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TweDtj-Two Tonn Men Graduated from
Omaha Dental College.
,Vlee Chancellor SteTenson Confers
the Decree of Doctor of Dental
lirry I pen Each Mem
ber of the Claaa.
The Young Women' i Christian associa
tion la planning a celebration of tts'tenth
anniversary Monday evening and all mem
bers and friends, both men and women, arc
cordially Invited to attend. There will ba
music by the Young Women's Christian
Association orchestra, under the direction
of Mlsa Luella Allen, and a program In
cluding a vocal aolo by Mlaa Anna Bishop
and addresses on the general aubject, "Our
Association, the Past," by Mrs. Ida V. TU
den; "The Present," Mrs. Emma Byera;
"The Future," Mra. W. P. Harford.
Miss Ella Brocken will address the Bun
day afternoon gospel meeting at 4:30
o'clock, speaking of her recent trip abroad.
The Tramping club took Ita first excur-
flute High School Declamatory Contest
Cornea Off This Evening.
Champions of Districts la Respective
Classes Will Meet to Decide the
Position of rlrst for the
The eighth annual commencement exer
cises of the Omaha Dental college, the
dental department of the University of
tnaba, were held Thursday afternoon at
Boyd's theater. There were twenty-two
araduates this rear and favorable comment
was occasioned throurh the fact that of lon on Saturday afternoon, leaving the
this number eighteen were residents of Ne- rooms at 4:20 and returning at 7:30, having
braska. .. - walked to Klvervlew park and back.
The program opened with - an overture,
Ia Cheval at Bronci," followed ny invoca- Th r,, Fe,r.ttnt. nf rlh f w..n.
lon by Dr. R. M.., Stevenson of Bellevue h .cumuuted a library of over 700
volumes which has been opened for free
college. Following a selection from the
opera "II Trovntore" Dr. Alfred O. Hunt,
dean of the College faculty, announced the
Dames of the graduates and the degree of
Doctor of Dental Surgery was conferred by
Rev. R. M. Stevenson, vice chancellor, act
ing for Dr. David M. Kerr, chancellor of the
University of Omaha. The diplomas were
then presented to the graduates. Following
the graduates waa delivered by Judge James Horary " Pned February, 18,
H. Macomhftr, who said In part:
business lite know better than the grad- oldt lf not tn, M f
career, in the" acUWty of the Argio-S.xon """ r.ZT !? "V? '7"
race there has been much progress In all
public use and now has an average ot 220
readers. The county commissioners have
given a room In the court house with light,
heat and Janitor aervlce for the library.
which Is open twice a week, on Wednesday
and Saturday. In addition to this start,
the federation had on hand several hundred
dollars to be Invested . la books. The
ary on February 12. Until the last year,
It has worked under lta original constitu
tion of the state and general federations.
line-more than In that of any other race.
When I contemplate the progress of man
Vlnd to hlrheh rtvlllzatlon I feel that the
development of humanity Is the glory of The Hull House Woman's club held Its
ereatlon. While the mind may grasp other annual May party on Wednesday for the
things It cannot grasp Itself. The psycho- I cniidren of the vicinity,
logical pert of man's nature Is as real as
. .... .k. ri.niT.tlnn his ruined
k..,,.k .1,.,B1 trMtiom There 'has been an exhibit of home
of religious thought. A study of the force. "!" nl 'h "ems of Ch'c0
of Datum Is Interesting. What giant thing. Woman . club this week, lta object being
Intellectual ldess are! In the great strug- t,how now aclence can be applied to the
gle which has taken place In all countrle. nair. of the houaehold. Later the exhibit
there Is no event since the crucifixion of to b taken to the St. Louis fair, where
Vesus Christ that has had so much effect 11 w"l be shown under the auspices of the
von the destiny of the world as the refor- nicago Association of Collegiate Alumnae
roatlon started by Martin Luther. The ln-
'fluence of thla reformstlon continues to be
felt in all tree states and free Institutions.
. Power of Unman Mind.
"Your study understanding and experi
ence will aid you In your appreciation of
the power' of the' human mind, but nothing
can do thla more than a study of the gov
ernments of the two great nations of the
A.Dg1o-Saxon race England and the United
ftates." i
The speaker then reviewed the constitu
tional history of the United States, bring
ing out lta harmony with the development
of the race, and comparing It with the con-
atltutional history of England.
"If we could confine ' our study ot the
effect of pure idea, upon material thlnga
we would be Impressed with lta power. It
la the want of culture that makea men the
Jest of the world, while knowledge and
freedom bring- thera honor." '
The graduates of. the Omaha Dental col
lege this year are as follows: William
Victor Beck, Grand Island,' Neb.; Roy Por
ter' Belden, Seward, ' Neb.: Harley Otln
Bliss, Linden, Neb.; Edward Henry Bruen-
Ing, Omaha; - Charles Adelbert Calkins,
York, Neb.; James Monroe Cottrell, Au
burn, Neb.;' Olln Hartman Cressler, Rising
City, Neb.! John Edward Douglas, Omaha;
Dwlght William Willimsn Dalklgh., Dor-
The Dundee Woman', club met with Mrs.
Leavitt on Wednesday afternoon. A review
of the work for the year "Glimpse, of
History, Literature and Art ot the Seven
teenth Century" wae given by Mesdames
Johnson, Howard and Perry. Mrs. Leavitt,
tne leader, had written a poem for the
occasion, printed In light green on a white
card, and with a knot ot pink ribbon In
the corner. The club colors, pink, white
and green, were tastefully represented.
The club will use the Bay View course next
The Basketry club waa entertained at
the home of. Mra. T. W. McCulloush. 2204
Ohio street, on Wednesday afternoon,
The Industrial class work at Tenth Street
City mission will close ' for the summer
this week, an entertainment having been
arranged for Saturday afternoon at tho
mission, when the closing exercises will
be held. Among the things announced are
a musical contest, a sliver Demorest medal
conteat, a drill in the work of the various
classes and refreshment. The mission lot
la beng .rapidly . Improved . in preparation
for the summer work. A high board fence
la being built around the yard and the
much-needed fumigating and bathrooms are
Chester, Neb.; Joseph Marlon Foster, Red to be added at once, aa the city water and
Oak, la.; George Lemon Gallagher, Seward,
Neb.; Orvlllo Rush Ivtns, Omaha; Frank
Isaao Leston, Albion, 8. D. ; Ned Bhock-
ley. Red Oak, la.; Bertrand Franklin Splcer,
Red Oak, la.; Mon to Smith, Hastings, Neb.;
Elmer Alonxo Thomas, Red Cloud, Neb.;
Timothy Jefferson Todd, Plattsmouth, Neb.;
Frank Wll lard Warner, Gresham, Neb.;
Leonard Harley Warner, Geneva, Neb.;
Charles Clarence Whlsler, Ashland, Neb.;
George Raymond Woods, Edgar, Neb.
Banquet la the Evealsg.
At 8 o'clock last night the twenty-two
The annual state contest of the Nebraska
High School Declamatory association will
be held at the First Methodist Episcopal
church. Twenty-third and N streets, this
evening at 8 o'clock. First on the program
will come a piano solo by Miss Mse Lovely,
followed by an Invocation by Rev. George
Van Winkle, pastor of the First Baptist
church. Misses Myrtle and Susie Keefer
and Mesdames Hasklns and Rozelle will
render a selection, and then the oratory
will commnce.
In the oratorical line Herbert Cleveland
of Lexington will read "The Prisoner'.
Plea" and Mabel Coleman of Fullerton will
speak on "Imagination versus Inspiration."
Ralph Cressey will render a violin solo.
and then Alice Batty ot Hastings will
recite "Thj Chariot Race." Miss Hilda
Condron of South Omaha will follow with
a selection from "If I Were King."
After a solo by Miss Edith Dennis, hu
morous recitations will come. Harley Bel
lamy of Cambridge will recite "Gran'pap'i
Boy" and May Frank of York will follow
with "Naughty Zell." Nellie , Handley of
Norfolk will close the humorous ; portion
of the program by reciting "Her Cuban
Tea." R. L. Davla will sing a solo, and
then the medals to the winners of the
contest will be presented. It Is expected
that every seat In the church will be occu
pied, as considerable Interest 1. being
manifested In the contest.
Police Board Meeta.
He will sing several of the old Irlnh bal
lads, pnfHilHr on two continents, and MIm
Margaret O'Toole anil Mr. Tuque also v.1.1
Cards are out announcing the marriage
on May 11 of Mies Catherine' Cassldy to
oseph Murphy.
W. R. Patrick has returned from New
caetle, Wyo., where he went to attend to
some legal matter.
A fine concrete sidewalk has been laid In
front of the new Anthea hotel at Twenty
third and M Mreets.
E. Maney. manager of the Pioneer (noth
ing company. In unite 111 at his apartments
t the Kitchnnrt noiei.
John L. Cavers has returned from a trio
through the west, which took him Into the
timber country In Oregon.
J. I Martin Is back from Grand Island,
here he whs oreeented with a handnnme
old chain and a watch charm.
Dog tags are selling 1at thee davs.
PoundmaKter McUIII starts out today on hi)
crusade against untagged canines.
William Phillips, colored, for years a fire
man at the Pioneer block, died suudeniy
yesterday. Brewer has tne remains.
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aewer connection have been made.
The Omaha branch- of the Woman'. Aux
lllary of the Episcopal church will bold
lta. monthly meeting on Friday In the
chapel of Trinity cathedral, at 2:30 o'clock
The next meeting of the Daughters of
the American Revolution will be held on
Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. R.
F. Hodgtna on North Fortieth street.
Mrs. Mary Teata, national ' superintend-
members of the class, with the faculty of lent of the department of purity ot the
the Institution and the vice chancellor of Woman'. Christian Temperance union, met
with the members ot the local union on
Wednesday afternoon and completed ar
rangements for a aerie, of temperance
lecture, to be given during the two week.
beginning May 8. These addresses will be
made In the varloua churches and before
different organizations, the dates and glace
to be announced later.
the University ot Omaha, .at at a banquet
at the Millard hotel which marked the la.t
meeting of the class In connection with the
cortege.. Plates were laid for about fifty
rXons, Including a number ot the alumni
otlths achool. The dining room waa decor.
aud with cut flowers.
At the conclusion of the feaat Dr. A. O.
Hunt, dean of the faculty, presided as
toastmaster." The first toast waa "Dental
Societies as .Educational Institutions." It
The household economic, department ot
the Woman'a club held Ita closing meeting
was responded to by Prof. H. T. King. The on Thursday morning. The Installation of
toast to which Dr. W. H. Christie re-1 the new officer, and the program given
.ponded to was "The Relatione of Medicine I by Dr. Mlllen and Mra. Mary Moody Pugu
and Dentistry." Rer. Robert M. Steven- I were the featurea of the morning,
S'u. vice chancellor of the .university and
Dr. C. C. Whlsler spoke of "The Class ot r,,r . Predicted for Te.
'03," ana ur. w, . uorwara spoxe or "Tne
Btate Board." The aubject ot Dr. L. O.
Van Slyke'a toast was "The Alumni.'
Judge James H. Macomber spoke of "The
Professions," while Dr. W. H. Sherraden
closed the program In responding to the
. I'Tk. IT.-. '
Restraint Without Dae Process.
bearing of the petition for a writ of habeas
corpus tor mosps rowier irvase, the de
mented millionaire, besan today In thai tA
eral .court. Judge Kittrldge argued that
Moses Fowler t'haae was confined at Lafay
ette In violation of the constitution of the
Vnlted States, as he was a cltlien or nhir
but was restrained in this state without I urday fair, warmer In western portion.
day Both la Nebraska
sad lews,
WASHINGTON, April 80. Forecast:
For Nebraska Fair, ' warmer Friday;
Saturday fair.
For Iowa and Missouri Fair, warmer
Friday and Saturday.
For South Dakota Fair and warmer
Friday; Saturday probably showers, with
cooler In west portion.
For Illinois Fair Friday; fresh northwest
winds; Saturday fair, warmer,
For Kansas Fair, warmer, Friday; Sat-
A Little Cars Will Sava Many Omaha
, Readers Futtn Trouble.
Watch the kidney secretions.
Seo that they have the amber hue of Total excess since March 1
Local Record
OMAHA. April BU. Official record or tern
perature and precipitation compared witn
the corresponding any or ine last tnree
years :
Wt 19H3. 1801. 1900.
Maximum temperature .. 4 80 R5 70
Minimum temperature ... 27 62 8J 48
Mean temperature M 66 H ba
Precipitation 06 .00 .00 .0)
Record of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for tills day and since Marcn 1,
Normal temperature 54
Deficiency lor the day z
not excessive or In-
Normal precipitation 12 Inc h
Deficiency for the day 07 Inch
Precipitation since Marcn l .z.t Inches
Deficiency since March 1 ..2 04 inches
Deficiency for cor. period, ISO.'. ...3. 07 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 19'U....1.87 inches
Reports from Btatloas at T P. M.
health. ;
The discharge.
Contain no brick-Jrust-Uke sediment.
Doan'a Kidney Pills will do this for you.
They watch the kidneys and cure them
When they're sick
Mrs. H. D. Dodcodorf. 911 N. 24th street
says:. "Rheumatism In the shoulders so
that niy left arm was almost helpless, so
that could not raise ll to my head, swell
log of .the feet and ankles so pronounced
that the Kkln was drawn tight and shiny, so
that I could not lace my shoes all of these
-ymplojus pointed directly to disordered
I t'ttip.vs. While visiting In my old -home.
V ilkvsbarre. Pa., my father advised me to
use Doan's Kidney pills, and stated that It
waa a remedy extensively recommended in
and around Wllkesharre. I sot a box. af
terwaHs procuring, two more at Kuha A USon"rcioud.:::::::::;
v w w,",,, bvmrriuiu un 0quimi ihK'SKO, Clear
atrects. I ne swelling disappeared, the
rheumatism left my shoulder and I stopped
tee treatment, for there was no use of a
Tf or sale by all dealers. Price 60 cents.
Fobter-MilburnJ Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole
agect. for the United Stairs.
Remember the name, Doaa's, and take go
Omaha, clear
North Piatt, clear
Cheyenne, cloudy
Halt Lice city, ciouay
Hapl'l city, clear
St. I.ouls. clear ....
St. Paul, cloudy ....
Davenport, clear ...
Kansas City, clesr
Havre, cloudy
Helena, cloudy
Hlxmarrk. clear ....
Ualveston. cloudy .
4 M
44 .U
Ml .0
6X .iV
6(i! .0)
421 .
8 ,l
o. T
64 .00
6t .UU
T Indicate, trace of precipitation.
!.. A. WK1.HH,
. - . Local Forecast Official.
The Fire and Police board met In the
council chamber last night. Committees
were not appointed, but most likely will
be at the next meeting.. An executive
session of the board was held at the office
of Secretary Bergqulst before meeting In
public at the council chamber. At this
secret session a motion was adopted de
claring It out of order for any member ot
the board to talk to representatives of the
press or dlscusa with anyone what action
the board is likely to take In the future.
The board directed Chief Brings to pre
pare a list of all saloons not having paid
In license money for the ' coming fiscal
year to the city treasurer. A. only six
saloon keeper, had paid In the $1,000
license fee up to last night. It will not be
a hard matter for the chief to make up
hi. report. Both the chief of police and
the chief of the fire department were re
quested to file, as soon as possible, a list
of the men working under them. So far
eleven firemen and ten policemen have filed
applications tor positions. These were
placed on file for the reason that the regu
lar Diana, to De used nave not arrived.
Aa for the turning down of the applica
tion for printed blankr by the council
Wednesday night, a member of the board
stated to a Bee reporter that the blames
desired would be ordered and that the city
will have to stand the expense.
I. - J. Buckley and Louis Sanswlck are
anxious to be reinstated aa members of the
fire department, while H. E. Newman I. an
applicant for the position of chief of po
Surveyors Wrktnar Here.
Yesterday afternoon Thomas Shaw, -who
la In charge of the work of making a sur
vey for the Omaha, Lincoln A Beatrice
company, called on City Engineer Beal for
some Information. Mr. Shaw stated 'that
hi. men are surveying a -line for an eleo
trio road from Omaha to Lincoln and are
now working in the vicinity of Forty-fourth
and Q streets. Mr. Shaw commenced bis
work at the Platte river and 1. setting
take, toward Omaha aa rapidly aa pos
slble. Aside from the feet that he la doing
the surveying, Mr. Shaw had nothing to
ay about the road which Is to be built.
As the linea being run are on the outaktrt
of the city the people here aeem to maul
test very tittle Interest In the proposed
May Mnalcale.
The May mustcale given last night at the
Methodist church under the auspices of the
local Young Men's Christian association was
well attended. Ed P. Baker and Henry J
Bock acted as directors and conducted the
affair to tbe entire satisfaction of alt who
attended. While the program waa quite
lengthy every number was, given the atten
tlon It deserved and the singers and players
were frequently called on for encores. In
every sense ot the word the musloale waa
a success and Secretary Marsh as well as
Director. Bock and Baker are to be con
Wallace D. Godfrey Dead.
Wallace D. Godfrey, one of the prominent
business men of South Omaha, died at Ex.
celslor Springs, Mo., Thursday. The. re
mains will be met at the depot, at the foot
of N street by members of Bee Hive lodge
of the Masons. Arrangements for the fu
neral will not be made until the wishes of
Mrs. Godfrey are ascertained. Mr. God
trey had been ailing for some time.
month or two ago he went to Excelsior
Springs in hopes that the change would
benefit his health. A. he did not get any
better Mr.. Godfrey joined him about two
week, ago and ba. remained with him
ever since, being present at his bedside
when he died. Mr. Godfrey was one of the
most popular young business men In tbe
city and his. death will be deeply re
gretted, not only In Masonlo circles, but
by all who knew him Intimately. A late
message to Undertaker Brewer last night
stated that the remalna would arrive la
South Omaha at 6:15 p. m. today.
Faaeral of H. C. Yi.
The local lodge of Masons made arrange-
menta yesterday for the funeral of R. C.
Young, who died suddenly at his home
Thursday morning. Funeral services will
be held at the First Methodist church.
Twenty-third and N street, on Sunday aft
ernoon at 2:30 o'clock. All member, of
Bee Hive lodge are requested to meet at
Masonlo hall at 1:30 o'clock Sunday after
noon In order to attend the funeral In a
body. Tbe deceased was a prominent mem
ber of the Methedist church. On Sunday
laat he conducted a class and later occu
pied his usual position In tbe church choir.
His Illness came on suddenly and while
everything possible wss done tor him by
hit. physician It we. evident from the com
mencement of tbe illnee. that be could not
live. For over a doten yeara Mr. Young
waa employed by Swift and Company, .the
service being almost continuous. General re
gret is expreeeed at the audden demise of
a good cltlxen. Insurance In the sum of
$5,000 Is left to provide for the family.
Magle City Gossip.
George H. Brewer Is In Chicago looking
after business matters.
Dr. Thomas H. Elisor Is expected to re
turn from a trip to Chicago today.
A aon has been born to Mr. and Mrs J. '
Sexton. Twenty-sixth and G etreets.
Mrs. D. A. Harrington has gone to Cincin
nati to attend the funeral of a brother.
Dr. W. L. Curtis has recovered from a
severe Illness and Is now ready to resume
ii is ripecieo mm an adjourned meeting
of the Hoard of Education will be held on
Baiurquy nigni.
William Kennedy la to give his Illustrated
lecture. Ireland In Hong and Story," el inm
siiy naoi in huu ucuu ut mgnt of alay
the respondents who claim In virtue of ap
pointments made by the governor? It can-
ot De said that the respondents in tne
present action claim under the same right
and title as their predecessors. It is true
they both derive their authority from the
same source, but there bfcs bueu no trail
er or the titles held Dy tnnr predecessors
n them. Each claim by an lndeoendent
title derived from one and the same au
thority for a different term of office. The
adjudication aa to the rights cf the parties
for the terms for which they were ap
pointed, whether right or wrong, became
nnai and operatea as a complete bar
gainst the other contending parties ever
fterward from asserting title to such of
fice for the term then In controversy, but
he rule of res Judicata cannot be extended
my further. It cannot be said that be
cause of such decision the court la irrevoc
ably bound for all time to construe the
tatute unconstitutional, as held In the
Moores case, nor that the appointees of the
mayor under the ordinance enucted by the
city council can Invoke the doctrine against
tne appointees oi tne governor, who are
likewise holding for a different term from
hat Involved In the prior litigation. The
thing adjudicated in the Moores case, and
which was held to as an adjudication in the
Kennedy case, was the right and title of
the mayor's appointees to the office during
the term for which appointed, end that
when such terms had expired and other ap
pointments are made by both the governor DumptyS, three huge, beautiful eggs danced
ana me mayor, me couri in at noerty to out upon the Boor with alx small leg. and
Dresi Rehearsal of Children'! Open to Ba
Held To t Evening.
Protection Here Has Beea Glvea
Ississl Atteatloa aad Promises
to Be Bneccssfal 1st Every
This evening the heart, of at least 10
Omaha achool children will beat as
they have never beaten before, for
the boys and girls who have been
drilling separately and In squads for
the last alx weeks will make tbelr long
expected appearance In public at the Boyd
theater, giving the operetta. "The House
That Jack Built." If careful training and
conscientious drilling can accomplish any
thing, then the performance ought to be
well-nigh perfect. Great Interest 1. felt
In the undertaking, not only by the mem
ber, of the Teachers' Annuity association,
for whose benefit the performance I. being
given, but by the patron, of tbe school.
In general, and not a little by the general
public. There will be three performances,
Friday and Saturday evening, and a matinee
on Saturday. The advance aale of seata
baa been large, and tbe outlook for a profit
able Issue Is good.
Rehearse with Ceetsunses.
Tbe rehearsal, have been rather frag
mentary until thla week, but now have
taken definite form and the chorus, drills
and special pari, have each found a place
in an Intricate and beautiful whole, for
every one of the ISO children know their
places on the floor and keep them .with
surprising accuracy, too, considering how
large a per cent are less than 13 years old.
The first rehearsal ot both acta with the
orchestra was held on Wednesday after
noon, but It was yesterday afternoon that
the enthusiasm of the children reached. lta
height when. Instead ot the three email
boys who have been known aa Humpty
determine the respective rights of the con
testing parties according to helr lawful
rights, not by the application of rea judi
cata, but on principle and authority.
I ncont rolled by Former Juda-menta.
We are In the Dresent action to determine
the rights of the parties herein uncon
trolled by the Judgments In the Moores and
Kennedy cases, because the cubject mat
ter is not the same because the parties are
not the same, nor are they In respect of the
matter therein litigated in privity with
neir predecessors wno nem under a dif
ferent appointment and for a different
erm. .Entertaining as we do the opinion of
Redell against Moores is a correct exposi
tion of the law in respect of the validity of
the act authorising the governor to appoint,
ana mat tne judgments in the Moores and
Kennedy cases are not conclusive as to the
rights of the governor's appointees as
against the relators and the intervenors,
the mayor and the city council, It follows
that the respondents who claim by virtue
of appointments by the governor are law
fully entitled to the office and should have
Judgment In their favor, and that the ac
tions begun by the relators and the petition
of the mayor and city council should be dis
missed. , . ,
The intervenors. Peabody and O'Connor.
appointed by the governor aa members of
the board prior to the Judgment In the
Kennedy case, claim title to the office by
virtue of such appointment. The Kennedy
case went against them and that Judgment
has become final. Therefore their petition
la dismissed.
Jodare Scdarwlck'a Addenda.
Judge Sedgwick In concurring said:
If the constitutionality lof the statutes
making It the governor's duty to appoint is
conceded the conclusion, that. these relators
are not entitled to the wrft baked for seem
tq follow. A majority of 'the' court adhere
td the ruling of Redell against Moores. it
Is suggested in the relator's brief that each
member or tne court ougnt to careruny
consider this Question and review the au
thorities bearing -upon It, . This duty Is
fully appreciated, but other duties are mora
pressing ana Decause lis immediate discus
sion could not be productive of any results
It ought not to be allowed to Interfere with
other duties which cannot be postponed.
Another Mother Case.1'
In the rehearing of the case of tbe Farm
ers and Merchants National bank of Galva,
Ills., against C. W. Moaner, R. C. Outcalt
and others. In the supreme court. In an
opinion by Commissioner Hastings, the
former ruling of the court Is adhered to.
declaring tbe transfer of 350 shares of stock
of the Lincoln Gas company by Mosher to
his attorneys, C. O. Whedon and Charles
Magoon, to be legal. The decision Is modi-
fled by making the Lincoln Gaa company
and D. E. Thompson liable for dividends
on stock in the ga. company paid to Whe
don and Thompson on orders of Outcalt
and Moeher. Decree Is entered In favor of
the plaintiff and against the gas company
and Thompson for $6,327.26, and against
Whedon in the further sum of $1,079
In the case of The Bee Publishing
company against Shields the judgment ot
the lower court Is affirmed.
City Cleric Will Equip the Registrars
. for Their Work of
, Supplies tor registration, May 2, for the
city election will be given out to super
visor, of registration Friday In the office
of the city tflerk. It has required the un
divided time and attention of one man two
weeks to prepare the multitude of article
essential for the registration revision In
the seventy-six precincts of tbe city. All
of the recently appointed supervisors of
registration have qualified with two ex
ceptions. In one or two precinct. the
board of three will be short one man be
cause the Incumbent haa found at a late
hour that he cannot serve.
arm. projecting from the brilliantly glided
hell.. Something very like a choru. of
"Oh." and ''Aba" arose in place of tbe
humpty dumpty aong, aa the children
stepped back from these fragile thing, that,
once broken, all the king's horses and all
the king', men could not mend. A second
surprise came in the appearance of the
twenty-tour blackbirds, real blackbird
beads completely disguising the little girls
who have the parts. But It. was the ap
pearance of the crow, that caused a genu
ine sensation, the smaller children being
half frightened at the huge birds, which
are wonderfully natural, even to the long
leg. that were not less active than the
hinged wlnga from under which alx long
arma showed reassuringly. And, by the
way, a complete new outfit ot "property"
ha. been gotten for the Omaha production.
even to the famous blackbird pie, which
measures something over six feet In diam
eter and play, ah Important part In the
birthday party refreshment, in the second
act. The costumes are varied and beauti
ful, those of the familiar characters con
trasting strikingly with the airy tarletans
of the Immortals.
Dress' Rehearsal This Mornlngr.
The task of moving the large choruses
and group, for the several drills I. greatly
facilitated by chaperons who are respon
sible for the prompt action of the children
and incidentally for the perfect order that
ha. to be maintained. The first dress re
hearsal -win 'be held 'at the (heater thla
morning at 9 o'clock, permission having
been granted the children for thla, one oc
casion that will keep them out of school,
Besides the children; tbe cast Include.
tome of the beat local talent and a number
of young people well known for their skill
at fancy dancing. The cast la aa follows:
..Mrs. Charles Urquhart
Mr. Jo F. Barton
...Miss Hazel C. Mustek
..Mr. J. Elmer Anderson
, Miss Belle Beedle
Hubert Owen
Harold Thompson
Harry Cockrell
Magney. Glenn Stedt. Harry Roberts
Crows Charles
Meyers, Sidney Powell, Stanley Conover
Humpty uumptys ..Phillip
Chase, W'lison Stoddard, Leonard Berg
Polly Flinders Lucille Bacon
Bo-Peep Ruth Cronk
Tommy Tucker Malcolm Baldrlge
Jack Ray Harold Klein
Jill Lillian McCain
Little Bov Blue Leonard Roach
Farmer's Wife Marguerite Fries
Blind Mice ieon
Peterson; Mark Havens, Andrew Haas
Bobby Shafto Edward Cockrell
Simple Simon William Bellner
Miss Mjftet. Marie Snowden
Peter Pumpkin Eater John Dlllrance
Peter's Wife Virginia Halpine
Maids in uaroen
Muriel Johnson, Bertha Brown
Red Riding Hood Corlnne Klein
Little Old Man in Leather.
Edmund Besslre
Taffy, the Welshman Hairy Hamer
Tom. Tom, tne piper e Bon Harry Kyn
Little Man with the uun... .Charles Ashton
Daffy lxwn Dllly Clara Hayden
Tweedle-dee Horace Lehmann
Tweedle-dum Joe Barton
Man all Tattered and Torn. ..Ken. Urquhart
Maid All Forlorn Nina Palmer
Priest Ueorge Keyser
Mary Quite Contrary Lillian Lane
Crooked Man Harry Carpenter
Jack Horner Frank Oulgard
Old Mother Hubbard Fayette Thresher
Jack Spratt Norbert Sullivan
Jack's Wife' Marguerite Carlln
Old Woman In the Shoe Katie Jones
American Woman gete Pace.
NEW YORK. April 80 Mrs. Marie Robin
aon Wrlaht has arrived here from Chill
after establishing a record tor fast travel
across the Andes, says the Herald s cor
respondent in Buenos Ayres. Mrs. Wright
Is an American traveler, wno wrote a nil
tory of Mexico, for which she was decor
ated by president uias.
Mother Goose......
King Cole
Queen ot Hearts..,
Knave of Hearts..
Man In the Moon.
My Son Jack
Bowl Bearer
Pipe Bearer
Fiddlers Three
On May 5th and
19tb the Burlington of
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round-trip tickets to
many points in the
west, northwest and
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California and Return
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