it will cause you to feell
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the whole!
00,up:dal.,friT.. '
m. to H p. ni.;
m. to 1 p. ra
' " ' sa. -mil a t