Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 03, 1903, EDITORIAL SHEET, Page 16, Image 16

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    THE OMAHA DAILY lifcEi SUNDAY, MAY 3. 1003.
rlll he ta-ea til 13 m. far taa
evening eeltlon ana III "30 a. a,
for noriln ana (Hinder egltloa.
Ratea, 1 l-2o word Ural laeerflaa,
la aw thereafter. Notblaaj takea
far less than for Ihc Ural laser
lloa. Thrtc trrlUraicili aaaet
na euneernllTelr.
Advertisers, br reqnela a "
herrd rhrk, ran ka aaewer a4-
reesed a inmbrrfd letter la eara
f Ikf Bee. Aaawcra aa addraaae will
ha delivered aa areseatntlea af tan
It aalr.
WANTED, sitimtlon by young lady
hoikkcper; several yearn' experience;
references. Address D 1. Bee.
A-M35I 4x
A high grade school of business, ehorlhand,
touch typewriting and English branches.
Lay and evening.
Call write or 'phone tor prospectus.
H. U. BOYLE8, President,
N. Y. Life Bldg.. Oniaha, Neb.
i B 10$
MEM to learn bsrber trade; free railroad
rare upon our failure to convince you of
thin being the BKST and only reliable,
moat practical barber college In the
United States. Write for catalogue today.
Western Barbers' Initltute, Grnaba, Neb.
AMERICAN Barber college, corner 12th
and Douglas Sts. Our Illustrated catalogue
largest published. Free. Write. B 108
IOUNO MEN to prepare for government
positions; good salaries. Box 670. Cedar
Rapids, fa. B M146 11
DIME rantailorlum Pressing Co. Pants
pressed, 10c; stilts, Sue. We call and de
liver. 116 Bo. ltith. upstairs. Tel. 223.
B M2D1 13
WANTED, for IT. S. army, able-bodied un
married men between ages of 21 and IS;
citizens of United States, of good char
acter and temperate habits, who can
speak, read and write English. For Infor
mation apply to Recruiting Officer, 16th
and Dodge 8ts.. Omaha, and Montgomery
building, Lincoln, Nb. B
WANTED. a few resolute young men to
Join ua and take up home-stead claims on
land to be Irrigated. National Irrigated
Homestead Co., 401 Ware block, Omaha.
B-233 3
F I RST-C I A 8 8 messengers wanted; good
alar. A. L. T. Co., 212 So. 13th 8t.
B M244
WANTED, men everywhere, good pay, to
distribute circulars, advertising matter,
tack signs, etc; no canvassing. National
Advertising Bureau, Chicago.
B M267 1
WANTED, a flrst-class salesman and a
first-class cutter for blah-class tailor ng
establishment; steady position and good
pay; want men who can Influence trade;
all answers atrlctly confidential. Address
C 65, Bee B M4 2
WRITERS, amateur descriptive and short
story writers. The Authors' Bureau, Mil
waukee Wis. B 279 3x
WANTED, men of ability to fill posi
tions which we now have on our books.
A few of the many positions we can offer
competent men: Al.elothlng salesman to
travel for wholesale nouse. western terri
tory; salary. 1,6)0 per year and commis
sion on all sales over 125,000. Private sec
retary, young man. stenographer of abil
ity; salary $1,800 per year. Experienced
advertising rate man, salary 140 per week.
Al lady stenographer; salary 120 per week.
Theae are only a few of the many w
are constantly called upon to fill. Em
ployers come to us dally who want the
best employes In every line of business
and will pay highest salaries. We obtain
positions lor ail ainns oi competent com
' merclal and professional men. Write now
for booklet, and learn how wa obtain
positions everywhere throughout the
United States. Shattuck's International
Bureau. A Clearing House of Brains,
- Home office, 115 Dearborn St., CMcago, 111,
B-3u3 3x
11 EN wanted. Our new catalogue now
ready; sent free; tells how we teach the
barber trade in six weeKS. Kansas city
Barber Collesre. Write today. F. O.
Brldgeford, 603 Delaware Bt., Kansa
city, mo. ty mi 3-
COMPETENT man to travel for large
wholesale house; position permanent; 175
per month and expenses; reference re
quired; state age and experience. Ad
dress, Manager, epu i a, box W4, pnila
delphia. Pa. B-324 3
DRAFTSMEN We have actual vacancies
for 96 good men. Engineering Agency,
Chicago. B 330 3
WANTED Man good habits to distribute
and place stock; territory. Neb.; salaried
position; some collecting: state aae. Ref
erences. Addressed envelope. Asst. Man
ager. Room 701 Star Building. Chicago.
B 317 f
WANTED Traveling man to advertise and
collect for music house. 180 monthly and
all expenses to start: tadv position to
satisfactory party. Address Manager
Travelers' zoz t'ontlac Bldg.. Chicago.
B 318 3
DETECTIVb Shrewd, reliable roan wanted
In every locality for profitable secret
service. exDerlence unnecessary. Write
American Detective association. Indlan-
aoolla, Ind. B 313 S
WANTED Representative to ' manage
branch office for Chicago Co.. $3,000 sal
ary with commission; also all expenses:
steady position: $200 security required.
Address W. Lake, Pres.. Pontlac Bldg.,
Chicago. ' B 811 S
YOUNG man to travel, $60 month and ex.
pens' i; experience unnecessary; send
references. Williams Co., Chamber Com.,
Detroit; Mich. B 278 S
DETECTIVES, every locality, good salary,
experience unnecessary. Internationa!
leteotlve Agency, Milwaukee, Wis.
B 27T Sx
AN INCOME of lis a week can be earned
by any person able to write and willing
to work: grand opportunity: big money;
honest employment: partlcu'srs free, ad
dressed envelone. Empire, 189 Montagu
St., Brooklyn, N. Y. B-2S5 Jx
LEARN proofreading: situations secured.
$15 to $2" weekly. Home Correspondence
trchool, Philadelphia. B
WANTED, man of ability as general agent
to write Investment contrscts. with guar,
antea bond attached; HOxi month and
office expenses. Hustler only.- Address
International Credit company, Los An
FINANCIAL corporation offers excellent
opportunity to a man of charscter and
sMiltv who can sell bonds and hiah-grade
sec irltles; tlve references and state ex
'leriftiies. Address M. B. Mcon, l4-irl
I u Falle Street. Chlcgo. B46 Sx
MANAGER wanted I" every large county.
"Game i' Skill' nickel .slot machine for
drinke. clears and money; takrs plsro of
lorlldden slot machines; strictly lawful
everywhere: rented or sold on easv nay.
ments; 61 now In :se. C",ntnKhnm
Furniture Co., Department 85. Chlearo. Ill
B423 Sx
- r 9 1 . -
. WEEKLY' eaeily earned (position per
manent! distributing circulars, samples,
tin-king signs; send fur particulars.
Commercial Advertising , Aict!nn,
Philadelphia, Pa. B l-'l Jx
LIFE Insurance sollcCors. railroad men
snd others. a local agents: lucrative work
for catutble men with references. Altwt
Chapelle Co., Ltd., Trust Bldg,
Angeles, cal. H J77 Ix
WANTED, a wide-awake, energetic man to
Boiuit Pusine: iHry or lummlsslon;
stMte asencv to rlebt man: no member.
ship fee. The Inteinstlonal law and
CulWtlon Co- Dayton. Ohio. B 310 3x
WANTED, organlter for fraternal society,
with recent successful .record, 1121-1A9 La
Km lie St., Chicago. K 348 Sx
WANTED, manager collection 'lenar en!
. for one of Opiaha'a largest J ibbera. Wr'ie
giving rferem-. age and t-x'r'enr-Address
D 4. Bee. B 411 i
WANTED, a hustling salesman who ha
made a success tn somehne; no faliurrs
need apply, smith Premier Typerltr
Co. . B Mlt 4
GOVERNMENT positions. Write for our
rlvti service catalogue and learn how over
14.000 persona annually secure good pay
ing positions. Columbian Correspondent
College. Washington, D. C. B
WANTED, privilege men for twenty weeks;
opening at Hastings. Neb., May 4-. K.
P. big fair. Prlvelegea tor sale. Ad
dress quick, Capt. B. Collins, Hastings,
. Neb. B-.M4J2 4'
CANVASSERS to sell Automstlc Screen
Door Catcher; make big money. Exclu
sive territory; sample, postpaid ISc. Au
tomatic Catch Co., Chicago. B 373-lx
$20 PER THOUSAND paid for copying
snort letters; severs! lines or worn to
rive o'.it; $5 to H we-klv working even
ngs; enclose stamp for ropy of letter, in
structions, etc Address, Esgle Whole
sale Co., Chicago, III. B-878 I
WANTED Old man to milk cow, attend
lawn and do chores about the house;
wage $12 a month. Call at the residence
tf Mrs. D. L. Holmes, 2613 K street.
South Omaha. B 437 S
WANTED, at once, sheep shearers: hand
work. T. H. Miller, Jr., Crete, Neb
B M463
WANTED, men to learn barber trade.
Short time required by our method. Prac
tical exprlence. expert Instructors, etc.
Comparatively no expense. Tools, posi
tions and diplomas given. Catalogue with
dally letters showing demand for barbers
mailed free. Moler Barber College, 130$
Douglaa St. B M434 8
CHANCE for young man or woman to get
life scholarship in leading business col
lege at discount. D 10. Bee. B 468 3
WANTED, young man to work In restau
rant; must understand th business. 403
Reed St., Red Oak, la. B 466 3
WANTED, two salesmen, salary or com
mission. C,K. Adams Co., loll Howard Bt.
SALESMEN for Lambert Typewriters, $20.
Nona better. Monroe Co., 811 N. 16th.
WANTED Salesman to sell whit lead: no
experience necessary: liberal romml 'slon
paid; goods delivered and othr indjce
ments to dealers. Address, Bowman Co
operative White Lead Company, St. Lou ,
Mo. 334 J
CAPABLE salesman to cover Nebraska
with staple line; high commissions, with
advance of I HO monthly; permanent posi
tion to right man. Jess H. Smith Co.,
Detroit, Mich. 3 3x
WANTED, traveling salesman for grocers'
sundries; salary $1,200 per year. Address
P. O. Drawer 64, St. Louis, Mo.
-385 8x
SALESMEN calling on retail merchants In
' all lines to handle aide line paying $6 to
$8 per day; pocket samples free. Address
Side Line, 315 Dearborn St., Chicago.
306 3x
WANTED Salesman to sell white lead.
No experience necessary; liberal commis
sion paid; goods delivered and other in
ducement to dealers. Address, Bowman
, Co-operative White. Lead Company. St.
Louis, Mo. ' aiua
SALESMEN Staple side line, liberal com
missions, good territory. Benedetto Alle
grettl Co., Chicago. 274
TRAVELING salesman for Nebraska; no
technical knowledge, but active all round
hustler, established, well dated house. f
R. Jennings, sale mgr., Detroit, Mich.
-276 tx
SALESMAN WANTED Traveling sales
man of experience and ability, worth good
aalury; favorable long time contract to
competent man; experienced dry goods
grocery or specialty salesman preferred;
good credential required; personal Inter
view arranged. Address C 67, Bee.
-289 Sx
SALESMEN wanted for western territory;
road experience required; good line; good
pay; permanent position. Address C 83,
Bee. 290 Sx
SALESMEN WANTED, wage weekly ex
perience unnecessary; permanent. Man
ager Western Nursery Co., Lawrence,
WE MUST have more traveling salesmen
Apply at once. George A. Baker & Co..
South Bend, Ind.
SALESMEN, traveling or local, side line;
26 per cent commission; goods new sell
to every business everywhere; sample' case
free. Addreae L. N. Co., 112 B. 126th St..
xvew York.
WANTED, salesmen to carry a fine line of
calendar as a aide line; also special rep
resentatives wanted; sample furnished;
give experience as salesman and refer
ences, f. O. Box 413, Chloago. 406 Sx
SALESMAN, to work the general and gro
cery trade. Nebraska and Arkansas; two
good Ulklng propositions; big commls.
sion. Wilson, Close Co., Iowa City, la.
119 3x
SALESMEN easily earn $30 or more per
week In new, unoccupied field In first op
portunity ever offered upon remarkable
set of book having no rival or competitor,
fulfilling demands for which they are the
only supply. Proeperoua. cult j red people
all deeply Interested. Bend for deacrlptlve
circular. Yewdale Co., Monon building,
Chicago. -347 3
WANTED, salesmen. $60 monthly and ex
penses; permanent. Herrick Seed Co..
Rochester, N. Y.
SALESMEN Automatln mnvlm, krb
needed by every business man; bonansa"
sL8,"- p"h'n Mfg. Co.. . South
porters of teas and coffee and wholesale
arocera. 1A in 9 uu rA a. rwi rr:
. - - , - - wi., v u n m h 11, wane
experienced .honest, energetic, high grade
tnnn t ..II fnn. ...... . , . ,
. . . -v w-.-. .. in v 1 miu uiner large uuy
era. Ve are the largest grocery house In
....... - a 1,1 uusiiieua, unit me
originator of horjest and modern methods
oe rftndiiptlntf 1 u. i . :
9 ... imiiuia ina iififsi
goods and guarantee quality and quantity
of every article; no capital required; ex-
an nu ll n esao-
llshed trade insures fine Income. We are
abuviui iera in nicago.
-375 Sx
WANTED at once, experienced travellni
001-mmi ior iNenrasKa. We want 1
salesman, no has-beens need apply Ad
dress Drawer B, Chicago, 374 jx
SALESMAN To call on general trade, with
i" auveruamx line; every mer
chant a prospective buver: llhepal .r-
Aid2re'" wl,h Irefre,icea and experience.
... , .twjui iJtini at 1 nomas, cnioago.
am ix
8AI.KSMF.N !.) 1- .
. . - -.I, ,, rnijii3, piano
w? X"cl; lHersl commission. Trojan
" . , . 1 duuui dbiiu, ina.
-367 Sx
WAN1ED for Nebraska, experienced trav
nun salesman o so icit tne general mar
chnmllee trade; reference and bond re
quired. Addreas Box 608, St. Louis. Mo.
3S0 tlx
1C0 Girls Call Canadian ofTice, 15th 4 Dodge.
WANTED, girl for general housework. 2X20
. .muium wri. van alter p. m.
W ANTED, glr for general housework, lost)
Georgia Ave a C-7t
SHIRT MAKERS, Immediately, at Albert
Cahn's. 21 So. 14th bt. C 9tW 3
WANTED, a good cook. 1120 Park Ave.
C-2J 4
COPYING letters at home; li'" per 1,1x0, pal
weekly. Nothing to ouy or sell; no lan
vasBlng; ttivdy tmployment.. iaiMidy Co
iwidy Co.,
Ui Nussau bt., New York.
ACTING taught by a thorough mall ivi
tern; engagements secured fur competent
pupils. Ailreis Lyceum School of Dram-
uiw Al l, Aiiniieapoim. C Jyj
PLAIN writers; home employment; filling
small blanks; rate iH per l.OUu; addreaacd
stamped envelope. Union Commercial
bureau, Dept. 26, Chicago. c tan 3x
WANTED, hous'.kecif . widower and three
children; good home to right person. Ad.
dr C 62, Bee. C--29S Ix
WANTED Lady to travel and collect In
Nebraska: Salary $16 per week and x
ninses: references; only willing worker
need anolv. Send slf-ddrei d envelope.
Advtriislu Bureau, bt Dearborn ft.. Chi
ao. C 312 $
LF.ARN proofreading: situations secured.
$!i to $25 weekly. Home Correspondence
School, Philadelphia. C
WOMAN as aecomi rook. $18 per month;
chambermaid. $16 per month; dishwasher,
$12 per month; dining room girl, $15 per
month; laundry woman, $J per mouth.
Addreas U. Beck, McCook. Neb.
C-MK4) t
LADIES, do plain sewing at home; W to
$15 paid weekly; material sent free every
where; send stamped envelope for par
tlcjlars. Weber Mfg. Co., 18 West Mh
St., New York. C 3S5 Sx
$20 PER THOUSAND paid for copying
short letters, several line of work to
give out; $5 to $6 weekly working even
ings. Enclose stamp for copy of letter.
Instructions, etc. Address Eagle Whole
sale Co., Chicago, III. C 372 3x-
$5 PER HUNDRED for addressing envel
opes; send "dime and stamp for full In
structions; steadv work. C. E. Miller &
Co., Ely Bldg., Chicago. C 871 3x
YOUNG girl about 16 to assist In csre of
baby. 3567 Howard. C 362 3
LADIES or gents copy letters at home, no
names to supply, or addressing envelopes,
nothing to buy; $20 a 1.000 paid weekly.
Send addressed enve'ope for copy and
application blanks. Practical Mfg. Co.,
128 Market St., Newark, N. J.
C 369 8x
WANTED Manicurist and hair dresser to
call at residence and do work. Andres
particulars. D 7. Bee. C 431 3
LADIES wanted to do embroidery and Bat-
tenberg at their homes; steady work.
Chicago Crochet Co., Chicago, 111. C
WANTED Ladles to learn halrdrer.sln-
manicuring or facial massage; see the ad
vantages we offer; position given; four
weeks completes. Call or write today.
Moler College, 1302 Douglas Bt.
C-M402 8
WANTED, a good girl for general hO'ie-
Brnrlr innlv 3r8 fau i 'MIA tt
LADY, and also young girl, wanted to learn
professional manicuring. Address I V,
Bee. C 4G8 3
WANTED, woman cook, at once: must be
good at pastry, 403 Reed St., Red Oak. Ia.
C-467 3
WANTED, alx solicitors; three ladles.
tnree gentlemen. Must be bustlers, to
travel. Call at R'vere hotel. Council
Bluff. Ask for Mr. Tracy. M238 7
DEPUTIE9, men or women; splendid con
tract, ine uaraenera, vji Bee building.
WANTED, plain writer; copy letters home;
io weeaiy; sena siampea envelope ror
sample letter. Verltzan Co., 34 Park Row,
New York. 349 3x
DEWEY European hotel, 13th and Farnam.
E 123
AETNA HOUSE, European, 13th & Dode-e.
ti li4
ROYAL HOTEL, European, 16th & Chicago.
iu 1-0
L. M. E. haul trunks. Telephone 780.
$1.00 TO $2.00 per week. 422 8. 18th St., one
diock soutn of court house. E 127
DOUBLE parlor, south front; reference.
r-none r -iioui. 128
TWO nicely furnished rooms. 562 8. 26th
. 14173 M10'
CENTRAL, modern, two or three furnished
rooms, zm fi. zsa. E M293 M13
NICELY furnished modern room. 1617
v-ss street. M297 M14
NEATLY furnished rooms by the day or
, prices reasonaDic. Mti Leaven
worth St. E M704
THE FARNAM, 19th and Farnam. E 941
HOUSEKEEPING and sleeping room 2013
nuwiru. n 949 8
ROOM, modern. 2680 Harney. Tel. ' L-2666.
E M223 te
NICE large front room, modern, bath, In
I . . .1 . (i 1 1 1 , ' I . .
.."vBi iuhuuii, 101 vuiuaiu si.
E M255 4
NEW furniture, modern. 1916 Farnam.
E A12o3 5
ROOMS, $1.60 to $3 per week; board, II.
inuiBiuii nuiei, join ana jacason sts.
E M252 Jl
FIVE-ROOM, clean, furnished apartment
in ine uunsany f iat, .until aept. 1. Ad
dress D . Bee. E 424 3x
ELEGANTLY modern, furnished and un-
turnisnea rooms in nice, new brick build.
Ing, close to business center. 1616 Web
ter St. C 460 S
CLEAN, nice . furnished room; also two
. rooms for housekeeping; $1.60 to 12.60 per
week. 622 S. 18th St. E 468 3
NICE furnished rooms for housekeeping;
all conveniences to do washing; 82.00 to
$2.76 per week. 1614 California. E 457
BEAUTIFUL furnished rooms; nice neigh
borhood, close In to business, with use
of telephone. 710 S. 18th St. E 456 8
NEWLY furnished, clean rooms; nice cool
place; If you want these rooms come
oon. 811 8. 20tb. K M463
FRONT and back jarlor floor; modern con.
venlencea; nice location, close In. 809 S.
. 20th St. E 454 3
FURNISHED rooms for rent; modern
house; one or two gentlemen; pr;-ate
family. 1323 8. 27th. E MI33 5
NICELY furnished rooms, house modern
telephone Red 2952. 2011 Harney st.
161 3
LARGE south front room; first class loca
tion; walking distance. 2224 Farnam.
E M278 3
NICE rooms, steam heat, with or without
bourd; low rates. Mlcilund Hotel, 16th and
Chicago. F 430
1816 DODGE, front parlor and other rooms.
Telephone A-2407. F-.Mit33
ROOM and good board. 626. 8. 19th.
F-621 19x
2616 Farnam, one large front parlor, suit
able for man and wife or two gentlemen;
excellent board; location beat in Omaha.
'Phone A-2it. F (to
NICE rooms, good board. 415 N. 26th St.
F 131
ROOM and board; flrst-class. 213 8. 25th
street. F 232
NICELY furnished rooms, with or without
board; day board or meal tickets rea
sonable. Midland hotel, 16th and Chlcugo
kits. ' F M0
1617 CASS ST., nicely furnished rooms, with
board; terms moderate. F Sai 3x
DESIRABLE furnished rooms and lirst-cla.-
table board; modern, detached house
large yard, 119 Burt. Ref-'reuce.
F-3U7 Sx
TWO or three fine unfurnished rooms. 220
N. 2id street. G 5JV
FOR RENT Unfurnished rooms, Wlthnell
building. 15th and Harney. See janitor.
Q 266 4
FOR RENT, the building formerly occu
pied by The Bee at 916 Farnam Bt. It ha
four stories and a basement which was
formerly used aa The Bee presa room.
This will be rented very reasonably. If
Interested apply at office of C. C. Roue
water, uttcreiary, room M, Bee building.
FOR RENT, building suitable fcr whole
sale purpose al 910 Farnam, 22xls), four
stories and nrst-clvvs cemented basement,
elevator, fir and burglar proof vault,
utile counter and fixtures. For price and
particulars Inquire C. C. Rosewater, sec
retary tne Bee Building Co., room luO. Bee
building. 1 bljol
OFFICES In The Bee building, $10.00 per
nunth up; rental price Includes het,
light and Janitor aervlce. R. C. Peters
Co., gioaud floor, Bee Bldg 126
1615 Howard St., best of repair, good base,
mrnt, M.
1-973 10
FOR RENT Office mac. tret floor. Ff
nam street. 1614 Farnam. at. 1276 4
13th Pierce store room 20.PO
2212 N. 24th Store 6-room flat 30 00
Howard St. Ptore room 40.00
X 428 3
WANTED, canvassing agents In every
m.i I.. I 1. tA t 1 n 1 . ... . ...... n .n 'I'll I.'
Steady employment with assured good In
tome. Agents In the country with horse
snd buggy especially desired. Canvassers
make easily jwi to $1W) per month. Ad
drets, Century Farmer Solicitors' Bureau,
Bee building, Omaha. J 213
GOOD money regularly made by hundr. ds
of women representing Royce's hln grailo
. in. vi ma uaum ana iimci nciu.iiirB,
Regular trade easily established, utcasu
goods please. Write today. The Abtier
aoyce Co., Station B, Cleveland, O.
J J4 3'
WE WANT women to sell made to measure
storm garment mackintoshes, stormy
weather skirts, etc. Guaranteed good.
Dakota woman made four djyo.
Write for proof. Quick snles. Splenoll
profit. Repeat order assured. Wiice
today. Laales' Supply Co., 3118 Forest
Ave., Chicago. J 312 8
Any one willing to work can make $18 per
" ' coning; uur ausoiuieiy new pocKei
dictionary and atlas of the world com
bined; 90 clear concise maps; So.dOo w rd
defined. Fits the pocket. Worth a 1.0II ir
to anybody. Send 2 cent for samp.c anl
terms. Kand, McNally & Co., v.n,ca,o,
All. J 311 3'
GREATEST money maker of the age for
oe.;,no, mim men, venaers wno attend
fairs, carnivals, summer resorts. The
stupidest, dullest amongst you can make
a fortune. Agent sold 637 In one day at
Dallas fair. The Resurrection Plant, lives
forever. Rich green foliage. Samples 15c,
$faO per 100 delivered, tlrcjlars, Instruc
tions, pointera. Summit County Green
house, Box 118 E., Akron, Ohio.
J-391 Sx
LADY agent to sell best Skirt Supporter
made. Agents make good money. Par
ticular on application. U-Neat Company.
Decatur. 111. 3x''
AGENTS make $26 to $75 weekly soiling
Aliens Fountain Brush and Bath Outfit.
Write for terms. Allen Mfg. Co., Toledo,
Ohio. j344 3x
AGENTS $30 to $50 weekly easily made.
We prove this. Luminous nameplates
numbers, signs readable darkest nlshts:
samples free. Right Supply Co.. EnsMe
wood. 111. J 318 3
AGENTS WANTED Hitch horse (olid In
stantly; patented; weighs but few
ounces: fits pocket: slKht seller. Address
Pocket Hitchlngpost Co.. Richmond. Ind.
. J 314 3
AGENTS and canvassers, men and women,
make money selling our photo Jewelry,
buttons and medallions. The finest work
of this character produced In the Coun
try. Made from any picture. Great sell
ers, liberal terms, tree catalogue. Write
today. Reed & Co., 113 Adam St., Chi
cago, 111. j
WANTED, oil agent In every county: re
liable, energetic men to sell on commis
sion, specially to the farmers and thresh
ers, our line of high-grade lubricating
oils, greases, also roof, bam and house
E,n!,!V ARly 5 Address The
Woodland Oil and Grease Co., Cleveland.
Ohio. J-287X
AGENTS, our men are making $3 to $10 a
day fitting glasses: our free eye book tell
fiUtia?i0!n 11 t; w,,e t,oday' Jack.onian
Optical College, Dept. 1-3, Jackson.- Mich.
J-284 Sx
AGENTS $75 monthly; Metal Combination
Rolling Pin; nine article combined; Ihght.
n, L? . r: "ample free. Forshee Co.. B.
678. Cincinnati. O. J 288 Sx
AGENTS to develop most fascinating and
peculiar high-class book business ever
offered. Thousands of distinguished con
tributor and patron Including kings,
queene, prince and eminent scholars from
all parts of the world. A unique money
making opportunity for alert and ener
getic solicitors. Send for circular. Yew
dale Co.. Monon Bldg., Chicago. j
AGENTS, for photo button, brooches
lockets, medallions; big inducement.
Photo Jewelry Co., 195 State St., Chicago
LAMP that make it own gas; no oil
wicks or chimneys; sells for one dollar-'
lamp free to those wishing to work for us
Eastern Gas Co., 130 Fulton St., New
York. j
WANTED Lady agent wanted for the old
established "Hygela Corsets and Skirt "
the agent' best friend and money maker.
For particular apply to Western Corset
Co., St. Louis, Mo. j
SURANCE CO.. Elkhart. Ind.. lnaure
persons from 60 to 84. Seventeen year In
business Liberal contract to agents.
BIO WAGES to agents everywhere to show
Rector Cream Separator to farmer
Harris-Goar Mfg. Co., Dept. F. Kansas
City. Mo. j
WANTED, local agents everywhere for our
"New Music Issue;" 500 per cent profit; no
competition; special territory. The Groan
Music Pub. Co.. 424-428 Race St., Cincin
nati O. j
ENERGETIC women can make $20.00 a
month upward, selling Oray's Specialties
and Monthly Friend Supporters: are
washable; fjOc for agent outfit. Charles
8. Ruckstuhl, 617 Elm. St. Louis. J
BEGIN business for yourself; top working
for others; we tart you in profitable mall
order business at your home; pleasant
work: immense profits; unlimited possi
bilities. Full information for stamp.
Franklln-Howard Co., Denver, Colo.
GENERAL agents for latest patent Char
coal Flatlrons out; three kinds; lowest
prices. Newark Iron Co., 8pitigarm Bldg.,
Newark, N. J. J 418 3x
$20 PER 1.000 paid weekly for copying let
ters at home; no names to supply or en
velope to address and nothing to pur
chase. Address Apollo company, Bpln
garm building, Newark, N. J. J 416 Ix
AGENTS, Automatic Washers sell them
selves. One man writes: "Exhibited sam
ple to 10 women: took ten order." Time
required, 46 minutes; profit, over $.'.0.
Guaranteed to do a washing In ft) minutes;
furnishes) Its own power; requires neither
labor nor attention; costs less than any
other machine: free sample and exclusive
territory furnished; $: week guaranteed;
thousands of testimonials. Automatlo
Waaher Co., Station U, Chicago.
J-367 S
SPLENDID opportunity, full Instructions
for starting: experience or capital un
necessary; standard line; no fake; sample
free;. rare chance for large profits; estab
lished house. Porter-Motter, Chicago.
J 361 Sx
WANTED, agent to handle our high grade
perfumea. our plan wins; large profits,
terms reasonable. Leffler & (Jo., St.
Louis, Mo. J
THE OREATEST of all Automatic Ma
chines la our Sandwich Vendor. Write for
exclusive territory and particulars. Leo
Canda Mfg. Co.. Manufacturer of all
kind of slot machines, Cincinnati, O.
LADIES' handy hat fastener, tewed to hat.
do away with hut pins; price 26 cent per
pair, postpaid: lady agents write for
prices. The Fair Mfg. Co., Dept. B. Ra
cine. Wis. J-37S ix
AGENTS wanted everywhere, either sex;
make 15 to tlo a day; others are. why nut
you? Experience unnecessary, proposition
peaks for Itself. Don't dses this with
take ads and mis the rhanc. Writs
today. National Association. 520 Rltlto
Bldg . Chicago. J 32 Ix
A:KNTH wanted; artistic snd pictorial
i.!gn curds are winners: ' specialties:
every merchant buvs from S to 60O on
sight: easy work with l.oue per cent nroflt.
gxmiite free. Val Sthreler Sign Works,
Milwaukee. WU. J-383 lx
AGENTS make $5 a day. sell photos from
Paris life list and samples to start, 12c,
stamps. Laurln, 21 R. Yandamme. Paris.
France. J 376 Ix
BEGIN RIGHT Don't start In the coming
business with cheap clap-trap articles.
We manufacture and supply up-to-date
nirtse., catalogues, etc.. to legitimate mail
order houses all over the U. 8 , and fur
nish a practical outfit for beglnnera at
low price. A successful side line for
merchants and professions! people. Write
for catalogue and particulars. Chicago
Specialty Co., 70-73 Dearborn St., Chlcoiro.
J-360 3
WB WANT an energetic, hustling man in
each county to take jobs of painting
roofs, barns. Iron fences, etc.. In both
town and country with Elliott's Durable
Asphalt Coating and to sell the material
to those who do their own painting. If
you are not afraid of work write and see
how profitable this Is. We are the largest
makers of Pure Asphalt Paints in the
United States. Our goods are well known
and easily sold. Elliott Varnish Works.
Chicago. J 366 3x
WANTED, manager in every city, county
to handle best paying business known:
legitimate, new, exclusive control. Phoe
nix Co., 15 W. 2Mh St., New York.
J 368 3x
I NEED cottages and small houses to sup
ply demand. List them with me. O. E.
Turklngton, $06 Bee. K 673
WANTED, to rent, a strictly modern nine
room house, with barn. In the West Far
nam or Hanscom park district, by a first
class tenant, without any children, who
will pay up to $60 a month rent. C 56, Bee.
K-264 4
WANTED Four unfurnished hcuoekeeDlna
rooms In private fnmlly- will exchange
reference. Answer P. O. box 39.
K 265 S
WANT to buy a modern home. 6 to 8 rooms.
In good location; tasli fur barga n. Ad
dress C 69, Bee. N M261 3
WANTED Military land warrants; $5 paid
rerson telling me w l.o has one, v. net l et
buy or not. R. K. Kelloy, Kanras City,
Mo. N S3
WANTED A quantity of flrst-clnss sod at
Prospect Hill Cemetery, 32d and Parker
Bts. N M328 4
GOOD second-hand aet bank fixtures; make
diagram and lowest cash price. C. H.
Eckery, Exeter, Neb. N 410 3
WANTED, to buy stock bocks, stationery,
news; give particular. Address 515 North
13th St., Lincoln, Nebraska. N 420 3x
CHICAGO Furniture Co., 1410 Dodge. Tel.
2020. New and second-hand bought, sold,
exchanged. O 132
LEAVING the city. Household furniture,
parlor suite, folding bed. leather ouch,
secretary, bookcase, kitchen stove, rugs,
oak chamber set and other things. Oil
at 3646 California st. O IJ6 3
AUCTION sale of horses every Tuesday,
Thursday, at John 8. Cooper's, Union
Stock Yards, South Omaha, Neb.
P-275 12x
I HAVE several No. 1 buggies and car
rlages I will sell at less than thev can be
bought for at faotory. Wm. Pfelffer 2620
, Leavenworth. P M648
HORSE AUCTION at Union Stock Yards
horse market every Wednesday afternoon.
. P 133
75 DELIVERY wagons, buggies, carriages,
any sise or arty price to suit. H. Frost,
14th and Leavenworth. P 134
CARRIAGE painting, repairing. Cass St.
Carriage Works. Wood & Anderson. loi
Cass St. Tel. $472. P -1649 21
FOR SALE, driving horse, 6 year old,
brown and weight about 1,100; perfectly
ound. Also roan driving and Fa d
mare. Both will be sold cheap If taken
oon, or will trade for city lot. Addiess
2426 Erskine St. P M259 3
FOR SALE, fine driving horse and rubber
road wagon, cheap. 8230 Burt St.
P-396 3
BALE The ''Denmark" gelding. "David
Francis;" the "Red Squirrel" mare. "Miss
King;" both Incomparable In breeding,
style and finish; thoroughly mannered In
ell the saddle gaits and harness. At
Union Btock Yard barn next Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday. Graham
Proctor Co. P 450 3
New and 2dhand typewriters. 1119 Farnam.
INDIAN goods and relic. 1119 Farnam.
Q 136
CATALOGUE cut drug prices free. Sher
man & McCounell Drug Co., Omaha.
SECONDHAND man' wheel. In good con
dltlon; will sell cheap. Call at 24u Cass
t. Q-M913
HIGH-GRADE buggy, harness und car
riage, good as new; a big bargain. John
son & Roberts, Deere building. 10th and
Leavenworth. Q M347 M.14
FOR BALE Secondhand Locomobile; In
flrrt-claas shape, at one-half price. Call
or address. 1621 Farnam Si. y M54&
IU8INE88 college scholarship for sale at
a bargain In one of Omaha's leading com
mercial colleges; Ufa scholarship. Addres
6 47. Bee office. M716
FOR SALE, Remington typewriter No. .
new, $60, first offer accepted. Address C
$4, Bee. Q M6K5 Si
NO. 6 REMINGTON cheap. F. D. Wiad.
1524 Douglas St. 0.-730
FOR SALE. Crane hydraulic elevator, can
be used either passenger or freight, com
plete. Iron guide posts, cage and wire
incisures. J. L. Brandel & Son.
BLOOD HOUNDS, trained and untrained,
for aale at a bargain. Colby Blood Hound
Co.. Colby. Kan. Q-M237 S
FOR SALE Furniture of seven-room house,
Including one upright Emerson pluno.
Call 19mj N. 36th. , Q-2iO i
WIRE fence for hogs, poultry, lawn and
farms. Wire Works, 611 8. 16th. Tel. 1SH0.
Q-1S7 Jyl2
FOR SALE, piano, furniture and carpets
Address 2462 P. 17th St. VI-M260 3
FOR BALK, phonographs, superior to any
other musical Instruments, 15 up. The
Columbian Phonograph Co., 1621 Farnam.
TELEPHONE pole. Long Fir tlmrer.
Chicken ft nee. Oak piling. Kol Douglas.
W 7
2DAND aa' cheap. Deright. 1119 Farnam.
W iM
T. DUKKIN. electric llgnt wiring Tel 244
FOLDING camp tot. H. R. Wvkert. 701 6 1$
Q-Mu63 M21
FOR BALE First -mortgage note bearing
per cent Interest, puyublo every six
months: has about I'i years to run; good
security and endorsed by responsible
prty: anoint, Sl.suO. Inquire C, M.
Bachman Room 4.1. Paxton Block.
T-OAKT, cabriolet, coupe and runabout,
rearly new, rubber Urea: owner mui-t sell
at sacrifice. Address C 64, Bee. gM2sC 9
FOR HALE Eleven shares of stock of Th '
Hhojk Manufacturing Co. Will sell at a
bargain. Wlihelmlna Heller, Hotel Pleas,
anion, Denver, colo. y 2il
MUST sell aulck Fdlson phonograph. Vic
tor talking machine, also recurda bran
new, never unpacked. Price less than
nan. A a a reus u a, ee. w-m
Gasoline tuvea cleaned. 2421 Cuititng St.
ORIENTAL Rug man. repairing and clea
Ing by the only oriental, with ortenl
methods. No steam, no machine no scl
iv iiijuiv iru, un. . u iimii'siitii a
Msry's sve. 'Phone n-8. R M358 Ml?
y,R8 FRITZ, clairvoyant, 1614 Cas street!
MME. GYLMER, genuine palmist, 115 8. 11
B 433
M ADA MM LUCRKTIA. medium, 17o Call-
."Mi !. o m&n sna-
LADY yl'KKN of clairvoyant. Every
thing told; past, I reent and future. Sat
isfaction or no pay. tk7 N. Uih. 8 MJ64
QUEEN of clairvoyants. Mm. Smith, sov
ereign toreteiier of the future and re
vealer of the past. For love affaire or
btislneis matters or domestic trouble, or
If you would speculate and know your
luck before Investing, call ai 807 North
I8th. Everything lold. Satisfaction or
no P81- S 461 3
Is the most wonderful and thoroughly
eclent'flc palmist of the present ag. Mme.
Gylmer reads life rnnsls.entlv and ac
curately, she does not tell you anylh ng
but what Is of Importance to ycu and
what she tells Invariably proves correct.
If in need of advice on any suhlect she
can help you. If you desire to know what
you are best adapted to don't fall to con
sult her. 8h can tell you what business or
profession to follow In order to be suc
cessful. She Is recognized authority in
palmistry, which Is the only recognised
method of life reading now In vogue.
Parlors. 315 S. 15th, in Granite block, sec
ond floor. Take elevator. h
MM 13. SMITH, baths, 118 N. 13, 2d floor, r. I
1 M98 M7'
MRS. DAVIS. 1621 Howard sAreet. hatha;
uini-vuiiv assieiani. J-Mro M-8"
GRACE O'BRYAN of Kentucky. 720 B. 13th
MASSAGE and flushing treatment. Chronlo
ruflpg lailloi tori f 1 k:... onto . 1
. ....kv. w . ai.r. o 10 unui
T-M724 M24
GLADYS 8HKPARD, massage, vapor and
1 U , . I 1. . I. .. . . .... 1 '
aiuMll't VIIIB. 011 nuor sun pt. lnin St.
, T-M227 M29
MISS HOWARD B , elegant massage,
baths, 3174 N. 16th, flat E. T-M910 M2o
PRIVATE sanitarium for ladles before and
uv..i..m v...,.!.. v.i.ii.. i . mm jnrf. weiiacn,
302-j California St. Term teasonable.
U 440
PRIVATE home for women during con
finement. Good Samaritan Sanitarium.
28 1st Ave.. Council Bluffs, la. U M699
DR. ROY. chiropodist; corns and superflu
ous hair removed by electricity. R. 2 and
S. 1506 Farnam St. U-438
ELITE PARLORS. 616 8. 16th 8t. Id Hoor.
TT - J ....
U .U -Ul I
VIAVI, a wholesome nerve and tissue food
anu nonie ir-.umieiii ior aisoroers 01
women. Write for free booklet. Viavl
Co., 848 Bee Bldg., Omaha. TJ 437
At druggists, $1.
PRIVATE hospital before and during con
finement; baoles boarder and adopted.
Mrs. Gardels, 2234 Lake. Tel. Red-1884.
U 439
WE RENT machines. 75c per week, $3 per
month. We repair 'and sell parts for any
machine manufactured. Good second
hand machine for $5 to $10. Nebraska
Cycle Co., 16th and Harney 8t.
U-M289 MIS
RUPTURE CURED without pain. Emplr
P.upture Co.. N. T. Life Big., Omaha.
U 434
TELEPHONE 780 for L. M. E. messengers,
U 43$
QUIET home for ladles In tfouDle before
and during confinement; good care and
prompt attention assured. Write or call.
Mrs. L. Carter, 3317 Charles, Omaha, Neb.
M909 May8
HOME during confinement; first-class. Dr.
. L. L. Miller. 2604 Blondo. 'Phone F-im
C. EDERER, Bristol St. florist. Tel. 1796.
BAM'L BURNS, special prices for May.
ts-329 M14
MRS. JACOBSON, 2206 N. 20th St.
U-M363 Mil
HEADQUARTERS for Edlon ' phono
graphs and Victor talking machines; 2O.0C0
record to select from Nebraska Cycle
Co., corner 15th and Harney ls.
U-M290 M13
THE VIEREGG Fire Escape save lives
That's all. Room 8, 'Barker block. TeL
A -33 96. , U-M354 Mil
Societies, Lodges, Club and Parties.
If you contemplate to give a plcn'c dur ng
the Bummer you wunt to go where . ou
are welcome, where there Is a line (ark
and shady trees and surrounded by ,h
Klkhorn river; a fine dancing platform,
line fishlna- and boating-, and all of thia
I Just for the asking. Arrangement for
cheap railroad rates can alwuys b made
For further information ndd.eis, Fr.d
Bonnenscheln, West Point, Neb.
U !39 3
dress, stating age, The Home Correspond
ence Club, Toledo, Ohio. . U-313 3
CANCER and tumors cured without cut
ting or burning plasters. A written agree
ment to cure or no pay. Write for testi
monials.' Dr. J. Clement, 406 Hunted Bldg.,
Kansas city, ian. u 4 3x
MARRY Largest exclusive matrimonial
paper published, 10c; sent sealed; 3,000 en
rolled: worth $100 to $100,OiiO. R. L Love.
Denver, Colo. U 824 3
I SEEK husband for lady. 22. worth $10,000
ana beautiful farm; may, si, mi.tjii;
widow, 36, I30.0UO and atock farm; lady. 26.
$40,000. Address Mrs, Leland, 19 South
Broadway, Bt. Louis, Mo. U 2S2 3x
DO YOU wish to correspond or marry?
If ao, address confidentially. National
Alliance, Grand Rapids, Mich. Describe
yourself. U
LOVE secret, how to make anyone love
you above all rivals, by the quick, sure
method of the tropics; how to succeed
In business, to Influence others, person
ally or by letter: sent free. Address O.
14.. Mexico Co., Box U6, Ixis Angeles, Cal.
DO YOU wish to correspond or marry? It
o, address confidentially, Ntllpnal Alli
ance, Grand Raolds, Mich. Describe your
aelf. V-
YOl'R fortune told from cradle to grave;
what I tell you comes true. Send dime
and birth date. Prof. J. Myen, 64, Drawer
704. Chicago. . U 3S1 Ix
LADY, with best referenree, would care
for home of parties leaving city. Address
D 8, Bee. U-461 3
SUPERFLUOUS hair, wart and mole
permanently removed by electricity; con
sultation free and contidoiitlal ; all work
guaranteed. Miss Allendrr, 1613 DoukIhs.
AGNES V, 8WETLAND, M..D.. removed
from 17th and Dodga to 18th and Douglas;
specialist In women' diseases.
v U 459 3
8APHO NOT IN IT. The latest book. Just
out 20 tales by 2 women, prepaid by ex
prea for 11.00. Novelty Publishing Co.,
Chicago. I' 4Q6 I
4 TO t P. C. money. Bemls, faatonBloca.
FIVE PER CENT loans. Garvin Bros., 1604
Farnam. W 446
414 PFII CENT on bjt-intss properly.
E per cent on residence property.
Options to pay whole or part any time.
W. B. M-1KLE. 401 8. UTH, BTj
WANTED, city and farm loan; also bond
and warrant. R. C. Peter at Co., 1701
Farnam 81., Be Bldg. . W-44
WANTED, city loan and warrants. W.
Farnam Btiiltb Co., 13J0 Farnam street.
PP.1VATE money. F. D. Wead, U,Z4 Douglaa,
W 44
TRIVAT- money. Sherwood, 937 N. Y. l ife.
FARM and elfy loans, low rates. WV ill
Thomas. First Nat. Bank Bldg. Te'Mr
Make a mlslake by seeing u before jou
borrow, and
It mrin ha n vnnr iitvintiir. We are tr-i
oiuesi concern in mmi ini. ...
with all-around consistent dealing -
recommenj us. . . ,a
We loan on Furniture, Pianos, Live Sttc.v
. ,nk... a ...iHitrtiw rpimiVR I O
property. V ubo loan to
Upon their own agreement to repay.
can make your note for one year If you
so wish and give you the option or rav
ing It all or In part at any time, onu thj
Interest stop the day the principal 14
paid. We try to have no one leave our
ofTice displeased.
(Established 1892.)
dress C 63. Bee.
I c
-OAN O..
ao & I6ih St.
B M.iHl t
$10 to $o00 loaned on FURNITURE, PI
at very low rates and for any length of
time, without publicity or removing the
property. Payments can be made to suit
your convenience. Call and gut our tor ma
before going elsewhere.
Boom 303. I'axtou Block. Room 303.
' X-M65S
Law rates and easy term.
Business) confidential.
Try us If you want to save money.
$33 Paxton Block. 16tb and Farnam Sta.
MONEY loaned on plain note to aalarled
people; business confidential, lowest rata.
614 paxton diock. ine J. A. iuiion to.,
X 4i
MONEY loaned on piano, furniture, Jc
elry. horse, cow, etc C. F. Reed, 319 S. i
X 466
CHATTEL salary and Jewelry loan. Foley
Loan Co., auo to l. ureen, K. s, Maraer ua
American Loan Co., Paxton block, IJ floor,
X M667
SALARIED PEOPLE, merchants, team
titers, boarding houses, etc., without se
curity ; easiest term. 40 office lu prin
cipal cltlea. Tolman. 440 Board of Trade
Bldg. X-452
Room 644 Paxton Block. Telephone F-229S.
If you have a permanent salaried position
you can borrow from ua on your plain
note, without mortgage, security or ln
dorser. Semi
Weekly. Monthly. Monthly.
$16.00 Repay ua $1.00 or $2.00 or $4.00
$20.00 Repay ' us 1.36 or 8.66 or . 6.35
$26.00 Repay ps 1.65 or $.33 or 6.67
$30.00 Repay us $.00 or 4.00 or 8.00
$50.00 Repay us $.35 or '6.66 or .13.33
Our business la atrlctly confidential. No
disagreeable questions asked of your em
ployers. When you need a little money
call and gee us. X
Room 600
Give your note at 600 Paxton Blk.
Get $10 or $100 t 600 Paxton Blk.
Get . it today at r 600 Paxton Blk.
Nothing deducted 600 Paxton Blk.
In advance - 600 Paxton Blk.
The New York Loan Co.,
600 Paxton Blk.
ELEC. automobiles. Deright, 1119 Farnam.
TRY our three-layer white cakes, Sue. Gro
ceries and ments at loweat prices, jonn
son U Good U Co. Tel. 1675. 2'X3 Lafc
Bt. nun may
OMAHA Hay Bale Tie Co.. 11 North ltith.
REPAIR lawn mower, bicycles; lock
smithing; wire work. C. Jarl, 713 8. lOih.
r-iim Miu
BICYCLES r.rvrt repair. Fresh tires, $1.6)
to 14. ao; nartioru tires, .w per puir. a
the uonular brand for cash or credl
Lout Fletcher. 1623 Capitol Ave. Tel. m'
NOW Is the time to have your bicycle re
paired; work guaranteed; prices are right;
tires. $1.25 and up. J. Larson. 24th and
friaries. -MW M6
BRASS and aluminum crating, nickel plat
ing and finishing. Specially Mfg. Co., 41
N. Main St.. Council Bluffs
J. P. HBALY. 1S22 Clark 8t. 'Phone A-2871.
ALL k'nds of carpenter work and repairing
promptly attenaeu to. w. i. uenmrea.
2uth and 1
take bis-
A. J. P1ERSON, 20to and Burt. Tel. L-2834
SEND your carpets and rugs to Christ
son's Carpet Cleaning works, rca in
2ot h
bt. Tel. 1669.
TEL $55 Carpet cleaning, rug weaving.
I. C. CLARK. Dentist, formerly of Council
Bluffs, now located at 2706 Cuming st.
M-723 M24
DR. C. II PAUL, dentist, removed to resi
dence. 23 Burt 677 M I
CAPT. CORMACK. $17 Karbach. Tel. A2MJ
SECRET SERVICE, expert cperatora. Ad
dress C t. bee. 3ssi M17
KEIHTKR'S Ladles' Tailoring College. Butte
es-4-6-6, Douglas block, loth anu Lodge.
Dressmaking made easy by the u of pat
tern cut by the celebrated McDowell sys
tem, which received highest award at Chi
cago, Paris, Hamburg and Buffalo. Olilct
and best established school tn Nebraska 4
Our skirt drafting la a wonder! ul revel. i
lion to all .nterested In perfect hanging
skirt. latest designs and Imported crino
line rocidt-l always on band, i 'all ami aes
work done by teachers and puphs.
Mrs. M. E. M irrlsun. Manag. r
2o4 South Twentieth. Teicpbuue' 1 J'l.