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rvti d jgs.
Expert wtch repairing. LeITert. B'jr.
Annual reduction on picture and plctura
framing. C K. Alexander A Co.
Attorney 8 B. Wadsworth Wt lit even
ing tor Bioomlngton, III , on legal business.
The rstette residence, 422 Knst Brosd
wsy, hag been quarantined for acarlet
Ml xlsrguerlte Osborn ta home from a
month' visit with relatives and friends in
Thurmsn, la.
Judge J. V. Rtnlcea of Crulg. Mo., was tn
the city yesterday on business connected
with a law suit.
A. M. Bonham la laid up with a broken
arm, the result of a fall on an Icy sidewalk
Wednesday night.
Attend D. of H. social Friday evening,
Feb. 13, in Merrlam block hall. Refresn
ments. Tickets 25c.
W are hesdqjarters for glass of all
kinds. Sea us before you buy. C B. Paint,
Oil and Glass company.
You are cordially Invited to attend the
only Bt. Valentine ball, at Hughes' hal!,
Saturday evening, February 1,.
Mrs. Clarence Wynkonn and Miss Clara.
Plshop of Cedar Falls, la., are guests of
Mr. and Mrf. George Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Battelte of Hiawatha.
Kan. are visiting at the home of their
daughter, Mrs. J. M. Matthews.
We are giving pretty valentines free to
lady patrona of our soda fountain thla
Wreek. Whaley & Co., 416 Broadway.
At the meeting of the Council Bluffs club J
last evening IX W. Otis read a paper on
"Buddah, Hla Religion and influence.
W. O. Moomaw of the Richardson Drug
company. Omaha, la confined to his home
on Benton street with a badly strained
The motor company has placed one of the
old Manawa cara on the bridge to serve
s a toll house until the one burned Mon
day night la rebuilt
John L. Merkel of New York, who has
been visiting hla parents, Mr. and Mrs. j.
Merkel of Washington avenue, left yester
day for a few weeks' sojourn it Colfax
John L Clark of the t'nlted State Na
tional bank, Omaha, died last evening at
Ills home, 128 Olen avenue, from diabetes,
aged 7 years. He leavea a wife, formerly
Miss Klrsrht, and a 6-year-old son.
Philip and Will Olvena and Melvln Head
were before Justice Carson yesterday
morning on a charge of assaulting Sarmi 1
and Jessie Walker. The ase wan con
tinued for thirty days by Assistant County
Attorney Hess and the boys allowed to go
Wanted, to rent, part of lower floor room
by responsible firm, on long time lease. An
exceptional good chance for some one hav
ing apare room to get good renter. Loca
tion must be central. Address O, Be office,
' Council Bluffs.
The funeral of Mrs. R. T. Cochran will
be held at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon from
the family residence. 245 West Washington
avenue, and burial will be In Fslrvlew
cemetery. Friends desiring to - view the
remains ean do ao between the hours of
10 a. m. and 1 p. in.
County Auditor Ir.nes yesterday Issued
to George K. Schroeder of Omaha a license
to hunt in Pottawattamie county. The
license, which gives Mr. Schroeder the right
to hunt and ahoot In this county until
January 1. 1804, cost him 110. 50. This Is the
first license of this nature Issued by the
county auditor for over a year.
Council Bluffs tent. Knights of Macca
bees, has now a membership of over 700,
which la said to be the largest In the state.
It la confident that It will recapture, when
the award la made July 1, the banner which
It had to turn over to Pea Moines at the
beginning of the year. By that time the
local tent expects to have a membership
rear the l.OflO mark. At the beginning of
the year the Des Moines tent o-tly suc
ceeded In taking the banner away from
Council Bluff a by a very small margin.
Gravel roofing. A. B. Head. 12S Main St.
Arrangement for the Draatrlsta.
Tbe Council Bluffs Retail Druggists' aa
aoclatlon ha partially completed lt ar
rangements for tbe entertainment of the
meeting of the Iowa State Pharmaceutical
association to be held in this city next
July. The Grand hotel haa been selected
aa headquarter for the visitor during tho
convention and If possible tbe New theater
will be aecured In which to hold th ses
sions. In the event of falling to secure
the theater the committee will probably
decide on the Royal Arcanum ball. In ad
dition to a banquet and reception, the so
cial feature will Include an outing for tho
visitors at Lake Manawa.
In connection with the arrangements for
the meeting these - committees have been
appointed by Mayor Morgan, president of
tba local association:
Sports B. 8. Elliott, Gtorge 8. Davis, J.
I. Henry.
Transportation R. 8. Elliott, George 8.
Davis, F. II. Arnette.
Grounds. Eulldlnga and Entertainment
J. H. Clark, J. I. Henry, S. E. Whaley,
John Bchott, A. Bronaon.
Ways and Means George 8. Davis, John
Camp, 'H. E. Harle.
Th executive committee consists of Mayor
Morgan and O. H. Brown, president and
. ' ' ' . , ' " ?rr KJVin.T-
.ether with tbe chairmen of the .ubordln.t.
Fnnailah Commercial Clnb Rooms.
Tbe, executive committee of the Commer
cial club la furnishing tbe rooms in the
Woodbury building, recently aecured as
. ii -..a fn. ih. .1iiH Tt l Tnnrted that
the rooms will bs ready for occupancy by
the first of next week when the committee
will begin to hold regular session. Presi
dent Bender haa not yet appointed the
standing committees and will probably not
do so until March 1. wben It la expected
that .tho canvass for members will be
complete. A general meeting of the club
will be railed for the first wfck In March,
at which time a report on the membership
will be made and plana outlined for work
for the executive committee.
Combine Two Anniversaries.
The public achoola of Council Bluffs will
celebrate Washington's birthday this .year
on Friday, February 20, aa tbe regular
date .of th anniversary falls on Sunday.
There wa no celebration of Lincoln's
birthday In th. school, yesterday as ac-
cording to the suggestion of State Superin
tendent Barrett it will be observed at the
rame time as Washington's birthday. At
that time appropriate patriotic program
will be given In every achool In the city
except at the Hlgb achool, a tbe debate
between thd 8ionx City and Council .Bluffs
high school will be held that day.
Notice to Gaa Consumers.
Gss consumers are notified that there
will be no gaa aupply between' the hours
of T:30 a. m. and 8:30 p, m. on
on Account of tbe change being made at
th work of the company
Federal Conrt Matters.
Th suit of Martin B. Fee of M.i.nlng
. . . . ...,' it. -., J
la., against the Western Union Telegrsph
' " . A
company has been transcrlpted to the fed-
t-1 .... .
oral court In thia city from tbe district
court of Carroll county. Fee sues for $5,000
damage (or the alleged delay In tbe de
livery of a message announcing tbe critical
Illness of bis mother In Huntington. Ind.
Owing to th alleged delay Fee did not
reach Huntington until a day after the
death of bis mother.
Th grand petit Jurora for tbe March
term of United Statea oburt In thla city
will be drawn February 27.
M Fvsrl 8, Counc'l Bluffs. 'Phone f
People Who Depend on Oai Stovet Mast Eat
Oold LuDcbei for One Day.
All Gate to Be Taraed Off from Main
Between TiJTO a. an. and attSO In
the ETealag and Possibly
Citizens of Council Bluffs who depend on
gas stoves for cooking their meals will
be In a bad way Sunday. ' The gas company
bai notified Its patrons that on that day
from the hour of 7:30 In the morning until
8:80 In the evening all gaa will be shut off
from the mains. This Is made necessary
by changing tbe connections from the old
to the new plant, which Is now completed.
Tbe change, however, will not be made un
less tbe weather la favorable.
Many families In tLls city depend entirely
on the gaa atove for culinary purposes and
consequently tbey will have to do with
cold meals that day and If they want hot
water to make coffee with or for other
purposes they will be compelled to call
upon their neighbor who may be fortunate
enough td have rook stoves. Many families
also depend entirely upon gas. for illum
ination and It Is safe to say that there
will be a big demand for lamps and candles
Saturday, But few of tbe churches in
this city are lighted by electricity, most
of them depending on ' gas, but the gaa
company Is taking steps to prevent Incon
venience to tbe Sunday evening church
goers by stringing temporary electric wires
to those churches which are. lighted by
Manager Frltchman of the gas company
said yesterday: "This changing of tbe con
nections is absolutely necessary with the
completion of our new plant. While we
realize that tbe abutting off of the gas
will Inconvenience many of our patron
we will do the work as rapidly aa a large
force of men can do It. We selected Sun
day for changing tbe connections, believing
that on thla day tbe regular business would
be Interfered with as little as possible.
It may be that the work of changing the
connections will be completed earlier than
expected and it is also possible that It may
take longer. We would like to Impress
upon everybody the Importance of having
all stop cocks turned off in order to pre
vent accident when the ga Is turned on
N. T. Plumbing Co., Tel. 850. Night, F667.
Local G. A. R. Men Hope for Visit
from Katloaal Commander-in-Chief.
Commander-in-Chief Thomas J. Stewart
of the Grand Arm? of the Republic and
staff will pass through Council Bluffs next
Wednesday afternoon enroute to San Fran
cisco to make arrangements for tbe na
tional encampment to be held in that city
In the fall. Colonel John Llndt of this city,
atata commander of the Department of
Iowa of the Grand Army, who la a personal
friend , of the . commander-in-chief, haa
written him urging blm to so arrange hi
Itinerary aa to atop over for a few houra
In Council Bluffs. '
Colonel Llndt and the members of Abe
Lincoln post are hopeful that the commander-in-chief
will accept the Invitation
and in the event of hla so doing, hi visit
here will be made a memorable event. In
vitations will be sent to all the leading
Grand Army men of the state to be present '
and greet the commander-in-chief. A re
ception will be tendered Colonel Stewart
either at tbe Grand hotel or at the hall of
Abe Lincoln post,
Commander-in-Chief Stewart, whose
home Is in Morrlstown, Pa., will leave Chi
cago according to present plan on the
night of February IT and will reach Council
Bluff over the Milwaukee at 8 o'clock in
the afternoon of the day following. Ac
companying tbe commande'-ln-chief will
be Judge Advocate General Albert B. Beer
of Bridgeport, Conn., Chief of Staff J. Cory
Wlnan of Troy, O., and the following niem-
of th wcutlve council: William H.
; Armtrong lndlMipoIUf jB(,.. ThoinM W.
I Scott, Fairfield, 111.: Thomaa G. Sample,
Allegheny, Pa-; Nelson Hall. Howard, R. I.;
William R. Shatter, San Francisco, Cat.;
A. A. Taylor, Cambridge, O., and S. C.
James, Centervllle, la.
Captain L B. Cousins., sheriff of Potta-
! watUmie county, is a member of the com-
iHanilAt... In.AhlAf'a mea.ll mm aaiailairatt-i In .
mandei -In-chief s staff a assistant in
spector general and be may possibly ac
company the party from here to San Fran
cisco. .
P' uniting and beating. Blxby ft Son.
Affects Local Tai Ferret Case.
The recent decision of the supreme court
In tbw tax ferret case from Cass county
will. It .1 believed, bav a direct bearing
on tbe similar suit from Pottawattamie
county. In the case from Cass county tbe
supreme court held that the contract en
tered Into by the board of county super
visors with C. W. Welman on a 50 per cent
basis of remuneration was perfectly legal
and that the board had full authority to
tv aba n ( Vi pAntnot aanii u o a. tn mv
whatever con.mle.lon it deemed advisable
for the ferreting out of property which
had been withheld or , omitted from aa
sesament. ;'
The contract entered into by the super
visors of Pottawattamie county with F. M.
Cunnlncham we. alm'lar to that between
the Cass county authorities and Welman.
Cunningh&ra under tbe contract was to re
ceive 60 per cent of all monies recovered
Into tbe county treasury .through his efforts
tn unearthing property which had been
omiiira or wtmneiu iron assessment, tuo-
ningbain's claim against tbe county now i
exceeds $13,000, but payment was refused '
pending tbe suit, brought by Attorney Frank
Shinn attacking tbe legality of tbe con
tract. Now that tba aupreme court has upheld
th contract entered into by the Cas
I county board of supervisors. It Is believed
i . ' ,,, ... ,
here that it will make the same ruling In
i . ... .... , , ..
a suit from thla county. Welman. the
tax ferret who had tbe contract In Cass
county, Is said to be a partner of F. M.
Cunningham, wh6 secured the contract In
tbla county.
Discharge Coanell Bluffs Prisoners.
Freeman Reed, clerk of the district court,
received notice yesterday from the warden
of tbe atate penitentiary at Fort Madison
that the term, of Walt.' J. DcArmond and
Frank Welmer, commute'' from Council
Bluff, had expired and they had been dl
charged. They wer both committed from
thl city on October 10. 1901 on conviction
of larceny, both their sentence being
eighteen months. They each earned two
months off the aentenc by good behavior.
eoatoa at
BCRLINOTON, la.. Feb. 12 (Special
Telegram.) The thirty-fifth annral session
of the Iowa conference of the Fvangellcal
Lutheran Auguatana synod opened here
today with Rev. Dr. Ludwig Holmes In the
chair and delegates present from all over
the state. The presldent'a report showed
a good condition among tbe synod churches.
The following officers were elected for
the ensuing year: President, Rev. A. Nort
bom, Bwedesburg; vice president. Rev. Jo
seph A. Anderson, Boone; secretary. Rev.
B. Madln of Betbesda; treasurer, Mr. C. O.
Nelson, Olds.
(Continued from First Psge.)
state Commerce commission has demanded
a financial showing by the corporations.
He contends that the Increased rates ex
ceed the Increased expenses and are at
tended by a degree of prosperity unpar
ralleled. He quote the Interatate Com
merce commission as stating In tbe report
fcr 1900 that tho Increased cost of trans
portation then amounted to only 8.84 per
ceut as compared with previous years, but
as adding that "the significance of these
facts is that the directors of railroads
during the year 1899 have availed them
selves of high net earnings, made perma
nent Improvements , on railway and rolling
stock and have charged these Improve
ments to operating expenses." He quotes
from the Iowa commissioners' report for
1902, showing that the Milwaukee company
had charged one year to operating expenses
$1,500,000 paid for renewal of ties and rails,'
and the Burlington, Rock Island and North
western had made similar charges. The
latest reports show the proeperlty of tho
railroads still greater, showing that the
22 per cent advance Is still getting in Its
work. Continuing, Mr. Campbell wrote:
Iowa has been hit hard already by the
advances, first of a 22.1 per cent In classifi
cation on interstate traffic, followed by a
similar advance by the Iowa commission
ers on classification, on the plea of the
ratlwaya "to meet advance In operating
expenses," etc., giving the shippers and
firoducers of the state a double dose and
ncreaalng the gross earnings of the rail
ways from H8.466.15ti 44 In 1898 to 159.1(,191.41,
an increased burden on the commerce of
Iowa of over 110,000.000. Another advance will
be extortion of the worst cnaracter, and
will he reaented and resitted by the people
of this great commonwealth.
Mr. Campbell gava statistics showing that
the net Income per mile of railroads on
the 193.000 miles in tbe United State, after
all deduction, waa for 1890 $851, for 1895
$318, and for 1900 was $1,180 per mile.
"With the net income per .mile more than
trebled In the last five years," aaya Mr.
Campbell, "on the ratlwaya of the United
States, does it not require a large degree of
assurance on the part of the managers to
ask an advance In ratea, and will the peo
ple of the country submit to this exorbitant
demand In tbe face of theso facts?"
Information for Officials.
Mr. Campbell referred to the fact that tbe
two who have been most active In urging
toe advance In ratea and Justifying tho
advance on account of Increased expenses
are A, C. Bird of tbe Chicago, Milwaukee
& St. Paul, and Paul Morton of the Santa
Fe. "Both these officials are expert traffic
managers," said Mr. Campbell, "but In tbe
financial departments of their respective
roads they are perhaps strangers to the
fact that the business baa prospered Im
mensely. For Instance, the gross earn
ing of the Milwaukee road, a shown In
tbe report of the Iowa commissioners for
June 30, 1902. were over $42,000,000, the
dividends declare 4 were 5.5 per cent on
common stock and 7 per cent on preferred,
a total of $5,444,181, and of the amount
charged to operating, expenses $1,500,000
ws for renewal of rails and ties, and fur
ther that the average dally compensation
of Ita employes exclusive of salaried of
ficials tn 1902 waa lesa than in 1898, being
$2.13 for 1898 and $1.93 for 1902. Tbo gross
earninga of the Santa Fe, which road waa
In the hands of a receiver from 1894 to 1893,
were oer $10,000,000 greater In 1902 than
In 1898; in 1398 tbe Santa Fe paid no div
idends while for 1902 dividends amounting
to $8,104,300 were declaied, 1.6 per cent on
common stock and 5 per cent on preferred,
a pretty healthy showing for a financial
Carry Freight Cheaper.
Mr. Campbell declares that the facts are
thaj most of the railroads of the United
States can arry freight at one-half the
rates of a decade ago and reap large profits.
By straightening and shortening line, cut.
ting down grade. Increasing speed, laying
double tracks, using larger car and en
gine, doubling and even trebling their
tonnage, and other modern Improvement,
they have made It possible to do this. In
conclusion Mr. Campbell state) to the In.
terstate Commerce commission by way of
suggesting a remedy:
"Now that the railway managers ignore
the law and commlas.oi.ers In putting Into
force extortionate rates, and congress
declines to Interfere to protect the people, i
the outcome will be a resort to tbe ballot,
and If government control falls, then
'ownership' will be tbe only remedy, des.
peraie as u is. to this we are surely
drifting and there will be a day of reck,
onlng. and a aqueeilng process, and it will
not be tbe Innocent granger or ehipper
that will feel it, either. 'Whom tbe gods
would destroy they first make mad.' Surely
the railway' magnates of the. country have
gone daft on the rate and earning issues,
and will sooner or later get a terrific fall,
th aooner th better."
Arrange Firemen's Tournament.
ONAWA. Ia., Feb. 12. (Special Tele-
! gram.) At tbe business meeting of tba
delegatea of the Maple Valley Firemen's
Tournament association, held at Wall Lake
today, fourteen town were represented
and arrangements for tbe next annual
tournament to be held at Carroll, la.. Juno
! 17 Qd 18 wer made. Carroll waa on hand
with a guaranty to pay all purses and
promised t) show the firemen a good time,
Odeboldt holds the championship belt won
laat year at Early, and Representative Joe
Mattca says It Is going o win it again thla
year, but the boys are from Missouri
mostly and will have to be ahown. The
Onawa hoae team held tbe championship
belt for three yeara, but was not allowed
to oompete last year. Fourteen of the beat
town In western Iowa were represented
and prospects for the seventh annukl tour
nament at Carroll are very bright.
Dies of I aaanal Disease.
ANTHO.N", la., F.b. 12 (Special.) Mr.
D. Hankers n, who lived live miles east of
town, is dead, after an Illness that extended
over several yeara. Her ailment was a
most uncommon one, being what ia known
In medical science aa elephantiasis, or the
abnormal enlargement of the tlasuea of tba
body. Her body at death weighed nearly
600 pounda and ber Buffering was Intense.
This disease Is very rare. Its nativity be
ing In India. Her huabaad dropped dad
last summer of heart disease.
Telephone Companiei May Go Into Cities
and Towni of Iowa at Will.
Will Review Important Criminal Law
Qaestlon Dei Moines Fire Losses
Last Year Michigan Ban
qnet for Iowa.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Feb. 12. (Special.) The
aupreme court closed Its January term this
morning and a large batch of decisions and
rulings was made of record. The most Im
portant matter handled was the decision In
the telephone case involving the right to
the use of the streets and alleys of cities
without a franchise. The case wss that of
Chamberlain against tbe Iowa Telephono
Company, appealed from Judge Prouty of
the Polk county court, who held against
the company's contention. Now the su
preme court. In a long opinion, decide, that
the telephone company la right. The suit
was to oust the company from the streets
of Des Moines becsuse it had no franchise,
the old franchise having been allowed to
lapse, but the company answered by point
ing to a general law of the state which
gives telegraph and telephone companies a
right to occupy "all public highways'' of
the state. The court holds that this lan
guage relates to streets and alleys aa well
as rural roads, and !f this was not clear
when the law was passed, It was made clear
when subsequent legislation was enacted
that In glvlbg city councils power to regu
late telephone and telegraph companies,
and not the power to exclude or admit
them. Tbe court therefore reaches the
conclusion that the company has a right to
the occupancy of the streets without any
permit or franchise from the city. This de
cision affects every city in tho atate and
renders It unnecessary that franchises
should be asked for or obtained. Telephone
companies may go into any city of the
state and number of them Re, rp In a
city without asking the consent anyone.
Brady Case to Be Heard Again.
The supreme court Just before adjourning
passed on the motion of the attorney gen
eral for a rehearing of tbe Brady case from
this county Involving a vital question of
practice In criminal mattera In the atate.
The court granted the rehearing and It will
be submitted at the next term on printed
argument only.
The court granted the following rehear
lngs: Bankers Iowa State Bank against
Mason-Hand Lathe Company, Polk county;
Hyatt against Hamilton County, Hamilton
county; Green Bay Lumber Company
agalnat J. S. Cla-k, Sac county.
The .following were passed on and
rehearing refused: Tootle agalnat Singer,
Taylor county; Warfleld against Clark,
Polk county; McClenahan against Steven
son. Buchanan county; GUI against Patten,
Polk county; Beringer agalnat Dubuque
Street Railway, Dubuque county; Wright
against Reed, Tama county; Sankey agalnat
Chicago, Rock Island ft Pacific, Pottawatta
mie county; State against Oliver B run
did,, e. Black Hawk 'county; Cedar Rapids
Water Company against City of Cedar Rap
Id., Linn county; Mahoney against Phillip.
Greene county. ' '
May - Tettoi foocket.
The court Issued an order that th clerk
of the court In making up the docket for
the term of next May ahall Include all
cue filed prior to September 1 last and
all criminal and certiorari cases up to
within thirty days of tbe opening of the
Coart Decision.
The following were the decisions handed
down by the court today:
Man-lion Engine and Thresher company,
appellant, against J. C. Bhrlmer, Kossuth
county. Judge Juarton; reversed by Mc
Clean. Teycke Bros, against J. T. Haien, sheriff,
appellant, Pottawattamie county, Judge
Smith; affirmed by McClean.
Noah L. Bolton against S. C. Bailey, ap
pellant. Linn county. Judge Remley; af
firmed by McClean.
James Hamilton against Chicago, Mil
waukee St. Paul railroad, appellant, IJnn
county. Judge Kemley; affirmed by Mc
Clean. Iowa Loan and Trust company against
Christian lialler et al, app-llants. Po'.k
county, Judge Bishop; modified and af
firmed by McClea'n. -'
William Lelfhelt, appellant, against Jo
seph Schllts Brewery company, Linn
county, Judge Trelchler; a filmed by tbe
State Against James Babbett, appellant.
Polk county, Judge Holmes; affirmed by the
John M. Phipp against H. Horton, ap
pellant, Page county, Judge Wheeler; af
firmed by the court.
Morrison Bros, against William Houck,
appellant. Taylor county. Judge Tedford;
affirmed by the court.
F. M. Davenport appellant, against Addi
son Brown, Carroll county, Judges Church
and El wood: affirmed by the court.
Theodore Peck against Nicholas Giskl,
appellant, Jefferson county, Judge Roberts;
affirmed bv the court.
Peter Weber, appellant, against Iowa
City. Johnson county. Judge Wade; re-
rmeA hv Weaver.
J. C. Frits against J. M. Kennedy, appel
lant, Adair county, judge Appiegate; at
firmed hv weaver.
State against Ernest Wllley. appellant.
Polk county. Judge Wilkinson; affirmed by
the court.
j y,ury county. Judge Ga'ynor; affirmed by
State against Ida lien, appellant, wooa-
, the court
1. a Heala & Rro apoellanta. against
F. F. Patterson, Marshall county. Judge
Caswell; affirmed by the court.
D. H. Sleeper agalnat City of Pes Moines
appellant, Polk county. Judge Bishop; af-
apm,4 bv Sherwln.
A. C. Graham, appellant, against George
W. Gorman, Pottawattamie county. Judge
Green: affirmed by the court.
V. Stelnblock agalnat Martha Johns, ap
pellant. Hardin county, Judge Weaver; af
firmed by the court. ... ,
D. S. Chamberlain against Towa Tele-
Shone company, appellant, Polk county,
udgc Prouty; reversed by Sherwin.
Fire Losses Not Large.
The report of the fire chief of Des Molne
for tbe year 1902 showed that the fire losses
were comparatively small. The total loss by
fire In tbe city during 1901 was $415,184,
covered by an aggregate Insurance of $1,-
825.000. Tbe number of alarma for 1901
were 411 compared with 358 for 1902, being
a decrease of fifty-five for the year. For
1902 the loss on bull lings was $34,510. and
on contents, $69,138. making a total of
$103.C48. Tbe inaurance carried on th
buildings wss $7S0,2ti. and on content
$338. 835. making an aggregate of Insurance
on buildings and stocks of $1,069,105. Th
estimated value of the property Involved
was $4,945,375. The leas compared with th
value of the property endangered was, about
2 per cent.
Banquet of Michigan People.
A state banquet of the alumni of Micbl
gan university was bld here this evening
attended by about 100 persons. Th ban
quet waa given In honor of the visit to the
olty of President Angell. who cam here to
visit relatives. The toastmaster waa ex-
axative JJrorao Quinine
Cur a Col4 in On Day, Crlpta 3 Dayt
Senator Thomaa A. Cheshire of this city,
and among the apeakers of the banquet
were Gilbert M. Hitchcock, .Omaha; Robert
McMurdy. Chicago: T. A. Berklblle. Cedar
Rapids; Sherman Mears. Waterloo; W. W.
Pearson and C. A. Dudley, Des Moines.
Building Xew Railroad.
An agent of the Newton ft Northwestern
railroad, projected from Newton to Boone
and backed by Hamilton Browne, who built
the Marshalltown ft Dakota road, has been
in St. Louis purchsslng tie and other ma
terial for tbe road. It I learned, here that
work I to be commenced on the building
of the road aa oon a possible. It is re
garded as probable that this will be a Rork
Island short line from th northwestern
part of tbe state eastward.
Opened to Colfax.
Tbe Interurban trolley line waa today
started to Colfax for the first time. The
line has been completed there for aome
time. Owing to a disagreement with the
Colfax people over the route through the
town the company bad not aucceeded In
completing It terminal until recently.
This ha all been disposed of now and regu
lar trains were started to Colfax thla morn
ing. Organise Matnal Insaranee.
The Iowa hardware dealers by a majority
vote thl morning determined upon the
organization of a mutual fire Insurance
company for the member of their associa
tion. A committee waa appointed to incor
porate and perfect the organization of the
company and get started.
Charged with Killing Husband and
Attempting to Barn Remains
In a Barn.
DES MOINES, la., Feb. 12. Mr. Frank
Lavelleur wa arrested at Newton today
charged with the murder of her husband.
It Is set forth in the Indictment that she
killed her husband with an ax and placed
. . . .... u- ...w
hid 1 r uiuiiin iu a una u, iiil.ii buuuw
quently act fir to. The alleged .crime oc
curred last summer. Mrs. Lavelleur, who
had twice previously been married, quar
reled frequently with her huaband.
It was explained after his charred remains
had been found that be had been overtaken
by the flames while attempting to recover
a buggy.
A post mortem disclosed that his head
had been crushed, the wound Indicating that
be had been atruck with an ax.
Offer to an Iowa Man.
IOWA CITY, la., Feb. 12. (Special.)
Prof. Frederick E. Bolton,, professor of ed
ucation of the University of Iowa, has re
ceived an offer from the committee on edu
cation off the Philippine Islands of the
presidency of the Philippine Islands Nor
mal school, at a considerable advance In
salary over hla present position. Dr. Bolton
today wrote the committee declining the
position on account of bl desire to remain
at Iowa In hi present work.
Hoasack Mnrder Trial Begins.
DES MOINES, la., Feb. 12. The taking
of testimony In the Hossack murder case
commenced at Wlnterset at I o'clock. After
the examination of thirty-five Juror twelve
were aeoured last night. Tbla forenoon
waa consumed In tbe presentation of argu
ment. The defendant la able to appear In
tbe court room, though ahe ahowa evidence
of broken health, due to confinement In tbe
penitentiary atnee ber conviction.
Polsona Self and Child.
JANESVILLE, la., Feb. 12. (Special Tel
egram.) While temporarily Insane Mrs.
Charles Edgerton administered carbolic
add to her 3-year-old son and took a doae
herself. Neither ean recover.
Westminster Kennel Clnb Exhibition
Marred by Death of Valuable
NEW YORK. Feb. 12. Every year death
have occurred among the Westminster
Kennel club exhibits. This yesr nas Deen
no exception. Today Faustina, a blood
hound belonging to George P. Flnnegan of
Greene, N. Y., died from pneumonia. He
was a valuable animal, had won many
prise and had the record of having trailed
criminals In the upper part of the state
following ine UlllOOIiru Iiir urirm 'i
Richard Croker, Jr.'s. hitherto Invincible
Vnariuh hiilldniT Rndnev Stone, came the
downfall of Mra.' R. F. Mayhew' champion.
Hands i;p, the famous nine wire-nairea
fox terrier who came third today. The
Canadian dog. Matchmaker, owned by
Eraser et Ltndsay or uniario. ana ine
Hamilton, Mass., terrier, Belwonk Baker,
being first and second.
Mr. Howard Gould met defeat In several
classes with her famous black pugs.
Chess Flayer Foregather.
MONTE CARLO. Feb. 12. In the second
round of the International chess tourna
ment Tarraach beat Masnon In twenty
three moves, Plllsbury beat Schlechter In
twenty-four moves and Taubenhaus bent
Albln In forty-seven moves.
Asks tor Ball.
8. C. Feb. 12. Application
tnr hall for former Lieutenant Governor
James H. Tillman, charged with the mur
der of N. O. Gonsales, at Columbia, 8. C,
waa argued here thl afternoon. The hear
ing was presided over by Chief Justice
Pope, who on last Saturday granted the
hearing to attorney for Mr. Tillman.
It waa decided to postpone the hearing
until next Tuesday, In Columbia, 8. C, In
order to give tbe commonwealth time to
anawer th affidavit of Tillman.
City Ticket Office,
Union Station I Oth
Arnold A Co. and Others napen'etl
from Sew Orleans Rare
NEW ORLEANS, l'. li. 12 -Not a favorite
finished first here today. hit it few of tin'
winners rsrrled iramry. Th- steward have
ordered the lefusal of entries of all horses
from K. J. Arnold Co. and other in
operative raring tlrms ponding I'lixltlv
proof that such horse were the Individual
property of the parties officially registered
as owners.
Weather clear and track slow and lumpy.
First race, selling, one mile: Hud Kmbry
won, Marlon Lynch second, Wlssemllnc
third. Time: 1:4S-R.
Second race, veiling six furlongs: Blue
Blase won, The Boston second. The Caxton
third. Time: 1:17 1-5.
Third race, five and a half furlongs:
Spec won. Henry Mclianlel cond, Glcn
nevls third. Time: 1:1.2-5.
Fourth race, handicap? seven furlongs:
St. Tammany won. Telamon second. Albert
F. Dewey third. Time: 1:31.
Fifth race, selling, one mile and a qrar
ter: Tammany Chief won, Wunderllcli
second. Teat third. Time: ;i:14.
Blxth race, selling, one mile: Moroni
won. Meran second. Ruby Race third.
Time: 1:46.
Arnold Horse Falls.
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12.-Four favor
ites scored at Ingleslde today. The defeat
of Searcher In the mile and a sixteenth race
was rostly. The Arnold & Co. hnrsn wa
heavily supported, but failed to show any
form, finishing far back. Burlington Bro.,
owners of Tizona, claimed Searcher for
The weather was fine and the track fast.
First race, futurity course: Cathello won,
Katherlne Ennls second, Legal Muxlm
third. Time: 1:124,.
Second race three and a half furlongs:
Toledo won. Military Man second. Young
Pepper third. Time: 6:42.
Third rare, one mile selling: Fossil won.
Sleeping Child second. Peaceful third.
Time: 0:43.
Fourth race, futurity course: Matt llognn
won, Golden Cottage second, Jim Gore
third. Time: 1:11.
Fifth race, one mile and a sixteenth, sell
ing: Tlsona won, Forte second. Stunts
third. Time: l:Bo.
mxtn race, six furlongs: Peter J. won,
J Ed IJIburn second, Gorgoletee third. Time:
With the Bowlers.
The regula- league game between the
Nationals and Gate Cltys was postponed
on account of the elckneas of one of the
National players. A sociable game whs
played, total ping counting, and resulted
In a victory for the Gate Cltys by the
following score:
1st. 2d. Sd. Total.
Sheldon 156 2i1 lh M8
Chandler 191 2-'3 151 5iW
Marble 155 144 1) 4M
Jones 140 l.V) 145 444
Encell l'.ia 179 1M 570
Totals 841 906 837 2.54
1st. 2d. Jd. Total.
Gilchrist 138 149 229 616
Ahmanson 156 177 1H 521
Reed 2i 151 1S 622
Yont 153 lS 172 6i
Tracy 169 181 160 610
Totals 81! 841 917 2,677
Oatahoota the Stranger.
WOOD RIVER. Neb., Feb. 12 (Special
Telegram.) A' very Interesting target and
live bird shoot was pulled off here today
between Martin Dlefenderfer of thla city
and a stranger by the name of Officer. The
flrat contest was twenty-five live bird for $Ti0
a side. Dlefenderfer killed twenty-three to
his opponent's twenty. The second wa a
rifle shoot for $50 a side. Th!t contest, like
the first, wa eaally won by Dlefenderfer.
The above contests were the outcome of a
recent live bird shoot between Dlefenderfer
and McGee of Shelton, which took place at
Shelton last Saturday, and was won by
the Wood River man. Shelton, evidently
thinking that Dlefenderfer was shooting
with exceptional good luck, brought down
this stranger, with the above result.
Billiard Tourney Continue.
NEW YORK. Feb. 12.-In the amateur
championship billiard tournament at the
Hanover club In Brooklyn today Edward
W. Gardner of Passaic, N. J., scored a
total of 300, high run 42, average 7 6-42.
Charles F. Conklln of Chicago got a total
of 168, high ' run 42 average 4 4-41. The
evening play resulted aa follows: Dr. I I
Mlall, New York, total 800, high run 70,
average 7 34-38: J. Byron Stark, Wllkes
barre. Pa., total 267, high run 35. average
7 8-37.
Down Boxer Eight Times.
ST. I.OVIS. Feb. 12.-M!ke Schreck of Cin
cinnati practically knocked out "Cyrlone"
Kelly of San Franrlaco In the fourth of
what was to have been a twenty-round bout
before the Weat End club here tonight.
Kelly was unable to solve Schreck's style,
being put down four times in the second
and four times In the third round. Kellv
managed to pull through the fourth by
running and clinching, falling once from
weakness. Referee Sharp interfered and
gave Be h reck the decision.
C'reseens Ready to Beat lee Record.
OTTAWA. Ont.. Feb. 12.-Cresceus, the
world's champion trotter, did not go
against the ice record here today, owing
to the track being too slushy. Mr. Ketchiim
jogged the champion three mllea and then
got him away for a mile In 2:27. The last
quarter waa made with the greatest ease
In thirty-three seconds, or a 2:12 clip, which
la six and three-quarters seconds better
than the Ice record for a nille track, i
Minnesota Team Going East.
MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 12.-There Is s
strong probability that the University of
Minnesota will accept the Invitation of the
University of Pennsylvania to enter the
annual relay race to be held In Philadelphia
on April 17. Captain Michael Bookman is
anxious to take hla team east, and as the
proposition Is looked upon with favor by
the university athletic authnrltlea, It is
likely that Minnesota will be represented.
McGnlaraa to Aid Coach Yost.
ANN ARBOR. Mich., Feb. 12. Pan C.
McOulgan, the stnr guard of the Michigan
font ball team, who cannot play next fall,
owing to the four-year rule, will a an 1st
Coach Tost at Ann Arbor. This announce
ment today caused some surprlxe, aa It
was understood McOulgan had been en
gaged as coach by the Western Reaerve
university of Cleveland.
1324 Fanum Street,.
and Marcy. 'Phone 629.
Itching, Scaly and Crusted
With Loss of Hair
Speedily Cured by Cuticura
Soap and Ointment
When Every Other Remedy and
Physicians fail.
Warm shampoos with Cuticura Sonp
and light dressing of Cutlcara, the
great skin cure, at once stop falling
balr, remove crusts, scales and dandruff,
soothe irritated, Itching surfaces, des
troy hair parasites, stimulate the hair
follicles, loosen the scalp akin, supply
the roots with energy and nourish
ment, and make the h.tir grow upon a
weet, wholesome, healthy scalp whe
nil else fails.
Millions of the world's best people
use Cuticura Soap, assisted by Cuticura
Ointment j the great skin cure, for pre
serving, purifying and beautifying the
akin, for cleansing the scnlp of crusts,
scales and dandruff, and the stopping
of falling hair, for softening, whiteu
Ing and soothing red, rough and sore
h:iml, for baby rashes, Itchlngs and
dialings. In the form of baths for an
noying irritations mid inflammations,
or "too free or offensive perspiratlou, In
tho form of washes for ulcerative weak
nesses, aud many antlseptlo purposes
which readily suggest themselves to
women, as well as for all the purposes
of the toilet, bath and nursery. Cuti
cura Soup combines la one soap at one
price tho best akin and complexion
soap aud the best toilet, bath aud baby
sonp in the world.
Complete treatment for every hu
mour, consisting of Cuticura Soap, to
cleanse the skin, Cuticura Ointment, to
heal the skin, and Cuticura Tills, to
cool the blood, may now be had for
one dollar. A single set la often suffi
cient to cure the most torturing, disfig
uring, itching, burning and scaly hu
mour', eczemas, rashes and Irritations,
from infancy to age, when all eiso fails.
a adMlilliillt
Ik iB VI iVat WL i rJ
in all UlSfcASEB
of MEN.
12 years of sua
cessful practise) la
nil aVal a . - ... without auttlliat BaVlM att
aTlLataS Inam al 1 1 mat Lull aiUIUM t Nil
you or tuontr rviuoaea.
CVnUII IC "n tor lit an tb ptitm
wlrniLId tboroushly ilui4 from tks
SraUitt. Bean Mrr li " STmptom lpprs Corrr.r. No -'BHBAKINO OUT" St
tt Imu on tbo skis or tioo. Twinwil eseUlae
ao usrou druss or Injur loin SMOlolBoa.
ISjntf HCM tram Excomu or VICTIMS TO
ItjSriijhi wa"ino wbaknudb. wiu karlx
Tlior ind stronfU. wlk or.os ia.plrrd one woa.
Curoa (uorsnuod.
Wok. Burning Urtso. Froouoaor ol Cmoau.s. Unn
Coasaltatloa Kroe. Treatment by Mall.
Call or sddren. lt
Forty Sizes, luc to 60c Each.
A. San i Att-LA & Cu., iyiaXERS
Treats all forms of
disorulbs or
27 Tear Experience,
17 Yaxs In Omaha.
Ills remarkable sue
ftM&o hao nover boon
MiiAled ftDd every Uay brtn mny nittf
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rTif he hit given.
Unt Snrir.n Treatment for Svohilis
And all filoort Poisons NO BREAKINq
OUT" on the akin or face and all external
slgna of the dlneaae Olsappear at once.
- AAOa, mMp r D.rmtn.iKlr eurod r
DLuUU UiatftOC u-i 34. liar..
J : U r V eaaa aw
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coses cured of nary,
ous doouuy, Iom ol
.iui. uiiuiJ4 aiacurs. B .1..-.
Oioot. itluuey ana Biauu.i imm, j-
Txiauuoiit by uuUL V. O. lio lot Offlea
mmmr Hi A MIO Hiwia tweu amain mum
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, .ACV
sytfiTg DOVF. CUng never .'.ti. lu diror vrsr
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nlrt oflrr u.i -if llil. rrmrdr i.lrea In onr llqull1
ua or without kauwiotis of puionii uouieasi SI $
Cbermao McConoelJ Drug Co., Omaha.