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Cancellations rot conaiaerabl figur la l
rimbi'l theatrics' kreuirr fur Isst eeek.
Txlnc'.jial tDtmi 1 be promised 1 btr.g v
iiflnl get vm Blent h 'Wi and her
nw play. "A IwurVer of Hatnilrar. Her
tiw was closed. t.1 nnounred. to week
ago Hi order thai M's 'w"lb might g
t "New Turk 1s begin rehearsal for tbe
Tolstoi ply. ''Resurrection." whlrh Is soon
te be put en. Me. wVegnhl Kem
per ar ambit inn to Una tbelr capable
rnm rm a winner, and 1 be friend of
Vis ITal.k is ib wt wm he willing to
watt for ber IT waiting will get bw Into a
C"d pl. Pb baa bee handicapped by
aeries of "deed one" since she gave up
In Kara no series ana ban been bitterly
Jlssppotnted. Her Hunt for Happine"
contain the germ rrm 'T- "rt
an presented ber It shewed the neressl-y
T trimming that would amount to almost
fev-riUng. Her Magdalen play wa a
fimti on, but ritbrr unhealthy tn tone.
"When rb left th management of Ber.
eirm tor that of Wagenbal Kemper the
Utter arm aright ta put ber on tb road
with a ply good enough to T von by of
tr undoubted talent. Ptanlslsu Stange
was engrrfl to drama Mr tb Flaubert
tal off "Balammbe" and turned hi work
out ta section, actually writing the last
aot first. Tb rmuK i a flisappotnt
nmit. "A Iaugbter trf Hmi1rrr" a
given a production a Uriah aa monrv could
purchase, bat scenery floesnt mn"e all -of
a play, and tb piece baa not trreugnt tb
anticipated result. Now. In tb Hervlea
rama bared on tb Tolatol story It ta bopr-4
that a pTopr fhicU kaa Vi nm&. At
ny rate, tb manajwra bar boi.kd a Umt
nrmBt frrr tblr atar in w Turk
and ha twraotid two road oompanloa to
lak tb pkr Into tb "untrlnnr.a"
frhat Otfaha had la th way cf atnua
aont at tb lbeatr durtni: tb w-k U
rarely worth apuaklnr of. "Sbor Acroa"
I atlll th aeliRhtrul atory of aom atmpl
Nw Etipland livoa. told plainly, and well
worth tb time of anyone bo hj not
n 1t. but It Urka the oaamtlaU of a
tronr flrama and haa alao loat Ita norolty.
Tb Cowboy "and tb lfly" dorwnt Im
prove with f. and la Juot a nrua and
atnaturmh now aa It waa wbffli Clyde
rttrh turned It wnr to Nat Oooflwtn. a .
ot tinly lacka flnlah. but haa tb fault
ranwal with tb Pitch playa. that of nolng
mUrely aupernrtal. At tb Cmirhton-Or-pbeum
th Orrhfum Road ahow 1d tb
iiCTt woek'a bualnoaa ta tb hlatory of
the boue Thie U not to b takea aa
as nanca Oat th bill la at much au
trlnr to the average of the boua.. tor
that ta not the tact. It haa no really
remarkable feature, and la no bettor In Ita
ronoral aapact than the weekly offortnpa
at the Orpheum. Oondltlona were aucb
aa ta Jt Jt aa advantage, and It reaped
the benefit.
VThlle thla aaon'a booklnra at tha Boyd
bava heaa toot, and the cancelUtiana very
few. tba promla lor next aeaaon la already
loomtng up Ma". 01 tb r-hrief 'vr
Vr. Enrrnas an lmmena lot of Batiatac
ticra. rJBTid BeUaoa. la arranplng the
weatera trip tor Mra. Carter, had her flown
tor a week at the 'nniB oofl at Kanaas
City and had loft Omaha out eaitlrely. It
wwa fonnd impoaalbU la arrange prior en
racemeata aa aa ta allow of the vtatt of
"Do. Barry" to Omaha during th prooent
eaaon. Borne oorreepondenca a the topic
resulted ta aa arrangmnt whereby Mra.
Carter win not -rlalt Kansas City thU aea
aon. hut win coma tor a week rt tall, and
wffl tbea spend wk 1b Omaha at the
Boyd. Thla win be ta September. Other
thtaas sows tor tb early part ot t swv
eea era a return of "Bea Hur. -The BU
ww nt.ner- and -The Weeping Beaut-
ani the BeaaV the great IQaw Brtamrer
pectaealar piece which haa Just been put
tm the road ta snake room tor Jtr. Blue-
beard at the Knickerbocker.
-It's' a waste e Utber te ahswe aa aaa
said good old Banc be Fansa, and many s
sbh alnoe ha fount H out. Frank Ia
Short ta erne f the Utest. Ha tried te
teach New York people ta apprecUt art
lor art'e sake, and ta now busy figuring
up Just how far he la behind the fair
procession. Mr. Bhort s plan trf reviving
the claaslce endt1ng them Just aa they
were given la the Ellsabethan daya ap-
Ma)ed ta th students, hut nmonunai.ejy
the students are not ranerpua or wealthy
enough te support a theatrtoal wentuja,
and the sreat common people of New Tork
refuaed te be lured away from Broadway
with Ita present wealth f illuminated son
eenae ta natronlae anything that merely
antMialed ta th studioua. The Wlaard t
Ox - Th Bultan of Bulu." The Billion
aire,- -The Silver Slipper.- rioroOora,
-A Chinees Honey-mooa." Mr. Pickwick,'
and -Mr. Bluebeard" are a tew of the
thtnaa aow "on Broaaway- that ha
aoeneTT and the peopta absolutely declined
Drug Hobit Cured in 6 Days.
An Important announcement has been I Impossible ts control my desire, I waa in -through
the ires of the country ts duoed te take your cure and th third
the effect that Dr. F. Warren Laaoix, th ' day after 'commencing the treatment the
aiotea sclasrUst-physiciaa whose researches desire for liquor had entirely disappeared
la the cat ass and effect of PtpaemanU and ' and even tb smell of tt was nauaeating
the arug habit, which has caused ss much ' in th extreme. During tbe 1 1me- I waa
talk ta jii sf limial circles . has prepared j taking tbe treatment I work every day
ant perfected a treatment whereby Drunk- I did not lose aa hoar a time kui did not -ones.
Morphine, Opium, Cocaine, and th 1 perienoe the least Inconvenience."
I irug Habit oaa he cured without pain, I A. I. Vaa Fleet. 801 W. Fifth. Kanaar
without Toy uedei inica and without any can- I City. Me., writes: "I waa edicted te both
gwreua ar hurtful rensediea. Ia tact, after the morphine and liquor habit for 17 years
numerous tests en oases that had beea j TCaed free forty ts sixty grains of mor
teraaed Incurable and wars given up a , phlne and from twenty to thirty drink
hopeless, this wonderful treatment not of whiskey per day. In five dare' time I
only perfected a curs hot at th same time was completely restored ts health through
placed the patient in a better physios con- your cure and experienced neither pain,
AlUoa than the patient had known tor ! inconvenience or desire to return te th
vwara, tor It net only eliminates the oe- i drug er whiskey."
aire and eradicates tb poison but at th I The most remarkabl phase ef tbe Lanott
same time acts soothingly opon the nervea I method Is that through it th liquor habit
and ta a constitutional tonic making the la cured rn three days and tb drug habit
nerve strong and normal and ths entire
constitution strong.
. F. Janes, Manager of the Helping
Hand Institute. Kansas City. Mc. on of
th best knew of our Western charitable
Institutes, write under eat of Feb. 4th.
Several xsonths age the Lanott rur was
given some half doses or mors people hs
were ta a sad plight, having hern drunk
ards for yeara. They are now perfectly
curve and worthy cli.lsena Twe oases of
Morphine habit came under my personal
iibsw rations which were perfectly cured
aeswral month age by your Drug Ha hit
Cure. 1 knew ot many other but ths
goeatlsmsd oasne under tzty personal obser
vation dally."
D. W. Hawkins. ( Main St Kanaa
City, la, writ T waa edicted te th
liquor habit tor mors than K yeara. for
Ok arast are year ss xouch as that tt waa
1 turn from ibir gn-gtu picture 1s k
rontemplatloti of FhaMipare with prittrfl
Blgna hung or t dr-aitmai ebfrber 11 rt
a street la rdua or tbr trrmb cf tb Cap
uleia la efcirb lb anion of tb seen or
curred Mr Pbnrt'a rxp-lmptit ba not
been ehbotit vatoe; It bf cnEfi-n8 tb
claim of tb manaprra. that awnrry bar a
murh te do wlfb tb urct cf a lay av
anything ".. Cw dnren't l!k to com
flewn from th attnua of worehip due a
great star and ronfes that with all hi
talent and ability h mnat ret drpend on
tb aren painier and tb property man.
but tbl in t-u. It 1 mr-rrlT a t han ot
the emluiifir: of the thrater. From nt
arr-nrry at all we hare finally reaches tb
point r ber Id tb bt of llr th
scenery ia of raloe is tbe star even a are
tbe other apreaerrriea of coatutD ana
makeup that enable not only to aaaum
tb role but to ectoany preaert lt In not
a few playa tbe sornerr it mar than scy
thing est, and these are not all tank
plara. either. Mr. Shrni haa added to tbe
cumulative evjflrnc that New Tork era art
wilting te take tbelr art diluted, and haa
apparently saUrfied hlmaelf of tbe value
of acenery la a theater.
Another thing that escapee the attention
of tb mod era play-goer ia tbe element
of stag management- Out In front the
patron of tbe drama aees only the result;
he knowa nothing of tbe method, and too
often h gives no thought to how th pleas
ing resulta are obtained. H may notice
en tb bill that Mr. So-and-so la stag
director, but b- floeant worry himself
about that. Aa a matter of fact, the value
of the modern play depend to an unaua
perted extent on th stage director. Par
ticularly ia thla true of the picture"
pieope that are ao popular. It may not be
that tbe stag director haa devised any of
theae, but to him la given tbelr execution,
and on him depend tbelr success or fail
ure. Hia duties- comprise an inflnltua of
detail; be la not only required te have a
highly developed aenae of tb artiaUc, but
be must alao have a fun and complete
grasp of the merely mechanical, and the
Infinitesimal and innumerable things that
enter into the construction of tbe various
pictures be i called on to present- Hia
aaaistante are numeroua. is be sure, put
each has only his or ber particular de
partment to look after, while the stage di
rector muat look after all. 'With tbe de
velopment of this feature of tb drama to
the point it haa now reached, where tb
ambitious manager will nndertak to repro
duce on 'he stag anything, bo matter
what, th stag director ha alas developed
until he haa com to be a really high grade
specialist. It is hi busy brain that work
out the detail of all tbe artistic oonoep
tlona of author and manager, and makes
them presentable for the public, and it is
hi tireless energy that keep them going
sight after night, without a hitch. Be haa
to see to it that not only the star, but
every other member of hia company la In
readiness at th beginning, sot e&iy of tbe
play, but of each act; that the scenery 1a
properly adjusted, that everything 1 In
11 proper place, that all the light are
working right, that not an article that win
be needed during the act ia misplaced, and
finally, la th case of the musical produc
tions, where there are big choruses, to
see that the men and women are all In
their right positions, not only for entrance,
but la tbe line, an that they win make the
correct appearance on the stage. He muat
know the score of the music as weU as tbe
director, must know every cue as wen a
the prompter, and know several hundred
other thing that neither nusioal director
ar prompter bother their heads about. After
keeping track of aa Interminable list f
things that are ts he done or not done with
the going up or earning Aowa of each cur
tain, he is also required to direct and not
infrequently Invent or improve on methods
for the presentation of songs, choruses and
Incidental scenes. Even where this latter
accomplishment Is not expected of him, he
is far from being Idle during the presenta
tion of the play with which be happen to
be connected.
Omaha people have been given some tine
examples of what a stage manager can do
for tbe Buocess of a play During the pres
ent season. One of the best, probably tbe
very best, was "The Little Touches." Mr.
George T. Marion, who, besides taking one
of the leading oomedy parte ia tbe cast, is
stage director for the company, is a vet
eran, and naturally would be expected te
make much of The material at his hand.
But the perclslon with which everything
moves ia the time the curtain Is up is not
more remarkable than some of the innova
tiona offered la the way of "buaineaa.
One cf these Is the entrance of chorua la
response to a recall. Very minor matter,
but decidedly effective, when once you atop
te think of it- Instead of crowding on the
I stage as If anxious te get back te aing
again, the Anna Held chorus girls are
la aix day a Thi at first caused sken-
1 tidam ia medical circle, but tbe atiso-
luts proof given through remarkable and
successful lest lead u to emphatically
state that it ta now possible ts absolutely
and permanently cur th liquor habit ia
three days aid tb drug habit In six days
through a harmless vegetable compound
which is neither nerve destroying or body
wreikiag and it does it work in a wift.
permanent and painless manner.
If ycu will send ycur nam and addrr.
I hxh will b held strictly cocsAential. is
! Ir. F. Warren Laaoix. nst Olvr St.. St.
Ltiiua. Mb b will send without rharg hi
beoaiet ia which b fully expiaina hi
method and give yo tMti Hii.:ua proof that
hi rur ds everything rUtmed for tt
and that yoa oaa positively be cured at
yeur home and without detention from
business or other duties.
trained to errer dcoroulT. eetrurclr. ar6
ilirw: upptrrnr.? v r. er iha: ih audipm
barely reali that they are rnmlng bark
ubtII tb pictff- bar ren Tormefl again
Several rtht dcifteai.T ffecilre hits cf
i ft erection tre abovn in tb same
pier. In "Tb Prince cf P.lart" w rm
giwn anrtber eicellcrt iTluatrat inn of what
good atae manaFetnent can dn to help out
the word and muair cf a piece. It tb
Ilrat art of William AV W alker farp com
efly tb irfucncf of lb attpe manager 1
abovn In ibe apanure from what ha been
tradition In ibe war of arred arrnea. After
tbe eneemlile ba fiiBp'-aea and ibf eiaee
la left t the occupanry of the prinrlpai
of the cart, tb efect of a atreet apene 1
mainlalDed by tbe constant paanitif and re
paaalr.g of peep) on the several erranfl
that would call tbrtn out in actual life. It
lan't much, but It add grealy to the ef
fpctiveneaa of tbe acen. The nrtt time
you ro to a jilaj-. watch for some erlflcnrr
of tbe Biag dtrector'a pTPaence, and you
will likely be aurprised that you never be
fore tboupht of him aa aurh an important
part of the company.
C t ma Emtiu
Tbe Blsck Pattl Troohr flour, beaded by
tb acknowledged greatest songster of ber
race. Black Pattl. will b seen at tbe Bora
thla afternoon and tonight. Tbe arprega
tion 1 said to be better thia seaaon than
ever before. There ar forty people in
the company, which Include at leaat a
Boor of specialty performer.
Tbe stage at hem of tbe Troubadour
constats of a nmdley of comedy, vaudeville
and opera bouffe. Tbe opening akit- Is
called "Iiarktown's Clreua Iy." in v.hirh
tb entire company' forces ar affardeu
full Boop for tbelr talenta Tbe rsude
vill which follow la of high standard and
all the perforroera take part. Tb "Fsbl:
val of Parisian Melody." which occupies
tbe final half hour of tb performance,
serves to introduce Black Pattl and the
singing force la a most attractive stag
No announcement of a coming theatrical
event haa carried with It so much interest
as that pertains t the visit of William
Gillette in "Sherlock Holmes" at Boyd's.
which opena Tburaday for three nigbte and
a matinee. Thla visit will be Mr. Gillette-
first and last appearance in Omaha in thia
play. It ran at Henry Irving' Lyceum
theater. London, for an entire season,
where It made a tremendous succeaa. It
ran for an entire season in New Tork and
tor an entire season in fire of th biggest
cities of the east- Tbe play wbb prepared
for tbe stage by Mr. Gillette himself from
Cones Zoy)e's great story. TVhil Mr. Gil
lette'B dramatisation follow closely Mr.
Doyle' novel, tbe main incident of the
play center about a hitherto unpublished
episode la the career of tbe great detec
tive, Holmea. The first act shows a draw
ing room at the Lara be home. The second
act is in two scenes, tbe first being Prof.
Mortality's underground office and thexsee
ond Sherlock Holmes' apartments. Act
three showa the Stepney gaa chamber. Tbe
piece close in Dr. Watson' rtBce and
laboratory. Because of the necessity for
absolute darkness throughout the action of
the play in order to make the many Bhlfta
of scenery and the weird transitions of
situations. Every window, floor and
transom la the theater win be hearEy
masked. The windows of the front foyer
will be masked and the main entrance door
win not be opened during the action of
tbe piece. The curtain wit he raised at E
o'clock promptly and at t at tbe matinee.
Mr. Gillette ha an excellent supporting
company. It Include Ida Conquest, the
leading woman, weU remembered here with
the John Drew company; Ralph Drhnore,
Herbert Percy, Quinton McPherson, Harry
McArdle. Miss Alida Oartelvoo, a cousin
of tbe president's secretary, and Miss
Margaret Gordon.
Next week at the Boyd win he notable
tor th number of female star It wiH
present. Sack of the three companies ts
appear la headed by a star of tried reputa
tion. Of the three shows twe ar vehiclea
In which Mlas Julia Marlowe at one time
appeared. Por the first four night Elisa
beth Forbes la "Barbara FTeltehie" win
be tbe offering. Thursday night Boss
Coghlan will be seen in "The Second Mra.
Tanqoeray," and Friday and Saturday night
Effie Ellaler win be seen In -When
Knighthood Was la Flower.
At the Orpheum this afternoon and even
ing and for the ensuing week patrons of
vauderUlewni be entertained by some of
the best known artists In this branch of
theatricals and a number who make tbelr
initial appearance here, among them four
from abroad. Will M. Cressey and Blanche
Dayne return with a new sketch entitled
"Bill Biffin's Baby," from Mr. Cressey'
pen. which will be stagd with special
s ornery. Like nearly everything he has
given. It Is cast In a quaint rural vein
Miss Edith Helena is a young woman whs
hss created quite a sensation by her ex
traordinary range f voice, it being as
sorted. She reaches a not higher en the
gamut than Ellen Beach Taw and two
notes higher than either Adaltne Pattl or
Christine NcbJson. Her repertoire In
cludes thst old favorite. "The Lat Hose
of Summer, and the humming of the Uiter
niezso of "Caralliere Busticans" in imi
tation of a violin, lit jell and Tern on
soecUlty wUl be on the horizontal bar,
intermixed with tun making. An instru
mental music feature, with a touch of
comedy will b contributed by Wood and
i Bates. Th Livingstons are styled hlgh-
cUss society acrobats. There are three of
them, l wo women and a man, who among
their Uring and difficult feat Introduce
those of their own origin, while Lizzie Wil
son, the comedienne, will make the fourth
of the initial bidden for local favor and te
tb element anxioua for a change of faces
the program will afford a liberal quantity.
The klnodrom return with entirely new
moving picture.
Oacip, on of the greateat
rising p tenia t of the gifted Slav race, will
make his only appearance la Omaha Tues
day evening. February 17. at th Kountxs
Memorial church. Sale of seat t Mandel
herg Jewelry store. Concert will begin
promptly at I o'clock.
.wals wf Mavarelawd.
Nt Goodein will, tl is said, appear aa
Nick Bottom in a enertacuiar production
of "A Midsummer Night a Dream."
Ticket ;erulatora ar stiU oocuprtng tb
aliei.uon of the jeopl in tbe eapt Honesty
on ttie part of the Bikbagers wlu stop tbl
quicker than any law.
Mascagni will not visit Cut, but lmends
Bailing lor bona early In the spring. It 1
not at ail lmprohahle that PKtro ha bad
enough of tb weeterr hemisphere to Ust
turn vbc rest of his life.
Is New Tork It 1 given out that IeWolf
Hopper u- for Beebthm Tree
nrcKiuCTiori or I Tie Merry v j-e or nit-
aor " In th meantime "Mr. Pickwick" is
a grea.t SJcee.. and Hoper and bia com
panions are winning much giory and coin
ur Bruadway.
Wagenhai t Kempler ar going into th
Resurrection" buitea strong, for they
ir.lend te nr-sanse thee rortiiitiiie. on
to oe sent to New Borland, one to th
south and one to tbe wet te play tlx
piece wM'i Illanch W aifih 1 held liT
tbe iiroadmar prod uctiou.
flile- A Luoer remarkabl success.
"Tbe Prince of Pilsen." now on its way
te New Tork itv. irok the reeord inr .g
tiusiriev at the Centurv thwater. St. Louik.
U-.i seek bv ever i t. S gret wa th
rueeea of the i.-r that a ewond Sunoay
iiinbt v aa haded by buying off the lolios
inr a traction.
rmrtng a preentTor of "Tb Three
M uaeieer" at MmtieaiKili Ust week one
of the askward su)m.ts riatiLdd Irti k Fem.
through 1b lip. A i.tliiul wound wa In
flicted, but lnck went on with tbe i.lay.
Frank Oan.p while plair.g in "Mirtite
Ci-ielu" iu San FrajKUaoe recently received
r d i" 'he henfl of P.ij.n ftu-vt. w rtip I
Kt-rw T-ll . Wfc pi VI! ( tv St 1 out, j
1u betfrf Trunin i.. (tma wl-h 'A (
OritV'TT an !.I lrti!. he severely outirKl
M leriVit;g muster in The wrlKt Oiir t th
txH on the etui- Tiw (it due' i
rtptrl'r hepoTTilrg irwh nearer the rea1
ihmg than 'be I rem h duel.
A. M I m-T in to be giver a rT-f.t in
Jrl.v at the Jeefnix-lit n opera tmuee
Ion t M eem the iron of fate tbT 1h
man. whe for wkrir a rnratt'm ws t
the bead of affair Iheat-irnl. fhuld new
he rritieed to the rmifitttor. ol a nTihciarv.
and that v hen the stge In all Htw ia
With fTty-twe bich r'ade theater 1n
full oiieretion and ow aix.n to he opened.
nt rr.ieM tnli k Nw Ti.-k well supplied,
but announif meni are made of at leaM
foiir to be ntiiit rtuT-t" ' Tire'Pt enin.
stid on tr.p of Ihi the Nw T nrk rtitral
eontenipiai e in ronticeTinn with trcrirm-e-mert
If and a"tind the Cranfl i-T'trfc)
rtant'iT t h prefM'T of a t werty-tiory
butlrittig thiit wl'i contain a department
store and a theater
Raymond Hlu-hrofk of 1he "Klig IWIp"
Otwra eompnrv will play hi oripinal part
in the L'mdnti production of i'luley at
1 .nrtT P'ni'('y .;tera lien Tr. H. "W .
Savage complete neaotia tior. ior a for
eign tour of the piece f tenure a tt may
eeem. impraxaori In I'a-is. Viepnn Ber
lin and litwion ar- arvmu In reprcwnl
translation of thi work. and. stranger
still, a maiirser ol amusement In Japan
ha made overture for the i.iece witti
j a pane presentation in view
The undoubted slice of "peRgy Prom
Part." Henry W Savate leteet Georpe
Aoe comecy. i evloenceo by the fact that
th first week luieinesf- a a the banner
businefi of Mr. Savage' occupancy of
the Studebaker. Thl pie" reflect great
rreult not (inly apim Oeo-ce Aoe. but upon
William Lorraine. ho ha scored most
emj.ha.ttca ily with five miiica.l number
They are; "Fwmalln." "When He Not
Near." "Henrv,'' "1 Like Tou. Lii, For
Fair" and "I'-a-r Old t'ollnge lay."
Th pretty wive of Sultan Ki-Ram.
Georg Aoe comic ojw-ra pro.otype cf th
real "Sultan of Pulu." iu ot shorn ar
weeterr. gins, dps seeing New Tors for
the first urn, were chhjieroned through
Chinatown last week op the occasion of
the beginning of the Ouneee New Tear.
After the performance a: vt attack a the
ater Frank Mouian. who play in sultan,
with Maude Lillian Mem. isianche Chap
man and other member of the company,
took the sultan wive in a procession of
carriages oown to Pell street and gave
them a picnic they will not soon forget.
Th girl joined in th procession and
spent a large portion of their Baianc ftw
mat week in firework ano lantern Later
there u a chop uey upier and the
party oiebatided at daylight singing, "it
i no time itr mtrth or lnuthter, the cold,
gray dawn of the mornltig after."
A. T. Pearson, knowr. throughout the
length and breadth of the whoie country
as a successful manager, died at Phoenls.,
Arm. on January frum nonsumption.
Pearson began as an exploiter of "rep."
companies about twenty years ago and
clnriea around th Great lake ana fin-l;v
out into the west. He Secured control of
the theater buiictnfr at Ieadwood and
Kapid dty durti the boom cays in th
Biae Hlils, Just prior to th advent of
th railroad, and mad a nice little bit of
money, although the circuit proved a
graveyard for a number of amhltiour com
panies From tbe I.iack Hill he went east
and soon had several companies on the
road, among them "The White Squadron."
"A Mitinight Alarm." "The Police Patrol"
and "The Land of tbe Midnight Sun."
He was a pioneer in the matter of es
penslv staging for mediocre or inferior
play and hi ventures were uniformly suc
cessful. His rapidly failing beaJth drove
him to Loa Angeiea. where be became In
terested in ostrich farming. During 1WW
he bad a model ostrich farm on exhibition
at tbe TraiiamismBsippl exposition. His
wife. Kate Pearson, a well known actress,
i ieft in control of hU extensive property.
The tact that the translation of famous
onga, which have been running In thl col
umn, ha attracted the attention of some
reader, is proven by the Ust edition of
the New Tork Musical Courier, In which the
first one of the series 1 reprinted, with
very courteou remark by way of preface.
The Bee feels, therefore, encouraged in th
Idea, and herewith present it reader with
-poem one ought ts forget" Jvo. A It 1
an English version by one James TX Trenor
of the German song "Do Melner Beele
Schoenster Treat. music by Edward Las
sen. Copyright, 1BKZ. and published by Q.
Schirmer. New Tork,
1 bou fairest vision of my souL
Soul in my brightest visions blended
Thou heart to whom my weal's com
mended: Thou weal such a no hodinga dole.
TTou. oh my life's one sweetest Uy,
Thou sweetest life my lays inspiring.
May Uy and Ufa rejoice untiring.
What to thy love I owed each day!
Tbou my bright springtide's fragrant bloom
Thou spring my rich beart-bioom bestow
ing. Thou star for me in heaven gin wing.
My heaven thou that knowa n gloom.
O. let me round thy brow afar.
The anreaie aureole) of my love fashion.
My heaven thou, my spring, ill s s pas
sion. My weal. Oh, thou, my Uy, my star.
I had a letter last week from Mr. Win T.
Taber, for ome time organist at tbe First
Congregation! 'church in thl city, and he
advises me fhaTl be i going te the Philip
pine ilandS.4mmedUtely. Many are th
friend of the, well remembered organist,
and while the Vlll be interested la hi
success, it win 'be with feeling of regret
that they win learn of his departure.
Manila ta a long way off and good organist J
ara not so plentiful ia this country that
we can afford to deport or export - them
Mr. Tber enclosed in hi letter thi list
of choir rules, with the statement that he
wished ta leave some good advice before
he took himself sy ta tbe othermost
part of tbe world.
As they may be of interest to choirmas
ter, I will here reproduce them:
choir in.r.s.
Thl choir meets on evening a week for
the following purpose:
To discus jKilititt. scandal or churca
affairs. To arrange socials, excursions,
etc.. and e flirt. N B If there is any
... neenmed In the foreromg manner.
and the member reel bp mcuneo, h mm
be desirable te have a little singing.
The practice shall coirntnemie at or
at such lat time when s sufficient number
of members shall 1 gathered together.
Member are usually lbuugbt more of if
they arrive late.
There 1 a small subscription payable
int .i.nn.d anv menitwr feel that tbe ex
igence of the choir oejna largely upon
himself r herself, tnd that they should
rather 1 paid than hsve to pay. no legal
proceeding will he taken against that
member in orcier to recover uoiicrlpuous
The membership of the choir is open te
all iadie and gentlemen possessing good
voice and Iwlng abi te read simple music
at sight. What eaartly constitutes a good
voice 1 unaioovri,ile.. but it may i
efeiv left te tbe judgment or opinion of
intending members inemnelve. Th ques
tion if reading at ncht shall also fe
cioed br intruding member. They know
best what they can mo. They ought surely
to tie abi lo read atmple music at sight if
it to milv simple enough. If there ta any
music that tbey cannot rv.ed. it is Just be
cause it Is not simt'i enough.
Siuoe th conductors idea ia to roaks
the choir as Urge -- poafclbie. should any
applicant took one or troth of these euali
hcniiona their admif'on to th c-boir will
not he refused upui. ll'al acuount-
Th choir shall coi.ft of aito.
tenors and All those ladles a ho
curinot read rouKir shall smg eoprano. hil
thus" a bo r an read munr shall sing ana.
Should ar.y lady with a very high vino
object Jo singing alto ah to rwunimeiided
to coiteuet a viuoe fr.ifdaJlKt. bo I almost
netaln wristiounce tier a oeep contrail
with a la-uity method of jirodjction. Tb
tenor shall consist of a many fair gen
tlemen who do not mmd straining their
voice All th gennemen left over are re
quested t sitig bas
Copt of tbe nuueic In rehraJ may be
bad In either the l-f a or staff notation.
Those who unoerstk.nd neither should be
very particular to ft ropie in the staff
Why they etinuid d" se is not knos n. but
Uili- is UKualiy maQ a great point of.
Ne not it should t taken of the con
ductor Io not trouble o look at his beat
be annuld tap. What your next-duor neif b
lor to saying 1 eur to lie of greater in
ter! t you. The conductor t always oe
light4 a hen s i ue is tken up too soon;
It hbows ti riiittr u be in uihi On in
otber hatid. if a e.' 1 tiu-ei. up too Ula,
weiL tuetter lats than never.
The conductor i always pleased te re
ceive advii fron. individual member of
the deuir ahenrver tbe iiave Hi)
tbey fnd ne os for 1 hem" '' H like
tn re.r-eti- htTi' 1c i hniT mr.sreroert.
tfrreT ion t temiM. and ep-eion.
tid ts glad to be tnir-jcteC In the ei
toert of tnueicai --ammi!' If i on tlin.k
that be ha mad B mi'k do net be,tie
to tell Lite so
Tbe r-hoir ar rxper-'d to proiirte their
per role losetire snd oth'-r rweerme1.
and to t them around during the rinr
Irg The potidu"ior never rrlnnf I ill the
ibnlr le.evlng off if h kn'-w that 1he
are nH kins acid drop or b"-ndy ball-
Ary member v ho feel tneu'ied I er
ttiie1 tr e-irn. N R U i pretty safe,
a tli offenditi imrtie Int udtng the con
dm ;or end aeiiant. are ur In noio
gl.e end b-g of tbe rcen rwr to return
A the rho.r 1 a volunta-v one. should
a tee'inc exit that f i icee are not
prjK-r;y appreciated It ahould go on rtrik
The'basm- a-- at liberty to etnr tenor
if they feel that their mieimltf r-ompaf i
1 not duly rciniecl He mum be a poor
tirm of bn who could not sing tenor
"if he liked "
The member of ihe t hnir sho.ild not
make grimace or unduly contort their
i cent ena nee durlt tie fwrf crnience of
lsrt eonc. etc. Thi t a priviiope re
Spryed rxcluslve'y for soloitF
Tbe annuonrement comes 1c me from the
committee in charge of tbe Lenten mul-r-ale
that pwing to a protrarted illnens,
Mr. Genevieve Cltrk Wilson will not be
ble to appear t the first tiiusicale or tb
eerie. February tl. Tb commute 1 for
tunate, however, in being able to announce
for that date Mi Helen Puckley of Chi
cago, who will give a song rerttsl. Tb
sppearance of Mis Buckler will be a great
pleasure to ber cud It or, for sbe 1 a well
proved artiste, with very pleasing voice,
abundant evidence of good schooling and
aa intelligent musical conception Sbe I
a singer of depth and e.amc-tnes and she
hat filled many prominent engagement, not
the leant being her appearances in connec
tion with tb Apollo club of Chicago at
frequent concert. Those vbo rcrurtrber
th concert of tb Transmtaslsslppl rTo
sltinn will not forget the beautiful sork
done by Mis Buckley la the Apollo club
afternoon concert, when sbe sang tbe so
prano part of tbe "fwan and Skjlark"
Mr. Stxnm of All Selntr', who ha done
some valUnt work in tht church, a direc
tor of music and organiser ef tb success
ful Sunday afternoon musical. "Vespers."
t that church, has now in rehearsal srrm
excellent thing in tbe way of church n
tbem. serric music, etc.. by Mr. Coleridge-Taylor,
author of "Histh" music.
He describee tbe music a being full of In
terest and original, somes hat reminiscent
of "Hiawatha" in spot, and again, in otber
war, almost modeled after th purest
Eiigllsh cathedral style a exemplified by
such men a Sir Henry Smart.
Tb Mendelssohn quartet, consisting of
Messrs. Wheeler, Haselton, Hverstork
and Andrew. I now a permanent feature
of All Saint' choir. They will sing thi
In response ts a number of queries with
regard to what Mr. William Spencer
Crosby, the Wagnerian lecturer, will ao
and Bay at th lecture arranged for Mon
day and Tuesday evening. February Zi and
14. at the Woman' club, I hve asked on
of the prominent club women for an idc
on the subject, and thl 1 la brief her
answer: ,
Mr. Crosby, by careful Investigation
and long study of the Wagner music
dramas. 1 able to convey to other a
knowledge of the composer's method la
hi work and to unfold tbe detail of hi
scheme, revealing th natural law oa
which these creation are based, in the
rnost lntertlng way. Mr. Crosby, while
she talk Wagner, playa Wagner, demon
tratlng tbe uitbillty ot tbe music to tbe
recitation. It 1 the tp-oblem of the opera
ts make a dramatic action live before na.
each person revealing himself through the
music which -i atnga. An opera then
must have at least three elements a
story suitably arranged a ts he pre
sented In song, muic' which win color and
Intensify the story and "action tor the
brtngtng of the pUy Itself to th con
sciousness of the hearer. Something ot
thi kind wa what Richard Wagner under
took, ana Mrs, Crosby' description and
interpretation have won for her great dis
tinction la thi line
Surely thl 1 a sufficiently lucid Idea of
Mr. Crosby's mission, and tb women who
have eourageouKly put their beet efforts
forth ta make her lecture a success locally
deserve co-operation.
-Flortana," a m urinal adaptation of
poem taken from Oliver Hereford
-Overboard In a Garden,- win bpreented
under the auspices of ths Ladies' society at
the St. Mary' Avenue Congregational
church. Thursday evening, February 18.
The direction of the musical has beea
given Into tbe ear of Mr. Alien F. Ely.
whe will be assisted by several local solo-
lata. !
The announcement 1 made by Mr. Charles
Stephen that he will present for the con
sideration of Omaha music lovers a leading
light of the younger planlatie knights. Ossip
OabrOositsch th organist of the linotype
will be glad when It ta over that name!),
who ha been creating all kind of good
impressions by hi artistic work and whe
ta now en hi second tour of this country.
Hi appearance will be en February 17,
Tuesday even lug, the place Kountse Me
morial church and the program opening
with the Toccata and Fugue, Bach-Tauig,
closing with tbe tubinstela Vale-Le
Dal." Op. 16. There will also be a
Beethoven Sonata, Op. 2S, a group ot
Chopin number, a composition by tbe
virtuoso himself, tb Henselt "Bird" piece
(yea, onoe more) and aa Areneky number.
The concert, I aa told, 1 ts begin sharp at
I p. m. tor special reason.
The appearance ot Kodan win be the
afternoon of February Zt. Mr. Maecagni,
who ha been well -suited In thi coun
try, has thi ta say. He ought to knew:
"A we (at together listening to him. my
wife, Signora Mcagnl. wa murh affected.
The tear tood in ber eye, he trembled,
bo beautiful it wa. Hi praying of tbe
concerts D major, by Paganlnl. was mas
terly. It crept let on' heart: it mad
one cry. I do not think that I hsve ever
heard a mors masterly rendition of tbe
great turn ber. It was better than Kube
11k 'a, great as that i. It caa be summed
up ia on word perfect. There wa an
other number which appealed to m with
great force tbe Canaonetta. by D' Ambrosia.
Ah! that wa exquisite. With what spirit
what soul b pUyed It. Tbe technique
was Incomparable. He made it talk, be
made it speak. It was superh."
MwelvTswIeee ta rtra of Straet. Cesser
ava Cwasswar Tnrtaat aa
Ac tern.
CHICAGO. "rVh. 14 A petition b been
filed la tbe superior court by H. hi. Bsum
gardner. who say be possesses SCOOP worth
of stock in the firm of Siegel. Cooper Co.
The petitioner ssk ths court to diaaolv
the charier of that concern and want the
basin wound up. a receiver appointed
nd ask tor an Injunction te restrain the
collection of It accounte.
Make Ekaeb
rr. johvs. k. r
TtarwmgTb, Ire.
Feb. 14. Lieutenant
Btnrtrvant. the eecutlv officer of th
Tf nlted State cutter Seminole, which 1 en
deavoring to reach the icebound Americas
fifhing arhooner. started at daylight thl
morning ts make a oath and hope t a cover
th run ta Bar island wt'-hta ten hour.
Nature's Cur for Rheumatism, neuralgia. Kidney
Trouble, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Coughs,
Colds, Catarrh, Asthma, La Grippe, Ner
vousness and all Dlood Diseases.
wti-rn "f-r,F: Or?" i tia'n-e rwn Mr. Mmrr.m "I snCercd with F.beoe
cor inr sot ta clkwase a K benmati-rtr.. Nen-1 matisrc irr more tha a rear and for ei-m
ratria. KicineT Trouble Lrver Complaint, i mot itbs I never bad rev Inert oa the floor.
As-Jima, Catarrh and kindred ailments It ; Tnrtav 1 am sound and wr.U, thank to "b-
cctrtairn no p;!rte!
or intunona dmps of
acr description, but
if scientific ccmhi-
t.B!inn rti Ve Vvt ve.-,
t, m etablc snd oil, ire-'
" . j I 1
Jicirrrru 1 . 1 iu n'u--
part of the world,
whose cn-atjve fro-
pertte -e knwniol
rmlv to the hirhe;t
I anthorities of nexi-i
, cal science.
It i both an in-
a tr w j
it S fr
wi'.hont exr ritioa the most effective thai i ternaliy aad also inhaled, tho gtvtnf a
caa be obtained.. Aa application of, tborongh srtemic treatment which aCard
"! PROPS" ta tbe acbrnf, patnfnl part earl relief and effectual! cure,
never fail to pit quick relief, while a per-1 "S-DfJOPS" cure l-aGrtppc bv itn
aoaaent cure is being eBected by the thor-' mediatelv cestroritif the perm which
onrh cleansing of the blood when it ia cause tbe disease. If taken at bedtime
take internallr. Swannon'a "fi-DKOPS ' : anrl ia the mornip before break lart will
i the mast pci-erful blood pnnficT ever fit-' iclreve and core the most sever couth,
co i c res.. It drrves oat of tbe bland all It will break no a cold cuicser r than anv
poiaonons matter, making pure, healthy i other medicme, thereby preventing Hrca
hissd, tbererr insunnr perfect cirrulatioa, chittv F'tjenenocra, etc.. which are tbe re
It act on tie stomach, brer and kroner i snh of a cold not jnoperiy treated with th
Tt all r isonous waste material from ;
tbe nerve cellr. and band ep the raervou
cystea. Bv doing these thiags it strewgtb
ent the entire rem em, restormc the man or ,
wemaa to Jerlect, robust health. !
George Moore, New Harmony, lad., snf -ered
with Rheumatism ior over a year and ,
was pronounced incurable by two phvrs-;
ciana, but todav is a well man. thank to the
curative power of "5-DROPS. " 1
Lnrg-o Stxn Sort) (300 ) 9I.OO. For Sain Dru.s;lsjts.
Ask Vff P-aggusi frar the "5 ' ANMrN HU," a ss . care tar Cessttlsettwa. "CE W CEVT4.
A Tel ETgET.
BOYD'S. Woodward fc Burgess, Ma.nagerR.
All new feature. 4S reflnefl singer. anrera, comeflin 3. BLACK PATTI (Mm.
PISKierert Jonesi the greatest singer of her race. John Rucker, Mack Allen.
Emma Thompson. Bister Turner. Efl Green. Nettle l-wis. Bobby Kemp. ltle
Trltilett, Jim Crosbv. Mav Lnge. Muriel Ringgold. Bailie Green, presenting "Tiark
town Cirrus ray". "Whang-Iioodie Comedy Four ', "Soidier' Camp Giee",
"PartHlan Melodic" and "Varietlea."
Pi leu s Mattaieifc, ZTee, TMari atarht, Xfte, IMee. TOe.
CHA5. FROHMAN Presents
In the Four
films Mattaieo, She U4 ratrrht, atVe to 93,49. Cwrtalsi oTaas-w m R
T. an.
aug S an. rwatttwelr fro
Have YOU a Ticket?
to be given by the Omaha Elk Lodge
Monday, Feb. 23, at Ak-Sar-Ben Pen.
Tbe seaon' bicfett social event. Ticket to dancing floor 1 1.50. Specta.
t or'g pAilery tL. None Allowed tin floor but those holding invitation. Ticket
Tor sale at Meyer & Dillon' And Benton A McGinn' drug store.
WtsbingtBS Rail, lUcDf.j. Fab, IBth
r. m.
Beartt t alee Psx-lr Btrthers
M pwwwle la braa4 fsectari ilar TTlrw
rart. tg Olio BtlTu
The AD Rotinfler
Omaha's Favorite Singer.
Character Btnger.
Tbe Oreat Southern ruo
P. K lOHhaor A rl ETfTEB illr
Comeaians. Singer, anfl DanrerB.
Rein -nrrueov
Pan th hlustard.
pit K.E: ATI G
rrnrET bo herrlet At
Marvelous "Cgnlllbriets and Acrobat
lAit on th Ctrv Streets.
JAC MrKEtti.
Musical Eii-ert.
Vesical Acccuccsmect Extrzcrdissnr
Ossip Gabrilovitscli,
The world' most renowned concert pian
ist will play at
Tuesday Eve'g Feb. 17
Reserve Best now oa sale at Tatandle
berg' Jeweiry store. 16th and Famam
- Price. f0e. 7uc and tl 00.
Concert will begla promrtly at o'clock.
Everrthing new aad up-to-date.
Special attention te nrjvat parties.
Tel. L26. li.10 Howard. OMAHA.
Pii39 Tuner t?A Repairer
ED EYAKS, Tl'. F-256B.
a Ste
I'KOPS. " Tf clone- bad given me up.
one tsamrg I would nnt walk err more and
another that rev iamb wcmld bare to be
tnken orV Swans-re "':-DROPS" cured
me all rieVit
Kidney TrowNe, tV.t most 6rrer a
. ,-.1 A t A k. -k,.
,uu ym uiui o i -e . . ....... , . .. "
re tnedr. It act ca the blood, prrifving i
and st tbe wire time cleanstnp the Kionev
t.l impurities, it remove me pmaoa
frota the srstem and restt e the kicoev,
and i-ver to their normal condition. If rem
are sv.fiering from Kidney Tmnbie or Liver
Catrplatnt roti nh-niid not fail to secur a
terna! and etttersal bottle of 'TerTKOr?" st onre.
remedv and ior the; uftcrcr irorn Catarrh As'hma,
cure of ncJi d iseaar : h 11 find quirk relief by tbe ne of 'le
as K h es m 1 istn, PROPS. ' Tbete two mort dtstressinfj
Lnmbero. Sttiatica. dise ati caa be cured brthr remed. Va
NenralriA etc, it tci b'ke almost n other reined it used tn-
right remectv
N a. 1
"trUt" krtJaf '. tTA t Mkli
- Act Drama
Week Commencing
Sunday Mat. Feb 15
Q"essey and Dayne
Prasentlng 'Bill Bitnn Baby.-
- Edith Helena
Higbeat Soprano la. th world.
Zazell & Vernon
Comedy Hortnontal Bar Eipert.
Wood and Bates
Comedian and Instrumentalists.
Hlgb-claSB Society Acrobt,
Lizzie Wilson
New Movitg Scene.
Regular Prtcc. 10c, 25c, 50c
Mr. Kelly ....
Tone Production
DaviiKc Block.
18th and Farnara
Trltsaeat 1S31.