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Speaker Urge Sugpemion or Eemoral of
. Anthracite Duty.
ArkiKMt Man Asks for Attorney ieu
eral'a Data on Alleged t'oraalae
Anion oal- arr Ina; Iloada
lo ( ontriit Shipments.
WA8HIN0T0N; Jan. 8 When the senate
reconvened today few senators were absent.
Almost Immediately a discussion begso re
tarding the',coal situation.
Mr. Lodgo (Mm') prefaced hia Introduc
tion of a bill suspending for ninety dayf
tho duty on coal with the statement that
In New England- there wa much distress
swing to the fuel shortage. He wse aware,
be said, that inch a bill should originate
In the bouse of repreienlatlves, but It was
bis dcslr to call the attention of the sen
ate committee to the state of affairs.. In
his section there was great suffering from
lack of fuel and many ' factories might
be forced to shut down.
The duty of 67 cents' no anthracite coal,
be said, could be remoTed for ninety days
without Injury to the coal producers of
the country. '
. Mr. Culberson (Tenn.) followed with a
resolution providing for the removal of the
fluty on anthracite coal and asked Its Im
mediate ronsnlderatlon.
Mr. Piatt (Conn.) objected, saying that
It was his understanding that there was no
duty on anthracite coal.
Mr. Vest (Mo.) took exception to this
statement and said that the board of gen
eral appraisers and rresideut Roosevelt
had decided that such a duty waa Imposed.
Mr. Vest also Introduced a resolution on
the subject.
Another resolution, Introduced by Mr.
Jones (Ark.), recited the charge ot W. R.
Hearst that tbero waa an Illegal combina
tion among certain railroads to control the
hlpment of anthracite coal and called on
the attorney general for the evidence
which It was alleged had been secured by
The discussion continued until 2, when
the resolution went over, being displaced
by the omnibus statehood bill.
Mr. Nelson (Minn.) addressed the senate
In opposition to the bill and favored single
statehood, for Oklahoma and Indian Terri
tory. Mr. Nelson had not concluded his
remarks, when, at 3:60, the senate went
into executive session and shortly after
ward adjourned.
Congressman Aeeasea President of
SnbserTlenrr to Little Wash
ington Coterie.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 6 The house re
lumed work today, but within two boura
the machinery broke down for lack of a
quorum. The bill to create a general staff
In the army was called and an attempt
was made to pass It under suspension of
the rules, which require a two-thirds ma
jority, but opposition developed and leave
' was refused on a division by 108 to 59.
In opening the debate Mr. Hull (la.) said
th measure had the unanimous endorse'
tnent of the military committee.
Mr. Steele (Ind.) I would like to ask If
this bill does not practically eliminate the
lieutenant general from the armyT In
other words, would It be possible under
this bill for the commanding general In
time of war to reside out ot Washington?
The lieutenant general I not chief of staff
under this bill.
Mr. Hay (Va.) He could be detailed as
commander ot the army in time of war If
the president chose to detail him.
Mr. Steele The president can aaslgn any
officer to the command ot the army now.
aubject to this little coterie this petticoat
army here In Washington.
Mr. Hay Do you mean the president is
subject to that?
Mr. Steele That is what I mean.
Mr. Richardson (Tenn.) appealed to tho
members to vote the measure down now.
so that It could come up and be cons Id
ered In the regular way.
Mr. Hull declared that If the regular bill
was defeated now he did not believe It
could be passed. In any other way.
The vote resulted lug to 59 not a quo
rum, and a call of the house brough up
only ISO memers, not a quorum, and at 2
the bouse adjourned.
Dr. David Jayue Hill, First Assistant
Secretary of the State to
Bo Promoted.
WASHINGTON; Jan. 5. Dr. David Jayne
Hill, Orsf assistant secretary of state, will
relinquish that post this month to become
United State minister to Switzerland.
He will be succeeded aa first assistant by
Francis B. Loomls, at present United
States minister to Portugal. . .
Mr. Loom! will be succeeded at Portugal
by Charles Page Bryan, who haa been con
firmed aa minister to Switzerland, but who
has never assumed that post.
The president today aent the above nom
inations to the senate.
Th following nomination were alao sent
to the senate:
Treasury Surveyors of customs, Thomaa
L. Elliott, ' Cairo, 111.; Richard W. Burt
Peoria, 111.
Btats Consuls, Dr. Hugh Pltcalrn ot
Pennsylvania, at Hamburg; William R.
Estes ot Minnesota, at Antigua, Wast In
dies. - -.
Navy-tChaplaln, Johnson McC. Bellows
' Beauty must come
. Jb;V to the useful arts,
and the distinction be
tween the fine and the .
. useful arts be forgot
ten" Emerson
; ' Gorham '
has helped to break
' down the barrier be
tween the fine and the
useful arts. Every piece
of it, even the most
trivial, brings beauty
,.jrtfo our every-day life.
It is distinguished also
by its admirable work
manship and its mod
erate price.
Connecticut; raptajit, Commander" George
W. Balrd;, lieutenant . commander 'to ' be
commanders, William -Winder, Charles B.
T. Moore ana Airrea aieynoias; assistant t
surgeon. James T. .DeDfuler Indianapolis;
pnmBsirr, iu unn iix .hum v. . uvuicuam
commander, John l0ell.
Iowa Thomas J. Hoffman, Vail.
Kansas William C. Palmer, Jewell; Cad
die Smith, Lebanon; Josh Woolen, Man-
kato: Sydney W. Gould, Wler.
Nebraska Ira I. Taah, Alliance; W. A.
Needham, Bloomfleld; James H. Logan,
ronca; John A. Anderson, Waboo; William
A. Rodger. Gibbon..
Wyoming John W. Crrsman, Green
Cannot Be Enjoined.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. The United
States supreme court today decided the
case of certain Kiowa and. .other Indians
instituted .against secretary tmenema to
prevent the opening Of lands in Oklahoma,
holding that the secretary woe- within his
rights as an executive officer-of the gov
ernment and could not be enjolnedi Hence,
It the complaining Indians were eniftled to
any relief they mast go to the legislative
branch of the government and '. not the
courts.- ! '
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BoliVar -could have made two trips to
Cludad Bolivar during the time- It' .waa en
gaged. In helping Fantome. The vessel Is
owned by an American company.
A prize court haa been formed to con
elder the validity of the secures of Venex-
i, -Ian rrmtt anil In fir th v.lim fit the I
" ' .. - - " 1
prizes. This step is ceing lateen irre- i
aoectlve of future developments aa to the I
possible return of these vessel In the event
of arbitration. -
Msssstci Eliminate All Toatentloas
Question Rxeept PISTer1 , Con
tracts from Arbitration Scheme.
CHICAGO, Jan. B. Th , peace confer
ence between the National and American
league committee win do neia in cmcin-
natt on Friday, with the player Question
the only one to arbitrate if the National
league people accept a proposition made to
them today.
Neither Ban Johnson, president of the
American league, or President James Hart
of the Chicago National league club would
talk for publication on the prospects for
peace today, but Johnson admitted that he
had written Chairman Hermann of the Na-
tlonal league conference committee and
expected a reply tomorrow. . .
It was learned late tonight that Presi
dent Johnson In this letter asked for . a
meeting on Friday, In which amalgamation
schemes should be out out and the efforts
be confined to an 'adjustment of the va
rious clalma for players and the consid
eration of contract Jumpers. "
Hermann's reply to Johnson's communi
cation Is expected to arrive tomorrow and
If satlsfatcorr the formal call for the Fri
day meeting will be Issued at once.
. . . , . ...
Western Jockey Clnb - Recommends
'Withdrawal at Privileges In ..
Certain Cases.
CHICAGO. Jan. 6. At their recular
monthly meeting; the board of stewards of
the Western Jockey club recommended that
the following persons ana norses be ruiea
off: i.-.-'h - - .iv -'
Owners J. Durker. R. E. Forsyth. John
Kramer. J - ...
Horses Al Lone. -Dronerty of .- Allen
Denny Puffy, property of M. F. Carrano
ft co.: Bam i. coenran. Dropenyoi w. n.
crawrordi rorsa, property or tt. Mccar-
ren, Jr.; Fasealc, property of B. L. Bhaw.
F. E. Bradbury, trainer, was reinstated.
The order refuslnr the entry of Passe
Partout was- rescinded.
Dates for race meetings were assigned
aa follows: Worth Jockey club. April 29 to
May zi ana octorjer o to oetoDer si; ttign
land Park club, June 22 to July 11.
In the matter ol the controversey be
tween J. O'Keene and A. H. Zlmmer for
the services of Jockey. Grover C. Fuller It
was decided that the contract with Zlmmer
Is the one now In force. ,
The Worth Jockey club officials, having
sustained the complaint filed by H. V.
Bretvogel against jjtlchard Dwyer, report
that they nave nnoo uwyer Wy
Calls on Baecutlv Committee to Sent
Devery or Show Cause
for Refusal.
NEW YORK,' Jan. 6. The regular meet
ing of the executive committee of Tammany
hall was Interrupted tonight by the service
ot an order granted by Judge Gaynor of the
supreme court restraining ".the committee
from meeting or taking any hction and
requiring it to show cause why William
8. Devery should not be given a seat in
the committee as a member from the
Ninth district. The order la made return
able on Thursday.
Grand Jury Called to Investigate Al
leged Illegal Fixing of
CLEVELAND, O., Jan. (.The grand Jury
wa summoned before Judge Neff in com
mon plea court today and Instructed to
investigate the 'Charge that a combine ex
ists among the local coal dealers. The
Judge declared that Information had been
procured Indicating that such a combination
was in control of the local coal trad.
The cost ot soft ooal had been steadily
advanced of late until the price wa double
that asked six months ago.
Takes Full Beneat et ProSt-Sharlng
geheme Arranged by
Trust. .'
NEW YORK. J.n: l.-harl- M. Schwab.
president of the I'nlUd JJtate 8teel cor
poration, has cabled from Europe to the
officer of the corporation, asklpf ' that
sixty shares of prf erred stock be allotted
him under the offer reoently made to em
BJxty shares la th maximum amount Mr.
Schwab could apply for. Vrt'
Bill Prohibit Sale of
... lilmle Weapons. ;
RICHMOND, Va., Jan. Two bills were
Introduced in th stat legislature today
to prevent the sale of toy pistols. Publlo
feeling is aroused by. the,' recent epidemic
of tetanus. The- latest victims were two
hove In the same family. Arthur and Eu
gene Edelblut, both of whom were slightly
woundsd by toy pistols oa Christmas day.
Change of Venue Oranted.
ST. LOUIS.' Jan. .-The'ease ot Charles
F. Kelly, member of the bouse of delegates
tor alleged bribery la connection with the
suburban franchls deal, came up today
before Judge Douglas, On application of
the defendant's attorneys a change of venue
was granted to Judge Ryan' court, where
trial et th ease will beglg WeOa !
-i - -; rr- . .
United. 8tat ProdW Mow r Cold and
Silver Than Ever.
Justice Holmea t photo's Law Prohibit
ing Gambllsg la Stork and Grain
Martina Passed by Califor
nia Legislature.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 6. George E. Rob
erts, alrector of the mint, today Issued his
preliminary estimate ot the production of
toi and sliver In tho United States during
1W2, me total production of gold was
80, 853,810, an Increase for the year ' of
12,198,370, and of silver $31,040,025,, a net
increase of $3,325,084.
Following la the estimated production ot
Gold 'Sliver.
Value.-. Com'l Value.
I . 5.000
.... 8.R23.R33
.... 4.1l,(9
.... 27,5a42
.... 10i,3Mt
.... 2,060263 '
...... . lO .,
.... 6K8.40I)
. 2.8X3 .
. 40.7S3
. ,0S5,714
Maryland i.
- .W0
New Mexico. -
North Carolina.
South Carolina....
South Dakota......
T . o V.
0,160. 0 0
360. IO0
. 3.756
" yoming-
$31,040 T?5
81. 70S
Nomelncl'd,nAla"Ra st3-26
. $.640
Would l-se All -Minesi
Senator Mason of Illinois today Intro
duccd a bill to provide for the temporary
Operation of coal mines, tt. provides that
whenever any coal mine Is unoperated and
Continues to be unoperated to ttie prejudice
of the rights of whe people It shall be the
duty of the attorney .general to apply to
any Judge of a United States court for a
receiver for the mine, who.' if appointed.
shall serve until such time as the court
shall find, by decree that neither the gen
eral welfare nor public necessity require
the further operation of eald mine by such
. Stock Gambling- Jllesal. .
Justice Holmes f the supreme court of
th Unlted Btte todav delivered the first
opinion promulgated by him a a member
of that court
The case wis that of Otto Gassman
against Parker and Involved the question
as to whether tho stat- constitution of
California, prohibiting dealings In margins
on stocks, contravenes the ' constitution" ot
the United States.
The decision . of the California courts
which sustains the constitution prohibit
ing such dealings, Is confirmed. Justices
Brewer and Peckham dissented."
Conforms to Published Tariffs.
In accordance with a sanat resolution
passed last session, the Interstate Com
merce Commission today gave a hearing on
the question ot - import rates. Import
Agent Devlne and General Traffic Manager
Whittaker of the Chesapeake V Ohio rail
road testified that their road conformed -to
the published tariff without exception.
Teats for Rhodes' Scholarships. .
At today's' meeting of the National As
sociation of State Universities' Jt was di
rected In ' executive session' tfka't the ap
pointments of students from educational
Institutions In America to the Cecil Rhodes
scholarships In Oxford university must be
based on educational and social testa, with
no regard whatever for political Influence.
This conclusion Is la accord with the
trustees of the Cecil Rhodes fund. ' The
rest ot the session wa devoted to answer
ing questions askfed by George P. Parkin ot
Toronto, the agent of- the Cecil Rhodes
scholarships In America, ' regarding local
educational condition. ' i .
Will Take I'p 'Cuban Treaty.';"'
Senator Culloro,. chairman of tha com
mittee on foreign relations,. had fin. ..ex
tended conference with the president today
concerning the Cuban reciprocity treaty,
which 1 pending before bis committee. -
It Is his purpose to have a meeting of the
committee -ea .Wednesday ie- -coaslder the
treaty, and as soon aa possible afterward
he will move for its consideration by the
Senator Cullom believe that while some
opposition to the treaty ha developed It
will, be ratified.
Would Prohibit , Plural Wlves.i
A Joint resolution was offered today by
Representative Parker (N. J.) proposing an
amendment to the constitution to prohibit
I polygamy. He also Introduced a bill to re
store the sale ot malt beverage nd light
wines' to soldiers, on arm transport and
at post exchange.
Make Tart Judge. -
The president proposes to nominate Gov
ernor Taft to be an' associate justice of the
United State supreme court to succeed
Justice Shlras, who Is expected to retire
next month. Governor Taft will be suc
ceeded as civil governor , ot the Philippines
by Qeneral Luke Wright. W. W. Rockhlll,
the director ot the Bureau of American Re
publics, will become vice governor. '
There are already many aspirants for the
place which will be vacated by Mr. Rock
hlll, but so. far the president ha made no
choice. It appears that Governor Taft was
offered a place on the supreme bench on
the death of Justice Gray,' but tie felt that
affairs in the Philippines were In such a
atate a to require his own personal at
tendance and he sacrificed the opportunity.
HSS'rl? lVt
the archipelago will be in shape by Feb
ruary so that It may well he taken over
by General Wright. While Mr. Rockhlll
will receive a much higher compensation
as vice director of the Bureau of American
"T- . "...fh." H--.:h7
of many ambitious plans be had cherished
looking to the extension of the present bu
reau Into an institution far ' beyond Ita
present capacity. . .'
Strikes ItnaMs'i Hint (lit,
In the United States supreme court to
day Justice Fuller announced the substitu
tion ot the name of Admiral Henry C. Tay-
lor for that of Admiral Sampaon in th
prise money case instituted on behalf ot
the officers and sailors who participated In
the naval battlo ot Saakiago. ..
Captain Lawloa Is Major.
-' - i
The president ha' directed the appoint
ment of Captain Louis B.Lawton, Twenty
sixth infantry. 'to be major In the Judge
advocate general ' department Major
Lawtoa 'was badly wounded with ' Colonel
Llscom's division at TJeq .Tsln. . Hla injury
la permanent.. s
Philippines Are Beyond aeaa.
Among the decisions by the. United State
court of clalma today , wa one In the ease
of Irwin against the United States. The
court, decided that service In .the Philip
pines is 'service beyond the seas, within
tha meaning of the Uw at the. time of ita
passage. ."' '
Names 'Are Private Property.
Representative Fltigerald'TlV. T today
iatroduoed a bill making It Illegal ta a as,
for advertising purposes th name or pic
tures et any living person without having
first obtained their consent ln writing. Mr.
FUi serai d atd ht action arose from the-
recent decision that the mere fact that a
picture waa a true likeness and it use
unauthorised afforded no- ground for-re
- Kead Transport Service.
Secretary- Hoot has decided to ask con
gress to- authorise the lease of the army
transports on the line between San Fran
cisco and Manila and to contract with the
lessor for the transportation ot troops and
supplies betweea . tlese points for .a term
of -three years. Under existing statutes
cowtract t the kind required cannot be
made for a longer period than one year.
Coal Roads Will Ceaoe Mnylna Coal
and Act Simply as Common
NEW YORK; ,Jfc'nT t Reports from
Philadelphia stating that the anthracite
roads had suspended the 66 per cent tide
water , agreement with the Independent
operator were confirmed today at the of
fices of several of the roads interested.
In the case of the Lehigh Valley the
suspension lasts until March 81. The
strongest' pressure, was brought to bear
against that road, because of the large
number ot Independent operators along its
lines. . .
The Lackawanna road li a party to the
suspension agreement, but not for any
fixed period and may. 'cancel ita agreement
wltb the independents at will.
In discussing conditions which led to the
situation Lackawanna official Bald.:
This whole thing Is made possible by last
years strike. Some time bko free tonnage
came Into this market. - It was snapped up
by Jobbers and middlemen who sent their
representatives to the Independents and of-
rerea better prices tnan we pnia. we re
fused to Increase our pay. We believed
that In view of the urgent, demand we
could not consistently apk a prlre higher
than $6 per ton at 'tidewater. While thU
suspension remains In .force the coal roads
will simply act as common carriers for the
Independent operators, charging so much
per ton ror Drlnglng ineir products 10 mar
It is the opinion of coal road repreecnta-
Uvea that actios of. the independents must
inevitably inorease the cost of coal to the
public. Altogether there are over 100 in
dependent operators In the three districts.
Their output for jl90Z was greatly reduced
by reason of the strike, but In 1901 they
produced almost .15,000,000 tons.
Deserts to. elude wife
Lieutenant Leaves Fort Leavenworth
' Supposedly to Escape Woman Who '
Claims Marftal Rlht.
'. .
LEAVENWORTHf. Kan., Jan. 5. Lieu
tenant Edward O. Perkins, Fourth cav
alry, U. S. A., left his quarters at Fort
Leavenworth on the night of December
80, on four days' leave ot absence, and has
not since been beard from. An effort was
made today by creditor to attach his per
sonal property. Perkins was Admiral
Dewey's orderly' at the battle ot Manila
and had previously been a cavalry private
His fine .record and the admiral's com
mendation woo him a commission in the
About week , ago a woman called on
Colonel Miner, commandant at Fort Leav
enworth'K and eatd she was Lieutenant Per
kins' wife and had been married to him
fourteen years ago at Fort Stanton, N. M.
when ho was a sergeant. She said his
name waa. ,nqt,Perklns, but Edward O,
Raynor, and that he belonged to an old
New York'famtly: .-
- BlahOp Gulataa F. Ropert.
HONOLULU, Jan. 6. (By Pacific cable.)
Bishop Gulstan F. Ropert, head of the
Roman Catholic church In the Hawaiian
islands, died last night. Bishop Ropert
had been ill for some time and was In
dying condition When the Pacific cable was
landed at Honolulu. One of the first rues
sage aent over 'the new cable, .waa . from
Bishop Ropert, who realized then, that, his
end waa approaching, .to the pope at Rome
asking for his blessing
' Mrs. ' Elisabeth 'Xlnde.
' DETROIT, Mich..' Jan. 8. Mrs. Elizabeth, Widow of Bishop Nlnde qf the Meth
odist' Episcopal church, died at her resi
dence here today,, from acute bronchitis.
Four children survive. ' Mrs. Nlnde was
horn In Fulton, N. Y. She wa married to
Bishop Nlnde in 1857. ' ,
' , .Garibaldi's Daughter.
J1 "ROME, Jan. S.The daughter Of Oarl
bhldl and wife Of General Canxlo, the Ital
ian patriot,' died suddenly today at Cap
sera. ' She accompanied 1 Garibaldi In all
his campaign.
, Brigadier General Ell Long. .
NEW YORK, Jan. 6. Brigadier General
Ell Long ot Plain field, N. J., died here to
day. He served li) -the. civil, war and was
twice breveted tor gallantry.
Senor Sagasta. ,
MADRID,. Jan. .6. Former. Premier . Sa
ga' died at 6:S0thisieventng.
. what He Had Looked for 38 Years.
Many Interesting stories are still told
by the heroes, of the late war ot the re
bellion. An old soldier of Morris, 111.,
related hi experience a short time ago.
"When I enlisted in the-war," said he,
I was strong and healthy and weighed 180
pounds, and when I waa discharged four
years' later I only weighed 130 pounds,
which waa the result ot a very bad atomach
trouble, contracted while In the army.
I waa treated by medical men tor a long
time, paying out hundreds of dollars, but
receiving no permanent benefit. Patent
medicines were also highly recommended
tor dyspepsia and stomach troubles and I
tried a number of them, but got no relief,
and in the end was actually worse. I be
came, mentally and poystcally a wreck,
had no energy to do business and I simply
got enough euateaance .from' my food to
keep aoul and body together, and wa In
pain and misery constantly.
-While in thfs oondltlon I met a friend,
who asked me If I had used Grape-Nuts.
I had not, but had used other prepared
food and got no relief, and so had no con
fidence in any of them. He continued to
urge me to use Grape-Nuts, saying his
wife bad become so much Improved In
health by ualng this particular food.
Bo, partly to please him, I bought a pack
age and made my supper that night on
Grape-Nuts, fully expecting to suffer all
nlcht as the result. To my surprise and
areat Joy It agreed with me perfectly.
had a good appetite from that time on
and Grape-Nuts was my only food for the
first four months;, then I began to partake
ot other food sparingly. I gained t jry rap
idly, mentally and physically, with energy
and force restored, and I also gained in
flesh, my weight increasing 85 pounds Jn
about six months. My stomach, from
which I had suffered untold misery for K
years, became perfectly healthy, so that I
could eat all kinds of food in connection
with Grape-Nuts.
Today I am tl years old and enjoy good
health, and I bellsve Grape-Nuts to be the
best of food products, scientifically pre
pared ao aa to contain the greatest amount
of nutrtmeat and toale properties." Name
given by Post am Co., Battle Creek, Mich.
Paweigers Beek Transport by Water Whn
Trains Fail.
Haa-laa-N Floods Block Tracks, Isolat
ing Sound Cities for Four Llnja
and Cutting Off Milk
TACOMA, Wash., Jan. 8. Delayed North
ern Pacific and Great Northern trains from
the cast have arrived from Portland, with
hundreds of passengers for Seattle and
other northern points. Owing to the aban
donment of the Northern Pacific and In-
terurban trains between Tacoma and Seattle-
these passengers are flocking to the
boats, fully 1.000 people trying to board
the steamer Flyer today. The customs
agents limited the number to 200, although
the capacity of the boat Is BOO. A mad
rush ensned and a panic was narrowly
Many tons of mall from the east are
stacked up on the docks awaiting trans
portation by water, among it being the
letters and papers which should havu
reached the sound cities since Thursday.
At South Prairie, Pierce county, the au
thorities had to blew up a large Iron county
bridge to break a log Jam. The coal mines
there are flooded. Five large bridges In
this county are gone.
Two Men Are Drowned.
SEATTLE, Wash., Jan. 6. Two men were
drowned during the flood of Sunday near
the town of O'Brien. ' Martin Cummlngs, a
pioneer rancher, and Edward Shaunessy
met death while trying to rescue stock
from the raging torrents. They were In a
small boat when a log struck the boat,
throwing them Into the water. 1
The water is already receding In the
valley and the Weather bureau report In
dicates that it is getting colder In the
mountains, but the chinook wind is still
blowing here. The Inundation ot the val
leys surrounding Seattle hns shut off tho
milk supply from the surrounding coun
try. Coal Is also scarce, but it is ex
pected two roads will be open tomorrow.
In any event, there Is plenty of wood avail
able. The chief damage to farmers Is the loss
of chickens and hogs, which were drowned
by the hundreds during the high water.
The transcontinental traffic blockado
which has prevailed since lant Friday was
raised thia morning, when the Great
Northern got a train through over the Ore
gon Railroad and Navigation tracks via
Portland from Spokane. The Portland
branch Is now open.
The Northern Pacific, whose transconti
nental tracks are hopelessly -blocked be
tween Tacoma and EUonsburg, will use the
Great Northern tracks until Its own are
opened. All coast lines are cleared In a
temporary way. This Is also true of tho
Seattle-Tacoma lines, excepting the tnter
urban, which will probably be closed three
Kew York State Courts Declare Cor
porations Eitmpt from As
sessments. ALBANY, N. Y., Jan. 5. It is said at
a late hour hero tonight that the third ap
pellate division of the supreme court Jtlll
within twenty-foup hours hand down a de
cision, declaring the franchise tax law
passed by the legislature of 1899 unconsti
tutional so far aa It relates to the state
constitution. So far $12,000,000 In taxes is
Involved, the state by the decision prac
tically losing that amount of money and
the corporations gaining it, while at least
$4,000,000 a year in future revenues also
Is involved.
The constitutionality of the franchise tax
law was attacked by the interested cor
porations who operate forty-seven of the
largest franchises In Greater New York, on
two propositions.
First That It violated the home-rale pro
vision of the state constitution, in that It
gave to the State Board of Tax Commis
sioners the power to assess real estate for
the nuruoses - of local taxation, a power
which Is reposed In local boards of assess
ors. Second That It violated the provisions of
the national constitution which holds In
violate contracts made between Individuals,
corporations or other corporated bodies.
Man Poisoned by Drinking Whisky
Given II I m as a New Yenr'a
Bailey, wife of a coachman of George H.
Kllborne, was declared to be out of danger
from strychnine poisoning taken into her
system last night by drinking from a bottle
from which her husband had drank. Ha
died at midnight in agony.
The caae promises to develop into one
of the greatest murder mysteries in the
history ot Pike's peak region. Mrs
Bailey, since her recovery, tella a story
that Indicates that some one deliberately
poisoned her husband with a bottle ot
whisky given him as a New Year's present.
The police and coroner are Investigating
and state that it la a case of strychnine
poisoning. Mrs. Bailey's condition was
brought by her drinking from the same
bottle after her husband bad been thrown
into convulsions, in order to see what waa
In the bottle.
Railroads Reported Ready to Add An.
other Five Per Cent to
Freight Schedules.
CHICAGO, Jan. 8. Freight rates
nearly all commodities transported
weatern railroads are to be materially
raised during the next thirty days, de
clares the Record-Herald. The rates pro
jected will be at least 8 per cent higher
in all commodity tariffs.
The executive officials ot the railroad
are actuated largely by the tear that the
increased cost of everything thst railroads
buy will make the maintenance of the
present dividend rates Impossible during
Tells Western Immigration Bureau
That It Will Meet Commissions
Paid by Other Lines.
CHICAGO, Jan. 8. A crisis was reached
In the affairs of the Western Immigration
bureau when the Rock Island, through Gen
eral Passenger Agent John Sebsstlan,
aerved notice on the association that the
company would protect Its Interests by
meeting the commissions paid by western
passenger lines and the Southern Pacific
on business to Texas, Colorado. Arizona
Nevada, Wyoming, Utah and California,
nallway Pays Well.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 8. The annual
report of the Kausts City Southern railway
for tbs fiscal year ended June 80, 1902
shows: Gross receipts, $5,150, fc60. 64, an In
crease over last year of $)u7.04; operat
log catenae and taxea, 13,744.978; Increase,
231.154. Income from operations, 11,705,
!M; Increase I6,R.r0.
Oraanlse Lower House of Montana
Lefclnlatnre for First Time
. In Ten Years.
" HELENA, Mont., Jan. 6 The republicans
ot the Montana legislature today organised
the house for the first time In ten years.
Former Governor B. F. White of Dillon wa
chosen speaker. '
Augustua Helm was defeated In hi effort
to prevent caucus agreements. The out
come Is regarded as a victory for former
Vnlted States Senator Carter.
The democrats organized the senate. The
governor's message will not be read until
ST. PAUL, Jan. 8. The republican mem
bers of the lower house today selected. In
caucus, T. W. Pshcock of Wadena as
speaker. The contest over the speakership
bad been bitter, attempts having been un
successfully made to bring In the anti
merger suit as an Issue. The legislature
will meet In Joint assembly tomorrow at
noon,, at which time Governor S. R. Van
8ant will be Inaugurated for his aecond
term. '
DOVER, . Del.,. Jan. 8. The threatened
deadlock In the Delaware 'egielature was
averted when the "two republican factions
gave In to .each other, tonight, the Addlcks
assemblymen giving the regulars an equal
Share of the legislative offices and the first
choice, which will be tho president pro
tern, of the senate. The speaker of the
houfao, next 1n line, will be an Addlcks
man. ...
DENVER, Jan. 8. The republican mem
bers of the legislature late tonight agreed
to hold a caucus to decide upon the speak
ership of the house. It ie understood all
decided to' abide by the decision of the
caucus. While tho United States senator
ship was not touched on, the decision will
have an important bearing on the question.
Until tonight the friends and opponents of
ex-Senator .Wolcott, while declaring that
they 'controlled a majority of the repub
lican members declined to enter a caucus.
Flash-t for Speakership ot the House Is
Between Sherman -and
' '-; " ' " Miller.
SPRINGFIELD, III., Jan. 6. There Is
practically no change this morning in the
speakership situation. A number of mem
bers have arrived, but neither Sherman or
Miller has made any gains so far as known.
The repoft current last night that Repre
sentative Bundy of Centralla might desert
Sherman for Mlllep Is denied by both sides.
Mr. Miller said' that he and Bundy were
close , personal .friends, but that Bundy
would support Sherman, and he added that
this had been understood all along between
The Miller men say that they have a fair
majority of the caucus and are not seeking
recruits.- They will be satisfied to hold
heir -present following and have no doubt
that they will be able to do this.
Wyoming, and. Other Stntea Induot
Executives for Second
CHEYENNE, Wyo., Jan. 8. Governor
Deforest Richards and the other atate offi
cers were sworn in today and an Inaugural
ball will be held tonight Id th capltol.
MADISON, Wla.V'Tn; r fi. Governor R.
N. LaFollette wa Inaugurated for hi sec-
oqd term aa governor of the atate of Wis
consin at noon today. Following the gov
ernor, the .new atate offlcera were sworn In.
After the ceremony Governor LaFollette
held an informal reception.
BISMARCK, N. D., Jan. 6. Governor
White took the oath of office for his sec
ond term today and the other state officer
were also inducted Into their posts. ,
Will Accept Republican Nomination
for Governor of; Ohio If Ten-
dered'to Him. .
CLEVELAND, O., .Jan. 6.-Colone Myron
T. Herrlck," When asked by a representa
tive of the Associated Press today If he
would be a candidate ror the republican
gubernatorial nomination, said:
If the republicans of Ohio should request
me to be a candidate for governor this year
I shall accept their nomination, fully ap
preciating the duties and grave responsi
bilities of that high office.
Rhode Island Man Accepts an Offlce
and Immediately Expires la
Hla Chair.
WOONSOCKET, R. 1., Jan. 6. Just as he
resumed "hi seat at the conclusion of k
speech accepting the presidency of the
Woonsocket Board of Aldermen Algernon T.
Simmons expired' in his chair today.
Eeaemn. ho Cure, Ro ray.
Your druggist will refund your money If
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure ringworm,
tetter,' old ulcere and aores, .pimples and
blackheads on the face, and all skin dis
eases. 60 cent.
Washington Grand Jury Impanelled
to Investigate Alleged Ir.
. regularities.
SEATTLE, Wash;, Jan. 8 A grand Jury,
the 'first in King county for seven years,
was impanelled today by Judge Bell ot the
superior court to Investigate the alleged
corruption of the police department and
Other Institutions.
The Jury began Investigations this after
noon by visiting the county and city jails.
Chief Eseeutlv of Indiana Takea Ex
ception to a Boslng El.
. - - : hi bit Ion.
INDIANAPOLIS. Jan. 6. Governor Dur-
bin haa notified the city officials of Muncle
that prize fights in toe guise of boxing ex
hibitions will, not b tolerated.
The Muncle Athletlo club has advertised
a bout-for January 14. On of the posters
came to the governor's notice and be called
k . Vjrtir vurriL
In comparing Graln-O and coffea
reuieraber that while tbo taato i
tb same Grain-D gv health and
strength while coffee shatter tho'
oetvous system aod breeds disease
of the digestive; organs. Thinking
people prefer Grain-O and its ben
efit.;.. ui v.
At grocers ererjuket ; lac aa4 We. per package,
la some of the officials and told them there
should be no prlre fighting.
The police board of Muncle has It order
to that effect;,,, It. is reported the club may
Ignore the governor a orders.
Cotton Crop tor IHOil.
WASHINGTON. Jnn. 8 TMie -etis
biiresu report on tho cotton glnm-re fr.un
the 1 !i2 crop to ami liu hulltig Hccem'wr
SI laKt In 9.311 .S3.S hales. Irrespective of elinp
or weight, which Is rqiml to J . i . 5 ut -bsleo
according to the commercial counting.
This Is 90 2 per cent of the crop. Hie
glnners estimate l.GJI.Me hales.
Gives Rlrlh to Four.
TOLKPO. O., Jan. 8 Rivals of the fa
mous Ormehy quads" were born In Toledo
veptenlny anil today. Mrs. Ptnnlslnus 8.
Plehalekl lt the mother of the Infants,
three of whom came IhsI nlsht end the
fourth today. The mother and her quartet
are well and strong
Discharges Jury.
Judge Munger yesterday excused the petit
Jury for the rest of this term, owing to
the amount of more pressing business tak
ing the Judge's- time.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of . .
flee Fac-Slmlle Wrapper Below.
Tavr aataU
ret KUDACMl.
ron sallow turn.
nTt I nxreir TeretahlayX
-naarerBsaasi mis
It Wins nd Wears
The rich natural flavor of
. - Is a pleasant
'., remembrance.
It wins and wear.
i It always delight
and never disap
points. . It ' never
a..lqwers . .Its . high
standard of qual
ity. It fa the charm
of hospitality and
the tonic of health.
gold tt all nnt-ri.M
f fcnrt by ohhrs.
..u.i., rn.' PlroptM.
t(tle, Moth 'lc
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id ot tu. .
ton Ut uttuti
t'Am .. i.rfi.. in 4hm. 1 recom
mend -OOUKAUD'B CREAM' ea the leapt
harmful of all the akin preparations. or
sale by all drueglst. and lancy ouu
ere in the U. 9. nd Kurope. ' . - r
FEHI). T. IOFKI. I'rov r. ,..
.,,17 Great .tones St. N.'.T. ,
Woodward St Burgess.
Klaw & Erlanger'a
Prices Mat. and night. Sue. Tie. ti.00. 11.60.
2.00. GUery seats on sale, for all perform
ances. rre urn suspenuea ror mis en
gagement. Curtain rises at 8 p. m. and i
p. m.
Bun Jay Mat. and Night atid Monday.
TELEPHONE 1611. . .-.
bUIsUAX Z:lt. .
High Glass Vaudeville
Barrows, Lancaster Co.. HID Bllylany.
L Dumonds. Mile Riafta, The Cole 1
Losse luo, Oeo. W. Moore and the Klno
drome. .- . . ,, f
Piicea, 10c, Ke ,and- (On . '
liiw iiiiM,niiu0mllil Leading Hotel
A . ,
Pi IAI. r KlTtUIS. ,
12 H0 to 1 p. m.
SUNDAY, 6 to a. m. JjNNER, fio 1
eteadlly increasing- piiflness has necessi
tated an enlargement or this cafe,-doubling
its former capHclty, ', ,
PARK JI0TEI :?i"sl
.- , ..
Finest Cafea West of New YOrk? i-
I&0.UU0 in Recen( Improvement.
Open Jsn. rd to Mae IStH. -
UudVr New Management.
J. R. Hajres. C Braat. Lessees.
;1 Whiskey
i mr - t j . i