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Andrew Thompson it Again Counting Bui
in the Local Jail.
DM Not Get Enough to Eat la the
dilcaa-o Prison and Loses
Twtalf Poindi While
Andrew Thompson, one of the seven pris
oners who escaped from the county Jail
June S of last year, was brought back from
Chicago yesterday by Jailer Martin. He
make the fourth of the seven men who
scaped to be recaptured. Thompson la
Bow occupying a coll on the second floor
of the Jail Instead of in the main corridor.
from which be succeeded In escaping al
most a year ago.
Thompson was arrested In Chicago on
January 2 as a suspicious character and
sentenced to a One of f 100, which, as he had
not the money, meant six months in the
Bridewell. In Chicago he gave the name
of Daniel Anderson and his picture was
published In several of the police papers,
with the result that a few days ago the
Council Bluffs authorities recognized the
picture as that of Thompson who broke
311 here. Requisition papers were ob
tained and Jailer Martin left for Chicago
Friday night to see If the man there was
the Thompson whom he suspected of being
the leador of the gang who escaped.
Thompson was at once Identified by Mar
tin, and In fact Thompson appeared exceed
ingly pleased to see Martin and learn that
be was to be taken back to Council Bluffs.
He told Martin that more than once he had
here and notifying him of his whereabouts
In Chicago, as he was tired of being In the
Bridewell, where, he said, he did not get
sufficient to eat. Thompson has lost flesh
since leaving Council Bluffs and claimed
that owing to slim fare In the Chicago
Bridewell his weight had dropped twenty
pounds. Thompson not only lost weight
while in the Chicago prison, but also two
fingers of his right hand aa the result
of getting them caught In a trimming
machine. A third finger was badly lacerated
and Is not yet healed.
Three Still Oat.
The six prisoners who escaped with
Thompson on the evening of June 5 last,
just after they had been served their sup
per, were: William Mason. H. S. Flshburn,
Mike Fahcy, Mike Bhcehan, B. O. Jones
and John Obrecht. Flshburn was recap
tured the next day In a freight car at the
Transfer depot and Fahey was arrested
shortly after In Chicago and brought back.
Mason was recaptured In small town in
tha state. Jones, Bheehan and Obreoht have
so far succeeded In avoiding recapture.
Thompson was suspected of being the
leader of the gang and the man responsible
for the manufacture of the key from a
pewter spoon with which the Inner door
of the main corridor on the ground floor
of the -county Jail was opened. HW tow
Aanlea this and told Jailer Martin
yesterday that all ,of them had a hand In
tim m.kin.- of the kev and that they had
planned the escape for several days before j
' It was carried out. On the evening of the
soaps the prisoners had unlocked the In
ner door and when Jailer Martin opened
the outer door to receive the dishes after
the men had eaten their supper, Thompson,
followed by the others, set upon him and
forced him Into the corridor. Mrs. Martin
cam to her husband's rescue, but was
knocked down by the prisoners In their
rush to escape. Mason, who was recap
tured, was sentenoed to five years In the
penitentiary for a burglary committed ut
Malooey'a cigar factory. His partner,
Jones, is still st liberty. Flshburn, who
was charged with the theft of a number
. of bicycles, was sentenced to twenty-two
f months la the penitentiary, and Fahey.
who held up a man In the raUroad yard
k, and robbed him. received four years In tbs
penitentiary. Thompson was awaiting trial
on the charge of breaking into and robbing
the Curry hardware store In Underwood.
. Glad . to Get Back.
Thompson Is said to be the son of a col
lege professor and when Indicted told the
court that while ' Thompson was not his
right name he did not wish to disclose ma
Identity, as to do so wouia onni u..i.
un his parents. His relatives are aald to
live in Quinlan. Tex. He appeared to be
.i. nia.u at tains? brought back to
Council Bluffs and It is understood that
he wUl plead guilty to ths - charge for
which be was Indicted.
Mrs. John Thordsen, charged with being
Implicated with her husband In a number
of chicken thefts, was brought back last
sight from Charter Oak, la., where she
was arrested Saturday. She was indloted
Jointly with her husband at tna presem
term of court. Mrs. Thordsen, It was al
leged, donned man's apparvl and thus dis
guised sccompanled her huband In hi
raids on the fcon roosts. Affr ths arren;
of her husband aha suddenly left town and
no trace of her was secured unttl Satur
day, when she was placed under arrest at
Charter Oak. Pictures of Mrs. Thordsen
had been sent broadcast over the state and
to surrounding towns by the authorities
and this led to her arrest.
N. T. Plumbing Co.. Tel. 250. Night, F667.
- Verdict (or Motor Compevnx.
The district court lury In the perronal
Injury damage suit of A. U IT. moss
against the motor company, which went -out
Saturday morning at 10 o'clock brought
In a verdict for the defendant cimpany
yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Thomas
sued for tl,99. claiming he had been In
jured by the crew of a car on the Oanl.1
and Council Bluffa line, who had forced
him Into a rear- seat when he was sick.
Ths defense claimed that Thomas was
under the Influence of liquor and that to
protect the other passengers they were
bilged to place Thomas In a rear seat.
National Roofing Co.. lit Main Street.
, Kesatne Pavlast Work.
Contractor Wlckhara expects to resume
work on hla paving contracts today. He
will place a force of men at work today
preparing Fierce etreet from First to Bluff
street for the laying of brick. This street
Is to be paved with Caleaburg block on
home made brick base. When this portion
of the street is completed Pierce street
Iaxative JJromo Quinine
Cura Cold in On Day, Cripta 2 Dy
on every
Tervrt box. 33c
H Psart couucll Bluffs. 'Phone K.
from North to Ninth avenue will be pared
for a distance of on and a half mtlea.
Work od Harrison street, Contractor Wick
ham stated yeaterdajr, would be begun
about the first of next month.
Actors Arc Hot Arretted.
Contrary to expectations, J. C. Lewis
and his company, which presented "SI
Flunkard" at the New theater last night,
were not arrested on complaint of the
Woman's Christian Temperanoo union. The
management of the theater anticipated
trouble and had matters so arranged to at
once furnish ball for the members of the
Plumbing and heating. Blxby A Son.
Detective Callasjhaa Realms.
Detective Tom Caflaghan handed In hla
resignation to Mayor Morgan yesterday and
the same was duly accepted. It Is Under
stood that Callaghan has secured other em
ployment which will pay him better than
a place on the police force. ' Callaghan
served under Mayor Jennings sod was re
appointed by Mayor Morgan. '
Davis sells drugs. "
Blocker t sells carpets.
Expert watch repairing. I-ffert, B'y.
Celebrated Mats beer on tap. Neumayer.
For rent, modern house, 719 Sixth avenue.
Cabinet photos, 25c per dosen. 308 B'way.
Picture framing. C. E. Alexander at Co.,
S3 Broadway. Tel. 106.
Good copper bottom wash boiler, 89c, at
A. B. Howe's, 310 Broadway.
The Board of Education will hold Ita reg
ular monthly meeting Tueeday evening.
Real estate In all parts of, the city for
sale. Thomas E. Casady, 236 Pearl street.
Before papering your rooms we want to
show you our elegant 1908 designs. C. B.
Paint, Oil and Glaas company.
Henry Toiler, 616 Bluff street, was quaran
tined yesterday at hla home, suffering from
smallpox. .
Mrs. Anna Moran was taken to Mount
Pleasant yesterday by Sheriff Coualns and
Mrs. Uoodenough.
Baby carriage and go-carts in the finest
lines ever seen In the city at D. W. Kel
ler's, 417 Broadway.
Attend the social ball given by Degree of
Honor lodge. Ancient urcer oi united
Workmen. Thursday. Aoril 23. at Royal
Arcanum hall. Tickets, si; extra ladlea,
Mm. A. C. Davis, who was taken to the
Uerman hospital In Kansas City to undergo
an operation, la reported to be improving
and expects to be able to return home In a
lew weeks.
Chairman Goodwin of the democratic
county central committee has announced
that ha will probably call the democratic
county convention for June 16, aa the state
convention of the party will be held in Des
juoines in June L
Members of the Omaha and South Omaha
councils will be the guests of Fidelity coun
cil. Royal Arcanum, this evening at a
smoker in the lodge rooms. In the Bhugart
block. The entertainment committee has
arranged an interesting program tor the
Judge Scott will convene the April term
oi tne superior court today in tne city
oouncll chamber. The first case to be taken
up will be the contempt proceedings brought
against jur. ana Mrs. a. j. jjinnop Dy iten
Jamln Tinnell In conneotlon with the cus
tody of Tlnnell's little daughter.
Otto Roderick was arrested last nlaht.
charged with creating a disturbance In the
Parsons' restaurant on South M&ln street.
He smashed a showcase and was starting a
f eneral rough house when the polloe. Interf
ered. Roderick Is the man who was
charged with killing Clark Moyer, the rail
way mail cierk, out tne jury only round
him guilty of plain assault and he escaped
with a thirty daya' sentence in tha countv
Mrs. Mary B. Fennel, wife of A. a Fen
nel, died at a late hour Saturday night at
her home. 1627 Avenue B, aged 62 yeara Be
sides her husband, one daughter, Mrs. Ida
Blrchfleld of Albion, Neb., and four sons,
Marshall and James of Pender, Neb.,
Marion of Detroit, Mich., and Frank, a
resident of California, survive her. The
funeral will be held Tuesday aftemon at 2
o'clock from the family residence and
burial will be in Walnut Hill cemetery.
Rev. A. Overton will conduct the services.
Committee Aeeepte offer to . Enter
taia ths llext Grand
(From a Staff Correspondent
DES MOINES, April 19. (Special Tele
gram.) Council Bluffs gets the next grand
lodge. Knights of Pythias, for lows. The
last grand lodge had fixed the location at
Creston, but that city asked tOjbe relieved
from the expense of .the entertainment.' To
day the grand officers and committee loeated
It In Council Bluffs. 'The date is In August.
Des Moines, Spirit Lake, Uoux City and
Davenport each wanted the meeting and
were represented here., Council Bluffs was
represented by Chief of POllcs C. S. Tib
bits and - Attorney C. F. Kimball, who
wers authorised by ths Commercial club
of Council Bluffs to extend the Invitation
on behalf of the city, aa well as on behalf
of ths local Pythian lodges. , ,
The meeting of the Pythian grand lodge
will be August 10 to 16, and the annual
encampment of ths Uniform rank will be
held at the aame time. The meeting, It
Is expected, will bring between 2,000 and
8,000 visitors to the city. Council Bluffs
entertained the Pythian grand lodge In 1892.
l 9
Sloaa City Company Avoids lajano
' Line.
SIOUX CITY. la., April If. (Speclar Tel
egram.) In order to avoid a threatened
Injunction the Sioux City Traction com
pany, owned by Armour .A Oo. and Swift
and Company, last night tore up" their
tracks on Jackson street from Fifth to
Twenty-ninth street.
The work was begun st midnight' snd was
completed by daylight. The Traction com
pany had wished to abandon its line and
railroaded a resolution through the council
permitting It to do so. The property owners
protested snd through Henderson at Frl
bourg served notice of sn injunction. The
action of last night was to forestall this
Injunction. Thers wss no Interference from
the police. The residents are redhot and
will now endeavor to bring about a for
feiture of the company's franchise. The
case promises to Involve legal points that
have never been passed upon In Iowa.
Extend Veterinary Conrae.
AMES. Ia., April 19. (Special.) Tbs re
cent sctlon of the bosrd of trustees of '.he
Iowa State college In extending the course
of the- department of veterinary science,
making It a four-year course of nine months
each. It la claimed makes It the most com
prehensive course offered by an veterinary
college In the United States. The course
offered by the Iowa State college before
the extension was equal In the time and
amount of work covered to any other school
In the United Btetea, being three years of
nine months each. Less than ten years
ago the best courses In the United States
or Canada were but two years of six months
duration. The progresa in the work haa
therefore been aomethlng almost phenome
nal, and the demand for wen trained In
such work Is such that its futurs Is assured.
Opinion it Would Be Uielen to Trj Her
Again on Murder Charge.
Pella People In Earnest About Bnlld-
laa- a Short Railroad to Con
nect with Other
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, April lO.WSpeclal.) At
the term of district court in barren county
soon to be called It is expected that ths
case of the State against Mrs. Margaret
Hossack will be dismissed and stricken
from the docket. She was at one time III
the penitentiary serving a life sentence
for the alleged murder of her husband,
John Hossack, but the supreme court
granted her a new trial. The first trial was
In the rjunty where the man waa found
dead. The second was in Msdlson county
and the cost of the trial In an adjoining
county was enormous. Ths Jury disagreed.
Mrs. Hossack is out on bail and living
with relatives. But the Board of Super
visors of Warren county, after paying bills
on sccount of the second trial in Madison
county amounting to $6,000, passed a reso
lution directing that no further assistance
be employed to prosecute the case and
expressing the wish that the county at
torney of Madison county dismiss the case
without further cost to the county. Inas
much as Mr. Cooper the county attorney
of Madison county, has charge of the case
only Incidentally, and It would be futile for
him to attempt to secure a verdict alone
and unaided, the case will be dismissed.
The total cost of the case to Warren
county has been over $10,000. Mrs. Hos
sack has also expended a large sum In
defense of herself. The case will there
fore be stricken from the docket solely to
prevent further expense to the county. Mrs.
Hossack Is now old and probably would
not live long In the penitentiary and the
belief Is general thst a third trial would
result much like the second.
Pella After a Railroad.
A committee of business men of Pella
Is to start out this week to make a
thorough canvass of ths city and the farm
ers of that part of Marlon county In the
Interest of the proposed new railroad from
Pella to Howell or Harvey to make con
nection with the Wabash and Burlington
lines. The Pella people feel sure that the
short line will now be built. The company
organized to build the road Is amply able
to finance It and get It started. An agree
ment has been reached aa to th,e sale of
the bonds snd other details have been ar
ranged. The experience of the people of
Manchester in building a similar line Is
referred to by the Pella people. The short
line from Manchester to Oneida, which Is
owned by Manchester people Is a success
snd a profitable enterprise.
MUltarr Staff to Bo la Des Moines,
Sixteen members of ths military staff
of Governor Cummins will be in Des
Moines and attend the ceremonies In con
section with the visit of President Roose
velt. Only one of the staff officials has
asked to be excused and he out of
the state at the time. There are three
companies of the National guard here and
they will be called Into requisition on thai
occasion. The signal ' service company Is
almost as well prepared to make a show
as the two infantry companies. It Is ex
pected that a large number of the promt
nent men of the stats outside of Des Moines
snd Immediate vicinity will be here. It
Is announced that Senator Allison will be
present and It Is regarded as probable that
Senator Dolllver will also be here. . It is
expected that Congressman Hepburn will
come with the presidential party from
Clarinda and Major Lacey may come from
Oskaloosa and met him hers.
Cianlai jto Speak for Roads.
Governor, Cummins has accepted an In
rltatlon to address the National Good Roads
conference In St. Louis on the afternoon
of April 29. He has arranged to go from
Keokuk, where he will be In the morning
of that date because of the visit of the
president there, and will reach St. Louis
In time to speak by 8 o'clock on the after
noon of the 29th. President Roosevelt Is
on the program for speech to the Good
Roads convention In the afternoon, but It
will ba Impossible for him to reach the
hall until late. Governor Cummins will
therefore address a crowd engaged In watt
ing for the president.
Perry Compaay Disbanded.
For many years the city of Perry has
maintained one of the best of the guard
companies In the Iowa National guard, but
yesterday Adjutant General Byers directed
that It should be disbanded. The company
at last Inspection, date was not up to tbs
standard and It was found Impossible to
arrange for a satisfactory armory. There
are a number of towns ready to put in
companies and build armories.
Conference of Charities.
The following have been named by Gov
ernor Cummins as delegates from Iowa to
the National Conference of Charities and
Corrections at Atlanta, May 6 next. The
list will be enlarged as soon ss Informa
tion has been received as to acceptances:
Ex-Governor and Mrs. William Larrabee,
Fayette county; Judge O. B. Robinson, Polk
county; Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Brown, Wood
bury county; Elmer A. Park, Lee county;
Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Miles Fayette countyt
Rev. Mary A. Safford, Polk county; Mra.
C. A. Boehmler, Blackhawk county; Dr.
Agnes Elchelberger, Woodbury county;
Mrs. Carrie Nairn, Des Moines county; F.
K. Ward, Linn county; Rev. George W,
Walx, Linn county; Mrs. E. O. Rhodes,
Henry county; Rev. C. P. Martin, Linn
Dedicate New Bridge.
HOT SPRINGS, S. D.. April 19. (Sps-
cisl.) Ths new Iron bridge across the Chey
enne river at the mouth of Fall river was
completed today and was opened for public
travel. Ever since the settlement of this
county the fording of the Cheyenne river
has at aoms seasons of ths year been a
serious problem. Like the Missouri, nobody
could tell when the Cheyenne might be
out of Its banks snd its chsnnels changing,
so that it was often a dangeroua proposi
tion to attempt to cross. Ranchers from
the other side of the river were frequently
left stranded on the wrong side of the
stream and had to wait tor the flood to
subside before they could return to their
homes. The completion of the new bridge
Is therefore an event of more than ordinary
importance to the people of Fall River
county and they consequently gathered
there today In numbers to dedlcats ths
bridge to the publlQ.
Coart Term Breaks Reeord.
HURON. 8. D.. April 19. (Special.) Tha
March term ot circuit court closed here
Friday evening. It commenced on March
24 and continued till last evening, making
It the longest term for a number of years.
Just before adjournment Judge Whiting
modified the seatencs Imposed upon Riley
Hariwlck. KuUtr of adultery, from a fins
of $200 to a fins of $100 snd two months'
Imprisonment in the penitentiary at Sioux
Falls. A new trial was granted In the
rase or P. H. Dunning, found guilty of
selling liquor contrary to law. Imme
diately following the close of court busi
ness, a meeting of the Huron bar was held
In memory of the late Ed H. Aplln. Reso.
lutlons suitable to the occasion were passed
and a number of brief addresses made.
prlns; Season Brlaara t'aneaal At.
tlvlty In Irrigation
BASIN CITT. Wyo., April 19. (Special.)
A party of Omaha men left here a few
days sgo to mske surveys for a big canal
which will be taken from the Big Horn
river In the vicinity of "The Willows,"
fifty miles south of here. It Is proposed to
cover all of the land known as the Goose
berry flat, comprising many thousand acres
of fertile soil. The canal will supply water
for hundreds of farms.
THERMOPOLIS. Wyo., April 19. (Spe
cial.) The Big Horn Canal company, or
ganised about a year ago, has built its
main csnsl from the Big Horn river to Fif
teen Mile creek, a distance of fifteen miles.
Hers a tunnel through a low mountain
must be constructed before further prog
ress can be made. All of the land under
the ditch has been filed upon and sixteen
Indiana farmers are already on the ground,
having established a colony between the
Big Horn river and No. Wood creek. When
the Big Horn Canal company completes Its
canal It will be one of the largest In the
BURLINGTON, Wyo.. April 19. (Special.)
The farmers on the Grey Bull river have
tor several years experienced a shortage
of water. Last year there was not only a
shortage, but a lawsuit, which was decided
in favor of the Wiley Ditch company and
which Is still In the courts, tied up the
limited supply and the farmera and small
users were unable to get sufficient water
to mature their crops. This year there
promises to be an abundance of water for
all users for all purposes, for the snowfall
In the mountains on the headwaters of the
Orey Bull the last winter wss the heaviest
in the recollection of the oldest residents.
SARATOGA, Wyo., April 19. (Special.)
The promoters of the Boulder Creek canal
In Fremont county, all being Saratoga men,
are getting ready for, construction work.
Tbey have purchased a number of horses,
wagons, ditch grader and other machinery
and will start for the north in a few days.
The canal will be taken from Boulder creek
twenty miles north of New Fork, snd will
reclaim 7,000 acres of fine agricultural
land. The ditch will be twelve miles long,
sixteen feet wide on the bottom snd from
three to four feet deep. Its construction
will require' the removal of 110,000 cubic
yards of earth. The land will be colonized
by Wyoming people
SARATOGA, Wyo., April 19. (Specla.1.)
The Encampraent-PlaMe Valley Ditch com
pany was organized here this week. The
company will construct a canal from the
Encampment river a quarter of a mile from
where that stream empties Into the Platte.
It will be nine miles In length, twelve, feet
In width and from two to three feet In
depth. The canal will cover 1,100 acres of
good land on the west side of the Platte
Odd Fellows to Celebrate.
HOT SPRINGS. S. D., April 19. (Spe
cial.) On April 27 the Independent Order
of Odd Fellows will celebrate the eighty
fourth anniversary of the order. The anni
versary ' proper falls" on the 24th, but as
that Is Sunday the program will be carried
out on the Monday following. They will
meet at the Odd Fellows' hall Monday at
1:30 p. m., when they will prepare for a
street parade, under the direction of Past
Grand Master Piper, as master of cere
monies. After the parade the Odd Fellows
will reassemble at the hall, where there
will be special music and. addresses by
Past Grand Masters J. R. Sharp of Rapid
City and W. E. Benedict of Custer.
Fair Monday and Clondy nnd Warmer
Taeeday Is Prospect for
WASHINGTON. April 19. Forecast:
For Nebraska and Kansas Fair Monday;
Tuesday partly cloudy snd warmer. .
For Iowa and Missouri Fair Monday;
Tuesday fair and warmer.
For Illinois Partly cloudy Monday;
brisk to high north winds on the lake;
Tuesday fair.
For South Dakota Generally fair Mon
day and Tuesday.
For Colorado Fair Monday; warmer In
east portion; Tuesday cloudy, probably
ah o wers.
For Wyoming Fair Monday; Tuesday
cloudy, probably showers.
Local Record.
OMAHA, April 19. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation comparea wun
the corresponding day ot ine
last three
1902. 1901. 1900.
Maximum temperature ..60 8 55 i2
Minimum temperature ... t 40 Sj Jo
Mean temperature 54 64 45 M
precipitation .w .ua .w
Record of temoerature ana precipuanon
at Omaha for this day and since Mareh 1.
Normal temperature 62
F.xcess for the day 2
Tn.i .inrA March 1. vn
Normal precipitation 11 inch
Uenclency ror me aay ! L
Precipitation since March 1 .98lnch
Deficiency since March 1.... 2.34 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 112....2.17 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period. 1901 36 inch
Reports from Stations nt 7 P. M.
: 3 .2.
: 3 is
: c
i 2
i 1
Omaha, cloudy
601 .02
H .16
52' .01
6l .0i)
6'.! .00
Valentine, partly cloudy ....
North Platte, cloudy
Cheyenne, clear
Salt Lake City, clear
Ran d City, clear
Huron, cloudy
WUllston, partly cloudy ....
Chicago, partly cloudy
St. I.ouia, cloudy
St. Paul, raining
' 581
Davenport, cloudy
Kanaas City, partly cloudy.
Havre, clear
Helena, partly cloudy
Bismarck, clear
Galveston, clear
T Indicates trace of precipitation.
Local Forecast Official.
DAY & HESS, Council Bluffs
' Money to loss on Real Estate;
lowest rates; funds ot hand.
Mortgage Investments for sale.
Call on or writs uc If you have
money to Invest, either In mortgages,
bonds or real estate. Real property
cared for.
6 mall farm near city at a bargain.
DAY & HESS, Council Bluffs
House and lot la Council BluS s cheap.
H CST H7&$&?&'r then need be no sore suffering frost 11 V r j
H "!L(2SX '"'i' IwlsMBg.dlilortliig.enslavlngRhessistle, VsnssxCj'Ix' 1
U mm00' Nesralgle aa Pleuretlc achet aa palnil A,
thse sot stmgth to lose (tiros ti the scute, Srvltallilng mlns and aches cauud by atlawnts nt (tit Kidneys, Bladder, Liver, Langs and
f sine- Such peoela art profoundly grateful for the sure, magically-quick and agreeable naw CURB for these detaining and detracting nil, that
comes te Wien sow freak, para, and full ot power frost natvre'a own great laboratory MEDICAL LAKE PLASTERS Is their aams. Thsy
are the pure coat pound ef agreeable, sonalttve, hirnooloualy-actlv natural guoii, and ths evaporated salts of Medical Lake,
Washington, that nnrtvaM concentration of health power, whkh Is the animated them of to-day's health authorities. Throat and
Cheat DMfrcaltlm. Coaghs, Cramps, La Orlppe almost Instantly yield lo the permeating, toothing, Itl-eradlcartnf power of MEDICAL
LAKE PLASTERS. They act with mftc quickness la cases of Sprain or 3trslos, Weakness or Lameness and Inflammation eltbs
Joints or nosdes. There Is nottilDg Ilk them for pulling together and keeping Is aha pa ths pala-weakensd system of ths desiring--be
vlgoroas mas ar woman, .
t MGMCAL LA KB PLASTER0 are sold by druggists. Not a Patent Medklne. ;
. i Buy thorn He. each, snd keep well.
MEDICAL LAKB SALT5 flFO. CO., Sola fUrs., Nw York and Spokane," Wash.
For Sals bj SHERIUH &
One of tbs ThieTai it Shot and Fatally
Wounded and ths Other Escape
Man Who Is Robbed Calls Vp Officers
In . Town nnd All Ills Neigh
bors by Means of tha
. ST. LOUIS, April 19. By means of the
rural telephone service In the city of Ed
wardsvllle, 111., eighteen miles east ot here,
a posse of farmers wss quickly summoned
today to capture two supposed robbers, snd
In the fight that followed Frank Charles of
Mobile, Ala., one of the two men, was prob
ably fatally shot and bis companion escaped
after a three-mile chase.
Early today two farmhouses were entered
by robbers and provisions were taken from
one place and a tent from the second. The
farmers. Charles Glass and Henry Hend
ricks, notified Constable L. J. Lawrence by
telephone and then summoned neighboring
farmers by the same means. Immediately
heavily armed farmers answered the call.
The robbers had taken flight in a buggy
and when the posss came upon a buggy
containing two men and to which a tent
was strspped on the outside, the occupants
were ordered to surrender. The men
laughed, but did not offer violence.
Farmer Glass took a shotgun from the
buggy and with an oath one of the supposed
robbers drew a revolver and fired at Con
stable Lawrence, missing him. The con
stable returned the Ore with a revolver to
no effect. Just as the supposed robber
aimed again Farmer Glass shot him through
the jaw with the shotgun. The other man
fled and after going three miles the posse
lost trscs of him. The Injured man was
given medical attention, and not being able
to talk wrote his nams as Frank Charles,
Mobile, Ala. His entire lower Jaw was
shot away and a portion of his throst, and
he may die.
Oae Goes Into Grain -Bnalness and
the Other Into Merchant
SIOUX FALLS. S. D., April 19. (Special.)
Residents of Hartford who are in 8toux
Falls on business bring information of a
bitter trade war which is being waged In
that town between the Peavey Elevator
company on the one aide and the merchants
of the town on the other. It appears that
some ot the farmers in Hartford's terri
tory hsvs been hauling grain to Dell Rap
Ids, where. It Is alleged, they received
better prices than were offered 'at Hart
ford. The business men of Hartford seem
to blame the Teavey Elevator company for
this condition ot affairs because It did
not pay high enough prices to hold the
trade for Hartford. 8ome of the merchants
subscribed for stock in an Independent
elevator. This angered the Peavey people
and In retaliation they have announced
their Intention to add a line of general
merchandise snd enter Into competition
with the merchants of the town. As a
starter a carload of sugar wss recently
purchased by the elevator company snd
disposed of at prices which were below cost.
At present the elevator company It
transacting a mercantile bualness In Its
warehouse, but It is understood a building
will be erected, when a full line of gen
eral merchandise will be put In and sold at
the lowest possible prices.
After Tax Shirkers.
ETURQIS. S. D., April 19. (Special.)
The commissioners of Meade county passed
a resolution concerning personal tax mat
ters, that Is radical enough to suit any
body. In order to afford each taxpayer
an opportunity to make complaint against
any other taxpayer for failure to list per
sonal property for taxation, or for listing
the same at less than actual value, the
board has ordered the publication In July
next of the 1903 assessment of personal
property, such ss live stock, goods snd i
merchandise, moneys and credits, as listed j
by each taxpayer In Meade county for said 1
year. The board also will raise all assess
ments which are known or deemed to be
unjust to the county, and gives notice that
all attempts on the part of taxpayers ti !
a v. ri. t H n k Inn riAmta . Ifatlnw f I
property will be prosecuted for perjury
to the fullest extent of the law.
Works Wonders (or Women.
Electrle Bitters Invigorate ths femalo
system snd cures 'nervousness, headache,
backachs and constipation, or no pay. 50c.
For sala by Kubn A Co.
Farm of 22S acres, I miles 8. E. of
city at great bargain for 10 days. Ths
Ora Clark farm. Fins house, all bot
tomland, not subject to overflow, near
station, school, stc. Thers Is 1 10 per
sere profit In this. Tbs finest farm In
ths country at 155 per acre.
there need be no sore suffering fraai
twirling, dlrtortlng.ensUvIng Rheumatic,
Nearalf te sm Pleuretlc sches in palntl
The actlra man and baiy woman have no
(from tht Philadelphia
Ever since I Introduced my system
I have been overwhelmed with corre
spondence, a great part of which is
devoted to the question of diet. To
my mind, one of the most objection
able people on the face of the earth
Is the faddist, and I am certainly no
faddist. I believe that Nature is the
best gu'de as to what we should eat
and drink; and provided that we do
not eat or drink too much, I think one
cannot go far vrong- in taking those
things which a healthy appetite and
a natural Inclination suggest. Tha
danger lies not ro much In the quality
as in the quantity of the food and
the manner of taking-. I would rather
cat six times a day a little at a
time than live on two heavy meals.
The general opinion of the medical
profession lit that there Is too much
;.teat eaten In England, and I am
informed that a similar state of af
fairs exists In Australia. My own
m irL fz ttn, s-seflf.
.. ;K ,' " - "
VA . ' -ail '
.-(if' , 'i ! v
v.; I: ' - ' ; t i '.
f i 'i ' - ' I r ' ' ", ' t
.. V '-;
The Best Office Building
Moving is not pleasant to think about
except when the prospect of a handsome
office is in prospect. You have to get up
a certain amount of steam to move, even
when you are driven to desperation by
Spring Time elevator service and offices
Vk t that have been long in need
' teS IS of paint as well as soap and
of paint
always, looks fresh and attractive be
cause it is never allowed to get out of re
pair. This together with efficient janitor
service make it a pleasant place to do
business. Besides this the rents are no
higher than in other buildings.
R. C. Peters & Co.,
n -.. A eiiaa-. nA iti
y vi I uhiiu a i
trrnn mitmixnn
and Dodge SI:., Omaha, Neb,
Evening Telegraph.)
opinion is that the amount of food
consumed by the average person is
considerably in excess of the amount
required. If the quantity of food '
taken were smaller, the substance
lighter, and the mastication more
thorough, the labor of the excretory
organs would be less, and the general
health much better.
The question of alcohol la one which
seems to trouble a great many of my
correspondents, and is the subject of
many anxious inquiries. Now, I my
self am not a' total abstainer. In
moderation I believe alcohol Is a
valuable food; but, of course, one
cannot but shrink from the enormous
drink traffic of civilization. Let me
say, then, that alcohol la not neces
sary to the upbuilding' of the mus
cular system, but if taken In strict
moderation can do little or no harm.
In the same way, tobacco In excess
Is bad. Hut a man who Is a follower
of physical culture need not fear an
occasional pipe or cigar. Coming
more particularly to the strengthen
ing quality of foods, those articles
which contain the most albumen are,
of course, the most nourishing. Milk,
cheese, and eggs contain large per
centages of albumen; but the atom
ach cannot deal with more than a
limited quantity of these foodj 'with
out being upset. Of recent years,
however, a method of extracting; al
bumen from milk or rather from
buttermilk has "been discovered.- and '
the extract haa been put on the mar
ket- under the nams of "Plasmon.".
This plasmon was discovered by an
enterprising1 German chemist, snd Its
use Is spreading all over England and
the Continent; In fact, all over the
world, for I have Been It on sale In'
America and Australia. It Is used
medicinally as an article of diet.
Doctors who are about to perform
operations give their patients plas
rr.on Instead of drugs before the
operations, as the bulk Is very small
and the waste practically nil.
As to its sustaining qualities I can
bear personal testimony. I lived en
tirely on It for seven weeks, taking
about eight teaspoonfuls a day, dis
solved In water, this being my only
food during that period, and I was
performing twice a day. It Is pre
pared In various ways, being free
from flavor and smell, and perfectly
Boluble. It can be dissolved In water
and made Into soup, or added to other
soups or gravies, or may be kept on
the table and added dry. It can be
dissolved In milk, and then added to
tea or coffee, and is now, I believe,
made up In chocolate bars, beef ex
tract, biscuits, and bread. Whenever
I travel I carry some with me.
poor janitor work, wretched
as well as soap and
k f ac?0 uiu,
a & aV mMm a m vxr