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Jew Yen Presi Citib His t Invited Guist
Sinking- a. Banquet
ays Dlood will Flow If rBroea Arc
Hot Kepi Dona and 1le ".ab
ject to Whlln They
Weald Mulrr,
NEW TORK. Feb. 14. Something of a
scene resulted at tho Press club banqut
tonight, when Senator Tillman defended the
summary sir In which southerners pun
ish negroes.
At first be was listened to with silence,
if not enthusiasm, but after a few
minutes hisses became more and more fre
quent and finally someone called out, "What
about your nephew." The remark created
a momentary uproar, but that was all.
, Lynching" Forced I pon Them.
After an Impassioned recital of the perils
to the white population of the south threat
ened by the Increase of the powers of the
negroes. Senator Tillman said:
"We were compelled by the exigencies
of the situation to use the shotgun and the
tissue ballots and we used both. Why?
Because la the state of South Carolina there
war 80,000 mor negro voters than there
were white voters."
South Carolina, he continued, had es
tablished free schools and ever since there
had been more negro children In them
than white children.
"Do you think it was our purpose to
raise these negro children to a condition
of enlightenment in order that they might
govern us?" he asked, and therf In answer
ing his own question, he thundered out:
'By the Holy Ood, no!"
"Three months ago," he continued, "the
president wrote a letter In which ho said
that when a negro showed himself quali
fied to fill public office he waa unwilling
to" ahut the door of hope S his fsc."
Foresees Mulatto Hare.
Commenting on this the' senator said If
the present condition of education con
tinued and the negro gained possession of
the state of South Carolina and subordi
nated the white, the deplorable result
would be that In a hundred years the pop
ulation would be half mulatto. He had no
practicable solution of the problem, unless
th, north took Its share of the blacks.
His address grew more impassioned as he
continued to defend the summary measures
adopted for the punishment of negroes
guilty of crime and especially against
"What about your nephew," shouted
someone, and thereby raising a momentary
"There Is much 1 could say and would
like to say, but I regard It as highly in
appropriate to refer In public to family af
fairs," responded th, senator when silence
was restored.
Before concluding his address he said
that If the policy of raising the negro to
of the Skin and Blood
Should Begin NOW
Humours and every kind of Humour trom rimples to
?rrfn1a with Prematiire Im rf Hair, mav now he sneedilv.
permanently and economically cured by Cuticura Resolvent, greatest
. cf Blood and Skin Purifiers, assisted by the external use of Cuticura
Ointment and Cuticura Soap.
Thousands of the world's best people have found instant relief
and speedy cure by the use of Cuticura Resolvent, Ointment and
Soap m the most torturing and disfiguring of ITCHING, BURN
Thousands of Tired, Fretted Mothers, of Skin-Tortured and
. : Disfigured Babies, of all ages and conditions, have certified to almost
. miraculous cures by the Cuticura Remedies when the best medical
skill has failed to relieve, much less cure.
Cuticura Treatment is local and constitutional complete and
perfect, pure, sweet and wholesome. Bathe the affected surfaces
with Cuticura Soap and Hot Water to cleanse the skin of Crusts and
Scales and Soften the Thickened Cuticle, dry without hard rubbing,
and apply Cuticura Ointment freely to allay Itching, Irritation, and
Inflammation, and Soot-rfe and Ileal, and lastly take Cuticura
-; Resolvent to Cool and Cleanse the Blood, and put every function in
- a state of healthy activity.
To those who have suffered long and hopelessly from Humours
" of the Blood. Skin and Scalp, and who have lost faith in doctors,
J. medicines, and all things human, Cuticura Remedies appeal with a
' force hardly to" be realized. Every hope, every expectation awakened
. by them has been more than fulfilled. More great cures of Simple,
Scrofulous, and Hereditary Humours are daily, made by them than,
. ;by all other Blood and Skin Remedies combined, a single set being
: often sufficient to cure the most distressing cases when all else fails.
Ct'TICTRA BEHKDIttt ara sold throu(tul th, rlttll4 world. PRICKS: Catlcwra naaal
rnt, 0c ' r Bottle (la ttw form ,f CUmliif Coated I' 111. z&c. sr vial of SO),
Catlcra Olutawot. AOc. per hoi. and Outlcuta Koap. 26c per rata. Brad for I ha great
work. "Humour of the Blood, ilk la asd rValp. as. Bow t. Car, Tbm." 64 r(M, too Dla
saan. wits lltuairattoaa. TeaitsMSlsls. aad rilrecttona ta all laasuasM. lacloolng JapouM,
aad CkUMoa. Brttlak Depot. tI M Chanrrkuoaa Sq., Uoa, BY C7. rrearh Depot. Bua
oa la Fats. Farts, awtratla. Depot. ft. Tora a Co.. SSmj. fOTTBil baud AN0 CUkUs
ICaJ. VOdLreaATlvN, tots frasrl.tMS, aWotoa, C. t.
power In the south wss rsrrled too far the
Mtilt would be bloodshed, which would be
heaped upon the heads of those who tried
to force the white population Into subjec
tion to the black.
This was not a thrrat, but simply a state
ment of what he knew from his acquaint
ance with the conditions In the south.
Prisoner Kara Karllaatoa Robbers
Would Mare Succeeded Iletter
bnt for Drink.
BUTTE, Mont.. Feb. 14 George Cole,
under arrest here, has made a confession
of the Burlington holdup of Wednesday and
Implicates Oeorge Howard, sllas Joe Klrby.
He says they sent a boy to Morrow's llv
ery stable, on South Main street, to hire
a rig about 9:30 Tuesday night. They
dro7e to the scene of the holdup and held
up the train. Klrby hnd two guns, but was
too drunk to use, them. Klrby is the man
who Jumped onto the engine as the train
waa nearlng Homealake and compelled the
engineer to stop and made the fireman get
down. But for Klrhy's drunken cnndltrbn,
Cole says they would have met with better
success. Cole and his companion were ar
rested yesterdsy.
Striken Kartb, Rattle, Windows and
Shaken llonses While Load
Noise Is Heard.
BINGHAM, Utah, Feb. 14 A large
meteor struck the enrfti near here this
The falling body citised windows to rattle
and the houses tremble, while a sound
like a mighty clap of thunder awakened
the inhabitants from their sleep. The
people thought there had been an earth
quake and much alarm was felt.
President Wire, Colombia, Saying-
Conn-re,, Assembled Amid Iran
qnll Snrroundlns;,.
PANAMA, Colombia, Feb. 14. A telegram
waa received today from San Salvador as
Complete tranquility prevails here: Con
gress assembled xnursdny, eoruary it.
(Signed) Kegalado.
General Thomas Regalado Is president of
Children Remember Losas,
CARBONDALE, 111, Feb. 14 After sev
ers! years of agitation a movement has
been started by the school children to erect
a monument to the memory of General John
A. Logan, who was born and reared in this
The movement was started by the Mur
phreysboro Township High school.
Seraeant Whelnn's Condition,
Court Sergeant Whelan was reported as
considerably worse last i.lght. He hna
been ill In his room at the Murray hotel
for aome days. -
Humours, Scalp Humours, Baby
Aocused of Aidicg irievioui Assault on West
Virginia Solon.
Yonasr Men Retoralaa front Banquet
Said to Have Bratallr I Bed l.eala
latnr, Throwing Htm from
Hark They Wanted.
CHARLESTON. W. Va.. Feb. 14 John
H. Winder, general manager of the Kana
wha & Hocking Coal company, Dan Hanna
son of Senator Mark Hanna, and
others arc charged with assaulting Hon.
O. Caldwell, a member of the legislature
from Ohio county, early today while the
latter was going home from the legislative
ball in a cab. The other men had been at
a club during the night, so It la charged.
They were on their way to the Kanawha
and Michigan depot and wanted a hack.
They hailed the hack In which Represent'
atlve Csldwell was riding and attempted
to enter. Caldwell protested and said the
hack was his. Winder and Hanna
are said to have entered the hark, and it
Is charged. Winder dealt Caldwell a hard
blow In the face, rendering him uncon
sclous. Representative Caldwell waa
thrown out of the hack and the others
took charge of It.
Caldwell waa picked up by friends
and taken to the hotel in
serious condition. Winder, Hanna
and others left on a train for Columbus
o. a warrant for their arrest was
sworn out by Caldwell and telegraphed to
Toint Pleasant, W. Va., but ther, has been
no response up to this afternoon. The af
fair has caused a sensation here.
Representative Caldwell is resting well
under the care of physicians. He was
badly hurt and may lose one eye.
It is announced that the friends of John
H. Winder in the coal business here se
cured the countermanding of the messages
for the arrest of the parties and that their
private car passed over the Ohio river
bridge at Point Pleasant unmolested. The
warrant was sworn out by Captain J. B
Winder represents the Interest of J.
Plerpont Morgan in Ohio and West Virginia
and all the coal operators here, It is said,
pleaded to have the order of arrest re
sctnded. Winder Is here frequently on
business, but it was the first visit of Hanna
and the others. . It Is stated that
Caldwell's friends will offer a resolution
In the house of delegates inquiring Into the
reason tor the countermanding of the order
for the service of tho warrant!.
COLUMBUS, O., Feb. 14. Messrs
Winder and Hanna arrived here over
the Toledo & Ohio Central at 2:45 p. va,
Mr. Winder w?s shown the Associated Press
telegram and denied the story. He said h
had not been to a banquet in Charleston
and had not seen the man alleged to have
been assaulted.
A special from Point Tleasant says
Winder and Hanna was locked In their pri
vate car when the train passed that point.
Before the doors could be broken In the
train pulled across the bridge Into Ohio.
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protocols were dispatched to the foreign
offices of tho allies.
It Is not expected that the next set of
protocol will be taken up until the middle
of next week.
. Bowrs Congratulates Castro.
CARACAS, Feb. 14. News of the raising
of the blockade waa received by President
Castro this morning from Mr. Bowen, who
The protocols have been signed. Block
do will be raised tomorrow. ' Cnna-rattila..
To this message President Castro replied
as follows:
In the name of Venezuela, and in mv
own name, I offer you expressions of my
eternal gratitude tor me decided spontane
ousness with which you have served the
cause of Justice, which I the cause of the
humanity that distinguishes superior minds.
Up to 2 this afternoon the British cruiser
Tribune bad received no orders with regard
to raising the blockade.
Merrnry Goo, to Sixty-Six Decree,
Below, with a Fuel Famine
SEATTLE, Wash., Feb. 14. The weather
haa been extremely cold at Dawaon for the
last fifteen days, the thermometer going as
low as 66 degrees below tero.
The country is covered with a dry, thick
fog, making It almost impossible to see
even In the middle of the day.
A fuel famine adds to the discomfort of
the situation. There Is plenty of wod
near Dawson, but the teamsters will uot
haul It In during the hard winter.
CHEYENNE. Wyo., Feb. 14. Last night
the temperature went to 16 below at Chey
enne, 15 below at Laramie and 35 below at
Evanston. Two more days of this cold
weather will result In heavy stock losses.
Trains are moving, but they are greatly
Impeded by drifting snow.
DENVER. Feb. 14. Last night was the
coldest of the winter. The minimum tem
perature in this city was 10 below zero,
but in the mountains it was much colder.
The weather is moderating today, but it is
not expected the temperature will rise to
th, normal tor several days.
Assurance of Bank Officer, Allays the
Excitement Somewhat at
Aabury Park.
ASBURY PARK. N. J., Feb. 14. The ex
citement over the closing of tht First Na
tional bank and the Monnouth Trust com
pany had somewhat aubstded today, the
asburance of th, officials of both the bank
BDd the trust company to day that all de
positors would be psid in full, having al
layed the excitement.
3. A. Patterson, one of the directors nf
the Monmouth Trust company, said:
"Whether the trust company will evor
open Its doors again depends on the stabil
ity of the securltiea held by the officers.
Just bow much money was advanced to the
Frailer Mountain Copper company of New
I Mexico, which was promoted by President
Twining of the trust company, I cannot
aay. I do not know the value of those
Mr. Patterson stated that $30,000 worth
of copper stock had been sold in the vlcln
Ity of Asbury Park.
Mrs. Harriet N. Foster to Take Beat
After Forty-Flte
WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 The fourth as
sistant postmaster general has received th.
resignation of Mrs. Harriet U. Fost,r, post
master at Troy Grove, 111.
Mis. Foster has beea connected with th.
Troy Orov, postemce for forty-are vears,
the last twenty-five years as postmaster,
having been appointed December IS, 1S77.
The salary of the office Is $391 a year.
Steam, hip Arrives la Port After One
( the I.nnaeat Yeyna-es
a Record.
NEW TORK. Feb. 14. The steamship
Germanic arrived today from Liverpool
after what the commander, Captain Smith,
said was not only the roughest trip since
the vessel went into commission, but the
stormiest voysge of his career as a sea
man. Great waves broke over the port side
and rolled the big steamer until sleep was
Impossible for the passengers. The liner
made only five knots an hour. The ere
was frequently called to allay the alarm
of the panicky passengers.
There were twenty-nine persons In the
first cabin, twice as majy in the second
and one of the largest steerage lists on
The emigrants were panic-stricken. Oil
was thrown over the side of the ship.
The crew had to move about the deck
with ropes fastened to their waists.
Dearer Ksperts Great ( rani at Chris
tlan Endeavor Convention to
' Be Hold la Jolr.
DENVER, Feb. 14 Rev. Dr. Fran
els E. Clark is In Denver msking arrange
ments for the great Christian Endeavor
convention to bo held here July 9 to 13.
Every effort Is being made to beat th.
record-breaking attendance of 66,425 at
Boston in 1895. '
"We Intend to make this the largest and
linnet convention yet held," said Mr. Clark.
"We are going to arrange for the finest
program yet given and will have the ablest
ministers and laymen In the country for
our speakers and the muslo will be well
looked to."
The Christian Endeavor society numbers
60,000 organizations and 3,500,000 people.
It Is established in forty countries.
Becomes Entangled In Bed Clothing;
and I, Beyond Aid When
The lnfaat child of Charles and Mrs.
Jackson of 216 South Twehty-nlnth street
died yesterday afternoon under peculiarly
distressing circumstances, being smoth
ered by Its bedclothes so that It could
not be resuscitated, when its condition was
discovered. Mrs. Jackson had left the in
fant carefully wrapped up on the bed, while
she was busy In another room. In some
manner the little one became enttngled in
the covers and was almost smothpred when
the mother came to Its rescue. Medical aid
was summoned, but could not save the
baby. Mr. Jackson Is night fireman at the
Nebraska Telephone building. The In
fant was less than a month old.
Obtains Charter, to Bnlld from Okla
homa City to Colorado's
GUTHRIE, Okla., Feb. 14. C. O. Jones,
president of the 'Frisco lines in Oklahoma,
today announced that the road recently
chartered from Oklahoma City to Denver, a
distance of 640 miles, will be built for the
'Frisco company and operated by It.
. The track layers now completing the
'Frisco from Oklahoma City into Quanah,
Texas, will finish b? March 10 and will then
be moved to Red Fork to commence the
Arkansas Valley ft Western.
Hundred-Yenr-Old Woman Dies After
Attending? All Local Fnaerala
for Year,.
BLOOMINQTON. 111., Feb. 14. Mrs. Kath
erlne Lyons, 100 years old, died today.
She had lived In this county for half a
century and had attended every funeral
held In Lexington for twenty-live years.
Valise Hnd Money Gone.
Another Iowa man James Brundell,
found trouble In this city yesterday Mr.
Brundell Is said to have been in a condi
tion not fitted to exercise calm judgment
when he arrived, and to have taken a
nack which was to deliver him at a hotel.
The Union was first visited and then other
places where lodgers are taken in, and
me iraveier nnany lert at the nostlery
known as the Rusty Shovel at Sixteenth
and Davenport streets. The Iowa man first,
awoKe, in room ro. s, 10 ine zacc m&i nis
valise, with all his money in it, waa miss
ing. He sold his overcoat for a mess of
pork and beans and sought the police.
Bam Busey of 804 North Sixteenth street
was arrested, but Brundell said that he did
not know him. The police think it prob
able that the Iowa man Just forgot to re
move his baggage from me car when he
eppea oui ui me union sutuon.
Hotel Employes Dnnre.
Hotel and Restaurant Employes' union
No. 273 held its first annual ball In the
Schllls roof garden last night. A good
slsed crowd danced through a varied pro
gram of twenty numbers. The affair was
pronouncea as a success ty those In at
The seniors are planning their next social
for March 14. The parents of the seniors
are to be Invited to this social and a Jolly
good time Is anticipated.
The P. O. 8. gave the second of their
operatic programs on Thursday. The optra
taken for this entertainment was "Loh
engrin" and consisted of a story of the
opera by Illta Clark, an explanation by
Ora Ag!e, a vocal solo, "Elsa's Dream," by
Mrs. Sheets, a recitation by hdna bweely.
an instrumental piece by Miss btrawn and
violin solo By miss Lieve.
A number of valentine parties were given
by high school students Saturday. Among
them wer, the enjoyable affairs given by
Jean Fleming for the "Owl and Crescent
and the Z. Z. Z ." and another Riven by
Miss Sarah Martin for tne Hrownlnx club.
A DeiimunHhlo class I being formed at
the iilnh school for all student!) who do
not write well. A test in handwriting was
given several months ao and another on,
last week and If no Improvement can bo
seen between the two or if the writing Is
till Door such pupils win nave to join tne
class In penmanship.
Anyone lookina for cnthuMasm among
students would certainly have found it at
Its helsnt by observing tne large garner
ing awaiting anxiously the opening of the
doors of the large study hall, numbering
M. on Friday afternoon. Immediately at
the rlnainK of the bell at 2:15 an Immense
crowd thronged the halls, making a grand
rush for tliu study hull to witness the.
entertainment given by the cadets of the
school for toe benefit of tne encampment
fund. The buys ko to camp every year,
to experience the life of real soldiers. The
large room used for tne entertainment
was filled to overflowing, two and three
occupying every seat Hnd every available
place In the room ued for sitting and
standing. Most of the songs, talks and
Jokes were quite original mid were not
only Interesting, but amusing. The flrxt
numDer wa, a national air o ;ne omunu
High school band. The double quartet.
with their melodious voices, pleased the
audience greatly by singing "Thu Maiden
with tne ire&mv Kvfi Meturs. air-
brother. Harris and McDiarmld sang
"Politeness Is a Gentle Art." composed by
Miles Oreenleaf. "Don't Mind Me." by
the same author, was sung beautifully by
Lealle Mcl'larmld. Other numbers In
cluded a chalk talk bv Miles Gr-enleaf.
selection by the Mandolin club and "Th,
Utile Dutch band," and a xlther solo by
Lu Henanaw. Mr. wassei. tne new com
mandant of th, hlsh school battalion
brought a crack company from Fort Crook
to drill for the of the stu
dents. This was an un,xpcte4 number
and epprecleUd by all.
Protocol Sending American Claim, to Arbi
tration Keceired in Washington
rrealdents of Two Hepnbllrs Are to
Appoint One Kaoh and Roth To
gether Will Xante the
WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 Judge rcnneld.
solicitor for the Stats department, has e
celved from United States Minister Towel!
at San Domingo the arbitration treaty,
signed by himself and by the Dominican
minister for foreign relations, providing
for the claims of the San Domingo Im
provement company and allied corpora
tions. .
The treaty provides that the president of
the United States shall name one arbi
trator, the president of San Domingo an
other and both presidents jointly a third.
who Bhall pass on the terms of payment of
an indemnity to the San Domingo Improve
ment company, the San Domingo Finance
company of New York, the Central Domln
lean railway and the National Bank ef
San Domingo.
It is agreed that these companies shall
withdraw from San Domingo the govern
ment of that country to deposit with the
United States $4,600,000 gold as Indemnity
for the relinquishment of their rights.
The companies are to surrender certain
American bonds and it Is the duty of the
arbitrators to arrange the terms upon
which the Indemnity is to be paid.
The arbitrators are to meet in Washing'
ton sixty days after appointment, but I
delay of ninety days Is granted San Do
mingo to afford an opportunity tor direct
settlement with the companies.
Melville Will Keep Post.
The statement that Admiral Melville Is
about to retire Is said to be erroneous
Secretary Moody said today he was sure
the engineer-in-chlef has no such inten
Admiral Melville also said he Intended
to serve until the expiration of his com
mission In January, 1904.
Homestead Law Amended.
The senate committee on public landa to
day decided to favorably report Senator
Quarle's bill repealing the desert land law,
the timber and stone entry law, leaving
only the straight five-year residence home
stead law, under which the public lands
may be taken up for homes.
The committee stood seven to six on
the vote to report the bill, among the mem
bers In favor being Senator Dietrich.
Horse of Kidnaping; Fame Is Sold
by Police for Fifteen
"Pat Crowe,", the horse which wss em
ployed by the alleged kidnaper in the Cud
ahy escapade and which later fell Into the
possession of ths police department and
has been preased into the emergency serv
ice of the patrol department for the pait
two years, has been sold. The animal was
bought by Dr. Ayers, Thirteenth and Dorcas
streets. In spite of the renown surrounding
the animal only $15 was realized by the
Benefit for Franklin School. I
- Pupils of the seventh and eighth grades
at the Franklin school have arranged a
muslcale to be given to raise money for
their picture fund. It will be at Kountxe
Memorial church on the evening of Satur
day, February 21. Following is the pro
gram :
. Organ Prelude.
Chorus . Incline Thine Ear
Sole Parla (Italian) Ardltt
Mrs. Wagqer Thomas.
Bugle Call .Qelbel
High Bchool Orpheus Club.
Chorus Juanlta
8olo (Harp) Chl-Ml-Frena Cheshire
Miss Swanson.
Chorus Away to the Fields
Water Lilies Llnders
Orpheus Club.
Chorus Flag Song
Bolo Selected
Dr. R. W. BalUy.
Solo (Harp) Ballade Verdalle
Miss Swanson.
Chorus and Audience America
Raid a Cigar Store. '
The police last night raided the cigar
store of Starbuck & Hart at 1620 North
Twenty-fourth street, where It was thought
a poker game was In progress. J. O. Star
buck of 2512 Parker street, and E. O. Hart
. a rw. 1.' . . I. T' ....... ....n.V. m t V.
Ut " '.J i. 111 iwrnij-iuuiiu . . ...
proprietors, were srrested and charged with
keeping a gambling house. Ktght other
men who were In the place were arrested
and charged with being Inmates of a gam
bling place. These men all gave fictitious
mimes. Two tables and cards were con
fiscated. Sergeant Swlgart. Detective
Stryker and Patrolman Taylor made the
arrests. The card playing was in a rear
room separated from th, cigar store by
a wooden partition. The officers found a
game of cards in progress and chips on the
table. The proprietors had V and S86
respectively when searched t the station.
One of the men who was arrested and gave
The curse of drunkenness Is the beset
ting sin of the land. The demon of In
temperance makes no discrimination in
his victims, striking down rich and poor
alike and blighting; the lives of millions
every year.
Many a young man of brightest promise
and greatest mental and physical gifts
haa found the dishonored grave of a drunk
ard, Instead of the honorable place in so
ciety for which bis attainments would have
fitted him, and to which hit station In life
would have entitled him.
In days gone by It was thought that a
drunkard wss a drunkard merely because
he wished to be so, the popular opinion
being that any man could stop drinking if
he would only exert sufficient will power.
The medical profession have long since
recognised the fallacy of attempting to
cure a drunkard of his intemperate habits
by moral suasion. It has been for years
wellknown medical fact that continued
Indulgence In alcoholic stimulants causes
the stomach and digestive organs to be
come diseased. Physicians will tell you,
therefore, that in the vast majority of
rases .habitual drunkenness is a physical
disease, requiring physical treatment.
This Is far too practical an age for
faith cure" fallacies. It will not now
be contended by many sane persons that
organic diseases can be cured by mental
The secret of the proper way to treat
the abnormal craving for drink has been
discovered by a chemist of many years'
standing, and after thorough test, during
hich It has demonstrated that It never
falls to perform Its mission, a preparation
haa been placed on the market which will
r.liss Josophino Lano,
A Society
After Five Years' Suffering from Dackacho and
Kidney Trouble Was
"I suffered for over five years with malaria and kidney trouble my whole system
was Impregnated with the poison. It affected my general health, robbing me of
energy and vitality, and causing severe headache and backache. The digestive organs
were also Impaired, so my food seemed tasteless and like lead in my stomach. I pass
ed a dreary existence and my naturally happy disposition waa changed Into one of
constant Irritation and nurvous inconsistencies. ' ... .
"Warner's Safe Cure was the only remedy ever found which helped me. I began
taking It In March, and before tire warm weather came I was completely cured, felt
like a new woman, full of life and hope.
"Words cannot tell how pleased I am to have my health back. I have a keen ap-
fetlte and er.Joy my meals; digestion Is perfect. All my aches and pains have left me.
have gained nine pounds in weight and I feel in harmony with all the world because
I am now perfectly well." Very sincerely, M1S8 JOSEPHINE LANE, 162 Shawmut
Ave., Boston, Mass. ... . .
Thousands, both men and women, like Miss Lane, have been cured of serious com
plications caused by kidney disease neglected, by Warner's Safe Cure, after all so
called kidney cures had failed.
If you have pains In the back, rheumatism, uric acid poison, rheumatic gout,
diabetes, Brlght's disease, inflammation of the bladder and urinary organs; scalding
pains whan you urinate, ecxema. Jaundice, swellings or torpid liver; If a woman, bearing-down
sensation, fainting spells, so-called female weakness, painful periods; these
symptoms tell you that your kidneys have been diseased for a long time, for kidney
diseases seldom put out sucn symptoms as the victim recognises until they have been
working several months. You should lose no time get a 5ic bottle of Bafe Cure at
your druggist's. It will relieve you at once and effect a permanent cure. It kills all
disease Kerms.
IF IN IOt BT MAKJS THIS TESTi Let some morning mine stand for twenty
four hours In a glass or bottle. If then It Is milky or cloudy or contains a reddish,
brick dust sediment, or If particles or germs float about In It, your kidneys are
If, after you have made this test, you h
velopment of the disease In your system, s
Department, Warner's Safe Cure Co., Roo
It and sendyou a report with advice free o
book describing all diseases of the kidney
for each dlspase.
All letters from women, read and answ
ence in strictest confidence.
Warner s Hate Cure is purely vegetabl
drugs. It Is free from sediment and pleas
most valuable and effective tonic; It Is a sti
liver. It repairs the tissue., soothes rnfla
feebled organs and heals at the same time,
and restores energy. You can buy Bafe Cu
Beware of so-called kidney cures
odor they are positively harmful and
the name of 3. II. Johnson, but who Is
said to have been the ekler Starbuck, vis
ited the police station earlier in the even
ing and made a complaint about a game
going on at another place. This led the
police to raid the Starbuck A Hart place.
The prisoners were all liberated on ball.
Charared with Annoylnsr Child.
James Garver, an elderly man living at
4501 Grant street, was arrested last night
on complaint of Mrs. Karbach. She ac
cuses the prisoner with annoying her
small daughter, whom she says he followed
yesterday morning from the corner of Six
teenth and Dodge streets to the place
where she works. The prisoner vehe
mently declared last night that he had
not been near the streets mentioned at all
and had not seen the child. He was, how
ever, confined In the matron's department
of the Jail until the matter could be In
vestigated! He was arrested - during, the
month of December on a- similar com
plaint of following this little girl about.
Mrs. Ida Poor In Oregon Asylnm.
A telegram to The Bee ' from Tacoma,
Wash., states that Mrs. Ida Poor has been
sent to the state asylum of Oregon and
that she told there that she Itad relatives
in Omaha and Council Bluffs, but that no
positively and permanently destroy the
craving for liquor, at the same time that
It restores the normal condition of the
nerves of the stomach and the digestive
organs, toning up and improving the health
of the patient.
"ORRINB" Is the name of this wonder
ful preparation, which la now on aale al
over the United States, sold and recom
mended by the leading druggists of the
C. T. V. .physicians, clergymen, public
men, many members of the Y. M. C. A.,
and thousands of others. The good work
which this remedy has done has made Us
name known from Maine to California,
and haa caused such a demand for It that
Its manufacturers, who are wellknown and
prominent men of Washington, D. C have
been unable to supply that demand.
"ORRINE" Is now on sale In Omaha by
Sherman McConnell Drug Co.. wholesale
and retail druggists, corner lth and Dodge
In every package there la a registered
guarantee that this remedy, If taken ac
cording to directions, will permanently de
stroy the craving for liquor, with the dis
tinct agreement to REFUND THE PUR
CHASE MONEY if it ever should fall,
which It never has done and never will.
For the drunkard unwilling to be cured.
"ORRINE" can be given In food, tea, cof
fee, water or milk, WITHOUT THE PA
TIENT'8 KNOWLEDGE. It Is In the form
of a small powder, tasteless, odorless and
colorless. Thousands of cures have beea
effected In this way, and thousands of let
ters have been received from grateful
wives and mothers, all speaking In the
Sherman & LIcGonnell Drug Co.,
Vholesilo tnd Retail Druggists.
Loader of Boston,
Restored to Health by
ave any doubt In your mind as to the de
end a sample of your urine to the Medical
hester, N. Y., and our doctors will analyse
f charge to you, together with a valuable
S, liver, bladder ana blood, and treatment
ered. by a woman doctor. All correspond-
e and contains no narcotic or harmful
ant to take - It does not constipate. It 1s a
mulant to digestion and awakens the -torpid
mmatlon and irritation, stimulates the en
It builds up the body. Rives It strength
re at any drug- store or direct, to CENTS
, - .
which are full of sediment and of bad
do not cure.
bowels gently and aid a speedy cure.
response had been received to telegrams
sent the persons she named. Mrs. Poor
will be remembered as the wife of Charles
Poor, a murdered laundryman of Omaha,
and as the woman who wandered with her
child in the woods for many days, leapM
from a train In the east and recently
burned all her money In the stove of a
car out west.
Marriage Lleenses.
Marriage licenses have been Issued to:
Name and Residence Age.
Richard O'Bhaughnesay, St.- Elisabeth,
Mo. li
Margaret Burke, Kansas City, Mo 24
William F. Manning, Omaha.' 47
Matilda. Radlcke, Omaha 41
Mike Roman, Rochelle, 111 2
Clara Swlgert, Omaha 19
Edward Meahan, Albion, Neb 4fi
Mae Fotherglll, Omaha U
Miss Cora Hyer of the - Boston stnfe's
millinery department la In New York. City.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Davlcs left last
night to spend two or three weeks tn New
York City. ' . : .
highest terms and most positive way of
the complete effectiveness , of this remedy.
In every case the patient's health haa been
Prepared by expert chemists, on princi
ples recognized as correct by . the medical
profession, endorsed by the best physicians
"ORRINE" leaves absolutely no had effects
of any kind. In tact the medical princi
ple upon which It la founded would
easily warrant Ita use as a tonic. It cures
the drink habit by removing ths craving
for liquor, soothing the nerves, curing the
diseased stomach linings, bringing back a
normal and healthy appetite and restoring
normal conditions. , There are absolutely
no poisonous drugs, opium, cocaine or
other Injurious Ingredients In "ORRINE."
In fact, a child could taks It without the
slightest risk. But It does the work, and
TURNS. Thomas 8. Hopkins, post commander of
the O. A. R. , of Washington, D. C, writes'
"Personal Investigation has proven to me
that 'ORRINE' cures the liquor habit. I
think all the temperance organizations la
tho country should take It up and distri
bute It." Hundreds of other similar testi
monials have been received from promi
nent persons all orer the land, aad will b
published from time to time, by consent of
the writers thereof. Sealed booklet
mailed free.
The price of "ORRINE" Is U per box.
six boxes for $5. Mailed In plain sealed
wrapper on receipt of price, by ORRINE
COMPANY, Washington, D. C. Sold and
rscommended by