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    TTTE OMAHA DAILY BKE: Til TTftSDAY, AriUT, 9. 1003.
Psvl sells drugs.
Stockert aetla carpe's.
Expert watch repairing. Leffert. 40 B'y.
Celebrated Meta brer on tap. Neuraayer.
TOR rent Modern house. 719 Blxth T.
Cabinet photos. 2oc per doien. 90S B'way.
Twelve-piece chamber net, $2.78. A. B.
Howe, S10 Uroadway.
Mm W. 8. Rlgdon la visiting relative!
anri friends In Gretna, Neb.
Eastef. card and pictures. C. E. Alex
ander & Co., 333 Broadway.
Mrs. E. B. Edgrrton of South Sixth street
la home from a visit to Chicago.
Real estate In nil parts of the city tnf
sale. Thomas E. Catady. 23n Pearl street.
nr. C Engel. diseases of women and
children,' 54 Broadway, Council Bluffs, la.
A. E. Klnknld postmaster of Walnut, la.,
Was In the city yesterday calling on friends.
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Hesse have gone to
Prescott, Arls., on a combined business and
pleasure trip.
Excelsior Masonic lodge will hold a spe
cial meeting this evening for work In the
econd degree.
George W. I.lpe Is home from a trip to
Arkansas, where he went to look after his
mining Interests.
W. C. Chcyne. record clerk of the district
court. Is confined to his homo on Madison
avenue by sickness.
Another half-price sale 'on short lengths
of picture frame mouldings. C E. Alex
ander i Co.. :i Kroeaway,
-h-rT...prertSfLJ!l,1tri;S,,!!!"t H
P.lnlU.Gta.7ncom9p.nSe,1n'- I
The Retail Grocers' association will hold
Its regular meeting this evening In the hall
over the Nationnl bank.
Tho member ."of the Woman's Relief!
corps will be entertained Friday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Mary tteassore, M
Mr. and Mm.: E. E. Hart went to Chicago
Tuesday night. Mrs. Hart will remain In
Chicago while Mr. Hart visits eastern
points. ' t
For Sale Cheap Property at No. Ill North
8th st.; also property at N. n.. corner Fifth
avenue and Thirteenth street. C. W. Qould,
World-Hersild office.
A case of smallpox In the Bailey family,
2615 Avenue C. was reported to the Board
of Health yesterday and the premises were
promptly quarantined.
The woman's auxiliary of Grace Episcopal
church will hold Its regular meeting this i
afternoon at the residence of Mrs. Forrest
Smith, 740 Madison avenue.
The Board of Park Commissioners haa de
cided that -all laborers employed by the
board this summer shall be paid weekly
Instead of monthly as haa been the custom
The funeral of Mrs. Carrie Ma..n was
held yesterday afternoon from the family
residence, 22 Benton street, and burial
was In Walnut Hill cemetery. Rev. James
81ms conducted the services.
Mrs. IJne Wlskoskl died yesterday morn
ing at her home In Lewis township, aged I
67 years. The funeral will be held this
afternoon at 1 o clock and burial will be In
the township cemetery.
John Zahner of Rockford township, can
didate for the republican nomination for
member of the Board of County Super
visors, was In the city yesterday In the
Internets of his candidacy.
City Marshal .Tibblta la preparing to serve
notice on all property owners and occu-
pants of premises to clean ur their back i
premises and alleys. A health officer will
be added to the city marshal's force In
about ten days and persons not complying
with the notices will be arrested.
The receipts in the general fund of the
Christian Home last week were 1440.32,
being $240.33 above the nerda of the week,
the balance being placed to the credit of
tha contingent and Improvement fund. In
the manager's tund the receipts were IS0.K5,
being IM6.55 above the needs of the week
and decreasing the deficiency In this fund
to date to $1 1.15.
Lawrence Glenn, the Infant eon of Mr,
and Mrs. Lawrence' Overmler, died yester
day morning at 08 South Thirteenth street,
Omaha. The funeral will be held this
afternoon at 2 o'clock from 748 Washington
avenue and burial will be In Kalrvlew
cemetery. Rev. O. E. Walk of St. Paul's
Episcopal church will conduct the services.
Mr. and Mrs. Overmler recently moved
from Council Bluffs to Omaha.
Plumbing and heating. Blxby & Son.
Hasea Heads for . t'adetslilp.
Roy Hazen, son of former Sheriff John
T. Hazen, of Avoca, wa3 the ranking can
didate at the examination held Tuesday
In Red Oak for the appointment of a cadet
to the naval academy at Annapolis from
the Ninth congressional district. The three
alternates are Shirley, Allen ot Atlantic,
Benjamin Barnes of Tabor and Robert A.
Dunn of VUUsca.'
Others who took the examination, were
George S. Johnson of Atlantic, Charloa O.
Scott of Council Bluffs, L. Matt Rlppjy of
Audubon, Thad W. Ray of Red Oak, in
field Mayne of Council Bluff', Laurenae A.
'Williams of Council Lluffs and Elmer I1ew
qulst of Stanton.
The examining board was composed of
Dr. L. A. Thomas of Red Oak, Prof. W. M.
Moore of Glen wood and Prof. O. J. Mc
Mbdub of Council Bluffs, r i-:;
Mr. Hazen will be required to appear for
physical examination either at Des Moines
or Omaha on April II. -. Tha three alter
nates will also be required to appear at
the same ttme. If they desire to retain their
chances In the event of the principal fall
ing to pass.
National Roofing Co., 126 Main Street.
Heal Estate Transfers.
These transfers- were filed yesterday In
the abstract, title and loan ofllce ot J. W.
Squire, ltd Pearl street!"
William Kubs and wife et al to Maria
and Claus Peterson,- ne' block 63,
Allen at Cook's add., Avoca q. c. d..$ 1
Fred Hon and wltu to Churiee T. Car
ter, iota 17 una i. block 1, Trtynor,
w. d
Same to C F. Bhreve, lots 4, 6. 6. 7,
ti, 38 and 39. block 1, Treynor, w. d.
Bame to Thomas Flood, lots 25 to 29
and 1, except east 6 feet block 1,
Trey nor, w. u
Bame to Thomas Flood and brother,
lot 14, block 1, Trey nor, w. d
Bame to Anna Orme. lots S and 40,
block 1; lot B. block 2. Treynor, w. d.
Same to Lilly M. Duck, lot 1, block 2.
Treynor, w. d
inert ft to Oeorge H. Wright, lots 7 and
I, block 10, bayllaa' '1st add., a. d
Eight tarnnfers. total $21,171
N. Y. Plumbing Co.. Tel. 2J0. Night, F667.
Not : ejjge, -' tut": tbe nest
ladies' garmeut. Ourt latest
method of French Dry Clean
ing is superior to any other.
Never heard of it, eh? Well,
well, bring your wearing ap
parel to us and we will show
you the finest and most artis
tic work turned out in tha
Ogden Steam Dye Works
C.RT:U t tlOK, rilOPa.,
301 Broadway,
Work called for and delivered. "Phone 7ol.
a Pearl Council bluffs. 'Pboae 17.
Library Board Authariwi Iu Puroba't for
the New Pablio Library.
Aetna! Set Cost of the Property- to
the Board to Be s)10,900 Indrr
the Amrsdfd Proposition
of Sir. Shagart. .
Unless the unforseen happens the Carne
gie library building will be erected on the
northwest corner of First avenue and Sixth
street, the board of trustees of the free
public library having- by a vote of 6 to 3
decided laat night to close the deal with
E. L. Bhugart for his property. The site
selected by the trustees has a frontage on
First avenue ,of 100 feet and on Sixth
street of 192 feet. It lies Immediately south
of the postofflce building. Tha price to be
paid for the property Is 111,000. to which
must be added $1,084 special Improvement.
assessment, which the board assumes. In
" event of the trustees being -nable to
dispose of the buildings on the property
at. a figure sufficient to reduce the actual
coat of the site to $10,900, Mr. Shugrat will
either pay a sufficient sum for the. build
ings to enable it 'to do so or else make a
corresponding reduction In the price.
The motion to authorize the president
and secretary to close the deal with Mr.
Shugart was made by Trustee Bender and
seconded by Trustee Balrd. President
Rohrer and Trustees Tyler and Burke voted
iriilnit It while TViisteea Bender. Bnlrd.
Stewart. Cleaver. Mrs. Everest and Father,'"1 almo" 88 uaeniy ne ap-
Smyth voted In favor of It. I pf,a,ed and notnlnK further had been heard
This action ot the board was anticipated, ! 'rom nlm unt" nl blu tor 40 49 was nlp
as It was well known that six of the trus- ! b,efore tnf countJr board' H1" c,alm ln
te. h decided before th me.tin. to i eludes railroad fare to and from Sioux City
bring the matter to a close In favor of the ;
ghuaart site I
At the opening of the , meeting Secre
tary Stewart read a communication from
Mrs. Sarah E. Pusey, In which she offered,
In response to an Inquiry to reduce the 1
, . , . , . i
pi ice vu iicr piuci 17 bi nuiuw ktcuuq nuu
Pearl street from 110,500 to $9,000... The
reading of this communication developed
an Interesting fact in connection with the
selection of the site by the board at Its
former session. Judge McOee, who was
acting for Mrs. Pusey In the matter, was
called to St
T.,i. ,.(... ,-.,-, i
Louis and before leaving
spoke with Secretary Stewart, President
Rohrer, Trustees Balrd and Bender and
asked to have the meeting postponed until
rpldrv Ntewart. Kresioent
his return. He left for St. Louts under
tne impression mat mis woum oe aone
Dut aurng hi, absence the session was held
" .. . , , .
and the expression of preference made
for the Shugart site. this meeting the
offer of Mrs. Pusey to reduce her price. from
$10,500 to $9,000 was not submitted, owing
to the absence of Judge McOee and It carae
before the board for tha first time ,last
night. The board, however, declined to
consider It.
Trustee Tyler, In declaring his Intention
to vote against tha Shugart site, .declared
he was .now In favor of the Pusey corner.
Trustee Burke urged that the board give,
the matter further consideration. ' , .
There '.was . a large number . of .citizens
present and they were given an opportu-
nity to address the board. Attorney John
M. Galvln made an eloquent plea for the j
Pusey site, speaking as a citizen and tax
payer and not as the attorney of any per
son or body of persons. Dr. Macrae, Park
Commissioner Graham and others also ad
dressed the board In opposition ,to- tne
Shugart site and urging the selection of
any of the other altea offered.
Jury Recommends That Suspect
Rogers Be Held for Farther
The coroner's Inquest over Albert H.
Forney, who waa shot and killed in his
salcon on West Broadway Friday night,
was completed yesterday morning and the
Jury brought In a verdict to the. effect that
Forney came to his death from gunshot
wounds Inflicted by a person or persons
unknown to the Jury. To the verdict was
attached a rider recommending that W. C.
Rogers, alias Frank Parsons, the suspect
under arrest, be held for further investl- J
gatlon In connection with the crime.
Two new witnesses were Introduced at
the inquest yesterday by the' authorities for
the purpose of further establishing Rogers'
alleged connection with the shooting of
Forney. Mrs. Addle Powers, living at 1003
Brcadwav, testified that she went to the
saloon at about 10:30 the night of the mur- ,
der and noticed two msn peering nio inn
front window. Che particularly Identified j
Rogers as one of the men and said that
as she was about to enter the door of the
salcon, the man who resembled Rogers
stepped back, thus enabling her to secure .
a good look at him.
Richard Organ, son . of Attorney J. P.
Organ, testified that on last Friday after-
noon as he and a companion were passing 1
the Northwestern depot on Broadway, he
noticed three men sitting on the chsln
fence lust east of the depot platform. He
I was positive that Rogers was one ot tho
j three men. Organ's testimony was In con
traventlon of Rogers' assertion that he did
I not arrive in Council Bluffs until Satur
day morning, the morning following the
murder of Forne;-.
The third and last witness yesterday was
Will Chownlng, a cook employed In the
restaurant a few doors east or Forney a
saloon. He said that he beard tbe three
shots and ran to the rear door ot tha res
taurant and looked out Into the alleyway
but did not see any one run from the
saloon. He ran down the alley to the sa
loon and looked In threugh the rear 'Win
dow, but could not sea any one ' in the
. It had been expected that Rogers would
have been arraigned yesterday afternoon
following tha Inquest, but Assistant County
Attorney Hess, who baa tbe case In charge,
stated that he did not expect to arraign
him before Friday.
Asks Board to Rescind Reaolatloa,
bat the Sapervlsprs
Freeman Reed, clerk of the district court,
filed with the Board ot County Supervisors
yesterday a protest against the resolution
adopted by it Tuesday relative to tbe print.
Ing of tbe bar dockets, coupled with the re
ouest that the resolution be rescinded. The
beard declined, however, to take It back.
The protest was as follows:
I wish to protest against the feoljtlon
adontt-d by yojr honorable body,1 on April
7. 1C"3. concerning the printing uf the bur
docket, for the Avoca court, and this fur
the following reasons:
1. The attorney general of Iowa haa given
an opinion that It Is the duty of the clvrk
to furnish the bar docket In the ful'swtng
lansuaaa; "The clerk la directed to Iixr-
nlsh printed calendar.". Vnless some statute
direct." how these calendars are to be pro
cured b the clerk. cr who in to print the
BHine, he h'l an Hhf .i.ute illfcrellnn In the
matter which cannot I p controlled by any
one. I tlnl nothing In the statute which
authorizes the board ol supervisors by any
resiiliitlun, or by any vote, or In any man
ner whatsoever, to Interfere with the ex
ercise of this undoubted discretion given to
the clerk. It Is true the lto.ird ot Super
visor must order the payment for them,
and It has the right to Insist that the cost
of the printing stall be reasonable, but
In my Judgment, has no power given It by
law to Interfere with the discretion of the
clerk In having sjch calendars printed,
where, when, and by whom, his good Judg
ment may dictate."
II. The county attorney who Is my legal
adviser as well as yours, had advised me
and you. that this la mv duty and not
III. The district court has twice held In
this judicial district that the printing and
distribution of bar dockets Is within the
control of the clerk.
IV. The supreme courts of Wisconsin and
New York, under statutes like ours, have
held the sntue.
V. You admit In your resolution that It Is
my official duty to control the printing of
ine oar uocaei.
VI. This contract was let bv me to the
Avoca Trlbjne. at a saving to the county
of more than 20 per cent, for a calendar
superior to any heretofore obtained for the
Avoca court.
VII. Your resolution Is wholly beyond the
cope of your offlcl.-l duty.
VIII. The statement contained In your
rerolutlon that the supervisors h.ive exer
cised this authority for the last twenty
years : erroneous.
Fnr f,ie Nainni T Biihvnt. .lint ia(ii
resolution does me a greut injustice and ,
scouin De rescinded.
Yesterday's session of the board was de-
vo,ed 10 examining and allowing the usual
are grist of claim, against the county.
One claim which caused considerable
amusement and was rejected was that of E.
H. Maguire of Marengo, la., for his alleged
services and expenses In causing the ar
rest of several men for seining In Lake
Manawa last December. Mbgulre, who ap
peared In Council Bluffs claiming to be
deputized by the state fish and game
warden. Induced former Justice Bryant to
Issue warrants for five men alleged to have
been seining In Lake Manawa. Magulre
and nawa and one ltem ls fr "looking
round Onawa" for which he charges 3 cents. J
.-- . . . ,
. - - .. ,
Denies the Rlitht of Pottawattamie
County to Assess Ita Cap
ital Stock.
The Portland Gold Mining company of
. CnlnrAdn filed veaterdnv In the rllatHM enurf I
' . . . .
its answed to the suit brot-ght by County
Treasurer Arnd to comnet the romn-nv ,
... j . . i - .. .
produce Its books and accounts so that J " a '"- "r . u' 7"'. "
the holders of stock might be assessed for i taklnK the ' ' -b layers at
taxation of their holdings or stock. their face he was properly convicted. The
The anawer denies generally the right of j appeal was dlsml,1
the authorities of Pottawattamie county to' In-the Burna trom O Brlen county,
tax the company, as it waa incorporated ! th rellanc8 n the-taet of a mistake In
under the laws of Iowa solely for the pur- I lh name of th Prosecuting witness was
nose of tran.nftinc- hinp nd wmin. ' declared to be worthless., It was also com-
an effective Industrial corporation entirely
and exclusively within the limits of the
state of 'Colorado. Further that It was
never organized for the purpose of holding
property or doing business or carrying on
any transaction whatever within the state of
Iowa, and that it has always been assessed
for taxation add paid taxes In the state of
"In answer to the demand that it be re.
quired to produce Its books and accounts,
the company sets up the contention that to
' Ag a w nil M n.ii.n v n I n a a ... I nn n.
" " I 'l";u"":u"'u,;'' "
',0,ck ,a ,l8,ted on tne lnln8 "change
i w vviuiauv DuiiuKB auu is cuusianiiv
changing hands by sale and purchase, mak
ing It necessary that the stock books re
main In Colorado Springs at all times, ow
ing to these constant transfers of stock.
Regarding the stockholders the answer
sets forth that there arc 1B0 approximately.
In number and they are scattered through
out a majority of the otates of the Unlou.
that some are citizens of and residents of
Great Britain and the Dominion of Canada,
that only about 30,800 shares of the issue
of $3,000,000 are held in Iowa and none by
residents of Pottawattamie county.
It calls attention to the fact that nu
merous other foreign corporations ,are In
corporated under the laws in Pottawatta
mie county, but no attempt has been mads
to tax them and that the Portland com
pany la entitled to equal Immunity In this
respect with the other foreign companies
and that it should not be made the sub
ject of undue and unlawful discrimination
by this proceeding.
The answer shows that the Portland Gold
j Mining company was Incorporated in this
C0Unty February B, 1894, the Incorporators
oeing r. c. Condon and W. F. Crosby of
New York and Joel T. Valie, H. K. Dever
eux and W. S. Stratton of Colorado. Also
that during 1894 and 1895 the company ex
changed Its entire Issue of capital stock.
piacea at 3,000.000 divided Into 300.000
shares for the mining property and that It
na pai,i more tnan $4 000,000 In dividends
The answer Is signed by James F. Burns
president of the company.
jn the district court this afternoon Judge
wheeler expects to take up the case of
George g. Wright and George H. Mayne
against the City of Council Bluffs. This
Is the salt in which Wrlzht and MavnA
lay claim to a certain portion of Bl lWe
xnls morntig Judge Wheeler will hear
the application of the Omaha Bridge &
Terminal Railway company for an injunc
tion restraining the Maaoa City & Fort
Dodge Railroad company from crossing Its
tracks at Fourteenth street and Ninth ave
nue. .
Argumenta In the suit of the Avoca
Journal-Herald against tbe Avoca Tribune
were concluded before Judge Wheeler yes-
. terday and the court took the case under
E. E. Sluss of Cedar Rapids, Ia., attorney
for and partner of V. M. Cunningham, the
tax ferret, ls In tbe city for the purpose
ot bringing ault against Pottawaktamte
county for the amount due under tbe con
tract held by Cunningham. The contract
provided that Cunningham was to receive
60 per cent of all moneys recovered Into
tbe county treasurer through his efforts in
unearthing property which bad been con
cealed or withheld from assessment. There
Is due Cunningham under the contract close
upon $20,000, but payment had been refused
by the Board of Supervisors pending the
litigation instituted to declare the con
tract null and void.
Bowline at Elks' Clnb.
Team No. J, captained by Dr. Deetken,
defeated team No. 6, captstned by C.
Hater, in tbe bowling tournament at tbe
Elks' club last night. The acore follows:
1st. id. Id. Total.
ueetaen IK? lil 165 6 '3
Arnett IV) ltM ii7 4"3
Bereahelm 1J6 J:6 144 . ,i
Haselton lf7 13 1?7 v
Mill W 13ti 13" 3t7
Totals Ta 761 (65 ' 2,149
lat. id. S1 Tots
Hafer 134 151 li3 4'
Wallace 143 In 1 Z
Medlar lul hi 173 475
Gardner K''J 115 Y:l 3S
Van Da Vere US li i3 443
Totals tea KS ttt 1,041
Su remi Court at Adjomntd Seaiion Hand
Down Many Opinions.
Prosecntlon of Prof. Pike Likely to
Be Dropped. Provided He Will
Not Start Dsmsge '
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES. April 8 (Special.) The
Iowa supreme court held a session today,
adjourned from January, and delivered
number of opinions In appealed case.
Among them were a number ,of criminal
cases and the proportion of cases reversed
I wai unusaally largo. In the case of the
State against Jack Phillips, from Wapello
tounty, the court was compelled to .pass
on an unusual question, - Phillips was town
marshal at Eldon and made an arrest of
Clarence Debard, who was drunk. Debard
would not travel easily and the officer
struck him with his club and repeatedly
struck him over the head. Debard's skull
was "Belted and he died and Ph ilips was
indicted for murder lit the .first degree and
convlctod of mansulaughter. On appeal
the case was affirmed, but on rehearing
a new question was raised anil It waa shown
that at the poet mortem examination ,of
Debard It was shawn that ' his skull waa
abnormally thin. It was therefore con
tended that It was, the thinness of his
skull and 'not the severity with which he
was struck that- caused "his death, and the
court goes' to tar as . to at least admit
that this question should have been turned
ovpr to the Jury. The case Is reversed on
he ground that this defense was proper
and was not properly lven to the jar?.
In the 'case of .the Slate against W. W.
Ames, who was convicted at Dubuque of
embezzlement, there waa reversal because
the indictment was brought under one sec
tion of the statute and by the Instructions
of (he court the conviction was made under
an entirely different section But tho
evidenco In the case Is also reviewed and It
Is pointed out that there wa no embez-
zlement In fact. Ames was engaged In
1 winding up the affairs of a building and
; loan company and had trouble with a cer
tificate holder, who brought suit.
Did IV ot Perfect Appeal.
The case of M. O. Clemona of. Union, who
was Indicted for murder in the first de
gree and convicted of manslaughter, was
eaullv ritannaoH nt
The court found that
J "' -
th"e Proper appeal, no Indictment,
, Palld "e court waa absent during a, part
of the trial dictating Instructions, but the
.appellate court decide that this was hardly
true, as the Judge stood In the doorway and
dictated . his, Instruct 16ns to a 'reporter In
the next rootn. , The' cose was affirmed.
Insanity Cas 'front VMllsca.
' i I L. i -i
.In the Thlele- tiaatU from Montgomery
county, 'there wSa' errr'ln the instructions
of the Judge as lQvkaily. which was tbe
defense, and- on this the traversal was made.
Thlele had been separated from hla wife
and as she passed his 'house In Villisea he
rushed out Into then street aad atabbed
her three times wHh? a knife, from , which
she died In a? few minutes. It was shown
he had talked a great deal about his right
to kill his wife and-there was certainly
support of his Insanity plea.
Edward Dennis,, who was indicted wlth
Wesley Irwin and Eupene Mason far killing
Oscar Miller; a tramp., at Shenandoah, does
not get a new trlcl. '.The three men put up
a Job to -kill the tramp and Irwin and
Dennis were copvleted,,and given long terms.
In the case against UMark Vance, who was
convicted of a most repulsive crime, er
rors were found. In the matter of admissions j
by tbe lawyers and In Instructions regard
ing the statements of tbe case aa made by
both sides. ' ' .
One civil case decided ,1s ot more than
ordinary Interest. It is that ot tbe Na-'
ttonal State hank' against the city of Bur
lington Involving the question of deduct
ing value of government bonds from, the as
sets of a bank In determining the value of
its stock. Tbe court holds that no such
deduction Is possible. The case does not
Involve assessment of government bonds.
Death of Veteran Minister.
Rev. E. B. Vail, for more than forty years
prominent In the Methodist ministry In
Iowa, died at the Methodist hospital in
this city this morning. He was nearly
80 .years old and for many years was pastor
ot the Orace Methodist Episcopal church
in this city, but was also on the circuit
tor a long time. Some years ago he gave
(10,000 to the MethtAllat hospital and as he
left quite an estate it Is believed that in
his will be left other charitable bequests.
Insurance Case Decided.
An Important question in Insurance mat
ters was disposed of In the district court
In the case of Jennie Tuttle against the
Iowa Traveling Men's asioclatlon. Tuttle
lived in Kansas City and was Insured for
$5,000. He committed suicide In Kansas.
mmm to Hie lesenn
(If Lawsoa Btreet. Bt. Paul, Minn., Nov. T, IMI.
I tntojtA the hrt of health until aboet two years ao, when I hd a attack of tyrhntd '
I had quit rcovtrd I was out on a cold night, slipped oa the lc and badly strained myaelf. I paid little attention
to It ui, til in a fw werka, I noticed my back brgan to ache frequently. I felt aore and lame and headarhe added
to my mlaery. I alao found that my general health waa falllnc. 1 waa Irresular at my nienetrual perloda, and tha now
waa very scasty aud extremely painful, with a heavy -ruab of blood to tha head and eahauatlva palna through my
entire Dudy.. . t .
Having uttia lanu in aociora ana naving
Wlr.e of Cardul eo highly pralaed by my frl
1 decided to take a fours 't treatment
thin a week 1. waa relleveo. tne
grew im and leaa. the palna disappeared, ni ap
petite returned and 1 enjoyed good aleep. At tn
next menstrual period the now wee natural am
patnlees and haa continued
eeem like a sw wolnan and
so ever
I gladly Indora your
Uble curs for sick
medicine as the uas lofal
ThouMTida of women hate learned to fear the comingr of tho menstrual period and dread Ita
Dosalble 4meluenoeB. We waut to tell every suffering, afflicted wouiau of to-day that she
can have relief. Wine of Cardul will cure her aa It haa cured 1.500.000 Buffering women of every
kind of trouble. Testimonials received eren report tbe removal of Bo,-called incurable tumors.
Wine of Cardul regulates the menstrual flow, stops flooding, cures bearing-down palnB, re
lieveB the Inflammation of leucorrhen, preventg mlacarrlage and robs child-bearing of its pain and
dft UEvr
Ev'ery drugglst sells Wine of Cardul. and you can go and get a $1.00 bottle to-day and take
it with perfect assurance that you will receive benefit from Its use.
Don't you think Wine of Cardul ti worth your attention after It haa done so much for Mrs.
St. John?
If yon think yon need adTlce. address, giving symptoms, "The Ladies' Advisory Department,"
The Chattanooga Medl-
Rhe sought to recover on the policy on
the ground that the contract was In fact
made In Missouri erd that the clause of
the Iowa statutes forbidding recovery on a
policy In case of sulrid- would not there
fore apply. The court held that the Iowa
law would prevail even though the con
tract was made In Missouri and the sulc
clde occurred outside of this state, and
found for the defendant company. The case
will be appealed as one Involving an Im
portant question.
Jir Iowa Corporations.
The Iowa Securities company of Sioux
City has been Incorporated with $100000
capital by George E. Scott and others.
The Messenger Printing company of Fort
Dodge has been incorporated with $30,000
capital by George K. and Clarence Roberts.
The Smith-Talbot Manufacturing company,
has been incorporated at Cedar Rapids with
$50,000 capital. The Cedar Rapids Water
company has Increased Its capital stock
to $675,000.
The Board of Trustees of the State col
lege adjourned Its meeting until May 6,
when bids will be, received on the revised
plans for the new central college build
ings. Pike Prosecution May Re Dropped.
Efforts were being made today for a
compromise of the cases Involving Prof.
Pike and Miss Minnie Siegel, prominent
musicians of the city. Miss Sclgel has In
dicated 1 a desire to have the prosecution
dropped and to permit Prof. Pike to go his
way provided he will not commence coun
ter suits against the Selgels on account of
his arrest. Prof. Pike was forced to re
main In Jail over night and Is deeply hu
miliated over his plight and still insists (
that he will marry Miss seigei, tnougn
she does not Indicate that this will be the
outcome. "
FleelnsT Man Charged wli. jeale-
ment Is Arrested at West
SIOUX CITY. Ia., April 8. W. H. .Hop
kins, representative of Edwards, Wood &
Co., a grain commission firm In Sioux City,
who disappeared a few weeks ago and Is
said to have left a large shortage, has
been located at West Baden, Ind.
He says he will go to Minneapolis, the
headquarters of the firm, and try to effect
a settlement.
Partisanship la Dropped.
CRESTON. Ia., April 8. (Special.) There
was no friction In the organization of the
new city council or In the election of the
officers, although the democrats have con
trol of the council and there is a repub
lican mayor, the democratic members vot
ing for all the appointees of the mayor and
the republicans voting for the democrat
caucus nominees' for the city officers. Af
ter J. C. Sulllvsn was sworn in as mayor
and the newly elected aldermen had taken
their oath of office the following officers
were elected: Clerk, W. H. Robb; street
commissioner, Joe Sayler; scavengcT, Oliver
Jones; official paper, The Morning Ameri
can; chief of fire department, Robert Bis
sett Jr.; health office.-. J. V. Reynolds. The
mayor trade but one change In the police
force, Will McKee belrg substituted for
John Longshore as night police.
Ulnar the Cnrfew Bell.
CRESTON, Ia March 8. (Special.) The
practice of ringing the cerfew bell at 9
o'clock to warn the young people under
It years of age to be home and off the
streets that was so popular all over the
country last year, was used by the officers
of Creston and proved very beneficial, and
served its purpose well, but during ' the
winter months the practice was discon
tinued. The city council have again ordered
its execution and the bell was rung for the
first time again last night. Officials say
that they are going to see that it is obeyed
and if a youngster is caught out after the
appointed hour he will be arrested. The
flr3t trial proved entirely satisfactory and
the warning was heeded by most of the
young people.
Celebrate Golden Weddlns;.
CRESTON, Ia., April 8. (Special.) Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Stewart celebrated their
golden wedding anniversary at their home
on North Birch street yesterday. They
have been residents of Union county for the
past thirteen years and are quite well
known. There was only a few of their
friends present at the anniversary and for
the enjoyment of them the old people sub
mitted to a mock marrlago In imitation of
the more important event half a century
ago. There has been three children born to
them, all of whom are living and two of
whom were present. The guests remained
with the old people all day and refresh
ments were served.
Want to Drain Mud Lake.
JEWELL, Ia., April 8. (Special.) Hun
dreds of acres of rich land may be re
deemed the coming summer If plans go
right as started by Prof. D. A. Kent. He
haa drafted a petition for the draining ot
Mud Lake. One hundred names will be
secured. The plan ls to have the county
do the work and tax the cost to abutting
property owners, wtio would be the chief
gainers by the accumulation of lands.
Poisoned by I se of Milk.
MUSCATINE, Ia., April 8. (Special.)
Tho family of Engineer William Mobley
waa poisoned by drinking milk supposed to
have contained formaldehyde. Prompt
medical aid saved their lives. Tbe milk
was purchased of a milkman who had evi
dently used the formaldehyde aa a pre
servative. heard
f rienda.
of thir
etace. I
President Woman's Protectory. ,
;'t - , -.W x J
11 v.;. -i&TOsgsa J
Witness Tells Why He Had l ittle to
Say When Questioned by
NEW YORK. April 8 The hearing on
the will of the late Charles L. Fair, who
was killed in an automobile accident In
France laat August, was resumed today.
Mrs. Hannah "H. Nelson of Newmarket, N.
J., mother of Mrs. Fair, seeks to show
that Mr. Fair died before his wife.
Lucian Mob, the Frenchman, who testi
fied yesterday that when he reached tbe
scene of the accident he found Mr. Fair
dead and Mrs. Fair breathing, waa again
on the stand.
Mas was questioned about an interview
he had had with M. Plcard, a French se
cret agent, regarding the agent. Mas said
he had refused to tell Plcard .who waa
with him and where he had been when he
witnessed the accident, because Mas and
his friend Moranne had been to Deauvllle
with women and did not want their wtvea
to know about It.
Mas said he had not described the ao
cldent to M. Plcard differently than bla
description at this hearing.
Counsel for Mra. Nelson objected to
cross-examination as to what time they
boarded a train after witnessing the ac
cident. Opposing counsel said it was moat
important, as It "shows Mas was not at
the place at all."
Marketing of Hoars Continues Light
Even as Compared with Pre
tons Week.
CINCINNATI. O., April 8. (Special Tele
gram.) Price Current aaya: The market
ing of bogs contlnuea moderate. Total
western packing was 330,000, compared with
350,000 the preceding week and 356,000 last
year. Since March 1 the total Is 1,760,000,
against 2,055,000 a year ago. Prominent
piacea compare aa follows:
1908. 1902.
Chicago 540,000 705,000
SOUTH OMAHA 21X1,000 240,000
Kanxas City . 170,000 " 200.000
Bt. Louis 145,000 108.000
St. Joseph 151.000 ' 166,000
Indianapolis 64. 000 83,000
Milwaukee 34,000 46.000
Cincinnati 40.000 41,000
Ottumwa 31,000 42,000
Cedar Rapids '25.000 32,000
Bloux City 36,000 86,000
St. Paul 72.000 to.000
Former Vice President Badly Burned
While Trying to Extln-'
BTolah Fire.
BLOOMINGTON, III., April 8. Adlal
Stevenson formerly vice president of the
United States, ,l0bt his hair and moustache
and received painful burns on the face,
bead and hands today while trying to ex
tinguish a fire.
The fire started in a bedroom and Mr.
Stevenson was attracted by tho smoke com
ing through a transom. When he reached
the room Mr Htevenson found the
curtains ablaze. Without calling for aid,
he rushed In to tear them down and in an
Instant the hair was singed from his head,
his moustache burned, off and hla face blis
tered. Mr. Stevenson retreated before his
clothes caught fire.
The property loss does not exceed 81,000.
DAY & HESS, Council Bluffs
Money to loan on Real Estate;
lowest rates; funds on band.
Mortgage Investments for sale.
Call on or write uc if you have
money to Invest, either in mart gages,
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Small farm near city at a bargain.
DAY & HESS, Council Bluffs
House and lot in Council Bluffs cheap.
President Woman's Proclory.
f " A LA V "My'" U
The Maximum
U reachsd In tha production ot
Baltimore Rye
The perfect typo of tho purest
whiskey. Its tasto la a treat.
First Called
First Recalled
and Hair Tonic
Makes the Hair Grow,
Keeps the Scalp Healthy.
So!4 Everywhere la
$1.00 and SO Cent Bottles.
A. R. Bremer Co., Chicago.
Farm of 22S acrea, 6 miles S. E. of
city at great bargain for 10 days. The
Ora Clark farm. Kino boase, all bot
tomland, not subject to overflow, near
station, acbool, etc. There la $10 per
acre profit In thla. Tbe finest farm la
tbe country at 105 per acre. -
. , 1