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Hlas as a Political
BROOKLYN. N. Y.. March l The Brook
lyn Eagle this , afternoon prints lone
article under the heading. "Bryan to Be
Thrown Out by Soand Money Men,!' in
I which it gives the details of a campaign
that haa been organised to crush the Ne
', brapkva candidate. The Eagle aayi:
William J. Bryan's defiance to the eapt,
expressed in interviews and speeches while
he was touring New York. New Jersey and
Maryland last meek, is to be met in warlike
farhlon by the "reorganixers" of the demo
cratic party. Those democrats who oppose
w -MB.immp muv vrwr rrmiwrruciion
, tvt democracy with -irynim rxpunged are
-tout to carry that issue Into the south and
wrsU One .of the .rlnalpal battlegrounds
V1H be the- sratty of Nebraska, where Mr.
Bryan stilr rctalnR. nominally at least, the
control of the machlaery of his party.
It e pnfposed tu truth Mr. lii yen's in
fluence!, in bis own', state exd to prevent
at all costs his control of the Nebraska
delegation to the next democratic national
Iteevnt developments have convinced the
uVmorratlc leaders at th. east, nearly all
tf whom are claused as reorganize, that
thin plan is not only essential, but feasible.
It had been conceded even before Mr
Bryan a latest - invasion of the enemy's
country that heroic measures were likely to
be necessary before harmony and stability
could be restored to the party. Since he haa
gdin gpqken and proclaimed his resolution
licit to yield either his principles or his
leadership, the last chance for amicable ad
justments haa admittedly dlsapicared. All
the important leaders of democratic thought
1 and the masters of the party machinery in
the east are now agreed that the future of
the democratic patr- can only be assured
by the extermination of Bryan as political
quantity. That undertaking is approached
with entire confidence by trie leaders of the
reorganisation movement, who hold. In ad
dition to their vast fund of 'experience and
. U1ora in party management, financial and
Ski Ind red resources so vent aa to be almost
'incalculable 4n their Influence on political
- Hlrt l.eaal the Fight.
These men are ex-Senator David Bennett
- Hill. ex-Secretary ot War Janiel 8. La
mnnt. ex-Secretary of the Navy William C.
Whitney and Hugh McLaughlin of New
York; ex-Freeldent Grover Cleveland of
New Jersey, Senator Arthur Vue Oorman
of Maryland and ex-Secretary of State
i -v Mr. Hill's Is the executive mind In the
sar (cOeme or reorganization. r or more man
a year ..hal skillful politician has been
building up an anti-Bryan, conservative.
eoJiid money machine In the democratic
party of the east to be used aa the, nucleus
of the general reorganisation movement
plauned for next year. Mr. Cleveland gave
countenance to the project in June, lt C.
by aiMwaring on the same platform with
Mr. Mill at the Ttlden club in this city.
Mr. Gorman met Mr. Mill at Saratoga in
September and Mr. OIney met him In New
York in January, both acquiescing In his
plana New iingland. New York. New Jer
sey and Maryland, having together S3 votes
in the electoral college, were thus in al
liance agnlust Bryan at the moment he ar
rive I In New York with his defiance of the
Mill-Cleveland faction. In all of the rom
binatlona by which democratic victories
have lM-en tlaured in the past. Maryland has
been allottrd safe, and New York,. New Jer
sey and Connecticut fighting ground. Next
in Importance is IndUna. Thatealate has
been i4-omiaed to 11111 by ex-Mayor Taggart
of Indianapolis. .
Powerful as this combination undoubtedly
-Is, It lacks much of control in the tlemo-
rrattc national convention. It ! Mr. Hill's
hope, if not his expectation, that moet of
the eVlegeiea from the south will desert
Bryan a cauae. To pave the way for a
southern alliance Mr. Hill haa been In com-
munlcatlon with prominent gold democrats
f North Carolina, e.fg1a, Tennesee. Ken-
tacky. A'abama. Mississippi. Missouri ami
Trxaa. The rmult are dennltely known to
nobody but Mr. Hill. It is asserted how
ever, on authority close to Mr. Hill, that
every one of the states named has been
pledged to aupport his policy of reorganiza
tion, Texas leading. To make this substan
tial inroad Into the. solid south it liit been
neoeeaary So vnncede the vice presidential
nomfliaiion to toe aootb. assuming, to be
gin with, that the "nominee fur president
will be choKco from New York.
CaaUral ml the Soath.
dr. :
that the south will in (he end respond fa
vorably to appeals made through its finan
cial and biuineaa institutions. Tbey concede
ana i 1,111a i i iiiw.iii
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that Mr. Bryan is strong with the rank and
file of the southern voters, but they believe
that the mnat Influential of the southern
leuders are against him. The candidacy of
Chief Judge Alton B. Parker of New lor
which hai keen adroltlv nreeeed In severs
of the southern states, has done much, it
ia claimed to weaken the sentimental hold
which Bryan had upon that section in 1"6
and Parker s canoiaacy is pieaeing to
southerners, w here Hill's, Olney and
Bryan's are looked upon as Inexpedient.
Senator Carmack or Tennessee ana ex-pec
retary Hoke Smith of Georgia have Indl
recti aided the reoraanlsers to a consider
able degree by pushing forward the Barker
boom. Presumably, wun mis mw ci i
fairs developing in tne so.urn. tne vote o;
tht section In the convention will be dl
vlded between Parker Hill and Bryan or
Bryan's candidate. The efTorts of the re
oraanlxers will, at any rate, be directed
tisuH that end. have been planned with
Miror Harrison of Chicago fn the hope of
tak'inar Illinois out of the Bryan colum
without a flaht. If a battle In tnat state is
.vantusiiiv found necessary, however, th
reorganixers expect to win It with the aid
of the democratic ouwineim irnermu ui u.
..v It ia authoritatively said that
vigorous fight will be made on Tom John'
in Ohio The reoewanizers believe thai
thev can make a clean sweep of the states
f the middle west If they are able to first
demonstrate that an effective anti-Bryan
alliance exists between the east and the
' Worth Omaha Isafrrovenaeat Clwb.
The meeting of the North Omaha lm
nrovement club last night was Drier. I n
nnlv hualnesa for consideration was the or-
..i.ctinn nf the woman's auxiliary, an
the chairman of the committee having the
work In charge being sick the matter was
m.a until nevt week. The committee on
parks was Instructed to bring before the
timrd of Education tne matter or co-
oneraiins: with the park board In orns
rr.enllng the school grounds.
Marriage Lleemses.
Licenses to wed have been Issued to the
Name and Residence. Age
William T. Rooney. Haddam. Kan 3S
Tlllle Pelecky. Haddam. Ksn
Fred A Merritt. Council Bluffs M
Mary Thlrkell. Pottawattamie Co., la Zi
Henry Dornecker. Bennington, Neb 24
Katherine Oft, Bunnington, Neb U
INSTRUMENTS filed for record Monday,
March I:
Warraaty needs.
Thomas iArson and wife to A. P.
Blomquist. se4 nwH 4-14-10 1 X,9X)
H. P. Larson and wife to Thomaa
Larson, i.'t nw S-lS-10 5,?X)
Sarah A. Beeves to Anna Mattox.
s't lot t. block 65, Florence 1
Anna Mattox and husband to Bilona
Grebe. s9 feet lot 6 block 65, and
undivided J-J lot 1. block 65, Flor
ence 1
National Life Insurance company
to Charles Broderson. s23 feet of vlli
feet lot Z3. and nl2 feet of el!5 feet
lot SB, block 4. Campbell's add LSOO
Frank: Markytan and wife to Frank
Markytan and wife, kt 13. block i.
Patterson's first add 1
F. O. Olsen and wife to the Church
of Assumption, lot S. block 1, Pot
ter & Co.'s second add S00
Anna M. Haxen and husband to
' Olevea Swanson, lot . Archer
place 1600
Kate B. Johnson to Frank Svojtek,
lot 5; Beverley A B-'s subdiv 1,000
F. A. Angerraann and wife to F. A.
Angermann et al, lot 26, block 13.
Albright add
K. H. Westerfield and wife to E. T.
Miller, part of O street adjoining
e75 feet lot 7. block SI. South
W. W. Keysnr and wife to C. B.
Prltchard. lot , block S, Washing
ton Hill
W. S. Howell and wife to Japheth
Hughes, lot T, Will's subdiv
O. C. Brown and wife to Marie C.
Peterson, S' lot S, block li, E. V.
flmlth'a add. .
L M. Bowers and wife to Cathie
! Gnain lot 20, block 4. Bowers' add .
Maud Easley and husband to Mary
c. Ealey, undivided lot block
a same
j p. ' jj. Tolstrup to Frank Sokol lot
ij, blin k 14. Brown park '.
Cltv Savings bank to George and
Mary Rtilen. e40 feet lot 10, block
i o Lowe's add
Hary Stllen and husband to Mary
Bonness, lot 16, block 1. Bemis park.
4alt Clalaa Deeds.
Ida M. Van Alst to Annie McGrew.
i of n44 feet lot 2, block . village
.of Elkhorn
Sheriff to Ella R. McJImsey. undl
vtdedtj lot 2S. Tuttle'a subdiv
Fannie M. .Thompson to Emily M.
Juilson. set 1 J
J. 8. Harrison, administrator, to H.
L. Anderson, ne' se1, 12, and nwv
16-U ,
Total amount ot tranrfera..
Fu'i Kin j Minor liaajareg and Debates
Aldrich Fin&noe BilL
Oemoerats Heeler Ohjeet la to Rail
Road Aasalwlatratlea Propievsal
Throagh lerr Hoaae aal Pro.
loasj Dleeasaloa.
WASHINGTON. March J. The senate to
day passed the general deficiency bill, after
four hours' consideration and after It had
been amended In several particulars.
An amendment by Mr. Rawlins appropri
ating ..O.tX).0(0 n aid of Irrigation work.
furniched material for considerable discus
sion. Mr. Rawlins contended that the sur
plus in the treasury couid be better used
n this manner than by turning it Jnto the
National banks. The amendment was re-
ected on a point of order.
When the Aldrich financial bill wss taken
up, Mr. Teller con'.Inued his remarks begun
on Saturday. He was followed by Mr. Car-
mack, who replied to' some criticisms of
his recent speech on murders In the Phil
ippines. Durlsg the course of the day the
conference report on the appropriation bills
nd the Alaskan homestead bill we-e
agreed to.
The Immigration and omnibus public
buildings bills were aent to conference.
Mr. Morgan got the floor soon after the
night session begtrn and held it for nearly
two hours.
The conference report on the poetofflce
and the agricultural appropriation bill
were agreed to and the deficiency bill sent
to conference. At midnight the senate
Dry Lealslatare la Fa t a re .
The conference report on the fortifications
appropriation bill was agreed to.
The general deficiency bill being called
up. Mr. Tillman criticised the appropriation
of 1100,000 for printing for the Department
of Commerce and Labor, saying It was out
of all proportion. He likewise criticised
the appropriation of 130,000 for special
agents, remarking that It was inadequate.
Mr. Hale explained that Secretary Cor-
telyou had sald that his department at the
outset wofld need more printing than when
It was properly organized.
Regarding special agents. Mr. Hale said
that additional provision had been made
elsewhere for their compensation and ex
The committee did not want to be nig
gardly with the oepartment, which , was
largely in the public mind and had Im
portant and serious duties to perform.
The bouse amendments to the Imrnigra
tlon bill were disagreed to and Messrs.
Penrose, Fairbanks, Lodge, Clay and Mc
Laurln (Miss.) were appointed conferees.
The amend-nent prohibiting the sale of
Intoxicating liquors in the capltol was re
Mr. Rawlina offered an amendment to
the deficiency bill appropriating 150.000,000
aa an additional appropriation for lrriga
tlon purposes.
-as that is such a little matter." re
marked Mr. Hale, amid laughter. "I will
have to make a point of order against It."
The amendment wag ruled out.
Mr. Rawlina a&ld the discussion of the
Aldrich financial bill had disclosed 1400.
000,000 locked up In the treasury. Some of
this, he thought, should be used In the
construction of Irrigation works, which
would benefit all the people.
"Why don't yon make It )300,000.000r
asked Mr. Spooner, while Mr. Allison re
marked that he thought the 110,000,000 now
on hand for Irrigation purposes was suffi
cient for the fiscal year.
Mr. Rawlina concluded by asking Mr.
Hale to withdraw his point of order, but
Mr. Hale declined.
An amendment offered by Mr. McLaurln
(Miss.), appropriating f 1.200 to reimburse
the people of Indianola, Miss., for moneys
expended by them for carrying the mails
to ana irom Heathman and indianola, was
ruled out on a point of order by Mr. Hale.
The bill then passed, and cocalderattoa
of the Aldrich financial bill was resumed
Mr. Quay next asked consent for a vote
on the statehood bill at 9 tonight.
"Ia this a farewell request on this sub
ject ?" Inquired Mr. Spooner. amid laughter,
Mr. Bevertdge objected.
Will Have Sagar Treat.
Mr. Teller aald It waa beyond the ken
of man to ao regulate its revenues that
the country will alwaya have Just what It
needed. The senate waa about to ratify
the canal treaty. Involving an expenditure
of from 110,000,000 to $20,004,000 next year,
and it also was proposed to ratify another
treaty he did not favor, but which would
cost the government 16,000,000 a year, aad
later aa high as 1 10. 000, 000. owing to the
in crease dji rod uct ion of sugar in Cuba.
"There ia only one country in the world,"
aald he, "that can produce sugar aa cheap
as Cuba, and that is the Philippines."
Proceeding, he spoke in opposition gen
erally to the Cuban reciprocity treaty, and.
referring to th question of labor, aald ha
was as much In favor ot protecting Amer
lean labor and capital against the labor
and capital In Cuba aa that la any other
portion ot the world. There -was no prin
ciple of decent reciprocity in the treaty.
It waa a question whether the American
people were prepared to give a bounty to
people who were competing with the thou
sands ot American farmers who were rais
ing beets.
Mr. Carmack had read a public statement
characterizing some remarks ot his re
garding the army as "atrocious." He said
It was a pointed Illustration ot the de
liberate policy ot misstatement, misrepre
sentation and suppression of the truth on
the part of newspaper advocates of im
perialism. He had been misquoted, as he
had not made any statement on bla own
: authority, but 'mad given the purport of
! an official paper.
I He reiterated his former statements that
5 prisoners of war bad been murdered In the
Philippines and aald they had gons un
answered. Mr. Aldrich asked that the amendmenta
to his bill be reported to a he senate. Mr.
Dubois made the point of no quorum.
The senate then rose for dinner.
Immediately on convening at 8 Mr. Du
bois moved the adjournment. The motion
waa lost.
A house bill providing for a delegate to
the house of representatives from Porto
Rico waa brought up and a aubstltute of
fered by Mr. Foraker.
On objection by Mr. Tillman the bill went
over until tomorrow.
The aenate bill authorizing the secretary
ot war to locate and grant a right-of-way
through Vancouver barracks and military
reservation In Washington to the Portland.
Vancouver ft Yakima Railway company waa
The conference report on the agricultural
appropriation bill was agreed to.
Hopes to Paaa Bill.
The Aldrich financial bill waa then again
' Mr. McLsuria wanted another bill passed,
whereupon Mr. Aldrich remarked that as it
vas a senate bill It could not possibly be
come law.
"Is not this bill we are considering a
aensts bill?" inquired Mr. McLaurln.
"Yea," said Mr. Aldrich. "and I hop It
wlU become a law."
This brought Mr. Morgan to his feet.
"There i evidently, aa arraaitgiefiV'
declared vehemently, "by which this bill
Is to be passed through the house under s
rule for Its consideration and thst nobody
In thst house, psrtloularly a democrat,
will be permitted to have a word to aay
about It."
"It is an object lesson," he continued,
"and shows that the bill dees not stand on
the same footing as other legislation."
Mr. Aldrich was smiling and Mr. Morgan
turned on him.
'I was smiling." explained Mr. Aldrich,
'because the senator did not refer to the
Panama canal."
That Is not connected with a finance
bill." retorted Mr. Morgan, "except the
stealing part of It. which Is In Paris, and
we. have no control over It."
Mr. Penrose submitted t;e conference
report on the Immigration bill, which was
agreed to.
The conference report on th? bill to al
low cities ot 2.V00O Inhabitants to be re
serve cities of the second class for national
banks was agreed to.
Then Mr. Morgan resumea neoaie on tne
Aldrich bill.
"Nobody ever thought of offering this
bill." he said, "until'lhe speculative idea
struck the senator from Rhode Island. I
beg your pardon. It struck the secretary of
the tressury first. The secretary of the
treasury forced the Wi!i street brokers
and gamblers In a tight place -nd did as
all secretaries of the treasnry. Including
Secretary Carlisle, have found It necessary
from time to time to do. Whenever those
gentlemen got Into trouble all the power
of the United States drifted tip to help
Messrs. Hale, Allison and Teller were
appointed conferees on the general de
ficiency bill.
At midnight the senate adjourned, with
the Aldrich bill still before it.
Mesahera aad ,Cleras Aim reel
Strata of Caaetaat Roll
Calls In Howee.
WASHINGTON. March f From 11 this
morning until nearly midnight the house
struggled against the democratic filibuster,
working steadily to wind up the neces
sary business of the session.
Despite snother special rule sdoptel
early In the day, legislation proceeded at a
snail's pace. Roll call followed roll call
on every proposition. The voices of the
reading clerks were worn out by the cease
lees call of the roll and several clerks from
committees have been drafted to help out.
since Thursday, when the filibuster wss
Inaugurated, there have been over aixty
roll calls, aa against fifty-seven for the
entire long session, lasting from December
10, 1901. to July 12, 1902. The members slso
ebow the effects of the heavy strain, but
are sticking to their posts.
Tonight the great hall presented a dis
heveled appearance. The foor was strewn
with bits of paper, looking- aa if a snow
storm had swept through the hall. In the
galleries among the spectators were many
weary wstchers, interested In bill doomed
to failure, but still hoping on to the end
The proceedings were enlivened several
times aa the leaders of the respective sides
crossed swords. Their tempers had not
been sweetened by their long vigils and
frequently the sparks flew.
The conference report on the Alaskan
hrmestead bill and the. immigration bill
wi re adopted, the omnibus public buildings
bill and the general deficiency appropria
tion bill were aent to conference.. The
till to prohibit tobacco dealers from giving
prises, the bill to provide for a delegate
from Porto Rico, a bill to advance Major
W. C Qorgaa to the rank of assistant sur
geon general aad a bill -foe the relief ot
Lleutentant B. F. HaodXoeth were passed.
The house also adopted' the conference re
porta on the poatofflea and agTlcultoral trills
and shortly before midnight, at the end of
a continuous aeaslon of almost th'rteen
hours, took a recess until 11 tomorrow,
aeeesafal Daadraff Treatment,
Have you dandruff? Then you have
contagious parasite disease, unpleasant, un
healthy and one that will eventually lead to
baldness. To cure It you must destroy the
parasite that eats st the root of the hair.
Too only preparation for destroying these
germs is Newbro's Herplclde. Charles
Klein of Laramie, Wyo., says: "Herplclde
allayed the itching, cured the dandruff and
stopped my hair'a falling out, and it Is
bringing a new crop of hair. Herplclde Is
free from grease or dangerous drugs, and
makes hair glossy add soft as ailk. One
bottle will convince you ot ita merits.
Archbishop Qala-ley- Holds Laat Serv
ices la Banal Before
Galas; to Chleasr.
BUFFALO, N. T.. March 2. The formal
farewell ot Archbishop Quigley to the But
falo diocese was said today and in com
memoratlon of the occasion farewell aerr
Icea were held In St. Joseph's cathedral, at
which a vast number of dignitaries ot the
church and laity were present, and at
which the archbishop officiated at pon
tlficlal mass.
Father Conryery, administrator of the
diocese, apoke the farewells for the clergy
and A. J. Smith performed that office for
the laity. Archbishop Quigley responding.
Archbishop Quigley goes to Chicago as the
successor of the late Archbishop Feehsn.
Alleged XUissrl Robber and Mar
deretw Await the Arrival at Wlt-
neaaea In Coaaeetleat.
HARTFORD, Conn., March 2 William
Rudolph and George Collins, accused of
bank robbery and murder at Colon, Mo.,
who were captured in this city yesterday,
were held wlthoat ball, aa fugitives from
They pleaded not guilty and Prosecuting
Attorney Freeman asked ths.t the ease be
continued one week in order that witnesses
might be secured from Missouri to identify
the prisoners. The court granted the mo
Federal Jafgt I'phalds lajaaetloa Be
atralalaa; Shepherds trass
Graalasj Floeka.
SAN , FRANCISCO, March 2. In the
Vnlted States circuit court of sppeals Judge
Hawley today sustained the Injunction re
straining sheep owners from grsilng their
flocks on the Stanlslus reserve, which in
cludes the Tosemlte National park.
The Injunction was held to be entirely
constitutional and just under existing fed
eral statutes. i
Monthly Returns of Nation's Finaaces Prove
Men Satisfactory.
aow Preterfi later Wheat Belt,
hat Excessive Rales sal Lew
Temaeratare Halts Boathera
Aarlealtaral Progress.
WABHINGTON. March J. The monthly
comparative statement of government re
ceipts and expenditures shoas the total
receipts for February to hsve been 143.
02i.l79. and the expenditures $27,750.74",
leaving a surplus for the month of $5,277,-
430 sgalnrt $2.60.449 for February, 102.
The receipts from the several sources are
i follows: Customs. 1:1.173.581 ; Increase,
$sSj,000. Internal revenue.. $1.01.0S; de
crease, $2.440.(H0. Miscellaneous, $-VSU.511;
Increase. $3.S.ri0.000.
The expenditure on account of the War
department shows a decresse of nearly
$3,000,000. On account of the Navy de
partment there is an Increase of $107,000.
The circulation based on Vnlted States
bonds was $3X8.660,361, an Increase for the
year ot S18.6fA5.43? and a decrease for the
month ot $17,799,57$. The circulation se
cured by lawful money amounted to $44.
138.4S4, an Increase for the year of $5,778.
541 and for the month of $752,877. The
amount ot Vnlted States bonds on deposit
to secure public deposits, including $18.-
854.900 sute and city bonds, was $153,
239.t70, and to secure circulating notes,
Mists Make Mnch Meaey.
The monthly statement ot tbs colnsge
executed st the mints shows thst during
February the total amount waa I9.1W.SS0.
as follows: Gold. $7,488,510; silver, $1,521,
OuO; minor coins, $187,370.
Pablle Debt Decreases.
The monthly statement of the public debt
shows that st the close of business on
February 28 the debt, less cash In the treas
ury, amounted to J937.972.8S8, which is a
decrease, aa compared with January SI, ot
The debt is recapitulated as follows: In
terest bearing debt, $914,541,420; debt on
which interest has ceased since maturity,
$1,230,510; debt bearing no Interest, $396,
744.438; total, $1.312.616, 3C8.
This amount, however, does not Include
$884,735,069 In certificates and treasury
notes outstanding, which are offset by an
equal amount of cash on hand held for re
demption. The cash in the treasury is classified aa
follows: Gold reserve, $150,000,000; trust
funds. $884,725,069; general fund, $158,799.-
646; in tational bank depositories. $150,-
552.651; total, $1,344,077,366, against which
there are demand liabilities outstanding
amounting to $969,533,89$, which leaves a
cash balance on hand of $374,543,470.
Winter Wheat Does Well.
The weather bureau's general summary
of crop conditions tor February la aa fol
lows: With excessive precipitation and low
average temperature In the southern states
the month hae not been favorable in farm
ing sections, but with llxhter precipitation
and only alightly deficient temperature the
Ohio and Mississippi valleys experienced
more favorable conditions. In California
the first Dart of the month waa abnormally
com. out tne latter part was more tavor
Winter wheat was well protected with
snow covering during the severe weather
frnm IK. Inrh t n lh. 10th in Ik. rnnna
at the close ofthe month indicates that the
crop n in most aatisfactory condition. In
portions of Missouri. Illinois. Indiana and
Kentucky, however, the crop has sustained
some injury from alternate freexlng and
thaw-ins:, while the lowlands have suffered
to some extent from overflows In the lower
Ohio valley.
Pebllsheal Bates la Foree.
The Interstate Commerce commission
sent to the senate Its reply to a request for
a committee to Investigate and report dif
ferences between Import snd domestic ratea
from January to July, 1902. The report In
dtcates that during the six months in ques
tion the published ratea from porta ot entry
to destinations on traffic Imported through
North Atlantic ports were malntalned'wlth-
out exception and that published ratea on
domestic traffic from those ports were also
observed during that period. It waa ad
mitted, however, that departures from pub
lished rates were formerly not Infrequent.
Iowan aad Xebraekaa Coaarmed
Confirmations by the senates
II. B. F. McFarland, commissioner of the
District of Columbia; Frank Dillingham ot
California, consul general at Auckland.
Surveyors of Customs O. L. Godfrey of
Dea Moines, la.; B. H. Barrows ot Omaha.
Postmasters: Missouri W. B. Lewis of
Eldorado Springs; W. W. Wehrll ot Mound
Mall Boat Loaded with Pwsaeasjers
Drift las; Helplessly an Eng
lish ChaaaeL
'LONDON, March 1. Terrific aeaa are run
Ding in the English channel. Ths waves
are aweeplng ths sea fronts of ths south
cosst towns snd doing much dsmage to tbs
piers and adjacent roads. Several fatall
ties have resulted from the collapse ot vs
rious structures.
The Dover-Calais mail boat De Palais
with 200 passengers on board, la reported
from Dover to be drifting helplessly before
the gale. A large bark, believed to belong
to Hamburg, has foundered off Land's End.
Its crew, numbering snout twenty men, are
supposed to hsve been drowned.
De Palais later succeeded In effecting
repairs snd entered Dover harbor. The
gsle la moderating.
First Peaeefal Transfer of Presidency
In Salvador Oeeere la
Fifty Tenre.
PANAMA. Msrch 2. A dispatch from San
Salvador, received here today, says that
General Regelsdo yesterday handed over
the presidency to General Pedro Jose Es
calon, who waa declared elected Feb
ruary 19.
This was the first peaceful transfer of
it be presidency In fifty years and has caused
great rejoicing throughout Salvador.
Saltan's Troon Are Defeated.
MADRID. Msrch 2 A dispatch to the
Imparclal from Ceuta. Morocco, reiterates
the report thst the sultan's troops have
been detested and thst War Minister
Menebhl has been killed. The messsge
does not Indicate the date of the engage
ment or the place where ths battle oc
curred. It was snnounced la a dlapayh from
Madrid, February 20, that a telegram had
been received there from Tangier saying
it was persistently reported at the latter
plars thst War Minister Menebhl bad been
killed In battle February IJ.
Asaertrnn Woaaen Dine In London.
LONDON, March t The Society of
American Women In London gave a lunch
eon today on the occasion of the fourth
anniversary of the establishment of the or
ganisation. Lady Mayoress. Lady Marcus,
Samuel, Ellen Terry end Earah Grand were
among ths guesta. About 200 persons were
present. '
Is freonerjtlT caused be a chill or exposure- This brlnra on a cold, grippe sn ! bmnchitta,
snd if neslecteal tt soon reaches the tune and develi into pneumonia, which may crovs
tatai. When yov C wt or feel the first chill
Fa FT",
a ur. y
Dr. BuITa Cough Syrup, which is sold by all dnifrguts. Large bottle, Si cents.
Do not accept cheap anhrtlttrte offered by unreliable dealers, who are thinking of
Bit THAT YUU GET IT. Also see that the "BULL'S HEAD" is on the package.
Caaaht In Sew Sehoel Balldlaar hy
Posse of ntlseas aad oarer
In Dunles they are building a school
house and itvthe county jail sre Grant Ben
eon, Roy. Stotiel, Edwin Hart snd George
Perry, put there last night by Special Offi
cer Dan Baldwin. It seems that for the
last few days some vandsls bate entered
he new house every night and dettroyed
he wotk done by the carpenters during the
day. So the citizens of Dundee decided to
catch the miscreants snd lsst evening sur
rounded the house. Tbey heard a noise in
side and demanded that whoever wss within
should come out. But these did not and
ocked the door and t limbed to the rcof.
where thr cititens were unable to reach
them. Tt n they telephoned for the police
and Bt.Jwln went out. He got his revol
ver and a ladlcr and ordered the boys
down. They came. Two of them were sons
of members of the crowd, but were arrested
Over Two Ilnndred Thoneand Dollars
of Deposits Are Arenmalated
In Half n Tenr.
A statement covering the first sli months
of their new banking business haa been
Issued by J. L. Brandels A Sons, Bankers,
showing resources at the end of the first
half yesr. February 28. 1903. to be more
than a quarter of a million dollars, or to
be more exact, f253.T19.95. Aside from
the paid-in capital of $50,000 and undivided
profits of 12.957.43. this is all balanced by
the deposits, which foot up t200.T62.52.
That such a showing could be made In aix
months is naturally ' gratifying to the
promoters of the enterprise. The state
ment further shows that the money en
trusted to their care except the cash Items,
amounting to 1114.75540, is all Invested
right here In Omsha, 25,000 being put Into
Omaha city bonds and almost aa much Into
city and school warrants.
More Connterfelt Money.
A special effort ia being made by she
secret service to discover the headquarters
of a gang ot counterfeiters who are making
spurious half dollars and quarters. If
caught tbey will be given the full extent of
the law, the same aa should be done with
the dealer who puts up a bogus article
and sells it in bulk as a substitute for
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. The genu
ine is put up only . in bottles, securely
sealed, and will cure Indigestion, dyspep
sia, constipation, biliousness and malaria.
Don't accept any other.
Talatera Oat on a Strike.
PITTSBURG. March l. In accordance
with the action taken at last night's meet
ing of the Pittsburg division of the Broth
erhood of Painters. Decorators and Paper
Hangers of America, about Lfliio painters
struck today for an increase In wages from
13.20 to 13.60 per day. Work was suspended
on many buildings In course of erection,
but on the large structures there will be no
stoppage, the contractors having signed the
Little Liver Pills.
Mutt Boar Signature) eyf
res iiiuciL
rex iiznius.
rei nuoutittt.
ni TORftl LIVU.
rei iaiiow tin.
rci THCcoarLtuci
t ma swaei nea... t.
Every Woman
at SsunwsA sae saealS knew
ea-jwi iae worsens
MAlMl Vfblrtioa ftaraf
n.MtiiWini )v4-
MaMaMtu. nata-s.L
aa aa SiwrM a a.
hi a neat., am a
K'-rt. hat aa4 siuia lor U
umi4 fcwt Mil A ll st.S
full saxuaulAJ and 4irAt :4 !
mo.Ni ia iuim. sa a a a aj
Zaooaa sat Tunas Bias..
r'or Mile oy
Comer ioth and Chicago Bis.. Omaha.
tatiS. 1 raaBisajtoraaaaiaral
lktanl oiataaajsa"..
irniallOM of
ef muaosa BMiaoraaoa.
him. f s-it, aa. . .d bih aetna
'SltlAaSCataiKAll. ol or aelxiBowa.
I "J aaM mr krtafrtaai
T, i or aaof te a4eia wrasi
I ht asrraaa. roia.
VV"J S SS. or S kortl-a SJ Ti
w iircaioi aat oa re
aHITft DOVF. CUl Uilr.lruJ tril-
Itkf lor truB arii,k. iha aipoUie( wkicfc cannot
v.ii, ur .ii.ui rt.i-i.a ut ri!'ii'-uini;ti i
ffoTman A licCvaMil tru cx. aVmaha.
fTaw ass an aad as sa
. 1 tnha as sagas.
LV i i
or coiih, take a small does of
iill's Cough
T .1. Th T V..
tonrmn. 1;W Schenck At.
en tie, l renter J ew York,
ear : "I was put to bed
w ith rleuriT and bron-
chitis my lungs were in lal cocwLUon.
'While I was still spitting blood, I started to
take Or. Hull's Couh bj nip rtfrularlr and
It bealorl mr lnngx and cured mecoaipletely
In a short time."
Dr. B. A. Schott, ft TV. 101st Street, Few
York City, writes: 'Dr. Bull's Cough Pyrup
. ...
ia owd with great sat isf act tm by my pa
tients. 1 frequently preetTibo it and am
fully repaid for so doing."
Thousands of such letters are received,
telline of the remarkable rum made by
A Fine Tonic
When a tonlcal stimulant
ia needed
Hunter i
Is the purest and
For the debili
tated of both
sexes It if
Perfection in
Afe, Parity,
Sold at all antlua eafM aait tr Jobbers,
WBLLAXaBAK A SON. Ba.llmora.Md.
Finger, roughened by nee!lwor
catch every stain and look hopelessly
dirty. Hand Sapolle removes not only
the dirt, but also the loosened, injured
cuticle, and restores the flagtn to
their natural beauty.
,i -
(sabr Hall Ira It i
parted Witekrr. Ricliii
rtow, ettlclHt af flrrtr,
perfecttr liif n ftHa
iBlaly Biri; H h artltil
tr al ti hrrs tut I.
Far tali at tag Isiflaf
ttrt, cafn u stB
We five written
contracts to cure
Diseases and Disor
ders of Men. or re
fund money paid.
Many cases taken
$5.00 per month.
Dl FC cun B eltaat rattu-f. swla as
I IL.CO !oa of tlSM. lcal guarantM lm cere
res ar bmi rfua44.
PVRUII IC rr4 'r HI ae the aelo
7 I " illLId tbowshlr elaa4 tram lb Sooa tv.rr aia aa .rmp'.ota diaappaars
MiaaMtalr asa feravar. Ka "BRBAKINO OIT" at
tka ilir-rr- aa lh. akin or far TimIimiiI caalalos
Bo 4ms or lujurtou. aiadlclaaa.
IMS a i l CM Iron Ii'Wi or VICTIMS TO
iluAK NERvnis tr.BiLtTT cm ax-
r': AT la TOV.NO aaa MIMjI.K AOKD: lark ot lm.
nsoc an n tl, vuk orsar.a Impair at4 wraa.
Curoa Buaraati-oa.
CTBIrtTltOC ur1 w,,k aeia tra.t
5 I III J 1 UllL anal. Ka sala. a Sataatloa
frr.m hu.lnB.
1HIV4HY. Kldnar and Blagflr Trovblae, Waak
b . Hanms t'rln.. Tra-iiMncr of l'rotli.. IrlDS
Hik Colaro4. or w"k aallkr axllmenl aa WaaOtns
roaaalf ailon Free. Treatmeat By Mall.
Call om address. 11 S. 14ia at.
Treats all form at
tt Tears Experience,
17 Years In Omaha,
His remarkabls sue
rcra baa never beea
awiualod and evei y
day trlngs many flatter
tag reports of the
g reports or me gooa ne ia suing, ur ins
relief be bas given.
' Hot Springs Treatment for Siphi'is
Ana ali BKxxl Potsoas. NO "BREAKIXq
OUT on ine skin or face and ail external
signs ot tne disease disappear at once.
QVfcR UOsUUi) 0rdeCbUU , loaaot
v..&ut, uiuMuiki oiactterges. (tincture,
tt.oct. Uucy ana sUavaaer ivissaaoe. Hi
aruceie. UCICH. CL'Rta-X-OVV CiIAKiJi.3
TraavLXuotit u ixiaal. 1'. O. Ltux ibo. office
aver ax a), litu street, uelasai axaJA k-u4
frniY-i "Mrtt.ti ilfrfS ;
t fe
i, - L
X '
!gff S. HIRSCH&CO.jj