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Hunter of Stat i Zoi ct.ti Hi'.d Msetiiri a.
Xht Cartel Citj.
oprerae Coort Dismisses Diane
AIM Head Davra Maay
Other Onlaloa.
(From a "tad Correpon.lent.
IJNCOLN. Jra. t8pe lal ) Tbs
dairymen cot toher lu a tin t.-. I session
t tha chapel of th Btt'e uV.verslty f h
morning and held mott 'arresting meet
ing at which ere present a Hrge num
ber of tho.'e Interested In cow and cow
meaaurea. Governor Mickey. Presidec'
Dinsmore and Secretary Firna of the
Board of Agriculture attended aod earh
mcde a ahort talk.
Tn ft. I . I mAAmmm . I .1 .... , t O
Bnlvely of Lincoln spoke enthusiastically
cf the growth cf dairying in Nebraska. He
pointed to the Influence of .the wcal:h of
the agr cultural population of a country
"ft""" " " "-,
been aaid that no country reachea Ita high- I
TBI nrT-ioymrBi uaui n ibi mrn rri-
fitenlvIy In dairying. Nebraska Is par
tlrulsrly a4aptrd to dal-ylng by Itt faTor
ble climate, pure watera. natural grassca.
aweet. nutrltioua and abundant, and Its
grains, which are not unknown among the
dairymen of Europe. Also by Ita alfalfa.
h'ch tTcwa so luxuriously aa to make oue
think It Inligenoua.
A report of Treasurer Ttassett sbowej
that tha receipts for the year wrre JTS.i.M.
and that there la a bnlance thcteof cn
hand In cash of t2?.2. Tbf state appropri
ation fcr tbe biennial was $2.or. of which
there remains a balance of lt.1D2.07.
la hla report aa aecretary. Mr. Bassett
also recounted the Increasing growth of
the dairy Interests of Nebraska and points
jmt the Influencra bearing upon it. He
also submitted a plea for proceia or ren
ovated butter aa a whoreaoaie article of
diet against which the discrimination of
(the federal statute In ita antl-oleomarga-rlne
law la ar. Injustice.
. Dr. J. J. Fepp of the Iowa Agricultural
college read an Illustrated paper oo dis
eases of the udder, and Dr. 8. Stewart of
Kansaa City apoke on tubrrculosla.
W. C. Beaumont of Hemlngford presented
apecimrn of the once much abused Rus
alan thistle In a new role and -spoke at
considerable length In commendation of its
naefulness aa forage plant for da'.ry cows.
IrrUatlaa C oareatloa.
The Nebraska Irrigation association will
hold Ita annual convention In room 111.
University hall, mala building on the uni
versity eampua, beginning tomorrow fore
noon at 10 o'clock. All delegates, practical
Irrigators, members of th legislature and
frlenda Interested tn tbe cauae" of Irrigation
will be cordial It welcome. A large number
of delegatea art alrttdy In the city, an! J
other will arrive on late tralna today.
Dlaeaaalaaa Over Cora.
Tbe Corn Improvers' aatoclatlon got down
to business this morning wi'h large
number present. H. F. M:Iotcsh cf Omaha
Int red .iced a resolution declaring In favor
of an appropriation of $ I. COO. 000 to $2,000.
000 If possible fcr necereary buildings at
toe state farm.
President Lee Smith of De 8oto deliv-
. i . j a
bf -Prof. T. L. Lyon of this cAy wh !
spoke of th experiments conducted by the j
association. , In th absence of P. G.
'Holden of Amca. Ia.. A. P. Grout of Win
chester, Clt, eeodacted Ahe discussto-ou
breeding corn and II. F. Mcintosh spoke
af the' need of corn Improvers.
1 In the discussion many questions of
technical Interest -were raised, ft seemed
to be settled thereby that' corn which
grows low anon the stock Is best for the'
yield and matures earlier and that In
thia aectlon at leajt, vh'n the eara aro
nllr. tn. K. nvln In II 1 fi nlrn of
. heavy yield. Tber. waa also con.ld- VZ'r VbiT. gcod or XTn
:T;tzT::;z::Jz ,"ckiv";';,ijtltta 'uu cou,d - ia-
era. it sucn can maeea do avoiaea. ta)ned fQr Uck of cr,glnill Jur,MlclOIIi the
"rtkor" Breesfra. ,
The Shorthorns were long on gord thinss t enforced only in a criminal trial. company against Craw-
at their aixth annual metir.g this morn-; Martin Langdon. who is an attorney at j ford. Ke ers.vl. H !comb, J.
Ing, even though W. J. Bryan was no- j ,,w ,n South Omuha. need not pay James logan against Wittum. Affirmed. Sulll
tined too late to deliver hla addreaa. i Conlin the sum demanded by him for aerv- ! v'Keaane Trust Company againat Ather
Prealdent Hanna gave a good talk and E. I rendered In drumming up suits for him. j ton. Affirmed. Albert. C.
B Mitchell told how to breed show cattle. ! The supreme court saya tht this la clearly i Red W illow Company against Smith. Re-
C. D. Bellows (old how t Ct cattle for the 1
ale ring. About ZOu were prcaent at the
ITee Keener gwarsa.
Yeaterday afternoon tbe bee kerfier de
cided to hereafter hold their meetings
In the winter In conjunction with the
rgrlcultural and other societies. The adul
teration of or entire substitution of glu
A grest i
cose for honey waa discussed
deal of thla Is psssed upou l he public for
honey and legislation Is needed for the
protection of honey the same a In th
case cf butler. The direct aale of tho
proluct from th producer to the con
sumer waa favored.
Veterlaartaaa Raperlaaeat.
Out at th tat farm thia morning tha
Nebraaka State Veterinary aasorlaticn met
for practical demonstrations In the treat
ment of d'eeaaes of . farm animals. Dr.
Peters of tbe university 4 arm and Dr.
Twakar of Lincoln conducted the experl
men aad several operations were per
formed. At tbe afternoon meeting papers
wer read relating 'lo the treatm nt of
C'aptala Klaaer Wed.
Fia'nk Ringer. ' late captain of Lincoln
company of light infantry. Nebraska Na
tional Guard, waa married at the home of
the bride Ihla morning to Mlsa a Jeon'e
Gertrude Bell- Immediately alter the cer-
)7sjsf Moil9
HAIX.MCAITH alwaya brinps back the natcml and
. beautitui uor o youtii to gray. iadeJ or bleached hair.
uivea new i.'c fcua crowtn lo thin nair.
drutf and ba Mmrvs. lm mot m afjna, but a hair food, and t
puamsel rrtor-a grav hair to us youthful Ci-.r. A
baahhlul bar ctrcsa.og anal at avsaf
bow Mrs. Kdct, MuucUbutgh, V. Va., waa mad jourg tm by using
et mm. My k u t W lor tiyM m r 1 m mtmm t
(kOsarfi M U ibaat my . m? .; k lm uUf mm t mM. Am. fm i . m",
iimMJktmg9 mm mmmt W f-m wmy mmmd 44 I hmvm mmt mmt4 tui ot mm DattL
Fbc3 So&p OSiesr
t Cat aat aad ars i . '-.
ta yea a ka- mi i rtavs rftw-raaattti
tn Wna eaaa ir H.. . Si i- aa. lkt
at nii4 r
aaarmiiias Ca
( e't$a rvkra at UMlr abaeta aaly, ar iy aV Faala Uf
-a . V --:. N J ,a.M waa w aui soap, ky tpnra.
ta ta.Wi pavlac ua. -j- v ftv. l tsu
ft . j ism tuftiaoa.
r h n Hire
' v' arariai.'naa l c , aa i ' Si . NMa. N )
Aftita M-ft aaaitwara Jmt aar; y a I H Hmmttk
Nu.Hag Druvx:T aapr tfary IteirWk
OVIRtl-KTMN a CO . litk aa tVualaa.
(CI. iaa aaa raptlal. arltt bUXOX llHIU m .
SABAT"sv PHAB . 241 h aa4 ian a MMILiV.
i sisav ruin , Mk. racYTA.i. mi
W. ar. UUtVkS., ut . aaoax. aJI
fxfs; iJw vsron; frnte rf-. for bridal
:rl" eai.. Sex. ' t ' CbrjrMas
'Sir pr-'ol lbs crrmtj.
TTsMle. l.ird. t H b 1 sd Kt p ibUr t
a: tb ?..llo1a place am! dates:
An'eloje r-nnty. 'a; Nellgh. February :
Holt cr,ur,ty. a O'Neill. February 1: Rock
county, ai Hasaett. Februiry I'1: Brawn
coin: jr. a' Alosaoeth. February 1': Cherry
eMinty. at Vslent'oe, Feb-uary U; SbeH
Ian c-"iaty. t Knhvllle, Feiruery H:
Paa-M ovnty. at Chadron. February II;
SI. flinty, at Harrison, February 1
.A!ju'n' iTcnl rviliy will not turn
o-r !:e o3"re to rataij Culver until
r-l"ia--y TbU t iu wan ink! by
fu ral Colby In erder to I abia lo make
an .cven'ory of tbs r"'rnmit property
!r. I hi" rbT of the offl-r.
Iiertatoaa la t'earl.
In a decision handed down by tbe su
preme totirt last evening too tl.'rMS verdict
recovered In the I.anejiter district coort
stains' the Evans Launlry company by
nra rmrford la reversed and a new trial
A decision of Intereat to fraternal so
rleiiea la tint in tbe case of Warner, ad-
mlnlatrafor? eralost the Modern Wood
men. Ar:i St. JM. Leon Richardson
Joined the order at Msq'ioo, 111., taking
out a ben e fli-1 a ry certificate that ran Tn
favor of big lejral b!r. He kept op bla
n.. - ,Kr.hln nxll
he died at Seward. Neb..
jcne j- 1on jj.
Ilgent aearch failed to
reveal any relaties. W.rner bad himself ,
appointed administrator of the estate and ,
brought ault on the M.0) certificate, claim-
irusiee 01 me runa created oy me cerxin
caie and that it waa Impreasod w'.th a
trLst In favor of his administrator.
The supreme court holda that this Is not
the law, and that the money reverta back
to the association. The purposes of a fra
ternal association. It says, are vaatly dif
ferent from those of an old-line insurance
company, the policies of which have a mar
ket or cas'j surrender value and confer a
aluable right upon the beneficiary, which
be cannot be divested of without Via con
sent. A fraternal certificate, on the pher
hand. Is a mere expectancy, the beneficiary
bus no vetted right therein, being created
by an assessment upon al' members liv
ing and in good standing. Hla only inter
est Is that of membership.
Having no property in the certificate
there Is no right or Interest upon which
to Impress a trust. It became at hia death
r-o pirt of hla estate .and the adminis
trator has no right, title or interest there
in. Beside that the administrator Is not
Included among the benefletarles named
In tue lawa of the association. The Intent
la to provide surport for persons depend
ent upon the member, and If the member
had changed the beneficiary to his admin
istrator It , would be absolutely void be
cause be is- not of the class for whose
benefit the association waa organised. All
cases where recovery has been had are
those where someone else tfcn the bene
"clary, who Is dead before th member,
might hive been the beneficiary.
Richardson, It aeems. was brought np in
an orphan asylum, and there Is no record
of hla parentage and no relative has been
Tava Crlmlaal Caaea.
Alfred Moline. convicted In Phe'pr rountv
of fraudulently obtaining tbe signature of !
Fred Krspf to a deed to a valuable quarter
section of land, la gfsnted a new trtial.
The Infcrmetlon la held not to state facts 1
! and clrcumatrrces essentisl lo convict Mo- !
. . I
line or tne crime Bccuseo.
n:"n M- averaiin. a nruggiat of MInden.
was convicted In the lower mnrt of .ini.f.'
,n, " I'qucr law. The etrpreme cour
fnnr this. I'fa enoeal was based largely
0 technical grounds.
Dlimlmra l a Ion rarlBe Caae.
The" action rf the state to recover large
peraltiea from tbe Unlet Pacific for alleged
vlolationa of the maximum freight rate law
w-nt the way of the one against the Mis
si 'I Pacific The referee had decided
thai tbe act waa Inoperative and void be
cause dependent upon the statute creating
tre state ra
ilway commission, which had
...)oj ... .
is!y declared unconatitutlonal. ,
I been prevlou
clse being one where the penaltlea can be :
alnst public policy and a contract la
tnererore void, conlin was to gel 2a per !
cent cf what waa aecured for his services I
in hunting up clients. I
Clothier Falk of Hastings will have to
claim aaalnat the state that he accented
claim againat the state that he accepted.
, i nr ruun uoiu iui uc oum not acc)
a warrant for this amount and then appeal
h "T. f .5e"!" ,h-. rem'Dd'r "J
Ul IIIC .1.1 L.J , I ! . L (111- DL.l. 1.U1IIU DVl & - C.
eff with the payment of less than It had ! Belts against Btate ex rel Jorgenson. Pro
t handed over waa not borne cut by the facta. ! r?"' rrT"S,JiJm"S 1-oblngler. C.
As to Dlatreaa Warraal (karate.
In the caae of Red Willow county againit
Isaac M. Smith, a deputy aheriff of that
county, the court held that the sheriff or
tbe county treasurer cannot recover the
sum of SO cents upon escb distress warrant
returned endorsed "no property found."
The court aaya that a fee cannot be per
mitted to be collected when there la no
express statute allowing It. and that in
view of the fact tbat In many cases it Is
Impossible to collect on personal property
because of the migratory naoits of many. It
would offer a premium to Inciease 'he feea
of officers at tbe expense of the public's
without any locreaae In revenue. If the fee
contended for in thia caae waa allowed.
The action of the Lancaster county dis
trict rourt in sustaining demurrers of A.
D. Borgrlt aud hia bondsmen to the peti
tion of the Northern Assurance compapy
prevents aaa-
arsaosaas.' "ta use canr.r.t be ie,rted.
Oood fof 2 So eoka
U t la aav af tW Wwni gi-ii- a .hrr w1
f I aa af SnUcna liun a,"-
I ft By af
o s au. ca
anu a a sc. cah at Harliaa nettatrd 9aa
aa TWi o S iir f-tfty (
ToWi o S I. rtfty (( srruftr " - - '
i a. a ar
rwa. m iW U S ihm twa
:tj atrd ,var'..Da ae tw taaBrtaaa aatlj s
arLL I'BIO CO . ir. Karaaia. HOWM L t'BI
It aa raeaaaa, MKHCHAST. IMS Uavtr.
:ul 4 -" J'H.N S aa aatr.
:v oim ii. lai.t Fr- rvi m
kaia. aataXat. u ar.aj . Huaau, tat m
ihSN. I
c sj
as revlred. T rnrrrafl- r"i"d e b
bond given as l' locil as-ot. claiming
tha-. iororr bl'l'.'l li 'i a
ceri'a-n policy, as instri'ctej. tbe company
suffrred la-s. Tbe co'trt holds that tha
atalute of limitation runs, not from tbe
date of the art a bleb causes damage, but
whin the pfvuniary loss was sustained. Aa
agent cf llml'ej authority. It saya. murt
a4bire faithf'illy tn h. lust melons anl
If he eiceels, v!ol3i"-a or n-flects them,
ar.d lass reulta as a consequence. It is bis
duly to make it gnol.
Raakera talua Maat I'sr.
Th verlict of a lVux'is co-.iny Jury that
tha Honkers tninn must psy Otto C.
Fhwerln ti.o jrr.ount sarecd cpon In Ita
contract of a-". lcert Irenrance. Pchwerlo
lost an eye, as ha I'aic;;. ty a tree falling
upn hitn. Tbo 1'ptcn i-hirartcrlied this
va pre,-vtrcua ar. I Inslssod that h!a tes
titroy showed vi tcasy (OTtrad'ctlrma that
It I'Uitht to be thrown out aa fully untrust
worthy. Tbe supreme rourt says that
whether be told :h" 'ruth or not waa a
qiKstlon fcr the Jury to decide, and hav
ing tx-lteved him. Its ifrdlct wculd not be
' Other Ielloa.
The mandamus suit brought by J. T.
Nlles to compel the auditor to register a
11.000 Douglas county bocu failed becauso
tbe court hrld that the auditor waa enti
tled to know the full history of tbe bonds
rfgtr.,.oa. Ns hoIds k
g , ar
, ch t for . 5 pen, The
p.w bonds are now omned by the achool
In the case of Vnion Savings' Bank
against Lincoln Normal Vnivcrsity. the
court affirms "he decree of the district
court confirming the sale of the remains
of the burned school building. One unsatis
fied creditor objected, claiming that the
purchaser had violated an Injunction by
removing a part of the property pending
litigation.' The court says that a refusal
to confirm a sale ia not necessarily one of
the punishments for contempt of court, as
It might fall equally on the innocent and
The case of Benjamin Koiiout egainst OGALALLA. Neb., Jan. S3. (Special Tele
Mrs. P. A. Thorars. from Saline county, j gram.) C. F. Haak. canvassing among
waa affirmed. Plaintiff charged that the I farmeVs for a Grand Island liquor house,
woman had induced Anelixa Gunn. on her j arrested here for giving away wblaky
deathbed, to deed her some property that ! samplee. He pleaded guilty and waa fined
the. In a will, bequeathed to sora relatives, ' y County Judge Mathewa 1100 on each of
but the court holts the plaintiff waited too ! tour counta. a total of $400. and Bent to
1 .... .V. I
long to bring the suit.
Oplatoaa Haaded Doas,
Fremont Brewing Company against Han
sen. Motion tor mandate ilemeii.
Hart lord Fire lnsuran.-e Company against
Hon. Motion for recall muniiate lni.l
Commlaainnvra Dawes o'inty against
Furay. uraer allowing alternative ant
riuemy mutual rire insurance ompatw i
against Murphy. Motl n to etrike brieis i
overruled. Motion lo atflrm overruled. K.
R. Ueinh. receiver, substituted as plaintiff
in error an.1 given twenty days to ttcre
and tile brief.
iianiorth against Fowler. Motion to re
quire matters to state tor whom apiicari
TZZUJi,an, ,V-- r' 'JP'-n r,7'r,P I
arnnavit oi crown overruled. Motion to i
stnat iroin t.arecrlpt copy of aratwer of
Me.en L. Jonea overruled. Motion to strike
portion of clerk s certmcate overruled.
Hhearer a-inst I'nion Stork Yards Com
pany. L' on stiuulation.
barker a?dlnt Farker. Motion for leave i
to oocaet aa an apiieul overruled. Motion
for order on aheriff to return lummini sus-
Dm against uimDret.
for return of record.
Older on attorney
Kuseeil against Mci'arthy.
Motion to
quash till oi executor sustained
. b'"" Iank .of Fender against Frey.
nearing oeniea.
i,cniaHii Mutual IJfe Insurance rommnv
againat Kiaii. Kenearmg oenied.
tirown avalnst Chicago. Rock Island
Ha it road Company.
room againat Lewia. Rehearing denied.
Chamberlain against Woolsey. Rehearing
Knudson againat Parker. Jlehearlng al
lowed. Prkin Plow Company againat Wilson. Re
hearing denied.
Ban lord against Anderson. Rehearing al
lowed. Orcutt against McNslr. Rehearing
denied. "
I'nion Lite Insurance Company against
Parker. Rehearing denied.
rhoenlx Insurance Company against
Zlotky. Rehearing denied.
8. ate ex rei Proui agaltwt
Company, hehearing denied
Nebraska M"
.. RK? os.MeAar,"deCn0,eS.ty
coyagDi,8,ednpcuria h
ex rvl KreemaSagalnst Scheve. Re-
hearing dented. Opinion by Sullivan. C. J., J
orant again.M Commercial National Bin:,
Affirmed. Klrkpatrlrk. C.
Curtis against Zutavern. : -"versed. Hazt-
I ings. c.
i Rai.road Company against U, ton. Ke-
! e.ton agattwt Falk. Rehearing denied,
Opln;on by sugwl. k . J.
i Dougherty against Kubat. Revorsed.
j Pouno. c.
r-nV.nKr;..n T haleT Reverse! Ame",;
. - . ... . 1 ....... .v., . . V Wltl.. II J
against Tssehm k Canal Company. A t-
i tinneu. uume, t.
tiohie against Slmerai.
Affirmed. Pound.
Warner a-ins Modern Woodmen
America. Alarmed. Burnes. c.
Langtion against Conlin. Reversed i
petition dismissed. Oldham. .
bankers' I'nion of the World agalnt
Schwerln. Attlrmed. Ames, C.
ahllT aaaiiiKt Chat:ibvrlaln B. House.
Reversed. Hastings t'.
Hatch against Falconer. Affirmed. Cld
nam. '.
Northern Assurance CruTipany against
Borgelt. Reversed, with directions to over
rule demurrages. . -Pound, c.
8tevenaon against Morgan. Affirmed.
Loblngter. I.
t-'hj!l agiatnst Barton. Reversed. Al
bert. C
Moline avalrtat State. Reversed. Hoi
ciimb. J.
t;anilall against Gross. Reversed. Old
ham. C.
Hart againat Rrdsley. Affirmeit. Sul
livan, C. J. H ili-omb. J.. concurring sie
ciatly in separate opinion. Sedgwick,
cot.cunlng In separate opinion.
Pierce against Atwood. Reversed, with
instructions. DuSir. c".
opinions tiled tn the following cartes will
not be officially reported:
State ex rel iles against t talon. ?e
murrer sustained. Hoieomb. J.
Rrown against Croft. Judgment of dis
mlzaaJ tn re lot ore rendered aohere-l to.
Hastings, c'.
kelity against Dawe County. Reversed
and ar'iur. di.-mtssd. Amea. .
Omaha aaini1! Cuanter. Affirmed as 'o
naving lax. hverl as to curbing tax.
r.emanded. with dlrectior.a to enter decree
tor di-fendunt us to curbing tax. Aiiiert,
C- li.ilc.imb. J.. not sitting.
jai kaon against McNatt. Revered. Kirk
airi k. C.
First National Hank of North P'.atte
against Tyler. Affirmed. Kl'katrlck C.
i hllda against Ferguson. Affirmed. Klrk
patrlrk. .
I'nion Savings Bank aii l-t Lincoln Nor.
mal Cnlverslty. Alt.rmeil. Albert.
Cltliens' State Hank o? Wood River
against Porter. Affirmed. Hasting. C
. Rollout against Thnrr.a'. Affir.ned. Old
ham. C
l ahn againat Rominocrf. Affi-med. Hast
ings. C
Sarpy County agulnsi Cla.'ke. Affirmed.
Albert. C.
Cook ajairst Paul. frme-l. Ibl.i
gier. baker at;a!risi Gran 1 (-!".) Ranking
omiaiiv. Reversei. with tiirecttoe.s to
enter fier conforming to op:. I jii. lVund.
ttvrtwick sgalnst Won,:,. Affy-med. liut.
ne. C.
fab'rt ail Ticket Comtiany against Le-
ebvr. Aenr"t:ei. Ames.
Huturmaii ugaiiist laracn Affirmed.
Klrkpatrt.'B. C.
Kvcrsoii against Stat . Aj?imed. Barnes.
SEWARD. Neb.. J". iSpec!aL
About a week ago her aaa fir ia the
oflje of the Mutual Prolective Fir aaeo
elation of thia place and after the fire
th cash book. Journal and Iclgar wers
mlsflng. Tbe annual meeting of tbe aewo
elation waa held Immediately after th
fire and the old officers re-elected, but
resterdar afternoon the secretary. Wil
liam Dupin handed In hia resignation to
the boar J of directors, who held a meet
ing a ad filled tbe vacancy by appointing
O. A. Merriam. The directors state that
there I no shortage la Mr. Dupln's ac
counts, but that he had not given entire
satisfaction tbe last year and h thought
best to reslga.
Preslaeat Uaea East t Ralae Faatla
aaa Haaea fe He Aale ta
Pay Oat.
VERDIGRE. Neb.. Jan. IS. (Special Tel-eg-am.)
The Bank of Verdigre did not
open for business thla morning. A placard
gave notice tbat Stat Bank Examiner
Fred Wbittrmore is In charge. It had
been currently reported that the bank was
embarrassed for ready funds, as several of
Ita drafts had gone to proteit. The de
pDsitora hope that the embarrassment la
only temporary and that the"' president,
who went ast for tbe parpoee this morn
ing, may be successful In ' raising fundi
necessary to reopen.
The bank la owned solely by U F. Meaa
man. a young man who came here from
Pawnee City a little over two months ago.
and as this is his first connection with , a
bank, hla inability to tide the Institution
over is attributed to Ineiperience. Tbi ex
aminer Is working on the accounts and Is
not ready to give cut a statement of the
Tbe laat published atatement at tbe close
cf bualnesa November IS give th loans
at 117.320; depoaits. 119.993: available cash.
t.0S; cspital. too.000.
Ma a W ho Give Away l.taaor
plea Meat Fay Viae af Faar
Riaare' Dallara.
I. II ....II k. I. .M
Harvard Mas Takes La( Sleea.
HARVARD. Neb.. Jan. 13. (Special.)
Grotioua 8. Hancock, of whom the Kansas
City papers have recorded the peculiar
condition of death or trance, and who la
reported to have lain slace Sunday laat I
.,n.,.w.i in that
' . . . 1 . "
cuy awaiting a araia crriiacaip iruiu u
proper authorities before burial, came to
Harvard from Livingston connty. New
York, in 1873. taking a homestead a few
milea south of Harvard, and continued to
reside here till some twelve year ago. H
. .. . .. . ...
haa a wife, unless divorced, which cannot
be ascertained here, aud on daughter at
Dansvllle, Livingston county, N. Y., who
have been advised by frlenda ber of the
condition of Mr. Hancock.
Eatertalaaaeat for Farnaer.
YORK. Neb.. Jan. 12. K Special.) Great
preparations are being made by th Com
mercial club and the business men for th
big ''farmer Institute .meeting that will
be held at the Auditorium in York on
February 4 and 5. The Commercial club
baa arranged to serve, free, hot coffe and
lunch In tbe large dining room of tha
Fraternal building. ' Many noted lecturers
and speakers, not only from Nebraska, bat
from ' aurroundlng atatea.' will b here.
The farmera .of Trt "cwmty are taking
Interest In meetings of ibis) kind and are
using advanced Ideaa In farming.
Step OAT Platferaa Backwards.
TECTMSEH. Neb.. Jan. 22. (Special.)
While engaged in the work of harvesting
ice here today. Robert Bryaon. ' who waa
i hauling from the river to an uptown house,
! ufrr(. an aeeMent that Mat film a broken
limb. He stepped off a three and a half
foot platform backward and hia left leg
was broken above the knee. Mr. Br y son
wss engaged In unloading at the honae at
the time. He la a man about SO year of
age, consequently the fracture will be alow
In healing.
Warkaaea Have Baelal.
SHELTON. Neb.. Jan. 22. (Special.)
The member and tbelr famllle of Anchor
i lodge. No. 14. Ancient Order or United
i Workmen, held pleasant aoclal and bat-
" , , J , . ,
iuet at their lodge rooms last evening.
inc,uding Grand Maater Jaakalek. and the'
trvenlng passed by the Initiating of a
number of candidate. Anchor lodge la
cne of the atrongeat in th state outaide
of the large citiea.
lark Waali
YORK. Neb.. Jan.
22. ( Special. ) The
Commercial club cf York has appointed a
committee to obtain optlona on different
tracts of land adjoining the city of York
for a location of a atate normal achool
in cas-9 York Is selected. York baa no
public institution and ita people thluk
that York ia the Ideal location for another
normal in caae the legislature concludes
that another normal will be built.
lajareri ta a Raaaway.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Jan. . (Special.) Q.
H. James, an old gentleman living at Endl
cott. Neb., In driving to thla city yeater
day waa quite badly hurt In a runaway ac
cident a mile south of town, by being
thrown from bis wagon. The Injured man
waa brought to this city and given med
ical treatment and It will probably be sev
eral daya before he ia able to return home.
Aran C'raabett la Cars S'aeller.
SEWARD, Neb.. Jan. 22. '(Special.)
Yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock Addl
Hartwick was working around a corn
theller. about three miles southwest from
town, and got hia arm ccught la tbe gear
ing. He waa brought to tbe office ot
Dra. Potter Potter, wbo dressed the arm,
but It is so badly crushed and torn that
they have little hope of saving It.
Beatrice foaaaaav Is lararaerateJ.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Jan. 22. (Special. )
Herman Bros.' Clothing and Gents' Furn
ishing Goods company filed articlea of In
corporation with tbe county clerk yesterday
afternoon. Th capital stock of the com
pany Is S2SO.0OO. The branch house of the
company in this city is the establishment
of A. H. Voorlman A Co., one ot the old
est firms In this section of the state.
Beatrice Mea
Ca ta Oklabeaaa.
, Jan. 21. (Special.) A
party of Gsge county farmers, comprising
I'riah Bentley, M. B. 8elfert. 8. E. James.
W. Woolsey and John L Pnidevin, ha
gone to Augusta OkU.. with a view of
purchasing land.
To Erert Pa bile Klevater.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Jan. Si. (Special.) A
meeting will be held at Ellis, this county,
January 27, to consider a proposition-for
the erection of a 100. oM-bushel public
grain elevator.
4 era Marked al Beatrice.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Jan. 22 (Special. )
Aa enormous quantity of shelled corn la
being marketed at preaeat. Tb price be
ing paid by the local grata bujera la li
Bw Ball Peoe AgrcemsBt Ettifiet) hj
v HttioDa Leajno.
v lark aaa Braaklya Clafc Flaally
Vim ar Wal k
CINCINNATI. Jan. 2 The National
Base Ball league has concluded its. con
tinuous sessions of four days and nighta.
The closing dsy waa as harmonious as the
prevtoua three were discordant. The
unanimous vote by which tbe league rati
fied the peace agreement be f -ire daybreak
waa continued In everything done today.
When the meeting opened two of the
clubs had injunctions hanging over them
and the representatives of other club
rame -to the meeting with thslr war paint
on. Before the members separated to
night they held a "love feast," lo which
all participated, except John T. Brush,
who had previously left for lodlsaapolls. waa current lobby talk that
neither New York tor Brooklyn would get
places on the committees. Todsy the same
members heartily congratulated President
Pulllam for appointing Mr. Ebbett on the
schedule committee and Hanlpn .on the
committee on rule.
Member Rejalee at Reaalt.
President Pulliam said: "I declared a
few daya ago that everything was aa clear
as the noonday sun. That la just how It
turned out a perfect understanding and
all-round acceptance of tbe peace com
pact." President Ebbstts said: "Brooklyn la
satisfied. W did not understand the peace
compact at the outset aa we do now. We
have been liberally treated by our asso
ciates." John T. Brush said: "The New York
club hss always been for peace. I am glad
we reached an understanding. Now let us
have has ball, not talk."
A. H. 8oden said: "Boston waa for
peace and we got It to our fulleat satis.
Frank DeHaa Roblaoa said: "After
sixteen years' experience In the National
league I will aay that we were never ao
close together as after thia meeting, and
before It we were further apart than ever
before. We underatand the situation tnd
each other aa we hever did before and the
feeling could be no more satisfactory."
James A. Hart, Frank Robtaon, Drey-
fua, Conaot.
Knowlea and other con
curred in this opinion with the addition of
praise for Herrmann.
All I Haraaoaleas.
After ratifying unanimously tbe peace
agreement at 2 this morning, the National
league continued Its adjourned Bees! on.
There waa aome unfinished business from
the meeting in New York last month and
much more since the peace compact had
been ratified.
The closing hours of the consideration of
the -joint peace agreement will never be
forgotten by thoae present. Th repre
sentatives of the eight National league
clubs bad been In aeaaion all week and
under unusually trying circumstances.
After discussing tbe term of th peace
agreement night and day for three suc
cessive days, with the minority (New York
and Brooklyn) allowed to have ita way In
everything, the majority gave notice lata
last night that It would rule, and th
ultimatum la aaid to have been made un
conditionally by August Hermann, who
presented tbe majority -report of-the com
mittee of th whole.
Th minority kept th majority waiting
all day yeaterday and when they convened
at S p. m. it was atated by eeveral : "Thla ia
now three Bights and out on theae all-night
sessions." When a recess waa taken, from
to -10 o'clock In the night. It was ac
cepted aa a declaration from tbe majority
that "time had. been called" on all ob
structlons, protests, etc., after the clock
struck II.
Soon after midnight the minority and
majority reports were disposed of and put
on the files with the largest pile of paper
ever accumulated by the National league,
and then a resolution waa unanlmoualy
adopted ratifying the peace agreement aa
It cam from tbe conference. Thla was
followed by unanlmoualy adopting resolu
tion of thanks to Chairman Hermann and
other member of the National committee
on the joint peace commission. Theae as
sociate were Hart, Roblaon and Pulllam.
While the peace agreement ha been rat
ified without changing' word, a resolu
tion waa adopted, to compensate Brooklyn
for tbe loss of Pitcher Donayan and other
resolutions construing action 4 ao that the
"New York In tbe American circuit" mexas
the borough ot Manhattan and not Greater
New York.
Sehedale Casaaalttee Dae.
f '
President Pulliam today waa authorized
to appoint before February 1 a schedule
committee of three to confer with like
committee from the American league and
report within three weeka after their ap
pointment. It la believed that the Hermann schedule
will likely be adopted.
The arrangement for Interchange games
tstweea the National and American team
provides for entirely new arhedulea fr6m
thoae already made for thla year. There
are to be no conflicting datea from April
15 to October 15 In any of the cities having
both National and -American league club.
At 4 p. m. the meeting adjourned, sub
ject to th call of the president.
President Pulllam announced James A.
Hart, Chicago; Edward Hanloo, Brooklyn,
and Max Fleacbmann, Cincinnati, aa tbe
committee on rulea. He also announced
Barney Dreyfus. Pittsburg. Charles N.Eb
betts, Brcsklyn. aad James A. Hart, Chi
cago, aa the schedule committee.
While no Instructions were given there
waa a general expression of opinion that
there should be not less than 140 gamea
for each club thia season.
Defeat ata Omaha Rival la Well
Played Gaaae af Baaket
Five baaket ball players, comprising the
first team of the Omaha High school,
strove with an equal number fmm the
Houth Omaha Hlgb school laat night and
finally won by the close ecor of 1 to li A
.arge crowd of lasales and laddlea from
either achool lined the floor and gallery of
the Young Men's Christian association
gymnasium to cheer their respective cham
piona, and tn game waa hotly contested
from first to last.
The end of the first half aho wed th score
to be t to In favor of th Omaha boys,
and they never lost any part of their lead.
Increasing It 1 point in the second baif.
when the final score was 1 to 13.
The Omaha boys thua redeemed their de
feat at the hands of the aame opponents
on their home floor two weeks ago. when
the South Omaha boys won is to 15. The
Omaha team haa a good sc hedule arranged
for thia season. Neat Friday a week they
go to Uli.ux-I'lty to play the high school
team of that city, and on February 1) they
plav the learn of Heilevue college here. A
game with the Lincoln High team
comes later in the aenaou, and it ia ri
pected also that the Sioux t'nv boya ran
Da brought down to Omaha (or a return
game. Th summary:
CherrtngtootC.t R F.IL.U 1-olt '.
Iaubauga f. F R O Fergensen
A. Meer C ' al Her
Wslan R. O ll F Cuy
Patterson L. ti. R. F Talbot
Score; First half Omaha, t. South
Omaha. C "eeond half Omaha. : Pvmth
Omaha. T. Total Omaha. I. .4iith Omaha.
11 tJoals from field: " i; l-aa-Wnari.
?: l-tt. t: Miller. ?: Kergensen. 1.
Goals from foul line: t'hrnntn. S out af
IS chance. Coy, I out of , Kera-nst-n. 1
ut of ; Miller. 1 out of 4 toulj her
rtngton. t: Mever. 1; Walsh, ; fatteraon.
t. Ixitt ; Miller. 10; Coy. 1; Talhot. 1.
Time of halves: Fifteen minutes, ttef. re-;
Karan. ' empires: Hyan and Wlllard.
Soorer; Durkee. Timer; Blxton.
Skltlfal Jaekey Palls Vasal Abea4
la Flaa Oaklaaa
SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 22 -The 3-vear-old
handicag at Oakland today proved to
be one of the beat races witnessed thla aea
aon. Four clever performers went t.i the
post, with Proper of the Jennings stable a
pronounced favorite. A hard finish between
Proper and Claude resulted In burns out
riding J. D. Ialy and landing his mount a
winner by a nose.
Weather cloudy and track sloppy. Re
sults: '
First race. aJx furlongs: I.adv Kent. 101
(C. Kelly), a to 5. won: busier, 9 iMcOov
ernt, fj to 1, eeciind: lauisdowne. Si
(Knappi. 10 to 1. third. Time: I;1SV
Second race, three half-furlongs, i-year-olds,
selling: H.x-eo, llu i HuK.-rmn). i to L
won; Knob Hampton. Ill (Donnelly) in to L
second; Samar, 110 (Frawley,4 to 1, third.
Time: :4Jrt.
Third race, one mil, selling: Mlrelna. 100
IW. Waldo). 2 to 1. won; Andrew Ring, 110
(Bumst, to 4. second; Dotterell. tCon
nell). 5 to 1. third. Time: 1:43.
Fourth race, one mile handicap: Proper,
111 (Burns i, even, won; Claude, 10 (J.
Daly), i to 1. second: Durasao. 10 i Don
nelly I. to X. third. Time: 1 4H,
Fifth race. one. mile and fifty yards, sell
ing: Hermencla. bi iBullmani. 5 to 2. won;
AutollgtH. 110 (burns). 5 to X. second: As
minster, 107 (J. Daly), i to L third. Time:
Sixth race, elx furlongs, selling: Fres
tano. 104 W. Waldo). 4 to 1, won; Golden
Cottage. 107 (J. Daly). to 1. second; Wuia
II, ill tTroxler). to i, third. Time: 1.14V
All Favorite Lase.
NEW ORLEANS. Jar. S3. Every favorite
loet today. Th stewarda have ordered
that further entries of the horse Alfred C,
be refused and that mounts of Jockey J.
Wlnkrieid be restricted to the horses of his
employer. Ed Corrtgan.
W eather clear and track heavy. Results:
First race, elx furlongs: Showman. 113
(Haack). to 1. won: Glennls. lis (Red
ferni, 1 to 1. second; My Surprise. 1"4 (Btl
chananl. 10 to 1. third. Time: 1:17 4-5.
Second race, one mile, selling: El Rey.
IK 'Robertson), 8 to 1. won; Peat, 1 tBu-
chanan), 4 to 1. second: Frank Kenny, 133
t. uller), i to 2. third. Time: 1:41-.
Third race, five half-furlongs, selling:
Bummer. 105 (Robbins), 1 to 1. won; Op
tional. 101 (Scully). 7 to 1. second; Ed L, .OB
(Redfern), to 1. third. Time: l.lo.
rourt h race, one mile handicap: Harris,
104 (Winslett). S to 1. won; Nitrate, 110 (Red.
ferni, 5 to 2. second: Ranklln, 101 (Robblna).
b to 1. third. Time: 1:45.
Fifth race, six furlongs: Federal. 112
(Wlnkfleldl. 3 to . won: Wealth. 110 (Bu
chanan), even, second: Saint Cuthbert, 112
(Redfern). to 1. third. Time: 1:17.
Sixth race, one mile and a sixteenth, sell
ing: Carat, 104 Ibattlstel. i It I won:
Frank M, 104 (Robbins). 11 to 10, second;
Moeketo. 103 (Reddingtnn), 15 to 1, third.
Time: 1:M.
With) tbe Dowlera.
The Cate Cltya lost two games last night
to the Clarksons on Lents & Williams' al
ley a x Score:
2d. Jd. Total.
174 19 57?.
190 a 695
152 177 519
117 . 239 51
170 1-E 48 i
K4 K 2.06
2d. 3d. Total.
204 1SK 55
IV) 103 644
211 1V Bui
ltt 233 56!
177 67
9b6 906 2.74)
Oenman .
rtrunke ..
Conrad ..
Sheldon .
Marble ..
Hesman .
Encell ...
The Nationals
won two
games out of
three from the Germans on the Gate City
alley laat night. Score:
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Weber 1S4 194 159 4S7
Lund 147 12S 170 44.
toder 144 1S2 14 4
Beselln ........ll 128 1SS 42
Al Krug '. ,...136 190 183 509
'. Totala 7t 822 S41 1193
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Gilchrist 143 2m 10 6n7
Ahmanson 1 2"? 157 63
A Reed 12 ITS 635
Tracy 117 170 153 440
Potter 1S4 16 1M 524
Totals if! 91 802 2.56S
geeka Xo Bewllsg.Hsssra.
nvnXKATI. Jan. 22. Charles S. Eb-
betta. president of the Brooklyn National
Hase Ball Levgue club, today denied tbat
he wi a candidate lor tne presidency oi
the National Bowling league.
Charier for Taaerealeals Ceagrraa,
ATLANTA. Ga.. Jan. 22 A charter for
a period of twenty yeara haa been granted
the American Congress of Tuberculosis,
leading American and Canadian physicians
were among the petitioner. The object of
the organisation is to study tne Dent
methods for the treatment of tuberculosis
and all pulmonary disease.
aw tie
la tha Hamate C hamber of
tha l altad fctatea ea Fb-
roary Itb, lata, ald
"An American road to the Orient, 'The Over
land Route'-central and natural-tor ourselves
and our posterity, now and hereafter lor thous
ands of years to come. "f
The Overland Route"
Rum Thrm Thmrk Traimt W ft.k r-lit.-:-
piaea. I m
4tU ttmjftttwrs.
City Ticket
Union Station, loth ana
A Large Room
One of the most desirable office la at the dlsix.aal of some nne lw
wants. a decidedly handsome olHce with large flor spate and a large vault
The room la 17x3! and the vault in connection ia the largest In tl- IuIMI"
The room faces th mvgniitcent court of
It dor ran b? readily mn mhen stepiiins off th -l vii'r mu Uu; H,ir.;i' i
im on Ihc corrllr overlooking thj court. It cirt-tl. the rMm an h
dlvldel, w ati lo gfv two prtvm offices anJ Mitiiit runm. und nuuM maki
a apievr1.S (71r for two phyt fant nr oth r profffaional nit n.
Is an lierexlitarr disease. on? for i :... i
tainted ancestry or bloxxl pononetl par
entage is responsible. It i
through the blood and show itself it
welling and ulceration of the glandsof Ihc
neck, catarrh of the head, weak eye, sore.,
abscesses and skin eruptions, with a gradual
wasting a war of strength and vitality. It
also attacks the bones and joints, resulting
in white wrellin:. hip disease and defonm-
j ties of even: kind. We see the effects
of this awful blood taint every day, but it
exists in so tnanv forms that f recjuently it
passes for something else and is treated as
another disease.
Scrofula robs the blood of its nutritive,
qualities, and it becomes too poor to pro
tiuce neaitny growtn
and development, and
thin, emaciated bodies
and pallid, waxy com
plexions are the resulL
Onlv a constitutional
remedy, one that works
through the blood, can
reach a disease that has
been transmitted through generations ot
been lurking in the blood f ince birth.
S. S. S. cleanses the blood of all scrofu
lous matter and tubercular deposits, and
when rich, pure, health-sustaining blood is
again flowing in tbe veins there is a gradual
disappearance of all the dangerous symp
toms of Scrofula; strength and vior
return, and a complete cure is effected.
S. S. S. contains no rlrong minerals to
further break down and derange tbe sys
tem, but can be taken by the very old," as
wcii as the mtdille
aged and young, with
out any harmful after
effects, or the least
injury to the most del
icate constitution.
If vou have any signs of Scrofula, or your
children are stunted or slow of growth. "pale
and sickly, write us. and our physicians
will advise you free of charge.
Tbe Swift Specific Co.. Atlanta, 6a.
Forty Sties. 10c to i"c Each.
RICHARDSON i)RlO CO.. Distributors
In all LllSEAbtS
of MEN.
12 years of sU
ccasful practise in
CC a l. ; aara, witawt cuiuua. paia ar
rlLkd teat of tiaa Lasal (uaraalea ta aara
res ar ianr rvtuaael.
eVRUIt IC rsrrS lor Ills an tha salacs ,
OlrnlLId laaraasklr etaansed rram tn
srataaa. Sx-ai evsry alga aa arouaaia iaapasara
aasllr aa lorerac. Ne BKKAK1NO OUT" at
tka Slaaaaa' oa tfes akin ar tae. Treainxat aaatalaa
a (uitrraa tras or lojanaaa wadlclaaa.
1JC1V liril vrom bmM or' VICTIMS TO
Esc AT la TWNO as Mi DDLS" AiD: Uo at via,
vlaarNa auvnaia. wit araan uaaam aa waaa.
Cant caraat4-
Irorn bu)l
Depot y Stat T
Food Inspector. ,
aasg Infirmary, Kta ana Kaaaat Ita..
Omaha, Neb.
1BEST ( . V s . l THE )
. tlaaaAjaa assa Klassi faTaaa la
sak Calora? ar w aaiiar salaaa as ataafta.
; Caaaaltatlea Kra. Treaiaaeat by MalL
Call ar addreaa. IIO . tt t.
25 cents aBottleT
it is a
All druggists HriJ
mint mrrnimf al fartiic
Office, in Fa rram ,
fhone Jin.
Phono Sls
and a Large Vault
' Ml E lltid.