Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 15, 1903, PART I, Page 8, Image 8

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THvIs d'JI".
Expert watcll repairing. Lsffert, 401 B'y.
Carvcth makes photo buttons. I0S Bnpsd
way. ,
Annual reduction on pictures and ptcturs
fr&mlng. C E. Alexander tc Co.
Iit week of discount sale on pWurei
and picture frames. Alexander A Co.
W'a are headqjsrters for glass of all
kinds, dee us before you bur- C. B. Paint,
oil and Glass company.
The women of the First Christian church
will hold an experience social In the parlors
of the church Frldsy ev-nlng.
Companion court Wacondah Son, I. O. 8..
will give a dance Monday evening, Febru
ary !, at W. O. W. hall. Admittance, 25c
a couple.
f sken up. a brown Jersey cow, about
BrucL of Turf Ine itmeot Company Bakes
- ' in Teh Thovsand Dollars.
Victims rant froaa All Walks ef Life
And. Jls On Person Sal to
Be la for a Lars
today a "Rally day" with special aerrlces.
la the morning the services will be from
10 to 11 o'clock and the general topic will
be "Christian Fellowship." Addresses will
be made by Rrr J. G. Clark, Deacoa J.
Robinson, E. B. Morehouse and Mrs. H. A.
Ballenger. "Church Work" wlM be the
general topic for the evening service, which
f will be from 7 to t o'clock. F. L. Evaoa
will speak on "The Sunday school," Charles
Warner on "Soul Winning'- and Rev. A. E.
Simons on "Missions." Miss Frances Chap
man and Mlsa Bella. Wyllo will speak on the
"Spirituality of the Church." The pastor.
Rev. MUford Rlggs, will make the closing
address. There will be special music at
both services, led by H... A.' Ballenger, as
alsted by a trained c'uorus of forty voices.
years old, notch In right far, uwner can
have same by calling at 173 Graham ayenue
and paying expenses.
Arthur Krownlee and Eva Oatrost. both
of L'nderwood, la., were married In this
city yeeterday. Rev.. T. F. "Thlckstun per
forming the ceremony.
Grand valentine ball given by John Huns
castle No. 141 of the Royal Highlanders In
new Marc bee hall, Monday. February 16.
Admission, 60c per couple, extra ladles 25c.
At the meeting of St. lban's lodge.
Knights of Pvthiaa. Monday evening, ar
rangementa for the observance, of the
thirty-ninth anniversary of the founding
of the order will be made.
Judge Thornell, who haa been III at his
home In Sidney and unable to hold court
here laat week, has notlfad Clerk Reed that
he expects to be able to reconvene district
court Tuesday afternoon.
F. I Reed, clerk of the district court,
completed yeeterday his report of the fees
collected In probate matters during WO.
The total amount was $1.114 10, of which
Clerk Reed Is allowed to retain 1300 as part
of his salary
Wanted, to rent, part of lower floor room
by responsible firm, on long time lease. An
exceptional good chance for some one bav
spars room to get good renter. Loca
tion must be ceptral. Address U, Bee office,
CoiincH Bluffs.
The funeral nf Debert.the 6-year-old son
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hurt of 612
Twenty-seventh street, Eat Omaha, will
be held at 1 o'clock this afternoon from
the family residence and burial will be In
Falrvlew cemetery,
" Overloaded with slightly soiled sheet
music, we have to make room for our new
spring stock. Just arrived. A full counter
loaJed with sheets at five cents each copy.
Houriclua Piano House. 336 Broadway,
where the organ stands upon the building.
The members of Concordia lodge. Knights
of Pythias, will meet at their hall at 3
o'clock this afternoon to attend the funeral
of John L. Clark. Instead of at 1:30 p. m.,
s previously announced. The funeral will
be herd from the residence. 128 Glen avenue,
at 4 o'clock.
- Frank Woods, a stranger. Is under arrest
at the city jail charged with attempting to
i beat a board bill at the Tremont house.
He waa caught trying to leave the house
at 4 o'clock yesterday morning without
first settling his bill, Us will have a hear
Ing Monday In police court.
A large firm dealing In cream separators
and dairy supplies haa secured an option
on the Wheeler & Hereld property at the
corner of Broadway and Benton atreet.
The firm, which haa been aeeklng a loca
tion In Council Bluffe for some time, ex
' pecta. It Js said, to cloae the deal thia week.
People who were on the streets about 9
fr.Tin the second floor of the temple. Upon
The closing of the co-operative turf In
vestment companies In St. Louis has
brought grief, to a number of people In
Council Bluffs who were caught with the
dazzling prospect "t getting rich In a hurry
on a small Investment. While the In
dividual losses 1 if this, city are not heavy,
lit la said, that the aggregate will run up
well Into the thousands.
The' John J. Ryan Co-Operatlve Breed
ing Farm and Bookmaklng enterprise, one
of the St. Louis turf investment companies
which followed In the wake of the Arnold
company and went to the wall, recently
established a branch office In this city.
Two young men named McClaflln and Ward
were the agents and occupied a suite of
offices In the ' Sapp building. The com
pany's offer to pay 6 per cent weekly
dividends on all Investments proved a
tempting bait and fhe local office soon
began to do a good business. The Investors-
In the get-rlch-qulck concern were
drawn from all classes and It Is said up
ward of $10,000 was sunk In the scheme by
Council Bluffs people.
When word was received here of the fail
ure of the Arnold company there waa a
regular stampede among the clients of the
Ryan company, but thy were assured by
Claflln and Ward, the local representatives
of the firm,- that they need have no mis
givings, as their company was entirely sol
vent and would keep on doing bualness at
the bid stand right along. The next day
word came from St. Louis that the Ryan
company, with the other concerns, of a
like character, had been unable to weather
the storm and hsd closed Its doors. There
was a rush of Investors to the company's
offices In the Sapp block to draw their
money out, but It was too late. The doors
were locked and McClaflln and Ward were
not to be found.
It was ascertained tht McClaflln and
Ward were In their office early Friday
morning, but left after a short while, lock
ing the doors behind them. Since then they
have not been seen.
Sao the Tax Ferret.
Drake College Beprfsentatiye Aocnsed of
Cribbing His Priie-Winning Effort
Committee Preparing fdr m General
Appeal to People of Iowa for
Relief Funds for SnfTerlaaj
v 'la Scandinavia. ,
Saunders A Stuart, attorneys, began suit
In the district court yesterday against F.
M. Cunningham, the "tax' ferret," for
$960.20 for legal services alleged to have
fc. 1.1.-. V. ..It V. .,
, , , . , . , .. , . plagiarized oration. The local contest was
Frank Shlnn to invalidate his contract with "" '- "
Pottawattamie county. E. E. Bluaa. Cun- bou' mnth Wlnicat
nl.gham's attorney, and Pottawattamie K";T Caldwell. He 1. of the theo'ogica
" . department and has been In the college
VUUULJ mtV U M 11 17 VI fa a yn I t urn uuauiot
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES. Feb. 14. (Special.) A
sensation has been created here by the ac
cusation against Drake university that Its
chosen orator In the -State College Ora
torical contest for this year Is inellglbl-j
because 'of having won his position on
In their petition Saunders. A Stuart as
sert that their claim for legal services
eral years, but at the same time has been
preaching In the pulpit of the -Christian
under the contract of Cunningham with H aa accmnpllshed
orator ana m ia cumcw won mcu
the bounty, who agreed to rtand all ex
penses tbst might arise by litigation or
perfect marking by the judges. Hie otatlon
. IT-V . .. r,t l.
.l l I. . II. , V,. . Am WBB vu 1 111 -u)iIIUw
UlUCI a m IIVII VU 1 11 VJ 111 u u i , 1 w
18 now saiu mat ine orviuu igui
token from Rev. Newell D. Hlllls' essays
on "The Investment of Influence." A for-
Cunnlngham by the county. Tbey ask
that this Hen now be foreclosed and that
they have judgment against the county.
o'clock Friday evening near the Masonic
temple were startled by a flash which came
Investigation It was found that a Photo
grapher had just taken a flashlight of the
night school at the Weatern Iowa college.
The Council Bluffs aerie of Eaglea Is
negotiating for the purchase of Hughes'
hall at the corner of Broadway and Park
bvenue and haa secured an option on It.
In the event of the aerie securing the
building, which will be used for lodge and
Plumbing and beating. Btxby 4k Son.
Making; Effort to Force .Packers to
Malatola Cold Itsrsgs 'Ware
fcooaea in Blaffs.
The executive committee of the Commer
cial club, baring failed to Induce ihe South
Omaha packing houses to erect a meat
mal protest has been made agalnset allow-
Rlval Gas Clans Shoot. Ing Caldwell to appear In the oratorical coa-
The postponed shoot between the Armour test and the matter Is udder Investigation
and Duck Hollow Gun clubs will take place at the present time. A committee of the
this afternoon at the grounds of the latter faculty made a comparls&n of the two and
In this city near Gilbert's lake. The teams fnd that while there was much the same
will be made up as fellows: Armour: A. thought running through the essay and the
Rrhnenln. C. Doner. Wank Schoenlng. J. cration there was no direct plagiarism. But
Quick. F. Thomas, F. Miller, C. Thomas epl have been sent to the representa
and W. Thomas. Duck Hollow: O. C. . tlVea of the colleges snd to the managers
Brown. J. Wheeler. C. Conley. H. Brown, ! of the State Oratorical contest for further
A. Utterback, B. McCormlck, C. Lacy and ; Investigation and until this Is reported on
W Roper nothing will be done. Rv. Mr. Caldwell
- j has Just accepted a call to be assistant
"otleo to Gas Coosamera. i pastor of the Central church la this city.
Choice of any coat
or cape In " our
stock worth up to
111 00.
ie BUI ,!. Mill II. . . W " Ml Si. Si.1111 II llMIH WIMUIUHHI , M' MJ-PaHHIW! 'JMDUIJIMJilJiim
Till Ml MI'LII'll II'"- T" O Tt'fH rrfTW IH'Lt -'JJ - -.' . 1
Only two prices In
our millinery de
partment worth
up to $4.00.
Whitelaw & Gardiner Stock
Winter goodB and odd lots, must be closed, in order to obtain quick returns, we
have .made ftill deeper cuts.' Every item quoted has experienced a double reduction,'
which will insure a speedy riddance of all our odd lots. n
Bargain List
r ; Ladles' Black Hose, seam
,el,g' w,,h d0UD,e oIe always
sold for 10c.
Soft finished bleacn musun
which others ask 8 o and 9c
for same grade, our price
Gas consumers are notified that there
will be no' gas supply between the hours
of 7:30 a. m. and 8:30 p, m, on
on account of the changes being made at
the works of the 'company.
Oaard Inspections.
Colonel John R. Prime and Major John
Hume, Inspectors for the Iowa National
guard, returned today from a trip Into
, southern Iowa, making Inspections of the
companies. They visited the companies at
, Red Oak, Bedford, Charlton and . Shenan-
doah. and they report that the companies
' In the south part of the state are gen-
I i Ainnn .nil the drill
erailj 1U c&urneui luuMu.uu -
and 65u, nov
Peau de Sole
sold from $3.1
Ice wool hand mads
fascinators, black and
white, 36 Inches square.
formerly $1.25.
Ladles' seal skin fleece
vests and pants, natural
and white, formerly 60e
and 65u, now 39c.
and $3.95 and f.6D
our entire stock of
satin taffeta and
Peau de Sole waists, black and colors.
sold from $3.50 to $7.5f.
All wool vests and
pants, fine ribbed natu
ral wool, were sold all
aesson for $1.00.
2 for 25c Boys' leather
mittens, with wool wrist
and heavy lining, form
erly sold for 26c.
Children's outing night
gowns and drawers,
formerly sold 60c and
Misses' all wool caps,
formerly sold for 60c
and 75c. .
Children's fell wool- caps, tn
oludlng red, blue, brown and
white, worth 25c.
87 c
Tomorrow, until noon wo will
offer Real Kid Gloves, Mocha
Gloves and Castor' Gloves, all
sizes, blacks ,and colors, regularly sold for
$1.25 and $1.50 and during psxy
this sale all gloves fitted to the J T
hand gloves ex- V-x JUL-
Men's Furnishings
Men's Fancy Shirts stiff
bneom neat patterns regu
lar $1.00 rrde.
Men's Worsted Union
Suits natural gray
only-very latest Improvements, form
ally aold for $3.50.
All our Overalls and Jack
a, sold for 60c, 75c and
90c, (some union made), In one lot.
TT jr Men's, Trimmed Outing
Night Shirts, formerly $1.00.
jCp Men's heavy Web Suspenders,
also fine lisle, sold for 25c.
10-t of By"' " Men'a
1 Wk
25 cents.
Neckwear, all kinds, worth
Men's White Hemstitched
Handkerchiefs, formerly 10c,
Notion Hargains
Ladles' Belt and Side Elas
tics, silk web, satin band.
.sold for 60c and 76c, (slightly soiled).
4 ry , Hand Mirrors, black frame,
-'w two sires, sold for 25c and SSo.
Ruffled Elastic, good quality of
mercerised silk, all colors, sold
for 16c.
2 for 6c. Odd lot of good ma
chine thread.
4 Featherbone for Sklrte, (War-
Cm 3 ounce bottle of good machine
each. Lot of notions, worth up
It to 20c each.
1 f(t Warner's Dress Shields, 8 for
""'25c. No. 2 o:ly, worth 19c.
Entertainments for Sloaz Cltr "'-rti, well kept up. The work of lnipec
tion will be continued as rapidly as possible
until completed. Next week the inspectors
go to Iowa City, Burlington, Washington,
Muscatine and Davenport.
Report has not yet beeh received from
I'lub pv-poses, an additional story will be i . huiidlnv in this hit from which
- , aiL. t vi. .kin. I tn ocal trade might bo supplied. In place
The heating of Albert J. Hawkins, ., . .
cha-ged with aasaultlng Mrs. Jennie WU- I of the meat being hauled by Wagon from
Hams who shot him In the knee with a ' Omaha dally, has taken the matter up with
revolver, was aet by Justioe Ouren yester- tha K- .pkar.
baters the Principal Event
In Prospect. '
Vi. B. Kimball Is visiting friends In Dav
eriDort. Ia.
Mr and Mrs. W. S. Cass entertained the election In the Flfty-flfth regiment ior
Informally at dinner Tuesday evening. j major to succeed Bishop,, who was made
."MlVawr'- i "-tenant colonel but the incomplete
Mrs. H. C. Cory entertained at a lunch- I turns show the following: Kennedy 1Z9,
eon yesterday. Covers wee laid for ten. j Haynea. 114; Netherell, 84; Smeek, 19. It
The Tuesday History club will meet ' 1 regarded as certain the second electjon
Labbeay 'fternoon wUh Mr"' V,ctor K' j win mean a contest between Wetherell and
The members of the ' Woman's Whist "Haynes.
club met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. i. ! '' Conference of G. A. K. Men
j. enea.
Mlsa Shirley Moore gave an Informal
heart luncheon at her home yesterday
afternoon. k . ,
Mrs. D. W. Bushnell' entertained Infor
mally at whist Friday evening.
were played
day for Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Williams,
who is -still in the cornty jail, having
(ailed to secure $1,000 ball, will have her
hearing Monday In Justice Carson's court.
J. J. Crow states that lettera from rela
tives In England contain the Information
that bis brother, the much wsnted Pat
Crow, ia now In Liverpool, England, In the
tmploy of a large business firm as solicitor.
Jat Crow la aald to have aerved tnrough
the Boer war In an English regiment and
at the close of hostilities returned to Eng
land. They may talk about photographs no
branch galleries ground floor, and selling
coupons, but when It comes to prices, style
and quality, they all have to hold up their
hands to Williams. He makes a better,
larger and finer photo for one dollar man
The executive committee took the mat
ter up with the South Omaha packers at
the request of the local butchers, but 'the
packers claimed that the Council Bluffs
trade .could be served cheaper from their
cold storage bouses In Omaha than frortv a
local cooling bouse. In the first place the
South Omaha packers stated that the erec
tion of such a building In this city would
cost between $20,000 and $30,000 and the
different houses would each have to main
tain a wagon service here as well as a
force of men to look after the bualness.
The conference between the executive
other galleries can afford to make for two j committee and the representatives ht the
oouars. 1 neir eJLpenes arc msi. ow
ini ia bellevlnc. Come and see. You are
welcome. Williams, opposite postofflce.
The Council Bluffs members of the Wood
men of the World are planning to give
Eilery's Royal Italian brnd a rousing re
ception when It appears at the New theater
Monday and Tuesday. Monday will be
Woodman night and It Is said that a large
delegation from the Omaha lodges will be
present. The 'members of the band are all
members of the order, 'having Joined ono
of the Omaha lodges during their engage
ment In Omaha. ,
N. T. Plumbing Co., Tel. X60. Night. F7.
CoasreKatlonallats May Bnlld.
A general meeting of the First Congre
' gatlonal church, has been called tor Mon
day evening to take action upon the ques
tion of erecting a new house of worship.
The meeting Is called by the official board
of the church, which has already passed
favorably upon the proposition. The plaa
suggested la to dispose of the present prop
erty it the corner of Sixth atreet and Sev
enth avenue 1 and purchase another site
nenrer the business center of the clty. In
the event of the congregation voting In
favor of the proposition, committees will
be appointed at the meeting Monday night
t j carr the matter through.
Vraranlslna; Two New Vnloaa.
Business Agent Raabe of the Trades and
Labor assembly Is working to orgsnlse a
BarteDders',unlon In Council Bluffs. He Is
aald to have secured the signatures of
fourteen drink mixers to Join such sn or
ganisation and a meeting will be held this
evening at Labor hall to take the necessary
steps to form a union. Agent Raabe has
met with considersble success. In his ef
forts to organise the teamsters of this
city. A temporary organisation has been
affected and the teamsters are now' only
awaiting a charter to form a Jocal union.
Gravel roofing A. H. Head, ltf Main St.
South Omaha packing houaes failed of Its
purpose and now the, executive committee
has taken up the matter with the Kansas
City packers. If the Kansas' City houses
will establish a distributing house here It
Is sail they, can command the local trade,
which now goea to South Omaha.
With too' bhwrchea.
Past Department Commanders M. B. Davis
of Sioux City and George Metzgar of Daven
port were In the city today, with Adjutant
in for- ' ' . j .i .,. . in.
. formal conference on grand army matters
The members of the Calendar Card clui- was had. Colonel L. B. Raymond of Hamp-
.... !l
Marrlaae Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday to
the following:
Name and RfHldenee.
Robert E. Plckernell, Neola, la...
Heen Q. Soppe. Neola. la........
Arthur Brownlee l'nderwood, Ia
Eva Oatroat, l'nderwood, la
Louis Moothart, Neola, la
Linie Britches. McPheraon. Kan.
Tou 8ee the Searchlight There's a Show
and Tuesday Matinee
FEB, 16-17
The Greatest Concert Band of the Century,
Matmee 2-50-75c. Night 2S 60-75c-$l
M Pesrl ft'. Cot'inrtl Bluffs. 'Phons I'
At the evening service today at Broadway
church Emmet Tlnley will deliver an ad-
drees on "Abraham Lincoln. The service
will be In charge of the Epworth league
under the direction of Prof. 8. L. Thomas.
The morning services will be devoted to the
annual presentation of the Freed men's Aid
work ,ot the Methodist church among the
negroes of the south. Rev. W. J. Calfee.
the pastor,' will deliver a special sermon
on "Divine Brotherhood,' a- subject with
special significance to the work of the
church In the southern states. Services and
meetings will be at the following hours;
1P-30 a. m., presching service; 12 m., Sua
day achool; 6:30' p. m., Epworth League;
7:30, d. m.. nreachlnc service.
Af St T .. 1 ' VnlflnAnBl ),,,), u. J , m
be holy communion at 8 a. ra. and mortln
prayer with aerraon by the rector. Rev.
George Edward Walk at 10:0 o'clock. Ves
per services will be at 4:30 p. ra., at which
Mias Grace Barr will sing a solo.
Edwin Abbott, lay reader, will conduct
morning prayer at 11 o'clock at Orace
Episcopal church. Sunday school will be
held fit 9:46 a. m. (
Rev. Harvey Hosteller, pastor of the Sec
ond Presbyterian church, will preach this
morning on "A New Life." At the evening
service his subjec. will be "Paul at Athens"
and his address will be Illustrated by a
number of fine stereoptlcon views.
Services at the Fifth Avenue Methodist
church today will be as follows: Class
meeting at 9:45 a. tn., preaching at 10:30
a. m., Sunday school at noon. Junior league,
meeting at I p. m.r-Epworth league meeting
at 6:30 p. m., preaching at 7:30 p. m. Ia
the morning the pastor. Rev. J. W. 'Abel,
will take as ths subject of his serpon,
"Jacob at Bethel." In the' evening his
theme will be "Sound Ressons for Being
Christians." The revival meetings wlll
continue every evening during the week.
At the First congregsttonal church this
evening the paator. Rev. James Thomson.
will contlnus his series of Illustrated ad
dresses on the "Life of Christ."
Regular services will be held at 10:30
m. and 7:30 today at the Latter Day
Saints' church. Sunday -achool will be at
noon. The regular mid-week prsyer service
will be held Wednesday evening at 7:30
The First Church of Christ (Scientist)
will hold services at 11 o'clock In ths Sapp
block, corner 'Broadway sod Scott streets.
Subject of the esson, "Mind." Ths regular
weekly testimony meeting will be Wednes-
dav at o'clock.
The 8econd Church of Christ (Scientist)
will hold services in Modern Coodmen of
America hall In Merrlam block at 10:46
a. tn. Subject, "Mind." 8unday school Im
mediately after the service. Wednesday
evening testimonial meeting at 7:45.
The First Baptlat charch, in common
with ths churches of the ssme denomina
tion throughout the country, will observe
will meet Tuesday evening with Mr. an
mra. Lt. m. enoDert. ...
Mrs. Ada Huff nf ftranit .TunnHnn fnln
Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman L.
Reed of First avenue. 1
Mr. and Mrs Charles Test Stewart en
tertained at dinner Friday evening, .com
plimentary to Mlas Bonner.
Mr. and Mrs'. L. E. Duauette and son.
formerly of this city, now living In Chi
cago, are guests at the Renard.
Miss Margaret Judge Is home from an
extended visit with relatives and friends
In Chicago, Jollet and Davenport.
Miss Nellie Benton entertained about
100 of her little friends at a dancing party
given at her. home yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Frank -W. Reed Is visiting at the
Browning ranch at Guernsey, Wyo. She
Is accompanied by Miss Leona Brownrigg.
Alfred Hanchett will give a luncheon
Saturday afternoon complimentary to the
Bioux (Jlty-uouncii wiune aenating teams.
Miss Delia Metcalf will entertain the
members of the high school debating team
at a supper given al her home Saturday
Miss Maude Robinson gave a heart party
laat evening in honor of her birthday anni
versary. About twenty gueets were In attendance.
Mrs. Harry Searle entertained the Euchre
club at her home Tuesday afternoon.
Prises were won by Mrs. Walter Spooner
and Miss rroutman
Misses Jessie and Stella Gilbert enter
tained at a valentine dinner last evening.
The decorations were In pink and green.
Covers wre laid for ten.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. True entertained
the members of the Social club of the
Vnited Commercial Travelers at a sheet
and pillow slip party last night.
Mrs. H. A. Qulnn entertained at a Val
entine fluncheon and card party yeeterday
afternoon tn honor of her nieces, Mlas
Paekard and Miss Moore of Ottumwa.
4 The Daughters of the American Revolu
tion gave a card party Tuerdlay evening
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Maurer. A similar party will be given
Tuesday 'evening at the home of J. W.
The second class of fencing of the
Council Hlutls Woman a club will be or.
ganlxed this ' week and all who wish to
join are requested to notify Miss Florence
')enny, physical director of the club, bo
fjre Friday afternoon.
'Mr? and Mrs. O. B. Fryer entertained
the members of the Harrison Street Ken
sington club at their home Wednesday
evening, f rise st cards were won by Mr.
and Mm, Arthur L. Hoffmyr and Mrs.
I eager jar. Hastings. ,
The members of the Euchre club met
Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. A. W.
Casady. Mlas Zoe Hill was awarded the
gueat'a prize arW.Mrs. VV. L. Douglas the
club prize. The club will meet Tuesday
witn Mrs. unanea wooaDury.
The dancing party to be given by th
students of the nigh school Friday evening
at the ball room of the Grand hotel. In
honor of the oux Illy debuting team,
promises to b the mont brilliant event
among the members of the younger crowd,
thia season.
' Mr. and Mrs. Frame Buckman gave a
largely attended reception and dunce at
the ball room of the tlrand hotel Thursday
evening. The hall was decorated In l.a
France roses and asparagus fern. Whaley's
orchestra furnished the music for the oc
casion. Abou. sixty guests were In at
tendance. Judge and Mrs. Smith Mcpherson and
the latter'a sister ''Mrs. Young of Ked Oak,
Mrs. John N Baldwin and Oaughtr. All
Genevieve, Mrs. Candee of Watervllle. N.
and Mrs. MoOler.enun of New York City
left last evening in a aeclal tar for. a trip
to Florida and other points south. They
may visit Cuba before r turning.
ronr-Koot Vein Protected by Shale
Roof ta Discovered Xortheaat
of Atlantic.
ton. who will probably be elected depart
ment commander this year, was also here
last evening. Announcement hat been
made to the department of the candidacy
of General John C. Black of Illinois for
coramander-lti -chief and the leading mem'
bera of the grand army In Iowa are In
favor of giving htm a unanimous vote from
Iowa this year. He received some Votes
last year from the department. There are
many Illinois and Indiana ex-soldiers In
the state and almost without exception
they are for Black. '
Preparing an Appeal.
The commission apolnted by Governor
Cummins to solicit aid for the Scandlna
vians of northern Europe whoi are said to
be in destitute circumstances, haa deter
mined upon Issuing a strong appeal to
the people of the state for contributions.
The commission organized with ex-Senator
Erlcaon of Boone as .president and C. L.
Dahlberg of this city as secretary. The ex
ecutlve committee named, which Includes
the several members from this Immediate
part of the state. Is engaged tn preparing a
plain statement to the people In regard
to the condition prevailing In nortHern
Sweden and Norway and In Finland and
asking the people of the state ta send con
tributlons. Reports indicate that much
soliciting hsa already been done by local
committees and Iowa has already con
tributed generously to aid the starving peo
ple. . ,
Good Roads Delegates,
Governor Cummins this evening appointed
delegates to the Chicago Good Roads con
ventlon the latter part of pext week, nam
Ing the following: J. H. Funk, Iowa Falls
Joseph Yockey. Defiance; P. E. Brown
Council Bluffs; O. E. Ward, Sioux City
L. H. Deford. Valley Junction; P. S. Kell
Dob Moines; A. E. Auger. BnooKlyn;
W. Johnson. Albia; Charles W. Needham
Sieournoy: H. E. Eaton, Essex. The con
ventlon will follow the automobile show
Several cities 'of Iowa hrve named dele
gates also.
Moved the Inebriates,
Superintendent Crumpacker of the Inde
pendence state hospital, has received no
tlce that yesterday the Inebriates from the
Independence insane district wore taoved
from Cherokee to Independence tn a body
He was in Des Moines at the time on bus!
ncss with the State Board of Control
but received word that the transfer
was being mdo The Int-brtates went by
special car, forty together, from Chero
kee, where they were sent from-the coun
tie of uortheaatern Iowa before the Wide
pendence dipsomania department
opened. . '
Ar'Uti All KtI.
The State Capitol commission, which 1
engaged In making preparation for the com
pletlon of the "owa state Capitol, has re
turaed from rp extended trip to the east
ern cities especially looking up art mat
terf. The commission discovered that If ihe
art work which Is planned ior toe aecora
tlon of the Interior of the building la to
be completed within the time allowed by
the legislature four years the work will
have to be commenced -at once, as the lead
ing artists of the country say thef do not
ATLANTIC. Ia.. Feb. 14. (Special Tele-,
gram.) Fred Anderson, while drilling a
well on the farm of O. W. Talbott, six
miles northeast of this city, struck coal
at the depth of ninety feet from the sur
face. Ths vein Is four feet thick and the
coal Is of a fine quality. A abale roof pro
tects the coal and experts -say the- same
conditions exist that are usually found In
a good bed. The discovery, which was
made yesterday afternoon, is caualng con
siderable talk here and some extensive
prospecting will soon be done to determine
the value of-t,he find. The locality where
the find was made is hilly, being on
Troublesome creek, and Just the sort of a
couatry tn which coal Is usually found.
- ' 'aw aa. m. aw J Of
ffl . "PS
To Civilize a Man
You must begin on his dress. Dress fcuts men on an equal
footing. The footing is often mighty slippery without Smith
& Co. togs. They smbothe the way to' success in -business,
and give you a standing among your associates that will be
highly gratifying.
New Hats, New Clothes, New Furnish. tigs
are being unloaded daily, putting our stock in better shape
than ever to take care of your spring wants,
That's why "If you have them from us, they Ye right,"
Jde Smith S Co.,
V Successors to Smith & Bradley, .' . '.
415 Broadway, Council Bluffs.
The home of the stylish suit '
care to engage for the work at all and have
all and moro than they can do now. It Is
therefore probable that the commlaaloa will
prepare very soon to have aome of the
decorative pieces commenced If it la pos
sible to find artists willing to enter into
contracts. It had been planned to put off
toe art work for several years.
r Offer-Tbclr Aid to the Mayor.
FORT DODGE. Ia.. Feb: 14. (Soeclal
Telegram.) A committee of the bualness
men of the city waited upon Mayor Ben
nett today with an offer of co-operation in"
any ateps which may be taken to closa the
gambling houses which they ssy are in
operation In the city. The business .men
have promised to aid In securing testimony
against alleged gamblers. The mayor de
clares that he will not hesitate to prose
cute If adequate testimony can .be gath
ered. k
Cooncll Bluffs Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers were filed yesterday In
the abstract, title aDd. loan office of J. W.
Squire. 101 Pearl atreet:
William J. Reed and wife to Mason
City A Fort Dodge Railroad com
pany, part lot 7, block 7, Riddles'
subdlv., q. c. d
County treaxurer to Don ICckles, SV
acrea In se se4 24-75-44, t. d
Rasmus Jensen and wife to Robert
A. Iewls, n4 nvhk l-7o-4t, V- i.
Patrick Howard and wife to J. A.
Bchuttloffel, s' nwVi 10-7C-3K. w. d..
Ida M. .Rogers to Surah strip
for road in s4 seV4 1-75-41. w. d
J. C. Bpungler and vlfe to I. T.
Siutngler, Tots 20 and .31, block 2,
Whitney, C. g'M.'S udd.. Walnut,
q. c. a
Jena M. Js'lolRon and wife to Rasmrs
Jensen, lot 13, blooji 1, llroudway
Place, w. d '.
Sheriff to K. W. Davenport, part lot
6. original plujot 64. and part lot
1, block 1, Stutsn-an's 1st add., a. d .
Sheriff to McC'ord. Brady & Co., lot
4H, Johnson's add., s. d
Co-Oneratlve Hank of Iowa to Denver
Hmlth, lot 15, block 1. Wilson Ter
race, w. d
Pomona 1-anri mid Trust confpany to
Henry Kvi ns. nw4 nwV se '4 4-75-ti,
. "
School district of Norwalk to iJwIs
lUmmer, 1 acre In northeast corner
n"4 ne'4 11-76-42, w. d
. so
For a Chronic Cough
and all, throat, bronchial or lung troubles
eur special preparation of cod liver oil
baa never failed to do igood. Pleasant to
the taste. It strengthen, and builds up
tljy tissues and blood. Sold only by ,
i -
Prescription Druggists,
- 106 Broadway - COUNCIL BLUFFS.
A Neighborly Feeling
Prompts, one uan to tell another where be
can .get bis laundry done In- first-class
style. U yoy get your work done at our
laundry you will always have It dane to
your satisfaction, because only first-class
work Is done here. We call for and de
liver. (
Bluff City Laundry,
'Phone S14. 22-24 North Main Street.
Twelve transfers, total.
- i if " , - m m i i J a
7c lave a Standard
By which we guage every bit of plumbing
work we do. That standard is excellence,
and our many satisfied patrons attest the
full meaauro of merit aud adherence to
our standard. We doq't do inferior work
at any time, but charge no more for the
beat. If we do it, it's done right.
J. C.Bixby 6c Son
202 Main 4V 203 Pearl Bts., Council Bluffs, a.
Telephone 182. ' ,