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. We Close Saturdays at I p. m.
itates it. It secures complete
! body. r.-It receives warmth from and returns it to the skin. '
H Is warming In sold weather and cooling during oppressive heat... It does not
7 feel chilly or damp after perspiration. It makes the akin healthy and elastic.
It does hot absorb the fatty secretion of the sebaceous glands. It acts sooth-
. Jngly end strengthening on the nervous system. . . .
i It prevents the germination of diseases of the skin, rheumatism, eto.
We are event for this nnderwear and would be pleased to have
yon call and set a booklet aboat Ramie I'nderweer for
men, women and children. .
, Y. M. G A. Buildine. Corner
Xawytr 8ayi Leaned Brother Had Show
' of Mad Millionaire. 1
JadaV Oeclaea Afflicted Lad' Mast He-
mala. Within His Jurisdiction Till
SaardU'pahlp Is Settled After
Hearing Rival Claims.
i LAFAYETTE, Ind April 16. Two law
yens engaged In a flat fight in the circuit
court this afternoon, Dan Stroma, repre
senting Fred Chase, father of the young
millionaire, and A. - I Kumler, represent-"
ing Mr. and Mrs. Charles Duhtne.of Cin
cinnati, who are fighting for the 'possession
xf the, bor, had met tor a conference with
the judge "as 16 what should be done with
him' pending He heading of the case.
Kumler denounced his opponent and
Chase's father, declaring that Motes Fow
ler haaa. bad. been-,. bpought to Indiana
from France by force and fraud. II also
assented that the unfortunate man was put J
on exhibition at the law offices of Chase's '
.attorneys. f ,
Ex-Judge E. P. Hammond shouted: "That's '
an absolute falsehood." ' v v ; ,' . '
i Attorney Slmroa Jumped up and, ap- ,
proached Kumler, who tried to ward him
off. BimmS.then laDded a fierce right-hand
wing on .KHmler's Jaw and followed it. with
a smash with his left. Both blows landed,
Kuinler.protecUng.hlmself as best he could.
"The court room was crowded and lawyers,
court ofljclajs, and apectators sprang to the
combatants .and .dragged .them apart. - The
judge fined Blmnjs I25forstrUclng the first
blow, but onv the offender apologizing anil
Kumler asking that tb fine be remitted his
honor remitted the penalty. ' '. . ..
' It 'was finally decided that Moses Fowter
Chase - should remain within the jurisdic
tion at hef court,' with the understanding
that Mr. and Mrs. Duhme, who are bis
aunt an(I un(;)eK. are , not to Interfere with
him, though they, feave the privilege of ap
plying ta . the . court for 'authority to see
him. : ' '. '. ':,
The guardianship.' application served on
the young 'millionaire Is . returnable on
April 7, 'for which day the case Is set. "
Ors. M. M. Lelry, E. C. Davidson and W.
W. Vlnnedge of Lafayette and Dr. C. B.
Burr et Flint, Mich.; exantlned young Chase
this afternoon: and pronounced' him insane.
' They declare his answers to the most sim
ple' questions are Incoherent, although' he
appeared- perfectly, -sane when taken oft
the train. .,'.. '' '
. Dr..Lalry said: r'I asked the boy If he
had had hi 'Hmnerv and' he mumbled out a
lot 6f -disjointed words. The result was
the same when I asked him whether he had,
beea In" Paris and, a lot of other things
just aa 'simple. . Jl was as-though he had
picked-a number 6t words at random from
various parts of a dictionary."- '
Arrested Wr the Police and Readily
'' ''.. Ceafesae . to the'-
"; '('. v ". '
... . . '( ' ' .
NEW YORK,' April W.-MDbed Paddock, a
driver, shot and killed In a Bowery re
sort early today, and the bartender' in the
place, James Carter, was locked up. The
police' Say he confessed : that he did the
, shooting. ...
Paddock's body was found In the hallway
of the retort with a bullet hole In the back
of the. .head, and. the officers who arrested
Carter say they found him standing behind
the bar with the revolver In hia hand, and
that he readily .confessed he had shot a
man and that his body was In the hall.
The. bartender's explanation, according to
the police. "was that the drive had tried to
rob a man In the place; and when Interfered
with had tried, to draw a revolver. Besides
Carter, four-other men were taken into cus.
The. police say the driver -did not have, a
revolver- In his clothes and they think he
- was running away when shot.
Sen York Police Determined to Probe
i;' to Bottom Mystery of Man
'A' ' ' ia Barrel.
NiJW YORK. April 16. Vlto Laduca. who
v.ts titpposed to have been the proprietor
of the butcher shop in- Bt. Anton street,
where.'njDe arrests were made last night in
connection with the. murder ot the. man
found 10 a barrel, in rt Eleventh street
UsC .Tuesday .morning, surrendered him
self at police headquarters today and waa
held as 4 wltneas.'
Nikola, Testro, 16 years old, who lives
.With La dura, also went to police headquar
ter and waa detained for the same pur-POM-
At the place in Elisabeth street kept
' The Gorham Co.
- r.- guarantee it
; Gorham v
Silver Polish
Cvarapted to b the best on the
market ' by the leading ailver
imitha of the world.
AtJ ra.pon.ibl.' NttDUIplckMI
Bee, April lJ.
Ramie Health
It preserves health It restores health
r-It is comfortable to wear It is almost
indestruetable in wear.
It has an airy, unalterable cellular tis
sue, which possesses the property of stor
ing warmth. It does not hinder perspir
ation or render it more difficult, but facil
ventilation at the surface of the
Sixteenth and;Dou2laa SU
by Gulseppe Morella, who waa on of the
men arested last night, the police have
locked the doors and placed padlocks on
them. Through the glass In the windows
can be seen large barrels that bear a re
semblance to the barrel In which the mur
dered man was . found. .. --.
The barrel in Eleventh street had two
wooden hoops and. a wire hoop at both top
and bottom. The barrels In the store ap
pear as if they had nothing but' wire "hoops.
In the store waa found a quantity of saw
dust and burlaps, and Detective PefrosinO
took some of it to police headquarters to
day for examination and, comparison with
that found In the barrel and about the
murdered man'a neck, -!.
(Continued from First Pfge.)
dent of the United Irish League of Amer
ica, said he was delighted With-the unanim
ity which .had characterized the meeting.
He had never aeen anything like that quiet
and peaceful Irish convention an voiced
American sympathy with the meeting.
Mr. O'Brien's original motion was then
carried ' unanimously and.. the convention
adjourned until Friday.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund the money It It falla to
cure. E. W. Orove'a signature is on, each
box. 25c. ,
t i
Ditch that Will.. .Reclaim , Fifteen
Thonaand Aerea In Holt County,
.Missouri. '' '
MOUND CITY. Mo.. Anril, 1 WHn,-lM
WThe biggest enterprise -.' whlcf baa been
undertaken by the people; of Holt ficunty for
a number of years Is lffct ot. 'tflMfrf a
ditch which shall dratn'lhe wXfvfvfrom
15,000 acres of swamp' land lying west! of
this place, and thus rent-em it fop.jrurtiva
tlon. ' '
For t,wo years legal -proceedings against
the district retarded progress in It's -con
structlon, but . now, after, having .received
a decision in its favor from ..the Supreme
court of Missouri, all pbsteoles .have been
removed and aa soon as the necessary pre
liminary steps have been taken, 1 the. con
structlon of the ditch will, be begun.
C. O. Landon, county surveyor, has jnst
finished a topographical survey of the dis
trict, which shows that the ditch must.fol
low closely the line of the bluffs from Its
head, lust north ot tqls place,- ta a point
Just north of Napier, when it vrUV run
sovnthwest Into the Missojurl-rlverv " ;
Surveyor Landon has received thereon
tract to survey a course for the ditch and Js
given sixty, daya in .which to complete his
work. -
The ditch,, when completed, will be thirty
feet wide, nine feet, deep and about four
teen miles long. The estimated cost Is
about $100,000.
Maaafacterera Endorse '. Aiieecji
mltttn Rlcht ot Labor
Oraanlse Propcrlyj
NEW ORLEANS.. April l.The 'National
Association of Manufacturer this afternoon
elected the following officers: President
D. M.1 Parry, Indianapolis; secretary, 'Mar
shall Cushtng, New York; treasurer, F..H.
Still, New York. V -
J.-C. Nunemacher of Kentucky urged the
r.fsoclatlon to present united opposition
to what he termed' the anarchio and so
ciallstlc element controlling many of the
labor unions, but -declared the association
must admit the right and Justice ot organ'
Ued labor properly conducted.
"Let this be our motto." he said, "tal
play to the working-men and America for
us all, employer and, employe." .The sentl
ment was vigorously applauded. .
alt Commeaeed Against .-.aasyl.
saada of Men.
TOLEDO, . O., April 16. An Important
legal action involving the -question of the
regularity ot the Pennsylvania. Railroad
company's relief department has been In
stituted here. W. G. Gill, who -files the
suit for a woman whose husband was kill
ed charges in hia petition that the com
pan causes the employes to maintain the
relief fund to guard against ' losses and
damages by accident, thus saving the com
pany that expense. He says that the case
undoubtedly will go to tbe supreme court
and that its result wiH-affect thousands ot
railroad men throughout tha country. He
hopea to have tha. department declared il
legal. ' . '
Two LUm Art .ui.
PITTSBURO. April 16. Last night's
boarding house fire waa responsible tor the
lorn ot twa lives, 'Instead of ope, as reported
shortly after the destruction of the build
ing. The Incinerated remains of another
boarder. John Zlsco, waa found thta morn
ing In the rains. The body found last nfght
was Identified as that of Michael Dinardt.
Four others who were asleep In the house
when the fire broke out were seriously in
jured, by jumping. The property loea was
about $2.&00. . . ) : -
Kew York Brekera Aasla-a.
I NEW YORK. April 11-J. Overton Payne
and Arthur B. Payne, formerly carrying
on bu.inens under tha name of J. Overton
I'uvne. Jr Co.. bankers and trvker, today
1 e.slue4 fur tha boMttt of creditors.
Youtsej Telli Court Howard Shot Lata
Zenvnoky 0oT8Tnor.
Rival Baeentlve Alleaerf to Hart
Promised Fall Pardon aid Then to
' Have Gone Back on 111 Con.
vlcted Accomplice.
FRANKFORT, Ky.. April 16. Henry E.
Toutsey today for the first time told on tho
witness stand hit story of Governor Gos
pel's murder. He named James Howard,
the defendant, aa the man who fired the
He said he saw Howard for the first time
few minutes before the shooting, though
he bad written to him at Governor Taylor'a
dictation aeveral days before. He took
Howard into Caleb Power'a office, which
bad been especially arranged for the
shooting, and showed him the Marlin rifle,
the bullets and the window from which the
murder was to be done. He says Howard
asked what he was to get for the abootlng.
"what do you wantT" replied witness
when Howard said he wanted a pardon for
killing George Baker.
"I told him he could have that and more.
too," said Youtaey.
"About that time," he continued, "Ooebel
came out and I pointed him out to Howard
and then ran from the room. As I disap
peared from the steps to the basement I
heard the crack of Howard's rifle."
After the shooting he passed through the
state house basement and sf few minutes
later came back Into the executive building
from the east entrance.
"I stayed In the office ot Assistant Secre
tary ot State Matthews," said he, "tor . a
few moments and' saw Matthews break open
Caleb Powers' office and find the guna that
had been left there."
At that time he was private secretary to
Auditor Sweeney, but while hia political
status waa -not definitely fixed it .was un
derstood he was to have a good place under
Taylor. ' "Governor Taylor," said Youtaey,
directed everything we did. We regarded
him as our leader, and we were morally re
sponsible for all we did. We knew we had
the' governor and the pardoning board be
hind us, and we were not afraid of punish
ment for killing Ooebel."
During 'Youtsey's testimony Howard sat
with his eyes riveted on the witness. His
wife sat behind him. Howard did not change
On cross-examination Youtaey said even
after he was arrested and sent to the peni
tentiary he still had hope of gaining his
liberty. He thought Yerkes waa defeated
however, and about a yeaf ago he decided to
tell his story to Prison Physician Tobin..
As ari additional Incentive for him to tell
the story, he claimed Taylor, Powers
and others had used him as a cat's paw
and scapegoat and (hen deserted him when j
be got into trouble.
He aald the only man who ever talked to
him about any kind of reward was James
A. Scott, now counsel for Howard. i
"This waa just before I was arrested,"
said he, "and Scott told me it I would tell
enough to bring about seven convictions he J
would get me,$35,000."
He admitted Having sent for Governor
Beckham and asking his advice. The gov
ernor told him he should tell everything,
but that he waa offered no inducement.
In cross-examination Youtsey admitted
that jte . and Johnson had planned to kill
Goebfl and that Johnson was to do the
shooting. . W... J.. Davidson, then, superin
tendent of public Instruction, offered to al
low Johnson the use of his' office .for the
purpose. Witness, however, did not approve
ef Johnson's plans and discarded him. ,. He
did not see htm after January 25.
Claims f.abor Dealres Peace, bat "Will
Not Baa If Conflict la
. . ,
WASHINGTON. April 16. President
Gotnpers of the American Federation of
Labor today Issued a statement in reply to
Mr. Parry'a report to the Manufacturers'
association. If nays:
If there waa any doubt that Mr. Parry
had taken leave of his reason, the report,
or rather harangue, which he made to his
convention demonstrates .it beyond- any
doubt. If the manufacturers endorse Mr.
Parry'a unjustified and malicious opposition
to the workers' efforts to secure material
and moral Improvement they simply write
themselves down to his low level and stand
committed with him for all the injury
which must follow from his - rabid utter
ances, his venomous, and Igrtorant antagon
ism, which must provoke only resentment
and retaliation.
Organised labor Is the result of our in
dustrial development and environment. It
proposes to seure a larger share of the pro
duction of wealth. It seeks to secure these
objocts by peaceful and lawful methods. It
alms to establish- more rightful relations
between man and man.
Organised labor seeks no such "conflict as
Mr. Parry -would promote, but neither will
It run away from one. - We desire Industrial
and social peace and are making for It,
Mr. Parry and those who act with him to
the contrary notwithstanding.
We shall be enabled soon to discern to
what extent the manufacturers ot the
I nltea mates are in accord with mm. At
this writing we are confident that he rep
resents but an'lnnnltesmal part of tbe
American employers. Organized labor faces
the future, oonnnent ana self-reliant and
hurls back Into the teeth of Mr. Parry his
foul vituperation and abuse. Organised la
bor Is constantly striving for the attainment
of a better ana, Dinner me, the fulfillment
of its mlaslon for the brotherhood of mun.
Barglara Enter lloaae While
Family Is In the Dlalna-
ST. LOUI8, April. 16. While the family
was eating supper last night burglara ran
sacked the second story rooms of the real.
dence ot Phillip Stock, secretary of the
English brewery syadlcate securing nearly
$2,000 worth ot jewelry and valuables.
Considerable other Jewelry waa . over
looked. James Plerson, the coachman, haa
been arrested on-suspicion of being Impli
cated. .'.-..
Sweara la Five Handred VIIlaata
and So Keepa Crowd ia '
JOPLIN, Mo., April 16. It was feared all
day that the mob which last night lynched a
tramp negro would resume the depreda
tlona tonight. Mayor Trigg issued a procla
matlon today calling a publlo meeting of
No Dessert
More Attractive
Why nae gelatine and
spend hours aoakin,
sweetening, flavoring
and ooloriug when
produces better results ia two minutee
kver thins in the ttackage. Simply add hot
water and net to coot. It's irfeoUoa. A sur
prise to the housewife. No trouble, leas ex.
peuao. Try it to-day. Ir Four Fruit Fla
vors: Lemon, Orange, Bixaw berry, iasp
Wrry. At gruoeia. 1U.
good cltlsens to organise 50 vigilantes for
preservation bf order.
Thli waa done and although ' throngs
began to fill the streets by nightfall there
was no algn of disorder. .
The feeling la still Intense, but It Is be
lieved the mayor's action has effectually
quieted any desire to continue the rioting.
Wife Marderer Btraaslcs with narda
In Hospital and Dies aa
HOLYOKE, Mass.. April 16. Narclsse
Gagne, who murdered his wife with a flat-
iron on Sunday night and attempted to
commit . suicide afterwards, died In the
House of Providence hospital tonight.
Death waa due to a physical collapse fol
lowing a second desperate struggle to es
cape his guards.
Gagne had been quiet all day, but about
became restless., Ha talked considerably
and when the doctor , visited him later In
the evening he became Irritable and the
guard pnt the handcuffs on him. This
teemed to excite him and he attempted to
rise from his bed. Then followed a des
perate struggle, which made it necessary
to call in the aid of other guards. After
he was overpowered he seemed to be rest
ing from fatigue., but suddenly expired.
On Tuesday morning he nearly killed a
policeman In an attempt to escape.
Attempt . to Oct Him dbt of Jail on
Plea ' that Re la
la sane.
Frank E. Waring, son of H. M. Waring of
Omaha, was . arrested , yesterday at tbe
home ot his father here on the charge of
passing a forged check upon a hotel man ot
Madison, Neb., for $100. As soon as he bad
been taken to Jail his father employed At
torneys Gurley and Woodrough to secure
bis release on the ground that he ia Insane
and hence mentally Incompetent to commit
crime within the provisions ot the criminal
law of Nebraska. A writ of habeas oorpua
was secured from Judge Baxter and the
hearing is to be before Judge Estelle this
morning at 9: JO. , .
Chief Donahue says that Waring Is wanted
in sevtral states for forgery and that there
is a $60 reward for him lo Michigan; that
he waa sent to the state asylum for Insane
In January. 1902,. but- has been out some
time on parole, and that the other day he
passed a forged check for $100 upon a hotel
man at Madison, Neb. The hotel man and
the sheriff, of Madison . county followed
.Waring to Omaha and- the police made the
arrest yesterday. ........
In the petition for the writ J. L. Greene,
superlnt ndent of the State Asylum for the
Insane, Appears aa the relator; asserts o!e
right to the custody of Waring and asks
that tb young man be recommitted to his
Repabllcan Committee Takes store
- Room oa Harney, Hear
"Tha republican .. city committee opena
headquarters at 1407 Harney street, next to
Meyer A Raapke'a, Friday morning," Is
the announcement made yesterday by Chair
man Robert Cowell. . .
The rooms were being cleared and cleaned
yesterday and partitions put in that all may
be In readiness . for. the committee
members and tpr. Secretary C. C. Valentine
and Treasurer Charles Morgan of the cn
tral committee and, George Munro, chairman
or too executive committee, witn tneir re
spective stenographers and other assistants.
Mr. Cowell and Mr. Munro, aa well as the
secretary and treasurer, are planning to de
vote a great deal of their time to the work
of tha campaign, ' feeling that ita brevity
makes such a course possible despite their
business interests. . .
At noon yesterday the bolters' faction had
announced no headquarters, though Candt
date Benson bad been chasing about with
the alacrity of aa errand boy all forenoon
hunting a suitable place. So far his own
office on the alxth floor of the Paxton block
haa been used. Hia petitions are being cir
culated by his friends, and It la understood
that the initial skyrocket of his campaign
will go up in the Sixth ward Friday night.
Committee of Ak-Sar-Bea Expects
Bear from tho President
' Very; Soon.
The committee of the Board of Governors
ot the Knlghta of Ak-Sar-Ben la awaiting
newa from President Roosevelt after he
leavea the Yellowstone park before making
the final arrangements for hia reception
and entertainment . here.. . It expects to
hear from blm from Cinnabar, Wyo.. Fri
day or the next day. giving final time of
hit arrival, in the city and approval ot
features of the reception program.
Men from Fort Crook . Will Battle
. with Pa Ronrke'a Boys
Friday afternoon the soldiers from Fort
Crook will appear in the Vinton street
arena against "Papa Bill's" aggregation of
ball tosxers. Fort Crook generally haa a
pretty nifty team and it looks awfully good
this year, as It la the pick of the two bat
talion teams that have been organised
there. The day has also been designated
as ladles' aay. Tne lineup is as ioiiows;
Hickey ,
Position. Fort Crook
...Fire base
..Second base....
,. Bhortstop. .....
..Third base
....l?t field
..Center field....
...Right field.
Catcher .,
... Catcher .
.... Pitcher ..
... Pitcher .
O'Neill Pitcher
InJared by Fall from Street Cnr.
pr. W. O. Btrouse of 1104 South Sixth
street, a sanitary officer of tne health de
uartment. was stunned and severely
bruised on the left side of the face by a
fall from a southbound Thirteenth street
. Canltnl .l.nn. T 1 M orMW . , I . L.
him up and brought hlnl to the drug store
at Thirteenth and Doiiglae streets, from
which place he was taken to the police sta
tion unit afterward to his borne. He aot
oft the car while it was in motion, accord
ing to tne conductor, up. nirouse waa un
able to say what bad happened or where
be waa lor an nour atter tne acciuenu
Mysterloaa Blase la Barn.
The barn of Judge B. Wakeley at Nine
teenth and California streets was discov
ered to be on fire at 1:46 o'clock t hia morn
ing by Officer BamueUon, who turned In
the alarm. Some nelahbom- broke in th
door and got out the three carriages which
were in tne ounaing. tne aepartment
nnli-klv rut out the fire srter a larre. nor.
tlon of the roof of the building had tMrn
demolished. There were no horse In the
barn. The door was locked and the cause
of tha blase is unknown.
Mortality Statistics.
The following births and deaths have been
reported to the Board or Hraltn:
Births Iula Keindorf, :tf7 South
Twenty-eeventh. boy; Henry Pavls, tM4
Lake, girl: William Wuif. l!TJ Paul; Harry
G. Hill. U0 South Twenty-Mxth avenue
boy: Michael G. Clarkson. J1! 9 Chicago, boy
Maurice Broadky, 637 South Twenty-fifth
Deathe Martin Weinfurtner 171 Dorcas
K; John WliUam MorrUsy, ti ncrol-,
kterriam Declares Merger Decision Tf-nda to
Btrtngthtn Central Government.
Comhlaea Serve to Steady Commercial
World aad So Stave OS or Mini
mise Common Ferloee of
ST. PAUL, Minn.. April If. William R.
Merrlam, formerly governor of Minnesota,
and until recently census commissioner,
waa the principal speaker before the St.
Paul Credit Men's association banquet to.
night. .
After speaking briefly of the unprece
dented prosperity and the great Industrial
combinations, he aald:
I cannot help concluding that the con
centration In a few hands of so large a
number of Industrial concerns mun have
n effect like ballast on a ship it must
steady the situation. This to emphasised
by the fact that certain Industries like the
iron and ateel Industry, controlled by a
comparatively few men. owning the raw
inmeriHi ana the transportation laciutiea
and producing ine manufactured article,
must b in a better nl tun tlon to restrict the
output and ndjust sut ply to demand than
when tht- rcii.Htiiieiit companies competed
with each other fur tutiness.
Trusts Minimise Crisis.
In other worde. U It not a fact that the
Iron and steel Industry, the sugar ladustry
ana tne combinations producing various
articles of necessity will be enabled by
their financial strength and able manage
ment, to adjuKt the affairs of their i r
poratlona to changing conditions, and thun
put off. or at least greatly mitigate, the
eras of depression which have been ao com
mon tlnce 1837"
in speaking of these vast arKreantions vjf
capital 1 desire distinctly to disavow any
dial oil tlon to underestimate the possible
cviis which msy overshadow the stute
from the srreed rf ownervhiD. or the dan-
gt-ra that may M.reaten the public by lea
son of the unlimited power that follows the
m.iMinf of capital, as well as the disaster
which Inevltatil comes to the clttsen in an
attempt either to : die competition or to
destroy ar. u.iloriurntt: rival.
Many tr then sieul corporations do not
deal In articles that can be considered
mcnciKlies but 1 cannot help coming to
the co-melon that according to the oDln-
lon of the tourt of r.ppeals a few days since
no man anau ne permitted ami no corpora
tion shall be permitted to utilise the right
of private ownership so as to injure Tils
neighbor or menace the public good. 1
would have you fully appreciate Just what
this means. No corporation doing business
in the states can destroy Its rival by a dis
astrous cut In prices or rHle prict-e tor
products to the point of oppression. Hence,
the courts, while recognizing the right of
corporations to transact their legitimate
business, declares that whenever they
prove a public menace thev become ene
mies to the commonwealth, rtlxobedfent to
the law and are liable to be destroyed.
Decision Strengthens Government.
Does this mean that (her In tn he a re.
alignment of ideas on the subject of pri
vate ownership? The oonoluslon Is Irre
sistible that in the central government
rests the Dower to determine that the In
dividual or the corporation transecting any
business that is Interstate In Ita character
cannot hold, maintain or operate any prop
erty that results in Inlurv to the nnhllr
Surely etich a contention In effect materially
leiiii io centralize power in tne national
It seems to me" that It Is our common
duty to lend his ability, his gcodwill and
to utlllale his citizenship against every in
cursion of capital seeking to invade the
w oi me siates, or in any sense aprearj
puuiiv menace.
John Christ Lsriei Reports a Se
rious Misfortune to the
John Christ Laraen last night reported to
tha police, .the theft of $70 and a note for
1100 from- his room at 127 South Twenty-
seventh street by Thomas Mack, who had
been living with him, but had gone away
Wednesday. Larsen, who ia a hard working
elderly Dane employed by the water com
pany, said that he had become acquainted
with Mack some time ago and bad taken
him for a roommate. Wednesday this man
did not return home, but sent a letter
mailed In this city saying that he was going
to Red Oak, Ia., and would be back In a few
days. Mack's working clothes and two old
valisea were left In the room and Larsen
did not suspect anything until yenterday
evening, at - which time, be looked In his
trunk and found hia money was gone. Tbe
note was' drawn by Gus Llndeln In favor of
Larsen. .
Swedish Americana Eathnslaatlcally
Eadorse All the Convention's Xom
laeea, Pledalaa; Support.
There cannot well be any doubt about
where the Swedes of Omaha are standing
In this municipal campaign. Their Swedish
American league held a meeting at Wash
ington hall last night that was a "rouser"
and that bad for Its one purpose the com
pleta and enthusiastic endorsement of the
entire republican ticket. Tbe resolution.
signed by Jacob L. Jacobson, president, and
N. P. Swanson, secretary, waa adopted In
this form:
Resolved. That the Swedish-American Re-
ftublican league endorses the entire repub
lean ticket placed in nomination by the
regularly constituted republican convention
held at wasningion nan, jtpru ji, ana inei
we pledge the seme our nearly and loyal
Iowa Mlalaa- Man.
NEW YORK, April 1. Do Witt Stearns,
a mining promoter' who has been living for
the last six months at tbe Astor bouse,
died there today suddenly from heart dis
ease. Mr. Stearns came here from Iowa
and waa on hia way to South America.
Joha Sommera of Marble Rock
CHICAGO, April 15. John Sommers of
Marble Rock, Ia., died suddenly In tha
Grand Central depot early today while on
his way to Parla.
Press J. Kennedy, a Kansas City manu
facturer of printers' rollers and compost
tlon. is In Omaha on business.
Alva W. Speelman petitions for divorce
rsom Mary, alleging desertion. Thev were
married at Clarlnda, la., in April, im.
util Beddon says that Jode, her hue
band, has repeatedly threatened to kill her
ard that she wants divorce. They were
married in Omaha November 1, lsJ.
Division No. t of the Ladles' Aid society
of the First Presbyterian church will give
an Eaater dinner from 11:30 to 1:30 today at
the church. Seventeenth and Dodge streets
Judge Fawcett has Instructed the Jury to
find for the defendant in the suit of Joseph
Kegner against the Fred Krug Brewing
company to recover for lingers crushed in
macmnery m mo u.c.,.
Marrv H. Craig haa sued tne street rail
nl company for because he broke
ki. .,i and waa otherwiea Injured when a
car conductor acared him Into Jumping off
a moving car at Tenth and Jackson streets
January i ta
Tha u 000 estate of Jeremiah O'Oradv
former policeman, has beea divided by lot
among his four helra. Mrs.. Mary Kettrrer,
Thomas O'Grady. Margaret OGrady and
1-1 1. n O'Grady. The estate consisted ot
Drouerty at Twelfth and Dorcas streets. It
was dylded into four parts as nearly
equal in value as possible and yesterday
afternoon the attorneys In the case drew
The King's Daughters society of the First
Baptist cnurcn win give an entertainment,
"An Evening with Jean ingelow," at th
church. Park avenue and Leavenworth
street, at s o'clock this evening. "Tho1
Songs of Seven will be given. Good fslt-nt
haa beea secured. There will be no adrn
slon fee, but a free-will offtrna to the
K Ina's Daughter fund fur the Biw church
bull am wtu i
George I. Merryman Complicates the
Family Fnas of Mr. and
Pra. Tonnell.
A B. Tunnell and Mrs. Tunnell, who con
duct a boarder feeding establishment at 401
North Eighteenth street, disagreed to aueh
an extent at dinner time yesterday evening
over anting styles for stub steaks or some
kindred topic, that Tunnell got himself ar
rested for siemulUng Mrs. Tunnell with hi
fist. But this Is not the point. While the
loud voiced trouble waa at Ita height and
the policemen on the field in walked George
It, Merryman, attracted by tha crowd, and
seeing the dinner waiting on the tablea,
sat dowa and enjoyed a meal or two.
"Madame,' aald he affably to Mrs. Tun-
neH, who he thought waa under arest. "Do
you Wish me to come down to the station
and sign a bail bond for your releaser
"why, this man doesn't belong here," ex
claimed Mrs. Tunnell.
&o Mr. Merrymaa Is a suspicious charac
ter and In ihe'dty jail. He la getting to be
a nuisance to the department. It being ao
that an officer can hardly go anywhere with
out being forced to arrest him. He walks
with a crutch-' for which he has not the
slightest use, and which In momenta
ot Interest he forgets to put to the side
walk. When he waa arrested last eight be
carried a large grape banket, which he said
contained a little lunch. The statement
wgf perfectly correct, the basket contain
ing, a very little lunch and much other ma
terial. The lunch consisted of 5 cents
worth of oooktra. Then there were wrapped
In'-a large amount of papers a Brandeis
savings bank which he had boen trying to
selL all day, a large and ornamental double
nickel and china Inkstand, a little clothing,
two Jars of rouge for the face, one partially
used, two mora Jars of cold cream and one
camphor compound, a large package of saa
safrss and a Jar of malted milk, and be
yond this various bottles and boxes ot shoe
blanking, perfumery and extracta.
Their Club la Addressed by Howell,
Lobeck and Many Other
At the meeting of the First Ward Demo
cratic club last night the routine business
of tho club was disposed of quickly In or
der that the numerous , democratic candi
dates present mljjht speak on the order
of their running.
There was a large attendance and the
Idea of having complete representation In
the "Democratic' Hub" met with approval.
The following precinct delegates were
elected: , First precinct, Charles Heinz;
Second precinct, E. J. Dee; Third precinct.
Dan J. Connolly; Fourth precinct, V. D.
Reynolds; Fifth precinct, John Power;
Sixth precinct, C. O. Cunningham: Seventh
precinct. Fred Albrecht; Eighth precinct,
James Delaney. Following the election, of
the delegates a resolution waa Introduced
and adopted by the club endorsing the
ticket and policy of the democratic party
aa determined at the convention last Sat
urday night.
The candidates present wera legion and
from each waa required a speech. They all
stated they are "on the platform" and
will do what they can to follow It if they
are elected. The candidates present wera
E. E. Howell, C. O. Lobeck, John Berrytnan,
from the Seventh; Charles Scbnauber, from
the Third; George W. Smith, from tbe
Fifth; Thomas Falconer, from the Eighth;
E. L. Robertson, from the Ninth, and Er.
nest Stuht, from the First,
After tbe speeches of the candidates the
meeting adjourned until Thursday next.
Pair of Veasg Men Under I Arrest
Thenatht to Have Looted .
a Homo.
The bouse of Mrs. Edward Black at SS0S
Michigan avenue was entered yesterday aft
ernoon about 4:80 o'clock, ransacked and a
S5 bill and baby'a gold ring taksn. Mrs.
Black was In another part ot the city at tha
time, but some of the neighbors saw two
men about the place and gave such accurate
descriptions of the pair that Ray Brown of
2513 Bristol street waa arrested soon after
the theft, and later on Pat Carrol of 1(20
North -Twenty-first atreet was also taken
to tha police station. Theae two were last
night aeen and Identified by Mrs. C. W.
Hodge of 2304 Michigan avenue and Neva
Willis of 921 North Twenty-fourth atreet,
who were positive that the prisoner, were
tbe men they had seen at the Black house.
The pair were seen to try the front and
back doors and then raise a front window
and enter. Neither of tha prisoners' was
charged with daylight breaking and enter
ing, but this will probably be done today.
Bennlnartoa on a Trial Trip.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., April 16. The
gunboat Bennington; commanded by Captain
Thomas, late of the fish commlsion steamer
Tiiflf Does Good
A nedlclnil food thai
.11. .I...L..
and drl Yes cut iiflu
Tba only vitalised Emulsion of Cod Liver
Oil with tbe hypopbosphltea of lime and
aoda and gualaool.
For weak; thin, consumptive, pale-faced
people, and for those who sutler from
chronte akin disease and weakness of lungs,
chest or throat.
Osomulslon Is a scientific food, prepared
under aseptlo conditions la a modern labor
atory under supervision of skilled physi
To bo had of all druggists.
A Large Sample Bottle Free
will be sent by us to any address oa re
quest, ao that Invalids In every walk of
life can test It for themselves and see what
Osomulslon will do for them. band us
your name and complete address, mention
ing this psper, and the large sample free
bottle will at once be sent to you by mail,
preoald. Add
Tho Ozomulslon Co.
OS Pin M.. Now York.
VSaV 'iiiuiaaiuii lav ' - J . u sa saw v v- eauva
tHat Khrrman A d rt'nnn.! TjrUaT Co.. arhssl's
r- I l . ..i . Km. lunn M. 4 an1
MUiytl VVVleV M WW flVVwawwa
m m m mvTi r
Albatross, Is to go to sea tomtnorrow for a
two days' trial trip under tha direction of
a naval board. Tha Bennington Is rated
aa a thlrd-elaaa cruiser and recently carefe
dawn to tha bay from Mare Island nar
yard, where It was extensively overhauled
apd improved.
Iteh TM faery Woman
Desires to Know
About Sanative Antisep
tic Cleansing
it' 3
And about the Care of the Skin.
Scalp, Hair and Hands.
Too much stress cannot be placed on
tbe great value of Cutlcura Soap, Oint
ment and Resolvent In the antleeptlo
cleansing of tho tnucoas surface and of
tha blood and crrealnting fluids, thua
affording pare, sweet and economical
local and constitutional treatment for
weakening ulcerations, Inflammations,
Itchlnga, Irritations, relaxations, dis
placements, palna and Irregnlarltlea
peculiar to females. Hence the Ctul
enra remedloj have a wonderful Influ
ence In restoring health, strength and
beauty to weary women, Who have)
been prematurely aged and Invalided
by these distressing ailments, as well as
such sympathetic afflictions as anasmla,
chlorosis, hysteria, nervousness and
Women from the very first hare, folly
appreciated the parity and sweetness,
the power to afford Immediate relief,
tha certainty of speedy and permanent
cure, tha absolute safety and great
economy w hlch bave made the Cuticnra
remedies the standard eklrj cirea and
bnmonr remedies of tbe civilised world.
Millions of the women use Cutlcura
Soap, assisted by Cntlcara Ointment,
tot preserving, purifying and beautU
fylDg the skin, for cleansing the scalp
of crusts, scales and daudruff, and the)
topping of falling hair, for aoftenlng,
whitening and soothing red, rough and
sore bands, for annoying irritations,
and ulcerative weaknesses, and for
many sanative, antiseptic purpose
which readily suggest themselves, aa
well aa for all the purposes of the toilet,
bath and nnrsery.
Sold Uirrt wM Ovttrara IbiotTsiit JSt.fla
twin of Ckcolu OoMnl Pitts. tM. rn rial ot v Otat
st, SV, Somp. Sto. D-poUt l,oadon. V Chartartinaas
f q I Put. 1 Rut lit n P.I 1 1 Ho(ns. IV Coluatbss A,
SO- SsaOsir'' A Usee CtW mmm?
Tourist Cars to
Pacific Coast.
Our folder, ''Acrons tbe
' Coutinent in a Tourist
Sleeping Car," gives full
information about the
beat and'cLeifpest ivay to
make the trans-continental
trip. It ia illugtrated,
and contains a map and
time tables of cars which
leave every Wednesday,
Friday and Saturday for
Los Angeles and San
Francisco; e"very Wednes
day for Portland, Ore.
No changes; fast time; low
rates. Call or vrlte; we'll "
gladly tell you all about It
Dlv. PAS. Ajrt.,
Farnam Street,
sMSa, Nek.
nnVn'Q Last Tee Weeks
DUTU O Ke.ular Heason.
Sunday Mat., Night and Man, and Tues.
"The Montana Outlaw'.
Prices, Mat., 8So, 60c; Night. Bo, 50c, 7&3.
Wedneaday and Thursday.
Prices. 25c. 50c. 760 11.00. $1.60. - Beats an
sale Wednesday, April 16.
telephone 1.131.
HI mai, z:it.
High Class Vaudeville.
Yorke snd Adams, Musical Dale. Fisher
and Carroll, Julia Ring, Rice and Walters,
Kennedy and Rooney, Dve Nowlln. and
the Klnodrume.
Prices 10c. 26c, 50c.
The Tickets
for Shining
In the Interest of Crippled Children's
Outing and Rescue Home rnuat be
presented befoie 1" P. m. Saturday,
April 18th. at the Bootblack Parlors
marked on ticket.
For pood cooking, go
just a block from Boyd's
to the new restaurant
the best in Omaha the
1 8. 17th St-, Ue Rldg.
The liioft convenient, t
the most attractive after-tlie-t
heater cafe.
Little Neck Clams
breaded Umb Chops....
with Spaalsa Snare.
1411 Douglas St.