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    TllK OMAHA DAILY 11KK. HUN PAY, FEllIUTAIiY 1. 1005.
W lo Saturday
A Lace
Commencing Monday, Feb. 2.
We LavOjiuiuli' a rwuril for low priceH on all rad'Hvof ,la"0
curtnlDP, all' through the Hcason no low as to attract very gMi
ral attentjt Id making reductions now from these prices for
this special, ale,;ti( know that wo are making for our customer
n ciirtain-buj-ing-opportunity which has nothing of the ordinary
nbout it.. ".Xh? reductions are these:
$1.00 Krtttlnnhm"L"rf Curtain now 62Hc a pair.
11. S5 Notlirftbaa Lac Curtains now 85e a pair. ,
$1.50 Nottingham-Lac Curtains now 98c a pair.
IJ.CS Nottingham Lace Curtain now 9ftc a' pair.
'tuVs Nottingham Lace Curtains now 11.10 a pair. .
oitfaghiUn Laca'CurTalm now 11.25 a pair.
Jf.25 Nottingham Lacs Curtains now f 1.47 a pair.
It 60 Nottloghim Laca Curtains now ll.KS a pair.
' "Iff 75 Nottingham Laca ' Curtains now 1.9 a pair. '
. MJO Nottingham Lace Curtatna now 12.29 a pair.
' 14.00 Nottingham Laca Cuttalna now 12.68 a pair.
,110 Nottingham Laca Curtains now $2.93 a pair. 1
"-fl.75 Ruffled Swla Curtains now I1.12H a pair.
v 11.00 Ruffled 8wlss Curtalasj-now $1.23 a pair.
.ti.&O Ruffler Swiss Curtains now 11.5ft a pair.
'.11.75 .RufBod . Bwlia Cunalis no $169 a pair.
i ,r, (
' fJ.M Ruffled aVct CurtalhaJ-now $1.49 pair.
" M.OO Ruffled Net Curtain's Aow $1.91 a pair. .
"tt.W . Ruffled Nat Curtains tow $2.49 a pair.
-H'M Ruffled-Net Curtain's tfow $2.63 a pair. .
IvtiO RuJd Net Curtalna-now $3.27 a pair..
' t&tQ' Ruffled Net Curtalnsnow $3.48 a pair.
1$0 Ruffled 'Net Cuttalnsow $3.98 a pair.
It-li Ruffled Net CurtaltHlnow $4.50 a
iiUCJA. Buifding.' Corner
riding, ag does the Real Estate exchange,
bill In. tb bouse, for the repeal of that
sscUca la to Omaha charier which com
pels lhi city's tax commlssioher to accept
the Stat Board of Equalisationa figures
la aseaslng tha railroad terminals within
the city limits for municipal purposes, the
effect being: tha same as the former men
ure,Q increase the railroad's local taxes.
At tha Sana time Senator Wall of Sherman,
alee by '"request" Introduced a bill pro
viding tor precisely. 4he opposite, by
stredgthealng the present statute, which
compel the - Omaha tat commissioner to
take the atate board's figures.
behalf of the humane society of
Omaha and the atate. Ten Eyck of Douglas
has introlacad arwo, msesurrs of commend
ble purport. One Is H. R. 171, which pe
Sallzea the docking of horses' talis and the
other la H. R. J2J, extending the provi
alona of the cruelty to animal law to poul
try. ' v. "
Th former bill .provides' a psnalty of
ftom $100 to ISQ0 Onejfor do(,klpg the tail
61 a horse so ts to cut the Done and specl-
;es that when' 'horse Is found 'with his
all eo docked 4t shaJt be- prHna facie evi
dence that the person In whose possession
r od whose premises the animal s . found
fi the ,lHy prrty. -
- Other waeh Tfla "bave-'been Introduced
ent there la little question of the passage
at somV Vl Hlm7 Th Inmnlty of : such
feasuref haa 'ofamended)het& io-tHe'con-
Sleratl ot theAeglslatftsnaoiibtloas
Humaae'sOeletle which .fe SO, aCUvely
Jromotrng thla'aort of legisUtloif will find
their efforti crowned with success.
t'Tfca Joint revenue committee of the sen
ate and house wit In session from 1.80 to
H) "O'clock this afternoon and dlscusseu
jie trs ortt tectione of the revenae law.
4 w: practically the agreement of 'lite
stfemtMra to ehaage the date ol assessing
from ' February 1 to April;' as to whether
the assessments should be on a cash value,
tMr'ed the committee, though It wss stated
'majority favored the change. Secttone
tliat -were marked for a change were that
relating to achedule of property to be
fl'xcd. 'telephone and express companlea,
4fectrteal companlea, assessment of Irve
aroctt and that section relating to assessors.
X'raoVe Was made for the election of county
atseisors, but no action was taken. Fries,
Reynolds and Wilson were not at the meet
trif. The committee will meet again Mon-
. - . 1
Bills at Opposite
Mature Affect.
j tarsi Titles of the'sletrapol.
' '' ' ttam riaaa.
j ; , (From a Staff Correspondent.) 1
MJNCOLN, Jan. Si. (Special.) The quea
tipo ..of;, whether, etttea of tha metropolitan
las,fhail bars the right, to tax, railroad
abd talograph ' property wi.thla , the city
fimlts for municipal purposes la. squarely
before the senate. This morning- Hall of
Douglas .Introduced a bill, by special re
asst, eliminating railroad and telegraph
Uxatloa from section .75, article I, chap
ter 1 xxt 11 of .the compiled statutes, aofar as
oilea of the metropolitan class are con-
trod. and. amends section xcvlll, chapter
Slla, entitled. "Cttlea of the Metropolitan
Class," so that .the city tax assessor shall
have the 'power to assess railroad and
telegraph property and not using the as
sessment aa levied by the State Board of
r.'As an opponent of this bill Is 8. F. 140
Haw Ho Mad lee of Feod.
. Bomaymes It Is the doctor himself
and lu wis to quit the medicines
our himself by food.
la, looking around for a concentrated
palatable ' prepared food I got hold of
Orape-Nut and Immediately began ualng
(l four times a day, exclusively tor break
fast with milk; tor luncheon and dinner ior
dessert, aad a cup on retiring," says
physlolaa of Mt. Zlon, 111. ' ,
"I bad bad nervous dyspepsia for over
a year. My normal weight 1 140 pound
but I bad been steadily losing flesh until
a month ago I only weighed 122 pound.
I concluded it waa time to throw 'physio
to to dog' In my cat. Twsntv-four
hour after starting the Qrap-Nut re
gies the fullness and distress after eat
ing had ceased. The heartburn, water
brash, palpitation of the heart and other
symptoms that bad reminded m for over
a year that I had a stomach, soon disap
peared and 1 can now eat a square meal
aad feel good afterwards.
"I weighed yesterday and waa surprised
to find that I had gained 1$ pounds fn a
moath, and th end la not yet.
, "The nervoua symptoms have entirely
disappeared and I am atronger than I
have been for two yeara. I thank you
for plvpc ofapa-Nuta at the disposal of
those suffering with nervous dyspepsia."
Name glvsa by Poaiuts Co., BattU Greek,
Mich. ' - '
, fW, Fb. 1. 190S.
t I p. m.
Soecial Sale of
Td) 7
Sixteenth and Douglas Sta
Introduced by Wall of Sherman, which
provides for the strengthening of the sec
tion, la regard to cities of the metropolitan
class, taking the assessment of railroad
property, as made by the state beard.
Almost the entire morning was spent In
discussing the bill for a Joint resolution
to msmorlallse nongresi to kill the land
leasing bill of Senator Dietrich. Howell
of Douglas moved an amendment that the
fencet unlawfully enclosing the ' publio
domain be removed. Thla occasioned much
debate, until , the senator . changed-hie
amendment that the fencea must come down
by June 1, 1904. This was carried unanl
Senator Howell developed Into a cham
pion o a. larger navy and tat bj-lng ;ahout
the desired condition he Introduced a Joint
resolution, known as S. F. 144, as followa
"Whereas, Conirjeaa baa .prudently taken
ateps to strengthen -the army. of the Unitid
States by an. Increase In the. proposed ap
propriatioris '.for this branch of .the service,
therefore . .
Resolved. That, In. Vie wojth menacing
attitude of foreign poVeta, the Interna
tional situation Justifies Jhe general gov
ernment in frisking further, preparations to
secure a -lasting peace by , being prepared
for wirrHhrrefor; be If 4 .. rs
Re'lolvetl, That the atate of Nebraska, by
spe:tull ,rquetVltsrepreBta,t.lveS In
congresjl ti pp6t f 4. appropriation fori
larger a.?y.'s'.;'" v., ,
yne senaie went into commltteo of the
whole tor the' consideration of bills on
general file. It recommended to report
back 8. F. 19, relating to Insurance, to the
commltteo. "...
8. PV 117, 'asking congress to defeat the
Dietrich land leasing bill, was, amended
by Howell of Douglas to read "that the
fencea unlawfully enclosing thr publio
lands he taken down by June 1, 1904
Hastjr cf Furnss, Hastings of Butler and
Coffey of Boyd were appointed a commute
to Investigate the difference in taxes pafd
by Insurance companies In Nebraska and
Iowa, as atated in the 'Hasty resolution
passed yesterday.
Immediately after'adjournment the mem
bers of the committee' oh public lands and
buildings began to arrange for their visits
to the state Institutions this week. The
senate adjourned at 12 o'clock until 11
o clock Monday, February 9.
Bills on first Readlnar (Saturday).
8. F. 141, by Hall of Doua:as (by eoecial
request) To amend aer-tlon .ft. ' chuntur
xlla, entitled "Cities of the Metropolitan
Claas," and section 85, article . 1, - chapter
lxxvll, entltd "Revenue," Compiled Btat-
uiee, taxing everything; at par cash value
to eiMninaung rauroaa taxation, as pre
acrlbed by thla statute.
H. K. Hi. by Howell of rwinrlnTn
amend section 40, chapter xllll. (fornDlled
Diaiuie. emu eo "lnaurance Companies.
H. r'. 143. by O NeUl of Lancaster Pro
viuing lor ine appointment pt a state sur
veyor and draughtsman In the ftffVce of
the commissioner of publio lands and
ouuuina. v
Sills latrodqeed Friday Afternoon.
8. F. 137. by Olffln of Dawson (by re
quest) To amend article li, chapter xciita.
Compiled Statutes, entitled "Water lllchts
Irrigation," by adding section (W. provid
ing fur official seal for the office of the
State Board of Irrigation! and section 70,
providing that fees lie co'lected by the
secretary of said board for filing, .examin
ing, laaulna and makint? copies of water
right Instruments; and section 71, provid
ing for the disposition of all such moneys
by him so collected.
6. F. 138, by Glffln of Dawson (by re
quest) To amend sections 52 and 56, chap
ter xcllltt. article II. Compiled Htatates, en
titled "Water KlKhts IrriRation."
S. F. 1!. by Olrtin of Dawson To amend
section 13 and 21. chapter xciila, article
HI, Compiled Statute, entitled "Water
Klghis Irrigation." " T
8. K. 14t), by Wall of Sherman bv r'
quest) To .amend section ko. article I,
cliapter lxxvll,- Compiled Statutes, entlt'.ed
"Revenue," to strengthen present law re
garding assesment of railroad property by
slate board.
atarely Qaaraaa Preaeat - aad No
Basla ( Momeat
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. 31. (Special.) Fifty-two
members, barely a quorum, answered the
roll call thla morning in th house. A
large number had jbeen excused th day be
for, other bad gone horn during th night
or were otherwise detained, without excuse.
A few members came In after roll call.
A resolution by Thompson ot Merrick
was adopted . placing all house employe
under charge Tf (be chief clerk during tbe
period of adjournment next w..k and pro
viding tor th employment and remunera
tion of only aa many employe a ar
actually needed.
' After tbei reading of committee report
and bill on second reading th hous at
10:46 'adjourned o -motion -of Morsman of
pouglaa until Monday, February t, at
p. m. . . .
Krw mil.
H. R. 271. by RJggs of Dougl To pro-
vide or tne incorporation oi cnooi ui
triits in cities of the first class havu
W. than 4'i.uW and more than 26. nw In
habitants (South' Oman. -and regulating
the duties. iowrs and ao vermin nt of kalU
school district; to provide for board of
education In said achojl districts,' fixing
th terms, salaries, bonds nd quallnca
lions of th Member ul th same ami rcg-
ulntlng and defining the power and (titles
of enlil boarris of education; sl to pto
ylrte fur n treasurer, secretary nd attorney
for a.itrt districts and for the contrcl of the
property, money and funds of eal(l dis
tricts: also rterlnlng the duties and powers
of the Hoard of Kduratlon In rrgard to tax
ation for school ptirpoi-ea. the luani' of
bond anil all matters pertaining to tlie
retenue and finance of said school dis
trict"; and fnr the repeal of all aet of
parte of acta In conflict therewith. This
provides for a hoard of five memtvra at
the annual cltv election of l4. no flection
of school board memltera for Ijn.l, term of
office to be three year; provide for aec
retary at $T2n per annum, iiembera In draw
an annual salary of l.urt and give surety
bond of U,taj. Aggregate sthot.l tax not
to exceed to mills. Honda mav be Issued
fcr not to exceed thirty years, drawing
not more than I per cent Interest If
aperlal or regular election.
lln the emergency clause.
(Continued from First Page.) ,
allied powers to Mr. Bowrn's latest pro
posal arrived here yesterday, but. have not
yet been presented to the minister. Thla
Mr. Bowen considers a hor-cful aim.
n courteous terms the allies refuse their
consent 'to the proposition that the t'nlted
States and other claimant nations rerelvo
the same treifment as the blockading
Knowing the consequences that were to
follow this answer the representatives . of
the allies look upon themselves the re
sponsibility of withholding the notes and
of again cabling, urging; a retraction of
the preferential demands.
The exchanges sre still In progress be
tween tho Italian, British and German
embassies, but there Is no evidence thtt
the allies Intend yielding. It they hold out,
their representatives must present the
Joint refusal and Washington negotiations
will come to a standstill.
Baron Speck von Sternberg today spent
two hours In conference with Count Quadt,
who, aa charge d'affaires, has thus far con
ducted the Venezuelan negotiations for
The German minister was placed In
possession of the correspondence which hss
passed between Mr. Bowen and the allied
powers and was advised by the count of
the serious hitch which bad arisen ak a
result of the contention of the triple alli
ance for preferential treatment.
Meanwhile Mr. Bowen la biding hlr time.
He is keeping Caracas informed as to the
situation here and Is counselling patience,
hoping that the powers will yet yield.
As a matter of fact, he has so. far re
ceived no Intimation from the powers that
they are really dnslrous. of settling tha
Venezuelan dispute at Washington, as (hay
have thus far merely received his sugges
tions with counter propositions,
Mr. DeMargerie today informed Secretary
Hay be had received specific Instructions
to Insist that France shall not be discrim
inated against In the settlement tit the
Venezuelan claims.
When shown the dispatch regarding' the
explanation given In Berlin of the apparent
hitch In the Venezuelan negotiations, Mr.
Bo'wen said:
All settled forelan claims are covered by
the IS per cent ararna-ement. The 30 per
cent proposition now offered Be f era exclu
sively to unsettled claims, which not only
the blockading power, but the peaceful
powers, are pressing for settlement
It Is absolutely false that the 13 per cent
arrangement Is Included In the SO per cent
proposition. It Is entirety distinct.
There has been so much -confusion, dis
cussion and misunderstanding in regard to
this question of percentage that I am Will
ing to make thla statement. -
May Be Releasee) from Prison
March t'nder God Con '
- dart Rale.
LONDONi Jan. . 31. Both A'trfbaesador
Choate aad Mrs. --Florence Msybrtck her
self recently received rebuffs In the 'fct-i
'tempts to gain' the- latter'a freedom. -
The home secretary replied to the-em
bassy's representations, and to the im
prisoned woman's appeal that he saw no
grounds for. her release.
The appeals were made especially In con
nection with the necessity for Mrs. May
brick's presence In the United States to
testify' In the Virginia (and aults In which
she and her mother, Baroness Deroques,
are Interested. Tho baroness has exhausted
all her means In fcrr endeavor to giin hor
daughter's freedom and Is now almost pen
niless. i
If the remission of sentence, which Is
generally applied In the case of life sen
tences. Is granted In Mrs. Maybrlck's ease,
she should be released In March.
Whether, thla will be done seems doubt
ful, notwithstanding the alleged' existence
of a letter from Lord Salisbury to the late
Ambassador Bayard promising that .the
prisoner's senfence, would be remitted.
Kreaeh Deputy Prtpea iapreme
Court Constituted Like - '
Oar Own. . .- '. . a
(Copyright, 19C8, by. Press Publishing Co.)
PARIS, Jan.- 31. (New York World Cable
gramSpecial Telegram.) A high compli
ment la paid to American jurisprudence by
Deputy Charles Benolst, who haa. lntrd
duced into th Chamber of Deputies ' bill
to establish . in France a supreme court
like that in the United States, and to be
composed of a presiding Judge and eight
other Judges, to be appointed for Ufa by
tbe president ot the republic. It 1 pro
vided that a Judge may resign at the age
of 70 and after ten year of aervlce with
full salary. Benolst argues that '.this
supreme court would be the highest tri
bunal In the land, framed. on constitutional
lines and taking no part In executive Or
legislative administration.
Cuba Senate to Pas Bill
Exonerating tbe Strike
HAVANA, Jan. 21. After a debate last
ing four daya, the annate, by 12 to 10, re
jected the house bill granting amnesty to
all persons who were held for Mai at the
time of - tbe atrlke last November. An
amendment to aet at liberty all exot pt tbe
mayor and other municipal officials -was
rejected by the same vote. Fourteen per
sons, including the maypr, will have to
atand trial. - ,
Striker Loot th Savop.
BARCELONA, Bpain, Jan. 31. The supply
of provisions having failed at Ru (near
Tarragona), where a general strike I Ja
progress, tbe strikers have looted a number
of shops, moat of which ar now closed
Msny arrests hsv been made.
Kxteada Tints for Tax Payment.
MANILA. Jan. 31. Tbe Philippine gov
ernment has extended the time for. the
payment ot the land tax and has remitted
the penaltie for failure to pay In seven
impoverished province. '.-..'.,
Iowa Coal Mia Closed. -
DE8 MOINES" la., Jan. tY-The mines
Of . the Glbaon Coal company th. largest
In the stau, have been Idl sine, veaterday
and were cloned twfor for several days
as a result of a atrlk precipitated by th
rriuw vi iiio romttny iu re-migy a ois
charged man. A conference has two called
for Monday between th. otttclals of th
I nlted Mlpe Worker fur loH and th
representatives of the Coal Operatura' as
Announcement Oaniei Shook U Bit Many
Ff ends is Congress.
Mia Official Preparations Art Com
pleted and lie Wtll Await His Wife
In Sew 1 orlf tlamble' Home
stead Bill Reported.
i (From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Jan. 81 (Special Tele
gram.) News of the death of Congressman
Rumple, representing the Second Iowa dis
trict, waa received at the national capital
shortly after the meeting of congress at
noon oday. ThtJJxh Captain Rumple w&s
a comparatively new member, ha had been
In congress sufficiently long to have gained
a host of warm friends on both sides of tho
chamber, and the message announcing Ills
death caused universal and profound re
gresl. Though recent advices from Chi
cago, where the affl'cted congressman Isy
in the horpltal, have Indicated that his Ill
ness was an lacurable one, nevertheless the
announcement of his death csme as a great
shock to his many friends In the national
capital. As soon ss his death became gen
erally known to members of the Iowa dele
gation a meeting was held at which Speaker
Henderson and a committee were selected
to prooeed to Chicago and accompany the
remains to Marengo, the home of the de
ceased member. A special car will be at
tached to the Pennsylvania train leaving
here tomorrow at 8:30, which will carry
the congressional delegation. Congressman
Lacey this afternoon drew up appropriate
resolutions relative to the death of Captain
Rumple and they were presented to the
house by Congressman Hepburn, dean of the
delegation, and In conformity with prece
dent the: house adjourned out of respect to
hla nemory. ,
Hnffalo May Boy Fort.
Representative -Mondelr today Introduced
a bill authorizing the secretary of the In
terior1 tc Issue a patent to the city of Buf
falo, Wyo., for lots T and 8, section 3,
township SO north, range 82 west, embraced
within the abandoned Fort McKlnney mil
itary reservation upon payment by the au
thorities of Buffalo of the appraised price
of said lots.'
It la expected that an Item, of $350,000
will be embodied In the sundry civil bill
for the Hot Springs sanitarium, which Rep
resentative Martin and others have been
working on for aome time. Should this
amount be carried $500,000, In round num
bers, will be appropriated for the sani
tarium end permit buildings to be erected
along lines contemplated by the board of
governor of the National Soldiers' Home.
. 'Representative-Martin today secured an
amendment to the 'sundry civil' appropria
tion bill providing an appropriation of $10,-00-for
Improving the fish hatchery at
SpearSsh, S. D.
Thompson Visit the President.
D. E. Thompson Is ' tonight taking It
easily at his rooms at' the New Wlllard,
chatting with such friend ts drop In upon
him. This morning. In company with Sen
ators Millard and Dietrich, be went to the
White House to pay his respects to Presi
dent Roosevelt and 'fo thank the president
for' his appointment.'- Mr. Thompson spent
the remainder of the day visiting friends
In various executive, department and else
where about the city to bid them farewell.
Mr. Thompson shld to The Bee correspond
ent tonight- that all his preparations of an
offlctet 'character bad been completed at the
'State department and be expects .to leave
Washington Sunday night for New 1 York,
there to await the coming of bis wife from
Nebraska, .... ... ,
' A avorable. report was .made to the sen
ate today on Senator Gamble's bill extend
ing the provisions of fh homestead law so
aa to cover Isolated trikcuj of land left cut
of ceded Indian denervations. The situa
tion In the ceded portion, of the great Sioux
reservation. Is cited aa an example aa to
why Gamble's proposition should pass. -
free Delivery Roate.
The following rural free .delivery let
ter carrier were appointed today: Iowa
Arlington, regular, Ruby L. Peck; substi
tute, Jamea H. Peck. (- Leigh ton, regular.
Dirk Vanbaaf ton; substitute, Jobn Van
haafton. South Dakota Ferney, regular,
Henry A. Becker; substitute, Arnold W.
Becker. Groton, regular, Charles Snell;
substitute, Mrs. A. J. Snell. Mount Ver
non, regular, William E. Baker; jubatituto,
Peculiar Idea Reaardlnu; a Common
Mark Twain' cure ior a cold In the head
was simple, but be clalma very effective In
his own case; his plan was to eat nothing
whatever-for twenty four houra or pre
sumably until the trouble had disappeared.
Although not able to speak from per
aonal experience as to the effectiveness of
this treatment, it certainly haa the merit
of extreme ,ecomony, but It occur to us
that the application of It to a. case of nasal
catarrh might be attended with difficulties.
Catarrh, as everyone knows. Is a chronic
cold la the bead and Mr. Twaln'a treat
ment. If It ahould become a fad, would
mrfke of us nation of fasters: an army,
emulating tbe example of the Immortal
Tanner , who achieved world wide fame by
fasting forty daya.
Catarrh is certainly becoming a national
disease and there I little doubt but that
errors In diet, particularly over eating Is a
very common cause.
Most people however are more interested
In the cure of the trouble than In tbe cause.
and modern medical science haa produced
more effective and less heroic remedies
than Mr. Twain's.
Hydrastln is a new remedy, very effective
In some forms of Catarrh. Red Gum Is an
other which on account of its antlseptlo
properties la very valuable, while many
severe casea of Chronlo Catarrh have beu
entirely cured by tho sangulnarla or ex
tract ot Blood roet alone.
Within a year an enterprising chemist
has combined all of these remedies In tab-.i
let form, palatable and convenient and the
suoerlorlty ot this lableta over other ca
tarrh remedies is so apparent that alt
druggists now carry thm in atock to sup
ply the popular demand.
They are called Stuart' Catarrh Tablets
and It la doubtful If any medicine has
achieved a national popularity In ao short
a time as this.
' Stuart's Catarrh Tablets ar ued by
thouaand of traveling men because tbey
csn be carried la tbe packet and used any
time and In any quantity . being free from
Cocaine, opiate or any poisonous drug.
Tbey clear the head and throat from the
disgusting secretions of catarrh, very often
In a few hours time.
Far nasal Catarrh they are far auperlor
to any wash, lotion or. ointment the use of
which Is- often aa ioconvenient and annoy
ing aa tbe disease Itself.
For coughs, colds, bronchial catarrh and
catarrh of stomach, these tableta give im
mediate relief and a permanent cur wher
lotion, douche and Inhaler make no im
pression, whatever.
This preparaUun Is a boom. -to catarrh
sufferers and any druggist . will . tell you
that Stuart's' Catarrh Tablet! U a remedy
that bis com to ty.
Sets fi Congenital Dislocated Hip for n Minneapolis Young Lndy, Twenty-Three
Years of Age, Without Knife or Pain.
HUDSON, Wis., Jsn. 31 Miss Anna Col
borg, 23 years of age, residing at 117 East
Fifteenth street, Minneapolis, Minn., was
born with a dislocated hip.
The tune setter at Hudson, Wis., oct
the hip perfectly for her. with his bsre
hands, without the least pain or the giving
of chloroform, or the use of plaster cast,
stay or brace of any kind. It was cer
tainly a remarkable operation, and the
young lady returned home perfectly de-
lighted. Miss Colborg s father Is tlectrl- ,
Mrs. Blanche Baker. Webster, regular, Lee
P. Albin; substitute, J. J. Rpcnsley.
The application of II. W. Hatter, J. R
Morris, Aaron Cover, W. W. Klrker and
John Hall, Jr., to organize the First Na
tional bank of Deep River, la., with a
capital of $25,000 was approved by the
comptaoller of the currency today.
The corporate existence of the First Na
tional bank of Burlington, la., has been
extended until the close of business Febru
ary 1, 1923.
The Tootle-Lemon National bank of St.
Joseph, Mo., was today rrproved as resere
agent for the Beatrice National bank of
Beatrice, Neb.
, Miss Olive Conger of 8eymottr, la., was
today appointed a 21,000 clerk in tbe Treas
ury department.
L. E. Rlchardton of Keytesville, Mo., has
been appointed a $1,000 clerk In army head
quarters, Omaha.
Postmasters appointed: Iowa L. H. Al
len of Harvard, Wayne county;. F. W. Shuh
of Lacone. Warren county; Emanuel Beery
of Norwalk, Warren county; O. A. McKin-
ney of Runnells, Polk county; Luther
Bason of Tuskeega, Decatur county. Wyo
ming Almond, Sweetwater county, Walter
B. Aiken; Hulett, Crook county, John B.
(iermuii .Minister la Prophet.
Baron Speck von Sternberg, the new
German minister, who arrived In Wash
ington last night,. was presented to Presi
dent Rootevelt today by Secretary Hay.
The call was format,, the baron desiring
to present' his credentials as special minis
ter from Oermany to this country before
the taking charge of the embassy's affairs
In tbe absence of Ambassador von Holle
ben. The exchanges were verbal, the president
for this occasion waiving the usual prepar
atory ceremonlea and Baron Sternburp con
fined himself to an exposition of the em
peror's friendly feeling for tho United
States' and his own gratification at being
able to return to America In this capacity.
The president responded In a felicitous
vein, incidentally expressing the hope that
tbt baron's coming would result In the set
tlement of all pending questions, this being
an indirect reference to the Issues.
Beyond this, the question waa not dis
cussed. The baron called upon Minister
Bowen this afternoon.
In a subsequent Interview Baron Stern
berg expressed the .gratification he felt at
returning to ihu 'United States.
He said: 'i '
As I return to. America as a minister
plenipotentiary 1 am reminded of the
changes that have taken plHce since I was
here more than ten years ngo as a mili
tary attache. Then your president waa a
civil service comllssloner. I do not pose as
a prophet, tut when I first met Mr. Roose
velt I waa deeply impressed with hla un
tiring energy and essential sincerity of
purpose. It Whs this combination that
convinced me that some dy 1 would sej
him at the head of thla groat tiation.
When I euld godbye to him on my de
parture from Washington the first time
1 added: "When I BRain congratulate you,
Mr. Roosevelt, you will be one step nearer
the White House."
On hearing of his appointment as assist
ant swretary of the nnvy, I wrote him:
"Permit me to congratulate you on this
second step nearer the presidency." and
when he was elected governor of New York
1 telegraphed him: "The next time I offer
you my congratulations it will be Prenl
detit Roosevelt."
I believed he would be president because
I knew the!1 stuff he was n.ade of. To mo,
and the same opinion prevails In Europe,
your president Is the personification of
what la good and great and healthy In
Captain Hobaon Ketlre.
' Captain Rlchmond'P. Hobson of "Merrl
mac" fame, has tendered bis resignation
as a naval constructor in the navy. For
some time Captain Hobson has Bought to
be retired, but the board which examined
blm pronounced him fit for duty,, and be
was ordered to take charge of construction
work at the Bremerton, Wash., naval sta
tion. It Is well known that for some time Cap
tain Hobson haa suffered from aa affection
ot the eyea which he and hla friends have
claimed Incapacitated blra for active duly.
A bill to retire blm has passed the house
of representatives and recently, when It
waa called up in the senate by Mr. Morgan
It was passed over on objection by Mr.
Cockrell, who insisted that an examining
board having pronounced htm fit for duty
he should not be retired. .
Nat Liable for Any Personal
ment, but Willing to Pay x
Same a Before.
NEW YORK, Jan. 31. Among the vlsl
tora to the tax office yesterday was J. Pier
pont Morgan, who was on the tax books for
a personal assessment of $600,000.
Mr. Morgan said that though be was not
liable for any personal assessment be be
lieved It to be the duty of every citizen to
contribute to the support of the city and be
waa willing to pay on an assessment ot
$100,000, as he did last year.
Telearraukera After More Waare.
TOPEKA. Kan., Jan. 31. Tbe Rock Is
land operators are rapidly organizing them
selves as members ot tbe Order of Railway
Telegraphers and the next atep will be
a request for an Increase In wages, which
It is expected will be made at once.
Steamer Prove Total Los.
ATLANTIC CITY. N. J, Jan. 31-The
freight steamer Gulf Stream of the Clyde
line, from New York, for Philadelphia,
which went aground yesterday mi a sand
bar oral Avalun, N. J., is a total loan. It
lias broken In two and is full ot water.
Captain Swan and some of thu rrrw, who
went aboard the vessel In the hope that
It might be saved, were landed by the II to
saver last tiight.
uiaa I'rr.iurin nriimi,
PllToHURa, Jan. 31 Charles E. Vloettle
has tendered hi resignation as president
of the American lint (Jlaa Worker.
r nni tiiaa worat-rs
union to take effect March li. Mr. Vlot-ttle
is the third president of the organlZittlim
to resign within three years. The national
omcera ay the resignation are due to
internal dUenlon.
Italian Arrested fur Marder.
PITTSBURG. Jan. 31. Narala Swanbeitl,
an Italian, was arrested here today f'ir a
murder committed In Italy eight mcJlitha
ago. After the killing B an belt I fted the
country and was traced to Pittsburg. He
mill be tjrn.d ov.r to the proper authuri- i
tie for talradiiiun to Italy.
Wonderful Operation
clan for Swan J. Turnblnd, on the "Svenska
Amerlkannka l'osten" of Minneapolis,
Minn. The mother of Miss Colborg says:
"I wish to personally recommend tho
Bone-Setter at Hudson. Wis., to all
may be crippled. My daughter Anna was
born with a dislocated hip, 23 yeara ago,
and when she consulted the Bone-Setter
her dialnrated leg was 4H Inches shorter
than the other one. Now, with the hip
perfectly set, there Is only a very slight
limp In her walk, which la acarcely per
Views of treat Br tiih Sociologist on tho
Combinations of Today.
Aim at Financial Abaolotlam In
tead of Governmental a For
merly, One a Detrimental to
t'roarra a the Other.
(Copyright. 1!3, by Press Publishing Co.)
LONDON. Jan. 31. (New York World
Cablegram Special Telegram.) Benjamin
Kidd, the great sociological writer, baa
returned from the United States profoundly
Impressed with the gravity and urgency
of the trust problem. He baa given to the
World correspondent his views on the
question and its future, as follows:
"The trusts of today are the revival In
Industrial life of exactly the same spirit
that created absolutism In states. For
merly men aimed at administrative ab
solutism; now the trust leader' object Is
the attainment of financial absolutism,
"It Is as pernicious In Its latter day a
in its former aspect, and It Is as vital to
the Interests ot humanity and progress that
financial absolutism should be destroyed as
It was that absolutism among ruler should
be abolished.
"The whole history or British civilization
has been the hlstor of a steady, tenacious
fight against absolutism in the state, a
fight which baa been entirely successful.
Financial absolutism must be fought, and,
in my opinion, the Influence that will fight
and overcome It will be that same British
civilization which baa crushed absolutism
In other forms."
Benjamin Kldd's "Principles of Western
Civilization" baa attracted more attention
than any work of recent years dealing
with the philosophy of history. His
"Social Evolution" is deemed of such world
wide Interest that It has been translated
Into German, French, Russian, Italian and
Swedish, and rests on the shelves ot schools
In all countries alongside ' of Herbert
Spencer's works. His "Control of tbe
Tropics" also ranks' among th Important
works of the time. .
National Committee Appoint New
"Governor Drawn for Middle
. Western, State.
ST. LOUIS,' Jan. 31. A new quorum wa
appointed by the national committee of tha
socialist party today to succeed tbe com
mitteemen ousted from office yesterday.
Tbe new committeemen are: S. H. Lovltt
of Aberdeen, S. D., Ernest Uintermann of
Glrard, Kan., John M. Work of Dea Moines,
la., John H. Sterner of Kansas City and J.
P. Roe of Omaha.
The new quorum will be installed on
Butte Man Pile Present Bound Him
and Take III Own
' BUTTE, Mont., JaJ. 81. Carl Wlntera,
formerly county auditor, ehot himself
through tbe head with a revolver tonight,
dying instantly.
It is said hla fiancee broke their engage
ment after having learned that he bad been
drinking, and tbls, it is believed, led to hi
suicide. On a table by hla side were plied
heaps of wedding presents which bad been
sent for tbe ceremony, which was to have
been performed tonight.
Thieve Fear to Keep Xon-Mea-ot lable
Paper, Which 1 Burled fa '
Lumber Yard.
TOLEDO, O., Jan. 31. Over 600 letter
were found burled in a lumber yard thla
afternoon. Every envelope bad been slit,
but money order and checka to the value
of several hundred dollars whloh could not
be disposed of without danger. of detection
were left undisturbed. ' . .
The letters were rifled of Jewelry, caab
and New Year' gifts.
Colonel Hay Think Kow Vande
vanter i Judge He Will Get
' New Vacancy.
OGDEN, Utah, Jan. SI. Colonel A. B.
Hay says that while be baa received no
official notification be bad been given to
understand that be will receive the ap
pointment ot attorney general of the In
terior department. In place of Vandevanter,
today appointed' Judge ot the Eighth cir
It Will Be Disposed Of After Inspec
tion by Officer of th
The last chapter In the history of the
Missouri River commission is now being
written and the War department Is making
i ...i. ji...., ,1.,
' thm body, which was disbanded six months
- . ,. ,,, . rnr. , ,nr.
priate funds for its expenses. Yesterday
Captain 11. M. Reeves, aide-de-camp on
th staff of General Bates, was ordered to
proceed to Gasconade, Mo., for the purpose
i oi inspecting muq reporting upuu iub dbi
means of disposing of tbe property of tbe
commission. Tbls. property .consists of a
number ot snag boata which have been used
to reinov obstructions from tbe river, ma
chlnCry for' building rip-raps, office furni
ture and CxlurtK, surveying instruments
ceptible. No knife wa used, no chloro
form given, no plaster cast, stay or brace
used; no pain with the operation. With
his bare hands he did the work. We are
delighted and cannot say enough In praise
of the Done Setter.
' Signed. "MRS. O. CARLBORG."
To consult the Bone-Setter at Hudson,
Wisconsin, it I necessary to write first
and say how you sre crippled and let blm
set a time when be can aee you, as all of
his time Is taken by appointment.
and other material which haa been accu
mulated by the commission. ,
Captain Reeve will go to Gasconade Feb
ruary 10 to make the Inspection. The prop
erty Is valued at several thousand dollars,
and the method of It disposal is not known
at this time, as much of It, In Its present
form. Is unsulted for anything but the work
for which It waa constructed.
Police Are Wondering; What Became
of Blar Stolen from Parmer
No further clue - to the Waterloo bank
robbers hss been reported to Chief Dona
hue. That official stated yesterday that
one of the strange features In connection
with the robbery wa the Inability of tbe
officers to secure any trace of the missing
team stolen from the Monklnd farm. Thu
chief Is of the opinion that the robbers
have deserted the rig and It haa been taken
Into the care of soma farmer, who ha not
reported his find. The chief also bellevca
that the robbers will not make any attempt
at disposing of the team through any- sale,
but will either turn It loose in tbe highway
or place it under ahclter.
I'sjion raelfie Striker Will Confine
Their Effort to tbe One
Strike leaders In Omaha said yesterda;
morning that they will not attempt to pttl.
out the men on the Southern Pacific rail
way. Great Interest has been felt In th
matter all along-, as It was thought th
strikers would certainly resort to that
move In case President Burt did not conjo
to a settlement.
"The striker feel that they can accom
plish their ends without Insisting- on the
atrlke being carried to other Harrlman
line of railroad, and will proceed with the
plana already outlined," said one of the
leaders. .
Dote Pains. Itchlnv, Seabbr
Skin Dlaeaae.
Swelllnaja Carbvnclea, PI ra plea,
Scrofula, permnotlr cured by taking UoUni
Blood ttuiiu. It dtjatrtrya th active folaoa In lh
blood. If you hav acht and palna In Uonea, back
and Jotnta. Itching Bcabby Skin. Blood feli hot or
thin, Swollen Glands, HliUigi and Durapi on tha
Sktn, Mucui Palchei In Mouth. or Throat, Pita
pita, or offeniitTa aruptlont, Copper-Colored Bpats
or raah on Ukln, all .run -down, or nervoua, L'iuere
on any part of tha bouy. Hair Of Eyebrow lalllug
out Carbunctea or Boili, take
Botanlo Blood 4) a Ira, goaranteed
to cura oven tha woret acid moat deep-aeattd casea
wher doctors, patent snedlolnee, and hot sprints
fall. Heala all aorea, aiupe all aches and palus,
reduces all swellings, makes blood pure and rich,
completely changing tho entire body Into .a elaan,
healthy vondtton. B. B. B. baa cured thousands
of cases of Blood Poison oven after reaching tha
last staxea.
Old Hheamatlatn. Catarrh, Heseiiia
are caused, by aa awful Fojioned condition of tha
Blood. B. B, B. alops Hawking and Bpltitng, lick
ing and Borate king. Acnes and Paine; cures lUieuni
tlsm, Catarrh ; beats all Bcaba, tiealee, Eruptions,
Watery Blisters, foul festering fores of cmi;
by giving a pure fcrnltn bloc 4 supply to effected
Cancer Cared .
Botanle Blond Balm Cures Cancers of all Kinds,
Suppurating Bwalllngs, Eating Bores, Tumors, Uf
Ulcere- It kills the Center Poison and heals tha
aorea or worst cancer perfectly, li you have a per
Blatant Plraple. Wart, Bwelltngs, Hhootlng, Btlugli.g
Palna, take Blood Balm and tbey will diaappfsr be
fore tbey develop Into Cancer. Many apparently
hopeleaa cases of canoe cured' by taking Botaola
i)Ionr1 fie 1m.
Htt Ul AUAIv l klC.
llvf a laWrw kxettl ' g. a ..
.V V" as s --.-a, C" l . ml1
inmi nttitwj t y eiwaitrurei
whw. tha ,u.Ur I. i.ken
wed ltlfe.r.Il.l. alwaytrures
tea tha rlajht ejUMMtltjr la taken.
at eareel v w r sMsrv will
promptly he re J A
Botanic Blood Balm (II. H. II. I I
Pleiaant snd Ufa to Uk. Thoroughly tasted for 30
yra. I'ompocM of Pure Bolanlo Ingredlanta.
blrvnstheus weak kldneya mud waaJc toma.-hs, curs
dyspspaia. Complete directions so wltb aac bottle.
feod In Omaha by llostun Store Urn
Department. Kith and Iarla St.
la Coaacll BlasT lr H. 12. Anderson,
Bau,' Broad war. ,n Sooth Omaha by
Villon Dros t o., 24th and !.
Call or -write any above ttorrai
niood Palm arnt by eiprrn a re
ceipt of X.
All Wool
Subjsct to ycur test-
' No more, no less.
Coat and Vest SI2.50
No more, no less,
W defy anyone to duplicate our trousora
to any other tailor shop In Omaha, for
tbe above price. How can a a do It? How
can e do It la New York, Kauaaa City
and Chicago? ,
Open Evening. 203 N. 16ta S