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rv! trill drugs.
Stockert sells esrpets.
Expert watch repalrln:. lffert. 4" Wy.
Celebrated Mets beer on tap. Neumayer.
Cabinet photos, t'tc per dosen. m B'way.
Mian Delia Overlon has ne to Beattle,
Wash., to visit fr.ends.
Henry H. Van Brtint left last evening on
a buslne-'S trip lo C hicago.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McMillan,
I Seventh avenue, a daughter.
Free lesson given with purchases of
pyrography aupplles. Alfxander A Co.
Real estate in all parte of the city for
sale. Thomaa K. Caaady. 23i Pearl aireet
Mrs. A. A. Wollert of Wayne, Neb., I the
guest of relatlvea and friends In thla cl.y.
Wanted, man with tem to do Job of sod
ding, lnqul-e at bee office, Council Blurts.
Wanted, girl for office and shot than J
work. Apply at office of Ieonard Kve.aa.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lunkley are horns
from an extended sojourn at Coiiax
Spring. Is.
Mrs. J. O. Jones and Mrs. J. T. Jones are
home from a visit v.l.h In Cnltagj
and Sandwich. 111.'
Twelve candidate took the civil service
examination tor clerk and carrier kt the
yostottlce yesterday.
Council Bluffs Court of Honor will meet
this evening In regular eesalon In Woou
man of the World hall.
Mrs. Robert Heasley Is seriously ill and
has been removed to the Woman'! ChiU
tian Aeeuc.ation hospital.
Before papering jour room we want to
show you our elegant 19Ui designs. C. U.
faint, uli and Glass company. '
A marriage license was Issued yesterdsy
to Jaine v . Carroll. Omaha, agul .J, ana
ttadte Lordner. omnha, aged 21.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hols and family of
Chicago are guests of Mr. and Mrs. S.
Klrkpatrlck 01 Ml Harrison street.
Miss Daisy Wells, the iT-year-old daughter
of Mr. anu Mis. Al Wells, iJ5 south
Eleventh atreet, died .yesterday morning
from peritonitis, after one week s Illness.
We contract to keep public or prtvte
houses free from roaches by tne year. In-
sect Exterminator Manufacturing com
pany, council Bluffs, la. 'telephone F6S4.
W Henry Collleon, who iiaa been assWt
lng 'in revival services at the Second Pres
byterian church lor several weeks, will
leave tomorrow for his home In 1'hlladel
phla. The Retail Grocers association will holl
a special meeting this evening In Its new
quarters In the rlrown building. As there
Is Important buelneiw to come up eve.y
member is requested to be present.
Justice Ouren yesterday morning turnel
over to the Chicago & Northwestern Rail
road company the tools and other property
recently taken under search warrant Horn
the premises of Otto Paul, a former em
ploye of the railroad.
Ieota, the 8-year-old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. C. !. 'Watts of Crescent City, died
vraiirdiv mornlnr from pneumonia. The
funeral will be held this morning at 10
o'clock from the tamlly residence and
burial will be in the Crescent cemetery.
Ed Moore filed with the clerk of the dis
trict court yesterday his t3,XX bond for the
a d Deal from the sentence of three years In
the penitentiary. Leon Loiler. his partner
In the alleged conspiracy and given a
similar sentence, has not yet filed hU bond.
Robert Caldwell, the negro who was
charged with eloping from Kansas City,
colored, and who was arrested In this city
, Sunday, was discharged yesterday In Jus
tice Carson's court for lack of proeecut on.
When the case was called Zlegler failed to
put In an appearance.
The explosion of a carboy of sulphuric
add In a freight car gave the fire depart
ment a run yeaterday morning shortly be
fore noon to the Wabash freight yards.
The dense cmoke and fumes which poured
from the car gave the Impression that the
entire car waa burning up, but aa aoon aa
the doors were opened and the broken
carboy thrown out It waa found but little
. . damage had been done.
The last of the smallpox patients waa dls-
l. - . ..i.. i ipAm th rtttv lunlAtlnn
hospital -on Oak street and the building put
7 through a course of fumigation. A num-
j nese
Regular Train to Be Sunning Into Council
Bluffs September 1.
Wabash officials Will Promise Soth
ln Drflatte 1 Matter f Krect
laar a Cltr Passesger
The Chicago Great Western railroad ex
pect to be running trains Into Council
Bluffs by September 1. Thla U the official
statement of Qeneral Traffic Manager P. C.
Stohr. contained In a letter from him to
Commissioner Looml of the Commercial
club, which waa received here yesterday.
But little gracing remalna to be done
and the work of track laying will be com
menced In thla vicinity within a week or
ao. With the track laying machine a little
better than two mile of steel can be laid
a day. Contractor Wlckham Is pushing the
work on the company's round house and
other buildings and ha also begun work
on the freight depot.
The effort of the Commercial club to In
duce the Wabash railroad to erect a local
passenger station has so far not been suc
cessful. The Wabaah maintains a local
freight depot, but has always used the
Union Pacific transfer depot for Its pas
senger business In Ceuncll Bluffs. An ap
peal waa made by the Commercial club to
J. Ramsey, Jr., peeldent of the Wabash
road, and in a letter to Commissioner
Loo mis Mr. Ramsey states that as his
company runs Its trains through to Omaha,
local' passenger depot, other than the one
now used, would necessitate the backing of
Its train Into the local station which
would consume considerable time, or else
require the running of separate trains
which would add greatly to the expense of
the operating department. While not of
fering any hop that bis road erect a local
passenger etatloa. President Ramsey states
he will look further Into the matter.
of the Iowa-South Dakota league, held bore
yesterday afternoon, failed to accomplish
anything definite, for the reason that It Is
still unsettled whether It shall be a four
club or six-club lesgue. When this all
Important point Is settled, and It is aaid It
will be at the meeting fcunday In Sioux
City, then the schedule will be made out
and preparations made tor playing ball.
In. the meantime everything I In the air.
The hitch at yesterday's meeting arose
from the failure of Lincoln and Nebraska
City to be represented, as It was under
stood that both of these cities desired to
have franchises In the league. During the
meeting word wsa , received from both
cltler that they could not make the propo
sition go. An effort will be made between
now and Sunday to Induce either Onawa or
Yankton to join tha league.
Sheldon wants a place In the league and
was represented at the meeting, as were
Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Lemar and Coun
cil Bluffs. The representatives of these
cities would prefer a six-club league, but
if the sixth city cannot be obtained by
next Sunday, Sheldon will be dropped and
the league formed of Council Bluffs, Sioux
City, Sioux Falls and Lemars.
Plumbing and heating, filxby & Son.
antlna In orivata residences.
of measles were reported yesterday to the
Hour do f Health: Moore child. 40J Park
avenuet Lloyd child, 400 North Sixth street;
Mrs.- Jenkins, 7M Avenue D.
National Roofing Co.. 12 Main Street
Schools Celebrate Arbor Day.
Except at the Thirty-second Street school,
the public schools of Council Bluffs will
hold Arbor day exercise Friday afternoon.
At the Thirty-second Street school these
exercise will be held thl afternoon.
Superintendent Clifford has planned this
year. In addition td holding the regular
Arbor day exercise and planting of tree,
to make the eelebratlon patriotic and com
memorative of tho Louisiana purchase. The
exercises will be be of a historical nature,
carrying out the Idea of the St. Louis ex
position and dealing also with the history
of Iowa. '
Tree planting will form part of the ex
ercises and In thl connection effort will
be made to Interest the children In nature
work and the beauttflcatlon of tb school
grounds. At several of the school the
work of beautifying the ground with flow
erbed and trim lawns ha been begun, a
work In which the pupil are showing much
Interest. Superintendent Clifford la hope
ful that Arbor day thl year will mark the
Inauguration of a permanent movement tor
the proper car and beautlflcatlon of school
At a number of the larger school build
ing there will be exhibit of the work of
the pupil In connection with the exercises,
and a general Invitation has been extended
to the parents and friends of the pupil to
visit the school Friday afternoon.
N. T. Plumbing Co., Tel. 250. Night, F6T.
Hardlna- Named as Detective.
Patrolman George J. Harding will now
doff his uniform with bras button and
dress In civilian garb, hi appointment a
night detective to fill the vacancy caused
by the resignation of Detective Callaghan
having been announced by Mayor Morgan
yeaterday. David A. Moore ha been ap
pointed patrolman to fill the vacancy
caused by Harding' promotion. The ap
pointment will be submitted by the mayor
to the city council tor It approval at th
regular meeting Monday nlgbt.
10 Cents o Roll
If ordered by mall, add poatage, 4c
a roll. Other trices at DeLong's:
Plain tissue paper, all colore, two
sheets for a cent.
Shelf paper, three bolts for 10c.
10 good envelopea, l&c.
Famous Autograph lead pencils, 30c
a dosen.
SOT Broadway,
- Council Bluffs.
Commercial Club Makes Its Wishes
Knows to tho Library
Board. ,
If the trustees of the public library em
ploy any bnt Council Bluffs architect to
draw plan for, or supervise the construc
tion of the Carnegie library building It will
be against the wishes and sentiment of the
representative eitlxena and taxpayer of
the city a expressed In the unanimous
adoption of the following resolution at the
open meeting ot the Commercial club last
Resolved, By the Council Bluffs Commer
cial club, that It I th sense of this club
and the judgment of It member that In
the construction of the new public library,
which Is to be built on ground purchased
by the taxation of the property of Council
Bluffs cltlsena and to procure which the
cltlsen have burdened themelve with a
perpetual tax of 17,000 per annum, said
building should be designed, planned and
supervised by Council .31uffa, architects;
and that It is also the sense of this club
that the architects now residing and doing
buelness In Council Bluffs are entirely
competent and thoroughly qualified to de
sign, plan and supervise the construction
of said cjiKtin-. ...
Resolved further. That the board of trus
tees of the free public library of Council
Bluffs be and It Is hereby requested and
urged to employ aa th architects for said
building resident of Council Bluffs to the
end that It may not be heralded to the
world that any publlo body representing
the cltlsens and taxpayers of this city,
for the advancement of whose interests
and good name thla club baa been organ
ised, Is unable to find among our own cltl
sens men of sufficient ability to plan and
supervise the construction of a building
whose total cost Is limited to $70,000.
Resolved further. That a copy ot these
resolutions be ent by the secretary of this
club to said board of trustees in order thitt
said trustees may know and have oppor
tunity to consider the wlshea of the tax
payers and cltlsens who are members of
this club.
These resolution were Introduced by At
torney John M. Oalvln and the applause
with which the reading of there was re
ceived Indicated that they represented the
unanimous sentiment of the large gathering
of professional and business men present.
"W have brain In Council Bluff a well
a brick and mortar," waa one of the per
tinent statements mad by Mr. Oalvln In
a short address in support of the adoption
of th resolution. Lucius Well also spoke
In support of the resolutions, which were
adopted with much enthusiasm.
President Bender said that speaking a
a member of the library board be believed
there were enough member of that board
who were also member of the Commercial
club to see to It that the contract for
furnishing the plan for the new library
and supervising its construction was
awarded to Council Bluffs architect. He
was, however, he ald, thankful for the
support and the expression ot sentiment
contained In the resolution.
The meeting, which bad been announced
as open to the general public, was, de
spite the Inclemency of the weather, well
attended, and the large ballroom of the
Grand hotel was almost taxed to ita ca
pacity. Th adoption ot the resolution
Introduced by Mr. Galvin followed the
reading by Commissioner Loomls of the
work the club waa doing tor the advance
ment of the city.
Attorney Clem F. Kimball, on behalf of
the local lodge of Knight ot Pythias,
mad an appeal for financial assistance to
entertain the Pythian grand lodge, which
will meet In this city In August. He stated
that the local lodges would have to ask
the cltliens to subscribe from 11.000 to
$1,600 tor this purpose and In return he
estimated that th meeting of th grand
lodge and the encampment of the uniformel
rank would leave from $40,000 to $50,000 In
the etty. He estimated that the meeting
would bring to this city between $,000 and
4,000 members of the order.
Ex-Mayor M. F. Rohrer called attention
to the fact that the Terminal company'
bridge, which 1 in course of reconstruc
tion, was closed to pedestrians and wagon
traffic, although trains were run over It
daily. He wanted to know by what author
ity the bridge was closed to such traffic.
and at hie suggestion the secretary was In
structed to tske the matter up with the
railroad company and also call th gtten
tlon ot the mayor and city council to th
I matter.
These matter were brought up and dls
cussed betore th regular program, which
consisted of the following addresses:
"Railroads and What They Mean to
Council Bluff. Colonel W. J. Davenport'
"Cltlsena' Duties and What They Owe lo
the Commercial Club as a Business Organ
Isalion: I'rglng loyally and Benenta to Be
Derived from Concert of Action and a
Long and Strong Boost by Every Citizen,"
Swears Dying? Man
t "They Did It, Tbey
Did It."
AVOCA, la.. April 29. (Special.) The
second day of the McDanlels-Levix murder i
trial opened up with standing room at a
prerojura It Is thought the rest of this
week and possibly next will be taken with
It. All other Jurors were excused until
Tuesday of next week. Between fifty and
sixty witnesses have been subpoenaed.
H. L. Smith testified that as be was driv
ing past McDanlel's house on February 14,
McDanlels came running from the house
down toward the road crying, "They did
It! They did It! They did It!" half a
dozen times or more, that he heard him
very plainly and could not be mistaken.
The cross-examination failed to change bis
John Burger was the next witness. He
said he was- going to Macedonia and hap
pened along by McDanieTs' house between
10:30 and 11 o'clock on February 14; that
he saw Smith atanding by his team In the
road and Levlx was near him. He also saw
McDanlels laying In the yard about thirty
feet from the fence; he was lying on his
face In the snow without coat, vest, hat or
shoe on. Mrs. McDanlels was right by
McDanlels. Levix got in my bi'ggy with
m and we started for the doctor. I ran
my horse some distance when he said to
me there Is no use to hurry, we can't do
anythtng for him; he ha cut hi throat
with a raior. Aa ws drove along I noticed
blood on the right aide of Levlx's face.
Dr. Besore of Macedonia said In sub
tance': "When I reached McDanlels he
was on the couch, dead, with the jugular
vein severed, wind pipe partially o and
that in hi opinion a man thus wounded
would be unable to walk moie than twenty
feet. .
Penalty Imposed Unoa Matt Hanter
for Killing; Homer
DES MOINES, la., April 29. Matt Hunter
waa sentenced to twenty-five years' Impris
onment by Judge Parish at Osceola today
for the murder of Homer Holland, a college
athlete of national reputation. The murder
occurred at Mount Ayr a year ago.
Hunter and Holland were rivals In love
and had quarreled during a game of poker
In which Hunter claimed Holland had de
frauded him. He procured a weapon,
sought Holland and coolly ahot htm down
In the street. He was convicted of murder
In the second degree, receiving a life sen
tence. A new trial was granted, resulting In a
second conviction In the same degree last
$g Pearl fc'. Council ttiuffa.
'rbeaa K
C M. Hart.
j'The Implement and Jobbln
Trade and
the BcnrAis Council liiufts Derives by Hav-
If Not the Great
on the Missouri
lng It Known aa On ef
est implement Center
Hiver," Luciua Wells.
"The General Wholesale Trade of Council
Bluffs," ex-Senator WtliUm Uroenweg.
Base Ball All la tb Air.
Tb meetlsg of th has ball magnate
rifteea Thousand People Attend
Opening; Day of Worth
-,r.tiCACi(?' Pr" 29 Favored by summer
weather, the Worth spring meeting opened
Res'ults" ,00 persona ln attendance
First race, one mile: Malor Tenney won.
Time"" "412-6" Dan MeKenna th,rd-
Second race four and a half furlongs:
So?.?'." woJ Arllnl K. - second. Peter
Paul third. Time: 0:65.
Third race. evn fnrinn t n 1.....-
K"te "econ(1. Playlike third. Time: 1:29!
Fourth race, one mile and a sixteenth,
worth handicap: Nitrate won. Paul Whaley
second. Thane third. Time; I 47.s '
Fifth race. Ave and hair r. ..
Ormonde won. If You Daru aecond. Cotton
Plant third. Time: 1:07 -S.
Sixth race, on mil nH Bn .ivko,. Ttt.i.
fPP? D"11 8- second. Gin ' Spray
third. Time: 1:66 2-6. v '
NEW YORK, April 29.Results:
r Irst race mi furlnn-. .
th?rdarT1m' iSiu "fCn5, THb;
Second race, Ave and a half furlonga:
"ent won. l.aly Lake second. Olorlosa
ijniu. iiidf; j:iQ3-t.
Third race ona mlla mnA -..'.. ....j..
nciawana won. Animosity second. nrir
nmiri mira. l ime: j:4 S-IS.
Fourth race, the RoaeUale stakes
lunungs; j una M. won, Petunia
Mordella third. Time: 1:013-5.
fifth race, one mile and seventy yards
nanaicap: Andy Wllllame won. Hunter
;e."econd' 'lvln8 Buttress third. Time:
1 .iu -o.
biatn race live furlongs, selling: Sailor
won. extra 1 -a w second. Magic Flute
mini. June. 1 ;vj i-n,
NA8HV1I.LE. April 29.-Results:
first race, stx furlonra nin- m.
Glenn won, Helen Gray second, John Coul-
irr num. iime: i:ia.
Second race, four furlongs- Brancaa won
Bradley Bill second, Talhouet third. Time;
0:5O4. ,
third race six furlongs. Maxwell house
handicap: U'hUky King won. Jack Ratlin
set-ona. juons tieaucaire third. Time: 1:13'
Fourth race, one mile. Oerst hand(mi
Wire In won, Brulare aecond, Reservation
num. jinie; 1 :u.
Hfth race, one mile, selling: The Black
Scot won. Dandle Bell aecond, Domaae
third. Time: l:42.
Sixth race, five furlonga, selling: Kilo
won, Comnna aecond. Silver Spinner third.
HT.'LOCIS, April 29.-Reults:
First race, si and a halt furlongs sell
ing: Fugurtha won. Minn Guldo second
Leila Barr third. Time: 1:21V.
Second race, six and a half furlongs, sell
lng: Orleans won, Hleway aecond, Zlrl
intra, i Tin : i::.
. Third race, five and a half furlongs, sell
lng: Stub won Style second, Uudwetser
mira. lime: lo.v.
Fourth race, one mile, purse: Chsmhlee
won. hrar second, l'lratu third. Time
Fifth race, five end a half furlonga sell
lng: Father Wentker won. IrUh Jewel
Becono, .viouie I. tnirn. nme: 1:117.
Sixth race, one mile and an eighth, sell
lng: Kda Riley won. Almlens second, Sa-
riiia mini, -rime: l;M't.
SAN FRANCISCO. April 29. -Results
rirsi race, six ruriongs: A Ita o. won,
imneiua secono. Mouiium third. Tlm
Second race, one-half mile: Tannhausei
won. Almansor second, George Berry third
Time: i:i.
Third race, one mile: Lena won, Martin
neiie second. Miss Culver third. Time
Fourth race, six furlongs: Piinceaa T1
tanU. won, K. M. Brattaln aecond, Annie
Max third. Time: 1 lb
Fifth race, seven furlonga: Headwater
won. Bragg second, rowan third. Time
Sixth race, one mile and fifty Yards
Swift Wing won Forest King conu, td
LiiourB luiru. iiinii i.v.
Income Insufficient to Fay for Printing tho
Amn&l Proceedinn
State Auditor Force IHatnal Cons
nnnle to Allow Stockholders to
Fix the Compensation
f Officers.
(From a Staff Correspondent )
DES MOINES, April 29. (Special.) The
Iowa Park and Forestry association, which
was formed a little over a year ago and
ha held two Interesting state meeting,
has not a many member aa those who
had planned It had expected, and a a re
sult there 1 not sufficient money ln the
treasury to pay for the printing of the
proceeding of the soclation. Becretary
Pammel of the Iowa State college ha been
In the city in consultation with Secretary
Qreene of the State Horticultural society,
the member of th tat executive council
and others, to see If there 1 not some way
of making provision for having the report
of the proceedings printed, and it It I
posalble to do so this will be arranged by
the state officials. But the Park and For
estry association needs the membership
and co-operation ot all who are Interested
In tho subject ln th state.
Mntnal Insnrnneo Mntters.
State Auditor Carroll ha accomplished
In a quiet way one' little reform In the
matter of management ot the local mutual
Insurance companies that doe him great
credit. On examination of the reports of
some ot these mntuals, especially the hall
companies, he found that the boards ot
directors had voted sums of money to the
officers as salaries that seemed to him out
of proportion to the business being dona.
He did not undertake, as has been er
roneously reported, to claim for his de
partment i the right to fix salaries or to
limit them, but he did Insist that the ar
ticle should be amended so that the fixing
ot salaries ahall be In the hands of the
stockholders at the general meeting and
cannot be left to the board of directors
It I in the board that extravagance crop
out and he believed that under the law the
matter of salaries and expenses must be
kept' with the stockholders or patron. All
of the new companies formed are now hav
lng thla provision in their artlclea and all
will aoon conform to the rule. Auditor
Carroll waa fortunate. In taking up the
dutlea of auditor of state. In having at hi
service aa head ot the Insurance depart
ment, Ole O. Roe, formerly a member of
the house, from Story county, later deputy
auditor ot state, and having had large ex
perience In official matters and practical
experience ln Insurance management.
The clerk of the aupreme court last night
received ' the first, .lot of copies ot the bar
docket of the supreme court and a large
number were distributed today. These are
for the' May term, which will open May
12. Polk counts ease will be heard on and
after May Z7.
Seek Parole for Walker.
An attempt will be made to secure the
parole of John Walker, ; the colored man
convicted of the murder ot Isaao Flnkel
stein. Sine th Intimation of Judge
Spurrier ln court recently that all wa not
regular aa doneby the state In th case,
the sentiment , ha been growing that
Walker Is Innocent. At the expense of the
state a transcript has been prepared for
use In the aupreme court and will be filed
with the clerk ln a few days. The matter
will then be presented to Governor Cum
mins. 1
Des Moines Does Well.
Des Moines feels proud of the pleasure
President Roosevelt expressed at the re
ception given him here yesterday. H. A.
Coleman and R. H. Haziard, representa
tives of the Associated Press and Scripps-
McRea News compsnles, both ot whom have
been constantly with the president since
he left Washington, now almost one month
ago, stated that with the exception of
Omaha, Monday afternoon, no such demon
stration bad been given the president as
was given hira yesterday by the people of
Des Moines.
Kx-t onvlct Kills. Himself.
Clayton Benbow, aged 21 years, an ex-
convict, committed suicide at 10 o'clock
this morning at Knoxvllle In the barn ot
P. M. Spentz, for whom he was working.
He fixed the gun in the barn and then.
standing In front of It, pulled a string at.
tached to the trigger. The entire top of bl
head above the eyebrow wa blown off.
He returned from the penitentiary a short
time ago and It is supposed he was de-
M Jim Dumps,' crlod wife, "Oh me, oh myl I
s uiuugiik I iiau t kuuu Butjjijra
- Tho boys must eat It on the sly I
Tie Force between meals now, not
"That saves you work and gives them vim,
Buy all you need," says " Sunny Jim."
Force 99
The Ready-to-serve Cereal
creates its
own demand.
Sweat, crlip fUfea f wktat a4 malt.
Onto Bos Thskt I Empty.
" I wish to add my endorsement to Force.' It is the only box
cm tha ahelt that is empty when most needed. L. E. M artiw."
Medical Lake Ointment
shonli have a place In the outfit ef every
Oolfer, Ocean Traveler, Yachtsman
or out-of-door sportswoman and sports
man, because It la the quickest surest,
plesuntest ani most cotnfortfut of
remedits for Roaghencd, Reddened.
Kareened. Sunburnt, Torn or other
wise Injerad er Dtsflrared Skin.
This OINTMENT It composed of purs
crystallne salts, from Jladlcal Lake,
(the most woadernil body of medical water
ever yet discovered) and dellcaM Natural
Oils. It soothes, smooths and softens
th skin to the sweetness snd parity of sn
Infant's cheek, snd Is a perfect and
delightful Skin Food. Applied to the
body with massage. It Imparts wonderful
elasticity, a matter ef the rraatest Im
portance to the Athlete. It Is also the most satisfying, quick and absolutely sure remedy for
Bcxessa end all other Skin Diseases. Thar could be no bttttr hygltnlc snd athletic
treatasent trio than Medical Lake Salt for th Bath, Medical Lake Olataseat for
Massage sod Anointing, and Medical Lake Soap for the Toilette. These supreme slds to
health and strength, take a p very IHtl space In home or traveling equipment. Once tested, they will always bt preferred.
Druggists ssualty sell them, and the mtdlcal profession enthusiastically endorse them.
SALTS, 26c. 60c. AND $1.00 A SOX.
MEDICAL LAKE SALTS MFQ. CO., Sole Manufacturers
For Sals by SHERMAN & HcCONKELL DRUQ CO., Cor. 16th and Dodge Sfs.. . Omafia. We6.
pondent over hi detention there. He
wa ent up for forgery.
Tha caee of W. A. Richards will come
up In the Marlon county district court to
morrow on an application for a change of
venue to Warren county. Richards i an
ex-deputy United States marshal and was
Indicted for complicity in a burglary at
Hamilton In January.
Body of Hnsband Found- In River
with Stone Around His
CRESCO. I., April 29. Mrs. Custav
Kruger was taken in custody today, charged
with the murder of her husband, whose
body was found ln the Wepsipinlcon river
with a atone tied about the neck.
The Krugers lived at Florencevllle, a
small village near here. Great excitement
prevails In that vicinity and were tLe
prisoner a man a lynching could hardly be
Robber Implicates Politician.
CLINTON. la.. April 29. (Special Tele
gram.) Burrier, a burglar, wanted here for
the robbery of Editor Fay of a $1,200 dia
mond, and also for breaking into three
houses In one night, made a confession to
day Implicating Dan Murphy, a well known
local politician. Burrier Is a paroled pris
oner from Indiana, under a fourteen-year
sentence, and is wanted for burglary at
Council Bluffs, Davenport, Minneapolis and
other places. He Is one of the most daring
robbers ever captured In this section.
Andnbon Republicans Nominate.
AUDUBON, la., April 29. (8peclal Tele
gramsAt the republican county conven
tion held here today the following were
nominated: Representative, D. C. Mott;
treasurer, C. E. Brennlman; sheriff, F. An
derson; superintendent, A. Farquhar; mem
ber of the Board of Supervisors, Nel P.
Hough. With th exception of D. C. Mott
these are the present officials. There was
little tight In the convention, but a .very
close contest In Monday'a caucus for delegate.
Fonad Dead In Bed.
OLENWOOD. la., April 29. (Special.)
Amo Smith, an employe of Stillwagon's
Racket atore, was found dead In bed by hi
roommate at the Cottage hotel thl morn
ing. Coroner Whltnell deemed an Inquest
unnecessary. Smith's horn was In Silver
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