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T)L lt-M.
W Close Saturday at t p. m.
Vn r TT Kll at'L
ncw shirtwaist suit, is very great.
lra7it- Tliore is no material that quite answers
There are more rarely, beautiful
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a yard, . t " :'. ' j
Y. M. cyBuildins, Corner Sixteenth and Douglas Sti
he would be guilty of the conduct, of
which he ha fcfen accused. Afld ror 'my
self I wlah ttf say tbal-I defy th gentle
men,' frobiV Douglas-or a.ybody ejseto Im
pugn mje.Jmotlyta.'.'- f ' V
' Hlte at Blackburn.
l!cA)lUteV of Deuel added a word, say
ing: !'Wben I see a member obliged to
move to atlnther part of the house to keep
from listening to Xhe dictates of lobby
ists, I think it is high time that I was
voting .gainst the' measure that he and
the' lobbyists are tor." This In reference
to Blackburn's soUettous Impromptu act.
Things' were reaching a white heat when
Loomls of Dodge eloquently brought about
the. climax. ; ' '
VThls, debate has degenerated Into a per
sonal attaok on our speaker," .aid the
venerable minority leader, who had only a
few mo'ttfeflts before offered a re.olution
and made a speech in commendation of
Speaker Mockett. "Let us vote down thl.
motion-. nd show by our actions that we do
not tolerate . any such unwarranted attack.
and stand by our epeaker.".
This brought forth a round of applause
and the Sweety motion, which wsa at once
put.. was defeated with but one vote, that
f Ten Eyck In the affirmative. Even
Eweexy himself did not raise hia voice for
It This killed the bill, which had been
recommended for Indefinite postponement
by the conference committee.
When the house reconvened at 8:30 to
night, after' a recess from 6 o'clock, Ten
EyCfc'asked -the privilege, of the floor and
offered apologies to the speaker and the
bouse. A few cordial remarks from the
speaker closed .the Incident. '
'Douglas county members, who. It will be
remembered,- have recently tried their
hand at making city charters, had a lively
skirmish' today when they discovered that
S. F. 180, by Hall of Douglas, had been
Indefinitely postponed y-Ua house. This
la the bill, that, pro-Ides Omaha with a
police, judge, whirl? functionary Is omitted
In the ,new city charter act., '! '' '
'The ...bin 'finally was dug" but'' of the,
runs by Kennedy and tonight passed, fall
ing, towever. to . get through with the
emergency clause. .This means It will take
effect In three months, whereas the charter
act. carrying an emergency1 clause. Is al
ready In operation.
tasa .Exemption Bill.'
8. F, 87. by Norris of Richardson, the ex
emption lien bill, ha. passed both house.. It
ha. a hard time'. Be.elged by interminable
onslaughts from organized labor, it took all
the power and skill Its friends could com
mand to fore the measure through. The
efforts of those against the bill 'were not
altogether barren. of results, for Its cham
pions admit the measure was seriously
The origin of this bill I. traced to the
re tad I merchants. It. enemies hold the
provisions to . be unfair to the working
classes' In Omaha,- South Omaha, Lincoln
and the' other more populous center, of the
state. Its' friends vrged that It will work
oo hardship upon any honest wags worker,
but will affprd necessary protection to tho
Representative Jone explain, the bill a.
follow.:- ' . .
"The only change then In the old law
made oy this bin as passed by the senate
nd house, I. that the employe whose wages
xoeed 836 pet- month may be compelled by
legal process to apply one-fifth of his
monthly earnlnga to the discharge of his
Indebtedness contracted for the necessaries
of life. It does not appear that the law
will materially affect the very poor or do
Injustice to any. chva or condition of me
chanics, laborers or wage-earners, but will
afford a measure' of protection to -the re
tailer who "accommodates his customors by
extending' to them credit on monthly set
tlements." Of the Dougle. county men Jn the house.
Nelson. Gilbert, Ten Eyck and Morsman
voted against ..the-bill, and' Kennedy and
Easter Gear
B, April I, 1B03.
More New
This season's demand for soft, cling
ing, non-crushable silks, for the pretty,
the purpose like a pretty foulard silk.
foulards in this collection than
Mangold for It,' .whtteVShelly and Koetter
wore absent when inf'-voU was taken.
t Wolf Bonaty Wins.' J i
After a long and solrited flgbti between
the 'house and the senate It has heefe 'de
cided to pay tho wolf bounty claim of $40,
000.' The decision was factied' this after
noon when the-senate conference committee
receded In behalf of the senate iff cutting
out this claim and the'' senate adopted the
report of the committee .This matter has
been fought out between ; the , two houses
for three days. The house committeemen
declare that had Senator Warner not been
removed trom the senate conference .com
mittee no decision would have.been renchcd.
The majority of. the .housonleraberr Jiave
been for paying the claimss since the first.
The senate cut down '-the- claim of . ex
State Treasurer Hill from 84.000 to 82.000,
and the house bad to Concede this In order
to prevent an Interminable deadlock.
Railroad Bill ': Tails. . . '
The Union Pacific failed 'to foroe through
the house 8. F. 202 by. President Pro Tem
Harrison of the senate, by means of which
that corporation sought to evade a portion
of its school taxes. The bill went with
that number that were buried in the grave
yard, at the final wlndup. - . .'
This bill sought to impose upon rural
school boards the necessity of .anticipating
at the beginning of every school year all
the expenses for that year and make out
a list of them to be presented to the county
clerk and taken as the basis of the levy for
the maintenance of those districts. If
this list failed to contain every cent of ex
pense incurred for the year It would .imply
mean that" the district would '.lose, that
much, for ' the clerk would be powerless
to pay for anything not Included (ln 'the
list. Ana ne wouia oe uname to maice any
levy at all where suh" list, were not pre
sented. Opponents1 of- the (Mill 'pointed out
the utter folly of such a provision, holding
that It would be almost Impossible for any
district to anticipate to 'the very cent all
the expenditures It would make for that
year.' The result would be, they declared.
the closing down of a number of country
schools In western counties, wherein over
seventy . districts the Union Pacific, was
practically the sole taxpayer.
Another provision' they objected' to was
that the clerk wa. prevented from, levying
a tax greater than 20 mills. ' The public
school committee In the house wantsd thri.
raised to 30 mills.- Opponents feel rather
Jubilant over defeating this measure1 which
they regarded as distinctly a railroad bill.
Boavrel Custodian of Halli. '
The power to purchase supplies for the
legislature and the custody of the legts
latlve halls and property have been re
moved from the secretary of .tat. and
vested In the board of public land, and
buildings by the passage of 8. F. 276 and
8. F. 278 by the house today. The gov
ernof's approval Is all that Is needed to
transform these bill. Into law, i
During thl. session there ha. been a great
deal of dissatisfaction- expressed over the
law that makes the secretary of State the
purchasing agent and custodian of 'legis
latlve supplies. This dissatisfaction led
to somewhat of an investigation of certain
purchases made In recent years and the
result of the Investigation admittedly lent
substance to the determination to wrest
this function from the secretary of state.
8. F. 276 provides that the board shall
advertise for - bids for supplies at least
sixty day. prior to the beginning of the
session and that the limit of stationery and
other necessary "supply" purchases shall
b. limited to 8500 in opening the 'session
8. F. 276 give, the board custody of the
house and senate halls and property. Both
measures are by Benatbr Cox.
Miit Hows Rolls Paaaed fa
Closing; Honrs of tftc 8es-.
slon. ' ". .
i (From a Staff Correspondent s
LINCOLN, April 8. (Special.) The'aen-
ate: spent most; of the afternoon awaiting
mo. rvpori ot me . coanrence committee,
having completed "jta .labbv at an early
..During the breathing - spell the senate
paid a tribute to Lieutefttant Oovernor Mc-'-'
CUton by unanimously-adopting thl. reso-'
lutlon by Meredith, of Sarpy;"
' Resolved. That the-laauk of the senats ,:
are. due and are hereby tendered to Hon.
HJrhond O. .McUfltoQ or th able manner
I in wiucn ne nat preaioexi. over tnla body', i
for his uniform kltidiaa and courtesy to !
Jtllti memlwrH.' km) frti. lh imnaHl.litu
I t'ayed by him in the discharge f liij .
au,a;gf. i
A resolution was unanimously"' adopted
commending- Chairman ' Anderson of the
committee on finance,, way. And means, far
his untiring and painstaking work. Both
Lieutenant Oovernor McOliton and Benator
Anderson appropriately thanked the senate. '.
A resolution was Introduced congratulat
ing Senator Frank Dean on his convales-
eence and expressing regret that-the een- !
tor had been compelled to be absent bo- j
cause ot illness, geaator Daa baa been 111 1
tor many weeka. In aecoading the adop-
tlon of the resolution Sloan spoke in tbe I
highest terms-of the character of Senator r
Deaa and said he should be recommended
to his constituents as one ot the medel I
men of Nebraska.
Houcla of Beoatr..
After taking a recess tor "about a min
ute"' at 1 o'clock last right, the senate
reconvened at o'clock this morning.
These bills were passed:
H. R. 329, defining abandonment by hus
band or wife and the penalty t hereof r.
H. R. 79, providing for' duration of term
of school and fixing levy at 30 mills.
H. R. 133. providing that library fund
In cities should be separata from other
H. R. 165, providing for drainage for agri
cultural and sanitary purposes.
IL R. 28, to legalize' foreclosure. In tsx
Uen cases.
H. R. 78, to appropriate $10,000 for Lin
coln monument. - . .
H. R. 448, genera appropriation bill.
H. R. 105, to prevent the use of live birds
as targets.
H. R. 308, appropriation for reward, to
be given to the discoverer of coal, gas, etc
H. R. 2S5, to prohibit the .ale of tobacco
to minors under 18 year, of age.
H. R. 280, to i prevent fraud In railroad
II. R. 281, to prevent the owning of en
gravings to duplicate or change railroad
tickets. '
II. R. 282, to prevent the forging of rail
road tickets.
H. R. 853, punishment for committing as
H. R. 15, to purchase 820 acre, pt land for
the Hastings asylum. '
H. R. 4:9,-to appoint a commlislon to
deride, the Nebraska-Missouri boundary. -'
H.. R. 347,' to establish sewage systems
In cities of 5,000 Inhabitants.
H. R. 88, to prevent the -desecration of
the United States flag.
H. R. 449, to appoint a commission to
settle the .Nebraska-Iowa boundary line.
H. R. 275, regulating hall Insurance com
panies.' - r.
H.'R. 4S2. to provide for school tax levy
for Lincoln. ". '.
11. R. 174, the woman', dower right bill
wa. killed by a vote of 20 to 9. The bill
wa. amended In committee of the wholc'eo
that the wife secured one-half of the hus
band's estate during 'her life.'. Tho ' vote
ws': '"..' ;., ';. , ',
Yeas:" - - r
. - ; . . '
Cox. ' . . Itall (Burt), Wall, .
OIIBp. Howell, , y,t, .J .
Ha.ll. (Douclaa), ; JfunlDfi,. Young. .
Alden, Frlea,
' PembertoV '
Reynold, ',.
fihaldoa, t
Sloan.;- ;
Liaiteaa M.
Ahdraon, Harriaon,
BMlitol, lUattnca,
Brady, Haatr.
lrowl. . HedR', .
Coftey, -' . Marahall, "
Lajr, Meredith,
H. R. 124, to regulate mutual Insurance
companies, was passed.
H. R. 81, school warrants In Omaha shall
draw 6 per cent Interest; pawned.
H. R. 262, appropri.tipg 83,000 to build
a comfort house on the state fair ground.
All bills not advanced to a third reading
were Indefinitely postponed.
Resolutions were adopted thanking Lieu
tenant Governor -McGllton for the able
manner In which ho had presided over the
senato and for his courtesy to each member
of that body; to Chairman Anderson' of the
finance committee for his able And un
ceasing work during the. session; Book
keeper John D. Cleaver, all employns, the
cl.tlzens of Lincoln generally, the news
paper reporters and to the third bouse for
allowing the senate to exist.
The page, tendered their thanks to the
members ot the senate for their kindness
and consideration. - After this last . reso
lution was adopted the senate gave three
cheers for tho pages.
A minute's recess was taken at 12 o'clock
and at 1:30 the senate reconvened.
H. R. 436, the special scavenger bill.
recommended by the governor, was passed.
H. R. 73, providing for an amendment, to
the state constitution to allow the Invest
ment of the state school fund, was In
definitely postponed In the general wlndup.
The conference committee on the wolf
bounty claim, reported to pay the claim.
and the report wa. adopted. Hastings and
Sloan voted against the report. -
The conference committee on S. F. 20,
to regulate the operation of mutual . in
surance companies, reported that It had
agreed to the bouse amendment that , the
company deposit 850,000 JjiiUead. of 3100.000
before they can do business. The senate
concurred In the report after a lengthy
The conference 'committee, on H.. R. 79,
determining the. duration of the. school
terms announced that It hr.d. adopted the
senate amendment.. Report was adopted.
Brown moved that the secretary of state
have printed an additional 1,000 copies of
the revenue bill; report adopted. , .
H. R. 287, providing for. appeals' to. Jlhe
district and supreme courts. Passed. ,.
H. R. 294, allowing mutual insurance
companies, to Insure risks outside, of .the.
state, limiting the liability and allowing
any member to withdraw. . Passed.
During the afternoon Senator Anderson
presented to Lieutenant Oovernor McQlltoa
an elegant bouquet of roses and one rose to
each senator, employe and newspaper re
porter. The page, distributed a box of
cigars. Lleutnenat Governor McOliton. and
Senator Anderson each made . speeches,
thanking the senate for the vote of thank,
tendered them. , At 4 o'clock . the senate
took a recess "for a few minutes." During
thl. time Chaplain Presson addressed, the
members. .......
The conference committee on senate
amendment, to H. R. 446 reported that aq
agreement had been reached. By thl. agree
ment an appropriation was allowed to per
mit the deaf and dumb Institute at Omaha
to be connected with the water main.
The net (norease In the . appropriation
wa. $17,701. The greatest change wa. in
the appropriation for the penitentiary. The
number of cell, to be built was increased
from 160 to 210, as originally recommended
by the house. The increase in the item waa
The senate went Into night session at
7:30 and gave almost the whole time to
felicitations. Lieutenant Oovernor Mc
Gilton was escorted to the president's desk
by Senators Thayer and -Alden and Intro
duced to the assemblage by President Pro
Tem Harrison,, who. In his remark. Mid;
"Some of us hope to aeehim governor of
this stp.te."
K handsome garnet ring and gold stick
pin were presented to the lieutenant gov
ernor by J. F. Hogan, J. D. Phillips, Misses
Stella .Funk and Stella. Olsen and, forty
other senate employes. Senator Wall male
, the -presentation speech. The , HenUenant
"The real good dX all
work . ... . depends
on the final worth, of
the thing you make ' ''.
' - , John Rvi.kin
The final, worth of.
Silver ,
has been acclaimed by
three generations as de
noting its 4real good,"
which depends equally
upon its faultless de
sign, its admirable
workmanship and its
sterling quality of ma
terial. All
keep it
governor we.-manifestly touched at what
had been -done and said, and very feelingly
expreased his gratitude.
Senator Harrison waa lhe honored by
the adoptfrm of a set of resolution. Intro
duced by Senator Anderson and seconded
by nesrly every senator In the rbaraber.
The speeches on tbl. occasion were es
pecially enrdial sad many of them eloquent.
Senator Harrison msde a very becoming
speech In recognition of the tribute be
stowed upon him. The proceedings were
witnessed by large audience. In the galler
ies and on the' floor. -
The senate took a recess until o'clock
tomorrow morning. It ha. finished It. Work
and I. only waiting .on the house to ad
journ alne die.
Motloa to Postpoao All Bills oa Gen
eral File Caaa. Coa.
. faaloa.
(From a Btaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, April 8 (Special.) The "five
minute recess'" taken at 1:3d this morning
expired at 8 o'clock, when the house re
convened. ' '
The conference committee on the claims
bill reported another failure to' agree on
the 140,009 wolf bounty Claim; asked the
adoption ot the remainder of the report and
the appointment of a new committee. Thl.
wa. done' and Douglas, Rouse, McCulloch
were named to 'gain confer with" the senate
committee' on this b1!I. -'
The house refused to cou'ciir In the senate
amendments' to the general aprp6prlatloni
bill and Wilson, Davie and "Memmlnger
were appointed to confer ttn a antte com
mittee od Ufa bill. ' ;: " ' '
"Pandemonium broke' toose" enrly tn'rthe
proceeding, when Sweeiy moved to lndef:
lnltely postpone all bills oil the general
file except 8. F. 10$ and 8. 'F. 42, regulat
ing supreme' court' practise and the width
of publio toads. - ft Was aq amendment to
a motion' tyMoriimn t6'prdfeed with' all
bill, on general file. The confusion that
arose was Irrepressible for many minutes.
The' speaker's loud and 'continued rapping
with his gavel was lost In the din and
tumult tht roared oh1 the floor.
After a vain attempt' to settle the matter
by a standing vote the roll call was taken
and Sweety's amendment carried by 48 to
28 votes.
Another motion ty Sweeiy carried plac
ing these two bills on Inlrd reading.
These bills then 'were passed:
S. F. 201, "by Bhfc.don, repealing the law
requiring land owners to "destroy weeds to
the middle 6f the public road..
S. F. 87,' by Morris, permitting creditor.
to lrvy on 20 per cent of a debtor', wage.
when such wages exceeded 135 a month and
exempting all the1 wages when they were
less than 835 a month. The vote was 84
to 19. .
Tho 'vote In detail was:
Anderaon (H'n), Cood,
Neienn (Plarea).
Webora. .
Mr. Speaker 64.
Atwood. Orena;,
Bacon, - Henna, u -,-r ' '
Rartoo, Harrleon,
Belden. Hathom,
Hureeea, - Hereon.
Canael, Kogrefe,
Chrlalr, ' Holllet. '-' "'
Coat a. s Hunter, ,
Cooaey, Jahnal,
Cravena, Jonea (R'd'n),
Cropeej, Jonea (Otoe),
Davie, . Jnuvana, ..
Dnary, Kaeeny.
Fellers, - Kennedy,, r
Ferrar, Kerna, .
Kord, Knot, "'
Fries. : - . MbMUstae.
Negative ' -3't' "'
Anderaoa tKr). NelMm '.mlth.
unoingaain.. , rerrr.n.-
rnrrla, Ramaer,
Delea Demlar,- ' Roberta,
Flahback. 8er, i(
Ten Eiek,
TVlrner Is.
Johnaoa, Shellr,
Loomla, Shipley,
Absent and Dot ttjrtlng '
Boeth. " ttinnoil.1,J '! "Peed.'''
Oaldatlior- ' .Moti-nr. ""f Xlen.
Detrlck, Junkln. Banner, ,
Douilaa. .4'ICfttlfc ! . - ghellr. .' " '
KrledTlr. . r, yKotte,J , i Spuelftcll. .
O.lwlrk 1 KrClalp" .Tinier.
Olabarlller, " r ' Men-mflnueV; " '"Thorpe II. '
S. F. 96, by O'Neill, leg.ill.lng the office
of state Insnrance'. flprtyj
a F. 279"t)y BghtOI,'to raise the stan
dard of Illuminating oil to 112 degrees
fahrenhelt " ''-
8; Tt t85, 'by O'NWrt, ' to 'permit the Ne
braska Relief commission to turn Into the
state treasury sv balance of 8898.98.
6. F. 3, by Fries, granting additional
powers - to ' fraternal'' beneficiary societies
or association, organized under the law.
of Nebraska.
8. F. 175, by Cox, vesting In the board of
public lands and bvlldfngs the purchasing
of legislative supplies." ' i
'S. F.-189, 'by Olffln, providing for con
struction of Irrigation 'canals and acquir
ing of water right..' "
8. F. 83, by Hall, curative act, regarding
three days' notice to be given to tenant,
before vacation of premise.
S. F. 108 by Brown, providing a uniform
procecdure of appeal from the' district to
supreme court.
8. F. 245, by Fries,' regulating the or
ganisation of irrigation district, defining
their power, and rights.
8. F. 138, by Olffln, compelling Irriga
tion ditches to be in order by April 15 and
providing tor necessary outlets.
8. F. 276, by Cox, to make the board of
publio land, and building, the cu.todlan.
of the legislative halls and .upplles.
The conference committee reported It
could not agree on 8. F. 254 and recom
mended It tor Indefinite postponement
Sweety moved that the house recede from
Its action In amending the bill and Speaker
Mockett took the floor against the bill. He
said It was simply an enabling act and
would allow Nebraska' mutual beneficial
associations to reorganise as legal re
serve, and issue discriminating policies.
Nelson of Douglas spoke for the bill. At
thl. time the matter wa. temporarily de
ferred. The minority member, at thl. time of
fered re.olntlon. expressing their cordial
feelings' toward Speaker Mockett for hi.
fair and Impartial treatment of them, and
Loomls. Kennedy and Feller, .poke briefly
along thl. line. The speaker replied ex
pressing his deep feeling of gratitude for
the' mutual relation that. existed between
him. the majority and minority member.
OUbert of Douglas last' night of
fered a resolution to pay the ex
penses ot all members for their
junketing trips, dwsplta the adoption some
time ago of Harrison, re.olution to pay
only such expenses as' were .actually In-
j tin rcu, a iiuuipauu imi mv iuriuu out
clnctly In saying that a member could get
all he was entitled to under the Harrison
resolution and no mors, but he thought no
member would want any mora than be
really was entitled On roll call the
motion was lost by a vote of 45 to 89. two
third, being neoesaary to carry.
The bouae concurred In the senate
amendment to H. ' R. 27, raising the ap
propriation for an experiment station from
$5,000 to $15,000.
Tht house at 6 o'clock took a recess
until 9:30 when" It went Into committee ot
the whole and took up senate files. 8. F.
87, by Norris, the exemption ' Hen bill, at
once came up. The bill exempts 80 per
cent ot monthly waxes and all the wage,
where they amount to 835 or lea. a month.
j Loomls of Dodge attacked the bill a. a
vicious imposition on toe wage earners,
which, he said, had emanated from retail
merchants. He declared the bill was de
signed to "bear down" on such classes as
the railroad men of Omaha and would work
Incomparable hardships on them. Jone. of
Otoe, retail merchant, made a forcible
defense ot the bill. Insisting that It would
Injure no honest wageworker, but would
afford necessary protection to the retailer.
Mockett of Lancaster spoke la support
of the bllt Wilson of Fawns also spoke
for 1U Jone. of Otoe had moved to recom
mend the hill for passage and Sweeiy of
Adams offered an amendment to Indefinitely
postpone It. Jones' motion carried. Man
gold, Kennedy and Morsman of Douglas
voted to pass the bill and Ten Eyck, OUbert
and Koetter to kill.
The house took another "five mlnut
recess" at 8 o'clock and began the night
session at 8:30. These bills were passed:
8. F. 180, by Hsll of Douglas, providing
Omaha with a police judge to supply a de
ficiency ot the new city chart'.
8. F. 239. by Hall of Burt, to provide for
Improvement, of public highways.
8. F. 212, by Marshall, an overhead In
surance bill. '
8. F. 238, by Meredith, j regulate the Is
suance of medical certificates.
8. F. 231, by Hall of Douglas, to legalize
asknowledgement. of oath. heretofore
taken and administered by commissioners
of deeds.
8. F. 108. by Pemberton, allowing the
commitment ot youths to the reform
school up to 18 ye.r. of age.
8. F. 237, by Sheldon, providing for the
manner of construction of bridge, over
streams that form boundary lines.
8. F. 177, by Pemberton. regulating the
commitment of girls to the reform school.
The last bill wes passed at 10 o'clock
and the remainder of the evening was de
voted to pleaaure. The galleries and floor
were filed. Speaker Mockett appointed
Representatives Sar, Bacon and Burgess
to go to the senate and Invite Senator
O'Neill of Lancaster to come to the house
and favor It with his famous recitation of
"Casey at the Bat." The senator did so
and the applause which followed brought
him back with one of James Whltcomb
Riley', gem.. Attorney Edward O. Maggl
ot Albion, who I. well known in Nebraska
for his elocutionary powers, then gave two
The house adopted a resolution by Loomls
of Dodge, to appropriate 8200 for the pur
chase by the speaker of forty volumes of
the new legislative album that has been
Issued by a Fremont concern. The book,
are to be distributed In thl. anil other
It was 11 o'clock when the house took a
"five minute" recess, until 9 o'clock to
morrow morning.
Madison Boa Seek Half-Dar Ses
sions, RefaslntT to Work
Till The? Oct' Them.
MADISON, Wis., April 8. Led by the .on
of the superintendent of schools and
scion, of some ot the best families In
Madison, 300 High school student, struck
today for single or half day sessions. They
congregated In mob. about the High school
building and made such a disturbance that
a detail of police wa. called to suppress
About two-thirds of the 550 student. In
the school are out and the striker, are
making vtgorou. effort, to gain accession.
to their ranks. A. the strike 1. approved
by the parent, of a number of the stu
dents and is secretly encouraged, It la
said, by some of the teachers, it Is probable
that considerable difficulty will be ex
perienced In settling it.
Three rtosen Balls Hit . Tararpt
Floating- Nearly a Mile
PENSACOLA. Fla., April 8. World", re
cords are being broken one after the other
by the ships of the North Atlantic fleet.
Illinois lowered all records for accuracy
with thlrteen-lnch guns, and today
low took the record with six pounder.,
when tUo gunners fired thirty-six .shot. In
succession, each falling true at 1,700 .yards.
Document Disposes of an Batata Vei
ned mt More Than Twelve
Million Dollars.
CHICAOO, April 8. The will of Guatavu.
P. Swift, late president of the firm of
Swift A Co., was filed In probate court to
day. The estate Is valued at $13,200,000.
The principal feature of the will was a
bequest of $2ro,000 to charity. The greater
part of the remainder of the eatate 1.
divided amcng the widow and heirs.
Railroad Coal Chute.
MARSH ALLTOWN, la., April 8. (Spe
cial.) The Iowa Central coal chute was
totally destroyed by fire and the store
keeper's warehouse was partially burned
at an early hour this morning. The flames
spread to the cars In the yard totally de
stroying six an' damaging thirty-five. The
chut burned like tinder.- The firemen
were allowed to go and turned their at
tention to the oil houae nearby which con
tained several hundred barrel, of oil and
waa momentarily threatened. The loss Is
estimated at $25,000, fully insured.
Fir at Fort Leavenworth.
LEAVENWORTH. Kas.. Anrll 8. Fir tn.
dav In the engineer's barracks at Vnrt
Leavenworth for a time threatened the en
tire barracks which, with munitions. Is
valued at $400,000. The fire was extin
guished with $5,000 loss.
Slaughter Houae at Beatrice.
BEATRICE. Neb., April 8. (Special Tel
egram.) Fire tonight at 11:30 destroyed
the slaughter house and packing establish
ment ot B. M. Heffieflnger, located two
miles south of this city. Loss $1,000, In
surance $300.
A Jew Dlseovery that Kill the Germ
and Prevent Baldn.
Pretty nearly all the hair preparation,
for dandruff have some merit In allaying
Itching of the scalp, and In being a fairly
good dressing for the hiir, but there 1
only on that recognises what causes
dandruff, . falling hair and baldness, and
that destroys the cause, a lltte germ
and that Is Newbro's Herplclde. This germ
eats It way Into the scalp, down to the
hair root, where it saps that vitality, caus
ing dandruff as it digs up the scalp into
little white scales. Unless It Is destroyed
there's no permanent stopping or falling
hair and cure of dandruff and baldne.i.
Newbro's Herplclde kills the germ. "De
stroy the cause, you remove the effect."
Sold by all druggists. Send 10 cent. In
stamps for simple to The Herplclde Co.,
Detroit, Mich.
Marriage License.
Marriage licenses hav been granUd a
Nam and Residence. Age.
Frank T. B. Martin. Omaha 26
Mary E. Barker, Omaha 24
John B. Dixon. South Omaha 22
Flora Shtrman. South Omaha 14
Gorg E. Boellert, Stanton, la 86
Ueata H. Holland. Stanton, la 12
William J. Nace. Omaha 87
Mary M. Humphiirs, Omaha 23
Fir nad I'ollr Matter.
At the meeting of the Hoard ot Fire and
Police Commissioner last nlht Policeman
W. H. Stnry confessed to bHng Intoxicated
while on duty. He has been on the tore
nine years and this being the first charge
brought against h'na he was lined six days'
Miscellaneous bl'U were allowed, but all
bills for coal were held up until they can
be compared with the contracts.
a. I. Berger of 17u7 South rVventh street
and Oeor.e Pickerel of 4t23 Dodge street
were placed upon the list of probationary
Geological Surveyor Believes Boolder Fieldg
to Be Very Large.
War Department Karnes Offleer to
Form First Body Created hy Re
cent Art, Thouah Dntle Only
Comnaene In A .
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, April 8. (Special Tele
gram.) Professor N. M. Fennaman of the
United State. Geological aurvey ha. pre
pared an elaborate report on the Boulder oil
field, of Colorado, the result of an exten
sive exploration and Investigation recently
made by him. The report show, that oil
development In the region commenced a
early as 1867. But little wa. done until
1901, when the Boulder Oil company com
menced operation, and development and ha.
Ince proceeded rapidly. The full extent ot
the. oil field ha. not been determined
though Professor Fennaman expresses the
opinion It 1. very large. The present pro
duction Is 200 barrel, dally and the oil I.
ot good quality.
Mr.. Annln, widow of the 1st William E.
Annin, and her daughter, are staying for
a few day. as guests of Mrs. Joy, wife of
Representative Charles F. Joy ot Missouri.
A. soon as an adjustment ran b obtained
with the Postofflce department of her late
husband's accounts, Mrs. Annln wilt return
to Denver to live until the completion of
her children'.- education In - the public
school, there., .
, General Staff . Selected.
The '.eeret.fy of war tod.y t.nnounred
the name, selected' by the board of officers
for the general staff a. follow.: Colonel.
Thoma. H. Barry, .djuthnt general', de
partment; John B. Kerr, Twelfth cavalry;
John-L. Chamberlain, Inspector general',
department; Enoch H. Crowder, Judge ad
vocate general's department.
Lieutenant Colonel. William A. Simpson,
adjutant general', department; Henry P.
McCain, adjutant' general', department;
James T. Kerr, adjutant general', depart
ment; Frederick A. Smith, In.pector gen
eral', department; Crosby P. Miller, quar
termaster general', department; Charles
Shaler,. ordnance department.
Major. John O. D. Knight, corp. of en
gineer; George W. Goethals, corp. of en
gineer.; Henry A. Greene, United Slates
Infantry, adjutant general's department;
Edward J. McClernand. United States cav
alry, adjutant general', department; James
A. Alrons, United State. Infantry, In
.pector general'. ' department; Sedgwick
Pratt, artillery corps;. William A. Mann,
Fourteenth Infantry; , William P. Duvall,
artillery corps; Montgomery M. Macomb.
artillery corps; William D. Beach, Tenth
cavalry; John. 8. Mallory First Infantry;
Samuel Reber, signal corps.
Captains William , Gibson, ordnance de
partment; David D. Galllnrd, corps of en
gineers; Ben James Alverd, Twentieth In
fantry, Harry C. Hale, Twelfth Infantry;
Joseph T. Olckman. Eighth cavalry; Charles
H. Mulr 3;'cond Infantry; Frank Dew Ram
sey, Ninth infantry;' Frank M-Intyre, Nine
teenth Infantry; Sydney A. Oilman, Twenty-third
Infantry; Robert K. Mltchle,
Twelfth cavalry; Hugh J. Gallacher, sub
sistence department; John J. Pershing, Fif
teenth cavalry; C- L. ,Menoher, artillery
corps; ' Wlllalm C. Rivers, Flr.t cavalry;
Peyton C. Marsh, artillery oorps; William
C. Hahn, artillery corp.; Charlea D. Rhode.,
Sixth ' cavalry; Horace ' M. Reeve, Seven
teenth Infantry; Dennis E. Nolan, Thir
teenth 'Infantry. '
First Lieutenant John rC. Oakes, corp. Of
engineer... ''.' ' ?
These officers will be supplemented by a
number of general officer.
It I. not Intended to change to stations
or assignments of any officer, detailed upon
the general staff tor the present or until
they are needed on general staff work. In
the foregoing list some of the officers have
not yet reached the grade to which they
have been assigned, but will be promoted
before the law goes into effect next August.
Parcels Post with France.
M. Margerle, secretary of the Fredch em
bassy, today conferred with Second As
sistant Postmaster General Shallsnberger
regarding a parcels post treaty. A tenta
tive draft of a treaty between the gov
ernment, wa. dlscuased along the lines of
the German asreerueat.
Invent New Turbine 8bta.
Admiral Melville, engineer In chief of
the navy, has a surprise In store for sail
ors which perhaps will be as revolutionary
a. hi. famou. triple .crew. For more
than a year hi. bureau ha. been making
quiet Inquiries and preparing plan, for a
turbine propelled warship. The best ex
pert, have been consulted and the plan,
have been advanoed to a point where It
I. thought satisfactory result, are assured.
Find Roosevelt New Post.
The Washington Humane society has
elected President Roosevelt an honorary
member In consideration of hi. message
to congreas recommending the exercise of
kindness toward cavalry and artillery
horses of the army.
Alaska Mall Contvnet Awarded.
The Postofflce department ha awarded
to 8. R. Sprlgg of Point Barrow., Ala.ka,
the contract for carrying the trail from
Point Barrow, vta Point Hop to KoUebue,
Alaska, about 650 mile., two round trip,
to be made each winter for the next three
year, at $650 per round trip, The mall I.
to be carried by reindeer.
Routine of Department.
The Iowa rural fre delivery letter car
rier, were appointed today: Anthon, regu
lars, Den P. Dodge, Harcourt P. Roger.,
Albert James Moore; substitutes,. John A.
Dodd, Carl B. Rogers. D. E. Wing. Bran
son, regular, Charles H. Lamb; aub.tltut,
L, A. Horn. Clinton, regular, Albert E.
Bachman; substitute. Nettle J. - Bacbman.
Council Bluffs, regular, James O. McMahoa;
substitute, J. B. McMabon. Hinton, regu
lars, Charles C. Paulsen, Thoma. J. Bailey,
John D. O'Brien; .ubstltutea, Fred Wht
neck, Oeorge Bailey, Allen Jones. Love
land, regular, Edwin C. French; substitute,
Albert Bird. Lawton, regular. Christian
Wledman; substitute, Elisabeth Wledman.
Merrill, regular, Russell JI. CoffinCharley
Thoward, Franklin II. Jones; substitutes,
Maud H. Coffin, Welcome O. Sanford,
Franklin N. June. Remaen, regulars, Har
vey W. Mossoer, Gus FMudman; substi
tutes, Leonard Rescknagle, Henry Wlllen
burg. Sioux City, substation No. 1, regu
lars, Schuyler C. Reld, Morris N. Thorp;
substitute, Hannah Reid, Walter T. Thorp.
Solon, regulars, John W. Iklck, John M.
Jenkins; substitutes, Joe Brosh, Joe Seen
Ishek. The Second National bank of DubuqUe
was today approved as reserve agent for the
First National bank of Algona, la.
Frank R. Sldwell of Sioux Falls, 8. D.,
was today appointed special laborer at the
navy yard. Puget Sound.
Postmasters appointed: Iowa, Frank K.
Nils, Msrble Rock, Floyd county. Wyoming.
Ed C. Payne, Irma Big Horn empty.
''Saved My Life and Kept Me
From Insane Asylum." j
Mra. Wilcox Is Now in
Ferfect Health Through No
Other Agency Than
Paiiie's Celery
The absolute need of an honest and genu
ine Invlgorator and health' giver In the
spring season I. deeply Impressed on the
mind ot every thinking and Intelligent man
and woman. '
Th happy cure of Mr, J. B. Wilcox, of
Winter. Cal.. through tho use" of Fame's
Celery Compound, created widespread as
tonishment and Joy amongst her friends
and neighbor, who were exceedingly anx
ious regarding her condition'.
The best medical treatment tailed even to
give Mr. Wlloox a few day. relief from
her sufferings ot mind and body. ' At last,
Paine'. Celery Compound .aved her from
a terrible end and planted her fort (Irmly
on the rock of health. ; . .
Read Mr. Wilcox', letter of testimony,
dear reader, and If . you remain - obdurate
and unbelieving after such ao earnest and
convincing confession of cure, nothing but
a direct act ot Providence can snatch you
from the danger, and peril, of your posi
tion. Mrs. Wilcox says:
"Palne's Celery Compound did for me
Payne's Oelery Compound ' did for me.
Some years ago my . head troubled me so
that tt seemed that 1. should be craiy. It
wa. caused by overitudy, I' asked the ad
vlr of two doctor, . who irave me medi
cine to no effect, and I did hot know what
I would do. I did, not want to see anyone,
everything seemed so strange. I had a
tired, lagging feeling, my bowel, were out
of order, my kidney, troubled me, and I
felt badly, but before I had taken half of
one bottle of Pal no's Celery Coiii&ound I
felt like a new person. Four bottles cured
me. And I would recommend It to ail who
feel the way I did, I can't praise it half
enough, for I know It saved my life and
kept me from Imprisonment in an Insane
asylum, which is as bad as dna'h."
A skin of btauty U a joy forever.
ft- Remoni Tan, Plmpl,
v ' sr FrarklM Moth- P.lobftL
Hash and Skin lla
ava, and aver
bltnilah on beauty
and da flea detection.
It baa stood tha teat
of flfty-fiva yeara.
and la ao harmleia
wa taata It to ba
sura It la prop any
ptada. ' Aeeept no
counterfeit of si mi-
lar nama. Dr. I
A. Sayra said to s
lady of tha haut-
ton (a pattant):
"As yon lar! tee
will use them, I
rvjuotnmand "OOL'KAlTD' 8 CPE A M, a tha least
harmful fif all tha ekln preparations." For salo by
all drufclats and fanny goods dealers lo tha t'ttltad
tatas and Rjrona.
FRR11. T. HOPKINS, Prop'r
17 Great Jones it.. N. Y.
All Orocern mad Druggists
. m h aaananra u nmj vnauiv, n MB W TW
i'VJ 4 tared tan Issm tlatwnl ralnr aw lib, nut tnturw a la-nk.
ar .1 y ena apfrlkattaa W tha
Imperial Hair Regenerator
abaolataly harmtaaa. Any ahada acadwea. Color
MUMTMS. SaatpUWntkaa?aaaaaba.
In vri
ihI ( li-mlcal Co.. 135 W. Kid Hi.. S Y
by Suarmun & MoConnell Drug Co..
Omaha. Neb.
Reserve Your Seats
it Musica
May 7,8,9,15.
Season Tickets, $3,50,
for th Six Concerts, at
H. J. PENFOLD tt tO. '3,
1408 Farnam Street. .
Bale of Reserved Beat. Will Be
Withdrawn After April 16th.
Chixago Symphony -Orchestra
The May Festival Choir f 150 Voice. '
Kcrdica and De Reszke.
With th Full New Verk Metro
' polltan Opera Hous Orchestra.
Last Throe Weeks of
Regular Season
The Trick Pantomlmiq Farce Comedy.
neaded br EB IARRUW,
Tha greatest Acrobatlo Pantomlmist.
, Prices 26c, 60c, 75c and f 1.(Xj.
A sensatlonsl, thrilling tnlo-draiu
Price Mat., 26c, Mc. Night 2Jc, iuc, 76c.
TaU-Dhon 1&21. ' '-
Matin... ThY'aySunday, ;
Prlcc-10c, 26o, 60a.
i i
; 1
I. ;