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18, 100.1. A
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Coin 5sHAl
Special DOT
riame Ereak Out in Qall 17 of National
Representatives' Chamber.
Claims How York Man Makes Mia.
Icadlaa XUIriafiU and la Scored
Severely In Arrnlri Mrm
ber'e Reply.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 17. Some little ex
citement was crested in the bouse of rep
resentatives Just before that body convened
today by the discovery of a slight blaze
In the floor of the east reserved nailery.
The fire rame from a defective flue la the
democratic cloak room and when discov
ered about fifteen feet of the moulding was
The flamrs were soon extinguished and
the members suffered no Inconvenience
when the house met.
Consideration of the naval appropriation
illl- was begun. The general debate Was
.vlthout special feature. The paragraph
providing 1210.000 for a naval station on
the great lakea went over on a point of
.Tier. Mr. Llttlefield (Me.) and Mr.
falser. (N. T.) had an Interesting c'.esh
.Wore the naval bill was taken up, the
iormer charging the latter with having
perverted the record.
Record la larorrect.
Mr. Cooper (Tex.) called attention to
the fact that through an error In the re
iord a bill pasaed yesterday relating to an
..pproprlatlon In the river and harbor till
or Sabine Pass technically repealed the
river and harbor bill. Aa the matter was
omewhat complicated It was allowed to
,o over until tomorrow.
Mr. Llttlefield (Me.) then arose to a
question of privilege In connection with
tome remarks made by Mr. Bulier (N. Y.)
ast Saturday. He charged that Mr. Eul
.:er had misrepresented him In various
ways and had subsequently corrected his
remarks to make It appear that he (Mr.
..Ittlefleld) was present.
He characterised the alleged misrepre
sentation as ''deliberate, premeditated and
-ntentlonal." He read a newspaper article
.escribing the alleged genesis of the Llt-
lefleld bill, supposedly in Mr. Suiter's
vords, and commented upon the statements
.aade denying them seriatim. He declared
hat the anti-trust hill d been prepared
:y himself and the other member of the
-.ubcorarofttee of the- JuJIclary committee
.fter consultation with the attorney gen
rat He also denied the report of an al
leged conference between the president and
himself at which the president was repre
sented as being displeased with the Lit
lefleld bill.
Mr. Sulxer replied In a semi-humorous
' eln. He spoka of Mr. Llttlefleld's speech
ns bis "defense" for hla failure to pass
.-is anti-trust bill In fulfillment of hie al
leged promise to his constituents last sum
Wr. , "He is so putted up with his own vanity,"
said Mr. Sulser, "that he can see no good
.n anybody or anything except himself and
tls measures. Hs is like the dog that
'arks, gets bitten and then whines. He
-whines not so much against me as against
he powers that be, and not so much
i gainst the powers that be as to square
flmself with the promise he made last
Ka-ral Bill Is Debated.
Mr. Dalsell (Pa.) of the committee on
rules then presented a special rule putting
the legislation reported In, the naval bill
tor the Increase of the personnel of the
navy and tor the Increase of limit of cost
of the Naval academy in order.
The resolution was adopted without di
vision and the house went into committee
of the whole and took up the naval ap
propriation bill.
Mr. Foss (111.), chairman of the commit
tee la charge of the bill, made a prelimi
nary statement explaining lta important
features and dwelling especially upon the
necessity for providing additional officers
of the navy.
General debate closed and the bill was
read for amendment.
The paragraph appropriating 250,SOO for
a naval training station on the great lakes
went out on a point of order, raised by Mr.
Pttsgerald (N. T ).
On completing thirty of ths sixty-five
, pages the committee rose.
The senate amendments to the Indian ap
propriation hill were disagreed to and the
111 sent to conference. Messrs. Sherman
N. Y.), Curtis (Kan.) and Little (Ark.)
were appointed conferees.
Senator Piatt of lonarrtlcut Opposes
the llttleneld Aatl
Trast Bill.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 17. Soon after the
senate met today Mr. Hoar (Mass.), from
the committee on Judiciary, reported the
Llttlefield anti-trust bill as amended.
Mr. Piatt (Conn.) of the committee stated
that it was not a unanimous report, and
that he was opposed to the measure. He
said a large proportion of the bill has been
more wisely and appropriately treated In
legislation recently enacted.
Concerning the new features there were,
he said, unconstitutional provisions in them.
Even if they were wl'hln the constitutional
authority of congress they were mischiev
ous and would work great Injury to the
burlness Interests of the United States.
The statehood bill being taken up, Mr.
Depew (N. T.) resumed hta remarks In op
position. He yielded to Mr. Proctor (Vt.), who
presented the conference report on the
army appropriation bill, which was agreed
to, and then resumed his remarks.
After Mr. Depew had proceeded for some
time, Mr. Teller (Colo.) took objection to
some of his remarks regarding the unequal
representation In the senate.
Advancing to the center aisle, and speak
ing with great fervor, Mr. Teller said It
was not a small thing to talk about chang- '
lng the form under which the government
had grown ao great and so strong.
"I have listened to a good deal of non
sense," said he. "I nave listened to a
good deal I consider beneath the dignity
of the senate, but I cannot listen to Mr.
Depew's remarks without saying here, as
a senator and as a citlien of the United
States, that I feel Insulted and that I feel
this Insult from the senator from New
"Replying. Mr. Depew said he regretted
that Mr. Teller felt Insulted, but "when
you add to the minority representation in
this senate," said he, "and take It farther
away from the people, you are calling at
tention to a condition where you cannot
tell what the people may do In the discus
sions of the future."
Mr. Depew had not concluded, when, at
4:05, the senate adjourned.
With the Bowlers.
The Council Bluffs Bowling team beat the
Krug Park Juniors last night on the West
ern alleys, winning three out of five con
teats, two played in Council Bluffs and
three In Omaha. Score:
. 1st. 2d.
3d. Total.
Ifarvey ...
HllSt .13t
.748 820 80S 2,373
1st. 2d. 3d
Humbert 149 132 134
Clay las 138 14
Hunter 1M 156 lift
Griffiths 170 lxS 139
French 138 1&4 16
Totals 804 787 690 2.VI1
In a league game on Clark'salleys iat
night the St. Charles' took three from the
Nationals. Score.
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Fritscher 2' 131 JW W7
Forecutt ITS 1 12 634
Carson 17u 148 178 W
Schneider 186 13 1st b3
Keller 164 1 15 432
Totals 783 870 2,562
1st. 2d. 8d. Total.
Gilchrist 143 117 1S1 421
Ahmanson 13 190 142 614
OJerde 13 155 1K8 634
A. C. Reed IX! lift 168 476
Tracy 164 146 156 466
Totals 14 7H X 2,413
Sloaeon Aaata Defeated.
PARIS. Feb. 17.-The Interest In the In
ternational billiard tournament is Increas
ing dally. The Sallo des Fetes of the Grand
hotel was crowded to Its utmost capacity
when Slosson and Sutton, the Americans,
commenced play tonight. Slosson led off,
sooting 11, but his bad form of yesterday
persisting Sutton won with comparative
ease by 600 to 3ue twenty-seven innings.
Sutton's average on the game was 18 14-27
and Bloeson's 11 t-'il. High runs were: But
ton, 86, 71, 68; Slosson, 71, 67, 27.
Iowa Bowlers Thraatea Secession.
INDIANAPOLIS. Feb. 17.-There Is a
possibility of a split In the American Bowl
ing aaeoclatlon. Unless the next tourna
ment goee to Milwaukee It is probable that
the bowlers of laws. Wisconsin and Minne
sota will seeede from the national assoclu
tlon and form an Interstate league. The
eastern teams. It Is believed, will give their
support to Cleveland. Indianapolis and
Chicago delegates bold the balance of
Three Things
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in this age
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T SpinningWheel
Yc Soda Cracker Bag
This j
Uneeda Biscuit
In the In-er-ieil package
American-Venenslan Protocol it Approved
by Nations' Bepresentatives.
Tax to All Gotli Imparted .
4 Also Boosts lm
port Din. s
WASHINGTON. Feb. 17. Secretary Hay.
for the Cnlted States, and Mr. Bowen, for
Venezuela, today algned a protocol provid
ing for the adjustment of United States
claims against Venezuela by a commission
to meet at Caracas.
This commission will consist of two mem
bers, a Veneiuelan and an American, to be
appointed respectively by Presidents Castro
and Roosevelt, and In the event of disagree
ment an umpire to be appointed by the
queen of the Netherlands.
The three commissioners are to meet In
Caracas on June 1 to make awards which
are to be paid out of 30 per cent of the
customs receipts at Puerto Cabello and
La Guayra. The Hague tribunal is to de
cide whst proportion of this 20 pej cent
comes to America and what proportion
goes to other claimant nations.
It is expected that the minister for for
eign affairs will be appointed as Venes
uela's representative and that either Mr.
Bowen or Mr. Russell, the United States
charge, will be named to represent the
United States.
Beron Gevers, the minister. for the Neth
erlands, called at 'the State department to
day and gave notice of the acceptance by
Queen Wllhelmtna of the task imposed upon
her, her consent having been previously
sought by both parties to ths arbitration
t'nptraaaat Ineldrat.
Some light Is thrown upon the unpleasant
reference made by Mr. Haggard, the Brit
ish minister at Caracas, to United States
Charge Russell and published In the Brit
ish blue book yesterday by a naval officer
now stationed at Washington, who was in
Veneiuelan waters and frequently at the
American legation during the period re
ferrrd to by Mr. Haggard. Without going
Into details it appears In this officer's state
ment that by trying to assist some British
cltlxens In their distress without first los
ing the time necessary to hunt up and
confer with the minister, the American
legation incurred the ill will of Mr. Hag-
gard. and the difficulty got to be rather
personal, so that all the exchanges between
the two ministers have since been of a
most formal character.
The Navy department today received the
following cablegram from Commander
Diehl of Marietta, dated Wlllemstaa.
February 17:
Raised blockade. War vessels withdrawn
all blockaded ports.
Caatro Flashes Answer.
NEW YORK, Feb. 17. The Associated
Press has received the following cable
from President Castro:
CARACAS. Monday, Feb. 18. I charge
the Associated Press to transmit, together
with my gratitude, my sentiments of defer
ence to the people or tne Lnlted States.
Veaesaela Increases Datles.
CARACAS, Venezuela, Feb. 17. A pros
idential decree issued today establishes a
war contribution in the form of an extra
duty of 10 per cent to be levied on all lm
The export duty on coffee ia made I bol
ivars per bag'a weight, on cocoa 18 bolivars
and on hides 4. bolivars per, 1Q0 pounds.
" A Champion Healer.
Burklen's Arnica Salve, the best in ths
world, cure cuts, corns, burns, bolls, ulcers,
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Oao Falls aad Aaother Taaablea Ovtt
II I an. Throwing- Jockey
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 17.-The racing
at Ingleslde todav was marred hv an r-i.
dent which resulted In the death of two
norses ana tne injury or a Jockey. In the
fifth race Candros was crowded Into the
ran aiier a quarter or a mile was covered
and fell, throwing Jockey Waterbury
heavily. El Karn fell over Candros an.l
was. Instantly killed. Candros broke his
leg and It was found necessary to destroy
him. Waterbury was bruised and shaken
up, urn mere is no evioence or a fracture.
osman, wano roae tl Karn, escaped In
Favorites did not fare well during the
afternoon, not one passing the wire In
front, la the last race Galanthus. a 10 to
1 shot, led the way. The weather was fine
ami ine iracn last.
First race, eleven-sixteenths of a mile,
seuing: uiaraine. no (Burns), 6 to 1, won
Eell Reed. 12 tWaterbury), 8 to 6, second
Stunts, 110 (Jenkins;, 8 to 1, third. Time
1:10. '
Second race, one mile and a sixteenth
selling: iapmus. n j. Daly). 2 to 1. won
Maraschino, 106 (W. Waldo), I to 1, second
Baffled, 104 (C. Kelly), 12 to L third. Time
Third race, seven furlongs, selling: Light
Ball, W (Knapp), 10 to L won; Harry That
cher, 108 C. Kelly), 8 to 1. second; Fllibus-
J", lm inonncr., ia to l, third. Time
1 :2"u.
Fourth race, one mile and a sixteenth
eiriiiiiK. mpponax, in iHurnil, I to 1, won
Bonnie Llssak. Iu9 (Rlrkenrmhl K tn l
ond; Gllssnndo, It (Linton), 15 to 1, third.
Fifth race. Futurity course, selling
Bronte Wins:, lul IMlnderi & m
Pupil. Kit (C. Kelly). 3 to 1, aecond; Dora 1
iu- laiunni, a to i, mira. Time: 1:1Z.
Sixth race, seven furlona-a aoillna-- riaion
thua. 1(2 4Reed). 10 tn 1. won-,.
110 (Shaw), even, second; Jim Qore II, li
vwuu.sim, a io i, iniru. iime; i:zi.
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Republican Senators Agree that Colombian
Protocol Shall Be Considered.
Treaty May Have All Requisite Time
la Ezecatlve Sessloa, as Earopeaa
Powers Are Reported After
Isthmian Rlsrhts.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 17. The republican
senators held a caucua today, and decided
to have the aenate continue consideration
of the Panama canal treaty tomorrow and
on future days until disposed of. This de
cision was reached after an hour and a
hairs discussion of the legislative situa
tion The understanding is that the statehood
bill - does not lose Us sdvantageous posi
tion when the senate Is In legislative .ses
sion, but the republican supporters of state
hood agree not to oppose a motion for an
executive aession to consider the canal
treaty, or to make any objection to the
prolongation of such sessions to any extent
necessary to secure ratification.
Senate Foraker (Ohio) stated an emi
nent engineer had assured him that no
fewer than four great European powers
were looking with Jealous eyes on Ameri
can movements on the iBthmus, and would
be glad to displace it there.
When adjournment was. reached the an-
noancement was made that after the close
of routine business tomorrow. Senator
Quay (Pa.) would move to go into ex
ecutive aession, and that none of the re
publicans would oppose the motion and that
consideration of the treaty would continue
until disposed of.
' Accept ( sssl Compaay'a Offer.
The government has formally accepted
the offer of the Panama Cans, company to
sell to the United States the canal prop
erty, and all of the company's rights for
$40,000,000, subject only to the ratification
of the treaty with Colombia. The effect of
this acceptance will be to extend the life
of the option held by the government be
yond March 4 and until the treaty has been
ratified by both countries.
Another Fleet for Headaraa.
Upon further report from United ' States
Consul William E. Alger, at Puerto Cortex,
that conditions in Honduras are threaten
ing and that American interests are likely
to be endangered owing to the interna
tional turmoil. Secretary Moody today de
cided to send Admiral Coghlan's fleet of
cruisers and gunboats now cruising In the
Caribbean to the gulf coast of Honduras.
Extends Free Delivery In Colorado.
The Postofflce department Issued orders
establishing free delivery service at Rocky
ford, Colo., and Livingston, Mont., begin
ning June L
Garaeld Is Hoaored.
The president today sent to the senate
the nomination of James Rudolph Garfield
of Ohio to become commission of corpora
tions in the department of commerce and
Voteraaa Seek to I'alfo.
A Joint committee from the association
of Spanish war veterans and ths Spanish
American war veterans will meet here to
morrow to try and amalgamate the two
Sheep on Forest Reserves.
The Interior department will continue to
enforce lta regulation prescribing penalties
for the trespass of sheep on forest re
serves, notwithstanding the decision of
judge 11 an bury of Seattle, that such regu.
latloa la uacenstltatlonaL The depart
Dogs lood mmMmmf'
Ozomulsion is on sale at all druggists.
Co. and Richardson Drug Co., wholesale selling agents, Omaha.
ment takes tha position that nullifications
of its regulations regarding sheep tres
passing would defeat the real water stor
age object of forest reserves.
The Seattle decision is In line with a de
cision of several years ago by a California
court, but the attorney general has said
the secretary of the interior, according to
the department, that the right to make the
regulations wTiich the Beattle court holds to
be unconstitutional Is conferred by the act
of congress on June 4, 1897. authorising the
department 'to regulate the occupancy and
care of forest reserves.
For Inspection of Thoroughbred.
The senate committee on finance todav
agreed to report favorably the bill provid
ing tor tne tree importation or thorougn
bred live stock for breeding purposes. The
bill extends the privilege to such live stock
Imported for . sale.
On the Retired List.
An order was issued at the War depart
ment today by direction of the president
placing on the retired list Colonel Richard
H. Pratt, superintendent of the Indian
school at Carlisle.
It Is said the retirement of Colonel
Pratt does not necessarily Involve any
change In the superintendence of the school.
Former Secretary Foater selected.
"Ex-Secretary of State John W. Foster
has been elected to take charge of the case
of the United States In the presentation of
the Alaska boundary question to the spe
cial ' commission to be appointed in con
formity with the terms of the recently con
firmed Alaskan boundary treaty.
Secretary Root has concluded to accept
bis appointment as one of the commission
ers to represent the United Ststes on the
boundary commission. The other two mem
bers of the commission aro Senators Lodge
end Turner. It has been urged that Sec
retary Root can do this work during the
coming summer without interfering mate
rially with his duties as secretary.
Important Matters Considered.
At the cabinet meeting today Secretary
Hay presented the text of the protocol
which has been signed on behalf of the
United States and Venexnela for the ref
erence of claims of this country against
the South American republic to arbitra
tion. The status of the Panama canal treaty In
the senate was again discussed. Some ap
prehension is expressed that the treaty may
not be ratified at the present session ow
Ing to the opposition of Senator Morgan.
The option of the United States holds on
the Panama Canal company's property will
expire on March 4.
It is impossible even if the treaty should
be ratified, by ths senate at this session
to 'effect an exchange of ratification until
after the expiration of the option. It Is
proposed, however, to enter Into a con
tract with the Panama Canal company, but
the terms of which the amount agreed upon
shall be paid the company by thla govern
ment on the exchange of ratification be
tween ths United 8tates and Colombia,
That arrangement. It Is expected, will
tide over the present emergency and keep
alive the option.
Ship Jabsldy BUI.
At a meeting of ths house committee on
merchant marine and fisheries today Chair
man Qrosvenor called up the sblp subsidy
bill, and gave notice that the bill would
be taken up at a meeting of the committee
next Monday for final disposition.
Miles Bark In Wasalaartoa.
Lieutenant General Miles, with Mrs. Miles
snd Colonel Maus of his staff, and Mrs.
Maus, have returned to Waahington after
thalr tour of the world. The trip was
planned as a military Inspection of ths
United Statea army In the Insular posses
sions and also with the design to ascer
tala ths latest developments la European
military practice. The results will be em
bodied by General Miles la a special report.
Is a psa taut gi as tat set o tat Pnreat Nor
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Hew Orleans Backers Thrleo Pick
Victorious Horses aad Three
Outsiders Win.
NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 17. Sheriff Dell.
Saint Tammany and O'Ugen were the win
ning favorltea today. Doctor Guernsey was
run up arter his race to S5-J0 and sold to T.
J .an dry, who sold him to Lamanay Bros.,
the original owners, at the purse price.
Weather clear and cold; track slow and
lumpy. Results:
first race, one mile and an eighth, sell
ing: Accolade. 104 (Haack). 8 to '. won:
John Bull, 100 (O'Neill). 28 to 1, second;
Exapo (Tooman), 7 to 1, third. Time: t:W.
Beoonrt race, seven furlongs, selling: Doc
tor Guernsey. 93 (Fuller). to 1. won: The
Caxton. 1I3 (Robbing), S to 1, second: Asua,
r (Scully, 60 to 1. third. Time: 1:211-6.
Third race, one mile ana seventy yarns:
Sheriff Bell, 115 (Odom), 4 to 6. won; Brush
Kv. Kf) (Llndsey). 2 to 1. second: War Cry.
95 (fuller). 8 to 1, third. Time: 1:48 1-5.
Kourtn race, six turiongs, uanaicap:
Saint Tammany, 12 (Davlsson), 8 o 1,
won: B innier, 92 (Treanor), 7 to 6, second;
ir you Lar. v (L,inasey), i ra i, tnira.
Time: 1:1 2-5.
Fifth race, one mile, selling: O Hagen
(Fuller) 4 to i. won; Benmora, 89 (Haack).
l' to 1. second: Chanterell, 66 (rhllllpa), 12
to 1. third. Time: 1:44 1-t.
Sixth race, one mile: Imp. Alnulla, lift
(Odom. i to 2, won; Nitrate, ll3 (Fuller). 3
to 6, second; Aurle B, rO (Davlseon), 11 to 1,
third. Time: 1.44 2-6.
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Curae suaraaUaO.
STRICTURE -i SallCae M4nUs
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