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    The Omaha Daily Bee.
Bassian Earthquak Calamity Snrpaues
All Early Btoriei About It.
Multitude! Dig for Victim and Money,
but Make Slow Frogreu.
FiTe Million Boublee Are Buried Beneath
Heaped-Up Debris.
Vcrkmrii Labor In I'oaiUat Fear of
Fresh Disaster, aa F.rk Dlatnrb
anee Seems Mora Violent
Thaa the Last.
ASHKABAD. Russian Turkestan, Dec. 21.
Even the worst of the earlier report! of
the recent earthquake dlssster at Andtjan
qulta underestimates the appalling Ions of
A telegram todsr from the scene of the
catastrophe puts the number of rictlms In
tbe native quarter of the town at 4,000.
Already 800 corpses hare been disinterred
from the ruins. Tbe work of excavation
progresses slowly.
The state treasury, containing 6,000,000
roubles, la In the ruins and excavations to
get the money are carried on under the
supervision of a strong cordon of police.
The water In the wells baa disappeared and
a general subsidence of the site of the town
la feared.
Large numbers f laborers are being sent
to exsavate. Sappers have arrived and are
xpected to make more rapid progress. Tbe
shocks continue with Increasing violence.
Tbe area of seismic disturbances comprises
100 square vents.
The Russian population Is camping at the
railroad station, where 600 cars are placed
at tbe disposal of the population. The
local government officials are quartered In
cars. Bhtds for the destitute are being
built as rapidly as possible. Free soup
kitchens have been started and officials are
aiding the departure of the Inhabitants by
distributing food, money and free railroad
At St. Petersburg It Is estimated that
nearly 6,000 have been killed by the earth
quake at Andljan.
Tbe engineer officers at Andljan, who are
superintending the excavations being made
with tbe view of recovering the burled
treasure at the altea of the army depart
ment, state treasury, etc., the erection of
sheds to shelter officials and other home
less people, report that although the work
la progressing as rapidly as possible
month must elapse befr tbe civil and
military officers will be in houses.
The railroads are aiding by all possible
means, furnishing free transportation for
provisions and materials and conveying the
. In babltanta free of charge tj the towns In
. the irovaramrtit -of - PsrgtMana. - The cash
remittances In aid Of the destitute people
have thus tar been very small.
French Aetreaa Creates Tltlo Role la
Strong Drama by Faal
PARIS, Dee. IS. Sarah Bernhardt, play
ing at her own theater tonight, added a
freah branch to her many laurela by the
creation of the title role In "Therolgne de
Merlcourt." Tbe play Is by Paul Hervleu
and deala with the meteoric condition of a
woman who, beginning as a courtesan, be
comes an Important personage and ends In
a lunatic's cell.
The action ahlfts from Vienna to Parla
and a number of the stirring scenes of the
revolution are re-enacted with much real-
Ism. Tha laat acene Is located In the
Balpetrlere asylum, where Therolgne evokes
the pbantoma of celebrities whose beada
aba saw fall under tba guillotine.
Canada Will Mot Conseat to Aid Ship
pers In Clreamventlna; Amer.
tea Law.
VICTORIA. B. C, Dec. 23. An application
made by tba agent of the steamer' Manauese,
just eoia to ins Northwestern commercial
company, oy captain ic. r. came or Seattle
to have a crew of twenty Chinamen landed
here from the Orient to be transferred to
Manaues on Its way north haa been re
fused by th collector of customs, whose
decision haa been upheld by th Dominion
minister of Justice.
The application waa made with a view of
circumventing the laws of th United
Elatea regarding tba Importation of Chi
nese crews. In Soattle and San Francisco
similar applications have also been refused.
Flaa;s Wave, People Cheer and Gov.
eraor Reeelrea American
BAN JUAN. P. R.. Dec, 23. Admiral
Dewey arrived here oa board Mayflower
thla morning. Thousands of people
thronged tha wharf. The city and public
and private buildings were decorated wltb
flaga and the tort fired a aalute.
Tha admiral was escorted by artillery,
Infantry and mounted police to the palace,
where a reception was held.
Tonight tbe admiral will be the gueat
of Oovernor Hunt at a reception In honor
of th debut of bla oldest daughter, Eliza
beth. .
Newfoaadlaad Waali Mareoal.
8T. JOHNS, N. F., Dee. 23. Slgnor Mar
eonl baa aent a telegram to Premier Bond
announcing hi. complete auccea. in th.
hla reply th. premier expreaa.d the hope
that when tb charter of tb Anglo-Amer
ican company expiree ia April, ll0l. Mar
coni will establish a, wireless station ber.
Oetogeaarlaa la Married.
LONDON. Dee. 23. The octogenarian
marquis of Donegal was quietly married
here today to Miss Violet Twloiug, a Ca
nadian, about $0 yeara ot age. Lord
Lord Strathcona gave the bride away.
Bla Uaa lor Canada.
VICTORIA, B. C. Dec 23 Tb Chin
Mutual llnar Uoyun Du, from Liverpool,
la bringing a large nlns-toa gun for tb
new battery bow being built oa Blgnal
transmission of wireless messages oaiweeu " " " V, . V t7L ,Z , ' The theory that the crown princess Is auf
C.p. Breton and England, and referring "t hu,. "r,D from BenUI "nation i. now only
with gratitud. to th. encouragement be re- , about Jo b 'lY . l-ably propagated by tb. Saxon court, and
eelved from Newfoundland a vear aco. In "hey ran upstairs, and getting out of a .... ....... . .
lead of Forty of th-1 Sol
diers Are Now t
In Ilia Teat.
TANGIER, Morocco, Doe. 2S Thv
perlal troops have been totally dcfea
sfter a sanguinary battle with the rebels,
headed by the pretender to the throne.
The latter decapitated forty of the sul
tan's soldiers. Their heads are now orna
menting his tent.
Imperial reinforcements have been sent to
attempt the capture of Tata, the headquar
ters of the pretender. By the success Of
the rebels the sultan has ordered his sol
diers to spare no one at Taza, In spite of
those who counseled hlra to not Indulge in
LONDON. Dec. 24. In a dispatch from
Tangier the Dally Mall says the sultan's
troops have entered Taxa and tbe pre
tender has fled to the Ghlat hills.
The Times correspondent at Fet consid
ers the situation undoubtedly serious.
"The pretender," he says, "bss had a great
success, but Morocco appears to have a
charmed existence and this rebellion will
probably prove aa futile aa previous ' ris
ings." It Is a curious thing that the mystery
surrounding the personality of the pre
tender has not been solved. At the be
ginning of the rebellion he was supposed to
be an educated Moor of the lower class,
who gained a reputation for aanctlty by
conjuring. Today under the same title of
"Bu Hamara" tbe pretender Is an unknown
person, whose Identity has entirely baf
fled discovery and to whom 'the native of
Sarahun Is playing the subservient rola of
In Their Gorareou Red Robea Preaent
Christmas Greetings to
the Pontiff.
ROME, Dec. 23. There waa a pictur
esque scene In the pope's private library
today when all the cardinals arrived in
Rome to present the pontiff wltb their
Christmas greetings.
Tbe visitors wore their gorgeous red robes.
A remarkable fact waa that, with tha ex
ception of Cardinal San 8tefano and Car
dinal Parlcchl, all the assembled prelates.
many of whom weer very old, appeared
exceptionally well, animated and full of
plans for the future.
Cardinal Santo 8tefano, aa dean of tbe
sscred college, read the congratulatory ad
dress. The pope spoke at. some length in
reply and expressed keen sorrow at the fact
that his Jubilee year waa embittered by
painful events, referring, evidently, to tha
divorce .bill.
The pontiff In this connection said: "What
they want la tbe fall of Chrlattan order and
the reconstltutlon of tba states on tba baala
of Paganism."
'The pope pleaded for a spread of Chris
tian democracy "on tha linea preached by
tba church to oppose the seditious, social
istic doctrine which now acknowledges no
God." . ,
Oa from Lord Mints and -On from
Inventor the First to Re Flashed
Over th Oceaa.
(Copyright, 1908, by Press Publishing Co.)
LONDON, Dec. 23. (New York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram.) Tba follow
ing la tbe actual text of Lord Mlnto's mes
sage to King Edward, which waa the first
complete message transmitted acrosa tbe
Atlantic by Slgnor Marconl'a wireless
To His Majesty, the King: May T be per
mitted by means of this wireless message
to congratulate your majesty on the suc
cess of Marconi's great Invention connect
ing England with Canada. MINTO.
At the ssme time Slgnor Marconi aent
the following message to the klng'a private
Lord Knollys, Buckingham Palace, Iin
dnn: On the occasion of the first wireless
telegraph communication acrosa the At
lantic ocean, may I be permitted to present
by means of this wireless message, trans
mitted from Canada to England, my re
spectful homage to his majesty, the king.
(Signed.) MARCONI.
Supposed Aaarrhlat Makes CInassy At
tempt to Destroy St. Peter's
Charrh, Genera.
GENEVA, Switzerland. Dee. 23. A dyna
mite bomb waa exploded at tba entrance
of Bt peter cathedral last night. The
, doorway waa damaged, but not aerlously,
The outrage la supposed to hav been per
petrated by an anarchist.
The bomb waa filled with acrap Iron,
which exploded violently, and but for the
clumsy manner In which the bomb waa
placed th,e damage to tha cathedral un
doubtedly would hav been serious. Win
dows of neighboring houses were shattered
and an Inmate of an adjacent bouse waa
thrown out of hla bed.
An hour before the explosion th police
frustrated an attempt to blow up the resi
dence of Counselor Fasaldy. Th. outrage
la supposed to have been committed In re
venge for proposed anti-anarchist legisla
tion and the refusal of tha federal govern
ment to grant amneaty to the anarchists
who were imprisoned In connection with
tbe recent street car atrlke.
Oatarl Farmer Fie from Relative,
bat Afterward Relara and
hoot Him,
BRANT FORD, Ont., Dec 23. Wesley
Watson of Detroit, waa ahot and Instantly .
killed hv his brother Samuel at MlddlenorC i
near thla city, trday. Samuel and another
brother, Jamea, own a farm near Middle-
port and the third brother. Wesley, lived
in Detroit. Last night Wesley came horns
unexpectedly. It Is supposed to spend the
j Christina, holiday.. The brother at borne,
j wtndow went to tbe bouse of a neighbor,
where they apent th night. They re
turned today armed with a ahot gun. Wes
ley had gone Into th. house and, finding
nobody there, went to bed. Tbe brothers
opened the door In which ba alept, ha
raised up in bed and Samuel fired, killing
him Instantly. Th tw mra bad recently
been attacked by robbera.
af Fraad Inspect Caasht.
BUENOS AYRES. Dec. 23. Mme. Alonza,
aid to be the mistress ot Romaln D'Arlg
nac, who waa arrested with other membera
of tbe Humbert family In Madrid last Sat
urday, waa taken into custody upon ber
arrival her from Franc. A Quantity of ber
baggag was aclisd.
Louire of Saxonj Renounces Prospect of the
On the Other Hand Her Fllaht la ald
to Have Been- Precipitated Be
cans of Scandal of
Her Owa.
DRESDEN, Saxony, Dec. 23. King George
and Crown Prince Frederick know where
the Crown Princess Louise haa sought
refuge, but they have decided to accept the ,
estrangement of the princess and her hus
band aa Irreparable.
Thev have mad the rahlnet nrlvv to tha
clrcumatancca of the princess' flight, aa
they aee them, and a decree of divorce Is
talked of as a necessary sequence to the
princess' resolution to leave tbe court for
ever. This determination the princess an
nounced to her husband early in November,
after one of their frequent violent scenes.
She also confided her Intention to separate
herself utterly from the court and all its
"wretchedness" to two or three of her lntl- .
mate friends, and discussed with them the
Impossibility of ber longer enduring the
artificial etiquette of the court and the
"forced companionship of a man who was
loathsome to her."
Queenahlp Has No Charms.
The princess wrote to her mother at th area seventy-four square miles; popula
end of November that It waa her purpose tlon, 1,560. Sully, Jasper county, one
to leave the crown prince and give up tbe route; area, twenty square miles; popula
prospect of the queenship, which. Instead tlon, 320. Thornburg, Keokuk county, one
of being attractive, tbe printers frequently ; route; area, sixteen square miles; popula
sald, was detestable to her. tlon. 450. What Cheer, Keokuk county, one
She formally told membera of her en- additional; area, eighteen aquare miles;
tourago that she was going to visit ber i population, 525.
parents at Salzburg. The letter of the
prlncesa to her mother brought the arch
duchess Immediately to Dresden. She Im
plored ber daughter to reconsider ber de
termination and make tbe best of an un
pleasant situation for the sake of her chil
dren and see aa little of the crown prince
as possible.
Tbe prlncesa replied, according to one of
ber confidants, that she would aee nothing
of that "beast," that the tutelage of ber
children was largely taken out of her hands
and that she could not bear to see them will tender hla resignation,
spoiled by "the hypocrisica of the court." Mr. Crossland waa appointed from Mls
What she complained of In the prince waa ! sourl In January last and his conduct has
hla Intemperance, hla Infidelities and, aa 1 been under Investigation owing to a per
ber partisans affirm, bla cruelty of dlaposi- aonal encounter between himself and on
tlon. They affirm that be haa had for yeara :
a liaison wltb an actress named Baste, and
It la credibly reported that at a review of
troops at Grimms, a couple of yeara ago,
tha prtneo fell from his horse, intoxicated,
in front of. hla regiment.
However true these Incidents may be. Hie
court and all Dresden knew that a charm
separated the affections of tha crown
prlncesa from the crown prince.
Though he seemingly had general admira
tion for bla wife tha prince did hla share
t ,urrenn, au . inca 10 impress ais
will upon her, but ho alwaya hoped that
she would In th end hum bla herself.
Foealblr Maun ta tha Dan.. . ,
VIENNA, Dec. 23. Th flight of the
crown prlnoeas of Saxony la the abaorblng
topic of the day here. All kinds of sen
satlonal reports are In circulation.
When ahe left Salzburg, accompanied by
ber brother. Archduke Leopold Ferdinand,
the princess went to Munich, where ber
French tutor awaited her. Her brother
waa also Joined there by a Viennese woman
and tbe two couples proceeded to Brussels
and then to Geneva.
It appears that when tbe crown prlace
returned recently to Dresden, after bia
hunting accident In tbe Tyrol, be discov
ered that a secret correspondence existed
between tbe princess and tbe French tutor,
whose former relatione wltb ber bad
created a acandal. resulting In tha tutor's
expulsion from Saxony.
Besides disclosing the couple's relatione,
the letters revealed another scandal. Im
mediately afterward the prlncesa left her
home and went to Salzburg. The fact
that ahe took a trunk filled with Jewelry
and other valuablea indlcatea that ahe waa
prepared for an emergency.
It la reported that Archduke Leopold Fer
dinand haa written to Emperor Francis
Joaeph renouncing hla rank and dignitaries
aa a member of the Imperial house,- and
saying he will become a private subject.
The archduke Intends to take the nam
of Leopold Woelfllng. He haa returned all
hla orders and decoratlona, Including that
of the Golden Fleece, and haa resigned his
commission in the Austrian army. It ta ex-
pected he will marry hla Viennese compan
, Ion, aa bla relatives prevented him from
; taking thla step morganatlcally several
I months ago.
The archduke waa at one time aecretly
betrothed to Donna Elvira, the aecond
daughter of Don Carlos, who eloped with
' Flllppo Folocht In 1896, and is now re
ported to be anxious to marry him. He la
' regarded as weak mentally. He professed
to be an extreme radical and almoat an
i archlcal In hla views.
The whole of the archduke's career la red
olent with acandal, dating from the time
when ha started to accompany the heir to
the throne on a tour of the world. He only
got ao tar aa Colombo, where be was obliged
to leave the ship on account of his scan
dalous behavior. The archduke haa sines
been mixed up In a number of affairs and
was confined for some months In an asylum.
Quarrels 'with Her Farenta.
Tbe princess' attitude recently, until abe
had actually gone, appeara to have been
that of disdainful Indifference and disbelief
that ahe really intended to carry out ber
The crown prlncesa' daya at Salzberg were
spent In controversy with her father and
mother, who did not excuse ber for a mo-
meut In ber mad desire to leave her posi
tion and family. Her brother took bla sla-
i ter' Prt' Jne clrcumatancea of ber flight
are still obscure, and no further reliable
new" U The only fact that
f ear 'V thl b k,n "", . crown Prlnc"
kaow where ahe la and are In eommunlca-
j - " ,D.orbed by ,h. Mn..ton.
th cause of the princess' departure.
Tbe Dresdener Nachrichten, one ot the
principal newspapers, and having conserv
ative leanings, after saying It could almost
be aorry for th. prlnceas, with a deposition
Incompatible wltb that ot tba prince, and
disliking the etiquette if thla court, sug
gests that to "find the reason for her de
parture one must find tba man."
The man In tbe caae who Is associated
In gossip with ths princess is a haudsome
Frenchman, who waa tutor to the ptlncesk'
children. He waa peremptorily discharged
tt order ot the crown prince December 2.
Aa instance ot the princess' lawless dis
regard ot court mannera waa ber cycling
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la, IUI lUiat ru turns, as, is iiiii.lL iuin a IX M 1 r
Tovra oa the Elkhora
(From a Staff Correrpondert.)
WASHINGTON. Dec. 13. (Special Tele
gram.) A postoffice haa been established
at Anoka, Boyd county. Neb., and Paul F.
Danker commissioned postmaster.
Tbe comptroller of the currency haa au
thorized the First National bank of Fonda,
la., to bgln business with a capital of
1 he proposition of Tom E. Parmelee to
enlarge the present room occupied as a
postoffice at Flattsmouth, Neb., and lease
tbe samo for ten years from January 1 at
1-200 Dcr annum has been accepted by tha
postmaster general.
The postoffices at Clearfield, Dahlonega,
Dike, Elliott, Inwood, Lake Park, Lohr-
vllle- U"9 Tr'6' Medlapolla, Melvin, Mtl-
ton, North English. Sloan, Spragueville,
la., Brlatow and Emerson, Neb., Montrose,
Roubaix, S. D., Welling, Mama and Spring
Valley, Wyo., become money order officea
on February 3 next.
Postmasters appointed Nebraska: James
B. Berry, Holt county, vice J. T. Prouty,
resigned. South Dakota Hana A. Nord-
nK. Westport. Brown county. Wyoming
Alexander W. Siller, Arvada, Sheridan
county; Elizabeth A. Rice. Embar, Big
Horn county.
These rural free delivery routes will be
established In Iowa February 2: Fremont,
Mahaska county, two routes; area covered,
thirty-five square miles; population, 1,005.
Melrose. Monroe county, three routes:
Has Personal Difference with Monro
fan Official and Relln.
qolshea Fast.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 21 The Stat de
partment haa granted leave of absence to
J. R. Crossland, minister resident to Li
beria, who on hla return to thJa country
of the officials of the Monrovlan legation.
Rlaraal Men Com Home.
WASHINGTON. Dec, 21 At . tha la
gtance of General Oreely twenty-ona men
of the signal corpa have been ordered borne
from the Philippines, having served mora
than three yeara in the Islands.. It la with
difficulty that theae men can be apared,
there being only about forty-five ; signal
men in the archipelago, but aa three yeara
In that climate entitiea other brancbea of
the serrlce to return home, It la the wish
of the chief algnal officer that the aam
rules should apply to the signal corps..
c- -v4
" Gaglaad Take Most Patents.
WASHINGTON, Deo. 23. Tha atatlstlca
of the patent offlo for tha year ending
December 31 next show that more patenta
hav been Issued to residents of England
than to people In any other country of
Europe. , The patenta Issued to English In
ventors number 899; Germany next,
wltb 743.
Roosevelt Bee Bothern's Hamlet.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 23. Mrs. Roose
velt, accompanied by Mr. and Mra. Proctor,
Misa Ethel Roosevelt and Kermlt Roose
velt, occupied a box at tbe new National
theater tonight to witness Mr. E. H.
Bothern's performance of "Hamlet."
They frequently applauded the atrong
features of Bothern's acting.
Admiral Schley la Sick.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 23. Rear Admiral
Schley la 111, Buffering with an acute at
tack of lumbago. Hla condition, however,
la not at all serious, though tbe attack will
confine him to hla bed for a few daya.
Western Paaaenarer Aaaoelatloa Vote
to Reatrlct Passes to East.
ern Men.
' CHICAGO, Dec. 23. The executive offi
cer of the western railroads agreed today
to exchange annual passes with, tbe rail
roads in the central association territory
and southern lines, but not to Issue any
free transportation to officers or agenta
of the roads caat of Pittsburg and Buffalo
or to representatives of fast freight lines
of which trunk lines are members.
A proposition that the western lines re
fuse to exchange passes with all llnjs east
of Chicago and St. Louis received only a
few votea.
Wabash Officials Claim Relative of
Killed Italian Cannot Re.
. . eover Damages.
DETROIT, Mich.. Dec. 21 The Wabash
clalma exemption from liability In dam
age aulta Instituted by relatives of twelve
Itallana killed In Michigan a year ago.
Tbe claim la aet up that the dead, men
were aliena and, therefore, outside the
provisions of the Michigan statutea relat
ing to death by wrongful act, and further
more were contract laborera and. therefore.
wnen killed engaged in an offense under the
immigration law.
Steal Thoaaand Dollar from Post
office, Ratter la Prison Door
and Escape.
BLOOMINGTON. 111.. Dec. 23. Safe 1
cracksmen robbed the postoffice at Leroy
I'", ,O'.,1'00 ,0 m0Dey' 'U,fP
registered letters.
Proceeding north to 8aybrook, eight
miles, the robbers attacked the Jail, using
a telephone pole aa a battering ram. Tha
gang then escaped in a atolen horse and
Mlrhlsaa Maaafact orcra' Association
Opposes Ratlfleatloa of Cnhaa
Reciprocity Treaty.
SAGINAW, Mich., Dec. 22. Th Michi
gan Sugar Manufacturers' association to
day adopted resolutions protesting against
the treaty wltb Cuba which reduces tb
(rtaeat tariff on augar.
names Start In Day's Drug Store and
Boan Spread.
Girls Jump from Darning Candy Fac
tory at St. Joseph and Tw Are
Fatally Injured Other Fires
la Other Flacea.
BEATRICE. ' Neb., Dec. 23. (Special
Telegram.) Fire originating In the base-
ment of Day'a drug store. In the Masonlo
temple block, totally destroyed the entire
block and contents at 2 o'clock thla morn
ing. Tbe fire Is supposed to have been of
incendiary origin. The flames apread from
the basement to tbe floor above, and be
fore the arrival of the fire department waa
beyond control.
The Beatrice National bank, Trevltt,
Mattla ft Baker, private bankers, Day's
drug store and a number of lawyers, In-
iirance agents and real estate men occu- j
pled the building. j
The fir waa discovered by Judge Calll
aon, who roomed over the drug store. He
was awakened by the smell of smoke and,
although crippled by rheumatism, man
aged to crawl to a window, break the
glass and call for help.
His crlea were heard by the printers
In a nearby printing office, who turned in
the alarm and rescued him.
lasalflelent Water Pre tan re.
The firemen were hlndei'ed In their
fight with the flames by an Insufficient
water pressure, caused by the Installing of
a new boiler at the city pumping station.
Tbe Masonic temple Is situated on the
southwest corner of Sixth and Court
streets. The Lepoldevln banck and sev
eral large clothing store are situated ad
Joining It on the west.
The fire spread to the roofa of these
buildings and was checked only with the
utmost difficulty. Th fire burned all day in
the Masonic temple, and the east walls of
the building have fallen In. The other walls
were dynamited to prevent the apread of
the Are to other buildings.
The Paddock hotel caught fire from the
flying sparks twice during the night and
panic-stricken guesta deserted it for places
of safety. The bank vaulta, which contained
$300,000 In money, beeldes valuable papers,
are burled beneath tone of wreckage, but
are intact.
The contenta. It la thought, will not be
damaged. Tbe Beatrice National opened
for buslnesa In the Nebraska bank building
promptly on time thla morning.
Los Will Re Heavy.
Tha losa from tha fir will reach $150,000,
partially covered by Insurance. Tbe prin
cipal loaera are H. O. Day, druggist; tbe
Beatrice National bank, Trevltt, Mattla ft
Baker, O. H. Johnson ft Son, H. J. Dobbs,
lawyer; Judge Cobbey, lawyer; Richard
Grant, architect; city Board of Education,
and numerous others. Tba buildings on th
opposite aid of th street were damaged
by tha flam. :
" 'JBlrl Jtas from Window. .
ST. JOSEPH. Mo.,r,Decr23!i-F"irT" broke
out at 6:45 o'clock this morning in Chaae
ft Sons' candy manufactory and destroyed It.
Sophia Mlntua, aged 15 years, and Mattla
Leslie, aged 20 yeara, girls employed at the
place. Jumped from a thlrd-atory window
and were fatally hurt.
MIbs Mlntua right leg waa broken and
ber bead badly cut. MIbs Leslie'a skull waa
There were fifty girls employed In tha
factory and many othera Jumped from aec
ond and third-story windows, many sus
taining alight Injuries. Laura Crawford,
May Dakln and Rosa Kraua were Injured
about the head by Jumping, not fatally.
The origin of the fire la -unknown. The
factory had been running night and day to
fill holiday ordera and the night and day
shifts were changing at the time the Are
broke out. The losa on the candy factory
la $100,000.
Douglass ft Co.'B commission bouse, ad
Joining Chase'swas damaged to the extent
of $5,000, fully, lnaured. The atreet railway
company'a power house la across .the alley
and It waa slightly damaged. The feed
wlrea wsra cut and atreet car traffic waa
auspended for several hour.
Fireman 1 Killed.
BRADFORD, Pa., Dec. 23. The Are
which broke out early thla morning de
stroyed the Odd Fellows block, entailing
a loss of $150,000.
Among the losers are the Star Publishing
company, postoffice, Bauer'a Insurance
agency and tbe armory of Company C,
National guard.
While removing the occupanta tbe ladder
fell, precipitating four firemen to the
floor. Tbaddeus Green waa killed and
Tbomaa Angul, W. McCafferty and John
Blgler were serious, but not fatally, hurt.
Tenaats Have Harrow Escapes.
CINCINNATI, Dec. 23. Fire In a three
atory block In a flat In Mount Auburn at 4
o'clock thla morning Imperiled the Uvea of
the three famlllea In the building and aent
eight persona to tbe hospital, one or two
of whom may not recover.
The fire atarted In the cellar among some
rubbish under the gas meter, causing a gas
explosion, which tore up a portion of the
first floor. The Are then caught tbe stair
way and tbe frightened inmatea running
down the atalrway were painfully burned.
Mra. Tbomaa and ber eon and daughter
on the third floor were reacued by Are lad
ders. Theodora Aylward and wife and three
children on the second floor were all serl
ously burned. Mildred, aged 9, inhaled
flames and la In a serious condition. Gar
land Thomaa, aged 17, la likewise In a crit
ical condition.
Edward Werder and family, on th first
floor, escaped by Jumping out of tbe win
dow. All the Injured were taken to Christ
hospital. The damage by fire waa small.
Foar Buildings at Van Meter.
VAN METER. la., Dec. 23. Van Meter
Buffered a $2,500 fire thla morning, which
destroyed four small frame buildings on
East Main atreet. Tbe losses In detail are
aa follows: E. Ooar, buildings, $2,000; In
aurance, $1,200. William Smith, photo-
roank (T 1 1 tB atiA hnillahAlH onAila atf.AJt .
nU insurance Ed Martin.' bou.ehoTd
$20; no Insurance.
Klre at Hcllalr, Ohio.
BELLAIRE. O., Dec. 23. A fire started
In a mysterious manner thla morning, de
stroyed the wholesale produce house of
Boyd A Co., th. new plant of tbe Enamel
Brick ft Tils company, tb. warehouse of
Stsward Good, a flour mill and four
dwelling bouse. Loss animated at $100,000.
Bobbed While at Dloaer.
LOS ANGELES. Cal.. Dec. 23. While A.
W. Williams ot Hartford, Conn., and bis
wife wer at dinner at the Westminster
hotel tba lock of on of tb doors leading
Into tbelr apartmenta waa picked, their
trunka broken open and $3,000 worth of
Jewelry atolen.
Forecast for Nebraska Fair, Much Co'der
Wednesday, With Cold Wave In North
and Eastern Portions; Thursday Fair.
Temperature at Omaha Yesterday!
Hour. lira. Hoar. Den-.
R a. m lit 1 p. m Sts
O a. m ...... SM 2 p. n . . . . . . 2fl
T a. in . i! p. in ..... It"
a. m 31.1 4 p. ni HO
H a. in.,,.,, 211 It p. m at
III a, m sir H p. m SI
11 a. na S!T T p. m .11
18 m ZS M p. m SUt
I p. m Kil
Inder Ground Railroad la to Re Rallt
Inder Gronnd Railroad la to Re Rt
at a Coat of Maay Millions
of Dollars.
NEW YORK, Dec. 23. New York and
Chicago tapitalista are said to have Joined
forces to launch In Chicago one of the most
colossal traction ventures, according to th
Dally News, the city has known.
The scheme Is for an underground rail
road, combined with a new elevated, the
cost of the entire project to be from $51,
000.000 to $55,000,000.
Briefly stated, the plan comprehends the
construction of a tunnel under the down
town streets, making 'a complete loop of
the business section, to connect with a new
elevated road, which It Is proposed to con
struct parallel with the North Side line,
to be reached by means of an Incline. The
acheme is designed largely to benefit the
stock yards district. The Intcrborough
Rapid Transit company of New York, whtch
built the big underground railways In that
city, la aald to be really at the head of the
acheme. Eight New Yorkers have been In
terested, it Is said.
Only six Chlcagoana have ao far been
mentioned In the deal. It la further re
ported that It was the Intention of the pro-
motera to Introduce the petition to the ;
i.uuui.11 u.iure iqb spring election, until u
was inarnea m.ii Mayor Harrison did not
approve of the plan.
Theological Seminary
v Decree on Moody's
CHICAGO, Dee. 23. The dtrectora of the
Chicago Theological seminary hav con
ferred upon Rev. G. Campbell Morgan of i
London, D. L. Moody's successor in the
Northfleld extension work, the degree of I
doctor of divinity.
The seminary haa been sparing In Its
conferment of honorary degrees. The first j
one who received the degree of doctor of ;
divinity from the institution waa Rev. I
Timothy Dwlght, late president of Yale
university. About tm yeara ago the same I
degree was conferred upon Rev. Charlea
Denny, now professor In tha United Free
Church college, Glaagow.
Conrt Holds Companies Liable for pol
- . leles Plna r Twenty-Five
;''",' ' Pv Cent'
KNOXVTLLE), Tenn., Dee. 23. Th chan
cery court today gave Judgment to a local
merchant against the Oriental of Hartford,
Conn.,- the Manchester of England, the
Phoenix of Brooklyn and the Virginia Fire
and Marine Insurance companlea for inaur- j havo gone to extraordinary lengtha In their
ance, plua 25 per cent penalty under a J resistance of diplomatic efforts. A not
state law which provldea this additional able case arose in Salvador. Recently a
burden on Inaurance companlea If they fall
to aettla losses within sixty daya after a
The companlea will appeal and attack the
constitutionality of the statute which makea ;
them liable for the penalty.
Albuqaerqae Institution Catches Fire
and Patient May Be
ALBUQUERQUE. N. M., Dec. 23. At 10
o'clock tonight the big hospital of. the
Santa Fe-Pacific here Is a mass of flames
and there Is no hopes ot saving It. Twenty-five
patients, some of tbem serlouBly 111,
were In the Institution, but It Is believed
all have been saved, but it is possible that
thla may not be bo.
Tbe firemen are taking great rlska in a
hopeleBB effort to save the handsome addi
tion. The fire started on the roof, which waa
ablaze before discovered.
Ha (Inlet Klht Without the Ap
pearance of Xew Symptom
or Complications.
NEW YORK, Dec. 23. The phyalcianB at
tending Cornelius Vanderbllt Issued the fol
io lug bulletin at 9:40 this morning:
Mr. Vanderbllt has had a more quiet
night and seems to be holding his own,
without the appearance of any new symp
toms or complications. His temperament
was moderately high and does not yet show
a tendency to become lower. FL,INT,
At 11:30 tonight tbe following bulletin
was issued:
Mr. Vanderbllt's condition is a little more
satisfactory this evening. There ha been
no marked change.
St. Loala Cooperasje Employe Falls
Iato Vat and Die While
Comrade Gase.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 23. Benjamin Lora
bach, an employe of the St. Louis Cooper
age company, while removing barrel atavea
from a large vat of boiling water today,
fell in.
His fellow employes heard hla screams
and did all they could to save blm, but be
cooked to death before their eyes.
Two Maakcd Mca Kob Drinkers, Loot
Till and Rnccraafolly Make
Their Escape.
HUBBARD, Neb., Dec. 23. Two masked
men, heavily armed, entered a crowded
saloon here tonight, robbed everybody In
the place, looted the till and made their
escape. The amount secured la not known.
Movements of Ocean Vessels Dec. 23.
At New York Arrived: Rotterdam, from
Amsterdam; Kroonlaml. from Antwerp;
Trave, from Narles. Hailed: Lnmtardla,
ror in. a pies anil uvnoa; Hurdrau, fur Havre
Nomadic, for Liverpool.
At Hamburg Arrived: Deutschland, from
Nw yora.
At Lut-ensiown Arrived: Nonrdland. from
flillaili-liihla, for Liverpool, and uroceeded
At liruw Heart I'asS'-d: Noordland, from
Philadelphia, for Liverpool.
At Naples Arrived: Calabria, from Mar
seilles, fur ts'cw York.
Cabinet Afraid Monroe Dactrine May Suffer
in Veneznelan Arbitration.
Urge Roosevelt to Consent and Signify
Acceptanoe of Allioa' Offer.
Latin Republic Claim Diplomats Ears No
Right to Demand Pay.
Mediator Will Hav Many Theory
Froblem to Bettl and Mast Not
Delay If Blockade is
to Be Lifted.
WILLEMSTAD, Island of Curacao, Dec
23. (By Boat from Laguayra.) The revolu
tlonlsta have anawered President Caatro'a
proposition that they should unit with
the government and turn their arma
against the foreigner who have attacked
Venezuela by referring the president to
General Mates, the only chief capable of
dealing with the matter.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 23. Th cabinet
spent mor than two hours today discuss
ing the situation. AH the members were
present except Secretary Moody, who la
out of tho city.
Secretary Root was the first to arrive.
The president denied himself to all callers
and remained in consultation with the soc-
retary of war unti, th rr,val of th- othef
Secretary Hay brought to the meeting
practically nothing new relating to tha sit
uation. No response baa been received
to the president's original suggestion to
the powers that they refer the controversy
to The Hague tribunal and no formal re
quest had been received for the prcaident
to act aa arbitrators.
Will Appoint Uonrd.
It ta underatood that the prosldonfe plan.
if he determinea to arbitrate, roi tt-c platee
the appointment of a board of aibiliators.
He would not rely In such an Important
undertaking on any one man, neither dooa
he feel himself able to spare th time nee-
essary for an examination In detail of each
of the many clalma that would be presented
against Venezuela. Necessarily such a
board would Include lawyera thoroughly
familiar wltb the practice of International
law. . - 1
It Is aald tbe crucial point la likely to
be the famous "Calvo doctrine." v blch waa
laid down by a great Latin-American In- '
ternatlonal lawyer, and for many yeara baa
been regarded as beyond question by all
the-Latin-American republic. ' It deulea
the right of ahy nation to Intervene' Uipfcj- . ,
matlcally on behalf of ona of tta subject .! '
i where th courts ot tha country are open
ic-ltn. ,Thtt Vtnisnelavhaa,9SKtwahat fif''---.
all clalmanta In th present controversy-
British, German, Italian and French
might have gone before the Venexuelan
court to obtain Judgment. So determined
are tbe South American-countries to ad
here to thla doctrine that anm. f
United Statea corporation obtained, after
arbitration, a Judgment against the gov
ernment. The verdict waa received with
intense indignation In Salvador, and bo In-
tense was tbe anti-foreign feeling that a
law waa passed within the last few weeks
STfr 'vSSgg'ZS L?0V
to give evidence before any court on be
half of a foreigner claiming damagea
against the government. s
Monroe Doctrine In Dancer.
It Is now known that aome membera of
the cabinet are opposed to referring th
matter to The Hague tribunal, because.
In the first place, they have no desire to
aubmlt the Monroe doctrine to the aibitra-
ment or any nou-Amnrlcan trlhnn.r
that the fairness of The Hague, tore
la impeached, but most of them represent
turopean ana monarchical lntereaia, and
It I realized that their
make them unsympathetic when they wer
required to deal with uch? an essentially
American aubject aa the Monroe doctrine. v
it is true that on Its fce the arbitra
tion proposal contains nothing to indicate
that thla doctrine Is to be assailed, but ao
numerous are the queetlona that will coma
before the board that It I apprehended
here that the famous doctrine can hardly
be kept from consideration.
Another reason that animate tha cab
inet In thla Inclination Is their conviction
that an inordinate length of time would
be consumed If tbe issue was taken to The
Hague. The machinery la sufficient, but
ponderous and difficult to put In motion.
First, there must be arranged a baala of
arbitration, and arbitrators must be se
lected by the parties to the caae, who must
In turn choose an umpire or umpires, and
while all this la going on the blocked
would continue with tta ever-present
danger of active hostilities and bloodshed
that might render nugatory all attempts
at arbitration. ,
On the other hand, If the president un
dertake the settlement be can get rid
of all red tape and atart the work In a
few daya.
Senator Cullom called at the Btate de.
partment today with a bundle of tele
grams, protesting against the president ac
cepting tbe offer to arbitrate.
Tbe following cablegram waa received
at the Navy department from Commander
Dlehl of Marietta, dated La Guayra:
Ocrmany establishes blockade of Puerto
Cabello on December 22, Murac albo Decem-
ner z. Bieami-ra irom tne united Stutea
and West Indies ten days grace, sails
twenty days. Steamers from the other
ports, twenty days, sails forty day. Ves
sels not Venezuelan in blockaded ports,
fifteen days grace.
Tell Why Ships Wer Bunk.
(Copyright, 1902, by Press Publlahlng Co.)
WILLEMSTAD, Curacao, Dec. 23. (New
York World Cablegram Special Telegram.)
Tbe true story ot tho sinking of Ven
ezuelan vessels by tbe German cruiser
Panther, as learned today from official
aources, Is that the commander ot the
cruiser bad to choose between sinking tb
vessels or permitting them to go free after
seizing them when he waa called to land
marines to aid Consul Leni, who bad sig
nalled that th. consulate waa being at
tacked. Panther baa seized tha two vessels In th
harbor and waa escorting them outsld
when tbe distress signal waa seen on th
German consulate ashore.
Consul Lena was known to be tb only
German at the consulate. Th commander
ot Panther decided to return and land,
Th Venezuelan ships bad no anchor and