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Dcftlen Unbl to Eupply the Demands' of
Their Cui'.oiners.
Contract Inst Company Sotltles nr4
f Kdnenllon that It Will Be Im.
poaainle to Dellrer C oat
for th rrrnrnt.
Testerday found the fuel situation In
Omaha In n morn serious condition than It
has eTr been. Tho cold weather of last
week Increased the eon aajjjitlon f " kind"
of coal, and especially wag the stock of
ateani coal drawn upon for the use of the
large office buildings and factories. A',
every yard there Is a grat shortage of coal,
and It la estimated by conservative dealers
that there are not a dozen cars of steam
coal In all of the yards of the city.
George P. Cronk of the Havens Coal com
pany, the contractor for supplying the
schools with fuel, said the company ha 1
notified the school board that it would be
Impossible to supply coal for the schools
this week, as expected Consignments had
not arrived. At the office of the secretary
of the board It was said that no notice had
been received from the Havens company nt
coon, but It was not unexpected, as for some
time the contractor had been dellverlnK but
amali amounts. At the Hign school the de
livery has been from day to day and that
building Is probably In worse shape than
any othur. Many of the office buildings
which could not secure steam coal have
been using lump coal and any othar form of
fuel which could be found.
The manager of one of the coal yards said
that he bad but a small quantity of one
variety of coal and that bis drivers would
quit work at noon, as all orders were filled
as far as possible. Inquiry at the other
yards elicited similar conditions. With the
exception of one house every dealer has
more orders for coal than can bo filled, and
this bouse cannot supply the demand much
longer unless additional consignments ar
rive. asnenston of Ilnalneas.
A number of business concerns were
forced to suspend operation temporarily yes
terday morning, a It was Imponsible to
warm the rooms so that men could work.
By great effort the majority secured 8L.aU
quantities of fuel and resumed operations
In the afternoon, but they were Informed
that the coal delivered yesterday must be
the last until more coal arrives In the city.
The railroads, it is said, are doing all
they can to relieve the stringency. Many
companies have refused business In order
to use their cars for coal and others are
giving coal trains tho right of way over
everything but passenger trains. Despite
all of this, deliveries are a week or more
behind and dealers find It difficult to locate
shipments. One ense Is reported where a
dealer, after waiting for several days for
coal from the west, received notice that the
shipment had been sent to Chicago, where
It bad been delivered to dealers. With such
conditions the miner and the wholesale
dealer can do nothing, as they must keep
on good terms with tho railroads or go out
of business.
It Is reported that about fifty cars are
overdue here now, but no dealer will base
the acceptance of an order upon the
probability of the arrival of this coal.
M. Levy, Chairman of tho committee of
the Board of Education having in charge
the securing of fuel, said that arrangements
had been made whereby the schools are
assured of coal sufficient to run two weeks
and by that time it Is expected the most
erious part of the shortage will be passed,
o it la believed the schools will not be
forced to close by leaeon of the failure of
the contractor to supply fuel.
Don't Worry.
This is easier said than done, yet It may
be of some help to consider the matter. If
the cause is something over which you have
not help the matter in the least. On the
other band, If within your control you havo
only to act. When you have a cold and
fear an attack of pneumonia, buy a bottle
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and use it
Judiciously and all cause for worry as to
tho outcome will quickly disappear. Thero
is no danger of pneumonia when it is used.
Ionia Wants Ten Thousand Dollars
for Aliened Injuries to Wife
and Child.
Cyrus Wlllard Salsbury of Carroll, la.,
has filed notice with the city clerk of a
claim for damages of 110,000 based upon an
accident alleged to have befallen bis wife,
Mrs. Frank Anita Salsbury, and their infant
child on the night of January 8 about mid
night. It Is related In the complaint that Mrs.
Salsbury had Just arrived In the city on a
late train and was alighting from an omni
bus in front of the Thurston hotel, carrying
the child in her arms, when she fell through
hole In the sing stone walk In front of the
hotel and sank In the hole up to her arm
pita. It Is alleged that the child, whose
ge Is about 6 months, suffered a fracture
Of the right leg Just below the hip joint.
, . .
The woman who reads this will under?
atand to the full wliut Mrs. Tipton meant
when she says : " I am enjoying f
lieauu.- it takes
a person who has
been made
wretched by sk-k-acii
to under
stand the joy of
There are very
many women who"'
utter as did Mrs,
Tipton, who might
be cured as she
was by the use of
Dr. rierce's Fa
vorite Prescrip
tion. It estab
lishes regularity,
dries the drains
which weaken
women, heals in
flammation and ulceration, and cures
female weakness. It makes weak women
atronp, aick women well.
It i with pleasure I rrcomtnend Dr. Pierce's
nudiciu.' writes Mr. Nora TuHon, of Cropper
(Crapper Statiuui, Mirlby Co., Kentucky. "You
remember my cae w oue of female weakness
aud weak luiiit. I hail no appetite and would
ot'teo spit blood ; was confined to my bed iltutwt
half of the time and could hardly stand on my
fret at tituea lor the paiua through my whole
body and syntem. My husband had to pay lure
doctor bill for mc, but aiuce 1 have taken lour
buttle of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discov
ery, four of ' favorite Prescription ' and three
vial of Pleaaant Pellet' we naven't paid any
mora doctor bills. It had been seven month
since 1 stopped uing Dr. Pierce' i nieOiciuea aud
I have been enjoying good health fell the time.
I can never praite theme medicine too highly,
lor 1 have receive! so much benefit. I pray that
snauy who sutler aa 1 did will late Dr. Pierre's
medicine. 1 mm sure they will sever tail to
cure when given a (air trial. Everybody tell
sne 1 look better than they ever aaw aie. I am
sure I feci better Uiau 1 ever did be lore ."
Favorite Prescription haa the testi-
I mony of thousands of women to its com
plete cure of womanly disparts. I)o not
,eccept an unknown and unproved aub
stitute in its place.
Dr. PiercVa Pleasant PelleU
are a
ladies) laxative No other medicine
cqu&la Ua for gcstle&csa a&4 thorough
4 m
1 vi.. I
Warn Tkli Country Has AeeOMpllahed
aide of n Hlre4 Tear a.
A writer In the New Tork Sun makes this
Interesting exhibit of the country's re
markable progress the past century:
Foreign commerce of the United States
exports and Imports:
$ im.CM .o
YAH 22,OoO.'').OiiU
Internal commerce of the United HtHtes:
lXnO f 2,U0U,ii.WW
l:2 iW.uuu.uui).wu
or hs much In li"2 as the entire foreign
commerce or thi. world.
Fxtiorts of the United Statea:
isi f 7o,nno,nno
1!U l,34O,W0,OW
Imports of the United States:
sk t fll .ono.i)" K)
12 9nU.iJUU.Kli)
a ten-fold Increase In Imports, while our
population his Increased alxteenfold.
W ealth of the United Btales:
t.V) f
1'2 IHO.UW.kM.IjciiJ
Steam railways, miles, of the United
li'l 23
lir. 3K,(a n
Newspapers and periodicals of the United
ll'l SHI
l:2 22,Uuu
Factories of the United States:
1S50 123.025
i YJ"2 523.IRW
Immigration to the United States:
1SJ0 8.3S5
iyi2 Sou.ouo
Factory wage-earners of the United
ltiO 957,059
i:to2 6,ijU.umi
Factory wages paid In the United States:
l-50 1 23(5,000,000
1!'2 2,75U,O00,O0O
factory product In the I nlted States: f i.ni9.iM.ono
Y.orj 14.uuu,uuo,u(iO
Individual deposits in national banks In
United States:
ISTu t 607.000.000
Hi2 S,XI,000,'li)
Value of farms and farm property in the
United States:
lsfy $ 3.967.0Crt.0OO
19o2 lUmu.Ouo.OUO
Pensions paid by the l nlted StateB-.
1jh) t 4.131
' I9n2 13X.0CJ.oti0
I f'uhllc school teachers salaries In the
I United States:
lsTO t 38.0OO.onO
1902 137,OuO,UOO
To the foregoing should be added the
most amazing and grandest showing of all:
Life insurance In force in American com
S40 none
wi 17,000,000,000
Itenl Estate Committee IMnrea It Be
fore the Public In Little
The tax committee of the Real Estate ex
change has Issued a bulletin which will be
printed in the form of a four-page folder
for general circulation in the city and Btaie.
The first lot was taken to Lincoln last
event ug by P. D. Wead, chairman of the
committee, who went to the capital In the
interest of the bill to repeal the objection
able section of the city charter.
The first page of the folder says:
Tne will he reduced If the clause In
section m of the charter Is repealed. It
reads: "Provided, that the tax commis
sioner shall take the valuation and assess
ment of railroad property within tne city
limits from the returns made by the State
Hoard of Kquallzation to the county clerk."
Kecause It legalizes tne startling mem
shown Inside.
On the second page appear the following:
That ft rents navs the cltv taxes on $1,000
worth of railroad terminal property, but it
takes $10 to pay city taxes on a $1,000 cot-
i hat U cent navs the city taxes on iioo
Ttorth of railway terminal property, but It
takes $1 to pay tne city tax on iiw worm
of household goods.
Thaf $2.50 pays the city taxes, on iuu.uiiu
worth of railway terminal Dronerty. but It
costs $500 to pay the city tax on the $50,000
stock of Hrownlng, King & Co.
That $32.50 pays the city tax on $660,000 of
railway terminal property, but it costs $6,500
to pay the city tax on the $ti6o,000 building
of the New York Life Insurance company.
That $3U0 paya the city tax on jo.wo.ouu
worth of railway terminal property, but it
costs SiW.000 to pay the city tax on the
tii.KXi.Goo street car property.
f igure It yourseir. it is aarameo oy me
"nlon Pacific Railroad company that the
hIii of its Omaha terminals la $15.000,0uo;
tate board's return Is $67,M9.40, which is
lees than l-20i)th of fair cash value.
To correct this ineouality it is only neces-
arv to re Deal the discriminating clause in
section 98 of the charter.
If this clause la reiJealed every person
paying city taxes amounting to $10 will
have them reduced to $8.32: those paying
$50 will have them reduced to $42; those
paving $li will nave tnem reaucea to t;
thfi nnvlna- $500 will have them reduced to
$420, and so on In proportion.
Wife Realata Huaband'a Attempt at
Divorce and Botb Make
Counter Claims.
nsi Maneold informs the district court
that her former husband didn't tote fair In
securing his divorce from her last summer
and that therefore she would like to have
the decree vacated and John compelled to
make provision for her and their three chil
dren, aged 16. 13 and years.
nthee nf her allegations are mat Alan-
gold has $2,000 worth of property and draws
more than $100 per month as engineer on
ho rhleairo. St. Paul. Minneapolis at umana
railroad, yet haa for several years com
pelled her to support the family; that he
riuaurteit her In 18!5. and when she found
him here In Omaha In 1901 he told Der to
go back to Sioux City and wait until spring,
when he would come and live witn ner, in
the meantime Bending money for her and
the children's maintenance; that she did
so, but he came not, and by stealth and
misrepresentation secured a divorce here,
without lettina her know. It la the decree
so obtained that she wishes vacated.
In his petition Mangold Informed the
court that his wife had a fierce temper,
called hlra bad names In the presence of
company and spent his money Indiscreetly
and with utter disregard of nis wisnes.
General Superintendent Hushes
Makes an Appointment foe Ad
justment Committee.
After a long wait the adjustment commit
tee of the Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri
Valley railroad lodges of conductors and
brakemen has secured an appointment for
an 'audience with General Superintendent
Hughes for a conference regarding the 20
per cent raise of wagea asked by the train
men. Mr. Hughes has set 11 o'clock Tues
day morning as the time for beglunlng the
Meanwhile the engineers of the road con
tinued their Interrupted aesslon with Su
perintendent Hughea yestetdjy and It is not
thought that they will have finished by
Tuesday. The trainmen'a movement Is part
of the great step In the same direction now
under way by conductors and brakemen the
country over.
Dlmtuork'a I'oaltloa Grows.
W. 8. IMmmock, formerly general man
ager of the Uuibha and Council llluffi
street railway Hue, who went to Taeom
some months ao to become general man
ager of the Theouia Hallway and I'owr
company, hits .lust been appointed Keller il
mnnrtKi r also of the Tti'uma and b'-uuie
Suburban railway, the iiiatingenient of the
two coin! allies having been consolidated.
Tha general , trices of the suburban rail
way will be moved from Seattle to Ta'oiii.i
and extensive Improvements will be uride
to the consolidated pruiitles.
A Wonderful Chaae.
Weak, aickly Invalids are soon changed by
Electric Bitters into healthy men and
women. They cure or no pay. 6tu. Fvr
aide br Kuna C
Feei Art Inadequate to Oorer Running
Expanses ef Department.
Ofllre tVhlrh at One Time Wu Fat
IMrklnar (or Ineumbent la Sow
Hardly Worth the Effort
to Secure It.
It has been rumored about the court
house the last few days that Sheriff Power
will seek to have two of his deputies
dropped from the force for the sake of
economy, said to be made necessary by the
fact that the expenses are greatly exceeding
the fees. Yewteiday morning the sheriff waa
found in the commissioners' room and
when pressed for a statement conceded
that "something will have to be done."
For some years the sheriff's has been a
fee office, which means that while the
Board of County Commissioners specifies
the numerical strength of the force and
the salaries to be paid, the office Is aup
posed to earn sufficient fees to meet all
such expenses and the salary of the sheriff.
Exclusive of the jail staff, tha sheriff's
force now includes Chief Deputy William
Weber. Clerk William Cunningham and
Field Deputies James Roach, Joseph Sherry
William Neve and Adam Sloup. Weber
draws $100 per month, Cunningham $S5 and
the others $75 each. The sheriff's salary
Is $2,500 per year. Thus there la a monthly
salary total of almost $700.
"nark In the days of McDonald," said
Sheriff Tower yesterdsy, "it wasn't hard
to make the fees go away over this amount.
but conditions are different now. The
tnkruptcy law almost entirely does away
with any Income from that source, whereas
such income used to be quite large. Fees
for services in foreclosure used also to be
a big Item, but nowadays the county Is so
prosperous that they amount to practically
nothing at all.
No Profit From Foreclosures.
"Foreclosurea not only are few, but to
show how profitless for our office they can
be, I may mention that tho recent sale of
the McCague building for nearly $200,000
benefited the sheriff's office to the extent of
just $5. Still another prop knocked from
under us Is that of the income for services
in petit larceny cases. The council grabbed
that from the county by passing an ordi
nance making petty crimes misdemeanors
punishable by sentence to the city Jail in
stead of the county Jail.
"As a result of these things It Is true
that the total of the fees during my service
has run $4,500 behind the total of the ex
pense account supposed to be met by the
fees, and something must be done. Unless
the county will take action prompted by
the circumstances, the lose Is mine individ
ually and leaves my office a source of but
little Income for me."
Asked why he has within one of as many
deputies as McDonald had, although the
work has bo greatly diminished. Sheriff
Power answered: "The sheriff's office la
entirely subject to the action and conveni
ence of the courts and pretty nearly every
body elce. In consequence, the work can
not be systematized and whereas one day
finds us idle, the next finds the full force
rushed to its fullest capacity."
Oil as Fuel.
Experiments have proven that oil Is just
as serviceable for fuel purposes as coal and
is considerable cheaper. There are many
people however, who will always prefer
coal. Just as there are many people who
take Hostetter'a Stomach Bitters In prefer
ence to any other remedy because they
have tried It and know that it cures head
ache, flatulency, lndtgeation, dyspepsia,
constipation and malaria, fever and ague.
A fair trial will also convince you of Its
value. Try it today.
Announcements of the Theaters.
"The Prince of Pllsen" la a musical com
edy calling for large cast, and the leading
roles are in capable hands. Filling the Im
portant parts are Dorothy Morton, Arthur
Donaldson, Lillian Coleman, John W. Ran
some, Harold Crane, Sherman Wade, Jean
ette Bageard, Ada Brown, Anna Llchter and
others all well known on the mujic and
comedy atage. Mr. Ransome Is cast for the
role of the Cincinnati brewer, who at home
Is an alderman and In Nice a prince and
who readily adapts himself to the condi
tions which so unexpectedly arise. Arthur
Donaldson Is the real prince, and he slnga
and acts the role In an admirable manner.
Dorothy Mbrton, handsome and vivacious,
has the role of the dashing widow, Mrs.
Crocker, and sings in good voice and acta
with grace. Miss Coleman is always ef
fective as the daughter of the Cincinnati
beermaker. Harold Crane la manly and
at all times pleasing as Lieutenant Tom
Wagner. Sherman Wade haa a atrong com
edy part In Francois, the waiter, of which
he makes the most possible, and Miss
Bageard sings and dancea herself into a
warm spot In the hearts of the audience
as Mrs. Crocker's French maid. There are
no weak spots In the company. All do
their utmost for the success of the per
formance. "The Prince of Pllsen" will be
at the Boyd tonight and Wednesday night
and matinee.
Via Wabash Railroad.
Mobile and return $28.35, New Orleans
and return $29.50, Havana, Cuba and re
turn $63.35, sold Febuary 17 to ZZ. Half
rates one way and round trip (plus $2)
to many points south on sale the first and
third Tuesdays of each month. For full In
formation call at Wabash office, 1601 Far
nam street, or address Harry E. Uoores,
a A. P. D., Omaha. Neb.
Kansas City and Iteturn.
The Missouri Pacific railway will tell
round trip tickets to Kansaa City on Jan
uary 13 and 13. For further Information
call at company's office, a. e. cor. 14th and
Douglaa Sts., or Union station.
Pass, and Ticket Agt.
Publish your legal notlcea In The Weekly
Bee. Telephone 23h.
Organised Labor A flairs.
The conference between the employers
and the scale committee of the printers'
union was not productive of results, and
another conference is fixed for early this
At the last meeting of Electrical Workers
j union No. lKi the following officers were
Installed: President, K. J. Stark: vice
t nresident. J. R. Ilanrahan: recording see.
ei.iry, i. .vi. iiuiituKtr; nnancial secre
tary. U. I., matt; foreman. James C.
Cowin; treasurer. J. I), liogan; first In
spector, J. K. (Iraham; second Inspector,
M. O. IJnilliolm, trustees. Fred Witter.
eighteen months, T. M. Hunaaker, twelve
mourns, aim i. iieiirorr, six months.
ANDERSON Mrs. R. P.. January 11. 1908,
iMirn In Omaha. Aurll 12. IkNl.
Funeral troin residence. 24J South Eight
eenth street. Wednesday, January 14. at 3
P. m. Intermint at Prospect Hill ceme
tery, i ne o area Is a sinter of Council-
mun Hove of the Second ward.
CARI'r.NTKH David I, an old and re
speeted citizen of hejirt disease, at hla
res: lence. 1M1 tMutn 1 wenty-slztR street
January 2
Mr. Carpenter was born In West Chester
county, New York, In 1SJ4, moving; to Wis
cousin In lf.l. and In 1st to Panllllon. Neb.
where be was engaged In the merchandise
and grain busliuss for many years. He
leave a wife and tour children.
Funeral ervlve from the residence
weuueso ajiernuon M CMC.
Yasjr Motey
la Oar lank
I 1 lJ I HV 1 1 1 J J lit
Today, Important Specials in Our
Challenge Clearing Sale
Some of the greatest offers of our wonderful clearance
Girls' $5 Dresses at 98c
Our entire stock of Girls' Dresses aud Suits, in nges 1 to
14 years, in cashmeres, .all wool HannHs, suitings,
checked and plaid, all neatly trimmed and made up in
the latest style. Also many two-piece suits, skirts and
jackets, on sale tomorrow on main lloor 050
at clearing sale price, -J C
Ladies' $1.50 Flannel Waists at 69c
Our entire stock of ladies' flannel waists, in old rose, blues,
reds, greens and black, in all sizes, plain and trimmed,
on sale on main floor at clearing CQp
sale price, Kjzss
Fine -- Hrhtly damaged by sea water Four laro harpain
quares with Immense lots of all kinds of laces aud Insertings, Including
torchons, Valenciennes, meehllnes and cluny, in all widths, laces and Insertings
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iv vc a yard, go at, a yard
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Ladles' Heavy Wool and Fleecy Lined Hosiery jf
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Jackets, all selected furs and late styles, that have ff
sold as high as $29.00, at I 1 e V U
Caihioa Shoes. LLmt9-sl
B IIW T'." 1 17 H'Ur ULff WML
Easy Dlaposttlon . of Suit In Dlatrlct
Court for Fire Thousand
I'll n r
In diatrtct- court the Coates Hotel com
pany and F. J. Coates have settled with
Lrmei : Van NoSt.rand's representative for
$bu and costs a" suit for ss,tuu. The cas
dates back to February 21, 1899. when the
Coates ' eompanyS had the Mercer hotel at
Twelfth and Howard streeta. Van isos
trand. a bov was taken sick Vhlle serving
aa elevator conductor and asked to be given
a room separata from those occupied by
other employes. The house demanaea
rental in advance, which he paid. The next
dav the doctor Dronounced his ailment ty
phoid fever, and three days later the hotel
company had him removed on a warrant of
arrest sworn out on the complaint of F. J.
Coates, who charged him with vagrancy.
For two days he was in the city Jail, ana
then was given a hearing and discharged.
Such were the alleEations In Van Nostrand's
petition. The answer of the Coates com
pany was that F. J. Coates acted witnout
malice and on the advice of C. W. Brltt,
who was then acting as city prosecutor.
When it la Free of llavndruff It Grows
, Luxuriantly.
iinlr nrcnaratlnns and dandruff cures, as
a .rule, are sticky or Irritating affairs that
do no earthly good. Hair, when not dis
eased, grows naturally luxuriantly. Dan
druff Is the cause of nine-tenths of all hair
trouble, and dandruff Is caused by a germ.
Th onlv war to cure dandruff Is to kill tho
germ; and, so far, the only hair preparation
that will positively destroy tne germ is
Newbro's Herplclde absolutely harmless,
free from grease, Bediment, dye matter or
dangerous drugs. It allays itching in
stantly, makes hair glossy and soft as silk.
Tvtrn tha ran vou remove the effect"
dandruff. Sold by all druggists. Send 10
cents In stamps for sample to ine iterpi.
clde Co.. Detroit, Mich.
A Beautiful Caleuuar.
The Milwaukee Railway has published aa
.H. tl r.lpnitar fnr 1903. Six sheets. 10x15
Inches, of beautiful reproductions In colore
of pastel drawings by Bryson. Frlce, 25
cents. On sal at City Ticket Office, 1504
Farnam street
I)lslnnlahed Enallnh Actress Booked
to Appear In Omaha In
Manager Bureess has at last succeeded In
booking Mrs. Patrick Campbell, the dlstln
gulabed English actress who Is now making
a tour of this country. Mrs. Campbell and
her company will appear at Boyd'a for three
performances In February, and tne piays
she will present here will be announced
later. It la likely that tne umana engage-
ment will afford the presentation of three
different plays and that Herman suaer
mann's ,,Es Lebe das Leben," renamed In
English "The Joy of Uvlng," will be among
Meeting? to Arrange for Convention to
Be Held Nest Saturday
Chairman Herring has called the repub
lican city committee to meet at Washington
hall at t o'clock next Saturday night, Jan
uary 17, for the purpose of arranging for the
primaries and city convention. It la aald
that a proposition to make a new appor
tionment of delegates, based on the repub
lican vote at some previous election, will
come before the committee. Heretofore tbe
representation la republican city eonven
Uent haa beea tea delegatea for each ward.
MllHlll IJLaMJmiaB,J I llllllll IIIH IIIK
4 Per Cert
Inurett paid
-aO' fiLJatail for Men and Women
V.l' !' ".'HVm"kJt iVS.B'X WiitikXU Mag
Conductors, Brakeman, Engineers and Fire
men Takj Up Operators' Cause.
Brotherhood Men Assert that Elk
horn lload Has Been Antagonis
tic to Employes Jolnlna; the
Telegrapher.' Order.
Railway conductors, brakemen, engineers
and Bremen are to take up unanimously the
cause of their brethren, the railway oper
ators and dispatchers. Since the latter or
ganized along the Elkhorn system three
months ago as a district of the Order of
Railway Telegraphers tho operating depart
ment of the road, It is said, has shown hos
tility to tho order and has discriminated
pointedly againijt its members Id the serv
ice of the road. This treatment the feder
ated board will now Insist on being brought
to an end. ,
There are about ISO telegraphers on the
Elkhorn system, Bnd It Is said fully 99 per
cent of these went Into the order when the
movement was begun. The telegraphers as
sert that several men have been discharged
because of their connection with the order
and that others have been compelled to re
sign. This was accomplished, they say, by
taking away their regular help and piling
on them so much work that they simply
could not handle it.
Action to tome Soon,
"The telegraphers are very soro at tho
treatment," said one of the men, "and
their fellow members of the federated board
are right with them In a move to secure a (
righting of the wrongs. These other mem-
bers of the board are the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers, the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Firemen, the Brotherhood ef
Railway Trainmen and the Order of Railway
Conductors. The actlou will come before
February 1. being delayed till that time so
that the present conferences between Su
perintendent Hughes and the englnemen
and trainmen regarding a raise of wagea
and other matters may be out of the way.
All that the federated board will ask of
the railroad is that the discrimination he
discontinued, that the telegraphers' union
be recognized and that its members be
given reasonable treatment."
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Mortality Nlullatle.
The following births and deaths were re.
lorted at the office of the Hoard of Health
a the course of the forty-tlKht hour
eliding at noon .Monday:
KlrlliH ( hurles Moore. Seventeenth mil
Grant, girl; otto Hchnelderwlnd, 2.V.ii
fuming street, boy; T. M. Hwlft, '122 Ame
avenue, girl; K t.. W Itikelman. 714 South
Thirtieth itret. girl; John Schmidt,
Woolv. orth avenue, ulrl.
l)ealhs Austin Mc.Namara. 1918 Military
avenue, aged 13 years', Mrs. Mury Ander
son, Ht Joseph's hospital, aged 4") years;
Frank M l-ilanillng. 1.M3 Leavenworth
street, aged XI years; K. 10. Hosworth, St.
Joseph's hospital, aged 42 years.
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