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Tend Upward on tba
Enl cf Trtdo.
:me of business is limited
at la Qalet, bat la Held Stroaar
s Arrcnil of Dollish ew rre
tlilani Well Supported After
Weak Openta. '
f -
IICAGO Mar I. Trading was moderate
1 oth train and provision pita today, but
ea bad an uoward tendency. July wheat
.rig 4c hlaher. July corn V4c higher.
ud StWc and provisions from a
le to 7"c higher.
heat ruled quici. but bullish news, both
il and foreign, caused a strong tone to
j rade the pit througnout the entire aes-
a. Fum riOKi and reports ot uawi
, frosts started sborts to cover at tne
' niug and pricea wrs eiighuy higher at
4 atari, juiy beiug a auaue to vwc up
7.uia-t. lnrre was a small recesaiuu
i urum-taaiug. but tne tuae waa auuu
. jained. auu alter seniug at 7kvac, July
ua uu to Itskti. toe strength 01 outaiuu
raei anu toe nui.isn ciop advice iioin
nop briu inriUHiiuai laciots id tue sit
Hon. vuu a good tsomtniaaioa bouse ue
i md the market lonunued steady lou re
i ainder ot the day. Clearances of wheal
- nour were equal to tM.."uo bu. Primary
! -celutB acre ibJ.sfO bu.. axainst 333.4..0 bu,
. year ago. Minneapolis and Dululb re
; orted recelr-ta of lo4 cars, whlco, with
eal recelpta of 37 cars, none of contract
rade. made total recelpta for the three
flints of 181 cars, against 280 can last
eek and 2N1 cars a vtiar ago.
. (Wit Anonatt hrm nn atrnnflr cables and
smaller receipts tliaa estimated, and the
rarly atrenKlD was well maintaineu
throughout the day. Cold weather, a good
t hipping demand for No. and an Indicated
iseavy decrease In local atocas. were tho
ieature that appealed to traders. Trading
aa quiet and the volume of business m
ilitie. After selllna between 41V4(&41V;c
iod 5Hc July closed with a gala of U
4C to c. Local recelpta were 140 cars.
i of contract grade.
Oats exhibited a decidedly bullish ten
dency, with leading operators taking an nc
ilve part on that side of the market. Pre
dictions Of frosta for the west over Sunday
and unfavorable crop advices were atrength
enlng Influences. Com ml mi I on houses took
considerable Mar and there was a good
"altered demand for the other months.
The close waa firm, with July
higher at 32c. after ranging between 31A
43140 and 2t.c. Local receipts were 111
l'roTtslona started weak under the leader
ship of lard, which was still on sale In lib
ifral quantities, mostly by longs. The mar
ket wss well supported, however, at the de
cline by packers and the whole list gradu
i ally became atronaer. Local prices for
hoss were depreaslna Influences early in the
session. July pork closed 7V4o hlaher at
a $17.07. Julv lard waa a ahado hiaher at
i 39. 25, and ribs were up 6c at $9.45.
Estimated receipts for Monday, wheat.
'45 cars: corn. 225 cars: oats. 185 cars: hoas.
28.000 head. . n..
The leading futures' ranged aa followa.
rtlclea.l Open. I High. Low. Cioae.lYes'y.
1 May
V July
Corn I
May I44W
July 46V4U'
Sept. I 44VI
79 I 7S! 78f 77t,
7314 72'!7S4rAii:2Ti'873
71 70 7i-U71?lVa7
t ' ...
44HW 44''rft,i l
steady; spot, $4.r7H- Belter. quiet; spot,
li 7&. Iron, quiet and eaay. unchanged.
Oniaka Braaeb 110111 Baard at Trade
PltirAHn. Mav t WHEAT The fire.
setback to the crop has been rrcor.1' d
triH meek, csused ry a iretaing spe.i e
tending as tar south as Missouri and some
reports say even through Ok ahoma. Thi
plant In mot sections Is nut tar enju-th to sustain serious injury, and as thi
cold lasted only rart of one mgiit we In
cline to the opinion thst the carnage has
not been material. It la important, how
ever, if only aa an Indication of what th t
speculator may look for In the way of
tares before the crop Is harvested.
The pre.ent outlo k Is beyond qjest on all
thai one can afk, but harvest Is a It ng vim.
off and It la well to be on the .or
Just such contingencies as thU colj tna .
LHlly clearances have averwged targe anJ
there has been a normal domestic 10 1
sumptlon In spite of the threa.s of thj
northwestern millers to cloe dawn.
Stocks abroad are low tnd even th I.
"hand to mouth" method of filling Imme
diate requirements Is fore ng them to co ne
to the American counter tor wheat In con
siderable lots.
Toward the close of the week there has
been an Increased movenvnt trom the
northwest, with the evident vUw of
It here in case of a repctl.lon of last Sep
tember's operatlona by the party In con.rol
of tho May option. There U no other In
ducement to move it to tnls market while
the mills there are using wheat on auch a
large scale.
The rlce of September wheat looks hi h
In view of the almost perfect outlook of h
new crop, and we think It a safe sale above
70 cents.
CUUN The east, has come to the front
this week and bought large quantities of I
corn. This Is the first business of any pto
portions since the failure of the crop of
i&jO, and now that corn hus Started throug 1
Its old channels again there Is lomi lik li
hood of the drain on local atocka that haa
been predicted eo often.
With the lmprovment In the ca aitua
tion and with a continuance of the ship
ments out of store here, we expect to see n
thorough cleaning up of local stocks, and
lion an Inducement In the Shane of an im
proved price to Invite the holders of the re
serve to repieniwi tne supply.
OA 18 if tne action 01 tne near ruturea
of this grain has been a severe disappoint
ment to the bulls they have not tvlnced
heir disappointment by loosening up.
While the Interest in May ouis n ay not
be a large one at the same time It Is In
proportion to the stocks, and with proper
handling may prove successful.
1 ne casn situation snows t.o cnange. At
tention aside from tne May opetatl.m
seems centered In the new crop outlook.
Our advices on this are to the effect that
while operations are some later than UJtial
and the area possibly smaller that the out
look la fair.
Oata are not hleh-pticed and nothing
short of a record-breaking crop would seem
to us to warrant any special Dearunne s.
PROVISIONS Hogs increased In iece;ua
and the result was quite a loss In prices.
provisions followed suit r.nd tne decline
was helped by the foreign speculators, whs
are bearish to a man.
The situation is unsettled, although after
auch a remarkable drop in lard and ribs
prices ought to Improve. Still the feeling Is
mat pricea win not De very nign ror loraj
time. Buying on sharp declines and selling
on sharp advances Is the safest way to
operate. Packing last week, iUO.COl heal
hogs, against 33&.CO0 last year. Estlmntes
of stocks in atore as compared with ! t
week and ween before; April pora, 19,
6i)0 trble.; lard, 18.600 tierces: libs. 10,00
lbs. April 23 Pirk. 20.750 bbls.; lard. 12.00)
Xlercen: ribs, 9.20U.tM lbs. March 81 Porn.
24,500 bbls.; lard, tierces; ribs, 9.32 .00 J
covering. The market displayed little fea
ture, closing quiet and steady on the open
ing basis, huits were 5.T.I bans. Including
May at !.70c; July, t.Suc, and September,
Catto Market.
market opened steady, with pi ei ityl
points lower. The weaaness was the result
of adverse cables and better crop reports.
Later businecs increased the decline to
points on the old crop positions and 16- on
the nes)crop, with covering steadying thi
market to a partial reaction later In the
salt a. w; oidlnary, S'c; tool
ordinary. bc; low middling, -!(.; n id
dllng. 10 8-lac; good middling, 10Hc; mid
dling fair, liS-1 lie; receipts, 1.6. baa;
sto-k h'2,llt balea. Futures, dill: May,
10.2'pU.g!te: June. 10.2Sc; July, lo.3ieiu.S2.-;
August, .7VtjH.7e: September, 8.7.'i . 0 J
October. 8.4!'n .60c; November, 8.37iu8 JJ
December, 8.8iig-8.3Pc.
quiet; prices unchanged: Am.ntai ml 1
dilng, $t"kl. The tales of the day were 6,00
balea, of which 6"M were for apecUta Ion
and export and Included 4.60) Ame lc n.
Recelpta, 2.600 bales, all American. Futures
opened quiet and steady and closed easy;
American middling g. o. c. : May, o.34d; May
and June, 6.Hd; June and July, 6.tU5.3M;
July and August. 6.33d; Auaust and 8 p
tember, 6.22(uo.23d ; September and October,
4Sti4.67d; October and November. 4..79
IWtl; November and December, 4.Htjt.t)ld;
December and January, 4.6Sif4.t9d; January
ahd February, 4.6Sd.
May July
18 00
IS 7Vi
l tx
. 07M.
s i7Va
4H 45Hf'T,45H'it -
44Vi 44H,4iiUH
SSi S3l Mi
18 60 18 00
17 U 1 97
172 16 65
9 IS Oft
B 27V, 17
SO 20
47 , 85
45 9 86
9 40 8 30
18 26 17 85
17 0T 17 00
16-70 16 65
9 16 9 15
9 S5 9 2-
9 30 927
47 9 40
9 46 i V 40
9 87 9 42
No. g.
Cash auotatlona were aa follows:
VI.OTTR Dull and steady; winter pat
ents, 83.60&3.60; straights, S1.20&3.4O; spring
patents, $3.S6'fi3.9o; straights, ia.X04t3.4O;
WHEAT No. 4 spring, 7873o; No. S, 7S9
78c; No. S red, anHWoc.
CORN No. 2, 444 c; No. g yellow. 45o
OATS No.' 2, tSVc; No. white, MVt4c,
RYE No g. 50o. m
BARLEY Fair to choice malting, 480365c
KKFIIH No 1 flax. 81.09: No. 1 northwest
ern, $112; prime timothy, $3.66; clover, con
tract grade, Si;. 60.
PROVISIONS Mess porg, per pdi.. ii'.siv,
317.50. Lard, per 100 lb.. $9 10.15. Short
ribs sides tloose), SS-So-fiS 45. Dry ail el
houlders (hoxedi, S8.6-niia.6M. Short cl ar
aides (boxed). $9.75fr.8t.
Following ara the receipts and shipments
Ot flour and grain yeateraay:
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbla Ia.4i0 lb )
Wheat, bu 40,K ll )
Corn, bu 151.4UO 13.70)
Oats. bu. 177.80) 229, 7tW
Rve. hu 14.301)
Brley. bu S2.000 7,700
m the Produce exchange today the but
ir market was easy; creameries, l-di'i c;
ul'lrlrs. lcflSo. Kggs, tlrmer, at ma.k.
ilsr Included, 18iijl4o. Cheese, new,
llrA, 13'uw'ic to Wc.
Oaotatloaa ot tba Day Varloas
NEW TORK, May g FLOUR-Recelpta
2.6bi bu.: exuoru. 17.203 bu.; there waa a
firm trade at full late prices; winter pal-
H.7W1M.U0: winter straiania, t.ovia' .
flrniesola paienta, l0U4 i, winter extra i,
ama 10: Minnesota uaaeri. n.w.t.n, win
i r luw aradt-s. $;.ttKl.9i. Kye tlour, quiet
('C o good, S2.8..2ti; choice to fancy. J.2j
UUHnHKAb-uuii; yeuow western. i.u
city, l.4; tiranaywine, 00.
RYE Easy; No. 2 western, &c, f. o. b.
aflnat: state. 66ii69c. e. 1. t.. New Voik.
BARLEY Steady; feeding. 61'. c. 1. f.
Buffalo: malting. 62c. c. I. f.. Buffalo.
HKAT Receipts. 70.200 bu. ; exports.
228.946 bu.; sales, 9;5.0uo bu. futures, 40.000
bu. spot. Spot, Arm; No. 2 red. Hjc, ee
vator. ana kc. f. o. b . afloat; Nj. 1 north
ern Duluth. Ktts.0. f. o. b.; afloat; No. 2hari
Manitoba. SMc. f. o. b.. afloat. On fears o
crop damage as a result of the cold wa e
and becauxe of higher cables, local bean
covered freely, auvanomg wheat prices
about o except May, which on light bio k
was even stronger. The close was ste.idy.
with prices S'uc higher; May,
1 losed at 82Vc; July, 7?07,c. closed at
Vc; September, 1575c. clura-t at ?.o.
CORN Recelpta. 1-.ifcJ bu. ; exuorta. 6.1. -287
bu.; sales, 76,(100 bu. futures and 32.010
bu. spot. Spot, tlrin; No. 2, 6jc, eleva o:',
and U'ac f. o b., afloat; No. 2 yellow. 64c.
No. S white. 64c. Ontlons wire alsj af
fected by the poselollitv ot unfavorib a
crop news, coup.ed with higher cablea an I
the wheat advance. The market closed
firm and tl'ic net hlgri-r: May, MVifwe.
closed at b4'c; July. .'l'ujl'c, cl srii at
61tjc; September. 6tj tc closet at 614".
OATS Receipts, io.ooj bu.; txporti, 2D00!
bu. Spot, steudy: No. 2. 38.; ttinia.d
white, 4'; No. 8. 3c; No. 2 wh ts. 48c; No. 3
white. 3s't': track mixed weaiern. nominal:
track white, Sbgi&c. Options quiet but
eteady held.
HAY Uulet; shipping, 70(75c; good to
choice. Sll iill.60.
HOPS julet ; atate, common to eholc-.
cine cons
HIDRS Steady; Galveston 20 to 26 lbs ,
18c; California. 21 to & lbs., 19c; Texas, dry,
4 to 30 lbs.. Ho.
LKATH KR Stesdy ; acid. 24Q2c.
RU E Firm: domestic, fair to extra, 4UC
7c; Japan, nominal.
PROVISIONS Hef. Quiet; family, 811 S0
12 60; beef html, t 0fj sl.60; packet. $l 6 fj
11. uu; city extra India mess. IIS OuuM 00.
Cut mean, quiet; pickled belllea. '-aitc:
invaiea snouiuers, vc; pickled htmi. lli
lio. Lard, steady; western ateamed, pi it);
renneti, quiet; coniir.tnt, !; Boom Amer
loan. SI'1 73 : conioouiid. 7'isv Pork, dull
family. tlH.oO: short clear ia.50fiu.2&: m
' 1 1 1 -1 Tl- 1 u. ..I... . . .
t t t c 4 atwuv , w m lira ti oi ; , uu
extra factory. 18a 16'c; common to choice
l tilc; Imitation creamery. 16Q1!:; atate
uairy. l.tiJic; renovated, 1-Se.
t liLTEtor. Old. steady; new. weak; atate
run crrum, fancy clda, colored, lor; new,
ire; old. small white. lKc; new
colored, H'-o;14c- new, V:ut
l.'jc; 01a, large, while, H31V; new
EviGS Firmer; atate and Pennsylvania,
lSo; southern. 15c: Kentucky. lUc; western
storage, junked, ltic; western firsts.
V'c- . .
t T ALLOW -Culet; city. Sic; country, 60
J .METAIJ4 Not much change has occurred
sm trie general metal situation since yes
fprday and demand la modrrat? and sun
plied In moat t'ce at quotatiotut ruling
Friday. lin. nrn: spot, quoted at gs) ana
30.16. 1 opper uuu r and nominal: hike, elet
LrulUc V'd cabling. $1.4.6014.76. Lead,
CoSidltloa of Trade and Quotations on
Staple and Fancy Prod ace.
EGGS Fresh etock. 13c.
LIVE POULTRx- Hens. 11c; roosters, ac
cording to age, brave; turkeys, Liltic;
uucas, lOfUllc; geese, vijilOc.
BUTTER Packing Block. lJc; choice
dairy, In tubs, latunc; separator, ZZQ23C
hivKHtl t'lMH- Fresh cauarht trout. !
10c; pickerel, 6c; pike, lie; perch, 8c;
bLffaio. 7c: b uenah. 11c whitened, ittc
salmon. Irtc: haddock. 11c: codfish. 12c; red
snapper, 10c; lobsters. Dolled, per 10., c;
lobsters, green, per lb., 2ac; buuneads, luo;
catfish, lc; black baas, 17c; halibut, 11c;
naa roe, joe eacn; roe anao, toe eacn.
BRAN Per ton. 115.00.
HAY Pricea Quoted bv Omaha Wholesale
ueaiera association: unoice no. 1 upianu,; No. 2, 7.6o; medium, $7.00; coarse,
$0.60. Kye straw, S.uO. These prices are
for hay of good color and quality. Demand
lair and recelpta ugnta.
OA1B 3c.
RYE No. t, 46c.
POTATOES Per bu.. 2&4i40c.
NEW CARROTS Per doten bunches. 400.
LETTLCE Per doxen bunches. 46c.
BEETS New southern, per doxen bunches.
toe; oid, per du., 4Uc.
PAKbNIPS Per bu., 30c.
CUCUMBERS Hothouse, per doa.. $1.60.
GREEN ONIONS Southern, per dosen
bunches, 45c; home grown, 12al6c.
RADISHES Southern, per dwicn bunches,
75c; nomu grown, iuii-tuc.
TURNIPS Ca taau rutauagas. per lb..
lVt: new aoulhern. uer dozen btinciiea, 6vc.
ONIONS Red Wlsconsins, per lb., lc;
white, mt lb.. 1AC-
SPiNaCH Howe grown, par bu. basket.
NAVY BEANA Per bu., $2.60.
BEANS V ax, per bu. box. $4.00; string,
per bu. box.' J.tMoJ.60.
CABBAGE Hoifana seed, per lb., i'83c;
new ( :ainoruid. tier lb.. 24k&3c.
TOMATOES New Florida, per a-batkat
era It-, H.ut.-u.aU.
RH UBARB Per lb., lc.
ASPARAGUS Per uos. bunches, 7:c
APPLES New Yora stock. $3.00.
bx tvA vv BEHRlEti Texaa anu Arkansas,
per 2i-qt. caae, W.
FI03 Calif oinla, per lO-10 cartons. 90c;
Turk, oer ij-lu Lux. 1-.41UC
ORANGES California navel, lancy, for
17 and emaiier sixes, Si ao-iii. 10 ; (or and
larger .'U. cuoiue, m.vOI.jO, Usdi-
lertanean sweelo. xi; 'sweet Javat $3.
LEMONb ca.lfurma tancy, &:.
DA'i Ed, in lulu, boxes, per lb ,
lc; per case ot 40-lb. paga., 2.26.
PINEAPPLES Cuban, U 'J-i-'
MAPLE SUGAR Ohio, per lb., 10c.
POPCORN per 10., io; bai.ed, c 1 6c; No. a green,
tVtc; fo. l salteu, .ic; .t. i sal ed, ..c;
No. 1 veal calt, I 10 U lbs, ac. No. 2 vea
catf, U m b ib.. it:. dry Si..ed htde, j
Uu; shtep peits, luxtfiac, hor-eldiiea, si.sV
NUTS Walnuta, No. 1 soft shell, p r lb.,
l&o, nard kheli, per ib., 14c, No. i of. thj.l.
per 10., lie; io. t hard he.l, per iu., Lc;
iiraxua, per 10., l-c; luoerie, v-er iu., -c;
auuonda, aulfl he.l, per .0., luc; naiu eadi,
per lb., lc. pecans, largu, per lo., 1.71c;
ttnali. per 10., lie; cocoauuts, per dog. ue;
chtatp.u a, per lo., lw; leanuis, per lb., 6to;
ruaateu ptauuts, per iu., .t, uiaa wainui,,
per DU., S4. v; nicaury nuia, oer uu ,;
t-ocoanuts, per 10j,
01.D METALS, ETC. A. o, Aipirn quote
tne loiolwina tiricea: iron, loun.iy m. ad,
per ion, SU-UOj; iron, aiove pu.e. per to.i,
.u0, copper per lb., bc; uii, tuavy, per
lb., kc; urasa, l.ght, , tr lb., nc; lead, ter
ID., c,, per to., sc.
Kansas City Grain and ProYlslona.
6714c; July, 63H1Hc; cah. No. 2 hard, 6h9
69c; No 3, 6yi7c; No. 4, ?fi4c: re
jected, 6M)tCc; No. g red, S96!lc; No. 8,
etij'c; rerelpta, 88 cars.
corn May, 3soc; Juiy, 36ii:t674c;
rash Vn 9 itiItH a? V -W f Vn '2 wHltj,
3sc; No 3, 37sfi38c.
oms - mo. i wnue, 53iaic; no. s
mixed, 32Q33C
T V I - t". M . -
i i r, .t u. L. ice.
HAY Tlmothv. 812.6013.00: nralrle 19 25ffl
a. oo.
BUTTER Creamery, 17S20c; dalrv. 17c.
EGGS Steady ; fresh Missouri and Kan
aas stocK. Uc dos., cases returned; No. 2
new, wnitewood cases Included, 13'4c.
Horelnts. Khlnment-s
Wheat, bu 70 400 66 80)
Corn, bu 4S.S"0 4'.0)
Oats, bu K,lou 4O.UO0
taken Into the Bank of England on balinc
tiMlay was W.i. Gold pr.?mltm at Md
rid. 326 American eagles, :s 4d.
I'ARIS. May 2 Tracing on tue b.iurs--today
opened quiet. Rentes were llb.iall.
offered and Turks were stronger ou o I
mlatlc eastern advices. liluiral wer
Inactive. Rio tlntos were firm and went jp
f. The general tone waa heavy. Tnj pr.
vate rate of discount was xy Three -er
cent rentes. 9;f h2c for the account; v
change on London, 2."d &. for chei ks.
BERLIN, May 2. Prtc?s on the bourse
today opened weak In all departments on
American Iron market, reprttentli.g th
production to have overtaken the conatimp
Hon. i his continued to nave a drp.e si
effect on Iron shsres. Industrials and ior
eign and government securities, t. hint so
excepted, were wesk. Money on call w..s
quoted at per cent, i ne private rate n.
nlscount was 2T. Exchange on Lonoon.
2fm 49pfg for chet ks. Discount
Short Uilia, per cent; three months' bUls,
2 per cent.
' Kate York Money Market.
NEW YORK. May g. MONEY Time,
easy; sixty days, 4 per cent; ninety days.
4j4 per cent; six months, 4 per cent; on
call, nominal; no loans today; prime mer
cantile paper, ett-1 per cent.
actual business In bankers' bills at $4 870
for demand and at $4.846l"g4 8465 for sixty
day bills; posted rates. $4 so and H.lmy
4 88; commercial bills. 4.M4.R4.
8ILVER-Bar, 64;,c; Mexican dollars
BONDS Odvernment, steady; railroad,
The cloalng quotations on bonds are aa
.104 t. a- N. unl. 4t...
.104 iHex. rtmral ..,
...l7Vi! do 1st Int
.. .irn M. A 8t. L. 4i..
...Ill M., K. a T. . .
...Ii4 da
...U0H "N. T. C. g. llts
...U) N. J. C. I !..
...102", No. Ptfllc 4l....
...liiSVsi do U
...IOC, N. A W. coo. 4l.
... SOVt Reading gen. 4a...
...Ml 81 L I M c .1
... Hk 81. It. fc 8. T. 4 at. l. & s. w. ia..
...10o1 I do is
.1MH 8 A. A A. P.
. T7 So. Pacltlc 4...
.104H So. Bsllwix it.
. H T. P. !....
M T., St. U ti W.
Philadelphia Produce Market.
He lower; extra western creamery, 22c;
extra r.earby prints, 23c.
n,oib t irm, good demand; fresh nearby,
16c at the mark; western, 16flS'4c at the
mark; southwestern. 16c at the mark.
CHEESE Quiet, but firm: New York full
creams, choice, small. 1415c; fair to
good, I41tl4c; choice, large, 14c; fair to
good, 14c: new choice, lSc; new fair, fair
io guoa, uHmuritC.
Wool Market.
NEW YORK. My g. WOOL Firm: do-
mestlc fleece, 28(g32c.
LONDON. May g.-WOOL-Tradlng In
wool has been quiet with pricea firm,
pending the opening of the third aeries of
auction sales on May 5, when an advance
la generally expected. The arrivals of
wool for the fourth series of sales amount
to 23,001 bales, Including 18 forwarded direct
to aplnnera.
Minneapolis Wheat, Flour and Bran,
74c; May, 76676ie; July. 75Tc; "on track,'
No. 1 hard, 7sc; No. 1 nortnern. 77c.
FLOUR Higher; first patents. $4. 10 4 20;
second patents S4.OCii4.10: first clears. 83.00
43 10; second clears, $2.45Q2.50.
BHAN-ln bulk, $11.
Toledo Grain and Bead.
TOLEDO. May 2. WHEAT Dull, firm:
cash and May, 75o: July, IVir.
(uk.-uuu, steady; May, 44c; July, 4474c.
OATS-Dull; May, 33fcc; July, lhie.
RYE No. g. 63c.
SEED Clover, inactive, unchanged: rash,
$7.70; October, $5.40; prime timothy, $1.60.
Milwaukee Grain Market.
No. 1 northern, Soy81c; No. 2 northern,
io'ii?c; juiy, tiic.
RYE Firm, No. 1, 62Q63c.
BARLEY Firm; No. 2, 58361c; sample,
OS? 65c.
CORN-July, 45N6Hc
Duluth Grain Market.
DTJLT'TH, May g. WH EAT To arrive.
No. 1 hard. 80c; No. 1 northern, 78c; No. i
northern, 76c; May, No. 1 hard, 790; July,
OATS May, S3c
Feorla Market.
PEORIA, May 2.-CORN Firmer; No.
OAT8-8teady; No. 3 white. 32c.
WHI8KY $1.30.
Market la Lifeless. Everyone Still
Showing Indifference.
NEW YORK, May g. The almost lifeless
condition of today's stock market reflected
the continued Indlfferencea of all classes.
The demand for the public utilities aeemed
due to covering of short contracta by bears.
who hoped for a decline as a result of the
establishment of the franchise tax. The
renewed rise In the silver market started
the National Railroad of Mexico stocks up
ward again and smelting stocks were
slightly benefited from the same cause
Pennsylvania's net earnlnga for March
were a disappointment, the gain In the
grosa for the lines east of Pittsburg and
Erie being practically wiped out by the
operating expenses, while for the lines west
of Pittsburg a aubstantlal net decrease was
shown. Olflclal expressions of a hope that
future statements would make a better
showing Induced some buying of the stock.
The Improved weather conditions served to
relieve apprehension over the effect on the
cropa. although the newa from the west
was of considerable damaxe bv frost. Soma
pront-iaxing was in evidence before the
appearance of the bank statement and the
level ot pricea fell below laat night all
around, when tha statement waa published.
The expecledly large loan expansion kept
even pace with the Increase In the re
sources by reason of cash recelpta. ao that
the change In the aurplua reaerve Item waa
merely nominal. The large demand for
loans Is believed to be due to the week's
payment ot the excise taxea In New York
and to a transfer of loan obligations from
foreign lenders to the local market. The
selling movement was not pursued and the
market steadied before the close, which
was, however, nearly stagnant.
United Statta new 4s advanced per cent,
aa compared with the cloalng call of laat
week. t
The following are the quotations on the
New York Bto".k exchange:
U4 Texas 4k Paelfle.
T.. a L t '.
V. S. nr. is.
do coupon ,
so la. reg ,
do coupon
so aew 4a, rsg
- do coupon
do old it. rog..,
do coupon ,
do W, reg
do coupon
Atchison gen. 4a.
de adj. 4a
Bl. Ohio 4a...
do fit
do coat. 4a
Canada go. la
Central of Ga. Sa..,
do 1st tne
C. at O. 44
Cnlctgo A A. I'ti.
C. B Q n. 4s..
C. M. A t. P. g. Pacific 4i..
C. a N. W. c. 7l...l07i
0., R. I. A P. 4S...10S1
ore. a B. L. g. 4i ,
Chicago Tr. 4i
Colorado So. 4a....... SO
Deorer A I.. O. 4a... SVi
Erie prior Hen 4a.... 9nt
ao genorti
F. W. A D. C. la ... lov,
Hock. Valley 4..107
Penn. Con M'
Bid. "Offered.
do conv. 4a
Wabaah la
do 2a
do deb. B ,
West 8hor 4a. . .
W. at L. B 4a ....
Wla. Centra! 4a..
Con. Tob. 4a
Colo. Pul con. la
Man. Con. mg. g.
Rock Ialand 4n...
... 14j
... 24k,
... W,
... 71s.
... tt-i
... 7
... ',
... it
... M't
... ',
4a.. 75
. ,100 V,
. .10.
.. 76V
.. .11
.. 4-.-T,
.. Si
l.nndon Stnesx SJtarket.
LONDON. May g. Closing quotations:
Consols, money. ...II 11-14 New York Central 1S4H
.... u-,Korroia & Waitern... t2i
do account
do rd
Baltimore A Ohio.
Canadian Pacific...
Chesapeake A Ohio
Chicago o. w
C. M. A St. P
Denver a. a....
do Did
do 1st pM
do id Btd ......
Illinois Central....
Loultrllla & Nash
Mlasourl, K. A T.
. 4H
. 8J
. 4
.... ZI
.... 17),
.... M
.... IS
.... !,
.... ISVi
do ptd.
Ontario a Western.,
Pannaylvanla ,
Rand Mines
do 1st ptd ,
do M pfd
Southern Railway..,
do pfd
Southern Pacific...
Union Pacific
do pfd
United States Steel.
do pfd
do pid '.
, 2'4
, 48
Calumst A Hecla
Coppor Rang
BAR SILVER Steady at 25d per ounce
MONEY 34j3 tar cent. The rate of dia
count in the open market for short hills in
tvwj -ib per cent and for tnree nontbs
bills is s l-ltiiJ per cent.
Boston Stock Quotations.
BOSTON. May g. Call loans. g-4 per
cent; time loans, 46 per cent. Official
closing prices on stocks and bonds:
... 0Va
... 24',
... sis
... lot,
... n
... si
... 17H
... 45
... n
... t
... St-
... s
... 14
... 11
... t'i
... ir
... n
... 47
Beef Cattle About 8teaflT for tbe Week, bu
Fceden Cold Lower.
Demand (or Better Orudee ot Sheep
and I.amba Active and Pricea
23 to BO Oata Higher, Common
Klnda Only About Steudy.
Recelpta were:
Official Monday ....
Official Tuesday ....
Official Wednesday
official Thursday...
Official Friday
Official Saturday....
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
9 b
Total this week 19.7S3 45.S10 11.5K4
Week ending April 25....1,7a 6-).2T 34.411
Week ending April is. . . .22.o2 4.1. toi
Week ending April 11....U.014 3').W7 2.5a
Week ending April 4 18.432 37.634 25 .040
Same etk last year....ll.9:0 E1.07 12.9. S
The following tab'.e shows the receipts of
cattle, hoga and aheep at South Omah:i for
the year to date, and comparisons with last
year: 19"3. 1912. Inc. Dec.
Cattle IXVH 2.5X0 55,344
Hoga 7S3.6S8 tZ t4 lis.wo
Sheep 46'.l.62 317.3JS 112.6
Average price paid ior noga ai otiuni
Omaha for, the laat .several days with comparisons:
Date. I 1903. 19Og.19ol.1900.!18.1898.;iS07.
April 15.. 7 1M
April 1.. 7
April 17.. 7 13
April 18.. 7 14
April 19..
April .. 7 10
April 21.. 7 10
April 2!.. 7 WW
April 23.. 7 OlVil
April 24.. 7 litvkt.i
April 26.. 7 04V
April 20..
April 27.. 6 92HI
Apt 11 28. . S M
April 29.. S 77SI
April 30. 6 S4V
May 1.... S M I
May g.... 76 I
3 91
3 S4
95! 0 01 ' I "I 61 J "
6 91 1 6 93 5 451 S 1 3
6 961 6 92 6 55 3 72' 3 91
99i 5 621 5 4H eg, I '
6 661 6 6 46! 3 711 3 61
a K&. fi 45 3 75 8 63
6 86 15 42, 3 77, 3 73' 3 S3
6S6f 5 811 ' 3 721 3 Ml S 84
S6 I 601 6 SC, 3 74 3 El
97, 5 70! 6 32i 3 fi7l 3 W
7 04! 6 771 6 3Ci 8 '! 3 il
H 6 77j 5 89; 3 05 3 84 3 81
I 6 72 6 81! 3 C7I 8 79! 3 77
7 07 I a t 3 77 1 3 5
7 08 15 65' I 3 Kl 3 79 3 74
6 951 S 64 5 321 I 3 83 8 W
Sl 5 641 6 I'Hi 8 6l! 3 .9
I 7 01! 6 TH 5 181 8 551 3 90
Sullivan's Famous Red Letter
May wheat Is corcered. The most Important question before the specula
tive and Investment pabllc todsy Is whether tbe high point on May wheat will
be $1.40 or whether my famous 82.00 prediction of August lltb will be ful
filled. July wheat will sell ahove 31.00 and September will sell In tbe !0s.
Monday's issue of the RED LETTER will contain beyond question the most
profitable forecast ever published. It will go Into detail, explaining fully why
the present wheat deal will prove the most gigantic and sensational In the
history of the r't- The reverse side of the letter will also contain an article
on the great Inducements offered o those who Invest In Wsll Street and the
coming bear deal In Cotton Futuros.
Send for tbe RED LETTER. Phlp us your Cash Grain.
Tiie Geo. T. Sullivan Company
Stock and Grain Brokers, 259-281 Usills SI, Chicago, Hi.
Members Open Board ot Trade. Chicago; Boston Mining atid Stock Ex
change, Boston; Consolidated Stock Exchange ot Philadelphia.
Omaha Office, Room A, N- Y. Life Bldg. Tel. 3372.
Atchlsoa S2Vi
tlo pfd 17 4
Boatoa Albaay lit
Button Elevate 14
N. T , N. H. A H...Mr'V Dominion Cea
ritenburg pfd- l!t)t Franklin ....
I nloo Pacific Soc ials Royals .
Mn. Central I7V Mohawk
Amarlcan Suiar 12RTta OI4 Dominion
ao pra U'JS, Osceola
Amr. T. AT..
Dam. t. A S
Gen. Electric ...
Masa. Klsctrtc...
do pfd
United Trult ...
V. 8. gtsaf
do pfd
Wast. Common..
Adventure ;.
Alloues , T
Amalgamated ...
Sew York Mlaltaar Qaotallone. .
NEW TORK. May g.-The following are
the quotatlona on the New York Stock exchange:
W tittle Chltf
..lis .Parrot
. . 79 Qulncy ,
..1I Santa Fs Capper.
. . 31 Tamarack
.. 19 .Trlmountata
..104 Trinity ,
.. J5'. l nlled States ..,
.. t'tah
.. 1 Victoria ,
.. S Winona ,
.. ' Wolverine
.. 44 .Daly West
Adams Cob
B rosea
Erunasrlck Con..,
Comatock Tunnel
Con. Cal. A Va..
Hern Silver ,
Iron Silver
Leadvllla Con....
.... 14
.... Id
.... Si
.... s
.... s
Sierra Nevada ,
Small Hopes .
Standard ......
.. T
.. t
.. SO
.. 11
.. aO
.. U
The range In weight ot the jewels In
watchea la from one one-hundred-and-flfty-thousandth
to one two-hundred-and-flfty-fcix-thousandth
.of a pound.
Harrison Slmrall, secretary of the Board
of Education of Lexington, Ky. Is In poses
alon of a beautiful box of rive raxors that
formerly belonged to Henry Clay.
George O. Rockwood of New York has
Indicates Sunday.
The ofFclBl number of cars of stock
brought In today by each road was:
C, M. ft 8t P. Ry 1 1
Wabash 8
Union Pacific eyatem ... 2 L
C. A N. W. R; 1 6
F., F-. ft M. V. R. R is
C, St. P.. M, A O Ry.. .. 11 1
B. ft M. Ry 1
C, B. ft Q. Ry J ..
K. C. & St. J.. ..11"
C, R. I. ft P. Ry.. east. 1 5
Illinois Central 1 1 -
Total recelpta 5 118 3 2
The disposition of the dny's recelpta was
as follows, each buyer purchasing the num
ber of head indicated:
Omaha Packing Co
Swift and Company
Cudahy Packing Co
Swift and Co., K. C
Armour & Co., Sioux City
Armour ft Co., country...
L. K. Husi
Dennis & Co
Other Buyers
Hogs. Sheen.
1. 83
11 Mi
Never before In tbe history of American mining has so much public Interest beeu
taken and expressed as la Thunder Mountain, Idaho Igt'Ographloally described by Wil
liam Allen White, In a recent Isaue of the "Saturday Evening Tost." as "The Pot of
Oold") And never before has such an opportuity been oflered as now presented by
which In the strictest and broadest acuse la s legitimate Investment not a mere pros
pect. The property consists of ten full mining claims (208 acres) Immediately ad
Joining the great "Dewey" mine, whose fabulous richness thn most skeptical dare not
deny. Stock In the "Dewey" (original par value ll.O(i), Is now held at $8.00 per sharf .
and none for sale. The "South Dewey" being located on theeatne great lodge, nnd ad
joining the "Dewey," known throughout the district aa the "Dewey" dyke and having
the eame ore body, can Justly claim to equal, if not surpass In valuo the original
"Dewey" (when the same amount of development work baa been done) sluce It la
one-third larger In area. The ore Is free milling and assays kn averaKO of J6.ll to
the ton. with occasional pockets running very much hiahpr. Low grade, free milling
ores are the moat permanent as well as the most profitable, for the reason that they
can be converted Into bullion at a cost of fl to 11.60 per ton. To continue the devel
opment work already done, as well as to purchase the necessary machinery for thor
oughly equipping the property, we have decided to place a limited amount of Treas.
ury Stock on sale at 10 centa per share. The first ten stamp Installment of our hun
dred stamp will be shipped Aug. 15, 1403. and we feel fully warranted In believing that
we can earn dividends within 30 days from the time our mill Is running. We own the
property outright. There are no salaried officers. The stock (par value II. 001 la
non-assessable, with no personal liability. The present allotment now offered at 10
centa will be advanced from time to time, as may be decided upon by the Board of
The time to make money In any enterprise la between Its organization and Its first
dividend. Before purchasing stock wo want you to write for our prospectus, giving
full particulars of our property, together with a most Interesting description of "Thun
der Mountain," which conservative investors admit Is destined to become the greatest
gold mining camp the world has ever known.
Suite 7.W-740 Stock Kxchanrge Building-, Chicago, IN.
Address or call on M. J. titlEKW, 414 Bee Bdar., OMAHA, NKR.
Totals 84
CATTLE There were only a few cattle
In the yards this morning, so a test of the
market waa not made. Receipts for the
week, however have been -ery liberal, aa
there la an Increase over last week amount
ing to 1.000, and as compared -sitn the same
week of last .year the gain amounts to
about 8,000 heatf. The demand, though, haa
been brisk most all the week, and prices
have held up In a very satisfactory manner.
Beef steers made up the bulk of the re
ceipts and the quality was good. Com
paratively few short fed cattle arrived,
nearly all of them being well fattened
cattle. Owing to liberal recelpta packers
pounded the market on Tuesday In rather
bad ahape. but since that time the general
tendency haa been upward, so the lose of
Tuesday haa been Just about regained,
leaving prices In the aame notchea they
were on Monday. There has been some
uneveness to the trade irA yesterday it
waa noticed that packers did not take hold
of the heavy cattle aa freely as they did
of the medium weights, and some sales
men are calling heavy cattle lust a lltt'.o
lower than Monday. The bulk of the
cattle romlng forward are selling from
34.60 to 34 f6. with the better grades selling
largely from 34.90 to 35. 10. A strictly prime
bunch, though, would undoubtedly bring
considerably more than that.
The cow market haa followed much the
aame course as the prices on steers. Tues
day there waa a sharp decline, but the
loss haa since been regained and the de
mand for the better grades seems to be In
Very satisfactory condition. Cannera and
cutters have been more or less neglected for
some time past. Cannera and common cut
ters are selling largely from 32 26 to 3326;
fair to good cows, S3 25 to $3 90, and the
better Frades from 34.00 to 34.40.
Good handy welarht bulls have been sell
ing freely all the week at atrong pricea, but
the heavv welehte have Bold rather un
evenly. The fair to good bulls sell largelv
from S3 00 to 33.75. and the better grades
from 33.76 to 34.10. Veal calves have been I
In brisk demand and best grades sell as
hlrh as 16.75.
The atocker and feeder market naa not
no Improvement In either the demand or
prices hHS been noted.
Quotations for clipped stock: Choice west
ern lambs, 36.006.60; fair to good lambs,
35.0O4i6.0O; choice western wooletl lambs,
i.505j7.15; fair to good wooled lambs, IH.Oo'ri
S.60; choice lightweight yearlings, Jo.BO'S
6.75; fair to good yearlings, 34 50j:(n.5: choice
wethers, Jo.iift5.25; fair to good wethera,
34. 25Ca4.65: choice ewea, $4.5u(i4.6T: fair to
good ewes, J3.504.25; feeder lambs, 33. 50
4 60; feeder yearlings. S3.5fli4.UO: feeder
wethers. 33.Vkfi4.O0; feeder ewes, 32.253.50.
Representative sales:
14 clipped bucks
103 clipped bucks
26 clipped buck lambs
27. clipped buck lambs
126 clipped lambs
12a clipped lambs.......
. 115
. 115
. 70
. 60
. 60
. 60
2 75
3 75
4 00
4 00
6 25
6 25
just passed half a century as a photogra
pher. He naa made pot raits or many prom- been in as good shape this week aa it was
inent men and has poued every president int. The country demand slackened, and
agvas., a I I V Ulll II IU IV V 1 1 U 1 1 s,
'J4c; 1W1 hV.ilic; iild.i. S.ilOe; Pa
st. Vj. lt-y.iWc; l'l. l&xlTc; olds.
Liverpool Grata sad Pravlaloaa.
red weetern. winter, firm at d41id; No. 1
northern, spring, lirm at 6u ad; No. 1 Cali
fornia, ateady at 6a tAd. Futjrea, steady;
May, s4d; July. os4q.
CUKN-bpot. American mixed, new, firm
at 4a4d; oid, ateady at ia Faturcs,
inactive; May, 4s6 d; June, a 4Sd; July,
4a 4hd.
FLOUR St. Louis fancy winter, quiet at
8s 3d.
Hups-At London, Pacific coaat, steady
t 5 12.i(j JL6 0s.
PROVISION'S beef, eaay; extra lrd.a
meaa, tt.s Ml. Pork, firm; mats a l
ern, 67s Sd. llama, short t-u'., 14 itlJ Ioj.,
Staady, ila. bacon, Cumberland cut. 2. to
SO tba., Co; ahorl rlba. 16 to 14 lbs., bit; long
clear middies, light, 24 to 34 lb., bu. long
clear middles, heavy, 15 to 40 lbs., c364;
sburt clear backs, IS to 2 lbs . 62s II; clea.
bellies, 14 to lb lb., ns. Shjulde.s. tquare
11 to 13 loa., quiet. 4s M. Lard, dull; ilium
western, In tierces, 4t; American reftntd.
In pails, 4.s 6tl.
UL'TTER Finest United States, steady.
CHEESE Quiet; American finest whl.e
and colored, &.
TALLOW Prime city, ateady, g;s.
Evaporated Apples aa) Dried Pralla
APPLES Show an Imt'rov-sd demand for
the better aorta and aie nrmly he d. wiin
prime slightly higher In some Instant ei.
Common tare quoted at S4t,c: prime, isj
fc; choice, 6Suic; fancy, tt'tturijc.
pruiu-a rule about steady at pr.c;s tanging
f mm 3c to tc for all grade. Apricot an
firm under a fair demand, with choice nl I
Quoted at V-JWc and fancy at SVinac.
peaches rjulet and rather easy In tone at
lViac for choice and si?t4- lor fancy.
Coffea Market.
Klti, qjiet; No. i. Invoke, lc; mild, ateady,
Cordova, TV- 1 lie market for futures
opeuied ouiet at unchanged price to an ad
vauce of i points uu May aa a result of
do (4
Baltimore A Ohio.
do ptd
Canadian Pacific ,.
Causa Southern ...
Che, ft Ohio
Chicago A Alton....
do pfd
Chicago A Ot. W...
do let ptd
do Sd ptd ,
Chlcaio A N. W.,
Chicago T. A T..,
do pfd
C. C. C. St. L
Colo. Southern, ..
do lat pfd
do Id ptd
Dele. Hudeoa.
Del.. L. W...
Denver A a. a..
do pfd
do let pfd
do td pfd
Ot. Nor. pfd
Hocking Vly .
do pfd
Illinois ('antral ..
Iowa Central ....
do rU
l . B. A W
du PI
Louie. Kaah...
Mauhattaa L ....
Met. Bt. Kr
Mei. Central ....
Mes. Katloaal ...
Mine St. L ...
Missouri PsrlOc .
M . K A T
do pfd
N 3 Central
N T. Central....
Nor. Wee
do pfd
I' moo PaclSc
do pfd
do pfd
W. ft L. ,
do Id pfd....,
Wis. Central ...
do pfd
Adams Expreas .
,.Vi Amer. Eiprees ..
.. 1'. V S. Eipreaa...
.. M .Wolle-rarto Ex.
.. a Amal. Copper ...
.. Amer. C. r...
o pfd
Amer. Lis. Oil..
da pfd
Amer. 8. It . .
do pfd
Ant. Mm. Co...
MVBrk. Rap. Tr ...
7i. Cola K. ft I...,
t&V s. Gee
. Ml.
. ttt
. 71S4
. 44
. SI
. 7
, eft
::: fflt
... vOi,
... l
... 2TVj
... it'm
... il
... il
... HI.
... 471,
... 3t4
... ii
... ji
... e4
... m,
... s
... 61 Vs
... 14
... M
... 4
... J71.
... so
Coo. Tub pfd
General Electric ...
Hocking Coal
Int'ni Paper
do pfd
Int'ni Poser
Laded Oes
National Biscuit ...
Nallooal Lead
No. American
ParlSc Coeet
ParlBc Mall
People's Una
Pnseed Steal Car..
o pfd
do ptd H
Ontario A W it
Peoiieylvanla U7
Reading es
do lat pfd ti
do Id pfd
St LAS. F 's
de 1st pfd as
do Od pfd 71
St. L S. W 11
do pfd 4
. 14 Pullman Pal. Car.
. It Hepubllo Steel ....
.17JI, do ptd
.liu 4 Sugar ;. ..
. 71 .Tenii. C. eV I
v . . m r. i. o . . .
do pfd
I' S. leather
do pfd
V S. Rubber
do pfd
V. B. Blael
do pfd
Western t'alon ...
Am. Locomotive .
da pfd
leoa'K C. Southern...
1UV, do pfd
eSt, Kock Island
11 V da pfd
.. S44
.. lt4
.. 70
e. 91
... 41
.. 1
.. M
.. U
.. ai
.. 14
.. 774
.. 4i
.. IdS,
.. 71
., Ill,
.. S4H
.. 10
.. 4J
.. as.
.. so
.. II
.. 7
St Paul
So p'd
So. PaciSc
So. Kallsity ...
da pfd
LONDON. May t Money was fjl'ly
plentiful In the market today. The de
mand alackened slightly and rat's w r
easier. Discounts were steady. Htislneas
on the stock exchange waa stagnant ail
frai tl jnally Irregular. Consols wer fal'lv
cheerful on the eaay atate of money. Amer
liana opened dull and lua- tlvt., tne irovi-
tnents were trifling and slocks rloediuie
tirand Trunk waa offered- There was
sharp advance In silver, owing t j consider
able purchHeea for Aimrlcan reqiitreiat-tta
la taa rniuppuiea. ?n amount uf ouiu a
since Van Buren,
It la atated with authority that New
York state ralaea more onions than any
other state. It waa Impossible to detect
the fact before, because the legislature la
still in acsaion at Aioany.
In addition to his other honors King Ed
ward la the titular and hereditary preacher
at St. David's cathedral in Walea. Ht Is
allowed a salary of 35 a year and a fjslw
In the cathedral la reserved for hla use.
as a result pricea had to Buffer. The gen
eral decline can safely be put at 15'S25r',
the leaa desirable gradan aulTering the most.
Common cattle are selling largely from
33.26 to 34.00. fair to good, 34.00 to 34.40. and
choice from 34.40 to 34.90.
HOGS There waa a fair run of hogs
here this morning for a fiaturdav, and as
other points were quoted lower the decline
here amounted to about 6fl0c. Trading
i was fairlv active at tne decline to the
i bulk of trie orreringa was disposed or in
rnrougn tne neglect or tne legislature or, tk.,. ,. nn i.h ,,
Louisiana to make an appropriation for i fL (K- from atart to flnlsh hut .tin
, Tj-aj i . . 1. 1 .-' - - : . :
auch Durooses. Governor Heard is unable
to make any offers of reward for the ap
prehension of accused murders in that
King Victor Emmanuel, whose great
hobby la coin collecting, is just Duttlna the
finlahlng tout-ties to his magnificent work on
the coins or Italy, the coat ot which will
be 330.0UO. The king's collection of coins
consist of 60.000 apecimeiia.
Haydon. the Engliah artist. In his diary
relates how he once went late to a sitting i th
given him by the duke of Wellington and ! fs
the last end seemed to he a little slow with
the feeling weaker. The bulk of the sales
went from 36.724 to 16.77 while the good
heavlea Bold mostly at 36 80. The tight
weights went from 36.72 down. It In to
be noticed that the range of prices Is much
narrower than it was a short time ago.
The Mipply of hogs for the week has
been rather light, as there Is a decrease
aS compared with laet weeK amounting to
about 6000 head, and as compared with
tho corresponding week of laat year the
lllng "tr atrtounia to aomii nean.
the od duke tore hla white hair and cried ! Pricea fluctuated back and forth quite
that he had "eat to 400 painters and rapidly during the week, but the tendency
sculptors and none of them waa ever punc
tual." I
The most wonderful of aboriginal Ameri
can monuments Is the famous Axtec calen
dar now In tha Mexican National Museum.
It la a sodlac. eleven feet In diameter, and
carved from solid rock. The monks of
Cortes buried It In a marsh, and It waa
lost for 233 years.
The offer of rewards by a newspaper In
Salem, Mass.. for the collection of nests of
the brown-tall moths waa so effective that
within two weeks 140316 nee La were brought
In. One lad collected 19.314 neata and won
the flrat prise, tJ!. The next largest num
ber waa 18.344. for which the second prlxe.
315, was paid.
There are In New York three life Insur
ance Instttutlona. two of them mutual as
aoclatlons and one an Incorporated organl
xation, whose financial operatlona prac
tically match those of the Untied State
treasury. They pin-sea resource In th
way of cash or quick aaaets almost equal to
those upon which tbe aecretary of the
treasury may rely.
R. W. Scott, the Canadian secretary of
state, naa just celebrated nis wn birtn
day. He Ib the Nestor of Canadlun liter
alism and the patriarch ot Sir Wilfrid
Iaurler'a covernment. Hi call to th?
Canadian bar datea from 1M8 and In 1S53
he was mayor of Ottawa. Five ynara Ister
he entered Parliament and ne naa been
there ever since.
One of the moat beautiful sights ever
aeen in California, according to the papers
of that state, waa observed at corona this
month, when a vast cloud of butterflies
taad over the place. They flew about
five feet from the earth, and the mas wa
half a mil wide and several mlies long.
No one knows how high in the air the flock
of brilliantly colored Insecta extended or
where they went or came from.
Governor Pennypacker of Pennsylvania
has signed a law providing for the ex
penditure of S6o.0uu during the next six
years for the improvement of the uuh'lc
roada of th stale. The expenditures for
th next two yeara are limited to 31.0uu.oii0,
A atale highway commissioner, to be an-
pointed by the governor and have a salary
of 33.5U) a year, and an assistant with 2,ooO
aalary. are provided ior y tna bin,
The difficulty In damaging a war balloon
In midair was recently shown by test
mad In Auatrla. The experloienfyrs an
chored a balloon at a height of 7. Out! f-el
and had gunrwrs who had not been given
the dint a me try to disable it. It required
twenty-two shots to And -the range, even
approximately, and not until the alxty
fourth round was tlie balloon hit. It then
sustained but a alight tear, which cauaed It
to oeacend siuly.
haa been decidedly downward. The total
lose for the week amounts to about asigioe.
Tbla decine carries the mark to the
low eft point reacneq since neoruary 12.
Representative aaiea:
3 .
4 .
It .
Av. Pr
.... 70
40 I 70
140 70
1 I 70
... 70
110 70
40 70
10 I 70
174 0 70
HO 40 V!J,
10 I li'J,
110 71'-,
110 72
40 7S',
II. .
M .
4. ..
1 ..
I ..
. .
A'. Pr.
40 I 7.1
120 71
SO 71
120 75
10 Tl
... 78
144 im I TS
t. o ts
1M 75
SO I 71
N 111
SO d Tl
4 S Tl
SO I 75
!.- 100 75
.141 ... 75
164 ... 175
144 ... 171
.241 110 T5
.2f,!t 2'rt I T5
.1-1 ... ( 7C
.11 ... C TS
1st) 10 I Ti
.2.11 4 TS
.246 ... I Tl
.240 ... 71
.14 44 I 75
U ... I 7i
71 ,
T2i It
I 72 1,
71 1,
I 72S,
TJ ..
H . .;
it ..
M. ..
TS . ..
PS. ..
V, .
an .
. .. .-M
. ...2t
....if I
... 23
If 4
.. 75
.. TS
.. TT14,
. TTVi
so s
40 TTW,
10 TTV,
0 771,
S 77 V,
I 771,
Hogs Weak to a Nickel Lower Sheep
and Lambs Steady.
CHICAOO. May 2. CATTLE Receipts,
100; good to prime ateera, nominal, 35.00
6.50: poor to medium, 34.25I&6.0O; stockers
and feeders, 33 25jj5.10; cows, 1.45'g5.46; can
ners, l.&i'Vj2.8i); bulls. 3.50-4.50. Calvea,
32.50j.flO; Texas-fed ateera, I4.0044.75.
HOGS Receipts today 8.0O0; estimated
Monday. 30,000; left over. 3,500; weak to Be
lower. Mixed and butchers. 30 80137.05; good
to choice, heavy, 37.0tm-7.10; heavy, 3B.0
t!95; light, 36.606.90; bulk of sales. 36.85
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1.000;
sheep, steady; lambs, ateady. Oood to
choice wethers. 34.7566.50; fair to choice
mixed, 33.75'&4.75: western sheep, S4.6Wfj'3.80;
western lamba, 34.60ij6.0.
Recelpta. Shipments.
Cattle 1.94 SX'O
Hogs 15,076 2,210
Bhetp 2.3il9 - 177
Kansas City Lira Stock Market.
ceipts, 2iO; market unchanged. Choice and
export drested beef ateera, 34.6ota6.25; fair
to good. 33.90fg4.60; stockera and feeders,
3It.3Mi5.0O; weatern-fed steers. 33.00iio.10;
Texas and Indians, 33.40fg4.40; Texas cows.
32.204.00; native cows, tf.EOCj.sO: native
heifera. S8.2S&4.90; cannera. 31.5rtfl1i.7T5; bulls,
32.754.25; calves, 32.0tKg6.8O. Receipts for
the week: Cattle. 80.300; calvea, 1,100.
HOU8 Receipts, 8.000; market, weak to 6c
lower; top, 396; bulk of Bales, 36.7iKfj4l.90i
heavy 36.7of56.96; mixed packers, 8S.7oru6.S7Vi;
light. " 36.604i6.75; yorkers. 36-70&6.75: pigs,
34.25fi60. Receipts for the week, 60.100.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 600; mar
ket strong; native lambs, 34.25tr7.00; west
ern lambs. 34.0Oij6.9f; fed ewes. 33.90fi5.25:
native wethers. 34.0015 85; Texas rllatied
sheep, 34.O5fi6.00; atockers and feeders, 33.70
tsi.2B. Receipts for the week, 24,300.
' St. I.onla Lire Stock Market.
ST. LOCIS. May 2. CATTLE Recelpta,
750, including 4o0 Texans; market steady;
native shipping and export ateera, 34.6oif7-5.40,
with strictly fancy quoted up to 35.75;
dressed beef and butcher steers. 34.00ry6.25;
steers under 1 000 lbs., 33.SofiS.00; atockers
and feeders. 33.4oj4 70; cows and heifers,
rj.25fi5.00; cannera, 32.253.00; bulls. 32 6Vrji
8 50; calves. SoOO&O.OO; Texas and Indian
i ateera, fXb&'uo.wr. cows and heifera, v.wg
I HOGS Receipts 1.600; market steady to
strong; pigs and lights. so.noUo .r: packers).
36.65iii6.85; butchers and beat heavy, 36.8ut9
7 nn
SHEEP AND LA MHo rteceipie, mar
ket steady to strong; native muttons. 34.00
t6.76; lamba. 35.otKtj7.50: culls and bucks.
32. 007" 4.50; stockers, 32.O0flr3.0O; Texans, 33.75
Kerr York Live Stock Market.
NEW YORK. May 2 CATTLE Receipts,
12 head, all direct; no trad ng today; ex
ports, 1,662 head cattle and 3.8") quarters of
CALVES No recelpta and no trading.
HOGS Receipts, 2.3fc7 head; no sale re
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 1.8.0
head; sheep, slow to a shade lower; lamba,
ateady but quiet; a bunch of clipped aheej
at 34.62H; unvhorn lambs, li t): cut ped
lamba, .',.S0i.lS; clipped culls, II 50; spring
lamba, 37.50.
.7. Farnam Smith
d Go.
We buy and sell Union Stock
Yards Stock, Stuth Omaha.
1320 Farnam St. Tel. 1064
Do you speculate? September wheat
closed today at 71 cents.
Sams day last year 734 cents.
September wheat sold at 95 centa on last
years crop. We think It will sell higher
In 1903. May wheat ts cornered and will
sell at 11.00 per bushel. Send us your
Room 4 N. Y. L. Bldg., BROKERS, OMAHA.
were not erouah sheep
S 774
( 77
... I TH
0 77t,
ln 77k,
M S 771,
lid S T7H
... TTV,
10 I SO
IU) I so
... II)
I )
I so
and lamba here to tell much about the
market today, but It coud aafely be quoted
steady. The aupply for the week has fall.-n
short of the receipts for lat week, the
decreaae amounting to about ') head, but
a compared with the sani week of laat
year, ther la an Increase of about 3.0u0
Th general tons to the market thla week
ha been much better than It was laat
week, and while there haa not been much
Improvement In the part fat kinds the good
stuff haa advanced sharply. Aa a general
thing traders are calling good atufr Z-vftic
higher than It was a week ago. There
baa been very little good stuff offered hre
Oil week, but the few bunt-he that have
arrived In the last few daya hav. , .on
pli kediip In a hurry at liljslur price
The feeder market Is still very quie; tut1
Up-to-date mining paper ifully
Illustrated), containing all tha lat
est newa from famoua gold campa,
8. MlalnaV Journal, ISO Nassau St.,
New York.
place your order wltn
Member Principal Exchangee.
Writ for our dally letter.
224 Board Trade Building, Omaha.
'PLonaa lutai and 1017. PRIVATE IKES
.Members Principal Exchange.
Private Wires.
110-111 Board of Trade.
W. E. WARD, Mgr. Telephone Ull
Consign your grain to tba
And you will get best weights, best prluei
and quick returns.
34.539,235; aurplua. 31I.lai.S50. Increase 19U75;
ex-l'nltei Stales deposits. J-U4MI,!,', In
crease 1W,?75. -
HI. Joseph live Stork Market.
ST. JOSEPH, May 2 -CATTLE Receipts,
30 head; market ateady: natlvea. 33.755.5;
rowa and heifers, j.4is.tjo; atockera and
feedra. tl butib ii.
HOU8 Receipt. 4.5X9; mark'-t. 5ffM0c
lower; light and light mixed, 34 70tJ.86: me
dium and heavy, $756 i ; bulk, 6.77'-it
8HKEP AND IAM15S Receipts. 10U head:
market ateady.
Sloox City Lisa Stock Market.
BIOl'X CITY. May .(Special Telegram.)
CATI.K Receipts 4o. mostly klllera;
Steadu; beevea. $1 Wii6.i"1; cow, bulla and
mixed, & 0ii4.26: stuckers and feeders, i.M
4j4 calves and yearlings, H Urn i iu.
HOUta Recelpta, tnar. or luwer, sell
ing at; bulk, ti.t."i(ti.75.
Stock la Slant.
Following were the receipts of live stock
at the six principal western titles yeater-
rid V
Kansua City
St. I.ouls
8t. Joi'h
eioux Ciiy
lines. Sheen.
. l' ".St" "it
. I'D S' l.l.O
. 3 nil 6a)
. l.w "nl
. : 4 59 l'J
.. Gut 4.b.iU ....
.1.770 St,lK I.ija)
Weekly Baak Staieaaeat.
NEW YORK. Kiy .The atalement of
the averagea of tht- clearing hoi-ss banks of
this city for the w-k show: I.oana. '.14,
lO's.iftt, fiiireaad lt.4.'4,iss); deposits, 3.7i,
2i. Increase ltS,l'ai.!M rlrt uUtlini. tl3.5a.4s,
Int-reaite S4'-.oi'; Irgul lend. rs. y.v li3.4. in-
ream- 11 1 u.fw. le. li-.l.4M.i, Increase
V. Itii.'i. rerr. iJj7.el increae ll.iti.
uu, reserve required, 3,4vo.tXi,j, Uurease
I Clearings. Ii2.61.'il7 ;
ba'.ancea, 33.lH.K7s. New York exchange, i
premium; furelgn exchange, unchanged:
sterling ponied at 14.5 for 60 day ami
34 ks1 for demand.
NKW YORK. May t Exchanges, ti :.
447.36S: balante. 3-U704.4HU.
ROSTON. May 2. Exchanges, 37.'.'74.sT'.
balames. ti.W.XiH.
CINCINNATI. May 2 Clearings, 32.!iO.
800. Money, o'ytl per cent; New York rv
change, pur.
PHILADELPHIA May l-Clearlnga. 3i!.
507.314; balunc, 33,11,717. Money, i ,..t-.-cent.
BALTIMORE. May I Clearings. 34.7!:
4MI; balances, 3tf7&,S. Money, biit per cent.
Kxports and Imports at Natv York,
NEW YORK. May 2 The total Inipor-
of merchantliau and dry goods at the pui t
if New York for this week were valueil i
31.076.!Kil. Total Importa of specie at th port .
New York for th week were 33.S7I allvt '
and 3'J1.U gold. Export of epetie wet -
Sotll.ouo gold and wm.svi auver.
Dry Uootla Slarket.
NEW YORK. May 3 -DRY t 10DH -TL.
week tios-fl ulatl, with trading rtstiii ti-J
at both lirst and est on, I hautla. With tit
ton in It present condition there is Int..
likelihood of manufacturer wrakenlng 111 .
til it la absolutely ntceasary to run tbir
machinery. Offt-r at low tig urea have In en
made and refused and buy 1 art in to luar
the altuation pbiloaophlcaly and aru nut
worried about tha future.
Hepbara'a loa-ls-Uw beta Job,
WASHINGTON. May. . Warren V.
Tbummel of Ntw York waa today appoint ml
a member of th' board of general ay
pralsera at New York. Mr. Tbumuiel U a
son-in-law of JUiyraaentativs Heptura of
Iowa. .1