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EnglUh Holds Hit First Meet
ing in Omaha.
4rament Devoted to Etponltloa of
Kmtnllil KvlrieiM-e of the) Troth
of All That Christianity
t MeiH.
(Every scat outside of the choir seals
as filled at the First Methodist church
'last night at the opening of the aeries of
sermons to be delivered by Dr. G. Camp
bell Morgan under the auspices of the Min
isterial association of Omaha this week.
In the rear of the church many stood dur
ing the service, but more seata will be pro
vided at other meetings, as hereafter all
ministers present will be seated In the
choir gallery. As It was, a large number
of ministers were seated upon the platform
with the speaker of the evening.
The services began with song the old
songs everyone knew, and the singing was
entirely congregational, the only assistance
being the organ and Secretary Willie of
the Young Men'a Christian association, who
acted as cholrlster. After several songs
had been sung. Dr. Morgan read the first
chapter of The Acts of the Apostles.
Following the reading and a prayer of
Dr. Robb, Mr. Morgan gave a brief expla
nation of the reaaon he had failed to ar
rive In Omaha Sunday, and began his ser
mon, taking aa hie text Acta v, 32: "We are
Ills witnesses of these things, and so is the
Holy Ohost which Ood hath given to those
who obey Him."
Ilrglnalas of the Church.
He said In part:
We never come hack to the early chapters
of The Acta of the Apostles without feel
ing a thrill and throb in our life we are
tnHclnnted by them. Here we get back tu
the beginning of the church and see he
order of the gnlng out of these holy men.
1 think the days of apontolic Christianity
are panned. The church has grown and all
Christianity In broader. We have a better
view of Christ than the early Christiana
hud. Life has become more complex and
with this complexity the church haa man
ifested Its power over new things. While
It Is true that we must go back to the
early days of the church we should go back
to find not a pattern for our organization,
but for the principles which underly the
church. Our true mission in the world has
not changed and our power to accomplish
result is the same aa it was In the begin
ning. When the church loses her right ob
ject she fails. anJ when she trusts to other
than the first source for strength she will
In the text we have an expression of the
function end force of apostleshlp. Thlb
force is still in the church and the power to
fulfill its mission la the same. Methods
may change, and the needs of the organiza
tion may change, Dut tne worn or tne
church is the same and therefore we go
back to the beginning, not for form of or
ganization or for ecclesiastical polity, but
lor principles njid power.
Peter the Spokesman.
The speaker then said that he would
consider the first part of the text at this
time, leaving the second for another ser
mon, and continued:
Let uf get the scene upon our minds. Tin
apostles had no vision of t:ie world-wide
character of Christ's work. To them Israel
was all. He corrected them, and Peter de
clared, "We are his witnesses." Here wai
the most august and noble assemblage of
the Jewish race the most able and vener
able men of the nation, men of sincerity
and earnestness assembled to arraign the
apostles for disobeying the orders Issued tj
them. The apostles had been placed in
prison. They were found In the temple
teaching. There was not one among these
apostles worthy of consideration upon his
own account. When brought before that
august assembly the high priest charged
them with tilling Jerusalem with their doc
trine, and said, "You would bring this
man' blond upon our heads." The high
priest hero testifies to their success as
preachers, In filling Jerusalem with their
doctrine and to his conviction . that they
would bring the blood of Jesus upon the
head of the leaders of the Jews. Peter
was the spokesman of the apostles. He
Bald that they must obey God rather than
man. He seems then to have come to the
conclusion that he would never again have
an opportunity to preach to that congrega
tion, and eo in few word1 he gave the entirj
gospel of the church. He told them, "We
are His wltnessea of these things." Where
lhall we put the emphasis, ficfore the day
of Pentecost It would have been upon the
we," but not now. Slightly more upon
the "witnesses." but great emphasis upon
"these thing," for these things are the
Important thing to be considered.
What Peter Told.
Here were the four great truths which
Peter told: The resurrection of Jesus,
Whom ye slew His exaltation and His
granting of repentence and remission of
sins the foundation truths of Christianity.
The death of Christ is only dynamic be
cause of the resurrection, and therefore
the apostles always spoke of the resurrec
tion first. If Jesua has not arisen, His
death is only the sad ending of a mistaken
life, and so some of His disciples considered
It after the cruclflx'on. Unless He arose
they were right and our faith Is false; but
they preached not only the arisen Christ,
but they preached the cross, aa brutal as
In; and they said, "The Christ Whom ye
murdered God has aet at His right hand,
and He Is giving repentance and bringing
men back to Qod."
The devil's masterpiece was won when
he caused men to believe that only men In
certain orders had a right to talk about
these things.
I believe In the ministry and In Its espe
cial gifts. A man cannot enter the minis
try as he enters any other profession. He
cannot enter until Ood pelves him some
great gift, and then nothing ran keep him
out. For a long time we Imagined that the
cross was the symbol of the church. This
Is not so. The symbol of the church la the
tongue of fire which descended on the day
of Pentecost. Kvery man should be a wit
ness of these things. A witness Is not a
talker. A person can talk every day and
mat Lome Bach
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"l I 0 SA
3rd Floor
Tuesday Sale
Manufacturer's Veiling Stock
A purchase representing In the neighborhood of 10,000 yards all silk veilings,
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Main Floor)
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Omaha. We make a specialty of room size rugs. We solicit a visit.
not be a witness at all, but a witness is one
who bears evidence or inese inings. s
are inclined to look upon a martyr as one
who has sealed his testimony with his
blood, but tire and sword never made a
martyr; it only revealed them. Many who
professed Christ ceased to talk In the face
of persecution. The persecutions silenced
the professors and revealed the confessors.
Live Your Belief.
What 'An von believe? I cannot tell by
looking at you; 1 cannot tell by hearing
you talk; but let me live with you and I
can tell. No man can hold the truth, as
some sav, but the witnesses are "leld by
truth. Behind the words of the lip should
be the work of a life. Before you condemn
the doctrine we preach, you should look at
us and compare us as we are now wun
what we were before we were changed by
the sosnel of Christ. In this sense we are
witnesses, and the man who skvh one thing
and does another is never a witness.
The function of the church is the creation
of witnesses, and the function of the in
dividual Is witnessing these things. The
high priest was a Sadducee, one or a sect
which denied resurrection, denied angels.
dcnld spirits he had got around the super
natural. Out tne aposues nrougni neiore
lilm all tnree tnings. resurrection, angeis
and spirits, facing the rationalism of one
wh denied that thev exist. That is the
function of dlsclptrship. facing the rational
ism and untieller or every sge, ano saying
to It, "We are witnesses. We exist aa we
do. Account for us before you deny our
doctrine." It was once said that Inlldellty
could civilise savages, but we have not
seen Its work. It is now claimed that the
university and education inn civilize all
people. We have no objection, but would
like to see some of their work. Christianity
Is doing it.
But take the nuestlon home, "Am I a
Christian?" The best place to show that Is
In your home. If you are not living so that
your children are anxious to become Chris
tiana you are not doing your duty, and thti
can only re accompnsnea oy your lire.
It was announced that a collection will be
bf taken up at each service to pay the ex
pense of the meeting, the surplus collec
tions to be donated to the Northfleld exten
sion fund. Meetings will be held each
afternoon at 4 o'clock and each evening at ft
at the First Methodist church
Jury Delda That Canned Goods Mast
Be Returned to Veiling;
In the United States district court Mon
day afternon a Jury of nine men awarded
tl the Barkley-Sletson-Preston company of
Los Angeles, Cal., canned goods to tho
value of approximately $1,500 which were
previous to that time considered aa part of
the stock of the W. R. Bennett company.
According to the evidence In the case the
goods were ordered by the Bennett com
pany through a traveling salesman last
July and at that time the R. G. Dun com
pany was asked to report upon the financial
standing of the Bennett company, but tho
manager refused to make a signed state
ment of the condition of the firm, a refusal
which he had made on previous occasions
when the mercantile agency desired a re
port. However, In conversation with the
agent, be said that the company bad a
capital stork of $300,000, with no debts on
Its merchandise account. This was taken
as a basis for a favorable report and the
goods were shipped, arriving a short time
before the failure of the company.
When the bankruptcy proceedings were
begun the California flrui asked to have the
goods returned, claiming that they had
been sold under a misapprehension of the
facts, caused by the report of the Dun
agency. At that time the application was
refused, but the trustee was asked to segre
gate the goods from the stock so that they
could be identified later. At the sale J,
F. Baum purchased all of the assets of the
Bennett company and believed that he
had secured the goods claimed by the Cal
ifornia wholesale house. Thia company
then brought suit against the trustee and
Mr. Baum to recover the goods, with the
result above stated. Mr. Baum aald the
case would not be appealed.
Maaonle Funeral Notice.
Capitol lodge No. S. A. F. and A. M., at
the request of Brooklyn lodge, Cleveland,
O., will give Masonic burial to the remains
of our late Brother Henry Faubel. Mem
bers and other Masons will meet at hall
at I p. m. Wednesday, February 11.
i rsz j. njT7 n.a u 1 t 'i jnaE
Surplus lots of
challies. 6,000 yards have Just arrived.
plain colons, strictly
sizes, on main floor
than $1. 50
Bailroads Making Unprecedented Effort to
Bring Settlers West.
Traffic Official Saja Railroads Are
Building; Iji Small and Substan
tial Communities Through,
out Inaettled West.
The railroads running west from Chicago
and their western connections are making
an effort to Increase the volume of their
business by the settlement of millions cf
acres of land along their western main
lines and branches. Homeseekers' and col
onists' rates have been given each year u
the past, but the scope of country that
the rates cover this year and the length cf
time that the rates are in effect has been
almost doubled.
The first step In this direction waa the
extension of the time limit during which
colonists' rates would be given to the
north Pacific coast, the northwest and Cali
fornia. Following this there came a per
fect flood of homeseekers' rates to Mis
souri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indian Terri
tory, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. The
Rock Island, In conjunction with the Mexi
can Central, gave a homeseekers' .ate to
Mexico. This was an Innovation.
The Western Passenger association has
now given notice that homeseekers' tickets
will be cold to points In Utah, Wyoming,
Idaho and Montana on the firat and third
Tuesdays of each month beginning March
17 and Including June 16.
Points la the Northwest.
Meanwhile the Burlington system, the
Great Northern and the Northern Parll'c
have given notice to the Transcontinental
Passenger bureau and the Western Paa
senger association of their Intention to In
augurate similar homeseekers' rates to
points In the ..northwest from March 17 to
June 16.
Travel to the south, southwest, west and
northwest will be very heavy during the
next three months with this widespread
cut In rates. Many of those who take ad
vantage of the opportunity to reach points
In this territory will go only as tourists,
but the railroads expect to carry a largo
number of peoplo who will settle there
"The colonist travel haa been heavy this
year," a, prominent passenger official said.
"and in connection with those who take ad
vantage of the homeaeekers' ratea there
will be a noticeable Increase In the farm
ing classes along the lines of all of the
western roads where land Is good and yet
cheap to buy. A good many thousands of
acres of uncultivated land will be broken
for the first time next spring and the rail
roads will derive a great deal of benefit
irom tne operation or these rates. The
rates are simply building up small and
substantial communities throughout the
unsettled west and adding to the smaller
of the communities that have already been
made possible by the same kind of work
by the railroads In previous years."
Engineers and Firemen Her.
Another committee of Union Pacific em
i . j . . i .
' jriwu; ana loon up
Its headquarters at the Dellone hotel. It Is
a joint committee of the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers and the Brother
hood of Locomotive Firemen. The commit
tea represents the second and third dis
tricts of the Union Pacific.
It will meet with the officials of the road
to adjust , certain differences In the wage
schedule and also to discuss the changing
or ins division points.
The members of the committee are: Fir
men C. E. Engoe, Ellis, Kan., general
chairman; U. G. Applegate, Cheyenne, vice
chairman; H. S. Croclett, North Platte; A
B. Yatea, North Platte; Andrew Liddell
North Platte. Engineers George W. Vro
, man, Kortb Platte, general chairman; WU-
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Ham Hockenbergelr, Denver, vice chairman;
C. F. Tracy, North Platte, secretary; W. H.
Fikes, North Platte, and F. D. Wright,
Will. Deal with Northwestern.
F. A. Ward, general chairman of the Joint
committee of trainmen and conductors of
the Wyoming and Nebraska division of the
Northwestern, said yesterday:
We will have a meeting with Superin
tendent C. C. Hughes today to adjust some
minor differences that exist.- After that, I
Imagine, the committee will go home to
await the call from the chairman of the
general joint committee of the Northwest
ern trainmen and conductors.
'Since the absorption of the Elkhorn by
the Northwestern the two committees have
been Joined and will act together. We ex
pect to be called to Chicago within a few
days, as everything Is practically In readi
ness for the meeting of the committee with
the officials of the Northwestern."
Secretary Richards of the committee of
the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen haa
received orders from his grand officers to
remain In Omaha until ha Is advlaed to
proceed to Chicago.
O'Connell Oos to Chleaaro.
President O'Connell of the International
Association of Machinists returned to Chi
cago Sunday. During the several days
that he has been with the local strikers
here he managed to familiarize himself
with the situation and gone to Chicago bet
ter fitted to give them the aid that they de
sire of the national organization. Mr. Wil
son, fourth vice president, left for Denver
last night In the Interests of the strikers.
A Cure tor Lame Hark.
If you are ever troubled with pains or
lameness In the muscles of your back use
Chamberlain's . Pain Balm and they will
quickly disappear. Mr. Alexander Vlollette
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ment he ever used for lame back.
Foniibt Hia Wife.
Joe Komi Is another accession to the Hat
of wife beaters, according to the police, lie
waa arrested yesterday evening at his
home, Viii South Fourteenth street. He is
said to have gone there and because of
Jealousy in regard to hia wife began to
punU-h her. She fled to the houHu of a
neighbor for assistance acd two of the men
from adjoining houaea went over and sub
dued the Irritated huxhand. It Is Intimated
by acme persons that Mrs. Koma waa not
altogether outnumbered In the fight: at
any rate Koma hud a cut on his left cheek
when arrested.
Ho Venom In 'Km.
No poisonous purgatives enter Into Dr.
King's New Life rills. Easy, but prompt;
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One War Hntes
To many polnta In the states of California,
Oregon and Washington. Every day the
Union Paclfio will sell one-way colonist
ticket at the following rates from Mis
souri river terminals:
$25.00 to San Francisco, Los Angeles and
many other California points. Tickets on
sale February 15 to June 15, 1901.
$20,00 to Ogden and Salt Lake City.
$20.00 to Butte, Anaconda and Helenc.
$22.50 to Spokane and Wenatchee, Wash.
$25.00 to Everett, Falrhavea and New
Whatcom, via Huntington and Spokane.
$25.00 to Portland, Tacoma and Seattle.
$25.00 to Ashland,' Roseburg. Eugene. Al
bany and Salem, via Portland.
Tickets on sale February 15 to April 10,
City ticket office, 1324 Farnam street.
Phone 31$.
Tuesday special display of dining room
$.75 Cluny curtains for $3.75 per pair.
Urapery Department
L'aimah's FIaim C M rin rV
If Will VII 9 11611 UJIIII5
Suits, Waists and Skirts
150 more new suits received by express. Better
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dimities and satin stripe novelties, at 10c
a yard.
10c quality checked and striped nainsook,
at Cc a yard.
Anti-Clio Caosules
Co., 16th and Capitol Avenue.
A moderately sized audience greeted the
Russian pianist, Mark Hamhourg, last
evening at the First Congregational church.
Mr. Hambourg proved a delightful surprise
to his audience in that he showed few
traces of that studied eccentricity of musi
cal genius so common these days. He la a
tall, stoop-shouldered, dark-haired man of
a shrinking presence. At first he seemed
embarrassed by the presence of his hearers,
but with the first touch of his fingers on
the keyboard of the piano be became the
musician, and his personality and feelings
were swallowed up In the wealth of musio.
He has marvelously clean technique, doing
the most difficult fingering with apparent
ease. His interpretation la delicate and, at,
times, he seems to make the piano speak
In. an almost Intelligible language. There
la a wealth of feeling and passion In every
note of his work that Is even greater than
that displayed by Gabrilowltch. His tones,
too, are fine. In Beethoven and the more
modern euthors he is probably finer than
Gabrilowltch, but In Chopin and the older
masters ho is somewhat behind bis country
man. The program was:
Gavotte and Variations Rameau
Bonata Apparslonata, opua 67.. ..Beethoven
I. AskhI Allegro.
II. Adagio Con Moto.
III. Allegrp Ma N'on Trnppo.
PART 11.
Nocturne I
Two Studies I- Chopin
Ballade in A Flat..
Ies Abend Schumann
March Mllltalre .'. Schubert-Tausstg
Telodle Gluck-Sgambatl
:Hpteglerle Hambourg
Wedding March MendeUpohn-Liszt
Or. Lyon's
Tooth Povdor
Used by people of refinement
for over a quarter of a century
"Lovey Mary." "Lady Rose'a Daughter,"
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Ing shoes the best there la at
the price.
The KRY SHOE at $3.50 will
jjlve satisfaction.
had to follow suit
Charley cojldn't stand it to see us doing j
all tne wnolesaie Duaiuem, nc
BI'TT IN. But we are afraid lie will be
disappointed with the results, Yaune our
lint la so much lower than his, and if our
dyspeptic friend will PARDON us for in
fringing on his style of quoting we will
asily prove our llwt to be the lowest. The
left column of figures are Charley's DOZKN
PRICKS (provided bis stork be nut e
haubtcd) and -the rltiht column our dozen
prices. COMPARE 'KM:
One Doien For For One Pnr.en
$150 Allrock'a Plasters 1 4
$3.00 C'HStorla genuine - W
1744 IWima Ir. Hartman's stamped. .17.32
$26 t Marvel Spray Syringes 2n.L'u ,
You cat have all you want LESS Oil '
f7.W) Pierce's Medicines $7.08 !
$3.4 Temptation Tonic newest stock
in town $3.W
Are not all the above staples and are not
the prices lower?
If you don't find what you want In any of
our lists lust remember WE HAVIC IT,
caune our stock Is NOT EXIUI'STKI), so
don't order goods at CATALotll'K
PRICES, but write us for up-to-date prices.
Two 'Phonea 747 and TUT.
fl. W. Cor. Kith and Chicago gS.
Still Prevail at Oar Closing Out Sale
of Drugs Only
Rock Candy, per lb 15c
Carbolic Acid, lb. cana 20c
Perry Davis Pain Killer 15o
Perry Davis Pain Killer 30c
Sloan's Liniment 30c
Howell's Anti-Kawf 15c
Kendall Spavin Cure 86c
Horsford's Phosphate..., 30c
Tyre Antiseptic Powder 70c
Hydrolelna 70c
Kay Renovator &c
Hood's Sarsapaiilla 60c
Fuller Drug & Paint Go
114 toath 14th Sir
" W-all paint.
n rtlf--rv
old or
014 Cnpltol Ave.
and see them. Spend a few
Woman's Blucher Cut
The New Potay Last.
Something different from anything
ever shown before In a woman'a shoe.
The new "Potay" tne la beyond
question the swollest creation ever pro
duced by the shoemaker.
So new that you won't find them
anywheTe but at Drexel's In fact, It
you want the new things you inurt
come here for them we nave them
months before others can get them.
We Invite the women to come and
look at this new last you do not
need to buy we Just wunt you to nee
Omaha's Up-to-Date Shoe Hou;
muHiiiiiBiiii ii 'i mi i 1 1 1 1 ii'Lii . mi"
Tho Dsst of Everything
Trains Daily Over
The Only Double Track
CITY OFFICE. 1401 1403 Farnam SC
TcL 5.1 and 524.
or ox aji .. "
N. B. Cor. ramam ang Bth Hs.
rata Vm Capital......
arplas Fail 100,OO
Leod DeGflwood Hot Sprinoi
rHANK MURPHY, Preoident. t
U 11 VOol, Vie President
r. . hkiu.UiH. jtABi.cutsv