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Dsvt sells drugs.
Btorkert sells carpets and rues.
fcxrrt watch repairing. Lrr-rt. 4 J Uway.
Officer In sel Ing dwelling creap. 413 B y.
Skates for t.ny ar.d girls are cheap at
Petersen Bchoer.lng C'J. I
Hurnt wood and lenthcr goods. C. E. I
Alexander & (.. 3S3 uroadway.
Ir. H. McDcrmntt In home rrnm Chicago
to upend the holidays relative.".
I)r. and Mra. Don Macrae, Jr., returned
yesterday from a week a vlit In Chicago.
Mr. A. B. Moore has t ern railed to lirk
ham, (., Iiy the a rtotia illnies of her
Dr. C. 8. Ro lln ft 1. by the waysHc aHln
last night ami won li.caiccr.iud un a charge
of drunkenness.
We are headquarters for glass of all
klnda. Kee ua beiorc you buy. C. 11. Paint,
Oil and J la as Co.
H. I. Forsyth left yesterday for Detroit,
Mich., where he la Interested In a large real
eatate transaction.
Mra. McKesson and daughter of Oakland
avenue will leave today tor Grand Island,
to spend Chrlstmss with relatives.
John Ooewey tturliriKham of Creaton, la.,
Is In the city, the gutst of his brother-in-law,
C. C. Nye a local newspaper man.
Hergeant K. II. Oardlner of the day police
force and wife leave today for Wotidblne,
la., to ai.enri the Christmas holidays with
their daughter.
A handsome plcco of furniture always Is
acceptaiiie as a gltt It not only plcas-s th
recipient, hut atunue a a lusting remem
brance. Peterwn Ac Si hoening Co.
Mra. O. V. Itutts has received word of
the death of her i.rouier, Martin fJ. Uood,
at his home In hlcuK". Mr. and Mrs.
iiutts left yesterday to uttend the funeral.
Miss Mary lloldcrnoita and Miss MagRle
Fisher ot Creston, la., are the guests of
Mr. und Mrs. K. H. Kirkpatrlck and famliy
of Harrison slree;s for the Christmas holi
days. Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Var. Horn left last
vening for les Moines to upend Chrlsinria
with trlendH. Hntore returning they will
visit Air. Van Horn a mulher at Lu catur
City, la.
Your children should have a sled: It
prompts them to go outdoors; nothing Is
Our line of sl.ds U compltte and cheapo 1
Petersen H nocning to,
Miss Iva Williams, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Williams of Avenue I. left Mon
day evening lor Kaunas City, where she
will be married lout.y to Waiter Hour, u
young business man of that city.
Wllilam Foate', a fnrmer of Charter Oak,
la., hue tiled a voluntary petition In bank
ruptcy In the federal court here, with lli
bliltlts scheduled at 617.75. His asi ts
re valued at Ho, all ot which ho clalira
as exempt.
Rev. J. W. Calfce, pastor of the Broadway
Methodlat church, Is home from P.erre, b.
V., where last bunday he outdated at the
dedicatory services of ihe remodeled MethJ
dlst church and assisted In raising the debt
of $l,20o from the building.
Klchurd linker, who was run oown and
killed by a switch engine on the vabun
trucks eaturuay evening, was burled yes
terday afternoon in the lamtly lot In
Falrvlew cemetery. The funeral was held
from Cutler's undertaking rooms.
These officers have been elected by thej
Brotherhoou of American Xoemen: f ore
man, George W. Hmille; master of cere
monies, W. H. Mullln; correspondent, W.
C. Joseph; master of accounts, In. L,. U
Boa; physician, Mary V. Meneray.
Buy now is our advice to those who want
the choicest, most desirable gift goods
early buyers get beat choice. lon t know
what to give nothing will help you decide
quicker than aeeing the thousand and one
things offered here, Petersen ac Hcnoenlng
Co. .
The children of tne Sunday school of
the Broauway Methoalet church rendered
the Christmas cantata "Christmas Falrlea"
last evening and a program of songs and
recitations appropriate to the season. Dona
tions for the poor were a mo made by the
young folk.
The children of the Christian Home held
their annual Christmas exercises last even
ing in tne chapel of the institute, the princi
pal feature being the cantata "A Merry
Christmas." The children will have the
Christmas tree and diatributlon of gifts us
usual on Christmas day.
The furniture store Isn't halt big enough
to show oft all its pretty things. These
dainty little dressing tables wouldn't be
here now if It were. All new patterns,
mostly with shaped mLrroia and standards
and trench legs Just the sort of Christmas
present a gin would like tor her loom.
Petersen A Schoenlng Co.
The receipts In the general fund at tho
Christian Home lust week amounted to, being tSM.l!) above tne needs ot the
week, the balance being placed to the credit
of the contingent funu. In the manager's
fund the receipts were SUZ.25, being
above the needs of the week und decreasing
the deticlency to Jlisj.oti in this fund to date.
The funeral of Mrs. John O. Hohn will be
held this atternoon at 8 o'clock from tho
famliy residence, 120 Franklin avenue.
Members of the Hebekah lodges and friends
wlil be permitted to view tne remains be
tween 10 a. in. and 2 p. in. Interment will
be In Walnut Hill cemetery and the services
will be conducted by Rev. George Edward
Walk ot St. l'aul s iCplscopul church.
C. F. Meehan, the carpenter who was
taken Into custody Saturday night by the
police to prevent him committing suicide,
turned up at police headquarters laat night
with a request that ha be given lodging. He
appeared to be in a vi ry nervous and de
jected condition und Captain Mai. by pro
vided a sleeping place for h.m. The atten
tion ot the commissioners tor the insane
Will be called to hla cue.
Hand mirrors, nicest In town, at Morgan
A Dickey's, 142 Broadway.
Roderick In Trouble Again.
Otto Roderick, who recently served thirty
days In the county jail for committing an
assault on Clark Moyer, a railway mall
clerk, which resulted in the latter's death,
is In trouble again. He was arrested yes
terday afternoon In a state of intoxication
and put up a stiff fight when the officers
attempted to place him In the patrol
wagon, At the city Jail he renewed the
fight and the persuasive powers of a club
had to be brought Into service before he
could be subdued and plsocd in the steel
cell. In addition to drunkenness ho will
be called upon to answer a charge of re
sisting an officer.
Dance tonight at Hughes' hall.
Real Katate Transfers.
These transfers were filed yesterday In
the abstract, title and loan office of J. W.
Squire, 101 Pearl street:
Austin V. Patton and wife to Effie D.
Wead. lota 1 and 2 of original plat lot
: lot 1 and s'lh'i.i 7. Poltom's
kitbdtv. of original plat lot 17, and
part of lot In Folium's subdlv. of
original plat lot lh7; w47 feet lot 223,
orialnal flat, and el? lot 3. block 1.
Stutsman's 1st add.,.w. d f
Howard F. Charles and wife to Wil
liam Hansen, lot 9, block 2, I'nd-r-wood,
w. d
Martha P. Goodell and husband to C.
H. Tyler, sVi lie1 1D-74-4J, s. w. d S.OCO
Three transfers, total
MarrUtt Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Iseued yesterday to
the following:
Name and Residence. Age.
yv. K. Campbell, Neola, la 32
fclma E. Carter. Neola, la 24
Othello Presley, Omaha S7
Eva M. Rogers. Pottawattamie county,
Iowa 13
R. A. Austin. Chicago &5
Agnea Maclellan, Cuuncll Bluffs 31
Janice Meredith
Prices Matinee. 26c, Me, orte. T5c.
26c, 6oc, T&c, $1.00.
p.rl at . Cooncll WtnfTs 'Phone ?
Representatives of Outbid Gonipaniei Dsiire
Entrance to the Bluff.
Assurances Given that Attempt to
Secure at Franchise In This City
Had Sot fleen Aban
doned. In response to the call recently Issued
between thirty and forty representatives
of Independent telephone lines In this tac
tion of the state gathered at the Orand
hotel yesterday and organized the Western
Iowa Independent Telephone association,
with these offlcers: H. A. Kinney, Wood
bine, president; J. F. Miller, Creston, Ties ,
president; Charles O. CockeriU, Jefferson,
secretary; A. F. Felton, Harlan, treasurer; ,
executive committee, J. F. Olenn, Denlson.
J. C. ManfeAeld. Shelby; W. B. Sweeney,
Manning; George E. Atchison, Creston; H.
A. Kinney, Woodbine (ex officio).
The sessions were held behind closed
doors and the representatives of the press
were denied admission, they being Informed J
that such Information as the convention i
deemed advisable would be furnished them '
after the meeting. No secret, however,
was mado of the purpose of the meeting.
which was to secure a general exchange j
and terminal facilities for the independent ;
companies doing business In this section
of Iowa In Council Bluffs, from which con
nection could be had with Omaha and South
The meeting here yesterday was one re-
Kill. r, t 1 I. r, i- n .1 , mr,tln In f K I 0 a tr fl jif
he Interstate Independent Telephone Na-
tlnnal association, and was called by the
following representatives of southwestern
Iowa independent companies: Qeorge E.
Atkinson, Creston Mutual Telephone com
pany; B. P. Babaon, Conway Telephone
company; H. W. Cutshall, Shelby Tele
phone company; J. F. Olenn, Crawford
County Telephone company; P, C. Hold
oegel. Central Telephone company; J. W.
Huff, Monona Telephone company; F. R.
Musson, Museon Bros. Telephone company,
H. A. Kinney and M. A. Reed, secretary
Woodbine Telephone company.
Dlufis Connection Necessary.
While other matters of Interest were dis
cussed .the question of obtaining an put
lot into Council Bluffs and obtaining facil
ities for the establishment of a general
exchange and terminals for the independ
ent companies in southwestern Iowa waa
practically the whole absorbing topic. It
was shown that the increasing business
of the Iowa independent companies de
manded that they secure conneotlon with
the independent company which recently
secured a franchise In South Omaha and
It possible also with Omaha. The repre
sentatives of the various companies pres
ent denied being In opposition to the Bell
Telephone company, but were simply en
gaged In legltlrrnte competition with It.
At the request of the meeting Attorney
Emmet Tlnley and Henry H. Van Brunt,
members of the Council Bluffs Independent
Telephone company, appeared before the
convention at the afternoon session and
told of their plans to secure a franchise
in this city. They stated that while their
ordinance had been turned down by the city
council last spring, they were still in the
field and expected to be before the city
council again with another proposition for
a franchise and that In the event of their
company securing It the question of the
Independent companies In Iowa obtaining
terminal facilities In Council Bluffs would
to all intents and purposes be practically
solved. Following the statements made by
Messrs. Tlnley and Van Brunt the con
ventlon adopted resolutions reciting the
benefits such a connection would bring the
Council Bluffs merchants.
Jo to South Omaha, Anyhow,
Assurances were given that if a franchlss
could be secured In Council Bluffs by the
local Independent company that the sev
eral concerns now operating throughout
this section of the state would complete
within a abort time the building of the cop
per metallic toll line which la now extended
from Davenport by way ot Des Moines to
Atlantic, in Cass county, along the line of
the Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific rail
road. Connection would be made with
South Omaha whether an exchange and
terminal facilities could be secured In
Council Bluffs or not. If not the line would
pass around Council Bluffs, as It was Im
perative that the Independent companies,
which represented upwards of 10,000 tele
phones, secure connection with South
Omaha. Representatives of the South
Omaha company assured the meeting that
having obtained Its franchise It Intended
going right ahead with the construction and
installation of its system.
These committees were appointed; Long
distance toll lines, M. A. Reed of Wood
bine, J. F. Olenn of Denlson, Fred Marquis
of Onawa; Council Bluffs terminsl, H. W.
Cutshall ot Shelby, A. F. Felton of Harlan,
H. McCartney of Thurman.
Tho convention adjourned to meet at the
session of the state association In Des
j Moines on March 9. Among those present
were: H. A. Kinney, president, and M. A
Reed, Woodbine Telephone company, Wood
bine, la.; W. B. 8weeney, Audubon County
Telephone company, Audubon, la.; W. M
Masterson, Extra; C. R. Benedict, H. W.
Cutshall, J. A. Cook, J. M. Jones, L. A.
Cutshall, J. C. yansfleld and Captain D. C.
Cooper, Shelby Independent Telephone com
pany, Shelby, la.; J. F. Olenn, Crawford
County Telephone company, Deniaon, la.;
A. F. Felton, Harlan A Avoca Telephone
company, Harlan, la.; Charles T. CockeriU,
New State Telephone and Telegraph com
pany, Jefferson, la.; J. F. Miller, Montgom
ery County Telephone company. Red Oak,
la.; George E. Atkinson, Creston Mutual
Telephone company, Creston, la.; J. C. Sal
Uvan, H. McCartney, Thurman Telephone
company, Thurman, la.; Fred Marquis,
Monona County Telephone company, Onawa
la.; I. D. Clark, Papllllon, Neb.; T. H.
Ewing. Plattsmouth; T. C. Parmelee, Flatts
mouth; Lambert, South Omaha; E. B. Over
shiner, Swedish-American Telephone com
pany, Chicago; W. R, Hind, Kellogg Switch
board and Supply company, Chicago; E.
B. W. Barnes, Valentine Clark company,
Correct Vlaltlaai CardaJ
All cards ordered before 3 o'clock will be
ready this evening. DeLong The Printer,
307 Broadway.
late Came W'ardea Here la t'oaaalta.
tloa with Motor t'ompaay
State Fish and Came Warden E. A. Lin
coln of Cedar Rapids waa In the city yes
terday consulting with Deputy Warden
Brown aad the attorneys for the motor
company about seining Lake Manama for
the purpose of exterminating, as far as
pcaslble. the carp and other fish which
prey upon the game fish recently placed In
the lake by the government.
Mr. Lincoln stated he was not desirous
of antagonising the motor company in the
saatter, although he waa of the opinion
that it would be beneficial both for the
game fish and those anglers who Indulged
In legitimate sport to get rid of the carp
and other species of fish which preyed
upon and destroyed the game flsh. The
seining he said ought to be done befere
the spawning season, which la In early
spring. He said he bad no fear about the
fishermen falling to discriminate between
the game and other fish, as the work of
seining, as required by law, would have to
be done under the personal supervision of
a deputy warden, who would be required
to be on the spot all the time the seining
was In progress. Mr. Lincoln, before leav
ing for home, slated he would take the
matter under advisement, and that It
would be several days before he would
decide what course he would pursue in
face of the Injunction proceedings brought
by President Wells of the motor company,
but he was of the opinion that the matter
would be amicably settled.
Regarding "Constable" Mag-ulre of Ma
rengo, who caused the arrest of E. H.
Dunar for seining In Lake Manawa, and
who has now Bled Informations against
certain Omaha sportsmen for hunting In
thla state without a license. State Warden
Lincoln said that up to about August 1 last
Magulre bad been a deputy under him,
but that he had been obliged to let him
out, owing to charges which had been
brought against the man in Cedar Rapids.
Magulre, he said, was now evidently act
ing on his own authority. Magulre, Mr.
Lincoln stated, had left Cedar Rapids sud
denly after his arrest and had failed to
appear when the case against him was
Appropriate Ladles Klft.
Gold pen with pearl holder In plush box.
DeLong, 307 Broadway.
N. V Plumbing Co., telephone 25.
Ping pong and all kind of games at Mor
gan A Dickey's. 142 Broadway.
Danish nil-lea at DtLong'i,
DeLong The Printer, 307 Broadway.
Matters In District Court.
Judge Wheeler will hold a session of
district court today to bear such equity
and probate matters as may be brought
before blm and then court will be ad
journed to Saturday, at which time It will
again be adjourned to January S.
Friday of this week will be the last do?
on which cases can be tiled for the Janu
ary term, which opens January 6, with
Judge Thornell on the bench.
The suit ot H. G. Wernlmont against
the Illinois Central and Omaha Brldgo
and Terminal Railway companies for dam
age to his house, which was run into
by a freight train while being moved across
the tracks on Eleventh street and Avenuo
D, was dismissed yesterday, having been
settled out ot court for $150.
The case ot Fremont West against John
K. Winchell has been assigned for the
first Jury trial at the January term.
Argument in the suit ot W. A. Wells
against Edward Dealy and others. Involv
ing the question of ownership of a race
horse named Silver Thorn were submitted
yesterday and the case taken under advise
ment by Judge Wheeler.
The very finest oval photos pat up In lat
est folder mouuting. Regular 7.00 photos
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Plumbing and heatlnc. Blxby A Son.
Dance tonight at Hughes' hall.
Fountain Pens at DeLosg't.
Very appropriate as a gentleman's gift.
DeLong, 307 Broadway.
Trouble on Motor Car.
John Achat z, proprietor ot the Red Light
saloon on West Broadway, was ejected from
a westbound motor on the Omaha line near
the approach to the bridge last evening,
after a wrangle over fares, and after creat
ing considerable commotion among the pas
sengers by the use ot objectionable lan
guage. The language used by Achatz be
came such that the conductor at the re
quest of the men passengers secured the
assistance of the motorraan, F. C, Moses,
and they, with the assistance of several
of the passengers finally ejected Achats
from the car, after a brief but decisive
struggle. The affair created considerable
excitement on the car, especially among
the women, with whom the car was well
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Children' Books Oat Cent Each.
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Sentenced ta Be Shot at fait Lake
a Conviction of Marderlnar a
. SIOUX CITY. Ia.. Dec. 23. (Special Tel
egram.) Sentenced to death because ot a
confession alleged to have been wrung
from him through Improper means when
his mind waa disordered and because the
court and Jury which tried him waa com
peted entirely of Mormons, Nathan Ha
worth, an Iowa boy, whose parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. R. Haworth, live at Fort Dodge,
will spend Christmas In a felon's cell In
Salt Lake City. Unless the efforts of his
aged parents, who have Impoverished
themselves In the struggle, aided by their
attorney, should avail, Haworth will be
shot January 16, the strange form ot ex
ecution having been selected by himself.
Nathan Haworth was arrested three
years ago, charged with the murder of
Thomas Sandall, an aged night watchman
and a Mormon, at Layton, Utah. A large
reward was offered for the arrest and con
viction of the perpetrator. Haworth was
arrested and convicted. Now It Is claimed
the defense has new evidence which will
show that the confession given by Haworth
was Improperly obtained by 8heriff Abbott
and will bring forward the evidence ot
three ot bis prison guards to show that his
mind is unbalanced. Their ease seems to
be a strong one.
Eaes Uoaaarate'a Tortar.
Lazy livers and sluggish bowels cause
headaches. Dr. King's New Life Pills re.
move the cause or Be pay. Only lie For
sale by Kuha 4 Co.
Had Been III for About a Year, bat Lately
Health Had Been Better-
State Railway Commission Approves
Right of Way for Xtw Track
f Barllna-toa Road In
Mills Coaaty.
(From a Staff Corree ponderl.)
DES MOINES. Dec. 23. (Special.)
Judge Calvin P. Holmes of this city died
this afternoon after an illness lasting
about a year. He bad been compelled to
relinquish work last year, but had resumed
his place on the bench. A few weeks ago
he was taken 111 again. He had been deputy
clerk in Jones county and came to Dea
Moines In 1865 as deputy treasurer ot
state under his uncle. He was afterward
elected city solicitor, then alderman and
twelve years ago was elected to the district
bench. Last fall he was unanimously re
nominated for a fourth term and was
elected on the republican ticket by the
largest vote ever given a candidate for
Judicial honors here. He had been en
gaged In railroad promotion at ouo time,
and procured the right-of-way for the
Chicago Oreat Western through thla part
ot the state. He reorganized the State
Insurance company in 1S65 and was its sec
retary for several years.
Learlalators Elected In fovea.
Certificates of election are being sent
out by the secretary of state to several
persona whp were elected to the legisla
ture In Iowa last fall. W. A. Davie of
Denlson was the only democrat elected. He
was elected to succeed the late Hugh
Langan in Crawford county. Donald Mont
gomery of Ireton was elected to represent
SIojx county In the bouse to succeed C.
W. Carter, who resigned on his removal
from the county. C. G. Saunders ot Coun
cil Bluffs gets a certificate of admission
to the senate to succeed Senator Hazelton,
who resigned to become postmaster. In
Wayne county no nominations were made,
but J. A. Stiles recclveJ seventy-three
votes, the same being written on the bal
lots. Another candidate received fifty-one
and the state election board decided that
Stiles is entitled to his certificate. But his
postofflce address is unknown and efforts are
now being made to locate hira. There
will be no elections to fill the vacancies
caused by the death of Representative
Barker In Howard county and Senator
Porter In Appanoose.
Approved ItlRb t-of-Way.
The State Railroad commissioners re
turned this morning from Mills county,
where they were called to Inspect the pro
posed route ot the Burlington railroad be
tween Hawthorne and Malvern. The com
pany has surveyed a new and shorter route
and it was necessary to get the approval
of the Railroad commission before con
demnation proceedings can be commenced.
The commission approved the right-of-way
and the company will thus be able to com
plete its shorter route through western
Reports from' the companies of the Iowa
National Guard in the southeastern part of
Iowa are to the effect that Major Bishop
of Muscatine wa, elected lieutenant colonel
of the Fitty-foy,rth regiment.
Assault on Little Girl.
A school girl. Miss Dot Brown, daughter
of Ed Brown, a farmer living in this county,
near Polk City, was assaulted by a tramp
last night and treated brutally. Blood
hounds were taken from Knoxvllle and offi
cers went from Des Moines to look after
the case, but It has been Impossible to
secure any clue to the perpetrator. The
residents ot the north part of the county
are highly Indignant and threaten venge
ance it the man should be found and Iden
tified. State Auditor Arrives.
The new state auditor, B. F. Carroll of
Bloomfleld, moved to the city today and is J
preparing to take charge of the office, sue- ;
ceeding Frank F. Merriam. His force hus
been announced. The present deputy, Amos
Brandt, will be retained and also William
Lewis, Insurance clerk. Ole Roe, a former
member of the houso, becomes chief clerk
In the Insurance department and J. F. Wall
of Decatur county, lately county auditor
there, is to have charge of the books In
the revenue department.
Walker's Ball Redaced.
The district court has reduced the ball ot
John Walker, the colored man still being
held for connection with the Flnkelstein
murder, and he will be able to secure ball
bond and be released. He Is being held lu
the hope that something may turn up to
shed additional light on the murder, but
there Is little expectation of this, and un
less there Is new evidence secured by the
time tho January term of court opens be
will be released.
In the Dipsomaniac Wards.
The monthly statement of the condition
ot the state institutions for the first day
ot the month shows that there were 139 In
ebriates or morphine victims In the dipso
mania departments. These people con
tinue to escspe and scatter over the state.
Two or three of them appeared In Burling
ton the other day with tales ot woe and
two of them claimed to be the same per
son. Ninety-six of the dipsys are in
Mount Pleasant hospital and forty-three at
Smallpox la Iowa.
Reports from Lee county to the 8tate
Board of Health Indicate that there are
about 400 cases of smallpox In that part of
the state, chiefly In the country. There
has been no quarantine and the disease
has been allowed to spread rapidly, though
In a mild form. One of the public schools
In Iowa City has been closed on account
of smallpox In that city. These cases are
few, but there Is fear of a spread near the
State university.
Charles, Whoa Hon Is Cre-
o, Arrested la St. Joseph
as Deserter.
ST. JOSEPH. Mo.. Dec. 23 (Special.)
Charles McKee, an alleged deserter from
the training ship Mohican, whose borne
Is at Creston, la., was arrested in this city
last night. McKee, with tho score or more
young fellows, who deserted when he did
at San Diego, Cal., walked from that place
to Los Angeles, s dUtance of forty-four
miles, end thence he, with a single com
panion, made bla way to this city. MrKee'i
father Is the coroner of Vnlon county.
Iowa, and the family la quite prominent
in that city.
Prbool Iilvlaloa la sat la factory.
ONAWA. Ia., Dec. 23 (Special Tele
gram.) The school township of Kennebeck,
Monona county, haa brought suit against
ths board of directors of Beividere town
ship, claiming that said board of directors
acted Illegally and exceeded it jurlsdlc-
r - T
H a n d-Pa in te d Ch in a
Decorated by the moH famous artists in the United States upon th choicest
and most unique shapes of llaviland and Limojes china Rich, coloring and
dainty designs. Vases as high a lo.oo
Tankards up to $.?-?. Jo Fine Plate from $1. 7 to $.oi
Come in today and secure a piece of this exquisite ware you have never seen
anything to equal it.
w 27
i i
tion In establishing the boundaries of the
Independent district of Turin. On reading
the petition Judge Wakefield ordered that
a writ of certiorari Issue, returnable Jan
uary (.
Robbers Loot Poatofltee.
PARKERSBURO, la., Dec. 23. (Special
Telegram.) The postofflce here was robbed
last night and 31,150 In stamps and cash
taken. The robbers escaped and have not
been captured.
Imprisoned Man la Allowed lr J nil are
to Spend Holidays with '
Ilia Famliy.
MARYVILLE, Mo., Dec. 23. (Special .)
Judge Thomas C. Nevltt, one pf the St.
Claire county judges In Jail here, serving
a sentence from the federal court, will
spend Christmas at home with his family.
A telegram waa received from Judge Phil
ips laBt night giving hlra permlralon to
go home for the holidays. He left Mary
vllle this morning and will not return t?
prison for two weeks.
Judge Nevltt pledged his wcrd that h
would not hold court If allowed to g-
home during the holidays, and upon this
promise he was released. There Is a pos
sibility that the former presiding Judge
of St. Claire county will be released from
federal prison under the injunction that
he doea not hold court again. He is now
serving a three years' sentence and has
only been in prison about thirteen months.
The case of the St. Claire county judges
Is familiar to the people throughout Mis
souri and adjoining states In fact, it has
attracted the attention of the entire west.
For years the county Judges of St. Clalro
county have served out their terms of office
In Jail because they refuse to levy a tax
to pay a Judgment secured against the
county In the federal courts. The Judg
ment was on bonds Issued to aid a railroad
which was never built, though tho bonds
were Issued and were In the hands of In
nocent purchasers when suit was brought
on them. The payment of the Judgment Is
resisted both because It would practically
bankrupt the county and because the peo
ple believe it to be unjust. The county
Judges In Missouri make the tax levy and
consequently electfbn to that office In St.
Claire county practically means electing a
man to a term in Jail.
Secure Release from St. Joseph Jail
of a Former Resident of
ST. JOSEPH. Mo., Dec. 23. (Special Tel
egram.) The constant devotion and faith
fulness of his young and pretty wife se
cured William A. P. McPlke his relcaso
from the county Jail this morning. He is
a resident of Omaha. McPlke was the chief
mover Id the Tontine swindles perpetrated
In St. Joseph several months ago. He
pleaded guilty and waa sentenced to servo
six months in the county jail. A liltln
over three months of this remains.
Doily Found In the Water.
MARYVILLE, Mo.. Dec. 23. (Special )
The body of Adam Gerhardt, who was
drowned In attempting to cross Honey
creek Saturday night, was found today.
The body had been washed some distance
down the stream. Gerhardt, In company
with George Messinbarger, started to cross
the creek with a team and wagon. They
were caught by the floating Ice and thrown
into the turbulent stream. Messinbarger
and the team succeeded In getting out,
but Gerhardt was drowned. He was 60
years of age.
Qaarrel Over Division Fenee.
MARYVILLE. Mo.. Dec. 23. (Special.)
Millard Green, who shot and perhaps fa
tally wounded Joseph Kempt, his neighbor.
In a row over a division fence, waa ar
raigned In court yesterday afternoon. Bond
In the sum of $2,600 was furnished and
Green was released. Kempt Is still In a
serious condition. The bullet has not been
located. ,
Battleship Maine with Steam
aad Gaaa Aboard Almoat
Ready to Sail.
PHILADELPHIA. Dec. 23.--The recent
order of the Navy department to hurry up
the finishing touches on the battleship
Maine lias been followed out at Cramps'
ship yards.
With steam up 'the battleship lies In the
Delaware river ready to go Into commis
sion. Its hull la painted a dazzling white,
while at night hundreds ot electric lights
make its decks ss bright us day.
The following big guns have been placed
on board Maine: Four twelve-Inch breech
loading rifles, sixteen six-inch rapld
flrs guns, six three-Inch rapid-fire guns,
eight slx-pounders, six one-pounders, two
Colts, two three-Inch rapid-fire field guns
and two submerged Whitehead torpedo
Demands Xevv Alma Houses aad Better
Recalatloa of Jails la state
of Connecticut.
HARTFORD, Conn., Dec. 23 In its re
port Issued today the Board ot Charities
recommends that all Jails be brought
under the control of a slate commission
of prisons, that a state reformatory be
established, particularly one for women,
that a system of district or county alms
houses arranged on the cottage plan be
substituted tor the present town alms
house and that a new state almshouse be
The almshouse for state patlenta at Tar
iff villa la reported "unfit for the large
number of Inmates herded there."
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Jewels Valued at Twenty-Five Thousand
Dollan Are Stolen.
Articles Parked In Dreas Basket with '
Other Thlnsra, bnt How Thief
Managed to Secure Them
Remains Mystery.
LONDON. Dec. 23. Another big Jewelry
robbery on trains between Paris and Lon
don has upset society.
The Countess of Carnarvon was robbed
of about $25,000 worth ot Jewelry, while
on the way from Paris to London cn Sun
day. So far no trace of the thieves has
been found.
Lord and Lady Carnarvon left the Hotel
Ritz on Sunday morning and proceeded to
the Gare Uu Nord. The lady a Jewels were
in a small green tray, pocked In a dress
basket, which was strapped and locked.
With her luggage It was duly registered
and handed over to the railway authorities.
The earl and countess arrived at Victoria
ctation about 7 o'clock In the evening,
thenco drove to their town house.
It was noticed after the baggage had
been taken Indoors that the dress basket
was unlocked. It waa opened and the Jew
elry sought for, but the thieves hnl
cleaned It out, replacing the tray and clos
ing the dressing case.
Although the robber had time to do all
this, he, does not seem to have taken the
trouble to rummage further Into tho bas
ket, for some other Jewels which had been
packed at the bottom were undisturbed.
The articles stclen consisted of twelve
rings, eight gold banglea, ten brooches,
two lady's watches, several charms and
other trinkets, which were all set with
diamonds and other precious stones.
One Man Killed and One Fatally In.
lured la aa Accident on the
Rio firaade,
BUENA V19TA. Colo.. Deo. 23. The boiler
ot Rio Grande engine No. 711, pulling a
freight train, exploded this morning six
miles east of Buena Vista, killing Engineer
George Miller, fatally Injuring Brakeman
Potter and badly burning Fireman W. 8.,
The explosion was caused by the water
becoming too law In the boiler. No. 711
haa long been known as a "hoodoo' en
gine, having Injured many men.
Kansas City Has Got Charter.
charter was Issued today to the Kansas
City t Rock Island Railway company of
Kansas City. The company has a capital
ot $1,000,000. The road Is to extend from
Kansas City to Strassburg, in Cats county,
forty miles, and is to be. the Kansas City
entrance of the St. Louis-Kansas City line
now building westward from St. Louis.
try JELLO, prepared according to the fol
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WIE Jt2l.LV.
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orange In two, being curetul not to brtak
ths case. Whrn jeliy is partly congealed
till caves and set In a cool clace. dirve
with whi -d cream piled on top. May he
served in sherbet cups if desired. A rie
llcloii wine Jelly can alio Lie inada by
aiidlng one glass ot good sherry or port
wine to any of the Jell-O flavors
A nice 4eejrt for any meal, at any
time. Four flavors Lemon, Orange, Rasp
berry and Strawberry.
At grocers. 10 rents.
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