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    slht, which mpryis IhAt -the grain fr
which Iho curs are orrtftH mill be st'nrpd
In elevators- or In th buil'llnaa within
the n.rfrnte limits' of the ehlnplne; point.
Vnrier any oihr plan we have no iir-nc-e
thHt the cnri will bo irnmilly loailed.
Tli"re In Uti' crop. 16 b moved and
with fiH'h agltiinre from our grnln-Phli-1'lt.n
fr1nil w hope to l able to handle
our rrtui(imnt, r Jtii to afTnl the ru'cee
rry fn II lien srwi rive prompt service,
which win be Impossible if can are de-lav-d
At th loiiuln point.
Mr. But !-r mailn an earn out and effective
plea for the farmers of Nchraftfca to Join
force In a determined effort to secure ade
quate protection and preservation of their
Interests against the encroachments of the
elevatcr trust, the grain tnn's enrnblnatlon
and the railroads. He Impressed the Im
perative necessity of cheaper rates, better
shipping facilities and last, elevators
owned and operated by the farmer himself.
Let the farmer be the" producer and aeller
ef his own grain id then he can reap the
profit, was the burden of his plna.
Discussing the Farmers' Co-operative
Shipping association, Mr. Hoffman said:
Jt will be Incorporated jnder the laws of
Knnms with an authorised capital of
tW.f. divided Into 2n,(i shares of 110
eRch. It will build or buy elevators In
Kansaa and adjoining states and territories
to buy grain directly from the farmers
and aell to the best markets, I dividing
profits among the stockholders In the way
of dividends: upon the stock and premiums
upon the grain bought from or sold to
stockholders. Stocks will receive t per
cent dividends from the net earnings after
pnlng such amounts as a wise and con
servative, policy may dictate into the re
serve und betterment fund. The balance
of the net earnings will be divided among
the patrons of the association who are
stockholders. The man who ships 6,ti)
t.tif-hrls of grain through the aoclation
will receive five times as much premiums
on grain aa the shipper of I,"' bushels,
provided he holds a proportionate amount
of stock. The exact method of making
these divisions cannot now be given. Those
detnll will be arranged by the. board of
directors. '
He Endorsement of Lease Dill.
Had the legislature remained In session
this afternoon Governor' Mickey would
bave transmitted to It a communication
on the Dietrich land-leasing; bill, now
pending before the national congress. He
will transmit the document tomorrow. This
comes from the governor's own office.
It Is pretty well understood that the gov
ernor will not any favorable- recom
mendations' for this bill. He will nof. It is
understood, ask the lcflslature to memori
alize, congress to pass the bill, as he has
been "petitioned to do by the Nebraska del
egation In the national -botrse and senate.
His action, therefore,-" It Is safe to predict,
will be satisfactory to the stockmen of
this state who have exerted their energies
to defeat this bill.
Here Is a little siHVoquy which took place
thla morning In Wwi -cloakroom 'adjoining
representative ball .'between two members
of the house,- which may be taken aa a
fair Index of the sentiment' In that body
on this bill as near aa It baa been possi
ble to ootain It;
"Well. I see bv the morning papers that
Secretary Htlchoock has recommended the
passage -by congress of the Dietrich bill.'
"Why, certainly: why shouldn't ha want
his own treasure to pass? But the secre
tary of the Interior must not think that hla
ideas or wishes' constitute any criterion for
tha people or the Iegisltauro. of the state
of Nebraska, where the working out bt the
bill, should if ba enacted Into law, would
take place." ,'.", ,-
Look Into Printing. ''
8wcety of Adams raised quite a, little
stir when be Introduced a resolution in
the bouse this morning authorising the
committer on publio printing to ascertain
tha particulars of the contract for printing
the bouse Journals.
"It seems that no one : knows anything
about, this Important 'matter,'! sa,Ld Mr.
Sweety, "anil sltu'uly took. thlB'tte'ans;.of,
finding uV. ,i- , . .
Mr. Swerzy. thought ' the" llnes-vwere
printed too far apart and that poney Vould
be saved by economising roix rspaeA. Vd
using, fewer leads. .. .' . Tj:
Anderson of .Knox, chairman pf thla 'com
mittee, had thla to say of the matter : -
"I - understand the 'contract .ra.4'. let 'to
the State Journal company by the State
Printing board and that It called for twenty-live
lines to a page at $1.34 a page, with
600 copies of each bill.- I have-not fully
satisfied' myself on this point, but that Is
my understanding at present."
Mr. Sweozy and other members of the
bouse are of the opinion that the bouse
should bare bad the right to make its
own printing contract and proposes to go
Into tbe matter fully. i
After Rome Debate the McClay- Reso
lution Is Tabled aa Betas; of '
bo Beaeflt.
' , ......
. (From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. Jan. J2. (Special.) Fes
tooned with holly, Ivy . and ferna, dotted
here and there with . pretty potted planta
and elaborately decorated with the'Amer
lean flag, In anticipation of tha reception
tonight to the new minister to Brail I, Hon.
D. E. Thompson, Representative hair pre
sented a beautiful appearano when
Speaker Mockett thla morning called the
bouse to order.
The bouse referred to the railroad com
mittee this petition, introduced by Hoy of
Folk county:
We. the undersigned realdenta of Jeffer
son county and ciUsena of Nebraska re
spectively represent: That the railroads
traversing the elate of Nebraska Invaria
bly fail, refuse and neglevt- to .furnish or
provide cars when requested so to do by
farmers or others who desire to ship grain
to the markets lndeteadent of elevator
n en and rearular rraln buyer;.
Wherefore, wo ve tit ion your honorable
body to enact men law or lawa as will
provide an adequate remedy for the evil
herein complained of. te the end that the
farmer and the Independent shippers of
grain may be guaranteed equal rights and
privileges wltb the elevator men and reg
ular grain buyers, and providing a penalty
.Downward Course.
' aasaBB-na
Fast Being Raalizetl By Omaha
A little backache a firet.
Dally Increaaing till -the back is lams
and weak. ". ' ' ; ' 1 '
Urinary diaordera quickly, follow. . ,
Dlabatea and finally Drlght'a dlaease.
Tbls Is the downward course of kidney
Ms. ' .. - V
Don't take this course. Follow, the
advice of local citizen. 1
Mr. Mada Johnson of 1407 Pacific atreet
employed at the O. A. Hoaglaad Lumber
Co. says: "1 have good deal of heavy
lifting te do aad It la neceasary to have
a good strong back to do the work. My
back commeuce,d to trouble me and finally
became eo bad I had to lay off work, la
fact waa not working when Doaa'a Kidney
pills came to my notice. I procured
box at Kubn . Co'a drug store and bad
taken thenf but a few days when I waa
able to return to my occupation.- have
not had a symptom of backache since I
took the treatment aud you can use my
came aa one who thinks Dpan's . Kidney
I'llls the finest medicine there Is for ths
back aud kidney." - -
For aale by all dealers, price (0 cents
Fobier-MUbum Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole
agents for the Vetted- States. -
Rvuembet the name Doaa'a and take no
for the violation of said proposed law by
any railroad corporation or Its' agent.
Hanoi by Samuel Clark and 2P0 ottiers."
IL Ra. 81, 1, 101, 48 and 24 were recom
mended to pass. 4
McCtay of Lancaster then- moved the
adoption of his resolution of .yesterday,
published In The Dee today, seeking to
place the bouse en record aa favorteg the
assessment of all property at Its full value.
He spoke la support of the. resolution, say
ing the house should adopt it aa a formal
and official criterion to the committee ap
pointed to revise tho revenue laws. In
the course of his remarks Colonel McClay
quoted the state auditor's report to ahow
that the assessment folia of Nebraska bad
undergone a reduction in amount . of
815,000,000 and urged the necessity of
prompt action.
Jonea of Otoe was opposed to adopting '
the resolution as he considered It nntiece-
eary, the houee already being on record
as favoring revenue revision.
This brought to his feet Sweezy of Adams,
who forcibly declared that the. boose was
confronted by this Imperative - duty and
should meet It honestly and fearlessly.
Thompson agreed 'with thla, but saw no
occasion for adopting McClay'e resolution,
and his motion to table it was carried. :
laqalrr Over 1'rlntln. ' .
This resolution by Sweezy of Adams was
adopted: '
Whereas, This house Is at a losa to' un
derstand the necemity for the use of so
much apace and so little Ink in the prjntlng
of bills, and also decir'.ng 10 know the cost
of the eime, 1 move that the commlrtee on
public printing be Instructed to make a
careful Investigation and ascertain:
I. Whether or not a contract, exists for
euch printing.
i. Under what law, and by whom said
contract, If any, was made.
. i'he time and the order of printing bills.
4. W hether or not' olds Were arked or re
ceived for such work.
6. The usual price for such work., in the
open market. . . . i .
. To furnish this house, wltH copy of
any such contract and.. report in ttvet days.
McAllister of Deuel .introduced . a du
plicate of the senate 'resolution ' on Irri
gation and it was adopted.' '
5. F. 1, Howell's Omaha-waterworks bill,
waa read for the first time in the boust
H. Rs. from .181 to 196 were read for
the second time. ' '
H. R. 40. by Thompson, relating to. leas
ing of lands, was amended, and passed.
At noon the bouse adjourned 1 until 2 p.
m. Friday.. , .' . . , .. .,. " :-'.
- Hew Bills.
H. R. 197, by Fries-Requiring notices of
application for saloon licenses to be filed
with village or , city clerk and empowering
him to publish notice thereof In some news
paper In the county of, general -circulation.
H. R. J9a. by McClay-Provldlng fop elec
tion, of Lincoln uiujiollmen-at-Jarge, Qjia
from each ward. . , . ' ,
H. R. 199, by McClay To repeal article tv,
chapter lv, Complied Statutes, entitled "A"
act to provide for the organization of sani
tary districts and to define their powers,
and to provide for the transfer of f jnds be
longing to eald district to and the expendi
ture thereof by municipal authority of the
municipality within said district.
H. R. M, by McClay To authorixe the
Lincoln tax commissioner to aasess prop
erty and franchisee for local taxation.
II. R 201, by Rlgga (by request of stare
auditor) Requiring county, city and vil
lage clerks to make out. certify and trans
mit to the auditor of public accounts, a full
and complete statement of the bonded In
debtedness of every deacriptlon, of such
county, city or village, as snown by the
recorda of aucn county, my or viiibjo
clerks, on the 31st day of March, the 30th
day of June, the 30th dav of September and
the 81st day of December of each year.
. it 9iio hu rinnA To nnnroorlate monev
belonging to the etate normal school fund
for the purchase of books for the library of
the said mate ivormai acnuui.
H. R. 203 by Warner 10 proviue ior inn
ppolntment of corporatlona as receiver,
sslgnee, guardian, executor, administrator
or other trustee. - . - ......
H. R. 204, by Thompson To prohibit
county Judges from acting as attorneys in
probate proceedings-.
ganization or alteration of school district,
H. R. 2. by Thompson Relating to dam
ages and attachments.
H.- K- VJl. ny UCVIBf rruviume ;wi
trons for county Jails. .
h r. luR. by McClay Providing for a
matron for county Jails.
lame Qnestlon Wnetner noweii
Water Works BUI Waa Legally
.. ' Enacted.
(From a Staff Correspondent.) - -LINCOLN.
Jan. 22. (Special.) A ' ques
tion waa raised this morning aa to whether
S. F. 1, passed by tb' senate Tuesday
afternoon, had been invalidated, by tbe
manner in which It waa passed. The bill
waa introduced by. Howell of .Douglas and
Ita intent la to compel the city council
of Omaha to purchase the Omabwater
works. When the bill came up for a third read
ing and final passage Tueaday afternoon
the secretary did not have. the. last page
of the blll.-whlcb oontalned ' three lines.
A recesa of teven minute was, token while
the secretary Jooked up the page.
One member thla morning at a ted that a
receaa taken during tbe third reading of
a bill would invalidate the measure, while
Other hold that It would make' no filffer
ence." The records do not show, that a re
cesa 'waa taken.'' Senator Harrison, who la
an oldtlme legislator, said the recess made
no difference and would not invalidate tbe
bill. "We were slnsply at ease," he said.
"while tbe secretary got the bill togetber,
and the records wlll not show that there
was a recesa taken."
In an opinion of Attorney General Prout,
published in bis report of 1901-1302, he
laid down the aame opinion aa expressed
by Senator Harrison by quoting from tbe
supreme court of Nebraska In the caae of
tbe State against Moore, 37 Neb., 13. The
court said: '.
Where a bill "hfci'been attested by the
signature of the presiding officers of both
branches 01 tne legislature, ana signea oy
the Kovernor. it will not be declared in
valid becaiute of Irregularities In the pro-.
ceedlngs of the legUUtvre 'where no ex-
preaa provision ol the cuuautuuoo Has
been violated. .
Courts will not Inquire -whether the leg
islature, In enacting a law, violated Its
own rules. (McDonald against State, SO
Wle., 407.) . :
While it la possible a-rale of ' the senate
has been violated, the provisions of the
constitution bave been carried. Jout and it
would aeem that ths (car; expressed by
some senators as to the. safety of the mea-
aure, should it become a law and then get
into mo courts, is btowhuicbs..
Private schools under .thejrupervislon of
the stste superintendents that have an In
vestment of 150,000, have the authority to
Issue certificates te Uachers tbe same aa
do the normal schools - now. No. 35 was
passed thla nvflrolng. cutting down the
amount of Investment from 8100,000.
S. F. 8, relating to the powers of county
board ot health, also paased the senate.
Shortly after 11 o clock ths senate ad
journed VntU Id o'clock tomorrow. In or
der, to' turn tbe aenate chamber over to
the decorators to prepare it tor the recep
tion to D. B. Thompson tonight.
During tbs afternoon Governor Mickey,
accompanied by Warden Beemer and ths
committees on penitentiary-from: both the
bouae and the aenate, visited the peniten
tiary. About alxty member of both houses
accompanied the party.
Heatine PreeeeeJas.
8. Fs. I and SS were read a third time
and paased. .8.- F. S relates to boards of
health, defining their powers to establish
quarantine. 8. F. 35 la a bill te reduce th
amount of Investment of aebdbl from 1100.-
0(0 to 150,000, to give thuro the aame power
to Issue certificates aa a normal- school.
These bills were placed on general file:
8. F. 23, providing for entering on tax re
ceipts all delinquent taxes; 8. F. 20, "ea-
tabllsblng tha rsteef Interest te be charged
en county deposits, amended to change tbe
rats from l per cent te 1 per cent; 8. F.
23, In regard to establishing township or- X
Olffen'of' Dawson 'moTed to suspend1 the
rules and pass Itie Sol towing resolution,
which was done.
Whereas, An investigation by the irriga
tion.' experts of th" I ni ted States Depart
ment of Agriculture has been planned for
the benefit of those using water from the
Plntte river In the three states through
which the atream flows; and.
Whereas,- The eeld Irrigation' experts
have made arrangements for carrying thla
work to completion, and.
Whereas, We believe that the funda ap
propriated for this kind of work in former
years have been repaid to the government
and to the Irrigators of the country many
fold; therefore, be It
Kesolved, That we respectfully request
and urge that when the agricultural ap
propriation bill' Is tinder discussion on the
floor of conaress the recommendations of
the secretat of ng iculture and the director
of the office of experiment stations relative
Investigation be thoroughly endorsed
by the. honorable representatives of th
state of Nebraska In the senate aad In the
house of representatives; and be It further
Resolved, That the secretary of the
senate Iw" instructed to address forthwith
B: copy of - this, resolution to each member
of the Nebraska delegation. In congress. .
. The annate aceepted aa . Invitation te
attend a meeting of the Farmera' Co-Operative-
Shipping, association at o'clock, to
be held at the eeurt house. , - ,
, A telegram-from the legislature of Ari
zona asking tho..aenate , to urge the Ne
braska senators to vote for Vbe - omnibus
statehood blil was read. . . .. - "
The aenate -went into committee of; the
whole, with Marshall of Otoe In the xhalr,
to consider H. H. 22. providing for an ap
propriation . to pay the expense. of ths
legislature. The committee reported favor
ably. ' ' ' ' ' ' .' ' M
The committee on employes reported to
employ G. C. Edwards as fireman. Carried.
The senate adjourned at 11:10 o'clock
until 10 o'elocTi Friday morning.'
Bills on first reading: .
8. inn, by Sloan of FiUmore-To' repeal
section 6M of the Criminal Cede, relating
to grand Juries. . .
. S. F. 101, by Sloan of FlUmorc To amend
sections bJ0, tfil and 662 of the Code of Civil
Procedure, relating to Juries.
8. F.-102, by .Brady of Buene-To require
railroad companies and common carriers to
erect and maintain a side track, or switch,
extending; a reasonable' length,' the outer
edge of which shall, be at ' least ' within
four feet of tha outer edge of the right of
way, to any elevator or elevators erected
by any firm, corporation; association, per
son or persons, for the purpose of buying,
storing and shipping any station
within this state, and providing for, a
penalty for the violation thereof. '"
(Continued from First Page.)
the city. It Is ald that the republican
leaders propose at tomorrow's session the
twenty-five democratic members shall ba
expelled and. their seat given, to tbe re
publican contestants.
The republican senate. It Is further said,
will also throw' out all democratic mem
bers. "
Governor Peabody, it Is declared, will
recognize both senate and house it ma
solidly republican.
Illinois' 'Politfclan Keeds pa're'nl'ck
1 "Me'dical Instltntlon Alone ' ,', .
.... . Can. Give. ' ., :.
8T.. LOUIS. Mo., Jan.- 22. Colonel' Wil
liam R. Morrison was brought to a hos
pital here today. " ' "
Ha la In such a condition that constant
hospital 'rare la necessary. It is possible
an operation" may be necegsafyC' Mrs, Mor
rison atrbmpanled blm. ' 1 ' '
.'. Mrs. Robert E. I Ma. ' ;' I''
' Th'A many "friends "of Robert E. Stein
wtll be pained to learn of the' sudden death
of hla wife at 1 yesterday morning from
a stroke of paralysis, .which occurred at
about 6 o'clock Wednesday evening. ' ' .
Mr. and Mrs. Stein are numbered among
the older settlers of Omaha, having lived
here between twenty-five and thirty year.
There are three children.' all grow'fi, Misses
Nina, Clara and May, left lth"Mf SWli
to mourn the loss of their mother. ' '"'
Funeral aervtcee, conducted by Rev. Wil
liam K. dray, pastor of the McCabe Meth
odist Episcopal church, will be 'held from
the family residence, 4116 Farnam street.,
at 2 o'clock Sunday afternbon. Inter
ment will be at Prospect Hill cemetery. ''
""Wife of Rev, Steward, , ,
YORK, Neb., Jan. 22 (Speclal.)-rThe
funeral aervlces of Mrs. J. Steward, wife
of Rev. Steward of Pawnee City;, will be
held tomorrow at tbe Methodist -church of
this city.. Mrs.' Steward la mother ot Mr
Ida Bell of thla city. . The -family lived at
Torki for years and for manv year Rev.
Steward was the Methodist minister at
this place, and also presiding elder, and it
waa through bis .work - and the., assistance
of bis noble wife that money wu raised
to' build the fine Methodist church, which
is one of the largest an finest In . the
state. They expected to continue In the
ministry at Pawnee tor another year and
then return to York, ' where they have
property, and enjoy life.
Pioneer Vorlc Hortlcaltarlat.
YORK. Neb.. Jan. 32. (Special.) In the
death of Thomas ' B. Reed, York county
not only loses a -pioneer farmer, but one
of1 the leading horticulturists and a plo-
beer In fruit raising In York county. Tbe
deceased was 70 years old at the time ot
hi death. - He bad accumulated con si d
erable property, owning a fine farm In the
north part of the county, on -which Is one
of tbe best bearing orchards In the state.
and owned a realdence In North York.
Tbe funeral services were conducted at
hla realdence In North York; Rev. C. 8
Harrison officiating. -
Peter Granat.
BENNINGTON Neb.. Jan. 22. (Special
Telegram.) Peter Grandt, one of Douglas
county's earliest settlers, dU aX his bom
six mile south ot Bennington at 2:20 this
afternoon from pneumonia. He was 71
years, of age. Four aens and four daugh
ters aurvlve him. Mr. Grandt had lived
on bis farm .for. forty-five years and. wag
universally respected by a large circle ot
acquaintances. His funeral will be held
from the realdence Sunday afternoon. -
refer Esnlcb.
HUMBOLDT, Neb.. Jan, 22 Speclat.)
Peter Emlgh. one of the old settlers of Ne
meha preclnst, died Tuesday from the et:
feefs of an attack of, pneumonia, aged 85
year. Deceased wss well known through
out this section.! The funeral Services were
held at the family borne today.
Jnaa-e H. W. Brace. . ,
. LOUISVILLE. Ky, Jan. 22-F-Judge Hf W.
Bruce,- chief counsel for the Louisville h
Nashville, former chancellor of th city of
Louisville and a member of tbe confederate
congress, died at his home here today.
aged 72 years.
Bricklayers la Guod Condition.
MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Jan. 22. At today'
session, of tbe International Association of
Brtcklayera. tbs committee ea aubordlnate
unlona showed $705.7(3 la the hands of the
treasurer. The total mmberiblp ' wsJ
77.238. Tbe financial condition et all local
unloaa In the I'nltsd States and Canada
was classed as follows:, Seventy per cent
good, 13 fair and 17 poor.
Take taxatl Btoojo Quinine Tablets. This
signature Jtftv oa every boa.
Hay vai Hefaft' AfBi Signature . to
Pa.m Jprotecol.
Senator . Tlllniani', ' Telle Comnttee
Carolina Wants 14o Kegroet A p
" pointed to Fill ' Government
nMeea la that State. 1
WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 The treaty be-
wecn.the, United State and Colombia, for
the construction-of. the Panama canal, was
Igned, today..,.,, ..
No details, .were obtainable,, but at- the
presidential .reception, tonight the newa
leaked out .and was later confirmed in offi
cial clrelea,
It was not. Intended to make the newa
publio until .tomorrow, but. It. was ap-
arently too good, fox some to keep.
The principal, obstacle for some time
to tbe conclusion of the treaty has been
the price that tne United States was to
pay in tbe shape f of. a cash payment and
by. way of anaus.l, rental for the territory
along each side, of the right-of-way. It
ould not be learned tonight what waa tbe
price finally agreed on.. Some time ago
there waa a hitch .pver the question of the
extent tar..wbjcb control by the United
States shoul 1 go, but this matter was am
icably .adjusted, r ;. .
Tbe treaty waa signed at Secretary Hay'a
house Jlnls. evening, Mr. Hay acting for
the United States and Dr Herran, charge
affaires of Colombia, on behalf of Co
lombia., , The jtrpaty iwlll have--to go to
the senate for ratification and it is be
lieved It will be transmitted to that body
It is stated that ' details' ot tne agreement
will not be maarteublkr fa advance of such
Cram's Color Called- Bar. ,
The' nomination1 of Dr.'W. D. Crum. to be
collector at Charleston, 8. C.,-was' the sub
ject of an hOur'a hearing tbday 6y the sen
ate' committee tin' commerce before which
the nomination la pending." Senator Till
man, 'Mayor Smlthe '6f Charleston and
Colonel J. C. Hemphill appeared in oppo
sition to confirmation. Thev referred
charge to tne effect 'that Crum bad sold out
as K delegate to tbe Minneapolis republican
convention and in atlpport ot the chargo read
an affidavit In wTrick it was declared that
he 'bad been Trent ' to ths convention' as a
Harrison' delegate, but had shifted to
Blaine on the promise of appointment to
the position bf' pbstmarter;
It was made' quite plain, however, " that
the - principal oppftslflon - was because of
Crum's color, and Senator Tfllman admit
ted as much. He told tbe committee that
tbe people of tbe South did not want their
offices filled by' negroes.' "and," he aaid,
so long as they are so filled there will be
trouble; oil and -water will not mlx.w"
Ex-Governor P. B. 8. Pincnbatk of "Louis
iana and Whitfield McKlnlay, 'formerly of
South Carolina, both colored, appeared for
Dr. Crum. They declared the charge of
selling out -at Minneapolis was unrounded
and eulcglzed Gram as a mttn of education
and characteri - ' '. - . -
" Nebraska Postmasters Named'.
.iit.j-.. . 'i
The. senate.-WBdajr, confirmed the follow
ing, appointment:- -.,-
Poat,maters: Colorado Maude F. Mc
Lean, Drecltonrldge..., Iowa R. O, Clark,
Wtbatcr .pity; D. ;Ball, Mystic;- M.' S.
Brown, .NortU,Engllb;, William H, Crooks,
Adair 1 D,, H, ,fce.t, -Grrswolffi - Dr -M. Ro
la.ij'd.j MarenfoJitspsaB-rJ. D. Hirschler,
Hlllsboro; J,J.,E,yans, Hartford; J.. .Oil
man, Madlaon; A. Brown, jCedarvllle; A.
Kublmaa, -Hanover -Missouri C. R; Lan
drum. Mount Vernon; T. Hollenbeck,
Wst Plains. Nebraska H., H., Campbell.
Osceola; J. C. lllott, , West, Polnn A.
Nefdham, Bloomjleld; J. H. Logan, Ponca;
W. A. Rodgers. ,Glhbon;, E. Tash, Alli
ance; W. T. Spelts, Wood jiver; A.. A. My
ers, Havelock; J. V- lnk. BterllnK,. New
Mexico i,C. C.orrjr,. Spring.
, Also colonel. Edward M. Hayes,. Thlr-
teentb. cavalryt ;tp be brigadier general.
, : President Haines Appointees.
The president today aent the following
nominations to , tha senate: .....
Lee Fairbanks, register land office. Del
Norte, Colo. '
Navy Engineer. Ernest H. Gaynor, Mtn-
sourf; Paul L. Reed. '
Postmasters: ' Nebraska Lee 'Van' Voor-
hia, Crawford; Jdhp F. Nesbltt, Tekamah.
South 'Dakota James B." Barber, Rapid'
City. " low Joseph " E. Howard. Forest
Cltjr. Kansas Edward J. Byerts, Hill City.
Missouri August,' w. Enis, Clyde.
Matt Prosecate Insgglers.
The Treasury department has received a
report from Custom Collector Crusen at
San Juan, Porto -Rico, In regard to tbe In
dictment jot a number of naval- and army
officers, charged with smuggling into Porto
Rico cigars and liquors on government ves
sels. He says offer of compromise have
been mads and deairea to know what course
to pursue. In his -reply sent today tha
secretary says tbe department declines to
entertain offers of compromise and that it
Is desired that all persona Implicated
should be prosecuted.
President Offers Left Ileaa.
President and Mrs. Roosevelt's reception
In honor ot the ' judiciary, the second ot
the formal evening affairs of the season at
the White House, took place tonight. The
president extended his left hand In greet
ing, as he hurt his right hand, only slightly,
in single-stick exercise wltb General Leo
nard Wood. '
Survivors of Wars Generously Re
membered by the General
WASHINGTON, Jan. 22. (Special.) The
following pensions bave been granted:
Issue of January 3:
Nebraska: Increase, reissue, etc. Ablram
Johnson, Sidney, ; Gorge Shoup. Hub
bell, 1U Klteha Wattlea, beaver Crossing,
to: John J. 8tuwers. Lincoln, 112; Clark D.
.Blood, Mlnatare, 10; Daniel W. B. Kvans,
University Place, 114. Widows, minors and
dependent relatives Sophronl. B. Hawley,
Kearney, s; ancy J. oyeriy, reierauurg,
IS. .
Iowa: Originals Henry F.. Miles, Charles
City, 16; Marquis A. Hills. Dee M'nes, tti.
Increase." reissue, etc. Cornelius M. Dear
Inger Kingaley, $S; Milton -Herring. Kast
Dee Moines, U4; Zachariah T Armstrong,
Allerton, ; Ward W. Williams, Wapello,
14; Hiram 8. Rich. Jrsup, 4W; Charles
I .klifh tv 'hnrle O Klflxlri.
Grand iunotlen, J12; Simeon I.. Smith Hud
son. 112; Jamea 11. isesmun, uxrora. it;
Thomas C. Ueamer, Clinton. 111. Widows,
minora and dependent reiaiivea-ara n n.
PI11 1 rips, Cedar Rapids, ti; Susaiina Hllley,
Qgden, SK; Mary Collins. Onawa, IS; Elisa
beth D. Barr. Moone, $12.
8uth liaaota: increase, reiaaue, eic
Nvlmn Ralston. Canton. W, tlenry I,
Kartlett, r-rwln, K; iurner oenneu,
While wood, Hi.
Issue of January B:
Ki,raska: Orlirlnal Arthur M. Srhults
Seward, tti (war with Spain). Increase, re-
l.ii. etc. William H. Nichols. Kearney,
six; Robert lonahM. 1 torchester.;
B?vrly A. Jeaj, Juniata, s: Jonn weyer,
Aln.wnrth. 110. Widows, minors and de
pendent relatives I-aura J. Mnrton. Ne
maha. ; Mary A. Dunlap. Phillips 18.
Iowa: Original Thomas K. ltevvll. Bloux
niv ts. Intrrase. reissue, etc John But
ton. Ottumwa. USt; Charlea 8. Lang. Clear
1 .k 111: Knllm . Lewia. Mancheater, Id.
Widowe, minors and dependent relatives
Malissa A. Kernel, Mount Pleasant. IS.
Mouth Dakota r ' Inervaae, reissue, etc.
Panlel Teaser, Geddea, ts; Joseph D. Page,
Hot Springs. HZ.
Ihiia nt Januirf S:
1 hsbraaka; OrllnJ-WUiUm A. BUnrnt,
trong. VL Increase, reissue, etc. UlrtcM
Inheliler, Cedar Creek, f 12. .
Iowa: Originals David Imnoff, Marshall
town, ft: Neal Conroy. Cedar Rapids, fS
(war with 8paln. Increase, reissue, etc.-
Peter (jualter. Soldiers' Home,. hull
town. 'Ill': Kenjamtn F. Palmer. Missouri
Valley, IS; Oarrl M. lloll. 1V Moines. 1J;
Thnmaa H. Peabody. Whiting, $10. Widows,
minors and dependent relatives Margaret
U Packer, Kddyvllle. IS.
Senate Committee Aathorlses Fa
vorable Report n tllll Passed
by the Hosts,
WASHINGTON. Jan. 22.rrlhe senate
committee on the Philippines today au
thorised a favorable report on the Philip
pines tariff bill, which recently passed th
house, but with Important gmendments.
The house bill carried uniform reduction
ot the tariff on Philippine goods Imported
into the United State, making tbe rate
only 25 per cent of tha rates .Imposed by
the Dlngley law. The senate commute
amended the bill so as to .provide for the
admission of all Philippine-produced
articles free Of duty except sugar and to
bacco,' and on these two commodities fixed
the tariff at CO per cent of the 'Dlngley
schedules. This change was made to meet
the objections of the sugar and tobacco
producers of this country, who have claimed
that, a duty rate of only 25 per cent on
those articles would result in lulnotis com
petition. ' ' ' " '.
The committee also decided to recom
mend an amendment to the hill admitting
Into the Philippines all material used In
the construction and equipment of steam
and electric railroads duty free for the
next five yeara, ' at the discretion of the
After Klertlom of Officers Convention
Winds fp with a Ball and
CRETE, Neb., Jan '22. (Special Tele
gram.) The twenty-first annual convention
of the Nebraska Volunteer Firemen's as
sociation Is at an end. It proved to be an
interesting and, profitable meeting and' In
point of numbers the largest held In re
cent years. At the morning session the
question raised yesterday regarding "the
holding of the 'convention lb connection
with the tournament was -disposed of by be
ing Indefinitely postponed.
Several amendments to the constitution
and change in tournament - rulos ' were
unanimously adopted. One creating and doi
fining classes "A" and "B" in the tourna
ments is of interest to teams of the state.
It provides that in the hose races any team
which haa a record of 36 seconds or less In
the regulation race and of 31 seconds or
less in the straightaway cannot enter class
"B;" also, that In the book and ladder
races any team having ft record of 41 or
less In the regulation race and 36 or less
In the straightaway, is barred from class
"B." John T. Schlek of Beatrice was
chosen as state delegate to the National
Firemen's convention.
Tbe afternoon session : convened ; at 2
o'clock and after transacting miscellaneous
business proceeded to the election of offi
cers. C. E. Hartford of Norfolk was chosen
president by. acclamation. . Other officers
elected were: Mike Bauer - ot Nebraska
City, first vice president; John McKay ot
Blair, second vice president; E. A. Miller
of Kearney, secretary, and George . N.
Youngson of Minden, treasurer.
As no Invitation . were, received tbs
choosing of a place for holding the next
state tournament was referred to the hoard
of control. The Fremont, delegation had
little difficulty h capturing the next con
vention.' Thla practically ended the busi
ness and after tbe Installation of the new
president In office the convention adjourned
sine file. '
Business over the fire, fighters gave them
selves over to pleasures for the remainder
of the day; very few of them leaving town
Tho annual hall was held this evening. In
connection with it a sumptuous banquet
was spread.
Late Postmaster Says America Stands
for Liberty and Hamaalty and
Overawes World. '
CHICAGO, Jan. 22. Over 250 prominent
advertisers and publishers were present at
the annual banquet of the Agate club, which
waa held at Kinsley's tonight. The prlncl-
pai auurewi ui iuo cycuiuk " j
ex-Postmaster General Charlea Emory
Smith, who spoke on "Tbe Greatest of Na
tional Advertisements." ... t -
Mr. Smith said la part:
Our moral Influence is equal to our ma
terial strength. The great powera of Eu
rope are engaged in a rivalry of contention
as to which Is the best friend of the United
States. Kngland and Germany combined
agalnat Venesuela, but both declared be
fore they Dfgan tnat tney wouia emer upon
no violation of the Monroe doctrine.
The United Btates speaks out for arbitra
tion and they, both respect its voice and
accept its will. Our State department pro
testa to the signatories of the Berlin treaty
against oppression In Romania and our
remonstrance is heeded and the ameliora
tion of Its proscrlptlve laws already begins.
We remonstrate against too revere an In
demnity from China and the allied powers,
exacting aa they may be, are constrained to
moderate their terms,
We stand for moral
right, we stand for magnanimity, we stand
for Justice among nations and the righteous
influence ot our position makes itself felt
throughout the world.
We have a mission in commerce snd In
civilisation, we embody the spirit of lib
erty -and humanity and we have no rlnht to
let our light be hid.
On Member asks lor isprtns
new While AH Reverently
CHICAGO, Jan. 22. A "session of
prayer preceaeo tne ueiiueranuua ui
Jury In Judge Chetlain's court, which rer
suited in tbe acquittal of Patrick Deenan,'
charged with the murder of John Linden.
When the twelve took their placee around
the table, William H. Pelti aald: "Gen
tlemen, this Is a moat serious duty. A
human life bangs in the balance, awaiting
but s word from us to be made free or to
oe ended. This Is such a colemn duty
that r almost fear to approach it. and I
think that we ought to ask for courage
and for light. Won't you gentlemen join
me In prayer? Let ua kneel here In the
Jury chambers and ask divine guidance
In the duty we are undertaxing,-;
The twelve men In tbe Jury chamber
dropped to their knees and bowed their
heads as tbe one juror offered a prayer.
In which be petitioned for supreme guid
Lars Qaaatlty of Renovated Batter
la Seised by Revenue Officers
la Bt. Louis.
BT. LOUIS, Jsa. 22. United Btates rev
enue officers bave wl'.bla ths last few days
seised prastlualiy all tbe butter stored at
tbs various institutions. Tbe butter
seised Is et aa lufsrior grsde, known as
"process" er "renovated" butter.
Men et tns tubs In wblub it waa
originally delivered bear th required rev
eowe lateli wblvh bad, It la believes, keea
renters M burpeses el SuVstlUtlsS:
Great Wests Pre?idnt ' AHegw Chicago
ti8 Stock Assikjiation.U.Ui'iriouj. :"
'"),.' . ,i .i ; . .. t .' -..
eays Rwaflaw Receive Only Blatr P"
Cent More for Manila Freight
Than Arraigned Body Col
lects la Windy City.
CHICAGO. Jan. 22'. At today's meeting
of - the Interstate 'Commerce' commission
A. - B. Btlckney, president of the Great
Western, appeared to defend his aetlon In
making la' seven-year contract with the big
pocker on the basis ot greatly reduced
Mr. Stlckney'e dc-fense was coupled with
ah' attack' upon the Chicago Live Stock ex
change and MS competitors, classing the
former 'as barnacles and the latter as Ori
ental savages. . '
In bis criticism of tbe Chicago Live Stock
association he declared ' that company;
whose j assets were tew chairs and an
office -desk, collected commissions during
1901 amounting to 13,151,000 against an In
come of 22,451, 256 received by the Union
Stock Yards company: Tbeso commissions
amounted to over 40 per cent of the total
freight charges upon the stock brought
into ' Chicago.
Mr. Tomlinson of the exchange showed
that the commissions collected amounted
to 22.154.286, - while the freight charges
were $14,263,400, about IS per cent Instead
ot 40. In speaking of the 20 per cent con
tract packing house rate made by the Great
Western, Mr. Btlckney declared that aa
soon aa It became known three of his com
petitors, in order to wreck a sort ot Ori
ental vengeance, made a 12-cent rate on
livestock between tbe Missouri river and
Chicago, which left -them a net rate ot between-
7 and 8 oents per 100 pounds for
hauling. the .traffic 600 miles, and which In
jured no one but themselves.
He followed the lead of other ra'.lroad
officials, in asserting that the rates as at
present adjusted favored Chicago, and went
further, by giving figures to prove that the
Missouri river points and St. Paul were
enticed to slaughter about 40 per cent of
al) tbe hogs and : cattle raised In the country,-,,.
:. ,-, -- .... t
A..C. Bird, third, vloe president of the
St. ,Paul road, declared, that rates on live
stock , were . too ' low and did -not bear a
jurt. share, et transportation-charges. ..
Railroad Man's Opinion of Live Stock
Charges from Missouri River
to Chicago.
CHICAGO, Jan. 22. Vice President Bird
of the St. Paul road today answered com
plaints of the Chjcago Live Stock exchange
aa to ratea, by declaring that the present
rates tor carrying live animals from Mis
souri, river, points to Chicago are too low
rather than, , too high. "Under present
rates," he said, "live atock does, not bear
Ita share of the general charges."
Mr., Bird's testimony waa given before
tba Interstate Commerce commission. He
thought that without reference to present
competitive, conditions, rales on finished
products should be higher than on live
stock, and he admitted that the. contrary
rule Is In force on the St. Paul road, prlnr
clpally because of the example, set by tbe
Chicago Great Western line last August.
This , example i was followed by moat ot
th western roads and was tbe cause of
the present. Investigation. - r t :
Revr Railway from Rloax City St.
' ' 1 ' Loaf a' Holds Meet-
KANSAS CITY. Mo.; Jan. 22. At a meet
ing of the. Iowa and Missouri railway to
day the following directors were elected
for the ensuing year:
John W. Gates ot Chloagd, John Lamber
ot Chicago, J. J. Mitchell of Chicago, James
Hopkins of St. Louis,-J. W. Keefe of Chi
cago, E; F. SwJnney of Kansas City and
H. F. Reddtg of Kansas City.
The road is being constructed from Ma-
eon, Mo.,' to St; Louis and Is part ot the
Iowa ft St: Louis railway, whlbh Is to run
from Sfoux c tQ Macm M mBB,n. .
,... ,... -rom ,. r,. Rt. IjOU,-
- - Make Harrlman President. -
NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 22. R." H. Harrl
man was today elected president of Mor
gan's' Louisiana ft Texas railroad' and
Steamship company, the Louisiana division
of the Southern Pacific, to aucceed the late
A. C. Hutchinson. ' ' ''
Demands aa Imaginary Fortune and
la AI tercet lea that Follows
-" ' Commits Deed,
KA.NSA? CITY, Jan. 22. Sylvester Swank,
an insane man, at noon today ahot and fa-
l tally wounded Policeman A. R. McKlnney
; Bt the . central police station In this city
and fired another shot before .he was over
An officer fired one shot at Swank, but It
went wild. Swank, who was discharged
from the .St. Joseph hospital laat spring,
had appeared before Sergeant Snow and de
manded an imaginary fortune which. he. as
Always; fho. Santo ,
4 Gcbd Old ,
1 Ui) Is Ls lia
Ths Pflla' of UlIWa'Aee
Bend Postal Card tor Nw Brock are
, whlch-.tslla why . . .
" AA tfrugglst or Dlreot 1'
f AL BLATZ tl WINfi CO . MllVaakM
' 141B Dene I a St. Tel. tosll.
. , t u .-. ''. I HOT LUNCH FRCC . , Telephoijfl 2434. ,
Jit i.'..-
serted th officer was withholding from
him. ,
II attempted to shoot 8B0W. wbsa Mr
Kinney, who was unarmed went to his su
perior's assistance. Swank turned upon
McKlnney and firing point blank at that
officer Seat a bullet through' hie head.
Fires PUtol and Guards Millionaire'
House In' Hope of flower
and Reward.
NEW YORK. Jan. 22. On th night ot
January IS the home ot August ,D. Julllard,
In the "Millionaire Dlatrlct" of West Fifty
seventh street, was supposed to. have been
entered by burglars,, . .. , ...
Pistol ' shots aroused the nolghbor and
when the police. arrived- James Rollly, the
second butler, was guarding. tbe house, re
volver In hand.
Today the police arrested Reilly and be
confessed that be had arranged a "fake
burglary," so that, he might be compli
mented for his bravery and receive ths
emoluments thereof. -Reilly eobtessed that
he bad atolen many articles ef value from
Peter- Whitney, .whose second , butler be
used to be. - ' "...
Broken Rail Kill Eaglaeer and
Fireman and Cause Debris .'
to Cateh Ftr. "''
. , .1 v -
FREEPORT, 111... ,.Jn. 22. A Chicago
Great Weatern passenger train which left
Chicago for SL Paul at 6:80 o'clock to
night, struck a broken at South Free
port and Jumped from ths track. .
The engineer and fireman were killed
and several pBsaengers ware Injured. Tbe
train Is burning. . . 1
Th dead: . . ,
GRACE, fireman.' Dubuque, la. ,
SHERIDAN, engineer, Byron. 111. .
, Express Messenger Bheedy Is among tho
Injured. ,
Tha Illinois, Central sent relief train
to the scene. , . ,. . ,n ,. ,
Leyden Beaten Seas 'gieaka la
Pieces After the Crew
;'"is;'Ksee;d.''' ''";
BLOCK ISLAND, ,B, L, - jan- 12. Tbe
naval tug Ly4n. which went. on a ledge
yesterday, -was beaten. .Into a tangled heap
of wreckage by the heavy seas jast night.
A government 'vessel took 'the crew to
shore today, only Seaman - Leylhm being
left behind. : Although Leylam waa badly
Injured, It was- 'thought -today that hs
would recover. , . :.'. -: . ; r .
. k . -, ' I" '.
SufTerln; - from Hervssi ' Prostration,
but 1 Able io Be About
Her Room,
t ..'
YONKERS, N. Y:, Jan. 22. The physi
cian who Is attending , Clara Morris, the
actress, said -today that hla patient was in
no Immediate danger." ",','',
He said she. was suffering from nervous
prostration and intermittent fever, but
was sble to be up and about the room,
though very weak. ' . ',"..'
USED FOR 90 YE ADS. ' ' ' '
RHEUMATISM. 'V ".!.' ,' '" . "
: 8ORENESS-, :t- , ,
And all Bodily Aohee and Palna
' bOLiJ IN .' , w-k a Vj
25c and 50c Sizes IfAIlM
bo YD'S jsssssrr
Pettt-and Arttstle " "
IN- , x. --.
"Tho Liillo Duchess"
Price Mat., 25c, 60c. 76c, I1I00, Jl.W. ' Night
tbe, J5c, tl.U0, 11.60, K,0tt., ....,, .
Price Mat. lie, uoc; night Ke, sue, J 5c
Beat on aale.
1 ' Telri.ore i&sl.: - : v -'.i
Matinees, Thursday, baturdav. Sunday, til5;
' tvery Jllght, :16. (. v
Hailen an Fuller, TrereS DeLucci. Lieut
Carl Nobel, Beatrice Moreland. Warren an'
blanchard, Ortb and. fern, and, the Klnc
drome. ' ' .c
Prices 10c, tbe, We. ' - ;-' .' .- .
14th Annual Celebration,
' Birth ef ' HUBERT DIB5S. .
r " Auspices Clan'dordon, lyp'ej,
Crela-htea Hall, Friday Eve.,' Jan. U
' HftatJaJent tn city' at concert and grd
ball to follow. i L , -' . "
Tlckt 60 cents each. Beglna pronV'y
at b;lft. - .-.. ,,
. . ... .. . UO't'iCl., ',.., , v. i
Uita mm DmmmU
. OMA11A, JltCI '
Omaha .LMdliialotel
. ' 1 1 k
AUNDAY. I.u p. aa. DINNgB.U
Mteadlly. Incraaalns -iMMlnea ba eewl
tUd aa enlargement et tills cat, sibling
tta.lyruier 4ivuy. -
Cor. I3tl & kssnt
... NOW Oft.