Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 28, 1902, Page 8, Image 28

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WHAT OF 1903?
The Year Just Past Mas Been Remark
ably Prosperous In All Parts of
the American Union. To
It Inn lice ii n Itrroril llrrnkrr nml
I'lii AiticrrNnlve Home I.lfe In
MiirHiicr Compnny filee
fully tlreela 1(MC.
"What of l!t(3?" repeated B. II. Koblson,
president of Nebraska's own and only Hank
ers Reserve Life Association, In response to
the reporter's query.
"In 1!03 the Hunkers Reserve Life will
step Into the class of $10,000,000 life com
panies. "In 1!)03 the Hankers Reserve Life will
write not leHS than $."i,000,000 of new busi
ness. "In 1!I03 the Hankers Reserve Life will
earn $liiu,000 net to he Invested under the
Nehraska law In state securities for the
protection of policy holders, and will In
crease Its Invested onsets to $2.i0,0t0.
"In 11403 the Hankers Reserve Life Asso
clatlon will write more buslncBS In Nebraska
than any alien member of the national llfn
Insurance trust, Bometlmes called national
association of underwriters.
"In 1!03 the more sensible representatives
of the alien combination will have sense
enoiiKh to treat the Hankers Reserve Life
decently end fairly.
"In 1903 tho Hankers Reserve Life Asso
ciation will pay Its few losses promptly
and reward lis excellent corps of solicitors
coinprlsinK Its field staff generously, as it
haa always done since It entered the life
Insurance field.
"In l!t03 the president of tho Hankers Re
serve Life Association will continue to be
known as the friend of home life Insurance.
"In 1003 tho policies of the Hankers Re
rerve Life Association will be, as hitherto,
modern, liberal, attractive and easily under
stood. "In 1003 the reader should be sure to se
cure one of thie policies. The time to
make extra profitable life Insurance con
tracts Is In the early years of a good com
pany. (Jet In early and enjoy tho benefits
of the earlier years of tho existence of thU
well known, prosperous home company."
"Big Four"
A Railroad
Of the People
For the People
And Recofnlied
By the People
As the standard passenger line of
the Central States. 2,500 miles of
railway In
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
Kentucky and Michigan
Write for folderi.
Warren J. Lynch, W. P. Deppe.
G.n'l Pass.
AMI. UII I t ,
AT. A.
The Best
tional Dentifrice
M&kM thtlh bmutlful, lh
annua hard, thtt brealli iwwl
PruaerriM a well aa hoautinnw
toolU. OTxrooiuxa all the oli)otl.
utile featurca found In iowdr anil
lliiulrtii. Oinvttiilmti to u and carry.
) CEVl'at. At aall araiiUU.
Chicago, u. . A
tiot. of ",
rooett,lorkt, niJ,
tvrrlBg, uff bu
nd II fur "r i
MM 9m. Nf MM tfttl f ttM rfe in4
kitfilL fcUad Wi 4l4Mic in mu1 tuublMv MTIumiII.
ft wrttUa ufavliU villi vttry diatSfud, ftil
ica.ititn( r tUmttuUf rlun4 mnj it wli
r t.u4 ta,w-t'r. rit ( It fttiovt Uum-
Modi ot Matti(ui WiIum tor hrlllBU WlUtlft li fck
vt ftll, tkrtMth a lUrrni 1m Uyimm, Our prltm ftfft
tiurn 10 to pt ut. luMftf thta tuttJ 4Urft.
L0FTI5 BROS, k CO.. S'.'.l!.
a4. W A H UH BUM Bt., Ulan Kl-i t.S. a.
Art, Not Intrinsic Value,
Governs Jewelry Fashion
UK design is the thing in the Jew-
ilry world today, with art as
the dominant force, reports the
Hrooklyn Eagle, and this Btate
of nfTairs retires nts an evolu
tion that Is welcomed with Joy by tho art
ist craftsman who believes that an orna
ment worthy of the name should possess
an art value that warrants Its being con
sidered as a thing of lasting beauty, not
simpiy represent a combination or precious
metal and gems proclaiming to all behold-
ers tho expenditure of so miny dollars and
Intrinsic value Is no longer the govern-
lng motive In tho selection of a piece of
Jowelry by those whoso tastes have been
trained to appreciate the art manifested In
Its production as In a beautiful picture or
a piece of bric-a-brac. Many times the
real cost or worth of an ornament. Judged
by commercial standards, Is now cheerfully
paid because of the brains and the Idea
embodled In the production.
"Ten years ago we would have had no
sale for such an ornament as this," said
an artist-Jeweler, pointing to an equisite
pendant of tho art nouveau type, with a
beautifully modeled female head in the
center and perfectly matched pearls and
diamonds embellishing the frame of rose
gold. "Fortunately many people are conir
lng to a better appreciation of the true
mission of Jewelry and refuse to accept
that which does not conform to artistic
standards. We are becoming better edu
cated along art lines, care less for showy
things and more for those that represent
artistic creation, not merely skillful work
manship and display. Pretty soon men
and women of refinement and culture will
no more think of buying a piece of Jewelry
that Is Inartistic than they would purchaso
poorly executed picture. Drains tell In
the Jewelry productions of today as they
have not told heretofore In this new and
prosperous country. Tho form of an orna
ment Is no longer subordinated to the Jew
els that embellish It; it Is the gems that
are made subservient to the design. I do
not mean that flamboyant Jewelry Is des
tined to disappear entirely and all at once;
rather that the ornament that Is artistic
as well as Intrinsically vnlunblo will be
more and more conspicuous.
"The design for a brooch or other orna
ment is as carefully sketched as the draw
ing fcr a picture. When the artist's work
has been passed upon and the form se
lected tho services of tho goldsmith and
Jeweler aro enlisted, and If, as happens in
many of these new designs, a touch of en
ameling Is added, that part of tho work Is
assigned to a master of tho craft. Artistic
Jewelry represents the production of spe
cialists, as does the best work in other
lines where art enters Into tho manufac
ture. We no longer give an ornament to
one man and let Mm carry out the design
In its entirety. Thus we have a change
not alone In result, but In method. This
evolution is one certain to appeal to every
lover of beautiful things, and to the
Jeweler who la concerned with art as well
as the commercial aspect of his craft It Is
one of the happiest of auguries for the fu
ture of the Jewelry business In this coun
try. "With regard to styles In Jewelry," con
tinued this exponent of the new art, "pearlp
lead everything else this season. Tarls is
pearl mad, and tle prominence given to
this lustrous Jewel is in keeping with the
development of the artistic Idea in lewelry,
for the pearl makes no special appeal to
those who like showy ornaments. In order
to accentuate the luster and coloring of fine
pearls we frequently set them In a frame
of diamonds, and herein note another differ
ence: Formerly the pearl served as a frame
for the diamond. For many people there
is a murked fascination about pearls, and
It may bo Interesting to note that they or"
the only Jewels used In a natural Btate.
Diamonds, rubles, sapphires and all thr
other gema are polished, cut, altered; the
peari preserves ine rorm in wntch it was I
taken from the oyster or murel shell. I
"Perfect pearls are to rare that they com
mand high prices, but pearls of Irregular ,
'"e have asxumcd unusual Importance In j
years ami are known as baroque 1
Some pecimcns of baroque pearl '
"d as high as ll.OOU. They entci
t rompoKitlon of distinctive orn-
iftent lines possessing a unique cbar
. for the aim of this nw development
Is the production of designs that shall in
dicate individual selection, not look as it
they were all poured out of one mold
From the favorite detdgns that have stood
the test et ages an ornament is evolved
by the combined talent and skill of the
artist and craftsmen In which originality
of treatment Is the keynote and artistic
blending of form and gem itcc ration and
color effect the result. Reauty and art
value, not tho value In dollars and cent
of the gold and Jewels represented, will
guide the educated purchaser of fine Jewelry
in the future, and I ventur to predict
that the number of such purchasers will
Increase with each succeeding Year. While
the pearl Just now reigns supreme, the
precious gems that have held sway for
ages have not been eclipsed, and they, too,
enter Into the production of Jewelry that
represents the best that artist aud artisan
working together can evolve."
As a last word the Jeweler added: "Brains
and Ideas command high price la our
business, as In every other, consequent 1
this fine art Jewelry costs more than the
ordinary type.
Hut It Is worth It.'
Good for Sick People
The Fort Scott (Kan.) Monitor relates an
amusing story of an Insane doctor In Hiat
ville. Hp was tried bv the troli;itr cmiri
and ajudged Insane. The asylum as not
prepared to receive him. and so for some
weeks he was confined in the county lail
Recently a delegation nt ltlT..ra trnm
Hiatvlllo appeared before the probate judge
an(' asked that the doctor might be sent
home, pending his admission to the asylum,
"We navn an unusual amount of Bickncss
,n our vicinity," said the Bpokesman; "we
nnve great commence in our old doctor, and
wp want him to come back and treat our
sl'k." The request was granted, and the
0,11 ('0'tor went home to tak up his prac-
"p- " should be explained, perhaps, that
",e ,ur an" ,wvn annum neavlly. and
It was believed that he would be all right
If he left whisky alone. Hut the fact re
mains that a man who has been adjudged
Insane In the regular course of legal pro
cedure Is turned loose without legal pro
cedure to take up the practice of a pro
fession which deals with the life and health
of the people of hlB community. And there
is something very suggestive of Dogberry
In the admonition of the probate Judge to
the victim, that If he went insane again
(that Is. f he took to drink) he would be
clapped Into the asylum quicker than a cat
can bat Its eye.
The Man in the Moon
New York Times: "Yes, Just at pres
ent," said tho moon, "I'm out late at night
because I'm down to my last quarter."
"Therein you differ from the average
man," remarked the morning star. "He is
often down to his last quarter because be
was out late at night."
Pointed Paragraphs
Saloonkeepers always have plenty of fall
goods on hand.
Some marriage are failures because the
woman In the case j auspicious and some
are failures because she isn't .
There are engravings and en
gravings, but the kind that
are really good are the ones
we make.
J, Manz Engraving Go.
4 15-207 Canal St. 2J.25-27 City Hall Place 4
In the Famous Klickitat Valley
A Superior Timothy Itniicli.
2rj rre. 3 inlhi from county Kut, 2K aires of
rlrh Initiated bottom land, lti( airea In timothy,
i-ut twu iTiipa per year, 40 are more ready lor
need. 50 acrea of tlmlier. Thla land la finely adapted
for onharda; two hoimea. barn and oulhulldlnm In
Mi-elleiil condition. Ill head of cattle; 1-J Interent in
near hay baler; farm Implement! go with the place.
IMHy in. 6n; tenna. Tina la one of the beat bar
Kama have on our lint. TIIK KLICKITAT LAND
CO , Uoldendale, Vlaah.
of the cufTce you buy adds to ita
value in the cup.
Lion Coffee
comes to you fresh and of full
strength, always in sealed, air-tight
packages. Hulk colfees lose their
strength, deteriorate in flavor, and
also gather dirt.
formlty, frmhnsaa and fall atrnnirth
Inaurad. to uaara of. Lion CoffeSa 1
"I'm glad to
hear of the
am con
wondering are able to
tion, and
how you
pull to-
each week
such a fund
inii. VHlua
of interest
ble infor
are surely
mation. You
making a
much more
asked for it.'
paper worth
than the money
Kansas Slate
'oard ttAxru ulturt.
More money is spent for articles
by the prominent men and for the
handsome and interesting illustrations
than by any other farm journal.
f urnura Hu, Oaiaha, Srh.
Send .for FKF.F. SVr.S COrY.
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portrait cuta we make a nominal
price of 11.00. On larger cuts, 6
cents per square Inch. They are
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Our photographic department
will also print additional copies
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reasonable rate.
The Bee
Publishing Co,,
O aw aha. Neb.
Thousands are Investing in Tonopah
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Easy to Play, Easy to Buy
No Home
W ithout a
rlachlnes from $ 1 5 to $ 50.
Sold on tw kly
puynunts of $1.25.
Send for new catalogue.
A. HOSPE, 151 V&U,V" st
Western IMatrlhutor.
J The
i .. 11
M-7 atat 11
Have you si-riously conicl,T'd the cost of cnal with
a furnace pipe properly covered or only partially
covered? I'roperly covered we can make tine Iiuy
what you now pay tl.iai for. Is It worth Investigat
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workman to make necessary connections in the city
and ir.ft ructions sent with every water front shipped
out of the city.
''' LM7 Douglas St.
Dcrcinlicr 2.S, 1002.
RED -4s-
4 Full Ouarts
Kxpress chsrRes pre
paid Recommended by
the leading physi
cians and used in
all prominent hos
pitals. The Red Croft 14
Whiskey enjoys UhI
day the best of rep-
titatlons and stands
above all In quality
and purity.
Distilling Co.,
716 So. 16th St
Sole Owners.
Orders from states
west of Nebraska
will be whipped by
t 1 ' i 1 i
z . .-Aim' Z
I - -
fr i i
Don't forget to order
for your homes.
'1 Hue Ribbon Beer
"Blue Ribbon" will tone up your nppetltc.
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Jti anaaaa V M -mvm ar
Uaoe. Mam. Am. Soe. C. Mam. Am. W-Waa. A at' a
tM-l-l N. T. Lift Bldf.. Oaf AH A.
Water Supply, Bcwcrasa, Orada Plata. PaTlna.
Brldiea. Roola, 8taodplpea ana BimI Tower o4
Bxamlnatlooi and reports on railway, waterpovar
aaa elactrlcaJ power tranamlaaloo pro) acta.
rltlj Prof agonal. N eootraetlaa.
" , ""f"' enuorat-a ana
. . uj irnuiiiK iiiyuciaii. Atrial
uvahiuru(wuii'iuiki ouiivtu,'. you, evul free? Wlia
ItaMlk Of LwllmnnL I- I. .4 I ' . ... .
Wl ffs&fiu? W
HVfll . a . .- .. . ..TL " .
PA IfUULlI to., il.jiu , (aUM . U.u