Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 16, 1903, Page 5, Image 5

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3 UP,
II i
U7 J lulU
Soma-Uoru .-Sod'cial Thursday Bargain
IT ST was. '
di:y goodh department.
SILK l'ETTKX) ATS black nnd colored taffe
ta 8ilk,'uToidcon pleats or double ruffle, tho
Bilk is worth the price
Attractive wash waiatH, bargain table Rale?,
08c, 80c, (We, 48c and ...... 19c
HO YH' WASH WAISTS Three hundred
dozen Mother's Friend, ntyle heavy percale,
light nnd fancy shades of navy, red and black,
worth 40c, at, each 25c
bale, 8iiil well made, the latest styles, wen)
sold at $12.50, $13.50, f 15, flG.50, $17.50, $18.75,
J?20 and $22, all to be sold at .... . 8.95
lleaiitiful new patterns and colors, iu fancy
cretonnes, just the . thing for draperies, couch
and box covers, regular 10c value, at, yd. . . 7c
FANCY SWISS the season for light, fancy
bed room Bets is here we are showing a beau
tiful line of fancy lace effects, swias for bed
spreads, cpmmode and dresser covers, 36-in.
wide, worth to 35c, sale at, per yard I4c
TABLE SPREADS we are showing a new
line of swell table covers, all sizes, for stAnds,
dining room and library tables, in chenille and
tapestry, with fancy knotted fringeon sale In
domestic department at from C9c to $4 each.
GLASS TOWELING Union made, checked,
red and blue, glass toweling, special, yd..3c
MADRAS SHIRTINGS 36 inches wide, fine
quality and all neat patterns, colors warran
ted to wash, regular 25c grade, at, yard. . 12ic
LAWNS AND DIMITIES 500 ipeces of fine
lawns and dimities, all shades and colors, and
pretty patterns, all warranted to wash, worth
up to 15c, on special sale, at, yard ......... 5c
New Lisie Gloves, 75c, 48c, 23c and 15c. New-Silk Gloves, 9Sc, 69c, 75c and 48c.
New Lace Gloves, $1, 75c, 48c, 35c and 23c "; ' New Kid Gloves, $1.00, $1.50, and $2.00.
CUSHION tEOrS 200 cushion fops, sold from 35c to $1.50, special, Thursday at 15c each.
The Faultless Fitting Shoe
for Women.
First Among 5tyllsta Shoes It makes
the foot look ft full size smaller and
makes, the walk a good five years
younrer. It impels a feeling of 1
perpetual youth. Our prices. .. .Q J
Practically all Jewelry
and Silverware, .
All ye smokers listen.
Lillian Russell, 9 OCr
for ...........ZDC
Norma Mantlnez, clear Cp
Havana 10c cigar, for. . 3"
E. J. Most 5c cigar, OCn
8 for ZO
Bull Horn cigar clippings, I -
5c package for....... . if
25c Jtfrencn briar pipe
for ...............
Match safes,
up from.......-..;;,
In tho Big Grocery
Tomorrow we offer soma very special
grocery bargain, none of them can ba du
plicated In the city In quality or price, and
their absolute freshness Is guaranteed.
Ginger Snaps per pound.. f
Rice per pound .1 . So
Prunes, California per pound ....' 8c
Bread large loaf 3c
Plum Pudding can ..... ....10c
Peaches for cream can 10c
Chocolatlna can 10a
Mince Meat package 7c
Flower, Seed package .' 2c
Vegetable Seeds package 2c
Big' offer In California canned assorted
Fruits 18c values for can ........... .1240
Best value ever offered In Teas your
choice per pound , SSo
Coffee fresh roasted dally splendid
value 12c
Bennett Capitol Coffee the best pro
ducedper package 28o
Strictly Pure Spices.
Full line of all the best goods.
Cream Cheese per pound .......12c
Neufchatel Cheese each 4c
Hand Cheese each 2Vo
1 Royal Luncheon a jar 10c
Only the beat products sold here received
direct from the producer.
Country Butter a pound 16c
Bomb it Thrown in Camp of Brewers on
; .Liquor, LicaoM Proposition i '
Object la Said to Bi to Fix Respoa-alblllty-'Miir
Hotices at Licenses
i Will Have to Be Re-
An adjourned meeting ot the city council
was held last night. An 'ordinance was in
troduced regulating the sale ot liquor. This
oidlnnnce provides among other things,
that a license shall be granted to only
' one person and that breweries may not
'. take out licenses as they have la the past
i, The idea Is to Bx responsibility. In case
i there is a fight In a saloon or a disturbance
of any kind the city officials want to be
able to know who to look to for damages
;in case the affair warrants it. A tip was
'given out three weeks ago that the coun
' cil would Introduce this ordinance, but the
; brewers would not believe It and conse
iquently went ahead and advertised licenses
ijas formerly. Now, if the ordinance "sticks"
J and goes through, nearly all of the licenses
advertised will have, to be re-advertlsed.
1 Another ordinance went to the Judiciary
. committee without any objection. It was
f an ordlaance levying an occupation tax ot
$290 en each saloon In the city In addition
to the 11,000 license. Some days ago The
Bee made mention of the fact Aat there
was. a movement on toot to Impose an oc
cupation tax In order that the overlap
Inlght be decreased. There Is something
behind both ot these ordinances which has
not been made public. - Members ot the
council assert that the brewers went to
Lincoln and worked for the appointment ot
a fire and police board and the bill passed
and has been signed by the governor. ' Now
the brewers who worked for the bill will
be called upon to toe the mark as ths
council has the power to grant or refuse
licenses this spring.
, After the liquor license business was
disposed ot a petition to grado Nineteenth
street from O to P street was read. It
was placed on tile. .
The appraisers appointed to report on
the grading of C street from Twenty-sixth
to Twenty-seventh street reported no
damages and ths report was accepted.
J." 3. Fitigerald, city tax commissioner.
Sent to the council' his list ot deputies.
The list was approved and the names are:
William Hawley, A.v C. Pancoast, D. D.
Sullivan, Jacob tavts, J. M. Fitzgerald, F.
Y. Povondra, P. McGoldrlck, E. Elster and
P. 8tar.- j , A f. 1.-: ,
. . lean - Hsanon was awarded the contract
for the grading of Twenty-first street from
9 te W street, 8 street from Twenty-third
to Twenty-fourth street and the alley be
tween Twenty-first and Twenty-second
streets from K to L street. Dan Cash was
awarded the contract for grading Q street
from Twenty-third to Twenty-fourth street.
Welsh brought up the matter of repair
ing Twenty-fourth street, f On bis motion
the finance committee was authorised to.
borrow 12,000 for the purpose of making
Immediate repairs. It Is understood that
bids for the work will be advertised for at
once In order , that the .pavement may be
nxea as soon as possible. The next meet
ing of the council will be held on April 20.
Elefelder Dreams Again.
' Detective Hank Elsfelder, the well known
police officer, had a dream about the bury
ing of the body of Mrs. Knight.- Ths de
tective told his troubles to Chief Brlggs
Just before noon Wednesday and the result
was that Brlggs, Morton and Elsfelder
took the city rig and drove to Thirty-ninth
and K streets, where they commenced dig
ging for the body. An hour's wo.-k did not
produce any results snd so the ofticers laid
off for dinner. In the afternoon the work
was taken up again but up to dark last
night no signs of ths body were found.
Captain John Troutan and Officer Kruger
are sure that they saw the Dusenberry
wagon on the night ot the disappearance
of Mrs. Knight. These officers both say
that when first seen ths wagon was going
west on L street Kroger says that two
men were la the wagon, while Troutan
says that he saw only one man.- It Is
hardly probable . that the search will be
continued today as the authorities are con
vinced that "Hank" was -la-a trance when
he Insisted, that a search be made tor the
body on the ground near the grading camp
Charcft Needs. Help.
One li to Locate Knight and the Other to
Tind Wife's Body.
1 .
Partlealar Search Beta Made for
Corpse la Vlelalty of Coart
laad Beach Daseaberry's
Horse aad Waa-oa.
The Knight mystery has resolved ltselt
Into two searches one for the man and the
other for the body of the woman. The en
deaver to collect further evidence to show
that Knight killed his wife practically has
ceased. There Is not the slightest doubt
In ths minds of ths police thst murder was
committed, and from Chief Donahue down
the work In hand Is regarded as the pro
duction of the principals, living and dead.
By bungling what might have been an
easy Job the police of Cheyenne have let
Knight slip through their hands and he is
now swallowed up In the great west with
Its Interminable distances and mountain
retreats. Chief Donahue's department has
not relaxed Its efforts to apprehend the
man, however, and yesterday scores of cir
culars and photographs were sent to officers
West of Omaha. '
Testerdsy the polfc'e were strongly In
clined to believe Mrs. 'Knight was burled
after ' being hauled from her home In the
Dusenberry wagon on the night of' April 4
or morning of April' (. Acting on this
theory the entire force Of detectives, assisted
by a number of curious men and boys, are
going carefully over, a big stretch of ground
along the river to the north and east of
Courtland beach. After a careful consider
ation of the many elues and theories at
hand toe chief has concluded that most
probably the body Is buried In this tract.
Near Courtland Beach.
Tuesday Detective Drummy and Mitchell
uncovered what looks to be the best Indi
oatlon as to the route taken by the wagon
containing Its ghastly burden. They found
a bunch ot three houses east of Courtland
beach and near to the river' and the people
living in this sequestered place had not
even beard of- the Knight mystery. The
officers - questioned them closely and
learned that the locality is unfrequented,
and that late one night a week or more ago,
according to the best memory of the people,
they had been awakened by a wagon being
driven. through their yard.
It is necessary to go through the premises
to reach the river bank. The presence of
the wagon was unusual and was commented
on at the time, but no investigation made.
Guided by the dwellers, the officers were
taken along what might serve as the out
lines 'of a road to a place .where a wire
had been stretched across to turn back
trespassers. This wire had been broken
and was down, much to the surprise of the
natives. In the sandy waste beyond, the
trail of a light wagon, drawn by a single
horse, was discovered. Snd following it. the
detectives were brought to a clump of wil
lows on the bank wherq a horse had barked
the trees recently. There were numerous
foot prints and the. wagon had been turned
Sharply so as to scrape, the sand. There la
plenty, of room to make a large turn and
the short turn makes It look as though
the wagon was there at night.
. . ' Incident ot the Spade.
The theory that " tie "body was burled 1
rests largely on the incident ot the spade.
Just before the disappearance Knight told
young Dusenberry that tt bad purchased a
brand new spade, which Dusenberry might
have when Knlght lef1 Dusenberry never
There la still a vacancy on the police force,
which the mayor will doubtless fill today.
Tickets Selling; Rapidly. .
Tickets for the secpnd annual ball of ths
South Omaha cavalry 4roop,.b fceld 'at J .,elva. the-wada, ...1 Us .aeeseitt-wher
the Exchange building on Friday1 evening
of this week, are selling rapidly: -The troop
expects to have a big crowd out. Good
musio has been engaged for the oocasloa
and the ball will certainly be a success, as
officers and men are working hard to make
the entertainment one of th most enjoy
able of the season. -'
' Governor Comes ' Today.'
It was reported on the streets last nlsht
that Governor Mickey would visit South
Omaha today to confer with party leaders
In relation to the appointment of a Are and
police board. There are plenty of candi
dates, but as only three republicans can
be c'josen some will surely be disappointed.
Two democrats will have positions on the
Bp worth Learne Elects Officers.
The Epworth league of the First Method
ist Episcopal church has elected these offi
cers for the usual term: Fred Lush, pres
ident; T. O. Hunnlcult, first vice pres
ident; Mrs. James Lush, second vloe pres
ident; Mrs. H. B. Fleharty, third vice pres
ident; Miss Maude Smith, fourth vice pres
ident; Charles Beavers, secretary; Charles
Haffkey, treasurer. .
Maarlc.Clty Gossip,
Charles ' Allen, Twenty-third and H
streets, is quite nick.
A son has been born to Mr. and Mrs.
Ward Crawford, 8804 T street.
The Catholic Order or Foresters will
dance at Odd Fellows' hall tonight.
A meetlngof the Modern Brotherhood of
America win oe nem on Friday night. .
Mrs. S. C. Shrlgler and son Chester re
turned yesterday from a visit with friends
at Pierce, Neb.
Rev. M. A. Head conducted revival serv
ices at the First Methodist Episcopal
cuurun last nigni.
C. H. Hunt and H. C. Hunt of Cambridge.
abouts are unknown. Knteht seen by
the. neighbors Using It In his' garden, and It
Is therefore considered .Certain, that . be had
ljt.".j The police for a flnjjL yesterday thought
they had this spsde located. 'only to find
that the Individual who' was supposed to
have It had an article ' that he had stolen.
There -was nothing to, connect his spads
with the Knight spade. ,
: What, lends further strength to the Idea
that '-Knight,- and probably young Dusen
berry, drove the body to the point on the
river, bank northeast of Courtland beach Is
the fact that the willows where the wagon
stopped are very close to the place where
Dusenberry wss arrested by Detectives
Drummy and Mitchell Several years ago.
He - was fishing and was wanted on the
charge of stealing bullion from the smelt
ing works, but escaped conviction after
being bound over to the district court.
Haaehback Is Saapected. .
Although the hunchback nrmiy maintains
that he did not go with Knight when the
latter took his wagon close to midnight,
April-4, the' police are as fully convinced
that he did. They argue that Knight was
not especially familiar with North Omaha,
while Dusenberry. wno had driven a Junk
wagon for thirteen years, knew -tt thor
oughly. Therefore, sctlng as pilot to the
murderer, he conveyed him to the solltsry
snd desolate location where the deformed
man was csught flnhlng when he was wanted
by the police before. After arriving at
the willows the police think the two men
burled the corpse and that they could not
now find the grave, so utterly broken and
waste-like Is the nearby territory.
Mel Dasenberry'a Rla.
Mel Dusenberry, the owner f ths horse
and wagon which Is supposed to have
hauled the trunk containing the body of
the murdered woman away, was photo
graphed yesterdsy at the police station.
The wagon and horse, which are now In
the hands of the police, may also be photo
graphed. The horse is a big bay, shod all
round, and his tsll has been docked. The
animal la a bony looking specimen and
seems not at all averse to his new board
ing quarters. The wagon Is a rickety af
fair with the right shaft broken and
patched. Three of the wheels were originally
painted white, and are In a dilapidated
condition. The left hind wheel Is ot the
Sarven patent and was painted yellow and
Is In a fair condition. The wagon bed has
been patched and Is In a generally broken
On tho wagon bed at the rear part are
two or three clots of dried mud ot A clay
texture and the wheels are more er less
marked with mud of the same character.
Near the mud clots In the wagon bed are
marks Indicating that a heavy box or trunk
has been hauled In the wagon, the Indenta
tions apparently, showing that the box or
trunk had Iron rollers on Its bottom,' 'or
that tt bad been bound with iron. A num
ber ot feathers still adhere to the sides and
bed of the wagon, as though it had been
used for hauling poultry.
Five Dollars for Vehicle,
It has developed that Dusenberry re
ceived $5 for the use of the wagon from
midnight until 7 o'clock punday morning,
a sum larger than the outfit ever earned
In a similar length of time. Daily sweat
ing Is gradually shaking the hunchback's
story of Ignorance ot the crime or the dis
posal of the body, but he still refuses to
yield on the more vital points.
Chief Donahue Is by no means convinced
that Mrs. Knight -was either poisoned or
drugged. It has not yet been discovered
that Knight purchased any poison either
in Omaha or South Omaha, and It Is con
sidered possible that the woman was
strangled or suffocated.
County Attorney James P. English made
a second call at the chambers of the county
commissioners yesterday and was able
to corrall Connolly and O'Keeffe for an ex
pression as to what the board probably will
do about offering the requested $100 reward
for the finding of the body of Mrs. Knight.
After the conferen?e Commissioner Con
nolly said: "I think It perfectly safe to
say that the board will offer the reward as
advised to do by Mr. English."
Tracing; the' Body.
Chief of Detectives Dunn and Detective
Drummy spent: a portion of yesterday af
ternoon In following out the wagon trail
to the river from east of Cut-off lake,
which clue was discovered Tuesday and Is
considered the most probable route taken
by the wagon. At a point about one mile
this side of the East Omaha bridge they
discovered the track of a wagon leading
down and returning back from the exten
sive bar there, which is now under water.
At the time of the supposed crime' this
bank was uncovered, but the water has
risen since then. It Us thought by the
police that It is possible the body was
burled out on this bar and since covered by
the water. If this is the case It will be
difficult to recover It. The water has fallen
somewhat, but it It doea not shortly un
cover the sand the spring high water will
come on for good and last probably until
the latter part of' June,1 rendering any
work Impossible and perhaps changing the
channel and washing away or adding to
the bank at this point.
The wheel ruts, however, cannot be taken
as being certain evidence of the visit of
Knight,, as this district Is sometimes vis
ited, by persons dumping refuse in the
river- and by willow workers. These latter
would have no cause to enter tbe stream,
and the dumping is usually done at other
points. -
The detectives had the shoes taken from
the feet of the Dusenberry horse and fitted
them to the tracks in the sand. These may
or may not have been made by the horse in
question, as while the shoes appeared to
fit the prints, these have been obliterated
sufficiently by tbe rain and wind to make
a certainty impossible. The detectives cov
ered the river bank and considerable terri
tory back from the stream, working from
near the East Omaha bridge to much nearer
the city, but found no other clue.
KWnn.Lbrerfc Bladder
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Rev. W. T. Blggars, pastor ot the African
Methodist Episcopal church, at Twenty
fifth and R streets, stated to a Bee re
porter last night that help . was needed.
The preacher said that the Interior ot tbe
church needed papering and painting, while j 111-, were In the city yeaterday the gutta
the chimney needed fixing and some repairs
to tbe roof were necessary. The total cost
will hardly exceed $50. There la some talk
of giving an entertainment of some sort
In order to raise this money.
rreparlna;'fnr laspecjloa.
Captain, Bruce . McCulloch, commanding
the South Omaha . cavalry troop, has re
ceived a notice from Adjutant General
Culver to be prepared for a general In
spection on or about May . With this In
view Captain MdCulloch is getting his men
and equipment In shape. On account ot the
difficulty In securing horses the troop will
be Inspected at the armory lnstssd ot on
the troop parade ground, ,
Departsneat Ckat,
Louis A. Sand wick, a -member t the fire
company at No, 3 hull, was -dismissed from
the. service- yesterday toy Mayor' Koutsky
and John'Kubat was appointed to fill the
vacancy. Kubat was taken from the police
force and put on the fire department.
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Tkt Bradfleld Reg.latsr Co., Atlsita. Ca.
ot PoBtmaater Etter.
Ferdinand Krebs has been choaen a dele
gate by the local poatal clerks' union to
represent Bciutn umana at trie national con
vention to be held at Nashville, Tenir.
Paymaster ef Army ana Former Sec
retary to Presldeat Harrlaoa
la Omaha.
Major Elijah W. Halford, paymaster ot
the United States army, who has recently
returned from the Philippines,, where he
spent two years in service, was at Fort
Crook yesterday and is in Omaha today on
a visit. Major Halford once was
ststloned at the army ' headquarters
here. Before entering the army he was
tor many years a' newspaper min -and later
became private secretary to Prestderit Har
rison. At Port Crook, Major Halford met
his brother, James Halford, one ot the
Washington correspondents for the Ne
York Times, who, with his wife. Is visiting
their son, a lieutenant In the Twenty-sec
ond Infantry at the fort.
Matriaae Meeaaea.
The following marriage licenses were is
sued to:
Name and Residence. Ace
Robert C. PrucBdow. Omaha 33
Nellie M. Jenkins, Omaha 2a
'Robert 11. Keller, Omaha j
Ellrabeth Donaghue, Omaha 24
Herbert Marshall. Omaha a
Lulu Wren, Lincoln, Neb
"William J. Creedon. Omaha 15
'Myrtle E. Wearne, Omaha U
Frank O. Fahs, Omaha .., U
'Mabel J. Carey, Omaha H
Charles A. Woodland, Omaha 24
Cella H. Keaaler, Omaha 13
Albert E. Kckdahl, Cray. Neb 28
Anna M. Oberialx, Stephens Point, Wis.. .2
John H. MandrracheM. Bloux City 26
Jennie Miller. Sioux City .U
Harry F. Vnfli. Omaha 11
Louise Uugler, Omaha ..21
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Sale Ten Million Boxes a Year.
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and to Portland, $22.50 to Spokane. $20.00 to Salt Lake City,
Ogden, Butte and Helena. Theae are a few of the extremely low
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until June IS, Inclusive, which afford a most Inexpensive oppor
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"The Scenic Line of the World" through the world-famed scen
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shall Pass, Black Canon of the dunnison, Castle Gate, Salt Lake
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charge of experienced managers, leave Omaha via this
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to Ban Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland without
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address ,
S. K.; HOOPER, General Passenger end Ticket Aj-ent, DENVER
A Wise Woman
will try tft4 prmmrvm kf bauty. A Asm
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1 tur FawiilUab
Imperial Chemical Co.. 135 W. ?!u 81.. et. T.
sold by Sherman & MoConnell Drug Co
Omaha. Neb.
Cppresslon, Suffocation, Neuralgia
Espic's Cigarettes, or Powder
C FOOCCRA CO., New York, and all Druoglate
IS Rueh street. Chicago. 111.. Oct. U. 180X
Three years ago. when the grippe was epidemic In Chicago. I was In a very weak, nervous con
dition and suffered with female trouble. I waa taken sick with the grippe, suffered severely, then bad
a relapae. and was given up by the doctors snd my friends. My stomach was In such a weak condition
that It refused food, and my menses atopped for five months, ar.d the blood flowed from my moutn
sod nose at times. In thia trouble Wine of Cardul was tried, and I wss glad to find that It helped my ....
appetite. 1 began slowly but surely to mend. I would una 00 other medicine, and, although the doctor
tried hard to have me stop ualna It and to take hi prescriptions. I felt Wine of Cardul was helping
me. bo I kept on taklnar It. I am glad now that I did. for I found that it met my expectations fully, -
aod wltntn four montne 1 leu
better snd stronger tban I had
ever done In my life. I cannot
aay too much in its favor.
OBEBFEI-DEU Isaac, formerly ot Omaha,
brloved h unhand af Frieda OberfWder,
aeu 5 years, at residence, Suw Vernon
avenue, Chicago, 4 .
M unarsj rlOay.
Press Correspondent. Ladles ol thu Q. i. R,
Female weakness Invites any kind of complication from other dlseaaea. But the woman
who takes Wine of Carrjui will have healthy organs of womanhood and be able to throw off ,
any temporary ailment. She will not be annoyed every month with suppressed or profue.
menses tbe one poisoning her blood with the waste matter which cannot escape, and the
other draining her life blood and weakening her nerves.
Wine of Cardul Is a perfect regulator of the menstrual flow. It never falls to bring last
ing benefit to the most chronic caaes of menstrual Irregularity, and In nineteen out of twenty
caaea effecta a permauent cure.
If you are a weak woman fearing the coming of each month, take Wine of Cardul, and
tlie menstrual function will be a means of health instead of a torture. Wine of Cardul Is a
tried medicine, which has worked many hundreds of thousands of wonderful cures like that -of
Mrs. Routine. Her case wsb a very aggravated one; few sufferers areas far gone as she waa.
If Wine of Cardul cured her It will surely cure you. Uo to your druggist to-day and se
cure a $1.00 bottle of Wine of Cardul aod take It in your borne. You Heed not aoffer when
this great medicine can be obtaiued so easily. '
If yon think you need advice, address, giving symptoms, "The Ladles Advlaory Depart
ment," The Chatta- , '
nooga, Medicine Co, n Annfa.h Tr" rrr?X. fl f fl
Chattanooga, Tenn. i ' "II II ' 1 n1Y ( 7f O ) l Mil i
' "
prase Corresooodeat Lad) of the a. X. Is,
"f-i-tf k '