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Hegotiatiom for Settlement Broken Off at
Coafcrecce Ti.&aj Morning.
Telia (Mrlkrra Thr Can Serer Work
for I nlon Parlflc I ntll Thrr
(onirnt to IJlve Ptmilnm
Senle a Trlnl.
After almost two months of dillydallying
In the rjprctntlon of a BPttlrmrnt, tho
Vnlon rnrlflc at rlk la now starting In full
Winn upon the third ijhatm of lt career.
Frpaident Burt and the IrnuVrs of the ptrlk
rs met In a momrntary conference yester
day, and thn result la war to the knife
for another period of Indefinite extent. All
conferences are now declared off, and all
chance for them Is annihilated until new
conditions arise.
President McNeil of the International
Brotherhood of Holler Makers and Iron
Bhlp Builders was spokesman for the strik
ers at the conference, and the route by
which tho agreement to continue hostili
ties was reached is exposed In the follow
ing dialogue which took place between him
and Mr. Burt:
Mr. McNeil Underntandlng that the con
ference In New York was postponed till
Bow In order that the actual attitude of the
men regarding piece work might be
learned, I now wish to state that we have
canvassed the men on this proposition, and
they have voted unanimously against It. I
therefore announce that we will never
Work under the premium scale system.
Mr. nurt And I reply that you will
never work for the Tnlon raelflc tinder any
ether, system. I am sorry that you will not
give it a trial, for I think it would prove
a good thing If tried. I wish to congratu
late the men on their conduct of th? strike,
but I think the premium scale proposition
would be a good thing for tem. I think It
would mean more money to the men. You
abould give It a trial.
Conference la Brief.
W. R. McKeen. Kuperlntendent of motive
power for the Union Pacific, waa present
at the conference. He and Mr. Burt were
the sole railroad representatives there.
Seventeen strikers attended. Greetings
and introductions took some time, Mr. Hurt
and Mr. McKeen meeting every man with a
handshake. When the discussion was
Anally reached, It did not last more than
ten or fifteen minutes. . The entlro con
ference continued only twenty minutes,
When the men, having delivered their
.Ultimatum and received Mr. Burt's In re
turn, ,left the office.
Strikers at once repaired to Labor temple,
Where they went Into executive session to
adopt plans for further conduct of the
atrlke. The men were unanimous for mak
ing the fight mere aggressive than ever, and
there were three principal moves deter
mined upon for the Immediate future.
The first step will be to bring about. If
possible, a general fight on the Union Pa
cific system. At first this move will ex
tend only to the shops, where U will be the
effort to bring out every man who carries
a card. This will bo undertaken locally
through the Central Labor union, accord
ing to the plan already outlined. A special
meeting of the union has been called for I
Sunday afternoon, and the matter will
come up then.
At the same meeting the scheme for the
tlg mass meeting of all organized labor In
Omaha will be taken up and plana perfected
to have this held under tho auspices of the
Central Labor union.
The strikers will go still further and ask
the American Federation of Labor point
blank to make the attack general over the
Union Paclflo system. Tbla proposition will
b brought before the general officers and
the bead lodges of the conductors, the
trainman and the englnemen.
As to Southern Pacific.
As regards pulling out the shopmen on
the Southern Pacific, nothing Is planned
yet, for the strikers do not believe this
will be necessary. Yet they are confident
that they have the Southern Pacific men
olid, and can call them out when desired.
The strikers who attended the confer
ence were: Machinists, Wilson, Grace,
Mildred, Mulr and Brltton; blacksmiths,
Kline, White, Reuf, Hender, Qrieb and
Bowles; boiler makers, McNeil, Kennedy,
Douglas, O'Donnell; machinists' helper,
Schomel; plpeman, Innes.
After tho conference Mr. McNeil laid:
"We have shown them a good fight so far,
' but from now on It will be hotter than ever.
I am going to my Kansas City 'headquar
ters tonight. There will be no more con
ference with Mr. Burt for a time."
Mr. Wilson said: "Mr. Burt delivered
this ultimatum expecting that It would at
once crumble our ranks, that the men
would break and begin going back to work.
He'll not be long discovering his mistake.
As a matter of fact, I think that March1 1
la about his limit.
Statement for the Company.
At Union Pacific headquarters yesterday
afternoon this official statement was made
concerning the strike situation:
"Piecework has been a successful sys
tem In the shops of our company for sis
months past, and the committee repre
entlng the strikers was told that no
change In the system could be made at this
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I v... . )
time. About 83 per cent of the work done
la the Omaha shops la by piecework; 100
per cent of It at Armstrong, and from 90
to l')0 per cent at other places.
"We now have more men In the shops
here than we ever had before, and their
character and skill Is all that we could
ask. A reduction will soon be necessary,
because our busiest season Is now over.
The same condition applies to all other
points on the line. With new shops and
new machinery here, the same number of
men can do much more work than formerly.
In point of work done here, we have never
turned out so many engines In the history
of the shops as during the last six months.
The same condition applies at Cheyenne.
"If we were to take back the strikers
now. It would mean that our force In the
shops here would be crowded out, and
this we dislike to do; but we would not
have room for two forces.
"Our train service Is becoming better,
trains last week being 100 per cent better
than during previous weeks. We are hav.
ing some trouble this week because of high
winds and stormy weather out west, for
which the strikers will probably claim
credit. Last week we put twice as much
coal Into Nebraska as during Any previous
week on the road, and every mine at Rock
Springs Is running at full capacity.
"Six new engines have Just arrived, and
four more are on the road, and an In
definite number of new engines will con
tinue to arrive. We will soon have engines
to burn.
"This strike Is over so far as the com
pany Is concerned. The men quit the
service last June, and we hired new men
to nil their place. Tbat'a all there Is
to It."
OQDEN, Utah, Jan. 0. Railroad men on
all roads into Ogden expect that the boiler
makers on the Southern Pacific, Short Lino
and Oregon Railway and Navigation com
pany will be ordered out today. The local
union officials state that they expect tele
grams to that effect from the head authori
ties of the union. No word has yet been
Connty Commissioner Proposed to
Caneel Those Dated Prior
to Jan nary. tS9S.
,founty Commissioner A. C. Rarte has
had prepared and will submit to the Board
of County Commissioners at Saturday's
meeting the following resolution:
Whereas, There are in the hands of the
county clerk a number of warrants Issued
prior to January 1, 1U8, and according to
statute and the opinion of the County at
torney, said warrants can be cancelled and
the amounts credited to the various funds
from which they are drawn; therefore, be It
Resolved, That the county clerk be and
he Is hereby instructed to cancel all war
rants Issued prior to the 1st of January,
1MX, and that the same be credited to their
respective funds.
In explanation of his resolution Commis
sioner Harte said: "None of the warrants
Is for more than $50, but there are a great
many of them, and so small that the per
sons to whom payable will not take the
trouble to come and get them, - Thus the
money represented on their face la tied up
and doing no good when the county might
as well be having the use of It. I don't
know what the total amount represented
will be, but I judge that 90 per cent of the
warrants. Involving as they do witness and
Jury fees, are on the general fund, and wo
can use more money in that fund very
Announcements of tho Theaters.
There will be a matinee at the Orpheum
this afternoon, and the Indications are for
a large attendance, for the bill ia one that
Is refined and artlstlo and should prove
especially attractive to the women and
children. This week's program will be
brought to a close with this evening's per
formance. The succeeding bill, opening
the new week with a matinee tomorrow,
will be headed by the noted magician,
Servlas Le Roy, assisted by Talma and
Bosca. Another Important feature will be
Winona and Frank, the rifle experts, who
scored heavily here at their last visit.
Others embraced on the roster are: Arnlm
and Wagner, presenting "Opera In the
Kitchen;" Melville and Conway, In a funny
skit, uniquely their own; Maud Mclntyre,
character singer; Hediix and Prescett, vo
callBts and dancer; Albert Kartelll, slack
wire performer, and new kluodrome pic
Via Wabash Railroad.
Mobile and return, 128.35; New Orleans
snd return, $29.50; Havsna, Cuba, and re
turn, $63.35; sold February 17 to 21. Half
rates one way snd round trip (plus $2)
to many points south on sal a the first and
third Tuesdays of esch month. For full In
formation call at Wabash office, 1601 Far-
nam street, or address Harry E. Moores,
O. A. P. D., Omaha, Neb.
Very Low Rates.
To points In Montana, Idaho, Washington,
Oregon, British Columbia, Utah and Colo
rado, In effect dally from February 15 to
April 30, vis Chicago Great Western rail
way. Write to J. P. Elmer, O. P. A., Chi
cage, for full particulars.
Captain Taylor Writes of Preaea
Conditions In tho Phllln.
lions In tho F
pine ialaads.
A letter received yesterday from Captain
Wallace Taylor says there Is much con.
fusion In the Philippines over the condl
tlon of the currency. Nearly all business
Is transacted on the basis of payments In
Mexican money and the pries of all produce
varies with the value of that money In
gold, so that it Is practically Impossible
to know today what things are to cost to
He writes: "The contabulary (with
which he Is now connected) Is kept busy
principally In the Islands of Samar and
Leyte with the so-called fanatlcos, a sect
which, being Christian In name, takes some
of the doctrines of the Mahommedan re
ligion and preaches that those who die In
conflict with the American authorities sre
assured of heavenly blessings. They wear
amulets and seem to court death, fighting
regardleBa of numbers or hope of success.
At the same time a dozen Americana are
sufficient to defeat a hundred or more cf
them, as tbey are not well armed and do
not know how te use the arms they have."
Naran Mrs, a I la Dtacbarcesl.
Naran Begal. who was charged with grand
larceny, hud his hearing In the police court
yrstfrday and ai dlachargrd. Begal
was arrtsted at tho Instigation ,,f th Mer
chants National bank, lie recently drew
several IWO bills from the bank, ami while
at the teller's window asked fur change for
one of the bills. The telirr, In court today
SHid that Begul did not hand a Slu bill to
him, but Instead a (JO greenback. He also
swore that his cah. at the end of tho
banking hour a, aa jm) ,hy. A man named
Kruse, who witnessed the change of the
currency, was also placed upon the stand
and swore that the bill handed to the eaah
ier was, in hia opinion, a to note. When
placed on the atand tit gal mada a compete
denial of the state's evidence that he did
not hand the proper amount to th cashier.
ORAVF-S-John R., aged 43 vr. 10 months
and 14 days, brother of tS-ank Uraven of
Mondnmln, Ia., and I Graves of this
city, January 29. at Clarkson hospital.
'untral Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock
from Hwanson's undertaking rooms, rorner
Seventeenth and Cuming atresia, le Furst
Lawn csmstsry.
Rents Two 'Phones of His Antagonist In
Four Tears' Battle,
Ills Rome Folks Think There Moat
' Be Rome Mistake and Banish
the Enemy's Cohorts
from Ills Caatle.
Away with the bloody eword, the Red
Cross society and the hospital ambulance;
up with the white flag of truce, the song
of joy and the price of public utilities' serv
ice! John O. Yelser has rented two tele
phones, tne war Is at an end and all man
kind dwelling In peace and harmony
throughout the jurisdiction! Allah be
Ail that this means can be appreciated
only by those whose retrospective eye,
traveling the gory corridors of the tag end
of the last century, or from 1897 to 1901,
sees and recognises the scars, the sbraslons
and the blood stains left by Yelser and the
Nebrsska Telephone company in their'
struggle through the courts, the populist
conventions and the state legislature of
Yelser was In the legislature of 1897 and
succeeded In having the Board of Transpor
tation empowered to control and regulate
the telephone companies. Subsequently he
went to the Omaha office of the Nebraska
company, which .was then charging $5 per
month for telephone service, and demanded
that a telephone be placed In his law office
for (3, alleging this to be a fair rental.
Three Starred Silver Dollars.'
To make It good he formally tendered
three silver dollars. Those same three
dollars laid on the desk of Auditor H. T.
Coe, where Yelser put them, for more than
two years. No official would touch them
and the janitors came to view them as sa
cred appurtenances to touch which would
be to court certain and Immediate death.
Then began Yelser's four years' war.
From Judge Cunningham R. Scott of tho
district bench he secured an alternative
writ of mandamus and then a peremptory
writ. The company carried it up and the
supreme court held that Yeleer's relief lay
only In the State Board of Transportation.
This board and Yelser went to the private
office of President C. B. Yost of the tele
phone company and for three weeks Yelser
had the whole company. Its auditors and
its workmen, on the carpet telling every
thing they knew, from the depth of the
underground conduits to the helghth of the
telephone poles, and from the thickness of
the wire Insulation to the number of pay
days In February.
Left High In the Air.
Just as he was ready to put on an expert
to tell from this evidence what charges
should be, the telephone company's friends
secured from the supreme court a decision
that the transportation board, which was
hearing the evidence, was unconstitutional,
and thereby left Mr. Yelser so high In the
air that he couldn't get down In time to
catch up with the procession. Meanwhile
he had forced the populist convention of
the state to incorporate a telephone regu
lation clause In Its platform and. forced
Judge Holcomb to atand on the plank. . He
flooded the state with a brief the slie of
an unexpurgated edition of Balzao and he
give the newspaper paragraphers aomethlng
to writs about seven times a week. He
appealed to the common law, the pride of
the people, all the gods of mythology and
authenticity, and all the populists of Ne
braska, with and without whiskers. .
Commenced In 1897, his fire was hot until
1901, when he took a Anal defeat and
decided that until somebody else was will.
Ing to put up for the ammunition, his battle
with the octopus would better be aban
doned. Gives In at Last.
Meanwhile the octopus had pocketed his
three silver slmoleons, given him credit on
Its books with that amount and 'Charged
against him all costs of litigation. Mr.
Yelser at first used to run up a nag on the
top of his office building to let his, wife
knew when he would get home for dinner,'
and kept In communication with the out
side world and the court house by means
of window banners. Never until this week
has be given In and consented to patronize
the company. He argues that he Is Justified
now, because house 'phones cost but $3 and
his office 'phone, on circuit B. only $3.75,
Instead of So.
The peculiar cough which Indicates eroup
Is usually well known to the mothers of
croupy children. No time should be lost In
tho treatment of It, and for this purpose no
medicine has received more universal ap
proval than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Do not waste valuable time In experiment
ing with untried remedies, no matter how
highly they may be recommended, but give
this medicine as directed and all symptoms
of croupy will quickly disappear.
Publish your legal notices In The Weekly
Bee. Teelphone 238.
Captain Wassels Is Authorised
Accept Position at Omaha
High School.
Captain William H. Wassels of ths Twen
ty-second Infantry at Fort Crook has been
authorized to accept ths position of mili
tary instructor at the Omaha High school
Csptaln WaBsels Is said by other officers to
be one of ths most competent and energetlo
of the younger officers of the regiment.
Last year he was In charge of the rifle
range at the Winnebago reservation while
the Twenty-second regiment was at prac
tice, and later was ons of the officers in
charge of the competitive target shooting at
Fort Riley. Ths captain Is expected to ar
range his work at the High school so that
It will not Interfere with bis duties at the
Because Its Formula Is Submitted to
Alexander McMUUan, M. D., a prominent
physician of Lansing, Mich., writes: "On
three esses I have tried Herplcide for dan
druff and the result has been all that could
be desired."
Herplcide Is made upon an entirely new
principle, that Is, that dandruff and falling
hair are caused by a microbe that Infests
the hair bulb, and, by destroying the ml
crqbe one's hair Is bound to grow luxur
iantly. Herplcide la the only hair remedy
that claims to and really does destroy ths
dandruff germs.
Mortality Statistics.
The following blrtha and deaths were re
ported at the office of the Hoard of Health
in the con r ae or the twenty-tour nours enu
Ins at noon Friday:
.Hlrtha William W. Moore, 848 Bouth
Twenty-third fctreet, girl; Louis Lelghton,
southwest corner of Forty-eighth street and
Capitol avenue, a-lrl: Flovd J. Campbell.
iv4 Charles street, girl; Edward W. Hln-
nett. Spalding tit re t, boy; Tel riiaten,
1-19 South Fourteenth street, girl; Sidney
Knaup. 272" North Twentv-slxth street, boy.
I'talhu-Mr J. V. Kot-kabaugh, hlv South
Thirteenth street, aged 64 years; Edwin
weoi'h'e Ward, YM1 Soutn Twenty-eighth
street, agt-d 78 years; Mrs. Elisabeth
Harnes. 'H North Twenty-aecond street.
aged 66 years; Margaret K. Hobbs, 720
foutn rwrniy-eigtn street, agea ia years:
Mra. Minnie Harris, Dodge street, egad
oe rwa
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ia Oar Bank
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Omaha's Favorite
Cough Remedy
For sale at all drug
Taking; of Depositions Will Begin
Monday at City At
torney'a Office.
Members of the acting Board of Fire and
Police Commissioners were served yester
day with notice that the taking of deposi
tions In the case of the State of Nebraska
ex rel Kennedy et al against Broatch et al.
now pending In the supreme court, will
begin Monday at 10 a. m.
Thla Is the case to decide whether the
appointees of Mayor Moores or those of
Oovernor Savage are the legally constituted
Board of Fire and Police Commissioners,
and the essential question of whether the
mayor of Omaha or the governor of Ne
braska Is the legally authorized power to
appoint the Omaha Board of Fire and Police
Commissioners. The witnesses whose
depositions will be taken for the state are
Mayor Moores, W. I. Kierstead, clerk ot
the hoard; Herman Cromwell, Janitor In the
city hall; Messrs. Kennedy, Heafey, Collins
snd Mead, members of the mayor's board;
W. H. Elbourn, city clerk, and Dr. Pea
body and J. J. O'Connor. The depositions
will be taken at the office of City Attorney
ChleagTO to Florida Without Chang-
tag Cars.
i Through passenger service to Florida
leaves Chicago Union Station 8:40 p. m.,
via Pennsylvania Short Line through
Louisville to Jacksonville and St. Augus
tine. Find out about Its conveniences by
consulting H. R. Derlng, A. Q. P. Agt.,
248 South Clark St., Chicago.
I'ausually Large Number of Them
Appear Jm County Court
This Month.
"This has been' the most remarkable
month for the 11 Hug of wills carrying large
estates since I have been In this office,"
said Chief Clerk Leslie of the probate
branch of the county court yesterday,
i "Not to mention the many that Involved
$25,000 or about that amount, there were
six which oomblned represented easily
$1,000,000. The largest was that of J. L.
Brandeis, involving a total of about $225,000.
Next largest was that of Jane S. Rogers,
Involving $200,000. The third was that of
Peter Olandt. Involving $150,000. The fourth
largest was that of Dean Campbell Fair,
which, Inclusive of his $79,000 life Insur
ance, Involved $125,000. J. J. Dickey's and
Mrs. Anna C-Millard's each Involved about
Tbe Dickey will was admitted to probate
yesterdsy. - - -
Bronchial Troches
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9. W. Cor. lOth and Chicago Its.
Saturday afternoon, 8 to 6,
and evening, 7:30 to 9:30, at
Arlington Block, 1511-1513
Dodge St.
Come and hear tbe Ceclllan
and Lyraphons Piano Players.
Some ot the finest selections
from the greatest composers,
mixed 1th lively ragtime,
will be rendered.
We extend a special Invita
tion to owners of Ceclllan and
Lyraphone Players, snd to
owners of all other makes of
players also. Something may
be learned at to how beet to
produce tbe artistic effects In
performing on Piano Players.
Please remember, we are
headquarters for ths "Orange
Music Roll," suitable for all
makes of Piano riayers. coth
In 65 and 58 note. Wi sell at
25 per cent discount off cata
logue. It Is the best music cut, snd
selections are made with the
view to Us adaptation to
Piano rendering peculiarly, as
compared with other modes
of rendering music.
BMI Remrmber, also, that ws
have the best equipped Piano
Player Parlors In the country,
and the best line of Piano
Players In the world.
P.- 1
(ZEVER4L odd lots that we have
gathered together and priced very
specially for Saturday,
00 DOZEN ladies' plain and silk fleeced cotton hose, fruar
anteed fast black regular1 2oc lOty r
values SATUHDAY l,2
CO DOZEN ladies fine quality Sea Island cotton and fancy
French lisle thread hose beautiful new patterns 7.""c
and fl.OO quality yj Cr
L A DIES' GLOVES Special lot 'ladies' fancy and solid
colored polf gloves, in wool and mercerized regular
25c and 35c grades 1fn
LADIES' KID GLOVES Special lot ladies' fine imported
kid gloves, new fresh stock, all selected skins every de
sirable color regular fl.OO values CQp
AW I f flwnJlfniUrt
SEPTEMBER 6, 1902.
Copy of Our Fifth Report
We are pleased to Invite your attention to this statement and respectfully
ask you to open an account with us. We will be pleased to answer any letter
you may write to us and we Invite a personal interview.
Statement January 29, 1903
Charter No. 689.
City of Omaha 6 per cent Bonds . $25,000.00
Time Loans. j ,388.46
City and County Warrant 24 ,62 1 .64
Premium Account 414.60
Fixtures 661.90
Demand Loans 25,000.00
Cash In offloe and Bank 76,823.75 101,823.74
Capital $50,000.00
Undivided Profits 1,876.56
Individual Deposits $149,556.69
Time Certificates 21,224,30
Demand Certificates., 51.40
Cashier's Checks 1,201.39
Total Deposits 172,033.78
' Banking Hours. 9 to 5 Daily
Saturdays Until 9 p.m.
4 Per Cent Interest Paid on Deposits
and Certificates Running 3, 6 or 12 Months
Money Can Be Withdrawn at Any Time Without Notice.
City, County and School Warrants Cashed.
J. L. Brandeis
la probably as bard on bis shots aa
Mr. Smith's boy, for most boys are
alike when it comes to shoes.
Mr. Smith's boy bas been wearing
our 11.60 shoe now for six years and
Mr. Smith and the boy both tell us
that they beat any shoe for wear that
they cao get.
The ahoea we sell Mr. Smith are
no better than the ones you can get,
for all our $1.50 shoes are alike In
We guarantee a perfect fit and sat
isfaction. If we don't give It to you
we give you your money back.
Omaha's Ip-to-Date Shoe Hoims
6k, Sons, Bankers
Be sure you are in the right dental office
before having your teeth mended.-
3rd Floor Paxton Block.
Has Ever Been Found
in the Enamel of
Protected by Darltloa e' ttitn Ctrl
Pasted on Every Piece
If substitutes are of fereJ, write us
This trade-murk Is on every piece
of genuine Acatc Ware,
&ill i t Hnt l.-jrtmot an1 llou
JurnUbing 8 tore, fcfiid fur new tkakWr.
VTW YoltK Hop To M (IIUinA
lr: 1520 V";j.;.-.
Vann- ii, KINDS Cii0
llt-at Agricultural YVrvkly.
Addrena Omaha. Keb.