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Tell. 61I-IP1
1 1 o i IV" lu lOUMUt'l uie luiuutin in iur j;uuus vt;
IJjvG sell. For instance, take thin extraordinary
t vnlne in fine all wool Mack voile, never more
wanted than rigbt now.
$1.35 Quality on Sale Monday at 98c a yard
One of this season's handsomest fabrics. In other words, the
special sales Thompson, Ilcldcn & (V. have, does not rely on a
lot of dress goods for these sales that are unsaleable, or have
proven themselves "stickers.'' If you expect to attend this sale,
you must come early, or you will be disappointed, as the quantity
is limited. On sale Monday morning, 8 o'clock.
Y. M. C. A. Building, Corner Sixteenth and Douglas St
When Cuban Treaty is Ratified Kiiser Will
Ask Some Privileges.
Berlin t.overnment Thinks It I.lkeljr
I'nlted Statea May Corral All Xevr
World Market by Similar
I I'rotocola,
! BERLIN, March 14. Ge rmany wishes to
ecu re a reciprocity treaty with Cuba nnd
the I'nlted State similar to that now pend
ing between the two republics. The re
quest will be made as soon as the pending
treaty Is ratified. It Is also Intimated that
other governments intend to request the
tame reatment.
While annoyed at the lower tariffs
granted Vnlted States trade, no one su
poses that even a collective protest on tbo
part of the continental countries would
Cause either the Vnlted States or Cuba to
frecedo. But Germany's position is to be
'defined clearly, so that the United State's
may not complain when Germany gives
Other nationa preferential treatment.
The chief fear la that should the Cuban
treaty be accepted nnd work well, similar
treaties may be arranged by the United
States with Mexico, Braitl and Argentine,
ultimately resulting in America obtaining
a monopoly of all the new world markets.
French Commissioner Hae ft r cat Idea
of the Future of This
Conn try,
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PARIS, March 14. (New York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram.) "The time la
not far diatant when America will fulfill
GladBtone'a prophesy and play a part in
human affairs which will make her the
queen of the twentieth century without ef
fort, for, by the logical development of
their faculties, the Americana are destined
to guide the human race. Therefore, there
la an immediate and preaalng lntereat for
Old France to make the acquaintance of
Toung America."
Bo aays Lazare Welller, who lately vis
ited the United Statea officially at the re
Quest of the French government to atudy
our Institutions and note the causea of
America's progreaa and prosperity. Mr.
Welller baa come hack enthusiastic over
what he saw and will soon print his Im
pressions in a book entitled "Great Ideas
and a Great People."
In his preface Mr. Welller scores Paul
Bourget for an unjust analysis of the Amer
ican people, charging him with being af
fected, cruel and caricaturing.
Mr. Welller aaya Mr. , Bourget was re
ceived by American society with "charm
ing cordiality and the sumptuous delicacy
which transforms the social centers In the
United Statea Into veritable paradises,
where enchanting surprises vie with wealth
and beauty," yet on his return to Europe
he "criticised bis hosts in a manner which
Justly offended them."
Queer Combination of Lot and
rlaanee In Which French Mer
chant Is Involved.
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PARIS, March 14. (New York World Ca
blegramSpecial Telegram.) A merchant
in Rue Royale. embarrassed In his affairs,
went to a money lender, who advanced him
16,000. But his affaire went no better and
be found that he could not pay. Then the
money lender said to him:
"I could prosecute- you and make you
declare yourself bankrupt, but will not.
You will marry my daughter. She lovea
T rouble
Gave 'all the trouble of making chll
dren's and girls' dresses. Fine as
sortment now of girla" ready-to-wear
dresses In
Piques. Uon, Tolls du NorJ,
. OlnghamaS Also Wootoiu
We want every mother of glrla to aae
these serviceable nd pretty thlnga.
Prlcee range from 3 for little morn
ing; dreaaea to $1200 for man-tallored
woolen aulta for the larger girls.
Catalogue ready. 1618 Douglas St.
Mi ilESrM,
We close Saturdays at p. m. Bee, March 15, IMS.
Special Sale
That Counts...
One of t lie ensk'ut and aurest ,wnys to
judge of the real merit of our special Hale,
1. A !.!.. 11. 1 4 .. I il. 1
you. I will give your debt as a dot."
The merchant wedded the daughter, but
did not live with her. There were vexa
tious scenes followed by a divorce. Then
the money lender put some of the notes he
held against bis son-in-law In the hands
of a collector. Driven to the wall, the
merchant has now taken the affair Into
the courts.
Mr. Keppel Cornea Oat Winner In
Contest with Iucness of
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LONDON. March 14 (New York World
Cablegram.) Special Telegram.) Mr. and
Mrs. George Cornwallla West, the
latter better known aa Lady Ran
dolph Churchill, are going to New
York at the end of March on a busi
ness trip. Young West has a good position
In the Electro-Mobile company hure, about
which he wlshea to aee the principals.
Mr. and Mrs, George Keppel are going on
the same steamer. They were originally to
have stopped with W. C. Whitney, but It
Is said that be cabled that, owing to a
change in his arrangements, he could not
accommodate them. ; '
Mra. Keppel and the duchess of Devon
shire had words at Newmarket a few
weeks ago, It haa leaked out, over a game of
bridge, and Mrs. Keppel atood up to the
domineering duchesa in a way to which
the i latter was unaccustomed. Mra. Keppel
got the king on her side, and there was a
distinct coolness between, him and the
duchess. At the Sandowne races laat Sat
urday the king did not speak to the duch
esa nor Invite ber to luncheon at bis table,
and she left early. But at hla wedding an
niversary ball he made up with the duch
ess, brought ber and Mra. Keppel together,
and apent the evening playing bridge with
the duchess and Mrs. Keppel and one of
bis equerries.
Ambassador to Berlin Propose tm Ret
Ip Extensive Estab-
Hshnaent. - -c? .
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BERLIN, March 11 (New York World
Cablegram Special Telegram.) United
States Ambassador Charlemagne Tower
contemplates, It la said, not only renting
one of the finest palaces lox Berlin, but
rivaling the Russian ambaasador. Count
Osten-Saoken, In gorgeousness of equipages
and number of liveried attendants;
Mr. Tower promisee to become the moat
popular American repreaentattve ever ac
credited to Berlin, the German press as
serts. He speaka German fluently, but
what hae moat lmpreaaed the Oermans Is
the promptness and readiness with which
he took bis children away from a Swiss
school to place them in a German estab
lishment. The ambassador received part of
his education In a South. German town and
is fond of comparing notes with the Ger
man on acbool affairs.
If They Come Tree Cardinal Gottl
Will Be the Saeceaaor of
Pope Leo.
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ROME. March 14. (New York World Ca
blegram. Special Telegram.) Although the
pope's health is now normal, his recent
illness Is caualng keen speculation as to
who will be his successor In the papal
8t. Malacbi'e prophealea are being dis
cussed, and it Is found that he foretold
that the next pope would wear the device.
"burning fire." A blazing torch occura
conspicuously In the arms of Cardinal Gottl,
the aalntly Capuchin monk, whom Pope Leo
la said to have designated as bis successor.
It is further foretold that the neit pope
will have a specially peaceful and proa
parous reign.
Wllllaiu Waldorf Astor Pralaea Man
Ho Ordered Ont of Ills
(Copyright. 1903, by Press Publishing Co.)
LONDON, March 14. (New York World
Cablegram Special Telegram.) William
Waldorf Aator'a paper, the Pall Mall
Gasette, haa selied the promoting of Sir
Archibald Berkeley Milne (whan. Mr. Astor
ordered out cl his bouse two seaaona ago
because be came uninvited with the
counteaa of Oxford) aa the occasion for
printing a series of special articles praising
Milne, speaking of kl.m aa one of the very
few naval officers who enjoy the personal
friendship of the king. Thta attempt to
make amende to Milne for the affront shows
bow keenly Mr. Astor haa been made to
feel the effeeta of his bruequeaesa.
Queer Social Organisation Which Ei
lets la Latin Quarter
of Pnrla.
(Copyright. 190. by Press Publishing Co.)
PARIS, March 14 (New York World Ca.
blegram Special Telegram.) There la i
club to the Latin quarter of Paris com
posed entirely of deaf mutes. Among the
members Is a veteran of an Indian war In
America, whoa tongue waa rut out by eav
agea and whose deafness resulted from
wounds Inflicted about the head during an
encounter with the redskins. Not only are
the members of the dub unable to speak
or hear, but everybody about the plaoe la
in like condition, lnatead of summoning
e resets with a bell, the membera call
tnem by electrle contrivance, which gives
Omaha Han ii Maimed in Santa Fe Bail
. .v . 1 waj Smash.
Many tastes Lead to Fatal Craahea
on Railway Ltaes In Different
Parte of the tolled
KANSAS CITY, March 14. The Golden
State limited, eastbound, on the Rock Isl
and system, due In Kansas City last night,
collided head-on Juat outside of Dwlght,
sixty miles west of Topeka, at 8 o'clock
this morning with westbound passenger No.
3, which left Kansas City laat night.
Both englnea were badly damaged, and
the baggage and mall rare and the smoker
on the westbound train were telescoped.
None of the other cars on the westbound
train left the track. None of the cars on
the limited were derailed or damaged, and
that train continued on Ita trip east after
a few hours' delay.
Engineer Love of the westbound train
waa killed. Three other membera of the
westbound crew i end fifteen passengers in
the westbound smoker and the engineer
and fireman of the limited were injured.
Dead and Injured.
The dead:
W. H. LOVE, engineer, Kansas City.
Dangerously Injured:
O. W. Blood, express guard No. 3, To
peka; both legs broken and body bruised.
O. B. Thompson, baggageman No. 8, Kan
sas City, Mo., hip and back badly brulaed.
Walter Berkley, mall clerk No. 8, Kansas
City, Mo., bead and aide bruised.
Slightly Injured:
George Scott, limited engineer, Kansas
City, Kan., neck and back sprained.
W. P. Henry, Lob Angelea, Cel., neck
N. A. Weeks, Stevens Point, Wla., nock
D. B. Ingram, Omaha, neck and back
W. J. Ford, fireman, Kanaaa City, Kan.,
rlba broken.
C. H. Kennedy, mail clerk, Kansas City,
Kan., body bruised.
John Stubbs, Miami, Okl., bead cut.
F. M. Johnson, Junction City, Okl., badly
Mrs. N. Eonen, Rapso, Okl., leg bruised.
Wesley Myers, Oregon, Mo., neck
A. T. Bower, Oregon, Mo., neck sprained.
H. A. Garpenfeld, Geary, Okl., forehead
Collision on a Teaaa Road.
EL PASO, Tex., March 14. A passenger
and freight train on the Galveston
Ban Antonio, railroad collided to
day west of Sierra Blanca. Both engines
were demolished and the mall car and two
freight cars were damaged.
Lee Holmes, fireman on the passenger
train, and a negro tramp were killed.
George W. Daly, passenger conductor.
O. M. Malloy, freight fireman.
Mall Clerk Klbbe.
Klbbe was Injured about the bead. The.
extent of the others' Injuries is not known.
Four Die on Chesapeake at Ohio.
A local engine collided with a freight
train In the Chesapeake ft Ohio yards this
morning and four men lost their lives. The
accident happened about daybreak, a heavy
fog prevailing at the time.
The dead:
Engineer'' Munroe waa severely Injured,
but will recover.
Switchman Killed at Toledo.
TOLEDO, O., March 14. In a wreck dur
ing a heavy fog today Switchman Julius
Wall of Columbus, waa Inatantly killed and
Abraham Cook of Eaat Toledo and an un
known man aerloualy Injured. The Hock
ing Valley freight englnea were demolished.
. Spilt Switch Caaaea m Wreck.
CORBIN, Ky., March 14. The Louisville
ft Nashville's Jellico and Corbln train was
wrecked by the splitting of a switch while
entering the Corbln yards today. Walter
Graves, a merchant of Woodbine, Ky., was
Injured and Mrs. Tom Hudson and her 12-year-old
daughter of Jellico were fatally
Lonnle L. Dennis, the colored evangelist.
Monday night.
(Continued from First Page.)
president to place htm at the head of the
rerisua office. Nebrasksns In congress have
not opposed the selection of Mr. Mercer,
bat, they are decidedly unwilling to have
his appointment charged to that state. If It
can be prevented they will have no- fault
to find with his selection to succeed Mr.
Preparing; Morton Monument.
Rudolph Evans, the sculptor, Is In Wash
ington engaged In preparation of a memo
rial . monument to be erected In Morton
park of Nebraska City In memory of the
late J. Sterling Morton, former secretary
of the Department of Agriculture. The
monument la to be placed by the Arbor
Day Memorial association aa a tribute to
the founder of Arbor day.
Humphrey la Slated.
It Is regarded aa practically certain that
the president haa determined to nominate
Colonel Charles S. Humphrey of the quar
termaster's department of the army as
quartermaster general, with the rank of
brigadier. The president has given aome
thought to tha suocessor to General M. I.
Ludlngton, retiring quartermaster, ' and
from a vaat amount of good material has
about decided on General Humphrey.
M. F. Stanley, an attorney of Aurora,
Neb., Is In Washington enroute to his boy
hood borne in Virginia.
The president today nominated William
T. Adams to be register and John A. 8wen
son receiver at Landock, Wyo. This Is a
reappointment for Mr. Adams and Mr.
8 wen son succeeds Mrs. Williams, who haa
held office four and a half years and de
clined a renominatibn. Senator' Warren
said both appointments were excellent
Roatlae of Departments,
A postofflce haa been established at
Bushnell, Kimball county, Neb., with
Charles F. Snyder aa postmaster.
The poetoStce at Leando. Van Buren
county, la., has been discontinued.
These rural tree delivery letter carriers
were appointed today:
Nebraaka Norfolk, William O. Oioam,
regular; Charles PUlger, substitute.
Wayne, Fred Lovttt, regular; W. T. Lovltt,
Iowa North English, Jeaae F. McCalla.
regular; Ernest T. Graham, aubatltute.
Radcliffe, Oliver i. Wlldman, regular; Jen
nie 8. Wlldman. aubatltute. Stratford,
Leroy A. Larson, regular; Charles E. Lar
son, suSstttute.
The comptroller of the currency baa de-
claret Cedar Raplda, la., a reaarve city
The First National bank of Omaha has
been - approved ae reserve agent for the
Custer National of Broke Bow, Neb., and
the Western National bank of the i nlied
Statea of New Tork for the Cltlxena Na
tional of Cedar Falls, la.
Claims Military Governor Acted t n
falrly la Fa men a Corrnp.
tlon Trial.
WASHINGTON, March 14. Estes O.
Rathbone, formerly director of posts at
Havana, who was convicted of misuse of
funds, but psrdoned under the general sra
nesty proclaimed by President Palma when
he assumed office, baa made public a state
ment of his case. This ststement was ad
dressed to Senator Piatt (Conn.).
Mr. Rathbone haa been earnestly urging
that action be taken upon his case, and
now that rongreas has adjourned, he has
decided to make public his statement. In
It ha aaya:
I anted as a cltlxen of the Vnlted States
tinder the direction of the rostofflce de
partment at Washington In pursuance of
a treaty which was and Is part of the
law of the United States, ami In the course
of the performance of my official duties I
waa charged with high crimes and mis
demeanors and waa tried in that foreign
country, by a tribunal appointed by and
acting under the authority and direction
of the military governor of Cuba.
I contend that It was the duty of the
government of the United Statea to se
cure for me a fair and Impartial trlnl
under usual and regular rules of Judicial
procedure, for the official acta performed
under its appointment, direction and au
thority. I was subjected to trial by arbitrary and
unusual mode of trial contrary alike to
original laws of Cuba and the fundamental
principles of justice.
The proceeding which led to my con
viction waa not a Judicial proceeding, but
a special proceeding directed by the mil
itary governor of Cuba, who Issued orders,
Instructions and communications to the
courts from time to time according to the
exigences of the case.
I did not have a fair and Impartial trial.
By letters ef Instruction communicated
to the trial court, I authorised the use as
evidence In the case of exparte depositions
taken In the United Statea on behalf of
the government.
Illegal evidence u used against me,
notably hearsay and exparte affidavits.
Witnesses were not summoned in m v be
half. In violation of article vl, amendments
to the constitution.
The military governor had full authority
to appoint and remove membera of the Ju
diciary at will.
Items of expenditure In my accounts
which he held to be Improper he admitted
as proper items In the accounts of military
and other officials, Including his own.
I waa convicted of conspiracy upon the
uncorroborated testimony of an alleged co
conspirator. W. H. Reeves, who was a
defendant on trial upon the same charge.
Attending Doctor Considers Jo dare's
Condition Satisfactory aad
WASHINGTON. March 14. Dr. Hardin,
Justice Day's physician, this morning is
sued the following bulletin:
Justice Day had a fairly good night. His
condition continues encouraging this morn
ing. At 2:30 this afternoon there was no
change in Justice Day's condition. He is
reported to be comfortable and no unfa
vorable symptoms have developed.
Shortly after 11 p. m. Dr. Hardin Issued
the following bulletin:
Mr. Justice Day has spent an encourag
ing day and hla symptoms continue favor
able this evening.
Minneapolis Man Rescues Wife and
Baby, bnt Dies Succoring;
Little Boy.
MINNEAPOLIS, March 14. After hero
ically rescuing bis invalid wle and. two
days' old child ' from his - burning house,
John McLaughlin risked bis life again to
save bis 8-year-old eon and both met death
In the fire. - --
Mr. McLaughlin was, awakened early this
morning by smoke and found bis bouse
In flames. Wrapping his wife and infant
daughter In a blanket he rushed from the
house and" carried them in safety to a
neighbor's. He returned to the burning
dwelling, where hie son was Imprisoned,
but bad barely reached the boy when the
roof fell. . .. Father and son managed to
crawl to the door among the burning em
bers, where they were found and carried
to the hospital, but both died this after
noon. '
To Investigate the Horse Disease.
STURGIS. 8. D.. March 14. (Special )
State Veterinarian J. P. Foater expects to
visit the Black Hills this spring to look
Into the horse disease now preTalent. At
the auggeatlon of H. B. Perklna of this city
who saw blm at Pierre, he will he here in
time to attend the stock meetings at Belle
fourche and Rapid. State Veterinarian
Dr. S. D. Brimhall of Minnesota will ao
company blm, and both will probably ad
dress the meetings. An expert from Wash
ington, Dr. Mohler, from the bureau of an
imal Industry, will also be present and the
state veterinarian of Nebraaka baa been
South Dakota Cattle Loaaea,
STURGIS. S. D.. March 14. (Special.)
Thomae O'Brien of Pedro Is In the city. He
confirms the reports of too much crusted
snow all winter out there, and thinks the
big cattle outfits who have stock between
where he lives and the Missouri will loae
a great many head.
Vaaderbllt Buys More Land.
MINEOLA. Long Island. March 14 Wil
liam K. Vanderbllt, Jr.. haa added another
large tract to hla great holdings of real
estate about Succesa lake, In North Ham
stead, ills agents have Hied in tlio county
clerk'a office transfers of about 110 acres.
The land adjoins hla present estate and,
It is said, waa Included In the plans for
improvements originally made.
A Charleston Mother Did So with Ad
vantage to Herself and Children,
A mother living In Charleston, Mass., the
happy poasessor of four children, writes:
"Every fell and winter I have laid in a
stock of cough remedies, croup mixtures
aad throat medicines for my children, for
somehow or other they never seem to be
free from colds, coughs or sere throat.
This fall I made a change in the usual
program. I had myself been cured of sn ob
stlnate catarrh, from which I had suffered
for years, by Stuart's Catarrh Tablets, and
ss they were pleassnt to take, I determined
to try them with my children. Our family
physician told me be knew them to be per
fectly safe and nothing better could he
used for catarrh, coughs and colds.
So I gave tbem to the children and have
continued to do so ever since, whenever
there is the least sign of croup or sore
throat, and I no longer dread the approach
of cold weather as I ones did.
Stuart'a Catarrh Tableta not only cured
me of chronlo naaal and throat catarrh, but
they have saved me many an anxioua night
with my little ones. Ths children like the
taate of them and It la really wonderful
how qulrkly they will break up a eroupy
cold or an obstinate, deep-seated cough."
People who have used sprays, lobalera,
aalvea or washes for catarrh and bsve
found how useless tbey are will be agrue
ably surprised at the results following the
use of a pleasant, convenient Internal rem
edy tn tablet form. Druggists every
where admit that Stuart's Catarrh Tableta,
which aell for to cents for full slsed "tel.--
age. Is the safeet, moat effective an popu
lar of catarrh medicines.
Claimi New Panama Company Amply Able
to Sell Conoeuion.
Franchise Has Been Sold Twice and
Is Now About to Be Bought la
Similar fashion by I'nlted
States. '
WASHINGTON, Marcn 14. Without
transacting any buslnesa the senate today
went into executive aesalon.
Previous to the closing of the doors the
official stenographers and all the employes
of the official offices were sworn to secrecy
and one of the newspaper representatives
was Invited Into the chamber to make a
detailed report of the proceedings, with the
understanding that It should be published
after the vote. ,
Spooner Replies to Morsian.
Senator Spooner occupied Ave hours In
reply to Senator Morgan's opposition to the
csnal treaty.
Much of bis speech was legal in l's char
acter, designed to sustain the validity of
the canal title. He said there could be
no doubt that the company came legiti
mately Into posseaelon of the canal conces
sion and ha7lng so acquired the property
bad an undoubted right to transfer It to
the United States or sny other purchaser.
Passing to Senator Morgan's religious fear,
he said under that treaty there would be
no pretext for the interference by Colom
bian autborttlea with the religious conduct
or affiliations of Americans In the canal
sone. He ridiculed the idea that by mak
ing a treaty with the government the
United Statea could bo accused of taking a
position against the minority party In the
country with which the agreement was
Traces Canal History.
Returning to the validity to the title,
Senator Spooner traced the history of the
liquidation concerning the concession
through the Frencb courts. Beginning with
the transfer of the original concession to
M. De Leaseps in 1879, he aald in 1883,
when the company organized by De Leaseps
became Involved, the courta Intervened
and after appointing a liquidator authorized
the organization of a new company, which
Is the company from which the United
States secures its title; that the new com
pany was recognised by a law passed by
the Colombian government In 1830, which
confirmed the original concession and mado
provision for payments of stock and money
to Colombia. Other subsequent ae'a of
the Colombian government were such as
to leave no doubt of a perfect understanding
between It and the new canal company.
Towards the oloso of his address Senator
Spooner was questioned by a number of
democratic senators particularly Senator
In reply he aald there were some features
of the treaty be would prefer to have other
wise, but the terms were the best it had
been possible to secure, and hs believed
expediency demanded (bat the treaty bo
Senator Depew referred to the criticism
that the canal would be Injurious to rail
road intereats and said that as a railroad
man he was thoroughly convinced that such
would not be the case. On the contrary,
the construction of the canal would stim
ulate all lines of business and tbe railroads
would share in that prosperity.
Senator Bacon and Senator Morgan of
fered a number of amendments which will
be voted on on Monday.
Vice President Reyes Thinks Amer
ican Interpretation Has
Aroased Hostility.
COLON, March 14. General Rafael Reyes,
vice president of Colombia, who reached
the Isthmus two days ago from Mexico,
was Interviewed here today.
Questioned concerning the canal treaty,
he spoke guardedly and did not appear dis
posed to discuss its terras or the proba.
blllty of Ita ratification by the Colombian
congress. He seemed to believe, however,
that the interpretation the United States
put on obligatory rights to maintain free
transit across tbe isthmus and its pro
posed manner of enforcing these rights
bad created an unfavorable impression
throughout Colombia.
The politlclana who would be called upon
to decide the (ate of the treaty would not
be likely to forget, he said, the humiliating
Incidents which occurred during the recent
insurgent hostilities.
Oeneral Reyes tp no way expressed him
self as opposed to the construction of the
canal. by the United Statea
Indiana Men Slay Each Other to
Decide Their Claims to
BRAZIL Ind., March 14. Information
waa received here today of a fatal duel be
tween James and John Gibbons, na
tives of Bra '.11.
Both young men were In love with Ml:ia
Zora Cornell. They bad Joined a survey
or's corps in Mississippi and while In camp
began to talk about Miss Cornell. K'ni;
drew a weapon and challenged Glbbona to
a duel. Gibbons aocepted. and, stepping a
few paces from tbe camp, both opened
fire. After several shots had been ox
changed both fell mortally wounded.
Detectives of San Francisco Pastled
to -Account for Diaappearanre
of Valuable Jewel.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 14. The deteo
tlves of thla city are puzzled to account
for the disappearance of a diamond brooch
valued at $5,100, the property of Mra.
Franklin of Chicago, a gueat of tbe Palaoe
The brooch was lost at a private dinner
party at an uptown hotel and no clue to
its whereabouts has yet been obtained.
John Barrett, hostler st the police patrol
barn. Is one of the proudest sons of Erin in
Omaha. He has received a consignment of
shamrocks gathered In the bugs of the
Emerald Isle. He has distributed them
among hla Hibernian friends on the fores
that they may make the proper display
Tuesday morning.
, Oeorge S. Wright la a man who won't
take a dare. Wright accepted the chal
lenge of William Carlea Saturday afternoon
In knocking a chip from the latter'a shoul
der. Cerlea then landed on Wright with
telling effect, compelling the use of the
patrol wagon In getting nlm to the station
fur repairs, both men are boarders at tha
Elkhorn Valley house and are charged wltti
William Dunn, tbe bartender of the Ar
cade saloon, who was charged with the
larceny of $190 from a guest named Orlffiii.
which had been placed in hie care the even
ing the hotel waa discovered on tire, was
released from custody Saturday. During
the afternoon Deputy County Attorney
Magney apieared before Police Judga
Herka and moved that the proceedings be
dismissed Tha court austalned the motlin
and issued 4.H order for Dunn a dUcnarge,
providing he return the cash belonging to
Rnth Rrhekah l..uc Knterta tns Its
Friends at u I nlque He-eeptlon.
In Odd Fellows' ball yesterday evening
Ruth Rehekab lodge No. 1 gave one of
Ita frequent and enjoyable parties. The
nearly S00 guests present were treated to
a comedy aketch In plare of the usual
program which precedes the dancing. This
skit, which was of about an hour's dura
tion, waa called "The Interstate Milkmaid'
Convention," and the characters all wore
pink and white costumes of the pattern
ascribed to milkmaids and carried milking
stools and palls. The c-halrtnald of tho
convention was Mrs. F. B. Nlchnla, the
secretary, Miss Anna Nelson, and the treas
urer, Mrs. Thomas Hamlin. Mesdames
Thompson, F. Swanson. II. Miller, H. 1.
Blnnrhe, King, Llddell, C. A. Wagner,
Schnellenbocker, Jones. Bright and C. L.
Hamlin and Misses Hanson, Hetmrod, Jen
sen, Nichols, Alwlne, Dillon, Prultt. Myer
and little Miss Jones were the delegates.
Besides there there were reporters, scenery
and other accessories and a remarkable
property cow said to be that of Mrs.
OLesry of Chicago. Ffr refreshments
milk and crackers were served. The
dsnclng which followed the sketch was kept
up until midnight.
Will Erect I.argre Cold Storage House
ad Stables on Douglas
Three lots on the northeast corner of
Eighth and Douglaa streets were bought by
the Val. Blatz Brewing company, through
their western agnnt, T. J. Foley, on Satur
day for $10,000. It Is the Intention of the
company to build a two-story cold storage
house and stables for the use of the cam.
pany on thla ground.
Plans calling for an expenditure of 140,
000 have been drawn un bv W. T. Meianer
and ground will be broken early next week.
tne Duiiding, which will be 1S2x99 feet. Is
to be strictly modern in every detail. The
local offices will be located In the building.
At present tbe company is using the
Omaha Cold Storage company's atorage
rooms, but owing to its increased business
It decided to handle In own storage busi
ness. This Is a distributing point for the
company's business throughout, Iowa and
Nebraska and a portion of Wyoming.
The second of the delightful senior socials
was given Saturday afternoon. The tlrst
floor of the new high school building waa
fixed up magnificently. The stairs were
hidden from view by heaps of pillows, and
the parents, aa well as the seniors, had a
most enjoyable afternoon. Nearly all the
societies of the school were represented In
attractive little coxy corners. The A. C. 8.
had a beautifully decorated corner In
orange and white, the society's colors. Miss
Patteraon and Mlsa Mayall represented the
society. The Elaine had an attractive
booth, representing King Arthur's round
table. Mies Moorhead impersonated Klalne
and Miss Robinson, Lancelot. The Brown
ing society's corner represented a Greek
temple, Miss Clnrkson and Miss Krelder
being the priestesses. The Natural History
society had a very pretty little corner,
represented by Miss Fleming and Mr. Hay
ward. The P. O. 8.. Clio nnd Tartef nr.
fleers' club were also represented by at-
iracuve comers.
The A. C. S. held an Important business
meeting on Wednesday.. The election of
officers took up a great deal of the time
and resulted as follows: Madge Mayall
was re-elected president; Winifred Perkins
vice president; Florence Hlller, secretary;
Beaale Murdock, treasurer. Edith Patter
son and Madge Mayall were chosen to rep
resent the society at the senior social. A
very fine original poetical program will be
given by the society on Friday next.
Something new at the high school Is the
"noon program," given during lunch period
In one of the study halls. The numbers are
rendered voluntarily and all have been
most enjoyable. This week's program con
elated of a chorus of ten girls, who sang
"Molly Shannon" and "Under the Bamboo
Tree,'1 a aelectlon by the violin quartet, a
violin solo by Brnnson Shaddock, a vocal
solo by Marian Hught and a vocal solo by
Claire Gratton.
A Spanish class Is being formed at the
high school for the benefit of boys who
wlah to study the language. This class will
meet onoe a week at the close of school,
under tho instruction of Mr. l'eltle.
The Hawthorne society gave the third
program in their study of American authors
on Friday. March 6. The afternoon was
devoted to Whlttler, and the following
numbers were given before the members of
the society: Itoll call, with response of
membera by quotations from whlttler;
"Life of Whlttler," Jessie Knee; "Whlttler g
Religion as Seen by His Poems," Marlon
Cochran; recitation, Florence Power;
"Whlttler as a Poet of Nature," Janet
White; recitation, Rachel Klein; "Whlttler
aa a War Poet," Genevler Glover; recita
tion. Lucy Dietrich; Whlttler's "Songs of
Labor," Mabel White; "Whlttler's Bal
lads," Ethel Berrka.
The P. O. S. held their regular public
meeting on Friday and the following en
joyable program waa rendered: Instru
mental, Cora Evans; recitation, Edna
Cweeley; violin solo. Olive Carpenter; essay,
Eva Murphy: vocal solo, Mrs. Ryan; flute
solo, Louis Meyer; parody on "Psalm of
Ufe." May Hall; vocal aolo, Janet Marrlot.
Two second Junior basket bull teams have
been formed, under the names of the
"Blacks" and the "Whites." The former
consists of Misses Klewlt, Wallace, Peth
eram, TUlotson, Johnson and Buckley, cap
tain. The members of the latter team are:
Misses Eldrige, Bruin, Rogers, Mcintosh,
McMannus and Wilson, captain-
Room Rent Cnuaes a Row.
There was a time at the intersection of
Twelfth atreet and Capitol avenue last
night. First there were wild cries of thief
and murder and appeals for help. Officer
Shepherd ran from a block away and saw
a negro flying across the street a.i: fired
his revolver Into the air as a warning to
the miscreant to stop. He did not. hen
the Jewish families living In the house at
14 wire asked to expluln they said that
the negro had hired a room in the after
noon, paying $2.26. He returned In the
evening with a female companion, who waa
drunk. She, seeing the room, conceived
that it was not such as she had bm ac
customed to and demanded the money
back. The householdere seemed to have
been afraid to refuae and gave her the
money, which she went awsy with. Hence
the outcry.
Securea Opponent's Arrest.
John Chmler. living at the Prague hotel,
waa arrested Thursday evening and charged
$60,000 Per Day
This is the average sum paid
daily to policy-holders by The
Mutual Life Insurance Com
pany of New York. Multiply
that by a year and the wonde
of the amount disappears when
you learn how and where the
largest accumulation of trust
funds in the world is invested,
as shown in "A Banker's Will."
This book is sent on request.
This Company ranks
Pint I Aura.
ftrtl Amaunl Paid Poliey-holden.
Firil- Af.
The Mutual Life Insuranci
CV.mpanv of New York
KicHASD A. McCvsov, Prssidsai.
Nassau, Cedar, William and Liberty Bis.,
New York, N. Y.
FLEMIU RHUS., Managers.
Omaha, Arbr. Des Moines, lews.
with fighting. Since his Mense from 1st
he hna sworn out a wsrrntit rhargim; W I
llam Krebs of 1' Bouth Thirteenth nit
who was the other party to the fight, w
assHtilt and battery. Krebs waa arrc1
jesterday evening.
Kor lllaturblna; the Peace.
Alice Parrls of 109 South Ninth atree'
disturbed the peace of Saturdny evening bS
loud and unusual nolfcs on the street t"Si
waa arreated. Harry Hurke of 2o& NortS
Eleventh street and Mrs Mamie ltlley o
Eleventh street and Capitol avenue, win
were also arrested, are susprcted of uain
loud and profane language.
Plate Oil Inspector J. K. Hays of Llmoli
Is In tho city,
K. Schembrek of Itentrlce Is an Onnhr
C. II. Mitchell of Colorado Spr.nsi U
visiting In Omaha.
Phil Anrons of the lloston sitore left fol
New York last night.
No Mors
No Less
No More
No Less
or trousers made come to us
and rxtunlne our poods nnd ninko.
You linvp nothing to loso nnd nil to
Knin. If tht-y inn make .nulls and
t mutters for- auoh roasouitble prions
in otlit-r rltics, why couldn't Omaha
1poi1o have the same? u!ok
Boles and er.inll profits havo
always wade sucopps, nnd tlint's
what we nre doing. Wc fully
Kunrnntoo tho ninke nnd quality.
Mndo In Omaha.
Grand Pants Co
205 N. 16th Street,
Tbe Long Souight 'Elixir of Life" DIs.
covered by C.erman nnd Knajlah
Phyaletanai Mot Only Prolongs
1,1 fe, Rut Gives Man the Vigor
and Vitality of a nail.
Sample Sent Free To Any Man Whs
Will Write For It.
After years of resrtirch. eminent physi
cians have nt last discovered a remedy
which Is indorsed by the leading memliers
of the medical profession aa permanent In
Its effect.
The principal Ingredient is an animal ex
tract taken from healthy young hulls. It la
scientifically prepared by the best chemists
In the world. The reputation of the Institu
tion is such that all phyelclans know when
they stand sponsor for a remedy, that rem
edy must be exactly as represented. And
when upon their reputation they make the
statement that Vitality Pills will cure all
cases of lost manhood, spermatorrhoea,
varicocele and weakness of any nature of
the nerve or sexual orguns, a cure must be
positive and permanent. This company will
Bena every person wnu ih iuchuik m vimmy
of the nerves or aexual organs a sample
treatment absolutely free. There Is but one
test for a genuine medicine, ana mat is me
reaulta which are obtained by Its use; if it
cures the disease for which it ia prepared,
it Is a true remedy. This ia the test by
which the Missouri Drug Company wish
their sample free treatment to be tried.
After using Vitality Pills for a short time a
man will find new vigor In hla ortans, new
force In his muBclea, new blood in his veins,
new ambition; a new man in vitality, health
and appearance. Vitality Pllla have a pe
culiarly grateful effect and the patient feels
the benefit after ita first day's uae. It goea
direct to the seat of the trouble, no matter
of how long standing, giving strength snd
development where It is needed. This
marvelous remedy banishes all feeling of
basbfulnees toward the opposite sex, cures
all the Ills and troubles that come from
early abuse, excess of overwork and busi
ness carea, all of which result In premature
loaa of strength and memory, emissions,
Impotence and varicocele. Vitality Pills
will effect a cure at any age; there is no
i as that It will not eure permanently, ex
cept where epilepsy or ti.jurtty has already
set In. The Missouri Drug Company makes
no restrictions; every person wno writes
will be vent a sample treatment, absolutely
free and postpaid, carefully wrspped In a
plain package with no advertising on It to
Indicate what it contains. They have re
ceived many letters from people all over
the country, telling of the must ustunlahlng
cures made by Vitality Pills. Their onu
week free offer la genuine and no embar
rassing questions asked. Write toduy to
the Missouri Imig Co., 47 Broadway, St.
l.i.uls. Mo., and receive the sample treat
ment fri-e; their book, which Is also free
and sent with the free treatment, will ex
plain how to take the treatment in private
and euro yourself at home.
No taste. No odor. Can be given In glass
f wster, tea or coffee without patient s
White Klbbon Remedy will cure or de
stroy the diseased appetite for alcoholic
stimulants, whether the patient ia a con
firmed Inebriate, a "tippler," social drinker
or drunkard. Impossible for anyone to have
an appetite foi alcoholic liquors after uaini:
White Klbbon Kennedy.
Indorsed by Meuiliera of W. C. T. I.
Mrs. Moore, press superintendent of tbe
Woman's Christian Temperance union (it
Ventura California, writes: "1 have tested
White Klbbon Kemtdy on very obsilnat
drunkards, and the cures have beii many,
in many casra the remedy was give;;
secretly. I cheerfully recommend and en
dorse White ltlbbou itemed v. Members
our union are delighted to find an ecouuiir
cal treatment to aid us In our teniperuii'
Druggists or by mall, II. Trial pacX..t
free by writing Mra. A. M. Tonnsind n,
yesrs secretary a Woman's Chrlsiiin
Ttnperance unm . lis Tren.oi'.t t , II imOU,
Mass. .sold In Oi'ha by
Phom 'ii. W. Cor :8ih and Chicago,
flood dellvared la any iiart ot our.
them a slight shock.