Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 15, 1903, EDITORIAL SHEET, Page 17, Image 17

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We hvr mtn-pj oa- office from th? old Oiuha St-ving. Bank BuiU:n. corner Uth
smd D.iurlts, to ?10 Nrw o-k Life Building, w.irt w. a-e still off-Tin-; the property of
the rW Omaha Saving Bank at a g-eat sacrifire in order tn pay the uVrwtrtcir . Below
a-e some of the properties we claim to he the cheapest in the locality wherem they re
situated: Pr.jr, st . nne-s!ory frsme
and two-story frsme house; rents
for Si5 per month; lot Stxl2l.
$1.400 S w. corner tiiufltf and Wh irr..
with fc-room frame house; room for
two mare houses; lot 7!txM feet.
tLISn IF.S1 R. nth in. 4-room cottare; lot
H.4S0 5 rontn colts thorough! v repaired
new ly painted, 2u2u . ilth St.; lot
tl0Two 1 -story frame cot t area. IKS-IS
N. lnth ave.; rent tor 812 r mon'h.
lot 44xt.
sl.Mh A-rnora modern houe end barn 261
N. 17th ave.; lot 2SS,1.
K.400 1M feet, north front, on California
near S2d; this lot rune through
to Caen st ; it is tiK feet deep; splen
did opportunity to cut It into small
nta and erect cottages: on the car
$2,000 'inree lota at the N. V. corner Burt
nd Lowe sve ; east front on Lowe
; new cathedra) will be oppoelte
thee lota and they will double In
value In three yters.
310 New York Life Bldg., Omaha.
D. V. Sholes & Co,
71-7J0 New Tork Ufa. Telephone 41
n. for Soxiso-fnot Jot. t houses, rent
$l.Sfi per month. In walking distance.
fs for fStlC No. JBth Are., full lot.
rooms, large X-aiory houae. aewer, water,
gee. only half block Lake Pt. line, ex
cellent repair. BEST 1TRCHASE JN
fS.s'io for 7-room brand new houae In
WEPT FARNAM fllstrirt, fine furnace,
nickel pluroblna:. rae and electric light,
oak flnldh. poliahed floor and ready to
move right In.
14.100 for 7-room, atrlctly modern, oak
ftntah. pollahed floors, fine furnaca and
plumbing:, E. front, on 2Mb near Maaon.
for K-room modern E. front houae,
full lot. line repair, all apeclal taaea paid.
" with bam. on Slat near i'ark. BEST buy
1n HAN8COM 1'LACE. Foaaeealon Imme
diately. K.MU for IrtOxlfio- foot lot, d-room modern,
hot water heated bnuee. In good repair,
on Park Ave. and Poppleton. corner, all
pedal taxes paid, iwrmanent walka.
M,floo for an elea-ant t-mnm modern brick
nouae near Urownell Hall, with hard
wood pollahed flnlah all over, exception
ally well butit, hatideome arrangement,
lot 76xl feet, fine looation.
H.M0 for very fine t-room modern, oak
flnlah. fine hardwood pollahed noora, fine
plumbing, excellent location. In West
Farnam dletrlct, with good barn, full lot.
WEBT FARNAM, en With Ave., E. fronta.
three beautiful lota, and CTxlK feet
actiL, lnalde U.Ki. corner (4.4u0. Three
are the BEBT lota FOR the MONEY,
conelderlng LOCATION, of anything
offered for fine homea You cannot 'beat
K.bua for t0xl4ft, on IHth St., near Jackaon.
E. front, ut put on the market for the
first time In la yeara. It la a anap, too.
$00 for io-foot lot, on grade, on Marry
near Cd Pt. WHAT la the matter with
thla, but the price? Thla la a pickup.
SLW for a 60-fnot lot on Wth and Howard,
Jolna Xr. Bmlth'a fine plaoe.
i a ere In Spring Valley, went of Bouth
Omaha, BNAP, (500.
D acrea H mile north of Country club and
motor line, very cheap, tlsA per acr.
St acres, the nneat tract, near Mth and
F, that has laid out tf doom, unaold 1n
past 17 years. 1 hla Is s bummer, flee ua
400.(00 acres 1n one tract, very fine ranch
lands in the southwest, only 11 miles
from railroad, excellent tor cattle or
abeep. or can be partly uaed tor agri
cultural land with Irrigation from rivers
touching It. at 2a cents per acre cash.
This la a bargain.
We hare a large Hat of RANCHES from
UOb.OOO acres down. In all parta of the
country. Also large 1'at of tarma In Ne
braska, too many to fill a newspaper.
Aak for PRINTEto LIST, mailed KhE
FRETTT little -r. borne, near S4tk and
lecatur. on comer, valued at !i.et1. to
exchange for larger house worth 2.nno.
Be mis. PaxtxiB block. RE 48 IS
Ground floor Bee Bldg
Lot J. block i. West Omaha, louxlST feet.
ad,1olniti4t Cudahr a fine residence on tbe
west; make ua an offer.1
ft rooms, city water, gat and newer, east
front, northeast corner, SLS00.
i rooma, mooern furnace, pared
tract, X3 slander-son Bt, tl.ww.
. T-eooui modern bouoe, paved street, 1S2S E.
Mth Be. barn, lot 50x140. C.OUu.
S-room modern bouse, ved street, S314
Franoia Bu barn, lot 4ixliti. S2.2UU.
UD acres grass and bay land to exchange
for small acre tract near Omaha.
148 acres 4 miles west of Ceitsoo. H miles
north of Lincoln, 7-room house, good
bam. JkxS2. cattle sheds, granary, etc..
bwaring- orchard, food, rich, black loam
oil, ciav ciubsoil. ta m
a acves well Iniiroved. S00 acres cultlvateQ,
best of soil, ire trom sand or gumbo,
only 1 mils from Cowles. In Webster
county; big snap, 125.00 tier acre.
We have 11 shares of I nion Block Tarda
stevk for sale at a bargain. RE HSU la
1M acres and impts.. iKiugias Co., Wis.
Bosraing bouse and TO a.. Warren Co., N. T.
to Int. ua Du acres. Aran. Fla.; U acre
peach orchard; good buineaa.
Residence and 1 sere near Weedspnrt, N. T.
acres snd impts, Cumberland Co., N. J ;
111 acre timber: fine truck lana
4X act as and impts,. Bruard Co., Ga.
lu-rwim residsnoe and x.' acres land, Wor
cester, Msss ; excellent locstlon.
Building pint, 17th and Chestnut ts Har-
"W. M. U6TBANDER, N. A. Bldg . Pblla.
e.f aTel.. xTanb11 aoS r m
nam district. H.pj.. Sa.w and r.wsj.
Bemia. Paxton biocfc- Hfcr-S 15
1.408 acres frame bouse lXx24. frame bam
S2x5o. S wells and windmills mewi: 2
cisterns. S largs tanka. 2.0uv acres alfalfa
land, water I o 15 feet from surface. 2o0
tons bay cut last rear IS miles Anselmo, 1
Custer oounty. price S2.S0 per acre Gov
ernment land adjoining sufficient ts pas-
lure LOMi bead cattle. j
RE-aa is j
TWO S-room cottages, newlv papered and 1
painted, near car Una. $1.4b tor both.
Twe 4-room cottages in Sim d order, near
car line. Si.4(i for both.
AN aiegant Ultle borne tn Clifton Hill,
evwryiiilng modem, good barn, nice yard,
corner lot, price $i.n. Bemls. Paxton
block, RE i IS
Ws want ts show you that ae alfalfa farm
ts tbe best money maker in Nrnrafka.
Call or write for reasons and list.
First Floor N. T. LUs Pldg.
RE 7$ IS
Tel. B-l tJt N. T. Life.
$1 Si A-rtnm bouse, one acre ground, -in
N SiKh st. -tl
aa mem bouse, two scree, on N. foth.
Smjs US-acre block In Benson.
U- Two lb-acre biot as in Benson, small
$. e seres north, joining Bnse on
rrt is
la-It. MODERN house. Inside property,
corner lot, asphslt paving both sides,
taxes sll amid, excellent neighborhood,
price $4JM. or will trade C.4e equit y for
aaelier bouse further out. Bemia. Fas
ton block. Svfc 2M la
$1 . Double house, north front on Cum
in sr.. nesr th; renti for SIS per
month; lot 41x121.
S2.SI0-U have lust obtain title to a
-ron cottage and htm. No Kit
N. 4fd St. near Cuming; sightly
location; a snsp; lot 5oxl
$!. Two h-room'. facing south on
Cbsrles. near .1d. rent for Si per
month, this is a splendid npport unity
tor a home and investment at the
same time.
$2,100 v have Just obtained title to a
email house, with a fine yard. No.
241 Hamilton et ; the lot alone la
worth the prior; we have had msny
Inquiries about this property before
we got -title to It.
S.ffiB E corner 23d and Farna . 116
feet on Farnam by IK feet on Slid at.
ts 000 S. E corner 4n.h and Harney sts ;
lot 6xU7. N. W. comer tth and Harney st.,
22 feet on Harney by IS feet on fh
at.: thla I opposite the Lre-Giass-Andreeeen
building and la the finest
mall trackage lot in the city of
(imtbi; we can sell tbc adjoining 44
RE-MS tt
Tukey & Son.
B. E. corner Uth and Maaon. tT.UO. Will
take clear nronertv aa nan navment.
N. E. oomer lth and Leavenworth. tlBO
per foot. $HxM feet.
N. W. corner 16th and Pierce. Want
offer. 23x12! feet.
It lota on 9th. north of Grande e venue.
tI2fi to S2(i0 per lot.
k lota In Hernia Park.. C7S to K.1S0 per lot.
Lots In Carton Kill. Vtab to ti each.
4310 Eraklne, t rooma. good shape. Sl.ZaO.
IMS Kmer avenue, t rooma, email lot.
S1.H0. Part trade.
North, waet and aouthweet of city. tlBO
to 0)0 per acre. Easy terms.
Went of -Htta tnd Grant trts. Enourh
material In bulldmf to pay for tt.
A 13 fTi v IT? m. ar.w
44-440 Board of Trade Building
7-R. MODERN house and good bam. In
Lake Park Add.. Bouth Omaha. Price,
Si.imi Bern la. paxton block. RE au lb
2-FTORT 7-room house, full comer lot,
blocks to street car. electric light,
house rents for Sla per month, tenants
ly water rent. Price, ST,).
2-story k-room house, all modem, with
good bam and lots of fruit trees in
yard, paved street, psving all paid for.
first-class neighborhood, close to school
and street car. 1 his property will be
sold for the next lew days at the low
price of SS.WO.
Three full acres with a good thrae-room
house, well cistern, Hi-story barn, wagon
shed, chicken house and about 40 bearing
fruit trees, all fenced In, not over a half
mile to street car and school, S1.J0.
Two acnes with good bam. corn crib,
granary, big shed, about w bearing fruit
trees, two wells, and hot beds, all fenced,
five blocks from street car and six blocks
to school. SW.
Very nloe S-room bouse with two full seres,
good barn and some fruit trees, . little
north of Krug s park. H.
Four acres about two blocks south of the
Country club, Dundee car will pass rt
next spring within one block, thase lots
are offered on the market for one week
only at the low price of S700.
Ten acre of the very richest soil, sdaptsd
for fruit purposes, strawberries especially
and apple trees, plumbs, cherries and
peaches, and one-third acre In first-class
strawberries, one-fourth of an acre In
winter onions, not over half s mile from
street car and one block from paved
rosd; has got southeast slope and Is well
protected from tbe northwest wind. This
will be offered for one week only for
4M- Paxton Block, Omaha.
RE ill IS
A Nict?, New Fight-Room, Modern
Residence for
Cash payment, balance monthly. Let
us tell you how to secure this desir
able property. Like paying rent
1320 Farnam Street.
We STILL hsvs a tew Douglas, Cass,
Barpy and aahlngton Co. farma te offer
at tbe lowest market price. Bemia. pax
ton block. RE 17 la
10 acres S. W., unimproved, S1.200.
So acres about 7 miiea from Omaha post
office, 5. uuu vines of grspes, bearing apple,
plum, peach and apricot treea. Price. St.Oou.
73 acrea. improved, near Gretna, fa &0u
78 acrea, improved, near Waterloo, $5,400.
120 acres, near Eik City, fi.tuo.
250 acrea. Improved. Burt county, fl2.Sno.
tiu acrea good Sarpy county land, S24.O00.
SK50 for 'X127 feet near Mth and Decatur sts.
S1.S00 fur choice fit-toot lot west of high
school and near car line.
S2.7U0 tor b-room house, lot 50x122 feet, pav
ing paid S72 B. 27th St.
S3.5t for S3xl20 feet on Capitol ave., facing
nw market house.
S3 7IUt for 13x182 near court house.
$4 0is for southwest comer of 13th and Cass,
ixvxas feet, paving paid
aLT.! v Cr"thton coUe
, uw Jor t hniMK rental SI. 022 per year,
i ground ttixlJt feet.
I ,u fnT ro of br,rk u"alngs. ground
,,,,,44 rct.i u,sa year.
RE S44 15
40 and 80 Acre Farms
Just closing out the last 40 and go-acre
farms 40 suies from Omaha. AU under
cultivation, with house, bam and well
with pump on every 40 or av acres. Bold
on 11 years time; only 1-10 cash at time
if purchase; balance at S per cent In
terest, payable la ten yearly Installments
40 farms sold In the last thirty dsya If
you want a farm on these terms, ready to
move on, come st once
42-: Paxton Block, Omaha.
REeie B
FOR SALE Small ranch of 4 acres t
miles from station. Boone Co.. Neb.; good
house and other in. prove men ta. abun
dance of water, auo acre In good tnree
wirs fenoe. 1' acres good tillable land,
nap if taken In ten days. Laod A Halre,
Albion, Neb. RE IMS IS
Improved farma In central Missouri, within
miles of the stale capital. $10 ts S
per sore. Excursion February 17; raii
wsy fare for round trip. $1210. Train
leaves at 10 a m. from Union station.
J B. Plier. Ramge Blk.. ttth and Harney
Sta.. Ou ha. RE 41 15
4 a. nine miles N. W. of Leigh Neb.; a
finely Improved farm, mostly cultivated,
well equipped tux handling stock and
gram raising; will reut for one year, with
privilege of five yesra Price. 3 per acre,
inquire of R. C. peters A Co., Omaha.
Neb . ground floor Bee building.
REAL ESTATE Investments ba Great
ralia Montana, pay fifteen per cent In
re ti La la Writs E. B. Sargent Great Falia,
Mot RE M 7 e
S ACRES near Krug Park, fine Inprar
menta. fruit, etc. price ST. ago .m trsae
for vacant property not to 3 tar out.
Bemia. paxton block. RE am IS
Western Farms Have Steadily
Wise Investors Are Putting Their Money
KOl-Suf New Tork Life Building.
i'WEUJNli HoffES
On Weat Farnam t . a coay l-room mod
ern cottage, with larre lot. for ti..oni
Near 2rh and Bancroft, a nice cottage,
renting for W jer month, can be sold. If
taJten at once, for f5i.
Two new t-rootn cottages, with ci'y water
and ecwer connectlo'.ia, electric lipr.t, g md
location. N 4th et. I'rlce. ti ; '
cash balance monthly. I per oent Interest
On Templeton ave.. ut v eat f.f i4th,
rooma. oil finlah, bath, weeh baein. eewer.
cetnentfd cellar, well bul't. for ti 1I
Two -room up-to-date modem houae a. eaet
front, paved street, rental per an
num lof-etlon Weet Farnam dietrict.
Price. $: m .
Fine eaet front building lot. Boxl. in Weet
Farnam dlatrlct. near Joslyn e new resi
dence, to be aold at once. Price reduced
to M"0. If taken this week.
In Betnle Park B E comer JUth and
Lafayette ave.. permanent walka on both
streets, at only liW
40 acres miles trom Genos. Nance
county, well improved. M0 per acre
! scree lr Pierce county, well Improved.
Price. IS. SO per sere
10 screa B. W. of Hsjiscom Park, good
houaa, bam. cilcken liouae. all In fruit.
Price. SI .'
Wl-tnt New Tork Life building
RE WO lo
No. tsn. on IRth Are. north of Cuming Bt.;
-room brick h"uee, lot JrnlO, city water
and sewer. Price, 7(Wi.
Weet of th on Pratt St.; nest 4-room cot
tage. Price. uu.
On d. north of Grace, well built, new l
room cottage and bam. Price. H.W
On B. loth. blocka north of the car line.
7-room houa. good barn, lot fc'xSle feet,
fronting on two street ; all special taxea
of everv description paid. Price, 12.6"0.
If you want to buy Omaha property these
are bargalna. Tell us what yoj want and
we thlnr we can suit you. Will be glsd
to show you what we have to sell.
Main Floor N. T. L. Bid;.
A FEW seres nesr Riverview Park on
Bolevard: will sell separate or In a !ody.
emle, Paxton block. RE 990 lo
$ Xi for a-rom modern house, lot io
feet east frontage on Park Ave. and Ti
feet west frontage on th Bt., near
Leavenworth St.
5.2n (H for guod lli-room modern house, lot
GX122 feet, three blocke from High school,
rental lull per month.
tit.7Ui.uu for modern (t-r wm house, east
front on JGth near Farnam
tl.iiio."" for new cottage and good lot 2
blocks south Crelghton college, rental tlh
per month.
tl.47i.tlii lor 7-room house, lot 3."xl32 feet.
No. 23(1 California 8t, opposite treign-
ton college.
RE M6a: 18
SftKiflO EACH,
for lots Just north of Poppleton Ave., on
27th street. Nice shade trees
THE BTRON REED CO., 212 Bn 14th Bt.
RE hil 15
Larr-e B-room cottage, mooem. double lot.
rwii JJorth Eighteenth; price tla If sMd
this month; small payment down, balance
as rent. C. B. Bhepard, owner. KC N. T.
Life. RE BUS 15
617 N. T. Life. Phone 12M.
g rooms, fully modem, large cellar, good
order and nicely arranged. In Kountxe
Place on paved street, south front, nesr
boulevard. t3.5uO.lKJ.
T rooma and lot Si'ViXSnO, shade trees and
some fruit. 5415 N. Uh Bt.. 12.0100.
7 rooms and lot Scxl27 south front. 24
Lake Bt.. CStt.00.
S-room cottage, bam, ben house and lot
4x122. paved street. 2G31 Bristol; a nice
borne. Sl.60ti.uO.
7 rooms, new modem hard wood finish,
barn, east front lot 44x140, IMtn street,
near Clark. SS.SO00O.
s-room, IH-story. IBid street, near Grace;
rent, H2.00, ai.uuu.uo. xi.tau, u
of your own.
Make the rent pay for a home. It goes
now for rent receipts. Call or writs us
and get our plan of selling homes on
First Floor N. T. Lif Bldg.
RE 876 15
10 ACRES near Albright, can be bought
. mighty cheap for cash. Bemls. Paxton
block. RE-W1 la
I ADVERTISE some bargains all the
time; and all bargains sometimes, but
can't advertise sll bergalna all the time.
Also Insurance tfire and accident.
RE 974 15
US feet on Jones and sth Sts., B. M. and
V. P. trackage. Price for a few days
only, fKi.0Mi.0U.
THE BYRON REED CO., 212 So 4th St.
RE 851 15
WE HAVE customers for the following
properties which we have not been able
te suit: , ,
Lot in West r amain district; lot In Han
scom Park district; good residence prop
erty in West Farnam or Hanscoui Park
districts, li you have any property of
the above description, come In and list
It with ua. or 'phone 89 and we will call
with list blanks. It may be Just what
we want R C. PETERS CO..
Ground Flour Bee Bldg.
RE. lo
FOR SALE CHEAP Lot a. block IS.
Orchard Hill. $275- W. H. Crowell. Ithaca.
X. Y. RE MSfi 17
480 acres In Knox county. Neb. Good dwell
ing barn, well and windmill; also living
water. Nearly all fenced; acres eultl
vsted. A splendid stock ranch. Adjoin
ing lands can be leased. Would trade
for good Omaha property. Price. $12. io
per acre. Alao other tracta, large and
small. In Bouth Dakota. Uo. W. Snow.
Springfield. S. D. RE-
GARDEN, fruit and poultry acres, near
town, all ataes and prices. Bemia. Paxton
block. RE-7 15
30S Woolwortb Ave.. In .
rooms, all modem, owner is asking $2.sfi.
Look at It and tell us w hat you win gi
On 40th and Hsmllton. nearly new s-room
all modern house, fine shade treea. nice
yard, lenced. paving an paid,
Near Hanaeom Park, nearly new S-room
modem house, has bath, gar and electric
light a. fine cellar: rented, $." 00 a year
and water rent t3 tarfi.Oti.
HASTlNGo HEYDEN, 510 N. T L Bldg.
tiHr sus IB
VIRGINIA HOMES Learn about Virginia
landa, aoli. water, climate, proaurta.
fruits, berries, cultivation, prices, etc.. by
reading tbe Virginia Farmer; liic for three
months subscription. Bom W. Emporia,
Vl. RE lo
FOR SALE, by owner, hay and farm land
in Elahorn valley. Addreas Box 44 Coun
cil BluCa. la. RE
IF TOU want to buy or sell city property.
m iirm or rancn. " rpmj w . j . m n,
SIS N. Y. Lite, Omaha RE
$10 000 Oil for lun acres improved. Joining
Benson, six miles northwest of po office.
$C4oO no for 4 acres fins level land 4 miles
southwest tKnttofhc.
fliiti 00 to '. ' (ter sere for S and 10-acrs
tracts near (nt raha and South Omaha
or 417 North 2-tth St.. South Omaha.
A BIG SNAP A fine. Improved XSt-arre
al!alfa valley farm, the b-.gge-t bargala
in Un county. Nebrssks Price onlv
St.SMU. UU! be withdrawn March 1 if not
sold Write for deacrtpnon. Fletcher
html Estate Co . Bee Bunding. Omaha.
en rt "st
CHOICE trackage, naved. Monroe HI N.
lata. RE s
Money to
Loan on
S i T" I
v r rooert v
... . '
H. Thomas, lft National Rank Bldg.
KL io
Consisting of S seres, level land, young
orchard in bearir g, lt-rom dreased brli k 1
0 run g. hern, furnace liiuie anu oinrr 1
outbuiiuings, chicken vara ana naroen.
near street fare sno country i.ut.; a
prfvements cost.
a-room cottage, corner lot, A-e. ana
urant. !. idonthiy jyments. j
4 vairent iota. Anarew a Benson addition.
Slow each. V. N. MASl'.N 44 Bee Biag.
HhilAaM ti
LOTS on car lines, only SH0 te Siat each;
uniy as aown and only i jwr mun.ii.
Betnle. Paxton block. iE SkK la
i,i0 0
0 feet south Trout lot on Poppleton Ave.,
paving all paid.
Tnlb i,iituN KEED CO., IU Fo 14th Ft.
RE Sol Is
In the great Piatte viiity. A am-acre lm- j
up water right, eu acr-a finest aifaiia, I y0R RENT. S-room cottage modern, rood
good buildings, s complete home, lrri- j icalitv. Inquire 2545 Capitol sve
gated land in Coioraoo improved like ttna 7(i 1
selis at nn per acre, r'nee, ST,iHi. only
Sao per acre worth SlO.Ono today, pennies- d k t- Drit-TU'iri' R, rr
ion March 1. ny pay rent when r A 1 N t, DUb 1 V fit V-.U.,
you can get a snsp uke tnisV H nd lor i jjii go. Ave.. l-r.. strictly all mod
lull particulars loosy. Nexi weea may i rrn easv walkitig distance, only S25.
be too late. Payne jnveatment Company, ! 4nij Nlrbolss, s-r.. modem, special lnduce
eole Agents, Main l iotir. N. L. Bidg., j ments to right party.
umaha. RE "ti l , 1H411 r. J7th Bt.. choice t-r modem
I house. Hanscom Park distrlr:. J2B,
Ion t buy before you have seen our lift of
burgainii. s rite or caii
l-'irat j-iotr is. T'. Life Blog.
H- 15
TEN, twenty or forty acres In fruits; ona
ol the test lruit ana tutor 11 urmi in
lows; sajoina city iimlu Council xiufla.
.luurtwa, j. Bee, Council BluCs.
vji-M717 24
HOl'BES and lots In all putts of city; also
acre property ana farm iitiuS. 1 he O. r .
Uavia Co.. fvoom bhH Bee Blug. E Mv
RANCH snd farm lands for sale by the
L'nlun Pacific Railroad company. B. j.
McA.lester, utnu .commissioner. Cnion Pa- ,
tu.c e.aUguaners. uu,.. -sen.
WILLIAMSON ntreft: 198
If you want to sell a term or ranch, tell
the farmers and stock raisers about il.
'ibe Jest way to reach thetc is tbrougu
This agricultural weekly goes to 40,000
homes 01 larroers anu Stock raisers, so U
you have a guou piece ol land to sell at a
reaaonable price you ougnt to ilnd a buyer
amour tbein. 7ne cost of an advertise
ment is small 2 cents per word.
UMAHA, Nttl.
RE Sol
MODERN S-room house, also 4-room ; good
iocations. low prices, inquire 1411 lutein.
Rii Ti MS
HANSCOM PLACE. 2801 Wool worth Ave.,
s ,'ooms, mooern, S2,4'V
Kountse Plsoe. gooa house, i rooms, 2125
bpenoei bt., g2.u.
2517 Franklin bt., good house, large lot,
paving paid, 2,40H.
Forty-two acrea four miles out, fine for
gardening, xiou per acre.
Five acrea, very choice, email house, 40tb
and Grand Ave.
. W. T. GRAHAM, Bee Bldg.
Rib-7 IK
NICE modem k-room bouse, only Sl.tmO. $luO
aown sna monUi.y paymeniB, same aa
rent. Bemls, fax ion block. KE Had lb
EAST front lot on 25th St., just south of
r-oppletoti Ave. cwner wants Sl.viu.0U.
THE-BTRON REED CO., 212 to 14th ht.
RE Sol 15
TEN. twentv or forty acres In fruits; ons
01 the bust fruit and garden ti,ni m
lows; adjoins city 11ml La Council H ufla.
Address a. Bee, Council Blufta. owner.
KE M."17 M
FOR SALE, fine lots for buildings pur.
poses; less thin 1 mile from poiotiice,
1 block trom street car line; a bargain
lor cash. Address W 20. Bee
RE 101 15
FOR BALE, lot 2, block o. Kl'.by's Place.
This is second lot from 4ith and Daven
port. East front, in sweliest locaton in
dty, being across the street diagonally
from the elegant Joalyn place, which IS
not only the must beautiful place in the
cltv. but west of Chicago. Call or ad
dress 1012 Farnam street. E.E MHO 15
rt BEST-HOt KEfe.
HOUSES. $5 upward. Bemia. Paxton Blk.
WinilQFQ ,n "arts of city. The O.
nUu JLJ a, Davis Co., Sot Bee Bid
D l!H I
VANS and baggage wagons. Tela: 1190-1145. !
D ?Dq i
UOU6E& G. G. Wallace, Brown Block. !
D 71)1
HOUSES and fiaia. Rinrwalt. Barker block.
D Jte
rTni ifs ?n ?" pari; t th' cit' r-
nUUJCJ (. Petre a Co.. Bee Bldg.
D 7bii
FOR RENT, pert or all of S-room house
st 17U So. lutb St : modem exoept fur
usee; good condition and convenient to
tar and depot- Inquire on premleea or at
U So. 25tb bt. D M434
2216 BURT RT. S rooms
. 12.50
ims N. 2ad St. S looms
2417 ErsKlne St. 7-room brick hou
, bsth. closet
Mjn -j room. . .........
FOR RENT, nice s-room house, with bath
and sewer, east front, all In fine ahan.
convenient to two car lines. Sill per month.
C M Bachmann Paxton bio.k.
D 11B
TO MOVE right get Omaha A aa Storage
Co.; office, 1 lVa Farnam, or leia. laik-Mi.
D 7S7
MODERN 7-room bo.ise rear park. 15f a.
il'th. D 3
MAGGARD Van A Storage Co. Tel. 14M
FOR RENT, all modern S-room cottage
Apply Dr. Ford, ro.m 406. McCague bids.
FOR RENT-S.x-rocm cottage, in walking ! TO GET in or out of buaineas call on Wil
cletanoe from bus 'tess eer.ier and U. P. llama. Room 4. Mccagae building
shopa. Inquire at i'7 N. ISuh St. D 674 IBi
FOR RENT. 7-room house snd S seres of
ground. W. H- Stephens, $! Curtis Ave.
D M7 15
5-ROOM modem bruise. 2tt I hi dee at.,
per month. Inquire 2G45 Dodge st
I D M7 15
I $25 Modern house end ham, SLX! Calif or
nlt at.
Cft. Modern house and barn. 24.9 S. 2"th St.
16 Modem bouse and bam, 7'4 6 Sth st
1 lie. House with ctn water. 1 N tiat St.
t THuMAS BKES'NAN, Sun S IStn at.
' D M741 17
i 1 ROOMS, modem. 5 8 Jstb st $a 50.
D M!4a Zl
4 ROOMS citv water, sewer, for small
family, no children. 2 17 N iota, near
(raua. Xj Hi 15
Into Land.
11" F X'.PT FT., 1" roome I! modern . W
H O N. iv h rU.. ! rooms, mt jern. nice
lawn, ham sr. no
IT. 7 Phrk Ave , p rooms, all modern .. S..iie
Maenn Bl.. H twin, sll modern.
nice lawn IS 00
W Fn lmh St., t rooma. all modem,
clone In . JO
!-' ha. Mih Ft. I rooms, modem
except furnace S
'.T" - m?rTn:
pi ( rnomf mticrn. ex-
cept furnace S-
S 00
:, no
8Cif. California r rooms, modem IS. 00
I llti etandtird Circle, t rooms, tnod-
I crn. txccj't furnace 1C..II0
I I'" N. Ed Ft., a rooms, partly modem. IS
l 1R: N. 2.1) Bl . t rooms 13. i
I 114 N. "th ft., t rooms, partly mod-
! ern lie
I'm H. ?4'h Ft., t rooms... w
, THE BTRoN REED CO., 212 Bo. 14th Bt.
I Kic li
FOR rent. 5-room cottage and 1 acre
rround. Mth and Hickory I
r.:u S 2fth Ft.. :-rotm mod. cottsre
uu B. ath St.. k-room, mod., f nd
I bum
! IM'T S Ith. 7-room. mod
burn an no
151.- 8 SKth. 7-room. mod B.s
312 S S2d. f-ro'im. all mod , and bnrn. ' no
SZtf N. th s venue, in-mntn. ail mod .. r.S.Wi
B. E. cor E!d snd Califortila, 4 rooms.
citv water, gas. sewer II.
nis'N. flh. a-room cottase i sti
Kli N SSd, S-room cottage t.VD
Phone 3?8. N. T. Life.
SKIS AVfOLWCiRTH AVE.. rooms, modem.
2T : Welister. 7 rooms snd bath. Sis;
i"4?.i Emmet. 7 rooms, barr.. S)3; furnished,
am Ft. WsrVs Ave.. 7 rooms, modem, lit'.,
othere. Ringwalt Bros., Burker Blk
t-is IS
' jrtn Marcy. s-r. ALL MOL-EKN. choice lo
cation, reduced to 121. Ml.
S213 Miami. K-r. all modern except fur
nace, at reduced tirure
Have aiso choice list of .".to S-r. houses.
Call snd get list.
SM-2-11 N. T. Life Bldg.
D-ffl 15
J13ti (in per month for four flute of 6 rocms
each, new plumbing and ail rooms newly
papered and PHinted. Nos Ifill and 1G13
Howard Bt. Will rent separately.
I MMk r
- ., a, c ...'. ;.i,,. ex-
i, " '
xo tsu R-.uth nh Ave.. 7 rooms, cltv
sater and hath, gas In kitchen, barr;
c.wner pivs water rent; fttti (m.
I-M!' 17
NEW eight-room modern house, with
laundry room, net ern. comnination ngiii
tixures: ier month. Inquire K415 Cald
well street. D
2"26 Arlior St.. 2-room house, cit;- water, Si.
isf S. 2Hh. 1 rooma. St..
26th and Taylor ave., 4 rooma. new, S10.
atilV steward St., k rooms, modern plumb
ing. .12.
IT.lo r"ierce St., S rooms, good well, S16.
82 B. 24th St., S rooms, city water and
sewer, $12.
S51H Latavette si'e., C rooms, modern, new,
232u N. 2Rth ave., rooms, all modem. S22.S0.
J p;rk BVp g room, modern. 140.
Main Floor New York Life Building.
D K4 15
We loan from alu ou up on furniture, live
stoca, planus, etc. aALARV LOaNiS
wluioui nwrtaaae to pei wins a ho hoia sal
anea posiuon. An Interview will convince
you that the conditions 01 our contracts
are the must liotral ootalnabie in the cily.
Ve nikkt uu Deductions trom tbe amount
borroweu, aa ome uu, tliereoy competing
you to pay ir money you uo not get. lui
omce is ry easny found, ana having re
cently nau it again semoaeiea, 11 la more
private man ever. We aiways try to please.
UJdArtA Morfl'GAGE LOA.1 Co..
1U oard ot 'i'rsue -iag., 'iel. i-iw.
Established .imC. S. 1lu St. Ao24
Every man or woman in uroana. South
Omaha and Council Bluffs getting a
salary caU ana get our money on your
plain note, without publicity, roortaage
or endorser.
Goods remain in your possession; you get
the full amount ot loan without oedje
uu. our aystcm of payments tne easiest,
our ratea are eaaily Uie lowest- Vie aim
Get Off Elevator at Third Floor
Room u PAA-loN BLOCK. RomSOB.
Room b4. Paxt-n Block. P hone
Thla company is the private bank of tba
wage-earner snd salaried employe. II
vju have a permanent position aa clerk,
bookkeeper, salesman, machinist or artl
aaa of any kind, you can obtain on your
note, without security or lndorser:
Monthly.Monthly .Weekly,
tioo-return to ua....$2J. i$
a so-return to ua.... - S3
1 2u return to ns.... fc t
JSIreiurn tc us ... 4.00 20 Us.
our offices are private and our bualneaa
confidnUal From a. to. to I p.
The BEST place to borow money on Tour
etc., Is
WHERE you can get any amount.
WHk-KE you get the loweat rates.
Vi nF,E 110 chargea are made in adtanos.
V'HEK everjthing is confidential.
WHERE you return it tn eaey paynjenta.
V'HERE you pay lor only tbe time money
WHERE can you do befer than at the
( Paxton block. lWb anu .ferj
A M8o4
SALARIED PEOPLE, rotrchsnts teani
etera boarditig houeea, etc., without se
curity: easiest terms, 40 offices in prin
cipal cluea. Tolman, 440 Boat fl -of Trade
' CHATTEL, salary a- Jewelry losns. Foley
! Loan Co. sue to D. Oreen. R. a. Barker b.a
MONEY loaned on plain note to aaiarled
tieople: bualnesa contidentisl. lowest rates.
514 Paxtoc block. The J. A. Hutton Co.
X Kli
MONET loaned on pianoa. furniture. Jew
elry, horses, cows, etc. C. F. Reed. 31 6 IS.
X J4
WE LOAN money on furniture pianos and
BANK. 1404 Faruiim. upstairs. Tel. A-211S.
X Sit6
! WANTED, good sound horse lr. exchanre
for good lot. J. H. Johnson. N. Y. Life.
I , X M
Bif-mt-fck inure..
Cigar Business
$300 Wl buy one In good location, city.
J. H. Johuaon, N. Y. Lite. Y-M3I7
CASH for your real estate or ojalresa. no
matter where located. For a quick sate
send us description snd price. Norm
western Business Agency. D S12. Bank vf
Commerce blug., 2Cinneapoiia Minn.
Y-M67S M7
EXCELLENT opportunity for some one.
alth small capital, to take half Interest
in good paying buFlneas; one willing to
do office work desirea Aldress E. Bee
office. Council Bluffs. Y M7s
I'EFK ROOM, w tUl roll-top oesk and
pbuns servua J. ri. jcinnaon. ae n . I . CHCE.
FOR BALE. f.rel-ckas b'scksmttk and
wsgon shop, with or wthout building,
wrue st once. Kucera Bros., Western.
Neh. I-M140 FIT
FC'R FALE. a srap. fMsn to ispr stork
dry good, nottota snd fsncy gTcerlei.
best ,-ountv 'at town In northern Ne
braska; corner utore. center of city; turt
cver t:" .'' per enriim; largest end bet
cltv trade tn fancy groceries, select, hlgh
rlae custom: metropolis too far away
to affect trade: good rason for selltng;
tork clesn snd t . iisrt spring stock In.
rest houpht. but order csn be csncelled:
s splendid opportunity to srqulre s well
e-tabhehed snd paying bi slnees. Address
W t. care The Bee. Omaha. Neh.
FC'R SALE Complete bakety: excellent
opening for fine business; csn be had re.
sonnbly heap. Inquire 3 P. Smith llli
Fifth avenue. Council Bluffs.
T-M754 1 7
TO TlRF, stock and grain Investors: Hsre
you any money Invented in turf sjecjla
Tlun or In stock or grain speculation ? If
so. w;ie Is your broker? we know the
good from the bed. Reports furntehed on
sll turf, s'ock snd grain Investment com
psnles. Write to us before Investing M s
can be of service to you. The New Tork
Financial Mercantile Agency. Pen Pirig.,
Philadelphia. Pa., or to Western Office,
Century-Ridg.. St. Louis. Mo.
HOTEL, modem. 2-story frsme. 4n rooms,
well snd completely furnished; 12 house,
no competition, s bonsnaa. In thriving
southwest lows town, Slt.ono for entire
property; owner a health necessitates dls
contlsusnce. Will consider good Improved
farm or city propertt. Thla proposition
worth Investigating. J. H. Johnson. N.
T. Life Rldg. T 770
FOR SALE. 4 Brunswick No 1 sertiotisl
alleys, t returns; best of equipment:
price lM f. o. b. rsrs, Oskaliwaa. la.
Address H. M. Hedtick. Ottumaa, la.
rOR RALE or rent, bakery complete; fine
location; only bakery In good county seat
town In northeast Nebrssks; rent reason
sble; apply soon. Address Bcnj. Undssv,
Pierce. Neb. I M79S lfc'
Farm Harness
A) GOOD Concord team harness, with
breeching. S2S am) up; will take old har
ness In trade for new.
1210 Farnam St. Telephone 2tl4.
T-M791 Ml
jot) CATTLE I have hundreds of acres of
range, plenty of good hay land, plenty
of water and sheds for 2t' cattle; I want
this number or less for five years for
one-half of Increase; write me for refer
ences. Box Lockwood, Champion, Chase
Co., Neb. T M7
A WEALTH T lady desiring to make col
lection of fine American Oil Paintings
will exchange diamonds, Jewelry, fura,
etc.. or cash. Mention artists name.
Storehouses plesse notice. Address, W.
W. Hart, S65 Fifth Ave., New Tork.
MANAGER A successful cereal food
manufacturing company of Battle Creek,
Mich., well rsted, Al credit and highest
bank references, finds It necessary, owing
to the Increasing demand for Its products,
to open a brsnch office and salesroom In
Omaha, and we want a capable man who
can come well recommended and Is ac
quainted In this section to fill the position
of manager; salary. S1.500 per year and
!ercentage of business done. Our mans
ger can make srt least SS WiO per year In
this territory: must Invest Si. SOU. which
Is held as rash security during term of
employment In accordance with our eo
oiwretive plan of doing business. Address
-Cersal. Kit Illinois Bank Blug.. Chicaae,
111. T-2lt lo .
H E. WHITMAN & CO., the old. reliable
and conservative firm, are still paying
their reg-ular dividend, aa heretofore, on
each and every Tuesday throughout the
year. This profit will not be reduced, as
they ere imply able to continue earning
the sams on all capital Invested. Your
money Is not used for gambling purposes,
but Is Inveated in legitimate business and
Is fully protected by their extensive prop
erties. Deposits may be wlthdrswn at any
tlms .In part or In full, on demand. Busi
ness men. banka and mercantile agencies
throughout the country Indorse their
methods. Rigid Inquiry and thorough In
vestigation solocited. For full particulars
address H. K Whitman 4V Co., Callahan
Bldg., Ban Francisco. Cat. . Y
OLD DR. LAMAR'S monthly regulator has
brought happiness to hundreds of anxious
women; no pain, no danger, no Interfer
ence with work; relief guaranteed three
to five days; never bad a single failure:
letters truthfully and confidentially an
swered by mall; price S2. Sent in plain
sealed package or obtained at Buck A
Rayner. dtuggiata. Cor. La Salle and
Madlaon fits., Chicago. III. Box 40. T
2 GARBAGE tanks, with wagons tf desired;
. good condition. John Nelson. North Thirty-seventh
St- Council Blurs, la. T
AN INCOME of fl.000 per year can be se
cured by anyone who will take the trouble
to investigate our plans; no gold mine,
oil well or gambling scheme: simple,
straightforwsrd business proposition. The
Jumlafa Co., CIS Fullerton Bldg., Bt. Louie,
Mo. Y
GREAT profits. $ and upward earned
monthly on every fioo Invested: write for
booklet: dividends weekly: tnone ran be
withdrawn ary time; highest references.
Then. Stein - Co.. SO Broadway. New
York City. Y M4 !&
S0 SHARES Star Petroleum Oil Co.'s
stock at 17( cents per share. We aim to
sell the best storks at lowest prices.
Write for our prices before buying In
any company. Securities Trading Co.,
Germanla Life Bldg., Bt. Prul. Minn.
T 7 U
MINING Investment on ground floor basis;
shares now S cents, par value SI. 00; will
ge to par. Mines located In the richest
gold district In the world. Write for In
formation. Liberty Gold Mining On.. Bt.
Louis. Mo. Y-S 15
WE WILL pay 4 to per cent weekly n
your ldie money; make your eatings
earn money for you. Absolute safety
guaranteed: highest references. Money
can be wlthdrswn without notice. J. C
Rose Co.. Temple Court Bldg . Chi
cago. T I 1 !
FREE, 100 lots te advertise Wild wood Lake
Park suburb New York: send stamp for
deed 25 feet Seaside Co.. 1K7 A Broad
way. New York. T
WORTH in Its psrttculsr 11ns. Mnnev
placed with us has earned our hundreds
of clients 4 per week, in addition to
which they receive a Quarterly Dividend
on our Surplus Reserve Fund, ths next
of which will be declared Msrrh t. 1W.
Seouel ot our Success. Our booklet.
When all else has failed."
will give you ("etalia and full Information.
Mercantile references and highest testi
monials from old subscribers furnished.
ing. Chicago, 111. Y-sTS 15
sible by our select lists of pullers: our
expert sdvlce and latest Issue of our "Ad
vertiser's Pocket Guide " containing com
plete lists of the best dallies, weeklies snd
monthlies, free: write for copy and avoid
expeiatve experimenting Guentber. Brad
ford Co.. Advertising Agenta. 10S Ran
dolph St.. Chicago. 111. A
WHOLESALE and retail Irouor store, es
tablished In 1877. In central Nebraaka, will
invoice stock, doing a good busineaa
Owner wiahes to retire. A splendid op
portunity. Win. Madgett. Real Estate,
Hastings. Neb. Y
New financial imposition; best ever of
fered; safe, sure and conservative; no
risks and la rye semi-monthly disburse
ments, methods si proved by the success
ful banker; the first offer ever submitted
to the moderate Investor wherein be
sbaree in the enormoua profit of the bank
and barkers Write for prospectus
Woolf A C o.. 717 Lord a Court. Nem York.
GREAT oiieninga for business of all kinds.
New towns sre being oened on the Chi
cage Great Western Ry- Cmiaha exten
sion. For particular address E B. MaglU.
Town tutc l pU. Fort Dodge, la
FOR BALE. Jewels-a outfit In aswlng
town nf only ewelry ; reuair work. $75
mecLb: must be cash. A. E. Vata, Rs-fie-L
la. Y
$1 BUYB saock In 10n AlfTerent ooipaniea.
Iioube four money in So ears, lmpoaai
bis to lose. cvLganric cominnation of
small lrsveatara. Ns mrin. turf or gam
bling acbema A ptartitl buatnesapnt
miuotl American Corporauon Trust.
I-emer. Coia T t U
TWO FINE genersl storks cf eountre
mere hsndlse; one lr.vol"d at snout Sii-OWi.
the other Si.?'-: no tisturee. mbilnery cr
clothing In elrher slock, but sil gnol
clesn. solid saleable anofla. open for
fullest Investlgstlon; never traded before;
stocks csn I removed, cs ner i unl line
s small pert cash and I i mm lnr.d
or good rental propn, in et
suti you Adrtre 414 H:i '.. v
City. Mo., for full psrtlrulara Mertloa
which stock you want. T
A GREAT crnoet unity ts get IkIJ of r
brilusnt business
A depertmer.t store doing Ifo.ono buslnen
snnjally in a cltv of two Inhabltama In
fiiuith lskn'a: double store sort ware
house brtc ; rent ai a m -nth stock
csrrted frrm 12 " te ,'; siso Wi
acres of unimproved land wt!hln seven
miles of shove city. slued H7. sn scr ;
owner wotild like to trsde for s bua!nes
property with s good income In Omsha
tr South Omaha. Apply under great
opportunity" ui cars of this paper
T-K4 17.
14 PER CENT weekly dividend:: pXl reg
ularly fr the let three years; we have
no vlslonsry scheme of speculstion in
grain or stocks to advance, but desire to
Interest you In a proposition thst hss
proven Itsell successful; we have never
had a losing client; send for our boboklet.
which expislns pur method In full J W.
Stsnley a t Co., Room 22. 2: Broadway,
New Tork Clt . V . !
"THIS Beata New Jersey " Charters pro
cured under South Dakota lae-e for a few
dollar.; write for corporation laws,
blsnks. bylsws snd forms to Philip lw
rence, late asatetsnt secretsrv of state,
Huron, lieadie County, South Dakota.
T fTH in
centa ier bushel will safely margin
your deals In grain. Tour motiev'shoiild
double within 15 days; ST0 will safety
margin Jono bu.hrls of wheat or corn;
S Its will safely msrpln 4. (too bushels. There
will be a big movement of whest within
ten dsya. Send your money st once and
get benefit en our Information Write for
our free booklet. "Mortem Methods for
Safe Investments. " FLOWER tft CO..
Bankers a Brokers. Traders Bldg., op
posite Board cf Trade, Chicago.
Y-1 IS
rOR SALE Grocery stock: will Invoice
about W A bargain If taken at once.
2225 N. JOth St. T-S10 lb
THE First-Mortgage Bond A Trust Co. (a
stste banki. La Salle St.. Chicago, wants
men of mesns or those commsnrtlng the
confidence of conservative Investors, who
will devote a portion of their time as
local or district correspondents, selling
high-trade bonds snd mortgares; murt
furnish unquestionable reference.
i y m
FOR SALE, stock In cereal food factory.
This Is preferred Interest-beating stock
and pays 10 per cent per annum, abso
lutely ssfe. Write for full particulars to
dsv. Nichols Wilson, 23f S. Broafls-ay.
Los Angeles. Cal. Y 11 IB
Big Income for small or Isrge investors;
no schemes; pure buslne" proposition;
hss stood test for years; I If. upward re
ceived; begins esrnlng on receipt: csn
withdraw sny time; we are experts snd
know the business; facts on application;
1110 horse racing or faking bualneasi.
Hamlin Gray, 33 Broadway, New Tork.
T-M5 16
FOR SALE Cheap, a good paying planing
mill. Address X. IS, Bee. Y 033 10
In thirty da vs. no exenteration: we can
convince you; a secure and safe Invest
ment ; we have spent an enormous sum
to secure Inside information ; our twenty
years' experience hss enabled us lo
produce weekly dividends heretofore un
heard of in any other legitimate enter
prise; In the past two month we have
remitted on an average of l.lHHl per cent
weekly; we expect to do even lietter: the
main line to fortune; write for booklet.
National Bank Retnrences, Star &
Crescent Co.. IncorjHirated, 2lt-2 La
Salie St.. Chicago. Y K2 15
A ino Afi INVESTED In wheat and corn by
our "Safety Margin System" should mak
tewi OO to Snoo.00 in t or 4 weeka: safe, sys
tematic and sensible. For particulars
write C. K. Boardman Co., Brokers,
2; and 245 LaSalle Et. opp. Board ol
Trade, Chicago. T K82 15
THE California-Nevada Mining Co. guar
antee S per cent per month in dividends;
hsve Sl(.00ft.000 In sight. Write for pros
liectua. W. H. Baldwin 4 Co., Brokers,
Volckert Blflg.. Albany, N. T.
T 822 15
I PER CENT monthly dividend paid by
North Carolina Mining and Development
Co. laYooo tons of ore ready for mill
Write for prospectus. E. N. Van Colt
Co., Brokers HO State St., Albany. N. Y.
Y 833 16
has three biff wells, and 40 0110 barrels of
ell stored. Will psy large dividends soon.
Write for prospectus. T. J. Gallagher,
Fiscal Agent. Volckert Bldg.. Albany,
N. X. T 8S4 15
An absolutely reliable corporation, au
thorised CABH CAPITAL ps'
lng a guaranteed dividend of Mi- WEEKLY,
22 MONTHLY. 240 ANNUALLY, with
a strict elimination of GAMBLING or
$ 26. 00 EARNS TOU MONTHLY f 5.00
A steady Income the year round. ABSO
LUTELY SURE. unquestionably safe,
POSITIVELY BOUND. All divldenfla re
mitted Tuesday of eech week. Free Book
let, THE J. F GARDNER CO.. Fuller
Bide., New Tork. Y 831 15
tnant plan gusrantees 6 weekly, and
pays much snore ; S4.Sk. or 10. paid last
week on every $25 account; dividends paid
every Tuesdav; write today; agents
wanted. Geo P. Fowler, t W. 104th st..
New York City. T li4 15
C9 PER CENT profit paid by ua In De
cember and January by the sure and safe
s vp tern of the Co-Ojerstlve Turf Asso
ciation, a corporation with a capital stock
of $iu.0h0 doing business under the laws
of tbe state of South Dakota and li
censed by . the states of Illinois and
Louisiana and the cities of Chicago and
New Orleans; accounts In our handa
given especial attention; expert handlrsp
plng and prices furnished to bookmakers
and pool rooms; one good-priced winner
wired each day at an extremely low price
to clients throughout the country; If you
hsve Idle money, money to Invest, money
that shauld be earning money, a posts 1
will bring you our Racing Manual of use
ful Turf Information, with our entirely
new and original plan. Indorsed by press
and public snd recommended by promi
nent banks and bankera.
Note our big dinplsv advertisement on
porting page. REFERFNCE. State Na
tional Bank of New Orleans. Ths On
Operative Turf Association, Inc.. New
Orleans. La. Y St 15
GEN'L MDSE. $15 000. clean, up-to-daia
stock, leading business In courty seat,
thriving eastern Neb. town. Will con
sider good clear land. I "escribe land fully
first lerter.
FLOl'RING MILL TS bbls. capacity, fully
equipped, doing good business: an S-room
residence, variety of fruit, be ma. cattle
sheds, H acres choice land, completely
fenced for feeding cattle, located In tin
wheat growing Beet Ion of Neh.. money
maaing enterprise. $.uno In good Im
proved land will do.
FRUIT FARM S acrea. Just outside city
limits has an elegant large, substantially
built 2-story bouse, bams, sheds, poultry
yards, 2to arres fine grspes. producing
40.0UO lha. a season; an ahundsnce of other
varieties ef fruit and shrubbery : a typical
home, has cost owner over S25.000 An Im
proved lfto acres near (rniaha or Improved
ranch at right figure will be oorsidered
on deal for this st less thsn cost.
HOTEL FURNITURE sleeping rooms,
rirst-clasa, c: house, completely furnished,
doing fine buslnees. in thriving easi'rn
Iowa town of 2 ouo." Will consider good
Improwsd farm, valued S2.150, or ptrt cash,
balance easy to good party
re as, elegantly furnished, controls fft.ert
palrotiaae. best location in cltv. lv
incoms SHOO to $:.( Cw?ter's htalip
neceaeitstes sale at right t,ure.
NCrTICE Any itgttlmaie bUfineea or prop
erty which fou wan' te seli or exchacxe,
furiiiah me full particulars and descrip
tion, stating yur deelres, and 1 will
speedily ftut yon la touch wltn a roe -torious
pronosition snd de b isinee right
away. J. H. JOliNbON. N. Y. Iife
Y-H52 IS
S rooms , ekegan'.ly eiuipped. fne loratloe;
full ef ftrsi-ctsss roomers snd b.arl" ,
better see tt. J. H. Jchrstn. N. Y. Ijfe.
BEND for Free rwk. Facts and Fle-urea.
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1 bu- 2 cents OstM.rri Grain Co. 17
Chamber ef Comeree, Mineato!ia M'ntu
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