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timbers of an Abandoned Mine GWe Way,
Creatbj rituuie.
Veopl Are M mrnrj bjr Brmklni of
by Flight
to Safe
BCRANTON. Pa., Jan. :. Abandoned
workings of the Eddy Creek colliery of the
Delaware A Hudson company. In the very
heart of the town of Ollphant, caved In
his afternon and engulfed four frame
fculldlngs. covering an aggregate ground
apace of ,0O0 aquara feet.
Tb aettllng waa gradual and people In
the affected territory escaped without being
Immediately endangered. A gang of men
and boy v. ho were at work In the mine
jppyond the fall encountered a flooded "dip"
Vr depression In a Vein In making , their
vay out by a circuitous route, and bad to
wlm from one rise to the other. No one
.ther above or below ground, however,
'sustained any Injury.
The settling began at 3" o'clock and con
tlaued thirty minutes. In the Intervening
half hour O'Brien's three-story hotel, Mrs.
Ann Evans' doubie dwulllng, Mrs. Jane
Ackarly'a double store building and a one
story barber sbop were ground to dcbrl
the yawnl'jg pit, with the uppermost
farts of th mound forty feet below the
a erf ace
' The vein that caved Is'llS feet below the
.aurfrjee. Tb settling started In the street
lust In front of the hotel property. The
brVck pavement was seen to be working
Vid the telegraph poles and trees along
jfbe curb were noticed to be wobbling. The
suae was at once apparent and th alarm
jwss tlen to all the neighborhood.
Two sick gueats were removed from the
JhoteA snd taken two blocks away to a pri
vate bouse. Soms attempt was made at
saving th contents of the buildings, but
yh rapidly increasing size of the opening
tb street put a stop to this and every,
on fled from the neighborhood.
Twenty minutes after the disturbance vas
first noticed the opening had widened until
It reached all the way across th street and
halt way beneath tha hotel. Then with a
' terrific crash the big hotel pitched forward,
turned entirely over and landed on Its root
fn th bottom of th abyss. An Immense
amount of earth from all about the edge
of tb hotel went down with It and a mo
ment later the adjoining, double dwelling
of Mrs. Evans fell over th edg and de
molished Itself on the ruins of th hotel.
Vhe Ackerly double store building and th
Evans barber shop promptly slid Into the
chasm about th same time and plied them
selves broken and twisted.
At nightfall It was believed there would
be no further settling, but no one. It Is
rate to say, went to bed tonight In any
building within fifty yarda of the disturbed
Th property damage Is estimated at
930,000. The worklnga which caved ver In
the uppermost part of th worked out
veins. The timbers, It Is explained by the
company officials, auported a thin root of
Tock, which In turn supported strata of
quicksand and gravel extending to tha sur
face. The timbers rotted, the roof gave
-way and th quicksand sifted through,
carrying th gravjl with it. The water
mains broke and a torrent of water poured
through the aperture and down a forty-five-foot
plana which has its heading Just at
th point where th roof broke through.
Not until all tbat was abov th area
of the old works which caved in had been
sucked. Into the openlpg and down thi slop
. did the settlings Cease, fortunately tor
th cap, th aurface ceased cracking ninety
foet from the river bank. Had it reached
the river tha tnln would have been Hooded.
Up to midnight no further disturbance
bad been reported.
Pressed Steel Car Company to Carry
Shares of Stock for Beaellt
of Employes.
NEW YORK, Jan. 1 Announcement was
mad today that another Industrial corpor
ation haa Inaugurated a plan to share Its
profits wltb employes.
The Pressed Steel Car company proposed
t carry for each of Its employes who
have been six months or more in Its em
ploy from on to twenty-five shares of tb
preferred stock, now paying 7 per cent
The men will pay 5 per cent down and
The Equita
Life Assurance Society
Of the United States.
Preliminary Statement Jan. 1, 1903.
Outstanding Assurance, $1,290,000,000
New Assurance, -Assets,
; Assurance Fund and
Other liabilities,
The largest Increase ever made in any year in the
history of the Society.
JAMES II. HYDE, Vice President.
U, 1). fc'etlj, Mgr., UercfionU' Nat Dank Bidg, Omaha, Neb.
the same amount la tnonthlr Installment
thereafter, the company charging 4 per
rent for money loaned to carrr the stocK
At th dividend la 7 per cant, tb buyer
will bar tb advantage of tb t per cent
Sis or More Mlao Workers Dead and
Score Injared at Potts
vllle, Pa.
POTTSVILLE, Fs., Jsn. 1 By sn ex
plosion at the Oak Hill colliery today sit
or more mine workers were killed and a
score severely burned.
Among the killed are:
Oft for Leajlalatare.
BTURGI8, 8. D., Jan. 1 (8pec!aD
Senator H. E. Perkins of the Fortieth dis
trict left on the evening train for Pierre,
where he will be In attendance at the
opening of th coming legislature. Mrs.
Perkins accompanied him and will remain
about two weeks, when ah will return.
Falls to Form Comblaatloa.
AKRON, O., Jan. l.-F. M. Atterholt, who
has been engaged for some time In an at
tempt to form a combination of the paper
bag and rope paper manufacturers of 'he
country has up the project. It Ia re
ported that the paper bag and rope paper
manufacturers of the west have organized
Independently of the eastern manufac
turers, owing to the fact that the latter
showed a disposition to delay matters.
J. O. McMahnn of New York City to at
the Millard.
B. Rrooks Is a New York City arrival at
the Millard.
P. J. Nichols, depot master of the Union
depot. Denver, Is at the Millard.
William Deuel, ' superintendent of the
Colorado division of the I'nlon Pacific, with
headquarters In Denver, Is at the Millard.
Seasonable Fashions.
322 Womaa'i Jaclst, 12 to 42 bus .
Woman's Jacket. 4322. To Be Mado With
Plain or Slot Beams Stylish snug-flttlng
Jackets always are fashionable and make
Ideal wraps for general wear.- Thla smart
model Is shown in kersey cloth. In royal
blue stitched with silk and fin
ished with collar and cuffs of velvet edged
with bands of whit cloth, but all cloaking
and suit materials are appropriate as th
design suits tha odd coat and the entire
costume equally well. When desired th
fronts can be rolled back to form revars as
shown In th small sketch.
Th Jacket consists of fronts, aid fronts,
underarm gores, back and sidsbacks. When
plain seams are preferred those at front and
back are closed simply on Indicated lines,
the stitched tucks snd underfsclngs, that
form the slot seams, being omitted. Th
fronts, are deeply faced and 'meet the collar
tbat Is sewed to the neck edge. When
closed they are lapped in double-breasted
style. At each hip Is Inserted a pocket that
Is finished with 9 pocket welt. The sleeves
are two-seamed and finished with roll-over
cuffs, but can be left plain If preferred.
The quantity of material required for the
medium stse Is t ysrds 44 Inches wide or
ihi yards 52 Inches wide.
Th pattern 4322 Is cut In sixes tor a 32,
14, 36, 38, 40 and 42-Inch bust measure. I
For th accommodation of The Bee read
era these patterns, which usually rtatl at
from 25 to 60 cents, will be turntihed at a
nominal price, 10 cents, which covers all
expense. In order to get a pattern enclose
10 oents, give number and nam of pattern
wanted and bust measure.
HYDE. Founder.
Far Away Hawaii Oianp in Initant Tench
with United States.
alp Straaalcs Bravely Thronah, Ilovr.
over, Its Masters Battling Against
Elemeata Which W,U De
stroy Work Dose.
BA FRANCISCO. Jan. 2. fan Francisco
and Honolulu are now connected by cable.
The first words passed under the ocean a
few momenta after 11 o'clock last night.
The wlr worked perfectly
Bilvertown. Just before splicing the ends,
some thirty mile off shore from Honolulu,
telegraphed both ways for the land atatlons
to wait until 11:30 o'clock. San Francisco
time, before trying the cable. That time waa
desired to Insure the perfect hardening of
the gutta percha In the splice, after the
Joint should be lowered overboard from the
ship in about 2,500 feet of water.
Operatcrs sat anxiously and eagerly
about the instruments In King street, at
Honolulu, and In the cr.Me oP.ce In Market
street In San Francisco, waiting for the
time limit to expire. San Francisco was
watching for Honolulu to signal first.
, A few minutes after 11 o'clock, before
the time limit was up, a signal went from
this end to Honolulu.
The first little response from Honolulu
came Into San Francisco at exactly 11:03
o'clock. It was exactly 8:41 o'clock In
Honolulu, tha time difference being two
hours and twenty-two minutes and a few
First Message from Honolala.
' The first message received was from Gov
ernor Dole to President Roosevelt. It wss
merely a formal greeting and congratula
tions from the people of Hawaii to the peo
ple of the United 8tates from on chief
executive to the other.
The message waa transmitted at the
Market street office to a wlr leading di
rectly to the executive mansion at Wash
ington, and receipt was acknowledged at
11:25 o'clock.
When the message was received at the
Whits House President Roosevelt was
asleep and the operator refused to awaken
him. . '
Right after th Dole signature on tha
first message came a second through from
Honolulu. It was a greeting from tha peo
ple of Hawaii to Clarance H. Mackay, presi
dent of the cable, congratulating blm upon
the completion of the table and expressing
sorrow that John W. Mackay had not sur
vived to see th Instantaneous bond between
the Islands and th American continent.
This message was signed by Henry e!
Cooper, secretary of the territory of Hawaii.
Ceremony at Honolulu.
HONOLULU, Jan. 2. (By Pacific Cable.)
Having buoyed the deep sea end of the
cable in th turbulent Molakal channel at
6:20 o'clock on the morning of Friday, De
cember 26, after much difficulty and great
risk, Silvertown came on to Honolulu,
docking at the naval wharf at noon.
The big ship wss met in the harbor by
tugs and excursion boats, carrying welcom
ing delegations with bands of music, and
escorted to the wharf, where a great crowd
It was the intention of the engineer In
charge of the expedition to take on board
1,000 tona of coal as ballast and await fa
vorable weather to return, pick up the sea
cad and bring It close to shore and buoy It.
Th shore end of the cable was then to
b laid out and the final connection made
at that point. Saturday brought no Im
provement In the weather conditions'. The
wind blew great guns from the northeast
and craft arriving through the channel
reached the sea-stirred maelstrom.
It was then decided to make no move
that day, but to delay the attempt until
Sunday morning, December 28, when a start
was made. The vessel bad not proceeded
ono mil from the dock when the full force
of a gale from behind the high hills struck It.
Tho skipper did not go outside, as picking
up the buoyln the channel was quite im
possible. It was then determined to lay the shore
end while the conditions were favorable on
that side of the island. Silvertown was
taken In shore within half a mile of tho
coral reef and preparations were made to
haul a line aahore. The character of tho
bottom, which is rock, with a narrow open
ing through the coral reef, rendered great
care necessary In placing the extremely
heavy type of cable.
Crotvda Walt on the Shore.
Throughout the day crowds ashora
watched tha steam launches running In and
out and awaited patiently the actual land
ing of th long expected submarine tele
graph. At a quarter to 6 In the evening
the end of the cable left SUvertown's bow
with balloon buoys attached at Intervals of
fifty feet. A half mile of heavy line was
hauled ashore by steam power without
hitch or halt.
One hour and five minutes from th time
th line left Bilvertown the cable was
hauled upon tha soli of picturesque Ban
Boucl park, amid the shouts of thousands
and the crash of a band of music, plsytng
cabls march dedicated to President
just as Tne cable touched tb shore a
heavy shower of rain fell upon the gaily
attired multitude, but danger of a wetting
was Ignored in the eagerneas to catch a
glimpse of the magic line that Is to con
nect them with th rest of th world.
There was no official ceremony at the
time further than the laying of a lei, or
native wreath, upon the end ot the cable
by Mrs. Hawes, who repeated tb cua-
tomary native greeting, "Aloha."
Bilvertown remained at anchor, holding
to the line until near Monday noon, De
cember 29, when It moved out upon the
course prescribed by the chart In paying
out the cable. Blx miles were laid to a
point off Koko bead. At this point rough
seas were encountered and the line was
A start was Immediately made for
Molokal channel to investigate whether or
not the buoy had weathered the buffeting
to which it had been subjected for nearly
three days. Some anxiety was expressed
lest It had been overwhelmed and allowed
the line attached to the nd of the 2,000-
mtl atrand to carry away.
Fortunately, however, no such disaster
bsd occurred. The buoy was riding In
safety, but the marked buoy, which had
been dropped oar It on Friday mcrnlng
December 2(. had dltappeared.
Wlad Blows a Gale.
Th sens were running even higher than
three days previous. The wind continued
to blow a gale from the northeast.
No boat netesasry In ths picking up of
the buoy could hsv survived and no
thought was gtven to making th attempt
at thla time. Another marked buoy was put
down some dlstsncs away and Bilvertown
returned to Honolulu harbor and anchored
off shore. It was agreed between Captain
Morton and Chief Cable Engineer Benest
thst no further work would be attempted
until ths wind abated and the aeai calmed.
The wind showed no signs of abating till
Tuesday, but tha big steamer made no
move. Wednesday waa passed In Idleness
with very little wind, and far a time it wss
thought advisable to make an attempt to
complete th work.
It was Snally decided, however, not to
risk th chaac at lifting th cabl fxou
tha bottom of the-sea In any except calm
weather: It was reasoned that another day
would see th end oT'the period of th
northeast trade, the' duration ' of which
surprised even th oldest resident of
Honolulu. '
Storm Finally Subsides.
On Thursday, the first day ot the new
year, scarcely a breeie stirred the waters
of th harbor, and advice cam to the ship
from the Diamond Head lighthouse that the
hannel waa quite calm, with only a mod
erate swell running.
A few minutes after 4 o'clock in the
morning Silvertown heaved . anchor and
made a stsrt down the buy. Prospects of
the cable connection on th Brat day ot the
new year created lntenss Interest In the
city, where the enthusiasm bad been some
what dulled by th long delay.
At daylight Silvertown arrived off Koko
head, where th shore end had been buoyed
since Monday. With little difficulty the
line from ths bottom waa spliced up on
deck and Daased over tha stern sheaves.
and a start was made for tb other buoy.
The cable was paid out at the rate of
seven knots an Hour. Bnoruy aiier i
o'clock In the afternoon Silvertown reached
the point where the San Francisco end was
buoyed The sea waa not rough, but the
swell rolled the vessel considerably.
Great car was taken in handling It
while taking up the buoy. It waa finally
accomp'i!hed Bt 3:44 o'clock without un
toward incident. ' Tb connection with tha
testing room was quickly mad and San
Francisco responded to the call, thus re
lieving the public mind of th continent,
which must have regarded th long silence
of th ship as Strang. If not ominous.
Tb voyage of Silvertown was eventful
and at times unpleasantly exciting. Twelve
hours out from Ssn Francisco tb cabl
ship was beset by bsd weather, which con
tinued, with the exception of one day, to
the end of th voyage. Variable winds
that at flues approached the velocity of
gales and heavy sess that buffeted It about
retarded the progress as well as endan
gered ths safety of the cable. In fact
every adverse condition that Is usually en
countered In the laying of a cabl was met
with and at times made tb task a most
hazardous one. , . '
Sqaall Caaaes Troable.
A more perfect day could hardly be Im
agined than Sunday, December 14, when the
abore end waa landed near the cllffhouae
oft Ban Francisco. The 11ns ot the shore
end was brought on board th ateamsr at
6:30 In th evening and the start was made
at 12:30 on Monday morning. "The favor
able conditions continued until 11 o'clock
on th morning of tbat day, when the ves
sel ran Into a squall ot wind and rain that
cam out of the west.
Steering through a southwesterly course.
Silvertown offered a broad starboard beam
to the storm. Soon the sess were whipped
Into coufuslon, rolling the vessel In a man
cer most dangerous to the eabls. The
velocity of th wind increased and early in
the afternoon great green seaa boarded the
starboard bow and swept along the deck
and escaped into the aea through the port
Toward evening ropes were stretched
abeut the deck and everything waa made
fast. The rain ceased, but the storm con
tinued with unabated fore throughout th;
night. These were anxious hours tor those
in chsrge for the nafety of the cabl.
Two courses wer open to them ollher
keep on the true course or cut and buoy tho
Hue. Both wer fraught wltb great dan
ger. A deviation from the course wss ob
viously out ot ths question, ss much for
ths reason that auch action would not havs
leaaened tb strain upon th cabl and th
more Important consideration of th waste
of tim and th danger of getting Into un
known depths. To cut and buoy tha cabls
would bar been equally dangerous. Even
on of th great buoys carried for just such
enoergenclee could scarcely bars weathered
Dueber-Hampden Watches.
manufacturers, watch case manufacturers and jobbers in watches combined to prevent the
Deuber-Hampden Companies from marketing their watches and drive them out
of business
Can we offer any better evidenci of the superiority of the Deuber-Hampden
watches than the fact
The combined efforts of the entire watch trade could not destroy their popularity?
The days of the inquisition in the watch business are over.
Dealers are now at liberty to buy what watches they prefer.
But in spite of all this opposition, the output of the great Deuber-Hampden
Watch factories has steadily and constant y increased until at present it employs
thousands of the most skilled work-people, producing a complete watch, watch movement N
and watch case.
The matchless reputation obtained by the Deuber-Hampden watches Is less
than short of marvelous. The same minute and the same exact care is given in every
detail to any size or grade from the ladies' small size, the No- 400 the smallest moderate
priced and accurate timekeeper made in America, to the gentlemen's watch, 12, 16 & 18 size
The latest and greatest production of these factories is the 1902 thin model 16 size
watch, cased in 18 and 14 Kt. gold and gold filled, to which we especially call the atten
tion of those who want tie bes:.
Write for "Guide to Watch Buyers."
Deuber-Hampden Watch Companies,
tha storm with 2,500 fathoms ot cabl, i
weighing five tons, tugging at It.
Next Day Was No Better. j
All chances were carefully weighed and
tha vessel's bow was kept to the south
west. Tuesdsy, the 16th, brought no Im
provement In the weather conditions. The
wind continued to blow great blast from
the west and th seaa constantly bom
barded the big ship's starboard beam.
One particularly heavy sea boarded the
starboard bow and swept the deck from
fore to aft, smashing the scullery light and
broke the gangway ladder. The chart
rooms on the hurricane deck were flooded
and the bridge Itself was invaded at times
by the turbulent seas. Those at work In
th paylng-out room on the main deck
and about th cable machinery waded In
water to their knees. The companlonwayi
were battered down in order to prevent
the flooding of the saloon.
One of the cooks of the galley waa badly
scalded by a cauldron of spilled soup. The
saloon steward waa hurled against a door
and severely bruised and injured.
At times the ship rolled terribly and 11
seemed that the great strain would prove
disastrous to the cable. Under ordinary
conditions tha line Is paid out 7 per cent
faster than the speod of the vessel. This
was increased to 10 per' cent during the
storm. Even with tbls concession tne
strain was tcrrlflc. As the ship lifted and
shook the great drum around which the
strand waa passing would almost cease to
revolve on moment, only to resume with
a rush the next, rendering the life of the
men In tha tanka a probable If not a real
hasard. The dynamometer regulating the
speed of and the atraln on the line at such
times fluctuated wildly, rueblng from an
Indicated atraln of two tons or less up to
four and even Ave tons.
When It is understood that the breaking
strain la eight and throe-quarters tona, it
must be apparent tbat failure to relieve
th atraln promptly meant dlsaatcr to the
previous line, and its loss of the line In
2,600 fathoms would have meant a long
and serious delay In the completion of the
work ot laying tha cab1, as well as being
a most expensive hsppening to th con
tracting company. Rare good judgment In
the handling of both the ship and the cable
at these critical times averted accidents.
Many Hoars on Duty.
Throughout Monday night and until Tues
day at noon, when the wind abated ln(forcet
tha ship's officers and crew and the cable
staff were on duty without rest or sleep.
Great relief was expressed when the ap
parently critical aituatlon waa passed, al
though when th wind absted at noon on
Tuesday the aeas continued with a strong
heavy sw.ell that ran counter to the ahlp's
course. On Wednesdsy, the 17th, th
weather Improved and everything ran
smoothly and fair progress was recorded.
Heavy swells made tbe ship an uncom.
fortable place and rendered close watch on
the cable necessary.
On Thursday favorable conditions pre
vailed and in spit of a strong southwest
erly breez 207 knots wer paid out. which
was tha best dsy's run up to tbls time.
On Friday tbs first section of the cable,
numbering 929 nautical miles, waa finished
and tha ver.sel was stopped at 8 o'clock on
Friday night to make tbe change to the
after tank containing the second section.
This operation waa successfully carried
out In a little more than an hour and pas
sage was resumed. As ths vessel grew
lighter the reeling Incresscd. Tbe charac
ter of ths cargo and the ponderous deck
machinery msde It particularly susceptible
to the onslaught of ths seaa.
Saturday, the 20th, waa much like the
preceding day aave that tbe rolling motion
was accentuated by southwest winds veer
ing at times to twist only 187 knots reeled
oft. For twenty-four hours ending at noon
Sundsy. th tint. 217 knots ot cabl wer
laid, Th wlad blew from the southwest
The Deuber-Hnmpdeu Watch factories at Can
ton, Ohio, the twin factories, built side by side; in combina
tion it is immeasurably the largest and most complete con
cern of its kind in the world.
In all respects the most perfect.
Every dealer knows how victorious the Deuber
Hampdcn Companies have been, when movement
with moderate force, but on th whol the
day was a pleasant one and progress waa
First News frnrn the Shore
During tha night, however, there waa a
considerable sea on and on of th cable
men In the tank was caught In the swirl of
the lino and suffered a dislocated shoulder.
The day was notable for two things, the
crossing of the Vancouver-Australian cable
at 4 o'clock in the morning and tha receipt
ot the first batch of news from San Fran
cisco. Thla latter consisted of brief bulle
tins of President Roosevelt's appointment
as arbitrator In ths Veneiuelan difficulty,
the dlsaatroua train wreck at Byron, Cal.,
the capture of the Humberts in Madrid,
Marconi's latest claims In wireless teleg
raphy discoveries and some minor items.
The nsws from shore wss received with
delight by those on board Silvertown, j
Roosevelt's appointment being especially I
interesting to the English staff, who en
thusiastically endorsed It.
Tuesday, the 23d, opened with atormy
weather. Flurriea of rain and heavy seas
again brought danger to them. The men
in the cable tank had a bad nlgh and
worked with great rlak. On of them was
caught by the flying line and was thrown
against the wall.
From Tuesday noon to Wednesday noon
the deepest water was crossed, averaging .
2,000 fathoms.
t'Dpleaaanl Christmas.
Thursday, December 25 (Christmas day)
was not a pleasant on to tha people on
Silvertown and the English custom of cel
ebrating tbe day was postponed to a more
propitious time. The wind veered around
to the northwest and Increased to a velo
city greater tnan that experienced on Mon
day and Tuesday. Just before midnight a
final change of tanks was made, tbe after
tank being emptied of ita 996 miles of ca
bles and tha bight transferred to the tor
ward tank. The change was made ex
tremely hsiardous owing to tbe now almost
empty vessel tossing and rolling In the
heavy seas.
Throughout the day a gale blew with the
end of the deep aea cable In alght and with
It the necessity of cutting or buoying tbe
end. An anxious night waa passed by all
on board. No member of either staff at
tempted to aleep. Tha wind blew a fine
rain with great force during the night,
which, with the tremendous aea running,
rendered conditions on deck uncomfortable
as well as dsngerous. Many of the offi
cers fsmlltar with the waya of the aea wer
toeaed about and thrown upon the deck.
After t o'clock in the evening Bllvertown'a
speed wss rsducsd In order to brlag it to
a suitable buoying place toward daylight.
Between 3 and t o'clock three soundings
were tsken and preparations were made to
buoy ts, sea end.
The operation proved a moat difficult one,
owing to the motion of the vesssl, which
at times rolled to ths angle of 43 degrees.
it was with difficulty that the line was
ajltde fast to the cable and the end buoyed,
j Word was given to cut the line at 5:20
and as the six-Inch manllla hawser was cut
with the knife it parted with a snsp.
So great was the strain upon it that fric
tion caused It to Uks Are as It paaaed over
tha sheaves at the stern, and the sparks
scattered about the deck In a pyrotechnlo
display. Tbe buoy was jerked overboard
with terrific force, but quickly righted
lls.lf. The cable was safely buoyed In 450
fathoms of water. A marked buoy was
Tastes like Coffee Better than Coffee. The secret
tbe perfect blending and roasting of fruit and grain,
dropped aa near a possible to th cabls
buoy and the vessel stood by until S o'clock
In order to get th bearings. It then pro
ceeded to Honolulu, where it arrived at
noon on December 26,
(Signed) E. D. MOORE.
President Roosevelt' Ileply.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 1. The following
cablegram was received at the White Houss
at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon dated Hono
lulu, Jan. 1, 9:30 p. m.:
"Th President, Washington: The people
of tha territory ot Hawaii send their greet
ings to you and express their gratification
at the Inauguration ot telegraphic communication-with
the mainland. W all be
lieve that the removal of th disadvantage
of Isolation will prove a strong factor In
the upbuilding of a patriotic and progres
sive American coramonweath In these
"Secretary of Hawaii."
The following Is tbe reply of th president
to the message of Secretary Cooper:
To Hon. Henry F. Cooper. Secretary of
State, Honolulu: Th president sends,
through you, to Governor Dole and the peo
ple of Hawaii his hearty congratulations
upon the opening ot the cable. He believea
that it will tend to make the people ot Ha-
wa" mo,r" closely knit than ever to their
tvriiww ciucrui U IHB UBlDliaQ and Will DO
for th great advantage of all our people.
"Secretary to the President."
Merchnata Bachnua;e Greetlnns.
BAN FRANCISCO. Jsn. 2.-Over the newly
laid cable to Honolulu the following mee
sage to the Merchants' Association of Hono
lulu has been sent by the Merchants' asso
ciation ot this city:
"SAN FRANCISCO. Cal., Jan. 2. To
Merchants' Association of Honolulu, F. W.
McFarlane, President. Honolulu: The Mer
chants' association of San Francisco sends
cordial greetings to Ita brother association
in Honolulu, and hailing the dawn of a
day which united us In closer ties ot
friendship, rejoices also at the opportuni
ties for an enlarged field of usefulness to
BAN FRANCISCO. By Frank J. 81 mines,
NEW YORK, Jsn. 2. Clarence H. Mackay,
president; Oeorge H. Ward, vice president
and general manager, and other officials of
the Commercial Pacific Cable company are
greatly pleaaed at tbe completion ot th
company'a cable between San F'anclaoo
and Hawaii, a work to which tbey have
devoted much energy and time during the
last few months. They do not propose to
atop at Hawaii, however, and now aay
tbat by July 4 they expect the cable will
have been completed to Manila. Speaking
ot the project, Mr. Ward said:
statement of Officials.
"The Commercial Pacific Cable company'a
cable to Hawaii wss connected through to
San Francisco at 8:43 p. m., January 1
(Honolulu time). Tbe eable will open for
publlo business on Monday morning, Janu
ary S. Tbe widespread Interest manifested
in bringing the Hawaiian islanda Into elec
tric touch wltb tbe Pacific coaat Is evi
denced by congratulatory telegrams re
ceived todsy. It is a particular satisfaction
to us to hare the cable completed on tho
first day of the new year, because It ful-
fills our promise to congress."