Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 01, 1903, PART I, Page 9, Image 9

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Few People? Know How 1 erf al l( la ta
FrMrrtlnv Hfillh and Brtatr.
Kesrly everybody nr,w that charcoal !
th nfMt and most ffflrlm? disinfectant
nd purifier In nature, but few realise ttt
alu hn tik-n Into the human syntem
(or the (am clesnslna; purpose.
Chsrrnal It a remedy that the mora yotj
take of it the better; It la not a drus; at all,
but simply abaorba the gases an1 Impurl
tl always present In the stomach an. I In
testine anil carries them out of the sys'en.
Charrnal sweeten the breath after amok
Ing and drinking or after eating onlont anil
(her odorous vegetables.
Charcoal effectually clrara and Improve
the complexion. It whiten the tenth ana
further act a a natural anil eminently
afe r.atbartle.
It abaorba the Inturloiia rases which col
lect In the stomach ami bonln; It dlsln
feet the mouth and throat from the po on
of catarrh.
All druggists aell charcoal In one form or
another, but probably the beat charcoal and
the moat for the money I Stuart Ab
aorba nt Lotenaes; they are eompesed of the
finest powdered willow charcoal and other
harmless antlaoptlca In tablet form, or,
rather, In th form of large, pleaaant tast
ing lozenge, the charcoal being mixed with
The dally use of theae lozenge will a ion
tell In a much Improved condition of the
general health, better complexion, aweeter
breath and purer blood, and the beauty of It
la, that Co poaalble harm can result from
their continued uae, but, on the contrary,
great benefit.
A Buffalo physician, In (peaking of the
benefit of charcoal, says: "I advise
Stuart' Absorbent Lozenge to all patient
suffering from ga In the stomach and bow
el, and to clear th complexion and purify
the breath, mouth and throat; I alao be
lieve the liver I greatly benefited by th
dally uae of them; they coat but twenty-five
ce,nts a box at drug atorea, and although In
omi sense a patent preparation, yet I be
lieve I get more and better charcoal in
Btuart' Absorbent Lozenge than la any ol
th other charcoal tablets."
OVP Absolutely
IV I I j Pur.
& Quaker Mali Bj Is I
; A parted WWikar. Ricl asd
'' 1 . b"ow, iecliii of flmr,
XV Prffctly w n4 rttt-
lutiiy pun; It ItpraliH
bj iB wlit km nil R.
Fir tilt at ttii ludlai
bari, cafti an drug
of MEN, 1
12 years of no
cessful practise la
nil PC cured l S f without culling, twin of
rlLCO loss of iin Usal suarsalee ta cur
you mr money refunaea.
CVnUII 10 urd for lite an tke rain
Ola IslLId thorou(hlr clesneea tram th
mttm. Boon tnrr elan nd symptom Slsappaara
tonpletaly ana forever. No "BRKAKINO OUT" ol
Ik limn on th akin or lac. TrMtmat coatalne druaa or Injurious aaaalcla.
from Exoaasas or VICTIMS TO
fckXAY la YOL'Nl. an MIDULB AGED; lac of vim.
vlaor an atrsnatii, wits, orsaus impatrea and tut.
Cures attaraatMOl.
f. UrM BUaTsDVaT.
ei4 ltb a nir bom traat-
cut. No aMt ao aMniioa
tr. .u"' mi. A A., t v.i
Hiak Colond or wlCh anllVr waloMot o at.o4tn(.
CoaaullatloB Pre. Traatmrat by Mall.
Call or address, zl . ltb at.
Treats all forms of
Xi Tears Experience,
17 Years In Omaha,
Hi remarkable suc
cess has nver been
qualed anU eveiy day brings many flatter
ing reports ot th gooU he 1 doing, or the
roller he has given.
Hot Springs Treatment for Syphilis
And all Blood Poisons. NO "BKEAKINO
OUT" on the rkln r face and all external
aigna of the dlseuaa dlaappear at once,
l innn nlCCHCtt rman.nllr rurd la
Cure a giutrdninej in
LESS TtlA. & UAls. iiU.UUJ
cuaea cured of nerv
ous deUlllty, loaa of
Oiel. Ktaney ana Iliaduer Dlaetiaea, ii--aroctf
Tr.aiuicnt by inll. . O. buJt Jw. Office
over m ri liiu eirtct, between furnaui uid
Jjouai stream, OilAiiA, tstiU.
iiImt uhmrT, fc'fxnKlirT or tertiary, rnwiu.-m
1 ui-JwT rluiM Pi
riorr.i ruta. Villi !.!. fctr Ihloatt-
A ! hut, I i.r, Mu.oiui 1'atrlirjss lu
in .; an' fmvt r i'uivU, .lli-ut l hf um uf Ueii'iiry ir t( I'l-'Mti. by tlnwtnlf rf ul lU'rtil 1'vmpound,
frw w-kn' um of whirh rrnkn i otean,
win, ft-r intTi.ilaf fatiiira wtth the It t hrlnfr mil
VatifT iroiatn it. full 1ifortnil.n, an.1 Utii for
In.ii, tint frre? rf . hr In ll nirfeter. A-ldf,
I'rvt. t 1 , KOHl New Luudua tuatt
Biontn. iu i or r.vr?nrtw raninaf out. ii . .mu air 1
Bowling Alleys
1313-15 Harney Street.
ft in.-- ,n
l ,r:" ! Dealers. ii
8 "ii. i '' l ast j KANSAS CITTfMO
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i gfTE Dowling Alloys
l-OMPHISP! TH H K1VK BCCT il l rv9
l3!2FarnanSt. 'Phone 23T8
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Tcor Fcrtscs Tcld frai
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Irxjorr. a? ra araS th of rMr Unh AftU fttjii
M rti ktoiA our nomLoOT ba4c a.yi
lMMPf J rttii bt U)4 All If
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Peac Confereccs Ontootm a Ead Blow to
Fines Erigade
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Heceed from Hew lork
ntluaal t'lab.
Everythlns; lovely.
That peace conference at Cincinnati had
the additional effect of putting out every
pipe In the laundry. At least, not a wreath
of smoke has been aeen since, and when
the pipe Is out the dream la over. For a
day or two after the agreement was TStl
fied feeble attempts vere made to keep up
an appearsace of opposition, tut the senti
ment waa too strong axainat It, and the
knockers had to put away their little ham
mers, and temporarily at least Join the
ranks of the boosters. About the only
event of the week baa been the stoppage
of payment on a $1,000 check in favor of
El Delehanty by President Fred Poatal of
the Washington club. In view of the fact
that "Big Ed" has drawn H.000 from the
New York Nationals and $600 from the
War.htngton team, It Is not likely that he
really needs the money, but the Interest
arises from the refusal ot the Washington
team to be further mulcted by the contract-Jumping
player, and the statement
made In connection therewith that Dele
hanty may go to New York after all, be
cause of this refusal. George Davis of the
Chicago Americans la In the same tlx,
Comisky refusing to pay the New York
National team the advance money given by
McOraw to Davis to Induce him to Jump.
It Is barely possible that these "rubber
lege" can't lead English, or underatand It,
but If they can, they ought to be giving
thinks that they are still alive Instead ot
Inviting the punishment their dishonesty
deserves. New York has no claim, moral
or legal on the Chicago or Washington
teams, and must In law and equity look
to the players It was sought to corrupt
for the return of the money, which was
In effect a bribe to Indue the recipient to
break contract. And It 1 safe to assume
that they will play where they were as
signed by the peace conference or they
will not play at all. That John T. Brush
or Andy Freedman, It's the same thing
will likely lose the amounts paid to Davis
and Delehanty will gain him no sympathy.
He was merely caught with the good on
his person; that' all.
Out here In the west we are only await
ing the word of the umpire, and we are also
promised the real thing In the way ot um
pires this coming season. Mantger-Cap-taln
Tom Delehanty has announced his In
tention of winning the pennant for Denver,
and Charley Nichols says It's a cinch for
Kansas City. So that's all over now. But
It Tom Delehanty doesn't learn something
that isn't in the book ot rules before next
fall it will be because his head Is thicker
than anyone here suspects. Charley Nlch
ola made good on hi talk last season
through a peculiar combination of circum
stances, which may not favor htm this sea
son, but It's a cinch that he will have bet
ter ball than he did last year at that. Some
of his star player will not he with him,
but he will have a good team, and under
tho new condition of affairs will have com
plete control of bis men. Last summer
the Kansas City team was to a great ex
tent demoralised because of the fact that
the men were continually being tampered
with by representatives xt other organiza
tions and club discipline waa at a discount
during the entire season. This state of
affairs will not sxlst again, and Manager
Nichols will have full control of the team.
George Tebeau has abandoned his ex
pressed intention of taking the Denver
team away from Packard, and the agitation
for cheaper ball has been renewed In the
mountain city. Out there the people pay
35 cents for general admission and 65 cents
for the grandstand. This 1 insisted upon
by the visiting teams, as the claim Is made
that it Is more expensive to play in Den
ver than In any other city on the circuit.
That additional dime means a great deal
to each ot the visiting magnates durlnj the
sesson, and the 15 cents tacked on to the
grandstand price puts many an additional
dollar Into the pocket of Magnate Packard.
Last year, a really . vigorous crusade. was
worked, up in favor of the cheaper price,
but Packard was obdurate, and the price
held. Nor is there any reason to expect
that It will be lowered this season. The
people want to see the games, and will pay
the prloe aooner than miss them, iind on
this fact hangs the extra tax.
Just now the Hickeyltes are a little bit
at sea as to where they are going to play
ball next aummer; that Is, they profess
to be. It has come time (or the great
Thomas J. to back up on th talk be ha
made during the winter about taking the
team away from St. Paul and planting It
In Chicago, and he I finding this a little
harder than he expected. George Lennon
bss come to his assistance on the one side,
saying that he has a new ground In St Paul,
and that Ws franchise will remain unmo
lested. Then Jim Hart and Charley Comls
kev helned the treat organizer out on the
other side by ssylng they would not permit
his invasion of Chicago. A meeting ot the
American aasoclatlon Is called for Chicago
during the week, where theclrcuit and the
schedule will be discussed, and the chances
ere that the call of time will find the
Klrkeylies Just where they were last sum
mer. Two dark secret are mystifying the base
ball world Just at present that cannot be
kept secrets much longer. No. 1 Is where
will Ban Johnson's grounds In New York
be located. No. 2 Is who owns the Phila
delphia club. Barney Dreyfus knows the
j aniwer to the latter, but declines to give
I it out. One thing that has been cleared
' up during the week is whst Vanderborst
j think ot Brush. Hq told it, but roost of
; It wouldn't look well In print. It is too
much like what Psrke Wilson said to the
"Th9 Western league certainly ha a
very bright season before it for 190S," ssld
William A. Rourke after .iis return from
the league meeting at Kansas City. "It
looks as though our path were certainly
to be a smooth one this yar. W have
the wind and tide with us, while last sea
son it was a choppy sea and a head-on
gale all the time. Even at that we mado
a success of the season, snd It Is hard
tu Imagine how much better we can do this
year with all the adverse clrcumstsnces
"The affair at Kansas City was a regular
camp-meeting. It was a love feast from
beginning to end. Everything went as
smooth as a whiatle. Tebeau was hanging
around on the outskirts somewhere, but
he. was not admitted to the meeting, nor
was bis presence recognised, officially or
otherwise. He made his tslk around on
the outsid. telling whst he wanted to do,
but we must have looked all that felt,
for be never approached us In any way,
and we made -no overture to him. Even
If he bad had a chance for a conference,
he queered hi game the very first thing
by telling around that he wanted us to
drop out ot both contest cities, Mllwaukts
and Kansas CUy. That waa a preposterous
demand, and of course after bearing teat
we didn't care to have any bulnes with
"It Is hard to put In words Just bow
much belter off the Western league Is this
yesr than last. We have everything that
we hadn't turn. ' We have the parks snd
plants In Milwaukee and Kansas City,
whirh Is a great help. And we have a
atrong financial .condition In Peoria, which
waa a weak spot last season. Everything
will gr a rushing In that town this year,
for the best men In the city are behind
the team. There Is a stock company with
$15,000 capital, half of which is paid up.
Of this concern Simmons, a leading laun
dryman, la president, and Flndlny, the
president rf the street railway company,
la Vice president.
"And we have money, too. In the Brat
place, there is I3.K00 of clean velvet In
the sinking fund, with every do.Iar of debt
paid off as far as we know. We do not
owe a cent today. Then each club throws
In $00 at the beginning ss sn evidence of
good faith. This makes $4.000 more, nnd
that, too, Is a fund kept In trust, and not
touched. By the time the league gets to
taking in Its 10 per cent dues from eight
clubs there will be a big wad of money in
the coffers. We allowed President Sexton
to retain the presidency of the Threi-Eye
league, after all. He was willing to re
sign that if we wished, but we' did not In
sist on It. He accepted the Three-Eye
position subject to our action. We will
pay him $2,000 a year, and the other league
$1,0G0. He will have a secretary.
"Our next "meeting Is called for March 2,
and at that Mme the schedule wilt come
up for adoption. President Sexton will
have It prepared for us. He and President
Hickoy of the American association will
get together between now and then and fix
up the two schedules so there will be no
conflktlons, according to the new agree
ment. This will be a great thing for both
"My own team will rank up with that of
last year, and so will those of Kansas
City, Milwaukee, Denver and St. Joseph.
All will grade about wtth what those towns
had last season. But In Peoria, Des Moines
and Colorado Springs the teams will be
greatly improved. I have Just decided on
some Improvements to raf grounds here.
I shall add fifty feet of grand stand to
the west end of my present grand stand.
That will Include the present entrance area
and thirty-six feet of the north bleacher.
The entrance will be left where It Is, and
It will therefore come up through the mid
dle of the grand stand. Then I'll build an
exit at the end ot the new grand stand
for the use of the north bleachers. Then
I'm going to level my grounds over
Basket Ball Team Rrady e Start
oa Western Ei
edltloa. Despite the turmoil Into which the Uni
versity of Nebraska has been thrown dur
ing the last week with the mid-year ex
aminations, athletics have In no way been
neglected and the plans for action In all
departments were brought pretty nearly
to completion. Basket ball Is the only
type of game that has brought any men
Into training for some time, but the five
men who are to defend the colors of the
Institution in, this field have been working
over time, getting ready to meet the Jay
hawkers in last night's contest and pre
paring for the western trip which will be
taken during the coming week. The team
will leave Lincoln on Tuesday and wilt
play the. Colorado college at Colorado
Springs, the University of Colorado at
Boulder, the High school at Greeley and
the Young Men's Christian association at
Cheyenne, Wyo. The mea will not return
before Sunday or Monday.
The team to take the trip will be made
up of the best players who have tried for
places this year. Captain Hewitt will
manage the play and cover the center,
Hewitt Is a mammoth fellow and his great
reach will help him pull the leather out
of the rafters constantly. He is also light
on his feet and is everywhere on the floor
at once. Elliott will fill the forward po
sitlon formerly held by Cortelyou and If
he keeps up the pace he has been showing
at practice be will equal the alertness ot
his agile predecessor. Ferguson Is the
other forward and it Is his custom to drop
the ball through the baskets every time
he gets within seeing distance. Hoar,
Benedict and Hiltner will shift at the
positions of guard. "Billy" Hoar Is a new
man on the 'varsity team, but he has made
a good showing and now they couldn't get
along without him. He la fast on his feet
and accurate. He hails from WeBt Point,
where lives the one-time clever forward,
"Eddie" Baumann, who coached Hoar be
fore be came down to school. Benedict Is
tall and slender and goes into a basket
ball game wlh all the signs of his gridiron
spiflt and Is rapid enough to cover almost
anything the Colorado people can suggest.
Hiltner, the manager, has shown In the
games this season that he ran do some
thing else In the sport besides arrange
schedules and he will pull a ball from his
opposing forward with sleight-of-hand
magic, Newton will be taken, along as a
substitute and will mske good on any cor
ner of the floor that he happens to locate
in. All In all, the team Is considered In
good shape for the trip and the games will
be watched with Interest by Nebraska. .
The foot ball schedule for next season Is
closed. The last date was fixed early this
week by Manager Ruckner and It is now
definitely determined exactly what teams
the famous Cornhuskers will meet In tho
fall and where. There will be eleven games
during the season, of which eight, one
more than last year, will be played In
Lincoln. The schedule Is as follows: Sep
tember 19, Lincoln High school, at Lincoln;
September 2, Grand Island college, at
Lincoln: October 3, University of South
Uikota, st Lincoln: October 10. Denver
university, at Denver: October 17. Haskell
Indians, at Lincoln; October !4, University
of Colorado, at Lincoln; October 31. Uni
versity of Iowa, at Iowa City; November 7,
Knox college, at Lincoln; November 14,
Kansas university, at Lawrence; November
21. Belle vue college, at Lincoln; November
If- (Thanksgiving day). University of Illi
nois, at Lincoln.
It will be noted that five heavy gsmes
are on the list tn the shape of the Haskell
Indiana, Iowa, Knox, Kanaas and Illinois.
Three of these, and the three of most In
terest Haskell. Knox and Illinois will be
plsyed on the home gridiron at Lincoln.
Kansas gets the game In Lawrence because
It Is its turn, and Iowa has the first at
Ioa City, with the agreement that a
game will be played In Lincoln during the
season of 1904. The Thankaglving game
with the University of Illinois promises to
excite more interest than any of the others
and will probably be as well watched as
any gam Nebraska could have Hated for
the day. Illinola Is a conference college,
belonging to the "Big Nine." and Is an
unknown quantity to the Cornhuskers. The
tesm will be more or less feared because
of Its past record and already there is
sons speculation in the university on the
probable outcome of the game.
Next to Illinois in Interest will come the
game againat Knox. This Is the college
which gave the Nebraska tram It hardest
rub, with la ixcspUeB of Minnesota, dor-
Ing the season Just psst. and her non-
conference rules and beefy' men make hr
always a ciangercus crowd. The Knox
game Isst fall stood 7-0 at the end M two
of the hardest fought halves ever seen in
Lincoln, and for this the dsy will drsw
The red men from the Haskell school
have always given Nebraska a scare snd
slwsya a spectscular event. They nearly
carried the day on Thanksgiving. 1!01. an!
held the first half of last season's game to
a single score. . Iowa will be probably
essy, but the mstch will attract all Ne
braska from the fact that for years the
lowans hsve refused to play, and that this
will renew relations between the two
former rivals.
Three old friends sre missing from the
list Mlnnesots. Missouri and Doane.
Minnesota hsd no date open for a "heavy"
tenra, as they now recognlie Nebraska.
Missouri made Impossible demands nd
Doane wanted too much money. Pou'h
Dakota and Colorado will be Interesting
because they are new. "The reason why
Nebraska Islled to get Into the 'Biff Nine'
this year," said a man from the east thla
week, who was In a position to know. "Is
because she has done nothing In athletics
outside of foot ball. Let her get up a
track team that can make rsconls at the
western meet, send out a ball team that
corresponds, and you will have no trouble.
In a year or so more, with a continued good
foot ball squad, in getting In."
Base ball cage work for the battery can
didates will begin this week. A number
of tossers have been putting In their names
of late, and the prospects are now that In
time the team will have a worthy list ot
them to Its credit. Gore is a new man
who will try at the box stunt; Thomson,
the Indian boy, who was In for a time last
year, Is getting back his arm and will try
out, and "Johnnie" Bender, the catcher of
Bell's bunch last year, will try his hand
at putting them over. Bender Is captain
of next year's foot ball squad and seems to
be active on the Nebraska field, whether
It Is marked for the pigskin skirmish or
lined for base runners. And lastly comes
Captain Murray Townscnd, a wixard with
his arm, who will throw his share of the
time and a little more If necessary. For
other positions on the team there will be
any number of candidates, and the com
petition for places will sift It down to the
best of material.
Captain Townsend, who has been at his
home In Tekamah for1 the past month, was
In Lincoln Thursday to register for the
second semester and to look over the base
ball situation. "I have received letter!!
from anxious athletes all over the state,"
he said, "and from the Indications we will
have a good string ot candidates for the
box. r think we may count on a strong
team this year, and the schedule that Is
being arranged will be the beet that has
ever been made."
Track athletic will have a start this
week. Dr. Clapp and Captain Tobln de
cided yesterday that they would call out
the track, team bunch for elementary work
on Tuesday afternoon, and that from then
on until spring there would be constant
work. The first of It will be a process
for getting hardened Into shape. Tobln
thinks the prospect 1 good for a first
class team this year and Dr. Clapp states
that If he team Is able to put up a credit
able showing they will be taken In for the
Chicago meet In an attempt to show the
Big Nine that there Is something to the
Institution worthy of athletic note besides
Its foot ball. A meet will be held Indoors
on Charter day, February 16, at which pole
vaulting, potato races, standing high Jump
and putting the shot will be feature events.
Oraahsv Asaociaxtloa Team Ha Belter
Than st Look-in for West
era Honors.
With one month of the basket ball 'sea
son gone, the Young Men's Christian asso
ciation team here finds Itself involved
as a favorite in the race for the western
championship honors. .This 1 a result
little anticipated by Manager N. H. Nelson
of the team when he first started framing
up its schedule. In fact, the Idea was to
compete in but a small way this season,
and play but a few games. As soon as
the team was actively in the field. Mana
ger Neleon was fairly swamped with appli
cations for games, Omaha being a favorite
center for basket ball contests. Next bis
tesm proved Itself one of the very best In
this part of the west, snd the business
finally resolved itself into a fight tor cham
pionship honors, with the Omaha tesm,
that of Kansss University and the Fitch
tesm of the Denver Young Men Chris
tian association as rivals for top honors.
Having already laid the Lincoln Young
Men's Christian association and the Haskell
Indians under the sod, the local team wilt
have a chance to try on the Kansss Uni
versity men here next Tuesday, when they
play In the gymnaalum. The Omaha play
ers sre confident ot winning, as they have
everything to their advantage, being still
on their borne grounds. They dofeated
Haskell here, considered till then the
strongest team In the tranamlsaourt coun
try. Though the Kansans were victorious
over them two years ago, they feel confi
dent of redeeming that defeat next Tues
day. AH that then remain will be to
settle the champlonahip problem with the
Fitch team. For this purpose the season
will be wound up with two games, one in
Denver and one here. Both will be played
In March. This is quite an undertaking,
as it Is a financial risk to try bringing
baaket ball teams such a distance. It has
not been done before In Omaha alnre the
Young Men's Christian association ' team
of Chicago was out here five yesrs sgo. '
The local men have won every game
so far this season, anil that Is csuee for
congratulation and confidence, yet they
have to remember that hey have not yet
played off their own floor. It will be a
very different proposition to go onto a
itrange floor. This la what they must
soon begin to do. The foreign games of
the schedule are coming on In the near
future. They begin after the Kanaas
game. On Thursdsy, February the
Young Men's Christian association goea to
Sioux City to meet the association team
there. The business men's team will also
go along to play the business men's team
of the Iowa city. Later comes a game
wi:h the Lincoln Young Mens Christian
association at Lloooln, and one with the
University of Nebraska there, probably In
the same trip. After the return home the
Sioux City team and probably the Ne.
braska 'varsity team will be entertained
here at return games. Still later In Feb
ruary the local team goes down in Kansas.
It plays a return game with the Haskell
Indians at Lawrence, and one with the team
of William Jewell college at Liberty, Mo.
On tho same trip it is barely possible that
the team will go to Kansas City and play
the Shmelxer Arms company team. This
Is classed as a professional aggregation, and
Manager' Nelson is not very desirous of
taking It on. Th team asked for a date
hera for February t, . but tould not be
obliged. It will take a trip up tbts way
early la February. It offers a silver cup
worth $75 for the team that scores the
most point against it this season.
' Bo th Toung Mea' Christian acsocla
tioa boy aav much playing before them
yst. aom eight (mbc ailU ibis aoa.
They comprise the best team that ever
represented Omaha, and they make It on
team work and Kpeed. The men are not
a heavy lot. but they make up on weinht
with their accuracy and the ay they play
together. This has come from long and
constant practice. The Denver team, which
they play In March, has never been a
far east as the Missouri river before, but
Is rated the best lu Colorado.
Match ot ftfMe Against Omaha to Be
Made the Karaite for n Scal
ier Ann Feat.
Shooting Interest Just now centers In the
tram match that has been arranged be
tween ten Omaha trigger artists and an
equal number from over the atate. Thla
was to have occurred on next Saturday.
Februnry 7, but owing the Inability of
some of the state team to come to Omaha
on that day It has been put off for ene
week. The match will be held at the
grounds of the Omaha Gun club across the
river. It will be twenty-five live birds per
man, and the trap shooters are unanimous
In an opinion that this Is to be one fine
race, for the two teams contain tn their
personnel the crack men of the business
In Nebraska. The Omiha team Is not yet
picked down to ten men, but the half score
will be chosen from the following thirteen;
Parmelee, Fogg, Lewis, Loomls. Jones.
Brewer. Townsend, Hater. Goodrich, Grant,
R. Kimball, Downs, Toozcr. That Is an
Imposing array of talent. Some of the men
have national reputations most of them
are well known throughout the middle west
at the trap game. Any ten of them will
make a formidable team. From a dozen
men squally well known will the opposing
line-up be picked. As captain there is
George Carter of North Platte. The others
are George Simpklns of Lincoln. J. Burke
of Elgin, Gub Schroeder of Columbus. O.
Selvers of Grand Island. Frank Heard of
Herman, "Dominie" of Fremont, lnti Bray
of Syracuse. W. A. Waddlngton and George
Raines of Beatrice, W. Illtam of Hunting
ton, Fcrrie Moore of Lincoln. Not one of
these men but has shot In many high class
competitions In this and other states, snd
moet of them are veterans and past masters.
So the only possible dope on this team
match is that It will be one of the keenest
races ever shot here. The real talent of
the state at large Is arrayed acalnst that
of Omaha, and there la no predicting the
outcome. It Is probable that considerable
money will be wagered on the side.
Local shooters are counting so much on
the match event that they have decided
not to be satisfied with It slone, so they
will make the end of that week a little
shootfest In Itself. They have arranged a
twenty-five live bird sweepstake event for
Friday, February 13. This Is the day pre
ceding the time set for the match, and
practically all the men wbo will compete
In that will be in Omaha Friday afternoon.
Th sweepstake will be open to all, with a
$15 entry. It ts estimated that fully
twenty-five men will enter the event, and
they "will be the best Nebraska affords.
The "first regular shoot of the Omaha
Rifle club was postponed one week, being
held last Thursday night Instead of on the
previous Thursday. That other shoot was,
therefore, dubbed a practice affair, and
some score of riflemen participated. They
were well satisfied with the records they
made, and announced themselves as ready
to begin the season's competition this last
week. On last Thursdsy night, accord
ingly, the first regular scheduled shoot wa
held. All score were accurately kept and
preserved, and they will be averaged in
from week to week, to determine the win.
ner of the prize for hlgt'est average at
the close of the season.
A new target shooting organization ha
JUBt been formed in Omaha. It ta called
the Blue Rock club, and the members shoot
t clay targets only. C. C. Muenteferlng Is
president of the club, Ralph Crandall vice
president and A. C. Welshans secretary.
Mr. Muenteferlng Is also captain of the
shooters. The club has established tem
porary grounds out by Cut Off lake, but will
later secure a permanent location and build
a club house.
Borrows Up the Scalp Into Dandruff
. nnd Saps the Hair's Vitality.
People who complain of falling hair as
a rule do not know that It is tb.e result
of dandruff, which is caused by a pestifer
ous parasite burrowing 'up the scalp as It
digs down to the sheath In which tho hair
Is fed in the scalp. Before long the balr
root Is shriveled up and. the balr drop
out. If the workr of the germ la not de
stroyed hnlr keeps thinning till' baldness
comes. The only way to cur dandruff ta
to kill the germ, and until now there baa
been no hair preparation that would do It;
but today dandruff a easily eradicated by
Newbro's Herplcide, which. make hair
glossy and soft aa silk. -
Persistent Memory.
Norton I noticed you were very quick
to give up your seat ta the street car to
that lady in black.
Spink Yes, since childhood's 'days I
never have felt easy when I saw a woman
with a strap' tn her hand. Boston Tran
script. ......
Of Contagious Blood Poison never exis
ted. It is always bad though sometimes
no external symptoms of the disease ap
pear for a long time.
Because the disease is alow in devel
oping, does not indicate that the cas it
a mild one, for the poisonous virus at
work in the Mood and system may be
spending its force upon some internal
vital organ while you are looking for ex
ternal 6igns. Contagious 'Blood Poison
does not affect all alike. In most cases
the first little sore k quickly followed by
painful awellinatn the groin'1, a red erup
tion upon the Dody, sores or ulcer in the
mouth and throat, unsightly copper colored
blotches, losa of hair and eyebrow and
other symptoms of thfs miserable disease.
When the poison is thus fighting its way
to the aurface, exposing the disease in all
its hideousn-ss, we call it a bad case, but
Contagious Blood Poison, whether working
internally or externally, is a dangerous,
treacherous disease.
S. S. S. ia the only remedy that cure
Contagious Blood Poison thoroughly and
permanently. .It is an autidote for the
deadly virus that produces the awful erup
tions, sores and ulcers, and destroys the
bones. Mercury and Potash dry up the
skin eruptions, but in so doing drive the
poison further into the system, where it
slumbers for a time, but comes back again
with redoubled fury.
S. S. S. is a vegetable remedy that has
been used successfully for years in treating
this vila disease and
curea it in all stageaand
forma. If you have the
' alighteat symptom ; an
occasional aora in the
mouth, or' mnsralar fir
bone pain, your blood is tainted and the dis
ease is liable to break out again at any time.
A course of S. S. S. will remove every
trace of poison and at the same time
build up your .en-. - health.
Write for Car Hi Home Treatment
book. No cha ja foi medical advice.
Tbe ifi Ipbuii'io Co., Atlanta, Ca.
5 rv
Edison and
$5 to $100-
Casli or Payments
14,000 Records
to Select Front.
We carry a complete stock of Edi
son snd Columbia Machines snd Rec
ords. Our facilities for showing Records
and lining mall orders cannot be
equsled In the West.
Call on us or write. Dosfcrs
wanted. Free concerts all day and
evening-. Also Vehicles. Automobiles
. and Diodes.
15th and Capitol Avenue. 'Phone 2161.
Br the aurs sod ear sjratta ot th CiBeratlve Tarf Association, at earns
ratio with a capital stork ( eiOO.OOO, doing bualnra under tb law of
th. State or South Dakota, and licensed by tb 8tatM of Illinois and I.oulilaoa and
th Titles of Chicago and N.w Orlcace.
Not oar Incomparable reeorl for tb month of December for profits paid on
srh and vry account In operation.
Weekly Profits Paid as Follows:
Wee of Dec. 1 ... 1 0. 20 Per Cent Week of Dec. 15. ..10. 04 Per Cent
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A total of a asd BH-10O prr rent, or X.'t:t on earn flOO. Larger and
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awara, ana iuro mmr iniiriifii
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ia i niiea oiaiea ana lansaa:
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ie. IB
..If Tou Dart
. . Uataon
..Rrandy fma.h
..Rolling Boer
..Carl Kahler
..rtuburhan Queen...
..Jei.t. Jarboa
..I.nt.nn. ,, ...
..The Caatnn
..WhUkey Klnf
..Won. 1-1
..Won. 60 1
.Won, 1
,.won, 5-1 .
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. . Lout.
..Won, 8-1 ,
c. IS.....
Flsuro for yoaraelf anil ran Trill see that a t?10 play on every selec
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trs rnmpenaatlon.
BKAh l MIXD, w do not operate aeries or pools in which s part of InTeatrd cap
ital may be lost, thus destroying the capital of a small number of Inventor.. The earn
In rs oc our system of play art passed to lbs credit of sll Investors ss s unit, snd dis
bursed according to contrsct.
MRAK l MISD, w do not pise sny restrictions whatever sn the withdrawal of
your investment.
BEAR tl MIXD. ws do not divert sny psrt of capital In Vested wltb m t n tha eitie.
chase of racing stable, stock farms, or other turf suxlllarln. Our business is strictly
Investment on races, as per plan set forth In our booklet.
If yon have Idle steser. nassr
earalnsr money, a postal rard will brlnar yon nnr Haelnar Manual or
Mooklet of useful Tnrf Information, with nor Entirely New nnd Orla
laal Plan, Indorsed h Pre aa and Pabllo and reeommeaded by Promi
nent Hanks and Bankers.
Tho Co-Oporafivo Turf Association, Inc.,
BANK OP KIvV OR!.e!tS. KeW 111183111, Lfl .,
Mew-Orleai La.
(.CiKitlnuetl from yt-aterday' Issue.)
Tha history of the Mardl tlraa relt hrutlon In New Orleans Is In
tcrfUini. In one form or anot tier. It havlriK been olmervcil, althotiKh
lit brok.-n Intervals, fornerly thrre-(iinrt-rs of a century; und iroti
tiniinusly each year since the clone of ths Civil War. Hut It nniHt
vultUe tn any that it .had Its origin In the custom in olden time
rf l.n ittlaria'H pltiteM und merchants lonkliiK to France, their
mother country for their faahlona, HiniiaementM and Uterinum one
of the rcNiilts of whit h was the Introduction, In 1SL'7, of the llrat iiralul
street rin -esslon of masquerade In .New Orlenna ly a number of
youns; Creole ent ! men. some of thern Junt returned from IiiiIhIiIhk a
I'.irlHien education This whs followed ten yeara later liv on on a
niinh larger uul urumler ca1e on the Mardl firas of KIT ; and from
these the Carnival method of festivity inuy tie said to have been fully
I mm lit d In the i'r scent City.
(To lie I'ontlnued In Tomorrow's leaue i
HQ Kfl Omaha to New Orleans
ZUiUU and Return.
Lon limit and stopovr allowad. Copy of Mardl Oris booklet
at 140Z Farnsm HI., or write, W. H. BHILU, Lilat. Paaa. Agt.,
Illinola Central Rsllroad, Omaha, Neb.
The best for Tender
Face after Shavinf
tic boitl. Howell bmf
4 jcmM rv.
r-w- v.v "a
Mobile Runabout
Mobile Surrey
Mobile Delivery Wagon
Mobile 12 Passenger
Shelby (iasolinc
Winton Gasoline
Rial. National Dank rf New Orleans
amnnnt of fit! to Blll.tMM
MMt and
flmr ana attrntlon. loor nio.rr
lal Wires' to clients In all parts ot !
DfW. IT.,
dc. ia.,
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Dec. 20.,
D.c. -U..
Iw. 2J).,
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Dec. aa.,
D. 27.,
Bee 2D.
ac. HO..
Dec. 31..
...lohn Peter.
Bweet Alio.
.Old Hutch
.H.vward Hunter..
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In 1
.Ai.jnr T.nny.
Fl.y. K
.Roush IlHer.
.Rcrw.-h Plaid..
, ..Scratched
..Won. as
to laveat. naoaee that ikeaia ft,
V '"' 1 1 " "'Mi nvmmt iu i
aAjl aiu... M,Ar.L.a.fcJ IrnfrilasTslfltsilrtiatfa'asili
C., lfh and Capitol at.