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Our Heu Suit and illincry Department
We offer for your inspection and criticism a vast display of Ladies'
Ready-to-Wear Clothing. We have a confidence in this department that
comes from the knowledge of goods we bought. This m-.ans that every
is the
garment has undergone the most critical and rigid in
spection by our expert buyer as to quality, stye, work
manshift and price. We guarantee unhesiiatingy any
here this week over 10 carloads of
choice, salable merchandise at March Sae Prices you
know what that means Investigate anyhow.
thing from this department
We announce our advanced display of Spring Mil
linery a handsome array of new pattern hats will be
shown. We invite your special attention to this dept.
5.00 SKIRT BALE During this week we will sell all wool cheviot or broadcloth skirts,
Mylish in cut, and tastefully trimmed with satin bauds, including extra sizes, worth $7.50
As a special leader for tomorrow we wil sell our $7.75 silk creie de chine waists, entire
shoulder yoke and upjer sleeves shirred, colore white, pink, blue and black, all sizes, for
Monday onlv. at
xm mm
Allied Powen Likely to Propoee Eettlaig
with Castro Direct
Baa Kt Rrpreaestatite la Caracas aad
So Gtvra eaesaela Till Moaday
to Par with Alteraatlre of
Seiilac CaatoBBB.
WASHINGTOK. March 14. Py tha rroto
cola which were aipuefl on FebrumJT II
Greet Britain received a rash payment of
Germany ta promised an advance
payment of 134(1. W0, in five monthly 1d-
fitallmeDUi. and the alllea trere to be paid
t.7.r(0 two month from that any.
Mr. Bnwen handed the British ambassa
dor rheck the night the protocol waa
picmcd aDd rt waa arranged that Germany
and Italy vera to receive their money at
till Bllrnt oa fiofooola.
What atepi Prcsiflent Castro haa takes
to meet the obligation! are not known bei-v,
but some concern la felt here at tbe alienee
of tbe allied power regarding the draft ei
The Hague protocol which waa mailed to
them aome weeka ago, though the absence
of any representation on the subject may
mean that a plaa la under consideration tor
a settlement at Caracas. Thera la no indi
cation that tbe Venezuelan president will
consent to any compromise, but it is be
lieved he will be approached In that con
nection. Mr. Bowen la strongly opposed to
permitting tha allied powers to escape from
appearing at The Hague, but inasmuch as
tbe coats of the case would probably ex
ceed tbe amount Involved tbe European
powers prefer aome other mods of aettle-
Venezuela's initial payment oa the $240,
diiO pledged to Germany will not be paid
today, as provided tor in tbe peaoe proto
col. The German minister. Baron Haden
hatsen. will not reach Caracas until hi on
day and aa the Berlin government at pres
ent has no accredited representative there
lYesldent Castro bus been allowed two ad
ditional day of graoa.
In event, however, that this payment,
-amounting te about t70.(HH, la not forthcom
ing aa boob as Baron Badenhataen arrives,
Belgium will b asked te step la and aid
President Castro In the administration of
hit ruetoma, as provided In the protocol.
Cmraarat rrm fVrCrolad.
W ILU:MSTA.D. Hland of Curaoo. Marti
14. The Venezuelan revolutionists claim ta
have completely defeated the government
forces la the battle which took place ra
rrnily sear Cnroa, Venezuela.
CARACAS. March 14 President Castro
left here today tor La Victoria, abere be
rn a rr jt
pure. The critical ordeal through which the expectant mother must
pa6, however, is so fraught with dread, pais, suffering and danger,
that the very, thought of it fills her with apprehension and horror.
There is no necessity for the reproduction of life to be either painful
or dangerous. The use of Mother" Friend ao prepares the system for
the coming event that it is safely pasted without any. danger. This
great and wonderful
remedy is always
applied externally .and
has carried thousands
of women through
the trying crisis without suffering.
Rri.d lor t-a book ooDiaiuing lnlonuauua
f prux-ieM v:ut lo a.l aun-iai.1 tLOlLni.
The EraflfitK Rfeilitor Ci, Atlaiti. Lx.
received an exclude lot of ladies' suit's, each one Laving an individual
Made in all the new materials to much in Togr? just now. We are striT-
mg to show nothing but the newest and best. You
wil find the workmanship and designing everything
we claim. On sale Monday at ?37.r.0-?25.00 and
SUIT ALE This includes the
also the nobby all wool cheviot
or without shoulder collar, tostilion back, tab fronts, silk
braid trimmed, finished with ornaments, wide full skirts
special for Monday
WAJt; we are ready to show
ana taneia. in the new coffee coat. Monte Carlo
fitting full lengti and the new silk
Mondty at 35.00 $19.50 and
proposes to rest for six days and prepare
his message to congress.
Celoetino Peraza, a prominent political
leader, who two years ago started a revolu
tion against President Castro and has been
in exile in Curacoa, has obtained permis
sion to return to Venezuela.
The report of a government victory at
Ou ma retro over revolutionists imder Gen
erals Riera and Penelazo on Monday la con
Travelers Tell of Their Obaer-vmtlaats
la Dlffrrcat Parts of the
Judge John Reese of Broken Bow, re
cently appointed receiver of the land office
tbe-e. is in tbe city, a guest at the Dellone.
He said:
"1 will take hold of the offloe of receiver
about tbe first of April, succeeding Mr.
Young. We have had considerable snow up
about Broken Bow this winter, but no se
rious results have followed to cattle. All
the ranches throughout the eounty are
feeding, and there ia an abundance of feed
for all purposes. I came down from Un- J
ooln this morning for a short, friendly talk j
with Major Wilcox on Grand Army and j
miscellaneous matters pertaining to our
work as members of the board of visitors
to the State Soldiers' home."
M. C Steele of Newcastle, Wyo., la in the
city enroute homeward from a business
visit to Chicago. In reference to affaire at
Newcastle, he said: "Conditions in the
mining districts are In very good shape.
There are no mining troubles at Newcastle
or Cambria, and about the usual output of
coal was made this winter. The grade of
coal is increasing in excellence, and the
demand for It exceeds the supply. There
is aome talk there of tbe Kllpatrick broth
ers disposing of their interests at Cam
bria and Newcastle, but I am not is a po
sition to state or know how tar the nego
tiations have proceeded "
Otrl Tarns Doaf Km to fleadia of
Parents mm Takes JaJll
Ina Oox, pretty and not yet past her
twentieth birthday, was sentenced by Judge
Berks in polios court yesterday te serve
thirty day tn tbe county Jail for vagrancy.
For six months she has beea absent from
home and bar distressed parents have kept
up an almost ceaaelras search for her.
Finally, with the aid of the police, she waa
diaoovered in a resort in tbs tenderloin.
As she stood before the judge bar mother
embraced ber half-wildly and pleaded that
ahe would abandon the path ahe was choos
ing and return te good surroundings. Her
faiher, standing at the other aide of tbe
No worn an' i happi
ness can be complete
without children ; it
ia her nature to lore
and wan - them
it ia to lore he
beautiful and
new mixtures in blue, brown, green aDd
suits in colors black and blue, made with
the new spring coats made of
girl, echoed the plea with almost equal
fervor. The judge, perceiving the condi
tions, added his voice in admonition and
warning, but to all of them the girl re
turned only disdainful stares and seemed
absolutely unmoved by the racking grief
of her father and mother. Finally, as the
only course open to him after the girl had (
answered that ahe would not reform, -the
judge Imposed tbe jail sentence in the hope
that by tbe date of its expiration she may
have concluded to abandon tbe downward
way and be ready to return to her parenta.
As-raiA-aaaeBte of MeGalaraa sal fksa
Poatpoaed oa Acconnt of
Jndre's ikftrse. -
Owing to the illness of Judge Lee Eetelle
and the consequent absence of the judge
from his court room yesterday, there
was a general postponement of tbe matters
which were to be disposed of Saturday.
Th memorial services for the late Judge
Bowman were postponed until Saturday of
next week. The drawing of the new list
of jurors to serve twenty dsys hence was
supervised by Judge Read from court room
Ns. 1. The arraignment of Thomas 14c
Gulgan. who stabbed John Patrick Daniel
Murphy February JK. and is charged with
first degree murder, was poetponed, as was
also tbe arraignment of Patrick Shea of
South Omaha, who stabbed Joseph Rezek
and is charged with second degree murder.
The suit of McGuigan's victim has been
giving considerable trouble. Some reported
it to be John and others Patrick, and the
county attorney in drawing up the Informa
tion hd to put it in both waya. Saturday
morning Coroner Bralley informed Mr.
English that he has learned that it waa not
either, but Daniel. There has been a dla
pute over this in the collection on an in
surance policy and Coroner Bralley had to
make certain before signing a necessary
Artlrlea of laeornarattaa Will Be
Filed with Secretary of Sta.te
Sext Week.
The promoters of the Omaha Horse Ebow
association held a meeting Friday, and
adopted articles of incorporation which
will be forwarded to Linooln for filing with
the secretary of state before next Tues
day, upon which date the incorporators will
meet to elect a board of directors and
officers. '
There vtt be about twenty charter mem
bers of tbe association, including E. P.
Peck, T. A,. Nash. M. I Learned, John L.
Kennedy. T. B. McPherson, Thomas Buch
anan. F. 8. Cowgill. rred Metx. T. H Davis.
T. C. Byrne. E. A. Cndahy, W. J. C. Ken
yon. C. T Stewart of Council Bluffs, Ar
thur Brandeis and Joseph Hayden. Tbe ar
ticles provide that fifteen members or more
shall constitute a board of directors, and
that tbe object of tbe association shall be
to operate a borne show at Omaha. Tbe
capital atock of the company is 10,000,
fully subscribed.
An effort will be made te hsve the date
of tbe show this season changed from Sep
tember te September. le-ls.
Uirn Will Talk Annnt Kiarhta to
Oasoe la Saaream Caar-t
Ta radar.
The fire aad police board case la to be
argued before tbe supreme court Tuesday.
City Attorney Connell appearing for the old
board and tbe city as intervener and At
torneys Wright, Curley and Ransom for the
present commissioners, who are the re
spondents ia tbe fight made to oust tbem
from office. The brief of tbe respondents
has beea completed and filed and copies de
livered to the relators. City Attorney Con
nell is engaged in preparing a ebon repjy
brief te be fiied Monday. A decision is an
ticipated n-ithln s few wetka ailei ibe oral
arguments are na.
J6ia a Tadnam sweets, omaha.
(lite People' Furniture ana Carpet Co. )
Many lnducementa In floor coverings. 'We
rote a few tlow-:
AD wool InpraJn Carpets, extra ft iff fa
enper trade March nale prlr U'tW
Brussels Carreta. with or without borders.
In this neunon'f polorincs TQf
and pattern. March sale irice IwS
A fine line of velvets in the new- Q(l
est desipns March sule wOC
Pxl01-2 r.mneln Rues, in many IO CO
patterns March sale price IfciuU
3'.'-liich. Smrrna Bnps March sjfj
sale price Iibw
Oilcloth in r.ripbt new 07
patterns, all widths .. -fclC
Jananene Martinps. fresh Imports- IOa
tions, linen warn March kbIp price . ltG
peau de
A Pip variety of Uanpinps at prices that will
crowd this department. On lot of Not
tingham Lace Cur-tins, 5Mnch QQ
wide March Kale price wOC
Another lot of Nottingham Lace Curtains
4-incb wide, cluny effects
March sale price
Genuine Enisnels Net Lace
Just received, worth regu
larly X(is March sale price ...
English Semi-Porcelain, under
giased 300 pieces Innner Sets
March snJe price
French China, acnutne Urn ripe
ware, 1(K piece Ad arch sale
Verdict Believe City of Liability for j
Aocidaata on Slippery "Walk.
City Attornrr la tinted Over ei
of Trial la the Personal lajary
Case of AaaraBtlae
'vYfcitteiBore. .
Some $200,000 represented In about 200
claims for personal injuries against the
city were to an extent hinged upon a case
in the district court that has Just been won
by City Attorney Connell on behalf of the
municipality. It was tbe suit of Augustine
Whittemore for $7,260, and the city attor
ney characterises it as "the pioneer suit
involving the liability of the city for sim
ply ice on the streets." Mr. Connell Is
greatly elated over the victory, as tbe case
was important and unique in many ways.
He did not oCer a particle of testimony nor
swear a witness, but fought the case upon
evidence submitted by the plaintiff, secur
ing a verdict from the jury by arguing that
it is not right or just to hold tbe city re
sponsible for any icy and slippery condition
of the streets due to climatic changes
which cannot be guarded against. He said:
"Augustine Whittemore, a traveling aud
itor for an eastern concern and boarding
at the Merriam hotel, started to come
down town to his place of business on tbe
morning of February 12, 1902. While walk
ing along tbe sidewalk on Twenty-fifth
street, near Famam, he slipped and fell on
the try, sllpjery footing, breaking both
bones of his right leg midway between tbe
knee and tbe ankle. He waa removed to
his hotel, and was not able to be about on
crutches until along in April. He sued to
recover all expenses tnrurred and for Tbe
mental and physical pain suffered.
Dne to Cllsaatle Chaavea.
"The trial was carried on for three days
before Judge Read and a Jury in tbe dis
trict court, and was bitterly fought by tbe
city on the ground that tbere was no lia
bility on tbe part of the city by reason
of the Icy condition of its sidewalks occa
aloned by melting snow and water freezing,
thereby making an icy surface. We took
the position that tbe condition was due lo
climatic changes, and not to any fault or
negligence on tbe part of the city. I ar
gued that Whittemore had the aame ripht
to rr to Florida, where -here is no Ice,
and fall In an alligator swamp snd be eaten
,1IA . . V. Y, .. A . ..... rw.v. ....
up against physical conditions that caused
his accident and injury.
"This is tbe first case that has been tried
that involves liability solely oa the ground
of the icy condition of the streets. Tbe
photographic department of the city again
proved its value, as we were able to pro
duce a picture of the spot taken on the
afternoon of tbe day of tbe accident. Tbe
importance of tbe case is shown by tbs
fact that we have new about 200 claims for
daniBfBB auatittntd in th aama nav
c , .. !
this and last winter. Tbe sum total of
those claims is mors than tl'Ob.OOO."
What Treasarer Sara of Charter
aswsanest Pertaiatas to
Tax Cert la rates.
City Treasurer Bennings saya thst the
clause of the charter amendment bill re
ducing tbe interest rate on tax certificates
from 20 to 10 per cent will result practically
in failure to sell these certificates in fu
ture. Tbe certificates are bid in at sales
of delinquent tax property, the bidders
charging interest if the property is re
deemed by tbe ewner, or otherwise fore
closing and taking possession. Treasurer
Hennings declares thst tbe spnrulstors will
nl And sufficient profit in U.t ill yet ccltt
Iroa Bed. assorted colore, ltaa
foar raati of namrl, darlna;
March utile
Curta ins
Tkla solid oak
rkalr with rae
arm aad riif eat.
foil alar seat ni
barlL. rii( Marrk
interest to make the deals worth ahile, and
therefore delinquent tax property will be
come a drug on the market.
Kai-a He la tssviaera It Is Most II a
rnane Method of Capital
Sheriff John Pcwer. Deputy James Roach
and Jailer Thomas Flynn returned Friday
night from lincoln, where tbey witnessed
the hanging of Gottlieb Niegenfind Fri
day. The sheriff arises to remark thst the
report that he was on the scaffold during
the execution is untrue. It wasn't his
hanging, and be didn't participate in it. be
rays, but stood bai-k among the thirty
other spectators, and did Junt what they
did looked on and breathed hard.
"The only ones on tbe scaffold beside the
prisoner were three guards and tbe clergy
man." he said. "Tbe guards pressed the
buttons, which released the trap, but no
man will ever know which pressed first and
sprung tbe locks. A Lincoln paper stated
that Niegenflnd's bosom hesved. and there
was a rebound of the body, but this isn't
true. Everything worked so well thst the
man died without the twitch of a muscle,
and, whereas I used to hsve a horror of
hanging, I am now convinced it is the most
humane method of capital punishment that
Is possible, and my old horror is removed.
Niegenfind came from his cell laughing and
Joking In a Quiet wsy, mounted the scaf
fold unaided, and It was all over in an as
tonishingly short time."
They Adopt Reaolatioa Declaring for
Proper Taxatlaa of Kail
road Property.
The farmers of Douglas eounty hsve ta
ken a hand in tbe fight for equituble taxa
tion. More than 100 of tbem met at Rein
er's hall, in Elkhom. Friday, under the
auspices of the Farmers' union, and tbere
adopted a vigorous resolution, a copy of
which is te be sent to each member of the
linuglas county delegation In the present
legislature. James Walbh presided over tbe
meeting and Ed Hall acted as secretary.
Tbe unanimously adopted resolution reads:
Resolved, That it is the sense i.f this
me ting that the legislature now convened
at Lincoln should ennct such law or laws
s will make the railroad and other cor
porations of Nenranka pty their just pro
portion of the tuxes. We do not ask nor
do we want the firm-rs of Nebraska to be
exempt in an particular from paying their
Just proportion of tales for the support
of county arid stale Nor do we think that
the railroad and ether rcirp'.ratiutis klmuid
be aliened to shirk their just proportion
of the taxes, and we especially request
our representatives to ue i!l honorable
means lo secure equitable taxation for all.
Pardne College Boys Pay for Break.
, las l Sophomores' Baa.
a. Bet.
LAFATETTE. Ind.. March 14 Fifteen
Purdue freshmen were Cued in the police
court today for disorderly conduct. Sopho
mores and freshmen also arranged to pay
li'.O for the damage done to a hall. In
which tbe sophomore aere attacked by
the freshmen.
The Purdue faculty will meet Monday lo
take action against tbe students who took
part in the class rush.
Gaveraaseat Order oa Olesmargarlst.
'ih rnmeiit ha issued oraetr to all
trarufacturers and a boleeale dealers in
oleomargarine instructing them to n-e that
retail dealers purchase goods unaer the
name shown in the government license to
dealers. It Is said In the circular that re
tail dealers bae adopted a plan of buying
goods in the name of jiersons ether than
those licensed and that this makes It difn
cult for the government agents to trace
the oleomargarine from the factory to the
consumer as Is contemplated under the art
It is said that tins means has leen adoined
by some unscrupulous aealers to aoid
1 Jt.;i.-iiy i -ne raci inw inew.aiiu.e i.oifu.
that ooi
I tba consume Uon of U.i tuud prudiiuu
Bed RfWM -t. ansae
tsk. highly polished. Frer
krTFl plate ntrror Mnrrh
sale prire-
a '
C klVoaler. fa aalld
oak. Smithed fa
aroldea. solid krui
rrlatailaaTa. 84 la.
wide, trr laraxe
drawers, dorlaa;
arrk sale
Rarker eskMer
or woodra seat,
araldea flalsh. dir.
las; Marrk sale
uu conu
. Harvey, Bon-in-Law of Former
Governor Savage, Geti the Job.
CoaaanlBsloaerB Anticipate the Pas
ana; e of aa Asnentirorat ta City
Charter Aathortrlast Them to
Hunt Their Clerk.
rpon request of the commissioners W. I.
Kierstead at noon yesterday presented his
resignation as clerk of tbe fire and police
board. A. R. Harvey, a son-in-law of
former Governor Bavage, who appointed
the acting board, was appointed to succeed
Mr. Kierstead st the same salary. J100 a
month f.ffcrtlve Monday. March 23. Tbes
proceedings were accomplished at a special
meeting, Commissioners Broalch. Ppraiien.
Thomas and Wright being present and
Mayor Moores abBent.
Mr. Kierstead was appointed by Mayor
Moores three years ago by authority of a
city ordinance. His term would expire
Monday, March 16. Tbe charter amend
ments now pending before 'he legislature
Include a clause putting the appointment
of the clerk in tbe bands of the board. The
commihsioners are sure that it will become
a law by the time that Mr. Harvey takes
the position, or so soon thereafter that
there will be no interference with the pro
gram. Behlad Cloned Doors.
Tbe commissioners conferred VehtnS
closed doors for half an hour yesterday and
then called Clerk Kiersiead in. He was
told that the board desired to make a
change In the clerkship and that Inasmuch
as Kiersiead represented tbe Moores tac
tion of tbe republicans and had been ao
aggressive in supporting tbe mayor, his in
cumbency is not longer desired. The work
of Clerk Kierstnad since the governor's
board was seated August 4, 1!02. was
praised. Mr. Kierstead replied that he was
well aware that political reasons made tbe
commissioners desirous of appointing an-
The Bone-Setter's References
Arc His Cured Patients, Who Voluntarily Give Their
Testimonials Above Their Signatures in the
Leading Daily Newspapers of the
Country Many of Them are the
Best People in the Laud.
Every crippled person who begins sn cost. If tbe applicant Incomes a patient
investigation of the Bone-Belter and his the work of righting the wrong is eom-
work is confronted at tbe very atari with f?4,. " 0"r:- EvtTy l,rnI" n.ade is
, . , . . i faithfully fulfilled, and truth and honesty
the plain, simple principle, of everyday r,iarjtClf.rllM lhf. , b(jlt. ,,rt)lel(l;lr,nl
honesty. First, be or sbe reads the tesU- j business transaction, and sooner or ister
niuiii&l in tbe paper from some cured pa- tbe pstient gives Lis or ber testimonial
tlent. The specific address of tbe pa- j for publication, and thus the goad wort
tient is always given with the printed j goes on.
signature. This stamps it as being per- ' Miss Anna Calborg. !3 years old. ret. id -fectly
bonest, as it is. The inquirer then lng st 117 E. Fifteenib street, Miuneapo
wrltes or i lo see tbe patient wbo has ; lis. Minn., was born with a dislocated
been cured. Tbe published statement is i hip.
found to be abeoluiely true in every par- J Tbe Bone-Setter st Hudson. Vis., set
tirular. Tbe next etep is to write to tbe j tbe hip perfectly for her, with his bare
Bone-setter and describe bew tbey are i hands, without tbe least pain, or the glv
crippled. In response tbey receive an bon- ! lng of chloroform or the use of plaster cast,
est reply, for if the Bone-Better has good i stay or brace of any kind. It was cer
reasons for believing that rolbitig cac lainly a remarkable operation, end the
be done for them, they are ao written
plainly. If tbe description of tbe condi
tion is such as to lead tbe Bone-Better
to believe that be can give the desired ,
help, they are written favorably and invit
ed te come to Hudson, at once. After
tbe examicetion is msde the applicant
is told Just a bat may be dime, approxi
mate: how long it wiU take, and ths ,
- - - - WW
" 1
j 9 &
nmmrr, solid ti It fa
the srolden oak liluk,
l has )li anlrror la
leai at avail. heavy
raat brass trimming;,
special darlas Martk
.o- art V e are agrata
for tbe Hr)on4 and V a k e.
field iiM-arti and rarrlare.
Take tbe little kak; rat
lata the Ufe-lvlBK air and
Krlaft tke hlaora of healtli
to fta cheeks. Ve .lare oa
sale tomorrow atitab)r
wan. eqntied with
rabkrr tires, at
We are iiolr atfitM for
Cara mT-d In f Tfrj a .
Ob Mir innorroit , two
tr-r Jailor Mr, t-
other man clerk, and thst as his term ex
pired Monday anyway be would have no ob
jections to filing a formal resignation in
writing, which he did. There was no ill
feeling displsyed.
Immediately after Clerk Kierstead came
out of the star chamber Mr. Harvry ap
peared and was ushered in. Tbe board then
came forth and executed Its formal action
of accepting tbe resignation and making tbo
appointment. The only other business done
was granting a saloon licenne to Schneider
t Klein at 1232 South Thirteenth street.
fays He is Rrpsbliras.
A. R. Harvey, the new clerk, is secretary
of the Metropolitan Mutual Bond and Suretv
company. He told the reporters that he
had lived in Omaha five years and is a re
publican. Last winter be married a daugh
ter of former Governor Ezra P. Savag.
Just after his appointment be shook hand.:
with Mr. Kierstead, who volunteered to ex
plain tbe details and work of tbe office next
Mother ' Answer Petition of laatltate
for CsarSlasahls of Lit.
tie One-a.
Isidor Ziegler has filed in the county
court tbe answer of Rosa H. ' Evernghitn
lo the petition of the Child Saving insti
tute for tbe guardianship of her two minor
children, Mary J. and Virgil Harding. Tbe
institute had alleged that she was not a
proper person morally to have the rearing
of tbe minora. In ber answer the defend
ant specifically admits that for some time
she led a life of shame, but pleads that she
did not resort to it until she had found
herself physically unable to support her
self and children by sewing, and bad star
vation staring tbem in tbe face. Sbe af
firms that during tbe lime sbe resorted to
tbe baser means of ttvelibood under tbe
name of Gladys Russell she kept the chil
dren at tbe Creche and wl'h the Sitters at
Benson and always tree from bad influences.
Tbey are aged C and 4. respectively, and
the mother alleges that tbe lather de
serted tbe family tno years ago. Ms.
Evomghlm further alleges that she Is now
physically strong and able to tare for her
self and tbe children without resorting to
I Improprieties.
lady returned boms perfectly delighted.
Miss Colborg's father Is electrician for
Swan J. Turnhlad. on tbe "fevenska Amer
ika.nt.ka Posten," Minneapolis.
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