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fam. Ixplantory Bngretticm. h Gotno
tion wits tbd Project
Dlaalay af Eaelae Arlafaeraey Hit
'' a Parade af naaaaally
la Ita RhI Bib aaa
Probably a treat majority of the Omthi
ho a re reslny, in tbe newspapers
that Omaha li to bare a horse abow next
September here no rery vtTld 111 of Just
exactly what such an affair la, what It com
pri, bow tt la manac-d, That happens
there and wfcat. In abort, there la to borne
how besides the horses to make It a mat
tar of such extreme Internet wherever U
may ba given.
Is all these things eeery bora abow la
J alike, no matter what Ita extent. What
ever proportion It may have, it always
baa pretention aplenty, for a borae abow
ll a aorlety event. It la- morf It I the so
ciety event. A a matter of fart the horaea
are to a large proportion of those who pay
dmiaaion the smallest part of the abow.
It la a borae ahow, and tbe animal are
tbera. tbe beat lo the land. Also are prea.
ent tboae who appreciate the animate, who
know their every fault and virtue. But
tbere la more money exhibited In coetly
clothes and trapping generally of both
man and women than In all tbe gear of tbe
borsns and equipage.
A horae ahow la resent lally big society i
event. It ranDot bone for success other
wlaa. In wbstever city the abow 1 given !
tb. element there that represent tbe "4f0"
mint be Interested in the affair or It will"
not be a go. There la no Intention to try
and depart from thi precedent lo Omaba.
The ehow next fall will be the biggest ao- I
clety event the city baa ever known If tbe '
promoter have their way. And it la In- '
tended that each aurreedlng year tbe so
clety world will hold It breath and tt
fund for tbe annual repetition of this
Tor yeara aome of tbe progressive society
mec of Omaha who are alao borne lovera :
ant alao bualneaa men have been endeavor- i
tng to .get a borae abow catabllibed bere. !
They arc about to succeed. Tbe transfor
matlon of the Soutberu Western Horae
bow circuit Into tbe Ameriran Horae Ebow ,
association and tbe accompanying exten- ,
ion occurred simultaneously with tbe ad- I
xnlaalon ft Omaha Into tbe circuit. .
At the meeting in Kansas City at which
tbeae thing were accomplished tbe new ,
organixatlon -was started, with twenty :
rttiea Involved. Tbey were Ban Antonio,
Houston. Fort' Worth. Pallas, raris. Little
Rock. Milwaukee, Bt. Paul. Minneapolis.
Salt Lake. Denver, Omaha, Des Moines. In
dianapolis. Louteville, Kaehrllle, Atlanta
and Kansas City. Since that time five ad
ditional cltlea have been taken In. Tbey
are Cincinnati, Detroit, St. Joseph, Evans
vtlle and Terr Haute. Seven months will
be exhausted by this circuit. It open Id
San Antonio on April i and closes In St.
Jnph on October 3ft. . About four days
are given to each city .on the average.
Tbe Omaha ahow will be one of the blg-
gect .of tbara all. Already tbe stockholders
of the association have voted to offer 5.000
In prises. This 1a an unusually large sum
nd sufficient to bring tbe finest horses 4n
tbe jwantry. There arc certain exhibitor
identified with this circuit who alway fol
low Jt throughout. Some of tbe more prom
inent bora ownera whs will bring tbelr
animal her are:
Colonel. W. G. Cowling. Bt. Paul; K. A.
Asbbrook and W. A.' Rule",' Kansas City;
Guatav Bucb, Max Ortbwein. John L.
Bratton. Bt. Louis; C. iTatt. Little Rock.
Ark.; John Cudahy, Omaba; Dr. Bark, Den
ver; Dr. Sherman Wllllama. Denver:
Thomas Bass, MrxJoo. Mo.; Herbert Crane.
St. Charles, I1L; Henry Kram, Pontlac.
111.; Ball Broa., Versailles, Ky.; O. D. Vn
derwood. Kanu City; Thoma W. Lawaon,
Boston: George W. raper. Toronto, Can.;
Crow Murray. Theological Seminary, Va.:
K. 6. Stotuburg. Philadelphia, and C. K. Q.
Bllltnga. Chicago
la the three yeara of Ha extatenee under
tbe former name, ten car load of equip
ment have followed thlB circuit from enf
to end. Every Imaginable atyl of eaulp
ment Is carried tor the better abowing off
of the horae in competition. Every vehicle
from a dog cart up to a ten-ton drag will
be bere. and these are the lateat producta
of tbe lour leading carriage manutactorie
In thla country. There wAll alao be carried
every possible atyle of bitchea. All tbe
more modem modus of driving horses, never
seen In thi city, will b shown at the
borse show. Two of tbes newest ones
are the Roman, three boraea abreast, and
tbe Vnloorn, two abreast and one in the
The abow Is booked tor four daya bere.
September 8. , 10 and 11. Tuesday, Wednes
day. Thursday and Friday. There will be
four evening program and one matinee,
probably on Wednesday afternoon. Each
show wtll consume fully two hours and a
halt, as nine claaae will be shown each
time. There will be every possible class
In Xbe Omaha show, from roadster to a
road tour, from a polo pony to a four-in-hand.
Then, besides this many additional
feature are planned. There will be many
pole ponies entered, and thJr rldrr.
killed asen at tbe game, will be here- A
ooc ten, or prohatily several of them, will
be arrangrS. Fony polo has sever been
en la Omaha. Further features will be a
cross-country thaae and rough Tiding and
fancy rifiUig-
It 1 experted that tbe borse abow will
be a grrat thing commercially for Omaha.
Merchant win decoratd their stores and
building from top to bottom. Inside and
out, with tbe colors of tbe abow to be
adopted. It will have all the attractions
of a carnival, with Bane of tbe bad fea
ture, the tmrvlioeaa. tbe bolstnrocsseas
and such. It will alas be a good excuse to
ask for tbe lowest of exrurwlon rates to
this city. And then tbe show will be a
liberal education in Itself la mors way
than one.
Already several bualneac men of Omaha
besides those interested la tbe Omaha
Horse Show association have been ap
proached regarding this proposition, and
all are heartily in favor of It- CSa oen of
the department stores have been earn and
tbey applaud tbe plan and promise to dec
orate llbrraHy. Everything points to tbe
vast uc-ce f tbe lnlUal enterprise.
they play. During tbe Omaha contest they
were clean and fair and square from start
to finish, even though tbe game was one
of tboae hair breadth margin, eyelaeh finish
aCatr that win bring out unfair play and
roughness If anything can. It abould be
addd alao that tbe two Kansas men who
acted as sceptres. Alpha Bnumnag and
L P. Wherry, were absolutely Impartial
and fair to both teams throughout, being
arpareplry uninfluenced by college af
filiatian and allegiance.
Tfaa Ptlll Stra- aai Caatlrat af a
Goal Plae la teatas's
Member of tbe baaket brll team ot tbe
Toung Men'a Christian asaociation in Omaha
are still ruminating over their defeat last
Tuesday night by a team ao decidedly their
Inferior. All the boys reallie that they
were way off form, and that none of them,
save perhaps Hansen at' center, waa play
ing his average game. Even at that tbe
athletes are unable to understand bow a
team that they had outclassed so decidedly
all season on form and comparative scores
could snatch a victory from tbetn.
In this connection It is interesting to note
the score made at basket ball in tbe trans
mlssouri country Blnce tbe season opened
on January 1. First of all, tba local asso
ciation team overwhelmed tbe Lincoln as
sociation boys here on January 2. by a
score of S4 to 12. Next tbe Lincoln asao
ciation team defeated the I'nlverslty ot Ne
braska 11 to It. Next tbe Haskell Indians
came north, and stopped off at Lincoln for
twe gamea. There they swamped the 'var
sity team. So to 18 and also won from tbe
Lincoln association boys, S3 to 21. That
was on Friday and Saturday night. Janu
ary 1? and IS. Leaving that windfall In
their wake, the Indian came on to Omaha
to meet tbe association team bere on Jan
uary 21. Tbe Omahans had no hopes of
winning, but tbey did, and by a big score,
21 to 11.
Then and not till then people began to
consider the Omaha aggregation a a cham
pionship team. Tbey bad doubled score
on the strongest team In tbe west, and
they bid fair to run a clean card of vic
tories for the season. And then cams the
Kansan. They, too, stopped off in Lin
coln, and tbey played the same teams aa
Haskell, being defeated by both. Tbe Lin
coln association beat the Jaybawkers 12
to 22. while the Vnlversity of Nebraska
Won, 22 to IS. Naturally, the Omaha boys
felt mighty confident against snch a grade
of teams as the one indicated by the scores.
And it may have been this overconfidence
that got away with them. Anyway, the
visitor did them up last Tuesday xtlgbt,
26 to 24, Just enough to win, but a vic
tory none tbe less.
No one thinks, however, that tbe decided
slump shown by tbe Omaba boys last week
Is any prsage of a permanent tailing off
in form, or that It waa anything more st
rloua than an off day. It is confidently ex
pected by the supporters of the team -bat
the men will hereafter show their former
proweaa. Even at that, that defeat waa
slap In the lace a far as western cham
pionship honors are concerned, for Kansas
Can certalnl not claim the supremacy in
the transmissouri country, having won
only one game, yet neither can the Omahans
lay claim to the laurels, having been de
feated by Kanna. tbe team that baa made
the weakest ahowlng of any.
Tbe only way to aatlsfactorily settle the
matter Is for Omaha to secure a return
game with tbe Jaybawkers on their own
field and let that contest determine the
whole business. Tbe team goes south late
this month to meet the Haskell Indians st
Lawrence. Kan., and tbe team of William
Jewell college at Liberty, Mo., and might
arrange a game with Kansas while In Law
rence on that trip. Should the Oate City
men win, they will then be free to proceed
with tbelr final game with the Fitch asso
ciation team of Denver. Tbe result of the
Omaha-Denver games would definitely set.
tie the championship of the west, while
a thing now stand everything Is muddled,
for all tbe aspiranta hav been defeated by
weak team and hav won from strong
Tbe Kansas, university team played a
schedule of seven foreign games on its trip,
going from Omaba to meet Highland Park
college at Dps Moines, then tbe Des Moines
association team, and finally the Ottumwa
association team. Tbe boys from the Sun
flower state cannot be praised too highly
for the gentlemanly game of basket ball
Exsteet ta Pal a Caaaaailaaek'ai Teaaa
aa the Grlalraa Sewt
Alpha Brummag.o. right tackle on tbe foot
ball team of Kanaas university for tbe last
two year, and captain of tbe Jaybawker
eleven for tbe coming Reason, was in Omaba
last Tuesday with tbe baaket ball team from
Kansas university. B rummage I tbe man
whom Arthur Curtis, coach of Kansas last
year, said was tbe best tackle In the west
that season. Curtis made this statement
arter following tbe teem through all its
games. Including the one wit1 his own alma
mater, the Vnlversity of Wisconsin. Being
tbe man who ha made the most remarkabl
reputation of any middle wefe foot ball
player In a line position, Curtis should
know whereof be speaks. Brummage waa
In his own old position, which be faeid four
rear straight on tbe Badger team, and tbe
Kansss boy played the game after Curtis'
own style. Brummage to the Ideal type of
foot ball player for a tackle position. He Is
bvy, yet not beefy; solid, but not so
muscle-bound as to be slow on bis feet: of
a good height, yet with his weight laid low
enough to make him firm on his pins. He
still has two years to play under the con
ference rules limiting a man's time on a
team to four seasons. The Kansas captain
bad some Interesting things to tell regard
ing foot ball st Kaneas. Said be:
"W will have a remarkable team at Kan
sas this fall. It will undoubtedly be our
beet alnce Tost left us, if present prospects
are fulfilled. Curtis last season put us on
our toot ball feet again, and though there
was not opportunity In the one season to
build up a team of champions, we ars
prime J. for that now.
"Tbe spirit at the university is all one ot
confidence now. We cannot figui a bow we
ran lose. Although we will not have Curtis
back, we have lust secured tbe famous
Weekes of Michigan, quarterback on tbe
Wolverine team for four years past. In
cluding the last two of the wonderful su
premacy of the Ann Arbor men. Having
been for two yeara under the personal In
struction of Coach Tost, Weekes Is, of
course, thoroughly Imbued with his Ideas
nd methods. We couldn't ask anything
better than that, for Yost is recognized in
the west at least as the most remarkable
roach of tbe age. Combine that Instruction
with Weekes' own record as foot bail
player and we feel sure that we are getting
a good thing. He was twice placed at quar
terback oh the All-Weatern eleven. Of
course there are always those who think
that a player doesn't necessarily make a
good coach, but tbe Vnlversity of Michigan
evidently thinks that Weekes would be a
bUxh grade foot ball teacher, for that acbool
refused te let bim go till it waa sure of
Tost tor another season. Had Tost left
Michigan we would not have secured
"We get back eleven of the men that
Curtis coached last season and nine of tbe
eleven are first team men. They are my
self at right tackle. Hicks at right and.
Allen at right guard, Ackerman at left
guard, Peters at left tackle. Pooler at quar
terback. Reed at Icrt bait, Moshar and
Love, who interchange at fullback Cook
for substitute left halt and J. Alford for
substitute right half. Any one can see
what a formidable lineup thet makes, and
it will be a great start for Weekes to
begin on a team ot trained and experienced
men In that way. We start training on
September 1 at Lwrence.-
"Cnrtls goes bspk to Wisconsin next fall
to be bead coach. I have Just heard from
him, and be has entered Rush Medical col
lege for the second half of the year. He
intends to practice medicine eventually, and
will probably pay his wsy through medical
school with the proceeds of his coaching.
At Kanaas he received 11.000 tor tbe ten
weeks' work. At Wisconsin be gets $1,800.
We psr Weekes tl.200 this season. We re
gard Curtis aa a fine roach. I think be did
everything with that Kansas team last year
that any man could have done. He is a
hard worker, and anything but frlrilou. He
1 very reserved and confines foot ball
strictly to tbe gridiron itself. He never
discusses it outside."
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tea Ar Eataaalaetle Over tar Ost
task ssi Htsy Are Try
iaa; far Teaaa,
With tbe beginning of tbe second semes
ter at the Vnlversity of Nebraska all de
partments of spring athletics have taken
new life. The last week has failed out mus
cular men with varied tendencies, and
dressed them in "gym" suits for different
types of work. Tuesday afternoon at 4
o'clock candidates tor tbe track team were
called out tor tbe first time and began ele
mentary training under the direction' of
Dr. Clapp, the physical director, and Cap
tain Tobln. During tbe week, also, candi
dates for the diamond have been put Into
tbe cage for "working out" and to go
through the process of Bifting, in order
that prospective material may be selected
for tb 'varsity squad, and other men for
the "Boruba." To complete tbe week of ac
tivity the baaket ball team, under Man
ager Htltner and Captain Hewitt, has been
taking a lively run out into the aHitudinou
regions of Colorado and Wyoming, playing
cheduled games and making a good show
ing for the Scarlet and Cream.
Tbe aevea Jien who toCk tbe bahket ball
trip are the athletic representatives before
the public Ju-t now. In other departments
the action la, ao to apeak, behind tbe
scenes. And for thla reason tbe course of
th basket boys haa been watched with In
terest by Nebraska. They have had games
at Denvsr. Bouider, Colorado Spring.
Greeley and Cheyenne. They have worked
hard for their alma mater and they hav
done well. They have gone lnta every con
test with a determination to win and they
have made a creditable showing.
It la not generally known, but neverthe
less true, that baaket ball Is tbe most ex
hsustlng form of athletic sport Indulged in
by college la America. And for that rea
son these "N" men who have been throwing
goals ia the mountains during tbe last few
daya deserve more credit than they ordi
narily receive. At the end of one of his
noted foot ball aeaa'ona Cortelyou. the
"star" end for the Comhuskers tor tour
yeara, came Into the "gym" to take on bas
ket ball. He had been in every hard grid
iron game, and in tbe most terrific scrim
ages for nearly three months. His coach
had pronounced his "wtnd" wood. But In
spite of all this, exactly ten minute or
baaket ball waa enough to put him out of
tbe- playing and Bead him, exhausted, te the
locker room. That 1 wby only tbe moat
robust fellows in school can ever hope to
wear baskit ball first team sweaters. And
that Is why, too. Captain Hewitt, with his
little party, abould be commended for what
be has done.
At a disadvantage from a lack of old
naa, tba aoon aa bald uj wn wonder
fully well at tb university thi year.
Hewitt ha watt bed tbe fve mm on tbe
floor and rcaxhed tbem tntil they were
able to make any n-sve in tbe took with
lightning rapidity. Durlnr .practice day
and tbe bor have prat 'J red faithfully
every day, with ns enthusiastic supporter
like those tht greeted the football squad
Hewitt could be beard at all time nailing
out. TVcp It In. EUlott;" "Get up orer
blm. FeTguon;" "Cover vout man, there.
Hiltner;" "Get down under him. Hosr:"
and "1 say. Newton, play lfw!" Thi. to
gether with the admirable coaching of It.
Clapp, baa made the leather toseer abut
tbey are, tbe trick plays suggested by the
physical director hi Tiny proved especially
During the last week cf February an
other basket bsH trrp is contemplated, this
time to tb east. It Is planned to take In
tbe Omaha Toung Men's Christian associa
tion. Des Moines Toung Men Christian
association, Monmouth Military srhoti.
Chlrago Centra Toung Men Christian as
sociation and the Vnlversity of Wisconsin
at Milwaukee or Madison. Already Lincoln
has been given a number of good games, of
especial note being the Haskell Indians,
Lincoln Toung Men's Christian assoclstion'
and Kansas. In these, Nebraska baa lost.
The track team Is preparing for a list of
events for one week from tomorrow, Feb
ruary 16, which 1 charter day at the uni
versity. Dr. Glarp and Captain Tobln hare
been giving tbelr entire energy to the
working up of this turn, and It will be
good. Tbe pole vault will be pre-rnilnen'Jy
Interesting, .from that tbe fact that I.
Clspr holds the world's championship rec
ord, gained at Tale. "Bill" Johnson, tbr
fast little colored boy, is high man at this
In the university now. but Benedict will
press him hard. Tobln will put the shot
and likely win against all comers. Bene
dict will come pretty close to "Bobby"
Gaines' mirk at the high Jump proposition,
and potato races and the like will be worth
while because of the large number, of en
tries. Lchmer of Omaha and Harry Reed
of Omaha will probably do something at
The base ba'l men have at last satisfied
old "Jack" Best, the trainer, and come
Into the cage. Town send has arranged for
this sort of a "working out" programme,
and pitchers are now getting their arms
Into shape. Bender, Townsend. Thomson
and Goar are already on the ground, and
there is a prospect that Hoar, a Fremont
man, will come in.
Local Mag-Bate Still Looks oa the
Fatara Thrown Rose-Colored
"It is not any cinch whatever that Whist
ler, one of my first basemen, will go to
Montgomery, Ala., as player-manager of the
Sou: hern league team ft that place," said
Manager William Reurke of tbe Omaha base
ball club late last week. "As a matter of
fact. Whistler is such a good man that l
am anxious to keep him in tbe Western
league. He is certainly too good a base ball
player to go In the Southern league. So I
have offered Wills tier to St. Joseph, and
until that town refuse blm I'll not let him
go to Montgomery. Of course, down at St.
Joseph now they say they have Charles
Farrell, more familiarly known as 'Duke'
Farrell, or at leant tbey have a chance to
get him. 'Duke' is the catcher who was
with the Brooklyn team last season. He is
a high grade ballplayer, but at that I am
not ao cure that Whistler would not be
more suitable and saatisfactory tor St. Jo
eph under all th circumstances. Down
there they want a player-manao'er. Now
Farrell is the player art right, but he has
never been anything else, and Is in no way
qualified to manage a team. Whlatler,
meanwhile, haa had considerable experience
managing team in th minor eastern
leagues and is not any scrub of a player,
"I had been banking a good doal on get
ting pro-season games with Hart's Chicago
National league team for April here, but
my chance for that ar not so bright now.
I see that the western club of the National
and American leagues are talking of play
ing tbelr spring seie with each other, and
if tbey carry out these plans that will of
course keep the Chicago Nationals away
from this part ot the country. If tbey can
get tbe different teams to agree to it, tbey
will undoubtedly bold this series of National
clubs versus American, for that will prove
a big drawing card for tbe practic games.
But there Is still a chance of us getting
Hart 'a men out here. I have left April 11
and 12 open for them, and hav written
Hart that I shall bold ths bates till Febru
ary 15. By that time we'll know definitely.
"But affairs are bo quiet and aettled and
orderly in the Western league and In my
own club that we are spending most of our
time watching the other fellow. Every
body In our league has eagerly awaited the
result of tbe American assoclstion meeting
Saturday. It is certainly time for tboae
people to be giving out their circuit, and
tbey ought to do It at that meeting. Then
we'll aee whether or not Hlckey will take
his club from Bt. Paul to Chicago. I don't
think It will be any winner In the Windy
City. In one sense Chicago is three big
cities, and they would undoubtedly get good
Sunday crowds out there on the North Side.
But that' all they would get. There
wouldn't be a corporal's guard ou. on week
days. It's the out-of-town people that
make tbe weekday crowd In -Chicago,-and
they wouldn't go clear out to that park.
It , tbe Boating population that make
those big cities such good base ball towns.
Even here In Omaha VO per cent of our
weekday business la out-of-town people,
and clear out there on the North Side
Hlckey couldn't get any of that floating
population patronage.
"I aee that tbe American league mag
nate still refuse to make public tbe loca
tion of tbelr grounds In New Tork City.
Tbat is beginning to look rather fitby to
me. Tbey Bay they have two options, so if
tbey are ahut out of one tbey will have
the other ta fall back upon. But they've
got to expose the eec-rt and start work on
the grounds mighty quick now or they ran
not get It ready for the season. It they in
tend using that attention at Lennox avenue
and One Hundred and Forty-first street tbey
cannot delay much longer, tor that la quite
centrally altuated and it will mean steel
construction throughout. Tbey cannot put
any framework ia there, nor any other com
bustible material. It must be steel stands,
and tbey are alow building."
MIS Jmki
Those who live near a volcano know that beneath
the calra exterior of the sleeping- riant is a racine sea of
fire, molten rock and sulphurous gases, but the thin
vapory smoke laarily ascending from its crater is per
haps the only external sign of the commotion and
tumult within. Living in this atmosphere of danger
they soon become insensible to fear and are only
aroused to a sense of their peril by the rumblings and
quakings which foretell the coming eruption and
downpour of heated rock and ashes, scalding mud,
blinding, suffocating smoke and sulphurous gases.
The were living in fancied security when the sleeping volcano awoke, and they were lost.
Thousands of Blood Toison sufferers are living upon a sleeping volcano, and are taking
desperate chances. Under the Mercury and Potash treatment, the external evidences of the
disease disappear and the deluded victim believes the cure complete. But the fires of contagion
and the deadly virus have only been smothered in the system. The little sore that now and then
makes its apparence in the mouth, the slight rheumatic pains in muscles and joints and the red
rash that occasionally breaks out upon the body , are warn
ing symptoms, which often go unheeded. Then the
rumblings grow louder, the smouldering poison bursts out
and the body is soon covered with sores and copper colored
splotches and pimples, and all the old S)-mptoms return
sore mouth and tongue, ulcerated throat, swollen glands,
and manj' others that the sufferer believed had been tip
rooted and destroyed by the Mercury and Potash treatment,
Not only do these minerals fail to cure the disease, but
work the greatest injury to the system. Mercurial Rheu
matism, Necrosis or death of the bones, deep and offensive
Ulcers, Salivation, Inflammation of the Bowels and Stom
ach are some of the horrible effects of Mercury and Potash.
The use of S. S. S. in Contagions Blood Poison
cases is never followed bv such results. We offer One
Thousand Dollars for proof that it contains one particle of Mercury, Potash, or other mineral,
but is guaranteed a strictly vegetable remedy. It cures even where the worst symptoms have
developed, and the patient, to all appearances, was hopelessly incurable. S. S. S. is an antidote
for Contagious Blood Poison, and the onlj- radical and permanent cure known. This has been
proven by an experience of nearly fry years, during which thousands have been restored to
sound and vigorous neaitn wnen it seemed noming coma
stop the ravages of the disease and save them from a most
horrible fate. S. S. S. destro3-s and eliminates every atom of
poison from the sj'stem purifies, strengthens and builds
up the blood, and he smouldering fires of this terrible dis
ease are extinguished, and no signs of a return are ever seen.
We have a special book on Contapious Blood Poison,
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mation desired is furnished by our physicians without charge.
Rowxtnc Grew, Ky., March 14. 1902.
Gentlemk : For over four years I suffered
rrratly from a severe case of Contagious Elood
roiwrn. I went to Hot Spring, staving tbera
four months. J then consulted physicians, who
prescribed Mercury. Nothing did me any ood,
in fart the treatment proved more harmfal than
beneficial. Thus I continued to suffer for four
years. I mentioned my case to a friend, who
told me that 5. S. S. had certainly cured him.
I at once commenced its use, and in a few
months could find no trace of the disease what
ever, and I can truthfully aay I am entirely well.
I recommend S. S. S. to all in need of a sure and
safe cure for Contagions Blood Poison.
D. &L SaKCE&g.
Residence, Mitchell House.
.7. c GREW
Treats all forms at
Tt Tears BBtperianoa.
17 years In Omaha.
His remarkable auo
rmm V never Seen
equaled and even dar brings many flatter
tnc reports of the food be 1b dotn. or the
relief he haa riven.
Hot Springs Treatment for Syphilis
And all Eluod Poisons NO "BREAKING
OUT" on the skin or faoa and all external
sign of the disease disappear at onoa.
ovtK SD.03- xr'izroi
villu. uktoiaru diBcbara-a. fetrtcture,
tiieel, aUdnay and Bladder tlaea a. Hjf-
Treatment by mail. P. O. Boa 7i Oflloa
over tii B. 1U atreet, between Faxnam aof
I'lnn" streets, OMJlMJl. 1sB.
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astolutsly Burs. Fee
medicinal Buraeset it
Is unequalled. Or sale
at th. leading catsa.
Sruf stores and bars.
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84 PROFIT 84
Paid in Month of December and Imtrj.
trr tba nn aad aat avatam af saa Oa OmatJti Tarf anlattsa. a aaae
arevrlaa wlU a saiBal Mack af 1S,SH, aoiac baBiaaao and-the aasas
af tbe Btate af Sonta laaaota, aad Unwind by the Btataa af Ilflnw aad 1 iniana
aad tbe CtUaa of Chirm, aad fmm ial
mr ae taaosaa arable nnai d far praflni aatd as each aad -a
Weekly Profits Paid as Follows:
Wk Dm. 1 . . I
v a-eai of Ifcee. It. . IJ raw Caaat
Week af Uoa. la. . ia.4 Paa- aaa
Week ml Iea. KI..WJI raw Oew
Week af lmm. B..UaSarCat
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aad BMillir aaroaata ta aaast aiaaartlau. wbjefc
aands af eatuBsd elwata Oil naaitaat fha Catted
National Hank of New Orlaana
kMirtyttoai aalkeaavdl ta aaaBaata
avarata, aad sTtwaa war aadinsii tlaaa
rr la aa aat la mmr But a a aa
POO 4. KUOMfi.
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aawj alii ataaav Taar bmb
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rUUU raratah
ad ta BOOCMAEKKS aad
We Do Not Hare to Pick tbe Whmer.
Ta aurLa-lla isabadtad ta mmr ewaveaa ar aaaeldy w aaj
tkaat aaed by atfiwalisi k aaavrra. Tbraaarh taa seal H aaaaay wUI aaiiiaea, aaa Ti ai k Kiorru mt ta aaaae na llkar,
we elftamlaata fraan raan aaok wkitk we Saab v lavestaeau
aaasa haraaa arble.h kan aa kaw v tiatewae- ta a at th aar
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Sek Marker haa aa asp a aaa af a rly asao err aar aad wtll atat
avaraar ari tkaa a mmr real la hla beak. Wa aawa take eaa.
aaaaa drala, set a ar atiac aaJy alar raan w aaa red aaa
la a araaf tea) fertaUaty, aad saarala mm a latwar aaa la thaa aay
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a frame whleh. taajcthar with th rtac-laxl, la aab)t t wttb-
arawaj aa aeaaaaa.
MKAK lb MlftU. wa da aat operate eartaa ar aeatt la wbleb a part af in
vested capital mar b last, tbud dastreylac tba capital of a small number af 1b
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SEAR lb Mlnli. at do aat plana aay rastrtroens whatever oa tba wKk
draaai of your invesLBaeat. 1
MKAJt in MlftU. w do not dlvart aar pari af capital levanted with uetethe
purchase of raclac stablaa. stack far ma, baukuca. or etaar unjarsDtaiile turf aui
luartfa. Our baaiuasa lascneUy larestmeat on racaa. aa par plan aat fmtfc la our
MKAJt IN M1U. wa ar aat ta B"W A.DDLJNG CLOTHES, Mrtravt strut -rltas
tar a bar eatataaea. Oar paaltlaa I aaa stroua. too rvapeoaatiia, and too wi-ll-known
Truthfully, wear and w'.U rontiau to bt tba RJTIOSINO TITIF SEN
take nraaanr la referring yu to tbe State Kauanal bank of New Onena.
If ya ha ldl aaaaey, naaaey ta laveat, aaaaey tbat abald
h aanlai aaaaey, a nanal rmrt will betas; yaa aar Marias "Vaa-,
ami ar kwklrt ml aaefal tarf lafaraaattaa, with aa aattrely mm mm
aatd artslaal plaa, ladaiaed by area aad pa bile aad reraaana
wd by Bnatacal aaaka aad kaakan.
The Co-Opcralive Turf Association, Inc.,
mm j $ n n nn $ n n n n
W ..'fSkav
cl MEN.
12 year, of sua
ccaslul practio ia
Urn sbs.
This is one of tbe most dangerous and
often fatal diseases. It always results
from a cold or from an attack of the grip. I
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy quickly cures '
these diseases and counteracts any tendency !
toward pneumonia. It is made especially :
for tbeae and similar ailments and can al
way he depended upon.
A nataral wSMtlaa.
The youngster la the art gallery looked
long and earnestly at the painting. Then
he read the insert ptloa.
"Do you like it" asked his mother
"Oh. I like It well enough. he answered,
"but I don't understand It."
"What Id it you don't understand r
"Why. ll aaya 'Wild Humes Aft er Itoaa
Bouheur.' I aea tba horses all right, bat
where s the girl they're aharr Broaklyn
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IlktlbAHk. Kidney and BlaAaar TtbuMm, Waak
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I tall or adareaa. 11 . ldth -
twentieth' century farmer
btakr Heat ( aral rrvarat.
Wrtta ta a baaapl Capy.
Uruurp asked la aire, dtrenfth aad purltr.
No medical chest complete Without it.
Recommended by leading; physicians
Ask your dealer for tt.
Tbe nountala Distilling Co.,
Cincinnati, Ohio
Bowling Alleys
Birrest - Brteiitat Beat.
1313-15 Harney Street.
gin Bowling Alloys
1212 Fir run LL 'Phsss 2375