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L. P. Fnnkbomer Betirei and Chicago Van
Takes Eia Taivntj Place.
Aeeardlae; to Statlatlra Compiled by J
Labor fommlaatoaer Wataoa, Unit
Coaaty Has rrateat Camber
f Laarl Tritilrn.
iFrom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 5 (Special.) Lincoln
Baa drawn upon Chicago talent for a bank
caahler and banking clrclea are now ex
pected to assume a metropolitan air. L.
P. Funkhcuser of the Farmrra and Mer
chanta bank haa r-slgred his position In
order to devote all his time to the Farm
era and Merchants Insurance company, of
which he la secretary. He will be auc
ceeded by Henry R Kent, who until re
cently haa been assistant cashier of the
National Bank of the Republic of Chicago.
He will remove hla family to the city In
few daya.
I'araoa Books ( Inaeri.
According to Oovernor Savage'a latest
report the "books are closed" and there
will be no more acta of executive clemency
during hla term of office. "There la no j
use of anyone applying," aald the gov-
ernor, "for the books are closed." During 1
tk. m,i, lk. i... .i.. !
appllcat;ona for parole and commutations.
nn mnnw nr ' n n, w-i r . n p ,m hw .
1 ' who iinnuii nun I It 1 1 J ' m liriU Willi j
the governor, making the total number who
called on him advocating executive clem
ency snore than 2o0. Aa for Richard Ward
law, who Is In for holding up and shoot
ing an Omaha druggist, the governor
tated that he Lad fully looked over the
evidence and that he would take no action.
A letter was received from a colore!
woman of Omaha In behalf of a man who
had held up and robbed aomeone. The
prisoner had aerved three yeara, but tbe
woman writes that he Is Innocent. To
prove It abe stated that It waa known that
tb victim had $10 In bla pocket the day
after the alleged hold-up. She knew her
"man" would not overlook a good thing
and that he muat be Innocent.
In preparation for the legislative offi
cers and committees there has been sev
eral changea at the atate bouse and sev
eral of the officers have doubled up on
apace. The aecretary of the Board of
Charity and Correction haa moved Into the
office of tho aecretary of atate; Dr. Thomas,
who looka after the diseases of horses and
cattle, baa gone to the governor's office;
Food Commissioner Flaasett haa gone to
the land commissioner's office and Game
Warden Sirapklns haa removed to the of
fice of the treaaurcr.
Irrigation l.avr Satisfactory.
Secretary Dohaon of the Board of Irrl
. cation la rapidly getting hla reprrt In
ahape to be presented to the gsvernor and
the laat pagea are now In the handa of
the printer. The report aald that tbe Irri
gation law pasaed in 1895 waa very com
plete and quite aatlafactory. Up to April.
1896, there had been made 1,000 claims fcr
water and since the 1895 law there had
been 694 claims filed. In nearly all casea
the decision of the board hd been final
Mr. Dobaon recommends that tbe appro
priation for field help he Increased, so that
accurate aurveya could be made of all
canals, showing the amount of land Irri
gated from each. He recommended an
amendment to the law regarding bonds to
authorise the county treasurer of the
county In which districts were organised
to pay the coupons 'and' bohd?" alo to
amend ao aa to require 'he bonds Issued
by aa Irrigation district to be registered
In tbe o.Tlce cf the atate auditor. He rec
ommends that before a proposition to Is
sue bonds la to be presented to the peopK
th amount of cxpenae should be figured
and plana ahould be passed on by the aec
retary of the Irrigation board.
Phsslrlans Moat Register.
The State Board of Health met this after
noon and transacted rcutlne business. Ths
board la getting after all unregistered phy
aiclana to get them In the fold. As aoon aa
the Hat la completed It, expecta to prose
cute all who are practicing medicine with
out a certificate, and expecta to do It vig
orously. Notarial f ommlasloaa lasaed.
During the year Just passed there has
been Isaued by the secretary of atate 653
notary commissions. Of these about thirty
were Issued to women. Douglas county
haa the largest number of notaries and
during the month of January there were
created the largeat number of any one
month, 100 being created. August holds
the record for the least number, with
thirty-four. The number Isaued thla year
la exactly tbe aame aa during 1901. During
the blenrium there were Isaued 1,318 com
mlaalona. Artlclea of Incorporation were filed to
day with the aecretary of atate by two
Omaha concerns. The Swedish Hospital
and Training School for Nuraea Incorpor
ated with a capital of 150,000. The incor
porator were John O. Nyatrom, Nela
Erlckaon and Charles Bllxt. C. D. Wood
worth A Co., Incorporated to carry on bus
iness In the marble, granite and gravel line
and to do general rontract work. Th: cap
ital of the company la 315.000 and the In
corporators are W. P. Mumaugh, M. W.
Cavanagh and C. D. Wood worth.
Harrla Withdraws Appeal.
In the aupreme court the ease of the
Elate aganat J. H. Harrla cf Broken Bow,
recently convicted of wrecking tbe Farm
era hank of Custer county, tin petition In
error will- be withdrawn today, and the
appeal diamlased, after which Harrla will
begin hla sentence of one year in th pen
itentiary. Oovernor Mickey spent Sunday and today
at Oareola and will return' to Lincoln to
morrow. Tonight he waa the gueat of
honor at a reception given by the Metho
dist church of hla home town. He re
mained at Osceola to attend.
Record of l.aad Traaslera.
Holt county, according to figures com
piled by Labor Commissioner Wataon, haa
the largeat number of land traucfera of any
ounty In the atate. The exact Bgurei lit
transfers of tracts of eighty acres or over
Ii 1.000. This la M per cent Increase
over the itlfi In 19M. The next county la
lh Hat for esles la Tork county, rrport'ng
l.Wt sales durlr.g, the ten month. This li
a decrease of J70 In the camber cf sales
from the 1901 total. Custer county comfi
third In the Hit. with lea than half thi
total for Tork ccunty, the exact figures be
ing 780, a decrease of U'O from the 1901
total. Douglas county la fourth In the
number of sales, the total being 7;0, an In
crease of seventeen over the figure for
Real Katate Traaafrra.
The table giving the statistics for the
entire atate follow), with the average
price per acre of land aold.
- . Ji
3 p. a r a
i s a 3 3 r
is IS?.
a ? ? i :
. . .
71 t 12." 7.1 $ 4 "$.'"
71, 3.00; 2.0O) a.X' 5.10
I to I to I to I to
Vox Butte..
10. ., 6.! lo "0
inm' 7. on: 2.6"! l' 00
ll.o 7.W t.Hi, 18.00
Chawe .,
Cherry ,
Custer .
lawes .
SfiO 1
11.00; 7.00'
4.00 2.H0'
70. co! 65.'l
1.76 7.00
60. (irti 65.00
2.OOj 10.00! b.ii
35. Mi J CO; J. Mi! 6.00
I to I to
I 40.W 4. no
txnn ..
Diclae !
LUndy .
ii.(,: 2.( 2.00 io oo
35.0)1 30.00
2.n.(IO; .00
60.001 60. OO
8o.0 bn.m
6"). 00
5. on! 3.00!
to J
8.O0' i
7.5o 32.60
2fi.(ifi! IS. on
6. oiv
I Oage
50. 0" 4'.")l 30.00
fo to to
60.001 50)0; 40.00
25.001 10.00 5.00
Garfield ..,
Harlan ..,
H itchcock
Howard ...
Kimball .
5 00
30.(); 16.00
5.00j J. oo
5.001 S.oot
15.ft)l 10.00
32 Sol 20.00
i.6ol l.oo;
I to
40.00 2.0.!
7.0i H
31 Hi 331
10. 00
2.i0 3.000!
37s 221 ;
18 5
5.00. 20. W
12. 5f 25.0-
l.U) W.00
633 :
8. 0O!
I 10.00
40.00! 15.00
28 641
i I
I !
m 89!
.... I.
R.00 2. 50
to ! to
12.501 lO.ool
lo.ool s.ool
ao.ool lo.ool
2.50: 10.00
to !
2.6! 26.00
S.) 20.00
Loup .
80.00! 15. 0O 2O.00I 20.00
26.001 20.001 15.001 15.00
to ( to I to I to
30.00: 25. 00I 20.00' 20. CO
6j.00i 50.10! 45.001 60.09
190! 14
24' 49l
to I to I to 1 to
100.001 65.001
50.00 60. 00
35. 00 30.00
10.00 2U.00
50. 0J 40.001
1211 1901 35.001 25.00
Rock ..
25.00 10.00
66.00 45.0o
to I to
75.00! 55.00
10.001 7.00
30.00! 20.00
4111 601
15. on!
284' 226
4.00 3.00!
to I to
8.001 5.00!
2.00) 15.00
to ;o
6.00 40.00
Thayer ,
45.00' 37.501 24.001 30.00
30.001 25.001 12.50 15.00
! I to I
I I 20.001 25.00
Valley ...
Webster .
Wheeler ..
30.00 20.001 8.00 20.00
2f9 1
6.V01V 60. m
40.O1 60.(0
13.00 15.00
30.001 20.00
155, 1381
5.001 15.00
2,278 1.9C
65.00 5S.0Oi 35.001 45.00
to I to to
61.001 45.00 50.00
Fellow Townsmen Gather to Wlah
Him Godapeed and Ritend
OSCEOLA. Neb.. Jan 5. (Special Tele
gram.) Governor-elect Mickey waa tend
ered a reception at the Methodist church
here tonight, previous to his departure for
Lincoln to be Inducted Into office. The re
ception waa under the auspices of the mem
bership of the Methodist church, of which
Mr. Mickey haa been a member ever alnce
he resided In the town. Those who par
ticipated were by no means confined to the
membership of that church, or of any
church, however. It waa participated In
generally by the cltixena of tbe town and
tbe church edifice waa crowded during the
evening with hla fellow townsmen, who all
wished him godspeed In hla effort to give
the atate a good administration.
Mr. Mickey haa made ao many apeechea
since hla nomination for governor that la
thla Inatance apeechmaking waa waived on
his part and from 8 until 10 o'clock the time
waa taken up by an Informal reception.
After thia hour a luncheon waa apread and
short addresses made by Mr. Mlckey'a fel
low townamen.
Attempts to Drive Aerosa Track
Ahead of Paaaenser Train)
aad ta faaght.
WAHOO. Neb.. Jan. 6. (Special Tele
gram John Neville, a farmer living four
miles north of Wahoo, met with a fatal
accident about t o'clock today. He waa
hauling corn an attempted to drive aerosa
the railroad track ahead of the Elkhorn
passenger train. .The train struck the
wagon and demolished It and Mr. Neville
waa thrown aome dlatance, alighting on his
ahouldera. He was picked up unconscious
and brought back to Wahoo by the train
and medical aid was summoned. He waa
about 45 yeara of age, married and had a
large family. Mr. Neville died at 6 p. m.
In tbe depot waiting room.
Reward tor Elopcra.
TABLE ROCK. Neb.. Jan. 6. (Special. )
Fifty dcllars reward la offered for the arreat
cf Rev. Ray Falrchlld and Mra. May Johnson,
who recently eloped from Barrett, Kan.,
a amall town southwest of here. In Mar
thai! county, Kansaa. Falrchlld la 27 years
old, a Free Methodist preacher, and left
a wife and four small children. The woman
la the wife of Henry Jobnaon. 27 yeara
old. and left a husband and two children.
They left In a wagon, drawn by a apan of
mulea. Mr. Johnson haa arrived here with
tho two deserted children and la' with hi
parents. Mr. and Mra. J. L. Johnaon, on
the M. R. Pool farm, one mile north of
No true woman's heart is bappy which does not
ring with tbe echo of childish laughter, which
fails fee thrill at the tooch of a soft dimpled hand
which is fleah of her Ceah.
To those who crave motherhood, and through
terror at the thought of so much suffering, deprive
themselves of it. we say " Be of good cheer help is
here." MOTHER'S tmthO has made child bearbjr
easy for thousands of women in the last forty
years, and receives their hearty endorsement, not
only on account of its efficacy but also because it
is a pleasant balm for external application only,
and aet a bitter doee of drag to be swa lowed.
By ita use yon may escape morning sickness,
swelling breasts and many of tbe usual diacom forts
of pregnancy. MOfHtR'S I I:IM easea the nerves,
relaxes the muscles, and softens the aUua:iral
tissues, so that they give with the pressure from
the expending- organ.
a 1. aruggista ktep t. It coat si to per bottle.
Write ut lor oar I-It EE treatise oa "Motherhood."
iTiania, u.
Btltan of Baoood Clamsrt for War with
United States Soldiers.
Sena Resarda to Foar Generals
Their Vermis sad Telia Tbesa
Flaht 1'tthlai Moatb or Get
Bark la ea.
a ad
WASHINGTON, Jan. 5 "Hoga who eat
hop;r," is the lateit compliment tendered
American soldiers In Mindanao by the sul
tan cf Brcolod.
The compliment la conveyed In a letter
received at the War department in the
last Philippine mail. It was sent to the
American cfPcera In Mlndanio during the
Impramata of the sultan and the Pandun
gan of Bacolod, and saya:
We want war If you don't get nut o'
here and go lack to the sea. because
neither the sultan of Baeolnd nor the Pan
dungan wantM to be your friends Wlthi-i
this month we want war to begin and If
you do not want it you are a lot of
ccwardly racnlr.
Follow- our Mohammedan religion.
Do not look for the Mausers, for we have
them. They were cantured by Hantuas
finrt Ktinrafnir iMnnl rt I h inltlll .if I
itRcolod. senate for organlaatlon, which will meet
We ern 1 our repards to the four gen- t 10:30 In the morning
erals and their vermin. If you do not . . . ,
want to go i rum here, come to this place Tbe "lat makera are at work, but will
and the sultan of Panadunean will take i not reach any definite conclusion before
care of you. for you are n lot of hog that
eat hogs, and In not preFenting yourselves
at Bacolod, look out, for we shall go to
fight you.
(Continued from First Page.)
books witness continued: "The loss was
$723.80 during this time and the amount of
her loss from August 7, 1902. to the time
of Mr. Llllle'a death waa $1,025. Thla In
cludea everything up to this time. All of
these transactions were made on tbe Chi
cago Board of Trade through me. Nearly
all of these transactions were made by tel
ephone. The day bsfore the death of Mr.
Lillie ahe called me up. She wanted me
to sell her aome corn. I do not remember
all that waa eald. I told hr It would take
1200 In marglna If the market stayed there
and if the market went up it would take
more. I think ;hls is the oply positive
amount, and ahe told me she would have
the money for me that night or the next
morning, and I presume I told her all
right. I do not think there was anything
said as to how or where she would pay
the money. I understood that and ao did
she. She always mailed the money to me
throuah the Dostofflce. Thia 5200 waa not
Included In tbe 31,025. She told me to keep
my business to myself and not to say any
thing to Harvey about It."
On cross-examination witness snld that
the net losses during the whole period of
four years would not exceed i00.
"Harvey Llllle never talked to roe about
the transaction of Mre. 'Llllle."
On redirect examination witness aald that
Mrs. Lillie usually settled her balances
with currency.
State Reatn Its t'aae.
' At the conclusion of tbe examination of
thia wltncsa the atate rested. Defendant
asked tor fifteen minutes for consultation.
Whe court convened the defendant re
called E. L. Runyon for Turther cross
examination. Witness aald that on Octo
ber 24 Mrs. Llllle waa not indebted to him
In any amount whatever; if any, it waa
very small. "I have no record prior to
November 18. 1901. The record prior to
thla date was Just sheets kept by me."' I
presume they were destroyed;, some of
them I know were." The defendant then
filed a motion to dismiss and discharge
the defendant, for the reason that tbe
state has not made a prima facie case.
Judge Miller argued the motion earnestly
and endeavored to point out to the court
wherein the atate had not Introduced evi
dence tending to prove that the defendant
committed the crime, asserting that the
exhibits Introduced In evidence could not
be considered by the court.
Attorneys for the state argued with force
that they had a good strong case of cir
cumstantial evidence, pclnting out tbelr
strongest points. Judge Miller closed the
arjjment by quoting some of the testimony
Judge SkMes declined to discuss the testi
mony, but overruled the motion, to which
ruling the defendant duly excepted.
Upon request of the defendant court ad
journed until tomorrow morning. It la not
thought tonight the defense will introduce
any testimony at the preliminary hearing.
Mra. Lillie took the ruling of the court
York Coanty Yaoaf Man Alleged to
Have Set Fire to House
of Woman.
YORK. Neb.. Jan. 8. (8peclal.) Todd
Gue, a young man about town, la lying in
the York county Jail, charged with araon.
On Saturday Todd waa drinking, and la
eald to Lave teen under the Influence of
liquor. In the afternoon he visited his
parents' home on Eaat Hill and told them
he had a grievance against Mra. McEwen
and that he believed he would burn her
out of house and home. Deputy Sheriff
Afflcbaugh was notified, and arriving at
the Gue residence about dusk thought best
to securo the assistance of someone In the
arreat of Gue and called on Sam Mulllhan,
and when they arrived at the Gue home
young Gue had left. They at once went to
North York, and aa they neared the Mc
Ewen house they discovered that the south
west corner of the bouse waa on fire. Affle-
baugh waa passed by Todd Gue, who aa
he was passing threw away a can In which
be had kerosene. Aa the home of Mra. Mc
Ewen waa about to burn Afflebaugh, with
the assistance of others, put out tbe fire.
Immediately after they aearched for
young Gue, and finding btra. downtown,
they placed him in Jail. Todd Gue carried
out hla threat, and had not Afflebaugh and
others arrived at tbo time he would have
burned down the house. Gue bad secured
the can and filled It wttb kerosene aad
poured It over a part ot tbe house and
porch and then touch a match to It. Todd
Gue waa In trouble about a year ago. when
he waa arrested, charged with aaaault on
Mr. Brlttaln.
Peenllar Caa et Grrad Island
Terminates ny Releaalaar Man
Aeensed ( Marder.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. Jan. 5 (Special
Telegram.) G. A. Baxter, the aged colored
man who waa aentenced to ten yeara In the
penitentiary for the murder of hla baby, but
who claimed that ha wsa Innocent, waa thla
morning aet free.
Bill for Board ( Pardoaa.
DAVID CITT. Neb.. Jan. 5. (Special. -
State Senator L. S. Haatlnga went to Lin
coln this morning to commence his duties
aa a member of the aenate, which will t.r
ganixs tomorrow. Senator Haatlnga haa
prepared a number of billa. which he will
Introduce. Tbe first one he will lntroducs
Is a bill providing for a board of sardona.
Us will be a airong supports- el tas bill
to retura to the district attorneyship. Aa
a member of the Butler county bar be sees
the necessity of a law ef this nature. Sen
ator Hastings Is a republican of the Theo
dore Roosevelt type. Thle la the Brat time
thla district, composed ef Butler and Sew
ard rountlea. has elected a republican sen
ator for a number of yeara.
ocletr Eveat at Fort Calhowa.
FORT CALHOUN, Neb., Jan. 5 (Spe
cial.) The home of Dr. and Mrs. Petten
gill waa the scene of a pleasant surprise
rsrty last evening, when over thirty of
their frlrnda and members of the Eastern
Star lodge called. It being Dr. and Mrs.
Pettenglll'a twentieth wedding annlveraarv.
Tbe Stars presented them with autlful
lot of china. Tbe evening was spent la
playing cards after which a lueit deli
cious lunch waa served. , .
n Flaht
as Baaatoraklp, bat Oman-
Is aa Kata;aaa t's
the Preaeat.
PIERRE. 8. D., Jan. 6. Special Tele
gram.) A call la out thla evening for a
Joint senatorial caucua at 10 tomorrow
morning, at which Senator Klttredge
will bo endorsed unanimously. Calls
are also out for caucusea of tbe house and
late toDight. The state organliatlou la
working In an attempt to secure an organi
zation of the senate outside of the capltol
removal question, which domlnatea the
house situation, the removallsts having
that organization In their handa. The
Northwestern road has made another switch
and is now fighting any removal measure,
since Mitchell baa won In the skirmish.
The democratic minority will hold a
caucus In the morning and make a aelection
ra their candidate for speaker.
Tomorrow noon will probably tell the
tale aa to tbe capital removal sentiment In
the house.
Yonnar Ma Badly Frosen
D.. Jan. E. (Special.) A j
.a a im. dv.i.k.,1 ..Kn !
ed Willltm Rhelnhart who
young man named
appeara to have no permanent abiding
place, came here from Hitchcock late in
the afternoon and started for a friend's
residing ten miles southwest. He secured
a ride with a farmer to a point a few miles
from his destination and started to walk
the remainder of the way. Tbe night waa
cold and the farmer endeavored to persuade
the young man to remain with him till the
following day, but. he thought he could
easily cover the distance before night act
in and started off. He soon lost his way
end wrndered over the prairies In the bit
ter cold until daylight, when he made his
way back to Mr. Simpson's, with whom he
had ridden the evening before. He waa
badly frozen, and on being taken to Virgil
physicians decided that he would aurely
lose one foot and possibly both.
Workman Case la Snpreme fosrt,
PIERRE, S. D., Jan. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) The case of the state against the
Anctent Order of United Workmen lodge
waa argued In tbe supreme court today,
French and Orvis of Yankton appearing
for the lodge and Attorney General Burt
for the state. The case Is the one brought
by Insurance Commissioner Shober to col
lect taxea claimed to be due from the
lodges. In which the circuit court decided
against the state.
Absconder Is Located.
HURON. S. D., Jan. (Special.) The
absconding Great Northern-railway con
ductor, L. H. Turckr-has been located and
will be brought here for trial aa aoon aa
a requisition for him Is honored. Devel
opments show that he carried away $336
of tbe company'a money.
FAIRFIELD. Neb., Jan. 8. (Special.)
A wedding which occaaioned something
more than passing interest occurred at the
Union Depot hotel last evening, the con
tracting parties being Dan B. Potter, for
merly one ot the leading young bualness
men of this place, later of Haatlngs and
Fremont, and Mrs. Sarah J. Conrad, pro
prletress of the hotel, where the ceremony
took place.
Hits a Car.
Don't fool wltn a cold; no one can tell
what the end may be. Pneumonia, catarrh,
chronic bronchttia and conaumption invar
iably result from neglected colds. Nothing
can be compared with Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy aa a quick cure for colda and in
fluenza and by ita use thesa dlseaaea may
be avoided.
Xearly All Western Statea Are Prom
ised a Fnlr and Warmer
WASHINGTON, Jan. 6. Forecast:
For Nebraaka. Kansaa. South Dakota.
North Dakota. Missouri and Iowa Fair and
warmer Tuesday; Wednesday increasing
For Illinois Fair Tueaday and Wednea
day; warmer; light northweat wlnda, be
coming aouth.
For Montana Fair Tueaday and Wednes
day. For Colorado and Wyoming Fair Tuea
day and Wednesday.
Local Heeord.
OMAHA. Jan. 6. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
tbe corresponding day of the last thle
19(11. 190!. 1901. 1900.
Maximum temperature.... 32 51 SH 44
Minimum temperature.... 22 23 IS 29
Mean temperature 27 37 23 3
Precipitation T .00 .) .K)
I5e-ord of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for this dy and since March 1.
Normal temperature 19
Excess for the day a
Total excess since March 1 21
IS or ma 1 pr ripimuon (Cinch
Deficiency for the day 03 Inch
Precipitation since March 1 29.A.S Irn-ho
Deficiency since March 1 71 inch
Deficiency for cor. period. li)02 25 Inches
uenciency ior cor. period, issfl 12 Inch
Hewsrta from statlaas at 7 P. M.
; 3
: S
: 3
i 1
Omaha, part cloudy 24! 321 .09
Valentine, clear 2i ' .00
North Platte, part cloudy 14 tM .(
Cheyenne, clear 4'H 4! .
8alt luke City, clear & .(
Rapid City, clear 381 4e! .(
Huron, cloudy 1 W .)
Willlaion. cloudy 2S .00
Chicago, clear I i M
St. I.uis, part cloudy 2' i T
St. Pau', clear 22 2 .01
Davenport, cloudy VH 24, .(
Kanaas City, clear 3 XV
Havre, part cloudy 40 &) .'4
Helena, clear 4W 54. .
Hlsmarck. clear 24 Sol .no
Galvtslon. clear 52 1 .00
T Indicates trace of precipitation.
1 A. El PH.
Local Forecast Omclal
8aprm Court Decides That MntcoTitei
Eertow BanntT 0 Producers
niaaley Law Operates to Keep Oat
Prod act Accorded Special Privi
leges hy Government Which
Strives ta Aid Faportera.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 6. In an opinion
handed down by Justice Brown today the
I'hlted Statea supreme court decides In the
Bownea case that the money paid by tbe
Russian government on sugar exported la a
bounty and that the collector of customs at
New York waa Justified In levying a coun
tervailing duty on Russian sugar under the
terms of the Dlngley law.
The case came to the supreme court on
a writ of certiorari brought to test rulings
of the lower court and ot the board of gen
eral appraisers holding a cargo Imported
Into Baltimore from Ruasla to be subject to
a countervailing duty liable upon merchan
dise upon which a bounty is paid on west
ern transportation. The court today con
firmed these rulings.
Justice Brown aald under Russla'a method
of fostering its augar Industry, free sugar
which could be aold In Russia at the nor
mal excise of 1 75-100 roubles per pound
might be exported under a permit from the
excise office upon the return ot a free augar
certificate with the custom house export
mark, the excise then crediting the ex
ported quantity of augar to the free surplus
of the mill which la subject to the double
tax of 1.75 roubles.
Discussing tbe effect of thia certificate.
Justice Brown eald:
In practice the market value of these
claims must vary according to the demand
and supply, but the theory underlying the
transaction Is always this, that the ex
porter shall suffer no loss because he has
exported his free sugar Instead of oelllng
it In the home market. It Is practically ad-
j mitted In this case that a bounty!
to the value of these certificates is paid
by the Russian government, and the main
J argument of the petitioner Is addressed to
msumeni 01 me petitioner I ni
the proposition that this bount
"ot J pon exportation, but upon 1
The n,w,r,"to tnl8 , ,natK rv,
mat mis county is pain,
er v bou n t y
upon exportation must to a certain extent
operate as a bounty upon production, since
nothing can be exported which Is not pro
duced and since a bounty upon exporta
tion, by creating a foreign demand, stimu
lates an Increased production to the extent
of such demand. Consequently the bounty
on production operates to a certain extent
as a bounty upon exportation, el nee It opens
to the manufacturer a certain markt for
his merchandise produced In excess of de
mand at home. Where regulations exempt
suiiar from excise taxation altogether we
think they clearly fall within the defini
tion of an Indirect bounty upon exporta
Two Men Drowned While Attempting
to Save Othcra from a
Like Fate.
SEATTLE, Wash., Jan. 6. The flood altu-
atlon In the district aouth of Seattle does
not seem to be greatly Improved today.
The first caaualtlea aa a result of the
rising of the waters are reported from
O'Brien, on the Northern Pacific between
Seattle and Tacoma. There the water la
alx or eight feet high and laat night It waa
rushing paat the houses with the swiftness
of a mountain current.
Martin Cummins and F. Shaughnessy
were reaculng people from aecond-story
windows when their boat capalzed and both
were drowned.
From Orfjla cornea . the . newa that the
water haa receded about six inches, but
that half of the town la compelled to go
about In boats. No traina are running
through the flooded district.
Deschutes river Is raging and the highest
volume of water is pouring over the falls
known In years. The city waa in total
darknesa Saturday and Sunday nlghta owing
to the flooding of the electric light and
power houae at Tumwater.
The greatest losa by the flood haa been
tbe bottling worka ot the brewing company,
winch waa wrecked Friday night and dam
aged to the extent ot $20,000. Fine weather
today will probably avert any further ca
Branch ( Hew Voi k Concern at Conn
ell BlasTa la Also Af
fected. CHICAGO, Jsn. 5. Announcement of :is
appointment ot a receiver for the Keystone
Manufacturing company ot Rock Falls. N.
Y.. waa made today by Attorney C. B.
Haffenberg, who represented a number of
petitioning creditors In the federal court.
Bankruptcy proceedings were begun In the
Veiled Statea district court several daya
ago, but were kept secret until Henry L.
Wilson hsd tsken possession ss referee.
The Keystone company'a principal plant.
near Sterling, III., conslsta of eleven build
ings. In which about 400 men are employed.
Another large plant la at Council Bluffs,
la., and thla haa also been placed in the
handa of Mr. Wilson and A. M. Patterson
aa receivers.
The liabilities are said to be cloae to
$360,000, while the assets at Rock Falls
consist of a plant mortgaged for $300,000
and other property worth about $75,000.
E. Leroy Gait of Sterling is president of
the company, and will continue to manage
the bualneaa under direction of Receiver
Mrs. Tlaeler Snya Stndeats Did Mot
Regard Her aa Sapcrnatnral
, Delna.
SAN DIEGO. Cal.. Jin. 5. Mrs. Tlngley
waa recalled to the atand when the trial of
her action agalnat the Los Angeles Times
ii resumed this morning, Samuel M.
Shortrtdge of defeudant'a counsej continuing
the cross-examination.
"In tbe reading of essays by the stu
dents," asked Mr. Sbortrldge, "were you not
referred to as a teacher and compared with
Contuclua, Buddha and Mohammed?"
No, I never beard of auch a thing," an
swered Mrs. Tlngley.
"Have you not heard youraelf compared
by students to Jesus Christ T"
No, o'.r."
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CALIFORNIA'S attractions are mostly of
its own kind, pccular to the state, and of
I none is thia so emphatically true as that
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m A a A